How can I stop smudging my drawings?
Which drawing of mine do you like best?
What does this symbol mean?
What do you think of my art?
Looking for good anime? Does anyone know any that are good like Durarara or Ungo?
I need advice on my fan art drawing?
so what u think..pic!?
Graphitint pencils (derwent)?
Rate my drawing?
Pen or pencil...... which is better. No umms or uhhs just answer either pen or pencil!?
AutoCAD - I am drawing to scale but can't plot to scale?
Charcoal medium question?
Where can I find a service like this for free...?
Anybody good at airbrushing can u answer my other question?
How can I make animations?
In Imagine Make-Up Artist how come when you buy the special clothes they're never there after I buy them?
How do you draw a dragon wing right?
How do you like my drawings?
What do you think of my drawing?
Math Poster Ideas?
How to draw a diagram of a power point?
comicbook website name HELP?
Is there any software that can convert photos into drawings?
Is this a GOOD LOGO?
Famous artists who have done work on teddy bears?
Where can I get this portrait done?
textile a level theme ideas?
Trying to choose a color for shading in my drawing using photoshop?
i m a 14 year old and can u pls suggest any mangas and animes for me . shoujo ?? slice of life?
i want to do fashion design but i can't sketch?
Breaking Dawn Party Pictures??
How do I keep my paper from curling up when I'm sketching?
What do you like to draw when you're bored?
Can anyone provide me with information on a rare Salvador Dali painting??
What o you think of my drawings???????????
Digital and Traditional Art interference ?
can you draw anything with pencil?
Will resting you hand on a tablet mess up the art?
how do I transfer stuff from paint tool sai to manga studio ex 4?
does anyone know any art colleges.?
is this a true fighting style?
What are the types of lines?
My little door project (putting all my drawings on my door)?
Please vote on my question?
Click on link to get free mine craft and follow directions i promise?
My hand seems to hate to draw anime faces?
What is a good hentai/porn alternative to DeviantArt?
What is wrong with me and my drawing skills?
What program is best for making realistic 3D rooms?
Free art software program to download?
What's a good work out for me?
How can I draw things I in my head?
Is there a real job our there for a 15 year old who's going to be 16 in January?
GCSE Art theme?
What is your opinion on tattoos?
need blender 3d training?
How do convergence lines relate to perspective drawings?
what do you guys think of this art work?
I am design a flash website. Can you guys give me the website to find flash music ?
Which website is the best one to look at tattoo designs?
Im trying to think of ideas to do for my major work in visual arts class, but Im not quite sure can you help?
What is your favorite thing to draw?
Does anyone have feedback on my pumpkin carving templates?
Cheap, good first-time (drawing) tablet?
Can anyone tell me the artist of this illustration?
Where can I find a make up artist that can do dia de los muertos make-up in the Orange County, CA area.?
how come anime characters dont have armpit hair?
How did surrealism evolve or become popular?
Am i pretty or ugly??
Where can I buy Francisco Herrera's sketchbooks 1,2 and 3?
How do you make a point of view on your subject?
Which copic marker set will be the best to draw a person?
Pro Photoshop users?!?
web design and graphic design questions?
How to write onto t-shirts...?
what is the lettering "Orange County Choppers" uses called?
Does anyone know this pen (not the nib)?
Do you prefer using paint for drawing anime using drawing tablet?
Will someone draw my character?
what website do u go to edit pics?
save ellectricity to avoid powercuts (drawing)?
Drawing tutorials?
How can i change my handwriting?
What is SWOP (Specification for Web Offset Publications )?
Mosaic artists - looking for a good website any suggestions?
Pivot Animator?
Does anyone know where this image of an anime couple in fire is from?
I really want this!! I want to draw things. what website....?
What color does black and white make mixed together?
I Need a good anime to watch?
give me a random thing to draw?
What collage did you go to?
what should i draw next?
Best manga/anime drawing books?
Any1 willing to mske me a graffiti wildstyle sketch?
Help! What do I need in my Photography Portfolio!!?
help! animators, illustrators, or graphic designer.?
going into my 3rd year at uni studying graphic design, any ideas for a final project? ........?
where can i find good yuri websites that i can read online?
anyone have any ideas on what i could do?
Can someone please design a logo for my tutoring business?
What is the egyp loincloth and loinskirt?
Who looks more like this gurl? (Pic)?
Roman Numeral Nancy Drew help!?
Do you know what media was used to color this drawing?
Who can scan an A0 size poster?
Finding a pencil?
Does drawing become fun after you get good at it?
What picture can I draw that make you think of something being wise other than an owl?
How much are my drawings really worth?
Can you give me any tips/template websites where I learn to draw fashion models and fashion clothes better?
T-Shirt Design HELP!!?
when you erase a pencil mark with an eraser were does it go?
what colors help children learn?
Where can I find some InuYasha Hentai?
Where can i read scanned mangas?
What is your analysis of this picture?
what do u do as a graphic artist? do u sit by the pc drawing stuff all day?
Help with my art homework?
A book am I using to learn how to draw suggests buying an eyeshade. Where can I find one?
Free animation program with onion skin?
Please can someone make me a logo?
Where I can get many car blueprints for free? like house blueprints...?
How to draw anime/maga?
How successfully does Surrealism draw on Sigmund Freud's theories?
[Rate me From 1-10]?
Is this cool? Found it online.?
how can you make your own drawing style?
Does anyone know of any beauty contests around the bay area?
Am i a Bad Drawer? (10 points)?
Is graphic design a good major?
What do you think of my drawing?
graphic design, digital design, illustration, drawing?
what kind of art is this?
What should I draw in my free time?
What should I Draw? Pics?
Wacom Create tablet pen cursor shaking?
Corso manga e anime DeAgostini?
Help with drawing horse legs?
wacom bamboo animator/drawing question?
Where does this picture come from?
What colour should I do her hair? (picture included)?
How can I draw realistic people?
What should I draw/paint?
How can I draw very well?
what kind of pen should i use to write stuff on a cd?
Anyone know of an online website/iphone ap where you can pin where you've been in the world? s 2best ans?
where can I find the original art of this dragon ball Z trading card?
What is ur first impression of me? (pic) ?
Where can I find Gender Bender Stories / Hentai?
Where are some websites I can find free stuff on? ?
Does my draw look good or not ?
where can i find gamerz heaven exclipit manga???
is this for real or just an artist's block?
Good anime for me to watch?
where can i find clip art?
how do i make a 2d image into a 3d image SOMENONE HELP ME?
What tools do all artists need?
Anime Shows that have nice characters?
How do you make a video into a drawn style?
Which pentablet should I get?
Critique My Drawings?
If someone asked you to create a painting.........?
Any good photo ideas for instagram?
game companies in sanfrancisco?
What can I do to make my binders for school look pretty?
Which logo is best?
I need fonts that look like vines?
Is there any good shading tutorials for PaintTool SAI avaliable?
Logo design Ideas, 10 points, quick please?
What pattern is this tattoo? Anyone know of a clearer picture?
What art supplies should I buy to draw a comic strip?
i want a tattoo of a skunk. Any ideas?
What type of illustrations should I use?
What is depth to field 3D?
how are people so cool?
Do you have to be able to draw animatedly to become an animator?
Drawing Problems Help Needed?
What is your favorite color??? Be creative...?
i have an online portfolio of my drawings at http://www.artwanted.com/frontalhawk how do i get published?
Keyboard face help please?
What are some good books for blending Anime/manga with your own art style?
How can I make a text like this, maybe in PhotoScape?
how to create a mood board about new york?
How can i apply texture and tone to a piece of art?
Can you identify this cool font?
Learning to draw simple/cartoony things? Helppp?
Where can i find these pictures?
Can someone draw me a pic for my website?
I want to start a tshirt business but I can't draw to save my life. Are?
Whats a good Graphic Drawing tablet?
Who wants to be drawn?
I'm an upcoming artist?
Good graphic tablet for digital painting?
whats ur favourite art movement?
where is the best place to sell fine art in london?
Are rejected conceptual designs for films and videogames copyrighted?
Ngyahhhhh, Please just answer quickly :)?
How to change my picture to one of the anime type that everyone else has?
do you think im a good drawer?
Does the drawing tablet affect the outcome of your drawing?
What should i draw?
I am a manga artist~ how can i publish my manga?
How can a 15 year old girl make $50-$100 a month?
How to write text around a circle in corel draw?
Where I can watch a free maya tutorial videos for free?
i need to know the certain fonts in this photo?
is this a cute drawing?
What is the best website builder for an artist/designer?
i am entering a t shirt design contest for my senior class of 2013?
how to draw?
Is it legal to use Photoscape on t-shirt desgins?
Can someone draw my character?
does my drawing expierence of cartoons change if i be listen to my mom?
What piece is this? I need to know so I can sell it.?
Is this a gift from god?
JML pen set, fountain pen?
Websites with printable pochette invitation templates?
Who's baby is cuter ?...........please look?
What are some fun things to doodle :p?
What font is this, much appreciated!?
How do graphic novelists start their career when they get out of art school...???
Does this mean I can't become a real artist?
I want to learn a new skill, but what?
What animal should I draw?? Anything will do?
What GCSE's do i need to be a fashion designer?
What's your favorite symbol? :*p<(smiley face)?
how do i express sth in abstract?
what can i draw to represent mexicans' heritage?
Do you have an idea for a design for a Hurricane Katrina stamp? Its for homework.?
Art skills, but no imagination! :-( help.?
How old do you think this person is that drew this and what would you rate this drawing?
how do i make permanent marker stay longer?
when a picture i developed in a geometric pattern like a triangle or circle, it helps to unify smaller detail?
How do you do Canvas Printing?
how to draw a body like anime figure?
Have the creators of Southpark ever been sued?
How can I learn to draw cartoons on a computer?
plz rate my art! =D?
Why graffity is illegal?
What kinds/types of art materials for drawing on clothing?
Have fist appearance of carnage in spiderman. how much is it worth?
What is the type of paper used for birth certificates?
how to draw a dirt like texture?
How do you make nice outlines in photoshop?
How to quit drawing ?
Reccomend a nice but not too pupular photoshopped picture?
what are some artist recommended drawing tablet for pc?
How good is OU's studio arts program?
Inspiration needed! What pops into your head...?
What do you think of my drawing?
cartoon images of living things for kids?
How do they mark GCSE art coursework?
i am looking for a program that will convert normal text into ascii text?
Is there a site online that lets you color digitally?
How to draw a perfect circle free hand?
Can you give me some tips on drawing?
What symbolizes me? please answer asap?
Business Name for Graphic Designer and Photographer?
how can I get absolutely free clip art for elementary children?
What object or logo do you think is an international sign of peace?
What are some uniqe tumblr names?
How to upload gimp designs for zwinky?
Does anyone know where I could find a 19x13in portfolio for my artwork?
I need to know how I can represent the color theory with drawing or pictures?
i want to know, where can i find, the simblo of son, in japanese, or arabic. i want to make me a tatoo in memo
are there any ink wash artists?
im looking for the fubu bike paint job with fat albert on it?
do your know a anime web site like crunchyroll.com do ur know another one like that something similar to dat?
Need new ideas & examples to make this video?
Creative self portrait ideas?
I wish I was more artistic ( able to draw ) Is there anything you wish you were better able to do? (m/a plz)?
when will be pobulish the intermidiate result U.P. board 2009?
does this drawing look realistic?
Im looking for a new tattoo design?
How many drawing are needed for a 1 minute animation?
do you like this drawing?
can i sell a picture of Green Lantern i Photoshop?
Should I make videos on my random art?
What should i name this character?
Artists with really unique drawing techniques?
What's Paul Robertson's animation site?
which mac book is right for me being a graphic design student?
Crayola washable marker as a substiture for eyeliner please answer am i able to make this work?
Low-tech silkscreen printing - any suggestions on procedure?
how to maak animation?
Im looking for ideas for my art.?
Looking for a pen where I can put my own ink in. What is it called?
what is a easy but good looking pictures that i can draw for amendments 1?
How can I make my anime drawings look more three dimensional?
whos ur fave portrait artist?!?
Does anyone know if there is any graffiti shops in Dallas Tx, if so where at?
Where i can find the font used in the NEW YORK POST logo?
Can I learn to draw? Or am I too late?
Whats the best way to save money? when u have a shopping problem?
Any creative people out there?
how do u collage pictures and make them one lighht one dark?
i wanna be professional in graphic design what should i study beside the graphic ,drawing or colores or what?
what is my new zodiac sign if my birthday is december 05?
can someone make me a flyer?
how do you make the smiley symbol??? Like it looks like two dots and then a capitol "U" under it?
How to draw aliens and predators in movies?
Any bored artists out there who wouldnt mind creating a simple logo?
Where can I get cool widescreen backgrounds of nature.?
Where can you buy Spongebob pencil cases and stationary in the UK?
Any good grafitti spots in lake worth-fl area?
I need suggestions for a project! Help!?
Help with a username for Deviantart?
Hows my pencil drawing?
How can I do light effect in gimp?
I've got all these blank notebooks what can in use them for?
What's the name of that Art school that let's you work at home and at your own pace?
Are there any cool websites or blogs?
Optical illusion..So Cool ..Which way is she turning?
Does anyone know about an original lithogragh print by Helen Rundell of a wolf signed by President Gerold Ford
Artists: do you tend to collect art supplies?
Where can I download the girlfriend Magazine from?
A graphic designers role in forming or creating places?
wat do u mean be anatomy in drawing?
hi everyone?
what is my basic pay as on 1/1/2006? now i am drawing in the scale of 4000-6000?
Can you show me some pictures that is related to world peace?
Where can I buy a large poster of the world in Berlin?
Is my way of drawing really that bad?
Do blind people have dreams? if they do, do they know what they are seeing?
What's it called.......?
Looking for Harry Potter chibi drawings?
Anyone have good ideas on what to draw?
does this sound possible?
Does someone know how to make a really nice border(margins) using paper cut outs or kirigami ?
How do you describe an isometric view?
9/11 Illustration - Disrespectful?
I need help too find a Heart with Angel wings?
I need some FUNNy photoshop ideas??
Drawing landscapes...?
IDEAS for my sketches?
I'm thinking about entering this drawing...?
Why do images look different on different screens or printouts?
The Sketches that T.I.'s character Rashad draws. I'm looking for the one he draws after New New lies to him. A?
GIMP help please?
How do you make a 3D paper snowflake stiff enough to hang straight?
I want to learn how to draw, but I'm not sure where to start?
Can you draw something using your keyboard....?
How can i rotoscope faster to meet with animation project deadline?
What's a good name for a yaoi RP forum?
Need help with a title for a essay on phobias, ideas? ?
Good drawing boards for an art student?
Middle tennessee anime con?
Do you have any ideas about baby portraits?
Constructive Criticism please!?
any creative thing s to do?
Creative Poster Board Ideas?
How to make an Photoshop effect??
How does this hand look to you?
Do you like my drawing(easy points)?
Deviantart Group....?
Jacob Black New Moon Poster ? !?
I need new romance, action adventure magical fantasy scifi mecha type anime please help anime at least 12 eps!?
Why does Donald Duck wear a towel after showering, but doesn't wear pants?
fonts to be used designing brochure and portfolio?
Help i need an artist please?
how to make exhibition models on water management?
I was searching everywhere to locate my pen. Finally I found in in my left hand.?
what are the blog sites for free lance writters that really pays money?
Art Portfolio for college?
if i want a picture to be black and white but certain thinkgs to be in color how do i do this?
how to become a webdesigner
will this develop my sketching skills?
Any tips about doing a bas relief of a nude at an entrance exam?
i want to show that drawing of th drop of water.and how ishan had done that with wich colours?ple tell me?
Where can I host yaoi art besides y!gallery?
Is there any need for doing computer engg. for hardcore animation?
i need software development, web development or web designer work?
Where can I find this necklace?
which portfolio website is best?
A short story writer would like to team up with Anime- Manga style illustrator in order to create manga?
Can i use any carbon paper for tattooing?
What are some good mangas to read?
Looking for a good book for beginner PC Photoshop/Illustrator CS food package design?
Where is Waldo? I can't find him.?
Indian homecoming banner?
Im really bored and wanna draw what to draw?
I know about how to make a heart symbol using ♥ but what are all the shapes you can make?
how much would you pay for a pencil?
is it weird for a teenager to be drawingty?
When did Kat Von D join Miami Ink?
Intous4 or Bamboo...?
How do I lengthily describe these aspects of art?
Do you like this work? ( my drawings plz help)( pic included)?
Do you know where to apply for a job as a children's book illustrator?
How do people with glasses watch 3D movies?
What can I draw?
What do you think about my drawings? (Pictures included)?
Please can u tell me how can i find R.K. Laxman's sketches?
how did you make a smoothline with sai?
i have a collage contest 2morrow.some ideas pls real urgent?
I recently drew something nice on lousy paper. ?
Where can I watch the anime, Soul Eater for free?
Can someone please tell me what font this is?
looking for older ABEL fairy posters !?
what are the different types of ad-layout? where can i get details?
is it possible to take art classes online?
Where can I find a good FREE image editor ? I think its something like paint that I need...?
Is ti hard to learn how to draw?
How should I prepare my graphic design portfolio for a job interview?
Does anyone know how to fix fading elephant print on jordan 3's?
Rate me? 1-10 (with picture)?
What does this mean for an editorial cartoon?
how do i set a backround image to my tumblr?
What logo had three intersecting keys?
I want a pen pal from london thats 13 or 14 years old what web sites can i find one at?
animation university?
tramp stamp, slag tag, ho tag, lower back tattoo, *** antlers clipart needed?
Are game designers able to have a great living?
Best drawing app for iPad?
Is this a fair flat monthly rate for graphic design services?
What is your favorite logo?
Tattoo artists......?
Something to draw?
im bored; what should i draw a picture of?
does the reasonable is that which is viable always in life?
Advice over graphic design?
Anybody know this awesome keyboard short cut?
Becoming a tattoo artist?
How to make my picture a flash?
Idea for something to draw?
Can you sell Fan Art?
how should i decorate my shirt?
Does anyone know where I can get reproduction 16 & 17 century art drawings?
Help with making a portfolio?
I need help drawing eyes...quick answer!!??!?
What kind of Art is this?
What does this symbol mean?
What year did doodle for google start?
Where can I sell my drawings?
What are the proportions of a face?
What texture can i use for this?
Graffiti Artist Slang?
Cross hatching and shading?
do you have to be a cartoonist to become a graphic designer??
Being a pen pal to soldiers?
Using dreamweaver, how do i adjust the it to become poster size? is it by adjusting the resolution and pixels?
I am getting a pen ....?
Can anyone design a logo for our band please?
What do you think?
Is there a computer program where you can draw on a person?
freelance artist needs to get paid?
Being an adult and still liking anime?
Is there such thing as pressed bunson? Just read...?
Where can I upload my story?!?
What are some examples of two point perspective in real life?
want 2 watch anime in italiano , but without megavideo.....plz help?
how do i draw flames every time i see them ther differnt and i cant figure a good way do draw them.?
What can I theme a project using the colours red black and white?
Please make me a quizzaz account!?
How do I get art galleries interested in my work so I can have an exhibiition?
Do you have any ideas for the background of my self portrait?
How can i go to Golden Hands Fashion School here in Manila?
Does anyone have any good tips for an artist?
what are some good anime with strong female lead?
Anime like Uta no prince sama?
Were can I find Marge Simpson coloring pages?
That pic thing?
What career is good for a graffiti artist? Artist or graphic design career?
how to do a A3 graffiti sketch?
Help me out!?!?
I need help with my anime drawings?
how can I find http://mycamnet?
when you erase a pencil mark with an eraser were does it go?
What about pens??????????????????????????????????
Whats the purpose in drawing, if no one looks at my art?
Could you give me some tips on how to improve my sketch?
Opinions on my drawing please?
Should I?!?(1D pics!!)?
Emo things that i can draw ?
Can you please find a link for this?
How to make this kind of image?
avid people i need help with tutorials?
how did an artist earn his living in the Middle Ages?
Is there a website where you can look up criminal backgrounds for free?
what are the guidelines in poultry buildings designing?
what do you think about these drawings?lol
who to draw help pls pls ?
Does anyone have a picture of snowflake bentley pictures .I NEED HELP B/4 1/7/08?
Anime extremely similar to School Days?
where can i read the girl with the dragon tatoo online?
Anyone who knows anime and manga?
Publication using Transparent/Clear Material?
aim pages layouts=lame?
can you buy newpaper paper?
Model skeleton for drawing?
I need some suggestions ...?
Where Can I Make a Bape Person?
Playboy bunny logo infront of an web address instead og "e" logo?
no font size and style changing in my wordpress?
Poster Ideas for a project?
Is this a good drawing for a 13 year old?
Where can I get a caricature picture of me and my family?
is it bad to trace a drawing?
Im not good at drawing and I want to learn how to draw?
Click this link: http://photobucket.com/images/emo%2520blobs/ What are these little guys called?
Does anyone know who this poster is by?
how many types of drawing there is?
What's the best way to draw 3D Pictures?
help me design a creative wall?
How to be better at drawIng?
What is your favorite object and your favorite color?
How many English words can an average lead pencil write?
How do you improve your drawings if you're not creative?
Wedgewood limited edition Selene Visting Endymion price?
How could I play with the guitar be ear? The ACCOMPANIMENT of any melody?
Jasc Animation Shop 7?
Anybody good at drawing?
tshirt print samples website?
What kind of sign can I draw with the concept of "Stop If You Want"?
how do I become a cartoonist?
How to draw a deck with AutoCad ?
What are some cool things to draw?
How do you draw a square with an x and triangles on all sides?
how do you pro nonce the artist Vincent van Geoff or Vincent van Geo?
How to change comment in GIMP?
Where can I find a decent free/free trial 3D floor plan program for a business?
What are those pictures called?
graphic design help please?
drawing ideas for someone you like?
anyone have any good websites for teen art and tattoo art that i can draw :)?
How do you hold a fountain pen?
how to make format in auto cad if i want to draw 12'6" line?
Need to do a mood board for graphics on alcohol. Has anyone got any ideas on what i could include?
Are there websites like Picnik?
Can you draw???
What can I do to get better at drawing?
what's the name of the French artist who pastes old-master style political drawings around Italy and Paris?
Looking for a gallery, museum, or agent that can help me distribute or show my drawings.?
Does anyone know where I can find a full biography or story on Yoon from Ambush Designs?
Who is the concept artist for fall out 3?
how to draw...?
What are some cool things to draw on the insides of my wrists with pen?
Is any one can teach me how to make picture enclosure a CD cover? Please help.?
In love with an anime character, very depressed result?
plan view to isometric in adobe illustrator?
What is the best color?
where can i find those pictures?
what is the font on a milky way bar?
What happens everytime someone uses Comic Sans?
Do you prefer using paint for drawing anime using drawing tablet?
All about graphic card information?
What are your thoughts on this picture?
need help identifying these fonts...?
Could someone draw my fursona?
Help My 3D TV is too good!?
Looking for a good picture website?
How people see ghost and how to draw a ghost ?
How to draw objects to look like they're moving?
So, what should I draw...?
How much should I charge for drawings?
Paul Cezanne: Early form of cubism?
Where can I find Manga paper in Ohio?
when drawing should your arm or hand touch the desk at all?
Molotow or Montana Spraypaint in Washington DC?
I need inspiration! What should I draw?
Should I add colour to this drawing?
If I am making a logo for an aspiring musical artist, how much should I get paid once they become famous?
Photoshop tuturials...?
Where am I?
i need help with my art skills?
the artist C. Sifiyato?
How can I improve my drawing?
What is the most unusual custom color name you know? Describe?
Can someone find me a picture of fine china(like porcalin) stacked up on each other?
What are the impart of ITC?
i need a Name for an angel?
Where can I download free tattoo designs?
how to learn in drawing?
Ok, I want to learn how to draw really good. Can you please help me?
I just saw the dark knight rises Imax without glasses, what to do?
what is the alternative name for an eye line?
Random...Odd Question...lol...Whats The Color Order Of The Rainbow?
Solve for 3d+8=2d-17?
Why is it hard to draw a fursona?
Im trying to find an anime. Details below!?
HELP, Need Ideas for Art Portfolio...?
does anyone remember?
What are some basic acrylic colors for an artist to begin with?
can i have 13 septembers pictures again?
Cool(ish) superhero nicknames that are water related?
where can i find designs about trains and stations and portfolios or new designers?
How do I make prints of my digital drawings?
Drawing question???????????
what is "batik" , and where it came from?
Poll: Do you like anime? I just wanted to know.?
what would be a equation that graphic designers use?
why are art schools prejudice towards anime?
how do i get my picz off a website?
wat site can i read yaoi manga in English for free????
Specific type of art ???
Am I pretty enough to be a model? (Pics)?
is there a specific name for the artwork included in dictionaries?
innatimate objects?
Artist's: What inspired you to draw?
Where can I make free GIFS (Graphic image format) ?
will any one sell me there dragon ball z anime figures?
how do i get copyright for a painting?
What do you think of my drawing, any advice?
Easy points?
Based off of her pics what do you think her name is?
What is the best illustration/drawing program to use with a tablet pc?
What do you think of my artwork?
Replacement/Substitute for pen for a VisTabet PenPad?
I am am an excellent artist...have 27plus years experience airbrushing...Is it to late to finish my degree? 68
What should i draw in my sketchbook?
How to draw in the missing part of a face from a photo?
Where can I find quality drawings of feathers?
Where is the best website to purchase complete Skateboards?
what does anthropomorphism mean?
What car is this?(logo)?
Paul Phoenix Pictures?
wats the word u write under retarded graffiti?
Is there an online place to write, and express emotion?
Need help with my Glasses?
Who has any Meme ideas?
How do I set up art commissions online?
any good website resource for person who learn to draw for the first time ?
which of these pictures i drew do u think is the prettiest?
Do you like this picture i drew using only microsoft paint?
how do you make a spider web out of paper?
Full form of ITC limited?
I made a mistake on my art homework. help!?
How to create falling snow in Blender?
Are there any job opportunities with someone who has a fine arts/illustration degree?
What sort of inkers are used to make comics?
Drawing question....?
how long does a Deviantart ban appeal take to be reviewed?
I plan to buy a websit hosting at USA from China?
for all u artists out there...?
can a person whose not good at drawing but creative be successful in the field of Animations?
what is it called when a celtic design has limbs of a beast piercing it's own body?
am i fat??? pic? : /?
How Would U Brand Urself?
Im trying to find an anime. Details below!?
I'm looking for what skullcandy earbuds would have the best sound quality.?
Two question survey! 1 word answer. Please help! Due tomorrow!?
Should I follow my passion and pursue a career in illustration/animation?
How can i make my own picture?
Artist encyclopaedia, does it exist?
where can i get or make realistic gummy earthworms?
Constructive Criticism please!?
Would you say that this is in the UK?
Can someone make me a keep calm poster?Please!?
Where can i make my own layouts 4 free?!?!?!?!?
graphic / pantone markers?
does anyone likes drawing??
Why does Crayola offer peach- AKA "white" skin color, but no "brown" skin colors?
Is tumblr free, to use and stuff?
Help with cosplay & glasses?
Should I take AP Art History even though I am a terrible artist?
how much do you charge?
Can Someone find me a strong arm picture?
How do you sharpen a short sword without any help just things aroudn the house?
Business Name for Graphic Designer and Photographer?
Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama?
plz..What are some characteristics that distinguish matisse's work?
where in manila can i find these drawing materials? BADLY need your help.?
Paint Tool SAI and GIMP do not work with bamboo tablet?
definition of framing?
are they going to make a volume 2 in fruits basket?
witch on schould i use?
how to find your inner talent ?
Any good animation universities or colleges in Vancouver?
- does anyone know how to draw letters using box drawing unicodes?
Whats something i can draw that makes you think?Not something typical?
what kind of degree can you earn as a fashion designer?
Has anyone used Custom Ink?
I need a band logo that looks really cool?
What are good books for learning illustration?
why PhotoScape saves gifs in a bad quality?
What inanimate objects do you find attractive?
how many kinds of 3D grafic cards are there?
Gimme somethin 2 draw?
what is that thing called where each letter of your name is a drawing?
What are some uses for a pencil with no graphite?
Where should I start?
Has anyone seen that LA Ink yet?
Can someone photoshop the fence out of this picture?
need some help picking a logo?
where can i find a lot of pictures like this one?
Can Someone point me in the right direction?
the amazing spiderman is failed?
any suggestions on coutry or christian cd's or artists?
I need help on my art project!?
Really cool Cartoon Logo?
what job does a church sexton do .?
am i pretty?? there's a pic.?
how well can you draw?
Can anyone make my mixtape cover for me?
are mermaids real?
How do you do that?
how can i get a personal session with an artist to do bodyart ?
Why are 2B pencils meant to be better for drawing?
Looking for art commission for OC.?
What do you think of this "green" app's design?
where can I find a Samuel Beckett poster?
How do I contact an animator at Pixar?
Is tumblr free, to use and stuff?
What is stinger ink flash website url?
Can people find me some good pictures of human faces?
What is this design from?
please help, need pictures to draw from..decent pictures?
Are dip pens allowed in schools?
How can I draw realistically?
Is black and white a color?
can any one give me some tips!?
What do you think of this drawing?
Were can I find awesome graffiti in cape town?
how do i fix this...?
What Do You Think I Should Draw?
I want to learn rangoli from basics. I am not getting the correct website, plz mention the correct website?
does any body here know about manga?
Do you have to be born a artist?
Looking for a picture?
Does anyone find drawing...........?
How do you like my simple Christmas work?
When learning to draw, is it better to draw fast and continuously drawing new things or focusing slowly on on?
Where can I do this?
what is the best brand of ink pen?
What is the best poster you have seen?
One point/ 2 point/3 point perspectives? Human figures or faces? What should I learn to draw first from those?
spot and process colors?
What do you think of my drawing?
Who do you think my son looks like?
If you are an artist, do you think it is possible to draw the same thing twice?
does this look alright, so far?
I Need some tattoo ideas :/ Help ?
where can i find something about all the vocaliod characters.?
Whats your fav anime series?
i need names of secured websites for anime cosplay?
how to make this effect on photoshop or coreldraw?
I really want to sell my artwork online. Any good website suggestions?
What is a website where I can design a house blueprint?
Where can I learn lettering for free online?
-Career change Drafting?
Making iPod Silhouette?
I have an original WWII cartoon of women working (and causing great catastrophe!) in a factory. It is signed?
Can you make animations in Paint Tool Sai?
who voices chibi-usa/ rini/mini moon/chibi moon in sailor moon?
Vector arts? I wonder who can do good for my picture?
How can I turn regular pictures into black and white for a coloring book?
where can i find website for tutorials on ten commandments for children?
is clear a color?
Is karoc a good character in vindictus?
help with art plzzz!!!!!?
What are some portrait ideas?
what do you like about websites?
not sure what to name this drawing, suggestions?
How to get a poster signed by a celebrity?
i am begging for you some help!?
what is full form of pen drive?
how can i sketch better portraits of ppl any tips?
Corel Paint vs Pchat vs Photoshop vs Open Canvas?
anyone help me for designing a draughtsman table?
Black butler question?
What do you think of this artwork (images!)?
anyone got a site?
where can i find a cheap Sketching Tablet PC i have looked everywears and my new job requires me to get one?
Why are so many web logos static?
Could you please critique my logo?
Taggers Are Criminals Look At ME?
What is this artist drawing with?
Does anybody know where I can find free logos?!?
What is this font called?
What is a flat binder?
please tell me about batik.?
i am a good glass artist,i hate it,help?
How do I find coloring free coloring pages?
what is the difference between 3d movies and non 3d movies?
is there any compitions for writing or drwing or guitar were u can win money or just show of ur skills??
I need help with a meth poster contest?
What is the name of the font in this picture?
How to put color on my drawings on the computer?
Problems With Gimp On MacBook Air?
how to draw realistically looking people?
rate my cute kitty pic?
Is this a good drawing tablet?
How do you round the edges of pictures with photoshop?
are my sketches any good?
Want to we're with a black pencil skirt to school?
for my fellow artists PLEASE HELP- IM IN A DRAWING RUT?
Wanting to be a character designer (Sketching w/ pencil and paper) Which major should I go into?
who's your fav artist?
hi i have a porblem i made up this character and i need a name plz help?
Choosing between RISD and Parsons?
help drawing anime... like dragon ball z... (read description)?
do i have to be an artist to be an architect?
Concept Artist questions?
where can i find this kind of website?
Tattoo apprenticeship!!!!?
What should a picture be to be classifed as anime?
DRAW SOMETHING HELP?? Do you have any idea what this word could be?
does anyone know where i might find a print or good image of an ernest wallcousins drawing?
how to use a tumblr.?
How much true can the movie THE MATRIX be?
What do you know about the black panther party... your opinions on it? please help?
You have nothing but a notebook and a pen/ pencil. What do you do to keep yourself entertained?
How can i make life easier?
If I get a tattoo on my hip, Do I have to take my pants off?
Anybody good at drawing?
Artist Names For Myself?
What do you think of my drawing?
Arts and Politics Showcase Topic?? Any ideas?
Drawing manga help and tips?
Where can I make some Mangas online?
cool anime poses?
Being an adult and still liking anime?
Will Col-Erase pencils fade in a few years and how do I preserve a drawing?
What are some sites for getting cool cursors?
where can i read full length dragon ball z comics free?
Best way to draw a person from a pic of them?
How to change your picture to black and white and, make eyes a different color?
How Should I Print This Portrait?
HELP PLEASE :D I'm looking for more tumblr pages like these :)?
What is a good/easy theme for art projects?
How to take Cartooning as a profession through Internet?
how can i become a better artist?
Anyone on here a graphic designer?
Any graphic design book recommendations for a beginner?
Cute picture quotes? (:?
what are the easy steps to draw cartoon characters?
What are some good wallpapers for my lap top?
What photoshop would you reccommend for.....?
Is there a career in arts using photoshop and editing?
CREATIVE PEOPLE NEEDED...easy .s question, just some ideas needed--please helpp URGENT!! ?
anybody know any good glitter websites?
GCSE art topic decay?
is an art major hard?
What qualifications do you need to be a Interior designer?
If the arts are so important, why is it so difficult for many artists to make a decent living ...?
artist who has drawn family members?
when did calligraphy in china begin?
What should i draw!?!?!?!?!?
What should I draw for my color pencil art project?
how did the dada movement influence surrealism?
Am I smart or am I just so dumb I think im smart?
Why do I take forever to draw?
How would you draw...?
Help with Logo quiz questions?
how much can an amateur illustrator make for short childrens book?
whats a good website where u can create ur own photos?
Where can I draw or make a character and save it to my computer for my Book?
art prints, print online, free prints.?
how the hell do people make faces like these?
Need ideas on a theme to draw for art class?
Do i draw Goku good?
What is an art director and what do they do?
Do any Al Hirschfeld books show his phantom of the opera illustrations?
Does anyone know the official website for The Dog Artists Collection?
how can i design ?
what symbol of america?
What are some good how to draw manga books for complete beginners?
what else can i add to this drawing?
Fairy tale (anime) symbol? ?
3D industry makes me sad?
Book report. I want to make a creative poster board. Ideas?
i uploded a pic in deviant art but cannot find it?
Are there sites where people will draw something FOR you?
what are some of the best websites to get pictures?
give me 5 cool names please?
I am looking for the chinese calligraphy character for happiness not double happiness.?
i need alot of drawing help!!?
Typeface question for People?
whats with the shitty answers? here is a contest for creativity?
Can you be a concept artist without graduating from art school?
Ideas for art/drawing?
Anyone know how i can draw/make smileys?
how can i make one of these?
What are the types of lines?
Would I be considered a prodigy?
i would like to take lessons in body tattooing but carnt find any where?
Is it possible to 'recharge' dried-up kids color markers by adding a solvent to them?
Can anyone suggest sites where i can upload my graphic design portfoilio for free?
does anyone know of a site publicprofiler.org/worldnames?
Need HeLP!!! Can someone give feedback on my drawing? Pls?
What do Think of my art?
is anyone interested in drawing art for my mangas?
How do i get better at drawing?
What do you think about my drawing?
What are some good yearbook themes and captions to accompany them?
Is Black a color or a shade or the absents of color?
Teach me how to write in Graffiti?
How can i turn my drawings into nice looking .jpeg?
does anyone know of uncommon things you can draw with?
Program to draw anime dudes?
where would..................?
Which website i can download tamil cartoons?
I would like to know how I could get paid to produce artwork.?
What do you think of my drawings?
Any ideas for my art folio? ?
I would like to get better at drawing? What are some exercises?
what happen if you have a crush on your best friend ?
what is the symbolism of the square in the virtuvian man?
were do i go to find out how to draw final fantasy 7 vincent valentine?
Need image for an avatar?
i really need helpppppppppppppp :(?
Robots.txt is important. So anyone can show me more detailed information?
do you think this is a good pic?
home work!!??
What can i use instead of an inkstone in calligraphy?
Who is the man on the far right?
Rate my drawing (Hugh Laurie)?
I just bought a pretty notebook, what should i do with it?
Is there a Bamboo drawing tablet where you can put paper over it?
Where can I get #1 soft-lead pencils?
When does the next issue come out of Inked?
What Kind Of Atmosphere/Mood Does This Image Create?
Won a bamboo pen and touch, do I need to buy something like artrage?
myspaceee layouts please?
Who here has a phobia of stickers?!?
do you know any sites with adobe illustrator tutorials?
Which career provides a steady income and uses drawing/painting skills? How about Graphic Design?
ideal place for a cheap debut?
how do you know if your good enough to take commision/work in illustration?
Why are my gifs not working on tumblr?
Can someone please give me Feedback on this picture?
What Is SoMething i can draw for my mom or write?
Tattoos! If you could tattoo anybody, who would it be and what would you tattoo?
Ideas for a acting, fashion design, dance collage?
Does anyone know where to get cool wolf pictures?
What is the one thing you can draw very well?
I used to be really creative and now I'm not. What can I do?
Is anyone willing to give me lessons or pointers on drawing furry porn?
What is a flagship artist?
What do you think of when you see...?
Which is the best place to shop for art supplies?
What's something 'Christmasy' I can paint on my Churches windows?
Graphic Design Books?
Advanced criticism?
how long would a tatto with a sharpie and a needle last??
Black and white square when open file on photoshop? Help?
Is DeviantArt down right now?
Good art idea.........................?
Input on Copic Markers?
Wwhat to draw in art class?
Where can i get this wallpaper in widescreen?
I need a good horror/ romances anime to watch in English dub  ?
do you like my artwork?
Do u know more sites whit pictures like this?
Can I make inks with anything from nature?
Looking for Graphic Designer to interview?
Would you buy a self portrait of yourself?
How do you this photo effect on tumblr?
can you call a piece of art a production?
Whats a good quote to put on this picture?
Is this asymmetrical or symmetrical?
Can anyone please tell me the name of these fonts?
Can you list these four colors from lightest to darkest?
Can you tell me the name of a website where I can create animations?
Does anyone know a peice of artwork like this?
Airbrush question from a beginner?
how do i change the speed on jasc animation 3?
Like this picture I drew?
Where can I find a photo/image of the artist Francois Jean Baptiste Topino Lebrun?
How does she look?
what do you think of my anime drawing?
Game Designers can you help me out?
Hey, any good pastel, indie, boho blogs to follow on tumblr?
Why the symbol of the dollar is this: $ ?
What do you think of my drawing? (10 POINTS)?
How to go into Graphics design career?
what are some websites that teach you how to draw step by step for beginners but not videos?
Cool Names for My Fashion Website?
What is a good picture I can draw that has to do with high school math?
who do u do the heart symbol on the key broad?
Can you take pictures in the Holocaust museum?
Anime with forbiden love?
Need suggestions on making a professional looking folio?
which system has square roots of negative numbers?
Where can I find a free (tablet) animation program online?
Ideas for drawing?
Is there a site for amateur drawing-artists?
artists:what do you say when people ask you"how did you learn to draw like that?"?
I can't find a motivational picture?
what do lyrical artist do?
How do I make this diagonal thing on photoshop?
dose anyone have a drawing idea/request?
I am getting my first tattoo with the caption Time Served--meaning the hurts I have suffered ideas on designs?
Why don't drawings look as good when photographed?
brushes?! fonts?! help?! please?!?
Where can i buy 9H pencils?
i have a sketch by j.e. dolena that belonged to my grandfather. I would like to find the value?
is it possible to put one direction in a blender and fuse them with Justin bieber?
where can i make a free web site to sell my art on?