What software do clothing designers use?
Does anyone know anything about: nomorerack.com?
do you like my drawing? (pic)?
name the greatest painter?
where can i find a copyrighted picture release form for a drawing?
can anyone find this picture?
Where can I find non-pornographic furry wallpapers?
can you become a comic strip artist at the age of thirteen?
How do i make big angel wings?
which two should i draw?
what type of artist am I?
How can i fin out if a painted picture i have thats numbered is worth any money?
Should my daughter major in graphic design?
how has cartooning affected world culture during the 80/90's?
how do you draw like this?
What do you think about my cousin?? any honest thoughts or comments...?
How to color art professionally?
type ONLINE???
Does anyone have an ipad and watches anime?
Handwritten sample- Please help a girl out!?
Do you think you can be more talented on drawing with the time?
Who is the artist of this anime work?
need help with a name?
how can i learn to draw anime? what computer programs are good for drawing anime?
My cousin is in 5th grade and she needs a student council poster that is really catchy! Help???
Looking for good anime?
where to get free stuff?
What're some good beginner RP sites?
How to delete one color on photoshop CS3?
Learning to draw [Help]?
How do I bring fun back into my drawing?
how can u tell twins apart?
me again, leonard pearman prints on board?
Who is the preetiest female in this picture?
Yaoi anime???
How do i draw furry fandom?
could you help me find ph1@protravelnetwork.com?
Eraser not great, any tips?
crayola question.....?
I want to do portraits in color. Suggestions on what medium? ?
Why do people believe that big lips mean sensuality,?
What should my tumblr blog be named?
I need an image designed. Where can I request something?
Has anyone used conte crayon for drawing and sketching?
which is the best website for a drawing tutorial?
I'm interested in line art//graphic design?
Ideas for a front cover of a science book?
can anyone find me an icon pic with HTML code that says I'll be your Bella if you'll be my Edward?
does anyone??
Dragon Ball Z fan art about Trunks and Vegeta: anyone knows WHO'S THE ARTIST?
can anyone identify this art for me I think it is Chinese?
How much do architects use computers?
logo help!!! answer this?
What do you doodle?
What do you think my drawing is worth?
can someone help me with a college art project?
How can i turn my drawings into nice looking .jpeg?
is this good enough foreshortening?
does any one no of any good teacherxstudent mangas?
where can i find a copyrighted picture release form for a drawing?
i want now abut the revit software?
How do i get better at drawing?
Any other websites to make pics?
I want to draw and study but im so tired from work?
Where can i find someone who can draw some anime characters for me?
What kind of shading/coloring is this?
My Mum is looking to promote her artwork, whats the best way to do it...cheaply?
Help Needed Art?
I had an idea for a Propaganda Poster but cant really visualize it. Any ideas?
how can i get better at drawing??
How do I delete the backgrounds for my line art in Illustrator CS5?
does anyone know of a free website that helps u animate short cartoons that u can post on youtube for free?
Where can I find graffiti fonts PLEASE HELP!?
what happened to the OLD crayola site?
What editing website can I use to recolor a picture?
Can you see who views your deviantart profile (even if he/she is not a member)?
What should I add to my tattoo?
What are the best (and worst) art portfolios you've seen? What makes them great or trash worthy?
I'm good AND bad at drawing!?
where is the most good school for designers?
illusions that i can draw? :)?
how do i cut one picture out and place it onto a different background?
What do you think of my drawing?
I need something to draw?
Where can I order this pencil?
Most famous "degree collages" in hyd?
Is noyze a good graffiti tag?
can y'all help me find this pic??
The illustration below is of the circle (x - 5)2 + (y + 4)2 = 9?
Does anyone know the source of this picture?
I'd like to get into animation and eventually go to tv any serious suggestions?
Is it ok for a male to draw eyebrows?
Is this drawing any good? Rate it out of 10?
What are these characters?
Tip to display the art and drawings...?
Prints by "Betanzos"?
Catchy portfolio title to combine sports and music?
How do i make a picture do this cool effect or backround?? help me please!!?
How long does it take to learn autodesk Revit?
How to improve my creativity?
What Career Is Suited To A Graphic Designer?
How can I upload a GIF in deviantART :o ?
hey what do you think about my drawings?
What do i include on a map that i am drawing?
How do i submit a best awnser ?
I'm making a book..any suggestions?
How do get better at drawing (don't JUST say practice)?
can you tell me five ways in which you could draw a circle in auto cad please?
Ideas For My Art & Design Final Peice?
why is my waccom tablet pen not working?
What are good graphic design schools on the east coast?
what are some skills a commercial artist should have?
wat's a good tatoo idea for a guy?
Where can i buy these plastic keychains? pic included?
how to download slender? it wont work?
I drew some cows in class. My classmates say they look like rats. Why do I suck at art?
What would u say is the purpose of architecture ?
what is a conveyor dryer used for in silkscreening?
is it possible to post videos on quizilla?
Does anyone know any good 'how to draw' books that reference Chinese/kung-fu stuff?
Anyone want to lend some advice?
I need help with drawing?
Do ani-manga/game cosplayers mind getting their photos taken? Even for just a small fee?
How to draw the path of a ray of light travelling from the golfer to the eye?
Why dont people stop being lazy and create an atvar, so that they will have a picture?
Do you like this picture? EASY 10 points?
Any drawing tips for this?
How does the time of day affect you mood and your artwork?
Can i sue a tatoo artist that works out of his house?
What is the difference between stippling and pointillism?
Where can I get a nice, personalized ink pen?
Anyone who is good in Illustrator?
Where can I find an image of this?
If someone asked you to create a painting.........?
Does anyone know where you can get Drawings of...?
how can i jolt my creativity/inspiration? 10 POINTS!?
what's your favorite color?
Yearbook Theme--Convergence: any ideas on how to develop this?
How to stencil words on a shirt ?
anybody know how to make ray of lights pass thru an object in 3d Studio Max 6?
What I'm going to be If - I'm a Graphic Manipulator, Animator, and Programmer Rookie?
What's a cool but short tumblr self description ?
The character that the person cosplays as in this image?
I need a cool name for like a website.?
Opinions on my artwork?
What would the average price be to have a photography logo created ?
Is it possible to leave finger prints on paper?
3ds max 8 & 9 whats the difference?
trying to make my own flyers. what program do i need?
Do they make something that works like a clear highlighter?
Graphic designers work schedule?
Where can i go to learn to draw a furry?
What should I draw right now ?
i need something to draw?
I have to draw the inside of something. What are some creative or interesting ideas?
when im using gimp or phtoshop i try 2 rwesize a image but instead of 100X100 it goes 2 147X100. wat is wrong?
What is a good website to post your artwork?
what are the job duties of a graphic designer?
What brand of graphite pencil do you find best for realism portrait drawing?
is superhero shera from dc or marvel comics ?
I want to know about the sites where in I can get free on the tools such as Robohelp, Framemaker, Dreamweaver?
how to talk someone into being a nude model?
Art questions neeed some answers?
Looking for affordable Architecture software?
what would u rate this drawing?
Drawing help question?
JOOST tm invitation tokens?
I'm looking for a website with those optical illusions things where...?
for a job in fashion desgining...?
Is it legal to sell fan art?
where can I buy prismacolor watercolor pencils 36 piece set?
Character Sketch! HELP~?
Looking for good anime?
I need some ideas what to draw.?
Any suggestions on what to draw?
Does anyone know any good anime's ?
i need a eye catching name for a multicultural talent/fashion show?
what are some anime that are comedy and is in english?
Any cool website where I can download?
Please help............ I really need support......... inspiration:(?
i need help with my Rube Goldburg contraption?
How to make a poster stand out at a concert?
i need help finding this artist i only know the lyrics?
how can I find an "architectural design"competition?
Locating coloring pages?
does anyone know of a website that helps u create yer own website?
Just wondering if anyone knows how you can redo pics.?
What should i draw on my whiteboard?
Good Artists That Are Similar To;?
How do I hire a foreign artist?
What's a good name for quilting and monogram store?
I have my on make up palettes is there anyway i can get my name on them?
Should i take art 4 a gcse?
what do you think of the first manga I've drew and colored ?/?
Artwork on etsy.com??????????
How do I find the artist for this image?
Are these drawings good for my age? Also do i look like an artist?
My poster is wrinkly?
Akash tablet-1B and 2A.are they both good to buy?
Art comments/suggestion?
where can I find this?
What can be a Super Cat Weakness?
Drawing a map route in adobe photoshop?
how do i make words form a circle on Photo Shop?
Adobe Illustrator...can you help?
Do you like my drawing?
can some one draw me a heart with barbwire around it?
what would you observe if you used a ball point pen, instead of a pencil to mark the chromatography paper?
How to open the Layers palette in Pixelmator?
What should I name this drawing?
We need a character ?
Should i let my sister rip up two of my childhood drawings that i drew when i was a kid?
How do I tell someone their art is terrible?
What do you think about Conan going to TBS?
What should I draw in art class today?
can someone tell me where i can find vidieos of anime ?
Do you like my artwork...i'm 13 (with pics)?
What is the best Adobe Illustrator CS4 instructional book?
which is the best school of interior design in Mumbai?
can u please tell me how to convert bitmap images to vector images for better resizing ?
What do you think about this artist's art?
is this a good drawing?(pic)
You Try It?
I might sound an amateur but i want to know what is the design (leafs) around and official statement called?
What artists Draw Roses?
i feel really stupid because i can't draw.?
I am an artist but i am stuck for ideas to draw. Any ideas?
Pictures for words?
Will This Picture I Drew FREAK My Mom Out?
Is this drawing any good?
Does my art suck????
Is My Drawing Any Good For A 13 Year Old?
What is a great refillable journal?
What should you study in collage to become a concept artist?
How do you pronounce Csuri?
I can sketch you up?
Where is there a place where I can get shirt designs replicated?
Does anyone know of a website where you can find out what you will look like in 10 years?
Where can i find these?
Does Anyone Know Any Japanese Characters?
Can someone rate my newest work of photoshop art? Lol pleaseee
How can draw human on top of a tower?
More ideas for my ORIGIONAL comedic monolouge please!(: or feedback on my first idea?
question drawins????????????????????
What should I do from here?
how do i keep my art clean?
INTERIOR DESIGNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… help?
how much does decoupage medium cost?
Can anyone give me a good art project theme?
where can i find a 2007 sex and the city poster?
what shall i draw??????????
What are the 3 types of drawing?
Do artists need permission to use copy written material in their work?
Feelings of awkwardness while drawing in the open?
How Do I Graffiti?
Graphic Design...?
plz help i need some ideas?
I haven't drawn a picture for a week am i loosing my inspiration?
what's your favorite things to draw?
How do artists make money?
whats a free flowing design in art? how do i train for it?
is there any animes like 'b gata h kei'? that are really funny?
What`s the diffrence between Prismacolor color pencils and Rose art and other color pencils?
I was wondering could i use color pencils to mark fabric?
does anybody have a 3d character model I can use?
how do u say charcoal in japanese?
which one should i watch, The Avenger or The Amazing Spiderman with 3d or the dark knight rises?
How to put expression in the eyes when drawing?
Wacom: "Included software" help?
where can i get design shirts?
What do you say a piece of art without a focal point is?
Help with Paint Tool Sai Tabs?
Did you like my artist page?
How come my pic looks like a right misserable sod in the rain?
were can i find pictures of people falling and screaming?
I'm having trouble drawing the eye shape?
Where can I find a free template download?
how does surrealism influence video games?
Can someone make a superman logo with the letters SA in it?
Anyone need any free design/logo work done or could suggest a fake project for me?
What is the best tablet for me?
Where can I buy "Saino Softek" Pens?
how can I be good at drawing again ?
Anyone willing to make me a logo?
Flash animators, how long do you usually spend on each frame?
What do you think about my Painting?
why do people upload copyrighted material?
How do i get better at drawing?
I ordered some personalize invitations, now I have to change the dates.?
Furries if your out there!?
how to make three dimensional letters?
where can i find car window decals with controversal pics or sayings?
where's the ask box on http://hard-kids.tumblr.com/?
does anyone else think graffiti is really amazing?
Does my art suck????
anyone know were i can find a picture of a whole bunch of crosses and on each one has a piece of Jesus face?
i am looking fora job designing t-shirts?
where can i purchase the book"joy of painting" with Bobross in India?
Where can I find pics of Yuri and Wolfram under mistletoe?
"Snap Art." by Alien Skin?
Is being artistic a natural talent or is it learned?
Illustration help in Manga/Anime?
Can you find the original of this picture?
i want to start a small business can some1 help me creat a logo of it?
Tattoo design! Help me out artists!?
Why is it that in every guardian angel picture, the girl always has a male angel and the boy has a female one?
I'm an amiture cartoonist that has great ideas, but can't seem to get past the pro's. Any ideas?
what is better pen or pencil?
What should I draw on my notebook?
Why is calligraphy still an art form today?
im having a health/pharmacy related website. will it be good to have black color images in my website?
I need a template for adult and children figures for craft. Can anyone help?
am i a good artist for my age?
How can passion be created?
whats a cool logo kind of thing for a group of people that are graduating?
does anyone know where i can find broken crayons?
what does POA on a piece of artwork mean?
romance/fantasy anime recommendations?
What should I draw or make?
Where can my daughter go to an art school?
where do i find the best tutorial for ebay?
How to draw aliens and predators in movies?
do people use Pencils anymore?
What is the BEST publisher to submit sample children's book illustrations to?
What effect does this photo has on you?
What are cool and clever signatures for my phone?
Looking for an art program/website that I can...?
does Julie Bowen have implants?
how do music artist reach the top?
how to erae bitmap in flash?
i'm 14 and i want to become a Graphic Designer?
What are in chalkboard / blackboard markers?
Does anyone know a good place to find tips on using tablets? Also, some tips on Architecture portfolios?
I need to know of a service or company where i can translate my designs into 3d images?
Where to start on drawing?
did any one see the new naruto movie?
I'd like to get some creative ides if possible?
I would like to request a drawing from someone, Can anyone here take the request?
How do you make a 3D paper snowflake stiff enough to hang straight?
I can't draw and have no artistic talent whatever. Can I still be an artist?
What Would My Occupation Be Called? Multimedia Field?
Thick pen's good for Drawing?
Whos logo is this, please help?
Do you have to be born with the ability to draw or sketch ?
photographing fine jpeg for headshots?
Are dip pens allowed in schools?
Something that you don't know but would like to learn.?
graphic design ideas help?
Is it a requirement that your signature be in cursive?
where to get vray for sketchup 30 days trial?
I want to get a tattoo of the scales of justice, but i can't find a design i like!any ideas where i can find?
What is a good brand of colored pencils that I can give to my sister?
How much is a life size portrait of Robert Goulet ,by Dmitri Vail,worth?
Observational drawing of Fashion?
Bamboo Pen tablet not working?
Would anybody like to draw me and my fiance's OCs Suisho and Takuya for my dedication vid?
Any good ideas on what to do a drawing on?
What are Kinkos Prices?
How can I get free sticker paper?
How tdo I make a background look more blurry with prismacolor colored pencils?
what should i draw?i have artist block!!!?
Is it illegal to copy a photograph, that has been copyrighted, on to paper, with pencil, and sell it?
Lorenzo's Oil best answer?
help, stay drug free poster!?
how do i identify the artist of a painting from the orient and how much it is worth?
How do you draw hair?
Do you like to see Japanese Animai drawings?
Creating jpegs for powerpoint presentations?
komics live invitation key?
Woodshop ideas that can take 5 days?
if you live in coventry and your mates and family disown you where do you go ?
what store do i go to to get a personalize name stamp made?
Projector dillema...?
What's the best photo collage maker?
As an artist, how can I get paid to do what I love?
How to get pastel artist chalk off my hands?
animation: pen tablet advice?
my little sisters and an anatomy book?
Art supplies...?
rate the guy ?
dose anyone have a drawing idea/request?
What should I make a flash animation about? I've run out of ideas...?
what is the best way to store pastel drawings without them getting smeared or being in a frame?
how to make people nude in ?
What would be the best major in college for a concept/character designer?
Does anyone know any good tumblr themes?
Need help with drawing materials!?
How do I find this information? What would I research?
Where can i buy a blank notepad to just draw in?
where to go for tattoss?
How do I get my passion for drawing back??
Is there somewhere online or off that i could have someone draw a picture for me?
where can i get pencils?
Starting a website?
Which wacom bamboo one (medium or small) should I buy?
Become an artist or architect?
how is snell roundhand black font used?
Best resolutions for an A2 and A3 posters?
What in drawing do you wish you could improve on ?
can anybody find me a picture with a star like one ou would draw with five sides with red surrunding it?
Who did tila pick?
I want to become a good architect, but i need to know more about from experts, can anyone help me?
I'm 25 years old and I want be a digital artist but is not too late ?
Where can i buy these plastic keychains? pic included?
How would you show the word scornful in a drawing?
shoe decor help!?
I NEEED a invader zim photo that is jpeg" or ".jpg" or ".jp.").?
how can you make your own drawing style?
I need some good reveiws for drawing tablets?
what is 5x5?
It there a place I download Airbrush pen opacity flow for Photoshop CS2 cause I only have the round?
What should I doodle?
india ink tatoos?
Help, I am just starting out actual graffiti could i have some tips please?
What animation software would be best for?
Where can I get free translated doujinshi without a credit card of Ookiku Furikabutte, also known as Oofuri?
How to change the size of an existing canvas on SAI?
Which car company has logo 2 chevrons pointing up?
Someone design a mask for me?
Can anyone tell me any information about Geometric Shapes? Please answer, u will be a life saver!!?
Children's book illustrator?
who wrote the magna carta and wat was the point of it?
How long has it been since you colored in a coloring book?
Art & Design Business Logo And Name?
what's the best type of wacom tablets for drawings?
What is my face shape?
Are there any tutorials on UV texturing using reference images only and then blend them in Photoshop?
What you favorite movie?
what is the process of applique?
How come i can only draw girls? (realistic/portraits)?
I'm looking for a website to show off my artistic values. Any1 know any?
What is so funny about the mayor of Tokyo in the amazing Spiderman?
Art coursework idea .. AS fine art. Opinions please.?
postsecret:making a homeade postcard?
how do u make them little hearts on here not <3 them but the full shaded ones??
Do you know where's Hinakicks's New site? could you give me a link?
I want to know about custom design ink stamps?
Ideas on what I can draw?
Help ME!!! Please:) BEST answer= s.?
pictures of of letter charactors?
What does the top designer pen look like?
Wacom Bamboo Create Graphics Tablet?
why is the moon so white and so attractive?
What do you think of this pic of myself?
What should i draw for a cartoon contest that that has a theme shopping is life?
Where are good sites to learn how to draw anime guys?
How does pad transfers to another person?
Chindogu ideas 20 characters sorry:)?
how does my hand drawn picture look?
What do you think of this character's look?
Good yaoi image sites?
Are There Art Lessons At Home?
Can you help me choose a name for my art business?
My recent art. What do you think?
Jewellery designs???
Can anyone give me a good tatoo graphic...?
Somethings up with my Wacom tablet pen in Sai.?
I wanna draw but I dont know what.. something with love but I dunno what help?
Where can I find a link pointing to the Johnson & Johnson logo?
I need some advice on becoming a Game Art Designer?
Ideas for an Unexpected drawing…?
Anybody good at sketching?
Can someone please find me a picture or drawing of a guy like this?
What is the best Wacom Tablet and painting program?
Who Is The Artist Of This Picture?
Good colouring brands and types?
Best pen ink to tattoo with?
What is a character sketch artist?
How do you uncap your creativity with Sharpie markers?
How to draw a diagram of a power point?
good tattooish cd cover ideas?
what is your favourite colour? and why?
do u like video games.?
what do you call the paper used in making a temporary tattoo?can i buy one in a local bookstore?
What medium did I use?
Support a starving artist?
I've already started but I need help carrying my idea out...Any help or suggestions???
how can my daughter get her art illustrated in books?
how do i create a form for models?
How do you feel when you draw?
When is the next Anime Expo in NY?
Is Bamboo fun supposed to do this?
How to design the project for yourself?
Can u give me a list of items i would need 2 make this room.?
am i still a good artist? do u think so?
fonts looking like the word?
How can I fix my gimp colors?
how do you do symbols (like hearts for example)?
Angels or Fairies ?
Where can I learn...?
i want to look like my fav anime!?
I need YOUR help, where does your inspiration come from??
How can I draw mercy?
Which of these celebrities should I draw?
dos any1 know any shop dat have art stuff?
Does anyone know where I can find more images like these?
(Fursona) This is gonna sound dumb but...?
digital arts help?!?!?!?
draw cylinder in photoshop?
Is black a color or a shade?
What are the drafting's uses?
Can someone help me, i need an idea?
Help with thinking of an idea for this drawing?
Check out my art page?
Who knows where i can more funny pics like this ?
Any Mobile sites to watch kirarin revolution on my iPad?
Any good images that represent California?
sign/poster for school president ideas?
whats the name of this symbol?
Does anyone know what those cartoons where it's a human shape body with no clothes on called?
Has anyone used rapidograph pens?
Large free fonts?
free graphic books with cd or dvd eps format torrent downlod?
Viva La Bam Song Help Mardi Gras?
Rate me or Hate me ?
how can i find shop prestige portraits.com?
why do minecraft animations have old textures?
How do I make myself a better artist.?
how much is an original drawing by bruce sherman worth?
Artists, what do you love to draw?
Any KH lvrs on Deviantart?
Who is this artist on Pixiv?
What do you think?
Show of hands, how many of you are starving artist? And why?
do you know where i can find a good picture of tweety to look at and draw???
Should I be an artist or a nurse?
is the symbol of a pentagram (a star inside a circle) classified as a gothic sign?
where can i download free gradients for photoshop 7.0?
Do peanuts have fellings?
What's the most popular pen brand? and what are those pens mostly used for?
What's a good thing to draw?
Is there a name for this type of drawing?
Is there a website you can type in a meaning and it will give you the symbol that represents it?
how can i draw like this?
if ur 14 could you go to get a tatto alone?
what is my elegibility for disability benefit?
Can someone make this simple drawing for me please?
where do we all come from? why are we here? I know there is a purpose but waht isit?
How to add shades to a drawing's face?
What is with adoptables in deviantART?
Teenage art job?
What can I use to make edits like these?
what do you think about this pic?
Are you excited about Tamer Hosny's new album?
Is it unethical to photoshop pictures with other people's kids in a funny way?
Where can i find a good Playboy logo for my desktop?
Good and free drawing program?
How to color black lineart lines with GIMP?
I am having trouble drawing my own sci fi landscape. Any advice on how to find inspiration?
Where can i find inuyasha shows in japanese?
will drawing and copying pictures help me get better at drawing?
I am looking for a website that has clip arts that have different clip arts of choirs & anniversary banners?
I'm trying to find the perfect anime?
I plan to buy my first car next month and I'd like to know which cars are the best to buy for a first timer?
i have many art portfolio i did myself, just on 2D drawing of women and fashion. i don't have any art degree?
What are some good fonts to do kids invitations in?
What's different between interactive media design, graphic, illustration and electronic imaging design?
How do you learn how to draw anime?
can you show me how to draw an anime???
What are the colors for the x men logo?
3D Virtual Bedroom designer?
goood fan mail ideas ?
GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: I need logo ideas for a "soft" construction company?
how to vectorized a bitmap image??
I'm trying to draw this certain pose...?
any tips or ideas on how to become a concept artist?
How can i preserve a rose?
where can i find free peridicals?
which type of graphic card is the best?
I want to become a nude model. Does anyone knows any art school in Penang that hire nude models for classes?
Can you give me any tips/template websites where I learn to draw fashion models and fashion clothes better?
draw a vector diagram of your motion from your home to school.?
How do I draw graffiti style?
How bad dose this drawing look?
Is it ok if I draw Spiderman fancomic in manga style?
Why am I so horrible at drawing from photos/creating likenesses?
How do i draw displacement?
Are there any fans of Gustave Dore's works?
Sketching? Advertising? Pls help!?
who is the anitchrist? im bored and interested.?
Screen printing halftones and CMYK process plates?
What is the name of this Bowl Design?
Wacom Bamboo Create Graphics Tablet?
wats the best way to get my artwork noticed?
how to make art like this?
Selling Anime Illustration Books and Mangas?
Critique my drawings?
artist A.piattokow am having trouble reading his signature suggestions please?
Reasonable commision price for deviantART?
please help me with this tragedy?
I need some Hippie advice.?
how can I make color graphic drawings more easily?
Is the term Harvesters copyrighted?
How do I give text that line effect you see in some 80's logos?
what is the different of graphic design and multimedia?
Could any one suggest what are things to be done ?
how to draw a simple horizontal line in html?
What should i draw/paint for my observationals?
Where to find this winnie the pooh item?
Any tips how to color and draw graffiti good?
Fountain or Biro Pen?
Does anyone know where i can find layouts or backgrounds that have roses in them??
URGENT!!! Ideas for GCSE art project?!!?
Free font that has a curl on the end of a lowercase q? I am a teacher and really need it!!?
a really cool graffiti word?
learning to shade freehand drawings?
Am i ugly ? (pic included)?
Help on a drawing assignment!?
Can someone help me find a picture?
what does obata takeshi ( death note artist) use to color his art?
Is there a website where you can make your pics like Purikura? Where can I find the machines?
What's your favorite symbol? :*p<(smiley face)?
Drawing Ideas? pLeAsE hElP mE! (s.) XD?
I broke my Wacom Intuos4 Pen. Help?
I need a brand logo ?
What do you think of my drawing?
how do i put one picture with another combine them and transform it into something else?
What would be a unique character?
Why do birds suddenly appear..every time you are near......?
saving layers in a jpg with paintshop pro?
what color is the Anime body?
Why won't my fountain pen write?
i want to be a graphic/web designer when im older but don't want to go university?
How can i make some things in a picture have color?
my 11yr old wants to be a graphic designer?
i love you in cool symbols?
are you good in drawing?
Does a standard permanent Sharpie marker smudge on an acoustic guitar?
how to draw a cross with 5 boxes and 5 x in each box??
Book recommendations for graphic design?
What are some basic acrylic colors for an artist to begin with?
I need to learn to be girly?
What do you think of my drawing?
Where can I find black and white clow drawings that look realistic? Like women clowns.?
Most recent Graphic Design & Arts forum?
Photos of any interior?
What are some fashion design software?
Which are the best onam websites?
I design hand painted pottery-how do I get my designs manufactured or sell?
help it's a project work??
I dont have a email-address so how would i get started off the internet?
work for hire question?
where can i get free sketches?
who is worlds best selling music artist?
Where can i get Bring Me The Horizon posters?
What should i do to receive funny pics, wallpapers, inspirational stories & motivational stories ?
Can I enlist while bein Color blindned? ?
Name of fashion designers?
Dilemma, which idea do i pick for a comic/graphic novel?
would anyone be willing to do a custom drawing for me?
you have 4 blue cards, 1 red card, and 3 green cards. You draw a card, do not replace it, a?
Character sketch of calpurnia?
Collage ideas who my poem?
where could i get drawing that compares a man to a woman (must be a comic booky style)?
how much does decoupage medium cost?
Is this steampunk styled?
can some one find me comic strip?
Is there anyone out there with artistic skills who could draw me a tattoo based on this: Πάντα ῥεῖ (panta rei)?
What is a good idea for a political cartoon?
i wnt to find a website that will let me turn a picture of an object into a cartoon picture. where can i go?
Where can I download Old English Text MT for free?
Where do they sell jumbo pilot markers besides online stores?
can anyone guide , i want to learn to draw cartoons?
I draw and paint cartoons like Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse. Can I sell them on ebay or would it be wrong?
I want to learn graffiti art?
I am working with Twisted Brush art program?
How can I re-size images I find online?
Unique Art? Does anyone know where to begin to see if there is any worth in my sketches?
Difference between male and female clavicle and their length?
Can't draw on other layers? GIMP?
Why aren't the lines I draw with my tablet pen smooth?
For those of you who are good at drawing: How much time do you spend drawing daily, on average?
What could I draw? Be specific.?
A friend of mine is asking if we can print mangas from the internet but never distribute it.Pls.answer.?
What do you call these creatures mostly seen in emo-themed illustrations?
Can someone photoshop this picture for me???
please help fun self protrait video.....10 points?
What are the names of these pics?
Any ideas for making a poster in ninth class?
blue or black pen? which do u prefer?
My friend told me that he wanna draw me a picture,, what picture I should tell him to draw ?
I'm a teen interested in fashion design. Does anyone have any tips on how to get into that or work on my skill
Need a name for my fursona?
what is illustrative outline?
If you are bored please could you help me out ...?
HELP do we look good together and which pic is better? HELP HELP HELP?
Anyone give me a site on tag or graffiti writing?
Does anyone know what relief has to do with art? and what it is?
What pose should I ask for?
I am trying to get back into drawing and do not know where to start?
paint tool sai question?
i drew an adorable guinea pig : ))?
where do i find the fireworks pictures from my home page on aug 30?
What items can represent these?
anime suggestions please :D?
Need a Hobby! Help please!?
what is that one art class call where you are naked and someone draw you?
What do you think about my first fashion sketch?
How can I determine wether or not I have a Photographic Memory?
How do you make those cartoon/chibi versions of yourself for Tumblr?
i need help?
~lookin for some HARD yuri!!!~?
How do i become an artist?
What are some of the best Soviet Propaganda posters?
Drawers does this every annoy you about Anime?
what do u htink of my human pics?
Are there any Pencil tricks ?
Any easy but innovative artistic idea for my freshman's art projects in Humanities?
Hi I really need this picture. Can you help?
Good anime like pandora heart?
What brands should I draw with?
Can you help me with a Pen Name?
Anyone have a good web site where...?
Any ideas for something creative I could draw for a friend going through tough times?
How do people produce high quality, computer genrerated pictures? They shurely can't do it all by hand.?
Why is it that when I draw, that the left side always comes out different from the right?
is there a site that can teach me how to draw people in cartoon?
What medium is Circle of Wheat by Matta?
How can I find a white jaguar (as in cat) without searching through a million cars?
Best type / style of pens for quick lecture note-taking?
How to add shades to a drawing's face?
Where can someone draw an anime version/ picture of me?
In design, what is the harmonious relationship of parts to each other and to the whole?
Is anime hot or just cartoons?
What are some good anime shows?
what came before tokidoki ?
What do you think of my drawings?
Does anyone know these fonts?
No motivation to draw?
im making posters for the school council!! but i need clever ideas. help please D:?
stupid question! What is the difference between a rubber and plastic eraser?
Who do you find easier to draw?
please rate my drawings! Tell me what you think..?
where can I find the artwork of Joseph Beuys and information about him?
where could i get drawing that compares a man to a woman (must be a comic booky style)?
Is writing a letter with pen and paper more thoughtful than sending an e-mail?
Are you an artist who......?
I am trying to design a type of formal stationery card. Are there any websites that I can get free borders?
What Colours Blend???
How does one get an apprenticeship to tattoo?
please tell me how to determine the 3d views in autocad ..... like south east ,and others ..?
Is college necessary for aspiring animators?
How do you design a crane?
How do I draw these manga eyes?
Collage Ideas help please!!?
Alternatives to Adobe flash (animation)?
i have been drawing/sketching for some time .....?
is there any drawing program that u can download for free no trails i want it something like paint tool sai?
Who do u think is a better artist?
Choose one....?
Software for 2d animation ?
Know Some Unique/Gorgeous People for Portraits? ?
Should i be an artist when get older?
ANY HOBBIE IDEAS ........my life is kinda boring?
help me pleas i realy wont to be famouse?
How can I improve at designing/drawing clothes?
do you like anime???
What do you all think?
i need something super creative!!?
What sucks the most about life?
Does anyone know of any album cover artists?
information on tai chi?
What can i draw, i have NOOO idea?
What picture can i draw?
how do i transfer a design to fabric so it shows on mfabric?
Can anyone tell me what picture this image comes from?
Where can I find quality reference photos of early 1900's baseball?
printing invitations?
Is there such a product out there that is a pen on one end and white-out on the other?
T-Shirt Help.?
Where can I get a print done on a scroll?
what color is four letters long?
how to make something like this..help?
I've got a paint tool SAI question~?
Do you think i have potential in my drawings? (pics inc.)?
wat pic do you like better?
Can i be archangel raphael or i have gone nuts?
What is shown on this illustration of Gustave Doré?
Software that manga creators use to draw figures and faces?
Where should i work?????
What the heck is a Vector Scope!?
How can i make my paper look "old"?
Portrait I Drew of My Friend. What Do You Think?
How do I start making tee shirts?
How can I personalise my bag?
Should I buy this Wacom Tablet?
Since the english release of the sailor moon reprint, what is that going to do to the value of the original?
what sites have practice for fashion design?
How do people make the awesome art, drawie things?
how do i be convincing as a yuri cosplay?
where can i find diffcult coloring pages?
Does anyone know where I can order this X Files poster?
good websites for ideas on logo design?
How would you improve this drawing?
Which fonts are used in amber lounge logo?
From these drawings, can you tell me how good of an artist I am?
Would tribal art make a good tattoo?
Pens for writing on skins?
what warm color goes good with yellow and mustard yellow?
tumblr theme reference ?
Looking for an Art teacher for my wife. She wants to take drawing lessons and is looking for a great 1:1 teach
Can I straiten tissue paper with my straighter? Or what else can I use?
Is this a good drawing of Roo from Winne The Pooh?
how do i get into Jewellery design?
Drafting desk opinions needed (Texas Art Supply)?
How can I show that the set of all vectors of the form (a,-a,c) forms a subspace of R^3?
What is a good name for a design company?
How to clean a tip of Mechanical pencil?
drawing a lotus?
I Want To Go To College To Be An Illustrator?
how do you make a brochure?
Can someone send me a link to a video about Japanese Art?
Is Mc Solaar going to release any more albums?
How do you make an illuminated letter?
How can i improve my art? [PICTURES INC.]?
Cannot seem to progress with my digital art?
How should I start to draw?
Keyboard face help please?
What type of propaganda technique am i useing?
Designs to draw on my arm to cover scars?
What is it called when you have artwork in one color, but in many shades of the one color?
What is static composure?
How can I draw anime better?
how do u get started in a career as a cartoonist?
What are some great and FREE drawing apps for the tablet?
Koi what should I do ?
If you're not good at realism, does it mean you're not a good artist?
what kind of books should i get from the library on how to draw manga ?
How much does a never graphic card cost?
It is Onam and where can I find Onam Pookkalam designs?
what are some good yearbook theme ideas?
i drew charcoal pictures straight onto my bedroom walls at home....now i am moving how can i get it off/ clean
How to get motivated to do art?
Do you think my art is good?
Can someone do some photoshop work for me with 2 pictures ?
How do you recreate yourself?
Anyone have anime recommendations?
whats a pencil that has an eraser where the lead of the pencil usually is called?
How many px is in a normal piece of paper?
How to become a Graphic designer?
HELP!!! How can I improve my looks?? Rate please?
Do you like this drawing?
Is there any good drawing sites?
this picture before us, what does it mean?
Need a name for my animation?
I want to be a graphic designer. How do I get myself out there?
i'm looking for a drawing of the polar express online to be used as a sample for a mural in a child's room.?
Editing Animated Gifs help?
where to find this theme?
What should i draw in my new sketchbook?
HELP! I'm doing my art gcse exam! does anyone know any artist who have drawn passage of time?
how can I enter a simple design web sites?
where can i get or make realistic gummy earthworms?
Can someone hlep me plz?
I need to find more anime.?
should I take AP studio Art?
What do you think of my quick sketch?
I have an anime crush 0.0?
Hello, do you think I have any talent in art?
Has anyone heard of an artist called Masset.?
How do I make myself a better artist.?
I'm looking for some Medieval themed anime shows?
What would you rate this drawing out of 10?
Where can i find some beautiful totally spies layouts for myspace?
I like graphic designs, but I'm color blind on the red-green index, How can i deal with my eye problem?
What would you rate this drawing from 1-10?
What's the song's and artist's name?
Draw the block diagram of a computer system?
Ideas About Art Marketing - How To Sell Art In A Gallery?
where can i get images of the sistine chapel ceiling?
Can someone draw the following?
what's your opinion on this drawing?
I want to create a comic...but how to?
Whats a good Microsoft Word font that illustrates Hope/freedom an one that illustrates being locked away?
Where Can I Download ' How To Draw Life Like Portraits ' ebook by Lee Hammond for free ?
Drawing Goth Anime To My Drawings?
I want to learn how to draw.Ideas on how to start?
can you please critisize or give story about this work?
Where can I find Maxine cartoons?
What does it take to become good at drawing?
printing of black & white photo on t-shirt costs how much in kozhikode or any other city?
Renaissance artist?
free simple animation program?
What are the advantages of making grpahs on the computer than drawing them. What are the benefits of each one?
Easy ish sad anime pic to draw? Include link to pic pweezzeee!!??? ?
How can I make a collage using paint?
What are the type of lines used in line art?
Need Graphics?
how do you make a animation with image ready?
Please suggest some mangas?
want maya mental ray tuts!!!!!!?
Have you ever looked at your old drawings and...?
What is that dark pencil that artists use?
how do u joint two differnt pictres?
Anyone know of any textile things (links to sites on how to do them) to put into my textile portfolio?
Which do you think is a better idea for a computer repair business logo?
please tell me, what possible theme sketch can be asked in NATA. please tell all?
i wrote on a paper and i can't erase it ?
does anyone know how to draw people as an Anime Character for FREE plzz!?!?!?
Where can I get pictures from please?
I would like any tips on taking some good photos please if anyone could help much appreciated thanks?
Can drawing be learned?
How horrible is this drawing ?
Do you gain nothing from tracing stuff?
Is there a code for a kiss or lip symbol for the myspace name?
i want to learn photoshop . which institute is beast for me in chandigarh?
can anybody make this picture as a cartoon??
How can you draw better?
what websites show you how to draw people? or parts of people like nose and eyes?
how do i get good at drawing?
Help cartoon effect?
ying yang sign?
Bari Bari Densetsu?
how long is a pencil?
Timeline of roses?? Please help! ")?
QUICK! PLEASE HELP:) how does "spiral woman" comment on the human condition via art symbols?! by bourgeois?
How can i develop my drawing skills?
how to draw a car?
i am a sculptor, painter and art director. i want a name for my business and tag line. Anybody can help me.?
How do i make my paper look aged?
i draw better than my new art teacher?
does anyone know how to get tips for learning how to draw?
Scary Movie Poster Ideas?
Who are your drawing influences?
what should i draw? 1st thing that comes to ur mind!?
Character turnaround question?
How would I draw this?
Ideas for a pencil drawing!?
How to draw the British flag? please read more?
Corels painter essentials 4 wont work?
How to be a mangaka....?
how do you make one area of a page look brighter then the rest?
where to find a great tattoo artist stress artist plz?
what are some good websites for pics?
Any good conclears? ?
Why do most people like to draw?
whats the postage cost for cards?
still need graffiti name?
Every class in our school is named after a colour. On our website, this is represented on a paint pallette...?
should there be limits of artistic freedom?
what is the name of the symbol on the compass at the top?
I need someone to draw something for me...Pretty simple...Read details?
what wudl yu du about ur presentaion?
I'm trying to sell my drawings to anyone who likes art?
Acrylic wash on vellum?
can you write in calligraphy with a ballpoint pen?
How to write text around a circle in corel draw?
How to regain my creative juice?
is there a online website where i can put 2 pictures on 1???
whats your fav highlighter pen colour?
T-Shirt Designing need help?
Best Art School is the U.S.?
Where can i find a good yaoi manga site?
How do i do this type of collage?
Help on photobucket please?
Would anybody draw my characters for free?
what's the average price of kurecolor (twin tip) markers in the philippines ?
How to make someone look nude using Adobe Photoshop CS5?
Which is the best wapsite creater with free of cost ?
does anyone have any ideas?
How did the advent of bronze as a medium changed the way early artists created artwork?
i need info on leon bakst.?
how good i'm i at drawing ?
REALLY wanting to learn how to create my own ring!?
Are there any appropriate websites with poses for drawing?
How do Animators pick their opening/ending theme songs/music?
Will eiichiro oda make new manga after one piece.?
Am i good at drawing? (pics)?
please help its urgent...?
A tablet that I can draw and see my drawing on.?
Know where to get good charcoals?
Where can I find a tutorial on spriting?
When the man or woman was inventing the drawing board and got it wrong, what did they go back to?
learning to draw?
How is my artwork?
the amazing spiderman is failed?
Is there an official graphic for Kermit the Frog's name?
What are tv shows like family guy drawn with?
How do I learn to draw anime for free online?
What do the colored bands?
Doujinshi Yaoi Spicy Jewel english download?
Is it possible to draw exactly what you see in your head in one night?
Are there any great artists out there who are willing to draw a portrait for me for free?
What the coolest shape you can make using these keys? !@#$%^&*()_-+="':;><.,?/ (An easy s.)?
Have my dreams for Graphic Design crashed? Or have I crashed?
I'm stressing over my project :(?
Help with character names?
What is a good camera for landscape pics?