Is anyone here a photo designer [expert]? If so, Can you design my Picture? i will give it to you when u say?
I need to know if there is a web site that will show me a list of items, supplies,tools to use for Mosaic Art?
Need a line for to put in my photoshop?
Is there a cheap program that lets me draw an animate manga or anime?
Is this a good drawing?
How do I get rid of lines on a drawing on a lined piece of paper?
How to draw a pirate ship?
Does anyone have information about the artist "Herblot"?
slogan ideas for my logo?
What is the most famous interior designer you can name right now?
wood templates !!!?
What do you like to draw?
What materials did Pablo Picasso use when printmaking Pique (rouge et jaune)?
What software do Interior Desingers use?
Why does anime make me cry?
correcting typos in copyrighted materials?
could someone find me a led zeppelin font for windows xp?
Will a degree in graphic design may necessarily help me on my way of becoming a future jewelry designer?
how to write text in U direction in illustrator 9 and cs2?
where can i search for one specific strip from the far side?
am about to finish my 12th and now intrested in advertising mass media or animation..degree courses?
What type of guitar pick is best to get signed? And what type of marker is best to sign it with??
How to improve my anime drawings?
What are some ideas for a poster that sends the message "don't smoke"?
A good site to put up artwork?
What do you think of my drawing?
whats my magician name?
How can I draw over pictures with Pixels?
which universitiy is good for Art ( esp pencil portrait)?
Name a Random object?
Art sketchbook help! :D?
can you give me a link to a good manga/anime pics?
Can i take two art classes?
does this drawing look good?
is there any sites were u can learn draw and sketch?
how can i make my picture like an animated picture?
what is your favorite anime?
Help, Any ideas. Please!?
Anybody know of a tumblr theme like this ?
use scamper technique to create a logo design?
Can anyone name me some weird artists?.?
Is it possible to draw exactly what you see in your head in one night?
some online step by step tutorials on how to draw for beginners?
What's the difference between 3D and REAL D 3D? What's better?
Any ideas?? Please help..?
Is it normal to feel terrified when coloring?
Am I Improving as an artist?
Is it impossible for some people to learn to draw?
where can i get a viscometer?
What are Chalk Pastels?
Help me with my picture?
Give me ideas for a zeotrope movie?
My Bamboo Wacom Tablet is not working?
What's the best thing to use in coloring?
Where can I find some "rare" anime pictures?
Pen pressure won't work in Sai?
answer pleaseeeeeeeee?
Do you think these drawings are any good? [pics]?
Im teenage and I paint and draw very well, But how to show it to the world?
Do you like to draw or paint or doodle? lol I need you talented artists!:]?
what are the unique and great ablities of the smithsonian institute?
What stores carry Copic Markers?
What's the Photoshop function that turns a photo into a tracing?
How do you get in contact with a artist?
Do you have any good ideas?
Which is the best pen tablet for me?
What material/media did John Tenniel use to illustrate Alice's adventures in wonderland?
help on project?
Steps to make a race car.?
what are some things/tricks I can do with my hands in class?
where can i find German charcoal pencils?
what are the software's need to be a web designer?
Who is the artist that sketched the anatomical drawings on the intro to the TV show House??
Photoshop colouring help?
wat is ur favorite comics?
What do you think of this drawing?
where can i get some stuff to make a ww1 trench!?
What collage did you go to?
What do you think of my drawing?
how to u make a permanet marker for tagging?
Who copyrighted the copyright symbol?
Graphic Designer? Advertisement? Interactive Media Design?
how much wood does a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck would?
Does anyone how i can get a pic of me to look like an anime character?
Guys, What do you think of my first drawing "The Head of the Golden Rod"?
Does anyone know good architectural sites ? 10 points are waiting?
How do i draw perfect anime characters because im jealous of my friends because they draw nearly perfect ones?
I love to draw what should i draw next ?
what type of ink and art materials did Disney artistis/illustrators use to draw their cartoons on in the 50's?
Good Ideas for Deviantart Username?? ^^?
Anyone can suggest some good web sites for free stories for 10 to 12 years olds?
How would i go about sending a Logo to a client?
What's it called.......?
Will using Modge Podge on artwork make the ink run?
Can you use markers for gcse art?
are these drawings good for my age?
The Pueblo potters use abstract signs that symbolize?
I need clever ideas! (art)?
I need ideas for an anti- smoking campaign poster. please help!!?
Which Wacom Bamboo tablet is best for my needs?
Problems with deviantart?
does anyone know where i could find a william kentridge animation online?
plz..What are some characteristics that distinguish matisse's work?
Which one of these would look best on me, pics included?
what should i do for the background of my drawing...?
Will you please tell me your visual impression of a girl named Emily? I have bought a bust. Please tell me?
in gcse art can i say i dont like the artists work?
Ideas for a unique brain models?
Is it possible to learn to write with both hands?
Does anyone know some good sights for photoshop tutorials?
I want to draw, help?
How to draw well (Portraits, Characters)?
help with a word word that reffered to penis shape,it looks like a penis but i cant remembe?
What graphic design software was used in the 1980s?
Need help with Downloading anime! anyone 10 points?
Constructive Critique my drawing - what do you think?
help me with my photoshop prank?
Book launch presentation idea?
is there any other sites like craigslist i can make post?
How's this drawing (s)?
How to illustrate a book?
What do the animals in this picture represent?
graphic designers please help?
What's a good animation software similar to Flipnote Studios?
I need a picture of an outline of an eagle with its wings spread out? Help!?
How to make webcomic banner ad? Sizes?
(With Pic) What is this book?
As a ordinary student, what can you learn when you join in a fashion show as a model?
Face transfers on gimp!?
cool idea for a Jesus pic?
Will rubbing my face with my hand erase it?
Digital drawing tablets?
Where can I find good anime tutorials? That have the female body, girls with dramatic clothing, school girl?
Is it legal to **** my pencil sharpner?
GRAPHIC DESIGNERS & ILLUSTRATORS: How much should I charge to illustrate a children's book?
Witty saying/design for T shirt?
2^x=9 find x?
what is a felt tip pen made of?
Which colour textar is best for this?
What do you see in this drawing?
How can I become an artist?
Is It harder to become a shoe designer or a car designer? s?
Landscape artists?(GCSE art)?
what kind of people do graffitti?
is it true you that if you keep practising, you will become a better artist?
Have you got computer drawing skills...?
can someone draw this up for me for a tattoo!?
Are lower numbered limited editions more valuable than higher numbered prints?
Rate this art!!?
Questions about Sketchbook Pro for iPad?
Hi any tips on sketching clothes professionally? ?
what does the chess piece represents in breaking dawn?
Am I loser for wanting to be an artist?
Im looking for non-western art/artist links for a proportion report?
best career for my kind of art?
How am I doing?
what do you think of this sketch?
I'm trying to find out the name of the font in the Toblerone logo. Does anyone know please?
Promise Ring Engravings?
Animes I like and think most people will like so take a look ;)?
Know Any Sites Where I Can Read Free Manga Without Downloading?
Does my Remilia Scarlet cosplay look good?
Where can I find a kit specifically for charcoal rubbing (graves,stones,etc)?
can u tell me about the green llama thing? + pic included?
what did calligraphy come from?
How awesome is my drawing?
what do you think of my illustration website?
how are people so cool?
where can i find nice pencil cases?
Is this a good drawing?
Where can I find a good environment drawing tutorial?
I have a limted edition print; it says artist copy beside the number of the print; what does that mean?
White Gel Pen .?
Can anybody make my ruined picture look more real?
Tell me what your favorite color?
what anime has the most episodes? 10 points for help!!!?
What happened to rakugaki.aesiraven.com ?
What sites can you post your original work on?
In your opinion when does graffiti become vandalism and is it wrong to write your personal opinion on a wall?
Would tribal art make a good tattoo?
How can i get more people to read my webcomic?
where do i go for fairy printouts to color?
do you like this tattoo?
Could I be a model part time?
What is Maximum material in drawing?
Which company is this logo from?
What is best - fountain (ink) pens, gel pens or ball point pens?
Tadashi Shoji The Japanese Designer at MackTakMart.com?
How can I learn how to draw better?
what could be a logo for this band name?
What calligraphy font is this?
What do you think of my drawing of the Joker?
How do painters/ARTIST learn naturally how to PAINT/draw?
What is a good anime website?
i want to buy a tablet within rs10000 can u suggest some options fr me?
how to make a manga or comic?
I need someone to draw HELP?
Can i use any carbon paper for tattooing?
I'm bored. What should I draw?
Is anybody willing to make an animated video for me to score to?
do i look evil in this pic?
I do not like being called a prodigy?
Graphic clothing advice?
Any tips/tricks to drawing better anatomy, hands, and lips?
Why is Hatsune Miku so popular ?
What should I cosplay as for the LA Anime Expo?
can I Download maya from the internet?
Condesed notes on Drawing Fundermentals?
Anyone happen to know where one can find a "Jem and the Holograms" Poster?
Why do the best animes have so much less episodes?
Im looking for an artist to do me a lil fav?
Identify these symbols?
Concept artists: Have you any tips on how to get into/ excell in the industry?
is an artist that does scratchboard drawings for laser etching machines known by another name?
can i be a body car designer ???,?
can you give me ideas for a name that i can write on walls as graffiti?
What materials do fashion designers use?
Peter Pan Font?
Where can I get fashion figure croquis with a front a back poses?
What is the name of this drawing?
Can anyone give me a good art project theme?
what are some artist recommended drawing tablet for pc?
where can i learn how to draw cartoon art?
Hopeful Pixar movies? Give me your ideas ?
How can one distinguish Japanese people from Chinese? Any specific facial features?
How can I transfer my drawing to a paper or canvas support?
How to reduce image size without losing sharpness?
Could 3D phone cases sell for $100?
Can you tell me which one of my art work you prefer?
Can anybody here think of some realistic superpowers?
How can I get back into the habit of drawing?
i saw a tattoo on a girl's neck and the symbols were like so?
Why when I write in pen or pencil the ink smears on the paper easily and gets on the one side of my hand?
how do they create animes/Cartoons?
i made three pictures on paint. they each have different backgrounds. opinions wanted!! :)?
North West Graffiti Artist Needed!!!?
does anyone know how to make custom greeting cards?
Where Are The 3 Great Faries Located?
Is it alright to use Copics on Jansports?
Help getting a tablet?
Ideas for sketchbook cover?
can anyone suggest anything?
What type of optical illusion is this?
Lets hear some drawing ideas?
Does Akira Toriyama have a Foot Fetish?
Can Picasso be used on windows phone?
Am i good looking or cool?
What do you think of this cover i made?
I am a student of glamour fashion designing institutes in BSC 1st yer.They chetting me regarding my fees. Wher?
What is a good title for this picture?
Any idea who this is? GIF included?
First impression? I'm 16, female and I'm wondering how people view me for the first time! (pic included)?
i am making a greeying card for graphics.which artist,graphic designer link can i use for the theme freedom?
I don't know what to draw.?
gothic designs?
i need a million anime drawing tips, got any?
Can anyone help me choose?
Who knows about the drawing that represents 75 bands?
What is the point of buying a print off of an art website...?
what do you think of my drawing?
Batman/Gotham City Homecoming Ideas or Suggestions?
Help on Yearbook Cover!?
where can i learn to draw a horse on the enternet?
Where can I buy this coloring product?
am i ugly? PICS INCLUDED!!?
How to draw?
Looking for anime/manga artists for collaberation?
What should i do to receive funny pics, wallpapers, inspirational stories & motivational stories ?
Natural artists?
Where can i find a prewritten Parent Newsletter for my 5year old art class?
learning to draw?
Is it safe to put mod podge on my face?
How to draw yourself as a Happy tree friend?
Are the liquid sims in autodesk maya fluids voxels?
What are good uses for Post-It notes?
How can i draw the right proportion of a face?
what are some good anime with strong female lead?
Where can I find a mistress and master?
Why doesn't Disney make 2D movies like they used to?
What do you think of this drawing? (10 POINTS)?
Wondering do I need to get manga studio Debut 4.0 to manga studio EX 4 or do I need them both?
emo spiderman!?
How do I personalize a present like this?
is it normal to draw weird?
Some cool tumblr names?
what should i draw i dont know what i should draw today?
how do you get good at drawing?
deviantArt i need help?
what do you think about these drawings?lol
what is the name of the fee that would be charged to compensate for work done if the logo was not used?
how can i contact with daniel radcliffe b cos i want to sell him his portrait made by me?
How do i know what tatoo parlor is the best?
How to my submit work to a zine?
Do you think my drawing is any good?
Idea for school comic?
Where can I buy a pen with the Greek Flag on it?
Is it okay to care too much?
Does Sonic the Hedgehog count as a furry?
If I dont have except this friend which make bad things to me &she is the only one that is good in the school?
does anybody know the song of this website http://miku.sega.jp/?
What should I put on a One Direction poster? ?
What are repeat patterns in creative arts?
Backround ideas???
Creative Drawing Ideas?
does this look alright, so far?
hows my PAINTING and DRAWING???please??
what should i draw i am bored?
Which one is better? Which eraser is better?
how to i colour in a scanned (hand drawn) picture on adobe illustrator?
unique art ideas I can do during school?
Angel Picture?
Can someone help me find a pic like this? Descrip 10 points.?
Is a wildcat basically like a lynx?
here is a good website for beginning artists to put their work on!?
Fountain Pen ink changing help?
Have you ever posed in your birthday suit (nude) for an artist?
what are some good gothic anime...?
List of good colleges for 3-D and 2-D animation.?
How do you publish a manga?
Has anyone else noticed that i tunes have quietly issued all of Gary Glitter's remastered albums for sale?
how do i put my art on my computer?
Is there an actual good website on the internet that can show what ur baby would look like?
Am I a good drawer? Link included?
can you read this name its in cursive?
any good mangas that are 17+ ?
whats the best way to promote a c.d. of a up and coming artist?
I am seeking information on a piece by artist Carl Moon, called "A Conjurer". Has anyone heard of this?
Is Mona Lisa Painting really a man ?
why does pencils have black ends?
Yearbook cover design ideas?
Rate this picture?
how to learn in drawing?
What items can represent these?
I need some cute character artwork done for me. How should I go about raising money for it or what should I do?
I've been sketching animals....?
What are good symbols for these?
Need help with value scales...>.<?
how to quit the addiction of drawing comics and cartoons?
Who designs the natural structures in Minecraft?
Isn't a designer a type of artist?
can someone photoshop a pic for me?
Why do pencil leads break when sharpening?
What is the most effective drawing reference for dtawing women?
Need to find a picture/ information on a specific garfield poster from 1978?
i wana create a free website,with urdu font plz help?
What drawing software should I use?
The color picker in photoshop elements 8 is gone?
check out my drawings?
♥ Drawing: Blending Colours effectively in a Reflection in Water?
looking for info. on an artist Robert A. Gartland1928-1987 illustrator, murals figure drawing.?
Help me...... ideas NEEDED?
Does anyone know the title and artist of a rock ballad with the following lyrics?
Highlighers show up under black lights?
I'm am trying to advertise a camera - any ideas for words?
I have a drawing project but it's in pen. What can I do about shading?
can tell me how to do the art(mixed media) with colorpencil, white paint nd black pen? wat should i use first?
what are the nearest summer art classes for teens?
Tatoo help?? important?
A question for creative people?
How can i learn to draw art for free?
Do the comic book artists and writers for DC and Marvel unionized? 10 points?
nude life modeling, what happens if i get hard?
First Impression? PIC included?
Anyone good at photoshop? and can photoshop, a nose piercings on me? 10 POINTS?
what are some romantic reverse harem manga?
Are there any anime/comic artist out there that willing to helping me with sketches?
How can i keep my pen!s inside my underwear?
My kindergarten grandson's has poor drawing ability, how can I help?
What are hatsune mikus measurements ?
I am having ALL kinds of trouble with ActionScript 3.0?
Where can i download manga for free without signing up?
What's the main symbol of FREEDOM?
Does practice really make you better at drawing?
Anyone remember an emailfrom a few years back with little kids drawings and funny commentary under it?
I have a funny t shirt idea that is a D.A.R.E parody how could i get around this without getting sued?
Looking for artist Ivar Jordre who lives in Bergen, Norway?
Asking a girl to homecoming, want to use fire!!?
is this good ?
what is the name of this artist?
How do I zoom in on the spray can app?
what should i name my anime?
Does anyone knoe where i can get a book that can teach me how to draw anime?
what year is good to buy for a Honda and a Toyota?
What can I draw for him?
What style of art is this?
How do i make gimp the elastic thing?
For my art work,I have got to do a drawing based on the title VORTEX (pulling towards the centre) Any ideas?
what color is not a primary ?
Does anyone know where i can find a website to teach me how to draw manga/anime?
how much would this tattoo cost?
what should I draw thats NOT hard?
What are the differnt kinds of pencils???
Where can i find this?
how to make type with a stroke, a solid object in illustrator?
What Tatoo Should I Get?
I need Pics!?
What is CMYK printing?
anime drawing help??
Where can I find a caricaturist / illustrator in Madrid, Spain?
Problem solved with Bamboo Pen and Tablet but new one occurs?
Can anyone help me with hue jitter in Photoshop Elements?
what should I draw? I can't think of anything?
So i am a pretty talented drawer but it's hard for me to make each drawing different help!!?
where can i find tattoo designs?
Help with AS level art theme for CCEA please!!?
What should I draw for my project?
can i draw on myself with glow in the dark Fabric Marker Paint Pens? or will it harm my skin?
i want to know what type of drawing these are? with pics?
I have to make a cartoon character from an inanimate object, what should i choose?
what to use for a finish on a skateboard i colored with sharpies?
How do you draw a car?
What are those pencils that have the little pegs with lead in them called?
does my cartoon look nice?
what are some cool..........?
I lost all my desire to be an artist?
Can you give me a website based on everything there is to know about becoming a tattoo artist?
How can I learn to draw?
can anyone else see the illusion?
what does putting it on the table mean?
Techniques for believable human bodies in 3d space? Any one has the knowledge for drawing dynamic poses?
What is this symbol called (
Bamboo Touch Tablet Stopped Working!?
Do you know what stipple means ?
How do you draw an anime person running?
What should I draw next?
what is the difference between a sketch and a rendering?
where can i get fat carving book?
Which idea is better?
What is a good anime like Kaichou wa maid-sama?
Do you find coffee inspiring?
how to shade with a pencil [how to get better at it]?
mangas with strong heroine?
Learn How to Draw for Beginners?
What is a good graphics tablet for a beginner?
How can i get permission to use copyright graphics or text?
does it require drawing skills to become a graphic designer??
I need a good anime please?
Art tips needed!!! Can you help me perfect my horse art?
What's a good anime with awesome main characters?
Which Logo looks best?
who can help me to teach free graphic designers course at least basics?
how to draw japanise cartoons?
Is sketching another sketch called talent?
what are different types of prints that you can put onto t-shirts, including embroidery?
Can anyone design me a logo? Credit Given!?
need help from expert drawers and website designers and video makers (online)?
"george r mackenzie"?
I'm Looking For Series Of Art To Do And Need Help?
What are some good websites to find information on draw using pen and ink?
Art schools for aspiring fashion stylist?
can i love someone who is 34years old when i'm only 18 ??
GIF pictures?
Am I good at drawing?
How do you clear a fountain pen that has dried up?
Why does everyone want to be a good drawer?
What is it called when you collage images into one image? for example?
How do you put a comic page of bristol paper into a layout on your computer?
Do you like my Artwork?
Where can I buy an antique Faber Castell Perfect Pencil Extender?
Winter scene; please help ?
Job description of graphic designer vs event coordinator?
were can i buy nogizaka haruka no himitsu light novel not the Manga?
Does any1 truly have a original idea?
where can I get this template?
Where can i buy a really nice A3 ringed portfolio case for a graduation present?
Some pencil drawings are so realistic that it looks like they were made by tracing the head shape and tracing?
Bamboo Tablet pen isn't working PLEASE HELP!!?
Best Art Supplies for a Comics?
Were can I find a program where I can make pictures besides paint?
Can you draw a 6 with your right hand while rotating your right feet to draw a circle clockwise?
Letters in circles...?
Did you drawing when you were a child?
How do you get more popular on Deviantart?
How do I get over artist's block?
What are the proportions of a face?
how do you post illustration images on search?
Colour Help?
How to restore the sai picture?
Can anyone think of some unique little phrases to inspire someone to Go Green?
do you know any good place where I can learn life drawing from scratch?
What should i draw???????
What should I draw for the Theme of Eragon?
How can i start a manga without drawing it?
Who Do I Look Better With?
Why are only capital letters used in drafting?
Could you draw me a picture?
Why won't my new ball point pen write?
How can I improve at drawing cartoon charicters?
Is there black Mulffer tips ?
lion logo on tshirt>?
tell me about a famous architect of your country?
The Graffiti Kings hire a graffiti artist?
Aging Paper With Ink On It?
Looking for an artist to create images for screen print?
Any ideas on how we can improve our world?
What could i draw for this girl i like?
Anybody known the meaning of a symbol wich two lines get togheter like a cross but seems more like a scar?
do you like my drawings?
what are these called?
Who said, "Drawing is seeing."?
what item can i put in my shop to draw more people in?
I'm 25 years old and I want be a digital artist but is not too late ?
We have a local contest and I need some good original ideas?
Which graphic is coolest?
what are some good nail art ideas?
Simple Plan?
Things that start with N. to draw?
what is Graphics tablet refill tweezers ?
Looking for a 'Luck Poster'?
photobucket to youtube?
What Kind Of Drawing Pad Should I buy?
Why does my pencil always brake when being sharpened?
i am a young artist and i want to know what careers i can take on with magazines?
i am curiuos about sticker art/ street art any info?
How can I use the free select (lasso) tool to form a line instead of a shape?
Minecraft ideas? maybe anyone?
Is Art Institutes College right for me? ( PLEASE HELP)?
High school math team tshirt design ideas?
Has anyone ever heard of Howard David Johnson or his Brandywine School of the Illustrative Arts?
Why do Graff writers have numbers after their name?
If you trace a drawing, is it still considered art work?
3 general kinds of style?
I am creating an RPG website and I wanna create 3D characters but not animated. Just pictures. Any free way?
can someone edit this picture for me?
Create a 3D image from a series of slides?
Do you think eye is a heavy organ or a light organ?
Can someone PLEASE draw my UTAU?
Where do you find materials for...?
Who is your favourite artist (in drawing, painting, sculpture)?
U think this is cool for the back etching on my dogtag?
how do you make the flapping oragami bird?
Looking for professional tattoo artist/regular artist to design a half-sleeve for me.?
I'm bored, what should I draw?
How much should a freelance artist charge to sell clip art designs?
What are the names of the buildings represented here?
Does anyone know any free programs to edit pictures and make graphic designs.?
What are good ideas for an art portfolio?
help drawing faces?
Raymond Witz - Artist - Any information please?
I'm a graphic designer. What are the procedures for designing in High Def. using Photoshop & After Effects?
do you have a deviant art account?
would I get in to trouble if using sports logos ?
Does any one know about http://www.gamedfree.com/ ? Thanks?
What website can I go to get a free sample yearbook?
What thing scratches a mirror like it was a pen?
Can You Give Me Your Best Anime List?
Free flash animators?
Where can i post my drawings for free?
How do I make a human figure silhouette?
What Florida school offers the best career in Interior Designs?
Do u think my design is good?
Where can I get a bic lighter with a picture of a fox on it ?
Looking for a high quality sketch book?
In order to best preserve your writing in a journal, which is the best medium to write with pen or pencil?
What is your favorite piece of art?
trying to find a product sold at Michaels. Angel on the front Studio 18 on the back. Where can I find?
i want to know which photoshop plug-in used in this image?
ow can i have pictures be rebloged when i'm not on tumblr ?
What inspires your creativity?
How much is a Michael Pierce silhouette worth?
Caricature tips?
fashion design portfolio?
dose anyone want a manga or anime commissions ?
Pencil magic trick !?!?!??!?!?!?!!?!??!?
How can I draw a good mole?
Do you have any idea?
isometric, trimetric, and dimetric views?
am i a good artist to be able to draw this at 12?
Where can I find a "California is for lovers t-shirt?
How do artists get their drawings printed on things?
What is a good free picture program to use when making fan art on a drawing tablet?
does anyone know a good website to find dirndls?
Logo Quiz App Answers?
does the stoneboro fair allow anime drawings in competition?
who would i email for putting my art work (pictures) on products. Example Cell Phones?
what's a good anime to watch?
what color sharpie to use to get this signed?
i need a really good website that can tell me about the "roaring 20's"?
is it too late to be a artist?
A-level art practice exam help?
What drawing tablets (sketching tabs) do you think is the best?
Are my drawings okay..?
Help! Help! Is this website dangerous?
how do i develop my artisitc side?
What does it mean to draw with a tight pencil and to make friends with the paper?
where can i find a bigger picture of lee ryans indian tattoo?
what kind of art / paintings are these?
Need a good artist to make me a icon for gaming?
LOGO Design for a Sport, Social Club named ( Pioneers), any ideas??
What is the best program for digital painting?
how can i draw a stickman?
What do you think of my sister's drawing?
Lack of Art Inspiration. Lack of Ideas. Drawing. Where to start?
Can someone help me Photoshop a basketball jersey on a my friends pic?
What can i do with my artistic abilities?
does any one have any ideas on a stick figure animation that is between 1-3 minutes long.?
Can someone send me some links on how to draw anime? (More details inside)?
How do you make a paper sword?
I need some ideas for my art class sketch book?
A linear perspective is a system used to show?
How to draw a molecular diagram?
what items do you need to make a sketch?
I need a logo designed for my new business...any ideas or help would be appreciated!?
Can you suggest a marker that will write smoothly on anything, won't smear and is of archival quality? Anyone?
Is there any websites where you can design your own car?
What are some creative ideas for a color wheel?
how to put kelsey griffins photo on some fabric to make into pajamas/ womans bball team?
what is this type of drawing called?
how to draw block and rely cool but simple letters and numbers
How can black magic marker be removed from paper?
How can I stop smudging my drawings?
what's a good idea to do with your greeting cards after saving them for years?
Draw something help>>>>>>>?
I found a Faber-Castell pencil in my new crayola box of pencils?
how to draw a gangster mickey mouse?
What do u like more???Science or Art ?
Whats The Best Drawing You Ever Drew?
i need the concept of a white and black art ?
Manga Studio Debut 4's serial number doesn't work?
i need someone to draw me an anime picture?
Indoor perspective. I need help QUICK :[?
Is spinning a basketball on a pencil, pen, etc. a talent?
how do i print my own skateboard design?
I want to start living off the grid.?
Is there a website I can go to where I can request someone to make a tattoo design?
ok lets try this again!!! CLICK HERE!!!!?
Wondershare Photo Collage Studio - Is there a way of converting these files to jpegs?
how to make candy ink or buy it?
i want to make a poster for my room, what are some cool ideas to draw?
drawing tips?
How does someone become artistic?
Why don't the merchandise drawings of the Disney princesses ever look like the actual princess did?
Can you help me think of ideas for a sketch?
What do you think I should draw next?
WHO HAS BEBO?! well.. if you don't read anyway!?
Putting color pastels in a moleskine?
Why can't I draw?! Help!?
Is it weird to want to be an anime character and in the anime world?
graphic design?
Where will I find various coloured long point ballpoint pens suitable for use with Spirograph game?
what is 2D image?
could i be any sort of model?
I need help on a tatto situation!?
What's a website that will show me how to draw birds,flowers, dolphins,plants, ect.?
On what site can I download a picture of flags for St. Vincent and the Grenadines?
Picture ideas for my sister?
Is it possible for someone that draws stick men to be able to learn how to draw like a pro?
What is the best drawing tablet?
are there national grants for individual artists other than the nea??
I need to find someone?
What object could I invent for a university proyect?
drawings or paintings related to cultural heritage of india. please help me to find a genuine site for this
what do you put on the poster for the jonas brothers poster contest?
Im going crazy...Geometry in art??
Need help with making gifs from videos on GIMP?
what is the chinese symbol for death?
I need personally designed guitar picks and pickworlds suck, halp!?
i want find mina_kh_54?
What is meant by drama mediums?
How much can an architect make?
If you trace a drawing, is it still considered art work?
what is a site that showa alot of chinese cute pictures?
Can You Put Markers In the Good Will?
what is a mandala about? any ideas?
Where can I go to find out if a slogan is copyrighted?
I need some art / drawing help?
What are some cool way to take pictures at the beach I'm going tomorrow! HELPThanks like poses& sand writing:)?
What resolution of picture should I use for 9" by 12"?
Is it possible that I could Major in Animation, and writing and minor in teaching u.s history?
I need to design a soap for army man, suggest some ideas!?
what yaoi character can i pull off?
Tips on drawing real life objects and people?
What are the guidelines for copyright-free logo usage?
How do they make paper ?
Does anybody know of any good web sites to find a small gun tattoo?
Whats a good website where i can learn how to be a better drawer with out a fee?
is there any place in boston where I can attend just one or two life drawing classes?
How do i look?
Can anyone give me any help drawing men?
Can you tell me what is Printers Paper and where I can find it in the US?
If I download a soccer team logo and print it on a t-shirt is this legal?
what stores sale wall borders for teachers?
i need a song thats easy to illustrate in a drawing?
Does anyone know who is the artist of this drawing it is the picture for my profile.?
Where can I find Most The official Michaels One Stroke Teachers sight?
Do you have an idea for a design for a Hurricane Katrina stamp? Its for homework.?
Need help choosing a graphic design name?
Is there in the market any software tool to help fashion designers to sketch their clothing designs?
what is a graphic novel?
Anyone know where I can find silhouette's of jazz bands for some flyer's?
coreldraw bitmap effect?
How can I get more views on my covers?
T-shirt Graphic Design Ideas?
Where can I send a sample of my writing to be professionally critiqued?
How many of my product should I make for a craft show?
Can anyone draw this for me?
where can find psd's?
What are some painting apps?
art homework???
do you think i am beautiful?
7 letter word for "Artist's studio"?
can you rate my drawing and tell me how I can get better ?
How can I get a job as a Game or Movie Concept Artist?
to roll up chalk pastel for shipping tube?
Manga drawers click here?
I need constructive critique on an anime pic.?
i need a software,that would allow me to ,draw a persons photo,and cartoon them?
What's a good band name?
survey: what is your favorite color?
How to creat free web without host name?
where can i find my space layouts?
What should I draw?
Does anyone know anything about "Make Life Easier". I've seen the website.?
anybody know this symbol? http://i47.tinypic.com/160vio.jpg?
What is the English translation of the Chinese characters actress Bai ling has tattooed above her ?
My sis is starting a fashion course soon and i want to get her quality drawing utensils as a present?
Help me pick a tattoo!?
creative things that start with Y...?
What should i draw a picture of?
illustrator ..me?
what is one way to duplicate a logo I have on print so I can use it on a web page?
Does anyone know of an artist called Aldous Severti or something like that?
Is this a good drawing??
Can someone help me with my granddaughters birthday ?
on a scale of 1 to 1292.878887. How awesome is my drawing.?
Abbey Road Album?
Please critique?
How do you measure 1.3 on a ruler?
How Artist Draw and Paint?
Ideas for sketchbook cover?
Describe the characteristics of a typical “sketch” created on a CAD system.?
pro-graffiti or anti-graffiti?
Where can I learn to draw caricatures on the internet?
Need the name of a vintage map company (reproductions). I am looking for the Mobile Bay for framing.?
Does anyone know where i can get printable airbrush stencils...Free preferably?
Anyone know of a relatively good priced online art store? ( Painting & Drawing supplies :3 )?
What are some really good things to start of drawing ?
What are some fun things that my five year old twins and I can do at home in the cold wether?
Keeping drawings from smudging?
What title do you find more creative/appealing?
What journal style is this?
Which should i buy???
Drawing help? need a subject and cant come up with anything?
Whats a cheap website to buy journals?
such a program that lets me create a 3d world?
Is it possible to go from being pretty bad at drawing to drawing the most amazing realistic portraits?
How to learn to draw?
where can i find a near tatto store location?
what type of pencils we use for drawing?
does anyone know of any skirt designers?
how long does a Deviantart ban appeal take to be reviewed?
i need a cool graffiti tag name any ideas?
How come I can't draw?
Does anyone know about FIT MA illustration program?
Does anyone know a good and free website where I can read imponderables? Your help is greatly needed!!!!!!?
I sell keyrings for a living, i need a great name/logo. Any ideas?
What are some awesome 3D/2D animation programs?
Is Art a talent ? I'm just amateur I guess?
Who do you like better?
using thick and thin lines, how does an artist show form in a still life?
what is A level Graphics,Help?
Could I mat my picture on a poster board?
Where can you find good free online PDF coloring books that are not educational?
What should my OC wear?
where can i find step by step cartoon caricature?
Does anyone have tips on how to draw things?
What kind of drawing tablet should I get?
Do these drawings look okay?
Which is better for drawing, chisel tip or brush tip?
Where to download the full ENGLISH version of Painttool Sai?
Why is my EasyPen i405X drawing eventhough i'm not pressing it on the tablet?
Isn't this so cool?
How do you create "Riddick eyes" on photoshop?
How to draw a moving illusion(What do I draw)?
What type of font is this?
Bamboo Creat Photo Shop?
Flash CS3 Character Movement HELP PLEASE?
What values and interests are needed to be a fashion designer?
how do i get more artistic talent?
Does anyone know where I can get vintage Keith Haring and Andy Warhol t-shirts or art?
How do i open gif images in Photoshop CS4?
Does Uproar Fest sell T-shirts? Or is it just the band T shirts?
Need a new anime. Pls help?
How could you portray bitterness as an image?
do tattos hurt when the needle goes in your skin?
draw a roof from a perspective of below? (or ant's-eye view)?
Where Can I Find Pictures Of?
Does any one know a Roy G. Biv?
Castle Drawing ...?
Which wacom bamboo one (medium or small) should I buy?
I want to be SpiderMan... HELP!?
where can i watch something related to pretear anime?
Drafting Project Ideas?
How do you make a bandage wrap in adobe illustrator?
What program is used to make Family Guy? Or the Simpsons?
I need something to draw?
Screen Printing Paper Stencil Method?
Does anyone know where I can find how to draw a cartoon looking car?
Anybody know much about powering coral Biorock?
Animation On Photofiltre?
What are good names for a chat room for DeviantART?
how can i get a job in canada?
What is a good photo program or online website that can be use to turn photos into black & white cartoons?
What is that board called that they use to cut stuff on?
what is your favorite anime?
Which one is the best fashion design school in the world?
I need help pricing my artwork.?
I want to make a website, so that i can become rich like mark zuckerberg. So what website should i make?
I want a tattoo- I won't surrender. can someone draw me a script of that or tell me a good script web site?
A website to post my art :)?
Beginner at art?
Adobe Illustrator CS5 Gradient help?
how to create a website i made in photoshop and make it into a real website?
What you favorite movie?
How do you create vector art?
How to make a picture look evil?
How do you scan in line art and seperate it ?
what are some fashion photographers books for beginners?
Is there a way to draw a building how it looked when it was first built using only old photos?
Who is your favorite drawing artist?
Can someone identify this model?
I see cartoon dollmakers everywhere on the net, how do people get the dollz on the website and make them work.
What are all the 4 lettered crayon colors?
Can you give me some drawing, painting or caricaturing tips?
what is the right college for graphic design?
the life as an animator?
What is your opinion on all of Kandinskys art work??
does anyone know a website where I can send my drawings?
Any websites where I can sketch out a fashion design?
Art Topics ... Any Ideas?
tattoo design online free?
What is Arlo's favorite restaurant from the Arlo and Janis comic?
would you be flattered or freaked out?
Any good furry artists out there that would b willing to help me out?
need help making sigs for forums?
What do you think of my site?
Does this collage look okay for an art class?
Where to find free quality animations for commercial use?
Logo Generator for a Club?
rate my drawing?
What does this symbol mean?
I need some help with names!?
How can do get free wallpapers ?
what should i draw?????????
How do you draw glitter?
I need to Identify the the artist of this piece?
what should be theme for a fine art brochour theam?
will u please guide me to a refrence about Louver museum building drawing. I have to prepare a paper. thanks?
how to add a sparkle to photos?
Is there a website like deviantart?
How can I get neat hand writing fast.?
do you like my poster?
Anthropolgy help - ANTHRO. HELP?
hi,does anyone know the artist who painted a printing or a painting called sinchronicity ala escher way?
Question about t shirt design process?
Lost works of Art?
What does "mobile background" mean in photoshop terms?
Brush used to make a picture with only one rounded edge? [Photofiltre]?
Were can I download photoshop?
How do you like this wedding dress I drew?
Can someone please photoshop something for me?
What are some cute, original names for blogs?
how can i draw cars.?
do you have to be japanese to draw anime?
what's a good anime to download ?
how to keep myself from leaving a horrendously boring class?
I'm lookin for a new anime boyfriend?
Do you like my drawing/doodling?
Best drawing app for iPad?
Do people type faster than they can write with a pen or pencil on paper?
What does it take to become a successful costume designer? Like in movies?
How can I get in art school when the school is corrupt ?
Help me out!?!?
Where can I purchase a digital pen tablet?
Who are your drawing influences?
How should I decorate a binder for high school?
What's the best way to draw stubble realistically?
how do you make a modeling portfolio?
Why are chinese and japenese people so AMAZING at drawing?!?
does anyone know erin hunter's e-mail? or some where were i can ask her a question, (besides warriorcats.com)?
Hmmm what shall I draw today?
How not to lose a pen or pencil ?
still im working on my assignment?
I am fifteen years old and an aspiring artist but need help getting my work "out there"?
where can i learn 3d pencil drawing art ?
How can I find someone to to save my illustrator file in a earlier format?
Can I run around naked, and call that art?
How can I make this picture sell?
Something to draw?
Identify these symbols?
What's a good graphics tablet to use with easy paint tool sai?
Whats something deep and sophisticated that i can draw for my art class?
Is there any place left where you can learn to create swords the old fashioned way.?
How do I submit my cartoons for publishing?
graphic designing and cosmetology?
What's a freelance musician?
Can some one creative please help me?
How can I take a 2D picture, and make a tongue going in and out of the mouth, and add sound effects to it?
Who painted this picture?
What theme should I do and what should I do?
Anyone know what pen this is?
Where can I buy chinese hand written chinese banners from?
Where am i? i really have no idea ?
How to draw...?
any art classes in new york for beginners?
which of the 3 girls are better looking? (pics included)?
Am i any good at drawing?
Can I become a famous artist based on my story?
Angel Picture?
any good doodling ideas?
what do u think of me? (with pic)?
how do you make a cartoon character come to life on powerpoint2010?
i want to sell space on my skin.?
Where can I make a stencil of a name?
Rate this art!!?
I wont to make a symbol for my organization. Does anyone know of any websites that could help me make one?
Is contour drawing done with sketchy lines?
Should I watch avatar in regular 3d or in Imax 3d?
websites to edit pictures?
What's your fav character on inuyasha why?
What website can i use for a diagram that you can pick colors for braces?
how to write "dad" in hindi?
Where do you draw the line: classyty or porn?
ideas on the invitatios?
I want to represent Minority in a band logo what type of emblem do I use?
im making a fashion website..any ideas?
Am i ugly..Rate me out of 10 please? .. (pics)?
Who do u think is a better artist?
Looking For Pics....?
Is there a name for the type of image that has been changed from photo to cartoon via editing?
what do you call somebody who draws?
What price do artist David Backburn pastel originals sell for?
What is the difference between stippling and pointillism?
which of my pictures do you like better?
Can some people please critique my art and story?
gcse art help please!?
What are some awesome mechinical pencils?
how do i make an image transparent?
What do you think of these photos. Good enough. Feedback please !?
When artists draw anime do they have to use a special marker or colored pencil?
What Is Your Opinion On This Surreal Piece of Art?
How Do I Make a Picture Flash?
am i having a boy or girl?
how do u draw a maplestory character?
Does anyone know anything about Decouphage and of course how to do it?
How can i personalize pictures?
Where can you create your own symbol for free?
Good nail designs with shades of blue?
Is it possible to have an vertical ambigram, read down to up and up to down?
Where can I get images from?
Nickelback famous INTERNATIONALLY?
Does anybody know any websites that I can use to edit pictures?
I want to learn to draw and paint portraits. What is the best way to get started?
Do i look like anyone famous?
where are you from?
Can someone send me a drawing of any kind of dress?
what type of art do I make?
How to draw a face with realistic facial feature?
Suggestions and tips on how to become a better drawer?
What sort of sketching kit should i get?
What's the deal with dubstep?
Can anyone tell me what font is the logo on this site? http://www.wordpressism.com?
Are these good drawings? Please critique :3?
Illustrated drawing tutorials ?10 points?
Easy Cartoons/Pictures to draw?
Does anyone know where I can buy a fairy print where the fairy's name is Elizabeth?
How to animate and what are good programs.?
where can i find a face on body program for free?
how to increase drawing skills???
photoshop duplicate guide lines?
Does anybody know about any drawing competitions for under 16s?
Creative tumblr url??? help please?
what does the body shop logo mean?
Do u have the app draw something on your phone give me ur user and lets play?
Illustration that represents the song Viva La Vida by Cold Play?
presenting art work in an A3 sketchbook?
Is there another way to find this picture? Zerochan.?
I'm an artist in search of a writer for graphic novels, where can I look?
Please help! I need a good romantic anime?
what drawing program is this?
I Need logo names! help!!?
any good websites that teach you how to draw diego like that go diego go guy on nick jr.?
t shirt company printing help?
is artist chalk the same as sidewalk chalk?
Where is 24 hour comic day being held in NYC this year October 1st 2011?
Do wireless drawing tablets exist?
What is your favorite color, and why?
How do i put letters on pictures like this?
What is the emerica font? (Skate brand)?
Lifesize standee for under 20 bucks?
what should a modeling portfolio have?