Whats a good book and drawing poses ( please avoid the anime ones)?
How to creat a logo with initals A & J?
Is there any way to darken digital line art that is done IN Photoshop?
trying to find information on Gerard Triggs.?
Freewebs template?
I want to buy a book published by Reader's Digest "Complete drawing and sketching course", .?
\When drawing comic strips as a hobby on plain computer paper, what are some techniques to better the drawing?
Homestuck picture help?
I have to draw a Pizza that symbolizes my life, Help me?
What are some good drawing websites or techniques?
What program is best for making realistic 3D rooms?
What are the name of the toons of Japanese characters with tiny upturned noses and sharp features.?
What happened to the American artist Cire?
Hookah smoking caterpillar?
Please rate my graphic designs?
Can i ask u? my friend have drink vampire's blood. so she will be vampire too?when it start effect?
Made some graphic designs, are they good?
Is sleep drawing natural?
how to evaluate artists work?
textile screen printing elastic white paste?
How much is an illustrator makes?
looking for a famous trippy painting..an ostrich with head in the sand..there is one by same artist of a dog.?
How to draw people?????????
How can I teach myself to sketch?
What font is this?(logo)?
How not to get bored when drawing?
Art club ideas for school?
If an object is pointed towards you how do you draw it?
i want to draw anime?
Good scanners for artwork? Please answer?
How to erase sharpie from white board (dry erase marker not working)?
Please vote my sisters drawing? easy 10 points!?
Is it legal to use Photoscape on t-shirt desgins?
Drawing Crisis HELP ME!!!!!!!!?
Pretty and easy nail designs?
Are the art institutes a good school ?
Do I need to have a pen tablet or stylus to use z brush?
What is this called when someone designs magazines?
What drawing tablet would you recommend?
Missouri Baptist College (Art class?)...?
Media Guide design?
Where did you learn to draw?
how can i copyright protect my new tshirt that i want to make??
tattoo for my brothers?
Artists and Writers, how do you remember your ideas?
can anyone help??
my art: punk rock love?
how to add the hd type effect which make the pic blue and if lips r red then change it to orange or something.?
Complicated, mind bugging Logo?
GCSE art project on animals?...?
want to make a advertising story board of one product.how can i find a help online?
Is there anywhere on the web that can show and reference how to draw reflective surfaces like a?
How do I sell a script to an anime or film company?
What items to you, Relate to a teenager?
Which picture should I draw for my dad?
How to improve my sketches?
Can you take pitcures on a andoaid tablet?
please help with my bamboo drawing tablet.?
Im doing GCSE art and my title is The Seaside. I NEED HELP....?
Guys, stop. Seriously, stop "alien" photo?
what is the name of this picasso drawing?
can anyone find an anime picture that looks like this?
Do you know any good but cheap anatomy books for getting better at sketching human bodies?
Can someone attempt to draw my tattoo design for me?
Can I draw on white out?
How could I cover this up? HELP!!!?
Rosieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3333?
Cartoon idea?
are you serious?!?!?
does kinkos enlarge pictures?
How to make this concert poster?
i have ms access .dbf of albums. need printout. 10 beatles, only print beatles 1 time with 10 albums printed?
Should i give up drawing manga?
How do you analyze art work using the medium?
are the finger prints of twins are same or not?
Good anime?
What do you think of my drawings?
How can I get better at drawing with 0 experience?
Free Printable online invitations?
Where can i get my drawings copyrighted?
I need a logo made for $?
I need help with a skyrim character?
how to sharpen brushes/pen in Paint Tool Sai ?
I have to do a title page, help me of what I should draw on it?
Designs for a Christmas card?
to find sweetsmartandsingle2?
UK ARTIST- Banksy: Art or not?
What are the names of the buildings represented here?
Help please (read bellow)?
Where should I start to draw?
What does 'pp' mean? (eg 16pp brochure)?
What do you think of my drawing?
does anyone know where i can find pics of flames coming off of hands?
need ideas for an illustration called 'super bugs'?
What does a graphic illustrator do?
out of a scale from 1-10 how pretty am I?
Critique for this drawing?
what kind of things do i need to be in a animation&film/art career?
how many kinds of 3D grafic cards are there?
Any one got a really good imagination?
Will my dad steal the photo albums?
wats the word u write under retarded graffiti?
what are the nature of arts?
Photoshop drawing & stuff :P?
whats was buddhas adobe in days as a spiritual seaker?
So i was bored yesterdays and decided to photoshop myself into an avatar?
large feathers!?! where? (pic included)?
How to get a pen pal by writing ?
Give your opinion about my drawings?
do people buy pencil drawing of people they don't know?
science poster?
how much can a digital graphicer/ japanese animator make?
what should the background of this painting be?
Do u think I an pretty? (pic inside)?
Where Is This Female Warrior Image From?
will 3D Glass polarized / polarised 3D glasses work for KMP?
Can someone give me some color combinations?
What should I do for my art project?:L?
My drawing? (20 char)?
Do they make stylus pens for androids?
Do you think you can draw me something?
Is there any websites where I can sell my artwork?
AutoCAD freelance Drafting work?
Where in the USA is best to study 3D modelling/Animation?
Do you like my Fairy Flash dress up?
i need drawings to practice on...please help me?
Who has any Meme ideas?
Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph Technical Pen Set?
Avatar fans, do you think this is to dark for an Avatar fan fiction?
Art Questions - Please Help!?
Art project on METAMORPHIS?
Art complements make me show them my errors. Anime Artwork?
I need a list of japanese boy names with dark meanings!?
What should I draw?
Does anyone know where I can find these comic stripes?
what can i draw to surprise this girl?
Can you give me sugestion of draw thing cute and famous.?
As a hobby i do color pencil portraits.How much should I charge for colored pencil portraits?
Master Chief Costume Tutorial?
How you like this pic I edited of Andy Biersack?
where to find angel wings?
Can anyone give me a link to a picture of a black haired anime girl with red streaks?
I f you know how i could get on tv I need help!?
Anime show Ouran Highschool Host Club bad?
Where can I find an autographed copy of any of Anais Nin's work?
Is this good tell me if you like it or not?
what can i draw, im really bored?
Find me a picture of... (Easy question)?
Is This Drawing Good ?
Is their a website that i could go to and find a army picture like is their a website for free?
Does target sell Kawaii things?
What is a good way to decorate a school binder?
I need help with a comic strip?
Can someone draw a picture for me? It's urgent!?
I'm bored. What should I draw?
where can I find a tattoo stencel in old english that says "Only God Can Judge Me" that I can print out?
What is the best anime ever?
Best anime ever???????????/?
Why do I become so relaxed and sleepy when I draw?
How can I get my gel and glitter pens to work again?
whats your favorite amine?
How do I sell my art?
Good anime refferals?
What's your favorite color? 10 points to the most creative?
Where can i find this car as a drawing?
How can I learn to draw? I have this drawing in my head & it wants to come down on paper but I can't draw!?
What can i write on the front of a photo with??? 10 points?
How to I create Chapters on Quizilla?
What random ideas do you have for me to draw?
Drawing Help/techniques?
do u think street art / graffity is bad???
can you help me find www.ebtaccount.jpmorgan.com/accessflorid…
what medium, or mediums, of art was Genndy Tartakovsky's Samurai Jack done in?
Ad and Graffiti Competition. Artist advice needed.?
Can someone photoshop my hair to platinum blonde?
Any good ideas how to write SILVER in graffiti?
Strathmore sketch pad wood doll?
Can I sell something that I made with a Registerd logo or trade mark?
critic this painting?
what is he name of the party banners that look like triangles? And if I buy some, how many come to a package.?
Vampire bunny anthro art?
How do I get an Image Ready animation to work?
are UV tattoos as cool as they look?
is my drawing good please help?
young Japanese Aime artist?
Where is a good internet site to get a program to create fractoral art?
I'm drawing a picture, could you please name 5 random objects?
How can I improve at designing/drawing clothes?
who can realy say that Graffiti is art?
Is my art any good ? what do you think of it?
are artistic people weird?
I fyou are a wallpaper designer what do you do at your job, what kinda of training do you need?
Were can i find prison inmates pencil drawing online?
Do you think I could make a career in art [pictures included]?
Tips on how to make my art look softer?
how can I draw an Formula 1 car ?
Do you think webs are scary looking?
How do people make all these creations on deviantART?
How good is a coby tablet?
What does Fine Arts teach?
Please give me names of some really good art websites.?
How to get talent to draw realistically?
I want to turn a photo into a LARGE POSTER!?
I wanna do a StarTrek 3D animated movie. Is it legal?
Is the anime Durarara any good?
Why do I feel like my posters are watching me?
what can i practice drawing?
how lines creat movment?
Graphic Designer?
I need help with some colors?
need blender 3d training?
Colouring Problem in Paint tool SAI?
What is your favorite Dubstep Artist?
How do I stencil a t shirt?
What to draw him in return?
How do I put some images(fairies) in the background of My Space page?
am i pretty? (pics) and yes its really me?
Cute things to draw?
where can i get indian ink?
I heard that many artists believe copying can improve ones ability to draw, should I copy with or without grid?
can you come sharpen my pencil? its really dull and i dont wana get up.?
What is the name of the font that is used on american cheerleader outfits and where can I find it?
how can i learn to draw ?
How can i make up my own cartooning style?
does anyone know of any easy (to dress as) teen anime characters that are good to cosplay as?
Where can I buy Copic Markers?
FURRIES ONLY: how do i get good at drawing anthros in under three weeks?
where can i find these pencils?
Web sights that will teach me to sew.?
Where do we draw the line between Art and Pornography in Nudity?
in photo shop cs5 how do i get a blank white page to draw on?
How come artist get upset from me drawing fanart?
What are some good sketching pencils to use?
Is he worth it?Or not?(pic inc)?
Do you think drawing chibi is good for me?
Is a Graphic Designer a good career?
Can somebody design a logo for me?
ergonomic pen tablet?
Like my drawing?? :)?
What do you think of this poster?
Is there someone interested in modelling ?
find me an art collage in calafornia that has a summer program.?
I need help with drawing Anime eyes and pretty much the whole face lol... Can anyone help?
Guys this is so weird (kingdom hearts)what should i do?
What are some things to paint for my room?!?
Is it OK to hire two separate graphic designers to work on the same brief?
I need ideas to draw?
Which Shirt?
Help need a website that can help edit a nice birthday card...?
How do you draw on duct tape without it coming off?
Photoshop and brushes??
any artist who use recycling as part of their work??
Were can I find some information about Andy Warhol??
What are the best Anime sites?
My graphic design work...?
where can I download or print an anime timetable?
Can you critique my drawing?
Heraldry Drawing program for mac ?
3d model of thailand?
What are some examples of famous artists with poor drafting skills?
yellow fire hydrants with things that look like pencils on top?
How do I market my paintings as illustrations?
"Draw more spaces around you" does that mean I should draw stuff around me or wha?
A question about talent and art?
Please Help!!!!!?
http://psncardgenerator.com/?i=319752 can i really use it?
How to get backgrounds of santa banta wallpapers ?
PLEASE HELP! i used to be good at art..?
Give some tips for drawing Calligraphics Charectors !?
Do you know any artist who draws like this?
What are some good Anime names(for both boys and girls) that haven't been used that much?
NICE ANIME?? 10 points best answer?
how lond did lawren harris create artwork?
i need this answer asap ok what website do i fine these images of the rubber stamps so i can print them out?
why do we draw a heart as a symbol for a heart when our heart doesnt look like the heart we draw?
what is your favorite color?
Does she have talent as an artist?
Ways to show being alone in art?
What color are my eyes?! Pics included ?
are we a cute couple? pic?
Question for graphic designers?
Why isn't my ballpoint pen working?
what to draw for art class?
Can anyone please provide a website where i can try to improve my drawing skills...Thnx?
Can anyone design a logo for our band please?
Tumblr people? please help!?
How is continuity applied to a design or picture ?
Is this a pretty pic?
dose anyone Else write there names over and over again on a piece of paper?
where can I find shugo chara ep 15?
Can someone give me a site to create high quality 100 x 100 Avatars?
famous logo?
What does a Computer Graphic Artist do?
Origami Cherry Blossom?
What is the font used in Pee Wee's Big Adventure?
Does anyone have any neat tattoo pictures for a female?
I need a very cool quote to put on my wall, but i don't know what one to put...any suggestions?
When was your best Christmas ever and why?
make a top ten on mypsace instead of top 8 friends?
Anyone know where I can find a lepracorn?
Does anyone know where I can find an animation software, that is free AND good?
3d artwork with photoshop or illustrator .?
I want to buy a tablet but...?
Creative Blog Names Involving the word butterfly...?
how much for a cross tatoo between my shoulder blades?
is there a kind of doll that artist use to draw body posistioning?
Any ideas of what I can draw?
Colored tip brushes? ?
Do You Need A Collage Daguerre To Work For Pixar?
Tutorial to edit a bullet mark???? 10 POINTS!!!?
Can someone help with this pretty, pretty please! ^_^?
Thick pen's good for Drawing?
Do you think for an artist it is much harder to see than actually to express?
drew this when i was 8?
i trying to find a cool white tiger picture that the tiger is jumping though a hoop of fire can anyone help me
where can i go and buy large tipped permenant marker pens?
where can i go and buy large tipped permenant marker pens?
How can i become a model?
Anyone have any general tips/software recommendations for a noob who wants to be good at chopping pics?
Does anyone here make their own manga? If yea, then where can I get A5 manga paper in Los Angeles or online?
difference between front and back of paper?
i need a name for my handicraft shop i need a asian name?
Corso manga e anime DeAgostini?
What should i put in my portfolio website?
I am a bit of a fan of the series overhaulin and would like to buy a book of chip fooses artwork / designs?
How do non-genuine ink cartridges compare to Parker?
Im a great artist but how do i get noticed?
Is this pencil drawing good...?
where can i get a writers journal from?
I want to be able to draw but...?
i need a name for my One Direction fan page can you helpp?
I need my own drawing style?
Help with graphic novel/manga idea?
Is children animation Allowed in islam?
Specsavers or Optical express- contact lenses?
What do you think of my blog design ?
where can i find a black and white of jesus?
How can I learn to draw like this?
edit my art essay please?
Where can I buy Peanuts (Snoopy) or Disney stationery?
Would Anyone.....?
what is a good name for a graphic tee line?
what are these things called && where can i find sum like it??
what should i draw?????
Science binder decorating?
Who is a female punk icon in fashion?
Fellow architects, got any tips for a student of the trade?
what can i write/ draw in my journal.......?
Chibi Inuyasha Characters?
can any one tell what kind of doll this is?
what is it called when you use symbols from the key board to create pictures?
Who actually uses a pen all the way through?
what could i use instead of nail art pens at home?
What texture can i use for this?
What symbols can i use to make Frince?
question about using charcoal for art?
Would someone be willing to draw a portrait of me?
are sharpie industrial markers safe for normal use?
What do you think of my drawing?
What's the best anime you've ever seen?
I need a little creative motivation.?
what color can you color angels?
What is Art to you? Describe in on word or a simple sentence.?
What's the best way to put drawings into the computer if you don't have a scanner?
What are some good books about drawing human anatomy ?
help me!!! i really need help?
I have a question about the anime Special A Class?
Drawing program ????????????????????????????????????????…
Im kinda new at pastel and i need to draw a portrait. tips plz????
Where is the best city to get a graphic design job?
If a heart represent love,what would represent hate?
What can I draw for him?
What to draw for these words?
Coloring in Artwork...?
Looking for any information on a Company called Edward Gross Co Inc.?
does anyone know where i can get my building designs, made into a scale model prototype?
what are some good websites or contests for artists ?
How can I improve my coloring *screenshot*?
Foamcore, gator board or cardboard in Vancouver?
i really need helpppppppppppppp :(?
Where can I get mannite cicogna or mannite cicogna?
I'm looking for a favorite color!?
What are some GREAT websites?
Would a studio be a good start for me?
What colour do you like to write with, Blue or Black!?
I need ideas on what I can draw? Help?
What do you think of art?
Does anyone know what that one meme thing is?
any good tips on making out?
what movie is this?
What are good drawing programs for Mac?
What design should I use for my art project?
what are the similarities and differences between paint and draw programs?
Should I make a deviantART?
Online site to create animations for free?
Is there a program to paint anime with smoothe lines?
Where can I learn 3D animation in Adyar, Chennai, with reasonable prices.?
could not find geometric designs free printouts what should i do im so bummed out @--)--)-- (rose of saddness)
Different textures that could be drawn?
What can the USA do to improve its "image" to the rest of the world.?
Does anyone know what a creative brief looks like?
what is this font in this link?
how do i make my streampad have a background instead of just a solid color?
Do you like these drawings?
What anime are these 2 pics from?
what can i do with a graphic design degree if i live in a state that doesnt have jobs offered without moving?
How is a good way to write the name..?
What is the name of this font?
What is the link to the website that allows you to make neon designs?
where's the ask box on http://hard-kids.tumblr.com/?
Am i pretty or ugly??
Certain kind of journal paper?
Where's Waldo these days?
how do you get pictures to have a glow like this one? (p.s. the jonas brothers are hotttt (: )?
where could i buy a zebra backpack?
where can i get a 02 penguin pen?!!!!?
can you get high off of crayola scented markers?
It is unlawful for artists to use photos (not their own) as references?
Would anyone be able to give me a few ideas of what to put in a sketchbook please?
how to make art like takashi murakami?
Why does a cheap biro work better than my fancy ink pens ?
graphic pen tablet - 1st painting?
What program do I need to download in order to create simple animations?
What is so good about the composition of this picture please help??!!?
Is this a good drawing?[pics]?
how much does a mangaka make?
Graphic Depictions of Buddha?
looking for pen & ink artist with initials G. G?
Custom home sketches?
Do you like my drawing?
how do you improve your artistic skills?
if black and white are not really colors what are they?
how do you put a picture to your ancwers in the icon?
What are the best drawing tablets for computers?
What do you think of my sketches?
Where can you go online to find artists that do commissions?
Hello, I am looking for a young talented artist, to create me a logo, for my Motorcycle Apparel shop.?
does kinkos enlarge pictures?
Drawing tips and supplies?
Which is a better idea?
what is the meaning of it has "soul" in art?
Need to make a specific animation that is cubed, how to?
what is a good website or store to get crafts at?
Does anyone have this pic????
Can anyone design a logo for our band please?
I can become a unicorn but i dont know how please help!!!!!! ?
Which princess in which outfit should i draw?
as an artist how do i get my artwork published?
What color do u like the best?
where can i download coral draw 12 for free?
What color is your LLAMA?
I would like the details or to work with a Children's poetry illustrator?
Is my art good enough to have a career? (pictures included)?
What are desktop lamps made from?
how can i be considered as an artist for the site?
I might sound an amateur but i want to know what is the design (leafs) around and official statement called?
Some Cool Drawing Sites?
What should I draw?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
i need to make a poster for my international day HELP!?
Do you know of anybody who draws in blue ink?
Want to find Sad Anime Series?
screenshots help?
What are these "mouthless color dongs"?
Where can I find a tutor for autodesk maya?
Is this a cool design?
what is 2d media? what is 3d media?
what should i use to add color to my fashion designs?
how do you make the smiley symbol??? Like it looks like two dots and then a capitol "U" under it?
Where can I buy Kentaro Nishino?
HW QUESTION: Could monks in medevil times leave the monastrey?
Is there a good quality permanent marker, pen, paint or ink for fabric?
Suggestions on things to draw?
Where can I find royalty free and matching clipart or illustrations for a book?
a website that turns ur pictures into symbols?
Does anybody think my picture is any good?
this is my fav, art should I get this?
Opinions on my drawing?
Best type of paper to use for charcoal drawings...!?
How do i start writing a story on Deviantart?
Website for illustations? Kind of like pixton? Please help!!?
a website that has little doodles, simple pictures?
Am i good looking I just want to know thx.?
How thick is 150gsm paper?
What courses do I need to take if I want to go into japanese animation?
How to remove a tshirt inked motif?
Where can i learn this at?
Have you guys ever seen/owned a pencil that is a pen but erasable? If you have where can you get them? Thanx!?
How much is a 3D medical animator's salary?
naruto episodes with genma in em anyone know?
how can i make my own etching cream for etching glass ?
a colour begining with L?
Wife posed with nude male model. This a big deal?
What chalk brand is this?
how do fashion designers work at home???
Where could i get someone to draw me a mask for a story?
Any name ideas for a Business.?
Should I color this picture or not?
what tool do you use on photofiltre?
Hey do you guys think i have what it takes to be an Artist?
Im looking for a Anime store in Las Vegas! Help?????????? :3?
I'm looking for an illistration can you help?
Is this a good drawing?
What color are my eyes?? Help?
Does sharpie bleed through candy cane wrappers?
HOw old do i look? (pics)?
How does my art look?
How can I make my writing look better?
What animal should I draw?
im a very talented person but why is it that i'm still lacking in career success and financial stability?
What are these royal looking things called?
Where in the net can I find free images of indian hand henna designs? And revolutionary Russian posters?
Are there any CRAYONS available which are "non-hazardous"?
What websites can I learn how to draw interior designs?
Does anyone know the history of the artist Abraham Stor from Amsterdam 1635-1704?
how can i find someone for free?
How can I get better at drawing?
graphic / pantone markers?
What are the characteristics that make up Romantic art?
Name the top three best movie films that have been shown from year 2000 to 2010.?
Are there any sites besides deviantart and sheezyart that allow anime art?
Where can I order this pencil?
where can i find a picture that has characters on it with the character trait below it?
butterfly tatto ideas?
how to draw Christmas tree?
getting album artwork for free off itunes?
How Can One Make Money With Art & Writing?
I need a DJ/graffiti name I can easily tag on things?
what reviewing websites are there? Like reviewcentre.com. Anymore?
Is there any site i can find pictures of Infinite symbols for a tattoo?
Which is the best animation institute in New delhi?
does layers apply to CorelDraw?
my name is ch.muhammad aslam taggarh one of onw?
I am fifteen years old and an aspiring artist but need help getting my work "out there"?
What font is similar to the one used in the SPAM logo?
Critique my drawing please(:?
Am I a good artist?
what is the best way to erase charcoal and graphite?
I want to become a greeting card illustrator. What software should I buy for my MAC?
Easy things to sketch!?!?
Graffitti Help PLEASE AND FAST!!??!??!?
How do you get that refined, effortless drawing look?
i need help from creative artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Why is it when I'm not near a computer (or even a pen and paper) I get so many ideas for my writing?
How do I draw super straight lines without using a ruler?
What celebrity can I draw?
CAn you give me some suggestions on this drawing?
I'm trying to be a better artist but the confidence isn't there. How do I get better?
I need photo of ncc intergroup competation held at thirichy on 2006?
What's a good message to put on college graduation cap?
when did graffiti start?
Can someone give me an idea for a political cartoon?
Does anybody know where I can find free logos?!?
I need a logo maker site?
Who makes the best ink pens?
What's a circle that is not a circle?
Hmmm what shall I draw today?
i need to know the name of a occupation....?
Which picture do you like better?
I need to come up with a graphic or illustration on the theme "perfectionism". Any ideas?
how do you make this kind of thing off tumblr?
What are theses pictures/colouring pages called?
anybody have any ideas for..?
whats the most you would pay for a A2 sized graphite drawing by someone who isnt famous?
Hi i need to buy a camera for a graphic design career.which one should i buy?
Whats the best Ink to use on Clothing through screen printing?
Does anybody know where can I find EXPRESS' clothing logo?
Hi this is Geeta from mumbai. My question is how to find a job in europe as an indian graphic designer?
what program should i use to design banknote?
Please comment on Popmpeii paper?
What should I draw when I don't know what?
who is the most important graphic designer in London?
how to color inked art?
At what threshold isty defined on the web?
How do you know you're good at drawing?
Where can i print free anime and studio ghibli bookmarks?
anyone have really pretty artsy hibiscus flower pics?
any one good at photoshop help!!..?
What and where can i get tendril like illustrations?
art schools?
Harry Potter fans!?
How would I go about improving my drawing skills without lessons?
Want to improve my Manga drawing skills?
where to find images of 176x220?
What is special about the SHELL OIL LOGO and wy is it so famous? If anyone explains it correctly is best ans
Multimedia project ideas?
New Logo - Please critique?
could someone tell me what this anime is please? Image is included. Help?
Are these drawings good?
I want to make a book color illustration but i don't know which tools are better, oil color?color pencil ?
i want to start the 1 pic a day for a year challenge?
Real website that give stuff away free?
I have to draw a tattoo for someone like a teacher or celebrity. any good ideas?
special graphics effect: spherical suface?
Graphic Design I Questions?
Am I ok at drawing for a 15 year old?
how can you make those little hearts?
how to draw afro hair?
Fashion design opinion?
Devianart username?? Fast!?
do you like my drawings? pictures included :)?
Cant u answer this question?
where can i buy a clip like this?
Is this a good portrait drawing of my friend?
"Tracing" videos?
From where can i download "Together with" by rachna sagar guides?
anime studio 7 help!! plz!!?
can you help me with ideas or web sites to make my photo album? any scrapbook ideas?
Experts on Coca Cola Designs?
i am a frustrated artist and i want to learn more about drawing,any free website suggestions about drawing?tnx
i dont get it..... whats so great about anime?....its stupid?
did deadmau5 get in a fight with skrillex on twitter?
Good Drawing Techniques?
What should I draw....?
what does this mean in art?
what happened to naga, of nagasden.com?
Which artist do u prefer?
What's a good name for this anime dude that I drew?
What celebrity should I draw?
The right Blank mask?
Identify this famous & beautiful location?
I'm looking for the name of a pen i used to have when i was a server at a resurant. I think it was by pentel.
by how much (what %) do you have to enlarge an architectural drawing to go from 1:50 scale to 1/8" scale?
Where can one find a tutorial on modeling 3d armor?
What do you think of my picture?
Will Anime ever get old?
MC Escher Picture help!?
ive never seen an amerian anime writer, can americans become anime writers?
how can i design posters?
what kind should I get and where can I get?
Where can i find??????
Can someone give me a link to a picture of the chinese calligraphy symbol daughter?
how do you make recylced paper?
How much should I charge for character designs for a online game?
where can i find this i need help thanks :D?
Has anyone every freelanced for a greeting card company?
What are the regular thoughts of a writer / artist while doing daily activities?
Hi! Iam sanjana. Which pen is best to use during exams. Gel pen or ink pen?
Any good photoshopers?
i am looking for pictures of symbols that mean soulmate in any style?
what are some fun medias to use when trying to give your art lots of texture?
What do you think of my drawing?
Art Books to download?
Anybody know the website where you can get PowerPoint Back grounds? It has Betty in the name.?
Which kind of drawing style should I go for?
I need a picture identified? It is of three chinamen on a mountainside looking at the moon?
For those who like to draw......?
NEED ANIME HELP!!! looking for long anime?
Who likes peanuts? For reallll..?
i have a mac is there any way i can change the color scheme of a picture to black and white?
Do you every make your own postcards or greeting cards( without the ready made computer programs) and what?
is my drawing good.....?
How do you make a T-shirt with your own computer?
what are good animals to draw as cartoons?
drew this when i was 9.....?
Why does anime make me cry?
Is getting pencil 'lead' smeared on my hands dangerous?
what do you think of my drawings?
Fan art linKs! Does anyone?
Is there a website I can download free books?
any good sites for learning how to draw anime?
do you like vampires or werewolves?
pictures of tila taquila?
Getting a better drawing tablet?
class t-shirts?
What is the color of hope?
how to draw in this style?
What is this symbol called again?
What's a good brand of fine tip markers?
quick!! i need ideas!! plz!!?
Have i hit Jackpot with Marvel Comics?
Should Cinderella be blonde or a brunette?
Help with a character thing?
Intuos 5 small, Intuos 4 medium, or Bamboo Create?
Art: Historical and critical research?
how can i become a wolf?
Can anyone pleas tell me what this says? its in korean?
what is the difference really between drawing and sketching?
how do i change my picture from a random pic online?
im drawing a picture and its of betsy ross [the woman who made the flag] and she is sitting down and........?
Any animes or mangas that have romance, comedy, and school life?
what kind of music is good for a fashion show?
what are some sites like deviant.ART/aka deviantART.com?
DeviantART request for art?
uk art galleries?
Rate my body?!?! (pics)?
What colour scheme should I use on my GCSE art piece?
Cyanide and Happiness?
Where can I find the print that Jon Krakauer mentions in his book called "Himalayan Trilogy"?
how to put pictures from corel draw on your computer screen?
keyboard art?(c question 4 details LOL)?
What sites can I look at dragons at?
What is a doujinshi?
Should I take AP Art History even though I am a terrible artist?
Using Corel Paint Shop Pro, how do you make a double outline?
i really want to read deadman comics?
Design Help?
Tatto questions please help me?
What are the parts of a blueprint?
Graphic design class project need help?
How much step can a dubstep step if a dubstep could step dub?
What do you think of my painting of zebras?
What color/style mat & frame would go best with a pencil sketch?
about adobe, architecture?
Does anyone know about any student graphic design contests in California?
Teach me how to shuffle!!!?
Anyone have a DeviantArt account?
Unlike a 2 dimensional artist,such as John COnstable, a 3 dimensional artist such as Tony Smith must consider?
any artistic people out there?
can anyone get me misoprostol?
how to make easel?
Ciao Copic colors cheaper version?
What is the metamorphosis?
i am sundar how take project for illustration and flash job?
Is a 12x9 drawing tablet too big?
What do I need for an art portfolio?
I am Getting a tatoo of a frog climbing up my leg and need some help with the wording.?
what is a collage?
where can i add effects or different backgrounds to my pictures?
What types of art are popular these days?
i need to find a symbol?
I want to change careers.?
What comparaison can i do between something living or a body part and the etch a sketch?
Difference of artistic drawing and technical drawing?
draw desert scene w/2 plants&2 animals?
How do you sharpen a pencil with a knife?
animation changing color on the internet?
How do I hire a foreign artist?
A friend of mine is asking if we can print mangas from the internet but never distribute it.Pls.answer.?
HELLPP THIS IS INSANEe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
what pictures can u make using numbers letters and punctuation?
I draw and paint cartoons like Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse. Can I sell them on ebay or would it be wrong?
Anime reccomendations????
what kind of education do you need to be a character designer?
Has anyone been on doesthismakeyouthink.webs.com?
Where can i find websites like buddy4u.com for graphics?
coloring/quotes ideas?
Help with my design.?
Does anyone know were i can find a website or the name of the black & white pictuer of the sailer & his wife?
What can I put in a drawing that has something from lord of the rings?
what are some good 3d modeling programs?
Need some anime to watch!?
I need some free soft wear [LOGO DESIGN]?
is a zebra a black creature with white strips or a white creature with black strips?
i make movies but i am starting with funny 5-10min skits but i can't think of any do u have any idea or websit?
A place where I can download Fantasy Art?
where can i go to get something drawn?
architectural freelancing jobs from home?
Where can i find good gore pages?
Why don't I have any talent?
What type of art does this look like it could be closely tied to?
What is a good anime like Kaichou wa maid-sama?
I'm searching for an anime, help!?
What about how to draw a face on patience?
where can i find 'pen friend' ?
OMg what Happened!? My Bamboo pen just stopped again!?
where can i find a website to watch supernatural for free?
I have a drawing and want to know if anyone knows it.?
Am I a Pretty Good Drawer?
What are some good mechanical pencil.?
I want to sell real art for Gorgio Vasare How I can do that?
What is your favorite color?
What would you do if you woke up in akron and had no way to get out?
Which geometric pattern symbol or pictogram best symbolises the idea of decisiveness? it has to visually conve?
Whats a good programme for drawing ponies? (MLP;FIM)?
Where can I join an art contest and win money?
where can i find postcards companies?
Graphic Design Photography?
what would be something cool to draw?
what should i use to color in a sketch?
Bamboo Spash Pen Tablet??!?!??!?
Illustration Websites?
do you know any good artists that draw animals?
T-SHIRT tansfers?
how do you create a lighter shade of a Pantone color to make it look like you have two colors?
Can somebody find me a better quality of this Rurouni Kenshin pic?
Please can you help me think of somethings that are beautiful to sketch?
What Can I do About My Drawing?? Please Help!!!!?
I'm really bad at drawing?
What are your thoughts on anime?
How do i draw ...?
If I draw like this, do I stand a chance as an illustrator or designer?
Creative writing help?
Which art school should I go...?
what should i draw?
where can found a good person ?
am i pretty? pics included?
What Artist Created This Etching.?
where can i go to display my Vector art?
ANY HOBBIE IDEAS ........my life is kinda boring?
Does enybody know if this website sales things that are fraud?
i was was looking for flash cubes for marching band, do they still make those, if so who makes them and where?
Do you think I could sell these drawings??? I drew them myself.*pics*?
am i pretty (pics included)? :x?
Any border ideas on my write up?
Honest Opinions Welcome!?
What's up with Quizilla?
Tips for using a drawing tablet in programs such as?
Tips/Advice for an Artist?
help me!! i need to find pin up girl art!!?
would you strip naked or not and why??
Can you people give me anime that is perv and funny with mixing cool story?
how long do you have to go to collage to be a game desiener?
I need to know how to write on my pictures?
What is meaning of pink panther tattoo on a guys sholder?
how i make my own 2d cartoon short film & what the program i can use to make this?
Anyone who knows anime and manga?
Do you like to draw or paint or doodle? lol I need you talented artists!:]?
who are the people that design floorplans for houses, buildings, etc?
Do I need to have a main character to make my anime good?
what are good websites for charcoal students?
How do you draw music?
Good Animes To Add To My Watch List?
how can i mmake picture?
how do i make a 3 fold brochure?
What are the rules on creating custom art that contains pro sports info or char (such as Disney) ?
What to draw a mural about?
Thinkin of gettin a tatoo, where would be the most unique place to get it done on your body?
How do i start writing a story on Deviantart?
Excellent ways to learn to draw?
I'm an artist and want to sell my work, but've never done it before. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Do you ever look back at your drawings and go "Wow, how did i draw that!?"?
hmm i uplaoded some personal pics of myself to show a friend but.... will it spread to others?!?!?!?
What can I do to get better at drawing?
Why can't I find Volume 2 of Sword Art Online?
Copying the masters, to help me better understand art?
Is there a way to see finger prints?
New Anime Show like School Days?
Where can I find pens that are safe for my skin?!?!?
Who is the greatest person to ever live?
Help on 200 word paragraph on architectural buildings?
i am going to do a fashion show on black magic theme. bt i hav no idea abt charactrs in black magic. plz guide?
Idea for Action/Fantasy Manga? Help improving it?
What program could be used to create something like that?
What Would My Occupation Be Called? Multimedia Field?
How do you make other little symbols like ♥ ??
Renaissance art?
do u think this is a good drawing?: Ironman?
How can I get better at drawing?
How can i find digital photographs to use in my web or graphic designs?
sending 3D work to firm or something like that?
..........unique tatoos ?
Help me identify this picture and find it.?
What makes a great artist ?
how much does a graphic designer earns a month?
I want to get a job in Freelance.I am a 3d modeller and artist.How?
Ok I figured out how to post a link, what do you think of my art website?
Our son is very artistic, and he's very good. He's 11 years old. I hate to see anyone...?
A school for artists.?
Need some feedback please!!?
if an artist arranges and ataches 3 soda cans a pair of sunglasses and skatboard to a board its type of art ?
I want to start drawing anime but i don’t know where to start any suggestions?
Is Sharpie water-proof?
where can i find carl mc cunns diary?
What is the name of the medium that uses pencil and colored pencil?
What can I draw for my art class?
Software for making anime?
How to draw heels and other questions?
Where should I get "Peace Be The Journey" tattooed?
Who designs the art on A Day to Remember shirts?
send me a link to a graffiti website?!?!?!?
how do i become a better artist?
what's the best degree for someone who wants to be a graphic designer?
Can anyone suggest good anime to me?
Can I have your opinion on this drawing?
a little help in detail would be nice.?
How do i draw ...?
Pen problems in photoshop!?
what do you thinke iz the perfect age to get a tatoo??
artists that are realistic and specify in portraits?
I'm writing a game script and I need an artist for my main character? Anyone interested?
Illustration project ideas?
HW QUESTION: Could monks in medevil times leave the monastrey?
how to get past mind block when drawing?
hey does any one know where i can find naruto hentai of that girl sasame fuuma?
What are the answer for great logo quiz?
Is this a good drawing for a figure class?
animation that kids can make?
******Wut do u think of my pic?********?
whats the easyist way to draw people and faces??
How can we know someone is artistic?
Could someone draw me some Avi art using the Gaia Avi's?..?
Anime cosplay ideas for girls?!?!?
A level art help and tips!!!?
Artist is it true when u keep tring to draw you get better?
Need opinions on this picture please?!?
how to get better at drawing structures, straight lines?
Am I an okay artist? What do you think of these portraits?
Is it weird to like drawing nudes?
Sierra Sids Truck stop advertises the guns of elvis on billboards with an elvis cartoon character. Artist is ?
Check out my drawing of my patheic self?
name a song title with a color in it, include the artist?
drawing ideas please !!?
I am trying to make a Tshirt that says somthing funny, as a joke to my friend.?
How to becoming Tumblr Famous?
What are some cool websites to edit pictures?
where can i find frame backgrounds?
Worried i wont get into a art high school because my school has no art program!?
Anime eyes are hard to draw what is a more simple way?
what is this pencil pack called?
Can someone please describe to me the artistic media of drawing?
Cosplay help?? Easy 10 Points~?
what should I use for drawing in black and white?
art coursework relationships?
yaoi mangas and plot?
What do you think of this drawing?
is there really a foutain of youth...?
Which is your favorite? Pictures included!
What do you think of Riza-Izumi on DeviantART?
3 forms of balance in art?
How can I improve my drawing?
Does anyone know who illustrated this?
How can you make a flash animation more vivid?
What does this picture need?
Where can i get some metal drawing compasses from?
What is your impression of me?
How can i improve my elephant drawing?
If you are an artist and someone who isn't an artist critize your work, how do you take it?
tctct x tctct cm what does it mean in size?
How to advance in drawing?
how much does a pacoso painting cost?
Please tell me How can i make a 3d graphic picture like this one?
Got artists block? BAD!?
Internet graffiti walls?
Question for Artists (talented or not) Do you show people your work?
Where can I find free clipart (and template) for my new blog Homemakerinheels.com?
I need a Site Model Name ASAP(: My name is Blayre. I can't think of a good name!! Help a Southern Bell out?(:?
Name Of This Hentai Series?
What is your dream person?
What is the Ba holding in its talons as depicted in Egyptian art?
Does anyone know any good Graphic Design positions available? Right now?
If you are bored please could you help me out....?
Qualities of a good character?
What do people use from day-to-day?
Someone please help me find a poster!?
Where is the cheapest place to buy bristol board (or similar) products? Preferably in Canada?
What is your idea about keith Haring's art?
I need help with Creating Transformer character images.?
who's your fave artist????
can anyone read the last line of this?
What do you think of this drawing?
I am a student of glamour fashion designing institutes in BSC 1st yer.They chetting me regarding my fees. Wher?
What would I use to animate this?
What is the name of this artist who does humorous doodles?
Who is your favorite anime character?
Teddy-bear made of dots and parentheses?
Fundamentals of Art vs. Basic Drawing I?
kernled an artist?
How do I my friend to stop bugging me about my drawings?
Anyone know about IMX 3D ?
What art tools were used in these drawings?
american interior designer Jim Eammon?
Me and my friends are going to make book but my carector has no name?
How do you like this Zombie picture I drew?
Do you know a website that has kid crafts on them?
What are the principles of orthographic projection drawing?
what do industrial buildings look like? what do commercial buildings look like?
Do you think she is pretty?(link included)?
Are these pics good?(not a rate me)?
PIANO design.????? pic included?
would anyone be interested in doing illusrtating for me?
Do I look homo?
what is a good download for doing pics like this one?
Should I take studio art in college?
will i ever be a good artist?
Bic Mark it vs sharpie?
Do you think this drawing is good?
Name some architectural artists who used pencil?
Should I draw every disney character?
what do you think of his art?
what are some stationary brands?
can you make a theme for tumblr on dreamweaver?
Help identify a print of a red-winged angel?
yuri anime with one chick with red and and other white?
How to create a fashion website?
Looking for the partner to this photo -anime/emo/esc/crap-
What's a good symbol that represents spontaneity, creativity, and noncomformity?
How to make your artwork become noticed?
Where can I buy realistic paper butterfly cut-outs?
The artist and name of a song.?
i am supposed to draw supposed what i imagine for the future, help?
Where can I find backgrounds?
How long does it take to match finger prints ?
Where do I find comic book artists?
what do you think of my drawing?
What is the composition of Whaam! by Roy Lichtenstein?
can talent just be.. lost?