How do I control my dancing?
How do you know when to go en pointe?
does anyone know if the nuter is performing in southwest Louisiana soon??
Bulky legs that don't flow in ballet?
do you think i can dance??????
Just Dance 2, Just Sweat Enquiry?
Is Salsa a dance you can dance alone?
how do i get some cold hard cash in 48hours?
Does anyone like the song "shes a maniac on the dance floor"!?
when is the next dance moms marathon?
jazz better than hiphop?
What style of dance should I do for my solos?
How to get a perfect needle?
How can i make my switch leap better?
Some bangin' trippin' Reggaeton songs?
Any vids of how to dance?
any happy\dance songs for babies?
is it true your leg can go numb if you hold your split for 30 min?
Nightclubs" are girls now on average taller than the guys?
How does my C-jump look?
Should I wear a dress to the winter wonderland dance?
did you go to your homecoming dance?
Benefits of having a 180 split in dance?
How do you pick pointe shoes that actually fit?
What is real burlesque dancing vs the movie?
Improving Posture for Ballet???
Need help with a ballet/lyrical move!?
I am on my school's dance team and we need a unique name for our squad.?
which one of these 2 are your favorite kind of dance...or walk?
Who has been ,wants to be or is an exotic dancer? *MALE & FEMALE*?
can competitive dancers be in music videos ?
is just dance 4 out or when?
Where can i find America's Best Dance Crew commentaries?
Dance journal questions??
Opinion on the types of pointe shoes!!!!?
I need a Broadway song for a dance recital.?
what are some good songs to dance too?
Questions about Pointe/Ballet!?
Should I go to the next dance my school will have??????thanks?
Am I to old for this????
how can i learn to do a split?
techno dancing?
What are some cute ideas on how to ask someone to dance?
Dance recital make-up??
if i wanna learn how to break dance should i learn how to hip hop first ?
What dance classes are you taking this year?
For dancers is it true if you break your keels ten-dent you can never dance again?
What the best kind of dance 2 join the High School Dance Team?
Where can I download free video teaching Belly dance for beginner?
Does anyone know what danskin tights are made of?
i need some dancers trained / untrained for shows / teaching in delhi .?
Where was Hula dancing originated?
who agrees??
wat is ur favourite type of dance?
Describe all the different dance forms in the world.?
Can I dance NEED feedback!?
How do you dance to this?
My brother is sleeping in the next room should i fart in his face?
How long would it take for a couple of middle schoolers to memorize a whole dance routine to a full song?
competitive jazz dance solo song?
What dance do you prefer ?
I need some pointers from creative and athletic people on how to begin my cheer classes that I am teaching?
Help With A Dance Song?
I want to learn to dance (body popping)? ?
Tips on how to dance?
Do they teach dance (ballet, jazz, tap) in college?
Gymnastic classes for Beginners that's 15 years old.?
Am I too old to start ballet?
Theres a new dance song called "stanky leg".............?
Does stretching everyday help me be a better dancer?
Exotic Dancing.?
how old do you have to be to teach ballet ?
Back flexibility!!!!?
What song did kelsea taylor from "So you think you can dance" Season 5,6, or 7 dance to in her audition?
What if you accidently gave your teacher a lap dance?
i need someone to talk to?
Where can I dance in college that have just a hip hop and/or high kick dance team?
Visiting Abby Lee Dance Company?
How do you dance!?!HELP!!!?
are you mental????
where can i take ballet classes in delhi?
Swing dancing in Puerto Rico?
Are ballet schools with no pianist good?
How Much Aerial Silk Is Needed?
how do you dance at a school dance?
Dancing Question!?! Am I too old...?
How to dance like this?
Can a woman ever be TOO old to learn to dance professionally?
Wold you like to be a human?
What exercises can I do to build up strength for pole dancing?
what is the best club for rent in london with a square-lit dance floor (70s style)?
Have you been in a dance workshop?
Feel-Good Summer Songs?
how do i organize a dance?
What are the similarities in footwork among tap dance, Irish step dance and break dance?
What was that song on dance moms?
What is the appeal of Egyptian belly dancing?
How can i get better at my dance leaps?only dancers!?
This is kind the same question i asked before?
How do I over come my regret of starting dance late?
Advertising ideas? Dance classes!?
what is the best way to cool down for a dance competition?
how many years do u have to be in ballet for you to go into pointe?
How many kinds of dance shoes are there? of ballet?
who is the greatest tap dancer of all???
wats ur biggest pet peeve?
What is your favorite type of dance?
First jazz dance class tonight?
Where should i place my foot when doing pirouettes?
Dance Centers near Augusta,GA.?
Is belly dancing slutty? HELP?
How do you hop over your leg?
dance moms season 2?????????
Since the Pope Wears Red Shoes, Do You Think He is a Good Dancer?
how to pop out sunglass lenses? (like twitch's)?
What are some good songs for a drill solo?
Does anyone know how to get tickets for BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing?
How can i learn to dance to dance to spanish music?
do you like who you are and why and if you could change anything what.?
Is Dance Worthwhile? I want answers from dancers and non-dancers please!?
Question for ladies??????????
How do you do a scissor side leap?
How to stop using quads in plie?
Who do you think will win SO You Think You Can Dance???
I need a really good emotional song to do my next solo too ...?
What is a reasonable thing to wear at an end-of-the-year middle school dance?
i need a really creative idea to ask someone to a dance?
I dace valet on point.Do you?
What is your opinion on RAD, Balanchine, Cecchetti, Vaganova, or French?
why do people think trance music is gay?
For ballet should i wear leggings under or over my leotard?Help please!?
Is Alvin Ailey Dance School in NYC an actual school?
I don't have my middle splits for dance?
what are some songs to jerk(dance) to?
Christmas dance performance soon, dont know what to do?
Dancing and dating help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
do you think its possible to dance on pointe on your own? meaning w/. out studio training.?
Where, in orlando, florida, is a good place for a beginner to take ballet classes?
all dancers please answer this. !?
i need a super slow very sad song to dance to for my solo! something like skinny love?
I need some good dance rountines to the song tik tok by keisha or dollhouse by peracilla reana?
Dancewear questions, please help!?
Is it too late to start dance classes?
I'm learning to pole dance how long will it take me to learn to climb the pole?
is country western dancing still in?
Minnesota Dancing Studio's??
How do i get a job teaching dance in public schools?
What type of dancing is this?
Cabrioles to the back?
How to slow dance at 8th grade dance?
Where can i find a Ukulele bass?
Does Target sell tutus/ballet skirts?
dance teachers out there?
Do girls like boys who breakdance?
Cheerleading help. how to make the cheer team?
what to do about my dancing skills :P?
carnatic music free lessons?
What is wrong with my pointe shoes?
The best RnB nightclub in London?
What are some new songs that can be turned into instrumentals for a cheer dance?
How to say dancer in african?
do you all like rap?
how do you learn dance moves to dancing machine by jackson 5?
I have no idea how to dance?
homecoming homecoming homecoming?
Half shanks for pointe shoes? Darning pointe shoes?
How do guys like this?
Does anyone know any upbeat fun songs that would be good for a 9 year old's jazz dance routine?
Flamenco dancing dress?
can someone pls suggest me dance calsses in new bombay....particularly shiamak classes.....?
What search method should a man use to find a dance partner for a course in ballroom dancing?
why do people think that dancing is a sin.?
How do i get my splits?
Senior Lyrical Dance Songs?
Frontbend flexibility question?
How do I dance to RAVE MUSIC?
I can't do a cartwheel.?
Dancers: what is your daily practice schedule?
need help on a question of dance!! :]?
Who here is good at being convincing? PLEASE help me! Important to me!!!!?
How many times a week do you dance, and how long have you been doing it?
What songs should I ask for to dance with my wife at christmas party Friday night? We are in our 40's?
Where can I find an adult hip hop class?
does anyone know a good tap song?
do u know any good gym in heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt? Or any place that gives dance classas?
what are some unique dance probs?
Pole dancing?
can you give me some cheerleading jumps, moves, and sites cause i want to try out for the team!!!?
Why doesn't anyone ever dance like the movies anymore?
I have high arches but I still still roll forward? Helpp!!!!!?
what do you need to know for Ballet?
Dance: Chorus Line I Hope I Get It?
What is your favourite indian dance?
Could I Form Full Splits By July 9?
What's the name of that line dance?
I was grinding on two different girls during my homecoming dance. Both of them could feel my junk.?
Is pointe dance hard?
What are some good dance tutorials?
stand out in a good way?
Good hardstyle dj names...?
Good Trance Songs or Playlist?
help i am too advanced for my dance class?
How many years does it take to become an open champion Irish dancer?
how to have fun and dance at partys?
What brand of pointe shoes should I get?
I do not know what to wear for a Salsa Dance show case. Can you help me?
Where are good dance schools in Illinois or Wisconsin?
which one....the old or the new?
Do you know a good song which i can perform a disco dance to in dance festivals?
where can i buy a pole dancing doll?
What should we name our dance group?(s)?
Do you want to be my Dance Partner?
Do you like to dance?
Is there any dancing school in Egypt?
birthday presents for ballerina/dancer?
Bob Fosse's dance style?
How to do the soulja boy dance?
do anyone know the song walk it out? anyone know how to do the dance to it.. and could ya show me some way?!?!
dancing with the stars?
(10 points) can i still be good at it?
Is dance moms ending?
Does anyone have an idea if there are belly dancing workshops in mumbai?
what is friendship day?
Our colorguard is trying to make our own kind of apparel for next year?
principal dancer !!?
what age should a person be when they have thier first slow dance?
What is comedy? What would you look for in a comedy book?
are there any 18 and over dance clubs in eugene oregon?
Where can you find any kind of dance classes for kids in the Oakcliff area?
what mean love?
im 16 starting ballet . I have questions !?
Do you like to dance?
Why can't I do my splits?
can you find the appropriate website for the "day of dance" held in sheffield?
I need ballet help!!?
Good Bboy Name Please?
How do you learn how to do a back handspring?
What are a good brand of plain black dance spandex shorts?
can i get the free minute cobe 4 my boost mabile phone?
Should she take ballet?
What's do u think is worse?
Song dance by Jessica Alba in honey i believe i can?
How to dance at homecoming?!?! Help!?
Is there anywhere where they'll hire as a dance teacher's assistant at 11?
How to get better in Melbourne Shuffling?
Whats better ballet or ariel acrobatics?
how can I learn how to pick up dance combinations quickly...what type of dance class is best for improving on?
I'm nervous it's my first school dance and I don't know what to do?
The top 5 bollywood songs to dance?
INDIANS what type of dance is this?
What is that music video wherein the lady singer dances with her partner and they morph?
At (3:34 - 3:39) How Do you do that dance...I tried it by looking but its hard!!?
I have no rhythm, but want to learn to dance.?
any free dance sites?
Where is the best place to learn to dance in Pensacola, FL?
where can i get the remix of hard knock life from America's best dance crew?
when you dance how do you get your bum to move on it's own!?
does anyone know how to dance?
Can I still join ballet classes even though I'm 14 years old?
Should I get back into dance? **Read**?
Help!!! Ideas for a contemporary dance routine?
Does anyone know what a Mujra Dance is?
having trouble gliding(dancing)?
Where to find bboy (breakdancing) classes in Taipei?
should i do hip hop or debate?
What do I do? Period and my tumbling class?
what to wear at my school dance party ?
Sensual, fiery dancing that you can't take your eyes off of. Your experience...?
does anyone know the site or where to go to vote for dancing with the stars?
what to be for a dance: theme is creatures of the night?
Pole dancing classes in Newport?
what are some good dance songs?
Joining dance? Background experience?
Confidence with Dance classes?? HELP?!?
Any good hip hop songs and dance ruitins for only two??10 points:)?
Talent Show??????????????
Any homecoming ideas if we're doing a french theme?
what do you think about the first kiss?
i want to know the name and addresses of dance institutes in new delhi?
what type of dancing is the gangnam style?
what do you need to be a good ballroom dancer?
Fast Dance Song Help!?
In the song London Bridge by Fergie ..what is a london bridge?
What is the most diverse style of dance?
dance central songs help?
am i bad at dancing check out my vid?
Why does my ballet teacher do this?!?
girls, what shoes make?
Where can I find a dance class in Beaumont, TX?
What is the best diet for me as a dancer?
help in ballet??
Who is the Hall of Fame dance Soloist to All that Jazz?
How long would it take to get on Pointe in Ballet?
rows AA-CC Toronto hummingbird So you think you can dance ?
What about this song for a dance?
How can I get my tummy to look flat in a leotard?
'Dancing Product' Project ideas!?
Does it matter what kind of ballet shoes ?
What should I expect from hip hop classes?
10 points!! what kind of dance is this? (video)?
Does anyone know of any freestyle dance competitions in south west Missouri?
all dances must have what?
What is the best tambourine for church?
Do you like dancing?
How to do the splits?
Define Gadi?
How much further can I go in dancing?
What are some funny dance moves?
What are the motifs in the dance Swansong?
Is it too late for me to have a career in dance?
Shoes problem?
what are the props used in the traditional dances of india?
What is the best way to make your shoes comfortable for dancing?
Dance class ......need help !!!!!?
Pre-ballet/dance Music ideas?
Props and accessories that can be used for a dance?
Help!! Need a daddy/daughter dance song that is pretty general, nothing to mushy?
Old movies where a couple is dancing in the rain in a parking lot?
How long it takes to learn Salsa Dance ? Where is the scool in Mumbai ?
Please help! How can I get rid of a pulled muscle fast!?
SYTYCD ? :) pleasseee.
Do you know of some good tango and west coast swing dance instruction dvd's for basic & intermediate levels.
In memory of Dance song!?
Who luvs Ballet Flats?
Who all thinks Mario and Karina should of won Dancing with the Stars?
I need help identifying a popular line-dance song ?
What else should I put in my dance bag?
Starting ballet, basic moves to learn?
What is the difference between the Department of Dance Performance and the Department of Choreography?
Does anyone know any good opportunities for dancing?
I need a simple, male, variation for this summer.?
Can I begin to take dance classes at 13?
how should a guy dance at a club?
where can I learn free belly dancing online?
Can't do Windmill!!! ARRR Breakdancing ?
Do you think the new dancing rules are too much?
i want to learn breakdance or hip hop dance....?
Is this good for competitive season this year? DANCE?
What are the istruments in the Sleeping Beauty Ballet?
tap dancing?
would someone please tell me how to make a belly dancing jingle scarf?
What is A level Ballet?
Stuck in a dance class with little kids?
Exercises to do in pointe shoes?
is therer a person with a gymnastics mat?
How do i heal my hip pain?
Which one Volleyball or dance?
The Joffery Ballet's summer intensive, Chicago ?
HELP I need a pageant routine for a 13 year old?
how do you do an ariel?
Where can I learn to dance to Hip Hop music?
What's your favourite song to DANCE to ?
Pole dance for fitness?
Lapdancing in London?
lady gaga video just dance clip?? what is that dress!!?
Would i be a very valuable stripper if i could gogo dance,belly dance,and pole dance?
why cant santa dance?
Summer ballet intensive question?
Good Stretches To Learn The Splits Fast?
Would anyone be able to give me feedback on my dance please?, good or bad appriciated! Thanks :-)?
Too late to dance?
What does it take to achieve the happy cockroach dance?
is 13 too late to become a pro ballerina?
Does anyone know what "Swan Lake" was about?
Should I start ballet as a 13 year old boy? It it weird?
Confidence with Dance classes?? HELP?!?
what should i get my daughter's dance teacher for christmas?
Is Roch Valley a good brand for ballroom and latin dance shoes for beginners ?
is it possible to start ballet as an adult beginner?
What is a force arch??
Is there a way I can strengthen my ankles?
Cute gifts I can give to my squad on my dance team?
How long does it take for a discount dance order to get to me?
How do I dance for 24 hours????? Help!!!!!?
What is a Russian Coupe in the Gr. 8 RAD Ballet Syllabus?
Any dance studios in Milwaukee?
Street ( Hip Hop) clothing stores online?
Who do you think will win SO You Think You Can Dance???
As a ballroom dance instructor, what is the best way to make a buck?
Am I too old to become a cheerleader?
How do I learn this beyonce dance routine?
how much does a professional dancer earn?
you love kids?
What kinds of music today tell stories or deliver messages?
Vocational ballet schools...?
As a performer, would you prefer that you had mirrors on stage?
Poll:- True or False- You Can Dance?
Song Help [From dancing with the stars]?
Does ALL nightclubs check ID?
How to get my flexibility back ?
Need help in Pointe class!?
dance hits? with good beats?
The ending song is Bend Yo Wrist by My T Woman. It and the Spandau Ballet is by PM Down, Set Adrift?
I dance Jazz-ballet/hip hop sort of thing, im 13 and wanna start ballet is this to old?
Can you recommend any cool dance moves?
What should i do, be a Dancer or Be in band and become a doctor after high school?
i want to get flexable like be able to do the spilts both ways?
Are there any 18 and under dance/ night clubs in Arizona?
purpose of coitus imitation dance?
How Do you no if you are a good enough dancer to make a career of dancing?
Does anyone know where i can find breakdancing lessons in se london?
Year 9/10th Grade Dance,Girl?
ballet pointe shoe help?!?
Ballroom Dance Research help?
Need ideas for a dance tattoo!!?
having trouble gliding(dancing)?
For every woman , girl , teenager , female. can doing these? one minute please? 2 point for you ^_^?
What should I wear for a dance audition?
How can I become a pole dancer? I heard they get paid 500 quid a night, thats 200 quid more than me benefits?
i dance and i need a way to keep my ankles from hurting can anyone help me??
What's your favorite style of dance?
girls, what shoes make your feet the most sweaty and smelly, and does it bother you?
im 14 and i want to dance again is it to late to start again, what are some dance schools in lancaster?
Do you usually dance alone or with people?
What ages can take classes at arthur murray dance studios?
Is your dance card full?
pertanyaan gak penting?
Can Hip-Hop dancing be a career?
How to ask a boy to dance?
do ya think smkong enheighten creativity?
pose that kind of looks like crab walk pose?
Do you know any streetdance studios?
What is a good exercise and diet plan for a dancer?
Ballet or bollywood dancing?
How do i know what size extensions i need for my x pole?
What type of dance should I try?
what is this muscle called?
Middle School Dance! I need some make up ideas.?
Colleges in New England with AMAZING dance programs?
how do i get some cold hard cash in 48hours?
Who else thinks that Latin ballroom dance is the sexiest kind of dance ever!?
Lyrical Dance Song?
new CWALK moves !!!!?
with 10+ dancers in prizewinner....?
exercise dance cds for purchase?
Can I teach ballet in UK without RAD?
will dancing help me keep my body fit?
does anyone know where i can find a place to take polynesian dance classes in the LA area?
IM 14 and i want to dance so bad. help!?
Does anyone else in the world like the New York City Ballet??
Is dance an art or sport?
what level of ballet/experience do you need to get to point shoe?
Can someone tell me some good bellydance music, thats a bit faster?
Good country songs to dance to?
Does any one know of a Dance camp in IL?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Should I go to this dance studio..?
places in New Jersey state to dance cuban music?
dynamicwaves dance?
Where can I find help with trying to learn how to pop-and-lock and gliding my feet?
Help!! I don't know what to wear to a stripper Audition?
is this worth the money or not?
Can I Learn Bachata at 30?
How to Not Be Stiff When Dancing?
Where is the best place to get dance apparal?
Am I too old to start ballet?
does anybody here know breakdancing ?
i need help from a girl?
How can I promote my dance classes more?
What is the name of the Mia Michaels piece about..?
DO you watch DANCING with the stars?
My calves hurt and I have a dance audition?
Good Homecoming Idea?
should i ask him to the dance?
Would it be weird for me to start dancing again?
How is dancing exciting?
How do you do the spongebob dance when you kick your legs back?
What is a hatz tatzi club? What dances do they do?
How do you do a back handspring?
Is there a good catchy song that you just cant help dancing too or you feel it running through your body?
Am I a weird teenager because I dont party or dance?
Who's going out tonight?
where can i find wallpapers of Mario and Karina from dancing with the stars?
great dancing school in queens?
Beginning Ballet Tips?
easy dance moves (in videos) that i could learn b4 tuesday??? (song- Do It To It)?
What alignment is this?
Have you ever danced in the rain? Do you like dancing in the rain?
boy ballet wear?
How can i learn to belly roll?
Best Dance/ Club songs???
Dancerss? What leg exercises can i do to make my legs stronger so i can hold them up...?
what else can you dance besides grinding?
Dance Uk?? [20 characters] x?
What are some good stretches for learning how to do the splits?
Can you wear pointe shoes without any experience?
Splits, I have a question dance?
what kind of music do most guys like to see a girl dance?
Ballet dancers...what do you call....?
would you rather be on a dance team or a cherleading team?
how do you find a listing of local dance studios in crestview, florida?
Do you think it's ok for a guy to wear a girls leotard to ballet class??
Is the School of American Ballet a good summer intensive to go to?
Would ballet work well for me?
How many slow dance songs are played at homecoming?
what is the really long stepping dance out on the dance floor called hipp hop music?
What are some good dancy songs?
Told my teachers that I was contemplating hurting myself to get out of dance... now they hate me?
What would be a good song for a lyrical/contemporary duet?
What is the name of the dirty south dance song that I heard at a wedding and at the 11/11/09 sabres game?
How to be more flexible?
Beginner dancer questions?
what kind of indian dance is jai ho?
anyone know any salsa, cumbia, caribbean songs?
How to get into hip hop similar to Dtrix?
How to do a tilt again?
Modern or Jazz Modern?
My first dance...HELP ME!!!!?
What are the requirements to open a dance studio?
Why do rivers sometimes look like a dancing storm?
who can send me details about a ballet school that is not in Romania???
How do you learn to do the splits?
Pointe shoe question?
Can you work for services?
Will bands actually make a girl dance?
What would my dance teacher mean by this? ?
OMG!! My parents saw a very embarrasing video of me dancing?
is eric sellers gay?
Stretches to improve flexibility.? ?
How to warm up before recital?
Is 13 to late to start dance?
how to loosen up in dancing?
how do you do the walk it out dance?
Dance Classes in Beaumont, TX?
Losing weight please answer?
Unique songs for a dance recital duet?
I need good pop locking advice!!?
hi,i stay in model town,delhi..and i am looking for a good dance school(classical and western both).?
If im stretching to be able to do the splits how long should a stretch per day???
Chris Brown iz so sexy!!!?
Breakdance bboy windmill help?
What is this dance move and how to do it?
in gaynor minden shoes, what is an extraflex, supple, feather, and pianissimo shank?
The George Jefferson dance?
How to learn how to dance 16 yr old male?
Leg warmers in jazz dance class?
Is It Too Late For Me To Do Ballet?
Late 70's early 80's the part i remember goes she went to paris france to act and to dance please help.
Do ballet dancers wear a bra & underwear?
I'm looking for long sheer tops to wear for dance costume?
Getting up on Pointe?
ok people what do you think about THiS!!!!...[[READ]]?
Does RAD Advanced 1 require Advanced Foundation?
Do you reminise about the disco days?
How to do this part from Gangnam Style Dance.?
How do I get this girl I like to either like me or dance with me at the next school dance?
Would you sayDancing is a....?
I need help to do a split. I have stretched and i have no pain in my legs. What should i do? HELP?
What songs should we play at our high school dance?
Billy Elliot Ballet girls auditions!?
What's a good place to get hip-hop dance classes for a decent price in chicago illinois?
How can I learn Bboy without breaking any of my bones?
dancing favouritism? help!?
exotic dancer/stripper?
Which Is a better Dance College OU or OCU?
What do guys think of girls who don't let them grind them on the dance floor?
dance classes, rochester, ny?
From when do i need to start planning my quinceanera walts and suprise dance?
what are some good hip hop dancing school in new york city?
what is the dance term hapay?? and how do you do it?
(GIFS) Can you find me any dancing gifs of girls? for my blog!!?
Where Can I find a Rock 'n' Roll Dance Class?
who thought the RBD or REBELDE concert rocked today night it was awsome who ever liked answer this Q ?
Are there any Hawaiian/ Polynesian dance lessons near Philadelphia, PA?
wut kinda dancing u like?
Am I ready for pointe?
how can i mke a pom-pom using metalic paper?
What type of dance class should I take?
What kind of dance move is this called?
Bad Apple!! Dance- Touhou?
My parents made me quit dance...?
is there any good gurus on youtube to teach you how to dance?
When to go to Ballet Summer Intensive?
Should I quit ballet???
I need to get my Splits by July 4th?!?
How can I get more rhythm to dance?
can a very light skinned, very dark haired, toothpick thin 19 year old girl still be pretty?
HELP:): What type of dance should I take up? Read details(:?
How do you normally go about breaking in your pointe shoes?
Dancing injury information?
What are the opinions on dudes who do dance like ballet?
Does anyone know if it is possible to make convertible tights out of regular tights?
Future back-up dancer? lol?
i have been a dance teacher for 11yrs just had a baby and want a new career any suggestions?
Help! School Dance! Help!?
What is the website for Dance And Gym Expressions, in Stafford, Virginia?
Ballet Pointe Shoe Sellers?
So I invited this guy?
Are there more steps to this?
Can someone tell me a good website for Jazz, Ballet, and Hip-hop attire?
Jazz or ballet solo songs?
I need some Exercise and have some fun, where can one find some Square Dance lessons?
Dance websites?
I want to get good a tango dancing... Where do I start?
do you get ballet lessons online?
Is sitting on my feet bad for them?
How long should a dance be?
is ballet fun?
do you express yourself with dance?
What was that song Julianne and Helio danced to on Dancing with the Stars tonight?
where can i find classic dance moves?
Dancers, How do you deal with soreness in the legs? ~Help!~?
Whats a good song to make a dance routeen too?
Why doesn't anybody answer my questions?
who do u think is going to win dancing with the stars?
I need advice, do you think i should go to a dance, go to a dance and the barn, or just go to the barn?
What brands of dance shoes did these classic dancers wear?
looking for salsa dancing classes in New Braunfels Texas?
could n e one krump in hurr or get hyphe???
Why did you start stalking me?
Have My Feet Got What It Takes To be A Dancer ;) haha?
contemporary solo songs!?!?!?!?
How do I be in a dance crew?
Does anyone hav any good prom themes??
I saw belly dancing show yesterday... how do their hips do that??
What are songs about growing up/dreams?
is there an age when your to late to start ballet or gymnastics ?
help with ballet tights?
Asking a guy to homecoming?
How to 2 Step........................?
All the dance studios i look at only say jazz, does that include lyrical and contemporary too?
What are some good stretches for needles and splits ?
Is it too late for me to dance professionally?
hiya whus the best player in englads footy team?
How should I ask a guy to dance at the dance on Friday?
How are new dances invented?
Those who are old enough to have survived the Disco Era, do you still believe dancing is absurd?
What are the best kind of shiny dance tights should i buy ?
What would u like to see in a kick routine?
Was I completely wrong?Is my dance teacher gonna kill me?Does my BFF hate me? I'm scared, help?
My daughter is two Gymnastics or ballet?
where can i find videos dat will show me how to crip walk and battle dance?
how do you know you have 180 turnout?
how can i hold turtle freeze ?
How do you dance a mirrored version?
It's Friday, who wants to go dancing tonight!?
Rejected to the dance...?
Juking footwork dancing??
Are u a good dancer?? If so, at what?
How do girls want guys to slow dance with them? and how do u slow dance?
What modern music would you suggest to dance a Tango?
Top 10 best Electronic Music list?
Will the ex-pro dancer, Alesha, or the ex-actor, Matt, win 'Strictly Come Dancing'?
Is 15 too old to start dance classes?
my bf has been asking 4 a lapdance how could i learn 2 do that?
What should I do about regret?
A solo song.... dancers pleez HELPP!!!!!!?
does any body have the song main deewana from the album G by ganesh hegade?
How to be flexible to try out for my schools dance team?
do u need more than a year to dance bboy properly?
Should i dance in a show with other girls?
any contemporary or ballet dance routine..?
Do u dance crazily when ur alone?
are you happy its almost july 4?
I'm joining a ballet class, but I'm about four weeks late?
could anyone tell me how choreographer "Siobhan Davies" worked in relation to her music?
Where can I learn to dance salsa, merenge, and bachata near Miami, FL?
Ballroom dancer help?
Someone please help me out with the windmill breakdance move?
what and where are there.........?
I am a really good dancer but i am scared of people watching me when i dance beside my friends what can i do?
What kind of Dance classes should I take?
is there anywhere in glasgow that you can have a night with turkish folk to dance and listen to there music?
What's a good kind of dance for a beginner?
Am I too tall for ballet?
another talent question?
What is the best way to achieve and oversplit?
where online can i find dance instructional videos and dance music?
Where could I look for good Bboying/Breaking Classes?
competitive dance studios southern florida?
How Agnes De Mille came to choreography "Oklahoma"?
9th grade cheerleading?
Skinny ballet dancers and me. ):?
Starting ballet, have questions?
How do you do a calypso leap?
What kind of movements would be included in a graduation ceremony?
Should i dance again?
i have a problem in dancing I cant get the rhythm that's what people say to me what can I do to be better?
WHAT helio won dancing with the stars!?
Is Dance Moms ending forever soon?
Homecoming i dont know what to do?
Ballet Songs...?
What kind of dancing is this?
llama milk??can i be a wizard??joe blow vs papa justify?
What makes a dancer a dancer?
How many hours should a child dance a week?
I'm in Grade 7 ballet which would be best White t-shirt & Black Shorts or White Leotard & Black Tights?
Do snotty dancers annoy you?
Best dance studio in San Francisco I can go to pursue my career as a professional dancer ?
Dance studios in wheeling WV?
Do You Have A Girlfriend because you are handsome?
can i use converse or vans to do a street dance? or maybe nike shoes?
Does anyone know where I can find Safri Duo version of knock on wood?
is it normal?
whats your favorite dance movie?
how long does a dancer practice a day?
What kind of dancing can I do? I'm almost 19 with no dance training!?
what would be a cold a$$ name for a breakdance group thats runnin the streets?
What are some songs for a lyrical dance?
good college dance themes?
What kind of dancing is this? Is it Jazz? Hip-Hop? Ballet?
how can i remember dance moves?
Can I still do pointe?!?!?
to the girls.........does it turn you on if a guy can dance real sexy??
Dance (high school girls only please?)?
I really like pole dancing do you?
is 15 to old to start lyrical for the 1st time?
what is a good contemporary dance solo song by florence and the machine?
what is this movement called (in ballet) ?
people who are on pointe.....?
what are some costumes to go with the song what hurts the most?not the country version.the one by cascada!?
Any Good cwalking music?
Songs for dance routine?
I can't find a certain video of the Jabbawockeez.?
Is it ok to go right to En Pointe ballet?
Are ballerina's always in pain?
What pants is this dancer wearing?
How can I do a toe touch?
Huge dancing problem, please please help!?
What are the Best...Of this Music ?
dancing in cailfornia ?
To All Dancers!!!! Survey?
I want to learn how to do flips for dance...?
My daughter is 10 and her ballet teacher says shes ready to go onto points, is this too young?
advertising a medieval dance duo?
I am looking for a song it is called"do you believe in the boogie man" does anyone know this song?
I cannot dance. What do i do?
Am I too old to do ballet?
Gyms with pole dancing classes?
who won on Americas best dance crew?
Any songs about bullying?
Its my first homecoming help!?
Training myself for Pointe over summer?
Where did kathak kali originate?
how long should i be in ballet before i go to pointe?
I wanna dance with a leprechaun any offers.?
what is the name of this Tahitian dance move?
Is 13 too young for a girl to start Ballet?
Auditions are hardly ever held for legitimate dance "gigs" in my city, how can I find some for my group?
how to make a dance costume?
What is a good song for a dark contemporary dance?
How to get better turns for dance?
What to use if you don't have a stripper pole?
Who loves dancing...?
Middle school dance....?
Is there a wrong way to dance?
What kind of dancing are they doing in this video?
Do You Kno Any R&B Songs?
why do people like ballroom dancing competitions?
any artist similar to "the cool kids"?
Does anyone know of any hip hop dance classes in indianapolis?
What is a cute saying for a dance shirt?
how do you do the merengue hammerlock?
CALLING ALL DANCERS!!! Help me choose a song to choreograph to!!?
How to learn a dance routine?
What type of dance is Mirotic?
whats should i do. plz help??
What type of song would you dance to for a talent show?
this year, should i do dance with the people i hate?
what is a lap dance? where can you get a lap dance?
What kind of dance lessons should a beginner adult couple take?
how to become a choreographer?
wat should i do?
How can i convince my mother to let me do a solo for the competition dance team?
Double majoring with dance?
I really like pole dancing do you?
Dance problem... What Do I Need For Ballet ?
What do i have to do to become a art teacher?
Need help getting flexibility back!!?
what should i take dance or drama?
What do you think of my dancing?
Do you know of a college in England that has a good dance program?
Dance tutorials????????????? ?
How to not look like a retard when country dancing?
Pointe Problems Advice Needed Please!!?
Is Dance considered a varsity sport?
How can I get more confident when I dance?
dancing question!!! (Need Answer)?
I wanna learn a dance ....?
whats this dance called?
Do we need a corsage for a formal dance?
how do you dance when you go clubbing?
Would being a dead ballerina be cool for halloween?
Help! School Dance! Help!?
Do you do any type of dancing ?? ?
need to get a nice gift for my special boy friend turning 40?
Ballet dance company?
What is it ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?
Raymonda Information?
in step up revolution what is the song that they play when emily is dancing the lead?
Are belly dancers hot?
How do you do the walk it out dance?
How do you slow dance?
Does anyone out there Ballroom dance?
How much do mimes get paid a year.?
what do you think of belly dancing?
What websites can i go on 2 learn how to dance salsa for free?
High-School Dance should i go?
age restrictions for dance tents at glastonbury?
Im starting ballet classes and I'm not sure what to wear.?
What do you think is the most seductive style of dance?
OMG did I deserve this???? Would you have done this to me?
What Is The Best Hip Hip Class In Cork City?
URGENT!!! Have to do an aerial in a group number and Im so close?
How to get a better body for hip-hop?
Lolli Lolli. 3 6 Mafia.?
Am i to old (or otherthings) to Dance?
How can I dance like Beyonce?
When was your last dance?
i want to increase my flexibility?
if a girl is good at ddr, is it a turn on?
Anybody know of any good auditions coming up for dancers in Canada?
What are somegood web sites about cheerleading??
Should I go to the farewell dance?
how to choreograph a beginner ballet solo to the song i love you avril lavine?
How do you dance to industrial music?
brooklyn, NY dance schools?
what should i wear for my fame 80s style dance costume?
Where i find good western Dance Teacher in Delhi Pls provide me details?
I'm 25 and would like to pursue professional dancing ( i.e hip hop, ballroom..salsa, merengue etc)....?
How do you dance with a guy?
Is this really funny and cute?
improve my dancing skills?
Im 18 years old; am I too old to start learning ballet?
what should i go where its close?
what do guys like more a really outgoing girl that just goes out 2 have fun, or a girl that doesnt talk much?
What are your favorite types of dance?
how can I take my school pep rally from boring to amazing?
who wants to dance with me?
Songs for contemporary or lyrical dance?
how come i can't check my friend request?
Who sings some of these songs from Lifetime's "Dance Moms?"?
Can we dance in a hotel/casino? ?
How often do People break into song and dance?
whats the best way to improve my dance skills?
tommarow theres no school... sooo.....?
What's a good dance crew name?
DuS N E oNe KnoE WhErE i CaN gO 2 GiIt DAnCinG cLaSseS??
how can i get the invitation of desitorrents.com?
how do i ask a boy out ?????/?
I want to know how to grind well?
Need more flexibility for dance?
What sort of jobs can one have with a major in dance?
Girls, given a chance, would you like to kick a guy ? barefeet kicks only. just for fun..?
Where can I learn how to do Indian dance?
Doing a pirouette? spotting tips?
I need some dance exercises/routines?
Dance movies of the 60's?
Pointe dance advice? Advanced dancer opinions please!! ?
How had you prepared for Kathak dance celebrations?
Should I Just Give Up?
How to move up and show your dance teacher that you deserve to be in the front?
Dance Question!?
How do i learn to dance, without having to take lessons?
Ballet arabesques?
How to prepare for dance team tryouts?
Can I begin taking ballet lessons at 13?
whats your fav movie?
My sister had a baby boy & they r throwing a function in wch. every1 has 2 dance. Plz Can u suggest me gd song
"The Robot"/"Thriller"/General 80s Dance...?
What am I suppose to do at a formal?
1 last splits question....?
Dance schools?
Should I Quit My Dance Team?
How do you grind?
How to choreograph a good dance routine?
What are some good places to buy leg warmers?
what are some simple dance themes?
childrens gymnastics classes in ellis county?
I really need help for dancing :(.........?
Need help dancing?
where should me and my family go on vacation mexico or florida?
I hate leotards. who else does? but i love dance?
how do u do the solja boi dance?
How can i make new friends at a dance studio?
Dance academy classes?
I wanna know.....?
i wanna ask this boy to the halloween dance but im afraid that he'll say no.?
I need help finding a gift idea for my daughters dance teacher. Anyone have any ideas?
how late is to late to return to any form of dance?
What is the song called ?
anyone else feel like dancing?
What do I do cheer issue?
lap dance helpppppppppppppppp?
Dancers? Do you wear your dance shoes to class or change when you get there?
I want to learn breakdance,but i don't how to start,because i'm a newbie,please help..?
Did anyone want Danny to win on so you think you can dance?
belly dancing in LA??
Who Choreographed Remember the Time?
how can i get my legs stronger for ballet?
where could i get a dance jumper like this one...?
Dance studio's i can borrow in DALLAS, TX?
List of Ballet positions for Grade 3 and 4?
BA Honours or Foundation?
where's a good place to take tahitian lessons around los angeles?
can anyone tell me who sang the 80's hit song say la ve trying to buy it on itunes?
what was the first and last names of the people who made up the Castle Walk!?
Who won Dancing With The Stars season 8 tonight?
There is going to be a Sady Hawkins dance.... help!!?
can someone please tell me how i will be graded for starting ballet? please read!?
What is the best website to find Los Angeles dance auditions?
Wish me luck at my dance performance tonight?
i need some real cute names that start with the letter B?
Are there any good songs to dance to?
why do people think dancing is soooo hard?
how many minutes is there to dance for the sm global audition?
Did anyone want Danny to win on so you think you can dance?
where can i get information about randam dance company jobs?
How do you become more flexible. ?
Are they making a just dance 3?
What would you name a jungle themed dance?
Is there a website that has Dance Dance Revolution online?
How would you describe Elvis's dancing style in one word?
streches to do to gain flexibility?
Do girls hate it when the guy gets a bonar when they are grinding (freak dancing)???
what is 1,000,000,000 is in words.?
Summer Intensive tips and Qs...?
Which tap shoe should I wear for my audition?
BBOY I Need Help With Flares?
dances from the 40's.....please help me with this!?
what style of dancing would you call this?
what are male ballerinas called?
if wearing high waited dance tights i have found that they make your back stiffer and change your posture?
I think i'm injured from ballet.?
why women are in so much stress.?
Diffrence between recital classes and company classes?
Anyone know of any really good dance music?
What is the name of the Dance Dance Revolution song heard in the movie 'Grandma's Boy'?
who likes dancing?
What the heck is Modern Dance?!?
How to get more control in my dancing?
Saturday Night Dance by Whigfield?
i do lyrical,popping ,tutting sugst me a good name asap.?
Dirty Dancing.Havana Nights or Step Up?
famous dancers?
How to get my leg extention!!! HELP!!?
ballet classes in portland, oregon?
How do I convince my mom to let me do ballet?
How do you get your kicks up to your nose?
Can I put an elastic wrap over my ballet tights? Please help! Ballet in an hour!! ?
can u please answer?
Is it better to be a cage fighter or a cage dancer?
Spagetti Dance? Have you heard of it?
Songs for a lyrical duet (looking for something different)?
*-_-*Have you ever fell in love at an age of 13?*-_-*?
Who is your favorite Ballet dancer?
What is a VERY FAST way to break in tap shoes?
Is there such a thing as a qualified lap dancer?
Tips For Turning?
Need Help Badly With Weight?
Which ballet should I buy tickets for?
I have to stop dancing and I don't know how to deal with it?
Why can't I do a back walkover?
Have you ever danced in public?
Is there any good girl band names?
what's one type of dance that shouldn't be around?
what song did George Sampson dance to on Saturday Night?
Junior varisty dance team?
Ballroom or Yoga?
What are the names of the basic Hula steps?
Wut do u do if u hav less than 2 months to learn all the types of latin dances for a quinceneara?
what is a good type of dance to write a paper about?
What are some songs for kids to dance ballet folklorico to ages 3 to 14?
why are there so few young people (under age 30) taking up line dancing?
What is a good song choice for a ballet 1/2 performance?
a dress for a lap dance!!!!?
do boys like dancing?
Step Up or Take the Lead?
What is the right age for a child to start ballet?
Song to do a lyrical/contemperary dance to?
Am I Too Old To Start?
Am I too old to start ballet?
the worm, and how i can learn it?
What dance class should i take?
I am 12 and will be 13 soon and i really want to learn ballet?
which dance is better? ?
Am i too fat to wear a crop top? (pics)?
what are the best latin clubs in toronto?
do u think I'm anorexic my next dr nabor thax so coz they say that i dont drink or eat much?
How long is a pole vaulting pole?
Do I need a dance bag?
Ballet Videos on Netflix?
So, i am about to slow dance with a girl, how do you slow dance?
Can you dance at a competition as part of a competition team and as an independent dancer?
Do you need the states permission to dance in new york streets?