Cleaning Kobe IV shoes?
What should I wear with a Reggie Miller jersey?
Clothes for my body type?
How to dress like a tv talk show host?
What to wear to a haunted house type thing?
Could someone find me a cute pair of shorts for less then 30.00 online?
Did Abercrombie & Fitch/ Hollister sizes get larger?
Can you buy a man's dress shirt "fitted" even if he has a belly?
Funky Retro Raincoat?
how can i?..........................?
Forever21, American Eagle, or Old Navy?
Are Uggs still popular, or are they out of style?
where to buy dr martens shoes in singapore?
What are those chinese/japanese dress shirts called where the buttons are different from western ones?
Vintage clothes ideas for the winter?
kirkland sheepskin boots?
whats wrong with big hoop earrings?
Guys wearing skinny jeans????
What type of neckline is this called?
what is the name of this dress?
What size shoes does your God wear my intelligent idiots?
Any suggestions for a new watch?
What bottoms should i wear with this jumper?
What do you think about crocs?
Which outfit should I wear (pics)?
Does anybody know what would make me look hotter?? Guys would you please answer this.?
Where are decent Thrift Stores in Sacramento?
Is This a cute outfit? Pic included!?
Where to buy cheap sari's? :)?
do you like these COACH flats?
Ever worn the same socks to bed that u wore whole day ? if yes, why?
Looking for a sweatshirt Calvin Harris wore on Soccer AM?
Do you still wear FLIP FLOPS ?
Help finding a cute sundress?
BCBG purse strap is too long; how can I make it shorter?
What the heck is wrong with my panties? They keep falling down.?
Do you like these boots?
what outfit goes better?
do virgins wear white wedding dresses?
do you LOVE abercrombie and hollister??
Does anyone shop at Victoria's Secret PINK?
What color leggings would match?
Which two shirts should I get?? Can't decide ='(?
Help please?
Where can I find this dress?
Where can i buy this lovely purse?
how do i ask my mom for a new bra?
POLL: Which Guess bag do you like this best?
What to wear? First day of high school??
whats your best shooping store for dresses?
Which Is Your Fave Hoodie [Pics]?
If I wore this, would people think it was weird?
What are some good bikiniss?
Can you overdress for prom? I want to wear this dress and I'm not sure if it's too over the top.?
fashion in thrift store research project -- this is for an important school project, so please HELP!!!!?
for girls number two.........?
Is it fun to wear sexy silk stockings and rub your legs together?
ok well i went to the virgin store in hollywood last week or so..?
Italian bikini sizing help?
Which dress is better for an interview?
Am I the only person who finds flip flops uncomfortable?
Do You Think Im Pretty ?
Please, where can I find a top like this?
Do you think this dress is worth it?
new clothing website please???
I am redecorating my room and I want it to be like Spencer's from Pretty Little Liars?
Are skinny jeans socially acceptable for guys?
Where can i find cool bandanas?
Which dress looks better for a dance ?
where can i find a bag like this..?
Can I wear a gray shirt with gray jeans, then wear a turquoise hoodie to balance it out?
does anyone know where i can get this from?
would these shoes look ok with flared jeans?
Girls! Lengh or Girth?
People that have or had braces please help!?
Opinions please! What do you think of my prom dress?
Where can you find Fist Pump Like A Champ t-shirts?
Do you have a Louis Vuitton purse?
what do you think of dressing up nicely?
Girls, who's your woman crush?
wheres the best place to buy womens jordans shoes (trainers)?
how do i ask my mom for a new bra?
Are white windbreakers feminine?
Is there a place in Mumbai where I could get good quality Temple Jewellery?
Non-uniform tomoroww...helpppp???
do you know a person wearing this?
Help me choose.........s...:)?
Is it ok for a guy to own many Louis Vuitton items?
dressing a guy as a women for real life?
would boots like this look good with this dress for new years?
How can I get this top, or one similar to it?
Models name in seventeen magazine october 2008 issue?
whats the difference between fashion designer and apparel graphic designer?
Should I get UGG or Minnetonka moccasins?
Cute Dressy Clothes?
Leopard print to a christening y or n?
Mr T Fancy dress.....?
how do you feel about thongs?
What can substitute a dress shoe?
What do you think of this outfit?
How to get off... 10 points to person who answers it.?
Is aeropostale still in style?
Do you think this bag is cute?
How to wear doll contact lenses?
Theres this girl (Mexican)Shes tough she sits in front of me always ask for 2 papers everday What should i say?
What do you think of this site?
does any one know another name for a wife beater the shirt not the assh*oles?
Where can I get a cute inexpensive book bag?
opinions on this dress!!?
Need Help On Stuff???
Oriental themed winter formal dresses?!?
When will my never shout never wristband be shipped?
what colour shoe laces go with green shoes?
Can you find me a similar jacket?
When buying a bikini what should i look for ?
i want a pair of track pants. i want the type that has the clicky bottons down the side of each leg. where can?
Can I fill acrylic nails myself?
Diamond ring - am I being lowballed?
What to wear with these boots? Best Answer!?
Silver Gladiators From Justice?
What do you think about twilight?
what to wear to hawaii themed High school dance?
drop dead clothing t shirts?
how much is one carat worth?
Dress tomorrow? Helpp!?
If hollister sent the completely wrong item to me would I have I pay shipping back to them?
My new boyfriend has a Velcro shoe fetish. Where can I find Velcro stripper shoes?
rate this outfit?? (picture)?
Is this top too sophiscated to wear as a freshman in highschool?
Is anyone out there with me on this? Or am i the only one who thinks...?
Does Hollister, American Eagle, or Aeropostale hire based on looks?
What do you think of this outfit?
Do you like this dress for prom?
What color frames can marines sunglasses be in uniform?
found a website with handmade beaded jewelry including bridal jewelry, now i can't find it, any help?
Do You Think Chanel Will Make A Men's Line?
where in the uk can i buy ladies short length trousers i am 5 foot tall?
are there any fashion games online for free ?
Your opinions on????????????????????/?
Garters and stockings more popular for everyday use instead of pantyhose?
umm, what are good period jeans?
What guy is better looking? (Pics)?
I like a certain brand of tank tops how do i find the manufacture?
i want to pierce my bellybutton how bad is the pain?
am i spoiled?
I have a cheap pair of earings and the silver is starting to come off. It is a bronze color underneath. How...
Where can I find a tshirt like this in the UK?
Should I get this Dress?
Shine on crazy diamond what do you think?
Which dress do you like?
Plus size clothing stores?
I'm 14, do you think it would be fine for me to wear these shoes?
cute tote bags? possibly patent?
Is this okay to wear to a katy perry concert?
what are your favorite thrift/antique stores for vintage clothing?
what should i wear to my interview tomorrow? i applied for admin. asst./ customer service?
What are some really good songs?
do u like this bag?
helppp meeeee=0?
where can I buy womens jeans in pink?
do i look too thin? (photo)?
What stores sell Calvin Klein boxers?
Debra Morgan (Dexter's) Where can I find what brand of clothes she used?
Would it be okay to wear heeled ankle boots to a formal?
Frankie B jeans?
Does anyone wear moccasins?
Which dress do I choose!?
what is the name of jacket type material that girls uses over their jeans and top?
How can I tell my coworker nicely to keep her shoes on?
is it ok for a man to wear a bikini?
Help wearing high heals!?
why dont girls like purple skinnie jeans on guys?
What are turn offs for girls?
Pierced nose and chlorine?
do you think i could pull off a nose ring?
Combat boots and thick thighs?
hi what are YOU wearing?
How much do you these earrings cost?
Excuse's for wearing a sweater all the time so that you don't want people to see your cuts?
I'm looking for an affordable bodysuit/ catsuit etc. that kate beckensale in the movie underworld wore.?
What pants to wear after knee surgery in winter?
What is the name of the shoes at rite aid you can get for 5 dollars?
best male PERFUME?
How long does Brandy Melville take to ship?
Please Help! Earring Problem!?
Is this cute/sexy or trashy? I want to cut a shirt like this!?
which classic tall uggs should i get?
Jacket like Aria from Pretty Little Liars?
what are the chances of becoming a famous fashion designer?
Which one do you prefer?
What store has good clothes for a 15 yr old male?
do you think i am too thin?
How do I make my felt leather hat Sweat Proof?
Would you do a septum piercing on your own,?
What casual shirts can i wear with jeans?
does anyone know who makes this coat?
Is it ok to wear a tank top without a bra, or is that slutty?
Is this bag appropriate for everyday wear, at the office for 27 y old business professional?
Good clothing stores for 8th grade girls?
im 13 my mom is very poor and i need to make some money for some clothes and shoes 100 dollars mabey ?
When I try to checkout at Zumiez online..?
Does this even deserve to be called fashion?
What colors are totally in?
Are old scarves, silk in particular to old to be considered in today's fashion?
What do you think of this look/outfit?
Please help me I'm too confused.?
why does everyone love hollister and A&F?
. .Which outfit is Cuter?
im a 13 year old girl i need a good way to make money by tomarrow?
If you are a female and your waist is 34 what would your waist be in men?
which bag is cuter for school?
Where To Get Casio G-shock Iced Out In Toronto Ontario?
Just started crossdressing, what underwear would you recommend? No thongs!?
One-Piece swim suit - Which one do you prefer?
What size men's shirt would look good on a 16 year old female?
does it look bad?
Could i wear this to prom?
Custom couple's bracelets?
peicings Where and When?
What can I wear with this necklace?
What do you think of men purses ?
what is the difference between four-in-hand knot and double knot?
American Apparel out of business?!?
Is this a cute dress??
where can i find boarding shorts?
Do you think this dress is too slutty? (pic included)?
Cheryl's Red and white crop top & Website crop top ?
Would this be in style?
What does your t-shirt say?
Should i wear neelam stone ( blue shapphire) or yellow shapphire?
What is your opinion on this jacket :s please help :s?
Which is better Adidas or skechers?
GUYs!!! what is sexier? hoops or dangling earrings? (girls can answer too)?
This may be a silly question, but...?
i need some tight skinny jeans like hottopics but under 30$?
Where can I find a chunky jumper?
How to alter a dress?
Will my feet hurt if I go barefoot in my tennis shoes?
How can i get paint off of my shoes?
Can I negotiate price for jewelry at a boutique store like Marc by Marc Jacobs?
Which sweater's cuter?
which shirt is best for back to school??
Plus size clothing stores?
Is this dress too slutty for the Marine Ball? ?
can you loosen neck holes on t-shirts?
What are the basics of building a wardrobe?
I need fashion advice!?
Do you think I am ''too thin'' w.pic ?
is 140 too much for this blouse?
Am I a little chubby? *picture*?
I need some shirt ideas that go with skinny jeans?
Do these shoes match this dress?
What do you think about this bag? Is it too childlish?
Which outfit looks best?
what do you think of this outfit?
Would you wear this outfit? (for fall/winter)?
I'm a guy, where can I get style tips?
What color/kind of shirt should i wear under this? (picture here)?
Guys- What do you think of my size (10 points x)?
can a firework rip your sweatshirt hoodie apart?
do air force low trainers look good with skinny jeans?
Size 5 and 7 Pacsun Jeans?
ughhh i have a pair of green chucks & .. ?
Intern and panties issues?
Ladies, do you prefer..................................…
Would a regular pair of forever 21 jeans fit me?
Is there some modeling agency in Dublin for males?
Should i buy this scarf (easy 3 points)?
where can i find shoes like this?
what to put in a clutch?
contact the editors of gq?
How long should a guy's pants be in relation to his sneakers?
why go girls wear thongs?
Where can i buy those Marilyn Monroe Nikes?
where can i get lucky jeans at big discount?
New Era Hats - Taller , Stiffer?
Pink or Red?
can any women tell me if you can get tights which?
Which prom dress? Tips for rectangle body shape?
Dr. Martens Boots in different designs?
What do you think about my style?
Coool Jewelry of Beverly A. Kruse?
where can i find cute girl clothes for cheap prices?
How to fit all of this stuff into a new purse?
Is it true that some of us can't be the jean size we want to be?
How should I wear my hair for a dance??
which shirt should i get?
Anybody .?
what do you think of this hollister dress?
Cute Dresses for Homecoming??!!?
Using UGG Australia Care Kit on Emu Boots?
So i have jeans like these but there light colored. What top would go?
Which color is it closer to?
Why do I have stretchy skin?
Is a size 6 in jeans a bad size?
Does a leopard scarf with pink peace signs all over it seem too little-girl like?
How much clothes do you have?
Is it ok for a 12 year old to shop at victoria secret pink?
Does anyone know the website of a dress label called Mandalay?
Are my work clothes too sexy (pictures)?
Where can I buy an Ao Dai in London?
Victoria's secret scent sprays?
How to find a fedora online...?
Look at Your Shirt. What Color is it?
IS this a good outfit for the first day of school?
do you wear an outfit twice?
What color heels would look good for this dress ?
Which earring is better looking or less tacky of these two?
want me to make you an outfit?
I present a handbag to my friend but she does not like. Do you think this handbag is ugly?
Looking on Hollister website - need site in dollars and not pounds.?
In the song "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini," which is yellow-the bikini or the polka dots?
This is my dress to the.........?
im 13, what are some basic things i need in my school wardrobe?
help my cuz is turning 9 she wants skinny jeans?
How much di timberland shoes cost?
help is this cute for the first day of school?
Where can i find this shirt Miley wore...?
where can i find a dress similar if not exactly like this dress?
i need good 60's designs and info.?
How to dress fashionably, 13 year old boy?
Ladies, do you like this belt for guys?
How To Spot Fake Versace Leather ?
are the pandora bracelets on real?
are crotchless panties cimfy and if so what brands and/or types are the sexiest and hottiest?
what do u think of this shoe?
is it still in to wear heels that you lace up around the leg?
Dress Size Calculator says I'm a size 12 but I fit 8-10?
Good Dresses?
What size am i? (Fashion Advice would be great also :) )?
Foot thongs and other things to wear on bare feet?
What Types If Victoria'sSecret Panties Goes With types of bottoms?
What are your styles ?? Answer please!?
Should a 13 Year Old Wear Heel Boots?
what is the sexiest pantyhose for my gf to wear?
value of bulova watch?
are jean booty shorts not cute....?
Have you ever seen a guy wearing Women's Panties, Thongs, G's ?
What do you like to wear? No one is answering ?
what would you wear with.. PLEASE ANSWER?
Why shouldn't you wear white after Labor Day?
funky dress for formal school dance?
does a blend of wool/nylon/rayon/acrylic/rabbit hair shrink?
why are nike sb skating shoes popular than other skateboard shoes brands.?
what is the average price of rayban wayferers in sydney?
Cool tall and thin characters?
Do you shop at thrift stores?
Which color is better looking of this bra?
What things do you ALWAYS have to have in your purse?
does anyone feel like me?? (serious ans. only!)?
what dress shirt and tie combination matches a grey dress?
I need help finding a converse!!!!?
What boots does McGarrett wear on "Hawaii Five O?"?
Need help finding a large green hobo bag from Hype?
Would this black bag go with everything?
How many pairs of uggs do you own?
Do I look anywhere close to model material?
Which shoes do you like the best?
Is Ramie in stretch denim ?
what should i wear?! emergency!?
Ladies which are the sexiest heels you own,pumps,slides,mules,clogs?
were can i find a jacket like the one in the description ?
suggestions on websites for how to on color?
Silver Gladiators From Justice?
what is your fav clothing brand?
Where can I find the neon shirt found in this music video?
Girraffe bag! Like, the whole girraffe?
How to have swag in a school uniform ?
What should I dress like to make him like me more?
Looking for a sweatshirt Calvin Harris wore on Soccer AM?
Where can i buy this T shirt?
Evisu's or Babyphat?
what sweatshirt do you like better?
can you steal bathing suits and hair products from walmart?
Which one is more better &more in fashion Puma or addidas?
Dying skirt with coffee, please help :)
What shall i wear tonite?
The plastic hook on the back of my swimsuit top broke.Where can I buy another hook?
Skinny Jeans? Yes or no?
Where can i find these boots?
what is the point of wearing a guinea tee?
Swim suites this time of year?
A quick question about clothing!?
where can I find YSL cigarettes in the US?
would this outfit be cute?
Cinderella Sneakers Where Can I FInd Them?
I need help with an outfit?
Where can I get a chennile bathrobe like Debra wears on Everybody Loves Raymond?
When wearing boots, do you wear socks, pantyhose, nylons or go bearfoot?
What it be weird if me and my friends matched for homecoming this year?
Help with homecoming dress?
What is this sweater/coat/jacket called? Please Help!?
Which outfit do you like better? *Pic*?
Uggs sizing?
Have you seen our website for Petite Lingerie?
where can i find a cheap north face isabella?
Ladies, love it or hate it? What color?
What is the point of a thong?
What color is this shirt?
Okay I'm thinking about buying a thong... for girls who wear em, are they uncomfortable?
Can you suggest any freelancer Fashion Consultant Jobs?
hey guys,do you like it when we wear micro minis and g strings?
What should I wear in a presentation?
Is it ok to wear a black blazer with black skinnies?
girls, do you ever ride a bike while wearing a short skirt?
What's the worst item of school uniform your mum made you wear ?
Where can I buy/order BLACK anon hollyweird sunglasses ?
Which shirt is cutest...PLEASE?
What decade were knee high socks worn?
What color should I get this cardigan in?
Where can I get short sleeve/short leg pajamas?
Would you wear these dresses casually or formally?
any ideas?
what do you carry in your?
How can I find this bag?
Would it be possible for me to take this to an alterer to make it smaller and change the neckline?
Looking for a Harry Potter/Gryffindor robe, adult (female) size, but cheaper than the £30 I've found online!?
Is this okay to wear?
In terms of clothing, what do girls look at first?
HAve you ever bought clothing from any of these stores? How was the quality?
why is it that whenever i try to buy clothes online its sold out?
white high heels yeah or ney?
how can i try to dress more punk rocker what kind of clothing style should i wear?
Hey would you please answer the below?
Summer wardrobe essentials 2013?
Would i look stupid with a...?
maltese nose turning brown?
how do i get playdough stains out of jeans?
am i a turn off to you?
What to wear with yellow shorts?
How does one dress emo?
What is a cute yet unique halloween costumes for a 14 year old ?!?!?
What is your favorite color?
i'm 5'0 where can i find jeans?
Do You Like These Outfits?
poll;; what size jeans do you wear?
What color corsage should I get to match my ice blue prom dress?
which is better store hollister or aeropostale or american eagle or abercrombie?
What should i wear to my interview?
Am I a Slut?
guys and girls walking around in collapsed ugg boots?
where do u get phatties pants, phattie hoodie and phats supenders (shuffleing) in melbourne and goldcoast?
if i wear the same outfit as my teacher is it strange?
what do you think of this dress?
What do you wear with red heels?
Where can I find a bathing suit like this? (picture included)?
Which fashion do you prefer?
What do most people do with the clothes they dont want?
Where can I buy clothing like this?
In seventh grade do people still use backpacks?
Which color is the best looking of this coat?
have so many cards;I need a better/bigger wallet ?what kind?
wats the reason a gal wears bra ?
Can guys pull off wearing these shoes?
Is abercrombie & Fitch more for teenagers?
What's the best way to clean a marquasite watch?
what does 18k GE or GF mean. It is inside a ring I found at a yard sale.?
Would this formal dress work for this party?
Does anyone know where I put my socks?
Ear piercing opinions?
Ok Ladies, I need your fashion ideas for a wedding?
how can you control static cling?
do mens jeans and womans fit the same?
what should i wear on first day of 8th grade?
what can i wear w/ this skirt?
Do I have fat thighs ans should I wear skinny jeans? Pics included?
women who wear tights, do you?
Wheres a good modeling school located in Dallas, Tx?
Girls, What Do You Carry In Your Bag/Purse :D?
Image included. Where can I find shoes like this?
Which color is it closer to?
What is "duty-free" retail?
Are these cute?
Keffiyeh in chennai? where and which shop?
How to dress nice? (I am twelve)?
Where Can You Buy Odd Colored Skinny Jeans?
Does anyone know anything about Lucia Micarelli's dress?
PROM DRESS. need help picking one?
I REALLY need to know what this necklace says?
Do you like this hoodie // Jacket?
Where is a good place to buy good goth boots?
I need help finding some certain shoes ...?
HELP! I can't find a good source for stiletto heel tip replacements.?
Is this weird? And which one should I get, (tote bag)?
How many of you like to shop at Hollister?
Online Jewellry Store Advice?
how should i ask my mom for an underwire bra?
Skins season 4 Naomis black and white leggings ?
How to look "evil"?
what is the best style of couch purse to buy for a gift?
Is this jacket baggy?
timberland or caterpillar boots???
what did you wear today?
Do you think these Juicy things are real 2?
Does anyone know where I can get a pair of Jimi Hendrix Converse? in size 11UK 12US 46EU?
looking for king size pillow top sheet sets where to buy?
Is this in "zlote tarasy", Warszaw?
HELP, dont know what to get my GF, should i ask her? need many opinions please?
What do you wear to a UV/Neon RAVE?
Should I get a lip piercing?
teen girls - is this bedding cute?
What are John Galliano's most famous designs?
What pants match this shirt?
Is pandora jewelry worth buying?
height and weight? TEENS ONLYY?
Anyone know if NEXT are planning a 20% off sale before Xmas like other major retailers?
Is it weird to wear a long sleeve under short sleeve shirts?
Best websites for boots in the UK?
Do you like Converse or Vans?
Why do middle aged men ....?
I want plugs like macy from sixteen and pregnant, how do I do that myself?
I'm starting a jewelry business any suggestions on how to get the word out ?
dress opinions!!!?
How tall are you????
When it comes to men's trousers, would a 30 inch waist be considered small or medium?
A to meet peple(not myspace)?
is it okay for me to go bra-less??
if you were being assaulted, how would you inflict the most pain for your agressor?
The History of Fashion Design?
please help me break this habit?
Does anyone know how I can get into plus size modeling?
What is "left weave" denim and does it really make a difference?
pearls or diamond?
which is cuter?????????????? help please!?
Would these shorts match with this shirt?
Can anyone help me find thes platform sandals?
whats the best charity shop u have ever been in and your best buy.?
How can I dye my shirt black && keep it black?
I need a turn of the century band leader's uniform. Hook me up!?
I dont have a style statement of my own?
please could anyone suggest Jewellery Business name ..something Catchy and unusual?
Easy 10 points.. Make me a outfit!?
GIRLS ONLY-when u wear a bathing suit, do u wear a type of bra or nything underneath? cuz dont ur .... show?
I'm looking for a catalog picture for kenneth cole ruffle top original price $69. sleveless, wide straps?
What other jeans fit like Gap Loose Boot Fit?
Suggestions for black colour branded latest model handbag?
Where can I find Independent Boutiques in the Los Angeles/Orange county area???
would ray-ban rb model lenses fit on ray-ban rx model frames?
men,are you manly enough to wear pink,and....?
HELP ME PLEEEZE!! 10 POINTS, NEED..............?
Are small purses back in fashion?
Where can I buy a manufactured diamond?
Is a mini skirt with capris too weird?
Where can buy the caddice of this scarf?
What are the best shoes for my situation?
Is it acceptable for a woman to wear white leather keds with Dockers?
is this a good outfit?
Why can women get away with wearing guy's clothes?
What to wear with these Wedges?
What to wear with my lepard print blazer?
what are you wearing this valentines ladies ?
Question about Journey's?
What are the cutest new styles for spring?
What are the extra dials for on this watch ?
What is the most money you have spent on an outfit?
What can I wear to my cousins wedding?
Hi everyone. Can you direct me to a website where different dressing styles are shown?
Where can I buy a new "I Love Washington DC" hoodie sweatshirt online?
What piercing would suit me?
Do you think this a cute sweater...?
Bar miztvah?? oldd looking?
OMG! skinny jeans and flats are out this season?!?
How do you feel about little baby girls having her ear pierced?
What is the general opinion about Pakistani fashion?
Which of these homecoming dresses do you like the most?
Should I lose weight?
Is this a swimsuit or a bra?
hey just wondered if this is normal?
Looking for a fitted vest to wear alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's the best store to buy converse?
What to wear to a job interview? 17 year old girl?
Looking for names for a children's clothing and accessories store. How does Dimples and Dahlia sound?
What clothes did teenage boys wear in the 50's?
how can you tell if a chloe wallet is authentic?
Online shoppers (clothing)? Help me understand this please?
can you wear this to school?
Arent these The UGLIEST Shoes Youv ever seen!?
What is a "crepe" finish?
Does this bag look gay for a guy or not?
How do you make a suit?
Could I be a Victoria's Secret Angel?
What would go well with this?
Agree/Disagree: Most people should not go sleeveless?
pretty rating?
Help me find something like this?
What'd look cool with my new baggy jeans?
Do you like this cardigan?
were can i find fake chanel cc earrings? can i find it at claires or macys or like just any reg. store?
where can i find cheap ugg boots?
How many of you like Ugg Boots?
Where can I find the earrings worn by Temperence Brennen in "The Bones On The Blue Line" (S05E15)?
Abercrombie/ Hollister vs Jack Wills Sizing?
which is the best!?! (pics)?
Do really thin girls look bad in Uggs?
Does anyone have any pantyhose stories that they would like to share?
What is the average bra size for a 13 year old girl?
Bespoke Black suit, single breasted, double-vented. That much I can work out myself.?
When you go to the tailor to get measured for a dress, do you have to take off your clothes?
does this sound spoiled....?
Where can I find cheap band shirts, plaid shirts and beanies?
how do i register my coach hand bag?
Satin or cotton?
do yu think this is cute?? give yur opinions?
How can i hide my nose ring when im around ma mom?
what shoes look good with boot cut jeans?
Is there anyway that I can improve upon this ensemble?
Cool Text Signatures Im 13 boy and kinda preppy into hollister...?
what is this piercing called?
what clothing brands do you wear?
how ald are u?????
What size do these American Eagle jeans go up to in-store?
Charlotte church IOW maxi dress with hummingbird print?
What is the oldest piece of clothing you own that you still wear on a regular basis?
Kmart gift card=free shipping?
how to lead a stylish life with limited budget?
Where can I find Plus size Black a white striped skinny leg pants?
How many other women wear high heels everyday ?
I have wide feet and i want to find nice unexpensive shoes for my prom any good sites or places?
do you like this outfit?
What clothes size would I be?
What color of shoes to wear with a Deep Teal Dress?
What shoes to wear with a dress?
Who wears higher heels, you, your sister or your mother? And how high do each of you wear?
What is the hottest thing a guy can wear?
Which of these shirts look the best?
America's Next Top Model?
Do you really need to iron your underwear?
where can I get a large used stewardess uniform - preferrably from the 1960s or 1970s?
im 16 and REALLY want my lip peirced,but im not allowed, trying to build a case for the rents,any suggestions?
Are you into the new denim mini skirts+leggings?
What should I get tomorrow when I go shopping?
Is it wrong to buy your girlfriend jewelry from jcpenny or walmart or kohls.?
Should I buy the Jimmy Choos or the Marlboro Light 100s?
Cheap Vintage?
need help with UGG boots?
What swimsuit would suit me? 10 points for best answer!!?
Want rock & republic and 7 for all mandkind jeans?
do u like these jeans? <3 x0x0x?
How do I wear YogaPants that flare at the bottom?
what do yuu think of my prom dress? x?
I told all my friends that my prom dress cost $4 at a sale... Should I still wear it?
Would you wear these stiletto heels?
Girls, I need your help. Which pair of earrings should I choose?
I Wear Size 7 - 7 Half in men sneakers but i want a pair off ugg boots but i dont know what size will fit in?
What color top would go with dull gold skirt?
When do you need to Shave your legs?
Is it wrong nowadays to wear nude or beige pantyhose with short minis or skirtsuits?
Do you think i look bad in my glasses?
What is the UK/EU (6/39) to US shoe size conversion?
Cheap Jewelry??
Which dress should i wear to my school dance?
Guys, would you take more notice of a girl in a mini skirt than a girl in jeans?
what crunk middle school do you go to?
which bathing suit do you like more?
which 2 dress do you like more?
where can i get these dresses?
Are these Canada Goose coats fake?
How was the award show on BET.?
Where can I have my own design printed onto a hoodie?
which shirt(s) should i get for school
What colors would suit me? -picture-?
do you think guy's should wear earrings?
which dress is best?
Do you like converse?
Is this dress to formal for an afternoon outdoor wedding?
What else can I wear to college other than t shirts, jeans and converse? :(?
Is my Louis Vuitton real??
Shopping in New York City..??
Where can I find this dress? (Off Orphan)?
what colour shirt/polo shirt to wear?
What should i wear with this?
I saw my son smelling my thong?
What's a good excuse for dressing up?
can i wear this dress for clubbing?
Is this backpack cute?
How much do the 'Team Edward' tees at What's New cost?
where can i buy a purity ring?
Best on-line apparel shops?
J Peterman Goddess Dress?
What do I wear with white nail polish?
where can i find 22g nose rings online?
Do you wear a wrist watch?
What are these boots? Please help a gal out!?
Which top do u like the best?
Is this dress okay to wear for an 8th grade graduation?
Question for MEN (clothes shopping)?
what type of glue to use to glitter your shoes ?
What to wear to Blue Man Group?
As a man How do I combine hat colors?
whitch one do you like better????
what is my true dress size?
I am getting married and my wedding is off the shoulder what do you wear for a good bra?
victorias secret bathing suits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can I wear my new Uggs tomorrow even though the high is 75 degrees (fahrenheit)?
which volcom slip on shoes do you like the most?
new name????
Where can I find glasses similar to the ones Snooki has on Jersey Shore season 2?
Where can I find comfortable [high] boots/ shoes in Halifax, Nova Scotia?
how can a girl carry herself well?
can someone make me an outfit for the first day of school?
What is your favourite store to shop for clothes?
how to style my bangs?
Where's a place to sell clothing I don't want?
does anyone know where I can find a nice white spring dress at? Like what store?
Do you think tall girls can wear heels ?
Where to buy a single custom 1-inch rubber bracelet?
Women - how do I get my bf to wear tighter jeans and pants so his buldge shows, any ideas?
Designer Knock-Offs?
common sense?
TEEN GIRLS: What shoes do you wear?
What type of hairstyle should i go for?
Is this a good outfit for a casual party?
Ordered a dress from READ!?
Northface Backpack ?
I have really gold leggings for my halloween costume and i wanna lightly dust them with black spray paint?
How do you dye a nylon halloween costume?
Piercings for a 14 year old?
where do i find large clothes for women?
my schools dance is ROCKSTAR themed. how should i dress? what are some ROCKSTARish clothes?!?
Do you know the store Rue21?
Why r girl shorts shorter than guy shorts?
Why the little diamond on the side of the nose... ?
what cute and comfortable attire to wear just after surgery in the genital area to Mardi-Gras?
Where can i get caps like george sampson?
Have costume related issues (best answer gets 10 points)?
What should i wear to my interview?
young guy wearing flat cap? is it to old or outdated? pics included?
do you like this shirt?
Where to find and buy cheap, vintage-ish clothes?
do you like my outfit for the first day of school?
Ladies would u prefer your catsuit front zip or back? hood attached or not? ponytail hole or put a hood with?
Why it is that people who have very good fashion sense...?
Am looking for boots in Singapore. Are there any places to go shop at??
Am i spoiled?
Would this look good with black chinos?
Guys: Do you find multiple ear piercings on girls trashy?
Can I Make You An Outfit On Polyvore?
what makes a girl sexy?
High top men shoes or Mid top men's shoes?
men clothing?
What should i wear?
Is this okay for the first day of school?
What color shoes would match a "vintage silver" colored dress?
Tall Girls...and Heels?
What is the difference between Abercrombie and Abercrombie and Fitch???
Can a ring be sized larger?
Where can i buy Reebok Pro Pump Omni Lite 49ers pack?
How much $ does this look like?
What's the difference between semiformal and formal?
How do I tell if my Chanel eyeglasses are fake?
witch purses is the real juicy couture scottie bling purse...?
We need a shopping topic!!?
If my sewing pattern is 2 inches too small in the waist....?
what kind of shirt should i wear with my red dance shorts?
Is this a cute dress for homecoming?
When you were a kid did you hide in Dep't Store clothing racks while your mom was shopping?
how can i dress up a concert shirt?
Are these sunglasses polarized?
How do you take nail polish off?
Changing my style. Need ideas?
TALL WOMEN - should I wear short booties, mid calf or tall boots to compliment my long legs?
What kind of top would go good with these pants?
Easy best answer..?
Do you like this shirt?
Where can I buy a classic fall coat?
Women.....What age would you let your daughter wear a skimpy bikini?
Does electroplated jewelry lasts long?
What's this bag called?
how do you get stiff underarm deodorant out of tops?
what type of dress is best for winter formal?short, knee length, or long?
Do the manufacturers of Lelli Kelly shoes have a website.?
10points!! Where can I buy these shorts jasmine v is wearing? Pic included!?
Where can I find Harem Sweat Pants or just Harem Pants in general?
please help me find a 1/2 zip sweater with pockets Why is it so hard to find,,,?
Are these Uggs real ?
Do you like this outfit?
what is purple label clothing?
Claires still sell gloves?
Where can i get Uggs in the UK?
what r some cute shoes to go w/ skinny jeans besides flats?
Where to buy bib necklaces?
Would I end up homeless?
What is the highest heel you wear?
do anybody rememer those colorful striped toe socks?
Can i pull off skinny jeans? (pic included)?
what should i wear tomorrow?
Is it ok to get a necklace chain fixed at a branch of a store or does it have to be the store you went to?
where is the best place to get you ears pierced?
Would you ever wear this?
dog tags and not for pets?
Is this a cute outfit?
where can i find One piece Girls swimwear?
Why do men and women's buttons do up differently?
why is hollister more popular than abercombie?
current fashions in Denmark?
If I was a friendly but naked hobo, would you give me the shirt off your back?
These are some pics of me...Rate me 1-10 on my prettiness?
Have there been any songs written/sung about handbags/bags?
what are some good stores like urban outfitters?
Do you follow trends or would you rather be a trend setter?
Where can I find a Marc Jacobs Faridah Hobo (Madras Red Multi)?
whats more dressier a rugby shirt or a polo shirt?
Can you go to and pick an outfit out for me. One that would catch your eye.?
i wear an 8 in american eagle so what do i wear in aeropostale?
Do any girls ware purple bras?
Ok seriously is this top cute or not?
Can my friend be a model? ?
Is this a cool ouffit for pe?
How do I make a ring that is to big fit?
Some Questions about Polyvore?
What should I wear to school on Monday?
Where can I buy "Black Sparkle Crepe" fabric?
What colours & fabric do you suggest to a 5' 8" dark 19 years old boy with a dark complexion.....?
So I took a trip out of town, I was wearing a shirt that said" MISO (next Line) H_ _ _Y!", what did it say?
what changes do a guy need to?
What do you think of this dress... easy s?
What is your favorite store to shop for clothes?
What is a purchase order?
who shall i go as to a fancy dress party?
cowgirl or pretty skeleton?
Should I dress up just to go to school?
Job interview at abercrombie/Abercrombie & Fitch?
How to turn a white shirt orange?
What is the name of the thing that goes under a skirt that is white and multiple layers and puffs up a skirt?
If my waist 32, is it suitable for me to choose preshrunk jeans with the waist acually also 32?
Font style used by BENCH?
Lip peircing for a guy?
PARTY ideas!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you like this dress???
How do I get my mom to buy Hanes Extra Low Cut AKA: No Show socks if she only buys me crew cut?
Has anyone ordered from
What is the clothing style in England?
Outfit help pleaseee!!?
if your lost how can u find yourself?
black satin prom dresses? and shoes? to match?
Where can I find this Tokio Hotel hoodie online? 10 points for the best answer!?
where is a good place to buy tankinis?
Help me find shoes please?
Cute simple country outfit ideas?
what shoes are in style im going to 7th grade?
which one should i buy? help plis?
On a scale of 1-10 how pretty am i ?
i'll make some outfits for anyone?
What is your opinion of babyfaces?
would a nose ring look awesome on me?
I recently was gifted a fur coat, which only has one tag and it says "Beekman Place New York ".Who made it?
iwant to be a model??
What do you think of my name?
will size large fit me?
SURVEY: what color are your eyes?
The Leo Diamond, "Independently certified".....?
What do you think about my prom dress?
What do you think of this dress?
Chestnut Uggs: Tall or Short?
What looks better flair jeans or skinny jeans?
What happened to girls size 9?
what to wear with these heels ? PLEASE HELP?
Where can I buy custom Vans shoes?
Are the high waist pencil skirts still in style?
At what age do you think you should stop wearing Abercrombie not Hollister, A & F?
What would i wear with these shoes?
REPOST:Wearing tights, but im on my
Good Shoes for a college guy?
What color tie+dress shirt should my boyfriend wear to match with this dress?
Do you think I have what it takes to be a stylist?
What type of shirt should I wear?
i will make outfits!!
Do you like this top(pics included)?
victoria secret bikini top/bra?
Will people make fun of me if?
What size gauge is this (ear)?
Do all authentic kids burberry clothing have a CWF tag..can fakes have them also?
What is this jacket called?
POLL [Mainly for chicks]!
What should I wear with these Tory Burch flats?
do you wear long sleeve shirt or short sleeve with your blues coat?
Where can i find ripped skinny jeans ?
What to wear to 8th grade Halloween Masquerade?
When can I wear my Burberry scarf?
What clothes do you wear about the house?
What fashion style is in this season?
is it okay to wear a sundress to a grad party?
Can white girls wear high topped Nike shoes with skinny jeans?
Is there such thing as comfortable stilletos? And, is the phrase "u need to break the shoe" true?
Which of this 2 heels look better with this capri pant?
What do parents expect out of a 16 yr old that's different from a 14 yr old?
Rate my Outfit? (Picture)?
Where can i buy cute cheap necklaces online?
how do i become more girly
which volcom slip on shoes do you like the most?
Do you know any website about male/men fashion beside
where can i buy cheap brand name clothing online?
Is it safe to pierce your own genitals or should I go to a piercing shop?
what hoodie is better see links below?
abercrombie, hollister, aeropostale, or a. eagle?
first day of school outfit?????which one??
Which do you prefer to wear/see thong or bikini panties?
What is Charlott Russe and the rainbow stors's website?
Whats the latest style for girls? GIRLS! OVER HERE!?
Where can I find some cheap boots like the one in my link?
Where can I find this dress?
Does 2 different walmarts have the same products?
Is Forever 21 a good store?
Ladies, what type of underwear do you wear?
do you prepare what you are going to wear, the night before?
ill make u an outfit !!! first 5 peeps?
The Victoria Secret 10 dollar off Birthday coupon?
Where to find cute purses?
Should I consider gaining weight?
What to wear to school tomorrow(just additional pieces i wear a uniform)?
What is your favorite color?
Which are cutest?
where can i find a nice dress ?
Cheap Clothes Stores?
where can i get mirror embelishments like Sherri Hill/ Dave and johnny prom dresses?
Who likes yellow hats?
Question to all indian you always pin your pallu to your saree?
What should I write about for the fashion article in my high school paper?
how do u clean your jewelry w/o jewlery cleaner and not damging the jewelry?
what do you wear to get baptised?
Please help! I need to pierce my infant daughter's ears tonight and I am unsure as to how.?
girls - tell me your faviroute outfit on a 16 year old guy / college student?
Am i to skinny or normal?
Making my own Clothes ?
What make/model of sunglasses are these?
Where do u buy holister clothing at?
UGH! Wut should I be for halloween. I want to be something really girly. REALLY GIRLY!! But not the gross kind
Where can I get a jacket like what Jacoby Shaddix wears?
A skirt question? Girls only!?
Girls - would you wear this at the beach?
I need a dress for 8th grade grad... got any ideas where i can get one?
which looks better on young guys, hats backwards or forwards?
where can i buy size 2-1/2 ladies' shoes?
Best men's work boots?
Who is the hottest???
Where can I get a FAKE lip ring?
What are good stores to shop at ( im a girl )?
why do girls spend so much time in front of a mirror??????????
How can I look like myself while staying in dress code?
what clothes do you wear to mow the lawn?
WHAT DO I DO?!... I can't stop buying bras!!!!?
Where can i find clothing like ariana grande?
Where can I get cute spandex?
What color pants go well with grey shoes?
Do you girls like guys that wear a diamond on the left ear ?
where can i get my jewelry estimated?
What to wear for friend's party? Links and/or ideas appreciated (:?
How can you work a corset into an everyday outfit?
do you like these shoes?? can they be worn in the spring/summer?
Are there any websites where you can request someone to make you a Ring with your own design?
why do we like jeans so much??
do you like this outfit?
new shoes are hurting my heels?
25 year old male, need help with clothing?
Can I pursue a high fashion modelling career although I'm 5'8"?
Best places to buy a tie in UK?
I just got my period, do you know any good pads?
am i .... ? *pictures*?
Backpacks for school?
where do i get a pair of hot sunglasses like the guys wear in laguna beach?
Girls, do you like this shirt?
What kind tops can I wear with skinny jeans?
Indie or Hipster??? HELP MEEEEEEE?
What are some good clothing stores for a pre-teen?
What size hole does claire's pierce?
do you like these shoes ..?
is $184 a lot for a pair of glasses frames?
Can anyone make me an outfit for a concert?
Which would you buy? (With Pics)?
What should I wear to a WEDDING ??? Easy points ;]
First 5 people i will make an outfit for!?
What color shoes would look good with a blue waistcoat?
How much does a belly button piercing cost in Cali?
Is shhopping online cheaper than actually going to the stores?
do you think this top will have a slimming effect?
Where Do I Find Lloyd Banks Sweater from the Touch It Remix video?
What clothes look good on tall skinny girls?
what are the autumn trends this year in the uk?
want to know about the sucess of Peter Marks Hairdressers??
Am I shap good looking?
how to impress a angry girl ?
Will i look to tall if i wore heels?
Does anyone know where i can find some simple patterns for a junior's sun/summer dress?
Makeup,hair,and shoes for homecoming?