how do you use www.blingee.com?
Anatomy is important when it comes to drawing humans but is this necessary?
IF you had a sign on your Forehead, what would it be?????
Printing tshirts please help!!?
What object or logo do you think is an international sign of peace?
Character Day @ school, helpppp. (easy ten points)?
I have 11 year-old boy I think he is fan of graphic drawing how can I do till his talent be improved ?
Photoshop 6.0 question. I have a logo i made and i need to somehow shrink it onto a shirt template?
I am writing a story and I need a visual for a a sinister looking male character?
Does any one know a really good book for the mathematics of perspective drawing?
witch R&B artist starts his song with cruisin all alone?
Why are my graphics printing too large?
How do illustrators communicate ideas and illustrate designers meanings and messages?
Can you draw and how well?
How do artist get models or ideas for things you dont see in everyday life?
Sketch Society Art group?
What is a good way to promote your art?
Looking for a job?
What is your favourite piece of art?
Adobe Illustrator users, PLEASE HELP?
what crazy things to draw with?
Where can I find 3 illustrations of cavalier and cabinet drawings?
need people who are VERY CREATIVE to read this!! :)?
http://work.onlinerel.com/?u=nirob100 .?
what do you think of this?
Anime Websites?
Good names for African/American Black History Fashion Show.?
A person majoring Fine Arts should know how to draw?
Is there a free photoshop plugin that works on macs that can digitally ink drawings?
Do you think this picture looks cool?
What are the different kinds of handicrafts?
new snn. pleeeease?
this is about the anime show soul eater?
What is analytical cubism?
How to draw..or be a good artist?
how to make a design on a card that stands out like a bubble?
I spent 8 hours on a drawing and my dad deleted it!!!!?
how well do you think i draw?
anyone like to buy these cartoon sketches?
do u love art? what kind i.e. abstract, new age, originals, or Mona Lisa types?
As an artist, how can I get paid to do what I love?
What is the contest for drawing a duck for stamp? I need their web site.?
To the artists out there, what is a good pin board surface?
Are my drawings really that bad?
anyone know of a place to have lithographs appraised in los angeles?
On deviantart, How do I change my group's logo?
Are there any free Cartoon drawing lessons on the Net?
What are some examples of famous artists with poor drafting skills?
POLL:which side of a heart do u draw first?
I need someone to draw me a picture!?
Where can I find a free 2d animation software?
Any one tell me that who is the best printing company?
what would it take to be an apparel graphic designer for a big clothing brand?
Looking for a vintage advertising poster with an ape made of oranges?
Signage/Graphic Designers?
why doesnt my Illustrator text show up in my Cinema 4D?
What was the name of that PBS children's show, and who was the host?
Where can I get the following art supplies?
How do you save a project in gimp without merging the layers?
what are some typed faces that you know of?
how to talk someone into being a nude model?
Does Body by Vi work?
How it was made: Front cover?
what do you think of my drawings?
is it illegal to draw another persons drawing?
What's you fave anime?
Free Web Hosting Ideas And Help ... Designing invitations?
Photoshop: How to create a nice looking diamond for a logo?
in water color,how to move brush on paper in different styles in light to dark rendering etc. guide in detail?
What is this brand logo?
The value of a print from Paul Palnik 1979 "Near the finish line of the little naked runners marathon"
Party Flyers?
What career should a person with great handwriting pursue?
Which drawing looks better?
Crafty ideas for writing a letter?
whats your favorite anime?
colored pencils?
vote request for sun-glass design competition?
I was rummaging around in my GF Amy's undies drawer and found pics of her ex... what should I do?
Is this Kanji symbol (tattoo I want) really what I want it to say??
Please help.......?
Does anyone know font at the Candy Hearts? the name and/or where can I find it?
I need an image put into vector art, and done by tomorrow....?
Does anyone have any ideas, please help.?
What is the meaning of this picture?
What do you think of my drawing? Rate it from 1-10?
Pictures of a specific angle to help with drawing?
I want to get IllustStudio and Cintiq 12wx in English. Anyone know where I can find them?
How to get proportions right when drawing?
can i use washi tape on a laptop?
How do create an amazing cover for my diary?
What should i draw for my art teacher?
Helo frnds iam a good painter i can draw cartoons can it help me 2 gain money?
How do you make a black/white heart symbol?
Ke$ha... talent?.. Haa !?
Where can I find/order cufflinks with Da Vinci's portrait on them?
how do you figure out your favorite color?
Can someone please photoshop this image for me?
Hi there, Do you know of any unique/cool.....?
What do you think of my first attempt at fashion design drawing?
Is high speed 3D FREE ON waptrik?
are my parents right? or is it because there not artistic?
What website do you go to print greeting cards?
Can some people show me there art?
I want to drop out of college and become an artist. How can I NOT end up a bum?
How can I learn to draw more realistically and objects from real life?
lesson plan on warli painting in india?
How to make hand drawn pictures into computer art?
What difference between white and black?
What should I draw for practice?
Why are oblique pen holders angled the way they are?
Help me decide the font for my new tattoo?
It seems to be that my creativity has fallen short, and i need ideas for some doodles?
Why is my Art so pixleated?
what brushes or design are these?
Is there a way of making money from your art ?
Is graphic design a good major?
What are some names for colours?
how to reach my dream?
I'd like to save up for a Wacom tablet. What type of tablet is the best for a beginner...?
What is youe fav color??
How can I do paintings on Gimp?
Can't find a certain brand of pencil?
Different type of shapes?
How could I make this? What materials would be best?
If the #2 pencil is so important, why is it still #2?
what are good websites for charcoal students?
with all the flowers in the world this will be hard, but design a flower and describe it smell and everything?
Jules Pascin...anyone know his work?
Can anyone who is familiar with Blogger give me any suggestions for my blog?
What do you think to my drawing?
Would you mind give some critique on my art work?
How to get inspired to draw something?
I am a suck drawer but I love to draw anyways. Any suggestions that would be simple and challenging?
what you think of my eye?
Can an artist be represented by multiple galleries?
i want to creat my signature?
Neo sans medium for free?
can you give me ideas for something to draw? just some random things.?
How to add website URL below logo?
Where can I find a high resolution logo or Hizbullah?
I want to be a graphic designer, what does it take to be a good one?
who according to you is more creative, an art director or copy writer or the consumer himself..?? and why?
Help with this question please?? Appreciate it. ? ?
Help with returning tablet?
anime book?
How do I create transparency in an image using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop?
whats a good website to get custom tshirts?
Anime reccomendations?
What year did Picasso draw this....???? help?
Do you like Edward Cullen? Did you know you can create your own cross-stitch design of Twilight characters.?
How big is a A2 sheet of paper?
Style icons for my story?
drew this when i was 9.....?
how i can be a superhero?
Does anyone know the full name of the UK illustrator who just signs his name as Gary?
which pen is best in india?
necesary skills to enter into graphics design?
what goes with yellow, orange and red in art?
How do you draw Wario?
How could I draw a weeping willow where it is depicted in an unusual way?
I would like to create custom labels for my jewelry using black card stock and silver or gold ink.?
I am looking for an opinion on my art and if its good enough to go into a gallery ?
Can anyone answer this question about computer skills?
Another question about the Artemis rod!! so how can I???
I need help with Photoshop making a glow on the outside of the pic!?
Cool words that start with M or Z?
how to make time go by faster?
How to color manga drawings?
Does anyone have any creative ideas?
what to draw when your bored?
How to Apply a Lock Onto a Drawing Book?
where can i submit a drawing?
what should i name my clan?
Drawing advice?
Artist inspiration question?
Drawing site?
Can I make my own 3D glasses?
When im drawing, how do i make it look realistic? i want to make my drawings very detailed, and i need tips.?
where can i find Shishunki Miman Okotowari and epoteranasu mai manga for free?
what can u draw better?
Good anime for me to watch?
John Jude Palencar?
i want stop any Emile come from advertisements thanks?
Anybody needs talented young people?
Drawing on a Walmart card design?
Who likes the heart logo?
How do I insert pictures to Paint Tool Sai?
I'm looking for an artist that can draw skeletons flawlessly.?
PrismaColor Turquoise Graphite Pencil?
how do i create a form for models?
how does your skeleton get larger?
how do i draw a star?
Am I a okay manga artist?
how can i draw better?
Wher are hq sqn 23sasr?
what size air hose do you need for an aztek airbrush?
How do you color digitally like this?
I need a cool, unique tumblr name. Ideas?
Which pic of me is best???? [PLEASE ANSWER!!]?
Gimp Fantasy Art Tutorials?
What is the art of handwriting is known as?
Where can I find a graphic design job?
Basketball tribal Clip art
Teach me how to shuffle!! xD?
Alice in Wonderland artwork?
where can i find a ghost rider myspace layout?
Where can I find anime cosplay patterns?
I need help with this picture.?
I want to design a calender, how ?
What should I draw? I have a lot of space in my sketch book an I want more ideas!! :D?
what is a art prints cheap?
Do you think I'm good enough for RL commissions/pricing suggestions if I am?
where can i find funny images for my computer ?
How do I represent....?
Are the liquid sims in autodesk maya fluids voxels?
Anyone know what anime this is from?
Jobs combining business and fashion?
where are the best places i can see good graffiti?
unique family presentation?
how to draw this.. pls help?
I need your critique , did I do a good job on this ?
what is the best picture to print on a shirt?
room designs?? help me out?:)?
need help??????????????????
Request for a YT background/intro?!?
Any suggestions for this logo I was asked to make?
map ideas please!?
Possibly draw pretty great via Mouse?
Can someone tell me what this optical illusion is?
I need ideas for my art project!?
Is it possible to teach myself how to draw anime?
help needed for a character sketch?
Ideas for a unique brain models?
Where can I get cyanide?
Highlighter ink on black cloth question?
which site design should i pick ? here two site designs?
which pencil is most ideal for standard drawing ?
Artists like Keith Haring and Andy Warhol?
What Things Are Drawn Too Much And Overdone?
Cosplay ideas wanted?
Have you ever seen an illustration, painting, portrait, etc that had an image that resembled a celebrity?
where can i find raws of wolf guy wolfen crest 69 or 74?
How can i carry on with an art career?
How can you get pen marks off my bag?!?!?!?
HELP! I have a very different problem with my wacom bamboo pen!?
Is there a website where i can put swirls around my pic?
How much I should charge for a vector illustration?
What is a good picture I can draw that has to do with high school math?
Do you still ever use a pencil, a wooden one?
Who has tips on how to get more watchers on Deviantart?
How do I write a storyboard?
What is the name of the artist for the print "The Green Doorway and also it's current value?
Some cute Ideas for contests on Polyvore?
ok, its a contest...?
Advantages of using a cross-section drawing?
What should I draw? Ideas please!?
does anybody know a sofware were i can add color effects to my pics like make them B&W, Negative Ect.?
What drawing software should I use?
Tinierme Chibi Gacha is Separate?
Famous Chinese or Japanese artists?
What manga is she from?
Any artists out there?!?
I am looking for artwork of exotic women for ideas for a tattoo i need an sexy evil woman and a sexy angel?
Who was R.Macauley,waterclour artist,circa 1900,possibly with Liverpool area connection?
Help with a character description?
Does anyone know good anime shows?
How to prevent color transfer?
What do you think of my drawing? (10 POINTS)?
what do i do next......s?
I'm trying to make my drawing look like the actualy picture. Help!?
Artist suggestions for body distortion?
What do the vagi*a and pen*s have in common?
what are some cool things to draw?
What do you think of my drawing?
Am i a medium? HELP Me please?
How to learn to draw?
Do you think this print is reasonably priced?
Anyone know any good Shounen-ai or Yaoi anime.?
I was wondering if anyone was willing to critique my work?
Has anyone else experienced that the general public doesn't consider "drawing" to be "REEEEAL ART"???
What website should I go to, to type to a person about what picture/drawing I will like (to see), then that?
What do graphic designer do in the graphic design industry?
I have a vintage drawing by Gallardo that was printed in Spain. How can I get more info. on this drawing?
How to make myself good looking ?
How long does it take to learn Cursive hand writing?
what is hue?
Who here is so stinkin obssesed with anything about original Nancy Drew books?????
how to make good graffiti ink?
Sketching or drawing ideas? ( I don't paint)?
Where can I find this?
What do nude models for art do on their periods?
Where can i go to get anime clothes? please help?
is drawing a talent people are born with?
is there a website on how to draw your name after you finish a drawing?
What are some tips on how to improve my cartoon drawing skills?
do you think this girl is too hot for me??
Creative people: Can you help me with this Christmas idea, please?
Abstract mandala. what do i draw? i need something that represents me, family, world, and universe! helppp?
can i steal your artwork?..?
Can you help me with art?
Does this picture sound familiar???
How can I advertise my art so people can buy it?
Making a Harry Potter themed class shirt?
How to blend from one colour to another when tattooing?
What's a website that has a image of the New York symbol (NY) and a frog?
Does one-self believe that Emotion is shown in Art?
Is there a technical term for when you rub graphite onto a sheet and erase the drawing in?
how to make a creative Portfolio?
Model of island...?
How to have a creative personality?
Is there a clean easy way to grind charcoal?
what's the best way to afford collage?
I am interested in creating a new style of music. Where can I find artists willing to collaberate with me?
Im doing a progect on the fiftys does anyone have any ideas its urgent!?
Adobe Illustrator - Drawing ?
What are those star shapes called from the 50s?
Are my reasons for learning how to draw bad?
I have this passion for art.
do u know what program to give effect like wings in a picture?
What are some good schools for costume and makeup design for films?
i need t shirts designe.but before i pay someone to come up with design i want to see samples where do i go?
i need an idea for a portrait final?
Please Explain The Terms "Slide Form" and "Digital Prints"?
Logo Quiz App Answers?
Anime drawing, how to get better?
Does anyone have models of Luigi Colanis works?
What do you think of my drawing?
I'm creating a guide, and I need ideas!?
Could I connect a drawing tablet to a tablet PC?
How does the time of day affect you mood and your artwork?
give three methods of enlarging images?
What is the best way to break into the comic strip business ?
I need to make a sign for my girlfriend, Her name is Mallory, and her soccer number is 11. Help?
I would like to collect Anime arts from you guys. Is there any of you would like to make an Anime arts for me?
How do I keep on drawing manga?
What do you know abot the history of design?
Is this drawing good?
How to i set up drawing limits (A4) in autocad 2011 with a rectangular border ?
what are those drawings called that are like really big and have a lot going on in them?
which picture should i draw?
How to make a fantasy world map on paper?
Tips, ideas, advice in what to do :)?
doing grasses and trees with color pencils for outdoor scenes?
Is this considerd a noob?
Opinion on Art assignment... Plz help!!?
How are sleeves made in the industry?
I need to make a sign for my girlfriend, Her name is Mallory, and her soccer number is 11. Help?
were does the ink come from when you write a message on a computer?
what anime movie is the best???
Business card design?
Does anyone go on Buddy4u.com?
Are you a talented artist that hates to create art?
Need Ideas Please!!!!!! Help?
How can I make cool picture effects?
Is anyone making to make a logo for me?
Does anyone know where I can buy Gil Elvgren's pin up art online? Besides ebay?
how can i become a better drawer? ?
that huge wallpaper of a drawn japanese city?
Would you buy my drawings?
its about me going to school to be a graphic desighner?
can anyone recognise the symbol on the t shirt, in my picture, and tell me what the writing in red might say?
How do you buy a color pack in "draw something"?
How can become fairy?
Optical illusion. How does it go from 12 to 13?
theodor geisel(DR. seuss)?
what color do you like?
Why do they say I'm weird because I like anime?
Can someone please help write a Invitation to a Party Flyer?
I'm looking for assistants that can draw in my manga. Who want to be?
how to make a layout design for power point?
Which is better for drawing, chisel tip or brush tip?
what is a great job for a person that likes math, reading, eyes/human body, and drawing all in one?
I'm an amiture cartoonist that has great ideas, but can't seem to get past the pro's. Any ideas?
What can i do to better my skills using photoshop?
Anyone have a Maple Leaf tatoo that looks like flames and is willing to share the design?
Where to sell artwork?
turning drawing thing for art?
Drawing Veruca Salt - HELP!?
Does anyone know of any good fashion apps?
I want to make a collage out of candy hearts...?
Can I get someone photoshopped out?
Questions about Illustrating?? (I'll give a thumbs up for each answer and I'll pick a best answer!)?
help me with this illusion?
Tumblr community?! :)?
Website where I can create me own logo?
What are some good art tutorials on the web?
Will sharpies run if they get wet?
Does anyone know what program was used to create something like this? and where can i get the program?
which famous artists are known for perspective drawings?
Rate my drawling ona scale of 1-10?
How can I make my poster stand out?
tips on how to make a picture look mystical? lol please answer?
where can i find the dimensions of a 18' boat to make a cad drawing? I also need to draw an outboard motor...
Help me test speed for my website?
Any names of music schools that are in need of instruments/supplies?
how do i use shading on a picture?
How do you draw an anime characters hair?
how do im make like a lot of pictures become like a collage(dont kno how to spell)?
How could I draw something on wood?
Layout on 2.0 that the tables are black and the writing is all white?
Please help me with this amazing opportunity! :)?
Where can I find the print that Jon Krakauer mentions in his book called "Himalayan Trilogy"?
any tips on how to draw Japanese calligraphy for beginners?
can you give me as many figures of speech as you can?
I would love to learn how to silk screen my own tee shirts it there anywhere in New York City that teaches it
Moving image plagiarism ?
When one is not using a tortillion, does he use the tip of side of the pencil for shading?
What type of font is this?
Are there pens made specifically for drawing on skin?
Does anyone know this gut in the picture?
What do you think of me?
How can I stop my hand from smudging the lead on a drawing?
I am 27yrs old and have no job experience. I am an Engineer and also did a course in Graphic design.?
do you know how i could find kids work books to print out online?
Where can I share my anime drawings?
Things that start with K?
need help to find a good pic?
GCSE art topic decay?
What are some cool way to take pictures at the beach I'm going tomorrow! HELPThanks like poses& sand writing:)?
What do u guys think about rewatching anime?
Please help ? Any websites?
i wana become an artist and have my own cartoon and i can draw really good but i dont know how to become an ar
Where is a website where i can do this?
What does this symbol mean?
what store has a web kins?
Where do serial planes fall in relation to relief, overlap, and three-dimensional objects?
what ur opinion?
what rhyms with sorry?
What do you love to draw?
Would a fixative help protect my sketchbook cover?
How do I Draw Manga/Anime/Comic Sound-Effects and Emotions?
What is your reaction? Anime?
To digital artists, anyone know the difference between Adobe CS4 and the Extended version of it?
Does anyone know any websites or any tips to make me draw really good or better?
How can you put your body on someone else's head? OR...?
Another kewl anime show on JETIX?
would anybody like to draw or paint a portrait of me??
where can i buy magic photo mugs in pune?
Is it okay to ask for private or dirty pics? How do you say no? Where do you draw the line? ?
Walter Adams created all the cartoons for the school lmagazine. He has been interested in drawing since he was?
I have a Montblanc Meisterstuck pen and have crushed the cap. Does anyone know of a place that will sell just?
Where can I find animations of Britney Spears' new video "Gimme More"??
Can someone help me find a picture?
For Blender 2.49, I am looking for a comprehensive tutorial on tank tracks and animating them.?
Anyone got any tips on sketching and drawing?
There is a Cartoonist that said "Hey Necessity, Hey ...... How's Invention?.?
how creating malty color (4 or 5) screen printing ..?
My creativity has gone, what do i do?
What should I do for my Tim Burton assignment?
if you had to draw passion...?
What is the best way to put up a poster?
What do you call that cardboard where there's a hole in the face where you can put your face in it and look?
Where can I learn 3d modelling online?
how to start a manga drawer in canada?
Character modelling with 3ds Max?
Graphic design interview questions?
What is the software used to change the image on a photo ,like hair or clothing to make it look funny?
what about niche blueprint?
how did eazy-e die?
I need a good logo site as I'm creating a logo for my band, do any of you guys/girls know any good logo sites?
Do you think I draw good for my age?
how can i draw a flat gray country?
I want to draw myself as a fantasy character, any ideas?
Name for Graphic Design Company?
Where are my glasses?
OFFICE SUpples !?
what are some really scray things about graveyards, i need good descriptions.?
I can find the perfect feather tattoo!?
i want a tattoo of a skunk. Any ideas?
How do i seem to you, what can you tell from this pic of me?
How did you learn to paint or draw...?
math helpp please pleas thank you so so much?
What do you think of my art work/ drawing skillz?
what font is the mountain dew logo?
do you think this is a good pic?
Will I get an autograph picture back please answer!?
help with anime like elfen lied?
are there any good manga downloads site ??? Please I need one coz I can't survive any longer without my mangas?
what program its better for a starter in 3D animation and design 3D max Blender or Mya?
How do you make homemade cotton paper?
I need a new anime to watch for free ?
Naked pics? help plez!?
Where can i find accurate kanji symbols?
Can you spot the con artist? If indeed there is one to be found?
help find this image?
Is It harder to become a shoe designer or a car designer? s?
How do you draw hair?
How to draw?
Any Cool 3D bendaroo ideas?
Does anyone know where I can download this font (on a mac) online?!?
who know how to make our drawing become 3D?
Can anybody Draw some fantasy creatures and humanoids for me?
I cant draw anymore!!!!!?
What's a good website to use to learn how to draw Anime well, And make a manga?
Please critique/rate my drawing
what shall i draw ? :)?
artists that draw like this?
what are good anime shows to watch like...?
What's a good animation software similar to Flipnote Studios?
Can you tell who this drawing is of?
Any anime suggestions?
my brother is going to collage?
Birthday avatars? For AIM or deviantart?
where can i buy animation celluloid?
I need ideas,please help me.?
Should an artist be considered talented?
Any expert in graphic designer, pls suggest me how to expert in graphic designing?
adult anime series/movies?
whats better to be a doctor or an artist?
I'm preparing an artist alley table for an anime convention and I need opinions?
where can I download outline alphabet letters?
Help in drawing Characters?!?
I'm looking for a traveling sketchbook that was created about a year ago. Can anyone help???
How's my drawing?
what is motion graphics????
How can I do my handwritten signature?
This is Urgent!!!?
What is this symbol (oval with line)?
am i a good drawer???PLZ ANSWER?
Where can I find a picture of a magenta mircowave?
Im 16 and want to start drawing more professionally, is it to late?
what should i draw?please help me art project?
i need to know how glass can be used for special effects in interior docoration.brief r wer can find answer?
I need to get a vote of how many people like anime.?
What kind of graphic tablet should i get?
Is this land of illusion?
i have to make an imaginary invention?!?
How do I drive more viewers to my blog?
what can i draw for this topic 'patterns'?
businesses that relate to a colour?
I love to draw...is there anybody that can draw really well an can give me a few pointers to develop ?
Can someone give me a color that's also a name?
Does Art have to be beautiful?
Personal Cartooning/Anime-making and Chibi-ing Tips. :D?
Medieval Visual?
where can i make gifs?
Why is my black fountain pen ink coming out gray?
Do you know what the Wachovia logo is?
3d Modeling Programs like Spaceclaim but free and simple !?
I would like to learn drawing?
Sprite drawing/animation program?
Graphic designer help?
What do you think of my Manga Sketch?
I am Getting a tatoo of a frog climbing up my leg and need some help with the wording.?
can any1 show me how to draw male furries step by step?
Does anyone know the name of this font?
What is an example of something solid with surface texture?
I need a wonderful Tumblr theme?
Artists that are famously known for drawing women?
Gay Illustrator Tutorial Source?
Art thief! I can't find the original help please!?
Business Name for Graphic Designer and Photographer?
whats your favorite 4 colors?
what is a didactic work of art?
What do you think of my drawing?
I want to be a model, can anybody please help me ?
On what site can I download a picture of flags for St. Vincent and the Grenadines?
Holiday Greeting Cards?
The Character sketch of the main character a tale of two cities?
Optical illusions shows us that...?
Freelance Graphic Designer Jobs?
i am a tattoo artist and am trying to figure out ways to promote myself i?
How does one put a dimension on a photo or mage?
How to improve at drawing?
What font was used for the original Garbage Pail Kids banner?
any ideas for word???
Questions to professional artists?
How to start off drawing?
How to insert Parker Vector fountain pen ink cartridge?
4321 Where to hire an artist to design for cheap?
Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man....?
What is an axonometric drawing?
OPINIONS? DESIGN? would you be interested in this?
what site where i can get nice logos for shirt for free?
How to draw people?
where can i find a copy of a picture used in a cheerios add?
Disney Princess Portraits?
do i get better quality prints, with better quality paper?
Does perniment marker or sharpie run?
Is my graffiti good? (pt2)
Does anyone know where I can get those Girly Graphics from?
Omg this is a clue scroll, and I'm at the place, but what do I need to do?! HELP!?
Which superhero is better, spiderman or batman? Why?
Can conte and charcoal be used together?
i lost my favorite pen. does anyone know where it is?
The pressure on my Bamboo Touch and Pen still not working?
What do you think of my drawing?
A book am I using to learn how to draw suggests buying an eyeshade. Where can I find one?
whats better?
Which should I choose Bamboo Fun Small, Medium or Intuos4 Small?
How can I cancel an order from "Memories Direct" scrapbooking sold by Jenna Lewis on television this morning?
My school planner.....?
EAZY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i do screenprinting at home?
Is there a paint or method of getting bright white areas on drawing paper compatable w/ Prismacolor stuff?
How can i make REGULAR images i find on the internet GLITTER/SPARKLE?
AP Studio Art Concentration help?
Year 10 work experience, fashion design industry.?
add to this piece of work?
Tattoos in the workplace?
I'm looking for some unique graphics to put on my page ,any ideas?
How can i preserve graphite drawings on emulsion painted wood? Help!?
What do these strange animations represent?
What Is A Good Website For Drawing ? Sketches ?
graphic designer job in chennai?
Does this art program like this Exist on the computer?
RATE MY ARTWORK please :) 1-10?
are tattoes just works of art tht stand out?
Found nice stationery paper I want to use for a flier. How can I upload it and add more graphics?
Help me identify this art?
Can you block someone on Draw Something mobile?
What do you think of my drawing? Rate my drawing?
Am i psychic? Everything i draw happens to me or anyone else i draw about?
What are some good dubstep remixs?
Ever want an anime picture to be better?
Sell my own art for money?
In Photoshop how do you paint within the boundaries of what has already been painted in your layer?
The back of my skull is becoming flat, how can I make it more rounded?
How much should I charge to DESIGN AND PRINT 2,500 flyers?
My daughter drew her face on paper and I was quite shocked as the drawing seemed so advanced, what age range ?
Some art equipment?!?
YOU CAN ANSWER THIS SHORT, Adobe Flash: Good Brush Tool Smoothness Setting?
Do you think the combo blue and orange or blue and yellow looks better?
any ideas what i can draw? something not everyday.?
Help! Using GIMP photo editing - trying to color in sketches of clothes, but the color fill in it too blocky..?
How do I make a professional brochure and get it laminated?
i wanna go to college to get a mayor in drawing and illustration , but i cant afford it, what can i do?
Who can convert scanned drawings into digital images?
what do you think of my drawing?
What was the last thing you drew with chalk?
my 11yr old wants to be a graphic designer?
Help! is there like a app on pc for how to draw anime?
Where can I get some free photoshop Brushes?
Any good romance mangas but not TOO romantic and gross?
Wife posed with nude male model. This a big deal?
where i can get the creative pics?
what is your all-time favorite slogan or quote?????
how to draw 2d manga for someone who can't draw?
Do you like this iPhone case? (pic included)?
i want to be a webdesigner?
What is ur favorite wwe t-shirt ?
Has Anyone ever published a comic book?
HELP!!! brain block for art?
Any know a Manga-artist?
Tips on using india ink washes?
Screen printing questions?
What is the name for a drawing where theres a figure and if you look carefully fo you'll see another figure?
Current CalArts Animation Students, can you help me...?
Separate color's in off-set printing?
If you could be a brand of pencil, which would you be?
Can someone tell me the name of this font please?
Why doesn't the image on gimp resize?
Where can I find posters of Robert Longo's Men in the cities? And I am not looking for a hand signed one. Just?
What is Joe Sorren's type of artwork?
does anybody know where i can get a beutiful bhudda tattoo image or pic?
Graphic designers: what are your opinions on free pitching?
Any good tutorials or guides to help me learn to draw?
how do you make a tagmypals.com picture?
Does anyone know what type of font this is?
I have a question for all artists?
attention artists: what do you do when you get that itch to draw...?
need help finding this doujin?
Can someone help on how to sketch or draw a mayan or aztec pyramid?
Has anyone out there started a graphic design business without formal training?
do you like to paint or draw better?
Who likes this?
I am trying to find Karl Lagerfeld's actual signature to verify a drawing from years ago. I can't find it.
Hey, do you like my abstract drawings :)?
where can i learn to do stick figures or animated stuff online free?
How do I stop drawing heroin addicts?
What is your favourite hentai anime?
What can someone make for their locker?
what are these fonts called?
im a very talented person but why is it that i'm still lacking in career success and financial stability?
Help with a tumblr name!? :]?
Where can I find this cute troll picture or meme?
Help! How to draw!!??
need another title that is more appropriate?
where do i get a tat?
Whyis it when I am on the podium posing this 1 art student sits right where he can look at my butt?
What is your fav color?
how much are newspaper comi-strip artist paid?
When an artist works, do they need to be relaxed?
Is my drawing any good?
can anyone help me, what will i post picture about environment 4 the collage?
How do you draw fire from an aerial view?
Is there a code for a kiss or lip symbol for the myspace name?
What does the woman in the starbucks logo symbolize?
does this sound possible?
I want to start my own line of women's footwear. Does anyone know how do I get started?
what japanese cartoon do you like the most?
I am 27yrs old and have no job experience. I am an Engineer and also did a course in Graphic design.?
where can I find anime adult movies???
where can i buy a poster of the band, The Script?
What's the difference between Graphic Design and Computer Arts: New Media?
i'm creating a manga with some friends what supplies will i need and what type of paper do i use?
Last Supper mirror imagine?
I am looking for a (hopefully FREE) wood grain font.?
Please be honest...?
Where can I find and download cartoon scenery?
How Do I Put Animations into a home video?
Artists who draw/study fashion models?
How can I draw what I saw with my mind?
Critique my artwork please?
How do I make a logo online?
ideas about drawing an ironic picture!?
can i get good job by painting?
What do you think about my drawing?
Looking for some good anime movies, any suggestions?
i am final year student of BE cse,i am interested in graphics,animation and gaming.can any one say what 2study?
where to get free stuff?
Which should i be for anime expo 2012?
Can Anyone Draw This Furry Doing Different Poses?
How to draw yourself as a Happy tree friend?
What is a good way to procure art instruction for a talented kid?
who was the original creator of "conan the barbarian"?
Should I?!?(1D pics!!)?
Best recommendation for beginner’s tablet?
Ideas about how to express myself?
How can I make this 'Pretty Little Liars twirls' in Photoshop?
Best place to sell my own art online?
Can someone plaese tell me a good anime that isnt very common i have seen all the common ones??
Furries if your out there!?
how good i'm i at drawing ?
Where can I find current German movies?
Name of famous artist?
3D Character turned out looking like someone I just met?
have you ever done graffiti?
Does my art look original?
what do you call that paper wad they use for shading pencil?
where can i post pictures i drew?
A question for all artists out there..?
Where can I order Hentai online?
what is frndship?
Cover of "Roxanne" by The Police?
if a girl ask you. can i haf you pen what dos it mean ?
Artists who draw Elves, Fairies and Fantastical things like that using CGI :)?
I need help thinking of what to draw.?
Would this be considered abstract art?
How can someone who sucks at drawing get REAL good?
What are the different comic book styles?
I need a tumblr name?
Where can I find the poem drawing for The runners?
I am designing a charater for a manga.?
Where can I find a Stepmania Theme Making Tutorial????
can someone help me make and anime opening?
what do you think of my drawings?
what are the following pencils used for? H pencil? 2H pencil? 2B pencil?
Someone is copying me, and I don't know what to do.?
Who can draw some cartoons for a gay marriage slogan?
Would this be considered abstract art?
i want letter formet?
how can u place hearts or change your name in my space?
should i keep this hat? possibly wear it?
can someone show me how to draw a easy holly garland?
Has anyone seen a pic like this?
Peel-able "Stencil Tattoos"? Do they exist?
Has anyone gotten ripped off from E-mail smic908@.com ? I did for $2,700. Be careful.?
Does anyone understand kanji?
where can i find a christmas anime guild layout?
rates for 3ds max camera angles interior and exterior?
I'm talented at drawing. How can I make some extra money with this skill?
Has anyone ever been on deviantart?
How to use a copic multiliner?
vintage photo effects ! PLEASE HELP.?
How to draw a shoe? Please help!?
Where do the Ideas come from?
A good anime..?
eternal ink tattoos,do any one know their e-mail address?
Are people on deviantart greedy?
Is naruto in Japanese or is it in Chinese??
How can i make a tumblr?
Can more than one designers work together?
What are some good recources to help with getting better at drawing?
Why are there 2 Seals on some Chinese Art?
What do you think about Chameleon Celtic Rings?
Where can I view paintings of Rory Emerald by Herve Villechaize (Tattoo from 70's TV series Fantasy Island)?
Any suggestions on what I should draw?
What should I draw right now ?
Trying to make fanart ,no progress need help?
Need ideas for my Architecture & design project!! Please help!!?
2d Shapes for a guy? (read description :L!)?
i need help finding a picture?
Slenderman poster?????????
Who designed the starbucks logo?
As a starting off Graphic Design business, how much should I charge for a logo, poster, flyer etc design?
Can anyone help me on ideas for a 3D model of a bear?
I need a design for a band shirt...?
where can i find cheap hatsune miku cosplay?
Please help, people who like art or just know a lot been through it.?
what is the highest quality ink to use with calligraphy pens?
How could I prepare for Art College?
Hidden items in a design?
What is the title of this anime GIF ? *** its ecchi xD***?
Please tell me what you think of my drawing?
Who is your favorite modern artist?
art supplies?
what's a good opening page for a yearbook?
What's awesome to sketch?
Catchy Poster Phrase Help!?
Sanrio help?
On Deviantart which group should I submit this too?
Appropriate but good romantic anime?
How does an artist develop their talent?
what's the analogous colors?
Why did the producer/sketch artist decide The Simpsons characters to have 4 fingers & bulgy eyes?
i am a frustrated artist and i want to learn more about drawing,any free website suggestions about drawing?tnx
A friend gifted me a drawing on a sheet of paper. Is there a good way to preserve it (other than laminate)?
how do the arts convey information to us?
Im looking to become a video game animator, what do i need to study/learn?
What Flower To Draw ? ? ?
Using a Drawing Tablet?
Who will print 12X12 photo prints?
Where can I find the font used for the PlayStation 3 logo?
tattoo ideas?? help!?
Colour question, please help?
I need to design a fizzy drink including name and design any ideas?
Am I a good artist?
Dragonball Z fan art help?
I need show times!?
Id like to learn to draw animals, where do I start?
Style of drawing, what would you call it?
What's a cute blog name for a mother with 2 daughters? Also need great personalized illustrations?
how would you interperete the theme "power" and the theme "flying high" in drawings?
any websit to download 3d max brain?
a little help in detail would be nice.?
name of art?
can anyone tell me what they think of my drawring?
what do you think of my first vector image?
which photoshop tools are used to be made this picture?
Adult artists what do you think of my work I'm 13?
Ideas For My Art & Design Final Peice?
do u have to be good at drawing and illustration to major in graphic design?
Tablets and sai use help?
Would you call a tree an'adaptor'? Or do you have other examples of things adapting (other than cameleon)?
is it ok if i copy?
how to do gutter in photoshop??
where can i find free mcitp material?
What color best goes with peach?
What types of manga/anime drawings are there?
Whats a good site for finding anime torrents?
How did they do this? (photoshop)?
Looking for professional tattoo artist/regular artist to design a half-sleeve for me.?
What are some good designs for a Christmas card?
Random images pop up into my head? Am i crazy?
What kind of artwork do emo people do/like?
What are some good Drawing Books/DVDs?
Help! How to draw!!??
where can i find free mcitp material?
is there still hope for me to have drawing skills if i don`t have the talent?
Information on Lucy Arnold the artist 10 points?
How to become an illustrator ?
whats the name of that scary optical illusion i cant find it?
how..to draw?
What are the materials, styles and colours used in ancient and medieval india?
Do you have to take art lessons when you're young to become an artist?
Would you rather being a famous author or artist?
Ok, so I've always been interested in fashion & now I want to start, do I need a portfolio?
Corso manga e anime DeAgostini?
What is your favorite Crayola crayon color?
What do I use to draw on my chucks? ?
What should I draw guise?
Where can I find online wallpapers like laura ashley designs-floral, swirly, arty prints. French..?Victorian?
What do you think of these drawings?
elementary class pic?
what should I draw.? Like anime type drawing o-o?
How would you draw something like this?
why do people wear black at art galleries?
How to get correct proportion when drawing?
How can I get better at drawing realistic people when I suck at it?
What is this manga???
Does anyone know where I can find those paper dolls that fashion designers use to create outfits?
sites for selling hip and cool designers and engineerings stuff?
what can i do with a lot of nice kids art work,drawing ,paintings,sculpture...suggestions please?
What is the difference b/w a Game Designer and Game Programmer? (Read details)?
How can my writing talent be noticed?
can i improve/expand my imagination?
can you combine these two pictures for me?
Where to find an animated gif?
what is a 2D image and i need information on it also 4 3d image and 4d image as i cant find anythin on the net
Where can I get a lithograph printed.?
Where can i watch free heroes videoes besides fan pop and youtube?
Whats the most random thing you can think of?
I need to know how to make a Mascot Costume. I'm a beginner?
how do music artist reach the top?
Where can i find someone who can draw some anime characters for me?
Question only for graphic designers!?
Proportion in drawing?
Is it hard to learn 3D Animation?
any cute screen names???
One point, two point perspective drawings?
Should i draw something tonight?
Help me with this perspective?
Honestly, what do you think?
Does anybody know any websites that?
Whyis it when I am on the podium posing this 1 art student sits right where he can look at my butt?
could you please teach me a good drawing course online ?
I am an artist what kind of job will I get in the future?
can u get a tattoo in north carolina with parental permission?
What kind of graphic tablet should i get?
how to write a museum (artwork) essay?
Could someone good at photo editing help me here?
I cannot take out my bamboo pen's nib.?
I can't find this image?
more anime lists...please...?
Name any two uses of bimetallic strip.?
Ideas for a ProLife poster I'm making?
Help me find the best best place on the web that i could find fairys art.?
where do i go to find?
price of hirschfeld self portrait?
Do you have any pics of wings???
How can I learn to draw?
Anyone know any good asnd decetn sites for changing the way I could dress cartoon charectors?
I have my own clothing company, can I use fonts from say Microsoft Office Word in a logo or other designs?
what are some things/tricks I can do with my hands in class?
Can I draw good??!!??!!??!!?
GAH!! i'm having artists block! does anyone have any ideas of hwat i could draw??
Difficulty drawing people?
What pictures could I included in a safe community poster?
what is the best art program but for free?
How can i take a photo of myself and turn it into a cartoon?
Are these drawings any good for a 13-year-old (Easy points)?
Can i add picturesof scultpers to my portfolio?
I need some valentines day art ideas?
In Photoshop , can you set it so that you only use colours which are in the 'gamut' for printing?
When drawing a blank, does one need to use invisible ink?
Made to order Photoshop?
Any tips for learning to draw manga?
How do hobos get their sharpies?
I am looking for a pic of a Salvador Dali work "At Christs Feet'?
Must draw something related to ?
I am going to be enrolling in a graphic design program as soon as I find a school that suits me...?
criminal Justice Club t-shirts, any ideas?
I want to add desings to my guitar but....?
How can I copyright drawings?
Am I a talented artist?
whats the best site for printing fairiy pics?
how do you make instgram collages?
the symbol that "Tool" the band that looks likes the star of david but square??
Why is Anwsers so freaking addicting?
i bought photoshop CS and have no clue how to use it! anyone who can teach me the basics? or any free websites
Need some advice on a Band's flier?
How many design projects do graphic designers do in a week?
Can anyone make a piano tutorial on How to play "I Can Make You A Man" from Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Proper care for fountain pen.?
Where can i find some 1950's retro lettering?
Drawing tips? for pencil/graphite?
Good ideas to draw for me?
How do I find my style?
What manga is she from?
Can SOMEONE PLEASE tell me what color this is...?
Is my photoshop drawing good?
There is some hidden hit counter for deviantART?
Who did the artwork in Sheryl Crows music video "good is good"?
When you draw the facial outline how do you know where to start drawing the cheeks from the circle?
Free online drawing classes or lessons?
I'm 17, but can I call myself a professional artist?
How can I get more votes in my online contest?
does anyone have a sketch of a unique up-style?? or ideas for one???
What should I be for character day?
How do I find people to sign up for a exhibition booth at a convention?
Im doing an art project its a hand drawn collage but what is something big in ireland i can do? pls help FAST!?
Need help with paint/cropping?
Am I Pretty? (link included)?
What's a good symbol that represents spontaneity, creativity, and noncomformity?
3D Animation Movie maker?
Is there black Mulffer tips ?
How do you draw something on fire?
help with a surreal art idea.?
Art Homework.. I Need Help?
What should I draw? I have drawers block >.<?
What can I do with my sketches?
im a good artist,im going to draw and i need a picture of a phoenix bird?
How do you read japanese writing is it, top to bottom, left to right, right to left, bottom to top???
What should I draw now?
What could I do for feet for an Alvin and the chipmunks costume?
drawing a famous person?
Looking for a refillable fine felt tip paint pen?
a poster contest i entered...?
What should i do for my Pop Art GCSE final piece?
How do I create a sprite sheet and save it without losing color information?
What Do You Think of theis Drawing?
What Drives Edward contest answers?
what kind anime do you think is this (http://geocities.com/nokai2/888888.jpg)?
How can you draw the same manga character over and over again in different positions?
Does anyone know the meaning of cannes festival Logo?
i need to know the name of a occupation....?
I need inspiration !?
CREATIVE PEOPLE NEEDED...easy .s question, just some ideas needed--please helpp URGENT!! ?
Can you get the finger print at the class I would go to?