is there a difference between circle lenses and colored lenses?
have anyone ordered from multikick?
please help me find one Why is it so hard to find a 1/2 zip sweater with pockets ,,,?
Where can I find a sideways earring/cuff thing?
I live in Los Angeles CA looking for Heelys shoes for my 8 year old. Know anywhere I can get a deal?
Are my measurements the right size to be a plus-sized model?
where to buy louis tomlinson's outfit?
What brand are these shoes that everyone's wearing?
what type of bathing suit most flatters a c cup?
8th grade formal dresses?
what is the average imcome yearly for a good real estate agent?
another lip piercing question for guys....? and girls if you want?
High heels that put on light show?
Are these shoes ugly?
What clothes will keep me warm?
what age is appropriate to wear heels?
Question for the Ladies?
What style of jeans do girls find guys to be most attrative in?
how come this site doesn't give the same "look?" (the same dress?)?
Is this bag cute?
Good place to buy boxers?
what color shirt should i buy?
gilly hicks?
i love looking glam but im also a sporty girl what do i wear?
Do these two things match?
How do I get on the US nike store?
How do you get skinny legs?
What should I wear to this play tonight?
What to give a 16 year old girl for Christmas?
Can someone find these boots for me and give me the url?
whats the best place to buy homecomming dresses online?
Looking for low plunge, low back bra?
Where Can I Get A Dress Like This?
Should mini skirts be illegal?
Prom tips..?
Rate this outfit /10 ?
Need help? What kind of clothes should i wear?
I'm 5'10 and a 27 year old female. Am I too old to begin a career in modeling?
White Leather shoes...?
do u like these jeans?
I dropped my new iPhone 5 from a five storey building and it scattered into pieces? why?
Can a suit jacket's sleeves be lengthened?
Are Ray Ban Wayfarers legit?
When you order clothes from Blue Banana How long does it take for them to arrive?
What type and brand of underwear are you wearing right now?
White shirts under school?
Footlocker return/exchange on damaged shoes?
Is it ok to wear a skirt in Jr. High?!?
Help me decide?
What should I wear with a studded black mini skirt?
They are having job interviews at Anthropologie r/o/p?
where can I buy shoes, clothes, jewelry, sunglasses and stuff like that?
where can i find wedding toasting flutes with red sox emblem engraved on them?? have searched everywhere.?
do u like the skirts with leggings I think it is sooooo ugly?
Which handbag is cuter?
School Uniforms?
So girls, what do you think?
Is wearing a Coach purse just to please?
Can you pierce your nose with an ear piercing gun?
Why am I not white and you not black?
girls do u like skinny or loose jeans
How do you pierce your own toung?
Which shirt out of these 3 (images)? (ordering to night i need help!)?
Which dress is better?
Without net we should not wash sarees in machin?
i've never won anything but i'm lucky now that i've won 100,000 what should i spend it on?
Is this ok to wear?
what can i wear with a casual light purple dress for the autumn / school?
What should i wear to tolo?
Do i have warm or cool colourings?
Do you think its strange that i wear black everyday?
I cut up all my jeans into capris what should I do with the bottom part?
What shoes should i wear wih this dress for homecoming? Please help! fast:))?
Bought a beanie that is "oversized". Any way to shorten it? Cut and sew the bottom?
i will make you an outfit ;] GIRLS ONLY.!?
Calling all fashionistas - Need to know what the difference is?
Where is a good place to get a pair of real looking fake external breasts?
How to appeal to first graders? :)?
Hi im wanting to buy brand name cloths online for cheap. can anyone plz give me websites 4 chines brand cloths?
Do you throw up when you see men in skinny jeans?
found strange BUTTON?
Is this a cute outfit for the first day of school?
What do I do about my earrings?
i will make you an outfit!?
How can I wear this military inspired dress?
Do you have an arched or a flat foot?
Which dress is more beautiful and why?
how much would you spend on shoes??
What are you??
What would you wear with this?
what are some good clothes to work out side, but be professional as well?
My brother is getting married in 2 weeks, do you think this will look good?
where can i get vans with fake laces?
What do you think about this tote bag?
What should I wear to the Superbowl Party? I am pulling for the Patriots!?
My boyfriend asks me to do this,should I do??
Do you like my first day of school Outfit?
where can i find open rear panty girdles with garters?
Are two piece bikinis still hot?
what about Ear piercing, is it painful?
Is $200 dollars a good budget for school shopping?
where can i still buy a Black Adidas Star Wars hoodie , all sites seem to be out of stock?
what was the clothing style of the eighties?
How cheap is boxing day sale?
what color of pants is better?Pink or purple?(pictures)?
Wher Can I buy a cheap Pink Laptop?
How to do you dress nice for school?
Do you like women wearing boyshorts?
Bat mitzvah dress question for a 7th grader! PLEASE HELP!!!?
what is a good site for some decent price vests/jackets?
Is this a good outfit for elegant casual?
Which shoes should i get?
helppp!! i like my teacherrrr?
what kind of colors is good to wear with my skin tone?
Okay, now, give me your opinion on this,...?
Being inter-sex I am still trying to get used to wearing pantyhose. They feel uncomfortable to wear. Is?
What to wear with a floral tight skirt?
what kind of shoes do i wear with this dress?
which dress do you think i should buy?
Altering an overcoat?
What do i do???????
what can i use as a konad stamper?
Smart dress code (male) for work experience?
Why do people wear leggings as a substitute for pants?
where can you buy apple bottom jeans?
Does kenneth cole make good female coats?
situs online homeshopping yang terjamin?
Stylish Men's Watch?
Need Quick About Converse Size in Famous Footwear online!!?
Whats in style-pants,shoes for spring/summer?!?
What should I wear at a modeling audition(runway)?
what to wear?? does this look good??
What color leggings look best with this dress?
Are my legs too skinny?
Anyone who has an lg choclate phone, what are the pros/cons of it?
old diamond ring?
where would i get a good backpack for my punk rock girl?
Where to buy down coat for present weather online?
How can i read 50 shades of grey online for 18 so i should be allowed to read it?
To the people who wear hollister, abercrombie, ae, everyday?
Who's prettier?
How long have men's jeans been "vanity sizing" their products?
Cute outfit idea (cute, but modest)?
Do you prefer digital watches or analog watches?
Help me stop being scene?
what do you think about girls smoking super slim 120 cigs? (capri 120, for example)?
Is this a cute sweater?
What's Your Biggest Fashion Pet Peeve?
Why are sales ppl in stores like Abercrombie, American Eagle and Gap all snobs?
what do you call underwear?
Question for the ladies?
How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?
How to get through to her that I refuse to wear jeans to work?
Are these cute shoes?
For the dress I have (see avatar) do these pink heels look good?
Do You Think DC Shoes Court Graffix Are Good Shoes To Wear With Anything?
What type of American Eagle shorts would be the best and what size should i get?
Is this a pretty outfit, I want to wear it to thanksgiving and christmas, my family will be there?
how do i find my style?
T.J. Maxx return policy?
Is this outfit cute? Help?
Which dress is hotter? do they look ok on me?
where can i find these boots?
What do you think of Zac Posen?
how do you look like a hippie?Detail please.?
I have this jacket in Puple and silver plaid.?
My bust is 32 , waist around 29 and hip is 37.5 , what is my AU , UK and US Size? ( In terms of a dress)?
Is 14 too young for a Louis Vuitton?
Where can i buy some Roberto Cavalli jeans?
Does anyone know where I could find a pattern to make cherries from Swarovski Crystals?
What bra will make my boobs look bigger?
New and upcoming brands for men?
Is this a nice shirt?
regular or skinny jeans with converse?
What shoes should i wear/buy?
Urgent fashion help plz!?
Where could I find these type of button up shirts?
Is it Slutty?
Childrens shoe/feet sizes..?
Where can i buy a prom gown that cost more than 1,000 dollars?
Aeropostale or Abercrombie?
Which one do you like better Abercrombie or Hollister?
Where can I get this shirt?
Would this outfit look good?
Female fancy dress costumes, including a tie?
should i wear this shoes with or without socks?
what is the best way to stretch new leather shoes?
do you LIKE this outfit?LINK!!?
Does anyone know any good t-shirt ideas for FNHS (French National Honor Society)?
how can i make my own tutu?
Is this a cute outfit for school tomorrow?
skinny jeans?????????ehhhhh?
What stores sell good wigs for low price?
What do you guys think of navy blue uggs?
What accessories should I put with this dress?
What t-shirt would go with these shoes-please give me a link?
Cute for 14?
Where can you get this knit sweater?
Why does everyone want blond hair?
what website should u look up to dress up like celebrities?
Where can I buy this jumper for a low price?
Could I pull off wearing shorts without my parents knowing?
please please answer.. which color do you like the best?
How can I be like ariana grande help?
combat boots and summer dress yay or nay?
Do White Jeans look nice ??? Veiws on them ????? Thanks x?
Where can i get these shoes?
5'3" and a pants size 12 (misses). What do you think?
why the hell do girls wear Thongs?
who's the most fashionable of all the popstars in the world?
would u rather be girly or gothic ???
Whats it like wearing a miniskirt?
Should a 13 year old girl be paying for her own clothes?
Cant find any good school shoes,any suggestions?
Why won't my wife wear her thong to bed?
Who is the author of "Discover Chanel" featured on
Imported alcohol or domestic?
Which dress would be better for a winter formal?
Can I wear my white jeans to an 80s party?
What do you think about this outfit?
do you like this shirt?
What do you call the neckline on this dress?
which is the best!?! (pics)?
Do they still make thongs for little girls?
Really pretty female attires with leggins/tights for old women? Thanks?
which boots do you like best ?
Teen/Tween girls! Looking for cute cheap clothes?
Does Calvin Klein carry lines of women clothes?
what is your opinion on this outfit?
I am selling my Prom Dress.?
Do your bra straps ever slide off your shoulder?
What is your favorite color?
Music Lovers! Help me!?
what web site has free womens magazines please?
Where can I get those sunglasses (pic) cheep?
Do you think I looked better 3 years ago or now?
what do I wear with super skinny grey jeans?
Do you think this jacket is worth it's price?
How can I go about getting the same pair of vans shoes I already own when I dont know the name of them?
Which size do I have to buy on forever 21?
What are the appropriate fabrics to use for a skirt?
am i pretty???
why do I want to get a piercing ?
any information on where the company "city of london" clothing can be found? where they sell things?
Nordstrom Return Policy for USED shoes?
What necktie color matches with a dark grey shirt?
Is there any way to wear skinny jeans in uggs without fabric bunching at the knees?
Gilly hicks question?
Size 00 Jeans?????????????????????
Do you think this bag is cute?
Are Doc Marten boots warm??
RAVE Pants?
Can Someone, Anyone tell me what jacket this is?
what will happen to duck head clothing?
what name should i put on my hoodie?
What is that little pocket in your jeans for?
what should i wear/what should i do with my hair for homecoming...?
which one would look better?
which dress do you like more?
Which is cuter...?
I want some nice uggs, HELP!?
Why do fat people wear leggings and why do they wear smaller sized clothes?
Did anyone attend FIDM for Merchandise Marketing?
I need someone to make a bra for EDC next year.?
where can i get some nice shoe flats?
Question about chelsea boots?
Help with snow white!?
Ladies, what size was your first bra?
does anybody know that website where i can get my name spray painted on my shoes?
Where should I buy a puffer vest?
is this dress too dressy for a wedding?
do you find shoes like these sexy and chic?
Apparently I am sad!!! PLEASE ANSWER?
Is there any way to make a fake corset piercing?
What are some well known popular MMA / Casual / Streetwear clothing brands for 16 - 24 year olds?
Do shoes on journeys website be in the store for the same price?
Is it fair that she won't buy me new clothes?
I'm a boy who just started crossdressing, please help with stores to shop at?
is this outfit cute too!!?
Do you like these shoes?
What pants are these called (see link )?
Ok to wear tucked-in polos?
thongs or boyshorts/hipsters?
Is it ok for boys to wear guyliner?
Have you ever shopped at Forever 21?
Would I look good with my lip or nose pierced?
pink or blue? its up to you?
Can I wear a gray shirt with gray jeans, then wear a turquoise hoodie to balance it out?
Is This Appropriate for a H.S. Freshman Girl to Wear?
Do you think Belk is a racist clothing store?
Help with jeans fit??
What colour should I dip dye my dark brown hair?
What is the different between a fip flop and a thong (shoe variety)?
What are these things called?
teenage girls who can drive would you have done this?
Where can I find a shoe like this in pink and black? (picture)?
What could I wear with these shoes?
How do you remove a TOMS tan line?
What should I wear to this party?
Maxi skirt please answer?
Where can I find a reliable on-line shoe shop for men which ships worldwide?
Carrera sunglasses for narrow face?
Do they sell New Era 59fifty hats in Mexico?
which dress do you like?
can i dye black slip on vans?
What do you think of these clothes?
what are the factors of competition in the fashion industry?
for guys what is your fave store to go to?
How many people wear 8-9 inch heels?
are mini skirts slutty?
Is there anything I can do to make myself attractive to guys?
Piercing with a 12g needle?
Abercrombie or Hollister?
Does anyone know how to adjust the LILY OF FRANCE X BRA straps?
Which is better 7 for all mankind or paper and cloth?
help again >>>10 easy points :)?
Does anyone know where to get BAYE jackets/sweaters? They are real expensive jackets like almost 1000 dollars.
Is this pretty or real lookin?
what clothes that ulzzangs wearing?
Where do you buy your skinny jeans????
what color chould i get in this dress!!!!PLEASE ANSWER!?
Fashion help !! What color of shoes ?
What do you think of me?//////?
Side swept bangs still in style?
what is the thing you have the most of?
Is this a cute date outfit?
what is the difference between a regular full zip hoodie and an automatic full zip hoodie?
13 and a 36A bra size?
Does this outfit look fine?
Do you think this dress is nice for a first date?1 2 3 or 4?
Is it wrong to wear fancy panties at thirteen?
Do you clean your belly button with a q-tip?
Are 2 and a half inches boots with a heel good to wear in 8th grade?
what is Briolite in reference to jewelry?
Boxers or briefs??
does piercing your chin hurt ? does it go right through, i.e. inside the mouth?
Do right-handed people always put their right sock/shoe on first or am I the only one?
From where can I Select Fashion Sporting Products Online?
Where do they sell cheap uggs ?
Which Nicole Miller Dress?
Where can I buy a cheap plain white corset type top?
Earrings with boyfriend initials?
What to wear tomorrow?
are belly button piercings out of fashion?
How do I make a shirt tighter, but not too much shorter?
Best way to display necklaces..?
Which shirt looks better to you guys the normal one or the v-neck?
My circle is weird, dot know why happened currently?
What can I do to improve my appearance, look at my previous question for the details of the photograph?
Is this swim suite cute?
h&m stores?
Which jacket is better?
I feel ugly with glasses.What should i do ?
where can i buy a cardigan sweater for a good price?
PLease help me! outfit help!?
UnIqUe PrOm DRESSES!!!!?
What colour converses should i get?
Would this bikini attract to much attention... in public?
Why are sunglasses either really cheap or really expensive and not in between?
What is your favorite store to shop at?
any guyz who were girl skinny jeans?
where can i find this top?!?!?!?!?
What should I wear to get my hips wider?
Stores/websites for a nature loving girl?
Are there any stores this time of year that sell decent priced knee high boots (without heels please)?
is a petticoat the same as a tutu?
what kind of tops are good to wear with those thin cardigans that button up?
If a woman wears a size 7, what size shoe woudl she wear in a man's shoe? Is it 1.5x smaller?
Are these clothes cute???
A lipstick Question - Do you use Dark colored lispstick ?
Would this be a bit like an emo?
Quick! out of these two pairs of shoes, which one would you pick and why? (pictures)?
Girls: do you like necklaces on guys?
Brown or black boots?
Skinnnnny Jeannnnnns?!?
Where can i find these shoes?
would it be weird to wear a sports bra and shorts to a water park?
What do you think of fuggs (fake uggs)?
its tax free weekend, do websites take off tax when you order online?
Are wide belts still in for 07?
Which color looks better for combat boots?
Is it bad to wear a bra 24/7?
Girls: Can you help me find a dress?
do i have a real diamond?
Are leggings too casual?
Which outfit? more time?
What is the name of the dress Rocsi wore on 106 & park on 12/7/09?
how do i get solonge knowles's cool style?
Where can I find flip flops that look like this but cheaper?
Do you wear women's skinny jeans?
What are some Cute Fall Looks?
how do you find stiling clothes on a cheep budget in Georgia?
Small hole in shirt. Eeek.?
Dolce&Gabbana and Peter Alexander?
im trying a new style?
What clothing should I wear to my friend's Birthday?
What are the best work shoes?
Does anybody know if there is an abercrombie store in san marcos .tx??
Which top looks cuter?
How long to keep clothes in my closet?
What deodorant brand is best?
What to wear to a VIP grand opening club in a new casino?
how can i remove ballpen stains on leather bags?
Online shopping for plus-size dresses in India?
Are these Vans real or fake?
Where can i get a varsity jacket in new zealand? please list the shops names if there is any!?
Where can I get big plastic rimmed glasses/frames?
where to buy commercial space heaters in sacramento ca?
I dont like pantyhose, but thigh highs dont seem to stay in place. Does anyone find garter belts comfortable?
how to wear these lacoste boots?
Where can u buy an inexpensive casual dress?
How much does this Canada Goose jacket cost?
What color heels go with a nude lace dress?
How Do I Match Them??
Skinny jeans or straight legged jeans?
which 2 graphic tees are the cutest?! =]?
VVhat coulour bag vvill go vvith my outfit?
What are the differences between a 59fifty new era caps and a 9fifty snapback?
for girls and women only?
Does anyone know where I can get this dress?? Please!?
Suede Nike Cleaning help!?
vans shoes cutting deeply into the back of my ankle?
GIRLS: what do you think of my style?
What are some clothing stores that are like urban outfitters?
my ex said that she would like me to get a errr piercing u know where.?
Where can I find a cute clothes for my 4 year old daughter online?
do you like this dress?(link)?
Question about mens underwear?
Ordered a dress from READ!?
why is the Urban Empire site broken?
Where can i get a....?
If it is wrong then why do I love my streachy pants?
Please help me find these clothes?
I'm having an affair with my ex-wife. Do you think my current girlfriend will be upset?
Would You Run Through Walmart In Panties Bra And Heels For $1,000?
EMERGENCY!! Wearing a deep red or say red wine colored dress, what color shoes are best suited to wear?
what to wear with vans???????
Where in San Diego can i get affordable designer jeans ?
What looks good with a purple mini messenger bag?
Buy Vans online with international shipping?
Can you help me with my band uniform?
are these shoes cool?..................................?
How do I insert a nose screw?
Are tight braids/twirls unhealthy?
non prescription colored contacts online?
Do you like these boots?
What are you doing?
how can I make a vintage purse?.....?
can i try on my color lenses after i have opened them?
Are circle lenses dangerous?
my fiance's sexy new underwear?
HELP! Is this dress too slutty to wear to school?
I was just browsing GAP clothing website at about 1-2 AM and I got great deals on shirts...?
Have you ever worn pyjamas under your school uniform in winter?
What's the best website for buying earrings?
How do I take the jewelry out?
Question about Victoria's Secret?
hey where can i find shorts forrr?
Where can I find an inexpensive (under $75) short prom dress?
Links to tight fitting dresses such as this one [link provided]?
Which dress should I get for prom?
Is it possible to get extremely cheap or free back to school clothes?
When can you change from sterling silver earings?
Does pink go with brown?
brand name like Loius Vuitton, Gucci,dolce & gabana....what make poeple decide 2 buy these brand products..?
Should I buy Converse or Vans?
How to prevent Nike shoes from bulging out from the side?
Men in ugg boots- yay or nay?
Where can i buy purses in bulk over the internet? ?
What styles and lengths of skirts are in right now?
Answer please!! (: I'd love your opinions!
Shoe recommendations please for university
What shoe looks better to you?
Which of these clothes would be the best gift?
What are the skills a fashion designer must have?
Thoughts/opinions on hoodie?
Which jacket would you rather get ?
Best teen store 2 shop?
How do i walk in 6 inch stilleto heels?
Need Help?..?
what color jansport backpack should i get?
Girl Nike elite socks?
What should I wear the first day of 8th grade?
does anyone know what these shoes are called?
do you think i could be a model?
Please, can only girls through the ages of 12-17 answer this question?
Which bag do you like better for the first day of school? ?
acid wash on a wool jumper?
If you could only get one, would it be a Purse, Shoes, or belt(any accessory)?
what should i wear am in a rush!?
is it proper etiquette to wear a wool blazer with a polester/ silk pants/skirt?
Why do teen girls wear ugg boots?
looking for cheap outifts from the 1910's that look real?
Am I spoiled?
How can I convince my parents to let me stretch my ears?
why don't people tie their shoelaces?
what shoes would look good with leopard print jeans?
who is that abercrombie kids model?!?!?
Fashion designers:where do you prefer to appear: Vogue or Fortune?
Help me pick out uggs?
What Would You Think If You Saw Somebody Wearing A Lepoard Print Skirt & Leather Jacket?
How to get rid of the hard nipple look in a dress?
What stores have really cute totes && messenger bags for school?
what do guys actually prefer natral hair or dyed?
What to wear to a club during winter?
Where's a good place to shop for an inexpensive brooch?
why do you think there are more asian models in the industry now than say a few years ago? ex:like ai tominag
What shoes would go well with this dress? OUTFIT COORDINATION HELP.?
How to sew a button back?
Can a guy wear a denim mini skirt?
what to wear for school... easy 10 points ;)?
Which fashion bag do you like?
What looks best? :] (pictuuures)?
How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?
What item of clothing would you be lost without?
Where can you buy clothes for guys over 6 feet tall?
What to wear with a Hot Pink cardigan?
help with this formal dress/prom dress?
Wut colors match best with navy blue?
What was the last thing you bought?
Why does wearing glasses make people look goofy?
I got my ugg tips wet from the snow. I left them over right and they still didn't dry. Please help!?
I am scared to wear this stuff to school?
should i wear a bikini or not?
Convert from Europe to Us size?
How would you decribe the way I dress?
Is this shirt cute?(pics)?
How to use fashion as a base in this year's NHD theme?
A Group Picnic Tommarow...?
whats better a boo laplander or a mw3 hat?
where can i buy salwar kameez online which has low shipping charges?
is it alright to sell a pair of fake ugg boots?
Is this (super long) dress pretty?
What do you think of this bag for school?
What is this material called?
Can I just show up for Abercrombie orientation? I did that for the interview, and it worked! But I applied?
Which pair of shoes should i get?
Around washington d.c where can I buy these brands ?-SUPREME, STUSSY, BAPE STAR, ANYTHING, LRG -?
What states are acceptable to dress like a cowboy?
Would you pay $150 for these ripped jeans?
First day to school outfit- YES or NO?
does anyone know any coupons/codes for...?
i need help... please.. its easy points!!?
micheal kor leg shine?
What's ur favorite store in the mall?and why??I'll give every 1 that answers a thumbs up!?
Does anyone know how made the corset that Carrie wore on Sex and the City, when she told Mr. Big she loved him
Going to a wedding , which dress should i wear?
Do you like this top?
What accessories with this dress?
Hip hop clothing line with a bunch of 9's??
If a girl who's 5'7-5'8 wears high heels, do you think she'd come off as too tall?
Where can I get a T-shirt with the Tabasco sauce logo or a pic of a Tabasco sauce bottle prefer online stores?
how can i shorten my dress in less then 5 min?
how to wear skinny jeans?
Whats that one website that you can create outfits on?
Which picture for facebook?
Which outfit will be best?
which is nicer?
herve leger for a semi formal?
What are the advantages of a single fold hem?
Fashion gurus! what would you pair with this dress?
help me pick my prom dress please!?
What brand of jewelry is O jewelry?
Clothes Preppy Skater?
Ladies, would you help feminize a man?
what can i use as a konad stamper?
Are there any stores like Claire's?
Which stores do u prefer?
im in 7th grade?
girls what is you favorite clothing?
Which Boot's are Cuter ???
where can i make coustom shoes or wut website?
Would you wear this?
Which COSTUME looks better on me? 1 or 2?
What do you think about wearing a shirt with your own face on it?
Best way to know what clothes you have worn recently? such thing as coat-hanger markers?
What makes you feel fabulous (clothing wise)?
Would girls notice if I always wear the same running shoes?
first day of skool outfit????????????
What to wear with dark green nike elite socks?
Okay I want to wear leggings to the club but..((pics)) please help?
hollister jeans sizes?
Where to buy afforablde 20-inch corsets?
Would it be/look stupid to wear a crop top out in winter?
Replicas of designer handbags?
which of these girl is the one with the sexiest outfit? and why?
Teenage UK and American Girls Only: What do you think about this coat? Would you wear it?
Victora's Secret Scents?
one of my Thongs broke in half does any one know what glue to use?
I'm 5'7" (170 cm) and my shoe size is 9.5 US... is that too big?
I need a website with Hot Pink Dr Martens CHEAP!?
Can anyone help with these issues with denim jeans?
What is the difference between a prom dress and a ballgown?
What are some cool hair styles?
do you think that its gross to shop at ross?
whats a good cologne for a 14 year old guy? girls please?
what are komino belts called?
Should I get my mom a Pandora charm bracelet or regular one for Christmas?
do you guys think this dress is cute with these shoes?!?!?!?
pick the shoes! :) EASY POINTS...choose shoes that would look best with skinny jeans :)?
too fat for bathing suit?
Long shirts??
What is the leg length on New Look tall jeans?
which handbag is cuter?
will ugg dakotas stretch?
Where can you buy a purity ring?
Great Designer Bag For a 17 yr old?
What color/type of shoes would go good with this dress?
Blazer combination.... please help?
Which store buys your clothes easier, Uptown Cheapskate or Platos Closet?
How do I ask my mom for a padded bra?
where can i find white jean outfits? jacket and pants-male?
How can I get chewing gum out of a T-shirt dress?
Ladies what would you wear on a blind date?
Do I have to waer a tux to high school winter formal?
where should i look for prom dresses?
What boot do you like better?
Outift Help!?!?
I just bought some pin-stripped dark gray bermuda shorts...?
Where can I find a belt buckle like Skwisgaar Skwigelf's (Metalocalypse)?
i washed a new aeropostale jacket and it faded will it ever go back to its normal black ?
where can i buy the plum sauce pastry shoes?
Where can I find those jamaican rasta colored pumas?
Has anyone seen the new Starbury line of clothes?
Can I wear ugg boots in the summer?
Is a size 5 in Junior's skinny for someone who is 5 foot 8?
Im pacsun size 00 fit me?
Does anyone have a vera bradley item?
Are scarfs in or out? Is it worth buying one now?
How do you like these shoes?
Are these shorts cute or not?
does it matter if a bape hoody is fake?
What is the name of this type of sunglasses? (Picture Included)?
What do u think i should wear?
Suitable attire for a wedding?
which dress should i buy, or both?
is this an unique sweater?(pics)?
who are fashion designers?
Would navy blue slip on vans go with this turqoise tee shirt?
Why does my hoodie's hood have a zipper on the top of it?
which is the best Victoria's Secret bra for a 34D?
Where to buy ladies size 20 pants?
What colors would look good on me?
Wear to buy cheap $20 hoodies in South Pasadena ?
I love Rachel Bilson's look! not just her clothes, just the way she is! how can I look as cute as Rachel?
Will combat boots go out of style soon?
What sort of maxi dress would I suit?
where can i buy a flouresent coloured tutu in basildon?
Cute & Affordable Tote Bags for school?
When Can I Start Wearing Thongs?
Do you still wear clothes from last year?
What could I wear with this skirt?
12 year old with a coach bag?
do u like this name for a handbag brand-"oryx"...............suggestions r welcome too..thanx:)?
where can you get boricua hand bags?
Which one would you pick?
Best watch or Brand under 7k (for Guys)?
Jeans or skirt????
what do i wear with these shoes?
I can never find any cute earrings...?
Should I return my Louis Vuitton?
Where can I get cute flats?
Which pair you riding boots do you like better?
im going to an 80's Roller skating theme and i want to know which store to get some clothes? please help me!?
fancy dress ideas?
im trying to start up my own clothing company?
I am looking for a cheap hat website. Please advice?
Does anyone know a good place to buy short/petite jeans?
What brand jeans you wearin'?
should i carry this tote to class on my first day of high school?
your favorite shoes brand?
How do you know if your pretty?
What would a medium t-shirt size in women's be equivalent to in men's?
Can i wear bras......?
Which dress should I wear to my friend's Bar Mitzvah?
please help me choose!!!?
Are you wearing socks or NO socks?
first day of school outfit options [pics included]?
whats ur favorite place to buy clothes?
should i wear skinny jeans?
where can i buy cheap knee high or midcalf boots? under $100?
What should I wear to a bat mitzvah?
what do you think of this outfit?
What is Abercrombie and Holister?
would you wear these to school?
girls , do you ever play with or dangle your shoes to turn a guy on?
Does size matter to girls?
Which of these outfits would be good for gym class in 7th grade:)?
URGENT: 2 weeks to come up with the most inexpensive anime cosplay idea for me (Pictures included)?
What Brand Do You Wear The Most?
do you think this dress is cute?
Do i look like a 150 pound girl?
am i ugly? i know this is strange...?
wut shuold she wear????
Imitation / inspired Coach purse ?
Which Glasses Do I Look Better In?
shopping online for an evening dress other than asos ?
Where the can you buy legit top hats?
which guy is better looking?
What can i wear with a burgundy red oversized sweater?
Where can I buy a fashionable beanie?
swag clothes for a guy?
where can i find pretty cheap denim skinny jeans for school?
where can I purchase a backpack that looks like a guitar. I see them all over DC but can't find a store.?
What kind of shoes will look good with black skinny jeans?
Scretaries - Do you still beleive there is an ideal appearance in the corporate world when a secretary ?
Brand name ideas?! help?!?
Where can i buy those Marilyn Monroe Nikes?
Is it ok for fat men to wear speedos on the beach?
Do you like this top?
Roughly how much are a pair of bestspoke crocodile or aligator shoes in england?
Is there much point of buying like clothes which are £60+? And how much do you care on what you look like?
What shoes should i wear?
Do you consider Abercrombie and all of that stuff to be fashionable?
i am 14 and i love briefs but if i wear them i will get made fun of what should i do?
how to fit in for highschool...?
What do you think about nose rings?
What do you consider expensive?
Fashion Help! Any1 have any good ideas on where to shop?
What do i wear to a RIVER ISLAND interview. Please help me!?
How do you know wish fashion "season" you are?
What stores offer size 00 jeans with an inseam?
Are you Stylish..????
Is it wrong to buy clothes in a shop and sell them off online?
how can I throw all of these clothes away?
What are some good styles for back to school?
Do u hate the school Aki Kurose Middle school?
Help me choose cologne thanks :)!!?
how do you tie dye zebra/tiger stripes on a t-shirt?
Hey I need School bag suggestions!?
I'm a Jock/Prep and Want To Get Hot Prep Chicks What do you think of this outfit?
Is this outfit cute?[lala 20 characters]?
What is your fav colour, any colour in the world?
Would this shirt be okay for the first day of school?
is this a cute bag for school?
What is the red bag Jodie Foster carries in the movie 'Inside Man'?
How much stretch band do I cut for pants for a child's waist of 19 inches?
How much does a wardrobe consultant make?
Where can I purchase pretty long dress online in Singapore or any good store to recom to purchase long dress?
my schools dance is ROCKSTAR themed. how should i dress? what are some ROCKSTARish clothes?!?
What are you wearing right now?
I'm going away on holiday soon and have to get a bikini. What colour should I get Pink, Green or another?
How Do I dress Down This Dress?
What dress size am i?!?
Do you like this dress?
Where can I buy Pierce the veil shirts?
what is considered business casual for a job interview?
What pieces of clothing are distasteful at a wedding?
What do you think of my semi dress ?
Where can I get miss sexy (not sixty) school trouseres from ??
Gily Hicks deals online?
What shorts should I wear with a white/grey striped tank?
Are circular earrings on guys gay?
Do you think that all girls that wear Hollister fit a certain sterotype?
how much is this chanel necklace?
Do you like these shoes?
Why the heck do girls go to bathroom in pairs?
What is your favorite store to shop at?
What to wear for Target interview?
is it gay for a guy to pierce his ear?
Should I buy brown contacts?
whats the best fragrance ever for men?
how to choose a correct bra size?
I need help! Please help me!!?
What's the trend for clothes now?
Help! Is this suit cute or weird? Need to know ASAP!!! Thanks :-)?
Why don't T-Shirts come in standard sizes...?
How do u wear skinny jeans?
Ladies, what is the worst your feet have hurt wearing high heels?
i cant decide if i like this jacket. do u? multiple choice?
What do you think of this outfit?
Where can you get a men's union suit?
should i get a cell phone?
How Do I Decide Which T-Shirt To Cut Up?
Can you make me an outfit under $50?
Arghh... Urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!?
How to ask my mom for a bra when we are shopping?
how do i turn on a splash watch?
How can I become skinny?
is what we see in the mirror?
How would i know my diamonds are real?! HELP PLEASE!!!?
What should I wear for my first time crossdressing as a woman in public?
Women - Have you ever met a guy with smaller feet than you?
What to wear with skinny jeans?
Miniature Tigers concert!?
Would it be strange to wear a vintage dress out?
Alright!!! Then, where should I get a piercing?!?! Except penis or nipple!?
Am i really as ugly as they say i am?
Can I wear skirts or dresses with these?
where could i find summer dresses,skirts &shoes like the ones Lena wears on the sisterhood of traveling pants?
is it ok to roll my jeans?
goth clothes!!?
Girls do u like guys in skinny jeans?
Which backpack should i get?
I am trying to find a bracelet that loops around the hand and middle finger. As seen in Pieces of April.?
My friends want me to wear a dress... which outfit?
Can girls wear baggy trousers?
Ladies - if your a SHOE FANATIC I can really use your help. Where can I find this boot to order online?
I'll make the first three an outfit.?
going into highchool!! :) tips - uniforms :(?
Need advice about making a princess ball gown. PLEASE HELP!?
What do you think about this blazer?
Is this is a cute first day of school outfit?
Do you like this dress?
Do you like short school skirts? Do you like showing your legs? Are you embarassed if you show too much?
Does anyone know of a current discount code for forever 21 or aeropostale?
Men's clothing: Can I drop from a size XXL t-shirt to XL?
Would this be a good outfit for a party?
My friend and I bought a mood ring.And I don't know what colour is what mood.Help me!?
im going to be a punk zombie for halloween, please help?
Sweet 16 dress which is your favorite?
can i buy 22 karat gold ring of 10 grams in melbourne , australia, how much i will hav to pay for that?
Do You Think This Outfit Is Cute?
Where can I find those cute Butterfly Trumpette Baby Socks?
Am i too skinny or muscular?
Back to school outfit help?!?!?
Leggings question, please read!?
Soccer shorts and underwear question...?
What prom dresses could win me best dressed at prom?
Where can I buy a North Face Denali Summit Series fleece?
i what to be popular?
Here's a questions regarding Gucci handbags?
Bra brands for larger cups?
do you like this dress?
What to wear for 6th form?
Which shoes look better? ?
Girls, what's your opinion..?
any idea bout shops where u can pick up clothes at wholesale rates in Chennai,India??
Does any 1 no were i can get this dress in Uk???
Where can I buy cheap Nudie jeans?
How to prevent mould on genuine leather jacket?
Opinion on my back to school outfit?
Do you know which dress should I use?
Question about weight loss and clothing?
Underwear and Sandy????
Is it okay for a 10 y/o to wear a pencil skirt?
Would I look like a poser if i wore a band t-shirt?
What is the difference between panty and brief material?
where can I buy a pair if decent jeans for less than £80?
Does anybody know a brand of jeans like this?
hannah montana guitar or ugg boots?
are skinny jeans dangerous?
do u like victoria Secret yoga pants?
this question is urgent!!! will you please answer it?
school shopping? how much should i spend and at where?
I am not tall.can i wear this boot?May i look shorter?
Websites that sell Gothic/Vampire pendants?
How come bikini's cost so much?
Im selling something on ebay and people are asking me to send it overseas?
I have a hard plastic bracelet stuck on my wrist and I'm having a heck of a time getting it off. Help?
Where can I buy April 77 clothing?
What brand is the shirt with the tiger logo?
what do white collar people want/need?
where can i find cool jeans with a 36 to 38 inseam?
Does this all go together or..?
What place in London could I adjust my prom dress?
how do you know if you have enough skin to get your belly button pierced?
Help with a Sizing Confusion?
SHOES: which brand do u prefer???
Is if offensive to wear black to a wedding?
Want me to make you an outfit?
How can I convince my parents to let me get colored contacts?
anyone ever hear of the shoe brand AirNice?
How do you get sweat rings (behind your neck) off the collars of work shirts?
what are some tween girl websites?
Does anyone know where to buy a fake lipring that isn't bought on the internet?
is it ideal to wear a belt with skinny jeans?
Where can I find a skirt similar to this Abercrombie one?
What can I guy and girl wear with these shoes?
anyone want to buy some cardy ugg boots ?
Why do so many girls wear knee length boots?
Where can i find a sweater like this?
What to wear to an October wedding?
Do you shop at Amercain Apparel?
Do you like contacts or glasses better on a person?
Are these cute and could i pull them off?
what is better Polyflex or screen on clothes as numbers and letters and which hold better in waching machin.?
What bright color should I get my Uggs in?
what is this song called?
Has anyone actually received a dress from
When is Hollister's next big sale?
I need a good place to buy Lolita dresses! Just give me an URL,thank you so much!?
what is the most you spent on a skirt?
what colour of shoes should i wear with a pink dress?
I ordered UGG's two sizes to big!?
black and white polka dot tie?
is naplack leather?
whats the best store to shop at?
HELPP me ***click u know u want 2******?
What are good places to shop for everyday things? Walmart kind but not Walmart?
where can you buy 'lovely girl' brand clothing online?
Which Juicy Couture necklace should I get for my friend?
i love all dresses as well has anyone ever order from there?
What do you think of this Outfit?
Favorite fashion ........?
How to buy the perfect size for boxer brief?
Best Tag Heuer Watch for 2012?
what is the name of this brand, with this logo.?
Can anyone tell how to add charms to Juicy Couture Pavé Starter Charm Necklace?
what do u think of this dress?
Heels - Is this heel too tall?
What makes gems differ in color?
how much is a 14k white gold 5/8 carat diamond ring worth?
would u rather be a girly girl or a tomboy?
Are suspenders, a bow tie, a nice button up and black skinny jeans appropriate for a semi formal dance?
Denim Miniskirt, with black tight?
Where is the best place on the internet to buy Ralph Lauren clothing?
What are some good dancing shoes?
im looking for a personal stylist in Dallas TX BUT i make 600 a month can anyone help me?
Nipple piercing help? Really confused?
What are good cowboy boots to get?
Would anyone like to design me an outfit on polyvore...?
EMERGENCY!!!! Nail Polish spill!!!!!!!!!?
Where is a good store (preferably one with a website) to get a cute, good winter coat?
what is a pilgrim shirt????
Will uggs be in style for 2009 winter? answer!!?
Women: I am *sick* of pantyhose! I've had it! What's the best kind of garter belt for every day use? do they sell real ones?
how much for alterations?
Why is it acceptable to be seen in a bikini but not a bra?
What is a good clothing store for express style clothe?
Where can I get a cute homecoming dress?
Girls fashion dilemma?
Where could a 13 year old wear a dress?
Clothing Shopping?????
WHY????? 10 points FAST!!!!?
Why is it that a lot of clothing stores only go up to a size 14?
Outlet stores in ohio?
wat are the new styles?
What are those new shoes called that are similar to clogs. Both for males and females..? with the logo of an?
Which brand clothes do you prefer the most?
Am I on the right track? Any advise?
i hav 5 gfbt is it important to do tht means sex?
Is Armani Exchange a good brand? Is it better than Abercrombie?
Is 4 pairs of shoes enough?
What do you think of this outfit?
How to tell is a black swarovski is real?
What shoes would look good with skinny jeans?
Does Cologne Really Attract Most Women??
Same diesel shoe size, different in my feet?
im 13 and i want to get into modeling, should i? (pics)?
Which 5 dresses should i choose?
Why do so many people wear jeans? I noticed everyone around me wears them. Not that they're bad.?
im getting new sandals..?
I Like to wear girls thongs and other underwear? what is wrong with me?
Making outfits for first 5!?
questions to ask when interviewing a classmate for a speech on him?
where to get old school tshirts?
Skinny jeans????? Why??
ANY website that sells cute cheap good-fitting jegging?!?
Where can I find the tailors who stich the hand made hand stiched suits?
Hi! I want to buy some new nail polish that I could wear with this winter's fashion. Any recommendations?
what do you think of this outfit?
Where do I take my ripped jeans to get repaired?
Does this look cool to wear?
Monogram cuffs? In or Not?
How short is too short to wear at a wedding?
How do I look in this hat?
Which dress do you prefer?
What type of earring do you prefer on guys?
what happens if a model agency responds to ur submision?
What are good stores to buy jackets from?
Just wondering...?
Crocks - where is the cheapest place you can buy them in the south west england?
what to wear as a groomsmans date?
What accessory colors go well with my costume?
I bought a grey jacket from Cargo and the zipper is on the left side. Does that mean its a girl jacket?
Why would you get Abercrombie flip flops? For the mousse on it? they look like any other flip flops?
difference between elegant attire and formal attire?
please pick blue or grey?
Please I need some advice?
Which bathing suit is cuter?
Girls: Do you carry a purse?
how to dress like barbie for halloween (being noticeable?) or charlies angels?
First day of school outfit for a 8th grader?
How can i be artsy but elegant at the same time?
Do girls think it cool when guys dress stylish and different from other guys?
I have a pair of high heels with no grip on the sole. Is there anything I can do to not slide down the street?
Rosary necklace help?
why is there a seam in the back of mens underware?
Help a man find a dress for his mom.?
Website to design clothes and print them out?
how do i wash an acrylic hat (thats made by zephyr aka its a z-fit hat)? i dont want any shrinkage?
what can i wear with theses?
Which quinceanera dress is more pretty?
weather vane jeans?
Where can I buy a 3/4 length or long sleeved Galaxy/Universe print mini dress?