what ballet step is this?
salsa dance originates from which country ?
Should I pull my daughter from her pre-professional ballet program?
if you don't have ballet shoes what can you practice in?
How do I keep my pointe shoe ribbons from tearing off?
Does anyone know where is can find dance moves on the internet?
Working with a theraband for dance because I'm flat footed?
Has any one taking Dance Lesson's at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio?
How can I look less "dorky" when I'm dancing?
Anybody Here Knows How To LEAN WIT IT,ROCK WIT IT?
why do you like to dance, or love it?
Performing Arts Schools In New England?
help with a MJ dance move?
I was wondering, if some one would teach me bellydancing privately
How do you pronounce 'ballet'?
how in the world am i going to learn how to mambo!? if any one know how please give me the steps! PLEASE?
What is it like being a dancer in LA? advice?
Too late to start dance?
Getting into the splits in a month?
Why did Kirsty Alley's dance partner's leg give out on Dancing with the Stars? How much does she weigh anyway?
Are there any website that teach you pom dance routines or something similar free online?
Is anyone proficient in labanotation?
Who is the most famous ballet dancer of all time?
Is track harder Or is dancing harder?
What Kind Of Dance Would Be Perfect For This Song?
Easy dance choreography ideas? songs?
Tricks to help me become flexible?
music for a dance choreography about dreams ?
When do you thi k ill be en pointé?
Is it good to be tall for any of these? Rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, cheerleading and dance.?
Should I or should I not dance for the talent show?
How to spot while doing my turns in ballet?
are there any good dance groups in chicago?
good dance studios in the Huntington long island area?
where can I find a line dancing teacher who will come to a party in Glasgow to teach some moves?
what qualifications do you need for a dance teacher?
Good swing dancing moves?
Where can I purchase a DDR machine (The arcade kind, not for a home system)?
should i restart dance in high school? what other hobbies/sports should i do?
Is there a name for this dance move?
Do you really believe that if a man is...?
Can the cha cha be danced solo rather than in a couple?
Im 19 years old and want to be a pole/lap dancer?
i cant decide to do ballet or jazz HELP???
who does ballet here?
I really need help about my dance lesson!?
Whats goin on ,avatars?
exotic dancer tips please anything would help?
I'm 15, am I to old to start dancing?
I need lots and lots of different names?
How long until I get the splits?
Mohiniyattam / Mohiniaattam classes or teachers in Katy, Texas?
Do you dance like no one is watching?
Is this a good song for a slow dance. ?
what's a good hip hop dance to the way i are-timbaland?
How to get on pointe?
Ballet dancers! What would you do?
Is dance more favorable than other methods of changing society?
what sneakers are best for hip-hop dancing?
am i to old to dance?
Irish Dance Group Name Idea!?
Can a 14 year old girl start ballet?
Pain when doing scorpion?
Can someone choreograph a dance to this song for me? It would be insanely appreciated!?
I can't dance. I really would like some tips because I really feel I am missing out.?
Belly Dancing..Sounds fun is it hard?
Is it weird to wear a corsage to my freshman homecoming dance even without a date?
what is it like to dance the can can?
Ideas for an 'Opening Ceremony' dance choreography?
Ballerina Flats?
How to get fit for ballet?
dance classes??
what would be some good songs to do for a dance crew nothing dirty because there's a 6 year old in the crew?
Where are some Performing Arts Schools in Illinois of Dancing for kids in at least 6 grade and up?
Does motions dance and fitness shoppe sell salsa shoes?
What is this jump called, and how do you do it?
What do you think of a 15 year old joining bellydancing classes?
Do you have any good father-daughter music suggestions?
do you snore when you sleep???????
I have some pink ballet slippers that need to be black, any way I can dye them or something?
I love ballet so much!?
how can i be famous for dancing?
Have you every feel that you miss someone so much that you don't know how to move on?
How can I improve my pointe work?
is it possible to get the perfect ballet body?
what are the things that protect your feet in ur pointe shoes?
are ballet dancers sexy?
does anyone know of any dance studios for adults in miami, fl?
How many months should I train for dance team?
please, can anybody tell me who sings the frebch song: ( ET SI TU N'EXISTES PAS)?
I'm not happy with my dance skills?
where can u buy ballet slippers?
I want to be able to do the splits, how can i become more flexible?
Where can I get sample video of stomp dancing to show my daughter?
What song did Miss Hawaii dance to in the Miss America pageant 2010?
please advice some nice western dance , or salsa institudes in east delhi?
Where can I find Line dancing on VHS or DVD that is NOT INSTRUCTIONAL?
witch school is good 4 dance..long beach state or uci?
Can ballet slippers be used as jazz shoes?
who is kelucharan mohapatra?
please answer can you help me not get nervous 10 points easy
kicklines? pleassse help me!?
How can I dance like Beyonce?
Am I too old to start gymnastics or ballet?
should i do basketball dance routine? tips! ima girl!?
Where can I learn this dance?
Do you know any good hiphop songs?
Will this leak? Period and dance comp tomorrow?
Does anyone know any ballroom dancing competitions in Sydney within the next 2 months???
Dance or sports?
do you think ciara can dance better than beyonce?
when do you sing?
Independent dance solo?
Drill/dance team ... ugh i just need some motivation.?
where can i get a pair of furry slippers like maddie on dance moms?
Are there any good dance studios in north central florida?
Professional dancers, help me with ballet career?
I can't do the box splits but i can do side?
Intro to dance stuff..?
BAY AREA: What are some excellent Salsa dance teams that I can audition for?
I love dance, but leotards are terrible. am i the only one who thinks this?
Help! I need help on making a...?
I need to know whether or not Antonio Machin used to were white shoes. Please help!?
When was the last time you went ballroom dancing and which dance do you prefer like Waltz, Foxtrot etc?
should i wear a formal or non formal outfit to the 5th grade dance?
I am 11 and i was just asking is it too late to start a ballet career ?
Is there any 18+ dance club in OC?
What is a good song to tap dance to?? That has a good beat..?
What to do about underwear under my leotard?
Go-Go Dancing In Connecticut?
i want to learn how to dance reggaeton?
Dance music?
do any girls wear sneakers without socks all the time and enjoy wearing them sockless? if so why do you?
Are there any pole dancing classes in south east iowa?
Where do you go to take dance lessons if you do?
How to join a professional company like the Joffrey Ballet?
50's style choreography dance?
what are some good songs for a musical theater dance?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO?
I`m 15 and starting my first ballet class in two weeks!?
20 years. Do yo think it is too late to study dancing? honestly!?
I need a good song for a modern lyrical dance help!?
Can animals dance?
where can i find lyrical dance wear in chandigarh ?
How would you word a flyer for anyone interested in a dance class?
How can I learn how to do Michael Jackson's dance moves?
YoungArts dance audition tips!!!!!!!?
kay, im a ballet dancer, and i need to lose weight.. im tired of?
what is a lap dance??????
How did Michael Jackson do that lean move?
I have a 7 yr old daughter who wants to take belly dancing lessons.?
Does dancing improve sexual prowess?
If your knees hurt when doing Ballet your knees will hurt the rest of your life if you keep doing it?
How do you become a dancer for celebrities?
Will too much sudden excersise and stretching tear muscles or legaments?
Discount Dance Supply Coupon Code?
Anyone know where i can find this dvd?
really nice songs to dance to?
is there any teen clubs in central PA?
!Cartwheel Help Please !!?
i am a dancer, i feel that i need to be skinny to be a good dancer WHY?????
what music should i play at the wedding?
I am 21 and have never danced before but it has always been a dream of mine. Is it too late to start?
Is a persons body structure a factor in helping him/her dance better?
does anyone know a free website to watch dance moms on and dance moms miami?
Local teen dance clubs? ?
i love ballet but many things keep coming in the way?
is dancing a sport??????????????????
How do you do Jazz Double Attitude turns? Asap!?
Any good dance moves?
Quick stretches to increase hip flexibility?
Why do men think it's okay to come up and dance with a girl at a club without asking?
can anyone please suggest a good ballroom dance?
I'm a Muslim and I want to do ballet?
Are there Aerial Silks classes in Long Island, NY?
Ideal prize for dance competition?
Can ballet be classified as a sport?
new pointe shoes.. i think they're too tight?!?
Where can I buy big baggy tops to dance in?
This guy asked me to dance, but I didn't want to :( I feel bad?
Where can I see break dance battles in the washington dc area?
Help picking out dance costumes!?
A few good 18+ colombian nightclubs (Los Angeles/Oc)??
where would you learn to hip hop dance in minnesota?
What do you do in a pre-pointe class?
How to spot while doing my turns in ballet?
I want to start ballet...am I too old?
Ballet -- Ideal Weight & Diet?
Who is the dancer in the Coca-cola ad "I like the way you move"?
How can i do this? LAP DANCE?
Do u have to be skinny or lean in order to dance well?
Does anyone know how to do the "Dutty Wine"?
Stage fright?
If the dancer is lifted by a fellow dancer, what level is that?
do u like breakdance?
I just got new latin dance shoes, but they feel really tight at the toes, is that normal?
Splits, help me plz!!!!!!!!!?
Can anyone help me with this please? I am dying to learn.?
Where is a place where I can attend a dance class?
Does anyone know where to find good ballet pumps?
How do I prepare to take dance?
more for katie!?
Ballerina/os, what is the professional dream?
A Ballet Dreamer........Opinions?
What are some square dancing clubs in NY?
I'm almost 15,and have no dance experience, but I've always wanted to try ballet, and enjoy dancing, should I?
How light do I have to be to do the dirty dancing lift?
What are some good tap songs and jazz too.?
Did I get treated unfairly?
Is there a tutorial on where i can learn how to shake my *** well?
Good songs for school talent show dance routine?
is it hard to become a stripper?
How old is the average ballet dancer when they start and when they retire?
I think people laugh at me when I dance. Do people laugh at others when they dance?
1st Pair of pointe shoes, has anyone tried the Bloch Amelie soft &/or the Grishko Pro Flex pointe shoes?
how do you do the laso dance?
Ideas for a teen birthday party!?
Should I go in ballet or gymnastics?
how to achieve center splits (ballet dancer)?
What style dancing is this?
Does anybody know abou any auditions for the Paris Opera Ballet?
want to know of dance classes in malad ( west ) mumbai. jive and salsa?
Can you please help me? Can you recognize the dance?
are my parents spending too much money on dance?
Your First Dance. How was that?
I feel like an idot, what do i do???
Are there private Flamenco dance lessons in Richmond VA?
i am totally confused!?
How do you find a good dance club in hampton roads???
What was your prom theme?
I sore boys doing ballet in these briefs can you get them and your dance store and what are they called?
Is Blake MsGrath gay??
what age can a kid start dancing?
do you love to dance and what kind of dancing?
Is dancing an aphrodisiac?
Black Swan Dance Song?
How can I get a Bigger Butt Easy and Fast..?
a video teaching how to dance Andie's audition in Step Up?
Do I have a chance at getting into a vocational ballet school?
easy dance to learn i prefer kpop but can be an american dance too?
Confused about swing dance styles?
Which is a better ballet school? San Francisco Ballet School or Canada's National Ballet School?
What's the difference between tele tone and duo tone taps?
Is nearly fourteen too old too start a career in dance?
wat to do wen your bored?
belly dancing lessons?
What should I wear to a dance workshop?
whats an average cost for dance lessons? in particular ballet at Oddessy i think its called?
How did Abby lee miller create a dance company at just 13?
sassy broadway dance songs?
why doesn't anyone want to ask me out to the dance?
what's tango?
What is the limit of age for a person to start learning ballet?
Any dance forum or message board?
What do you thinks about my dance?
What is Nuter about?
Where to look for a dance class?
What is one of the dances you do in texas?
does anyone know the results for ABDC amercias best dance crew for season6 week 4? 6 week 5?
best dance songs ever:-)?
What makes a person a great dancer?
Beginner dance classes for teens in Houston?
Incorporate JabbaWockeez Mask In A Dance?
when you buy dancing shoes do you buy them the same size as your normal shoe size?
Toe Pain and Cracking?
What should I wear to ballet class?
Dancers; How would you define success?
I wanna dance tommorow.?
what are the best dance moves for a girl that are easy?
What is considered the "perfect" physique for a female ballroom dancer?
How do you get album in Warioware Smooth Moves?
anyone going to ballet camp?or have you in the past worked with gregory hancock?
What if my husband is lazy to work while I must work hard to support the whole family?
What is love?
Question about pre ballet??
how to get so you think you can dance tickets?
When to do different slow dances?
do u like dancing.......?
are you handsome orlando bloom?:)?
will dancing help me keep my body fit?
i want to take dance but there's a problem...(girls only plz)?
Can dance class help me ride horses?
I am 14 and I love to dance but lately from jumping and doing acro my knee has been hurting?
Songs for a dance solo...?
which dance schools have good dance majors?
Seeking statistics on swing dancing in Australia and in each of the states.?
Turnout impovement...?
girls on the dance floor?
Is dancing a good way to lose weight?
what is the most sensual type of dance? tango? salsa? rumba?
Were can u take Tango lessons in Portland, OR?
HipHop dance song help?
Am i too young to start dancing?
how to be a better dancer ???
Please please help! Dance song!!(;?
Can tall women over 6 feet still make great ballet dancers?
how much do ballet shoes cost?
Color Guard! please help?!?
What do you call this one dance move?
how can you make a ballet barre?
EMERGENCY! please help!!!?
Tattoos and contemporary dance: a no-no?
is the nightlife for everyone?
I am having my sweet 16 party i have searched the web and got tons of pictures i have decited to have a dance
does anyone else do a little dance when you are excited or happy or something similar? explain?
Sad Lyrical dance songs?
is it unhealthy to wear a leotard or unitard for too long?
A dance stretching routine?
Should I take ballet or gymnastics?
Why do we use static exercise in dance?
What is a good pre professional dance studio?
what is the average price for 1 hour ballroom lessons?
How to ask a boy to dance?
I'm 16. I Want to Do Contemporary dance.but i think i might have to take ballet..is it to late for that???
Where can I get ideas for dance steps?
Gaynor Mindens causing bruised toenail?
How to dance in a dress at a highschool party?
What kind of dance to Frank Sinatra's "Love is Here to Stay"?
How to do an ariel?!!!?
Anyone know of a place (online or offline) that i could find nude under armour??
What does dancing do for you?
Going back to dance after 3 years?
What song should I do for a senior dance solo?
How to give a good lap dance to boy or girl?
Jazz Dance Routines For Kids?
Beginner Gymnast! HĒŁP¡!?
Help!! I need a good name for our dance company! Does anyone have any suggestions?
i have been dancing since i was 3, will i get my pointe shoes soon?
how shall i dance?
best friend recently started dance, and she is REALLY BAD. Should I tell her?
Are there any good breakdance classes in surrey/south london?
Is anyone else here a ballerina or likes ballet?
The sides of my calves get really weak during ballroom dance lessons?
dance is it realy good 4 u?
I'll be trying out for drill team next semester?
Age to Breakdance?
I am 16 years old and never had any previous Dance Training. Am i too old to Learn?
I need a song and turn it into a self esteem song with lyrics?
boy scared to go into a dance store!?
I'm doing research on hip hop & dance in general, need some help please.?
List of Songs, Please? :)
Is it too late to take dance lessons?
What is a good color theme to paint a dance studio?
How long does it take to get to point in ballet?
Audition Tips for dance?
Should I grind at the dance ?????????
Learn the splits fast?
Have you ever danced in public?
Who got kicked odd on monday on dance wars?
I a Dancer which dances like Michael Jackson but I need advise?
How difficult would it be/can i/ is it possible to double major law and dance?
Where would i find a reaonly priced lyrical costume?
i'd love to be a dancer,but can i be one without going for classes?
Country Line Dancers?
I need help with my front walkover!?
Ballet embarrassing moments?
my best friend loves my girl friend he has don may thing for me and he don,t know about us what should i do?
What is this called? (Dance Move)?
Belly Dancing with a shirt.?
what is the best way ---dance/job?
What is the dance called in Elizabeth: The Golden Age.?
free dance tutorials online?
How can I be fierce when I dance?
Why do ballroom dance competitions have a lot of people go at once?
who sings "im not missing you" ???
where can I learn the dance moves to ice ice baby??
Jazz or Tap dancing...?
Do you think I can make it in dance? (long)?
How can I do a split?
How do I go about finding a sponsor for a dance group?
For all you dancers out there, what is the best type of dance in your opinion? (i.e. jazz, ballet, hip hop etc
Where can i find a dance studio where i can learn how to do the swing in missisauga?
When will everGirl open up again????
What are good ways to memorize a dance?
what are some songs about cancer that I could do a contemporary dance to?
Was the hula dance meant to be sexually suggestive?
i need help...what is a good dance style to take up?
Jazz shoes and dance boots?
how do you hand jive? ( like in the movie "Grease"?)?
Can anyone please tell me a dance for our linggo ng wika? ASAP?
What genre of dance is Loser Like Me (Glee)?
Wear can I buy ballet shoes, leotard, skirt, and some tights for under 80$.?
How to pick up on dance moves more quickly?
I'd like to teach ballet somewhere... how can I get a job as a young adult?
what song has like a catchy music video dance that i can learn and post to youtube other thar single ladies?
Dance Team Auditions!?
I want to learn Belly Dancing, and I can't find a place where they teach it, please help.?
Professional Ballet Company's in Chicago looking for dancers?
8th grade dance.?
what kind of outfit do you prefer to see on women in a dance club?
what does your ideal stripper look like?
What slow song should I play at my Sweet Sixteen?
Ballet vs Broadway???
Can I start dance again?
Social Dancing Scotland Help?
hey, is it bad for a guy to like dancing?? even though his not that good but knows he's got the potential?
Does anyone dance around the house to full blast music while home by themselves??
If u dance wht dance studio do u go to??
Are there any formal events, balls, or dances, for teens?
Are there any praise dancers online?
What does it mean when a girl takes u out to dance?
Asking him to homecoming...?
Who is your favorite kid on Dance Moms?
Are there tap dancing clubs in New York City?
If you take ballet, what are your classes like?
What do you breakdance on, do breakdancers usually use cardboard under them or a waxed floor any suugestions?
Should I do Cheerleading or Dance?
Drill Team Traditions!?!?!?!?
why is fox trotting illegal?
For women, are waltzes danced any differently depending on the length or fullness of your dress?
Do you know any Jerk (new dance) songs?
do i have a chance of making sab?
Tips on getting my back flexible fast?
Need help with Dance music playlist, suggestions?
Is lindy hop harder then most dances?
where can I find the best breakdancers in the world?
Which one is a better dance school?
im 14 and i want to be a stripper when i grow up?
Where can I learn Cossack dances?
hey are there any dancers out there? if so what kind?
Dores anyone knowDoris Humphrey's thoery of dance?
How to grind at the club yet be different from the other girls grinding with a smoldering intensity?
Street dancing classes in stevenage?
ican you find the paper doll lounge club for me?
arrhhhh!!! so confused!!!!!?
Dance is a sport, isnt it?
I haven't taken ballet in about 3 years...?
dancers, how long did it take you to do a pirouette?
Is belly dancing a good way to loose weight?
is god real/?>???????????????
Is it too late for me to dance?
Is it safe for 9,10,11,12 year olds to do pirouettes on pointe?
What is the proper name for this ballet step?
can i dancer? (link included)?
What are the DANCE TERMS of the PHILLIPNE folk dances?
How can I convince my parents to go to a year round professional ballet school?
does anybody know where i can find sisiley from the search for the next pussy cat doll?
songs for little girls ballet dance?
Any dance majors that can help me out?
Does anyone know the choriogrophy for part of/all of Marie Taglioni's part in the original Les Sylphides?
dancing phrases, etc. ?
What kind of Pointe Shoes do you wear?
do u know of and songs...?
I'm scared to go to dance class?
Dance moves NAMES websites (10 points for best answers!)?
Is it feminine to dance?
What would be a good song to dance to?
where can i take a beginner dance class in houston?
I love dancing and i hate sports mainly because i am rubbish at sports! I really want to know is dance a sport?
do know sapphire lee?
I dance jazz and ballet,recently Ive been getting bad foot cramps,any excercise to stop this?
Ballroom dancing...please help me!!!?
how do u do the worm?
Where in ohio can i take acrobatics or aerial silk lessons?
Good fitting place in Hudson for pointe shoes?
How do I get a double pirouette?
I am 27 years old , Is there any chance for me to be a proffessional ballet dancer ?
Can you help me find a dance company in charlotte?
Paradise 33 on Saturdays?
Can I be a principal dancer?
I want to join boys ballet but..........................?
Hi i teach bharatnatyam dance but i want my students to give exams which are government authorised. pleasehelp?
How to get the day wise list of the Garba Singers / Groups performing at the 'Vibrant Navratri Mahotsav 2009'?
Would this work as a ballet barre?
Do you think ballet is a sport??? ?
What size taps should I buy for my shoes?
How to dougie like a pro?
Proper Ballet Weight?
Okay i really wnat to join my high school's dance team but i haven't dance in 5 years but i have my turns, and?
how many people like to hip hop dancing?
What are some simple kpop dances?
At kirov summer, are all the girls AMAZING?
Proper splits technique for dance?
How long does it take to learn how to do a Standing Back Handspring?
What dances do you need to know to go to a dance?
I want to upload a dance cover recorded by my Ipod Nano 5g. Would it be blurry?
previous 20 days weather report of pak 2006?
where can i find a peruvian dance studio in houston tx?
Free Hip-hop classes on the weekends for teens in nyc ?
One handed cartwheel question
i need to find a medieval dance called Washerwomens Branle?
Having seen Gore dance in 2000, what kind of dance would you like to see from nominees?
Tips for a contemporary solo?
bone dance heeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…
Good lyrical songs for Competition?
Dance moves inspired by firefighters (for school, no pole dancing moves please!)?
How should I prepare to begin acro?
Can I do contemporary and ballet at the same time?
Where can you find videos and terms for Hip Hop Dancing?
Anyone know a good adult level dance intensive in newyork that is 3-6 months prefereably?
Question for dance teachers: achieving flexibility?
I need help with my head spins?
Do anybody know any cool dance steps?
What are some great new dance/club/hip hop songs?
what are good dance movements for arms?
what are some good songs?
is it possible to start ballet as an adult beginner?
I really want to do dance but im obese?
Where is the "action bar," ?
Are there any clubs that have teen raves planned around the Santa Maria or Lompoc CA area?
What should we name our winter dance?
Dance help, answer please??? 10 points?
don't you hate stupid dance steps?
pointe shoes?
dance solo routine ideas?
What's that ballet about death?at would you like to ask?
where can i hire a gym or a big room for me and my dance group to practise in barnsley south yorkshire?
What is a sad song one could tap dance to?
I need a fist dance song for prom.?
teen dance/ night club in chicagoland and Northwest indiana?
Americas Best Dance Crew question?
Usually, how old are the girls that begin to learn to dance ballet on pointe?
How can I dance???????????????????????????????????…
"ca mans home riot" is an anagram of which dance?
How do I start loving Tap Dancing like I used to?
how do i make a love song?
How do I teach myself how do dance and become more flexable?
I live in the bronx...........................?
Beginner ballet questions?
is their anyone that loves to dance to kpop music?
where can i find these ballet shoes?
Should I go after my dream or do something realistic?
Where can I find the Aspire pink Satin ballet slipper by Freed for ballet class?
I'm going to OSU and UNCG to audition for the dance program. Any advice on how to prepare and not be nervous ?
what leg comes to pose when you want to do an inside turn?
Have you ever partook in a belly dance in group at a festival, what was it like 4U?
C-walking: Heel Toe,Heel Hop, Inverted Heel Toe?
Booty Dancing Question [GIRLS LOOK]?
Will ballet make me slimmer?
My gfs been dancing for 16 years and she just recently asked me to a dance. How can i learn how to Dance Quick
toe roll up when dancing?
Is 16 too old to start hip hop dance?
how often and what in specific to professional dancers practice every day?
i want to take dance classes?
dancers....is it worth it all?
Creative Arts Academy dancing... is it competitive? Where and how? Any details or forms... the site don't give?
Where is a good place to take samba lessons in San Fernando Valley?
What classical piece of Music is best to dance to that's under 2 minutes?
Am i too old to start ballet?
poll irish dancing vs balet?
Any rhythmic sassy songs that could be used for a solo jazz dance?
So, who likes Argentine Tango?
for dance...?
gift ideas for student dance teacher??
Tips for practicing ballet without a teacher?
Is ballet harder than football?
Cool dance moves to get on the ground? (please read)?
How good can I get in 10 months?
can you give a scary sound that can be used as a dance?
looking for good beats?
Why today nobody dance like JINkelly I mean sing in the rain?
My girlfriend wants to strip for money, she has never danced before, will amateur night be fun 4 her?
what dance classes should i take?
Anyone knows Ball Dance?
Who are the top contemporary Indian dancers of Bharatanatyam (Bharata natyam Bharatnatyam Bharathanatyam)?
If you had to choose one would you choose jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern or tap dace? and why?
Adivce on becoming flexible !?
how can u tell when a person is tellin u a lie?
Is this a Good Deal for competition cheering?
Should i quit the dance team ?
what would happen if you forced yourself to do a split?
Why do you like going to nightclubs?
Ballet names?
What is your favorite type of dance?
What sport should I take gymnastics or ballet?
What is the best idea to improve everybody's hate on everyone???? get it? Learn to accept, and what you are...
Dos and do nots for male bharathanatyam dancers?
when/how did the latest ballroom dancing/latin dancing craze start!?
i'm in ireland, how much wld u expect to pay for an irish dancing workshop for 3 hrs 3 days a week?
Where can we go to where my girlfriend can dance topless?
good dance songs (hip hop)?
How to Make the Kickline Team?
does any one do ballet? if so can u please tell me how much beginners bllet classesare and howmuchthe gear is?
talent show ideas?
Do you think I have a chance?
The Splits???????????
How to improve ballet turnout?
Where can i find the best dance choreographer for my Filipino Debut?
Can anyone find a video or diagram of this smooth dance move?
Who can give me some advice on slow dancing?
Whats the point in ballet shoes?
where can i take belly dance lessons in middlesex county new jersey?
where to find hip-hop teaching videos?
Different types of dance?
How can i improve my dancing?
How long is a peice of string ?
what is involved in dance?
How to dance to Mexican music at a quinceanera? s (or more, if possible)?
what do you think is the BEST dance song ever?
What was the most famous step of the 1920's??
Is there a ballet studio for teen beginners in Palos Verdes, California? (Los Angeles)?
Help with choosing a song?
What's the age requirement to be a go go dancer and how to get the job?
Am i to fat to do jazz dance?
Hi guys, I have been dancing for eight years and am en pointe. What do you think needs to go in my bag.?
Is it true egpytian women are natural born bellydancers?
Is there any kpop dance classes in san jose, CA?? I'm really frustrated ><"?
First year in Dance class?
I'm setting up a dance class for 5-7 years olds. Any ideas?
how to dance in a night club?
acrobatic/contortion /rhythmic gymnastics training in WI?
To be a well rounded dancer, what kinds of dance should I do?
how can two 11 year olds make money?
What is ballroom & latin dance?
Any opinions on Dance Gallery in Chicago, IL?
How many types of dancing are there?
Ballet Life Wanted?
when is the american music awards?
Bobby thomas?
When it comes to ballet, do you find it's better to have a strict or a "nicer" teacher?
hip hop classes in rochester ny?
how do i learn to belly dance?
Does anyone know a good song I could make up a modern dance to?
Sylvie Guillem or Darcey Bussell?
How long have you been dancing ballet? and how long have you been en pointe for?
How do I get flexible all around?
Why is Vera-Ellen so underrated as a dancer?
Recommendations for a male wanting to learn how to dance?
i am a male 44 single and i have anxiety i want to venture out and take a dance class but i'm 6ft 6in tall
how do u learn to kiss>>>>>>>>????????
62 Percent on my RAD ballet exam?
I need some hype party songs, can you name me some?
Is dance a sport or an art?
How to mentally prepare for conditioning?
How can I find my sister OmaLee Marie Couch also known as Missy Couch?
What is a good non slip ballet floor covering?
I need to learn a dance, but I'm so uncoordinated! What's the best way to learn?
How can I improve my voice or my talent on SINGING?
who dances better?black people or white?
I have much attraction for her belly & navel of madhuri dixit,how can I get photos/images with bare midriff?
Ballet or gymnastics?
I have a 7 yr old daughter who wants to take belly dancing lessons.?
The new electra pole from peekaboopoledancing?
does anyone like ballroom dancing?
How to Grind at High School dance?
I have taken irish dancing twice and was told that I was the worse student ever.?
How many of you dancers find yourself...?
PLEASE ANSWER.....s to best!?
For Bboys/Bgirls: ABDC - Mainstream exposure to Bboying good or bad?
How did you learn how to dance?
Dance shorts that are long enough to wear without tights?
What is the best stretch to do a home in order to become more flexible?
How long is a peice of string ?
Please help me! Cheering dance- varsity question!?
where can i learn the Disneys "high school musical " dance moves with out printing???
what kind of b boy moves are good to learn before anything else?
What are some really good dance clubs to go to in Cincinnati that play hip-hop/top 40?
anyone know some good hiphop songs?
how do you do a sashay (jazz step)?
How does a mail go about becoming a stripper???
What can I say to sinful grinders at a dance to stop their rude dancing?
Should I tell someone off for intruding my space when I'm line dancing?
What where the characters dancing in Pride and Prejudice?
What is your definition of dance?
please help dancers!!?
im 16 starting ballet . I have questions !?
Have you ever?
How successful are dance studios as a business?
anyone now of any good bands like brokencyde or blood on the dance floor?
didn't make the dance team?
Help!! Quinceanera Planning Anyone !?
hi i have a question that may sound stupid but i dont know how to dance to a fast rap song.?
Who is your favorite dancer on "So You Think You Can Dance?"?
What is the focal point of dancing?
if I'm 12 and I just started ballet (grade 2), can I still become ballerina?
If you don't answer my question I might start crying!?
Should johnny weir ice skate to lady gaga in the olympics?
Who all thinks Mario and Karina should of won Dancing with the Stars?
I would like to take solo ballet lessons, does anyone know anyone who would be willing to teach a 17 year old?
How much do GOGO dancers get paid.No not strippers?
I'm have a dance at my school they said dress casual what should I wear?
Do you think women are naturally more flexible than men?
justine tinverlake is gay?
What is the promotional code for American The Ballet Theater Opening Night Gala?
How do you "drop it low" when dancing?
I love to dance. Should I.......?
What are some videos on youtube to teach me how to Island dance?
Whats a good place to have a dance party in Miami, FL?
Ballet and bras?
How to convince my mom to let me start ballet and latin american dancing again?
good songs for breakdancing?
What style of dancing is done to Bachata?
Which is you favorite dancing movie?
How should i ask my boyfriend to sadie hawkins dance!?
what does it feel like to wear high waisted tights and a leotard?
Can people please answer!? girls and guys. What to say to a girl when dancing? / When to come closer to her?
What is a hornpipe, both dance and instrument please.?
What was dancing like in the twenties?
which are dances your dance?
how can i send my message through via japan?
Contemporary dancing !!!!!!!!!!!!!<3?
How does one go about becoming a pole dancer??
Dance tutorials......anyone good at poppin'?
if ur boy/girl friend cheated on u what will u do?
how old do you have to be to learn hip hop dancing?
what should i where to my school dance friday?
Why is it morally right to help others ? arguments ?!?
How to do that "butt pop" dance move?
I Am A Pole Dancer Who Needs Songs!!?
Does anyone want to buy a pink VK530 flip phone or brand new latin dance shoes?
what are "russian twists"??
could i be a dancer?
Contemporary duet songs for best friend dancers?
dancing at a partie?
looking for some cool/sexy house music?
Where can i go to learn hip hop dancing (club dancing) in San Jose, CA area? private or group is fine with me.
How to become a good Irish step dancer?
Ribbons on ballet flats? Is this ok, because my school does it...?
Help with dance choreography and themes!?
How to dance without being stiff?
breakdancing in nyc? I need a place that teaches breakdancing thanks?
who won in this years america's best dance crew?
What's the name of this Raggae song?
Question about pointe!!?
Can you start Ballet from any age?
What is the difference between Bharat Natyam and Kuchipudi?
for dance tryouts do you have to make up your own dance, or can you learn one from like a music video?
emrann hashmi may i no that when is ur marriage?
what brand would be best of a leotard?
Alternative names for dance moves?
what are some moves to turn a man on when your dancing?
Should I continue dancing or not?
Dance duet... need help for songs?
what to do for a talent show outfit?
how old should you be to start ballet?
What should I bring to a Dance Recital?
do you love to dance and what kind of dancing?
can anybody here do a triple piroette?
Dance is not a sport ....get over it.?
Why Does my dance teacher favor this one girl?
What kinds of jumpy dancing is there? e.g tarentella, irish dancing etc.?
Are there any good dancewear shops in Florida?
Are you a better dancer than me?
Does anyone know what I can do so that I won't look stupid in my first Jazz dance class?
Does anyone here know how to dance like a wookie?
how do i get him to ask me to prom..?
How do you become more flexible and fluid like when dancing?
Do all strippers have to do the pole dancing?
Is it possible to learn the splits in a week and a couple of days?
I want to get a girl-friend but I am shy, help me please ladys with some friendly advice...?
ballet survey (pointes and slippers)?
Does anyone know of any good dance shops or stores in the San Antonio area?
Dance as a form of communication. What do you think about that?
I am very intrested in dancing as a career but don't know how to start after school?
Ballet skirt or shorts?
What GCSE'S/Qualification's do i need to become a back up dancer?
Who sings that new song called dance that's been playing in the morning on mtv?
hey, is this a good dance..?
I need to know what I should wear to my gr 7 year end dance!!?
do you have to be really skinny to cheerlead?
Do shoes have souls???
How do you learn to do the splits?
Dance help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do you think modern dance change over the years?
what is a great way to get your mom out of chaperoning a dance?
What is the most romantic type of dance?
How tight are tap dance shoes suppose to be?
Should I go alone to the dance?
Homecoming advice for tonight?
Demi-character question :)?
Where can i find a place for drinking and dancing in the Burlington, WI area?
Would it be better to take tech dance classes?
would you like to audition for a dance collab?
Am I too late to try ballet?
What do you have to do to be a good pole dancer?
What kind of dance is this supposed to be (girls)?
I need your opinion on this...?
How often should I practice standing backflip?
Is it to late to stand a chance in dance? hehe, that rhyms?
dance studios/academies/etc...?
What is a lets move dance class?
how did you dance when you were 17?
Is there any dance classes in chd??.....?
Songs for ballet, pointe, and hip-hop classes?
I need help! what dance age group do you think i should be placed in at my studio?
how can i construct streamers for liturgical danze?
What's your favorite type of dance?
What moves do you need for a dance competition?
What kind of dancing do you do and how long have been doing it?
Yeah right?
What is contemporary dance like?
Why is prom so important to a girl, does it mean the same to a guy?
what song should i dance to a my school dance?
Is it bad to start ballroom dancing when your 14?
is there anybody out there who honestly likes grace?
barathanatiyam (a dance) origined in which state of india?
Any disco 's at Hyderabad r Secunderabad?
♥What is the fastest way to learn how to do the splits♥?
Can anybody teach me how to lapdance?
I need some songs for my dance mock solo any ideas?
SERIOUS ANSWERS.......... How to grind???
I wants to send sms and rington on mobile of my friend.?
What is the best song to dance for a coreagraphy? Rememenber my name by Irene Cara(fame song) or...?
Dancers...what do you wear with legwarmers? ?
Am i too old to start Ballet?
What kind of dance is for me?
How old is Kyle Hanagami(dancer)?
Where can I black leotard for ballet?
Any dancers out there?? I need a good song for a last-minute performance...?
is character required for ballet?
what can i do to be chosen as officer next year?
First Pointe Shoe Fitting Today? Tips?
Were Can You Buy masquerade masks????
how do i get flexible for ballet?
how can i be able to get a good friend who is trust worthy?
help! I need a competition jazz song for twelve year old advanced girls!?
When will I be able to dance again ?
Is there an age when you can no longer start dancing en pointe?
What is maximum age limit to learn Bharata natyam?
How to get a smoother armwave?
how old do you have to be to learn hip hop dancing?
Where does dance moves come from and who are the creaters of them?
Why do ballerinas alter their pointe shoes?
Can you dance from side to side?
Has anyone ever made fun of the mentally disabled people?
When did going nude on stage became legal in America?
How would I dress to go see a college ballet?
What type of dance does Carrie Ann Inaba choreograph?
who sings the song that was on americas best dance crew?
Did you see there's a new dance show starting on WE tomorrow night?
How do i get my studio on dance moms?
I can do my splits but i can't do my leaps?
does anybody know what rythmic gymnasts use/can use on their hands to stop them sweating?
Can someone tell me some web sites where i can find dance companies or studios so i can become a choreographer
Good Merengue and Reggetton Songs For A Baile Sorpresa?
How to improve Dance Technique?
How much are the coins on dance online? (each)?
i need a diet plan to put my dance team on. Any suggestions restrictions?
Have you gone to a ballet?
Does anyone know a different version of the "cotton eyed Joe"?
Where do I find a Bachata partner?
hi i am 15 boy and want to start dancing is it too late?
How to get a better butterfly stretch?
I'm 20 and i was wondering if i can start tap lessons for first timers?
What color of the dress should I buy for my senior prom?
i want to kiss a boy?
If i didn't dance team at my school and did a studio dance troupe could i still get into a good college?
In dancing, what exactly are isolations?
Describe a ballerina?
What kind of dance is this? What style?
how to dance like eva longoria?
What drives a straight man to become a ballet dancer?
HELP! with dance GCSE?
What is the sizing difference on these pointe shoes?
with cotton dancewear when wearing does it feel more baggy with more ventilation rather than skin tight?
Some questions about ballet?
Tips to improve in ballet?
How much does the average doctor make a year?
What are some good 1920s Charleston Dance movies?
I want to dance but....?
Who do you think is gonna win ABDC (America's best dance crew)?
Body types for dancers?
belly dancing?
Is it to late for me to start ballet?
Any experienced dancers helpful?
how do you learn to moonwalk?
Is 13 years old too old to begin ballet classes?
How do you booty pop?
How can you improve your flexibility and build up dancer's muscle?
Giving a lap dance to boyfriend - what to wear?
What is the best thing to wear to a ballet dance audtion. The lady said you had to have black shorty pants....
How do you do a basic two step?
8th grade dance dresses?
how do u tie sexy shirt knots?
What should I wear to company practice?
Should I go to my schools winter formal by myself?
Am I ready for pointe?
anyone know any line dance classes in stirling area?
How should i spend my dance scholarship?
megan good (help me plzz?
what is the name of the remix of "i wont dance" in step up 3D please help out?
Where can I get Ballroom dancing lessons near Houston?
Cheerleader or Marching Band?
Help me...I can't fricken sleep?
Inside of my new ballet slippers coming out?
Where do SAB students go over the summer?
Any suggestions for modern dance choreographers?
what is COMMERCIAL DANC? mordern dance? what is Beyonce's dance? is it hip pop dance?
What is and what do you wear to a sadie hawkins dance?
are you mad?
How can I teach my self to dance?
how far should the top ballet barre and bottom barre be from the ground?
Have you ever been to other countries?
what are some good hiphop/rap or rock dance moves?
What dance class should I take?
I have a question about a dance and the song to use.?
How do i do a proper jazz pirouette?
so i need songs to dance to, help. .s best answer?
who like michael jackson?
How to IMPROVE C-walking?
Popular 90's dance????????-hlp?
What is your view on bellydancing??
Is 15 too old to start ballet?
5 year old BOY ballet dancer?
Can you find a dance school in NewYork call Julie Art?
Has anyone ever Flash Danced in public areas?
How to buy pointe shoes?
What is this song and dance routine?
Free dance magazines??
i need to take ballet\hip hop dance classes in egypt , HELP!?
Contemporary dance classes.?
Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor?
What stretches can I do to get ready for dance?
my mom is making me work to death, what should I do?
I really want to build some muscle and get more flexible for dance!?
How Long Will It Take Me To Get My Splits Down? Could I Have Them By February?
How hard is the Matryoshka dance?
what style of dance should I do for my solo?
What fabrics could I use to create an Indian/Belly dance costume?
How do you feel about this DANCING WITH THE STARS SHOW?
Is it possible to ballroom/latin/etc. dance well with a girl who is taller than you?
Homecoming?? How to take a girl?
Will I be able to get into a dance team starting in college with little, and basically no experience?
i want to be come a street dancer but cant?
First highschool dance? please help!?
DANCERS: a simple stupid question?
How do dancers spin incessantly without growing dizzy or off-balance?
Dance Line/Dance Team Tryouts HELP PLEASE!?
tips for shuffling in phat pants?
what dance class should i take?
do you ever dance in the shower?
What is a good dance song?
Does anyone know where I can get the song for the Soran Bushi dance?
I saw someone dancing to a thing like Twister on the floor and it looked like fun, but I don't know what it is
How to make extensions very high? (Ballet)?
Which dance style should I take?
Any Good Human Videos?
Will my canvas ballet shoes stretch?
Ballet toenail problems?
How come there aren't many girls who break dance?
What is your best dance move?
how do you slow dance?
Who is the best Dancer Ciara or Chris Brown?
headspin I am confuse breakdance?
black pointe shoes?!?!?!?
Find high school muicle?
My first Jazz/Ballet technique class is on wednesday. What should I wear?
What songs are good for cheer-leading, name some if you have any.?
Calling all Highland Dancers! I NEED HELP! please?
What do you mean by "Dance"?
father daughter dance?
Does anyone know of any baton twirling classes in london?
belly dancing classes in westchester ?
What type dancing is not strenuous?
What are some helpful muscle building excersices for bboying?
Help with Costumes!?! ?
is the best?
i neeeeed help bigTime!?
what are the basics for (female)dancing? (i'm refering to the PCD type of dances)?
Please just help me with this one thing, and you will get 10 points.? PLEASE?
modern song for a tap dance?
Ballroom Dancing lessons in Tucson Arizona that can be taken by 13-14 year olds?
Could i maybe??
I am going to have a Quinceanera Part and I need music to dance to like i mean current hit music....?
How to get right splits? Help!?
What's your favorite dance move?
which one....the old or the new?
wut kinda dancing u like?
What do the intrepid farmers of Namaha, Iowa use to square dance at the Farmall Promenade?
Homecoming Step-By-Step Dance Moves?
Go-Go Dancer Auditions?
does cassie have a boy freind?
difference between Tahitian/Hawaiian dance?
can you own your own dance studio and teach dance without a degree?
Songs for a sad/ depressing contemporary dance?
So You Think You Can Dance Fans!?!?!?
why the love is the beast thing in our live?
How do I improve my grand plié in second?
Box of Pointe Shoes are too Tight?
Dance Question?
Who here is good at being convincing? PLEASE help me! Important to me!!!!?
How to shake your butt?
Anyone know how to dance the Continental?
How can I learn to dance?
Are there any great dance schools in Singapore?
Should I quit ballet?
Where can I get a Cheap cheerleader outfit?
event Finale ideas needed.. urgent!!!!?
How many answers will this question get???
What Would Be A Good Dance?
i want to take dance classes?
what is the fastest way for becoming a good dancer i suck at dancing and i want to be a good dancer?
Does it matter how much you weigh?
help me decide?
Right foot lets stomp, Left foot lets stomp, FREEZE, everybody clap your hands?