Give a caption for this woman flying kite image?
monkey tattoos?
Artwork that shows homelessness?
is this a good drawing?
What is a decent free manga-drawing program for the mac?
My company is looking for a good 3d Flash Animator that works with AutoCAD. Any recommendations?
how can you make your layout look like this?
What is the most detailed online anime character creator you get find? Not the ones, where you draw.?
what websites?
for art i have to draw a dvd cover. whats a really easy dvd cover to draw?
Who's Korea's Lotteria Designer?
School reflections contest, help!!!?
How do you make an anime character?
Any people to draw?!?
What are pictures of movement that would be cool to draw?
Waterbath method printing?
where can I get a winter wonderland picture/etching to send as a gift to a friend?
Do I look more Irish, Slavic, or Hispanic?
What kind of Christmas gifts do artist type girls like?
Animes with strong female leads?
Cover story?
What do you think of my new drawing?
What do you think about my drawing?
Can any one please suggest?
Who had the original idea for the design of the white house?
Where can i find a "how to" on how to draw anime people for free?
poll: 'PATTERNS & TEXTURES' what comes to mind?
I need someone to draw me a picture!?
how do i make a tatto gun from clippers?
I need a logo for my business- Great opportunity for designers to be recognised?
Can I create a graphic style from an existing object in Illustrator eg. a font character?
What is a spiral called, but all the lines coming out of the middle are straight?
Seeking Killer Illustrator for my Graphic Novel...?
What are some good, weird things to draw?
Why are so many drawing guides extremely unhelpful? Are there any that are?
How should I color these drawings?
Do ypu like my art?
How can i improve my drawings?
wat should i draw!? (easy, really easy 10 point question)?
i dont know what do draw what should i draw ?
where can I find original edward gorey art?
How did the heart ❤ become a symbol of love?
how do visual images enhance or create meaning?
What is meant by drama mediums?
i drew a picture of sasuke on paint ..umm how do i put it on the internet?
What is abstract/how can write?
Why do courtroom artists use nothing but chalk? Can't they be trusted with felt tip's or crayons?
any maya 2012 modelling or Low Polygon Game Character guide book?
I need pictures of cartoon in school uniforms?
What is an eastern perspective illustration?
witch R&B artist starts his song with cruisin all alone?
what's the corporate image?
I wanna see some drawings and paintings of seyyed hadi Mirmiran an iranian architect?
Does anyone know a web site where i can watch one piece episodes for free and with out hassle?
Most dense anime character? Anime suggestions?
When you commission a work of art for someone do you require them to pay for it in advance?
would my drawings look good on purses or accessories?
When a person draws why do they give quick strokes to create the shape of say a person, animal?
Silly Face Expressions for collage pics ?
I NEED ADVICE? any artists out there?
I am looking for a (hopefully FREE) wood grain font.?
haring buddha yodfa image?
any ideas for word???
Any artists. Can you give me your opinion on my drawings and how I can improve.?
what could i use instead of black paper?
Someone Help Me Get A Logo?
how can i draw love?
Any cool desings for "coat of arms" ?
getting into illustration?
what is the font used for the word narcolepsy in this picture..?
where can I get cheap back to school supplies to buy?
please help me,i draw fantastic pictures &i want to know any company to send my pictures to put on clothe,plz?
Can someone just tell me a bit of information about Picasso's Cubist work. It's for my art homework - thanks.?
A site for posting your clothing sketches but has copyright?
fairy land names Help!!!?
What does a butterfly drawing on your wrist mean?
do you think my avatar is hideous?
Want to critique my drawings for me?
has anybody read like water for Chocolate if any of you have what does the roses symbolize ?
I suck at art don't i?
Scanned font/text to Photoshop or Illustrator?
how do u edit pics like these in ps ? :O?
what can i digitally color my drawings with for little to no cash?
Drawing tablet that is compatible to mac OS? And cheap?
how can i make posters on my computer?
Do you work with charcoal?
manga, anime, ect. japanese art appeal?
Video illustrating how amazing math is?
Do I really have to use these to draw professionally?
What is the ear to face ratio of a mickey mouse symbol?
Who's this artist DAISY D. DOVE ?
How does one get an apprenticeship to tattoo?
How to draw chibi? the cute tiny kind?
Help with ideas for a new piece?
When Drawing , what do you call the joints or frames before you start drawing?
Photoshop CS3 Help!?
Who provides a good, low cost laser for wood engraving?
How to write symbols like...........(pic included)?
boondocks style of art is copyrighted?
want to do internship in fashion house.as a textile designer...suggest me some names?
How do I make a collage of pictures on the computer?
What is the cheapest digital tablet available?
What is the logo's name that is similar to Benz's logo but with an extra line from the center?
3d paint please!?
I need to identify an artist. I think its starfall or star something.?
"break away"...........?
Can anyone link me this pic?
I'm doing a project on 1940's fashion, does anyone know of anywhere that has primary sources?
What should i draw , i have no idea?
how do urban planners design land uses to make communites better.?
which one easier to find a job as a Graphic Designer, in Toronto or Calgary?
do you like this color of hair?
Change color of various monochromatic shades in Adobe Illustrator (See details)?
how do i draw muhammad?
wassily kandinsky.His techniques, drawing aspects and contribution his work has made?
Question about referencing drawings?
does this drawing look like megan fox?
How would I go about improving my drawing skills without lessons?
what is this...?
What's a really good anime that I can find on YouTube?
who is this?
I am 13 and i want to be an artist?
job prospects of a graphic designer?
Where on line to create avantars?
how do i begin learning autodesk maya?
What are some unique ways to make paper look old?
Does anyone know websites in which I can interview a graphic designer or animator?
How tall do fashion figures have to be for portfolios to show to a Fashion College?
How would you define contemporary graphic design?
Who is the concept artist for Fatal Frame I, II, III, & IV?
How to do the " hey girls did you know..." meme?
Can someone help me find this manga?
Whos the guy who does his artwork on the strreets?
poster making??!!i need some idea!!?
What should I draw simbolizing the word "different"?
do you think making paper cell phones is a good idea?
How does an animator present his work?
what is this art piece worth?
i have one 3 symbols?
what is the definition of contextualism in art education?
Whats The Best Drawing You Ever Drew?
Fan art linKs! Does anyone?
Does anyone know ami james's ( miami ink) middle name?
Is there a Bamboo drawing tablet where you can put paper over it?
In Knotts or Disney how much do the Artist charge to get a picture done?
Where can i download free fiftt shades of grey ebook?
where can i find picture or drawing of hydropower dam?
What is a good photo sharing website besides Flickr?
what should i draw??????
Is there a store that sells Prismacolor colored pencils, or do you HAVE to buy them online?
where can i make my own website to post my art?
is it weard that scourge is my fav charecter in warrior cats?
Help with my art concentration?
Photoshop Elements? How do you blur the outside edges of a pic and make it look good.like a glow around a face
top 10 best slogans on save animals?
creating a comicbook series need suggestions?
What drawing tablet should I get?
How do I draw anime and manga?
why cant I find a furry story with a little yiff?
how to keep a permanent marker signature on a ipod touch case?
true or false does the carpet allways match the drapes (guys say)?
Anyone know who she is? Trying to find out her name. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=r04fi0&s=6?
Can Someone tell me where can i get a yearbook.?
where is a site to see gifs for free?
need some good movies 2 wach i love the ones that make me think ... always like a challenge any ideas ?
Cleaning and restoring water damaged charcoal drawings.?
My nieces (twins) are looking to find cartoonists freelance work? They are 20 y/o. Any ideas on where to fo?
Best materials for pencil portraits?
How do you do this type of eyeliner design?
where can i find some good pictures of Shuichiro Oishi?
Can I get some feedback Please!!!??!!?
How do you supose you get better at drawing bodies and anatomy type things???
drawing wolves?
Is drawing realisim better then drawing cartoons?
Where can I buy a charcoal pencil set that has pencils from 3h to 9b?
how much do foley artist get paid?
Childrens chocolate ideas?
fashion drawing step be step?
Can i draw or not???
What do you think about my drawings?
I need help with tumblr?
Can any1 tell me whr i get chhoti bahu serial song(ab tu hi aake bol kanha)?
Is it okay to have a tattoo that stands out and be able to work?
is there any real free printable excuses?
Where can i download paint tool sai without trial?
were can i buy nogizaka haruka no himitsu light novel not the Manga?
i need help with photoshopping my picture, any help ?
How do you add peoples profile to deviantart page?
Posing naked for college art class?
I am looking for a specific book of illustrations?
Is the weight of the container included?
i want to be a good artist but i am not good at drawing?
Hey, Bros! (pewdiepie)I'm making fanart for pewds. What should I include?
where can i post my artwork? apart from deviantart?
Seriously, could a person make a good career out of making artwork for album covers?
where can i locate indian ink for tattoos?
Can you draw - illustrator, artists wanted.?
I was thinking of going to school for graphic design! What are your opinions.....?
What's a good anime like myself yourself or strawberry panic ?
Pls i nid a tight twitter bio?
Are meme faces public domain?
what is an intaglio print?
To shave or not to shave...nude modeling?
which colour uyou like more?
Hmmm what shall I draw today?
Where can I find images/art of male faeries?
Dose This Drawing Of Link From Zelda Look Bad?
Whre can I buy posters Not Online?
Is anyone in here a cartoonist?
Can you draw a simple picture that looks like a different picture upside down?
What is the difference between Graphic Design and Visual Communications?
Where can I buy Faber-Castell markers?
Has any one got any idea of wot i could draw for my GCSE art exam and it has to be based on communications!?
How to edit anime?
If ur smart u can earn 20 points instead of 10!!!?
Tone question for homework, help?
I am an artis (illustrator) looking for an agent to represent my work. I have gone through search engines but?
What k!nds of p!ctures can you make out of the symbols on a key board??
what are some cool poster ideas?
Would you pay this much?
What is a good amine for a beginner?
how can i convert 2d image to 3d image?
I need to create the illusion of a 3D rip on a page can anyone help?
hobbies can make one's life more colourful. can anyone suggest any good hobbies?
write an artist statement for this picture?
what do you think of my drawing?
Question only for graphic designers!?
Ideas for a room's design?
I write caption and keywords for photographic images, what are the future opportunities for me?
Clip art or picture?
Question about views on deviantart?
does any body knows uv's id or his official website?
Is black and white a color?
How can I put together a graphic design portfolio for clients to judge me on if I'm only starting off?
how do i copywrite digital artwork.?
What is the best way to print money ?
why is illustrations easy to remember when teaching?
Whitey The Seal sketches by Bob Childress....any value?
Online Graffiti web site?
PEN REFILL's: do the ones below [see pic] have a specific name? the ones i want are slightly pinched to hold?
I need a picture of a stag with antlers to be copied onto a gamekeepers 4x4 door, where do i find the picture?
do you like my picture?????
Are there any programs that let you draw pictures on your computer?
"where is Steve Ross, the son of the painter Bob Ross?"?
What is the name of this printing/design style?
I want address of all animation studios in mumbai?
Where can i download free rigged Maya Character models?
Does anyone have a blueprint for the N-1 starfighter from Star Wars?
I want a job as a Graphic Designer, what else can I do?
I am the worst drawer ever.?
UK ARTIST- Banksy: Art or not?
How much does the average portrait tattoo cost?
What do you think of this drawing?
how do you use the vector tool in photoshop cs6?
i need to know 6 solid shapes?
Any good anime shows?
Looking for a Graphic Designer to make a simple logo!?
What makes permanent markers, permanent?
architects interior designers all india?
Help with drawing out a tattoo(just a name)?
Anime Similar To SAO?
where can I find an outline picture of a hand and/or foot?
Lets have a go at rating my drawing?
Illustrator star text wrap?
what easy things can i draw!!!!?????!!?!?!?!?!?!??10 points!?
Do you think I could be a make-up artist ?
I need a rebus drawing for the word 'SUCK"?
What happens if you burn pastels?
Is there any software that can let you make your own pictures?
How can I make my kids party theme which is DRAGONS look really great?
Do i do a good impersonation? (pic included)?
I want to make a flyer?
Related to art, any development of ideas on art titled, 'inside out' ?
anyone know good idiebands?
Where do we go to find the value of early Disney Lithographs, signed and numbered?
where can I download clear and nice anime pictures?
Who's older?
Yall know any writing websites?
Where can I currently find a Fruits Basket DVD?
What writes on black paper?
What funny things can I write/draw on my test? (Please Be REALLY Creative!!)?
What anime are these 2 pics from?
Why is it that a lot of antique pictures show nude women and not nude men?
Intous 5 vs Maya 3d touch vs pen only?
Whats your Fav color! (I NEED TO KNOW this is unharmful)?
Do you think this picture good?
How can I improve my sketch (pics included)?
What should I draw for my boyfriend ?
How can I make my own The Weeknd cover art?
How to draw a portrait of someone next to you?
Where can I find free sounds for Flash MX?
should i get a intuos3 6x11 or intuos4 9x6 i can get both for $200?
Where can I get a cardboard notepad with colored pages?
On DeviantART what do people mean when they say they made a vector?
Anime and Video Game Damsel in Distress Art?
What anime to watch next?
Education to become a tattoo artist?
Art exam tomorrow? Shane L word?
Best website to upload designs ?
Where can i find complex pictures of stars(the shape)?{or something else cool.}?
Chicago graffiti supplies?
I need some names! Please help!?
What is a good amine for a beginner?
For an UK Art student, what is better: Society6 or Etsy?
Have to make an anti-drinking poster for my dorm, any ideas?
Is it good to place a plastic sheet or paper on my Wacom Bamboo Create?
What exactly is Juneteenth?
I need help with my art project! Best answers will get .s!?
is there drawing program that you can make the same character look the same from different angels?
Comments on these writings about contour drawing?
Whats the best all in one pc for graphic design?
What is the color of hope?
How do I become famous?
poster for my school homework.?
What do you call this type of design?
Do you think I could make it as a model?
Do you think i'm alright at drawing?
What represents evil? How can I draw it simply?
how do you make realistic avi pics with for imvu using gimp?
looking for an old drawing game black and white book and a spinner with 36 numbers?
Does this sound right on making a stencil shirt?
where can i find picture of cartoon characters?
What do you think of my drawings?
Websites/tips for beginer anime artist?
Can i have your opinion on my drawing please?
how to add a sparkle to photos?
i need a million anime drawing tips, got any?
Create a website similar to Marrilands?
How can i get a picture i drew copyrighted?
Please identify the logo ?
Where can i find picturs and text from interior in renessance?
What are your initials?
creative/ cute screen names?
What is the least expensive drawing tablet for a teen not professional?
which pic do you prefer?
Anyone have any ideas on how to cope with an extremely rude drawing professor?
Can You Critique My Drawing?
What is the meaning/symbolism of an elephant?
How long does it take to match finger prints ?
Digital painting help?
Manga/Anime type drawings...?
I need "cool" names for a male character?
Bestfrind problem?
Does anyone know what kind of font this is?
Would i be able to make more than 170 dollars everyweek as pencil portrait artist?
do they teach how to draw in the academy of art university in the game design course?
Suggest name for Greeting card website.......!!!?
What tablet should i buy?
Chibi Inuyasha Characters?
Is it weird that im fourteen and I want to be sophisticated and have class?
what is the best logo in the world?
is it true you that if you keep practising, you will become a better artist?
What is yaoi?
does anybody know how to add a drawing into your computer and deviantart?
How do you do basic text in gimp?
Can Someone Draw This?
I need a picture of Marilyn Monroe?
What artistic sort of thing can I do?
hi, i have this idea for a tattoo, can anyone draw a raven with a bleeding rose in its beak or foot?
i need something awesome to draw?
Tattoos in the workplace?
What to add to my drawing...?
What does this symbol mean?
Does this drawing convey emotions well?
Does anyone have deviantart ?
what is the proper facial proportions for drawing a portrait? the definition.?
What are some items/objects that can represent Purity, Innocence, etc.?
How do I improve my art skills?
help with images on devianart?
What exactly is a web 2.0 logo?
Transmutation Circle?
How should i decorate this poster i'm going to give to my mom?
What are some good moderately known animes?
Heehe Borders + Yaoi?
Good drawing tablet that works with Linux?
can any 1 plz tell me where i can find glow in the dark markers that can write on white t-shirts?
I'm looking for a drawing or pic for the chineese concept of luck, prosperity, longevity, hapiness and luck...
Where in the USA is best to study 3D modelling/Animation?
How to color an anime girl?
What are some successful jobs in the art industry?
Software for Graphic Design?
What do you think of my drawing?
wanna see RAREEEE Miley cyrus photos??
How did surrealism evolve or become popular?
Where can i find free joe jonas backgrounds for my comp?
Creative Recruiting Agencies in Germany.?
how to learn in drawing?
HELP!!! How can I improve my looks?? Rate please?
How long does it take to become a good drawer?
need to find persnlized gifts you can put a picture on with breast cancer logo?
can somone give me a website for some gruesome pic's plz?
Markers, Pens, Or Colored Pencils That Are Used For Sketching Fashion Designs!!....??
any tumblr name ideas?
how can you creat your own anime series?
How to sell on red bubble etc.?
Free Drawing Program for Mac with Pen Pressure?
Please helpme,how to make money from photo editing creativity? Whether it can be sold on the internet and pay?
Who should I use as inspiration for my textiles peice: Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?. What should I Make?
Typeographers Help! - Does anyone know the Typeface used in the title of Kill Bill vol. 1?
What is a good website to make my text glitter or sparkle?
what is a Multimedia Specialist?
::What your opinion to my drawing?
Am I a fool if I get an album cover tatooed on me?
What Supplies Do I Need To Draw Anime/Manga ?
Is there an app that lets you make your designs look realistic?
hi everyone i recently got a samsung i5550 and i cant remeber the draw patern wat do i do nay clues?
&hearts is this how i make the hearts?
What do i have to do to get into marvel comics to draw there?
DO you like my drawings?
I put a new battery in my tablet pen, and it started smoke?
Where do i get a black journal/sketchbook?
How do you use a pen tablet?
PLEASE! ideas for a WW1 propaganda poster!?
am 15 years old and i want to be a tattoo artis but idk how to draw a lot what should i do i really like tatto
how to make tatoo ink?
Instagram contest ideas? Please help!!!?
do you have a 'creative career'?
I drew a picture? Please answer? Do it for the ten points?
How do you get your creative juices flowing?
What do I draw?!?!?!?!?
Rate my picture of Justin Bieber?
looking for GOOD ANIME?
What do graphic designers do?
Can u identify the person in the picture??
How do you like my drawings?
whats your favorite naruto characters?
Would i be able to make more than 170 dollars everyweek as pencil portrait artist?
how long do you have to go to collage to be a game desiener?
What are some good pens to buy?
What artist did the the album art work for tahiti 80s album "extra peices"?
Will you please tell me of what you think of my art?
what course do I have to take when I want to become a character designer for animation?
Ideas for a two tone stencil?
I would love to become a pen pal to a soldier but keep going in crcles! Please help?
Want to find Sad Anime Series?
where can i find Dr Seuss converse?
Can I have your honest opinion, please?
What Do You Think About This Photoshop?
What to draw for my sisters birthday?
Good website to draw anime?
how do i make the symbol?
I need a new anime to watch?
Any1 willing to mske me a graffiti wildstyle sketch?
Where can I find seashells?
How would you ever know if you are out of invisible ink?
how can I create my own privite virtrual world for free?
Where can I buy screen tone?
I need to help with finding a poster!!!?
Digital Art - How to learn?
POLL: If you had a pen and paper, what would you draw?
How do you feel about nude male in arts?
Submiting Drawings to pottermore?
Pivot Stick Animator Question.?
Drawing and then publish?
Should I pose for it?
Is it better to be an angry artist OR to simply create because it feels right?
charlotte russe font?
??? which one is the best color ???? plz some1 help me! :)?
When did Kat Von D join Miami Ink?
AP ART concentration ideas??? something meaningful? please help!!!!!?
What is the font used for the title/ logo of the Ronald McDonald House?
What's your favorite pen/pencil?
i want to see images of old spittoon?
Where to sell my AMAZING duct tape stuff! Please help.?
Is it bad to draw devil symbols on your wrist?
IPhone 5 otter box case? HELP?
is there a website where there is just emo and gothic games?
does anyone known a site were i can get designs for my own?
My bedroom colors are red and grey, what designs go good with that?
good realistic things to draw?
Is This What I Need To Do To Become An Outer Car Designer?
Where can i find my peace poster for lions club?
any artists (drawing) in the NYC area???
Follow me on Tumblr, Pleassse!! @unspokenswagg?
Moleskine Ideas??
does any body here know about manga?
Looking for an online gesture drawing tool?
Unique sketches?
What is the best ink for comic book inking?
What's the differences between being artistic and creative?
can't draw anything!!!help?
Wheres the best place to buy art supplies?
How can I draw table in Notepad?
how to draw for them??
Where could i get one of thoose massive twilight banner/posters that are on display at cinema's ?
What should I draw ..........?
Where can I find The Walking Dead comics online for free?
how to make format in auto cad if i want to draw 12'6" line?
What Should I Take For Character Sketch Artist?
natural forms art gcse ideas?
Anybody know any artist similar to M.I.A?
Paint Shop Pro -v- Fireworks?
What does a graphic designer actually do?
I need ideas for an interesting object to draw and shade for my art class.. HELP!?
Is a Graphic Designer or an Animator a good well paid job?
is my neck too long? AHAAH. x] (pic)?
How to draw objects to look like they're moving?
What's your favorite animal to draw, and why?
Help me please?
I need help finding items (think simple) that start with the Letter Y.?
INTERIOR DESIGNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… help?
Anybody know the name of the anime girl in this VERY INAPPROPRIATE picture? (link in the description)?
Please Answer! Do I...?
Which one?
what best represents you?
what are some cool poster ideas?
Paint Tool SAI and GIMP do not work with bamboo tablet?
Which design is best?
where can I find custom otter boxes?
can someone help me create a logo?
Do Sharpie Paint Pens work well on fabric?
I need a tatoo that symbolizes strength, forgivness and hope.?
Does anybody know where I can find a picture like this but of whole europe?
Anyone good at drawing, will to....?
I am an unsigned artist(rapper)how do u get signed?
How long would it take to learn how to draw anime?
DeviantArt: I completed a commission, now what do I do?
Question about Miami Ink..?
I need help with tumblr?
which institute for graphic&web desining, 2d&3ds max, maya, vfx, animation in visakhapatnam?
I need inspiration for drawing.Please help?
dos any1 know any shop dat have art stuff?
how to draw a sketch of a person using computer?
where will i be able to find a transformers rotf poster that i can have? any ideas?
apart from microsoft, where else can i get good quality and free clipart?
what do pencil testers do?
Need a tip on how to draw wolf paws!!!?
Melting clock tattoo drawing request?
how does art effect children?
Survey: Do you like my drawing?
Logo makers?!?
how can i correct my facial features with the use of a pen and paper?
What is the best way to learn to sketch on your own?
Ideas for my journal?
what should i get for my first tattoo and where?
Should I get a football tattoo?
what are some good drawing websites where I can draw the avengers?
Where can i Find these things but cheap please!?
How do I get more Watchers On DeviantART?
unbreakable mechanical pencil - lost...?
Can someone make me an anime?
Callin ALL Graphic Designers (PLEASE HELP)?
Where can I find pictures of celtic religion from ireland of the gods and goddesses?
death core logo help please!?
What should i draw? (:?
Is Iruka Sensei white?
What did YOU do to teach yourself to draw better?
I need a good 70s and 80s font - free!!?
What symbols or images represent fatherhood?
I want a pen pal...how can i get one..?
Can I use a hat that isn't mine, but just has colors in my logo?
im bad at drawing/art?
i am bored and i don't know what to draw?
How do you keep pencil sketches from smearing/smudging?
IPhone 5 otter box case? HELP?
can you get high on rubber cement?
How much should i charge for a graphic design?
Help with illustrator cs5?
What should I doodle on my hand?
Is it just me or does most art look like crap?
Which photo do you like the best and why?
Where can you find good bras for a tween?
what will be the approximate salary for web page designer. I?
How do you become an art collector?
who knows some cool Forum names any ideas?
What manga's are about show-biz and modeling?
Does anyone know where i can find illusions like the jesus illusion, Thanks!?
How to inspire yourself to draw?
What is printing in one colour called?
the Symbol > does it mean greater than or less than?
Is it offensive to tattoo artists if I give them someone else's drawing?
Just for fun, when you draw a heart, which side do you draw first? Left or Right?
If I draw like this, do I stand a chance as an illustrator or designer?
Can someone help me with a drawing?
Where can I get great RPG portraits for the characters in the game I'm running?
Need help coming up w/ ideas (art)?
where can i get these pens for much less?
Where can I find pens that are safe for my skin?!?!?
Can anybody out there help me learn to draw anime or manga?
I told my boyfriend I'd draw him a picture. What should I draw him?
I want to be a Disney Imagineer? But I can't draw?
Can anyone help me with my graphics portfolio?
what fashion compainies use vector/computer based design work to promote their product?
How does this artist create his images?
what are traps and bleeds in prepress printing quality?
What is a cool looking color that I havent heard of?
How can I draw *like* Disney?
Creative ways to portray the word Good and Bad?
how to illustration for comics?
What's the best way of starting a career as a graphic/web designer?
What's the big deal with laser pointers?
I need a good idea please?
am i good at drawing?
I'm bored what should I draw?
Is there a website where people can post fat pictures/drawings of men?
what are some good yearbook theme ideas?
Where can I find a photo/image of the artist Francois Jean Baptiste Topino Lebrun?
How do i draw a person......?
Gothic churchs?
should i cover my drawing's body?
Is it illegal to draw smiley faces in chalk on the pavement?
what is a easy but good looking pictures that i can draw for amendments 1?
rate me 1-10?
What should I draw for this character?
Should I return a broken pencil?
How do I draw one of these?
What sort of things should i put in my portfolio for art?
photographer & graphic designer help?
Does anyone know what these are called???
How do i color scanned pictures on Paint tool Sai?
what is this a picture of?
Should i see harry potter in 3D?
is it 'cheating' if you draw grids on a picture and copy it that way, and say you've drawn it?
Has anyone heard of a this certain type of perspective drawing?
How much should I charge someone to create a design email?
Commercial Photographers?
Anyone have any idea for nail art designs? :)?
What are these art/drawing styles?
Where can I get large (life-sized) pictures (silhouettes that I've made) printed out?
does anyone have used sticker making or screenprinting equipment they don't want?
how do u make tassles on a scarf?
what do you think of my artwork?
Avg. "starting" salary for a graphic designer?
i need help with gimp?
I'm a big fan of Victoria Frances pictures?
Do i have the potential to become a famous artist?
What do you think of my vampire art?
Other than 'Violent Veg', what other comedy illustrations/illustrators are there?
Ideas for a funny yearbook picture?
Which version do you like better?
what cartoon caracter should i do??
Does anyone else think that a teenager who can draw a comic THIS good is gifted?
how do you make a crayola marker twice as big?
Senior Service Project Ideas?
Where I can find Blair Witch 2 gothic font?
How do I Draw Sirius Black? (Dog or Human Form)?
The name of this font?
how to draw a foliage on paper?
what is the new trendy tattoo design?
How do you score sheets for a portfolio book? (Graphic Design/Advertising)?
making avatars?
need some help deciding on what to get as a alternative for a drawing tablet other then wacom product?
New Moon Tulip Artwork?
Does anyone know why I am now awful at drawing when I used to be quite good.?
famous drawing artist from south america?
Hello friends, I've discovered best money making programe that its really paying & i have been paid & i think ?
how do i draw a zombie?
I really want to draw?
Anybody know this anime?
Where can i get a Free Logo / Text generator ?
Why can't i color the object after tracing it with pen tool in adobe flash?
Is This Drawing Okay for a 13 year old?
I need a high quality images for santa claus?
Judge my art please?
For My AP Portfolio. What Do You Think?
What are some good short quotes to get as a tattoo?
Can anybody make me a graphic?
Whats a good website to find famous symbol meanings?
is deviantART childish?
Do all Flair pens have a felt tip?
what is a good online school to learn to draw and create video games?
Can I use deviantart pictures for prints at walmart photo centers?
App(s) for photoshopping characters?
did you take art in high school?
Is white a color?
What are some good Homecoming Float designs?
If your working Adobe Photoshop CS2 please answer this…?
H-e-l-p ?
How do you ink a manga?
How do I create a cool website?
Where to buy very wide black pen? One 5mm wide and one 1cm wide?
How do I draw with charcoal pastels?
Problems exporting image from Illustrator to Cinema 4d?
Does anyone know where i can get the sketch work drawings of the keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days?
im thinking of selling some art i've drawn and can't think of a reasonable price. any suggestions?
How can I find a website that I can put a picture of me or someoneelse,?
Are there any design contests I could enter?
Is this steampunk styled?
psychological effects of anime i need at least 4?
what should i draw for my art exam!@?
Are there any non-X-rated sites about women warriors?
Dragon Ball Z drawing tutorials?
will you check out my deviantArt gallery?
What color is ombré??
What does a ying-yang mean?
I want to draw from my imagination?
Can I enlist while bein Color blindned? ?
I have two blue crayons but I need one red one to make the American Flag. What should I do?
how to draw tribal flames?
HE wants me to send him nudes but I dont want to?
How can i improve my drawing, i dont know how to get better.?
What are some online resources for generating concepts or idea for drawing or painting?
Can you people give me anime that is perv and funny with mixing cool story?
Fine art professionals...?
Who is Penny in Hairspray?
any good anime like gakuen alice?
Kind of complicated. Can I draw well? (pics)?
Which is the best animation institute in New delhi?
What should I name my character?
I just bought a really beautiful journal...what do I put in it?
whats one of the best art schools?
Where do u make these kinds of avatars?
What are some fun/easy things to draw?
Is the there a website that can you into a cartoon for me to buy?
can anyone tell me what kinds of program can do these kind of affect?
What are those pictures called?
what type of software do i need to be able to manipulate the colours, shapes and images of a photo.?
What do you think of my drawing?
where do i get PS CS3 brushes? ?
What's a good website to exhibit your art online?
Hello, do you think I have any talent in art?
Help making a concept map in living enviorment?
Does anyone have any fan art of H.I.M. that I may put on my site?
Ummm, Where is Waldo?
Ideas for Art Assignment?
huckleberry finn?
trying to buy roman style plaster bust for life drawing, anywhere around Kent?
How can I improve my drawing at this stage?
I like to draw but i have a lot of problems with stretching can you help ?
What materials do fashion designers use?
hi i want a help . how to make models in for one plan?
Should I add colour to this drawing?
Whats your favourite or some of your hobbys?
Looking for romance novels?
What was the subject of a traditional silhouette?
Can someone help me find the a bigger picture of this ?
What kind of animation is this?
Do u think I an pretty? (pic inside)?
Help needed for Art test urgently?
What do you call the device used to trace or resize pencil drawings (this is a manual device, not a copier)?
i need ideas for designing our homecoming t-shirts and i don't have anything any catchy slogan would be good.?
what picture should i draw?
help I don't know hwat to draw?
What should I draw in my sketch book?
how can you make that cat spin on that optical illusion?
Any drawing websites?
Does the Obama Logo contain subliminal scripts? http://www.barackobama.com/images/temp_flashheader2.jpg?
AP 2D Studio Art Concentration Ideas?
Need Help? Which Tattoo?
What would inspire one to be an artist model?
Which color in the crayon box is always used first?
ideas of what I should draw for my room?
What can I draw/paint?
What Is Digital Manipulation?
Is getting pencil 'lead' smeared on my hands dangerous?
A level art main piece anyone?
design help??? for a play. ?
at the time of functions and festivals antique place are polished wht change does it make to the appearance?
What do u thunk of my drawing style /?
how do i get better at drawing?????????????????????????????????…
what are some ideas i can use of a really scary picture to draw that has a skeleton in it?
what is a lithograph?
Is Wacom BAMBOO CTE MTE Replacement Pen Refill Nib compatible with Wacom CTT-460 Bamboo Touch Graphic Tablet?
question for people who are artistic??.....?
what do I did to get for drawing on computer?
How would you get this outfit dirty http://i52.tinypic.com/20l1hrb.jpg?
Who named the color pink........?
Photoshop colouring help :D?
What would happen if you look up a photo and then draw it?
What is the name of this font?
who do i look like?
what can i draw?
what kind of markers write on black backpacks?
What constitutes the ability to draw?
where can i find exquisite fashion pictures online?
meaning of work life balance logo?
I need a good theme for art?
Nailspiration ideas? :D?
Give me your opinion about my pic plz !!!?
how can i get better at drawing manga ?
Looking for some support and feedback on my artwork, please read!?
Can anyone do me the biggest favor?!?
ANIME! Fairy Tail! HELP?
I like drawing. but can I earn money from drawing? how?
How to remember faces ?
If I get a tattoo on my hip, Do I have to take my pants off?
Where can I find an online person generator?
What improvements are needed on this character?
how to create a mood board about new york?
How do you measure 1.3 on a ruler?
can anyone find this picture?
how do i transfer images on a t shirt?
Pic in link, how to make this?
What are animals you could draw on the computer?
Can someone give me clearer instructions?
Help me find a picture for a tattoo?
Do you prefer the new or old Ebay logo?
What happens if you design something someone else already did? ?
I have a Blender question?
class t-shirts?
Can I connect a drawing tablet straight to a TV, vs to a PC?
How can I quickly retouch hundreds of images for my website?
Parker Pens?
How can I make my artwork professional looking like this?
where can I see street fighter anime for free?
where to study business management?
How do I make a meme?
i need a good artist?
Need some help in drawing..?
I need someone to draw?
Is it normal to feel terrified when coloring?
are there different shades of black?
Can you help me with this picture?
I am a new artist and want to know what do you think of my reborn dolls?
Should I buy a wacom Cintiq 12WX?
Where can i get a lot of psuedoephedrine?
what is drafting?
Art/artist help??? please!!?
Is there anything I can spray on a Pencil drawing so it doesn't smudge?
Does anyone know where this picture came from or where the source is?
where can i find face book layouts?
is anyone against art?
im doing a collage on violence which shape should i cut the bristol board?
lefty problem?
I need ideas on what to draw?
Is this a good drawing of Bumblebee from Transformers?
I am looking for a White LA hat and the LA is in big red letters and it has some graffiti on the left in red?
how can i know if i'm talented for architecture?
How do I learn to be a better freehand drawer?
need help on a 3d project?
How can I find out the value of an original Jean Cazou color etching?
What do you call the typeface of old fairytale, and books they use for the first letter?
what is the meaning of art?
i need help with metamorpheses. art ideas?
sites similar to deviantart?
where are anime conventions?
How does a Logo design effects on anyone's personal life, see this article and say something?
Where can I find a picture of an anime girl wearing a long simple dress with long hair in the back?
Are there any other good artists that relate to my tastes?
So far I have a rough logo completed. It looks like crap. Any advice of what to do.?
Everyone around me can draw?
I'm looking for a poster I saw years ago that had the picture of a lambs face within the face of a lion.
Does Fixative really help?
What's a good band name?
Help! Im suffering from artist block.?
Quicksilver ever glory jacket, where can I buy?
i like drawing but i have no idea what do draw?
do you like my drawing?
Did Frank Lloyd Wright ever use cubism?
any Anime pictures that fit the description?
Going to school for Set/Exhibit design?
If you were on a college campus and you noticed someone was drawing you, what would you do?
what do you think of some of my art?
omg help my hand has webs?
What should I draw...?
How can I get back into art?
International coins as art?
Is this crappy for a 14 yr old?????????????????/?
Does anyone know any contests? Im not being specific.?
What is the name of this piece of art?
who's jump is better?
What is the color of hope?
Iban Tattoos?
would you rather use a pen or pencil?
Is Dark from D.N.Angel HOT or cUTe?!?
how do i learn to make pixel art what are some good tutorials ?
where can i find free art programs?
Do you know of any similar artists to this?
Does soft pastels come out of your clothes?
What are some designs to draw on little knobs?
What do you like to draw?
Colour Help?
pictures of words that show action?
Looking for artist Ivar Jordre who lives in Bergen, Norway?
Julie sheridan..... Where are you?
How anyone one help me to fill istockphoto application?
What ways can I practice sketching...?
Where do hobos get their sharpies?
is this drawing good?
do you have to be japanese to draw anime?
Good Theme for a family picture!?
what should i draw even though im not a good artist?
how much would you pay for a hand drawn portrait??
what kind of illustration do you like and Way?
Good ideas for my art project?
What is visual communication and design?
Storybook character costumes for girls?
What kind of spider is this??
Art Question... Hand Drawings...?
How to make a convincing anti-conscription poster for australia ? ?
Does anyone have any great pictures of Marilyn Monroe?
How do I make my hand drawn images look like this on the computer?
What are your initials??
Where can I find anime episodes for free? No virus or ads?
Artists block: what should i sketch?
What is the name of the well know Renaissance artist who has a piece of art that..(continue to more info)?
help!!..music for fashion show!!?
Whats your favorite crayola crayon color?
Drawing tips? Help please.?
Are there any animations similar to this?
Art homework help please?
Does anyone know of any good drawing/comic pens?
Book recommendations for graphic design?
what type of art is the images in the telstra spread the good stuff ad?
Looking for ARTIST(S) for WEBCOMIC?
Any links that show how to draw MOMO/Jr. from Xenosaga?
Where and how to learn making such drawings as in this video?
what does artists block mean?
It has been 4 years and still no season 3 for D.Gray-man. What's taking them so long to get back on the anime?
what is a cubism....please answer! ASAP?
my bamboo fun tablet?
does getting a tattoo hurt?
Where can I find Ashley Tisdale GIFS?
where can i find Dr Seuss converse?
Any good Life Drawing Class exercises???
Art exam help/inspiration ?
What can I draw to represent kindness?
any website tutorials on how to draw anime and anime bodies?
where to buy heat on graphics for skateboards?
Where can I find one?
I can't find a motivational picture?
Artists who are inspired by Tim Burton?
What can I draw with the template of an ear?
Whats ur favorite color??
Urgent help with a Picasso Poster!?
I really want to do illustration and animation at uni, is it a worth while course?
what is the fasted and the easiest way to learn how to draw mangas indifferent frames and positions?
How to become a model ?
What is a good self-publishing company that has excellent illustrations/image quality?
In a paragraph of your own words OR a series of illustrations using a 21st century tool, identify two potentia?
How to personalize a snowboard?
I need help drawing a fursona?
I don't feel inspired. please help? >.<?
What are those numbers called?
Where can I get a cheap Drawing Tablet?
What do you think of this pic?
what style art is xunxun missy?
What to draw on this guys arm?
Where can I get a customized puzzle?
I'm looking for a border or clip art that has a blue color scheme ,snowmen and snow with a red sleigh?
How to do my make up i nees to know ?
Need help choosing drawing tablets?
Is there any screen printing club or studios in Lille?
Artists: How do I motivate myself to draw?
what is a good art website name?
If I wanted a symbol to symbolize myself what kinds of designs or ideas do you have in mind?
Screen printing / silkscreen help pls help?
What can i draw ???????????????
Who offers the best free online (or downloadable) Photoshop CS course that includes technical lessons?
where is the best place to market Calligraphy?
what is a conveyor dryer used for in silkscreening?
I drew all these. which one is the best?
Thicker or thinner digital lineart?
RE: Sketching club?
How do I know if a Logo is the property of someone else or if it can be used?
How can you add pics together to make 1?
I need to know how to draw pandas really good. HELP ME!?
Best of the Cheapest Illustrating Programs?
What do you think of my painting of a Pomeranian?
who's uderzo?
Rate this drawing 0-10 please :)?
does any body know how to create this effect in photoshop?
does anyone know of 'easy to use' animation software that's free to download?
Anyone in ANIMATION field, pls answer this..........?
Scale picture (GIMP)?
I love to draw and design things.. what would be a good job for me?
a question about google sketchup?
Where can i go to cut things out of pictures?
Where is a website that has easy things such as cartoons and what not that I can draw?
I have never drew anything in my life so what is the best way for me to draw a Dragon? I want it to look cool!
What percentage of graphic design is text and logo work?
what is your favorite colour of pen ink?
which drawing should i enter into the art contest?
Do i need drawing skills in order to start 3D Animation career ?
where can i read the godchild manga online free? (Not a question)?
Can anyone who is a graphic designer please tell me all they can about the job...?
Is there a name for this logo?
define illustration?
What's your favourite flash website?
Help me with this calligraphy pen PLEASE!?
I need ideas for what to draw.?
Google sketches help?
quick question about drawing!!?
I need pictures of New York City from 1973. Please help?
How to replace copic markers?
What can i use to resemble this item?
What type of art supplies is necessary for sketching or drawing?
What are your favorite things to draw, and your reasons? :)?
Is scribble softees a good t-shirt business name?
Which drawing of mine should I post (see pic here)?
What do you think of my artwork? http://www.geocities.com/joshuabarone/_1122163422_001.jpg?
Are there any websites that can update me on when and where anime conventions are in Cincinnati?
How much would you pay for this drawing?
Good Drawing Tablets?
How many different colored crayons are in a crayon box of 60?