what is the difference between a number two pencil and a number three pencil?
who is this girl? (pic)?
photoshop? dangg!!! plzz answer?
Whenever I get an art request I stress out?
Lifes full of choices so i must learn to make good ones?
Graphic design job advice, anyone?
Can someone help me think of a contest names?
Where can I go to get craft art rubber stamps of my designs made and mass produced?
does anyone know of any skirt designers?
I need a drawing of a character (robot)?
I was wondering if any one knew of free online coloring pages with detailed historical clothing that you can c?
What are the best freewebs websites for girls?
how do i sell my cartoons to the new yorker?
what kind of paper should i use for my drawing?
Ideas for Scream Parody?
how to learn how to draw anime for beginners?
What do you think of my drawing?
Where can I find an awesome portrait tattoo artist around Janesville WI?
Any ideas on what you could draw?
Drawing disabilities of a sort?
Am I any good at drawing :)?
Any suggestions for good artist?
What should i draw for someone really special to me?
What should I draw on my shoes?
does anyone know what these fonts are?
Look at my pic here, tell me what the symbol is please?
where to get a computer drawing pad?
I've got all these blank notebooks what can in use them for?
What skullcandy earbuds are good ?
Does anyone know how to use photoshop?
What programs can save in or alter the dpi of an image?
I am holding a pen. Prove that this pen does not exist. :P?
If given a choice to choose one among HB,2B,4B,6B,8B..to sketch landscapes and portraits,which would u choose?
where can i find heart brush like this one http://c.myspace.com/groups/00010/49/23/10873294_l.gif?
Between Strathmore and Canson sketchbooks which one achieves best?
Tips to draw eyes the same size/shape?
A good artist in california?
How so you draw something that is notwithstanding?
Where can I find art work or photos of happy, animated people?
I have PaintShopPro8, and when I try to place a brush, it doesn`t stay the position that it's suppose to.?
Does anybody know any good graffiti websites?
Soul eater chibi Maka ?
grant money for small business?
How to draw wings on the back of a vest top?
i want to be an artist, but i am not motivated?
does anyone know any 'man-made artists'?
what do you think about this picture that I drew?
Judging by my art, how old do you think I am?
Where can I find some fashion or art museums in nyc?
looking for free webhosting?
What are some awesome mechinical pencils?
Fashion Ideas and Themes?
I need a answer about a nabi tablet?
whats a good anime website?
cool new american anime show in production need help! Please read creating a anime show called the kings READ!
What are some cool things to draw?
how do I blend two pictures?
what do you think of my art portrait? How can i improve?
What Spec's do you recommended for a computer to use my Wacom Drawing Tablet on?
Is my picture on Album 32.com? "Roy Gunter"?
i dont know what to draw?
Where did danisnotonfire get his tumblr banner?
What do you call the style of art that the band Gorillaz are drawn in?
Will water based sharpie stay on plastic surfaces?
Looking for Animation lessons in Baton Rouge Louisiana?
Manga artist needed!!!!?
how does COMMISION works in DEVIANTART?
What anime is this? i don't know how to put the picture up?
i need to know some famous manga artists?
Will I be able to get the complete 3D experience or not?
Am i the only one that thinks fairy tail(manga) has become unbearable to read?
need stage prop ideas?
Why do I suck at drawing :)?
take a look...?
What are some websites that teach you step by step how to draw easy things for a beginner?
Artist research, help?
can someone design a tatoo for me?
does layers apply to CorelDraw?
i am a new tattoo artist and need help with the color white.can anyone give me some pointers?
Any easy 3D Modeling Programs?
where can i buy a left handed pencil ?
My Twilight Drawings on DeviantART, please comment :D ?
How can I use my writing talents to find a job?
i need a cool name for my band?
Correct Art Media to create photo-ready art?
Is there any typer of markers that are ment for drawing on the wall?
HOW do you draw a cartoon?
What are some good books for beginners on drawing the interior of a room?
How does this picture look?
How are my drawings? Any suggestions for improvement? ?
Can someone give me tips on drawin portraits?
My daughter is doing art for a tatto?
Want to know how do draw fashion..?
Anybody can help me to draw a disk plough in autoCAD?
what do la giaconda means?
how would you describe an emotional response?
Is there a charge at the museum of art?
what do you see in this picture? tell me what you think...(part 3)?
Bold and curvy font suggestions?
Can somebody help me find a website that I really need PLEASE?!?
The illustration below is of the circle (x - 5)2 + (y + 4)2 = 9?
Should I draw a friend of mine in super saiyan form or trying to?
I don't know the Artist name or song name...If it feels this good getting used?
I need new anime to watch im out *tears*?
Why not write with a ink pen when you have a ball pen?
why are pictures of goddesses so fat?
On the scale of 1 to 10..Please rate my Timeline pic..thnx?
Is Creativity a Skill?
Is this really art at this point?
Does anyone have primary sources on Walt Disney?
Your opinion on my artwork?
What is required to major in art?
Pride and Prejudice art?
i need car showroom autocad drawing..how can i find it?
who is the artist matthew talbot?
How does my drawing look?
Football poster ideas and help?
I recently lost my pen for my Wacom CTE-440 tablet. If I buy a different model pen, will it still work?
what's a good symbol for support?
What type of "art" would you consider this daft punk poster to be?
Where can i find good L (from death note) imgs. to reference from?
Can I use my Wacomb Pen on my Ipad?
Can anyone tell me how to do a batik hanging with crayons please?
Any websites that teach you how todraw a Scorpion?
Do you think people are just born with the ability to draw, or do you think its something you can learn?
Please translate into Kanji?
can someone tell me when women artists started being accepted in fine arts academies?
How do people come up with there ideas about art?
Anyone got funny ascii art of any religious notaries?
Is that copyright infringement?
What is a six sided shape called?
Who is your favorite Artist or painting and why?
can someone translate a Japanese character? I have the pic I can send you. Thanks!?
What should i paint?
Do the type of lines when drawing matter?
how do I do my own tatoo?
How can i sell my drawings, and where can i sell them?
anime help!!?
What are some good artists?
My mum has some art prints. Where's the best place to get them valued?
What should I draw?! ?
deviantArt i need help?
What do you think of my drawing? what are the things I need to improve?
Urgent!!! I have a an art contest in facial expressions due in 1 week...?
How do I use Clip Art from a book I purchased?
tattoo Stencil info?
I need help from a good artist please?
How do I do a font study for a graphic design project?
how do you make one area of a page look brighter then the rest?
Do you need to make a portfolio to do art A-level?
Does anyone know how to make an afterimage optical illusion?
how do i style my hair like joe jonas in this picture?http://www.allthetests.com/quiz23/picture/pic_1194361639
Where is VCAD?! really.?
Should I wait and improve my art skills?
Need a Cute and Awesome Cosplay Ideas?
What should I draw?
has anyone got an idea for a surrealism zine?
What do you see in this drawing?
Anyone know of a good tutorial book or DVD with the best techniques for digital painting in photoshop?
We have been set an art assignment to draw your hand holding an object but I don't know what object to use.?
Faber castell pens advice?
Need an art project done, looking for deviant art commisons?
my bamboo fun tablet?
Could someone tell me who drew this?
where's the best place to go for free stock images for graphic designers?
Do you like my newest drawing?
can anyone recommend me any original yaoi fics in fictionpress or any other sites that they like?
What are those poseable wooden dolls that are used in art for figure drawing called?
do you think making paper cell phones is a good idea?
Is it okay to re-draw someone else illustrations?
Help with AS level art theme for CCEA please!!?
where can i find pictures of children doing daily routine activities?
How strong are Tablet pens?
What is mod podge and what are alternatives?
What was name of the textile artist on yesterday's (July 16, 2010) Google picture?
Is My Photoshop Picture Good Enough?
How do I make my adult characters look like adults?
What do you think of my artwork?
anime good or bad?
Do you like this logo?
Steps to take before becoming a Cartoonist or Manga-ka?
Art Project, and I just can't think!:(?
witch to draw animals or anime?
IPhone 5 otter box case? HELP?
Can anyone draw this for me?
Do you think that if Graffiti was legal, people would still do it?
Alright, I want a tattoo. I just don't know how to incorporate the objects and make it flow or look good.?
How to split a canvas board into two different parts without it looking weird?
can anybody tell me what the music is called on the website fairy images?
What should I draw for my Girlfriend?
best place to sell prison art.?
Should i get a Bianchi Pista concept?
Do Chinese people like anime?
Where can I get quality pictures to post on my website?
Need Ideas For Sketching Please ............. ?
what is a art prints cheap?
help finding school folder designs w/ oceans,planet,great details?
Why isnt it possible to draw a perfect circle with just a pen or a pencil ??
Why do people avoid drawing anatomical features?
I need a LOGO for a new skateboard company... any artist out there interested? please let me know?
What is Kurt Wenner's (3D chalk artist) birth date ?
Know of any cool dog symbols?
what does anthropomorphism mean?
How to convert photos to caricature?
Having Trouble on Deviant Art?
How to pencil size in Gimp?
Homestuck fans -can you help me out real quick?
do you think that???
what does the color yellow symbolize?
Where can I find drawing supplies?
i am an interior designer how can i develop my business?
How to do an OPEN HEART symbol? Really easy 10 points?
Meme help: Lookin' for a meme?
Not sure who the artists are and cant find them.?
Does anyone have links to websites...?
Any webs sites that have printable patterns of roses or flowers?
Iron maiden t-shirt??
How should werewolves die?
any good ideas for a drawing???????
I can't draw a freakin moon! help!?
What do you think of me?
Is this a good picture?
what is your favourite wild animal to draw?
ANIME DRAWING : where could i get special couloring pencils an for how much ?
How do i make a myspace DIV like this one?
I need something to be printed on my High Visability jacket?
what is the highest paying job as a graphic designer?
why is deviantart saying I don't have a premium membership when I actually do have one?
My friend wants me to draw or paint her something to hang in her house because she likes my artwork.....?
1980's "How to draw" or "Learn to draw" book series?
What should I draw next????????????????
Where are some websites that i can find some diagrams showing how to draw Disney characters like Tinkerbell.?
Can I create a graphic style from an existing object in Illustrator eg. a font character?
any animators there? i just want to talk with any.?
Where can u find black&white pics of the bad guys in robin hood? pleez help!?
Am I Good @ Drawing??
What picture is this from?
What equiptment do I need for drawing pencil portraits?
photoshop ideas? what should i make?
What is the difference between a visualization degree and a graphic design degree?
i need some words with vore an vorous at the end for a friend?
I want to make a giant tim burton character?
How do i sketch fashion designs?
Are these drawings good?
Need help drawing up a tattoo!!?
is this good even though I did a rush job on it?
I need to name a research paper about Walt Disney. Do you have any creative ideas?Please help!?
Is this a good design for a business card?
A Website Similar to Dragoart?
microstation fill?
Deviantart troubles...?
where can i get red and blue fabric pens?
Are Copic markers and Touch markers generally the same and can be used together?
Sloppy lines using a tablet?
Mixing Western-style comic art with Japanese-style comic art?
Where can I find Lydia Daley artwork? (possibly abstract expressionist)?
Is it bad to write on your hand with pen?
I love art and have artistic talents, but i have no inspirations.. please help!!??
Is golden yellow also used in nobility or royalty or both?
How can I become less ignorant about art?
What is information design?
How do you draw a simple ceiling light?
Good anime for me to watch?
Do you think my art is good?
Where does it send bamboo drawings and writings to... and how do you get there (mac)?
Graphic Design Questions...?
looking for a good new anime?
im looking into getting a tattoo i want a orignal picture that nobody else has. Does anyone have any ideas????
Is it possible to get into a school for anime?
anyone know where i can get clipart without the dumb white background/fill?
What are some designs for a parade float related to jurassic park?
Were can i learn to do graffiti?
Where do o find images a my ex.?
How to snap out of "un" creativity?
How do I make my own tumblr pic gallery?
What do you think of mandalas?
How can I become a much better drawer?
What is your fave color?
Creative, and Art-y people?
How do I become a cartoonist when I grow up?
Is it poofy for a man to have an Umbrella?
whats your favorite medium to use in art and why?
I need help with stupid y!A glitches.?
Photoshop:I would like to know if there is a way to do a precise color substitution on a image in PhotoshopCS2
In Perks of being a wallflower -Book project help!!!?
how much points will people be willing to pay for my deviant art commission?
visual agnosia meaning?
Shounen Underdog anime?
cool things to make and do?
judge my art , please ?
Is there a trick to drawing anime clothe folding?
How can I get more watchers in "deviant art"?
what's the right way to draw a line with a pencil?
Is this a good drawing on Microsoft Paint?
My first grade grandson is has to find pictures, drawings, etc. of which I cut out of Magazines,etc.?
where can I find family guy porn comics?
What are those photos that link into other photos called?
my dad thinks i watch hentai?
bored i need cool things to draw?
Any ideas on what object's can I draw ?
i cant think of anything to draw?
What to draw for this Tshirt theme?
how do crayons get the correct colour?
What can i do to increase my skill in perspective?
help with art plzzz!!!!!?
What do you thing about this ''logo''?
I need to find a picture?
Drawing looks weird when flipped. Why?
What should I do if I'm artistic?
what are the best markers to use for blackbook pieces?
The right Blank mask?
Does anyone know where to get theses symbols?
give some points on red color?
I have a funny t shirt idea that is a D.A.R.E parody how could i get around this without getting sued?
Why are people amused with left handed artists?
How to erase ink quick?
Could you please help me with this Francisco Goya project?
I need help to become a better drawer?
Hidden items in a design?
where can i buy metal keychains that i can have imprinted?
How to use dip pens?
Do you think art is more learned skill or god-given talent?
How large should a graphics tablet be?
Comedy shoujo anime on YouTube?
What do i have to do to become a vocaloid?
LOGO Design for a Sport, Social Club named ( Pioneers), any ideas??
I am a really good artist?
I have a page of drawings, a person had asked me "do you take consignments ?"?
Does anyone know a website where you can make a mind map?
could i get a big list of hentai with good animations?
do you think that anime is derogatory to women?
i needed some samples of interventions...the comical ones/ the ones wtih drawings...?
does ant one have any chakram desgin suggestions?
Could I mat my picture on a poster board?
Anime Tutorials.?
am 15 years old and i want to be a tattoo artis but idk how to draw a lot what should i do i really like tatto
describe some surreal art?
Fruits that begin with the letter f?
can you become a comic strip artist at the age of thirteen?
I need an online website that i can create a simple price list with a few graphics on it!! Like some flowers!!?
how do you draw a harry potter wand?please help hurry project due tomm.?
Name some elegant animals??
how do i do this in photoshop?
Sanskrit character for lotus flower???
am i fat??? pic? : /?
Where can i find this?
i am totaly confused.. in the anime suzuka.?
Ideas for poster showing view on animal research?
How do I find coloring free coloring pages?
Is it possible for me to get a job in Graphic Design with AD in Art?
i need to know the value of a drawing by r.d.wilson?
I have an interview at a design firm this week, what kind of portfolio do I bring with me?
What are some examples of famous artists with poor drafting skills?
I want to become...?
Does an eraser never finish?
How can I make this image more 'natural'?
Are soft pastels harmful?
Help with Physics.Making a Creative Poster.?
free scrapbook printable coutouts?
Im looking for a layout?
How do i become a model?
Where can I find realistic photos of teenagers?
Creative Frame Game Help? Subject of Math?
working as a illustrator?
Why is the silhouette on the pictures male?????
NGNGFNGJF I can't draw, what makes a person a better artist?
Best Zombie Novels????
How do artists on deviantart do fanart commissions?
Drawing Shojo Characters- Ideas?
What advice would you give for better drawing skills?
just a sketch...?
Can someone give me a link to a picture like this?
Anatomy shirt drawing.?
Drawing short hair in color pencil?
Character name? Pleassssssse?
Hey people, give me something to draw?
How do you design something for a design on a shirt?
What is best - fountain (ink) pens, gel pens or ball point pens?
What is the best way to protect my artwork or pictures that I have on my website for sale?
Pen tablet Genius F610 sensitivity wont work!?
How do you make good 3d drawings?
Do you think my son has talent?
Creative self portrait ideas? (drawing)?
IDEAS 4 project PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is ok to use a push pin and ink pen to give yourself a tatoo
Should I put my picture/drawing on deviantart.com??
Foxy nudes where do i find it i just wanna see it?
Making people skinnier(or fatter!) on GIMP 2?
Anybody thats good at drawing , can you help me with this project. ( GEOMETRY )?
can i use washi tape on a laptop?
Do you know anyone who can make u famous?
step back unfocus your eyes and u see a picture?
What are some good ideas for me to sketch?
Logo Contest HELP!!!?
Is anybody willing to make an animated video for me to score to?
Help identifying fonts?
Please help? What can I make with this?? *TEN POINTS*?
what do i do if i want to be a art teacher when i grow up?
Which is better? Pacers (mechanical pencils) or Pencils?
Is My Artwork Any Good?
Art tv shows for teens?
How can I draw a picture?
where can I find Black lined notebook paper? please help.?
what do you find more interseting as a drawing project?
Is drawing a learned skill?
What should i draw?!?!?!?
what kind of this pencil and what is it call in this video ?
Critiques on these drawings?
How do you make colored smoke?
i need an idea.?
I want to draw something symbolizing my favorite song "My heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion?
Is a graphic designer/illustrator a good job?
how fonts should be used?
Could someone edit my design for me?
I want to learn to draw!?
What font is the text on this image?
how do u art i want to do that?
Please Critisize me!?
my name in chinese?
What do you think about my drawing?
letter art, a message for a loved one?
Writers or Illustrators, PLEASE ANSWER!?
Les Miserables Poster!?!?
Making Animation...?
please tell me how to determine the 3d views in autocad ..... like south east ,and others ..?
What tattoo should i get?
are tattoes just works of art tht stand out?
I'm trying to find an artist who does sailor moon fan art...?
how to draw a free hand painting?
graphics representing Mid-Summers Nights Dream?
Can you name a piece of art that uses tessellation and translation?
Logan Lubera who is he? Can anyone tell me what comics/books he has drawn for? Does he havea studio?
How does this business card design look?...opinions/tips?
is there any tutorials that teach you how to draw naruto characters the body and every thing?
What drawing supplies should I buy for my boyfriend?
Any ideas to improve this menu?
can u pls tell me how to edit the face of a person in adobe photoshop cs2?
what i illustration?
help I don't know hwat to draw?
Artists that use more than one media?
needs some tips with drawing manga.?
I have a photofiltre question.?
How to draw anime/manga? (EXAMPLES)?
For all art lovers and or artist?
Isn't anime very weird?
Good free clip-art website?
Are there any companies that can burn an image onto a silkscreen for me?
Can someone please explain the concept of light writing?
How do you sign a drawing or painting?
where can i find sakura solid markers?
Help with drawing out a tattoo(just a name)?
I wanna draw Bill kaulitz..?
Need to do a mood board for graphics on alcohol. Has anyone got any ideas on what i could include?
What font is this (picture included)?
Question about my artwork?
need people who are VERY CREATIVE to read this!! :)?
i need help for yearbook?
What do think of THIS pic?
Where can I find pictures of Tattoos for darker skinned people?
Figure Coloring ?
Need a Logo Made for Small Business?
Are these drawings any good (I`m 13)?
What jobs are available to a person with superior drawing skills?
link for anime emotions guide?
HOW can I change the dpi on my vector art?
what should i do for my senior art show?
i need an idea?
how can i make a 3d heart or brain?
Tutorials for drawing anthropomorphic animals?
How to be famous,I really would appreciate your help!?
anyone know a site where i could create a shirt and it actually works?
Does anyone like this boot drawing?
I need some inspiration.?
Can anyone tell me what is so special in gangnam style?
What animal should I draw?
What art supplies do I need for graphic design classes?
Some art equipment?!?
what could i draw?
What do you think of my Drawing?
How do I get All the ink out of a pen....for painting stuff ?
why is the man on the right of this sign depicted in gray?
how would you visually communicate the TASTE OF SOAP?!?
dO yOu LiKe WrIgHtInG lIkE tHiS?
I want to be a furry, am I one?
How can I come artist ?
Who appeared on PBS and said, "shade, shade, shade, we like to shade."?
How do i make a cover for a spiral?
Tumblr people? please help!?!?
i need to remove ink from a oil painting as my daughter went to work on it with a kids ink stamp pad?
where can i put my wild imagination? on a sketch pad...?
where can i find agencies and vancancies for the creative industries?
T-Shirt Designing need help?
Who do you think Jigoku Shoujo Enma Ai should pair with?
Top computer art programs?
What's the best way to preserve a sketchbook?
Does anyone know any good tumblr themes?
Is it possible to have an vertical ambigram, read down to up and up to down?
How can I improve my art? (drawings)?
help on anime couple pictures!?
Is this a talent - or can anyone do it?
How can i set up a website for free?
Are there any links to a site where I can see videos from the late 1800's?
Does anyone know of any websites that can teach me how to draw furries??
where can i get good free or cheap photos for my website?
Help Finding a Similar Picture (link to original included)?
What should I try drawing myself as?
how do u draw eyes for drawing a person?
Pics of this anime couple?
Im 17, what do you think of my art?
im looking for a free photo editor online.?
What experience do you need to become a Graphics/Publication Art Director?
How can I improve on drawing any techniques?
How much should I charge to DESIGN AND PRINT 2,500 flyers?
how long does it take for a professional illustrator to create a two minute video with aliens?
Hey, where can i find some unique shirts that no one else has?
I am buying my first fountain pen, what is a good choice?
How do you draw sci fi spaceships?
How would you draw...?
What can I draw on my wall?
What is the font used in this picture?
Do You Need Graphics?
What to draw on my sneakers?
what are markers that can write on plastic called?
Wrong to draw off a picture?
How to Shoop Da Woop pictures?
Who can be the MOST Creative???! easy 10 points!?
How do you draw the Star of David on graph paper.?
Sketch artist's portfolio?
does anyone want to compare fanarts of other anime charaters?
How do I get the soften tool to work again in Corel PSPX2?
i want to be astrnaut but on either side i also have interest in drawing so i want your help that which coure?
Can any one suggest any cool artists?
What is automatic drawing?
What is the art of handwriting is known as?
Hey guys what is the best type of computer to use for 3D modeling and animation?
Questions on art...?
i am looking for different alphabet's to learn how to draw my name i love to draw but i can't seem to find any
I need picture ideas on tribal tattoos?
Should I watch Higurashi?
How to make glowing aztec body lines in photoshop?
What website offers the best t-shirts featuring swords, sorcerers, dragons, knights, damsels, etc.?
Is it good to use internet to purchase a pencil sharpener?
what are some things i could write/draw on my hands?
How to I draw from this image?
are pencil sketches by Rose Mary Goodson worth any money ?
How to draw a neutral stance for an animation? ?
What is a good pencil??
Would you say I'm good at drawing?
Is my drawing any good?
Tyler, the creator = best new artist?
Help with drawing dragons!?
whats rem koolhaas's concepts?
i want to know how to do little symbols like hearts and stars and all that.?
Mixing Western-style comic art with Japanese-style comic art?
Any ideas for wall art/designs? .s?
What drawing progam can i use?
I want that Burning Passion back! Please help me. I'd appreciate it deeply.?
plz help me ?? i want help regarding how to decorate my book i mean to cover it widout fabric or paper help?
Does anyone know where to buy a book on how to paint animals in pastel?
Where can I find a good picture of...?
Where can I????????
What comparaison can i do between something living or a body part and the etch a sketch?
How do I get better at drawing realistic?
How to annotate costume design?
can anyone teach me how to draw people?
My pasted images on GIMP won't move anymore?
How do i change the lil pic in the box above my name..??
Clothing websites with logo/saying.?
i want my comic/manga published!!?
Good name for deviantArt?
please tell me what you think. i'm 13. thanks!?
So, I did this on the backpiece of an old chair. Critique?
How do i make good stick figure animations?
AP Studio Art: Concentration Ideas?
Does if mean you're a bad artist if you.......?
I want to draw from my imagination?
I will be take some computer aided drafting courses soon and Im look for a mouse that will work well for that?
where can i get a A1 portfolio case, the cylinder version, PLEASE HELP?
Logo ideas for a game?
how do you make a blueprint?
what are some good photo edit websites?
Would changing a 1000 x 1000 image to 1400 x 1400 affect the result?
Do you need drawing skills to be an animator?
drawing and chatting site?
Could you please critique my drawing?
what is the best brand pen tablet or graphic tablet for adobe photoshop?
im a pencil and your not?
What should I draw? Any suggestions on what to draw?
where can i get some tattoo designs fo free?
Urgent help with a Picasso Poster!?
Missing Blank! Out of Ideas on what to draw! Help?
powers ?!?!!?
What would be a perfect paper size for a drawing portfolio?
Can someone find me a picture of fine china(like porcalin) stacked up on each other?
Would 2 full tattooed arms(with2 evil signs) + piercing in the face will be a prob for a commercial pilot?
Buying Copic Markers in Tokyo?
Fashion doll printouts?
what is the Lush website typeface?
HELP PLEASE! Need to find some pictures?
can you actually learn how to draw as an adult if you feel like you have the talent?
What do you think of my drawing?
Where can I go to scan and make a copy of a large sized drawing 18" x 24" ?
Can someone recommend me cool, active nature tumblog for follow?
do you like my artwork?
Steps in drawing manga?
how do you fit a unicorn on a mustache?
i have to write a formal letter to an interior designer whose work i rejected?
Where can i download paint tool sai without trial?
Looking for a specific pinup girl picture... please help?
Any good yaoi/shounen ai mangas? ?
want to see something weird but kind of neat?
types of artistic styles?
pattern stamp photoshop how to load patterns?
I need a good and easy tablet because im a beginner?
Would my drawing do well on ebay ?
What can a beginner draw?
What could you analyse out of this cartoon?
what is the name of the drawing of the man with arms out and circles round him?
What is the name of this font?
When drawing a blank, does one need to use invisible ink?
How do you draw a fingerprint?
Drawing realistic eyes?
Where can i learn how to draw?
Red, Blue, or Black?
color changes on sketchbook pro ...10 points!?
How Can I Make A Moving Icon Like This?
Someone design a mask for me?
What Is A Good Tattoo Design Website?
Eddie Vedder fans..... answer please :) pics included!?
Some competition ideas?
What style do you like better?
who was the artist in late 70's who drew fantasy caricatures of crosses between two animals, such as cat-fish?
My Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet isn't working?
Can you think of circular shaped things that exist inside of other things?
Is six hours of art a day too much?
what do you guys think about my drawings?
how to fix charcoal drawing?
Atomic Bomb Cartoon.?
How can I make a meme for Devaint Art?
Where can I publish a very short children's book?
should i be an artist?
What should I draw for my geometry project?
which do you find easier/more effective Photoshop or Illustrator?
what do u know bout aboriginal art in australia?
Where can I get some "gopherwood."?
How much does a fountain pen for calligraphy cost, and where could I get it?
Where did the power button Icon originate?
What is you top 10 favorite anime?
What do you think of my Idea? Suggestions welcomed?
wats a good program for making pictures like the one in this link? http://delam.deviantart.com/art/Skateboard-
what is corel draw?its advantages & uses?
I need help with editing a sketch completely without complicated stuff. Please Help me!?
Opinions on the continuum concept?
Where can I get Cheap$ Intuos3 Wacom tablet.?
I need an artist!!!!!!!!!?
Dragon Ball Z fan art about Trunks and Vegeta: anyone knows WHO'S THE ARTIST?
What should i draw for my parents?
I need a little help of a totem poll?
can any one draw Gorillaz so it looks decent?
Do Chinese people like anime?
Who Can Draw Good?
i wanna be professional in graphic design what should i study beside the graphic ,drawing or colores or what?
Good art schools in Italy that offer multimedia arts/illustration/etc?
where from can i buy DVD ecchi anime fully uncensored?
What is the difference between oil and chalk pastels?
I'm having trouble drawing the eye shape?
How do you make a draw bridge? Im so stuck :L?
I need directions for creating bookmarkers for books?
Where can I find monogrammed initials to print and trace for a cake?
Wacom tablet and Manga Studio?
is there another term than "Pen-and-ink"? I do it but its such a lame name.?
How much is Drawing Hands by M.C Escher cost?
Good anime pretty please!!!?
How to draw a man with long hair without making him look like a girl?
How to I resize an AI file in Photoshop?
What are some art websites, like Elfwood and Diviantart?
What Websites Are There Where You Can Make Animated Icons?
Where can I find the orabrush?
I want a tatto but im only 16 years old?
Brochure design questions!?
What can be improved in my drawing ?
What are the advantages of using 3d logo?
i can see what i writting?
,what does the colours in the union jack represent?
Do you like my artwork...i'm 13 (with pics)?
what do you think of my art?
Where to get Max Payne 3 Font?
where can i find a tattoo of jesus?
Guys preferably please???opinions needed!!!?
Best representation of these animals?
Please help me find a name for my graphic design business?
Where can I find Sand Chronicles scans for volumes 6-10?
Vitally important, life-or-death poll: What is your favorite crayon color?
What is the difference between copic sketch and copic ciao?
What is the best job, to do if your good at art?
possible tattoo advice...?
How do people make fanart?
Is it easy to be a graphic artist in the real world, finanical?
I need someone who is good with 3D design, like solid works?
do they still make detective conan manga in english dub?
Where can I find jobs as an Illustrator?
Who can help me with my drawing?
Internship. where do you find them?
Can anyone recommend some good image watermarking freeware?
Does anyone know how to make effects like the itunes visualizer on photoshop!?
Are you a talented drawer? ?
Still life about me, help?
why does everybody's butt stinks?
Drawings on ratemydrawings.com?:)?
why students are using blue ink pens for writing commonly?
I need help with my A2 Art!!?
what is the difference between an adobe illustrator and fireworks?
Where would you find a bema narthex and apse?
What would be a good art career for me? Plz look at my artwork?
I need an idea of something to draw.?
Who wants to critique my drawing!?
Someone help please?...?
what disney, gaming, or game character should i draw?
How come some japanese anime can be so traumatising?
how to vectorized a bitmap image??
what do you think of my drawings?
My dad got mad over me having a nude picture in my binder that I drew?
Question for graphic designers and most tshirt designers?
Is this a good "realistic" drawing?
What do I do for Halloween on Thursday for Anime club?
can somebody please give me some creative ideas?
What is a better career choice? Being A Cartoonist or Being an Animator?
I need help with finding an artists design !!!?
How can I focas more and ger better grades?
What program should I use for enhancing my drawings?
What is the difference between drawing anime characters and drawing manga characters?
How To Use Tracing Paper?
I feel like I have a drawing "prime"?
Where can I find a good/easy tutorial for gimp?
What can I draw or paint for a contest?!?
Having trouble drawing a manga character's eyes the same as each other.?
Coloring ?
I have a page of drawings, a person had asked me "do you take consignments ?"?
Please help with the anatomy in this picture?
tattoo help !!?
what can i digitally color my drawings with for little to no cash?
Would You Want this Feature on deviantART?
Where can I buy a good sketchbook online?
3d animation company address, e mailaddress?
what should o draw for the word perposterous?
I need a program that can change colors or something?
How do you pronounce Csuri?
Should I use rusted nib holders?
Anyone want to lend some advice?
Will you critique this anatomy?
Who designed the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in London?
an etching by Jean Baptiste camille Corot etched in 1874?
i need roman god mars drawings?
I can use that program to make videos with animated characters?
I'm looking for a manga that i have previously read?
which of my spawn drawings do you guys like most?
artist who has drawn family members?
fashion design drawing art supplies?
What do you think is the meaning of art?
Why doesnt my fountain pen write like the other ones?
What is the best action manga besides Naruto?
how to down load 3d maya modeling?
what did Pen Argyl, PA. look like in the 1900's?
How would I DRAW the word impugn?
what should i draw ???
Creative Ideas for a Digestive System Poster?
How Do You Make A line with a pencil?
art galleries?
Is it true that if you can draw people you can draw anything?
Is Web Designer Included on the Australian SOL?
where do you guys get your cartoon pics?
where can i find ?????????????????????????????????
can you describe this pic?
HELP Me with my paper! Please!?
How do you draw yourself?
What do you think about these drawings?
Poster Ideas for Literature class...?
I need a program that can change colors or something?
will i ever be a good artist?
What are Chalk Pastels?
Who among you can remember?. Stylaphones, Huala hoops, Pen nibs, School chalk , Ink wells, The cane,?
tell me somethin random?
What makes finger prints so unique that there can't be another person with the same finger prints ?
Who is your favorite artist?
dose devaintart cost anything?
people who draw blood- how do you spell it?
Constructive criticism?
does any one know what hanime is?
I need tips on how to draw?
Is my drawing good??
Where may I find mpg's from Candy Samples porn model?
everywher where a pic or ico should be I GET A SMALL SQURE WITH DOTS HELP PLEASE?
What are some good online communities?
what is the difference between a creative artworker and a graphic designer?
What is drawing composition? What should i include?
Any ideas for nail designs?
Do the type of lines when drawing matter?
how can i get a cheetah print background?
Would someone be willing to draw a tattoo for free?
can some on make the leters MIA outta keyboreds symbols?
where do i find the utep logo for printing?
anyone know any sites like yutuvu ?
What comes to mind when you think of the words:?
What should I draw for my art final? Has to do with something surrealistic or fantasy.?
how to draw an attractive face?
How do I cut out a person from one picture using Adobe Photoshop and then put it in a different picture?
how do you create animations in the GIMP?
Anyone have a DeviantArt account?
I need help for art ... opulance?
what color are my eyes??!?
Does anyone know?
i need a link for Architect Journals online, can u help me out here?
Where can I buy (online) all black pencils in bulk?
What should I draw for practice?
Who designed and drew the "Punisher" logo?
what should i draw?
what do you like to paint or draw the most?
there was a guy called shinji on miami ink he does tebori tattooing can u give me more info on it?
How to draw converses...Any link over the internet explaining how?
Ideas for a two tone stencil?
if someone can help me look kfor photos on butterflies. i would really be thankful?
How can i preserve a rose?
Can someone rate my newest work of photoshop art? Lol pleaseee
what do you think of my graphic design?
Need help finding animation schools, opinions?
plz can you help me???thanx??!!!!!! :)?
VIVIAN westwood or VIVIENNE Westwood ...?
how to download slender? it wont work?
Design for a book cover. Help:)?
What do you think about my drawing.... (pics!!!)?
i want to make a poster for my room, what are some cool ideas to draw?
Artist Supplies?
I am looking for a good submission tool?
Do artists in life drawing classes care if the models are a little heavy?
what clothing company has an owl logo?
Does anyone know a website or Artist that can create your projected aging image?
What should I draw right now?
My tablet is glitching up?
Where can i make a banner for my fanfiction story?
i need early man pictures for my project. do you know a web site?
Can you find me this pic ?
what was the saddest moment of your life?
Why do they draw sketches in Court?
Can you tell me anything about a signed and numbered 86/500. The print is of Magdalen College? Thanks?
Is their a website ONLINE where i can go to make my own 3D pie chart?
How do i draw pop art? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!!!!!!!!!?
where can i get a job in the animation industry without being a graduate with a degree?
Sketching or drawing ideas? ( I don't paint)?
In a drawing, how much can you reference someone else's work?
if i suck at drawing can the art institute make me a better drawler?
what i illustration?
Can you get a matte board cut out with a circular window at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby?
I'm trying to find a movie poster. Do you know what it's called or where to get it? Please read details below?
I want to know is there some type of software or design programs that I can buy or download, so I can start a?
How to make a poster stand out at a concert?
which is darker: 2B or 6B drawing pencil?
hi all, i reside in Nigeria, i am a 3D C.G artist. how can i start 3D freelance internationally?
graffiti - what objects would be cool to spray?
What is it that matters most in learning art?
What could I get printed on my t-shirt????
Which should i buy???
What to draw someone who is moving?
What sort of jobs/work could I get with a graphic design degree?
http://www.jooodi.org/uploads/792a92fe72.png who she??
when did one point perspective invented?
how do i change my image on my file??!!!!!!!!!?
know any good one direction fanfics?
SASE does stand for what or what does that mean?
How do you draw well?
How do i become a model?
Is it bad to draw on your tongue with sharpie marker?
Help with name of art website?
i cant draw... can you help <33?
Looking for romance novels?
What should i draw??????
Just for fun, when you draw a heart, which side do you draw first? Left or Right?
about "how to make telivision advertising"?
where can I find good small press publishing companies(preferrably Manga)?
Looking for a "How to..." website for making flash animation?
Where can I find a website that has your name in fancy writings?
Can someone direct me to an image of semi-fancy cursive letters that can be used in day-to-day writing?
I really want to make this?
what can i draw, im really bored?
Does anyone know how I can get better at drawing a human body?
Can any one give me the names of great graphic books?
What is a CG gallery? Like in hentai or whatever?
Do you like the name Adrien?
Why is the heart drawn the way it is when really the heart is shaped like a fist rather than what we draw it?
I'm bored I want to draw a picture but what picture should I draw?
Critique my drawing? (Anime)?
Please rate these drawings!?
Borrrrred! what should i draw? :) x?
where can you send you car designs to?
Could any Photoshop experts help me please?
who is the artist that draws this girl face?
what is the status critique?
Rate me please (1-10)?
How do you become awesome?
Do you like my fantasy artwork that I made in Photoshop?
How would you rate my drawing ability? (REAL artists only)?
Am I imagining a banksy picture?
What are some good spin-offs for the yearbook theme: behind the shades?
Can anyone...???
Is Prismacolor available in the Philipines?
How do I start learning how to draw well, when all my life I've been poor at it?
Is this character ugly/badly designed?
can any1 think of a nickname for me? my name is Haley, i like sports but i'm not a tomboy. also i like art.
What should i draw!!!!!!!?
looking for a print by James H Killen, titled In the Marsh?
Fashion industry?
what salary for animator?
Anyone know a free downloadable drawing program for PC?
Is this a 2 point perspective drawing?
How do you train creativity?
Rate my girlfriend.?
Does red ink from a pen get off clothing?
I have a series of jpegs. How do I make them into an animation for free?
my ink out of my pen is coming out too fast?
What does drawing too many faces signify ?
How can I decorate my binder?
Cant draw at all help!!!?
How is this organized????????
Where can I find a tutor for autodesk maya?
where can i find sarah's pic?
Help which one you like more pic?
anybody have any ideas?
How does a 9X12 mailing envelope look because I don't know and I'm trying to submit something and it must be a
what color would look best with dip dyeing?
A video with me drawing.. .... ... opinions?
Would this be considered plagiarism?
does the girl in the middle of my pic look ugly?
really bad a s s looking pictures?
is this drawing any good?
Where to find air gear's team kogarasumaru emblem picture?
What do you think of my new drawing?
Why can i draw things on my own instead of looking at pictures?
can web designing be learned through self tutorial?
What animal should I draw?
What are some good shoujo/romance animes to watch?
What is the defintion of 'Sense art'?
I can`t decide.Witch symbol is better looking a smily face or a peace sign?
Site of a Milkfish Skeleton with Labels?
Any artists out there?
Hows my pencil drawing?
I need a manga 100x100.How can i find it?
Photoshop CS6 tutorial, any advice?
Has anyone heard of the artist Tawin l. ?
Can I be a concept artist?
anyone know where i can find some transparent/clear rain boots?
Help! What is this called?
What can i draw any ideas?
how do you make shirts with writting and stuff on them?
What do you think makes good fashion?
23 p of c in the hb?
3ds Max Free Tutorials?
Look at my artwork! Should I go to art school?
I'm looking for a special kind of drawing?
Which way is better to go with?
Leather bound prints?
where can i find manga pages on the internet?
Marine styled drawing project. What should be included?
I need a tumblr theme?
Anyone besides me like drawing or painting geometric fractal-like designs just using a simple paint program?
Can you learn to draw without having the natural ability?
Bamboo Spash Pen Tablet??!?!??!?
Can someone tell me where to find Inuyasha episodes in Japanese with English subs? I can't get episode 2!!
Help please!... Pop art and graphic design?
Please tell me what you think?
what are somethings that i can do?
Any websites that teach you how to draw a Scorpion?
Where can I find a photograph of Drew Struzan and a list of everything he has produced professionally?
Photoshop Elements 6.0 Drawing?
on the run markers?
the name Nicole in graffiti?
how to make a hand written signature?
if i wanna see my black hair in a brown color form... what kind of software shoudl i use to see it? how?
What are some things to draw?
magazine banner ideas?
i craeted a south park character at some websight and i dont no how to click on somthing to save my character
l have problem in my hand l can not hold the pen and feel hard to writing?
is anybody having trouble getting into deviantart?
drawing tips for a 13 year old?
What do you like to draw the most?
What can I use to spray my sketches to stop them from smudging??
How do I find coloring free coloring pages?
please help?
what is the font used in the AT&T logo?
Becoming a cgi artist?
Symbols for characters of East of Eden?