Am I a good graphic artist?
Does anyone know a brand of shading pencils that are good for drawing....??
Can you translate this Asian character? [IMG]http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e…
Can anybody help me with my Nepeta Cosplay?
What colours appeal to teenagers?
the symbol that "Tool" the band that looks likes the star of david but square??
Any anime arists?
whats your favorite naruto characters?
Will tracing help improve my artistic abilities?
I am looking for an excellent sewing tutorial website-any suggestions?
Is drawing a photograph considered plagiarism?
how would you draw....?
How do I smoke crayola?
Why does drawing interest you?
hey!! here is my drawing on the topic "education".?
How to make an anime (no money; no devianart))?
If then Else Statements in visual basics! Help!?
The symoblic meaning of visual signs and imagery?
Tattoo words that describe a person?
Which logo would be better?
who thinks that humanity should do this?
Is it safe to eat an egg which has been drawn on by a marker pen?
Help On Photofiltre!?
is it weird for a teenager to be drawingty?
Being an sugar artist as a career?
How to drawing skills?
aren't there better things to do durning the day than ask questions on .com?
what is a good yearbook theam?
Belgian Artist 'Cerez'?
What kind of sign can I draw with the concept of "Stop If You Want"?
Where can I get text to visual?
Her over me?? Please help!!<3333?
I need an inspiration for a clothing line?
What is monochromatic light?
where should you locate the center of interest in an artwork?
Where Can I Enter An Art Contest?
On the scale of 1 to 10..Please rate my Timeline pic..thnx?
Who can I go to for a drawing request?
How can I recreate this picture?
Help! I need coloring pages?
What are all the stuff you can do with good art skills (drawing skills)?
Anyone knows my uphold torch pic?
What do you think looks cooler in a picture: Ice effects, or flame effects?
Do you think i have potential in my drawings? (pics inc.)?
home work!!??
Amateur Photoshop invitations...opinions?
Am i pretty or ugly??
what will be the cost of original photosdhop software?
Does anyone have pics of norway?
My child has a fall scenery poster to do for our fall festival, any ideas?
Illustrator font showing up blue?
i need drawing ideas?
i wanna study in u.s.a after my 10+2 for fashion designing so Please brief me up that how much it can cost me?
Does anyone know the name of this artist?
What are the steps starting to drawing anime?
Picture editing help plis?
Where can I find project x online for free?
What are some creative ideas for a color wheel?
which is your favourite?
Bamboo Splash, Pen and Touch, or Fun?
Best beginner drawing tablet?
Where should I work at?
How many of you seen my Avatar?
Critique my newest picture? BE NICE IM only 14...?
Things to draw close-up?
T-shirt designer?
Do you think that the '' Magix Photo & Graphic Designer 7'' is good to draw and illustrate?
Why did the producer/sketch artist decide The Simpsons characters to have 4 fingers & bulgy eyes?
How do i color scanned pictures on Paint tool Sai?
i have a manga story board that me and my brother is working on my only problem is we need a good manga artist?
Where can i print free anime and studio ghibli bookmarks?
how do you make pencil animation?
what hand position should I draw?
Does anyone now were they get the ink for pens/Biro's because........?
Do your drawings express your personality and emotions?
dose any one care about manga any more?
How to get out of view selection in paint tool sai?
Were can I read the Let's Draw Manga books online??
Is Adobe InDesign a difficult program to use?
Icons (pic included)?
Any good toon porn sites?
How can I draw rain on Sai?
help with homework . draw something with letter (i)?
What are some good reference sites for artists?
where can i find this show?
I am looking for a website that offers drawings/pics of Celtic Knots and also defines there meanings?!?
Where can I get a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Tablet?
What is a good way to stop watching porn/hentai/iting?
Which do you think is a better idea for a computer repair business logo?
Yearbook 2011 ideas please?
cool anime poses?
what do you think about this cartoon??
definition of virility?
Are there any good skateboards with Spider-Man artwork?
Should I pursue a career in concept art?
How to get this of my t shirts?
Should I stop trying to draw?
How do I giv my friend a tattoo?
What website sells poly satin overlay?
i'm looking for a action love anime with a good ending like buso renkin?
a website for kids were you can design your own clothes, then print them off?
Can someone tell me what logo this is?
What's a good last name for Amaya?
How to get black hearts on instagram?
Where can i downloading free nice 3d image.... to make wall paper.?
What do you think of my drawing?
Why can I draw from real life or an image but if just drawing from my head it looks bad?
Poster Questions?
need cross symbol on my email?
I need the song name and artist!?
What's the difference between an architect and interior designer?
Could someone make a picture of Alexis Bledel and Ellen Paige combined?
can some one give me a graffiti name not for illegal use only for use on these legal walls down here?
Which gender views optical illusions better?
does anyone know the medium used in Pablo Picasso's the blind mans meal?
how do you make a paper crane?
i am making a greeying card for graphics.which artist,graphic designer link can i use for the theme freedom?
Can i add picturesof scultpers to my portfolio?
Drawing Manga?
What are cool things to make for my bedroom.?
What's a good drawing program?
What should I draw? (I know it's long but please read)?
Can someone draw me something for free?
Photoshop Gradient Tool?
PICTUES oF HOLLIS WOODS!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do u know some interesting websites?
Create a animated logo for my company?
Looking for a cute classroom contact/roster template! Anyone know where to find one?
who is your favorite artist like with drawing and painting stuff?
how do you stop pens from bleeding?
Can anyone please give me ideas for things to draw? This is sketching not doodling by the way.?
I want to make my own comic book, but I don't know where to start. I'm just not sure what to do. Can you help?
What should i cosplay as?
Who should I draw? from which anime?
Good ideas for anti-drug poster?
Is anywone interested to draw for me ?
How can I stop my habit of drawing in class???help!?
Groups on Deviantart?
Best Place to Buy Art Supplies Online?
how to draw people well?
Anyone know any good design blogs that are written in German?
Isn't a designer a type of artist?
do fashion designer make good money?
can any one find three different names only using these letters "jaknnnyyllleeaoh"?
A question for anime artists?
how to draw this.. pls help?
In Microsoft Word, how do I create a stand-up, three sided flyer?
How do I get a good pen name? Any answers?
How to do a very beautiful drawing?
What is your favorite graphic novel series?
I have a possible "Picasso' Where should I post it to get some oppinions?
I need to know more about Carstockltd-online.com?
I'm doing this project where I have to make up a product... Any name ideas for this?
Is Art more about drawing or coloring in?
What is the best type of paper for an feather and ink pen?
how can i be better at drawing?
how can i draw love?
Have you ever heard of Allugic?
Any illustrators that illustrate woman faces simply?
whats it called when u make pictures out of the keys on the computer keyboard?
who are the people you draw fashion inspiration from?
anime good or bad?
What image comes to you head when you hear the phrase" looking out looking in"?
What can I draw for natural rights ?
What program is this?? XD?
how do i get divoice paper work over the net for free?
hi everyone i recently got a samsung i5550 and i cant remeber the draw patern wat do i do nay clues?
chibi manga storyline?
where can i find......??!!?
Whats some good ideas to make a poster stand out?
if you had to eat one crayon in a box of 64 what color would it be and why?
What Is The Difference Between A Boys/Girls Eyes?
how to express something into a drawing?
where can i find ideas for a candyland themed room for my daughter?
How to do custom Caricature?
What is the pixel by pixel size of 8.5 x 11 inch?
Should I give up on anime?
How to get a scholar ship to...?
Do you think that I'm good at drawing?
What's this art style?
Flash CS5 Brush Tool?
i'm writing a research paper on Walter Disney (creator of mickey mouse)?
What is a good website to buy some cheap cosplay?
Please look at my anime characters on my youtube vid!?
Has anybody taken APart in high school do you recommend it? is it hard?
Can I give God a wife?
Ideas on who/what to draw?
art style like cupcake cult?
Realistic business idea for class.?
I don't believe it! If I model for life drawing, will the girls really see my you-know-what?
Is there any way I can buy a Tim Burton piece?
Good site for graphic tees?
Best use(s) for each HB pencil?
need some help picking a logo?
Can I make money drawing colorful, cartoony, childish illustrations like flowers, cute animals, sweets,, etc?
What can I draw with the template of an ear?
what's with the art scene being completely raped by anime?
I need some pose ideas for drawings?
what degrees do you need to be a 3d graphic and animation designers?
Need help with drawing please?
Walter Adams created all the cartoons for the school lmagazine. He has been interested in drawing since he was?
Deviantart Troll help?
Where can I find good shotacon mangas?
I need a tatoo that symbolizes strength, forgivness and hope.?
for my art project, we were given the title 'my journey and myself' any1 got ideas? xx?
what color do you represent and why?
Is this a cool looking city?
what is a single image from an image from an animation called?
hi hi me and my cousins are starting a web show we have some ideas but we need more any ideas anyone?!?
graphic solution?
How to draw chibi tutorials?
which anime character do i look like?
Can I use the "YAHOO fonts" from dafonts.com for my personal website logo?
Need somebody to draw me a daemon of fire & ice mixed together.?
What is a decent free manga-drawing program for the mac?
how to draw rangoli?
do you know any good how to draw web sites?
Looking to buy a Drawing Tablet for my Mac and need advice?
How to preserve a newspaper?
Picture help??
What color gets your attention quickest red or yellow?
Doing a comic on art need help?
Level 5 of the logo app?
how do i find out who paint an old picture of madonna and child?
where can I go to find a video or pictures of inside an airliner?
I cannot take out my bamboo pen's nib.?
Where online can I see Bruna's original pencil sketches of Miffy the bunny?
What do you think of my art?
Widescreen anime wallpaper ....?
What do you think about my Art Work?
Do u think he is HOOOOOTTTTTTTT ------- pics ------?
What is "Zap Chancery"?
i need some cool underoath layouts... not cheesy or anything... anyone know where to find some?
do you draw/what has been the most difficult thing you have drawn?
Where's Waldo?
Need help with Downloading anime! anyone 10 points?
How could I get into illustrating for pet sites or something like that?
what does JPEG means, and how is it used?
how do i get my picz off a website?
where can i buy banksy prints?
I did a stupid thing involving my guitar, and a white board marker. NEED HELP :(?
What's a name that means no name? A girl one preferably ?
Give me suggestions on what to draw on scratch board?
Please tell me which animation software is best for 2D animation, Adobe flash or Toon Boom?
What should i carve in art class?
Is it normal to make the expression the character that you are drawing has?
if your good at drawing?
Which is the best photo retouching company on the web?
Does anybody have spare time to get me into art contests?
How to wrap text within an image in photoshop?
Make a list of awesome talents and skills please?
name of mixtape website?
I need to create an A3 format background blank in Photoshop 7. How many pixels is that?
Where can I buy a Digital Sketchbook Tablet that will allow me to sketch and paint?
Check out my artt and support me, if you would like to :)?
Famous animated photo of a tongue?
Am i a good drawer? [ pictures inside]?
Who is the artist of this picture?
Who's portrait should I draw?
What should i draw for my history title page?
Would someone be willing to draw a tattoo for free?
Good fashion store name?
Are my drawings any good?
Where can i find free printable invites to a 'recently wed' party?
in need of a better imagination, help?
Wristbands designing website?!!!?
pink and white erasers?
What's better, drawing a comic by hand(inking it to) or doing it on the computer?
can someone recommend a good yaoi/shounen ai anime?
I suck at drawing and want to kill myself?
Do you think i could be a model? *pics*?
Can any one teach me how 2 do a magic?
How be more creative in my drawings?
How much would it cost to make larger scale photocopies? 30x20''?
What's your next{or first} tattoo going to be,and where are you going to stick it?
How many design projects do graphic designers do in a week?
Where can I find a suppler that can print my shirt designs?
how can i become a medium?
How good of an artist do you have to be to be a video game artist/graphic disiner?
Can someone find me this picture i describe?
looking for info about artist B. Tichtman. 1900's?
Why doesnt my fountain pen do the thick lines only the regular pen lines?
what is a geisha girl?
what is the best pencil for the brightest, dazzling white values? good grays without using graphite?
How do you draw "angry hair"?
How can I draw a girl with curly hair in MS Paint?
What is the difference beetween a cartoonist and a animator?
Yearbook help?
hey please could somebody tell me who the artist was that drew this , i am doing it for gcse art?
What are these stick figures called and who makes them?
Sketchbook cover ideas please?
Why is it that with my soft pastel portrait that pastel is coming off of my drawing without me doing anything?
Why does she look like she has a flat face?
What effect does hair spray have on artwork?
Can I learn how to draw or does it require natural talent?
how do i put my art work in the world?
can someone tell me where i can find vidieos of anime ?
"art classes for children"?
Where can I get pictures of Asian women?
if you had to draw passion...?
What is something easy to draw?
what are some good interview questions for someone who likes art?
What does the 'F' in pencil numbers stand for?
cant fine the Furry bodypainting?
Is it possible to be a rapper and game designer?
Help me outt with picking a book tattoo ? (:?
feminine tattoo for strength?
Who's the better artist?Michalanglo or Picasso?
Art competition? Model release forms?
Drawing, sketching, painting...?
Hi guys. where can i download animes?
Where are some good printing places in minneapolis?
Need your artistic input!!?
A digital pose figure for artists?
Does anyone know where i can find a video of the crayola company making the marker?
Need to find out this man background ?
need ideas just for inspiration.. help, please read?(:?
what is the sequential ordering of story?
How To Blend Two Photos Together In Jasc Paint Shop Pro Using Mask?
Does anyone know where I can edit my pictures like this?
Where do I start with my journal?
i do reilly good art n what shod i draw next!?
manga help please?
Art & Design Business Logo And Name?
How can I findo out how much a collectible plate "The Music Maker" by Norman Rockwell is worth?
who are these persons? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee?
Suggestions for class chapel?
I'm trying to make paper look old, but I'm afraid it will smear the typed letters...?
i want to make a multimedia presentation. i am a beginner. can anyone tell me wat software is suitable for me?
Does anyone know any good web sites?
Can someone find this font or something similar for me?
How much does an anime artist get paid and hour or month or year?
Can I have opinions on my drawing please?
whats your favorite col○r??
can talent just be.. lost?
Minecraft textures ........................................…
How do people draw on the computer?
I want to create a T-Shirt but need someone to draw the picture for me, where would i find that someone?
Do you have to be a good drawer to start tagging?
Explain these art sketchbook assignment directions?
Is this a good drawing? ?
Please help me, it is very important for me to score well?
how can i get a pencil from out of my penis?
Anime style water gimp?
What do you think of my drawing of Wonder Woman?
Are you good at drawing?
best websites to buy shirts?
What would be a good symbol for the industrial revolution?
are there any genuine artists up for a challenge? I need a new drawing to cover tattoo?
Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet problem?
How to improve on perspective drawings?
What style of art was used in the movie Juno?
does your self portrait have to have an image of yourself to be classed as a "self portrait"?
Graphic preview software?
Ten points best answer, what should I draw?
Help on drawing boy hugging position? (picture included)?
requesting really good Shounen-ai mangas?
when is best friends day?
which picture should i draw?
How to I create Chapters on Quizilla?
Color Portraits?!?!?!?
I need 4-H banner ideas?
magazine banner ideas?
who likes the logo?
Cute animal character suggestions?
Best thin writing pens for taking notes?
I need a good tumblr name! comment some please?:)?
Can anyone tell me where I can find printable flip books?
What anime is this guy from?
inspiration for still life? [repost]?
how to kiss u in image?
I'm drawing some cartoons...?
i lost the drive to draw....please help?
Need some good stuff to draw! HELP?!?!? First good answer gets 10 points! :)?
any anime suggestions?
I have always loved art but I don't have a clue what course to do in college?
Moleskine journal ideas please?
color illusions? please help, its URGENT!!?
I have an assignment to draw a picture portraying "keeping the environment clean" Can anyone suggest me ideas?
Project...(20 Characters)?
And ideas on what to draw?
My tablet pen isn't working?
Is visual art more difficult to learn with age?
How far apart are your nipples?
Need help with a poster i saw?
Are you an artist who......?
Where can I get a cheap business logo design?
Which wacom bamboo tablet would be best for amateur fashion designing?
How i can draw an oval by hand?
Source of this artwork?
How can I animate an inanimate picture from paint?
what kind of font is this? HELP!?
Converse colour help!?
Could some please draw me a tag for my name? 'Rob'?
how do u make edits, blends and stuff for free?
How can I draw a large (8' x 4') map of the U.S.? Thanks!?
Does any one know why some people draw and paint better than others?
the pic next to my name is my latest tattoo in the middle of my back. Do you like it?
PEASE ANSWER THIS is this edited or not?
Am i a great artist or not?
I am looking for tips on drawing and shading...?
do you have to know how to draw to take up art?
what is it called in art when you only draw the outline of the subject matter?
Do you know what these, or similar fonts are?
Roy Lichtenstein?
Why is it everytime a sharpen a pencil using a pencil sharpener the lead always falls out?
Can anybody help me with my textiles its got to be in tomorrow please!!!!?
Is t=There a Software I Can Use to Design Wrappers for Candy Bars?
is this good?
Is this idea original enough?
i want to sell space on my skin.?
How Do U Draw Things With Text?
whould this preview interest people?
Paying an artist for a drawing for a t-shirt?
What are some cool way to take pictures at the beach I'm going tomorrow! HELPThanks like poses& sand writing:)?
Artists please lend your talents !?
your opinion on my art?
What's the font used on the shirt used in the music video of I'm Made of Wax Larry?
What should i draw.......?
How much should I charge for a mural?
what a creative idea to draw not too complicated but cool?
is this dubstep good?
Who has free medical supplies?
what color complements with red???
how's my drawing?
Where could I find original 'Hillman College' t-shirts?
Can you help me with my art?
Where to find a job im looking for?
Whats a good tumblr name for me ?
stuff to write on your hands?
How to download katawa shoujo?
how do you make the shirts with slits down the back?
What should I draw ? Out of ideas.. :/?
What picture should I make my teacher?
I need help on my demo speech outline! ?
What should i draw?
dose anyone have deviantart?
Does anyone know about FIT MA illustration program?
drawing software?
Studio Art theme- youth related ideas please help...?
Gross number of 3D Films?
does anyone know.........?
Looking for a good website that has optical illusions.?
Write a parragraph about the life of a pen ?
Yet another cosplay question?
Looking for a good graphic novel or comics?
does anyone know where i can find books on how to draw Pokemon and other stuff like that?
Does anyone know any 2d artists who use the mark making technique? wet or dry.?
hi, i need architects or furniture makers 2 suggest a prgram for 3d modeling, something simple?
What would you do? Stay in collage or moove back to my 6 form ? Thanks!?
Does this kind of drawing have a name?
What my poppy name?
black and white manga art?
Tatoo design?
were can i download free colourings pictures 4 kids?
how to print a swatch within an object on adobe illustrator?
What is the logos quiz picture of the pencil with circles?
How much should I charge for a mural?
anyone know this shoujo manga??!?!?!?!?! PLEASE!!?
do you think there small?
i am now looking for a wall paper company to print our designs for us can anyone help.?
Have to make a personal logo?
how to draw on ur nails without tape please?
My sketch...?
Graphic Design Major Project Ideas!?
free truck drawing?
ive seen cool pictures and i need help?
What is the Create a Comic Project?
How can I quit drawing?
How can I get better at drawing?
Who has ideas for American Memes?
list of things to draw?
where can I get best graphic designing reference books on cheap rates?
How do artists on deviantart do fanart commissions?
Where can i find a deadmau5 mask for under 100 euro?
What 3D program is more poweful between Autodesk MAYA, 3D max and Inventor?
How can I draw good without a tablet or photoshop on the computer?
picture blending??
How to become an Illustrator?
Would it work if i glued printed skate pictures on my helmate?
How do I trace over lines of an image in Adobe Illustrator CS2?
are you an artist?what sort of things do you sketch?
Airbrushing Pictures?
famous logo?
What's the name of the song on the Suave Professionals commercial?
Anyone know how to change the cursor on photoshop from crosshairs to the circle when erasing ? i forgot . . .?
Is it ok to use dry erase markers on cardboard?
How can I make some money from drawing?
Why are Copic Markers so expensive?
Supporting the Anime Industry?
What's the name of this artist?
Im doing a propaganda art. Help.?
vector logo company to recreate a logo?
im trying to find free clip art of a log skidder for business card and cant, any ideas?
Any good way of making money for mangas fast?
were can i find comix at?
Billboard Hoarding design tips in coreldraw?
Art class in NYC?
do you like my 3d character, im working in it?
why isnt black classed as a colour?
whats a good way to embrace your crappy art?
Detailed enough? What do u think of the character?
Whats a cool idea of a drawing i should draw waith justa sharpie??
Vector graphics style..how to get the concept.any web for refrences?
is it mandatory for a self-portrait to include the entire face?
How many comic books are in a typical volume?
what intresting things happened in 1915-1940?
My tablet isn't drawing? What is going on?
What type of art does this look like it could be closely tied to?
Show Of a creative way to my plan :) ¿?
Drawing tips? Help please.?
In-design question? Im having trouble with these measurements a printer gave mE. Im making some bussiness card?
Will a degree in graphic design may necessarily help me on my way of becoming a future jewelry designer?
Which anime style do you think is better?
Contact info for Takeshi Obata (Illustrator of anime Deathnote)?
Snow Photos?
I am looking to enlist the help of anyone with drawing talent for my tattoo?
wacom bamboo tablet on sai help?
whats a good manga series to start?
Help with Drawing ideas?
Does anybody know some good English metaphors?
stock symbol for crayola crayons?
I can't pick what to draw on the Art Show?!?!?!?
How do you design eyes for an Asian cartoon character without making it look racist?
How do professionals make anime? Also how much would it cost to create an anime studio?
Who is this guy? PLEASE REPLY ASAP! need it for a test!?
What are your thoughts on my art?
What website can i use for a diagram that you can pick colors for braces?
What Schools Better Prepare You For Graphic Design Work?
Who would like to support a college student and vote for my submission?
Drawing is too much work?
Is The Art Instruction School a good idea?
How come my pen stops writing even though it still has plenty of ink left? How can I prevent this or fix it?
Does anyone know where I can find an optical illusion poster entitled "Nature's Majesty"?
How to come up with things to draw?
I am going to get a tattoo, which arm should i get it on?
What do you think of this picture?
Scrapbook Help!?!?
How are people SO good at drawing on FlockDraw.com?
I have a beautiful old print by an artist named Julie McCorkle. Does anyone know anything about her?
What to draw? help im so bored!!?
when they draw cartoons...?
What about how to draw a face on patience?
Are there any schools for just drawing?
What r some types of sex?
About Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3?
Is there anything better than Crayola colored pencils?
drafting table Help ME find a table for less then $90?
Do they make something that works like a clear highlighter?
HELP!!!! Photobucket?
How can I draw very well?
I have to draw a tattoo for someone like a teacher or celebrity. any good ideas?
Favorite facepainting!!?!! Please help?
what typeface is the Lonsdale logo?
Does copying others work help to improve your artistic skill? How exactly?
Is bare feet best to create a casual feel for a proffessional family portrait photograph?
Forgot Deviantart name, now can't make another. Help?
What are some easy vegetables to draw?
needparty pictures?
I need my daughter`s Disney Princess Party Invitation Designed?
What are some good places to read and post Lion King Fanfics/Fanart that ISN'T FanFiction or DeviantART?
Art main piece help!!!?
i need things to draw (except anime)?
I need some help with a tattoo design please?
My bamboo create tablet isn't working?
Need a cute idea for a tattoo!!?
Does any body know the last name of Beverly? She makes calendars that have pictures hidden in the drawings ??
What do you think about my website.?
I want to make a giant tim burton character?
how do you get better in drawing?
Where can I find pictures of victorian and midevil gowns.?
Where can I find a good agent for my husband who's an illustrator?
i would to be able to draw people, help me!?
What website has really funny pictures?
Football poster ideas!?
can someone have 2 shadows?
I need your opinion and your ideas please:)?
Know of any good "street art" websites?
how to draw this image?
what is your favorite type of pen?
How do you edit the background color in MS Paint?
Could some Graphic Designers please answer some of the questions below for me ?
how do i draw a bakugan i really want to?
What is ur favorite colour ?
Is there a way two people can draw on the same paint program from 2 different computers?
whats some cool stuff to draw?
what is best for coloring manga art?
What should I name my character?
Can someone teach me how to draw eyes?
What's the benefits of cosplay?
Artists: Do you get jealous if you come across someone that's really good?
What do you think of my latest drawing?
Tell me what you think of this drawing?
I need help with this art self portrait for school?
With Adobe photoshop, how do I make lines of a scanned pencil drawing more solid?
I can't figure out the pen tool.?
If I want my tattoo bigger does the artist need to draw it over?
How to create a storyboard? For putting in my ANIMATION portfolio for University... Animators help please?? :(?
what is the deal with art not being accademic?
Are there any anime close to elfen lied?
How can I make a self supporting stand for A4 sized paper menus for a wedding?
whats your favorite 4 colors?
AP Drawing Concentration ideas?!?
Where can I find western lolicon artwork?
how to get better at drawing cats?
Will you draw me like one of your French girls?
I can't draw anything! Please help!?
How do I put an animation onto my powerpoint?
How to convert vector into .ttf (true type font)?
what do you think about this pic..?
Anyone know of a virtual art maker?
What do you think of my sons drawings? He is 14.?
How does one get an apprenticeship to tattoo?
Want to critique my drawings for me?
send me a link to a graffiti website?!?!?!?
ur suggessions matters a lot.......?
When you commission a work of art for someone do you require them to pay for it in advance?
Is this drawing good?
how do you get miss rockwell back with you?
i'm at a dead end and i can't figure out what to draw.... any ideas?
How to make a convincing anti-conscription poster for australia ? ?
Where can i purchase pon and zu pictures without buying them online?
Manga Studio Debut 4's serial number doesn't work?
what is white typically representative of?
Please could I have some artistic help?
Where can I be a model for life drawing classes?
Where would I be able to get a Pandora Hearts LACIE cosplay?
Where to buy knitting materials in mumbai?
a fine frenzy?
I need a pen that will write on the plastic waxey card insert...?
i NEED to learn how to acheive definite realism using prismacolor but i cant figure it out..should i press?
photos and drawings.?
What are some good sites I can learn how to draw anime step by step?
Student section name ideas?
How do I add shadow onto something black?
What is Joe Sorren's type of artwork?
How to make sure no one copies my art?
Need Help Finding A TShirt Design Place?
What type of design would you call this?
Woulld you say im pretty, or not? (pics)?
is this good art or is it bad?
How can I make a bow out of ribbon?
what is best graphic setting for ninja blade?
i would like borders or frames that i can download for free?
What anime character is this?
Should I color my sketch for art class?
Why is it generally easy to tell the difference between a man and a woman's handwriting?
Isn't it amazing?
are there any websites that give out free stuff?
how to draw fan art online?
Any theme ideas for a Sweet/Candy shop?
whats the best website to learn how to draw anime?
Where to sell my AMAZING duct tape stuff! Please help.?
Graphic Designer?
Where can I find a blender like this?
What materials do you need to make a kandi cuff?
I'm looking for grafic designers of taddy bears?
How do people color in manga?
I have an art project and i need some ideas??
Good markers for drawing?
Who is a better character to use in cvs2 Yun or eagle?
what is that thing called where each letter of your name is a drawing?
Question about colored pencil work?
Where can I find a poster of Abraham Lincoln?
Does this look photoshopped?
Is this a cool looking city?
How are my drawings? Any suggestions for improvement? ?
Does anyone know Kakashi- Sensei from Naruto?
how's the ice queen looked like?
where should i go to get free ringtones for virginmobile?
what is vector graphics?
aren't there better things to do durning the day than ask questions on .com?
Cute/Funny Things To Draw On My Hands?;p?
how do i make a picture with these effects?
Should I learn Painting or Drawing first?
Drawing competition - best pic wins!?
I want to create my own clothing line, but I can't draw. Is there any other way to get my ideas out?
Why exactly is a contour drawing?
i want to start making some fashion designs using my computer. what Program can i use? hopefully one that's fr?
hows my drawing of yusuke?
How large should a graphics tablet be?
Ok I'm still looking for anime that is sketched or in b&w that's cute I need help!?
Good fashion store name?
What is the best tablet?
How long does it normally take to draw a game CG?
What're some cool nail designs? ?
here is an other questionhow to write a programe to find frequency of character?
Where's Waldo?
Tips on crossthatching/shading in perspective?
What's a good anime to watch?
Art Book Front Cover Ideas?
i need to find a designer to make my desgins in portsmouth!!?
What do you think of my character vector design?
What is a good photo sketching program?
Image fashion designer for DS.... helppp?
david archuleta poster?
MacBook Pro for artist?
I'm looking for an anime to watch that is similar to Gintama, Hirro no kakaera, or Vampire Knight?
anygood site?
Can anyone help me with animation?
How do you know when you have run out of invisible ink?
what photoshop should i use if i want to from novice artist to pro artist?
Are there any websites that can help me draw people?
Would this be a good concentration for AP Art Studio?
If a star is a distant planet then why do we draw it with pointed edges?
Where is a good place for an adult to take beginner art classes in Cleveland?
i suck at drawing. help!?
Got any flute sheet music for kairi's theme?
What should I draw??
If i told you this picture represented my feelings what would you say those feelings were?
Take a look at my drawing?
..what can COREL DRAW be USE for...and what easy to use software for Cartoon movings images?
In anime drawings how do they know where to put shadows?
Do you think my drawing is good?
Cant think of art institute commercial?
whats a symbol I can draw for optimistic?
Where are some areas of SAN JOSE, CA that have frequent street artists?
"drawing on the right sideof the Brain" question #2?
hey, rate my artwork.?
how do i identify the artist of a painting from the orient and how much it is worth?
do any of you know what these are called or some sites with more pictures of these?
representation of teenagers?
Art Question?????
what animals would make cool sonic characters?
where online can view design portfolio's of interior designers to get some ideas on how i shoud build mine
How can I contact someone to illustrate my comic books?
Need name for graphic designer company starting letter "H"? by 4 to 5 alternate unique name?
Which do you prefer lead pencils or the old fashion regular pencils??
How do I download free anime onto my laptop?
i want to result wb state lottary new year bumper draw on 03/01/2012?
Hey How do you draw Fashion Figures?
Who is your favorite drawing artist?
I want to start my own line of women's footwear. Does anyone know how do I get started?
Hello! I need some help!?
Is there initial d stage 5 are they making it ?
Psycho Killer Journal Scrapbook?
What do you think of my drawing?
Does anyone know a website where I can learn how to draw anime characters?
where can i get free male templates to design cloths on?
What is the best anime website?
how do i decorate my science fair board in a girly way ?
Where can I buy a Bamboo Tablet for under a hundred dollars?
How would I give a scene a 'dark' feeling without overdoing blacks and dark grays?
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (question)?
What art schools would you recommend that teaches fantasy and conceptart with a good level of education?
Programs/Websites online to help me learn to draw/paint?
I got banned from deviantart?
What do you think of this drawing I made?
do you know a good harem/echhi anime?
Help with drawing anime?
Architecture Portfolio for College! HELP QUICK, HOW SHOULD I ORGANIZE IT??
please i need help? (typography)?
Where can I buy a really big magnifying glass (Convex Lens) 20x20" or bigger? I have seen one in a photo.
Why has my interest in drawing gone?
i need help to find some old school?
Which drawing tablet should I buy?
Any good programs I can use to darken lines on my sketches and edit photos?
I would like some ideas for naming an online art gallery...?
Is tattooing very different from drawing with ink or painting?
Can you be considered an artist even though you can't draw/paint good? ?
(10 points) What do you think of my drawing?
How about this talented pianist at http://ma-tvideo.france3.fr/video/iLyROoaftK2x.html?
I am an artist who needs a mamagemnnt and legal firm?
More Help with manga?
where can i find a free domain name?
Stuck between Manga and realistic drawing style !!?
How do i become a model?
What is the History Of Cartoons?
i need a tumblr theme?
Am i shrinking OR WHAT!?
hi can anyone help me out?
How do i draw people in the wind?
Name and artist?
what kinds of new things should i draw?
What year did doodle for google start?
Where can i find jobs as a printed textiles and wallpaper designer?
i need to find ULLLA13?
Who is this guy in the picture? http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/3379/whotw.jpg?
Where can I read gay manga online?
flashing colors animation?
who designed that dragon?
Which Super Junior, SHINee, or F(x) member should I draw?
A Domain name & company name for a Creative Designing Company?
where do i get iron on logos?
where do i find oil pastels?
were do i go to find out how to draw final fantasy 7 vincent valentine?
What should I draw for art?
Jammed my locker with a pencil!?
I am Creating a website could you tell me if this is good?
I want to submit a design to threadless but I can't draw?
Photo 1998 dot com Paula Robison?
What do you think of my sister's drawing?
3D prototyping HELP answer ones you know (needed by tonight please !)?
Art institute studying animation?
printing help, where do i go?
How do you draw a buzzard?
What color are my eyes?
Color names of these fabrics??? Please Help!!!?
Is there any way I can send the portrait I did to Louis C K , to him personally so he could see it?
I need something to draw???
I have a dry point etching i need to find the value of?
Is this "proof pic" handwritten or not?
What do you think of my bird paintings?
1. Nate and Clara are drawing pictures with markers. There are 8 markers in a set. Nate has 9 markers and Clar?
Which pic do you like best?
Opinions on..?
Does anyone know who the artist is for this?
why is there so many different needle types for tattooing?
Help with my art homework?!?
How can I make my pictures look real?
Any animators looking for work?
what female tatto artist died in 2002?
Question please! Give me a good and serious answer!!!?
What would you do if you woke up in akron and had no way to get out?
What kind of art is this?
Paying a hired artist?
How do I fix the sensitivity on my Bamboo pen Tablet?
I sent a picture to Hilary duff to autograph will I get it back?
only for graphic designers plz its an urgent thing help :'(?
what to draw for my art project?
Draw my tattoo idea? possible reward:)?
i am a graphic designer i wanna work from the internet where can i find a job that work from long distance ?
Grey Pasted Pictures In Gimp....?
how douse my website look?
What effect does surrealism have on advertising?
I was given a scroll with some oriental writing. I need to get it translated. How can I do this via the web?
Where can i find another website like zwinkys?
Les Miserables Poster!?!?
Im a good drawer but suck at anime how do i improve my skills at anime drawings?
Graphic design- multimedia help?
Can you see lovers in this illusion?
where do i find funny images for my computer ?
Are my lithograph prints from L. Ron Hubbard's Battleship Earth worth anything?
Social, political, or economic conditions can alter the nature and meaning of art?
What are 10 things I can put on my 50 collage?
how do i mirror a picture on the compture so it will come out backwards/?
What can I do with woodburning?
Where can I find the Arctic Monkeys font?
tattoo for my brothers?
Any one know where i can find the original un-edited version of this picture of roxas?
Hot Anime guys eyes - which do you like?
Drawing rectangles in Photoshop?
I need logo ideas for my band?
how do i get the pen tablet to get that sketchy look on gimp?
What is the art style called where the 3 colors are pink, blue, and yellow?
What are those Japanese doodles called?
some artistic help on my latin project?
lokking for a calligraphy alphabet from the 17th century?
What is a fun thing to draw?
Do you like my drawing? (Pics included) :D?
Photoshopping my face to be the Joker?
Images of John Peake Knight?
Do you like my art work??(((PIC INCLUDED))))?
Graphic Designing or Animation?
Anyone know anywhere I can get a dingbat font like webdings?
Question about drawing a demand curve. Question is below?
how do i make my pictures sparkle on myspace?
The Cool plaque is taking over!?
Do you think her hand too big?
Where can i dl or look at vampire game the manga?
Looking for a pen pal :)?
How do I find an art gallery to carry my work? I live in a remote area.?
sketching level curves?
Am I good at drawing?
Rate my body?!?! (pics)?
Can someone please draw something for me? :)?
Bob Dylan Wall Print Outs?
Does the term "illustrations" encompass the term "sequential art" ?
Graphic Design client question?
What are some good book on Drawing?
A4 Sketchbook? Or A3 Sketchbook for Art & Design?
I need something new to watch thats interesting. any suggestions??? need good plotted anime?
photoshop help?
How to learn drawing like david finch at home?
Please I need a very simple explanation of conceptual drawing and drawings related to it.?
I want to make a book color illustration but i don't know which tools are better, oil color?color pencil ?
I hate EVERYTHING I draw.... Do you hate it too?
Make a list of awesome talents and skills please?
What should I do with my FASHION SKETCHES? where to send them and who to show?
how can i sell my sneakers designs?
,what does the colours in the union jack represent?
do you know about other web sites like lulu.com,?
I am looking for someone to draw a pic of me....................................?
Need to find a art drawing service?
Does any body make?
how to let yourself draw loosely, enjoy messyness at first?
Whats your opinion of my drawing?
How to color manga drawings?
Photo shopper wanted ASAP...plz may you assist me???? PLEASE?
what shode i draw.?
where can i get blue prints of characters for games?
Favorite Art Program?
how do you make people (diffrent people) look like they are in the same room in photoshop?
what are some cool poster ideas?
good anime yaoi or boyslove?
Which is the best site to provide freelance work in India, which allows work via e-mail?
something differnt to do?
Can anyone recommend a book in illustartion basics i.e processes for coming up with designs?
How should I copy art from another artist to improve?
Anyone Know The Artist Named "Jolliffe"?
Opinions Wanted (pics included)?
What is the most important thing when designing a LOGO for a company?
What are some shapes or symbols?
where can i have anime information?
i need an anime/video game character has that has short dark hair?
How can I improve as an artist?
Anyone got funny ascii art of any religious notaries?
How can I use the Pencil ToolPath in MasterCam X?
Anyone know where i can get a temporary tattoo for the chinese symbol of SKY?
Draw Digimon?
Can you tell me what the best sharpener is to use with pastel pencils of various thicknesses please?
What type of power or weaponry should this character use?
Walcom Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch tablet in S or M?
has anyone heard of n.o.c.c.a or"new orleans center for creative arts?
I need help with drawing?
web designs?
please answer?
Which tablet to buy?????
Who here likes japanese things like, panda's, and anime?
If you where a Japanese anime character who would you be and would you learn Japanese just for fun?
Could anyone let me know the sites for free video tutorial of Dreamwaver cs5?
Who is your favorite artist and why?
Color and Design theory?
am i pretty?
Pay someone to do animation.?
what brand of color pencils is the best?
whats your fav pen colour to write casually?
Anyone know where I can find a lepracorn?
Where can i find some beautiful totally spies layouts for myspace?
How do you draw a circle on a picture on powerpoint?
can someone draw me in anime form please?
Copying Van Gogh's work?
Where can I find an artist for my webcomic?
What can i draw for my art for the theme up is down?
Who can I sell great Flash cartoon designs to?
Where can I find a spiral notepad made with black paper?
How do you sharpen your pencil ! ! ? ?
How detailed to first and second designs have to be?
Do you guys think Hellographs is a good ecard site name?
Clip art??
Can anyone identify this text font? Thumbs up for those who answer honestly!?
what graffiti name sounds the best?
which institute for graphic&web desining, 2d&3ds max, maya, vfx, animation in visakhapatnam?
I am a student of glamour fashion designing institutes in BSC 1st yer.They chetting me regarding my fees. Wher?
Can someone give me names for different types of each color? (10points for best)?
'How to draw anime' videos in youtube?ASAP?
what is the name of the bag used to contain pictures and drawings ?
how do i draw graffiti?
How doesty industry make profits?
ill america fall?
Can you do better than this?
Artist Turned Engineer *college*?
I need some Ideas fast for a sketchbook assignment?? Please help?
pls tell me where can i find a website where you can find?
what artist drew this? does anyone know? anime?
Thinking about making my own comic.?
Stop Motion Animator Problem with starting?
What do you think of my art work/ drawing skillz?
How to draw MickeyMouse?
how is anime pornounced?
Trying to find a pic of a hand with,"Would you still love me?" written on the wrist.?
How can I make money making comics?
where can i learn to draw? or do art?
how do u image this world after 250years?
some suggestions for the local art contests or community services?
What are cool names you can make out of Mark?
can u tell me the names of some internationally known designers who have worked on indian techniques?
What can i use to draw a mural on my wall?
What is a doujinshi?
What should I draw keep in mind I am young so I can't do very well?
Drawing pencils for designers?
what,s a design portfolio?
How to improve on perspective drawings?
Do you think it would be funny to make a really silly drawing for a girls birthday?
did you watch yu yu hakusho?
A banner for a website?
Novice needs some basic advice with learning to draw.?
I've lost my inspiration/motivation to draw....help?
How to make those little hearts?
FURRIES ONLY: how do i get good at drawing anthros in under three weeks?
I need help finding a Symbol that represents to Be Still?
Name some ways for my mother to market her art. she is a portrait artist and is trying to get some commisions.
Should i go to a cummunity college if i have already decided that i want to go to art college next year?
Do you think that a African American can be a Manga Artsit?
Are my drawings good?
Tadashi Shoji The Japanese Designer at MackTakMart.com?
Black paper notebook?
where can I find someone that knows html?
Looking for a Pivot animator?
What are some sweet symbol, icons or designs?
sample journals for the mind/body problem?