suggestion pls....?
any good websites for pics of robots, creatures or just weird?
What shall i draw for my art project?
Art Inking?
Could i become a model? pic included?
which pen do you use for sketching?
Help with finding mangas?
How do you get your parents to be interested in your talents?
is your hand writing better with a pencil or pen?
Could u plz give me some links to download 3d sounds?
Does anyone know of any artists that......?
Where can I find vol. 13 of Chibi Vampire besides mangafox?!?
What do I need to make a Visual Novel?
What font is this? Please identify.?
Images representing power?
Which has maximum scope either graphic design or in animation?
how to make animation..?!?
Where can I find a website that shows you how to draw a sugar glider?
Best Place to Buy Art Supplies Online?
i want to learn photoshop, any one can tell me were i can free download or web. of basic manual w/ video.?
what do you think?
Like i really need a GOOD tumblr theme like these ones :?
Where can I find "Pantone style pens" here in Manila, Philippines? Thanks.?
Deviantart Tools of the Trade?
Which drawing of mine do you think is the best?
what are some websites with pictures of mean or odd teddy bears?
How can I improve at designing/drawing clothes?
Portable drawing tablets?
Add hearts to my photos?
when do it get my fushigi ball?
when did diego rivera creted el vendedor de alcatraces?
Where can I find a blender like this?
What does the band Freelance Whales name mean?
Anime shows help please?
What chalk brand is this?
Famous Chinese or Japanese artists?
Does any1 know where to download FREE 3d max7 /V-RAY'?
Photoshop retouching?
what can i drawto describe art like wha would you put on a title page for art?
How to make ink last longer?
I want companies logos?
what female tatto artist died in 2002?
Can someone make me a superman logo with the letters LM in it?
what type of carrier do i need for portrait drawings?
I am starting a stationary store. I have six girls and trying to think of a cute name to reflect that.?
How come the most creative or artistic people are always gay?
How to edit these pictures or some tutorials for me?
How do you learn to draw human anatomy without having to look at tasteless crap?
is there a way i can change a 2D drawing into a 3D drawing in AUTOCAD 2008LT or at least transfer items.?
so what do you think?
Can anyone help me with this one logo ?
You’re creating a company pamphlet and have selected a drawing prepared for you by?
Can you teach me how to draw all cartoon characters?
ways to find places to duplicate a cd professionaly?
How do you draw hands?
i need to fix up a shirt.?
What do you think of my drawing?
Plz look at the drawing I just finished!?
any site for teaching 3d studio max ?!?
Starting an art portfolio for the video game industry?
Does anyone know where can I purchase Lumi Pad 20" message board?
What do you think of my drawing?!?!?!?!?!?
what are some cool websites i can go on?
What is the difference between a vector image and a vexel image?
is it weard that scourge is my fav charecter in warrior cats?
What would art classes do for me?
What's something fun and quick to draw?
school craft assignment?
Wide flat slim marker for graffiti where can i get it?
Does the wacom bamboo pen & touch work for windows xp?
Famous buildings or objects with parallel lines..help?
Help on art coursework?
~t-shirt design~ **10 POINTS!** What should I do?
where could i buy an A4 scrapbook?
What would an art teacher think if a student expressed a desire to draw him?
Does Las Vegas Academy count comp. drawings as art?
How come when I type in "heartless" in the DeviantArt search,?
what are some cute poses to do in the sunflowers?
Anime like One piece?
Where should I go to learn the concepts of art and drawing?
Anyone art digitizing programs?
I am an artist what kind of job will I get in the future?
does a portrait have to include a face?
where can i make color prints of my artwork in torrance california?
Where can I get a Rotary cutter and cutting mat in India?
My drawings?
When you commission a work of art for someone do you require them to pay for it in advance?
Where do peanuts come from?
Can anyone become a mangaka(manga artist) Or is drawing a gift you either got it or you don't?
What is your favorite crayola crayon color? ?
Where can I find Abstract Artwork?
Can Someone Draw Me In Anime Form?
Please help?!?
Can someone please describe to me the artistic media of drawing?
How do you draw music?
I want to get the actual images on gettyimages.com for free.?
what are sum really good software that i can use to make fashion designs?
How to add color to manga studio ex?
Better opportunities in Canada?
how would i prep myself to become a manga artist?
How long will it take to get used to a drawing tablet?
Need Feedback on personal statement for graphic design?
If you are working on a hospital logo what would be some of the logo design ideas?
where can you find ............. ... ....?
What kind of design is this?
How do I find my album on Flickr?
What is the largest pencil?
where do i get iron on logos?
Applications of fractals in the real world.?
What should I draw on my converse?
Any ideas on how we can improve our world?
Where to get Game Art work experience UK?
Do you like my snail?
What are some cool way to take pictures at the beach I'm going tomorrow! HELPThanks like poses& sand writing:)?
Where can I find pics of blue-haired anime girls with guns?
a few GRAPHIC DESIGN questions?
Can someone help me with my Art Homework?
How to cut yourself with a pen?
how would you?
Which anime character should I cosplay as?
Draw and color a nice, positive, insparational picture that has to do with biology?
What inspires you to draw?
how to put anime porn on psp?
Picture editing tips cause i cant find any :/?
does anybody know where i can find good pictures of bonsais on line?
Does anyone know how to change your picture to a cartoon for myspace?
Does anyone know how to make these letters? ℓεαн мαяιε?
Your thoughts?
How do you draw perspective shadows for shapes that are above ground?
h0W t0 BEC0ME A BEttER ARtiSt?
where can i find a site that makes you a website?
Which drawing looks better ?
Is it illegal to copy a photograph, that has been copyrighted, on to paper, with pencil, and sell it?
What should I be for character day?
I need to draw a portrait where my face is morphing into something else, do you have any ideas of what? ?
can you give me any artists who made either chemical,sketch,pen&ink,and print(japanese,chinese)?
help easy question?
What are the best sketching pencils?
I'm 14, am I talented? (drawing)?
How to draw body poses?
I need some ideas for a drawing? :)?
can any 1 plz tell me the persian caligraphy for the name PAURUSH?
Extra Ordinary talent and Bad luck ...... Dangerous Combination?
does anybody have a 3d character model I can use?
Artwork similar to this persons?
What's the font used on the cover of Fruits Basket?
Can you get a job drawing car headlights?
What's the difference between a colored pen and a colored pencil? And what is a poster paper?
what is this called?
I open paint tool sai and all that comes up is the gray background.?
creative ways to make money?
Picture help?
anygood sites?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
How to people make Anime?
I want to learn to draw in an anime style, are there any good tutorials?
Jules Pascin...anyone know his work?
websites how do i......?
i'm lookin for anytihng romantic to draw for a girl?
im bored and have alot of notebook paper?
Where can I find tutorials that will help me draw in a Disney style?
Good drawing software for beginners?
photoshop problem?
I want to learn how to draw....help?
Will you vote for my friend's artwork and help them win a college scholarship?
how do i make a picture collage on photobucket.?
How can i open a wedsite?
I recently purchased a Wacom intuos 4?
you have 4 blue cards, 1 red card, and 3 green cards. You draw a card, do not replace it, a?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using pencils over paints to draw?
What art style is being used in this tattoo?
Can't draw anymore Whyyyy.?
free downloads of church plays and sketches?
is therwe any campus interview for B.ARCH course?
What website will fully print custom t-shirts that covers the whole shirt?
What is something cool to show to a class to do?
I need a cartoon character that starts with the letter S. Any suggestions?
question about gifs for tumblr?
Do u think I an pretty? (pic inside)?
does anyone know free graffiti websites i can go to?
what website offers the services of making funny images from the original pictures?
A Question On People Who Do Art?
What is fourms?
Sketchbook ideas?
when did david hockney create chair photo collage?
Do you think this person is good at drawing?
Could u show me an expressive image to draw ?
Can someone help me create a portfolio for me?
Renaissance soft labs?
Online site to create animations for free?
what is the name of the drawing of the man with arms out and circles round him?
do you like naruto or fruits basket?
Depth in Perspective drawing?
What kind of paper can I use with the Promarker pens?
How do you draw landscapes?
What do you guys think of my art work?
We are all unique, and have a talent...what is yours?
what do you think of my tatoo design?
Any One! I really want to read My Heavenly Hockey Club but I can't find it anywhere! Helpppp?!?
how can i make my own 24 frame per second cartoon and add sound and how do I color a drawing with paint. net.
I want to submit an idea for a t-shirt to Harley Davidson. How do I go about sending a design w/ my copyright?
Hello I just recieved a tattoo on my forearm two days ago. How soon can i start working out again curls etc.?
I need the REAL Chinese symbol for either "boy" or "boys"?
Sketchy lines in Drawings. Help!?
i need help finding a picture?
Where can I find a better quality of this?
what are some good markers and colored pencils that are good for coloring?
Where is a good place to find a comic script writer?
How to get the right artwork?
Im going to be a manga artist!!!! But...?
i have a little trouble identifying oval faces!!!?
what do you think of this picture?
Fun art things to do?
Ideas for Sketchbook Backgrounds?
POLL:which side of a heart do u draw first?
where is a good website were i can get pics?
Hello everyone i need information of Deviant Art someone help please?
Logo Design Ideas For Website?
Hi. Does anyone know of a free program that generates stencils from regular drawings or pics?
I have a collection of something uniqueand i want so show the world but i want to make $ and rent ad spaces?
What do you think of my drawing??? Please Help!!!?
what are these things called && where can i find sum like it??
What do you think of my drawing?
How to make a home made skeleton?
digitally photos altered?
how do you use www.blingee.com?
Anyone know who she is? Trying to find out her name. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=r04fi0&s=6?
Any artists who would be willing to email me daily and help with my art/give opinions?
Comic strip ideas for homework?
Please tell me what you think of my drawings :)?
am i fat? (pics included)?
could i be a model? (w/ pics)?
What the heck should I draw?
i want a quote as a tattoo!!help?
What type of font would be really elegant for my Photography bussines logo?
free websites?
what artists create work to do with sensations? URGENT?
How would you illustrate "Music is my escape"?
copying pictures from e books?
how to print a swatch within an object on adobe illustrator?
i want to send a b'day greeting where i can get animated greetings but specials.?
What materials are used on this tutorial?
need help creating tattoo
Photoshop cs2 question?
Title of pictures that look like one thing but can actually be another?
what does "maurin quina" mean? not sure if it's french or italian.?
Could someone tell me where to get a cheap pastel primer?
how do i get the pen tablet to get that sketchy look on gimp?
anyone know any download sites to learn how to do hairstyles (dvd)?
Certain kind of journal paper?
How can i fix my tattoo?
how do i create gorey looking picures with photoshop?
where can I find a cool looking anime bed set?
Website where i can design clothes for free?
Art club ideas for school?
Inspire me. Need help making a good story....?
Need Help w/ project ideas!?
picture animating sites?
Does anyone have any creative ideas about how to write in the snow?
What do you think of my drawing?
Do you like to paint or draw?
The Artist Who Drew the Sailing Ship "Jhelum"?
Where's Waldo these days?
Where can I find a good site for CG tutorials?
Tell me about this sigmar polke piece please?
The nickelodeon logo green?
Is there any way to purchase a Discontinued pen?
Billboard Hoarding design tips in coreldraw?
I'have recently completed my graphic designing course & want to work abroad.?
online free software for fashion designs?
EMERGENCY!!!!! Can anybody recommend any sites that show how to draw and shade a shell?
How strong are Tablet pens?
So i Need some advice about Mine-Craft !?
im JEALOUS but it still does make me upset help!!!?
i have a weird art assignment. help for ideas?
I like to draw and i need advice......?
What's a good website to edit your pictures?
what is the green leaf in the dove feet that symbolizes death or peace?
is there anyone out there a good artist /drawings?
"Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" question.?
Where should I work at?
where can I find work as an Artist?
Please critique my design (graphic artist only)?
How to make a great art portfolio for design school?
Best sketch tablet (pen tablet) for Architectural sketching and drawing?
Do you write with a pencil or pen?
What might be the fastest way to get all the paper drawings done, that whatever pictures that I want to draw?
Find thing out about person online for free?
help me pls how to do this on photoshop?
Where does an entry-level graphic designer get started?
Fundamentals of Art vs. Basic Drawing I?
how do you make a group on deviantart?
what website can i go to to send pics for modeling ?
please tell me what u think of my art and how i can sell my skills!?
What font is used in the Banjo-Kazooie logo?
Know of any good coloring books about non-military use of helicopters?
Is is stupid to pursue a career as an artist?
Ok, Im creating a Anime Storyline, (Please Read) I need your opinion on this..?
Should I send my portfolio?
art ideas?
What is the name of this drawing style?
Trying to promote my DA art?
are there any site that have free samples?
Billboard Hoarding design tips in coreldraw?
Best paint program for drawing manga and anime characters?
what yaoi couple is this ?
How do you draw the serratus anterior in figure drawing?
Why am I on Answers when I should be drawing my manga?
Where can I get album artwork done for free?
is drawing anime for girls?
Free choice project ideas for "The Alchemist"?
any templates or websights to make my own invitations?
FAT or not? PICS please give your opinion?
does anyone know what software is used to print pictures onto shirts?
do you know where I can talk to a milk shake designer somebody who designs these machines?
edit pictures like a comic strip helppp?
Good Tablet for Digital Art?
What in drawing do you wish you could improve on ?
I need an art project idea?
Where can I find cheap tubes for posters?
Are Ventus and Roxas the same person?
i need to draw a map of my neighborhood?? need help
whos prettier? 10 point best answer!?
Artist without a clue?
Do you like my Drawing?
what's a good site for photo refrences?
GIMP 2??????????????
need feedback, thanks! 10 points for answering?
How to keep POSTER straight?!?
How can I get my name out there as an artist?
where can i find good anime wallpaper?
Am I a good drawer for 12?
I have really hard homework...how to draw a japanese flag=]?
Where can i find someone who can draw the characters for my RPG game?
How can I teach myself to draw anime?
Do you like or dislike Anime?
i live in LA and i can not find a store that henna tattoo supplies.. where can i find one near me??
guys, do you know where i can download a tutorial handout for corel draw x4 for free? thanks in advance :)?
what kind of green is this?
Need some artsy ideas involving quotes PLEASE!?
I want to print a few full rolls of white toilet paper with the same design. Any ideas?
where can i buy an old fashioned michrophone?
Photoshop semi realism tutorials ?
Plz tell me from where can i find pics of mugdha chapekar????
whats the amswer? why are there x's all over this image and how do i take it off of it? adobe illustrator?
Where can I find inspirational pictures?
how can i find doodle art tube posters to prin and color?
Does anyone know of a good website that has pictures of dark evil gargoyles?
What are some good art schools on the mid/upper east coast?
How do i make washable markers stay on shoe sides and top?
Please Rate my Drawing?
Where can I learn 3D animation in Adyar, Chennai, with reasonable prices.?
identify a religious/mthological figure/symbol in a print?
Ho do you draw muscles?
What to do can't get into watching anime any more?
Where can I sell my art to? In Denver. [[Anime Art]]?
What object or logo do you think is an international sign of peace?
The Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa?
Check it out ;) - http://irockyou-yourockme.tumblr.com/?
Are Ventus and Roxas the same person?
Can somebody draw something for me? Anime style?
What happens after completing the ninja saga 15 days lucky draw?
What are the decorative lines called that are under some words of old west signs?
I spent 8 hours on a drawing and my dad deleted it!!!!?
Someone please help me do a CV, so clueless!?
stuff to do involving paper?
What are the type of lines used in line art?
Do you know how to draw a bear the way the pacific northwest tribes did?
Lost the stylus to my Bamboo, any alternatives?
what is the name of the song/artist that is the theme for saving grace?
Where could i get someone to draw me a mask for a story?
Why are most logos printed or embroidered on the left chest?
i need a new anime to watch?
How you like this pic I edited of Andy Biersack?
I need to know the resolution and size of a LOGO?
I want out. where can i get cyanide?
Do you ever forget how to write or draw a certain letter in the alphabet?
is there any more websites like mycandymanclub.com?
How much does a drawing tablet cost these days?
what do you think about this website?
Where can I download free scale furniture templates? Its for a 3D model school project?
Can you design a simple capital letter S that looks like a bird?
Wolves Markings?
feminine tattoo for strength?
Besides Photoshops, what editing can i use?
How can I make my drawing more realistic?
How to become famouse!!!! ?
Any cute tumblr themes?
How can I change my Tumblr theme?
Should I wait and improve my art skills?
Who is third from the left?
how to draw this?
How do you become a good artist?
Which costume would be better for ciel phantomhive? Cheap ciel leg bands?
Should I continue sketching?
am i good at drawing?
name for manga character?
Where can I find Wing Brushes for Photoshop?
Does anyone remember the sky advertisment with the red haired hippie? cant find it anywhere lol?
do you think i can draw?
Where can I find a detailed bio on Alex Pardee?
I need a tumblr theme?
What is the worst typeface?
Water illusion question?
basic drawing homework help!?
How to make these hearts with paper?
How can I sell my drawings and make money off it?
is being able to draw good a talent your born with? or can is it a skill your able to learn?
How can I get my art work noticed?
where can i voluntree to be a canvas for a tattoo artist ?
Do you know websites where scriptwriters and comic artists can get in touch for paid works?
ANIME EXPO! Help! Help!?
Any ideas on what you could draw?
Does my art have to be good to go on Tumblr?
what type of art is this and how do you do it?
ying yang?
Would you buy my art? if yes, for how much, if no, lol, why?
hello,sir can please tell me about how to make digital backgrounds & how to animate in after effect.prasad?
Can people find me some good pictures of human faces?
does anyone know sites like cashpirate and prizelive ?
Can I make homemade cards based on someone elses design?
Romantic samurai mangas?
Creating a Mood board.....!? ?
african shaped stickers?
what are some of the best websites for buying graphic yet funny t-shirts...example...?
Artists...what do you do for work?
which size of sakura micron pen is best for outlining anime drawings?
Who was Jos Hoover?
I need a web site that shows how to sketch trees, creepy looking trees would be best?
What is Your Hidden Passion?
what should are band symbol be?
who is the artist who drew a goat with a dog body?
HELP! does anyone know what font this is?
I'd like to get some creative ides if possible?
Is rockhopper always on club penguin?
A drawing per day with different themes?
Which decal would you prefer in a girl's nursery and why? Best answer will be selected! Thanks!?
Rate a pic of me? Anyone?
when you draw outfits how do you draw the people?
print picture and histotry about print picture?
What animation program do I use for this?
Anyone know of a good cheap way to have headshots reproduced?
whats a GOOD SITE to find stock pics with vintage effects?
What's the best way to shade with lead shavings ?
Does anyone know what font this is?
where can i get a pic of a bad spongebob?
What do you think of this picture I'm drawing?
I need a Penguin Logo?
What your perspective on Hollywood Undead the band?
Drawing Help!!!!?
What game wallpapers have a similar graphic as good as Final Fantasy's?
How do you draw your right hand if you are right handed?
How do I tranfer a drawing or painting to a slide?
Classic New York Architecture Designs 1890's?
What is a good CMYK code for a burnt red and hunter green?
Does someone know mangaka with similar art to Sichol=bell?
similar artists/bands/ to OAR??
does anyone know where i can get little stamps for paint shop pro??
What shall I paint on my wall?
i want to create a logo of my name?
Avatar fans, do you think this is to dark for an Avatar fan fiction?
What would be a unique character?
I design news station logos... How can I get a job doing this without a college degree?
In coral painter 11 using windows vista , I have the toolbox function checked, but it does not show up?
is there any books or sourse where i can find informations, how to be an animator?
A john cena question?
Drawing and graffiti tips please?
how to draw...?
Website with many photos of people?
Is this real art?
I need some help with ideas! Anyone?
Where can I find a tattoo shop in St. Paul Minnesota that has blacklight ink available?
Please show me logo design package site address?
What should I draw? help!?
which software can make a logo like this?
Which on is better duo one piece & naruto or code geass & black butler?
Has anyone heard of Vangovs as an artist?
where is america's first comicbook college?
Where can i find good Yugioh Yamixyugi Yaoi?
Can you draw something using your keyboard....?
Where can I locate some free Japanese kanji fonts online?
How do designers become famous so quickly, especially the young, newer ones?
Where to get a tatoo drawn for free...?
My design - please help?
cant fine the Furry bodypainting?
what to do with my art?
where can if find a store (in pittsburgh) or a website where i give them a picture and they print it onashirt?
find me an art collage in calafornia that has a summer program.?
Drawing Ideas?!?!?!?!?
can any on help me to finding one?
I need a DJ/graffiti name I can easily tag on things?
Hello Kitty marching band pic.?
Where can I buy a lot of nail art pens?
What is the calligraphy symbol for the Northern Song Dynasty?
Has anyone see highlight reels edited by righteous star vms? is it worth it?
Am i good at drawing?
How would i draw a picture that shows that "A pictures is worth a thousand words"?
Is there a website that has free pictures (preferably of people)?
Who is this cartoon? https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-ash2/369670_1126525934_1291121446_q.jpg?
What pokemon should i draw on my converse?
Any ideas of an introduction page for a-level art sketchbook?
Visiting this site?
I want to become an graphic, and designs on pictures.?
I really need a new anime in english dub any suggestions?
What is a good quote I should write in Calligraphy? I have to do one for art, it doesnt have to be a big one.?
What are the different jobs that a graphic designer would do? Does the job require skills at drawing by hand?
Visual Novels/ Eroge?
Where would you find a bema narthex and apse?
how much does a tattoo machine cost?
how to circle lettrs?
what is print design?
I'm in Media and I need some character names for a soap.?
can someone give me a symbol for "Freedom".?
Whats the meaning of 'ANIME'?
Graphic design portfolio beginner help?
the Symbol > does it mean greater than or less than?
What kind of flowers are good for pressing?
Which picture do you like better?
I'm stressing over my project :(?
Best sight to get furry suits?
Which addons to make digital art/drawings on GIMP?
i need the analysis of this painting http://damiencruz.com/sitebuilder/images/myinspiration2-295x360.jpg?
what should i draw next?
Which one is the best drawing app, Paint Tool Sai, or Sketchbook Pro?
when will chapter 42 of shinshi doumei cross come out?
where can I find anime things and cosplay at Malaysia?
looking for older ABEL fairy posters !?
where can i find a list of disney digital 3-d theatres?
I'm bored. What should I draw?
is writing on yourself bad for you?
artist who can do realistic portraiture?
I'm a fashion designer looking for a laptop that I can draw on the screen, save them and print them out .?
Do you like this drawing too ? (click link below)?
please answer if you are good at making drawings from keyboard?
Cassatt's work to Norman Rockwell's. How are they alike? How are they dif?
HELP! I was wondering if anyone knew what the font is of the word IMPROV,of the Improv Comedy Club.?
what is a web site that has nothing but tatoo pictures to drawl?
where can I made graffitis in web sites?
Anyone imagintive or creative, I NEED your help!?
can you help me draw anime/manga?
Posters or paintings online?
hi! can you see my drawings and tell me what you think about it?
Whats a cheap website to buy journals?
Where can I find a good picture editor?
i have done jewelry desiging from igi is it agood insitute and i am a student so i want to work guide me what?
I need pictures and information about arts that effects?
Does anyone know the name of the artist that drew this?
Tattooist messed up my love truncheon?
where can i buy works by Adolfo Schlosser?
who is a good actor to draw for my art project?
Which yearbook cover should I submit?
Where can I find some squiggly lines corner thingies?
Art technique: filling up empty space?!!?
What is monochromatic light?
Does anybody wanna trade pics?
How do i draw a person......?
how do i make a cartoon picture of myself?anyone?
What are some cool things to draw and sketch on my new sketchbook!?
Does anyone know how to sell items on the internet?
i m looking for a site with erotic pictures of angels?
how can i get this picture into a poster?
What are good questions to ask to a graphic designer?
If you are asked to list your favorite websites in no particular order, you are relying on?
i need help with art please??? help!!?
Male anime characters?
Got a question for the Photographers.?
how to draw anime?
drawing tips anyone?I'm just looking for any kind of drawing tips.?
Can Anyone Design this name for me?Dazaline Yung Ying Rou?
Will my drawing skills deteriorate if I only draw 2 hours a day?
How can I make my own anime?
Give your opinion about my drawings?
T-shirt design help easy 10 points?
Hi,I need to know more about the designs of clothing of Kadazan racial.?
How would I make a deadmau5 head?
help with ceramics and symbols?
what would be a custom good class in cod4?
how do i find someone who can design a product for me?
how can you draw a circle within a circle without lifting your pencil from the paper?
How can I find web site with a picture of a caduceus tattoo?
I need a good 70s and 80s font - free!!?
Can you get this kind of shading/style anywhere?
i like to draw alot and am pretty artistic but need advise on shading....?
What's the best computer/specs/programs for a comic book artist? (Lots of details, heh heh...)?
2+1=6 and 3+5=24 then what is 9+7? does anyone know? its a contest in my class and i really need to know it :P?
Why are trailers in 3D cinemas (IMAX) in 2D?
Can any one help me find a site with Celtic weaves ?
Any tips for a bidding artist. I'm mainly into pencils. Any help is appreciated.?
where can i find RE4 hentai?
What do you think a person sprayed with glossy black paint would like ?
What are come good porn sites with 100 percent free content and doesn't require a credit card?
Where can I get a job in Atlanta or lithonia at 14 yrs old?
My daughter is 6 years old and i feel that she is talented in drawing. How can I improve her talent.?
put my words in color?
Tips for an artist that's just beginning?
What is the origin of the comic book format?
help finding school folder designs w/ oceans,planet,great details?
What is the difference between drawing anime characters and drawing manga characters?
Im bored! Any suggestions!?:)?
Where can I find my name-"jordan" written in the ancient Hebrew Text?
what are some examples of "non-traditional" art?
Need some feedback please!!?
what is surreal artwork?
Is this a good pic?
What tatoo can b added to prayin hand tatoo?
I am looking for any illustrated book about King Henry V era, its interior design, furniture,fashion.Any idea?
how many years of college does it take to b an art teacher?
The right Blank mask?
I'm afraid to continue drawing?
Graphic Drawing tablet?
How do you draw something great...?
can someone help me create a logo?
Triangles in rectangles?
A logo to represent yourself?
If it says draw a 1:2 scale, what does that mean?
I need some help choosing more anime, any help would be greatly appreciated!?
What is the difference in graphite drawing pencils (2b, 2h, 3b, etc)?
what should i draw? i cant think of anything?
Cute ideas for school supplies.?
how can i make my own etching cream for etching glass ?
i like photoshop but i hate freehand coz i like photo but donot have patience for drawing?
Is there anyone on YouTube that can teach me how to draw manga step by step?
how do i learn to make pixel art what are some good tutorials ?
Are these drawings good?
what rhyms with quest?
When my meme will show up?
Does anyone know where I can find any thing about calligraphy history?
Is Bamboo fun supposed to do this?
For an RP, my scythe needs to turn into a small compact object?
the art of smiling?
What are dark outlines in a value drawing?
What the heck is a banksy?
I am looking for free online classes so can learn some kind skill. Does anyone know any free online classes?
How should I draw my boyfriends jeep?
How to make airbrush drawings like this on Gimp? (Links Included)?
How can i sell my drawings?
Drawing With Music Or W/o?
How is my artwork?
what feature does the monalisa picture miss?
simple concept.................?
i know Html , css , Dhtml ,Photoshop, illustrator, corel draw , flash , premier , after effects & 3ds max but?
is there any posters designed on suicide?
If you created a shirt with a permanent marker, will it stay on after washing and drying it?
is this flower I drew any good?
What're some good beginner RP sites?
I need a creative idea for a presentation!?
Piece of paper with writing went blurry in wash?
what color is the best?
Nude Modeling Suggestions?
I want to be an artist but i dont know where to begin.?
american interior designer Jim Eammon?
Need a new anime asap ?
Emo or Gothic pictures (manga/anime)?
What do you associate with the colour Purple?
I need signs that mean love and peace and that stuff.... looking for inspiration to draw/write?
Graphics tablet looks scratched, is that an onpurpose thing and wil it wear out fast?
AP ART concentration ideas??? something meaningful? please help!!!!!?
Can you use permanent markers to write on rocks?
What do you think of my art?
Does anybody know any website that sells Hello Kitty snapbacks ?
For those who are professional at drawing , HELP !!! ?
where can i find pictures of tattoos on the neck only?
Need Good Pictures of Final Fantasy!?
my life is a peice of **** what should i do?
wat are some good anime shows?
How to Apply a Lock Onto a Drawing Book?
how can i be your vore slave madam?
Can I print on Strathmore 500 4 ply Bristol using an HP inkjet or will it bleed?
how to start a manga drawer in canada?
I need some ideas please!?
another quick drawring i made please rate?
Anyone know how i can draw/make smileys?
I am looking for some help?
Is the weight of the container included?
Who is in this poster?
How do I make this kind of picture/graphic?
How should I arrange my posters?
something inspiring to draw ?♥?
Banned Story Backgrounds And Sounds?
does this pic look ok?
how do you make a custom pharell milo?
artist paints a beautiful picture of a sunrise with a forest and village in the foreground. What meaning best?
What are the Copy Right laws for printing Movie Decals for the window of a business?
what do you think of my drawing?
How do I find a London Art Gallery to display and sell my botanical paintings.?
Find this picture for me?
I did a massive pencil drawing, what do you think?
Q for GUYS! (10 points)?
where should i go uni?
I need a name for my character.....?
drawgs of da vinci?
I have visited this website but not found my subject. I need to know how to make design chart to make sweater?
do you have tattoos?
Do you think this picture looks cool?
What are some vampire mangas that start with the letter r?
Where can I get a cheap Drawing Tablet?
What can i draw? not to hard!?
Is art by talent only?
What is your reaction? Anime?
Who do you find easier to draw?
Rate my drawings please?
Do You Think I Can Be A Good Artist?
I found Waldo ?!?!?!!?
Where can I get online drawing lessons?
Anime i want to know if they gonna make a new episodios the lovelesss?
Is there a site where I can find city art?
Modelling Nude?
Hot picture please??
How to be a really good artist?
Am i good at drawing anime? and what do i lack at?
Has anyone ever been on this website?
what 3d materials are and which is the importance of their using?
Where can i get materials for snapback's brims?
highschoolmusical2 contest?
Anybody willing to draw my anime OC for free?
How do I draw from my imagination?
Is it possible, or common for Surrealism to be Scary?
Do your drawings express your personality and emotions?
what are silkscreens?
Art project help please? (:?
Please have a quick glance at my logo?
where do you get robotikits?
whos a graffiti writer here?
how to get rid of glasses on gimp 2.8?
Romantic anime suggestions?
Great gift for friend who loves to draw?
i make movies but i am starting with funny 5-10min skits but i can't think of any do u have any idea or websit?
What is dummy size in paper?
does anyone know where there is a website i can post a story on?
Should I buy Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch Tablet - Medium?
How do you put gifs from tumblr onto gifboom?
Rate these pictures ? 1-10 Pleasee ,?
a cube is painted and them cut off into 600 identical smaller cubeHow many of this cubes are painted on 2 face?
My 10 year old daughter wants to Draw an anime do you think she will be able
good portrait subjects? any ideas?
One tree hill help?
What is the best anime film?
Is it necessary or financially worth it to also get Master's degree in Motion Effects?
How to make different hearts on picnik?
a question about poser 12?
WHich is better for making vector?
Shading and general drawing tips for portraits please!?
Where is a website that has easy things such as cartoons and what not that I can draw?
I'm almost 14 and I drew this picture?? do you like it??
What do you think of my art?
Favorite brand of pencil?
where can I find anime things and cosplay at Malaysia?
on a scale of 1-10 how good are you at drawing things? ?
who is a good actor to draw for my art project?
Can someone teach me how to draw eyes?
what do you think about my drawing? (pics)?
Why cant i draw?
Drew on myself- India Ink, Prismacolor and Sharpie....?
kinds and techniques of building designs?
What do you think my highschool drafting class will be like next year?
pen pencil marker crayon colored pencil mechanical pencil!?
Can I use printer ink for my fountain pen?
how do i make my pictures smaller in jasc animation shop 3?
Where can I make a cartoon-like picture?
Are there any ways to sell my own, self-created manga (preferably online)?
My boyfriend is a writer and I'm engraving a pen for him for Christmas. What should it say? Minimum sap.?
I need help with my drawing?
Art Question! 10 POINT BEST ANSWER!?
I need a big Rupert Gr int poster. where can i get one?
hi does anyone know where I can get a free example/ template for a cv thanks?
Please Grade my Tree! =D?
What are some fun things to do with Sharpies when you're bored?
"Photoshop is for lazy artists"?
Cinema 4D Dinosaur Tutorial?
I did a Graphic Designing course and I wanna do it online?
I want to show my japanese calligraphy stuff to somewhere around denver .where can i do it?
how to: photo collage clock? (picture included)?
is this drawing promoting satanic idols?
were can i find pics on interior design of dvd-shops?
Where can I buy a nice pen?
What's my eye shape? (pictures inside)?
What should I draw for my art final? Has to do with something surrealistic or fantasy.?
Blender 3D background image Help!?
How to.....please help me out!?
Dragon Ball Z fan art about Trunks and Vegeta: anyone knows WHO'S THE ARTIST?
for art i have to draw a dvd cover. whats a really easy dvd cover to draw?
Would YOU date ME? Pic INCLUDED?
do you know any mangas or animes with an angel and devil character or somethin?
When will spiderman 3 be next showing?
Where can I find an artist to draw my comic book script?
GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Would you please critique my design?
What evidence do we have, that Commedia dell’arte actors took their art form seriously?
Can someone help me find this picture please?
Bamboo Creat Photo Shop?
What are some good colleges for cartooning/animating?
upload gimp pictures to deviant art?
Where can I find photos with creative commons?
What is this drawing tool called?
What does this symbol represent?
What is the best method for reproducing black & white pen & ink drawings for submissions?
Could you please critique my logo?
Can anyone help me find this picture?
Doctor?Artist?Fashion? ups and downs?
can you review 4 of my pics?
Where can i buy Plates for etching in California?
elementary class pic?
How should i make paper look ancient?
Anyone on here have actual experience as a manga/comic artist?
does anyone know how to draw people as an Anime Character for FREE plzz!?!?!?
Anybody have some good ideas?
What colour do you like to write with, Blue or Black!?
where can you post or sell your designs and sketches on line?
Ideas For My Art & Design Final Peice?
Question about getting an MFA in art....?
What is the term for when you have a side,top,and bottom view.?
what do you think of my logo?
What kind of blacklights should I use at my party, and how many should I use?
Can anyone help or anyone know how can I get some help?
Creating a graphic novel, advice please! :D?
ideas for graduation shirt?
Is there any website that I can make collages on for free without downloading anything?
What it was the biggest revolution: Printing or Web? And why?
What would you put on the front cover of a student guide - graphic design?
I want to draw manga?
What is the difference between a 2b pencil and a hb pencil?
What should I draw that includes anything really artistic?
Where can i Find these things but cheap please!?
What's a good program for 2D animation?
Help me with my creative writing?
How can I match color profiles between adobe illustrator and macromedia flash?
I want to start a new life,brake out from my boring,pointless ruitin,& right now i need help & inspiration,?
what is a good website for finding fantasy art?
I want to learn c++ , is there any website?
When is the deadline for the 2012-13 reflections contest?
Where can i buy tattoo stencil paper without going online?
what fonts does kushandwizdom use in his quotes? and how he uses black block backgrounds behind texts?
Any good programs I can use to darken lines on my sketches and edit photos?
There is a website where people create designs for your business. What is this name?
Does anyone know where I can find some The Black Angels t shirts?
where do i find some images made out of plain text?
Does anyone know any good Pro-Ana websites?
How long do Copic markers usually last before u have to refill them?
where are some cool places you can make names like these?
Would you create a logo for my company?
What's better for a sketchbook? WIth or without ringbinders?
Can anyone tell me the name?
Where can I find a basic skeleton structure for an anime?
should the human-sized anthropomorphic animal be drawn?
If the #2 pencil is so important, why is it still #2?
do you like my drawings?
What websites can you use to find info about the halocuast?
Anyone good at drawing, will to....?
CAn you think of any famous/not famous artist who does sculpturing to do with make up stuff?
How to write text around a circle in corel draw?
what are graphics?
do you think this drawing i did is good?
Can i use micron pen to draw manga ?
Where can I find the value of a rare Grace G. Drayton print titled "Check and Double Check"?
can somebody design a simple logo for me?
What should I draw for my school magazine?
I can't find a good tutorial on how to draw realistic water!!!! Help me!!!!?
Whats a good website to find famous symbol meanings?
what do i need to take for t-shirt printing?
need help on a 3d project?
Free royalty free images that I can use for my organization?
What do u think of my drawing? (Easy 10 POINTSS!)?
is this drawing sick?
Who is Lisa Frank?
Where to find a Certain Zombie Picture?
How do I get people to buy my art or even notice it?
how would you deal if your two year ol' cousin was taken by social services.?
by how much (what %) do you have to enlarge an architectural drawing to go from 1:50 scale to 1/8" scale?
Please Help, What font is in this picture?
How can one go about getting into RISD?
Do I need a license to do art/drawing commissions?
I want ot draw but...?
Freelance Graphic Designer Needed?
Can anyone give me show me a book or something that explains how to render muscles?
How can i close a Nurbs Cylinder in maya 2009?
Anime I can't remember ?
Where can I find Waldo glasses?
When you have a already drawn picture and you don't necessarily trace but- this is hard to explain?
artist that makes fabric fairys?
What should I draw?
any one know any good websites??
how to use a tumblr.?
What is the English translation of the Chinese characters actress Bai ling has tattooed above her ?
How are the graphics on TV shows made?
Drawing help?
My 3rd Microsoft Paint drawing video...?
What's the best brand of color pencils to use when coloring Manga type drawings?
does anyone like these computer drawings?
Would I use a scanner to scan my drawings and to post them on DA?
where can i find some good inspiration for a really abstract set design for a performance i'm doing. (pics) ?
Does anyone know a good pin-up girl DRAWING site?
Manga anyone?
What should I draw for my project?
The best Design Institute in India?
what should i draw?
I need a name for my handmade greeting cards?
What do you think of my art, please I need an honest opinion?
Anyone know who drew this photo?
Someone who knows a graffiti writter... or somewone who is or was a graffiti writter??
i want to learn Macromedia Flash?
Can a freelance storyboard artist make a good living?
Does the Obama Logo contain subliminal scripts? http://www.barackobama.com/images/temp_flashheader2.jpg?
why draw in black and white?
Using a trademark character in a logo?
Ideas for making poster's?
What do you rate my artwork?
can someone give me a reference picture for a drawing thats been done in pencil sketching but has some color?
Am I beautiful?
a site were i could turn a picture into anime?
Should i take art 4 a gcse?
Has anyone heard of the artist John Hull?
How can I get better at sketching fashion designs?
how can you publish a website for free ?
Graphic art Pc or mac?
Which is the better superhero power?
can any 1 plz tell me where i can find glow in the dark markers that can write on white t-shirts?
Rate my artwork?
How is this manga drawing of my girlfriend?
What makes a good piece of art?
Is it possible to learn how to draw or is it a talent that you cant learn?
how do i make my intro for an argument paper?
Which anime character can I cosplay as?
What colors make white?
im an artist but i cant think of anything to do when im older?
Can I make hand drawn anime art as lively and bright as digital anime art?
What do you call the lines of led that hold a stained glass window together?
Can someone turn me into a vampire using Adobe Photoshop CS3?
What should I draw....?
Which Wacom bamboo tablet is the best for drawing?
What medium does this art piece use?
Senior Project Product Ideas for hairdressing?
A word for a tag?
What does Fine Arts teach?
what can i draw as a timeline? [ex. road with a car [road is the timeline]?
Can somebody help me find doodles?
where can I make a snapback and get it for free?
buy t-shirt designs!?
are there ny stick figure animation programs for free to download for MACS?
How/Where to download anime?
How to do this Photoscape Effect?
I was wondering if any of you had any pictures or websites that has a picture of an elephant I can draw?
How would I go about making a 8 or 16 bit model of myself?
What should I draw? (I know it's long but please read)?
rate my looks (pic inside)?
How can I make 3D text wrap around a globe?
How to get better at drawing portraits...?
Internet graffiti walls?
Army pen pal to write letters to?
I need ideas for a design?
Drawing Symmetrical?
drawing with a leadholder?
how do i find my talent?
what are somethings i can draw?
Where can I get excellent Graphic letters?
What is your favorite Color? ?
How unlikely is it to become an animator in Japan?
(10 POINTS) What do you think of my drawing?
Is this a good picture?
Caption Contest ideas?
what is another website thats just like le.com?
XP Having trouble drawing hands?
What makes you think of Africa??
Any ideas for what I could draw?
I have a Picture by Ralph Fasanella called Family Supper and its a lithograph 31/250. How much can i get?
Where can I find a photoshop test online for free?
Any ideas on what I should I draw now?
rate please!! :) pics included?
Where can I show my poetry online for free?
i have a 31 year old daughter who can paint the most awesome art?
Color effects in photoshop?
Photoshop CS5 question what is layer style and what can each one of the do specifically?
What chalk brand is this?
What does a white ribbon represent?
I have photoshop but I cant really use it so if i give someone two pictures can they blend it in?
Help with drawing?
Has anyone ever heard of Howard David Johnson or his Brandywine School of the Illustrative Arts?
can talent just be.. lost?
tattoo? need help advise please?
what do you visualize when you think of god? does he take on a physical form?
How do you make your own logo's?
Education requirements for Animators, Cartoonist, and comic book writers...?
1-10 how good is this pic?
What is your opinion on Graffiti?
Is this DRAWING of the Joker any good? Do you think I have any talent?
Where can I find ventage Mickey Mouse flying an airplane?
I removed the bar where the drawing tool and square tool is. CS6 How to get them back?
photo shop?
Are these anime drawings okay for a beginner?
Wacom tablet question?
Art Question - Please Help?
Is it possible for a 17 year old to become an animator withought having a degree? And if so, how?
Are crayola beginnings toxic?