why would people benefit from crocheting and having this skill?
Can someone good at PhotoShop or MS Paint do something simple for me?
A site for posting your clothing sketches but has copyright?
Art Drawing Help?! ASAP?
Where can I download Jasc Animation Shop for free and forever?
Whats a good word to make a visual metaphor out of?
i need help finding a picture?
Why are the colors white and black said to opposites?
What are in chalkboard / blackboard markers?
Does any one know of any cool logos with 2 B's?
Does anyone know of any really good free sample sites?
Is it illegal to use other peoples art as an avatar?
Soo......What do yall think of this?
what is drawing class appropriate for boys who want to be an architect?
Does anyone know where i can find Balto Print outs?
I need help finding items (think simple) that start with the Letter Y.?
if i gave you 300 sharpies what would you do with them?
Where can I find someone who can paint a 3-D picture of the ND logo and the ND Leprachaun on a wall?
Who designed the Fahrenheit 451 cover?
I need help at drawing!!!!!!?
how do i stop a pencil drawing with very dark tones smudging and fading after being stuck in a book?
I am looking for an opinion on my art and if its good enough to go into a gallery ?
Where can I get the most affordable custom roller pens? And also custom pencils? (See details)?
i need help looking for a collage maker?
Can I use artistic licence?
How to make a anime website business?
Line weight?
How do I draw that?
wat do u think of me ?? (pictures!!!)?
Can someone edit my pics? thats really good that will make me look like extremly pretty?
What calligraphy pen should I purchase?
What is the best design for a timeline?
I dont know if its a lot to ask for free but can anyone make a portrait of the girl i deeply love?
How to write fast, but still neat?
can anyone help me i have a print of a building i dont know what the building is but the print is signed?
How do you draw a message of the song as the portrait/pic?
I need ideas for concentration for AP drawing! Help?
Where can i buy a really nice A3 ringed portfolio case for a graduation present?
What do you see in this picture?
bubble letters?
Trying to figure out a good logo and mascot?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
What happened to Art from the studios?
What colour is a unicorn?
How would you locate an illustrator for a children's book?
i want to know sites to put my drawing?
Sweet picture?
How do you edit line drawings in GIMP?
meant by vandalisme?
Do you think this is a good anime?
your opinion on my art?
13 year old drawer?
is it possible to become a good drawer?
whats another way to say cut throat?
Cool words that start with M or Z?
What Flower To Draw ? ? ?
Andy Isensee?
ideas for 3d animation ?
Please help me with the art definitions below. I'm trying to improve my abilities :)?
Help me test speed for my website?
What are the ingredients in Prismacolor color pencils?
i am having artist block, i need some good ideas to draw for an important art competition?
Can you please tell me what is the difference between in photo graphic print & digital printing?
Best place to sell my own art online?
Where can i learn japanese ( online)?
things i can draw beginning with m?
I Would Like More DeviantArt Watchers.?
Anyone use Sai paint tools or photoshop?
Minecraft ideas?????
What is this drawing style called?
does anyone know of any good kingdom hearts wallpaper?
TYPES OF CONSUMER: What to draw?
architectural question "please help"?
Which is the best site for free greeting cards?
im interested in art, what sort of careas can i choose in art apart from being an artist?
Maya, 3D Studio Max ,Design and Art?
Can Someone Please Re-size and Sharpen this image for me?
do you like coheed and cambria???
Help finding a white gel pen for manga highlights?
i have 2/3 pieces, and i gave 3/4 how many do i have?
what are the best websites to go on like myspace?
Explain how drawing a still life or random object might differ from drawing a landscape or a person.?
What do you think about this Drawing?
Any other adults here love coloring?
How do i draw manga? realistically ?
What's your favorite color...I'm making a graph for the science fair!!!?
Can someone make a golden PlayStation logo?
Does anyone think that modern art really is the pits and requires no talent whatsoever?
are you an artist? help. im block.?
Is there a patern with my fiance?
Influences of Elijah Muhammad?
Sketches and designs for a band?
what do you think of...?
Is there any value to a piece of folkart woodburning dated 1908?
Help me see this optical illusion!?
Help with drawing out a tattoo(just a name)?
does anyone know of any images that represent change?
Are there any brilliant website about graphic design ?
How's my drawing? (10 POINTSS)?
I want to be an artist, but..?
which wacom tablets are good for cartooning?
Is it possible to learn how to write neater at my age?
new designs feedback t-shirt?
What makes a pencil "bend" when it's put in water?
How to improve my drawing?
Need some suggestions for my architectural project?
Your opinion on this drawing?
How to make a cartoon girl at the beach with a beach bag on Photoshop?
Can a mirror image of our face be more(or less) visually appealing than our real face?
prom question!!! (i need you to answer)?
K need ur help?
Do you like my drawing???
HELP!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE?
Where do I find a nude model?
im a good artist (im not boasting )but i want to be better.....how can i get better?
In order to best preserve your writing in a journal, which is the best medium to write with pen or pencil?
How do i sell a peice of artwork?
Does anyone have good tips for shading?.......?
Why do girls keep drawing hearts ?
Does anyone find this picture funny?
Who sells white markers?
Somethings up with my Wacom tablet pen in Sai.?
How would you draw...?
How to make realistic eyeballs?
young photographers??
Do rust erasers work?
What are the three basic colours?
How much money do designers make?
I draw and paint cartoons like Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse. Can I sell them on ebay or would it be wrong?
What's a way me and my boyfriend can combine our talents and do something fun together. He writes, I draw.?
How do you get the heart symbol? that one---> ♥?
what symbolizes love?
Does anyone have any information on the artist Louis Wain for a 15 page research paper?
What do you think of my fan art?
What's something cool I should draw, name anything.?
how to make a meme on memebase?
Which one shows the best perspective?
Help on drawing/cartooning?
Which Wacom Bamboo pen should I get?
How should I improve my line art drawings?
Home items to use for henna?
How to paint or print / emboss a cartoon charactor to a tshirt?
shold i move on or work this relationship out?
Where can I find a graphic design job?
Why do people dislike anime so much?
how can we develop peace among our human race?
Where I can find this t-shirt?
did sasori kill his parents or did he just make replica puppets of them?
Naruto or bleach which is better?
Interior Design Portfolio?
Is my drawing of a lion decent?
Would spraying hairspray on a drawing stop it from rubbing off onto another piece of paper?
how do you get a pokemons happiness up? 10 points.?
any tumblrs with this style?
best coloring pens brand?
Does anyone know of any well known artists who do pencil drawings?
Do knockoff Sharpies actually work?
Does anyone know of any good adult comic book series?
How does my art look?
Is there a good erotic art community like deviantart?
i really need to know what a good face book pic may be?
How much is my Genuine Biere de la Meuse Poster by Alphonse Mucha worth?
I need ideas for my clothing co logo?
Creative tumblr url??? help please?
What is your opinion on this logo?
Picture/drawing on 9GAG, from god over sky, earth, ground to devil?
Is there a program to paint anime with smoothe lines?
where can I make a snapback and get it for free?
where do we edit pictures especially fan signs?
Is there any Social websites where i can post X RATED PICS?
How do you make a journal entry sticky on DeviantART?
i need a million anime drawing tips, got any?
What annotation to put in concept sketches?
Need logo for band name 'Flesh'?
what if your hands could tell a story?
What was the name of that PBS children's show, and who was the host?
What should I draw for my Art Exam?
What is your favorite fantasy romance anime?
Graphic Communication - Thematic Design?
is there any sites on drawing prince eric from tlm?
where is this picture from?
what are the magazines with the most fun/interesting images?
How can i change faces with someone else in a picture?
drawing Question #4?
do you typically draw using both hands?
Looking for a good artist in Arizona?
Save animations made on Corefx?
Where can I download alphabet fonts that resembles Korean & Chinese chahracters?
can any one give me a anime list?
Art homework help please?
How do you read a letter written in pencil, when the pencil has been erased? Bonus: What if there's writing?
im bad at drawing/art?
does anyone know where i can purchase ZINDABAD CARDS, in bristol ,thankyou?
do u guys no any site that teaches u how to draw manga ? PROPERLY!!. plz tell me?
White Edges?
Cosplay question for anime convention?
Anybody know any good Animes?
GRAPHIC DESIGNERS & ILLUSTRATORS: How much should I charge to illustrate a children's book?
A place to draw?!?
Do you think talent could be enough to become a car designer? http://www.stefaancoppens.com?
can u help me get a logo?
Are there any free online courses for the average American to learn about U.S. Copyright Laws?
One point, two point perspective drawings?
How to do good????????
why is indesign so unintuitive?
I love the old 1950's color photo's. Does anyone know what they are called?
what excactly is deviantart?
i need to make a christmas painting, any ideas?
How do you put the text under the line in your comment in Deviantart?
dose devaintart cost anything?
Can anyone find me a pic of this?
Someone help me with manga or comic drawings?
Are you for or against using graphic novels in the classroom? WHY?
what does an interior designer do??
CREATIVE PEOPLE!!! help!!!!?
My drawings!!!!!Help me!?
Do you think my drawing is good?
Help! I'm looking everywhere for this drawing I found on the Internet but I lost it and can't find it!?
i have a dsi XL and want to know how to animate really good. anyone have some tips?!?
The value of a print from Paul Palnik 1979 "Near the finish line of the little naked runners marathon"
I need help finding a website?
What process is used to print designs on a skateboard?
Can anyone, anyone!!, help me find this superhero?
Where can I buy this?
what are the first 10 things i should learn to sketch looking realistic before i learn to sketch anything else?
Corel painter 11 how to write in black with pencil?
Kinnda Upset about idea's?
Would anyone be interested in designing a logo for me for free?
tips on preparing for computer animation?
What's the simplest method for drawing a heart in illustrator.?
how do i no if i have photographic memory, but i dont no how to use it?
Does anyone know a good paint program online?
Where can I find someone who can draw Marvin the Martian for me (tattoo)?
Drawings Like This...?
What type of art is this?
What is posture in figure/life drawing?
Anyone know how to draw fantasy wolves?
Where can I learn...?
Does anyone want a (free) male life drawing/painting model?
Is there a Unicode art site?
Are there any art submitting websites without porn?
UK ARTIST- Banksy: Art or not?
poster help i want to make on for my goals for 2008 what sites are good?
Description of artwork (link)?
"The Lady is a Lush" by orrie hitt.. can somebody find the cover picture??
my boyfriends just invited me to his parents house should i be scared?
name of art?
I don't no how to make movie like u draw first and then you make the movie I don't no how can u teach me
Good Anime to Watch???!?
visit my DeviantART PAGE?
I'm searching for an anime, help!?
What country have this shape?
Where to get Max Payne 3 Font?
please can you tell me whre can i get free templates for e-bay.. thank you.?
Graphic Designing...How do I start?
Name of Skrillex glasses?
Does anyone know what these images mean?
What qualities in a painting draw the most attention; subject, size, colors, or value pattern?
graphic design or commercial arts colleges in delhi?
How do I clean pencil marks off my T square?
how can i draw love?
I have to draw a picture of New York City?
What do you call the box with text for comics and other speech text?
Hows my rabbit? Should I go to art school?
How to sketch a photo realistically?
Where can you find good Anime girl pictures?
what color is not a primary ?
I need help with Ideas for a Self Promo Piece.?
Anime Conventions in Wisconsin and Surrounding States?
Can anyone help me make a band logo?
what are your tips for becoming a good artist in drawing and in painting ?
i need to now a designer that only uses recyled fabrics for my exam?
Where can I buy bulk ink?
can i use intous on paint tool sai?
Give me something to draw XD?
What kind of paper can I use with the Promarker pens?
What artists/photographers have used shoes as a subject?
What would be a good way of asking for creative writing/drawing submissions for a school newspaper?
Cool random things to buy?
Bamboo Tablet pen lag?
Where can I sell my artwork???
Any interesting anime advice?
comments/constructive criticism on this picture?
when do i start looking for collages?
how can i get better at drawing??
Whats your fav color?
hi folks. needed a little help. i am to design a vegetable shop and i need it to be mobile and detachable.?
Who is the artist/illustrator/designer of BORDERLANDS 2?
photoshop opacity question?
Is getting pencil 'lead' smeared on my hands dangerous?
Can someone make a drawing for me please?
Pleez could someone good at photoshop pleez help me?
why is a pencil yellow?
where can you get free smelly markers or supply like that?
Where do i get something copyrighted?
What should my Tumblr name be? (MCR related)?
What's your favourite thing to draw?
how do i get a clipart that has the picture of a crown?
Know any map creating tools?
Can someone design a logo for me for free?
What do you think of my Drawings?
What kind of animals can you make with he keyboard?
What things are the color brown?
Do i have any chance of becoming a cartoonist or animator?
I Want Your Ideas!?
promoting my art...what do you think of it?
random: designs to draw when im bored?
What do you think of this drawing?
How to get a razor off a pencil sharpenerr?
are all pictures on deviantART for sale?
Does anyone have a tutorial on how to draw someone with their mouth open?
Where can I get one of those puzzle cubes?
PLEASE help me with a montage idea...?
how was the crayon developed?
Where can I find a Stepmania Theme Making Tutorial????
what do you think of this?
What is your opinion on this sketch- what needs improvement.?
What do you think of this picture I made?
looking for raine schroeder?
Romance anime suggestions?
how do i put one picture with another combine them and transform it into something else?
how do i draw anything i am having some difficulty?
Can someone draw me something for my friend?
What do you think of my art?
I'm looking for scary pictures?
What's a used MacBook white.png worth ?
where can i get posters of Jrock bands?
any comments with my drawing?
How can I create art (drawings, paintings) on my computer? What programs can I use?
inspirational slogan drawing ... ?
Horror movie poster ideas?
dafont.com ???
How to make cool money?
What's the simplest method for drawing a heart in illustrator.?
Who is ismael hammad?
what is a quick and easy design for a menu that i could use for a school project?
Why do Japanese comic/manga/anime characters have large eyes even though they're supposed to be Japanese?
Can you please give comment and critique on my painting of a lioness?
fashion sketching?
what do you think of my tatoo design?
Will there be another season for the anime show "high school of the dead?"?
my life is a peice of **** what should i do?
Why can't I draw a right eye???!!!?
What do u call the old pens used in the past.?
Who knows how to explain this better than this Adobe Illustrator Tracing Tutorial?
what is the SW icon kapelle?
Who can find the secret art in this question?
if you could print a smal 3d object what would you print?
what symbolizes light?
What should I draw ? Out of ideas.. :/?
I want to get my art noticed!!!!?
How to make a Isometric drawing by looking at an Orthographic Projection?
Do u like my drawings?
Are there any good Windows 8 tablets for an....?
What shape is this?
im lookin for a sick tattoo with A crown over a Basketball, any one now where i can find a pic?
How much money do residential architects make a year?
Im looking for a good anime?
gr9 art simple pencil sketches?
I'm in 9 to 5 job, very good flair in art, sketching, calligraphy & cartooning, is there any scope to explore?
How do I Improve on my art I really need to know please!!?
I need help finding a specific picture?
how do i begin learning autodesk maya?
What is a good quote I should write in Calligraphy? I have to do one for art, it doesnt have to be a big one.?
How to become a better drawer?
A good animation software?
Do I have what it takes to be a cartoonist?
Where can I go to get vintage floral printed wallpaper?
what is calligraphy?
So far I have a rough logo completed. It looks like crap. Any advice of what to do.?
What are some good books to learn how to draw?
what can i use to cover the back of this posterboard???
where can i find model sheet templates to make characters?
How to see erased pencil marks that has been written over?
Do you draw too much?
i am looking for a sight where i can design my own tattoo any info would be very helpful thankyou?
does anyone have trouble drawing from their imagination?
Best French Soft Pastels for experienced artist?
What can u suggest we name our animation organization at school?? Need suggestions.?
does anyone know how to draw charactures(the cartoons that look like yourself)?
is any other sites where i can mess wit mi pics besides lunapic.com?
what is a good site to be a part of to obtain clients for tee shirt design?
Drawing supplies (good brands?)?
How's my drawing so far?
What do you mean by mac artist?
i need to make a title page on clocks!?
What do you think of my terrible drawing?
What is the most graphic thing you have seen on the internet?
Where can i sell my graffiti drawings?
How do I draw a x in a square with out moving my pencil?
what is calligraphy?Is it useful?
What piece of art (drawing) can I express for this theme (below)?
Am I Ugly[[P!cs !ncluded]]?
where can i create a brochure?
Can someone help me with this GIMP 2.8 problem?
What should I draw for my art sketch?
Career name for stationary and invatation maker?? help please?
Is this drawing good?
how do you draw this shape, without crossing over the lines twice, or lifting your pen- PICTURE INCLUDED?
how can i get my sidekick designed like this? (pic)?
Burnt my moms wooden table when a hookah coal fell on it?
can graffiti only be done with spray-paints..?
Question about getting an MFA in art....?
Best art schools for young people in Washington State?
Is drawing genetics?
what is this a picture of?
how do i make a tri fold brochure using indesign?
Any more mammoth icons?
Nautical drawing. Ideas? HELP?
I am an artist. I recently designed a product. Yesterday a girl said i am copying it. What do I do?
Where Can I find a Big Wolf Poster?
I have a fartinng contest?
gcse art help please!?
Whats the best type of ink ??
Do you think I'm a good artist?
can i get constructive criticism on my drawing?
what is the best thing you can draw?
Learning to draw comics?
Has anyone else experienced.."artist vision"?
Are there any paintings of Norman Rockwell beating up small children?
Cheap Anime Merchendise Websites?
when i try try to make chinese calligraphy ink, when i try it the ink on the paper turns watery?
I design unique word puzzles, how can I get them published or seen?
Where did the Pointed/Pointless Man go?
Guess how many tattoos i have???
need ideas for yearbook theme! one word: HELP?
what is a good idea for a pokemon comic?
Microscopic color line?
Anime style drawning of oneself via internet?
hi i wanna make a scrapbook about my life but when itry and make pages they all go wrong any help welcome ty?
How do scales work in technical drawing?
Please help me find out which car logo this is!?
GCSE Art final piece, help?
Could some Graphic Designers please answer some of the questions below for me ?
how to down load 3d maya modeling?
where can i get all the modling references for maya ?
is there a word for someone who doesn't appreciate creativity?
Drawing Rouge The Bat?
Does anyone know a good website where there are fairy image galleries?
Is this drawing good enough? easy points.?
Pen Pal Gift Ideas?!?
how do u say maelstrom in japanese?
How do i improve my drawing and/ or sketching skills?
Need opinions on this picture please?!?
can graffiti only be done with spray-paints..?
Do architects have to dress formal?
self portrait?
Help with my art homework?
how to draw wolves?
Why are Copic Markers so expensive?
What anatomy do you think is harder to draw?
is this good? any suggestions.?
What is a cool place to put, like, backgrounds and decorations on pics?
I need to learn anatomy?
hi i need some Creative help?
why is the moon so white and so attractive?
Draw the lewis structure for water?
what program can i use to create a tattoo?
logo needed please help?
what do you think of this picture I drew?
Are there any websites like poptropica?
Thoughts on this drawing?
Is there a PC program that can edit faces in photos?
what are some facts about optical illusions?
Can someone give me an image as a studio logo?
GCSE ideas about my theme emotions?
What are those electronic drawing pads that game designers and clothing designers use called?
If eyes are the window to the soul, then what do mine say?
Does any one know any good animes to wach?
can't learn how to draw like this?
does anyone know where i can find a picture of john davis's 'fish and pebbles'?
MS Paint Won't Let Me Paste!!!?
can i become a graphic illustrator or desinger but my hand drawings ,sketching and handwriting is very bad?
How do you keep lead from smearing page to page in a sketchbook?
What do you think of my drawing?
can this be done?
Any good mangas you could suggest?
Posting art on Deviantart mobile?
Is writing on your hands with a sharpie bad?
I would like to purchase an app or some software for graphic design on my laptop. Any suggestions?
I just purchased a print named "castles" by Collins dated 1978 and numbered 20/250 who's the artist?
how to put my painting in this web site?
will someone draw me an anime picture? ?
hunni bee fashion?
how can i improve my drawings?
find work by artist john henley or john haley.?
Is This Drawing Okay for a 13 year old?
Describe this image for me?
Help, Any ideas. Please!?
well.. i just wanna ask if ppls think this is good or not?
What do think of THIS pic?
What type of art is this ?
Drawing people... Why is it so hard for most?
were i can able to find a fashion designer university in the philippines?
by how much (what %) do you have to enlarge an architectural drawing to go from 1:50 scale to 1/8" scale?
what are those drawings called that are like really big and have a lot going on in them?
if the anime character is intelligent, kind and sweet, what should be the hair's color?
How to clone from 1 image & add onto another on paint.net or gimp 2?
Maple Story sigs?
Can anyone "learn" how to draw, or is it something you're born with?
Witty saying/design for T shirt?
I need a copy write for my art work that's really cheap or free!?
How to create elevtronic signature?
what things can i draw?
I drew a picture? Please answer? Do it for the ten points?
anybody know a good website for tattoo designs?
answers about Furries?
how to create a pharrel doll?
ideas on "the transformation of time"?
What creates optical illusions ?
Artists: Do you get jealous if you come across someone who can draw better than you?
Do you love drawing animes?
Can u tell me about some international drawing competitions for young (16 and more years)? Tnx?
Any ideas as to what I should draw?
Is there any writing/drawing competitions from December 2011 to any month in 2012?
Best anime character for Cos-play for Male only.?
Please suggest a name for a fantasy world?
What Kind of Design is This?
How to draw anime hair that is neat, clean, layered, and slightly realistic?
how do i get this figure looks amazing (pics)?
Who should I cosplay as?
Where Can I find a good website to teach you how to draw cars and trucks?
What kind of paper?! ?
I want to learn calligraphy, please help!!!?
symbol for hawaiian four turtles?
ideas for an art project?
Graphic design design question?
where can i find the dimensions of a 18' boat to make a cad drawing? I also need to draw an outboard motor...
do you have any ideas on what to draw?
Help with wacom tablet pen?
How do you draw manga/anime well?
Do you like my drawing?
is talent born with or you can leanr it later on?
Where or how can I make my pictures a masterpiece?
Where can I find more pictures like this :http://idesigniphone.com/category/comics ?
What Drawing tablets meet my needs?
What do you think of my drawing?
s..School yearbook cover competion help?Ideas?
Lascaux Cave Painting?
Help in perfecting drawing techniques?
Where Can I Find Cool Banners?
What is so funny about the mayor of Tokyo in the amazing Spiderman?
Can i be good at hand drawing and computer drawing?
Where to buy A4 paper in China?
where can i get pictures like this?
Can someone post a link to Shonen Jumps "Bleach" logo? I can't find it on Google images.?
How do design a fashion range?
What topic should i use for my art project? (im sorry about the length)?
Those who are really good at drawing! I need you're help please!?
What is a name that sounds good between Jessica and Rabbit, i need some help here people!?
help me make a logo for my charity?
Good but not too expensive drawing/sketching/painty program for sketching and illustration ideas??? HELP?
can you rate my drawing and tell me how I can get better ?
Adobe Fireworks Alternative?
On average how much does a full time illustrator earn?
Anyone who is awesome at drawing !!!?!??!?!?!?
Good drawing sites/youtube accounts?
How old does this cartoon character look?
What in your opinion is the definition of drawing?
what kind of paper should i use if i'd use mixed media rendering? (watercolor, markers, color pencils)?
Charcoal and Breathalyzers?
What can I draw for Graduation?
where can i find free cliparts??
How can i get involved in fashion design?
Is this a good drawing?
Do you like the name Tiffany?
TV shows with art styles similar to this (image inclosed)?
ViSual kei jrock make up with false eyelashes?
Does anyone know of any free website creators?
animation program?? PLEASE HELP?
i seen some pictures of doggs that were painted on peoples hands and now i cant find them help?
What is the name of the illustrator of Lloyds Tsb ads?
How to change my eyeball color white ?
I need to find the chinese symbol for "together threw thick and thin"?
great controversial artist?
what are some good shading tips for drawing?
Where can I find avatar the last airbender download for mac?
proof print and color matching in illustrator?
How to draw manga books?
does any one know how to have pictures half black&white and half in color for myspace?
Is the Wacom Bamboo good for sketching car designs?
Why is it so hard to draw portraits?
where are you from?
Do you like my drawing?
How to learn to draw anime hair?
copic markers?answer thiz pls..?
What sites can I get easy steps to sketch good cloths?
How to remove dents in paper from erased lines?
sad romantic art?
I am looking for a female tattoo artist in Austin, Texas.?
Fancy Old Handwriting? ?
who is the artst of wintersoflongago?
Artists who have websites, please help?
How to write text around a circle in corel draw?
Good name for an art club?
i need someone to make me a awesome website and do it for free?
Were can I find a Website that will teach me how to make anime good?
Best book or DVD to learn car design rendering with markers?
I have a bowl with chinese symbols on it. I've searched for the meaning of these symbols. No luck finding it.
What would be a cute acknowledge page I could have in my sketchbook?
where can i learn drawing on anything online for free?
Where can I find a good description & or a good example of Julie Bell's metal flesh art?
Favorit coloring book artist?
Where can i buy wooden art models online?
is there any site to which i can upload my sketches or expose my art?
converse shoe ad?
where can you go to make your own character?
I need help Drawing Anime .......?
What drawing tablet should I get and where can I get it?
Who is the best, Batman or Spiderman ?
How to change the sensitivity of my Bamboo Touch pen?
Does drawing over shapes using tracing paper make people see details better?
What third artist can i pick for my art project??
where can i get a personalized hot wheel logo?
what do you think..pic included?
how can i do my own home made taoo with a sfety pin & pen ink?
can anyone find pictures of famous artists who went to ringling college?
Which mehndi artist is best for Bridal Mehndi in pune, India?
I want to deposit a check, but the problem is I don't know whether to sign my name in pen or pencil.?
how to draw a dragon?
What is a..?
Are these any good?
If I gave you a red Crayola crayon...?
Am I a good sketcher ?
whos prettier 2?
I want to be an artist?
How to draw people?
how to make a rosary out of rose petals?
Can u use deodorant to dix soft pastels and charcoal?
What to draw a sister?
Which two colours goes with red colour?
anime help pleeeease?
Fairy House Web Site?
what does a kio fish represent?
Do you think I'm a good artist?(Links enclosed)?
so i hear different color flowers represent different things tell me what color which ex. yellow = loyalty ? ?
Does anyone know a good and free website where I can read imponderables? Your help is greatly needed!!!!!!?
What should I draw??
How much should I charge for a mural?
In coral painter 11 using windows vista , I have the toolbox function checked, but it does not show up?
I want to learn how to draw?
How do you draw graffiti letters?
how do i draw with lines in illustrator?
does any one know how to fix this tatoo?
Pease tell me what you think of me?
Could somebody draw me a microphone and a house key both on a key chain?
Advice/inspiration for art homework?
Need creative ideas to draw?
If I Take My Comic Book Out Of It's Plastic Bag Does It Lose It's value?
Graphic design degree questions?
Will laminating my graphite portrait damage them?
How do I write a contract that gives me the rights to image usage?
What will be the things im doing when i take fine arts - advertising as my course in college?
What are some ideas to draw?
learn g-slide by lil mamma?
buy t-shirt designs!?
Graphic Youtube Backgrounds?
is it me or are these scary?
I have corporate art for sale and do not know where to begin to look for buyers.?
I have to design some evil characters based on childrens nightmares, anyone got any ideas?
fixing door linings with sketches?
how much is a signed dated norman foster picture worth?
unbreakable mechanical pencil - lost...?
Do ani-manga/game cosplayers mind getting their photos taken? Even for just a small fee?
Is there a animator that can do my intro for youtube?
I need a theme for my project?
web desighn artist/Computer arts?help please?
Do you have a vampirefreaks.com?
Any tutorials for coloring manga with cheap markers/pencils?
how do i make a computer generated cartoon strip?
When you're practicing drawing, does tracing add any value to your learning?
images of Gypsies with chins tilted up?
Mage Illustrations?
Good website to study works of literature such as The color purple?
Are there any hot girls at the Art institute of Pittsburgh?
Are there any websites where you can have people honestly rate your artwork?
Looking for someone who is mediocre/very good at photoshop!?
artist want free advertisement?
How to start off drawing this phorograph? where would you start off?
Couples pictures? What poses aren't used so much?
Can Anyone draw a normal picture into an anime character?
Deviantart point commission pricing?
IS THERE anyone good at art who would b willing to draw my dog for the fun of it from a photo!?
Where can i find printable quizzles?
How do you put the text under the line in your comment in Deviantart?
best cmyk profile for printing?
do u have to be talented in sketching to be an architect?
Critique my latest drawing please?
What should i draw................?
Were can i find a no credit card needed cartoon porn website?
CREATIVITY NEEDED: My junior homeroom and I have to design a banner for our door...?
could you make a anime famous even though its not the best drawings?
does anyone know of any skirt designers?
Is there a name for this?
How do i get more online votes for an online contest?
Free Animation Program for PC?
Where can I buy this?
Blood on the dancefloors logo ?
Photoshop CS Brushes?
Creating an anime character?
ballet related mangas/anime?
Last supper funny satire art remake ideas??????PLEASE!.s.!!!?
what could some images,visuals represent the idea that?
is Garfield a good or bad image to young children?
Which School Should I Go To?
How can I see life in 3D like avatar and my 3DS?
Can somebody make a band logo for me?
how i could find standard measurs for designing a fascion saloon?
Is it possible to learn how to draw?
Where do peanuts come from?
Does anyone know a good website to get free animated backgrounds for point?
Is this a good portrait?
Help with visualizing?
How to make art with sound?
Does anyone know the name of this drawing tool?
Copying the masters, to help me better understand art?
Question for One Piece (anime) watchers?
i want a electric drawing pad?
What is the type of drawing called where you draw from mind free-hand, abstractly?
i need an AWESOME web show name! help me out!?
Do you write on your hands?
i need to make my own website! i need to find a FREE place where i can make a website!please let me know!!?
I used to be really creative and now I'm not. What can I do?
How to stop pixar from making strong female characters?
best pencil crayons?
Any photoshop sites that i can use to change my hair color?
Can anyone make me a fansign?
What fantasy novels and ideas have not been done?
Where can i buy charcoal for my drawings?
Can someone please find me a picture or drawing of a guy like this?
How old is the @ symbol?
How can I sell my art frames online?
I've got a question to all you ARTIST's and art experts?
where can i hire cardboard cutouts?
On charcoals and pastels there is a clear gloss(or something) that you put over it to make it stay put?
Where can I find websites for ready icons and templates?
Fashion Design Kit?
I have no idea what to draw on my title page.?
What is the difference between the focal point and area of emphasis on a piece of art?
3D animations?
how to combine the intials a, c and m?
What should I draw as a gift to my art teacher? And what should I give her?
What do you think of my piece?
who wrote the magna carta and wat was the point of it?
What is the Software used for making LOGO for websites / blogs ?
Good name for a ska band?
Interesting ideas wanted :)?
What should i make a collage of?
Were do I start in the character designing career?
What am I holding in my hand?
Anyone seen plans on building a wall fountian ( waterfall type)?
what website?
What is graphic design?
Does anyone like this boot drawing?
How many letters are in the name of your favorite color?
A really cool anime drawing(s)?
What are symbols for quality work, speed, and trust?
Where can I have cotton fabric printed with my own designs?
Bagaimana cara mendapatkan Point yang banyak dengan mudah di Point Blank?
I am looking for free printouts for my sons 3rd birthday of fairies and pirates thankyou?
out of a scale from 1-10 how pretty am I?
How do u erase a normal ball point pen without any tip ex, Please I'm in a hurry,?
How do you draw a wolf's nose?
Any help please on finding something?
Scarification artist?
Illustrator font showing up blue?
Colored tip brushes? ?
Best format for drawings?
How To Practice Gesture Drawing?
Where to get things designed professionally?
What improvements are needed on this character?
I want to design clothes but I'm bad at drawing?
Do you like to draw in charcoal?
What should I draw on my arm?
What is the difference between a Freeform shape and Geometric Shapes?
Im looking for job abroad as an interior designer or photoshop designer in U.S.A., CANADA, AUSTRALIA?
Looking for an image of a naked winged fairy?
Spiral bound sketchbooks?
How can I draw a good mole?
can you help me find a website for tattoos?
What should I add to my chaotic drawing? 10 points for most creative idea!?
How do i find color palate on CorelDraw 12 ?
im bored what should i draw i not very good but i like kinda weird things!?
where can I get one ??
Which is better, Intuos5, or Bamboo Create?
Do you know anyone who has changed careers in midlife going from retail store manager to an artist?
what to do for impressing the girls in college?
Anyone know someone artistic and single?
Graphic designer wanted!?
what colour goes well with gray to giver the prestigious look,please do not recommend complementary colours.?
What do you call the paper you present floor plans on?
Do u think anime is amazing?
Where can i find the photoshop brush used in this photo?
The pressure sensitivity on my Bamboo Capture Pen and Touch doesn't work?
how do you make a modeling portfolio?
I have a drawing which I need a name for.....?
How do you make those little heart symbol thingys?
any graffiti writers. what would work best regular markers or paint markers?
Do you think my drawing is good?
how is tattoo ink deluded to make a "Wash" for shading?
Did I do good on my drawings? (Give me advice)?
is it ok if i draw skulls?
Any ideas for something I can draw?
What exactly is the drawing style of Shoujo Manga?
who is the best artist?
I have drawn a pencil drawing on canvas. How do I stop the pencil from smudging?
Hi. What to draw ???????????????????
If you are asked to list your favorite websites in no particular order, you are relying on?
whats a good drawing to draw for my boyfriend?
If you were a crayon, What color would you be?
i make movies but i am starting with funny 5-10min skits but i can't think of any do u have any idea or websit?
Drag and drop gimp. ASAP!!!?
final piece for GCSE art?
How can I obtain a storyboarding job?
Is it appropriate to add redesigns or fanart into a Portfolio?
How can I do my handwritten signature?
Which should I buy?? Ps3 vs bamboo fun?
how can i make my handwriting neat?
I'm an artist and want to sell my work, but've never done it before. Does anyone have any suggestions?
what is the name of this painting?
How to draw men (character design)?
Whos cuter?
What should I sketch?
how do I get all the information I need for a transfer of license for a Photoshop that I bought used?
My sketch???
What shade of blue is your favorite?
is it normal to draw weird?
Graphic designer, can you describe your job?
Can you recommend a good freebee drawing/sketching program for use with pen tablet?
Cool photo editing sites?
What r cool scene/emo screen names?
What to draw someone who is moving?
What are some pics u can draw with the keys on the keyboard?
how do you get url logo at the start of a url?
looking for a yaoi manga?
Where can i find free FL Studio 8 tutorials on how 2 make hip-hop beatz?
guys where can i edit my own photo??? read below!!!!!!!!!?
How to create Thai writing graphics / designs / Logos / calligraphy?
If I have 3d Studio and 3d GameMaker, can I put some things i made in 3d Stodio in 3d GameMaker?
i'm looking for info. about a pen & ink vintage photograve from 1892 called "napoleon @ waterloo"
Anyone know how to check if a logo or phrase has been copyrighted?
where can i find feathers like this?
Where can I find anime artists who are willing to draw for me FOR FREE?
Are there any sites where you can buy custom game art?
Anyone else get nervous before starting a drawing?
How can I get my artwork published?
how to make a cartoon like this?
How do you save drawings off GIMP?
What is anime drawing?
Whats your best design?
What picture can I draw on graph paper?
What is the best way to sell your art work on line?
Is Kingdom Hearts 2 Easier than 1?
What do you think of my Manga Drawing?
Who are some people that Walt Disney inspired?
Can I Make it as a model? Pics?
how do i submit literature on deviantart?
drawing anthropomorphic beings are they easier then humans is this true and what are the major difference?
photoshoppers, designers, come hither!?
creating a commercial?
Could someone take a picture of a person and then change it into a nude sketch?
where can i find free clipat for sale?
In Photoshop what is a layer mask and why would you use it?
Give me suggestions on what to draw on scratch board?
I need a good anime HELP ME?
Where can I find ibum free thank u!(-;?
Adobe Illustrator CS5 Right Bar Missing!?
What picture in pictionary could I draw to represent the month "May"?
any one know?
am i pretty?
where on the net can i find all the disney characters so i can draw them in steps???
what can i draw for the 2011 latino heritage month poster competition?
Can Someone PLEASE..?
Today, you just have to use a computer for concept art?
Is their a cheap (or free) draw program or update?
Can anyone help me find a good Monoloque?
How can this tattoo idea be improved?
who is the illustrator in remona and beezus the film?
vector graphics?
i have several disney lithographs do you know what they might be worth?
i need a critique pls :)?
Where can i get some metal drawing compasses from?
Good how to draw manga books?
Does anyone know what vampirefreaks.com is?
hey can you draw any good?
What's your favorite Asterix character and why?
how much is it to copy my art piece?
MADONNA FANS! read ! i need help !?
Can anyone identify the logo/symbol in my avatar photo?
What program do Manga/Anime drawers use to draw/animate on?
ayoo.. helpp ?
graphic novels/ comic books suggestions...?
Tips for drawing pencil portraits?
How do you draw caricatures of celebrities??
overused kneadable eraser?
Where could I download free manga studio ex?
How do I convert a .dwg (AutoCAD file) to a .pdf in landscape orientation, not portrait?
Does the Wacom Intuos3 standard pen work with the Wacom Cintiq 21UX (DTK-2100)?
Why do people, or manga "artists" try to mimic drawing tutorials instead of learn from them?
I'm an anime artist and writer, is there any safe website where I can publish my work and get paid for it?
Yall know any writing websites?
Graphic design questions, help (multiple choice)?
where should i start if i want to learn animation?
Looking for the name of a program, a man who would narrate books while drawing illustrations.?
can you name me some famous modern typographic designers?
how do i make the drawing of a young girl look OLDER?
what are those picture called when you stare at it for a while and an image pops out?
Sell drawing to help my family?
What can I draw that's interesting?
What is a reeeeeally dumb nickname for the name kevin?
What's this symbol called?
is it possible to draw a peace sing without picking up the pencil or going over lines twice?
Where can I find a picture of the black panther fist with the words black power written with it?
What's the Job Market Like for Graphic Designers?
Need some feedback please!!?
A drawing tablet for beginner?
Who discover the pen and the pencil?
I'm looking for an older pic..can't remember the name of the artist..?
How can i sell my art work?
What are some easy how to draw websites.?
where do i find free clipart for kids to use with out paying for them?
Good?? DA members pls?
why did you get a tatoo?
Become an artist or architect?
Printing pictures help?
Anime cosplay ideas?? >.<?
Anyone got any Upcycling ideas?
do u think i would be sucessful as a model?
Where can I get a iPod nano case that I can write or draw on?
Art: Historical and critical research?
I am bored, what should I draw?
question about hot man?
Which one should i draw?
what is this art piece worth?
Howzz my tinkerbell drawing?
I'm interested in Interior Design?
I have so many lines on my hands?
who can give me links to the best anime grope picture?
What is your favorite Dubstep Artist?
Whats a website that sells logo t-shirts for a good price?
Most emabarrassing mascot?
We're can I find the legend of Korra porn comics in color?
How can I get better at drawing?
I drew all these. which one is the best?
Do you like my Beatles project?
Where is a good place for baby portraits?
where can I learn the art of drawing for magazines and periodicals in Chennai?
How do you make sparkles with color pencil?
Can someone please help me find more of these pictures?
Need help with drawing manga?
Do you like my boyfriends art?
Is it a bad thing if i mostly draw girl characters instead of boy characters?
Where can I get helpful Paintshop Pro 9 Tutorials from?
OC Chrismukkah Card !!?
whats the difference between anime and manga?
senior/culminating project ideas for an artist?
How do I recreate a photo in photoshop?
does anyone know where to get unfiltered blacklights for silkscreening?
What is a symbol for siblings?
Is this a real fendi belt http://www.casamogul.com/fendi-brown-zucca-college-belt/?
Can someone please comment my deviant art drawings!!!~?
How do i make invisable ink?
Ideas for an anticorruption poster: what represents corruption really well?
use embellish in a sentence.?
I need your opinion please.?
Photos of any interior?
Do I need a license to do art/drawing commissions?
tattoo? need help advise please?
What colours go good together?
how to erase the traced highlighter mark in the book?
How do I draw my own Family Guy characters?
What is the term for when you have a side,top,and bottom view.?
Could someone give me websites to make and print concert ticket style invitations?
Does anyone know the name of these cartoon girls?
I need someone to make a custom tshirt design for me, for under 20 bucks, with specific instructions.?
what are some interesting anime?
advantages of actionscript 2.0?
What are some anime/mangas that have a good storyline?
Can someone tell me what to draw??
when you draw a portrait where do you usually start?
Quizilla homepage layout?
What do you think of when you think of relationships?
Explain What Is Graphics?