Can i become a professional dancer even though i am 13 and only at grade 3 ?
what kind of pointe shoes work with my feet?
what is the best pumping good bollywood song to do a dance off to?
Why do dancers wear legwarmers?
Do you know off any pole/belly dance classes in Orange county, CA?
How do I become a kidzbop star?
i need party themes but good ones im going to throw a party in one of the best clubs in town and i need themes
Vegan friendly ballet slippers?
Who was the originator of jerkin?
Is being a stripper worth it? ?
Who do think can dance Ciara or Beyonce?
How to be less awkward for homecoming?
Can I start dance at 15??????????
Any excersises for break dancing?
does IUPUI have a dance team?
What do I need for dance class?
Cheerleading or Dance Team?
How long did it take you to start dancing en pointe?
Injured Achilles from pointe?
Help! Do you have any good picture ideas that can be used as a stimulus for GCSE dance choreography?
Pointe dancers?
what is love? why love is importance for everyone?can we live withouth love? is there real love in the world?
i need help finding a song for my hip hop recital.?
chris brown or usher!!!!?
improving feet? help?
first dance at a wedding?
What is the name of the group that sings the title song for making the band 3? Oh lalalala?
homecoming please answer?
Ballet...perfect body shape?
What is the company that makes foot undies?
anyone know any good lyrical songs to dance to?
shawty got looks shawty got class shawty got hips shawty got...?
How does a choreographer go about planning a dance?
for people who take ballet?
What type of dance should I learn?
What do i have to do when i go to the strip club?
question 4 dancers?
Best dance lyrical song?
dance competitions?
Good name for dance troupe?
What are some good summer dance music for ages 7 to 12?
do youthink its write that my doughter should have gymnastics class 6 hours a week just for being in level 4?
Emotional song to dance to (with possibility for Christian theme)?
To Dance Or Not To Dance?!?!?
What is a professional dancer called?
What should I do?
Some songs for a classical group dance in Kathak?
modern waltz for a wedding ?
hiphop dance moves names?
hip hop dance?
How long does it take to get good at Bboying?
Cranberries, Chicken Salad, Potatoes, and the color Yellow?
Ballet Cecchetti in Wales?
Which country has the best ballet?
Why don't people ever answer questions about ballet?
dancers!- am i healthy???
why did contemporary dance come around in england?
where can you buy seasons of dancing with the stars on dvd?
How to get Brooke Hyland's signature leg extension?
Does anyone know the name of this song?
What style dance should I take! Fast?
How do I go up to a girl in the club and dance?
how are the ballroom dancing lessons?
What age were you when your feet stopped growing?
I am keen to start Ballet, am i too old?
Am I too old?
Need help finding a dance song!?
what is a good song to use for the jive,cha cha and rumba?
What's the latest song you've heard that's REALLY great for dancing (hiphop, street...)?
Am I ready for pointe?
How do you do the Crip walk?
How's My Own Ballet footwork and The Rest Of My Workout? I Have To Know...?
Salsa Dance?
I used to do dance, now a few years later I want to do it again, what kinds of classes can I expect to be in?
What is the best way to find a dance partner?
where can i download Philippine Folk dance MUSIC?
Tap Dance Competition Duet :)?
Today's Fred Astaire?
Arguments against doing dance?
looking for musical site with arabic top music called ngoomi.com?
ballet dancing...?
what does a student dance teacher give to her students?
how to become a stripper?
Places that hold Ballroom & Latin Dances in Hong Kong?
why do my feet hurt, on pointe?
Looking for good dance music?
How long does your ballet class last?
Ok. The answers I got were good but I don't go to real school he's on my bros soccer team. I'm home schooled.
Where can I buy dance pants ? ?
why does my dancing look weird?
Why some people cannot dance?
Dance songs?
SUNY Purchase and Brockport, about hours of study? (dance major)?
If a hot girl is shaking her booty on the dance floor in front of me (however unintentionally) can I grind?
any ideas for a dance team hip hop and pom song??
Does anyone know any websites that have info about Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA?
What are some positions of ballet.?
fanny pak lovers i have a question about a dance move ?
what kind of dance is this considered to be?
How to do a back handspring at home ?
Dance Team Tryouts and Politics?
Would this be considered casual or formal for a homecoming dance?
is it too late to become a dancer if i'm 14?
who knows the winners of the last three "dancing with the stars" competitions?
Would dancing for 10 minutes at 8 different times of the day still count as exercising for 1 hour and 20minuts?
Hey ya'll,Im a boy with lots of technique and competing expirience... I need a modern solo Idea... remember
Afrikaans Folk Dances in Cape Town Castle?
Type of dance?
what questions are usually asked when interviewing a professional dancer?
Where did bellydancing originate...i'm sick of these fat arab chicks thinking they can do it. YUK!?
Does anyone know of any good dance music?
what do ballet dancers use resin for?
Is 4 hours a week enough for takeing dance classes??
how do you do the turtle dance move??
ballet choreography--need French spelling tips, help!?
why is a ballerinas tutu the shape that it is?
why do people always think that the white can not break dance?
Need some creepy, horror songs for a dance?
I don't know what to do?
What ballet grade will I be put in?
p.s. i love you?
sexy dance moves?
freak danceing?
What dance classes are you taking this year?
What should I wear to this dance?
what is the customes of maglalatik?
who got kicked off of dance moms miami?
how old hwere you when you had your first slow dance? what song?
Things to work on for Dancing?
Im having a halloween party and need a list of good music to dance to?
my husband and I are disabled and would love to go to his class reunion. Need help with funds. Any suggestions
What size pointe shoe would i wear?
What website can i find out the dance moves for High School Musical Were all in this together ????????
dancing question!!! (Need Answer)?
I Wanna dance, BUT people will laugh........ :(?
is it weird that im a cheerleader and i can break dance?
I need a song for dance that would suit stage fright. any ideas?
Dance moves ?!?! Help please!!?
Dance schools in Besant nagar, Adyar and Kalakshetra colony?(chennai)?
Tips on hip hop and breakdancing for beginners?
How to dance at a semiformal?
Can someone tell me the name of this dance step?
Dance club ideas for dance club?
I need an Acro costume, and FAST!?
Sore muscles?
I'm 13, starting ballet, lyrical and acro this year?
Who should pay for homecoming?
HOMECOMING DANCE! HELP? 10 points? (:?
Ballet Help!!?
Can I still buy my video from Showstoppers?
What are some good quinceanera surprise dance songs?
How do you start off breakdancing?
How/ Where can I learn some hip hop dance moves?
What colour dance shoes should I choose?
Is the age 15 to late to start ballet lessons?
How can i be good at ballet?
Could You Name All These Dance Moves Please? (Pom)?
In Just Dance 3 kinect, can you earn sweat points in non-stop shuffle? and how to check it?
My Daughter is really into dance and I'm lost Help?
I want to go into dance but...?
Is dance an art or a sport??
Where can I take hip hop dance lessons?
Is he a good dancer? VIDEO!?
Should I sign up for ballet or ballroom dancing?
dance que.?
why dose she think its just a phase?
are there any places to get indian /bollywood dance lessons in taipei ? thanks?
I have a dance compition soon?
Any line dance songs?
Is there dancing at college parties or just people socializing and drinking?
Is it just me......?
I need help how do you grind?
Can I achieve a dancer's body at home?
How to dance at an arabic wedding?
how long have you been dancing?
i need a song for my dance solo?
Good lyrical duet songs?
How long did it take you to get your back handspring?
ramalama (bang bang)?
Any dance schools in Toledo OH?
How can i do a back handpring?
Dance Auditions and Tips?
I am fifteen, is it too late to start ballet classes?
Ballet! Does it hurt to stand on Pointe?
what would be an amazing song to dance to? It has to be wicked!?
Los Angeles Ballet SI?
What's the past tense of Break Dance?
Grade 11 and haven't had my first dance?
what style of dance do you prefer?
Is it normal for pointe shoes..... PLEASE HELP!?
I want to do pole-dancing! who's with me?
Dance Class Move Troubles?
I want to go back to ballet I'm 13 and live in Somerset where could I go?
anyone guys out there are single?
Dancers...what do you wear with legwarmers? ?
I need hairstyle ideas for a fast east coast swing showcase?
Okay everybody - let's ALL Sulu Dance together!?
Begiginer Dancer! Need help!?
can a 19 year old male go to a teen-night dance club?
is any body drawing pictures?
Who was eliminated tonight on dancing with the stars?
Sadie's hawkens dance question...?
Do you think im a good dancer?
What are your opinions on dancing?
What kind of dancing is the begging part?
Do you think being on the high school dance team is gonna be embarrasing?
Jazz dance help???? Kind of desperate here...?
A Couple Irish Dance Questions, please if u know!?
Who out there can dance..what is your favorite style to do..and how do you learn it???
who is gonna go to an prom or formual soon mine is tommarow tell me about yours and wat ya gonna wear and why?
Where could I find Ballet classes near Lisle IL?
why are people distroying the world?
Tips on dancing at a party?
Anyone ever use the Sharon Polsky Dancing Aerobics Pole?
Should I wear leotards and tights without bra and underwear?
How do you hardstyle dance shuffle?????
Aerial Tips on letting go of the arms?
Does this bug u ?
are you mental????
What do you call a male ballerina?
beginner dance classes for teens?
how long did it take u to do the splits?
how to learn how to C-walk?
Does anyone remember how to do the happy feet? If so please describe, my friend and I are having a debate.?
HELP I need a pageant routine for a 13 year old?
i ahave time to play but not to work what do you think i should do?
What do we do in ice dancing and what are the rules?
in dance what is the actualy definition of "technique"??????????
i cant do a backbend?
Does anyone know a good world peace song?
How to improve at dance during the summer?
dancing nanner band?
what is a good suprise dance song for a quince?
What's the most popular dance in Europe?
Can Someone Please Come Up With A List Of Popular Dance Songs?
How do you do a saut de basque?
Ballet Classes ?
Anyone know a lot about ballet terms?
is it possiable for someone that dances very badly to learn how to belly-dance or just dance well?
Simple Question About Ballet?
What level tumbling class should I take?
New nightclub in Dyer, IN?
How much do I need to weigh to become a ballet dancer?
If i like paul oakenfold energy 52..any other suggestions on good techno trance?
the girl can't help it song lyrics by little richard?
is the hoky kokie what its alll about ???
Is 21 too old to start taking ballet classes?
How can I finance dance lessons through fred astaire?
What are some good hip-hop dance songs?
There is a particular style of Asian dancing I need help figurng the name of.?
Can someone recommend some comfortable dance shoes?
Dance Question?!?!? Read Details!! Please help quick!?
I'm trying to find a site that will list dance competions, all the styles, to take my daughter to and watch
Who is the white guy in the beyonce dance for you video?
is it too late to start ballet?
do some people only become dance teachers because their not a good enough dancer?
i have some questions about ballet, help please :)?
If som1 breakdances...?
What should i wear to a mardi gras dance?
How old to be a stripper?
Does anyone out there bellydance?
are dance studio and theatre stages sprung?
So You Think You Can Dance Scandinavia?
what to call a girls street dance group?
Pole dancing classes in Newport?
How can I become more flexible?
Where to get good knee pads for jazz?
Dying Ballet Pointe Shoe?
I'm 13 and want to be a cheerleader is it too late.?
Am I too old to dance?
I wanna start dancing!?
Am I ready for pointe shoes??!!?
How long will it take to learn en pointe?
Where can you find the video of a break Dancing cow?
What brand of tights doesn't have such a tight waistband?
Is too much dancing bad for u?
I love to dance and want some new cool dance seqences any ideas? ?
How do you do the worm(breakdancing move)?
Songs for a dance class help?
what is johnkunu?
Ballet pointe shoes help?
Is there any way I can get the rad grade 4 syllabus online free? or close to it?
How come blind people have a simlar dance?
Help on improving my flexibly?
help i need some diffrent dances ?
Jazz solo song ideas?
Have you heard of ToiletPhobia?
Anyone in NC, what dance comps are you going to?
Tango Dance Scene from "Scent of a Woman.."?
Do pineapple dance studios allow you to do work experience there?
Piano sheet music to Dance of the sugar plum fairy And?
why don't men dance on pointe?
I have a dance battle with my friend?
Would these songs be good songs for a Jazz recital dance?
Who is the best Belly Dancer you ever saw ?
Any hope of being a professional ballet dancer?
Sexy Dance Tutorials Online?
How do I make my booty clap?
How could you become a professional hip hop dancer?
What do people do at the middle school dance?
help me for a mood change?
Dance classes????????
Arabesque help (video example included)?
What are some new songs that have a dance that goes with them?
Is a ballet developpe a dynamic stretch?
any ideas on themes for a junior class dance?
Please give me any advice on dancing (ballet, tap, jazz,...). Any thing that can help or encourage me. Thanks?
To Dancers: What's It Like?
Do you think it will be alright if I dance at two different dance studios?
Whats the average girls reaction to some dude coming up to grind them?
i want to join dance class to loose the weight as well as fullfill my wish?
GUYS!!!!!! If i was 2 dance up on u what would u do?
how hard are hip hop dance classes?
BALLET DANCERS, i need your advice!?
is dancing a sport??????????????????
Second turns with video?
what is a plus about being a dancer?
ThE BeSts TrAnCe And DaNce Songs....=)?
Beginning Dancing Camp?
Help With Trying Out For Dance Team ?
Can anyone suggest a comprehensive, user-friendly dance terms dictionary? I've only found ballet terms.?
How to improve tap quickly ?
What is a good dance team name?
What should I do?! Please help!?
Am I any good at shuffling?
Does it damge your feet to dance on pointe?
Wha amount of teenage girls are into dancing and nightclubs?
How to do the Splits?
Do I have the right body for SAB?
Pointe Shoe Help???????
names for a dance company?
I am searching for any dance school in india which is trained by actor/dancer shiamak davar. pls help?
What music did george sampson use in the live finals?
Solo Song?
How long will it take me to go on pointe?
could you please tell me what is Omarion email address?
Anyone have a link where I can find pictures of Travis Wall?
i need help trying to get my teacher to see me?
I'm 13 and want to be a cheerleader is it too late.?
i need a good song for my dance solo audition, any ideas?
what exactally is a prima ballerina?
How to ask a girl to the dance?
What are the kinds of dancing that makes legs and thighs slimmer?
Does anyone have the Fluidity Ballet Bar workout?
Should I become a stripper now?
whats so great about dance central?
High school dance team description?
What do you need to know to be to be on a High School Dance team?
help please?? dance team teacher.?
What kind of dance style is in this video?
Cuban or LA salsa?
What is your favorite dance movie?
How young is too young?
i want to join a salsa dance class in the glasgow area.can anyone help?
Who thinks that Bangra a Indian dance is fun, interesting, and great to learn?
I REALLY need tips for different jumps for cheerleading, im a beginner.HELP!?
who sings that hit dance/techno song from '90s "to let the music, move your feet" help people!?
Who all thinks Mario and Karina should of won Dancing with the Stars?
Where can I take adult beginner hip hop dance lessons in Columbia, SC.?
So you have to go to a dance studio to compete? Other Q's too.?
How to bronx wine dance??? Anybody that know how to?
i need help to figure out a name...?
How to convince my parents to let me take dance lessons?
who thinks erin carter is hot?
*-_-*Have you ever fell in love at an age of 13?*-_-*?
Is it hard to get into LABAN dance college ?
help! how can i?
is there anyone in the state of minnesota that could teach me how to break dance?
A la seconde turns help?
what do you think of my improv?
Do you think im a good dancer?
Is it alright for a man to get....?
How to do Swipe!!?
Dancing with the stars tonight: Where was Mario?
Could i ever get at least semi good at ballet if i started now?
How should i dance at the dance?
Poll: How long do you practice a week for your dance(s)?
ballet boy my frens dard me?
Ballet slippers?
Dance in the 80s where people stood in place and bounced up and down?
America's Best Dance Crew challenges - which crew has had it hardest?
What students done the lets dance for comic relief in waterloo?
I need some pretty lyrical dance songs!?
I wanna make a dance group for ABDC?
Questions about dancewear?
how to get higher arches in ballet? (video)?
Ballet for beginners?
Can someone describe to me how to......Tap?
do u like food or dancing?
Suggestions for Dance DVD for working out?
what are some dance and dance related careers that you can think of, other than the ones mentioned in this?
How to prepare for cheerleading tryouts!!!?
How to be flexible for ballet?
I'm 15, and I want to start ballet again. Is it possible that I could be on pointe in two years?
what are some good shoes do dance with (HIphop)?
I'm 20 years old and want to start dancing for the first time?
Homecoming, dancing. help?
Do guys really cream themselfs when they get a couch dance at a strip bar??
if you dance, what types of dance do you do?
how do i make french toast?
What is a kind way to say no when someone you REALLY don't like asks you to dance.?
Whats the next powermove i should learn after windmill!! please help.?
Jazz Solo Songs/Ideas?
Ballet audition! Don't know ballet! Advise?
i can't dance and i'm stiff when it comes to it, does that make me a less sexy person?
Are there new cover dance competition that i can participate?
I need some help on the background of german dancing??...?
been to olive nice place ,\mumbai?
I'm interested in taking dance classes. What is a good class that will give me general dance experience?
i want to kiss a boy?
Dancing question?!?!?
will somebody please give me advice?
Song suggestions for lyrical dance?
how do you become flexible ?
winter formal?
good jazz or lyrical duo for a guy and girl?
Fuettes? (dancers only, please.)?
Do you think dancing is a sport?
Does anyone have a hip hop mash up for my dance team to dance too?
What type of dancing should I try?
Help me with my round off?
Where Are Any Dance Classes In Chicago?
is having sex just for dance ok?
Durable ballet tights?
On step up 2 whats the name of the song at the end that andie and her new crew dance to at the streets?
Do you like my Dancing?
which is better.. ballet or jazz?
i need ur help.can u plz tell me where are dance classes conducted in bangalore,bcoz i want to join.?
What do leg lifts help?
Learning to freestyle dance. TIPS?
How Do You Booty Dance?
Could I be dancing wrong?
What is TRIBAL. .. belly dancing.. speaking?
Is there any way to get a comprehensive list of dance schools in Singapore?
do we get to talk to people on liune with our avatars?
Are there any girls that have taken pole dancing classes?
Should i Still dance if my feet are bleeding?
where are the best the best dance studios in florida??
Was doing ballet a mistake?
I dance en pointe, but my arches arn't very flexible and I have a hard time getting on top of the box.?
School Dance?
what is samira tawfeeq,s website?
Is horseback riding bad for ballet?
Watch this clip! Good or not?
ballet dictionary?
pointe dancers... do you tape your toes?
What is some good dance music which is similar to the following artists?
Why do I sometime feel like dancing all day?
Need help witt this...is dancing haram?
Does anyone know who sings a quite dance like remix to The Smiths 'This Charming man? I heard it in JD Sports?
The Grinding Dance Thing?
What can I do to train until I am back at CPYB?
Better turn out? (ballet)?
Should I quit ballet?
Can someone tell me the words, and how to do the haka dance?
Question about tumbling?!?! Gymnastic people, come here!!!!?
which dance costume? why? i have pics?
What to expect at your first Pointe shoe fitting?
how can i learn the splits in two weeks?
Does anyone know any good Dance Studios in the Bay Area?
anyone else feel like dancing?
Senior Solo Song Ideas!!!!!?
How to do the Bunny Hop?
any websites that teach u how to dance like in Spectacular?+s!!!?
I need a private ballet tutor to teach me ballet in my house on certain days a week. I am 16 & live in kuwait ?
what are the best stretches i can do to make my bottom half more flexible faster ?
How is this woman tshirt called?
anyone into dancing ,and especially tap and ballroom dancing>?
my feet suk... but i luv dancing wat to do?
Does anyone have any good Ballet Summer Intensive reccomendations?
I just turned 17 years old and i would really love to get back into dance. Is it too late?
what are the abbreviations used in ballroom dancing?
If you take ballroom dance lessons, and you for some reason have to go to a dance with a nondancer?
Anyone know of a rock n roll dance class in inner city Melbourne.?
PARA PARA pronunciation?
which is better, a unitard or leotard for ballet?
What is the best kind of dance shoe to buy if I need an orthopedic lift?
Dance classes in Singapore?
Does anyone know of any good dance space for rent close to Mineola, NY? Or somewhere in Long Island, NY?
does anybody know a link for the Israeli dance "the jessica" ?
How to make a Great AUDITION.?
Is there ANY dance costume stores online that sell to the general public?
What to wear to dance for competition?
Can my sister take dance classes with her age group?
How many times a day should you warm up on pointe?
Is dancing en pointe really painful?
Slow CLEAN songs for ballet, and Jazz classes?
Is it too late to start ballet at 21?
How can I improve on my jazz dancing?
What is the best way to add fluidity and grace to a Cecchetti-based choreography?
With all the people who play ddr and in da groove shouldnt they have more of them to get more weight loss?!?
Any HipHop dance classes near Adyar, Chennai?
I need a good dance song!?
Do you like to dance songs that have african beats or that are influenced by african rhythms?
how can i ask a boy to a dance i need advice quick the dance is the 10th?
Can u dance after u have sex?
What are good songs to dance to?
I'm a beginner at tap dancing and would like to know whether its best to get tap shoes with....?
Motivate me to stretch?
is anyone a dance member at DANCE XPIRENCE in mt.laurel nj?
What syles of ballet are there?
Do you like old or new school hip hop and the dancing?Why.?
classification of dance?
Does anyone know of any East Coast Swing classes in Sydney (Australia)?
Anybody here ever danced the Watusi?
i want belly dancer ukraine & russian who wants to come in india?
what are some goods modern songs for a tap solo?
is dancing a gay sport if its even considerd one?
if you like a guy what schould you do?
I am trying to do tumbling to learn how to do a back-hand spring.What places can I go that are near Burke,Va?
what do people mean when dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire?
What is: Ballet, Gymnastics, and Sports for?
Do you like dancing?
What would you name your dance fitness studio? ideas please!!?
What grade for pointe?
Where can i get jazz shoes from?
What kind of Dance is Step Up 1?
pointe shoe trouble?
What is the best instructional DVD for tap dancing? Or a good Tap Dancing Movie?
I like to stab pencils into my eyeball?
do you do the limbo?
Im doing a contemporary solo this year. Any suggestions would be suuuuper appreciated!?
it's gonna be a hot summer, what kinda things should i get into.?
where can you find ballet shoes?
ballet class in tulsa or broken arrow?
Breaking in pointe shoes...?
Is 15 too old to learn ballet?
If i take a ballet class, tumbling class and a contemporary dance class each per week will i lose weight?
what is the average height of ballerinas;can you be too tall?
Need music for a Jazz Dance for ages 14-18?
why isn't it very popular for people to watch a ballet?
How do you do a split and come back up with no hands??
at your high school dance what do people do?
i heard that there is a dance floor that you can buy that converts the friction people create when dancing?
TTly Dudets!!?
How To Darken Satin Ballroom Shoes?
what artist you like?
o man i just killed a mosqito will i get aids?
How do i dance @ a club???
when is the best time to ask your mom about having a boyfriend?
Is it too late for me to start ballet ? i am 15?
Characteristics of russain classical songs?
Do you think Adele's new single Skyfall would make a good lyrical?
Who was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars tonight? ***Spoiler Warning**hopefully?
why do people spend so much time on this thing?
What will help me improve before begining ballet class?
girls only I MEAN IT BOYS !!!!!! if a boy asked you to dance do you tell him you can't?
Any lady want to volunteer to help with stunt?
I need help choreographing for a talent show more detail inside?
what is the purpose of art?
How to teach yourself Ballet for free?
What is the name of the song Robert Muraine dances to when he auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance?
how high shoudl i pull my tigths up for ballet?
Is it ok to go to my first class of ballet and not know how to do the spilts?
I'm starting a new dance class, what to wear?
Dance Or Cheerleading Team!?
is royal winnipeg ballet SI hard to get into?
Is 13 too old to start Ballet classes?
Gcse Dance choreography!?
How do i do a backbend walkover?
A good arch?
how old should you be 2 start point ballet?
Belly Dance Lessons in Philly (Delaware County)?
how do you become flexible ?
do u think these people are good street dancers? (video included)?
how do you do a windmill?
Whats the game ghost in the grave and kick the can?
What is your favorite form of dance???
How to make her dance?
How to improve foot flexibility and pointe range?
how can I stiffen an old ballet tutu made from tulle?
Which song should I pick for my dance solo?
how tired got a woman , when she make a love for more than two hours?
I am a 450 pound man who's interested in ballet...what kind of advice could you give me to get started?
whats that song off of aquamarine where thier dancing...?
Is it easier to dance with or without music?
Robot dance? any dancers out there with some help...?
If you are a little chubby can you still breakdance good?
Splits help: How do i the ball joint between my femur and pelvic bone?
To tall for a ballerina?
Anyone know how to dance the Continental?
I need help, no idea how to choreograph a dance!!!?
Settle this bet: Impressive or not?
where in tigard or portland Oregon can i take belly dancing classes?
i need a sad emoutional touching type of song for contemporary dance ?
What is this move that Maddie from Dance Moms does called?
what do you need to do to get a dancing studio?
I'm 22 years old. Is it too late for me to learn ballet en pointe?
Which Bboy/Breakdance move looks better?
How can I improve my voice or my talent on SINGING?
What dance should I do for my sweet 16?
I need help with the splits?
Ballet Pointe!!!!!!!!!!?
Free online pattern for belly dance gauntlets?
what are some good songs to dance to in a school talent show?
calves hurt after 1st dancing class, should i dance tommorrow?
How/Can I even learn to do the splits in a month? 10 POINTS!?
I went to a club that played house music and I didn't know how to dance?
If a female ballet dancer is a ballerina, is a male called a ballerino?
I'm 14 years old and starting ballet. What should I expect?
Can someone tell me an acrostic for the name Elisa?
Ankle strengthening exercises?
Can anyone explain this dance move to me?
Why do the Candy Apples dancers (from Dance Moms) wear so much make up?
Is 15 too late to be a ballerina?
Can anyone give me interesting dance stimulus ideas?
Do 7th Graders Grind At Dances?
Help! Dance Leaps????
How do you keep your back straight on a center leap ?
i have an african dancing group and i need a name with twerk in it but i can't find a name can you help m?
Can a 15 year old girl learn ballet dance from scratch?
Do you like to dance?
What are some examples of teamwork in dance?
How do you dance to these songs?
when you are in a ballet lesson what kind of thing are you told to do?
Help! Modern Dance Conditioning?
Ballet or Gymnastics or something else?
How much are you guys paying for your dance lessons?
What was the name of that chinese warrior dance wade robson did for so you think you can dance season 5?
I am on a drill-team at a Christian school and i need a good clean rap song for my next dance! pleassee?
help with balllet!!!!?
Who is going to be on Season 4 of Dancing with the Stars?
Alright...is ballet a sport??? And do u think that ballet is gay or watever u want to call it?
How many dancers are vegetarian?
Questions about Dance?
Does anyone know of any good dance space for rent close to Mineola, NY? Or somewhere in Long Island, NY?
should i be nervous about my dance tryouts today?
What's a good advanced irish dance set for a dancer with good rhthym?
Why would I have to wear a leotard to hiphop class?
does anyone have dancing tips?
do you think global warming was triggered by the end of the cold war?
why do we use turn out in ballet?
Sharp toenails!!?
Theres are freshman coming into our school, &they think its amazingly cool to act like s!u+s, what do i say?
Are the any tips for practicing irish dance?
Which dance class is more fun, Ballet or lyrical? Is it okay for me to start ballet if I've never been in it
How can I learn Ballet if my family cannot afford the classes, private teachers, ETC?
How Old do you have to be to pole dance?
Can anyone suggest any salsa dance classes in mumbai,india?
How can Men be Able to Do this?
Does Chloe and maddie from dance moms go to the same school?
Why is Rap so Freakin' popular?
What color of the dress should I buy for my senior prom?
Is it appropriate to dance with flip flops or sandals?
girls, what do you do when u see a huge bug on the floor near you? and why do most girls scream?
Do I need Special training to start a low impact, easy dance class for seniors?
What are some good dance websites?
Are than any good boarding schools for middle school students that has lots of dancing, singing, and acting?
Running a schoolwide Dance Competition?
i wanna start ballet. what should i do?
Some Good dancing songs?
Can a ballerina do belly dance too?
Im going to my first dance tonight and i dont know how to dance with a guy. Please help!!!!!!!!!!?
I need a first dance song for prom?
Why do ballet dancers always dance on their toes? Wouldn’t it be easier to just hire taller dancers?
Are my dancing goals realistic?
Ok , so I went to my first dance , had fun , then slow dances came and I danced , but it was SO akward?
a good song to gave a l@p dance to?
does anyone know any good aerobics song? preferably pop or rnb.. like the a*teens version of super trouper..?
What jobs in dance can I get with a dance minor & recreatoinal training & competetion training ?
How do you grind? Tips and do's and dont's (for a guy)?
What are some really good Italian raggaeton songs???
how can i teach myself to dance
who your favorite dancer(s) on dancing with the stars (celeb)?
How many months should I train for dance team?
dancers....is it worth it all?
What is this 'barney' dance at clubs/school dances ?
Introductory ballet for teens/adults in houston, tx?
Im 13 and would like to know of good places i can train at when im 15 (jazz or ballet)?
any age limitation to be ballet teacher?
Hip hop dance moves?
I'm Confused!?!? Could Someone Please Help Me?
There is a dance cOming up help!!!?
Still Not Motivated. Nuter! ten points best answer!?
im a ballet dancer and i cant go up fully on pointe should i quit now?
How do you get more flexibal ?
can anyone give info on either beginning filipino or african dance classes in the oceanside, ca area?
cute song for kids to dance to?
What are upbeat fast songs for cheer competitions?
Im a ballet dancer, but Im getting kind of bored of it...?
give me advice with dance teachers?
For dance fanatics, are you looking forward to Step Up revolution?
Ballet dancers: what's the best brand for leotards and flat ballet shoes?
how do u get a good boyfriend and u know he is the right one?
How do I dance Gangnam Style?
While slow dancing, what do you talk about?
What dance classes should I take?
How many calories do you burn while hip-hop dancing??
Does anyone know information about ballroom dance classes held in Mill Valley in the evenings?
How come when I'm doing my left & right splits my upper body/shoulders can't face forward?
Need advice from ladies?
Need Opinion: Should my friend and I try this stunt?
WHAT DO you think of a man who dance ballet?
what are the best stretches i can do to make my bottom half more flexible faster ?
Whats a good love song, for the school dance?
Wat do i post to say when a boy come up to me and say that he want to go with me?
I want to learn how to dance to "You Can't Stop the Beat" from the movie Hairspray?
how to do the splits!! HELP?
what's a good dance instruction video for hiphop, trance or breakdancing? or any style will do?
I have a question about starting ballet or dance classes.?
is 15 too old to start taking ballet lessons?
Looking for dance costumes!?
I'm really excited but nervous for my semi-formal tomorrow night?
Dancing Group Names?????????
Pleaaaase help!!!! Need some modern acro songs?(: any genre!?
hi i am 15 boy and want to start dancing is it too late?
I am frustrated not beign able to do the splits.?
how do you do the bunny hop?
How do i do the pirouettes with the leg thing and go around multiple times?
i am gonna start this dance course but i am too shy to dance?
How old do you need to be to become a gogo dancer ?
Advice for multiple pirouettes?
Where can I find a dancing name for belly dancing?
random thought?
What should I keep in my dance bag?
why can i do a split but i can't do a leap? (dance)?
Im new to break dancing and i need different trick?
What's this dance move?
Dance on Sunset?
Is age 15 too late to start dancing?
who was elimintated on last nite's Dancing with the stars?
How to do jazz fouettés?
What's the last thing you did your happy dance for?
I am 13 and am a little overweight. Can I still do ballet?
Did abby lee miller add another girl to her group?
Dance on a hurt ankle?
Anyone going for dance major/minor? Please said the name of school you are going to.?
For Dancers en Pointe?
How many k-pop dances have you learned?
Should I take hip hop or ballet? Or is there such thing as a mix of both?
Dance assessment in 2 weeks need some ideas!?
Songs to use for a contemporary solo?
How do you give a lap dance?
Is it ok to get a lap dance from a former student?
Does anyone have any good ideas/ songs for a dance recital that has a "Dancin' Strong" theme?
What are some good dance studios in NYC?
What kind of ballet shoes to get and feet strengthing excersizes?
For everyone who watches So You Think You Can Dance?
Dance (high school girls only please?)?
What is Ranz Kyle Viniel E. Ongsee's cellphone number?
specifically to ballet dancers?
Why am I so stiff when I dance?
What are some good stretches for learning how to do the splits?
how much do cruise ship dancers make?...and other info?
Where can I find a salsa dancing school in New Jersey?
Any information on the Ktunaxa Sun Dance ceremony?
I really want to take ballet more than anything but im moving and i have to wait.Should I start or wait?
How To Grind At A High School Dance?
Dance moves - Floor walkover?
How does a dance competition work??!?!?
i'm really serious about dance.can someone help me?
What are the best night clubs in London right now?
i'm not a dancer but i really want to learn how to do Pirouettes and turns like that what should i do?
How Do You Do The Noodle Dance? =/?
what do they call a male that does ballet?
What should I wear to a halloween themed homecoming? (I'm a guy)?
Ballet Terms? HELP ME!?
Who sigh Rout 66?
What are some cute ideas on how to ask someone to dance?
How can I have more experssion when I am dancing?
what are some good dance studios for jazz and contemporary?
What's the dance move where you pop your butt up and down.?
I need a song for my dance routine!?
Good hip hop dance crew name?
where can i buy blister preventors?
Cool Name for a Group of 3 girls?
Cheetah Girls!!?
Social advantage of breakdancing?
What would you call the movements in this hip hop dancing video?
where do i join salsa classes in the evenings around delhi?
What do I need to wear in a ballroom competition?
Does anybody know what Melbourne shuffling is?
what kind of food is best shoved down a baby's throat?
Which is cheaper, gymnastics or dance?
good hindi dance song for 4 year old girl?
I want to start ballet but am I to old and I heard that you can't do pointe until years of experience.?
isit ok to like a geek?no,lol just asking.?
What is the hardest dance to learn in the world?
What do you learn in a beginner ballet class?
How do you hula hoop?
How to slow dance (for teenagers) ?
is there any site that shows u how to "walk it out"? (dance moves rap)?
good indian songs to dance on?
i have to wear girls tights but im a boy...?
Does your teacher ever dance in the middle of the room?
Whats the difference between Gymnastics & Cheerleading? Which one should i do?
How can I learn not to dance like a retard on crystal meth?
What should I do? Biggest choice of my life?
Who would be booed and heckled the most out of these 3 b'boy crews?
I'm 19 and i love dance and i'd like to start is it too late?
what can i do to be a famous singer?
Does anyone know any hip-hop or jazz combinations?
want to compere an event want some original ideas?
Is Ballet Sexist and Out of Date?
looking for ballet dresses for dance concert to hire?
Is pointe dance hard?
Who is the best Belly Dancer you ever saw ?
Tips on getting straighter legs when I dance?
Dance song about spying?
Where can I find a hip hop dance class in savannah?
need help on a question of dance!! :]?
my friend told me i cant dance?
whats wrong with me?
how do i make a dance mix?
all those who know about dancing?
I need some help and information about a girl?
how should i PRACTICE / TRAIN my pirouettes ?
Question about pointe?
Better jetes. please help?
What's ur favorite song to dance to?
Good song for hip hop dance?
At what age should you start dancing to become a professional backup dancer? At what age is it to late?
What are some crazy, fun songs to dance to from 2000?
why do putties die when they get hit in the chest? From Danz0r?
Why mirrored dance videos?
Dance Team Information....?
Need advice from ladies?
Whats the name of this move that neguin does?
Pole dance fitness at home?
irish dancing school?
Were Martha Graham's dances accepted at first? (her modern dances)?
how do you dance at clubs?
Is "cavalier" the name for a male ballet dancer?
how do you change your avatar?
why isn't it very popular for people to watch a ballet?
I wanty to know Mepa circuit rankings of the color guards?
For all the dancers, what makes it easier to complete a tilt extension with no hands if you know what i mean?
Who likes dancing?
where can i find adult dance classes in indianapolis - north side?
Will Irish Step dancing lessons conflict with my daughters ballet and tap dance technique?
do you know what the dance that Lady Gaga does is called?
where can i find hip hop dance classes in Manhattan or anywhere in New York city?
im 14 i look 15 16 can i get into h2o under 21 dance club in MD?
Cheap pointe shoes for sale?
i'm like sl dances but i would like to created dances i do in rl i try qvimation have not try poser ?
Who do you think will win So You Think You Can Dance?
How to learn hip hop dancing?
How do you rave with glowsticks?
Dance songs 2 minutes or under?!?
How do you do yhe spongebob dance?
What are some good high schools that specialize in dance in Canada?
are there any black go go dancers?
Im 16 and want to start ballet. Any advice?
how to dance hip hop major problem help PLEASE!!?
Is dance a sport?
I'm 35 years old and love ballet, do you think I'm too old to take ballet lessons?
Where does dance moves come from and who are the creaters of them?
Dance career? please help?
How come when I dance at a club the guys always try to feel me up?
A little dance problem... ?
Anyone know any good tumbling classes in colorado springs?
Contemporary: Similar songs / dances? Or song suggestions please?
When is a child old enough to start taking dance classes?
Will taking pilates, yoga, and zumba help me progress as a beginning dancer faster?
What are some of your favorite types of dances????
what should I keep in my dance bag?
What is the final bow called at the end of ballet class?
How to get up on pointe fast?
Songs for the talent show?
what kind of color in ballet tights would look good on darker skin?
DANCERS...what was the weirdest dance routine you were ever a part of?
cheerleading help?
How can I improve my ballet skills quickly?
Why do people consider ballet gay?
how do u slow dance really good.?
This question is for people who have gone to Blue Lake?
What is it that makes folk dances so special?
Strip at home?
Is being tall bad for dancing?
So You Think You Can Dance season 10?
why do you think americans place an emphasis on movement in dance thetre performances and?
Belly Dancing?
Can I lie about my age to get into ballet?
sytycd ??
What are ringers? (Dance moms)?
i went dancing the other day and?
HELP it's about someone i hate what should i do? And it has to with dance?
What's your favorite form of dance?
Healthy snacks for a dancer?
I'm almost nineteen years old. Is it too late to begin ballet?
What can I do to get my right and left splits?
pulling muscles in your legs?
i keep propping in pointe! any suggestions on how 2 stop!?
Costumes for Superhero dance?
Ballet attire help? need help with ballet clothes?
how can i find some video clips showing jazz dance?
Whats the difference between swan lake and swan princess?
Can someone describe in a few words or less how to pole dance? Or can you give a wesite w/step-by-step info?
Am I too old for acro?
Where to start to become a go go dancer?
need beats?
can someone teach me on video the dance to put a ring on it?
how can i learn the dance moves?
For ballet dancers...?
What is the dance Moose does in Step up 2?
ok, i'm overweight, and have been dancing for six years. I just started pointe. how can i lose the xtra pounds
Talent show SOS!!!!!!!!?
im a little overweight and going to an arts school for ballet???
Can any one help me with these dance problems?
is this weird for someone my age?
dancing the hip-hop way?
Are the 2012 Dance awards going to be aired on tv?
what kind of dance do you want my dog to learn?
What are youth ballroom dance classes like? ?
What's the best way to start a dance career at my age?
I am involved in contemporary dance. Occasionally I am asked what this is - your definitions please?
Good Dancing Studeios in Miami?
can you juke other peps if you got a boy friend and yall go to a party?
Im planning on throwing a HUGE Rave at the end of this year, wondering if anyone knows any sites for cheap glo?
what is it and how do i get it?
What are the steps for the line dance called Power Jam?
I went to the Pulse Dance workshop?
What do you think of cimmy?
Do toe raises and pointe strengthen the calves and thighs?
Should i be taking more ballet classes?
Id really like to go on pointe but im not sure how to start?
Has anyone been to Chimes Ceroc in London, and what was it like?
How long do typical ballet rehearsals last before a premiere?
Sharp jazz dance music?
Have you ever made make over of a traditional ODISSI of GOTIPUAs?
I heard 16 was too old to start ballet...is it?
ok so im 13 years old and just started dancing 6 months ago; iwanna go pro one day. do u think i could do it?
Does anybody no were to take Tango lessons? (portland, Oregon )?
Where can I learn Salsa LA Style in New York?
Is it easier to do the worm forwards or backwards?
i want 2 go in2 cheerleading but my step mom does'nt want me2, what must i do?
new dancing studio name search?
What does a class on "Night Club And Social Dance Mix" mean?
Ballet or Pointe, which one should I take first?
pointe shoe question???? ballet?? please answer?
How to develop a solid core for turning in dance?
How do I get killer reflexes?
How to do the snap dance?
How can I learn a back tuck safely at home?
Teen/Adult beginner ballet classes in Sugar Land, TX?
How do you "drop it like it's hot"?
Dance class help please?
How to slow dance with a girl?
Should I complain about my dance teacher?
im a ballerina and i want to go to a ballet school for the summer HELP?
How to get people involved in an activity (PARTY DANCING)?
Cheerleaders! Please help me fundraise!?
Do the stars from Dancing With The Stars get payed for participating on the show?
Could I make it in High school cheerleading?
I moved 2 Kancheepuram..can anybody suggest some fine arts school or dance or martial arts center or something?
what are some good modern dance songs?
Which dance type is the most intensive and beneficial to fitness?
I am going into my senior year and i wanted to know if there are any goodbye songs i could do for my solo?
how come people are rude?
Why does it hurt so much when i do a split?
Hip Hop Line Dance Question! (Please Help!!)?
help with developes in ballet?
should i take ballet or tap ?
should i try taking dance? I need advice!!! ANYONE WHOS TAKEN DANCE PLZ READ!!!!?
Why is 'salsa on 2' (New York style) refered to as mambo?
What should I do to be seen by my ballet teacher?
How to get my middle splits?
What do you require to set up your own dance school?
Do you know the name of this group on Got To Dance?
What are some good dance schools in Minnesota that teach beginning teens?
Which type of dance do you enjoy doing the most?
where to find street dance class br1?
I love dancing but no formal classes?
Ballet classes early in the morning?
Costume for dance solo?
Another dance question: How can I prepare my self for dance this year? please answer?
what is the difference between clogging and regular tap dancing?
Pray Madam, Wilt thou dance with me? I have the urge to flirt with thee.?
what would u like at a dance...YEAH ITS DANCE?
Are there any dance studios in Dusseldorf, Germany?
when you go to a dance compition, how do you get the judges to like the performance beyond dancing? emotion?
what is some great dance music?
What should you wear for foot wear while learning a 3 rotation Pirouette?
how long does it take learn how to do the dance known as bonebreaking, considering that im not doublejointed?
Does this sound like a good idea for an Avatar the Last Airbender Fanfiction idea?
What are the Bon Odori (Bon Dance) Costumes/clothes?
Where can I find a 38DDD supportive/convertible bra?
Help Me Please With Dance Themes?
i think i am a bad dancer?
I didn't make dance team, now what?
How long will it take me to become a proffesional dancer?
I feel pressured and confused about my ballet dancing.?
Does anybody know what interesting happend on june 1 1994?
How do you feel like when your boyfriend is dating someone else ?
What is Madonna's middle name?
Can I teach myself to dance? And..?
What are some good bellydancing websites?
Joffrey Ballet Levels? Please Answer!?
what is the name of the reggaeton they play at zumba classes that says "trinchera dame trinchera"?