Got any good swing moves?
A good dance to perform for talent show?
i'm 16...am i too old to learn ballet?
Ballet variations for two female dancers?
Who's a irish dancer,if you are provit. Im a priswinner and i due blackbird for terdishonal set.?
A good song for...?
What's up with those wigs that Irish step dancers wear?
What dance style is this?
why do you love dancing?
What are some cool dances that i can use for a competition?
Visiting overseas school.... People asking if I'm going to go to dance... What should I do...? 10 points?
as long as i chose a suitible style and colour could i get away with wearing a womens leotard?
The Original Pussycat Dolls????
How difficult is it to get into the University of Arizona pom line?
what would you do? or is there a another line dancing bars in columbus ohio?
I need a rave nickname forr my friend?
Where can I buy?????????
What to do for a 6-12yo Hip-Hop class?
Ballet intensives that teach beginner pointe?
Which of these summer intensives should I audition for?
When buying ballet shoes should you buy a different size from your normal footwear?
Why the hell is kirstie alley still on dancing with the stars? NOT a popularity contest!?
Where Can i Create a Cheerleading Voice Overs with my team name for free?
Help with my dance homework?
Are people with really long achilles tendons more prone to tendonitis or not?
I hurt my Achilles tendon while wearing an old pair of pointe shoes. How can I speed the recovery process?
How do you salsa? and is it easy?
where can i take tap dancing classes in Melbourne, Australia?
are there any high schools in nyc that major in ballet?
did you put your child into dance classes?
I NEED to know how to become flexable...fast!?
what was the song playing at the Homecoming dance in "Pretty Little Liars" the slow song?
how do you do good grinding?
Tips for a contemporary solo?
Poll: fave song to dance to! ♥?
Where can I learn to dance hip hop? I'm a total beginner.?
i'm a girl looking for a cool hip hop name any ideas?
Where can i find some free online videos for basic break dancing moves?
Does anyone know some really good belly dance music?
Belly dance choregraphy on Ojos Asi by Shakira?
What's the name of that song that everyone does the step on in the club. Sounds like "kane wayne with it".
belly dancing-london?
Selgaes? (Sadie Hawkins Dance)?
Which one is better - nubuck or satin ballroom shoes?
Dance is not a sport ....get over it.?
I'm looking for boarding schools to apply to. I love ballet and want to be a ballerina. Help?
does this mean i'm fat?
would you have to quit school just to do ballet at 16?
I need some extra money and am told I could make a lot dancing. Experience?
Songs for a jazz class?
Summer dance camps 2011?
Sadie Hawkins dance ideas?
Popular songs in latin dancing?
Fave Dance Track???
Other than ballet, what do you think is the most elegant dance?
How do I prevent myself from becoming dizzy and nauseous when I do fast turns while dancing?
Contemp Dance ideas letting go of anger and sadness?
I am a plus size girl and I enjoy dancing hip-hop, however I want to learn jazz and tap. Am I wanting 2 much?
what mean love?
I Need Help With My Leaps !?
What are all the theatres where ballets are performed?
How to do the splits in a week ?
becoming dance teacher?
pointe shoes..?
Going to see "Sleeping Beauty" ballet at Lincoln Center from the front row. Will I be able to see?
Do you feel like dancing???
Are there classes that have ballet and hip hop dancing together?
What kind of dance would you recommend?
Help: Should my girlfriend and I try this stunt?
Ballet Dancers: Is it easy to learn ballet?
Should I do jazz or tap?
Help with street dance move?
can nebody tell me all the names of street dances?
I have to make a decision about what "sport" i want to play... how do i choose? Cheer or Dance?
Who came up with "the reject" dance?
I need a name for my dance group.?
Why does this girl think i should be in lower dance levels?
traditionall,dance,mumsic,dress in india?
Is it too late to get into a dance class? Should I?
I am trying out for a dance team and I am wondering what a turning disc is. Does anyone know?
What night is live to dance on?
Who is your favourite korean dancer? Only for people who know korean dancers?
Doing a dance class on my own?
Are there any dancers ?
we need a cheerleading squad name?
Cheerleading auditions help!?
do you like to dance?
Songs to tut and wave to?
Need help with anxiety :( DANCINGG. ?
what do ladies think about guys who dance?
best dance school/studio/academy in orlando?
HOw muhc does a ballet dancer make by month? What kind of jobs could be given to support her as a dancer?
POINTE SHOES!!!! (multiple questions)?
What's the difference between Karma and Karamel?
how long will me and my boyfriend be together for?
what major ballet companies are located in Los Angeles, CA?
What are the folk dances in Mindanao? List them.?
Does anyone know how to make a mix for a dance using your songs of i tunes for free?
Where can I take dance lessons in Wisconsin?
What song always makes you just want to get up and dance?
What's that dance called when you shake your upper body?
the next stage performing arts academy singapore?
The proper one.?
Do you know any good songs about getting over someone?
Do you think im a good dancer???
what hot clubs/night spots are there in London?
should parents specially mothers encourage their boys for classical dance?
Where and when is ballet born?
Ballet for a little girl?
New line dance..goes something like to the right...now walk it out! Can someone help me plz?
Ballet!! Split sole or full sole? Canvas , leather or satin?
How old is Junko "Bashment" Kudo?
Where and how did swing dancing originate?
Do you think dance is harder than foot-ball?
Where do you go after dance college?
Who luvs Ballet Flats?
How do you go to the dance with a boy that's your friend but your bff likes him?
what dance school should i go to?
What is the name of the music/song, which raghav juyal/crockroz use to dance in dance india dance sesons 3?
How can i learn to dance to bashment/dancehall?
If you were to choose a dance to learn?
what is this dance leap called?
I love dancing all sorts!!! I have been en pointe for 3 yrs now how long have you been en pointe???
contemporary dance camps for the summer?
Cultural shows in Pune?
My daughter has taken ballet for the last 4 years and now she is not interested anymore, shld i let her quit?
talos monica?
Can you help me design a dance tshirt?
Maddie's best solo? (DANCE MOMS)?
What kind of party do you prefer to go,and why?
If I work hard enough, will I be good at ballet?
Can i wear leggings and a fitted tank top to my first ballet class?
What is a sexy/sassy jazz song for a solo?
What is the importance of social ballroom dance?
Where can i find information on the type of music that is used for ballroom dancing?
Could I make my high school's cheerleading squad after one year of tumbling?
Need help with pirouettes?
anyone who likes hip hop dancing....?
Could you show me what clothes to buy for ballet class?Like the website and what kind of ballet slippers?
good quince surprise dance songs?
What is this dance song?
Any good song ideas for my dance?
Am I too late to try ballet?
how do you poplock ?
Do you really need a college degree to become a dancer?
are you scared of death.?
Dance Team girls answer!?
How much schooled I weigh to be in ballet?
When will i reach my dream?
My fiance and I would like to have a mix of 80's music played for our first dance.Where can we find Cd?
find the sentence structure shayla is taking dance classes, and Andre is on a football team.?
I want to join shiamak classes in noida only,can u plz tell me the details.I heard about jan 2009 classes.?
Do strippers always leave their shoes on?
Anybody Here Knows How To LEAN WIT IT,ROCK WIT IT?
Teach me how to Dougie?
Any ideas about props that can be used for a dance number?
Flamenco in Melbourne?
where can i watch the new breaking pointe online?
I can't remember this one dance move?
basic dance for 13 year age group?
who is mallika seravat.?
I've started doing festivals in ballet and I don't know whether to carry it on?
What are some good clean names for a dance team?
where can I find a vid clip of the egyption sand dances wilson keppel & betty?
Im having a house party can you suggest any good songs for my playlist?? thanks!?
What u like ?
What are the dance songs in step up revolution?
Any good costumes to wear for a dance?
How do you dance to Euro tech music at nightclubs?
Why do Ballet male dancers wear costumes that accentuate their package ?
Who's going out tonight?
How do you do a front limber?
Studio switching Is ok?
where can i find any go-go dance school in Dublin,in Ireland?
I need to hear from girls who have worn a leotard for dance classes!?
What style of dance should I do?
Anyone know of any Teen Night/dance clubs in Washington state?
how to ask a swimmer to sadies?
What is this ballet turn called?
Do you know of any good shakira type dancing videos?
How to break in pointe shoes?
Dance poles: Lil Mynx or X-Pole? Which one is better?
Contortionists please help!?
do you know how i could make my dance steps look softer in hip-hop??
why tough men shoudn,t dance?
iam looking for a dance school called starlights in plymouth?
belly dance classes in herts?
Who do you want to win America's Best Dance Crew Season 6?
Dancers- what ballet flats do you recommend?
do you think it is ok that....?
the melbourne shuffle?
wy do whitemen cheat we blackmen during fifaworldcup,and fifa also don't say anything about that why.
What kind of shorts can you wear for dance class that aren't booty shorts?
I am trying to find the name of a song from my daughters dance class.?
How many dancing TC's are there?
what is this music? and how would you dance to it?
How many of you are ballet dancers and do you have pointe shoes?
Pre pointe class...............?
Ballet vs Tap Dance Lessons?
What's the Mexican Hat Dance about?
what songggg for a dance duet that will be competed?
Is there anywhere I can take ballroom lessons in Fremont or Hayward, Ca?
Tips/Tricks for beginning pointe?
I have really long arms and legs, my arms look funny when I dance. HELP!?
Can beginners take pre-pointe?
Anyone know how to loosen up, i use to cheer and now i dance?
Going to a club.. I can't dance. Help!?
what do i do?
do u know what the hip hop move is called where u put your hands on the ground and move your legs round your t
Do you think that dancing is a good hobby?
what is a dance manager?
I would like to download the "palotas", Hungarian ball dance.?
pierre dulaine biography?
Thanks legend but i tried that im getting jack on it so im looking for a specific name i can go under.?
Modern Dance or Hip Hop?
What is a good weight for someone who is 15 and is 5"2??
What is the best way to learn how to glowswinging?
Lyrical dance songs with a story/emotional?
does anyone know how to do the fish?
Im in the mood for a dance party! Anyone wanna come?
How much should a ballet dancer weigh?
what colors does the term hazel apply to, when discribing human eyes?
How to dance? in a club?
what will be the impact and consequences of the estroid coming to hit our planet in 2036?
Do you like dancing?
Am i doing foundus wrong in Ballet?
turnout=sky high extensions?
clever catchy name! i am desperate!!?
What kind of dancing is this?
when is one month,and twenty days from now?
Do you guys know were any dance classes are located?
favorite ballet?
what do you think?
what kind of shoes are best for tango?
The mask of Zorro dance?
Nervous about starting tap? tap experts please?
My daughters dance team said she had to wear thongs for an outift. It's revealing too. She's only 10. Why
Should I try to sneak in to my daughter's dance recital, or pay the two bucks and have it over with?
Is Santa Claus real?
how do u join the ucla bhangra team or the ucla hindi film dance team???
What type of dance would these songs be good for?
are these shoe worth the price? Is it a good deal?
How to remove satin from platform of pointe shoes?
does anyone know where i could find this?
Is it Possible to join a company........?
how do you spin around on your heels? like the do in music videos?
Is there break dance school in Egypt ?
Is 23 too old to begin as a professional dancer?
What is the best semi permanent pole dancing pole?
old school dance songs?
Russian Swan Lake, act 3?
ballroom dancing music?
What are some good songs for either tap or ballet solos?
Ballroom/Latin dancing?
whats the best way to improve my spins in dance?
what do you know a bout geisha's or maiko's arigato!?
i need to get money for ballet classes!!?
How do you grind (dance)?
Ballet on your toes?
Would you like to learn how to Ballroom Dance....be honest!?
what are some good snacks to eat at dance?
Anyone know some good lyrical songs for a dance dedicated to our teachers?
Where are there classes in modern (Graham) dance in London?
My school is having a homecoming dance!!!?
Do you know where I could find a large mirror like the kind in dance studios?
Was Martha Graham's dances accepted at first?
Am I too late to start dancing more often!?
Are there any upcoming step shows in Georgia and if so who can you contact to participate in it?
I need to come up with a 70's song for 6 year olds to dance to for a Brownie/Daisy Revue. Any Suggestions?
Exersizes for Pointe ballet? ?
Best shoes u ever had,guys?
How to club dance?
Why do boys think they can do everything?
Dancing tips???
I'm taking a pole dance class and my thighs are covered in bruises. Will I always bruise or will this go away?
What color ballett costume?
which dance is adapted from the RUMBA by PIERRE LAVELLE?
what is the name of the first song used in Prince's performance in Dance ke Superstars finale?
How to teach baby to walk, eat, read, dance? but not time?
Any ''cool'' dance moves for a 13 years old?
Differences in Belly Dance styles?
What do you think of being a cheerleader?
How come white people can't dance?
what is the best way for my friendto learn how to break dance/battle?
if you take me lyrics?
Should i be a stripper?
(girls) Why do you approve or want male ballet dancers.?
Has anyone ever been to Orlando Ballet's SI?
Does anyone know where I can take good salsa dancing lessons for the summer 2011?
Please suggess some solo song to dance in my reception party.i hesitate to dance.i m not good dancer.?
for the girls?
What celebrity (ies) would you like to see on next season's Dancing with the Stars?
Do you ghost ride your wip and dance on your hood?
I'm doing a lyrical dance solo and can't find a song! Any suggestions?! =]?
How to do the Splits?
Why do my pointe shoes hurt so bad?
Can you dance?
How come ballet dancers and ice skaters do not get dizzy after doing continuous spins?
is there any dance dance revolution near midwest city, oklahoma?
Is there any pole dance classes in Eugene Oregon?
How can I learn to control my arms and legs when I dance?
hip hop music for a dance routine?
Why do you love breakdancing?
Do you do any kind of dancing? What kind? I am doing Ballet and Belly dancing....?
Does this song want to make you dance?
Beginning Ballet Tips?
Why haven't pickles taken over the world yet?
Ideas for props for a dance?
Vegan friendly ballet slippers?
Places to do group dance in Tampa FL?
What type of music should I dance to in my Quinceanera?
Other High School Dance?
What is so good about dancing with someone?
What is the name of the dance jack and rose did in titanic?
have any good answers?
Does anyone have the choreography of the dance sequence from Singin' in the Rain?
I would like to find tahitian dance school in new zealand?
what do you think shakira sings good?
Seargent is still in come dancing? Magic, The judges don't know anything about ballroom dancing do they?
How can I look more comfortable on stage?
How to do Beyonce's dance routine in "Dance for You"?
I want help making junior varsity next year ?
What Are Some Good Dance Crew Names?
I need a new dance bag... or way to organize the current one Sugestions?
I need tips for my aerial!?
Where is a great place to have a indoor/outdoor pool party for adults?
My dance studio is closing and I don't know what to do.?
What is a good hiphop dance studio to take classes in San Francisco?
What is the most easiest way to beat a pro at dance dance revolution?
how am I supposed to say this?
How can I wow em on the dance flooor?
Has anyone tried belly dancing? Did you enjoy it?
does anybody know the name of this saidi song?
Private Dance Lessons?
What should my dance be about?
learning to breakdance?
I Love to Dance, But i have no idea how to get into it professionally?
High school dance team description?
twirling catcher?
What is a site that will tell me a lot of tap steps/combinations and how to do them?
How can I become flexible?
How can I motavate myself?
what do ballet dancers use resin for?
ballet knees problems ?
Is there any DVD or something i can buy that is step-by-step teaching of celebrity dances?
Colombians!!!I need your help!?
I get tired when I dance :(?!?
Dance to these videos (choreography?)?
I need to learn to dance in time for my sister's wedding?
Does anyone know where I can find a houston striptease class?
Would you massage your friend's feet after dance class if she asked?
dance schools in delhi?
I live in Ocala, FL and want to learn how to dance(hip hop type of stuff) anyone kno where I can find a teach?
Can I start dance at 15??????????
Where can I get the tank tops that those girls are wearing in hip hop class that are razorback and baggy?
how can i b a class clown in my eight grade class?
find ballroom dance shoes in essex county?
What is the difference between tap, clogging, and Irish step?
Salsa in Pune?
Are the Cheetah girls practices open to the public?
Where is a good place to learn Hip Hop for a little girl in 4th grade?
Senior lyrical song ideas?
What's the point of booty bouncing for strippers?
What is the best way to do the splits?
What's a good ballet to see in nyc in the upcoming months?
I Really Need Help With This! It's For My Book! Can You Please Help Me?
What level of ballet should i be in?
What is a good jazz dance song?
Where can I get dance lessons in NYC?
Gymnastics or Dance?? ?
How do i do an illusion turn?
What kind of padding do you use in your pointe shoes?
Do you think dance is a sport?
is a juke pay as you go?
Who Choreographed Justin's Timberlake's Video "My LOVE"?
where can i find instructions on how to do the showcase dance in Step Up?
Does anyone know where I can find the percussion score or beat counts for Hollaback Girl?
Do people Dance in the shower?
do you think its possible to dance on pointe on your own? meaning w/. out studio training.?
Something a little sexy?
Any good strip tease songs?
I'm looking for a modern dance troupe sounds like Pellugala,maybe really cool costumes?
which one????
How can I do an Aerial without hurting myself?
What are some fun props to use on stage for a dance recital and some songs to go with them?
Should i quit dance?
Remembering dance moves how do you do it because I keep forgetting them!?
Dance show where girl starts taking off her clothing?
to do Lyrical/ Contemporary dance would you have to do ballet first?
Bands a make her dance ?
"Revelations" Alvin Ailey - Really need extra help!?
Which name is better for a dance group?
Who do you consider to be the worlds best dancer and why ?
is it too late to become a professional dancer at 22?
what is the best way to get my cheer jumps higher?
I shy when I want to dance.so I stop dancing.How can I overcome my fear?
What shoes are best for a dance audition?
What to expect National Ballet Canada audition?
dancing help?! please help, give good suggestoions! THANKSKKSSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKKS!!!!!!!!!…
Why don't I sweat as much as I did 2 and 3 days ago while playing Just Dance 3?
My toepads are sticky!?
How do I become a dancer?
How hard is it to get on the Hawaii University dance team?
ballroom dancing?
I need Help??Stiff stomach?
where can i find information about attitudes towards dancing in Britain between 1850 - 1950?
Is it slutty to grind?
i need an 8 count for my cheerleading dance. Help?
What song do you think i should dance to in the talent show?
Question about the nuter ballet?
Dance poll? Favorite style of dance?
the art school julliard?
Where can I find a find a good dance studio?
how can i download a club penguin trainer 5 without getting bandded or payying money?
is 16 to old to start ballet?
Is this a good dance floor? Pic inside?
How can i prevent getting dizzy after turns in ballet?
sadies hawkins dance clothing ideas?
Help???Dance exercise?
does anybody go to a full-time dance school specialising in ballet in brisbane?
Good Christmas dance and song for entertainment?
Where did salsa originate?
I want to learn the tango. Is it difficult?
How Does Dance Solo System work ? Dance soloists please read ! ?
Dance Shoes?
toe pads for Gaynor Mindens?
show in this world a good lady photo?
Who won Dancing With The Stars season 8 tonight?
Should I take ballet?
is it normal for 2 girls to grind dance on with eachother?
Can you please help me on this! Scroll down?
I was just wondering...?
how can we live happily without money?
What is the best brand of ballet shoes? I want to give them as a gift to my friend.?
What are my chances of getting into rwb?
How much Ballet/African should I take in college/university?
Dances for LGBTQ teens in/near Champaign/Urbana?
what is friendship day?
can girls ask the guys to homecoming? and how long are you supposed to wait to be asked before asking them?
Color guard pros and cons? (male)?
Does anyone know any dance steps 2 any of the Pussycat doll songs?
Survey about dance...?
I want to take hip hop classes in toronto but I don't know what school to go to?
Songs for hip hop or contemporary/lyrical audition solo?
I am stepping down a grade in ballet...?
where are some good dance clubs to go to?
Tap dancers from the Harlem Renaissance and what steps were they famous for??
dance studios in bmore (baltimore)?
At what age can ballet dancers wear pointe shoes?
How to fast dance/ grind/ dirty dance/break dance/ dance at prom/ club dance?
Any New Krump Beats?
is 14 to late to learn to break dance?
does anyone have good ideas for hip hop costumes?
How do you hip/belly roll?
who likes to dance?i do!?
Okay I'm making these shirts for this dance?
Too old to start dancing?
ballet apparel stores in miami?
How to shake booty Up and Down?
Is it ok for a boy to take ballet lessons?
I need to find kick a** arch-angels any one know were I can find the or can anyone send me one?
ballet dancers: I need help!!! fast!?
who first started the tango and when did he or she first start it?
Some ballet sources..?
A question about college and their dance teams?
Dance Schools?
were do you find local hip hop dance lesson?
Where do I start breakdancing or bboying?
How Much Aerial Silk Is Needed?
do u like souljah boys dance style?
we will rock you..?
whats your coolest dance move?
Looking for overseas pre-professional ballet school?
Im Never Gonna Dance Again... Because I Feel Guilty?
when does dancing with the stars season 15 start?
What to expect in my first acro dance class?
I suck at dancing. Help me?! Lol?
where do paige hyland and chloe lukasiak from dance moms get their dancewear from?
How do I learn acro tricks myself?
I need help with my choice..?
How can I summarize this in a few short sentences?
Why cant i join ballet?
I didn't get into dance?
I cannot dance. What do i do?
BALLET DANCERS please!! wich pointe shoes are the best?
Could you give me a list of dance related science fair projects?
what is the meaning/story behind the song: set the fire to the third bar, by snow patrol?
how long dose it take to be a good dancer?
Who watches So You Think You Can Dance and who is your favorite dancer/couple?
what is the song that the couple who did the "butt" routine on So you Think you can Dance danced to?
Can we get some help with our 7th grade dance?
How Dance Before 12 hours?????
Spies dancing through lasers?
Best way to learn to dance in London?
What kind of pointe shoes stay firm the longest?
Should I take Ballet or TaeKwonDo?
Can you become a high school cheerleader even though your not flexible at all ?
history and origins of tap dance?
Do hip-pop music or dance is moving your BUTTOCK?
what is d best way to keep smiling ever,?
What is wrong with Tara's leg on Dance Academy?
I am SO unflexible for a dancer!!!?
set design and lighting of ghost dance?
What is Philippine folk dance?
What dance do you think would go well with this song?
How did u learn to Cwalk?
What are some good outfits my date and i can wear for the sadie hawkins dance? Something funny.?
I want to be a dancer help?
Krumping & Tecktonik?
i dont have a date to winter formal and i want to go to a dance my freshy year and idk if i should go when all?
Should I Run Track And Dance Or Just Dance??
What type of dancing should I do?
What does Style mean in Dance?
how do you c walk .crip walk?
Starting ballet at 13? Basic Ballet Info?
Is barefoot pointe possible? Has anyone done it?
Tips For First Solo(DANCE):) ?
Are there any salsa, tango waltz sort of classes in ahmedabad?
I need some ideas about where I can get help choreographing a school dance routine? Movies, books... help!!?
asking someone to a dance?
where to dance country in Bakersfield?
cheerleading stunts?
where can i find ballroom classes in central florida?
Isn't a lot of what we call tap dancing really just nerves?
What are some of the newest and hottest hip hop dances that are out right now?
is cathy stien vivi annes real mom from dance moms?
What should I do?
Shakira's dancing?
What is: Ballet, Gymnastics, and Sports for?
where can you learn how to ukranian dance and where do they perform it?
alright everyone has one thing that they are good at what is mine?
Does this dance make you cry??
should i just quit?
You Know Your A Dancer When...?
where can i majorette..?
What are good dance party songs?
How many dances do you dance?
I need an off the wall winter dance theme!?
Poll-can you do disco dance the whole night :P?
Do any Pennsylvania Ballet schools house their students, and let them live there to learn ballet?
How can a 13 year old school girl get famous?
something anout traditional Thai dancing brama"Lakorn Nai,Lakorn Nok,Lakorn Chatri"?
Hyper extended legs - dancer?
Who is the discoverer of the western dancing?
Don't you think that?
How to gain upper body strength?
what are some good modern dance moves?
How to Windmill? (bboy)?
Do girls like a guy who can dance bachata?
What to wear to a dance party?
have you got any dancing ideas?
sideline cheers??? what are some cute sideline cheers for my squad?
how to do bleking step?
dancing styles hip hop?
What kind of ballet shoes are the best? ?
Where can I learn flexibility and cheerleading things online for free?
what is the best form of dance?
Dance Schools in Scotland/Ayrshire o:?
i ahave time to play but not to work what do you think i should do?
What class would help me most with tap?
Describe your exprience with modern dance; how did it make you feel?
How long does it take to learn how to dance Cumbia Texana?
what would u like at a dance...YEAH ITS DANCE?
ok my dance teacher told me i have a month to get my splits or i might be replaced on the team?
Are there any good places to take Bollywood Dancing Lessons near Pearl River, New York? ?
What happens to the toes in pointe shoes?
How old are the girls on dance moms?
requirements for windmills in break dancing?
Exactly what is line dancing ?
What type of dancing does Nora from Step Up do?
Help me choose a stimulus for my dance GCSE composition?
what is a good song to dance to?
I suck at dancing?
i got a dance tommorow?
Flexicus Hallicus Longus Tendontinis? Help Warming Up Ankles!?
How to tone muscles, so they aren't so big?
ABT Summer Intensive?
What do you do in a contemporary dance class?
where can i get poems about dance?
What is the name of the music tracks that are used in Act 1 and Act 2 in The Nuter Ballet?
At what age should you stop going to nightclubs and why?
where are the good places to dance Salsa in Manhattan, NYC?
dance related books...anyone know any?
pole dancing?
How to dance/ learn to dance?
Dance moves i can learn?
Does anyone know of any dance classes in Bishopbriggs for a 5 yr old?
Teaching a Tap Class?
All Ballet Dancers?!?!?!?
HAs anyone been to Ballet Hawaii?
Dance and Flexibility?
I'm nervous about my dance class...?
Whats the best way to learn to dance?
Where can I find the written choreography for the movie "Dirty Dancing"?
i have the best dance of the year on the same day that i have to go to the battle of the bands witch one shoul
I want to get into splits for ballet ... im 14 (male) and i dont know good ways to stretch.?
Dancing Moves...HELP!!!?
What should you wear during dancing?
What are some cool names for a hip hop dance group?
Dance Studio name. YOur input is greatly appreciated?
Why does my right hip hurt when I do fouettes?
How can I turn out my hips?
Anyone love watching broadway dancing?
where can i find an urban based dance course at uni in the U.S?
What is Cream's Dance the Night Away about?
Would like to be a Tap teacher. help!?
Stomp The Yard?
how do you dance basically, like just to regular music at a high school dance?
highschool kid!!!!?
i'm starting cheerleading at my school really soon, i don't really know what the coaches will expect....
Do girls enjoy taking dance classes with both guys and girls. ?
What kind of dancing is this called?
Chris Brown "With You" music video dance move?
What goes under a leotard? Sports Bra, no bra...etc.?
Is there a good catchy song that you just cant help dancing too or you feel it running through your body?
If you are a member of a Dance Club, what would you do to change the bad impression of parents about dancing?
salsa dancing, how easy 2 learn?
Should our dance crew use masks or not?
Teen nightclubs in new york state?
I need a place in Co Springs, Colorado that has used tap shoes?
Anyone else into full contact square dancing?
I'm 13 and I am doing a solo and I need a slow sad song to dance to that is sang by a girl. Help? Any ideas?!?
How do you dance at parties?
I need your opinion please!! ballet classes?
Have you ever danced in the rain? Do you like dancing in the rain?
how can i remember dance moves?
Cute dance leotards!? (:?
who can dance?
Line Dancing?
how to do clean pirouettes for doubles & singles?
Do women dance better because they have to dance in heels?
where can i find a break dance place?
Does anyone use "Dance Paws"? Are they any good.?
Are you a ballet dancer? How long have you danced? And what is your age?
What's the Name on this 80's Song The.... Time Has Come...?
Buying dance tapes at Showstoppers?
How do I teach myself to do a back handspring?
A question for girls (girls ONLY) - Do u like boys who dances hip hop?
Where to find a Rhinestone Rave/Dancer bra for C/D cup?
what do i wear for first night of ball room dance class?
Are there any clubs for minors?
How to get flexible fast for cheerleading?
Is canvas ballet slippers better or leather?Why?
can i be a dancer when im 20 years old?
What type of dance for one person is the best?
Are Ashley Tisdale and Zac Effron dating?
guys do you like cheerleaders?
Ok which is harder: Ballet or Football?
How Do U Your Tippie Toes Without Those Ballet Slippers?
how do you know if you are a party people?
Is it appropriate to dance with flip flops or sandals?
Is the Caramelldansen dance copywrited?
How can I get my ponches?
How do I get flexible quickly?
This is kinda Stupid,but when u slow dance where should u look?
How do you do you?
What do you think will happen?
Side split stretches?
When Does The Disney Channel Make Your Mark Dance Off End?
where can i take dance lessons ?
How do you do a CARTWHEEL???????????????????????????????…
What dance types do i have to learn if i want to be a Kpop star?
They say there was a video of Kabamodern stealing the JabbawockeeZ moves Does anybody know where i can find it
Who do you think should have won So You Think You Can Dance?
Is there a tutorial on where i can learn how to shake my *** well?
Which classical books do you consult to make your dance most effective and graceful?
What is a good song for a brother and sister dance at a Quincenera?
i like to dance, but im afraid people will laugh at me?
How to do a sexy striptease?
Am I too old?
Were can you buy dance shoes in Colorado?
what are 3 aspects of the culture in the medieval and renaissance periods?
How to get my dance teacher to let me and my friend choreograph our duo?
Gymnastics class for a 13 year old?
I can dance like the wind....should I tell my wife?
My Junior class needs to raise money for our class trip. We would like to have some type of clinic that both?
How to keep hydrated while dancing?
Good songs for highlighter dance?
It's a boy from my school dat is fine.I don't kno how 2 tell him I love him.So please help me?
any tango dance music or tips how 2 dance ???
Strippers/Female dancers or those of you who know any PLEASE help with my paper its due tuesday and im lost!?
songs for little girls ballet dance?
if i'm wearing a mini belly dancing skirt do i have to wear white pants?
Do you do ballroom? What's your favorite dance?
Sadie Hawkins Dance Coming Up?
What dancers changed dancing?
Ballet beginner in montreal?
Can you dance?
teach me some dance moves!?
Are there any professional dancers who were only trained in RAD?
I want to see some great modern/contemporary dance companies.?
What is the bump at the top of a ballet dancer's foot called, and what's wrong with mine? (pic included)?
Do professional dance companies care about un natural colored hair?
Has anybody seen Skippy recently?
The harder I try to dance, the worse I get. Help?
What is a Good Names for an School Dance Team?
How to learn a fouette turn in two nights?
What kind of dance should I do?
are there online salsa classes?
I really wanna be on the dance team, but I'm not great. And what if my friends on the team judge me?
Is dance considered a wimpy sport?
What style of dancing does Michael Jackson dance?
What do they usually teach in advance jazz dance classes?
dancers:what do you think about this dance?(video)?
How did Shakira learn how 2 dance so good?
Buying Pointe Shoes?
How can I treat a injured toe?
Describe dance in one word.?
dance highschool????
Dancers here, if so...what is your style?
any good night clubs?
how to make compering for a dance contest interesting?
did you put your child into dance classes?
Am I a good dancer?Please be honest?
How does teaching others to dance help the community?
so simple i cant explain?
do yall watch so u think u can dance?
I want to balle do you know any bella schools in Alanta GA?
Am I too fat to take ballet?
what episode of sytycd is this?
Hi My Fellow Buddies, I'm looking for an 18 and over nightclub in the LA, Hollywood or Pasadena area?
Is flexibility bad?
Great Jazz Routine Songs?
Where can i buy Dance gloves?
I need a good name for my praise dance group?
How to do jack hammer,easylly!!!?
Dancers..How do you get over nerves!?
Can you do the Bend and Snap?
i'm 12 can i start ballet?
In what style of dance does one learn foutte turns, pirouettes, and grand jetes?
Song for a strip tease?
Intensive Dance Stretching Routine?
Help With Fouettes.......?
PLEASE HELP! nobodys answers im questions?
Do you have to be flexible to dance?
Is this professional?
Colleges for Dancers!!!?
Lyrical Dance Question?
Dance Moves in Some body to love by justin bieber?
What stretches can I do to get really good leg extensions for dance?
Is 21 to old to be a Ballet dancer..?
Apolo won dancing with the stars what do you think?
what are the steps to the electric slide?
Too old?????
about how much do capezios cost?
Good songs, that are not well known? ?
Shakira's dancing?
Can you help me about 'lyrical dancing information.'?
I need help fast the problem is we need 2 have a final dance pose by tomorrow 4 the dance unit 4 Gym?
Have you ever heard about contemporany dance??
quick i need an upbeat solo song!!!?
Lefty or righty dancer ?
summer dancing school in Australia(esp. in sydney and melbourne?)?
is it to late to start ballet ?
are there any places in Oceanside where you can have a neon dance party?
smirnoff,karina what is her age.?
Is this a good dance studio?
how can i get the last cm of my split?
Can you do the cancan?
Hip hop in Pune (India) ??
"We're all in this together" printable dance moves!!??
Any ballet/modern dancers, gymnast, skaters complete insanity/p90x?
martha graham biography?
I'm 16 and i have had no dance training...is it to late for me to start or im i to old to start??
does anybod else kno who lumarie the professional dancer is?
Not good enough to be a ballerina anymore?
awesome dance songs?
How do you dance at a school dance?
I want a website that can give me awesome dance moves step-by-step?
What is Bboying First Move?
who was the world best player in 2002, and who be nest world player in this 2006 worldcompetition, and best kp
gcse dance..help with choice of song ?
I am looking for ballet lessons i queens for adult beginner.?
I need to land my double pirouette, can anyone help me?
Cleaning leather ballet flats?
Does anyone know of free online belly dancing lessons?
I wont the songs of the movie "Toofan" 1989 : Amitabh Bachchan?
how can i get my own website?
What are the after school activities in Fulton,MS ?
Dancing help please!?
NEED GOOD lyrical, tap and jazz songs! ANYBODY?
i really really need more flexibility!?!?
how do u dance at a under 18 club?
Whats the name of this song?
what is the best self tanner for latin competitions?
Is the sprinkler a legitimate dance move?
Where can I find a hip hop class in santa cruz, california?
Would any one be kind enough to list out some R&B/Hip Hop songs that one can dance to?
Is tango better then break dancing?
I want to meet or mail to ekta kapoor, shahrukh, imran hasmi, himesh reshmiya,rani mukhrji, amir khan,?
how could i find my true love?
Does anyone dance like this??
how long should i stay in a split?
who won so you think you can dance 2008
What gives people the idea that there is wood in pointe shoes?
I need to learn how to dance salsa as soon as possible!!?
Does anyone know about Bharatnatyam dance studios, teachers, classes in San Francisco or North of GG Bridge?
Poll: Would YOU post a video of yourself dancing on Youtube?
How to get your needle (better than scorpion)?
WHO LIKES TO DANCE??Ii do!i've been dancing for 9 years!!?
How to shrink Dance Paws?
What are some subtitle for DANCE article?
Please please help me with a song for GCSE dance!!?
one for the lads...whats the best lap dancing club in Britain?
Figure Skating or Ballet, Lyrical?
Tutorial on..? HELP PLEASE!?
Would anyone think I'm mad if i danced around a magic stick singing button moon?
how can you tell if a girl want to dance with you?
is there any group dance competitions in chennai?
should i do theater or dance?
A question for all the high school dancers?
Is it too Late to learn ballet at the age of 13?
B-BOY Name Help 10 points?
In a second youll be wrapped around my finger...where can i learn the dance to this part of the song..........
dancers:what do you think about this dance?(video)?
Please help me!!! (Ballet stuff!)?
Why Do I dance Soo Good? . .?
What are some good songs for Pirouettes?
How can I improve my flexibility?
How to get a dancers body? tips exercises or even dance combos?
Who agrees with me that LL Cool J body looks better than 50 cent?
Can you do ballet if you're overweight?
should i be embarrassed? dancers help?!?
Good songs for Dance?
Can a ***** get a table dance?
What kind of dance should I take?
Are you a Robot?
how does beyonce get those big pretty legs?
Crank dats dance list?
Step up 3 & Dance...what is this called?
what is the best song to dance with somebody at a dance?
I really want to do a solo in my studio recidal how do i convince my parents?
How long till pointe ballet?
which one????
has any one ever heard of Rachel Joy Scott?
Who sings Jingle Bell Rock but the moved style? The 1 u can actually dance to?
Suggestions for good music for dance?
What songs make you want to get up and DANCE?
tips to being a good go go dancer?
is dance really conidered a sport?
arrange this rambled letters "ADSCMIR"?
Of the classes lyrical,ballet,and jazz which has more leaps?
In the video to underdog by you me at six.. What type of dance is the girl doing?
Exercises with a theraband for ballet?
should i do kpop dance covers?
What are some good Hiphop songs?
Where to find white pointe shoes?
go 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7t0l73yVnw&feature=player_detailpage go to 4:17 what is that move ty does?
I am a dancer but i have flat feet and bad turnout. Is there anything i can do to fix this problem?
I want to be on my high school dance team?
How to fix a dance leg injury?
Are there any videos of people stripping to "The Stripper" by David Rose?
dont you think this is da s**t!!!... (see added details) ???
a girl is having a party and she didn't envite me so should i not envit her to my party.?
Pointe class question!?!!?
If your boy friend is walking and holding some one elyses hond?
When do ballerinas begin performing?
Is 14 an okay age for ballet?
i would appreciate help making a decision?!?
HELP?!? Theres a dance going on at our school tomorrow night and i have 3 dates what do i do???? QUICK?
Demi-pointes for non-dancer?
How can I be a Better Dancer? Besides Practice!?
What is a beautiful, slow lyrical music that one can dance to in competition?
Is thirteen too late to go on pointe in ballet?
Is belly dancing a bit risque to perform at a school multicultural charity event?
What is the lower royal ballet schools school uniform?
How do you spin w/o getting dizzy?
Advice- on dancing exams! ?
What songs are you dancing to....?
In't it wise to never step 0n a woman's feet when you dance with her?
who loves to dance?
Which do you think i should take next year, ballet or jazz-funk ?
What's a good word to tell my students when they dance to have different energy levels dynamic, and not plain?
How can I learn to step dance? You know like fraternities and sororities?
How to lose weight and get in shape for Dance?
who won dancing with the stars tonight?
my sister is 12 years old this year.Is she too old to start learning ballet?
dance teacher in khar, bandra or santcruz???
Want to Play Truth are Dare? Have You Ever Cheated On Your Lover?
what is bossa nova?
how do u spin on one foot?
Dance Tips?
like help i dont know what to do about ballet (girls only)?
I want to be a professional dancer!!! Help me please!!?
Asking two guys to a dance! Need help please?
Pop Dancing, Is it fun?
Whats this Break dance move called?
Should I take advanced dance or beginner's?
I want to be a dance troup but i dont know how to dance? Im 16 yrs old, is it too late for me to learn?
I'm looking for a song?
OMG embarrised!?
Allegro Dance Studio in Nashua NH area. Looking for the .com address.?
does anyone know where there is a ballet school or ballet boarding school near Witchita Kansas?
How much do dance workshops typically cost?
when does america's best dance crew come on?
How To Learn How To To The Split In A few Weeks?HELP PLEASE?
is there at least one belly dancer stabbed or shot in the belly?
Why am i so conscious when i am at discos!?! Why do i feel stupid when dancing in big groups!??
how to be a better dancer ???
How to do a 37 count dance?
Ballet Leotard?
Pretty Lyrical songs that will make you cry for a dance in competition?
I'm having a 13 birthday party and I need some game ideas. And I'm not really a girlygirl kinda person.
Who should i pick to go to the dance with?
Do you like Irish dancing? Have you ever Irish danced before?
What are good 80s songs to dance too?
Should I buy jazz shoes?
Good stretches for Ballet?
how can i get my splits? i a few months but i want to get them sooner.?
a really emotional song that will bring people to tears?
Can you start ballet at 14? I've done other styles like it but not ballet.?
What should I do to prepare myself to become a ballet dancer?
Hardstyle Shuffling tips?
how do i pick a motif for a dance?
who is the singer of "i remeber"?
Is It Possible For Me To Still Learn Ballet?
I am stepping down a grade in ballet...?
i wanna be dancer in korea entertainment company?
Is there a difference between the Large and Small ouchpouch?
Iam taking dance for gcse my stimulus for a project is nightmares can anyone suggest dance moves ??
do anybody know clare rosacina?
What is a sergeant for drill team? Dance team?
my friends treat me like dirt what should i do?
can i go back to ballet?
I want to enroll at a dance class in Manila. Can somebody help me? Thanks!?
Wat kind of clothes should my avatar wear except for dresses and skirts unless u all think it is pretty.Plez!?
What type of music do you prefer? Your favorite genera? Group? Artist? Song?
Can you give me a nice cheer?
Ask someone to the dance?
Does anyone have simple dance routines they can teach me?
You know this dance is very famous?
how can i learn to do the splits? or kick really high? like for the can can!?
am i a bad ballet dancer?
help with acrobatics question?
Did he want to ask me to dance?
Should I join the competition dance team?!?!?!?!?!?
how can I fix my point for ballet?
When you are at a Homecoming Dance and your jeans rip while dancing, what do you do?
What is homecoming dance?
how can I learn tango?I want to dance with my wife in wedding.?
I was barred from pool room. We were chattingabout amatuer night strip clubbing. Is that obscene?
How come when I dance at a club the guys always try to feel me up?
How to become a better dancer?
dancers, whats your dance lifestyle?
toe rises?
Can you guys help me with a song?
Song On America's Best Dance Crew!?
What is dance flooring? Is it the same a linoleum?
FemaleDancers: do you wear high heels while dancing? Is it bearable?
what kind of requirements does Los Lunas High School cheer leading squad have?
dose any one knows a team i can compete with in different states or know a website that has a group i can join?
Is sleeping in my irst pair of pointe shoes a good idea to break them in a little bit?
Dance Resume Trouble...Please Help?
why can i do a split but i can't do a leap? (dance)?
What about a stripper are guys attracted to?
Pole dancing for kiddies?
I want to take a dancing class, but I dont know which style to choose!?
Does anyone know what time it is inmichigan!?
Competitve dance?
Need help turning in ballet ?
how do i dance im not sure how?
How can i dance again after exident ?
I need theme ideas for my dance crew?
who created rap and hip hop?
How do I become a better dancer? I haven't dance in years..?
Can I start dance at 13 if I haven't had any previous experience.?
How can I work to become a professional belly dancer?
Any dancers out there?
Do people actually do the "B-More Bounce?"?
I need help uniforming my dance team.?
Who was eliminated on Dancing with the stars week or last night 11/8?
breakdancing question 3
I need help finding a dance dress!?
Help me do a scorpion stretch?
I want to start dancing like in the movie "Step Up" does anyone know how to go about doing that?
Is it possible to gain flexibility at the age of 13 so i can start ballet ?
Does this style of dance have a name?
What grade can you join dance?
how can i take private dance lessons if my parents won't let me?
please send me the details of the audition date and place..dance india dance on zee tv ?any chance of it h?
Is 13 too old to start rhythmic gymnastics?
Does anyone have a good song to do a ballet OR jazz solo to?
Where can i go to learn hip hop dance?
How late would it be to become a modern dancer?
Would you count ballet as a sport?
What will happen if you show your penis on youtube?
Men, do you like belly dancers?
When u go to prom, do you buy long or short dress?? I need answer fast, please?