Am I a little chubby? *picture*?
What big kid size is equal to a womens size 6?
where I sell precious multi colour necklace?
is this a cute outfit?
Do you think this haircut would be high maintenance? It's soooo cute!?
What type of jeans have an "M" stitching on the back pockets?
What brand of jeans do you prefer and why?
Does anyone out there know any great sites to shop on for clothing to wear to the club, or out, Greatglam is?
What colour shoes/sandels should I wear with Dark Navy Blue evening dress?
Am i too fat to wear shorts?
Very Shapely Women?
Where could i buy a messenger bag?
Teenage girls: How much do you spend on clothes?
Hmm, do you like this outfit? *will chose best answer*!!?
Is this backpack cute?
Where can I get boots like these?
Is this bag cute or ugly? (pic)?
where do you find nice, cheap prom dresses?
What should I wear to a rave?
Ladies, what is your favorite type of underwear to wear?
does anyone know which stores carry the starbury one shoes?
Do I have potential for fashion modeling? (pics included)?
what do i wear with this top?
What's that shirt called that girls wear?
What store sells this sweatshirt?
Can You Deco-Den A Rubberized Phone Case ?
do you wear rings at night?
what do u think of this skirt? (easy pts.!)?
Which specific abercrombie other should I wear to my A&F interview ?
A girls EVERYDAY things....?
Which outfit do you like better?
Where can I purchase a solid leather belt?
aynywhere for sensible heels?
please help!!!!! finding a certain wallet?
How do you feel about these uggs?
Where can I buy a 3 photo tote bag that I found at Tuesday Morning?
Do polo shirts look nice for girls?
would this dress look better on a brunette or blonde?
Excuse's for wearing a sweater all the time so that you don't want people to see your cuts?
Which is your favorite footwear (shoes, boots, sneakers etc.) at the moment?
is there a website that will buy something for you and send it off if the origional website doesnt ship to uk?
where can i buy this hoodie?
Radio Disney Station in iselin, nj?
What is the KKK?
Kids to juniors clothing size?
Thong underwear survey?
strapless shirts help?
Where can I find this Oscar De La Renta dress or similar?
My girl friend don't want to meet me on kiss day?
Where can i get these?
Where Can I Find Zebra Print Leggings?
Is My Sis Pretty?
Did you wear saddle shoes as a child?
Wacky Or nerdy costumes ?
Where can I get this purse?
Ladie please?
What website can I find female stripper shoes to buy?
what to wear to movies today?
I've got no white bras, Is that a problem?
What do I wear to a fashion show?
Where has all of my underwear gone?
would it be awful to wear a suit to my prom? ;)?
i have an interview tomorrow for an admin postion ... but i dont have anything to wear?
Can I somehow find the exact pair of shoes that I have?
Which one looks better?
where can i find a florida gator rubber bracelet?
I have long legs and i'm 5'7. Where should I buy my jeans?!?
Are there black friday sales in SoHo?
do you LIKE this OUTFIT?? LINK!!!?
Which dress is your favorite?
Please leave comment for this dress.?
Why do people automatically assume that someone is gothic just because they wear black? I get accused of it.?
how much cologne to apply, and how and where to apply it?
Where can I find a manufactor to make tees for me for cheap?
why cant u get a nicer longer PEA coat wat will stay flat when walking?
Girls - Big pants or cheese-wire?
What goes better with white skinny jeans, green stripes or yellow flowers?
Whats the best way to weara polo shirt over a longsleevee blouse (shirt)?
Is New look owned by Jane Norman?
do you wear pullover hoodies without anything under them?
How can i shrink a shirt? its 100% cotten and ive never washed it.?
Should I coat my earring posts with clear nail polish to prevent them from rusting?
which one is cutiest for my bf?
Have any of you ever dressed as the opposite sex for Halloween? My husband and I are?
What should I wear while in London?
The Making Of Necklaces?
What were bell bottoms originally called?
Has anyone actually received a dress from
What do you think about skinny jeans on a short person?
any good teen magazines?
What would you think of a 21 year old with £18,040.56 in savings?
Can someone make me an outfit?
What type of pictures make you want to buy jewelry?
Fashon Do or Dont!!!!?
Anyone know where I can get this necklace?
Should I wear an undershirt to a club when it's cold?
do these shoes look ok?
Small diamond nose ring, cute or skanky?
Can you wear creative shoesin the velvet room?
American eagle hiring event info?
How can I get an image pressed or screened onto polyester?
Which of these two dresses, is nicer (pics)...?
How do you tie a tie?
Does anyone know where to find nice clothes for partially overweight girls?
Girls, what size do you wear? Trying to lose weight?
is this ralph lauren real or fake?
What do I wear in this temperature?
Is this cute or what?
What colour shirt/tie combo would best suit a brown suit? Its for a wedding.?
Is purple shirt for guys a gay colour?
I need a new outfit for work?
Dose anyone know of an online shop where i can buy asian brands for semi cheap price?
Have you ever been 'shy' to have your belt showing fully?
When To Do Senior Pictures?
womens camo/camouflage pants?
how to take care of sandals help?
going as lady gaga fancy dress?
what color should i get this shirt in?
People who have style i have a Q 4 u.......?
Skinny Jeans or No Skinny Jeans?
Women only: Sorry for being so frank, I keep hearing stories and am curious if they are true...?
Does your school have a dress code?
What watch/watches do you wear and what does it say about you?
i want to see the opra program about fantasy wedding?
Where can I find Cute, unique graphics tees?
Watermarks on Vera Wang Purse?
Wheres a good place to get party dresses in london for a small 13 year old girl?
why do you like jewelry ?
How to shrink shorts?
I need an awesome outfit to wear tomorrow please help!?
Do I have the measurements to be a plus size model?
Any idea where i can get a white jacket like this one in Toronto?
iam muslem &ihate what they do is this wright disigen?
What color is perfect for a prom dress???
Ok For The Beach or not?
When do you take a shower?
High School Clothes Suggestions(:?
Where can i find cute fall scarfs ?
umm well i am 13 year girl and wiegh like 73 pounds, where can i find jeans that acutly fit me!!!?
Which Outfit Should i wear!?
what kind of shops do you think an 11 year old can shop?
is this site real Micheal Kors?
School is in one week exactly and I have extra wide feet so I need shoes that are extra wide and .............?
Looking for an Aeropostal hat?
Where to buy a strapless 1 piece bathing suit for 13 or older teens?
Is it okay for me to be a lolita?
My hips are up high and im not really sure what type of shirts will make then look not so wide?
do you think these shoes go good with this dress?
How to steal from an American Eagle or Abercrombie?
i want to buy a handbag for Mum,this one ok?
What would look good over this top?
How to fix a zipper?
what brand would you rather wear ?
Girls, would you wear this dress?
what do i need to become interior designer?
where can i buy shirts like this (please open)?
Hey guys, can you help me find a jacket like this?
MEN: Do you like the peplum shirt style? (Pictures)?
How do you tie a bandana around your head if your a girl?
Opinions on this dress for a black, white and diamonds dinner?
wich is cuter?
Does any one know where to find a vintage prom dress that's relatively cheap?
How do i clean my coach sneakers? I have the CTI CHOCMULTI and i'm scared to scrube them or anything!!?
has anyone tried this website!!! is it safe, please let me know!?
which bag is cuter for school?
NEFF i am looking for the neff crazy time hoody in large or xlarge if anyone has it please hit me up?
what would i wear with these tight (pic inside)!? help x?
what type of clothing should i wear on the 1st day of school ....?
where can i find the prada sunglasses catalogue 2006 to download? thanks?
How much would it cost to get a formal gown hemed? I just need a range!?
Where can I find out how a woman's dress size relates to their weight?
What are you?
is wearing this respectful?
Help With Shoes For Guys?
Is it okay for a guy to wear a pink hat??
why do clothes shrink?
what do you think about girls smoking super slim 120 cigs? (capri 120, for example)?
where can i get this polo as a shirt ?
What to wear for new year's eve party tonight?!?
Has the world finally got over white people wearing fitted hats?
Need a list of colors and what they mean for a mood ring?
Do you like these boots?
What are you going to be for Halloween?
Guys?? on average how much money do you think we spend a month to look good for you?
Hi this coat worth that money?
Converse real question?
Do any clothing companies give you free clothes in order to advertise the line? I've seen it done with cars.
How can you keep your buns from sticking together in tight pants?
im only 14 and '5 8' should I wear heels?
is 60 degrees ferinheit warm enough to wear shorts?
Good shoes to go with Men's Express Clothing?
Do you like this outfit???
what does a pageant queen carry in her purse?
What's a good Scene clothing store online?
Find me a cool watch!?
Do you like these sunglasses?
How much would it be to ship a sweatshirt?
Is 5'4" considered short?
where can i get these leggings?
where can i buy a 5xl t shirt?
Pics of me and 10 points for your answer!?
Could you tell me what you think about each of these pics for a contest?
help shopping for a bikini?
Where can I find this outfit!?!?
what does a sweet 16 court do/wear?
someone pleeeasee help me..come on now,have a heartt?
Latest fashion for autumn?
What brand are those belts with like a hanging tag attached? ?
Is a $7,000 reasonable for a Juicy Couture bag?
Bernhard H. Mayer watches are they good?
would these clothes go together for an outfit?
Does Red Denims go good with Off White Shirts?
Should I be wearing skinny jeans? I know I'm fat, but I'd like your opinion.?
Am I Really Fat/How Should I Loose Weight?
How do you wear coach small bags?
What shirt matches with Air Jordan VII Flint Grey/Purple?
Aviator sunglass in bangalore?
I'm a 33 year old guy and I am planning on getting my ears pierced. What do you think?
is wearing a chinese qipao appropriate for a western wedding?
Elements of a pulled together look?
Fake diamond necklace?
i cant decide if i like this jacket. do u? multiple choice?
Abbriviations RGJC?
why is the fred perry clothing so popular in the UK and Italy?
What designer shoes is Amber Rose wearing to the BET Awards '09?
Please read.And answer this.?
What should i wear to this?
W&G Birmingham?
Why girls prefer to wear short skirts ?
In what stores would you find...?
Where can i fing plain sketches of people to draw clothes on?
Are white keds easy to maintain and keep clean?
anybody ever bought glasses from glasses direct? if so were you pleased?
i am going to a fancy party tommorow night which one should i wear?
What do you think of this corset?
who thinks...?
What should I do for a a school 50's costume?
Which color should i get for this sweater?
What kind of piercing would look best on me?
i have a return to tiffanys silver charm should i get the real Tiffanys chain or should i get a fake chain?
Sister or two girls cosplay ideas needed please x?
Questions about Clothes..?
Skinny Jeans or Flare Jeans?
Where Can I Find A "I'm Tara Reid" Shirt?
what do you wear on a date? please its my first time help!?
Girls: whats in YOUR back to school wardrobe?
what are some websites like shopzilla?
Stores with cute vintage styled clothes?
Girls: Answer this!!??? Opinions?
What model is this watch?
Urban decay sparkling lickable powder?
where i can get handbags?
Do sleeveless shirts mean something?
Any chemical out there that can get white leather shoes brite white?
Shops like New Look and Primark?
So I'm planning on wearing a skirt made out of hula hoops and a bikini top made out of tin foil. What do you..?
Is it trashy when girls do this?
Where can I find these sweatshirts?
What do girls do in their bed-room when nobody is home ?
I'll make outfits for the first 3 people!?
How do you wear rain boots?
Where can i find a single breasted vestwith a hood?
How do I stick a big Pin on my shirt without piercing it?
Leggings for petite women?
Women: What kinds of shoes do you like to try on at a shoe store?
do some guys wear girls jeans?
Help with a pin-up girl costume?
Where can I buy Juicy Couture clothing in the UK?
Where can I find glasses similar to the ones Snooki has on Jersey Shore season 2?
cute ideas for a "signature accessory"?
another lip piercing question for guys....? and girls if you want?
Do you like this dress for a party?
looking for wholesale for women clothings in Singapore?
I'm sick of skinny celebrities? how about you?
Where can I get cheap Abercrombie and Fitch designer clothes?
Songs that will knock my socks off?
Whats another name for a Shawl/cover up?
What are good clothing stores for a women in her 20s to shop?
vans question please help?
I'm starting a jewelry business any suggestions on how to get the word out ?
What can I go as for a Fancy Dress party? Nothing too outrageous but something nice and comfy to dance in :-)?
Which bikini is cutest ?
does this dress looks good for graduation i want a true answer do you guys think it looks good or no?
Where's a good place to buy a coat??
Does it look gay when guys wear vests?
what should i wear on my date?
where can i find a pair arizona 15 average jeans light blue?
Popular Nike shoes 2012 for women?
Need help with this bathing suit!?
Prom! What dress do you like best?
is black and red in at the moment if not what is in that goes with black.?
is it ok for a man to wear a bikini?
Is It illegal if....?
were can i buy polo sport footwear for man?
How do I not look so disgusting? Help!?
Is this outfit too much (Pic)?
how many clothes do u have? shirts/jeans/shorts/dresses/shoes/etc.?
Where can I buy single circle lenses?
cute or what??!!?!?
Antique locket w/symbol??
Anyone knows where to buy 16cm+ high heels (without platform) in Hong Kong??
Is this outfit preppy!?
what is the difference between eau de cologne and eau de parfum? how should one apply each?
do I have to wear a bowtie with the tuxedo for winter formal?
Please advise me about what to wear to my husband's company party...?
Where is ur fav place to shop?
do you like these shoes ..?
What type of Shoe should I wear with this dress?
Is there a Ed Hardy store in New York City? if so, whats the address?
What is the difference; DC, Nike, Converse, Etnies, Hurley?
info on clothes show live ?
what's YOUR fav handbag?
Do you think it's cute for a date?
question about 21 cn
Which color backpack for a guy in highschool?
Teens (13-16) how much allowance do you get a month?
should I get Toms or Vans?
What should I wear for my free dress day at school?
how big is 45d boobs?
would this colour hoodie go with that colour chinos?
Which Boohoo dress should I buy?
were can i buy vintage clothing in minnesota besides online?
are carpenter jeans too out of fashion to wear?
what color for homecoming dress help !?
What color did Ugg...?
Ladies,do u like being revealing or conservitive 2 guys??
EASY POINTS! Help me find this outfit!?
how do u stop the sound? panty hose question...?
Does any one else like
Is this cute for school tomorrow?
what do you think of this sweater?
I can't decide?
how do you make a glinda the good witch crown?
What do you call a women who has around 900 pairs of shoes?
girls only?
How should I get ready for school tomorrow?
How do I know if he likes me?
can anyone suggest any fashion sites ?
first year of high school, what bag should i use?
Do anyone know what kind of pantyhose is sarah silverman wearing?
what shoes should go with this dress?
Why does everybody hate on Hollister & AE & A&F and stuff?
anybody know the price range on an authentic dooney and bourke bag?
what is this type of earring called?
Wh sweater should I get to go with these leggings?
where can i get this jacket (link please)?
Where are good places to get totes for school??
what's color underwear can you wear underneath a white dress/skirt?
Oakley sunglasses to buy?
Can women tell if a guy is not wearing underwear ...???
does a purple jacket and lime green top go together?
Where can you buy a yolo hoodie in prattvile alabama??? or close to?
What to dress for a modelling audition (men)?
Is this coach factory outlet website authentic? or a scam?
Where can i find a dress like this--not too expensive?
cute outfit ideas!?!? Unique?
What would you think of a freshman wearing heels?
I have $2000 to buy clothes, what should a 20 something male have in his wordrobe?
Are keds okay to wear to high school? Or will I be made fun of? Please answer!! ?
Which one is prettier to you?
how is it wearing glasses?
Does this outfit look good for school?
Where is the best place to go to black Friday?
Semi-Formal dress!!!! help!?
HELP..... in store order...?
Girls sock poll. really easy! please answer(:?
need to know where to find these light up adult shoes?
Can you dye acrylic nylon clothes?
URGENT!!! Is fashion weekend that strict on under 18's going in?
Is jennifer Lopez's booty, big enough to squash/overpower someone?
Help me make my Alice in Wonderland costume?
how can i make this look good? (halloween party)?
am i too skinny??????
What style of sunglasses would look best with my face shape?
Is this over accessorizing?
What kind of jeans should I wear with Sneakers?
Dress Makers/Dress Patterns?
Which boots should I get?
Where can I get sexy RED heels?
what do you wear to a bar mitzvah?
Which bag is the cutest?
Can someone please help me?
please, create a colorful, crazy, fun outfit for me!?
waht is your fav ugg style?
whats the best thing to sleep in sleepshirt,nightgown,babydoll or ???????
can you suggest a men's automatic watch?
How do you put on a Sari?
I don't wear socks with bowling shoes?
Do you like my night out outfit?
Does AnyOne have Old Pencil Skirts They Dont Want!?,.?
what color converse should i get?
istoner slippers?
I want to make my red Vans Authentics black..?
Should I buy this jacket?
Guys ear piercing yes or no?
i need to walk in 5 inch heels tomorrow night?
what makes a boy attracting and good looking?
How can you change your avater to a boy or girl?
I bought a pair of flats in Target. Is this bad?
What do you think of my outfit ?? PLEASE?
What to wear at great wolf lodge?
i need help homecoming is in 3 days and i need a dress fast please help?
can anyone tell where can I get a size 11 1/2 shoes? All my dress shoes are size 12 stores just don't have it
School dinner is "oscar themed"?
Where can I buy a rainbow sweater?
Is it ok to wear?
Where can I find this watch!?
My dad will give me his Rolex when i grow up. Do you envy?
how much are for 2 earrings at ardene?
trouble walking in my new high heels?
How to wear my denim leggings?
Is this skirt pretty to wear?Help!?
does anyone know of any stores that carry great party/cocktail dresses in houston or online?
What shop sells the best jeans?
"broadway" charms -- where can I find charms to represent broadway shows?
What sort of colour bikini would suit my pale skin?
Are you wearing underwear right now?
mens jean sizes !!!!!!?
Girls, what do you think of this outfit?
Best jewerly store to buy promise rings from?
I just got my ears double pierced. I'm preppy, will people think that I am wierd and punk?
is it trashy to wear shorts with heels?
Plastic or Nickel lip ring?
Idk what type of boots I should get?
Help! I'm going out with a new bf on New Years Eve & don't know what to wear!! What would look sexy?
My mother and father don't want me to cosplay..but its something I really like. Help?
Question to other women?
Where can I find some awesome, random, or funny t-shirts?
Free pattern or tutorial for a Marie Antionette type dress?
Bought these shoes for school do they look alright?
Homecoming spirit week outfit ideas?
do you kown any brazilian store in orlando?
Abercrombie Denim Shorts?
I need a sweatband that says sexy on it...?
What are some french teen stores?
What do you think are the GOOD effects of the underweight models ban?
where does miley cyrus get her clothes, and how are they so sparkley?
Can nail polish hurt you?
Anyone knows any website for ties like this?
Is it true that Kimora lee Simmons said: I’m rich and when people want to fell rich they wear my clothes but
Can you return something if you buy it online?
Can i use my abercrombie employee discount at other malls?
I am a size 26, jeans - Is that the same as size 4?
Where can I get cheap lace wigs?
Women.....What age would you let your daughter wear a skimpy bikini?
I need to find a new pair of plaid pants?
do you prefer Converse or Vans?
Can I wear socks with mary jane shoes?
Would I Look Good In Skinny Jeans (Pics)?
Sharpie marker out of jeans.?
Is this a good outfit ?! 10 points :)?
Do you have to wear school uniforms ?!?
What do you think of men wearing glasses?
what did you wear for your civil wedding ceremony?
Hollister Clothing?????
GIRLS!! Where do you shop?
why are carpenter jeans designed for lefties?
when can I bought this style of shoes? what stores?? men shoes?
Where to get a cute red and black top?
where can I find really nice jeans that flare out at the bottom alot but aren't really baggy?
Can you use exfoliate on your legs but not shave your legs?
Do you think that the fashion today has some links with the past ?
What is your shoe size?
Fancy dress party, something beginning with 'F'?
Poll...please answer!?
which looks better..?
Is this a cute outfit?
my sisters GORGEOUS but im not. what can i change :(?
Need help? Is it feminine?
where can I buy my clothes?
Where can i find a dress like this?
where can i get the denim jacket with the hoodie terrence J from 106 & Park wore when mindless behavior?
12 year old with a late birthday?
American Eagle Reward$ card?
does gray match with everything?
I didn't get many answers the 1st time I asked this so I'll ask again!?
Make an outfit for me please (: 10 points to the best?
What stores have affordable dresses for someone who usually has to get size XS at forever 21!?
difference between the fakes and the originals?
Cute Japanese or anime clothes?
who can i find a job right now for retails/sales asap?
which jeans look best, ones with back pockets or without?
Where can you find charms just like the ones at Brightons?
Is there a rule of thumb for matching clothing?
what you think of these trainers?
does anyone know what hilary duffs favorite cologne is for men?
If I am 13 and have over 100 purses am I spoiled?
What's the best way to tie a nylon rope onto an anchor?
How do I get my mom to let me get my ears pierced again?
Where can i get Lacoste polos even smaller than the small size?
Debating between two dresses. Help me choose?
Do you like this shirt?
Which Shoes should i wear ?
am i spoiled?
"bralette" from Urban Outfitters?
1980's-inspired halloween costume help?
can someone help me decide? .s.?
I recently bought a titanium wedding band?
buy online bikinis in uk?!?
do you think this piercing is cute? 10 POINTS!?
Need help? School related plis help??? ?
Please Help!!! What do you think of this hoody? Easy 10 Points!!!?
Pierce The Veil Bracelet!?!?
fashion question...what kind of boots should i get.?
Question about princess polly (the shop) 10POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does anyone know what website i would go to , to fine jessica simpson's new show line? If you know plz help me
Which queen of hearts costume should i get (pics)?
What perfume/cologne are you wearing today?
Do you like panty lines on a woman? Why or why Not?
do you think this is a cute bracelet?
What is the best way to re-sell a diamond in Canada?
If it was fashionable, would you think guys would look good in heels?
Women are becoming more provacative?
What kind and color pants would go good with a long brown shirt?
Do rappers now wear skinny jeans or slim jeans?
What should i wear when i go out with friends and its cold outside?
buttons anyone? I need some help finding cheap pictureless buttons.?
is a size 4 or size 6 big?
Is this shirt and jeans cute?
What colour Havaianas do you wear?
8th grade graduation dresses? 10 points for best answer.?
Basketball Outfits?
how to shrink clothes?
Snoball (winter formal)dress help?
How much money do you spend on jewelry vs your age?
Is pink the prettiest color?
Have you seen this dress?
How to wear these spiked heels?
HELP. Which dress do you think is the nicest?
what fragrance is better ACQUA DI GIO For Men By GIORGIO ARMANI or 360 BLACK For Men By PERRY ELLIS?
Would it be weird to wear this shirt again?
How much have my looks changed in the past 9 months?
What to wear with body-con skirt??? :)?
What is your fave color and why?
where can i find a cute tote bag for class that is around $20?
BRA SHOPPING!!!!!!! bra only says 32?
Can you get hollister and abercrombie clothing for less than 10 $?????
what are some good dress ideas for middle school graduation?
i need fashion help! ASAP!!?
i would like to design purses where in los angeles can i have my design developed.?
What do you guys think of this?
Can someone tell me if my Oakley gascans are real?
Girls do you prefer guys in skinny jeans or a bit baggy jeans?
Any good websites to buy a cute PINK bag from VS?
Is this a cute outfit for the first day of school?
Has anyone seen the Snuggies Couple blankets in-store anywhere?
shoes to wear with orthotics!!?
is this dress pretty (pic)?
what should i do???
I'm trying to open a clothing store but I am having a problem finding wholesalers that sell name brand cloths?
What is a good brand name idea for sweat pants?
Does anyone know where I can find this dress?
Why is the stainless steel Rolex Daytona so hard to get?
where can I buy black pants uniform in Dallas,Texas?
Girls whats it like wearing a bra?
Help me find this brown leather jacket?
Whr can i find free tatto stencil downloads in large size. any web sites?
Why Do People Say BLONDES Are Dumb X?
school shopping !!?
any ideas?
Is clothing fit true to size?
Which one is the cutest? (pics included)?
What do girls think of a guy wearing baggy jeans and a jersey with jewelry. Do you find that attractive?
What's so stylish about chokers? Why are they considered sexy? Do they really choke? even slightly?
Does anyone know where to get these UGGS?
How to get tie dye stain out of light blue shirt?
What are the best pieces to wear for grunge style?
Do you think its ok for guys to wear earrings??
is this a cute little black dress?
Can I Make You An Outfit On Polyvore?
Where do you go to get cute leggings?
all girls (: how many coach purses do u own?
girls, what do you think about these pictures?
Stupid question? EASY 10 points?
Skrillex Glasses Question? Ears?
Getting frustrated with hollister jeans!!!?
Does anyone know if R&R shirts size is the same as True religion shirts size? thankss alooott!?
What's the deal with people wearing their baggy pants half way down their butt?
Do you think 7 is too young to have a designer handbag?
What is the point of a thong?
What is the most outrageous t- shirt saying you have seen?
Is there a place where I can buy male clothes that actually fit?
I need help choosing sweet 16 colors...but no pink?
Where should i get good high tops online?
It's it ok for a guy to wear leggings/yoga pants to the gym?
Where to find fake septum pinchers, maybe magnetic or glued?
Do you like this outfit for a date? Im trying to impress?
Why do buttons on women's shirt sewn on the left and men on the right?
do you think im too skinny?
Do you find ear gauges attractive?
where can i get shoes used for exotic dancing?
Wearing a shirt that covers my boobs and goes up to my neck do i look like a granny?
where can i buy clothes like these?
if you wear elastic pants all day, will the elastic part stay the size of your waste or will it go back back?
not sure what to wear ..?
Can someone tell me where Karmaloop warehouse ships from?
do you like these shoes?
where can i find these boots?
5ft 7 can i still wear heels???
I need some nerdy clothes?
where do u get them?
I have no clothes !!!!!!!?????
Need help with North Face Jacket selection!!?
Charlotte church IOW maxi dress with hummingbird print?
what are some good fashion accessories?
Do all Pandora Bracelet beads say 925 on them?
what to wear as a guest to a winter wedding?
Homecoming dresses?
How did the skeleanimals label ?
How do you get a dress off when it is zipped at the back...?
Where can i find older style retro 90's clothes?
Is it just me or does anyone else hate this leggings and skirt trend?
How can I find a manufacturer for my new product (men's ties)?
Has anyone bought from Were they happy???
High low skirt/dress to wedding?
Business attire for young nursing executive?
is this a cute outfit for 1st day of school?! PICS!?
Should I get contacts although I am 13?
If a fleece says womans on the tag and a guy wears it, can anyone tell?
Why to stripes on mens neckties go from upper right to lower left?
Is American and Spanish bra sizes the same?
What woman's clothes size is a children's 6-8?
Where can I buy Gothic stuff?
What are those things that businessmen wear around their elbows to keep their shirt sleeves in place ?
Which leather jacket should I get?
What do you think of these dresses?
Does anybody know where to the get Nike Air Griffey Max I in a size 6 or 7 in boys?
What's the real difference between a Rolex and a Timex?
does RK collections in little rock arkansas have toms?
Pretty in Pink Dress/Prom dress help?
bathing suits?
Is this stuff "cool?"?
What brand are Elle's heart shoes that are shown at the begininng of the movie Legally Blonde?
Where can I find a cute school bag?
Which color is the best looking of this clutch?
who thinks that hollister is a hard store to shop in?
do u think this ring is cheap and tacky ?
what is the best color to wear @the prom?
What do you think of this shirt and its price? ?
im looking for a shirt?
Is there a site where i can customize hoodies and each part of it?
Are Maggie Sottero bridal gowns pretty affordable ($600-$800)? I can't seem to find any listings with prices.
Do you think its appropriate for a 13 year old to wear a thong?
Is this a lot of clothing for a 10 year old girl?
Is it childish that i still wear spongebob squarepants boxer shorts? im a 15 year old boy?
How do you dress up a uniform?
What store can I find custom engraved leather bracelets?
does anyone know what these shoes are called?
my mom wants me to wear a shirt when i go swimming but i want a bikini?
What should I wear on the first day of school?
help earring back stuck!!!!?
What is this shoe called and where can I buy it?
best place for dresses?
do u think these shoes r cute?
What does “Grunge” mean?
what should i wear to school?
how much are for 2 earrings at ardene?
Is this V-neck too deep (pic)?
Which of these heels would be sexier to wear with a denim capri?
Let me know what you think.?
Purse suggestions!?!?
Where can i get really cheap LACE-UP WEDGE BOOTIE?
How do i know what pair of jordans i have?
what color shoes do i wear with this dress?
Is £45 too much for a second hand coat?
Is it just me or does stores like JC Penny have such huge clothes?
Which specific abercrombie other should I wear to my A&F interview ?
Can I Shop Here or Not?
how to to stop jean bleeding on my white shoes?
How many guages will my needle need to be for a cartliage piercing?
Is it acceptable/unacceptable to wear pajama pants in public?
Neck Line of this dress?
Where Are Some Good Stores to Buy Bras?
what to wear to pool party?
Do you wear briefs or thongs?
what type of guy do you like?
Anyone know where I can get Anne Klein Fletcher shoes in Chocolate, size 6?
Is there ANYONE anti-Abercrombie/Hollister/AE?
can a guy wear this jacket
Is it ok to go barefoot inside of shoes?
In the 80's there was a time when color changing shirts was really in. These were the ones where if you sweat
Where can I buy these shoes?
wildfoxcouture shirt?
feminine gay boy going on a date tonight! outfit help?! <3?
Is there something that you used to hate wearing that you now wear all the time?
Do the arms/sleeves of your hoodie cover your hands?
Mother of 4 going to a metal concert..What do I wear?
Good name brand clothes for cheap?
What do you think of girls wearing white studded belts?
GUYS: Do guys prefer girls with skinny jeans?
What type of glasses frames should I get?
Which outfit should I wear tomorrow?
What kind of dresses could I wear normally?
where can i get mark nason brand shoes in toronto?
does anyone know of any good online stores that sell skirts?
If you could only have one thing in your handbag, what would it be?
Which of these 2 bags should I get for college? (Pictures Included)?
Is this website a scam for Uggs?
Just curious, do you think this bag is ugly?
girls take my awesome survey?
How short should a mini Skirt be if your wearing it to HighSchool?
has anyone seen those boots that look like the sperry topsider boat shoes?
have you ever heard of a store called rue21 and do you like the store?
is it appropriate to wear this at a wedding?
What should i wear?
do i look good/bad in this shirt?
Where can I buy a vintage plaid cardigan for men?
Why is the new trend baseball caps and plaid shorts???
Is this a good buy?
when is the appropriate age do you think girls should wear heels?
Weird Clear Rubbery Straps On New Clothing?
Where can i buy a nice mood ring in St. Charles, MO?
I want to get Benedict Cumberbatch's coat from Sherlock?
Whats your fashion style?
What is the most stylish way these days to tie a men's tie?
What is a good bra for large breasted women?
I am relly bad with fashion and have no money. How can you help?
How to get SUPER HOTT!?!?
What size Hollister jeans should I get?
What is the name for the loose fitting beanie hats that boys wear?
What color/kind of shirt should i wear under this? (picture here)?
i love my dog very much, but she will never wear stockings, why is this?
Hollister or Abercrombie??
GIRLS: should guys wear their jeans at the waist or mid-butt?
Stupid or Cute? Opinions Please!?
What size should i be in length for pants?
Girls: What do you think of this outfit?
i'll make u a outfit on polyvore?
Where do you shop for clothing?
What should i dress up as?
Is there really a diamond like the one seen on Titanic (56 Karat Blue Diamond, "Heart of the Ocean")?
What kind of clothes are most flattering for a "big" girl?
mini dresses classy or trashy ????
What is super bra. why it is different from normal bra?
where can I find some cute earrings at?
Should I wear this dress for this wedding?
What top would go with these shorts??!?
Where can I buy a 18G needle?
These boots cute, or not?
why dont girls like purple skinnie jeans on guys?
GIRLS: how should guys wear their jeans?
Girls: What should I wear with these boots?
ppl with their cartilage pierced?
do women like men with pierced ears?
Can I buy clothes online from the UK if I live in America?
Would Anyone Like An Outfit?
What type of jeans for big butt and thighs?
what should a guy wear to a summer funeral for a marine.?
What are those earrings called where they connect a Cartilage and Lobe piercing with a chain?
Do you know a website where I can excess pictures of women wearing 1950's fashion?
Do these shoes match this dress?
What type of dress would suit me?
Which prom dress? Please help me choose?
Size help for american eagle shirt in mens? help. best answer s?
Does anyone know of some plus size stores in London, ON, Canada?
Need your opinion (pics inside)?
Can i still wher white after labor Day?
What size Louis Vuitton speedy should I get?
Abercrombie vs. hot topic?
Which dress should I get?
Dress for Semiformal Dance! :)?
specific keds style/designs?
URGENT! When does restock?
Im trying to get into fashion. Can anybody help me ?
Does anyone else miss flip flops?
When will I get my shoes from America if I order them in the middle of March?
In Australia how much is just a basic bellybar for a bellybutton piercing cost?
Girls Only: What clothes do u like on a guy?
♥Im a size 8 in womans what size air forces do i wear?♥?
Where can I find some cute tights for the winter?
What should I bring on a 4 hour drive?
what do you do to make your bikini body hotter?
what is my true dress size?
evening everyone, what's going to be in fashion for a wedding in june this year, meet the family time!!!?
Men's thongs?
Does Shoebacca sells replica or authentic sneakers?
Is this a weird Graduation dress?
what are throat warmer?
Back to school? Easy ten points?
what is yarn dyed fabrics?
i wear a bomb shell but guys think i stuff what should i say back?
GIRLS: Am I the only one who finds it HOT when a guys boxers are showing?
do u think this is a good valentines gift for my boyfriend??
School dance?
I have £18,040.56 at 21 year olds?
Alternative to a prom corsage ?
If rubber soles wear down after wearing boots 5 times, is it low quality?
what to put in a clutch?
where can i find cute, original tote bags?
What do you think about these dresses?
Which bottoms would go well with this jumper?
What shall I wear with this dress?
Girls Only: What clothes do u like on a guy?
What makes you feel fabulous (clothing wise)?
How would you write out: "The Yellow Elephant " in Italian?
Wear to find really cute short like this, for teens?
What du think of girls who wear silver chains?if anything at all?
What should I wear ? help !?
UGGS!!are bailey bow uggs for little kids?
Does baltic blue, light grey, black, and dark brown go together?
Should a 12 year old be able to where a bikine?
where can i find pants like this ?
What are good shoes for skateboarding?
describe your first day of school outfit!!!???
Fancy dress ideas- theme is "Something beginning with S...."?
i lost a screw to my glasses. Can i get it replaced at the eye doctor?
Do you like this strapless top?
Has anyone heard of this brand?
Can i wear this???????????????????????
What type of jean do you like best?
Where do you buy nail art studs?
Looking For A Specific Clothing Line?
what is this really cute bear called from hottopic? 10 points?
What would look good with this shirt?
Do they have Hollister outside of California?
what store has the plain furry jansport backpacks?
What are your thoughts on Kilts for men?
cute yes??
Have any ideas for a fashion section in magazine?
is this a cute polyvore outfit?
Can someone help me find authentic Tinkerbell jewelry?
What type of bikni is this girls?
How do u know if its real?
Why is Aeroposatle the weirdest store ever?
what clothes to wear in middle school?
Whcih dress is cuter?
What Do You Think The Coolest Brand Of Clothing Is Right Now?
Im emo, im fat.can i be a fat emo?
Hey. I am going shoe shopping in 10 minutes, answer HURRY!?
What is the cuttest way to wear UGG boots?
what do you think of this dress?
Which scarf is better?
POLL: In all honesty, how thin am I?
y do women prefer to wear a matching undergarments...? n e realistic answer???
Hot or Not [pics inclouded]?
what swimsuits do you like (for girls)? PLEASE ANSWER GUYS!!?
What do you think of these shoes?
T shirt designs????please?
how short do you think this dress is?
Why don't middle schools let you wear tanks and camis?
what clothing store do you like the best Aeropostle or Wet Seal?
Would i fit into abercrombie kids jeans?
Is there a person I can go to, to have them make this for me?
How long should a watch battery last?
What size are these measurements in children's clothes?
what kind of bag is this, is it a fanny pack, azz pack, and is it for boys or girls or both and is it worth it
Which is the best website to buy discounted birkenstocks?
Is there clothes?
Is this girl stealing from my store?
How to dress for a rave?
Will or have you bought a new outfit to wear on Christmas Day?
What is the best online shop to have custom screen printed t-shirts and underwear (!) ordered?
how to get my girlfriend to wear glasses?
girls, could you rank these polos from hottest/indiest to worst?
should i get this dress? (picture)?
Do i have the figure for leggings? (pics)?
What do you think of fuggs (fake uggs)?
grade 7 gradutation dress????
How do you shrink jeans?
Can i remove stick-on clothing velcro?
What should I wear to the opera house?
The outfit of the girl in the Kia commercial?
Gay lingerie: How common is it for homosexual couples to shop for lingerie, underwear together?
Should a 13 year old have Uggs?
Is a size 5 in Junior's skinny for someone who is 5 foot 8?
Where can I buy Varsity letter patches?
whats a good treatment for fine hair? scalp and hair method?
What is a good brand for Bridesmaid Dress?
were do you get your skinny jeans?
clothes, clothes, clothes???????????????!!!!!!!!!!?
if my shoes just got to usa today ,,how do i know what state theyy are in ?
I've got diamonds that need to be looked at?
does this sound like an ok outfit?
Do you like this dress?
Im black how do i get a white girl?
does any one know where i can get a chain?
Why do so many people say theyll make people outfits on polyvore and then they just dont when people answer???
what jeans are the fashionable?
Why does nowhere in the UK sell plain satin panties anymore?
Night in Paris themed dance attire?
Does a nose stud suit me? (pic included)?
Can you were black to a wedding?
Making t-shirts at home - experience?
Should a man wear a jacket with a fur-trimmed hood?
I have a vintage cocktail ring with the hallmark "EMS" - what does that mean?
Where can I find a Party at Gatsby's sweatshirt?
can clothes tailors make jeans bigger?
Does this color work for me?
What's a colongne that my girlfriend will love?
What type of bikini top is this?
hot culture?
not trying to label people but what are those guys that wear tight jeans with bacpacks on their backs?
What top can go with this?
I would like to shorten a dress with a curved edge; what is the easiest way to do this?
Do you think this hat is cute?
Does anyone know why when I wear heels my arches don't touch the shoe?
How do you shrink a mesh hat?
What should i buy before middle school?
Which shoes do you like better!?! PICS!?
What type and colour shoes are you wearing right now?
If I wear a size Large hoodie at Aeropostale...?
can you pierce your own belly button?
What should I wear over my graduation dress?
Poll: Abbey dawn (by Avril Lavigne) love or hate?
Where do I find trench coats like these for men? (pictures)?
iam looking for a bag that is in the maria Clarie magazines for may 06 and it is by river island i want this?
What do you call this thingy?
do you like this dress?
is this bag ugly?!?!?
What circle lenses does Qri wear ?
This is going to make me sound like a pouser but.....?
do you like these jeannsss?
What are you wearing today????
Anyone know where to find Adidas Missy Elliot Remix 3-stripe Women's Boots?
if you're into clothes, read this... I need help ?
what is the dress code for tennis?
Which store inMumbai sells good exercise accessories like gloves and elbow pads--store location please.?
Where Can I Buy Crystals For My Converse In The UK?
Cute bikinis?!!?! where to buy!?
Are these sneakers real or fakes? Nike Sb?
Need help finding a ring. Pretty please help!?
Are brand name clothes really worth the higher price?
What to do if your mom noes jbs mom and they are coming ovet for dinner what should i do im 18 too?
What glasses fit an oval face?
how should a 10 year old dress to impress the boys?
How do you print stuff on a shirt temporarily?
well am black but not dark and i have blue eyes but ppl say they don't look nice.?
is there a hollister version of gilly hicks?
what new clothes are hot this season just trying to get some ideas?
does Pink shirt go with in mens Charcoal sport coat?
tattoo parlour in mumbai ?????
what to wear to outdoor fall afternoon wedding (him and her)?
Converse sizes... Size 3 men's equals?
i want a dress like this but where do i find it?
Where can i find clothing like ariana grande?
Cute saying ? URGENT?
Which do you like the look of better, a pull over fleece jacket that has a short zipper that makes putting on ?
ugg boots are so ugly!!?
What's the difference between a jacket and a blazer?
What size would I wear in TOMS?
makup advice need to know what colors to wear?
What do you think about this outfit?
How are fox tail keychains made?
Where can I buy a men's camo sweatshirt without a hood?
if i wear a green halter and jean skirt...what color should i paint my toenails?
Where would I find egyptian jewelry that is not sterling silver?
are theese cute (pics included)?
Does anybody know where you can go to cut your jeans?
Anybody know any shops in Australia for tomboys?
Where can I purchase this hat in my size? Any other Websites? Help!!?
fashion conflict of interests?
Sexy outfit or no? Pics!?
where could i find a males jumper & hat..?
questions about a scarf?
Favorite colour nailpolish?
Which Abercrombie sweater would you buY?
Where can I find Jeffrey Campbell's Black and Gold Lita Spikes?
is it a super beak jansport ? [[ pic ]]?
Arent these sandals SUPER CUTE? which one is cuter! (10 points)?
How can I get a Wiggles belt buckle?
Is it cool to wear skinny jeans if you are a male?
piercing labret?
Skinny Jeans With Converse ?
Help me find these clothes please?
quinceanera HELP?
What color do you like the best in this Hollister Co. Teeshirt?
What are some good books for teen girls?
What type of backpacks do southern ca high schoolers use? style, brand, color, etc.?
What shoe size do you wear?
can you tell this is for a guy?
what size in leggings am i ??? pleaseeee help !!
Are polo shirts in style for young women?
Will you make me a Polyvore outfit?
what goes with this???????
What Does A Redneck Look Like?
I can't figure out how to remove the links of my Casio Wristwatch?
Where can I get shirts that look like that ones Charlie Sheen wears on 2 and 1/2 men?
Yay or Nay ? BAGG ? ?
what do you think of this dress?
What color and type of shoes? Details please!?
What brand has a great quality white shirts? I am looking for some that are tight on the sleeves. thanks?
Which one looks better?
What shoe do you like?
where can i find CUTE swimsuits that arent VERY expensive?