Im a teen trying to learn how to pencil portrait my mom any help?
Who Is This Goddesses?
who made the piece of art with the highest cost on history?
What are...if there is any....some good websites to help me learn how to draw?
Anybody know where to read manga in free website?
What can i Relace the pen withon the pen and touch?
What do you think of my drawing?
Is drawing nsfw wrong?
how can i make my own custom t-shirt?
stuff to draw??
Can art help to improve cultures? Why or How?
What do you think a good picture to draw is?
How long did it take you?
how can i find out the name of a model in a victoria secerts ad?
where can i buy clannad?
what is printing when referring to humanities?
can someone help we with interior design ?
Did Henry van de Velde work in woodblock-type engraving?
Can you give me sites that shows collection of large wallpapers?
Why is photobucket not working?
free marissa wallpaper?
Rate this drawing 1-10. And what do you think of it?
I want companies logos?
How do you get money from commissions on deviantart?
Did you drawing when you were a child?
Ideas for drawing a chibi person?
what is the prize for the blaqk audio poster contest?
what symbolizes the 70s?
I'm afraid to continue drawing?
looking for info on artist called "randle or randall the art man"?
What does a Japanese eight dotted circle stand for?
What font is used in this Southern Proper logo?
I need an art project idea for my cousin that lives across the country.?
Which is better, Intuos5, or Bamboo Create?
How to make a picture/image look like it is drawing itself?
what do these signs mean?
Is there a symbol for positive?
Does this picture go with the theme yes we can?
What do you think of my site?
In the earlier years of cartoon animation what paints did studios like Warner Brothers and Disney use?
How do i learn to draw?
In CS5 Photoshop How do you pint a 30"x40" photo on 8.5"x11 paper like a grid/?
i am now looking for a wall paper company to print our designs for us can anyone help.?
what is something epic to draw?
How to make ink from homemade materiels?
what is the marker that is readable on black paper?
need 15 pictures of same white man?
I want to make a website for my art...?
I believe that Hirschfeld is possibly the best American artist.Does anyone agree or disagree?
Anyone out there like to draw?
Can anyone name me a famous charcoal artist?
What type of drawing is this?
I need someone to design me sleeve for me, any good artists out there willing to help?
What art pice do I hand in for school?
I'm bored. What should I draw?
Is there such a thing as (fully) erasable colouring pencils?
how do you make the letters with the circle around it?
What can i do to get started in drawing?
What are the benefits from drawing on an incline (animation desks)?
What are some fairy names that will fit this fairy?
I need help with my manag!!?
Who should i draw for homework?
What software do the Japanese use for illustrations?
best websites to buy shirts?
Do visual artists scar more and have deeper problems with split relationships?..than other people?
How can I blend images in MS Paint?
can you make collages on photobucket??
Do i have modeling potential!? with pics!?
are mermaids real? or a really old made up story?
Beginners drawing tablet WITH SCREEN.?
What do you think of my drawing?
Whats the best way to learn to draw better?
Anime Tutorials?
(10 points) What do you think of my drawing?
can anyone teach me how to draw people?
what do you think of my drawing ...?
how do they make parchment?
how do i turn a photo into an animation photo?
Where could i get a mask like this?
what type of pencile do they use to draw cartoons?
Who has ideas for American Memes?
Am I good enough.....?
where can i find free furry hentai comics?
Neo sans medium for free?
What do you think of my drawing?
Can anyone help me find this picture?
Is this good graphic design?
I would like to have a list of different facial expressions for drawing. With images if possible.?
I need to find the holder for an ink pen that you might find in a set of office desktop...?
ideas for picture ideas (creative and not from a editing site)?
Cover Design ideas for this story?
Artists agent (acetone) are there anyother similar liguids?
Help with an art project?
I was told that my profile needs a little editing. Please let me know what is wrong with it. Beverly Carr?
What is this font called, and where can I get it?
Surreal IDEAS HELP!!!!!!!!?
Why do my cartoons I draw look bad in reverse?
stop animation help?!?!?
Tell me the wher i can find new Wedding mehndi design ?
Does anybody know a very HQ business related images source, please?
anyone have a link to a tattoo artist in the village nyc named aniel gunther?
How Do I Become A Freelance Graphic Designer?
Please tell me websites where i can post my art where I can comment and other comment my art?
Need opinions....?
Whats a good website for birthday fonts?
What Is Crayon Made Out Of?
What do you think of my shading?
Where can I find cheap tubes for posters?
what is the website to desing these pictures?
Is the beauty of art, just an opinion?
please help me , how can i make photo like this?
What kind of Designs on these pants would look good with this outfit?
What degree should i go for if I wish to become a fashion designer?
How do I become a Medium?
Am I an artist or just a good drawer?
Questions to professional artists?
Help me think of something to draw (scenery)?
Anyone that can help me learn to draw on skype?
What is abstract/how can write?
where can i find www.xzoomy{1}?
I need some artistic ideas!?
an etching by Jean Baptiste camille Corot etched in 1874?
How do you become a car designer?
What can I draw/write all over my desk?
I have a question about gimp?
Is my handwriting messy?
What's a good program to use for creating custom calendars?
Im addicted to anime girls?
what did lady gaga draw on the glass window in the "love game" video?
how to diffentiate between a background and abstract?
Can anybody give me some zen on drawing skeches?
My sketch...?
10 points, any website that can teach how to draw like this ?
I am trying to get a tatttoo that resembles the lord anyone think this one would be a good one?
what should i draw?????????????
i am doing a yearbook cover for class...?
blender game engine 2.5 help!?
has anyone seen this optical illusion thing before?
anybody know any good glitter websites?
How can I get good at drawing?
Help with visualizing?
Cool ideas for a physics-related picture?
find ska bands?
Butterfly Project - Draw a butterfly day!?
What is the best website or app to make a logo?
Am i good at drawing?
Am I a good artist/drawer?
blue or black pens? why?
Does anyone know of famous nude male drawings?
Black paged sketchbook, does anyone know where I can buy one online?
how to draw patterened cloth in pencil?
2d Shapes for a guy? (read description :L!)?
I need some info about Sanjapan the anime convention?
learn g-slide by lil mamma?
Artsy documentary ideas?
Has anyone got information on the typefaces Garamond and Comic Sans?
what's wrong with life? it's becoming very boring! there are no interesting questions to answer WHY GUYS?
Halloween Drawing Ideas? Please Help?!?
How will I know if I like being an Advertising Art Director??
Anime drawing.?
what is a cupids quill?
what theme should i use for my debut? I absolutely love stars. as in stars as extracelestial bodies. help me :?
Ideas for construction paper?
Where can I sell my Andy Warhol Prints?
Help! i need some ideas for a drawing!?
is there a way for me to put more than picture as my desktop background to make like a colage?
What photo effect is this?
How should i present my images?
How do I catch a mouse without a mousetrap ?
Astists opions on a good picture to sketch?
Funny, creative, or cool Instagram username?
do you like pens or pencils better?
im trying write/make a symbol kind of thing on a white shirt..what do i do?
wts a good website to learn how to draw graffity???
What are 10 things I can put on my 50 collage?
I kinda want help with wiked awesome art-work. Help me, please?
What do you need to get in Anime Expo 2009?
Can you tell me how to draw the Powerpuff Girls?
How do I find help with Adobe Photoshop?
Where do I find snowflake brushes like this?
ART Connoisseurs. Guess Who...Can someone tell me who the mystery artist of these works are?
I need info. on Alexandra Bellissimo...?
would some one be able to draw me a japanese full sleeve?
What are some good recources to help with getting better at drawing?
Drawing realistic eyes?
My bedroom colors are red and grey, what designs go good with that?
how can i learn 2 cuss more?
How can I creat a Hoplink?
good manga to read?????????
Artists and Writers, how do you remember your ideas?
Where I can find information about Nanaji Nagamu?
Design patterns?
How is the composition of my painting?
Can anyone tell me of a webpage where I can download full page size letters of the alphabet. Thanks?
What can i do if i did not graduate high school but i have good skills at drawing.?
is there a book where I could find analysis of how gesture drawings of characters in comic books communicate?
Where do you buy spray paint to tag.(taggers only!!!)?
What courses in school do I need to take to become a tattoo artist?
How to draw anime/maga?
is giving a tattoo with ink pen ink safe? what could happen?
can anyone write in cursive???
i can do graffiti and draw...ideas?
What is the effect called when your whole photo is black and white and one detail is colored?
How does the colour of a logo or style express the market its targetting?
what is the kanji symbol for peace?
how can i learn to draw better?
Tips on Redrawing Characters?
Where have all the great comic book artists gone?
Is there some website that can identify someone with a picture?
How are pencils made step by step?
Do people with bad handwriting usually draw better?
what do you guys think of my wolverine drawing?
Need an art project done, looking for deviant art commisons?
can anyone tell me a gr8 site to visit for clear pictures of 2pacs tattoos on his right arm?
what does printing tramsforms knwledge mean?
Where in the net can we post an image and someone will identify that certain image?
who makes these?!?
does anyone know of a company or person who does murals really cheaply?
For you when is the best time to draw a good art?
Please rate my graphic designs?
How do people make fanart?
What is a good website for sketching a picture?
Can somebody draw me a tattoo?
Which addons to make digital art/drawings on GIMP?
What's the point of Artisticty?
How do i load fonts onto PaintShop?
how long does it take for amphetamines to clear your system i.e bloodstream?
I want to put an image I drew on a t-shirt and sell it, but the character is copyrighted. Does this matter?
what is the use of the illustrator?
Scientific Sketches/Drawings..?
What kind of photoshop brushes should i use for coloring anime/manga pictures?
whats does this logo mean and how can it be resolved?
Help please need suggestions ?
how do i find my artisitc theme?
bad hand writing, exellent artist?
How to find a job ?where can i find it?
how do i do a flashback in a storyboard?
Rate my drawings please?
Right to Life poster?
what is called when artist uses suggestive images in the background?
Tips on drawing real-life objects or people?
Ink drawing suggestions?
good asian menu design ideas?
Band Logo!!!! I need A band Logo Done.!!?
How to write calligraphy......?
Activities for Anime Club ideas?
How Can I Draw an Anime Style of Miley Cyrus?
Does if mean you're a bad artist if you.......?
Ello!! I need MS paint help!?
Concerned about my husband's weird artwork?
How can I make a Dark Knight Rises style poster but with me and my friends in it.?
I want to be an animator but...?
what do you think of my drawing?
I need Career/Artist help please?
Where can I get a FREE oekaki???
How do I get into the fashion design industry without a degree?
Artist's on Myspace?
Should I design?
how is this pic i drew?
Where is a place I can go to make a map the size of a poster?
what do you think of these drawings?
Who is a manga artist in Adelaide or just Australia?
Any one willing to draw a snake and a fridge?
Why did libraries and publishers stop using the old science fiction logo?
Graphic designers work schedule?
how do i draw a walking man sprite?
Are there any tutorials on UV texturing using reference images only and then blend them in Photoshop?
ok..everyone this is a challange! i need a really good clear picture of little red riding hood?
can I Download maya from the internet?
what are some good videos to learn how to draw chibi's?
Ms paint dragon drawing i made rate?
Need help doing nude portraits.?
Has anyone else noticed that the AEROSMITH logo is a?
what is the difference between the faber castell wooden box set of 120 polychromos vs the 120 set with cd rom?
If you could make your own superhero?
what is the alternative name for an eye line?
what to do with old colored pencils?
Im looking for a specific Luis Royo poster or print, can someone help?
Any ideas for an animation ?
What do you find hardest to draw and paint.I have a hard time with hands and chairs?
When someone buys your DeviantArt print, do you have to print it, or does DeviantArt do it?
what can i draw im bored ?
Where can a sell my art sketches?
Where can I find pencil organizing trays?
Bamboo Tablet problems?
where can i get the PR writting and subission with cheap cost? pls send that link to me?
Can anyone tell me about the rose in this picture?
How Do I Go About Doing Henna Designs on Candles I Make?
Good Drafting and Design 1 Books?
Im doing this peace poster can domeone help me?
What should I draw right now?
Is there a computer program that I can use to design stained-glass windows?
Can any one tell me how i can price a one of a kind animation cel. I have a original 1980 tmnt cel.?
what are the easy steps to draw cartoon characters?
How to open the Layers palette in Pixelmator?
can some one draw me an pic?
fancy a bit. (20 characters)?
what dose evrone think of my eight year old daughters art work ?
How do you put in your own album artwork on itunes?
Whats going on with my brush tool in photoshop elements editor 7?
Is being artistic a natural talent or is it learned?
chibi manga storyline?
i wrote on a paper and i can't erase it ?
Website that has different poses?
how could i take some graffiti off ?
What should i draw?
What are some professional memberships or affiliations for graphic designers?
what should i draw from holes, the book?
Any Ideas Appreciated...?
How to be a successful artist?
i want to create LOGO for www.shogal.com?
how to make a picture with letters?
how many albums did the doctors advocate sale?
Why can't you draw on air?
What kind of graphic tablet should i get?
Any good tips for making a website ?
Questions about Porco Rosso?
Anyone know where I can practice?
how do i make permanent marker stay longer?
Looking for a wedding ring designer! I have a unique idea in my head. Earthy modern copper band. Cant find!?
How does a starving artist keep from starving?
suggest a logo for tekbro engineers and consultants?
How to upload gimp designs for zwinky?
How can the length of a cast shadow be determined?
Does anyone know any good collage photo apps?
How can you get ink off of normal paper without whiteout?
My Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet isn't working?
A question on Color? A concept?
I need ideas for a comic strip...?
fashion college classes for high school students?
Could a Non-japanese mangaka create a anime?
How did you learned to draw so good?
here is an other questionhow to write a programe to find frequency of character?
How to draw objects to look like they're moving?
what are the three basic colours?
Where can I purchase an 'upside down' globe?
if you a good artistic person plz help!!?
There are some fine-tip marker/pens that I saw in Germany that were orange on the outside. What brand is that?
can someone tell a place in delhi to buy colour markers!?
Why is drawing not fun anymore?
Is this an ok drawing of an eye?
Where's a good site to go to, to learn how to create your own animations?
Where can I get 5x7 index cards?
if you were a crayon what color would you be and why?
Critique my drawings?
Is there a black butler box set for mangas?
Difference between Spiderman (Tobey McGuire) and the amazing spiderman (Andrew Garfield) ?
I need your opinion :) (pics)
How to develop my 'image' as a musician?
which artist has more than 300 gold/platinum albums to their credit?
what is your favorite color of the sky when the sun is rising or setting?
what are the shapes of them?
What are some good yaoi parings?
Is it okay to simply PrtSc a logo you made from a site where you have to pay for it?
whats some good practice for a young girl hoping to become a fashion designer one of theses days?
Who copyrighted the copyright symbol?
can i put a logo on my shirt with transfer paper n using a regular iron?
is my artwork any good?
How could i do a punk stencil patch in my house?
If anyone has any info whatsoever on a WW2 b-17 plane called "Nine Wolves And a Poppa" please share?
how do u make a graphic design pro-folio??? any magazines that might help? or websites?
i want to draw something for my grandma for her birthday and she loves angels so what should i draw?
I need tips on my sketch?
My mom bought me a sketchbook.?
Can Picasso be used on windows phone?
What do you think of this drawing?
how much would a hardcover sketchbook cost me at michaels?
Do I have the ability to model?
How do I draw Female poses?
Could I draw this picture using Sai Paint Tool?
15 and need a tatoo?
Highlighers show up under black lights?
I need help with stupid y!A glitches.?
how do i get a botfriend?
Art Project.i need help?
What should i draw.......?
photoshoppers, designers, come hither!?
Will a Badger or Paasche hose fit a master series g23 airbrush?
what are some facts about Pablo Picasso?
How is this sketch of Kevin Durant?
Jewellery designs???
what is the purpose in tracing the early beginning of the art?
What is ur favorite artist and why?
How do I train my arm and fingers to draw better lines?
I wa considering being an artist/illustrator, but...?
Why do objects appear the color they are?
how durable is the g-pen and other pen nibs for manga?
the lesson of with patches of many hues?
From where can I get the good tutorial book for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP?
Can i use micron pen to draw manga ?
any suggestions of art competitions/ ways to sell my art? please answer? anything is helpful?
Just been messing around with a sharpie... check out my drawings?
I want to submit an idea for a t-shirt to Harley Davidson. How do I go about sending a design w/ my copyright?
what do you think of my new logo....?
how to make a creative Portfolio?
What is the name for the tostito font?
where can fing a coloring type page of a piggy bank for a contest at my school?
Extrude Nurbs Not working on AI file cinema 4d?
Why is "Winamps" logo a llama?
Novel Ideas Please Help Me Out?
Adobe illustrator question?
tell me about graphic cards?
does anyone know of uncommon things you can draw with?
Alexis Bledal Sketch? rate on scale of 10 please ?
Good Drawers?
How do you draw people on the computer?
What is the meaning of the number 1369, i've seen artists and bikers use it?
What conclusions would you make of a woman with a separate black panther and a sword tatoo?
How to get comfortable when drawing?
Could I make any money off my art?
Do people make cheap drawing tablets that...?
Is there a website full of technical drawings?
hi, i want to know from a tatoo artist ,how cut i get the license to open a place for tat2s, im just begining
Does anybody know of any drawings like this one? (Tattoo ideas)?
I want to make great own avatar, you can help me?
Does anyone have a pic or a realistic drawing or even a tattoo of a Scottish warrior?
How to create a spray paint effect in Adobe Illustrator?
Are these drawings any good (Criticism plz)?
Whos the Artist of this picture?
Box fans????
Have you seen this potrait? Need help please......?
I have rotring pens and i have already used black ink for the same earlier but i want to use white ink for it ?
How can i make a 3d model of a cell?
Amateur artist; Questions?
When gesture drawing, do you prefer thick lines or thin?
Can someone give me ideas for painting?
Does anyone know of any good Wicca books/resources? I am a good witch. I do not practice black magic.?
how to mirror images in photoshop?
LIFE MODELS have any male life models got an erection in front of students if so what happened what was done?
How to get more views on DeviantArt?
why did Andy Warhole draw a campbells soup can?
Are My Drawings Of Human Faces Good ?¿?
where do you guys get the cartoon pics for your nickname?
What do you think about my drawing?
I never know what to draw?! I feel stuck..?
comics and graphic novels?
Is there any websites where I can sell my artwork?
What is a website to see what is ur favorite color?And what are some cool websites?
I just drew this picture. What do you think of it?
does anyone know any websites that you can make a email on??
I need help creating a name?
how can i create my web site by a web designer by free of costs?
Different Types Of Smiley Faces?
A cure for artist's block?
Someone please tell me how to wash of pen colour from my coat?
Watch this optical illusion?
whats a good tip for an artist trying to create a self portrait?
where can i get an invisible pen with a UV light on the lid?
I need help with a cosplay?
Is there any substance I can use to keep ink from smearing and leaving smudge marks on quality paper?
How many times bigger is 18inx24in paper than 11inx8in paper?
Need help drawing anthros, figures etc.?
Hello, I am looking for a young talented artist, to create me a logo, for my Motorcycle Apparel shop.?
-where can u find a new moon t- shirt?
I need a logo designer?
Any good Design for a Star Logo?
I need some ideas!!?
how to make photo to vector art in corel x3?
Inkscape: how to color a drawing?
What makes a good Artist?
Does anyone know ami james's ( miami ink) middle name?
How do you put your own images as free cards on your website?
What sgould I draw on my bag?
Tattoo artists......?
free flash animator?
Zombie skin with Crayola markers?(Assignment due Tues, answers needed ASAP)?
is being able to draw good a talent your born with? or can is it a skill your able to learn?
whats your criticism on graffiti art?
Custom Aisle Runner?
How do you become a car designer?
Help: Colored Pencil In Butt?
what should i get an artist (my boyfriend) for his birthday?
Pol Turgeon - Surrealism or DADA?
How can I make a paper look really old?
how do i make copies of my drawings?
How do people on Sai get so thin lines?
What are the rules in drawing a jaw on a person? like tips and rules?
How to draw anime eyes?
Where can I Workshadow?
What does "conceptual practice" mean?
are there web sites like spark notes?
how would you?
How to make good pics?
A good art school for cartooning or drawing?
Good graphic tablet for digital painting?
How Can I Find Free or Cheap Flash template for my web site?
Does anybody know where you can buy cds on the Finnish "FUGA" label in the uk?
How do I get rid of artist's block?
Need help where to find these picture?
chinese characters/calligraphy help?
is there some where you can go online and enter in text to make it really fancy and stuff?
Red is my favorite color and iam a dude. What does the Color Red represent?
where can i get posters of Jrock bands?
Any free 3d model invention design programs?
Does anyone know what I can do for people to judge my art talents?
If an alternative band has a #1 hit are they still alternative?
What do you think to this pencil drawing?
Art Project Dillema. Any ideas of what i could draw on a card being sent to children in need?
POLL: What was the last thing you draw,ed or painted ???
celtic knotwork?
Any Architecture/Building Art Contests for teens (im 15)?
Where can i find some good places to shop for goth jeewllery in New Delhi?
What can I teach Grades 5,6,7 in creative art ?
a word that starts with A and relates to Artistic?
My ability to draw is gone/fading, Is there anything?
visual aid for my project?
Please rate this drawing, good or not so good?
I need a good idea to draw!?
what do you guys think of my artistic abilities???? any favorites?
what skills do i need in order to be successful as a graphic designer in Australia?
I want to make a flipbook...?
what are these pencils for?
What do you think?
what site has the best anime tutorial videos?
websites help!!!?
Can someone please interpret this image?
Any one got a really good imagination?
Are these Peopke Serious??
What can I do to make these two designs look better together?
What's best designing or programing?
How much do tattoos cost?
Is it possible for a midget to be a meteorologist?
What are some good sites for graphic design?
Art Classes in College grade based on skill?
Im looking for someone who does personettes.?
Do you like to draw? If you do...?
how to make band graphics and shirt prints like these--?
What do you think?
scorpio "m" tattoo???
What genre do posters fall into?
hairspray on a sketch?
creative ways to store drawings?
(10 POINTS) What do you think of my drawing?
How do I retrace/connect lines in an image of a scanned black/white image that's been re-copied many times?
Is there a place like Roanapur from the anime black lagoon, if so what is it called and where is it located?
i want to draw a body?
What do you do to spark your creativity?
Is there a website you can type in a meaning and it will give you the symbol that represents it?
how do you remove mildew from magazines?
where can i get these pens for much less?
what websites?
Which artwork you like the most?(pics)?
What electronic drawing tablet should I get?
Does anyone no a real good pencil drawing site to go to?
flash 8 - how can I get all my library into the timeline?
My First????
What to draw when your bored?
Would it be socially acceptable to make a realistic video game where your character blinks randomly?
Anime visual novels/dating sim apps for iPhone in English?
Any criticism for my drawings?
How to decorate a photo album?
on a scale of 1-10 how cute is this??
from where can i get started my fashion designing in lhr pk?
can you recommend a good book or website on ow to draw manga?
Where can I find vintage Photos ( Ala' 1940's ) of mermaids?
I want drawing graffiti lessons Plz?
Where can I buy Derwent pencils here in the Philippines?
wat are water based markers if u do tell me and show me a sight with the picture?
How can I make animations like the WallStreetSurvivor?
How do i do this type of collage?
What do you think of my drawing?
yuri anime with one chick with red and and other white?
Rate my drawing skills?
Are there any art teachers in Chorley, Lancs that could give my 6 year old daughter drawing lessons?
Need help with this drawing assignment!?
How to make your face more symmetrical?
If I want my tattoo bigger does the artist need to draw it over?
emo spiderman!?
Can I get I movie free for Mac or some animator that's free?
What is the different uses of Primera 53330 Ink ?
What are some best anime site to look at photos?
What is this called...?
Why can I not draw people looking to the right?
Where can I get a drawing portrait of myself ?
Can u use deodorant to dix soft pastels and charcoal?
Is anybody looking to hire assassinator i can be alot of help?
Give me a thing to draw?
Do you like my drawing so far?
is this a good idea.?
How do you change the ink on a Fisher Space Pen?
how i cartonize my self in 3d video ?
What List Of Materials Do I Need For Make-Up ?
i want to learn architecture?
What software do pro anime artists use?
Photography website dedicated to breasts?
how much damage could i do if i stabbed some one with a pen or pencil?
need a death metal logo made?
Who should I draw?
where to buy?
what can i do with my art talent?
I am drawing a Pink Floyd picture, what should I include?
i would like to be a tattooist but want to go to collage also?
Can anyone help me find this picture?
What would you rate my drawing?
When the man or woman was inventing the drawing board and got it wrong, what did they go back to?
Cool ideas for a drawing…?
anyone know of a art school i could go to?
Does anyone know a peice of artwork like this?
how do i get one of those costom pictures that like show a picture of you but smaller and it's like animated
How to mount pictures and art?
What are some famous aboriginal artist well known in Canada?
What can be improved in my drawing ?
what are some good sharpie tattoos to draw on my arm/legs?
which of these drawings is the better one? and why?
Why are Moleskine notebooks so expensive?
Where can I get something printed on a 28 x 22 poster board locally?
Drawing help?
What part of my facial features stand out the most (pic)?
pen pencil marker crayon colored pencil mechanical pencil!?
Are pictures from magazines usefull for drawing?
What anime character do I share the best resemblance with?
Whats your fav. Artist?
Your top 10 and worst anime list?
My first manga style drawing...how'd I do?
I need some help and ideas for writing?
Which do you prefer, Pen or pencil?
HI! Would anyone draw my "My Little Pony" character (MY OC?) :D?
How many more years will the anime Naruto Shippuden go on for?
Identify This Equation ?
How is this kind of digital art made?
Anime Series?
Draw Anime?
photoshoppers, designers, come hither!?
How is lined paper made?
where to get muzzle flashes, bullet sound effects, and realistic bullet hits for after effects?
What can I put in a drawing that has something from lord of the rings?
What brands should I draw with?
I really need some ideas for something to draw for my art project i'm doing at home?
In 1940 how was piece puzzles made?
How much should you charge for a commission on deviantart?
what is this picture of?
why cant i draw?
Would someone be willing to draw this for me?
I want to go to Navy Pier this weekend and propose, is their a booth that does the caricature drawings?
What are those drawings called where the whole thing is a bunch of little dots?
i am looking for different alphabet's to learn how to draw my name i love to draw but i can't seem to find any
In "illustrator" I click right on the selected tool & no choices are coming up, it works ok in photoshop?
what are the important symbols and emblems of australia?
HEEELLLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!!can you give me some artist names who draw trainers?
Suggestions for class chapel?
What sort of pen can I use to write on a cd?
What is a good anime for me?
Is Auto Cad easy to learn? Where could i learn it?
What computer program do I need to make a multi layer stencil? Adobe? Photoshop? Please help. Thank U?
fashion design portfolio?
Why is a castle used as walt disney movies' logo? ?
Can anyone tell me what this symbol means or is?
Blender animation?
I really want to be a model?!! help (repost)?
Is there anybody out there who can draw anime and would be willing to help me out?
how to draw cheekbones?
What should I draw for my project?
how can I look at cencus pages for 1910?
I want to make a poster in the style of Soviet propaganda...?
Am I a good artist for my age?
I want to make a blog or a timeline oine of my experiences...?
How could i advertise my new 'cheap cartoon portraits' facebook page?
What art style is used on the home page of TheArtOfManliness.com?
In art we're allowed to draw figures of a women's body nude, so would it be any different if i drew.....
help with a word word that reffered to penis shape,it looks like a penis but i cant remembe?
what is the meaning of 3d artwork?
How does this look?
Bamboo Capture or Bamboo Splash?
Is there a good website for critiquing and rating my artwork?
please .. can you make for me a 200 word speech about anything under the sun?? please please please?
devain art prints, how to stop it?
What do you think of my drawing?
What are some magical girl anime similar to sailor moon?
how to draw an angel?
ive seen cool pictures and i need help?
should i buy watercolor pencils or regular colored pencils?
using thick and thin lines, how does an artist show form in a still life?
For college studio art, do you go for a more talented+hard marker teacher or less talented but easy marker?
Can someone with one eye see anaglyphic pictures?
i need help?
how do i draw a face any web sites?
Any ideas on improving my art?
precious moments color pages?
Which artwork you like the most?(pics)?
cheapest place online to buy paintings or prints?
i need help on photobucket?
can u give step for desing our e-mail?
Is it possible to find a good drawing Mannequin?
Why not write with a ink pen when you have a ball pen?
who did the cover art for brutal truth's cd//?
How to make a collage?
How can I flatten my art project?
any good sites for learning how to draw anime?
Recommendations of a good retouching company?
Could I live my life as an artist?
How do i get a bubble out of my floaty pen?
why is it that people think anime is ridiculouse!!!??
Layout maker for my band?
What kind of graphic tablet should i get?
how to draw u being lock in the room?
Where do I buy Paint Tool Sai?
Should I get the bamboo Create or Bamboo Capture?
Are there any other websites like deviantart?
When did the Giclee printing process begin?
What is the best way to print money ?
Is anyone out there a comic book artist?
I need to draw a picture for my biology vocab words any idea what I can draw for them?
How to get poser for free?
Can i use mail through outlook express?
How can I post my art online?
My friend and I are learning how to make a logo.?
Does anybody know where can I find EXPRESS' clothing logo?
Where can I buy a pen with the Greek Flag on it?
how can i make my graphic novel night scene look like a night scene?
where do i find thissocomusnavysealscombinedassaultcheat…
Can anyone help me think of an anti smoking icon?
where can i find free download for peanuts movies?
Fashion industry?
Where can I find Global Warming Icons?
Explain how to draw a two dimensional representation of a cube.?
i'm hanging up pictures on the wall any ideas?
I'm looking for a border or clip art that has a blue color scheme ,snowmen and snow with a red sleigh?
Please rate this sketch ?....http://i.imgur.com/Sky2I.jpg?
Flash question:::::::?
Do you think I am good at drawing?
ideas on packaging design?
Why cant I get a job in Comics? Is my work that bad?
Can someone send me a link of where i can draw on DeviantART?
Drawing sights?
how can I fix chalk pastel on canvas?
Is a platonic solid 2D or 3D?
Am i a good artist/crafter?
Looking for a book for artist to draw in?
what elements in art does gustav klimt use in his work?
How do people draw anime on the computer?
what's a good idea to do with your greeting cards after saving them for years?
2d and 3d intergration?
paint shop?
what to draw? no inspiration!?
Hey friends, please give me some brilliant ideas about your imagination and advice!?
Graphic card or mother bored?
DO you like to draw? What do you draw? ?
Bamboo Pen and Touch: no pressure sensitivity, eraser not working with windows 7?
Logo design Ideas, 10 points, quick please?
can anyone tell me a great computer animation program for making cartoons thats not too expensive?
Which is your favorite meme?
Is there a program for editing photo-copied drawings? ?
Graffiti Stencil Help?
help me!! i need to find pin up girl art!!?
What can I do to prepare for a career in Technical illustration/Graphic Designing?
What anime/ game character should i dress up as?
Drawing anime?
whould this preview interest people?
I need help with Corel Paint Shop Pro X (ver 10.00).?
what is the theory of animation?
Kinko's Printing question?
What is forgiveness to you?
What should i draw....?
Can i copyright my sketches?
What is the best drafting under $200?
OPTICAL illusion?
I really need help with perspective and backrounds?
How do you make a 3d sphere out of a regular piece of paper?
Any tattoo artist wanna draw me the design i want?
Pencil Drawling Ideas for Sophomore Art Class?
words to describe Stephen Wiltshire's artwork?
the name Nicole in graffiti?
can i add a picture to the internet from pc during using internet?
What celebrity should I draw?
Which is better? Cheetah print or Zebra?
what do you think of my self portrait?? ?
Gsce art project on flowers- is there anything more i can do than just pain and draw?
Does anyone know the name of a famous artist that uses lots of details?
top 10 animation institute of inida?
What do you think of my piece?
ideas for my art project?
What are some symbols for "life"?
Is my handwriting messy?
What do these strange animations represent?
Why beginner courses titled 101? Where else did you see it?
IS there any sprial graf games ,?
Can i make profit off these drawings? check em out!?
is there a place where i can put my graffiti on a website?
What can someone make for their locker?
Where can I download free comics?
how are michelangelo and leonnardo da vinci alike?
I need ideas to draw on a bathing suit?
looking for good mangas to read?
OMG help!!!!?
Is there a program that can morph a pic of my wife and myself to see what our baby will look like?
Do they make oak pencils?
Can artists get alot of money?
does "Black Cat" the anime have a HAPPY ending?
how could i change the background of a color picture into a plain gray?
Do artists that draw cartoons ever run out of ink?
outline the practice of roy lichtenstein ..?
I don't know what to do with my fashion design sketchs?
how can i know more about ?
what can i do with a graphic design degree if i live in a state that doesnt have jobs offered without moving?
how do i find my artisitc theme?
What art form do you like best?
Best way to draw white animals on white paper?
Artsy people help!!!?
*Honest Opinion* Do I Draw Well?
how/where can i learn to write in graffiti?
How many times can a piece of paper be folded in half?
Ahhh i can't draw!! :(?
Okayy this might sound a tad odd but I need a BIG favor!!?
Does anyone know any good music artists?
Online anime drawing tutorials/classes?
any websites to find Jamila written in calligraphy-style arabic?
what artist proclaimed he wanted to combine Titian's color with the drawing of Michelangelo?
how can i film myself drawing?
how can i learn to draw better?
how do I cut a sprite from a sheet using paint?
How can I learn how to sketch/draw?
what is this type of art called?
graphic design?
Is there any thing as the same as storyboard but free?
who design the star symbol?
Need a simple logo created?
what's the meaning of live?
Which is your favorite meme?
how can i make a collage of pictures , using pictures on my pc?
What is the best background for a metal band's album artwork?
comics colouring?
who is pretty?
Choose Your Handwriting From These Choices?
What is graphic design?
How would you rate my art?
Where can I read these Mangas?!?
How do you draw a four leave clover?
Does anyone Know any of these bands?
Where can I find free Halloween crafts for kids?
I'm drawing a recording studio room in perspective, what things should I include?
Charcoal Pencils not blending?
What to Put My Design On?
What are letters that can be manipulated to be a certain object/animal?
i need a progrma that renames tiff drawings.?
Which is better, Intuos5, or Bamboo Create?
please people I dunno what to draw.. help please?
what kind of drawing is this?
Any good anime sites for iPhone ?
yaoi????!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Need to know the meaning of a certain picture?
Cute anime pics or drawings?!?
How to draw from different angles?
In your opinion what would make a photograph costitute as art work?
what do u think of this anime person (practice)?
I am looking for a website that offers drawings/pics of Celtic Knots and also defines there meanings?!?
What do you think of my painting I painted?
creative ideas anyone??? : /?
who can help me identify the website ,cowboyslove*com, whether is a real social web . many thanks?
Would This Pen Work On A Bamboo Tablet?
Am i any good?
Photoshop colouring help?
Looking for a particular victorian drawing/painting of a profile of a blonde girl chewing on her hair?
What is your favorite crayola crayon color? ?
sould i get black ops or see spiderman?
Difference between drawing and sketching?
Save animations made on Corefx?
What kind of pencil is best for drawing and shading portraits?
Best way to learn Kanji?
when did david hockney create chair photo collage?
dante's inferno?
What should i draw right now?
Need a visual representation?
Are these designs any good?
Whats the name of the box that artists or architects store their tools in? craft knife, pens, pencils etc?
I want to make a blog or a timeline oine of my experiences...?
i want to learn photoshop . which institute is beast for me in chandigarh?
I wont to make a symbol for my organization. Does anyone know of any websites that could help me make one?
What's a good anime to watch?
Am I sexxay?
what are some unique ideas for drawing a coffee mug?
how to get a lot of pageviews on Deviantart?
How do I take a tattoo on my back and make it into graphic art?
Does anyone know of any websites that can teach me how to draw furries??
Grid drawing ideas for project?
What would be a cute title for my blog that includes the words "pink,cute,rawr," words ?
would this drawing look better if i shaded it?
how much is a signed dated norman foster picture worth?
What do I need to major in at college to become an automotive designer?
What are good symbols for these?
What was used in these sketches?
I'm running out of ideas. What should I draw/paint next?
bought artwork @ estate sale. how can i get values. everyone wants $ to give information 6that i can see on in
What is the concept of Tumblr? What is it?
Art Class...?
My roommate just tattooed me...needs real help?
Animation or Illustration?
How can I find the value of a numbered print with a long written note on the back from the artist?
how did interior designs do their work before computers?
Do you know of a site where I can find a struggling childrens book illustrator?
I need new anime to watch im out *tears*?
hot or not?
Sketchbook Pro or ArtRage?
How would I make this color?
one question about DAZ3D?
What's the name of this Picasso drawing?
Are fonts copyrighted?
Design things help best answer?
Where can you buy Spongebob pencil cases and stationary in the UK?
Which Bamboo tablet should i buy?
How do I make a simple slender man mask?
Can someone inspire me?
I need help with my A2 Art!!?
I'm looking for the most erotic songs for a loving making cd i can find.?
What does the grey colour associate with in the versace logo?
How can you draw economic diagrams of demand and suppy on Word on the computer?
Can somebody find me a better quality of this Rurouni Kenshin pic?
what color is..?
Natural artists?
Is it possible to make money on deviantart.com?
where do i find free clipart for kids to use with out paying for them?
Ihave to hand in 5 pieces of "ART" for art class?
What are your impressions of the field of graphic design as a career???
I just got a new sketch book and i want a unique drawing or something special on the first page. suggestions?
As a starting off Graphic Design business, how much should I charge for a logo, poster, flyer etc design?
What Art Courses should I Take?
Don Swann etching number on left corner?
Something In The Middle Ages,Dark Ages ?
How many legs can you see?
how do you make pencil animation?
Are my portraits good enough to be paid for.?
What is the best way to present your portfolio during interview? (graphic design)?
Could I use Sharpies on Natural Canvas Toms?
Does someone knows a webpage where I can learn to do this?
How to make a toga asap?!?
What are some doodles you could draw on Post-Its?
Where can I find anime cosplay patterns?
how to draw an angel?
I need help finding items (think simple) that start with the Letter Y.?
guys, i'm stuck in diagon alley..i can't get into the gringotts. i can't find the parchment, help me please!?
Are uniform tessellations semiregular?
Where do i find "Bitmap" on Coral paint shop pro X?
Critisize my drawing please?
How do you call in Graphic Design?
r der any websities to learn drawing requried for interior desging?
how do i form old-fashioned names?
Bamboo Capture or Bamboo Splash?
What is the best thing to paint/colour with?
What superhero to be?!?
Vector drawing program?
Where can I find an Anime picture gallery?
What is another name for a net?
I need your opinion please.?
I'm looking for a japanese artist or kind of art.?
People keep making fun of drawings?
Why are lead pencils called lead, when they contain no lead?
is there a site i can go to without having to pay for it i just want to like draw and paint on the computer?
How do I crop something(a person) from a photo in photoshop(7.0)?
Will my drawing skills deteriorate if I only draw 2 hours a day?
How do i prevent pencil art from smudging on canvas?
What do you think about my drawing?
are there any sites that i can put my picture in and it so wat i will look like in the future?
I am in a contest and need help...?
Will I get in trouble with this finger print thing? And how often do cops take finger prints?
is it the pen tablet or the program?
Do You Need A Collage Daguerre To Work For Pixar?
here is a good website for beginning artists to put their work on!?
what is aesthetic qualities?
what are the portfolio requirements for Ap Art?
Can you help me out with some symbols?
what color is this? anyone?
what drawing pencil brand do you recommend?
Do you know an image which has a similar pattern to this image?
What pens / inks do professional graphic artistssuch as Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman use?
Explain how to draw a two dimensional representation of a cube.?
People. Please share your drawings here, I'd love to see them?
i need coloring book pictures of a saw and luggage?
Help Need Sites And Info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Any design ideas? Please :)?
What clear color marker will show on skin?
A friend wants me to draw a tattoo for him...how much should I charge?
What can I draw/make for my bedroom?
How can i get into graphic design?
am i a good drawer???PLZ ANSWER?
I need help with science vocabulary drawings?
You've been given the word : reflective surfaces!?
Can you spell Hyarami Shomina?
What is a good art school in Oklahoma?
What do you think about my drawing?
Questions about good old fashioned animation techniques?
PLEASE answer...what you think?? PLEASE answer?
What Do Professionals Use For 2D Animation?
Can i have your opinion on my drawing please?
Whenever I see artwork on places such as DeviantArt, I'm jealous because I'm no good at it?
in gcse art can i say i dont like the artists work?
If I download a soccer team logo and print it on a t-shirt is this legal?