What age is typically grade 5 ballet?
Can someone explain the concept behind country line dancing?
Help me do the splits?
Any of you do Ballet? HELP? TEN POINTS!?
tips to improve straddle jumps?? PLEASEhelp ! :[?
how to do foutte turns?
ankle strengthening Please help all dancers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
6 step breakdance?
Why do dancers and exercise instructors say, "Five, six, seven, eight, and..."?
Going to a Halloween party/ball...?
Can anyone learn to dance or is it something you are just good at?
Where can I learn the dance "Lezginka"?
How to do the Splits?
How do you dance to industrial music?
How do you do the High School Musical Dance?
waha kind of dance stARt with the letter p!!!?
Is there a dvd featuring the full length ballet "Serenade" - preferably by the Bolshoi or Mariinsky?
What is the oldeset age that a girl should start ballet? and get somewhere?
What to put on our dance team t-shirts?
what are the Alevel dance options?
What is the name of this line dance?
What is this dance called (in the video)?
I just started ballet.. What are the basics I need to know?
15 and want to take pole dancing classes?
Has anyone (probably from the south) heard of a dance called the Alligator Crawl? (not the watermelon crawl)?
i love to dance?
am i too fat for a ballet dancer??(pics included)?
Dance what do you think?
HELP PLEASE> Do they still make these shoes?!?
Is it a big deal if I miss my first school dance?
Does anybody know any hip hop or break dancing schools for teen beginners in Queens?
can you get pregnant from 'dirty dancing'?
what does marking mean in dance?
A good retro dance for our performance/project?
Starting dance again?
what is the email of ricky martin?or how can be in contact with him???
Streches for splits need help please?
Professional ballet companys in San Diego?
What is the perfect ballet body like?
cute/unique ideas to ask a guy to Sadies Hawkins Dance!!?
can someone help i need a father daughter dance song for my sweet 16 fast!!?
Do you need to be strong to do a leg mount or is it just flexibility?
Why am I so nervous for this?
swing dancing?
Why is dance a source of self knowledge?
HELP please!!!!!!!XOX how can I booty clap please look?
What shall I put in my Ballet bag?
Do I stand a chance at making a competitive dance team?
Who are Role Models in Kuchipudi Dance?
How do you stop being shy when dancing?
Im 14 and i really wanna do ballet am i to old to start now?????? (REMEMBER 10 POINTS!)?
I'm 20 and I want to start dancing professionally. I've had no experience and have no idea where to start.?
Dance Or Cheerleading?
Where can I find dance costumes for exotic dancers?
Am I too old to start dance lessons?
my friend and i are both 18 and we'd like to start dancing ballet can we?
I'm choreographing a dance and i'm looking for kind of a harder/dramatic song to do it to. any ideas?
Which turn is easier for you?
The five reasons to persue dance as a career?
Do you go to strip clubs on a regular basis?
Joyce Laverne School of Dance in Maryland???
what's the song from the mtv milk commercial with that guy dancing with a cactus?
I just started pointe any advice?
good quotes for rolling on (ecstasy quotes)??? plz?
How does the homecoming dance work?
Do you love to dance? Which songs? What style?
Canada's National Ballet School?
So You Think You Can Dance?
What is this dance? Help please?
Do most people learn to dance themselves or through classes?
Should i take dance in high school ?
what else can you dance besides grinding?
how do u look for video auditions? dancing?
Jazz Dance Solo Song Ideas?
results of strictly come dancing 4th November 2006?
What happens to a pointe shoe when totally soaks in water?
how do you all dance in clubs when you go out?
Do you think it is true that black people dance better than white people?
How to become a better dance choreographer?
how to start dancing ballet?
I'm not used to the whole Dance program?
We are going to do a recital and I'm nervice what should I do?
Contemporary dance costumes!!!?
Wouldn't you say.....?
Ballet Help!?
Some easy Hiphop moves?
Second turns! HELP:(?
how do i open my refrigerator door?
do u like dancing.......?
Question for choreographers...?
Sexy and i know it - What is dance they do in the video? ?
hollister music?
do you think i can get back into rhythm, and become a great dancer?
Three funny techno dancing kids?
Which is harder and why: dance (such as ballet) or horseback riding? (10points)?
What are some good ballet role models for teens?
Ballet question.. =] ??
Anyone know any good Hip hop songs that are good to make up dances to?
i suck at dance. how can i make myself better?
How do you do a front walk over if you are not a gymnast?
Does anyone have any good ideas/ songs for a dance recital that has a "Dancin' Strong" theme?
What do you call a male ballet dancer?
Can you Cut into/through Aluminum tap dancing taps?
how can i get flexible feet and improve my arches?
Should I take up ballet?
How to get my principal to let student council organize a school wide dance at the talent show?
what's your favorite type of dance, and why?
Teaching my guy-friend to dance at homecoming?
i need ideas for a dance team name?
How do I dance at a Sublime concert?
I am a 13 year-old dancer and I need a modern or lyrical solo that is grown up. Please give me suggestions!?
how do you dance raggaeton (daddy yankee's "rompe" or "rakata" for example)???? (a website or guidelines)
Please tell me this dance song's name...thx?
What was the worse score ever received on the show: Dancing with the stars?
What are some moves that can make me flexible? And what are some fun dance songs?
Why do men like strip clubs?
tips to improve straddle jumps?? PLEASEhelp ! :[?
does any 1 know of songs that are like to dance to like the band aqua would be one but thats about all i know.
how to dance at a party ?
I have an idea for my Miss America platform... can someone help me pull it all together?
where's the best and cheapest pole dancing classes london?
I'm in love, but I am secretly a different person to whom he knows, do my thoughts ever account for anything
which name do girls prefer to be called by their boyfriend's?
How to Dance like?
how do I become a professional go-go dancer?
What do I need to be able to do to join teen/beginners jazz?
I'm considering taking up dancing again. Is this a good idea?
how to check verizon wireless cell phone text messges on line?
Title of an arabic/turkish song?
What is the Best stripper Pole on the market?
What sort of dancing do you enjoy the most?
Do girls like guys in....?
Do you think i should become a cheerleader???
How to dance modern dances?
Do u have to have a gift for dancing?
Homecoming question; pathetic teen problems; embarrassed?
National Ballet of Canada?
I need help finding some music to ballroom dance with a partner...?
Anybody know any Fiona Apple songs that I could dance to???
Tips and advice for jazz dance?
Anyone want to start a krump group in statesboro, ga?
Are there any dance studios in Dare county, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina? Ball Room Dancing I'm lookin
lap dancing?
Has anyone ever gone to regional dance america?
what are the main schools of modern dance? and the best cities to do it?
looking for a good dance studio that teacher latin and ballroom dance on eastern long island, ny?
What is the dead leg?
i just got hit by a flying soccer ball?
I need help making a dance CD?
How Do You Learn How To Do The Splits?
what is a good tap dancing song for kids 9-10?
which dance is the most sexiest?
Dancing tips?!?
What do you think of this dance?
how to get the "soft body" when dancing ?
Tips on learning a back handspring ?
girls, what shoes make your feet the most sweaty and smelly, and does it bother you?
Bone structure for ballet?
so you think you can dance?
How do u dance to techno?????????????
want to pick up the basics of guitar ,could anyone pls tell me a place in gomti nagar.would be obliged?
At what age should you stop going to nightclubs and why?
dance like michael jackson?
i know it sounds silly but i want to be a clean rapper and dancer so where do i start?
Is there a website dance teachers get music from?
Any tips on dancing?
High School Musical vs. Step up?
Dance Diversity..?
Is this what to keep in a dance bag?HELP:)?
Dance costume emergency?
what age did you begin irish dancing?
What do you think about using Hawthorne Heights cover of Bullet with Butterfly Wings for a jazz solo?
Do you like to dance?
good dance songs (hip hop)?
whart are we yahoa uanis yahiakoa aonudnoa az?
looking for salsa dance school in Hyderabad. can someone help me with the details??
how to learn dance moves?
what's the best club in las vegas on new year's eve?
Pointe Shoe Problems?
what is pointe?
what other type of dance should i do?
Great summer intensives?
Learning how to dance?
Any good dance moves?
How much will I have to dance to be able to do masterclasses comfortably?
Alright...is ballet a sport??? And do u think that ballet is gay or watever u want to call it?
"sponsor"..ce message is also for you! NEW "CONTEST OF PRETTIEST FEET FEMININS -?
Issues with landing fouettes and pirouettes en pointe?
Small town girl - feeling lost in the big town ways ...?
hey i cnt do a backbend?
How do dancing with the stars combine Judges scores with votes via telephone.?
How do a start to devise a dance performance ?
Hip hop dancing, is it gay?
Ballet invitation?
Which dance class to take?
What dance class out of 2 should I take?
who got eliminated in tonight dancing with the stars show.?
You like to dance..........?
Do you have arches or flat feet?
Hi, I am a guy dancer, and I am taking Pas de Deux class. Is there any good workouts I can do?
Dance Routine Song???? Help!?!?
what are the two major kinds of dancing? URGENT...?
Please Help: How come this doesnt hurt?
Why do people dance the "polka" if they do not know how it is done?
how do they do that cadburys advert with kids and their dancing eyebrows?
songs to make dances and advice for stage fright?
How do you spin w/o getting dizzy?
What are some good dance camps or summer programs for an aspiring professional dancer?
Are there any good Dance Aerobic DVD's out there?
Middle School Cheer Tryouts...?
Any tips for a coupé jeté en tournant?
modern dance?
Country Swing Dance Lessons -- Houston?
Jazz audition - help?
What type of song would you dance to for a talent show?
Having your period on a dance competitin?
How would you approch a hot boy at a teenage party?
I CAN'T DANCE.. Rave tomorrow?
omg sum1 please help!!?
I LOVE Ballet! What do I need to do to get a degree in Ballet Dancing?
i need some tips. it's about a school dance?
is dancing a sport?
When will I find out if I have been accepted into the CPYB summer intensive?
is dance music gay?
To Dancers: Why Do You Dance?
I got my pre-pointe shoes and i fell confident on them. What are some exercises i can work to get pointe?
Is college too late to start cheerleading?
Do girls at masquerades ever get poked in the eye, by their dance partner's mask?
FOR DANCERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D?
Too Old to start taking dance classes?
dancing help?
Dance class at my age?
Places I could work out and practice ballet in my area?
do u know the singer of a song called "smile" in the early or mid 90s?
I have two false legs. Can I be taught to Salsa?
what are some good dance songs??
How come Latin People can't dance ?
Dance moms song?? moms take the stage?
can any one help me find exotic dance classes near auburn syracuse area?
What are some moves that would be helpful to know when doing lyrical dance?
What to expect from Ballet class?
Under 18 clubs in Australia?
Do you know how to dance?
what are good songs for a ballet/lyrical dance?
Is yoga pants,a Cami or shirt w/ shoes OK to wear at ballet practice?
Who is the black dancer in the latest Madonna's video "Celebration"?
Do Pimps Dance?
best dance studio's in ohio ?
I need classic ballet tips!?
How to prevent ingrown toenails on pointe?
heyy guys! ok i need help with my firebird jump! i can't get my back leg up high enough! helpp?
i have a question?
anyone who likes hip hop dancing....?
When is the next time Abby Lee Dance Company will be competing in Chicago?
have you watched the recent ECW show?
Cute ways of asking a guy to a Sadie Hawkins Dance?
I can't get my splits!?
haw do i become famous?
Could someone please tell me the name of this dance pose? I think it is from the Tango? (Picture link inside).?
song for soldier themed dance routine?
What's the past tense of Break Dance?
Do you think it's weird to go to a big dance without a date?
Does anyone know of places to go for hooping in Portland?
what kind of dance start with the latter p ?
can someone tell me about any aerobics or dance classes in gurgaon?
I am a dancer. I need some GOOD dance songs. For maybe Competition.?
What is the name of that well known british dance?
How do I let my little sister know she's not gonna be a ballerina?
Help! I can only dance to Spanish music like reggaeton, but I move to a town where people do not dance to that
Could anyone provide an in dept plot explanation of The Sleeping Beauty Kirov 1989 Ballet?
What is the average pay for a professional dancer??
What's this dance move called?
I'm Looking For A Breakdancing Video!?
What type of dance do you do?
Are there any Under 18 Clubs in North Norfolk?
I need peoples opinions?
I want to learn how to do a round off back hand spring into a split!!!!!?
Can I enter my self in a dance competition and if do how do you enter?
Places to dance ballroom socially in San Antonio?
What is this ballet song called?
Competitive Dance Make-Up (Not Dansport Stuff Though)?
If a woman ballet dancer is called a ballerina, what is a man ballet dancer called?
Does anyone know of any good swing dancing songs?
Ever dislocated your kneecap (patella)?
Belly dance song for a 13 year old ethnic dance?
why why why?
i need a diet plan to put my dance team on. Any suggestions restrictions?
Beginning ballet classes?
Dance Colleges & Schools ..?
What is lyrical dance (anyone's opinion)?
Am I doing the right thing by quitting dance?
is there a style of portuguese music similar to salsa?
One direction !!! Louis dance moves !!!?
Good lyrical dance solo songs?
Where can I find some good looking praise dresses and can order them today or Saturday and get them soon?
Good songs to dance to for a party?
how do you poole palace and the "chicken noodle soup" (let it rain clear it out)?
do you think belly dancing is gross?
Check this guy out!!isn't he a hell of a dancer???
I can't remember my routine? (cheerleading)?
How do I make my arms better in dance for dance team?
Where all can an Odissi classical dancer perform, nationally and internationally?
calypso turn?
Why can't bigger girls(plus size girls) do ballet?
where can i find some ballet moves ?
Do you think I can become a professional dancer?
issues faced while dancing?
would anyone consider learning to ballroom dance for their wedding?
I'm 16 and i have had no dance training...is it to late for me to start or im i to old to start??
How to get a perfect jete?
Why does everyone on Youtube do the wobble so poorly?
What is a really nice song, thats soft to dance too?
Who likes dancing?
availability on tickets for River Dance LIve show in Sheffield in the month of february?
Can't pull off the splits?
How to improve arches?
do anybody know were i can find a cheerleading camp at?
Other things to do a sweet 16 than dancing!?
Rockette Summer Intensive audition?
ILU meaning?
Why Cant..???
how long until i get to pointe ?
Is there anyone here who Highland Dances?
What does the word "Tek" mean in dance related topics?
need help with dancing please help?
I am going to put my little girl in dance class she is for what is the best class to start her in ??
is it too late for Self Expression?
Dance gear question?!?
What is your favorite crop top for dance?
girls, do any of you love wearing shoes and sneakers without socks? or hate wearing socks in general?
What is a contemporary dance song that is not too long?
Is there any work for dancers in liverpool?
Lessons w/ Tony Czar ??
How do I ask someone to a dance?
dance/ballet/pointe question?
do you think freak dancing is inappropriote?
what comes first in cheering (choreography)? the routine or the music?
Music Key Signature Question/ Guitar tab question?
whats a mum? for homecoming?
Moonwalk Picture Help?
What are some good places for ballroom dancing supplies?
i want to dance!!!! help!! hip hop dance?
can i still do a split at age 15?
What are the possible criteria for modern interpretative dancing?
Prepare me for a ballet Joffrey audition?
How can I make a foolproof bun?
i can i become famous?
How are some peoples backs so flexible?!?
Help on my pointe?
Is it lame not to grind at a middle sku dance??
'Here it goes again' for school talent show?
How to be able to dance?
Should i ask my mom to do cheerleading? please read?
Whats up Girl? lol?
We are having an eighth grade dance at my school and the theme is "Las Vegas." Any ideas on how to decorate?
Could you help me with this choreography?
What kind of dancer would you be ?
Are there any colleges in ohio with a Dance major?
How can I learn some really good jerkin moves?
What are some Pre-ballet games I can do with my class, ages are 5 and 6?
Are male ballet dancers destined to become gay?
what is your favorite type of dance?
go go dancer / cage dancer?
Who likes to danced? I do. and what kind do you like?
What is modern dancing...?
What dance lessons do i take?
Can you do both cheerleading and poms at school?
who was this dance act on britains got talent?
Am I too old/obese to become a dancer?
Please Explain Who and Why That Actor/Actress Is Your Favorite Dancer.?
Where can I find custom-made dance shoes? I wear a Mens size 16 and I cannot find jazz sneakers anywhere.?
I dont know how to dance in a club or at a party to rock music or techno?
tap dancing music!!! HELP NEEDED!!!!?
i need some dance moves, please?
Does anyone know Latin dance shoes that are narrow?
What's in your Dance bag? x?
ballet stereotype for guys?
Does North Carolina Central University (Nccu) Have A Dance Or Dance Education Major?
i belly dance what do u do?
Do you enjoy historical type dancing from prior periods of history?
How do you do the move at 1:38?
Could I slow dance to The All-American Rejects' Dance Inside with a partner?
Are you guys happy that Super Cr3w won ABDC or did you want SoReal Cru to take the title? ?
What is the welly boot dance?
I quit my old dance lessons but now I'm interested in dance again?
How do i know what sized dance belt i should get?
I am thinking of sending my daughter to Tap class.?
Does anyone know of a website that teaches you how to dance the serbian kolo?
I was caught dancing in my room?
Where can I find a good ballet studio in New Jersey?
what can i do, im really bored and dont want to play games or anything boring like that?
Would you grind with me?
What other ways can i mount my stripper pole, without using screws or bolts?
Hey... I'm wanting to start a new hobby can anybody help?? Xx?
Are u a diffrent person on the dance floor.?
rihanna &ciara who is the better dancer ?
How can I improve my dancing?
DANCE MOMS "mother" song?
What are the most popular ballets?
what are some appropriate dance songs for a thirteen year old?
does anybody kno where to find the visa commercial that has the little kids breakdancing?
Box of the pointe shoe question?
How have you seen Flamenco and Tango dance depicted in the media?
I want to be a dancer, but am not sure if I am too tall for it?
can we still vote for americas best dance crew or has voting ended?
I can't stand dancing. Why?
do you do the tube snake boogie?
Help me (girls only please)?
Will bandz make you dance?
Why can't I do my right split when I was able to two weeks ago?
I'm going to dance tonight, what moves should I bust out?
I need sum good songs for dancin.!!!?
How can I acquire exercise Dvd/Video of Shimmy,a CanadianOmni Films productiontaught by Kim Pechet?
can i breath under water im gonna go try?
Anyone know about a burlesque show in the netherlands that involves fake suicide and blood? is there a site?
address of ashley lobos dance worx in delhi?
What are good dance recital songs for holidays?
Do you know how to hip roll? Can u tell me how?
Booty Bounce, twerk, booty pop help?
Where can I find ballet lessons for begginers in Indianapolis?
What are some really good usernames for dancers?
I need pointe shoe recommendations!?
i wanna become a dancer?
which is a better dance movie?
fred astaire- what kind of dancing does he do?
Ballet Documentaries?
most people?
could someone help me with these dace moves?
How do some girls move their hips like that when they dance?
Discountdance.com shipping problems?
Help! What shall i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Dance Moms Question!!!?
hey please suggest me a song for dance performance?
What do you think about ballet dancing?
Do you think it is worth it to start dancing in 9th grade?
Song on so you think you can dance?
I need a name for my dance group. They want the first letter of our names in the name, which are AHMSC. Help!?
Any advice on dancing?
Stepping up on pirouettes en pointe. Any help?
Im a sophomore in High school and homecoming dance is coming up. WHAT SHOES should i get?
I have zero rhythm, and I want to dance without embarrassing myself?
Need help in dancing Hurry?!?
help pick me a dance song please :} !?
Is there any good dancing schools for tango in Montreal?
the dance called jerking is for F***?
Do u consider it a hoe to go to a party or a dance and dance wit a lot of boyz?
Am I to fat to be a ballet dancer?
What is your favorite style of dance?
my straight leaps and turning 'c' jumps?
Is it possible to start learning Ballet dance from the at the age of 21?
When i dance hip hop how can i be creative ?
Why is it that White people cant Dance?
What Song Is Good For a street dance competition? Please help1?
to the girls.........does it turn you on if a guy can dance real sexy??
What is the name of this dance move?
dancing for a 4 year old in or near b45 postcode?
Is it too late to get back into performing?
Why do white people embarass themselves dancing?
Ballet pre-professional training help and questions (Mintchips help!)?
How can i purposely i tear my acl? 10 points.?
looking for a dance team for teens that involves hiphop dancing such as bobin,,jukin,footworkin answer please?
Where to learn para para sakura dance steps?
does anyone know what the juke slide is?
do you think i can learn breakdancing on youtube?
Are my legs too short to be a dancer?
Ballet Help please?????
step-by-step dance routines online?
Tips on my one handed cartwheel?
does anyone broadway costume ideas?
Does anyone now a site that show's how to dance "No Rompas Mas" by Caballo Dorado?
Aftermath of a good stretch?
3 types of Stimuli in Dance?
dont know what to wear for the 70s dance!?
Does anyone like dancing to Madonna's music?
when to go en pointe?
What should I always carry in my dance bag?
what type of dance would be good for older beginners?
Hip hop dance classes for beginners?
NEW contemperary songs for dance!?!?
Can I continue ballet after a couple years? I'm only 15?
Anyone out there remember Studio K at Knott's Berry Farm???
I need help dancing at a School Dance.?
Question about dancing at a teen club?
I'd love to start tap dancing, but only have one leg. Do you think this could be a draw back?
belly dance schools abroad?
What is the name of the song in "Meet the Spartans" when all of the Spartans start to break dance.?
Pole Dance tips and advice (:?
How do you get your straddle?
How do you get ready for a dance in 10-15 minutes?
Dance costume suggestions (solo)?
where can I find steps to Hustle the line dance?
What are some beautiful songs for a lyrical dance?
What is the best site to learn ballroom dancing for free?
talent question?
Is 16 too old to learn ballet ?
are there any teen night clubs in kansas city,mo?
URGENT! Im at dance camp and need help!?
how to let a group get famous!!!!!?
Question for those of you who know about pole dancing.?
Lyrical Dance Solo Songs?
Is Miami City Ballet School a good school?
where can i get a stripper pole for less than 100$?
i want to take ballet classes but my mom says we don't have enough money for it.?
Help: Ballet Muscle Pains?
How many pirouettes can you do?
Where can I find an image of a belly dancer on the net to download???
scene from oceans 12?
what is , in your own opinion , the greatest style of dance?
Should my Niece be wearing panties and a bra under her leotard and tights?
Do many famouse people live in miami,florida?
Upbeat contemporary dance music?
Assisting a teacher in ballet class. Help/Advice?
Ok so...........pointe question.........?10 points to best answer!?
I was moved up to a Pointe class and...?
does anyone know any good exercises to get better at dance?
Break dance tips for beginners?
Hip pain from tilt kick...?
I wanna strip for my Girlfriend where can I get some lessons in Los Angeles?
What songs would you love to see a girl dance sexy to? *guys answer only*?
Breakdance Classes in St. Louis, Missouri?
how'd you learn to dance?
tips on spotting???
Private ballet lessons in Melbourne, Australia?
can people under 18 go to a dance club?
Men Modern Dance Apparel - lot of questions?
I Am A Pole Dancer Who Needs Songs!!?
What Paquita Variation is this (video included)?
What is the tango climate in San José, Costa Rica?
Help with turns on pointe?
who performs and who is the show director at bullwinkles gay bar?
Ballroom dancing lessons in Homedale, Idaho?
What are good stretches for dancers to do while on summer break, so they can get better?
Should I do Cheerleading or Dance?
How do i get a left split an a toe touch?
What is Vanessa Kuria's e-mail address?
Will I ever be able to dance ballet?
what is the origin and or meaning of BREAK in breakdancing?
Where can i watch dance moms season 2?
how are you supposed to dance at a quinceanera ?
African tribal songs?? Need links ASAP?
What are some good inexpensive ipod speakers?
Worship Dancers, Christians?
i want to get motivated to dance like i used to do before. can someone say something nice..pliz?
Go-go dancing in NC?
Whats it like dancing for a company?
Strip Teasing/Lap dancing advice?
is Grinding(Dance) Good for you or really mad?
Why am i so conscious when i am at discos!?! Why do i feel stupid when dancing in big groups!??
is the dance team program at hawaii pacific university good?
How to dance really sexy?? ;)?
Is ballet a really hard dance?
Pirouette help please?!?
What happens in the World Of Dance Tour?
To much ballet for me to handle?
research on the components of dance choreography?
Where can i buy red pointe shoes?
Hurt ankle during dance practice!?
What is the difference between a 'dance animateur' and a 'choreographer'?
What dance style is the best?
What are some really fun and energetic songs to dance to at a party?
why cant santa dance?
In your opinion, what is the hardest style of dance and why? And why do people think dance is easy? ?
What is the Dirty Dancing kind of dance called?
Where can I see a dance performance in NY like So You Think You Can Dance?
Dance Solo Song?? "Yellow" by Coldplay or "Somewhere only we know" by Glee?
Modern views on latin and ballroom dancing?
Where can I find traditional Plena costumes online?
A close friend of a dancer ?
would i be a good dancer?
how do u make a strip ...?
which dance do you prefer ?
new cheerleader help me?
How do I do the splits in one day?
If you know what pointe shoes are please answer this question?
What is it about swimmers that make them bad dancers?
Should I ask my Principal If we should have a dance off at our school pep rally?
What is it ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?
Slow dance Dummy . . . Help!?
best streches for leg tilts?
Learning to dance. !!!?
Does anyone know where I can get steps for my new step team?
If you don't answer my question I might start crying!?
Is learning hip-hop difficult?
Is it weird for a senior to grind with a freshman?
Basketball Cheers?
Hip hop dance lessons in Mississauga Ontario for teenager's?
I'm about to take dance class for the very first time, which style should I take?
Could i wear jazz pants for ballet?
Any members of the dance.net website here?
Why do I feel weird everytime I try to dance when im by myself?
Where can i find Moniques dance perfromance?!!!!!!!?
Middle Splits????????!!!!!??????????!!??!?
Does anyone know a place in Brisbane where I can just go and dance?
music for cheer? Please. need tonight.?
Irish Step-Dancing?
ballet slippers vs jazz shoes?
do you get along with you cousins?
What are the steps to a swing dance side swivel?
what are the best dance colleges, institutions, and universities in the U.S?
How can I become a stripper?
dance like BoA.........?
Are tap classes a good combination with ballet classes?
Where should I go for a salsa dance class?
what is the difference between salsa and merengue. do dance studios?
How to choreograph a dance?
Is it too late for me to take pointe classes?
Brookville Park`s wonderful DANCE RECITAL - I need the address of the school (to mail my pictures too) Help?
calypso turn?
pointe dancers... i need some help?
does anyone want 2 know how 2 dance?
whats the name of this song?
Where can I take belly dancing classes in Richmond Hill, NY?
Sweet 16 Songs? Father Daughter Dance/ Waltz/ Suprise Dance. Need help Don't know what songs to use :(?
Good Dance Music!!??!!?
why do people go by looks instead of personality?
Who loves Ballet besides me?
who knows how to do the soldeir boy dance?
when i say i am a dancer what do you think i am saying?
Do You Need To be SKINNY to Breakdance?
Who invented ballet, when did he/she invent the dance, and why are the names of the steps always in French?
A good YouTube channel name for dance and acro tutorials?
Mum says I'm rather fat.Can I still dance ballroom dance?
Exercises to help to achieve being able to do the splits??
help me name my moms dance store ?
What is it like majoring in dance at university?
Is this a good song for a slow dance?
how high shoudl i pull my tigths up for ballet?
How to leap in dance (right, left, and center)?
What are some nice slow songs for a first dance for a couple. i don't want to many wedding songs.?
How can we learn Khattak Dance without joining any acadmy?
How to make friends in dance class?
Do you knoow any other songs like dance with the devil?
new ballet shoes? name starts with "ex-"?
Good summer ballet/dance intensives?
What to give her for dance?
How can i have fun at a party without dancing?
Dance dreams, college... or not?
Dance Exams.......?
SAMBA Sandals?
is anybody a good dancer?
which do you prefer?
What Is This Dance Move Called?
What do you call male ballerinas?
dance jobs/opportunities not related to competing?
how do you foot work?
Is dance a sport? i jw..?
Anyone in here have hip issues?
Strange, interesting and weird dance choreography ideas?
Dance auditions!!! Jayvee Dance Center!?
Around Pittsburgh summer dance intensives?
Does anyone have any ideas for a Valentine's Day dance theme?
How do you invite a girl to have sex?
Songs for Cwalk?
Why do people think that men should not dance, and if they do, they are gays?
what was number 1 in the charts in september 1981?
Does DANCING WITH THE STARS rock or what??
Why isn't there... in dance music?
CALLING ALL DANCERS! I'm going to Chicago for ABDC tomorrow! I need a pep talk!!!?
why do i lose my balance everytime i attempt a pirouette?
where can i download the full "Triadische Ballet" by Oskar Schlemmer?
What kind of dance is this?
Is dance competition like toddlers and tiaras?
How strong can your core get For dance in 3 weeks?
How to become a cheerleader?
What song makes you want to get up and dance?
What songs were on dancing with the stars for latin week 2012?
How long does it take to do the splits?
Does anyone know of any salsa shine classes or workshops in the SF Bay Area?
GUYS: grinding at a high school dance (read description)?
A names for a dance group?
what is a good song to dance to?
What's the song on Americas Best Dance Crew played before elimination?
Can you identify the aerial I just learned in (east coast) swing dancing?
Good, emotional lyrical songs?
What RAD level is appropriate for me?
can i still learn ballet?
Dance classes in Cary, NC?
Cute/Funny Way to ask a guy to a space themed Sadie Hawkins dance?
I don't know what to do?
Is freaking, and grinding slutty for a 13 year old?
Why does a straddle split put strain on my back?
13 years old and fat?
are 'flow' by Bloch any good?
About how much should a ballerina weigh?
what is this break dance called?
What dance level would I be in contemparary dancing?
question on dance belts?
What brand are the shorts the guys wore in their group dance? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWSbRKh96PY?
how do u learn to kiss>>>>>>>>????????
What is a good song from a movie to dance to?
have you ever found a new dance new dancing spirit that was hiding withing you?
Am I too old to start ballet?
Tips/Advice in Dance on Grand Jetes, & back flexibility!?
What is the ideal age to start ballet?
What do professional dancers do after they are older or injured?
how to do the splits?
Name Ideas??
How do you dance the cotton eye joe?
Do I Have to be Thin to be in a Ballet Class?
Does anyone here know how to get in touch with...?
Is being a Dancer cool?
i like to knowaboutmrs.margaret joseph from mumbai,adanceacademy teacher?
Help, I have a big fear of dancing in public?
Starting ballet and I'm 13......?
What are some art schools around the U.S. or Europe?
What is that move called?
Has my sister got too fat for ballet?
is martha argerich sexy?
is it wrong to ask ur boyfriend to a dance?
I'm 19 and really want to pursue ballet?
Ex-bf and dance partner... how to keep up with friendship and dancing?
Dance academy classes?
I need some help?
I have a question about dance...?
does anyone know where there is a ballet school or ballet boarding school near Witchita Kansas?
Pressure in knees while in straddle? 10 points!?!?
What are some good ballet schools in the western Chicago suburbs that offer variation and Pas de Deux classes?
Should I quit ballet?
B-Boy Moves and tips for a beginner?
Give me a name for this dance?
Stupid question about lyrical..?
What are these pointe shoes called?
what is the dance move where you spin on your head not all the way?
when would the angels take eveyboby alive or dead?
Can a "bad" dance class ruin my ability as a dancer?
How do I learn the splits in 1 WEEK?!!?
What do you think of Dance?
where did the salsa originate from?
How tall are the high heeled shoes that ball room dancers wear ?
Does anyone know if there are ballroom dance classes around binghamton, ny?
How long should I take ballet classes before starting contemporary dance classes?
how can I get more flexible?
Which dance class should I take?
I suck at spotting ! Any tips?
What is a cute saying for a dance shirt?
Can anyone help me learn to dance like this:?
how do u do a cupe leap?
I have a school dance coming up (promish) and I need ideas. Help?
So You Think You Can Dance dilemma....help? I'm desperate!!!!?
How do you make friend with other member from ?
Can anyone tell me how to cripwalk?
Whats the hardest tap dancing move??
what are good contemporary dance songs like Allegria by Cirque de Soleil?
Do I have any potential in dance?
More Flexibility Tricks?
How to eat throughout the day? Dancer?
can anyone find a full virsion of high school musical dance along that i can watch for free?
where can i learn belly dancing in mumbai?? or in pune?
pointe help!!!!!?
Costume, makeup, hair, prop advice for a dance please!?
does any one know of any cheer websites?
how do you dance to rap songs at a party?
Should i go to a high school dance? i dont know how to dance?
Funraising Ideas for a My Dance Team?
What the best hip-hop dance clip you have seen in you tube or my space or ... ?
High School Cheerleading?! HELP!?
18. too old to start learning ballet?
where in mumbai can i find ballet classes??
A ballet career? [ or going into medicine?!Help please i am so confused as to what route to take etc ]?
What are some good duet songs for sisters or best friends?
A good contemporary dance song? :)?
Way to get into homecoming ?
where can i sell my boots online beside ebay?
Do u think Chris Brown will come to my sweet 16 B-Day?
SHARON! What do you do to these men?
help finding a LYRICAL DANCE SONG for a group of 10 young ladies ranging in age from 18-21.?
PLEASE HELP!!! How to get a perfect double turn?! ?
dance a sport?
How do you wash pointe shoes?
Good stretches to enhance flexibility?
Where can I find a list of places I could study dance/drama in the UK?
why in Irish dancing, do you have to keep your arms straight and down to the side?
I was moved up to a Pointe class and...?
Trying To Learn A Dance...?
dancing on ice 13 january?
High school drill team question?
do u think im gay?
Does kyle pirece like like me?
What are the muscles you use in pointe work?
So You Think You Can Dance Fans!?!?!?
What should I expect to do during my first ballet lesson?
why do people look at me funny when i do the Michael Jackson thriller dance in public?
New Jersey Dance Studios?
America's Best Dance Crew or So You Think You Can Dance???
whats the name of the medley of dance songs they play at weddings?
how can i be famous for dancing?
What the dance move where you slide your feet forward?
what the name of this modern co.?
is it foolish if you love someone who doesnt love you?
How to dance like this?
What is this ballet movement called?
I am gassy all the time. How do I pass gas discreetly?
What is a traditional dance of Chihuahua, Mexico?
Could I start pointe next year?
Anyone Male or Female-Participate in Pole Fitness? ie. Pole Dancing?
How to dance sexy????
I'm a dancer and want to become more flexible ?
Dance theme names please?!?
Tips on choreographing my own solo?
I will meet this man face to face though we just chat online in the past. Need your suggestions hurrily. Thank
Which is harder- ballet or cheerleading?
jazzy contemporary song?
Dancing With The Stars Who Do You Want To Win?
Wold you like to be a human?
What would be a typical college type of party?
Can guys learn kuchipudi and bharatanatyam?
What is the differance between clogging and tap dancing?
Have you ever...? (20 characters)?
Is 13 too old to become a dancer??
what type of dance style did you start with?
Three women went dancing; no men to dance with, so they all danced together. Then they were asked to leave.?
what ever happpened to the ballet dancer rachel ware?
What age do you have to be to get into the Cathouse in Glasgow?
how can i be a professional dancer who can help?
Am I too old to start taking ballet?
dance? a sport?
Where did breakdancing come from?
Dance moms on Los Angeles?
what would be a good beginners instructional ballroom dancing video?
Club/Dance/Techno Song?
high school dance team audition? please help!?
What are some good songs to dance to?
I'm I to old!?!?!?!?
do you like dancing?
Effective simple exercises to improve pole dancing?
What kind of dancing do yall like to do?
Can you help me with a list of some dance songs.?
What song was on So You Think You Can Dance 2009?
So you think you can dance...myles?
what material is best for a leotard?
Is there a song were a girl loves a guy alot!!!?A song thats hip&2005-06?
In Praise and worship Dancing, what do the body movements represent?
How do you do a triple time step?
im goin to this girls party tonight and i dont no how to dance?
How do you "pop, lock and drop it"?
What is trans eclectic?
What do you do when you have your period at ballet?
which dance is sexiest?
Which Dance Studio is BETTER!?(:?
Dancing question!!!!?
Dancing Lessons?
I need some instructional dance music?
Could I possibly teach myself pointe?
Is jesse Mccartnet hot?
Ballet body???
Does anyone have any great suggestions for songs for hip-hop routines?
Is 13 too late to start dancing?
Does anyone know exactly what site to go to for Battle of the Year tickets for Brunswick Germany??
i need to learn how to dance, slow, fast, whatever. anyone know of a video or something that can help?
Tap dancing song? (Details)?
Places to dance West Coast Swing in Chicago?
what is the best song to dance to???
I need some good songs to dance to at my sister's wedding?
Cheap/discount ballroom dancing shoes...help!?
How do you demonstrate tap dancing to a class?
Hey, I Need Dance Help!?
What are some "sexy" dance moves a male can do without looking gay?
Dancing Types?
a dress for a lap dance!!!!?
how can i get on the chat line?
what is a folk dance?
Will someone please tell me how to do the eletric slide?
Any good, slow, emotional, classical songs for a ballet song?
Help, I need help to convince my mom of what I need to do?
Is there any stripper companies in Letterkenny, Ireland?
Is there a dance to make fire bigger?
audio track for a dance on stage...?
So you think You Can Dance! Allison!!?
"Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS is our first song; need advice on what dance type is appropriate?
Salsa dancing, too sexual?
how do you do the broken robot?
Clubbing ....................?
Dance competitions or gigs?
1234 I declare a dance war [ whats the song called]?
dancing in sax?
is starting ballet at 12 years old too late?
Have My Feet Got What It Takes To be A Dancer ;) haha?
wat song should i do for a ballet solo?
what should a female ballet dancers weight be at 13 years old?
where can i find a program that mixes and cuts music? and not have to pay for it!?
is it mandatory that guys need to wear leotards for ballet class?
i was at a big b-day party and asked a small group of guys from my school to come on the dance floor and dance
Why is everyone quitting dance?
Should I be a stripper?
Anybody a ballet expert?
What are some of the key differences between Egyptian style belly dance and Lebanese belly dance?
Good modern dance documentary?
Please ! Where in London they are university of dance?Thanks?
What is a lets move dance class?
What's your favourite Michael Jackson dance move?
what do you think is the best kind of dancing?
Leg exercises to improve grand jete?
is it a little late to start ballet?
How do i find were they do hiphop dance lessons?
I'm a dancer, what is wrong with my ankle?
How do you do an aerial?
High School Cheerleading? Should i consider it?
Simple steps to know for ballet?
wherei s my love?
Starting To Dance Need help?
Is it too late to become professional dancer?
Whats the average amount of pirouettes a 15 (almost 16) year old can do?
how do you do the booty shake?
Can I become a really good dancer?
Fav dance from so you think you can dance?
Where are the best dance classes in York (England)?
Who is the best dancer in the world?
What are the usual requirements for song tryouts?
can you find the appropriate website for the "day of dance" held in sheffield?
Help peoples!!!!!!!!!!?
the zulu warrior dance?
what do you think of my dance
what kind of a band is blood on the dance floor?
Dance Classes help !?
Do you dance around in your room on your own?
find people from valley center ca on line?
tilt past 180 for classical dancer?
Do I ask a girl at a club to dance? How do I grind dance?
Never danced other than clubs - how can I learn?
does anyone have any good dance moves!?
Adult Ballet leotard for girl with big boobs?
if you stood up in 3 quences and you suck at dancing what would you do?
Help, my pointe shoes are dirty!?
What is a lap dance?
What is your favorite kind of dancing?
How to improve extensions for ballet?
Should i lose some weight before ballet?
navratri help please???? ?
Is it okay for a teenage boy to start learning how to dance at the age of 14?
How important is flexibility in modern dance?
Tips on picking up dance routines faster?
How to club dance with a girl ??????
What does it take to be a High School Cheerleader?
i wanna learn salsa where can i learn in less charges.near by my place?
is "crank that" [[soulja boy]] and the dance still in where you live?
Is it possible to become good at jazz dancing even if you start out late?
any cool dance moves to the song wild horses?
Any opinions on Fortunoff in Westbury, NY hiring now?
How to teach myslef Ballet?
when is it too late to do ballet?
how much r freed of london jazz boots?
Male Dancers?
What are some good modern Jazz Dance songs?
Adult ballet classes... can I ever hope to be on pointe?
can you dance like that tall beauty blond on the with the stars?
Too late to start dancing again at 16, just to have fun?
is it true about tango ?
where is a cheap online place to buy bellydancing clothes (tribal mostly)?
my greaser friend asked me to go dancing with him at this one place where u have to swing dance?
booty clubs,I wanna start dancing again where in town?,I can put the ice out , be there for breakfast,HE YA.x
why cant i keep my arms straight in a backhandspring?!?
just leaned the cwalk like 2day. but i'm trouble?
what do you do when you have your period at ballet?
What bothers you most at a mosquito?
Need Dance move help please?
what is the dance term hapay?? and how do you do it?
Is there beginning lessons teenagers can take in dancing?
good songs for a dance solo (ballet,tap or jazz)?
I want to know a story, how do you kick a guy in the nuts? All the steps on kicking a guy in the nuts!?
I need help with dance school?!!?!?
What artists can I listen to for belly dancing?
can anyone tell me where club ecstacy is? i think it's in harlem but i dont know the exact location?
Do they have dance studios for young adults?
What should I eat before and after dance class?
What to write on a resume/CV about Dance..?
How long does it take to learn how to use pointe shoes?
How do i do a handstand?
What brands of dance shoes did these classic dancers wear?
my hips pop...........?
Is this a good, safe way to improve flexibility?
a ballet question?
Good Spanish Songs For Me And My Dad To Dance To?
info about shake it up make your mark 2012?
What are some beginner acrobatic tricks for dancers?
How long did it take for you to get to pointe?
best pointe shoe for narrow heeled dancer?
what should i wear to the nycb nuter?
Starting a professional dancing career late, it it possible? And a few related questions.?
Did you notice how much better the Canadian dancers were ... ?
do u dance?
Is dance a hobbie or a sport?!?
Is it lame not to grind at a middle sku dance??
First time taking a dance class: jazz or hip hop?
How is the singer of song"The signt of Silence"?
why has life come to earth only and not other planets ?