I need some ideas for objects to draw in the theme Light and Dark?
What course will I take to be an Animator?
Which software and what tools eg mouse/keypad/etc do graphic designers use for illustrations?
What series of dollfie is this?
Cinema 4D Rendering Question?
what are the pencil/crayon things used by mathemeticians for writing on glass? (like in numb3rs and the 4400)?
Where can i buy this?
Tuition information needed!?
I just made a Tumblr, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback?
where can i find a copy of the drawing of rose in titanic the movie?
where i can find catia tutorials?
My Space Layout?
Drawing Jobs Help!!!!?
How do you use Glass dip pens?
Can anyone help me out with ideas of where to move?
Is there a name for this style of art? HELP PLEASE.?
How to do figure drawing?
Arts or crafts?
Your favorite way to create a character profile?
Will you look at this dad of mine?
when considering the difference among several variations of a single color, we refer to this relatonship as?
Anyone got an Exit animation?
Is a princess an inanimate object?
Fountain pens ...........?
Best Black and Grey Tattoo artist in Las Vegas?
Can someone draw me a tattoo?
what artist drew this? does anyone know? anime?
What do those symbols mean underneath?
Who shall i draw next?
how does one use clip art?
Can you put white out on a plastic notebook cover?
Can u see?(optical illusions)?
Where can i find good photos to draw?
Looking for a freelance artist?
How can i fix my tattoo?
How to draw anime?
What are some websites that you can take pictures on? I used to use TheLolCam But its bad quality.?
Constitution Day Drawing Ideas?
Can I sell my sketches of photos?
Who is Boris Yelsin?
What can I use to spray my sketches to stop them from smudging??
When is the release dates of the new bills?
Do you have to be good at art to take it as one of your options?
is anyone REEAALLLY good at drawing anime?
how to do Poster Making ?
I want to study art but I don't know which way to turn ??
Does anybody draw skeletons(just hands) and like a Crystal Ball good?? HELP!!?
what is the .AI format?
are tria markers or pro markers better for fashion designing ?
hot or not?
Wacom bamboo Splash vs Create?
Help: Decorate high school?
hey i would like to know if there is a anime out there that is pretty much a hentai.?
How to learn how to draw anime?
Any new room painting tips?
I would like to be an animator?
What are the reasons for converting 2d into 3d ?
What should I draw in art class?
How to draw without making the picture slant?
I am looking for an athomejob for calligraphy(writing invitations/announcements)I have no idea where to start?
What do you think of my picture? Critique my picture PLEASE!!!?
do i get better quality prints, with better quality paper?
do u know any good websites where i can make funny animations with my pic in it?
How to do good????????
Is Graffiti art?
new art drawing?
is this a good drawing?
What do you think about this picture?
Do you know where I can find a similar picture to this one, but with the word 'peace'?
What's the name of this drawer?
what u ppl think bout my art from.....1 to 10 what u think...?
what is something easy to draw?
What are good names for an anime graphics site?
When did you last draw a doodle, and what was it ?
Where can I print quality graphic t-shirts?
Costume ideas for my characters?
I am designing a book cover?
What is the meaning of submission guidelines ?
were can i find cool birthday invitations that i can just print of anyone know of any websites?
Looking for print "Urban Flower" by Teress Esaw.?
Want to get started in Graphic Design?
Who is your favourite artist?
Did Henry Moore's elephant skull etchings have a hidden meaning or symbolism?
Pictures of Bastogne....?
how do i outline?
Please help, need a good photo of a modern building to draw?
Pencil grip is weird?
I'm stressing over my project :(?
Is the pencil i use a good pencil for drawing?
my father my inspiration?
Has anyone heard of an artist called "Olivier de Cerval?
What should I draw and put on DeviantArt.com?
Were can I find some information about Andy Warhol??
How do you make the apron/shirt for Ciel in Wonderland?
What do you think of my drawings?
Do you have to be creative and artistic to go into graphic designing?
Does anyone know any good dating sites? How about free ones?
do u think this pic is ugly?
What do you think of this logo?
Are digital art commissions supposed to be in print form?
Holocaust Art Help?
If someone tells me to show representation of my artistic hero what does that mean ?
I want to do designs on my nails with sharpies. Any ideas?
what do I need to do to sell sketches such as pastel portraits or watercolors on the beach at Port Aransas Tx?
I have a blank paged notebook, any ideas what to do with it?
any ideas where to find a decent man seriously?
Help finding what some symbols on a ring I got?
How do they write the lettering on an m&m?
Substitute to copic markers?
My mom wants to take up sketching, in particularly to sketch flowers. What would be a good Christmas gift idea
Can anybody give me a list of good figure drawing books please?
How do I become a great drawer?
I'm Bad At Drawing, What Should I do?
do u think this is a good drawing?: Ironman?
How do I make a stencil from a picture on my camera?
i want some slogens on water conservation and rain water harvesting?
Bamboo Tablet pen isn't working PLEASE HELP!!?
art class help.?
Stick Figure Car Sticker?
Why does Tim Burton draw all those drawings as a kid?
How can I improve my art while keeping it in its current style?
What are some cool artistic things to do? fun question!?
What is the Create a Comic Project?
How can I get attention to my drawings?
Kawaii :3 websites anyone?
How do I draw Female poses?
how do i make a picture like this?
Can someone describe a couple ways to correct the tonal range of an image in Photoshop?
Where can i find my peace poster for lions club?
Where can I find a good picture of a light brown haired anime girl?
Does love bind you or set you free?
How to shade correctly when drawing manga?
A good drawing tablet for beginners?
Im really bored and wanna draw what to draw?
What to draw when i'm bored?
How do artists get their drawings printed on things?
what is a vector drawing or background?
Artist In Prague -?
What to draw a mural about?
Where to buy cheap plain T'shirts for printing?
What does this symbol mean?
Ideas for an AP 2D concentration?
are you a good pencil drawer?
Can someone help me with cosplay ideas?
Can someone make some basic edits to this image?
what are the primary colors?
Why are some people so horridly.......?
How to make a anime website business?
help me find the site aquaticcentre.com?
Suggestions on how to sell my original t shirts?
what could personality traits could this represent?
What to draw for this Tshirt theme?
what is a freehand draw?
What is the best generalization statement about graphic designers?
How do you become an art collector?
Traditional portrait artist ?
I want to know how to create an invitation card for coo prate?
What are some cartoons with big heads?
Do you think this is a good idea?
MilkShape 3D?
What are some famous Japanese artists?
Which celebrity/person should i draw?
Do you have to have a Bachelor in Fine Arts or Master's to be a commissioned Graphite Artist?
what should i draw..........?
What is a cute clown name?
graphic design help please?
How can I become a model?
Any Cool 3D bendaroo ideas?
InDesign: 2 pages in spread?
What software do the Japanese use for illustrations?
I want to be a superhero?
Where can i find someone who can draw some anime characters for me?
What is a good graphics website?
What is Kandinsky famous for?
My Bamboo Tablet pen isn't working at all?
DeviantART account help!!?? PLEASE!!!?
Where can I cteate a logo for free?
Which idea is best for GCSE art?
I'm 25 years old and I want be a digital artist but is not too late ?
What do you think of my drawing?
A small question about Banksy?
Where can I get this?
Is there a way to keep a pastel drawing from smudging when you touch it?
Is drawing shoes made from animal skin supporting the kiling of animal skin or against it?
please tell me some easy art?
Nude Art Models! How old can you be and how much does it pay?
how do you type in a heart symbol?
How can i make my poster more decorative? Please Help!?
If I draw my characters with like the body, or eyes of a maplestory character, would that be copying?
heed help finding a new englishdubbed anime?
In photoshop (cs3) how would you flatten hair?
which tattoo should I get?
rate me HONESTLY.?
where can i find a good layouts that moves?
freelance artist needs to get paid?
do you know where to find this?
How can i blend charcoal effectively?
me pictures and informaton about native house in the philippines?
How much should you charge for a commission on deviantart?
Has there ever been an anime?
In photoshop, how do you curve lines?
What do you think of my piece?
What is the best way to erase permanent marker?
How do you erase pencil marks?
More minecraft ideas anyone?
What do you think of my sketch?
Am i good at drawing?
How easy is it to create & apply your own decals using a pc vinyl cutter?
where can i make my own website for free at where everyone can see it for FREE?
picture of facial microcurrent movement and describe movement?
How do certain people draw so well? It comes natural to them?
Charcoal on canvas.?
AMV (anime music video) help please?
Does anyone know of a good place to get a jelly background for your shop or gallery on neopets?
What is the red thing on the cock called in English? [Pic included]?
Why some corporate use heraldry in this mordern world?
what is the BEST way to edit ur pics?
I hate my art class, what should I do?
I NEED Hatsune Miku Tickets for the Anime Expo AX 2011 July 2nd (Mikunopolis)?
Do you guys now any good sites i can download shojo manga from?
well i went to art school were charlz shaltz wnt o try to do art contests?
what other color represents good luck besides green?
i quit my job to concentrate on my comic strip, was this the right thing to do?
Does anyone have a Deviantart page?
Are There Any Animes Like Kirarin Revoltion Or Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou?
I have a problem with GIMP 2.6?
Is the image of the "space invader", i.e. the little pixellated character, regarded as in the public domain?
please some advise?!?!?!?
i really wanna get into drawing.are there any websites and books that i can use to help me?
Umbrella Academy Cover Image?
are there any web sites that turn your pics in to anime cartoons for free?
wacom bamboo tablet pen replacement help (11 points)?
how to get a free Webstarts?
What will likely help me succeed in college studio art, learning to draw people or landscapes or tables?
Is a zebra white with black stripes,or black with white stripes?
how do i get a pic of my name designed beatifully?
Need an anime animal cosplay?
Doing a comic on art need help?
Ai CS3 >> How do I fit an image to my chosen 'paper' size ??
I dont know what to draw!?!?
Do you think i show potential in my drawings?
Why was Kaws ahead of his time?
How do you like my drawings?
How are my drawings?
What should i draw? (and my question is too short apparently)?
Do you think I should bother?
Are there any websites that you can post art to?
Hand drawn image conversions with photoshop!?
anyone know where i can get clipart without the dumb white background/fill?
How do I create a sprite sheet and save it without losing color information?
things i could make, draw on, paint on and sell?
How to watch online vedio without buffring?
Please give me some designs of shirts.?
how to get better at drawing realistic portraits?
is high drawing ability essential to begin studying Architecture?
Impromptu Duo can you help me with my contest today?
Does anybody know of a 3D modeling program that does not require adimastrator privelges?
what brands of ink ribbon works with underwood?
Do u have to know how to draw ?
What logo is a rainbow butterfly when you are on the internet?
What inanimate objects do you find attractive?
Hey guys, can you please tell me some real 3d games with 3d glasses support; thank you.?
i dont get it..... whats so great about anime?....its stupid?
can i make it?
Which is the Best Windows based 3D Development Software currently being used in Animation Industry?
how to change ink cartrdges?
what artist shows anger in their work?!?
Where do the Ideas come from?
anime sketchers or comickers help please?
Do gaming companies accept manga style for their art departments?
Posting pictures online?
Modern Architecture Project help!?
Perspective drawing ideas?
I recently got a topic for GCSE ART, its titled as I, me, mine. and im stuck for ideas to show 6wks planning?
Where can I find a job?
Koh-I-Noor Gioconda or PrismaColor Pencils?
Anyone want to appraise my amazing spiderman issue 7 signed by stan lee (1963)?
Unique ways to sign a yearbook?
Is there a trick to drawing anime clothe folding?
Teach me how to shuffle!!!?
Naruto Generations or The Amazing Spiderman Video Game?
How to give stationary items as a gift?
Will someone make an anime version of me?
How to learn WordPress?
Does anyone know why Op Art (Optical Art) Was Created?
What is the difference between a drawing and an illustration?
cute little cartoon mouse i drew rate it?
Whats this font?
Does anyone know how to do a motion picture?
First Photoshop cs5 banner?
How can I draw a Realistic Wolf?
how can i learn to draw from my head faster?
Jobs in animation and average salary/hours?
If i write with pen on my c.v would this affect me from getting a job?
What should I draw a picture of? I'm taking requests.?
i need ideas!!! pleaazzz?
Where can I find pictures of letters made by fingers?
Suggest a proper image for this...?
Does the Wacom Bamboo Splash come with Photoshop?
Hey im looking a job my only skill...drawing?
Does anyone know of a website where i could learn to draw anime?
is there a web site where i ask them to make me a image or poster?
What are some good picture editing websites?
I need a name for my One Direction fan page?
How to.....please help me out!?
how symmetrical is an average face?
Why do churchs have colored windows?
Drawing hearts and stars?
Body Worlds Exhibition - art, science or freak show?
How can I learn to draw more realistically and objects from real life?
Soft pastel painting has been frustrating,is strathmore paper the wrong type of paper?
Writing Your Crushes Name Really Cutely?
I am trying to think of a particular anime that I can't find the name for.?
what is favorite artist name?
what do you think of my drawing?
How to draw swirls that are in ice cream?
rate my looks (pics included)?
what would be great for a sneaker design don't be shy any crazy ideas go wild?
Is there another way to find this picture? Zerochan.?
Where can I get some My Neighbor Totoro coloring book pages?
Anyone interested in drawing this?
Looking to buy a drawing tablet for computer, which one(s) are best?
I need help pricing my artwork.?
Which are best collages in bihar for b.com?
What is your favorite font (typeface) and why?
What are some good, cheap, art markers?
I am practicing drawing maps (real-life maps, not fantasy) and it's quite a bit hard to get it accurately?
sword art online anime?
im interested in CG and i wanted to know which programs are best for beginners.?
follow me on tumblr pleasee?
I need help with pattern fills in GIMP.?
what websites can i go to to sell cartoons or tattoo flash?is there any addresses to mail drawings to or email
what is a graphic novel?
Where are some websites that i can find some diagrams showing how to draw Disney characters like Tinkerbell.?
Is there a store that sells all copic sketch markers?
How do i make my feet smaller im 14 and 5'3d?
where to buy?
Would you check out my manga drawings please?
how to erae bitmap in flash?
why when i doodle do i only draw squares and boxes, what does it mean?
What Is The Best Anime ?
Drawing Website?
What is the best thing to use to keep chalk from smearing?
what is it called when you artisticly "write" a word, so that it can be read both upside down and rightside up
I got a tattoo but the artist did a horrible job can i go to someone else to fix it?
Would this be considered abstract art?
Artists that draw/paint music or lyrics?
Do copywriters have to make the whole brochure?
Any CD or book teach making balloon arched?
What should i draw? I like dramatic lights and darks.?
I want to trace a photo I took.?
whats a good thing to scetch loosly? im bored!?
What should i draw for her?
Whats Tumblr ? How Is It Used ?
Whats a good anime show?
Whats your techinque in figure drawing?
I need an illustrator for a comic strip idea?
What's the coolest/most creative thing youve done on photoshop?
do you like my sketch?
I wanna draw Bill kaulitz..?
how julian beever do the 3d pavement drawing?
What is the current value of Pooh's Garden print by Peter Ellenshaw?
How does this drawing look to you? please critique?
Where can I find an online person generator?
Play draw something with me!?
Where can my 12 yr old son upload his artwork to?
What to draw for this Tshirt theme?
Does anybody know where this pic is from?
Creative Recruiting Agencies in Germany.?
What is the best way to store animation cells?
What are some good and simple things to draw?
is it possible to use trademarked artwork in a painting?
Where can you get a zwipe marker??
Does any one know a website where you could find graffiti letters?
What symbol represents art?
Photofiltre help?
What Florida school offers the best career in Interior Designs?
Which Wacom bamboo tablet is the best for drawing?
Can you see my improvement?
Please help me with my assignment? I need ideas?
Are there any Anime Cons in Canada?
How many dee, dee, dees are out there"besides me".?
What is the best eraser?
watercolor paper or drawing paper? right or wrong side?
What's the best way to get into creating animation?
how/why are some paintings so expensive?
Very amateur paintings, but please tell me which is best?
dose any body no where a good website is for drawing pokemon?
What should I put in my journal?
where can i get brucas scenes?
What design should I make out of random material?
Help! Pleaseeeeeee!?
What do u think of my drawing?
how do u get a gel pen/pen to write even thoguh it has ink in it..?
What are some good yearbook themes and covers?
were can i find pics on interior design of dvd-shops?
Free IT Training in Pakistan?
What are some good art contests?
Where can i find furry artists who will draw a piece for me?
need free kottonmouth king art work?
What should I use as a visual aid for a persausive speech?
How is Impressionism and Post Impressionism different?
How do i become a model?
i want to create a logo of my name?
Markers... what's the best brand?
what can i draw if the topic like this ' patterns of behaviour'?
What should I draw? ?
What is the famous bird that is tattooed on people? It is sometimes tattooed with two of them on each chest.?
How do I keep on drawing manga?
Which is the morphing s/w I saw on Home Improvements prog?
Who would like to support a college student and vote for my submission?
Any good and easy to draw tile design pics? ?
what is the best material to mix into an ink to create own identity?
is there any way to transfer a regular picture on to a shirt of any kind?
What is a good camera for landscape pics?
I need some ideas on a project I am doing.....?
Can you get a tattoo artist to do your own design?
How did they record old cartoons without computers?
i really need a job but im 13 and im colored so only options i see are to sell my body or sell drugs?
Dissertation topic - Graphic Design?
Do you know a good web site for Sarah Key drawings?
Artists; do you worry that maybe...?
How do i load fonts onto PaintShop?
Tattoo question looking for and idea for a tattoo that could mean new beginning?
what should i draw for art class?
anyone know a good drug free coloring page??
Phoptoshop help?
how can i make cool T-shirts?! already have the designs, i just can't sew. HELP.?
where can i find free Mars manga downloads?
How do I become a professional Graphica Novel artist/illustrator for a career?
What is a good lyrical dress for grenade?
Am I pretty? (pic included)?
What characterizes and falls under bohemian art?
there's a poster making contest...can you suggest anything that i should draw?...the theme is...?
is orange a popular color??
How much should I charge per hour to generate illustrations for an app designer to use to advertise their app?
need some good anime to watch! got any suggestions?
i want to do a fine arts degree next year?
what was the manga website called that deviant art hosted a few months ago?
what is the salary range for a manga artist?
...how to make gifs..?
Drawing, to continue or not? Opinions please :)?
Our final is designing our own project of an artwork. Does anybody have any ideas?? help!?
What's Niall horans username on draw something?
What could a logo be for Art olympics?
Her over me?? Please help!!<3333?
What experiences have no point of refrence?
I need an anime/chibis drawing. Can someone send me a link to one ?
I want to work in Animation...video game or film? Where do I start?
Any suggestions for a still life object?
How would you go on telling your love the way you feel?
Can anyone explain this pic to me?
Whats a good environment to do graphic design?
Roommate tattooed me...might need some professional help..Prices?
How do you ink a drawing in opencanvas4?
I have a Question about an artist G. Beighey?
How do i start to work as photgrapher in San Francisco?
Graphic design Freelance contract questions?
How do I use: Blender 2. 61 3D animation program. Help!?
Anyone know where I can find some generic pic bases of real people?
where is waldo?
what can i do with this pen?
how can i find pre-architecture designs for churches?
How to learn handwriting that was used in the late 50's- 60's era?
How do u color your hand-drawn drawings on the computer?
Kaichou Ma Maid Sama episode 28?
Anyone good at Photoshop?
Can someone help me find this manga?
Any suggestions for books that can help me improve my skills in drawing?
what are some good animes or mangas i can keep an eye out for?
what does yin yang mean?
what type of manga paper should i buy?
Ideas for Surrealism!?
Dose enyone know`s what is the best and greatest fashion design university in paris?
I'm trying to make flyers. Can someone tell me how to use clip art step by step?
Q) Artistic compositions created by superimposing elements, such as photographs.?
I've been asked to draw a huge painting but how do I know how big it will be if I draw it in photoshop?
Who is a graphic designer? Or is studying to become one? ?
Using Adobe Illustrator professionally?
Where can I find a program that can make a Mosaic?
How much is a pencil drawing worth?
Can you see the butterfly?
i'm looking for a creative way to do my poster of development poster in psychology.?
which one should i watch, The Avenger or The Amazing Spiderman with 3d or the dark knight rises?
Pic of me, honest opinion?
Where can I go in the Madison, WI area to get prints made of my drawings?
Is writing in pen on your hand dangerous?
Who likes to draw anime?!?
what can be the conceptual idea of an object that has been turned into a stippling drawing?
Could you give me answers to logo quiz 7?
Easy manga drawings to copy?
Can somebody draw something for me? Anime style?
fashion design contest?
Is there any game online where you can simulate being an interior designer?
100MPH Sausuages, 90MPH Bananas, 100MPH Peanuts?
ive never been to a anime convention need help?
Animators from Pixar studio, how must get (salary)a mouth?
Whats a drawing I can trace along the lines of missing my brother?
I would like to become a set designer for family movies does any one know what classes I need to take?
artists similar to liz clements?
Where can i get something engraved online?
FIND THIS PICTURE?????????????????????????????????…
I am 17 , Architecture or fashion designer?!?
Fantasy/SF artists---what do you think of Elfwood?
Do girls like guys that graffiti?
what to have as logo for film group?
where can i find an iconic picture and use it in my art?
Is my picture on Album 32.com? "Roy Gunter"?
where can i find them?
what can i draw for a boy i like?
What do think of my drawing?
How much do you think this batman poster will sell for?
what could i draw from my grandmother?
Is deviantart a safe website to go on?
How do I learn how to make stained glass windows as an assistant or apprentice rather than from a book?
mylar ink remover?
An anime show that involves high school student in military?
What would happen if you look up a photo and then draw it?
is it true that marihuana opens up your mind?
How do you use water colored pencils?
Any good sites for selling art?
What Artistic type advice would you give to an artist who is right now alone trying to change the world? hmmm?
How to create a character with clothes in Maya?
What are good Shoujo anime's?
how do you do scale drawings?
can you describe this work of art?
wats this drawing site?
what should i draw for my grandma?
where can i make a fourm at?
how can u edit photo like this for free?
How is it done? The permanent windblown dress look? Can you give me tips and instructions with this, please?
Where can i buy tattoo stencil paper without going online?
what are some fashion photographers books for beginners?
I'm looking for a specific Furry/Yiff comic, anyone help?
tell me how to draw!!?
What are pencils made out of?
What's the best way to start animating "ANIME" "hand drawn"? the good way?
How did she do this in photoshop?
Anyone have any funny/clever/cool iPhone 4 backgrounds?
Do Staples do posters of your choice?
how do you make one of those online hearts?
What are some cool fonts?
Creative ideas for drawing?
How to draw yourself as a Happy tree friend?
website for keyboard drawings?
Texture with feeling!?
i have to make a brochure!!!?
how can i become a site model URGENT HELP?
Slogan ideas for my ww1 poster?
Any advice on a drawing tablet for Photoshop?
Do I need to have a pen tablet or stylus to use z brush?
Need an idea to draw for my next sketch.?
what would you call this artwork from 50's ads?
Can anyone gives some feedback about Singapore Art Museum?
How do you draw fat people?
Help me...I need something creative!!!?
am i good looking?????
what are some good drawing tecniques for anime?
How can i get better in drawing so i can draw a manga?
How can someone earn money from their art (Anime/Manga)?
How do I determine if I have an original sketch by Meta Pluckenbaum? I have never seen this image anywhere.?
HELP! i need insiration for something to draw!?
Any ideas for a cool name?
do you think im pretty =/?
does anyone out there who can draw well think they could draw me something? need this favor for school!?
Which drawing is better?
how well can you draw?
what font used in this picture?
i trying to do my report on artists i need help on find people?
Where is the vanishing point?
Where can I find some good dragon warrior classic wallpapers?
what kind of art / paintings are these?
anyone needs a freelance job contact me ^^?
What are some positive things to draw?
What is the best way to use a figure drawing book?
how would you visualize trade or supply chain?
i need an anime girl with long red-brown hair and brown eyes...?
Good Ideas for Deviantart Username?? :)?
Anime artist/arts help!?
Polls: Blue or Black ink pens?
what flower represents happiness?
How long is the line at the anime expo at 4:00 am in the morning (please answer from experience)?
i need the right tools for drawing! (: help please?
Face Painting... looking for how too / design ideas / instructions?
Hi! Lol. I just created an account, and I didn't know what to ask, so whaaat's in?! (;?
How to take off a pen mark off of a shoe?
Manga Studios: Beginner and Advanced. (What's the difference?)?
How do I carry a calligraphy pen?
which version of the drawing is better?
Need opinions on my drawing?
Why doesn't the image on gimp resize?
What colour should I do her hair? (picture included)?
is graphic design experience needed to major in it?
i'm currently working on a cd sticker..how do i do the layout for printing?
Where can I find free printable colouring pages for kids???
how can i learn 2 cuss more?
What should I draw next?
how make the nib of a pen smooth?
My sketch...?
how do i start selling tattoos?
How do you get in contact with a artist?
Crayola Art Studio Download Helpp!?
i'm good with graphics and would like to become a t-shirt designer, but for a company?
What, according to you, is more important in an art piece, content or form?
Need help to anime experts here...?
in need of a cool logo?
How can I get an agent that represents me as illustrator?
Girls as days of the week?
Anime recommendations please!?
think of a unique color..its hard.?
On Photofiltre how do i get the color (paint tool) behind my text?
How will I know if I like being an Advertising Art Director??
Creative writing piece with the theme Fairness?
How do you learn how to draw?
vector shapes and marquee tools in adobe photoshop.?
Whats a good Graphic Drawing tablet?
Why don't the merchandise drawings of the Disney princesses ever look like the actual princess did?
I am looking for a image of a anime elf woman with long brown hair and blue eyes.?
Where can i get a How to Draw Manga ebook for free?
what can i draw?
Do I have a slight potential?
Can you use 3d glasses if you wear glasses?
Does anyone know how to use photoshop?
who is a fan of bone chariter thorn ,phonny bone, smily bone ,bartelby, fonebone?
What should I draw? 10 points?
are Japanese really racist ?
Furries if your out there!?
What are some doodles you could draw on Post-Its?
Tshirt company names?
which is the best to make photos in movi without grafic card?
Where is the DEVIL in this artwork?
how can i get to draw good.? and how can i know what to draw?
What is a good site to learn crochet?
Do you like my Fairy Flash dress up?
how does your skeleton get larger?
I feel like drawing...what should I draw?
Who is this guy? PLEASE REPLY ASAP! need it for a test!?
do you draw good2?
what can i do with a degree in graphic design?
Graphin Designer?
I suck at drawing people and things?
comics... what to do?
Pon and Zi pics?
are there any anime classes in vancouver?
Are uniform tessellations semiregular?
What color was horses jousting outfits in the medieval days?
Would participate in these art contests with me?
Have you ever fallen in love with one of your works of art?
What animal should I try drawing?
memorable poster?
How can i make whiteboard ink ?
I cant find any good websites to get free stuff?
Staedtler Mars 551 compass, how to hinge the leg?
what's the name of this artist, pic inlcuded?
is deco out there its anita?
the life as an animator?
did you paint or draw in your childhood?
I would like to get better at drawing? What are some exercises?
What should I draw in my sketchbook?
people good at photoshop!! can anyone make this hat and bandana look more realistic please? i dont know much?
How can I draw a person thats not to big and that is not a stick figure?
Wolves Markings?
what do the colors mean?
Do you think Im good at Art??? (((((PIC INCLUDED)))))?
where can i learn airbrushing in new jersey?
How do I use Crest 3D white strips?
Can anyone give me information/ Knowledge or opinion about these three architectural projects?
Where can I find a tutor for autodesk maya?
Do you know where on the Internet I can find videos of.....?
how can i do a pic do this...?
what to draw?
What are some sites similar to theotaku where I can post my fan comic/mangas as a series?
should i draw on colored papers?
its Bleach better than Naruto?
Has any1 heard about...?
Does Portrait Innovations do headshots?
How would i draw this?
i need a picture&^%$#%$*&^%?
Does anyone kno where i can get GIMP 2.6 tutorials?
How can I learn to draw better? Don't care how long it takes...?
Artist Susan Moler Devine?
why did illustrator make my drawing all one "path" when I reopened the file?
What websites are out there similar to sketchfu?
what are some examples of caracteristics????
what do i draw?
Does this collage look okay for an art class?
Is it faster to make a comic with 3D?
how do you make a rib cage for a 3d skeleton?
can i steal your artwork?..?
how to organize your photoshop layer when making a website in it?
Who would be the easiest person to draw a portrait of? Please help.?
what's that website that's basically a huge photo gallery?
is this like naruto???????
who is the best visual artist of 2006?
Drawing is too much work?
where is a good website were i can get pics?
I need some cool designs for a Class of 2011 t-shirt?
What is better.. Pencil or pen?
A good website for finding artists?
how do i draw designs of clothing if i cant draw the body of a person?
What are some visual images for the word Polysyndeton?
What is the best way to search for Vector Clip Art, Icons, and Images?
Where can i find some graduation invitations for graduating 5th grade?
describe your favourite photograph please?
How many volumes/chapters of Kuroshitsuji (Black butler) are there?
Illustrators wanted!!!!?
how much for a cross tatoo between my shoulder blades?
does anyone know where i can fine these kind of backgrounds?
why is the mona lisa so popular... especially since i can draw much better?
Is it okay to like drawing even if they suck?
A good drawing tablet for beginners?
How do you do basic text in gimp?
Need to find a picture/ information on a specific garfield poster from 1978?
How to make skateboard designs on a blank deck?
Can you suggest anime? Please? :))?
Any one who knows where to see inspirational art?
available plans U.S. Warships?
How can I do a collague of photos?
where can i find and download Walt disney in arabic?
looking for Anime!!!! Please Help.?
How much is mangaka salary?
Do you feel "Illusion-istic"?
How do you draw a husky?
Which GCSE's Should I Take?
I see pictures with peoples eyes that are like blue or some other color......?
I am wanting to start a greeting card co. and was wondering about copyrights to protect the wordage?
I need like old gospel artist.?
How can enjoy fram coition?
I need an computer artist who takes suggestions?
I cant see my layers in gimp..?
i need names of secured websites for anime cosplay?
What is visual communication and design?
My Pivot isnt Working?
What anime character do I share the best resemblance with?
bull head as a logo?
Where can i upload furry yaoi stories?
I really want to have an artistic job?
what store has a web kins?
I'm really worried about copyright.?
Why 3D films not become popular in previous years?
Any ideas what I should draw??
How to draw a circle, square and lines during powerpoint slide show?
What do you think of my drawing?
I was wondering if someone could make me a modeling portfolio?
I am having trouble drawing my own sci fi landscape. Any advice on how to find inspiration?
I'm looking for a pencil case.....?
Instead of a poster....?
what keeps pen ink on your body?
Interested in doing a fun art project?
What is a good graphic tablet?
is ther any ohter website like deviantart.com?
is anyone a member of deviant art? if so, can you help me?
I me mine GCSE art ( Final piece)?
I need some names of beautiful women that I can get close up facial pictures of, please give me sources?
Graphic Packing!!?
who can do charcoal drawing effect on pictures?
Tagging Supplies!HELP!?
Portrait Making, Where To Start ?
Ideas on what I should draw on my drumsticks please?!?
ideas of what i should draw with the theme white?
Is there a trick to drawing anime clothe folding?
A good site to put up artwork?
Manga Drawing Ideas? PLEASE HELP!?
How do I make black ?
how can i tole little girl like me that a love her\?
opinion on my looks then and now? (pics included)?
who draws the drawing that peyton draws in one tree hill?
Paintings By J G Delinghcourt?
what are some arts and crafts ideas for kids between the ages of 11 and 12?
i want to be astrnaut but on either side i also have interest in drawing so i want your help that which coure?
Why does Tim Burton draw all those drawings as a kid?
What artistic sort of thing can I do?
How can someone become well known on deviantart?
i need a video tutorial that will show me...?
Koi what should I do ?
any idea on that spiral above where ever?
How to set Manga Studio back to default settings?!?
What is the name of the piece of art that has two pictures of bowls of fruit, one melting one normal?
RATE MY ARTWORK please :) 1-10?
A Thousand Splendid Suns collage?
what are those drawings that talk about one thing but come out as another?
can someone tell me what anime this picture is in?
Where do i get a black journal/sketchbook?
What are sites some sites you can edit your pictures on for free?
Want to find my old pen pal from junior high.?
where can I find all upcoming games art?
What are some good sites I can learn how to draw anime step by step?
As an artist, how can I get paid to do what I love?
What should I draw on my wall?
Judge my art please?
I need help with a logo/poster!?
Whats Ugly to you?
is art a product of imagination or experience?
waht do you think of these pictures i drew?
How do I make a jailhouse tattoo?
what is newsprint paper called in the UK?
How to hold a pencil when drawing or sketching?
what would you call this artwork from 50's ads?
draw white object without white?
looking for a specific existentialist comic: fish, monkey, person, "what does it all mean?"?
Katawa shoujo rin problem?
Ok men I need your help?
does anyone have any ideas?
Please vote for my T-Shirt on Deviant Art?
do i need to use cmky or rgb for printing a t-shirt?
What pen works on the vizio tablet? ?
What in drawing do you wish you could improve on ?
What should I draw as a comic?
Can someone tell me how these Gifs are made?
Where can I find an online school that takes the Army GI Bill?
Free art creating websites?
name of picture with 2 bodies meshed together and their heads are hands clasped?
Fountain Pens?????????????
what voltage do i use when tattooing?
How do you create your own typeface?
Song ideas/drawing ideas?
can any one help me in designing a classroom?
Is there a good website to learn to draw anime?
Do you prefer Abstract Art or something more conventional?
What is the best cartoon ever made?
Where can I buy the following manga tools?
The Natural Way to draw question ?
do you like my drawing?
What are the best Grafitti Markers for Backpack?
I need some ideas for pictures?
do i draw good?
A Question about Visual Arts?
Sites like playdo graffiti?
Where can i buy transfer paper for drawing in charlotte?
think of a caption for this please?
What do you think?
i have art that i want to sell...how/where could i sell it?
Do u think art (like painting or drawing) is a gift or a talent?
I really want to improve my drawing skills so do you know any good websites to go to?
My daughter has a school project and I need to find fake grass and fake trees to buy?
Is it okay to like drawing even if they suck?
Is there any websites where you make a baby online?
my art: punk rock love?
I want to start painting,should i get better at drawing first?
why isnt black classed as a colour?
Know any good mangas for me?
Please help with these art questions!?
Which Airbrushes are best for fine detail work?
please give me helpful websites that teaches how to draw anatomy/ human figures and portraits.?
would this image work better...?
Does this Louis Vuitton look FAKE to you?
Action animes with boobs?
I'm trying to design shirts, and I'm not sure what to use/do, can someone help me?
How can I motivate myself to draw more often?
which drawing tablet is good for a beginner?
Is creating vector illustrations for the website iStock worth the return?
Goth Artist??
what do you think of this bulldog?!?
How can I improve this drawing?
I have a ink drawing which has become smudged. How do I go about getting it restored/repaired? Thanks Paolo?
Are there lots of artistic people in here? If so, what is your talent?
are there any sites that show case portfolios of graphic designer?
Vampire art piece :)?
help with a shirt design?
Can you learn how to draw?
Can someone photoshop this picture for me???
Where in Michigan can i find a Staedtler Learner's Fountain Pens?
Artist in need! Please help!?
My drawings?
How can I encourage my friend with her artwork ?
What do you doodle?
How is my new avatar/logo?
Where can I find a place online that can create custom logos for me?
I really live drawing and I'm drawing right now, but I don't know what to draw/:?
What to should I DRAW!?!?
about how many years do i improve my drawings?
what is your favorite color?
can someone draw me a design?
good mangas like "midnight secretary", or like "The One"..i have runned out to read about something?
What is the proper protocol for contacting Art Departments?
Cant figure out my friends Draw Something clue?
Tattoo Design Confusion I need Help?
Do you like to paint or draw?
can i steal your artwork?..?
Wanna buy some awesome art?
any textiles/design courses for teenagers?
Any good sites for this?
What do you think of my artwork?
what rhyms with test?
Where must the line be drawn?
where can i go to tattooing school in England anyone no ?
NEW drawing-100% chalk, tell me what you think ?
Who are some of your favorite artists?
what do u think of this gift?
i need a really cool idea for what i should draw?
Is there any other good ways to show large drawings other than framing them?
what are some theme ideas for year 12 studio art that dose not involve taking lots of pictures?
does anybody have a vacancy for a stained glass artist?
Snow white ideas?!?!? URGENT?!?
Who is developer of Smartpet Robot iPone?
What does the faceless angel represent?
Do art competitions always end in a draw?
Best paint program for drawing manga and anime characters?
What's a theisis like?
diagram of centipede?
How do you make a journal entry sticky on DeviantART?
Design question...can you help?
Want to start sketching?
Best graphic novels this year?? Please, no TPBs!!?
whats with the shitty answers? here is a contest for creativity?
Where do I go to make a free website?
The little design element printed under a (usually chapter) title- a chaplet or garland of some kind, usually.
i am a pixel artist; will i get any free lance project from genuine person?
What is underwater that is in a shape of a pyramid like thing?
Calling All Trekkies! Can you tell me who this artest is? 'revised question'?
I have a daughter who is very talented at drawing?
What can i do for work experience that is as close to tattooing?
Crayola washable marker as a substiture for eyeliner please answer am i able to make this work?
are finger prints alike?
What is the best anime ever created?
Does Anyone know what this symbol is or what it means?
I want to purchase a pen with an extremely sharp point. anyone knows which brand has the sharpest point pen?
What would you draw if you were just starting?
Which flower best represent women?
how can i get good quality pictures of art without paying out the wazoo?
What is that meme or picture with the two guys pointing at each other?
I can't seem to draw any more?
How did surrealism evolve or become popular?
Can anyone draw good My Little Pony FiM Fan Art?
Can anyone tell me thats in C.A.D.D. what they think of it?
How do you post your art work on images for all the world to see?
Color??????? ??????????
Drawing: a talent or skill?
what type of pencils we use for drawing?
What are good poems to illustrate?
How can I make a more fleshed out character?
who invented stencils?
How do you draw a fingerprint?
Searching for wooden hebrew letters to decorate myself...any one know?
What do you think of my drawing?
what is cubism? can you give me some examples of cubists????
are tattoes just works of art tht stand out?
Does this look good to you?
What type of slides are they looking for in a portfolio?
Certain kind of journal paper?
DESIGN critique?
How can I make a 3D animated logo for my Youtube Videos?
Adobe Flash HELP!!!! .s?
any one knows about a contest of drawing, or illustrations?
What do you think of my designs?
what do you think of my drawings?
Which artwork you like the most?(pics)?
Where i can get this all I also want?
How do I post one of my drawings from my gallery to a group on deviantART?
where can i download the anime shugo chara?
Could anyone help me?
What should i draw? (for an art class)?
Creating a Mood board.....!? ?
Just not detailed enough
where can i buy bound by ink from?
I like to Draw Where to find a job for that?
I wanna learn to draw anatomy or human figure any suggestions?
EMERGENCY!!!!! Can anybody recommend any sites that show how to draw and shade a shell?
What Should i Draw? any ideas?
im on the yearbook commitee and i need some cool new ideas for superlatives. Anyone got any??
How can I achieve this look using photoshop?
what do you think of drawing shapes and lines before drawing the finished piece??
do poems have secret meaning?
Where can I find any of Miya Katsura's doujinshi?
Lookingn for a picture or a Jpeg of and ocean wave turning into doves flying?
Is being an artist a bad job?
Character turnaround question?
Can someone draw this in Japanese cursive for me?
Best pen ink to self tattoo with?
Alcohol on R.I.S.D. summer art programs?
Tell me how to draw my face?
any ideas for word???
Why are optical illusions scary to me?
How are these flames i drew (pic)?
do you think i am pretty? (pic)?
sprite artist?
What do you think of this drawing?
Can anyone tell who the artist is for this picture?
Do anyone know how/where i can learn how to put swirleys on my pictures?
I need a person who can draw?
I have lightwave 9 and I'm looking for a good tutorial for TOTAL beginner. Any free tutorials suggestions?
how does a pencil sharpener work?
Is this drawing good or bad? (video included)?
I'm trying to find some illustration software that is at least under 150$ is there anyting like that?
I need to find the perfect picture!?
What is the name of the ink used in print making?
does being artistic come naturally?