Needles size ranges from?
How much stuff can this luggage fit? 10 pts?
Summer fashion ideas?
what color shirt should I wear for picture day?
Ladies, what do you think of this sweater?
what is aquarius purpose in life?
how are BRACES viewed by the fashion conscious? i've never worn anything other than a belt to keep my...?
Mom finally decided I can have a piercing! Where should I put it!?
New York... weather & outfit?
Where can i buy these shoes? ?
Why is aeropostale cheap?
whats the difference between hipster glasses and nerd glasses?
What's the difference between a bowler hat and a fedora?
what is the lookbook code?
how do you dress preppy?
Does any where I can sell my authentic mink coat? It's a sable full length. Thank you?
where do you gett........?
how do you clean diamond ear rings?
Poll: Converse or Nike's?
Can i have dreads at ups?
Why is it that these things are fashionable....?
Ladies: What do you keep in your purse?
Is the JLO clothing line loosing profits?
What is the length of a XXL shirt?
good quality shops like abercrombie?
Is this outfit 80s enough?
How Should I wear These Shoes?
i'm 16 and what should i wear to a job interview?
Where can i buy Hello Kitty x Vans shoes in Montreal?
A good and strong watch?
which brand of boots do you like ?
What do you think of this hot topic outfit? plz answer!?
Back to school Style - Grade 8?
10 points!! What to wear with these shoes?
from where i can get fake tarun tahiliani bridal wear?
I bought a silver sequin dress for my graduation.What could i match with it?
Sister or two girls cosplay ideas needed please x?
Can Chinese style shirts be worn this summer?
What brand has this back pocket design on their jeans?
Do you think I could wear this to a nice ballet?
Do I suit my piercing?
is the 70's like go-go girls?!?
places to go to buy clothes for school?
What color pantyhose should I wear with a short red dress?
does this outfit work?
Dark Blue Dress.. Shoe Color?
What glue should I use to repair my shoe soles?
Any ideas to dress goth?
Hi there, can anyone help?
Do you think girls in Juicy Couture tracksuits bitchy and tacky??????
Do girls find it attractive when a man wears skinny jeans?
wat are your favorit shoes?
Is it normal for a 14 year old to shop at New York and Company?
What do you think of leather jackets on girls?
Does anyone know where to get the thin strip hairband thing? And, is there a specific name for it?
what color tall uggs boots should I get?
What is your shoe size?
is it wrong to go school clothes shopping at a thrift store?
Where can you find green Nike Dri-FIT socks?
Normal for a teen to do this?
i just bought these pants any ideas on what to wear with them ?
Which supra should i get?
seeking luck!!?
do you think pretty girls have it easier?
white out on clothes.... red clothes!?
Is this a good first day of school outfit?
Im just wondering about some cologne?
What do you think of this dress?
Something that you WEAR everyday???
Which color dress?(pic)?
does anyone know of someone who is popular but wears non-brand clothes? like clothes from target...JCPenny...?
shoes for schooo-ool! cant find much.....?
what does it feel like to wear a thong under jeans (afraid to try it myself)?
Do you think this dress is too short?
Style For Jr. Highschool With Uniforms?
what are some nice teenage stores .?
Where to get a fake rolex watch?
Outfit..I need help. ASAP :(?
Do you have a Louis Vuitton purse?
does animal love to each ohter like girls and boys?
What are your thoughts on school uniforms?
what is your preferred sleepwear?
Does anyone know where I can find some new "old fashioned" pantyhose with the seem in back of each leg?
Do you like this outfit?
question 4 b ismoo how can u make the stuff to wear?
What do you think of these pants?
my 6th ear piercing?
Why is it that fake Chanel bags seem to sell so well?
Girls: A man buys you a pair of pointy Jimmy Choos to wear for him on a first date.... Do you?
BIG/LITTLE sisters necklace question?
Why are models prefered taller?
how to pronounce Klein as in Calvin Klein?
Menswear inspired clothing?
What's your favorite clothing store?
i order a pair of shoes from www.urban i want to find out where is my order?
How do I get my boyfriend to wear a hat?
what color???
What to wear with Royal Foamposites?
White or black lace dress?
Does anyone remember Lone Star by imposter fragrances? Does anyone know what cologne that was supposed to be?
2 things - how to make a box knot & how to keep friendship bracelet string tied?
Top 50 things in your purse?
Is there a website that can put my body type in the right style of clothes?
I wear this clothes to the office,but my boss.........?
What do the fashion experts say about wearing a pinstriped blazer with solid color pants?
What Do Infected Ears Look like and feel like?
which hoodie do you like better?
Is this a cute outfit?
Should i give my girlfriend a .925 FAS silver ring?
I know its overasked, but which first day outfit should i wear?
Which swimsuit should I get?
Do you like these shoes?
Corduroys with 29 inseam?
Do you know a place in London where you can repair a broken trouser belt?
GUYSSS what do you look for in a girl?
What are your favorite perfumes?
Do your bra straps ever slide off your shoulder?
Where can I find the white furry boots on the movie Deck the Halls?
uggs hot or not?
Shower shields and other shower accessories. Where to get them online?
what is 12mm in gauge sizes?
Who are some designers like Jessica McClintock?
where can I get simple but stunning men's ring in London?
when you take off your sneakers, do you untie them first, or just shove them off with your toe?
To all you pre- teen girls out there.............?
What would some of you ladies perfer for valentines day , flowers& candies or a pair of sexy high heels?
Do you get excited when you find your own money in your jeans pocket on laundry day?
Does anyone know where to buy Aussie bum underwear beside the website, or on the web (in australia)?
Im going to a party but I don't if I should wear this?
Are these dresses cute?
Need to find something to match these shoes?
What are some common stores that do silk screening shirt for photos and printouts?
Where can you buy cheaper clothes/shoes/event.cosmetics by Chanel/Gucci/Prada etc.??
Fedora Hat.............?
What are the best stores in Seattle to go shopping?
online clothes shopping ............?
Where can I buy these Nike shoes?
wut shoes to bye??
are these shoes...................................…
Which dress is better for a sweet sixteen?
What type of outfit/hairstyle should I wear to a Victoria Secret's interview?
What's the Coolest Hat?
Do you like this dress?
Which 2 Dresses Do You Like?
Where can i find a navy blue polo?
Is this a cute costume?
Does the Black/White Striped DAKINE pivot pack have a buckle on the front?
what type and color of shirt goes cute with a khaki mini skirt.?
Anywhere i can buy shortalls ASAP?!?
POLL: What color are my eyes?
What's the brand of shoe that they where at most catholic all girl schools? Specificly Georgetown Vsitation?
Where can I find fabulous but inexpensive clothes?
Is what im wearing ok for snow weather?
Are these shoes weird?
Can you pay with Visa on luxury7star?
Black or white jeans ?
does Pink shirt go with in mens Charcoal sport coat?
Girls: what are your favorite clothing stores?
Outfit that may make me seem shorter?
what are u wearing rigth now?
Where to find black pinstriped suit for 46XL, SLC Utah area?
How do I make perfume from mint leaves?
what does girls really want from boys?or from me?
I'm going to a fair tonight. It's going to be about 70 degrees out. What should i wear?
who & where can make a few holes in my leather belt -in UK?
Girls please give your opinion?
how long would it take to become a fashion designer?
How to dress for school dance?
Who is wholesaler pearl strand from Bangladesh ?
How to polish this boots?
Has anyone heard of Crocs?
Should I get this backpack in black or white?
is it weird for a teenager to like fancy clothes, like suits and ties?
My friends party what should I wear?
which dress do you like better?
how do you prevent your nike zoom rookies from creasing?
Is it possible to order New Yorker store clothes online?
Where can I get blackish, greyish skinny jeans for under $30.?
What are cool things to put on a t-shirt?
What color shirt should I wear for a grey color jeans??
10 points for any sites or suggestions for types of clothes to suit your bodyshape/lifestyle?
i go shopping everyday and spen over $1,000. am i addicted to shoppping?
What are some places I could buy a ring from?
Where can I find this hat for $15 or less?
forever 21 size 9 in pants?
Gilly hicks question?
gf help!!!!!?
being skinny blahhhhhhhhh?
What's your favorite mascara?
does anyone know where i can customize the outside of a ring all i can find is the inside. thanks?
my lamy safari scratches?
Where can i find colored skinny jeans that are size small or medium for 12 year olds?
Good websites to buy clothing from?
What kind of shoe goes better with skinny jeans?
What colors go good with brown?
Is it safe to buy from an online replica shop from china ?
where can you get skinny jeans?
Should We or Shouldn't We?
when did men begin wearing ties, and why? for what purpose?
My friends want me to wear a mini-skirt bowling. Bad idea?
What is the best neutral nail polish color?
Where can I find custom made retro style lingerie?
do they sell ed hardy shoes in size 11 for girls (womens)?
Were can I buy non gauged pinchers?
Getting started in shoe/boot design?
Is What Im wearing good or bad?
shoes both dont fit the same?
is this a good first day of school outfit?(going into 8th grade):)?
Is my 10 y/o sis to young to have $150 shades?
Which shoes do you like the best?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
What can I wear with this cardigan?
What color shoes go with a black and yellow hat?
where can i find a care bear hoodie with ears on it?!!?
Does anybody no where I can go online to get a Carhartt jacket?
wats the best way to clean your shoes?
How to decide what clothes to get rid of?
Men and woman. what is your favorite perfume/cologne??
i have no fashion i look like a boy?
Why do women wear short skirt in cold weather?To make men bound to look at their legs?
What do you think of this dress for homecoming?
Do you like short school skirts? Do you like showing your legs? Are you embarassed if you show too much?
i want a dress like this but where do i find it?
What brands do TJMaxx and Marshall's carry?
How do I fix a broken necklace?
Should I buy the matching wallet?
Which prom dress?
were does ranven symone shop?
What do you think of this hoodie?
Which is a cuter costume nerd in shorts or need in jeans?
what is better hollsiter or abercrombie and fitch?
Where to purchase this shirt?
Those Latin flag shirts from this music video?
Do dominatrix's wear catsuits?
is this tank cute? [easy 2 points!]?
Cute outfit ideas for a 6th grader?
where can i find juicy couture,prada,and uggs for cheap?
Where can I find adult tights with a different pattern on each leg?
What can i wear with pink heels?
Guys: Do you like your girls clothes to sorta match you style ex.prep w/ prep or do you go 4 somethink diff.?
Marilyn Monroe dress?
What would you wear with this skirt? :)?
My shirts are too long!!?
anyone wear a waist cincher from marks and spencers?
Toe ring or ankle bracelet?What do you prefer?
Do u like Aeropostale?
I nned a nice outifit made out of basics?
Bearpaw boots vs. Uggs?
How good is the quality of Lesportsac?
can you help me find these shoes?
whatis your favorite item of clothing/accessory?
Should your shoes match your top or your pants skirts etc.?
What shoes should I wear with this?
What do you wear when you sleep?
Question about the corsage?
does anyone know where i can find a Tommy Hilfiger charm to put on a purse?? or a knockoff tommy charm???
Can I pull of skinny jeans?
Safe White Contact Lenses Online..?
How do you make sets on Polyvore?
How do you correct a eyebrow arch, one is thiner than the other?
Anyone know about the Comme des Garcons Play cardigans?
casual suits and hats , ideas girls ?
Are skinny jeans really going to be "in" this year?
mens or womens jeans?
Do u think this is a cute outfit?
Should i keep it or not?
Where can i get plaid shirts/flannels?
what are the parts to a hat?
How many purses do you own?
Is it true that women are more fashionable than men?
which one of the aldo "fight against aids" necklaces is the best? HEAR, SPEAK, or SEE?
do these jeans look like skinny jeans?
Which color never goes out of fashion?
Are there any recomended dresses to wear to a party that can cover tummy fat?
Should I get a back pack or a bag? High school!
Do you think belts should be worn just 'fitting'/snug,or on a hole or 2 tighter?
UAE people : do u know where can i find Acuvue color 2 soft lenses ?
If me and you swapped clothes this second what would i be wearing?
Where can I get a sweatshirt?
What coloured contact lenses would look good on Asians?
How can I get money at the age of eleven? Fast.?
Answer in my other question!?
Mulberry Handbags?
Which Is Better?
im looking for a jacket... ???!!!?
are these shoes cute for school?
What type of shoes do you wear with a dress to a wedding in winter?
1920s 1930s?
Is this appropriate to wear...(pictures)?
what do you think of these shoes?
Just hit the awkward showing stage of pregnancy and need to go shopping! Help?
Girls/ladies, would you wear any of these outfits?
Ladies, what are your favorite items?
What should I wear tomorrow?
Help!! Where can I get some pants like this?
this bag yes or no ? ur comments please?
What stores can i buy applebottoms, south pole, and rocawear in?
What are the in line fashion for teens especially for boys?
When starting a clothing line, what does someone need to know about the fabrics and materials used in clothing?
What is YOUR opinion on wearing leggings as pants?
what color of shirts would match these shorts.? (pic)?
How was your experience shopping at a Dooney & Bourke outlet store? Are the merchandise and deals any good?
what style is this? / would you wear it?
who makes those shirts you can find at shoe station?
Are these sneakers ok for a guy?
Would anyone like to make me an outfit??
Waicon coloured contact lenses?
Is there a specific color of clothing that you don't like to wear or that you don't think makes you look good?
All of my heels squeak at the floor of my work?
What stores do you go to?
What's the strongest string for friendship bracelets?
would you wear this? ?
Do girls like boys that dress nicely? girls only?
what should i wear for the last day of school?
How can I keep my shirt up?
Where can I buy these sweaters?
where can i find a black and blue or a black and purple dress for my formal at school?
Do you think this is a cool shirt?
What size high heels?
Do you like these shoes?
Im a guy and i have UGG classics in black and brown and what should i wear with them?
omg this shirt is so cute?
Going to a sweet 16 - this outfit okay?
is $1700 too much to spend on a Prada tote handbag?
Am I the only one who cannot fit apple bottom jeans?
how many pairs of socks do you own??
Is is too much to ask fashion designers to make clothes suitable for older women?
what is your favorite store to shop at?
what color jansport backpack should i get?
what is the best brand of shoes or clothes ext..?
What is this kind of hat called? & BQ?
What colour shoes could I wear with?
Belly Rings where do I find them?
Can you try on a bra at Victoria Secret?
Are skinny jeans in?
OK how amazingly stupid are these...????
What is your opinion on this watch?
Angels Watching Over Me t-shirt?
What should I wear to college tommorow?
Which dress is hotter? do they look ok on me?
can someone help me find a backpack to fit my taste?
Girls : do you prefer to wear leather jackets or VS pink jackets?
would you wear this??????????/?
i want to buy some marc jacob thong flat sandels online. Does marc jacobs run true to size in shoes? thanks?
What were Dr. Martens' positioning statements or taglines through the years?
Has any one used AMIR FASHION GmbH Blue Queen
High Heels For Men Or Cross Dresser?
Where can you buy at qatar a head band in naruto?
Why do fat chicks wear thongs?
Do u shop at Abercrombie or Aropostale????????
What to wear with this in the fall?
why dont people like goths?
I really want one but will it look good ? pics :o?
where can i buy hippie like clothes?
what do u think of these t-shirts?
What is an inexpensive clothing brand that looks high fashion?
Which Adidas do you prefer ?
Where can I find boots like this??
Which dress do you like better?
what dress do you like best ?
Which dress do you like better?
Career Day Outfit Help..?
What company name should I pick for my apparel design company?
Is this dress 'too much'?
how do models stay so skinny?
I have a full slip shaper to go underneath a dress for a formal event. would you pair that with pantyhose?
Need help, what dress do you think looks better?
are ugg boots still in style?
Where could I buy this? X?
how can a 13 year old make money?
Shops that sell quirky jewellery(earrings & necklaces)? thin?
what fashion trend do you think will be hot this year?
Why do some women refuse to dress their age and/or size?
What to wear to a new artists' showing?
I have an interview at Nordstroms store, what should I wear to the interview?
i didnt do my somer reading?!?! anyy tips i only have 5 days for my project to be handed in?
Cute Outfits For School?
What kind of jackets are in style for boys. (need help)?
anyone know where this dress is from?
i have a purse what should i put in it?
OMG where can i find a Buttwiser T-shirt?! so frustrated!?
i no this is a repeat but how do you tell a fake burberry from a real one?!?
what bra to wear with a strapless dress?
How much do dress alterations and cleaning cost?
anyone know where I can find cuban heal mens shoes?
do u think im pretty?
what type of earing looks best on a guy? plz answer?
I just got me a pair of uggs. Are they worth it?
Which bag do you like better?
I'm having a hard time..?
What's the name of this Nike shirt?
Would you wear this Jacket?
personal opinion question; which is sexier [naval or tongue]?
return policy of claire's accessories? (2)?
How to show off without showing off?
To all the ladies with large busts.. what is the best strapless bra?
what do u think of this purse???
Where can I find the cheapest snuggie cuz i am broke? and not used.?
what is men's short name in short version?
Can any one give me a link of a really cool jamaican tee?
A list of athletic footware distributors?
Colt 45 or Buddweiser?
What color of this jacket would look best on me?
which bracelet u like?
Do skinny jeans and sandals look good on curvy girls?
Is my outfit right for this weather?
Which headpiece for my Greek Goddess outfit?
what are you wearing tomorrow?!?
What goes with this dress?
does anyone need a personal shopper in Winston Salem, NC?
what do you think? rate 1-10?
what's the one thing you wouldn't leave home without?
Where can I get a custom wooden ring made in Metro Manila, Philippines?
Where can I make sweatshirts for cheap?
Outfit for winter formal?
Where Can I Get These Shoes Any Store Help Nike Paul Rodriguez Air Low (grey / red / black)?
What will be in for women in fall fashion for 2008?
Would you rather see?
WHAT JEANS MAKE YOU LOOK MOST SLIM?! jegging or super skinny or plain skinny or bootcut?! thanks:)?
What is the value of my Lorus Goofy Watch?
How can you take the ghatra or the shemagh as a scarf?
Am I the only one..?
I'm a big guy?
What do you like better..flats or high heels?
POLL:!!:.: What COLOUR are YOU wearing RIGHT NOW??
Can someone make outfits for me?
How to spice up a strict school uniform?
If you have a good sense of style, please help me!?
Do women like short haired,clean shaven, young cops?
where can i find purple converse? (chucks) low tops?
Where Can you buy plus size jeggings in florida?
Facebook or MySpace ?
Do Jack Wills hoodies come large, small or average sizing wise ?!?
Which one is hotter?
Rook piercing vs. tragus piercing. Which do you prefer?
Where do disney channel wardrobe stylists buy the clothes for teens?
Is it acceptable for me to spend £2500 on a suit?
do yu guys like this top? how much on a scale of 1-10?
when u get taller?
Why do Yellow and Red bikini's rule?
what do i wear out tonighth ?
how do you get those notes on face book>?
What do you think of these outfits for school?
what would you call this style of dress?
Cute or not????????????????????????????
Are skirts and kilts really a problem on windy days?
What kind of shoes?
GIRLS: should guys sag their jeans with boxers showing?
do you think multiple rings on fingers look trashy?
What are ten things are girl should have in her closet?
Where could I buy my graduation dress?
Which bikini should I get?
How can I clean my vintage coin bracelets?
No one has herd of the wholesale company name Lotions & Lace?
Im a 14 year old guy and I want colored contacts? Is it gay?
Is the Pin-up girl making a fashion come back?
What should I wear to my photoshoot?
Are the Jordan Aero Flights For Girls Too?
women breast come in shape & size, how do i know wheather a bra fit her anot?
What shoe would work with this dress?
What's Your Biggest Fashion Pet Peeve?
How would I dress up as a nerd or prep tomorrow?
Is beauty required for love and sucess in this world?
Going to a sweet 16 - this outfit okay?
Do you like these boots?
Are uggs boots still in?
skinny jeans help me?
What requirements are there to working at abercrombie or hollister?
apparently the world is gonna end tomoz?
Not good soggy Prone to over-heating Eye-catching Definately an item that stands out from the crowd Have a poi?
Where can you buy these shoes in Toronto?(picture)?
girls I just love crossdressing and found a darling pink short chiffon skirt ,what can i wear with it?
Making outfits, plz answer questions below??
Cheap store for 7 for all mankind and True Religion Jeans?
where can I find a blue mustache?
help outfit?????????????????????
How do you roll the sleeves of baseball teeshirts ?
Can you wear leggings with hi tops?
Where did you get your Chanel Handbag?
Where can I find a t-shirt dress?
What are some cute vintage outfit ideas for cold weather?
Does anyone know what brand these shoes are?
What shoe logo is this?
Have you ever forget for a spell how to tie your shoes?
Am I too old to wear silver nail polish on my toe nails? I'm 50.?
please reply ASAP! which colours would go best?
how do express yourself?
So, what do you think of my outfit for the dance?
How do I convince my mom to let me get a second earring?
Can you tell that these are chick pants if I wear sneakers with them?
Ladies-What is your favorite type of shoe?
Is this a good outfit for the Tyra Banks Show?
how do you be a homie for holloween?
I want a purse with a story?
Will a 14k gold filled ring discolor?
can I cange gold earrings for silver after being pierced?
How to be popularr????? school?
Do you prefer Adidas or Nike?
Do you like this dress?
What brand are these shoes that everyone's wearing?
Light skinny jeans or dark skinny jeans? girls/guys help!?
Who's having a Halloween Party this weekend???
Ladies, how do us guys pick lingerie out for our women,so that they don't get the wrong idea of the gift?
what do you think of this dress?
Cassadee pope (hey monday) shoes in homecoming video?
For girls...should I get a lip ring?
Where can you get that jacket thet Kendal from big time rush?
Why do some men's dress pants have lining in the pocket which creates two storage areas?
Is there a website where you can submit a picture and find out where to buy it?
Do u like this Jacket???
how do i get those nike air force 1 shoe templates?
the emerald green floral dress with solid jacket I would like to wear to my daughter's bridal shower on 9/10/6
a place to get a snood ?
What should I wear to a concert?
Should I get this backpack? a question for you!?
Richard Hammond's necklace?
Thongs sticking out of the top of jeans, like it or hate it?
PLEASE HELP ME!! How can I turn my All Star shoes black?????(10 points)?
can someone help me get oakley flak jacket emblem? ita came off on the right arm when i changed my earsok. :(?
were do i go to find all about kimora simmons?
Ear Piercing????
Is this a good outfit for confirmation?
WHAT should I wear? please help?
Does anyone know of any online stores where I can find some comfortable, cheap ballet flats?
What do you think of this swimsuit?
What defines American high fashion?
Abercrombie, Or Aeropastle?
i am searching for new clothing for summer, which one do you recommend billabong or quicksilver?
what shirt should i get?
What is your favorite color?
Is it stupid to wear pink in the fall?
what color tux should my boyfriend wear if I'm wearing a pale yellow gown?
Where can I Find a bra that is 38F?
what is that clothing company named that has communist style pictures on them?
What do you think of this outfit?
If I want a necklace with a little dainty pendant.....?
If I were to pierce my ears, I would need solid gold studs,?
Clothing Stores for teen girls?
Help! Feminine gay boy going on a date! Outfit help?!?
What type of carats can babies wear?
dose anyone know any cute stylish back to school cloths or fashion tips?
Ever cross dressed? If so why?
Women, my wife needs some info on skinny jeans?
Which os the best online dress shopping site?
Does anyone know where I can find these Zara color lock sandals, they're out f stock in Zara?
Shoe size converting, i wanna buy shoes online,need help ! :)?
which magazine would you suggest?
Which dress is prettier for my sweet 15?
Would i look stupid going to school wearing this?
What is the best FASHION ADVICE you have EVER received or given?
Jewlry made out of steel alloy??
Besides ebay (which I've tried)does anybody know a good website for Connie brand shoes?
What should i wear to this dance?
i need help with quotes to put on T shirts?
What color shirts go with bright blue jeans?
If you could only pick THREE of these hats, which would you get?
Out of Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle Outfitters, and Aeropostale, which do you like best?
any recommended cell phones? its ok if its expensive!?
Mariah Carey the singer is 39 dressing like shes 18 do you think this is acceptable for her age?
D0 Y0u LiKE tHiS oUtFiT F0r tHe FirSt DaY OF schOOl???
Help choose my clothes :)?
Is this jordans legit?
Can I have some female opinions on these shoes?
Which looks best in the summer, flip flops, sandals,or tennis shoes?
Why is everyone wearing big geeky glasses these days? I thought been a geek was considered uncool SMH?
Is this appropriate to wear during Mass?
where online can i find how to make a simple friendship bracelet?
What are some of the hottest clothing items for the upcoming winter season?
what shoes should I get with a black prom dress?
Where can I find the cheapest price for the Archaic brand clothing?
What's the average age of the people on this site I'm very new to the computer.?
Are Diamonds suppose to be super sparkly and clear?
Does anyone know of any great, trendy plus size online stores?
how much are you willing to spend on jeans?
what are you wearing?
Where or what stores sell graphic/tribal sweatshirts?
Girls, what do you like?
What Looks More Classy,,,??? When Shopping?
what do i do if a pretty girl starts talkin to me. even tho ws dont know each other?
What do you think of these clothes!??
dooney and bourke watch repair?
boys in Red skinny jeans?
does anyone know any websites where i can dress virtual people up?
where can i find Metro Station clothes to wear? (I L0VE THIS BAND!!)?
Do you like these shoes?
Are leather jackets still in style for fall 2011?
Girls... what is your favorite place to shop for clothes?
Wedge sneakers for men?
10 points if you can tell me the difference between these!?
Should i get these Vans?
I want a belly button ring?
Do you think shoes look better old? If so how much? And with laces tied or untied?
Would I look trashy if I wore this?
where to get taylor swifts blue dress from our song?
I need a really good seamstress for my senior prom dress.?
Name something that is made of wool?
What kind of shoes would be good for a snowy winter and still comfortable in summer?
Can a white gold ring stretch after being resized?
What item of clothing always makes you feel fabulous?
Is there a way to restore an old leather jacket?
What do you wear for bed???
Where to buy Ponyo's dress?
How can a chubby girl dress to look attractive?
Which boxers should i get?
What should i wear on the 1st day of school?
Shoe question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is this a cute dress?
do you think it's ok to wear kitten heels with those new bermuda shorts?
I'm so sad... can someone help me?
How do I find the right school for fashion merchandising?
Outfit for the first day of school?
What does this shirt mean?
girls, do any of you actually wear skinny leg jeans?
Is wearing a bow tie and a wingtip collar with my normal suit I use for interviews acceptable?
What's your favorite color?
Which designer is this dress Ellen Pompeo is wearing, please?
what's a great store to get nice, summer/fall clothing at, but that isn't too expensive?
How can I make it so my ankle wrap sandals stop unwrapping while just walking around?
34 ''R'' Jeans? what does the R stand for? help!!?
where can I buy retirement gag gifts?
I dont know if I should get second holes(second ear piercing) or not.. please help me decide?
A girl from FL needs snowy winter apparel advice!! Any advice appreciated!?
energy drink t-shirts?
Teen Halloween Costume!?
Have you ever had the button pop off your jeans from eating too much?
Ladies from the uk what are we going to do?
Why is it wrong to wear white pants after Labor day and?
How do you make thick gooey nail polish go on right?
What would my inseam size be if I wear a size 7 jean?
Can men wear women's bikini?
I want to be a fasion designer when I grow up. how do I get found?
What do you perfer Leather or Velvet?
What are uggs?
What colour skinny jeans go with these high tops?
If you are a female and your waist is 34 what would your waist be in men?
there's a boy i like but i don't think i'm pretty enough. what should i do?
i want sell art jewellery in international market?
is this dress too slutty for a 15 year old?
Which are the best jeans for a flat butt?
opinion on these jeans?
Are sweatpants too casual or anything for school?
Looking for advice/help on how to choose a wallet?
so what are you wearing right now?
What do you think of these moon boots?
Stores/brands for pants that fit tall and narrow-hipped women?
please rate this shirt??
What should i wear?
do you like this dress?
What is the "tie front" shirt ? does it show off part of my body?
2011 clothes to wear to school?
Gold or silver accesories?
What is the price of Gillette Mach3 cartridge in your country?
How can fashion be known easily?
What's this bag called?
I want a tote bag for school!!?
What is your favourite piece of clothing?
where to get yankees new era cap?
do my shoes go with this dress?
Is there any difference with WOMENS and MEN'S toms shoes?
does anyone know of any plus size gothic clothing stores online?
jewelery store?
What to wear with cobalt ankle boots?
Are you sick of uggs?
need a big daddy roth style vest (black) gorrila shag biker vest.?
What are some pretty winter colors?
Does anyone know about Oneness perfumes?
Do you think its about time they have a size 14 (UK) supermodel? or is that too big?
what does 14k 5858 milor mean?
Are these mens or female sunglasses?
I need help with an outfit?
does this outfit sound "emo" to you?
Need some advice for bras/undies?
How i can remove the foggy ( mist, water ) from my watch ? with out opening?
why do women wear anklets?
where can i find Susan`s style from DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES?
What outfit can do this...PLZ help!?
what do you like wearing most?
which bikini!!??
Why does my boyfriend wear womens jeans,short shorts,flipflops and tanktops?
should i wear skinny jeans?
Do you like this outift? (pic)?
How much does it cost to get a dress made?
need detail on Luxury Swiss watches in India, distribution, hierarchy, credit terms, on ne brand will do.?
What size is 16 in mens sizes?
where can i buy color skinny jeans? like the link below (:?
Is This Cute? Please Take a Second to Answer This!?
If the circumference of my finger is 2.5 inches what is my English letter ring size?
Can someone tell me where i can buy this sweater from Topshop?
Can you afford Abercrombie?
If you have a red dress with white spots do you buy white or red shoes?
women do you dress your men up as girls?
Can you find tights similar to these?
would I look better with snake bites or spider bites?
What should I be for halloween?
What are socks made out of? For example men's black dress socks. Anybody got a label handy?
cute boots? not uggs.?
Small-heeled gladiator sandals?
GIRLS ONLY-when u wear a bathing suit, do u wear a type of bra or nything underneath? cuz dont ur .... show?
am i too skinny PICS?
Outfit ideas from Charlotte Russe?
I need choosing a sweater (EASY 10 PTS.)?
Am I too fat to wear skinny jeans? (with pictures)?
Swimsuit for Apple shape body.. Help!?
if you wear shorts without underwear... can other people tell?
hi what are YOU wearing?
What are your favourite designer labels?
Why is this jacket $500?
what does a european 28G bra size equal to?
Should leather gloves match a leather jacket?
Is this a school appropriate coustume?
Is it okay to wear the same outfit twice in a row?
Does anyone like those skinny jeans?
Is this called underwear or thongs?
Where can I get cheap vest tops in the uk?
describe why you would like to be considered for this position as a replenishment team member at woolworths?
What would look good with this?
Is 5'3 too short for a fifteen year old?
How do I look with my trench coat collar up? (With Pictures)?
What is Panama's fashion statement at this time?
where can i find cute graphic tees?
Is fashion a form of ugliness so intolerable that it changes every six months?
do you love the feel of nylon on your legs?
what do you think of my first day outfit?
i am 12. is there any place in arizona that you can get your nose pierced? I AM SOO DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Has anyone shopped in
Girls, I need your help...Which hairstyle looks better on me..(Pics included)?
Is a 7mm 3 piece band/ 7mm cubic zirconia stone too big for a size 4 finger? If so what is a good size?
Do you like these dresses?
I am 14 and 5"9 is that normal?
Which diamond earring is a better gift for my girlfriend of 3 years?!?
im really short and to feel a little more confident i wear really high having a hard time.....
High top heels from forever 21?
Fashion Advice?
is it a faux pas to wear patent leather (Corfam) oxford shoes with business dress (coat & tie)?
Victoria Secret Bathing Suits? (pics!)?
What would you call this type of jacket?
How long will nordstrom shipping take?
Can anyone help me with my new rep for school?
Best place to buy Vans Vault LX shoes?
Do you love the Kate Moss Vanity Fair spread?
I wanna buy this jacket of forever21, how is it? Does it run small or big?
A fashion question for girls?
Anyone can tell me a good online european lingerie shop?? Thank you!?
whats up with these glasses?
Bomber leather jacket!?
where can i buy a (used) lynyrd skynyrd t-shirt without credit cards or checks?
Does this dress work?
Halloween Costume...Strawberry Girl, Fairy, Samurai or Wizard?
Which backpack is better?
is it just me or is hot topic really scary?
Are you tall or short?
where can i get spripped jeans from in the uk?
Does anyone know where i can find a Ricky Hatton t-shirt sz. xl?
okkkk a few Q's about-er-thongs?
Adding a ribbon onto a dress?
What piercing is also referred to as a 'scrumper?'?
Do stretched ears shrink back?
How much a decent hoody, joggy and a pair of shoes would cost?
helpp with a first day outfit! (:
Is it just me or does it just seem like everyone wears uggs now?
Which female celebrity do you think has the best style?
if a women dresses in erotic styles such as zebra leopard prints is she being sexually forward or playful?
what are some ways a 12 yr. old can show off his boxers to his friends??? plzzz HELPPP?!?!?!?!?
Why do new jeans always have that smoky smell?
Is 350$ a lot for 4 jeans, a light jacket, 2 t-shirts, a hoodie and a cuff bracelet? ?
Polo shirts on guys?
Which outfit?? First day of school!! HELP!!
Are the tight leggings in fashion this season? help me?
Measuring Shoe Sizes!?
What are the sunglasses Vinny wears in the new season of the jersey shore?
Hi, I would like to buy Marc jacobs Jelly shoes from barneys. I wear a regular size 6, should I order a size 5
How do I persuade my mum to let me have my ears pierced for the second time?
what do you call the wrap things that drape over your arms that you wear at a prom?
American Eagle or Aeropostale?
new please (:?!?
What are some alternative outfits for guys to wear out?
what sort of hair should i make for a party ?
what shirts would match these shorts?
Isn't it heartwarming how the fashion industry has helped Kate Moss after all that bad publicity?
Where can I find a plain white tube top?
Where can I get this shirt at?
What do I do with fake Uggs?
What is "in" now? Include tops, bottoms, accessories,etc?
What are the watches that so many people are wearing?
would wearing an adidas sirbag with school uniform and pumps look okay?
Why is style so immodest? And where is a good place to find more modest ( yet hip ) clothes?
What's in right now ?
where i can see the online free hollywood movies please tell me?
Does this match???????
I'm thinking of DIYing a pair of Mary janes, good or no?
Where can I find this top? and what is it called?
has anyone failed a background check?
Where can I buy a personalized crew neck sweater?
How can you adjust your metal watchband?
Where can i get a knock off of the Marchesa dress that Olivia Wilde wore to the 2011 golden globes?
Girls ONLY Pls - Stealing Panties?
13 year old wardrobe?
which outfit do you guys like the most?
How does this outfit look? Another homecoming questions (:?
Fashion Question????
What kind of Necklace would go with this dress?
How do you become a model?
Help me find these clothes?
First day of school ideas??? 12 year old... Going into 7th grade?
In which era does the gypsy/bohemian fashion fall?
Im 18, Female and my Breasts and height is growing...!?
which dress do you prefer (prom)?
Help me plan my outfit please<3?
Need ideas on how to dress for Character Day tomorrow. Please help! Thanks!?
Is this cute? (blah blah blah)?
How to put in earrings?
Do you think I look white?
Does this Jean look good ??? its from Hollister?
What to wear to an outdoor concert (it's winter)?
Do you like this outfit?
my mom won't let me go to the mall and i need spring clothes?
Which shirt looks better?
How would I be able to dye my denim shorts like these ones?
Can't find clothes that fit, I'm too small now!?
girls only: did you think flood pants was a horrible trend back then?
Does any body know whrer i can buy a busby?
How do you make clothes in wonderland online?
I really need recommendations for an athletic guy's shoe size?
What are some substitutes I can use for size 4 tapers?
Halloween Costume?
Who agrees that boys are really confusing, and hard to read?
Do you like this prom dress?
This is my first year at a public school and im going to 7th grade any clothes suggestions?
what do you think of this dress?
where can i get a skirt similar to this?!?
Where can I try celebrity hairdos on?
Whats your fav store to get some clothes?
Where can I find short black slouchy flat boots?
I'm going for a photoshoot what to wear?
what should i wear to school tommrow i am in highschool btw?
whos watching the hills or cheyenne tonight?
coach bag out of these you like?
Do you have a good sense of fashion?
PROM DRESS please help!!!!?
Homecoming Help pleaseee!?
what kind of dress should i ware to our school dance its called a night in new york so can yall please help me
I wear Mens New Balance size 8.5. What size of Mens Sebago hiking boots is equivalent?
How to wear black jeans?
people do u find these shoes cute ???
Shirt of Brenda Song on the suite life on deck?
I have been dating an awesome guy for six months....the problem is he does not like me to dress sexy or ...?
Nike shoes online market, many false?
Where to get genuine ugg for cheap?
Do you like these boots???
Have a great backpack with lots of padding but only one big compartment, want some sort of divider or separato?
advice on this prom dress i reallly want=[?
Would you buy this dress for $300?
What's the brown stuff?!?
a question to fashion conscious people?
What color do you prefer in these shoes?
which dress do you like better?
I Want to Re-Do My ENTIRE Wardrobe. Where Do I Begin?
Which purse should I buy .?
Do bikinis work for an ABC party?
turn ons and offs for a guy?
I need some shirt ideas that go with skinny jeans?
Is replica or authentic?
what to wear at school under cross country jersey?
Do you think these fall boots are cute?
where could i get a jacket just like this that ships to canada?
Do you like this dress?
What would be a kool Halloween costume? PLZ help!!!?
Longer skirts - Yea or nay?
What's a good site to get A Bathing Ape Tees?
Where can I buy a One Direction bracelet?
Do you wear a badge on your T-shirt?
what are some good fashion accessories?
why do girls wear mini skirts?
Where can I buy earring tape?This is urgent.Please respond.?
pretty little liars clothing?
First ay of school outfit!!!!!!!!?
Would you wear uggs in the summer?
What is the new black this season?
Levi's 501, 514 slim stright or 511 skinny jeans which one should I wear?
do you think these are cute in a way?
Ladies, help end coworkers' "White Shoes Debate."?
Metallic gold or pewter UGGS?
how do i ask my mum for a bra?
where can i find jumpers with disney chracters on it? (that aren't mickey mouse/looney toons etc.)?
Pick ur fave out of these 3 outifts! (for first day of schooool)?
which star you prifare gen stifani or maraya cary?
how to paint a oakley sunglass frame?
Ladies (and Gentlemen), What Polo Shirt Style Looks Better on Guys? [PHOTO]?
What would I were in mens jeans if im a 22 in womans jeans?
How find mother and grandmother web sites and blogs?
Where can I buy Z.Cavaricci jeans online?
What to wear with a formal floor length gown?
I need hippie, groovy, 60's clothing for a dance!?
which bikini do u think is cuter for me?( im 13)?
need tips for sprucing up halloween costume?!?!?!!!?
what nail polish colors should i wear this winter?
Sterling silver cartilage earrings?
i was gonna get my ear peirced but i dont know which one means "i'm straight"?
where can i find these boots?
I am a girl going in to tenth grade... which bookbag should i choose?
Help finding an Anthropologie jacket?
What should I wear to make him fancy me?
Is it okay for a boy to wear lace shorts?
Fake hair....?
do skinny jeans look nice on short medium figured women?
Converse shoe size.. confused!?
guys HELP PLEASE!! .s best best answer **(PIIX)**?
what outfit should i wear?
wat to wear, wat to wear, im a guy?
cheap sunglasses can be harmful to my eyes?
what is you think about film industries people?
what are the color of your eyes?
Is this shirt too short to be wearing leggings?Pic included.?
How to walk in HIGH HEELS??I just bought my first pair and there's a social occasion tomorrow for which i must
Should I? ONLY 4 GIRLS?
Is it neccesary to make short shorts, mini skirts and bikinis in size XXL?
If I wore this gothic lolita outfit, would you think I was a goth?
JacKet Christinia Milan has in "Love Dont coSt a thing" i cant find it anywhere HElp me?
Which purse do you like better?
My 21st Party, masquerade themed.....?
How to convince parents that cosplaying isn't weird?
do you think????
I LOVE their style! I have good taste in clothes?
Should i get my belly button peirced? Is it hot to guys?
What should I wear to my interview?
shirt meanings (aeropostale)?
Can I wear my Converses to Prom (pic included)?
I think this is my favorite prom dress?
Where can you buy the most elegant clothes at? Shoes too? HOw does your closet look?
Iron on transfers?
What Does It Mean Epic Only Item ?
clothing brands that are sold at myer!!!!?
What color matches tan, navy blue, and grey?
are these cute? thanks?
I need like Primark-priced clothing, that isn't from Primark?
am a 19 yr old who is presently in university.i wud love to start ma fashion line while am i school.?
I wanna make Iron transfers on t-shirts!?
What is semiformal attire?
Hey well I want a squishy so bad?
how to remove a inkmate?
Girls.....What is your favorite girls nite out outfit?
Is it ok for guys to wear girls clothes?
First time buying a uniform ?
FASHION DESIGNER questions:) please help?
whats with the gigantic sunglasses all the girls seem to be wearing these days. I really find them unflattrng.
where to buy a savage 21st dress in Ireland?
Do you like this tote bag for school?!?
Should I get these sandals?????????????????????????????????…
Which outfit would you wear?
why are skinny jeans so awesome?
How do I make a pattern for a dress?
Which of these bags would you get and why?
What's wrong with wearing V-necks?
What stores sell DC shoes?
Fashion help! Navy blue skirt...?
dress to wear to my birthday party? is it pretty?
Is This Too Slutty For A 14-15 Year Old?
wut is ur take on flip flops?
converse shoes?
For guys: What clothing style do you like the most on girls?
What's the point of living?
question about skinny jeans?
Do primark still sell Adult onesies'?
What do guys usually wear to a sweet 16???? Please help?
Wuold you ever wear socks with sandals?
How to get this style? (link included :])?
when does the summer sale start in italy?
Nike Mens Janoski Black/Mint Size 9?
Can you help me please? What fashions would match these characters?
Where can i buy these bags that little mix have?
do boys look good in tight jeans?
What do you think of men with two diamond earrings?
Where can you get designer clothes for not alot of money in San Fransisco?
Who Created Those Brooklyn T-Shirts.?
Nike SB or Nike 6.0?
why do girls wit ugly legs wear skirts?
what is a good web site for finding boots for women with large feet?
Why do people buy UGGs when…?
What are good shoes to wear for guys other than sneakers?
is best boot outlet a safe place to buy uggs?
is a real website?
Is this T-shirt worth buying? (Pic included)?
Girls, do you like it when guys wear their pants sagging down to their knees?
How to resize a dress?
What color accessories should I wear with this outfit?
Topshop, the coolest shop ever, or pretty overated?
i have big boobs. help?