Do you know of any lyrical christian dance music that is happy and appropriate for young teens?
Where can I find a great street dance class in the black country, UK?
Any one seen Lord of The Dance?
What is the stick dance in Indian movies called?
Dance requirments?
I stopped gaining flexibility ...?
Salsa? How to dance?
Where could I buy wall mirrors for a home dance studio?
Why did the Mariinsky ballet let Yulia Makhalina go?
How do i choreograph a good dance?
I need a good song to dance to in my uncles memory?
Difference between "Walk it out" and "Pool Palace"?
Question about dance competition?
Is it possible to lose a lot of dance technique in a week?
does anyone know where to find a live salsa band in phoenix arizona? i really need to find a spot 4 live music
How to get a better pointed toe for ballet?
When can you call yourself a dancer?
What are good songs for a dance routine???????
ballet - impossible to learn age 20?
Would these be a good pair of jazz shoes?
Is it called "crunk" dancing or "crump" dancing?
why do people feel the need to grind at a school dance?
How do i shuffle more smoothly?
What can i do to become a better dancer?
Shouldn't it have been Kaba Modern and Jabbawokeez at the finale of america's best dance crew?
Is breakdancing for money a career option?
what is the best song you have ever listen to ?
WhO KnOwS HoW To DaNcE?
Ballroom &Latin American Dancing?
What is the evolution of the dance Highlife in Ghana?
I am 9 and a half stone and i need too be 6 stone for my ballet!?
Any dancer here who can help me with this?
Songs for a dance solo?
How to do more ballet turns?
does anyone knows websites that can teach ballroom dancing, cha cha or salsa for free?
does anyone know of any websites were i can learn to breakdance?
Good dance party songs?
There are no street dance classes in my area can anyone help me?
How to reply to a girl who says, "I dance ballet"?
are their any Katherine Dunham technique dancers or students out there?
Good LATEST desi/hindi songs for kids to dance on?
Is it too late to start ballet?
Balance and posture improving yoga moves?
Homecoming newb pls help?
Need help with my daughter first dance recital ad in the program!!?
Do I have a good chance of making the dance guard team?
what is the language of breakdancing?
How long will it take to become a competitive latin dancer?
I need a cool dance crew name?
I am too old to learn ballet and became a professional?
what is appropriate to wear to my eight grade promotion dance?
Good name for a dance school?
Is dance a sport?
ok my friend was a majorette but she quit now she wants to rejoin but i am way beyond her what do i do?
What can I put on my dance shoes to make them slippery?
What do you do at a club?
proper ballet passe if u dont now corectly do not answer?
Kirov academy of ballet?
What are some good dance crew names?
Where is Cico from?
My girlfriend needs advice on how to become a professional dancer. Can anyone help me/her?
Does Rambert School of ballet and contemporary dance do A levels ?
what is your favorite type of dance?
Is it okay to enroll in dancing after quiting 5 years ago?
Where should I take contemporary dance in NYC?
Does pointe ruin your feet?
Where is the best Dance studio in San Diego, to learn how to Krump?
How to get a back walkover in less than a week?
What's Ballet Grade all about? I'm not too old to do Ballet grade 1 with children, am I?
What Is The Name Of The Song Candy Apples Dance Studio Used For Their Group Dance ? ?
how much do bouncers at hot clubs in vegas get paid?
explain how couples execute different dance steps while dancing in the dancefloor?
Rock music to dance to?
What is " France Suave "?
where you can get dancing lessons?
who make jesus and buda?
I need some help with a dance.?
Is anyone doing anything in Utah for National Dance Day?
What shoes should I wear to my jazz/hiphop class? PLEASE HELP!!!?
For my fellow dancers out there!?
Whats wrong with boys ballroom dancing?
How can I improve in Ballet?
can u make lots of money by bein a video dancer?
Can a beginner in ballet have any hopes of becoming a professional?
whats a good diet for a ballet dancer?
Why is it hard to find adult dance classes?
What is your favourite Michael Jackson dance move?
could i put taps on......?
can you give some ballet steps or movements?
I need a song!!! help?
how to charges my mobile device number and add new number?
Does anyone know of a shop in london that sells pole fitness clothing?
Is it too late for me to do ballet?
What is the promotional code for American The Ballet Theater Opening Night Gala?
Does anyone know any good music to do poi to?
So you think you can dance?
Dance songs for a lyrical duet?
When does Dance Direct restock it's Plume Dancewear?
What is your opinion off the Brit school?
Ballet/Modern Dance Audition: What to Wear?
Attention ballet and modern dancers.. I have a question for you =)?
help i need tips for the dance ! all boys?
my fantasy .. my crazy fantasy?
what is the best age to start using Pointe shoes?
I like to dance. Who like to dance with me.?
What are some goodbye songs to dance to?
Hi! I need help finding good music for my dance routine!?
I want to learn how to shake my ***. Help? 5 Stars best answer.?
What can i do home alone?
What do you think is the best way to have a tap club for college?
Are there any bhangra dance classes near Hounslow TW3 3DA?
Best belly dancing video?
how do you dougie?
I am 13 and want to dance. Which kind?
any websites that teach colombian salsa??
Who agrees with me that you don't see enough robotic dancing these days?
Does anyone know the steps to the dance in Step up the one in 'club'????
what is love? why love is importance for everyone?can we live withouth love? is there real love in the world?
this one is for tango dancers?
How do you do the cumbia and how do you 'walk it out'?
i think i am a bad dancer?
What is the difference between cheerleading and dance?
Fast songs i could use for a contemporary/modern dance solo?
Help!! i need to know how to grind before my xmas dance...my boyfiend asked me and there will be griniding?
Homecoming is tonight?
All I wanna know is can a Brother get a Table Dance?
Anime, Touhou, Vocaloid, etc dance for talent show?
I live inVictoria Tx and i want to know the best priced dance studio in my area that offers belly danceing?
Too late to be a professional dancer? (21)?
I want to be a ballerina.?
What is the sideways dance/waddle in gangnam style?
Any one know of any dance classes such as hip hop/ street dancing like modern style in Norwich, Norfolk, UK?
I need help with getting Pointe Ballet Slippers?
What is the "perfect" ballerina body?
has any one heard the techno group Union Jack with Platipus Rec.?
Do you dance?
how do i get to the splits?
I'm trying to figure out the steps they did in singing in the rain, the good morning song?
friend is having quinceneta and do i have to waltz?
how can i improve my turn out in dance?
when is it too late too dance ?
What are some girl K-pop dances to learn?
What classes does SALA Classical Ballet & Preforming Arts Studio in Lndenhurst offer?
Is there a book or list of dance step?
What are some good dance songs for a school social??!?
I want to tell my dance teacher something very personal. but how should i start it..? i Dont know what to do?
Why do dance shops keep a record of purchases?
How to dance!!!! (White Girl Tryina Learn Some Dances)?
what is the belly dance technique?
What stretches can i do for pointe?
Two violation notices in one 24 hour period, what is the record?
Which type of dance do you like best???
why do they call them apartments when they are so close together?
I need specific ideas/examples of how to get my body ready for ballet en pointe.?
The finalists on dancing with the stars are?
why do dancing things have the word strictly? eg. strictly ballroom?
Would you wear an orange tuxedo/dress to any special occasion?
How did particular elements of the 17th century influence ballet?
What is a good name for my school's dance team?
Dance studios not practicing for soon recital?
Are there any pole dancing fitness classes in Myrtle Beach, SC?
Ballet teacher? what do you have to do?
what is your favorite kind of dance?
what good websites can i go to do research on piano scores?
Anybody have tips on moshing?
My homecoming is this coming Saturday, and I can't dance!!!?
has anyone started a dance class at the age of 14?
How to whine dance goooood ?? !?
How do you break in your pointe shoes?????????????????
First 7th grade dance?
flamenco lady's dress?
Schizophrenia group dance ideas?
What to do a lyrical dance about?
i need steps on how to grind/dance well at htis party?
when competing in dance competitions, what place do you hae to recieve to go to nationals?
I'm 13 is it too late for me to learn ballet?
are there any girls around 13 or still in there teens that take ballet and want to become a professoinal?
Am I too old to start ballet?
I have to do a dance remix of differnt songs for a show help!?
best dancing school in melbourne?
can anyone be a good dancer or do you have to be born with it?
tips on how to become a cheerleader again?? please help!?
Ballet dancer with a period!?
What do I need to do to be on So You Think You Can Dance?
how do you do walk it out dance?
Critiques on my choreograph?
Cabaret dance duet songs (girls)?
when is the last time you did that dance for Flash Dance in you living room? come on I know you've done it?
does anyone know anything about dance during the Harlem Renaissance?
Which pointe shoes are the best for non-professional yet dancers?
how can u tell when a person is tellin u a lie?
What company made the dance shoes that Jennifer Lopez wore in the movie, "Shall We Dance"?
I need song ideas for a tap duo?
Can I wear a sports bra to Ballet class?
I need tips as to how to quickly break in new pointe shoes...?
Can someone help me find the calabria by enur dance?
Where can I go to dance in mid LI, NY?
Anyone knows of a good source to reseach on messianic dancing?
How do I do the splits?
Temecula dance?
What is a good hip hop, street dance school in winter park or orlando area?
I've been dancing en pointe for 3and a half years. Im now 14. Should i do a pointe solo in a festival??
need to hear the songs of world cup 2006, where can i find them?
Does anybody know mail adress of mitunda, "DEKHA HAIN MAINE FIR SE PALATKE" is favrte song, let me know adres
im 14 and want to start ballet and hopefully get to point?
iiWANNA be a cheerleader when I get to high school.. (I really need advice)?
Types of Dancing?
Wat is Bhangra?
can you help me about body & performance dance/contexts?
does anyone know of a good dance teacher in Ayrshire?
Who should i pick to go to the dance with?
watch this > il paste it below tell me wat u think ?
What do you like in a guy?????
Is 23 too old to begin as a professional dancer?
what do you know about christopher swansong?
Too tall to be a dancer?
Good dance studios in chicago, that offer lyrical and contemporary?
banning dancing bars in maharastra if right or wrong? this has taken many persons who depended has lost earni
Has anybody heard of any dance colleges in california?
Why do ballet dancers always dance on their toes? Wouldn't it be easier to just hire taller dancers?
How to choreograph a lyrical dance?
I need some tips on starting a dance team. Please answer!?
Ballet hair bun help?
What would be best dance style for me if one of my legs is longer than the other and both of my feets too long?
I don't have any dance shoes, and i need some for my dance team tryouts? what should i use as a substitute?
How do you post a question???
How old should you be to be an intermediate in pre-professional ballet?
where can I watch Shimmy, a belly dancing show from Omni Film Productions by Kim Pechet, online?
High school prom??
How do I dance On 2 Salsa?
I need help with dance!?
I need a new pair of soft ballet shoes...
Can you wear ballroom dancing shoes outside apart from the dance floor?
What's the deal with West Coast swing dancers and instructors?
Do you love to dance as much as I do?
Stretches to get the perfect arabesque in ballet ?
I want to get back into dance, is it too late?
Does anyone know what kind of turn is this?
My aunt is starting a new career as a stripper and we are trying think of a name for.Her name is Monica Marie?
freak/grind dancing help!?!?!??!?!??!?
we r going to arrange a break dance in our school.how to make the program hit.thanku?
Help with Daft body Dancing?
what are the elements of space in dancing?
How long would it take me to be good at dancing?
Are there any adult dance groups for beginners?
What is an inexpensive way to advertise and gain more clients as a private dance instructor?
if i don't have experience in ballet but i do in lyrical and jazz could i get into Julliard?
What are Soft Pointe Shoes?
is there sword belly dancing?
Which lyrical song:Because of you,Twilight-Vanessa Carlton,Say Goodebye, or Keep Holding On-Avril Lavigne?
Am I too old for dance and singing classes?
Americas best dance crew!!?
Can you suggest a song/music title for tango? Thanks.?
Who would try this stunt?
I'm 16, I'm thinking about doing Ballet, I have some questions?
Why do male ballet dancers not go en block?
Does anyone know of a good hip-hop beat we can get online, that doesn't have words? (or a good routine)?
i want to get on bradway.. i have a great voice...but i can not dance for my life. how can i make this happen?
Do I have to wear shoes for competition?
Contemporary songs for a 14 year old girls solo?!?!?!?
Where are there good dance classes for ballet ?
anyone think in 2015 people will be smarter?
Bob Fosse....?
What are going to do with your dance teacher?
What do you wear for ballet practice?
How do i learn to do the splits?
what are some names of any slow dance songs for a sweet 16?
can anyone help me?????????????
So Today I watched Shuffle Dance freedom videos on youtube and iM very interested where do I get the gear?
Can someone give me a cool nickname?
how to get my leg kicks as high as a rockette.?
ballet what do you wear to your lesson?
Hi! I was wondering how far (deep) can you point your toes with your legs on the ground.?
I don't know what to do......can anyone help me?
How do you learn how to breakdance?
Help! looking for a dance school in tokyo!?
What are the top ten things I should master for College Dance Auditions?
Good dance movies?
Do you think grinding at a high schoool dance is bad?
Help nailing a dance with no class?!?
who is the best ballet teacher in Hosuton, Texas?
Fun ballet leotard with lots of support?
How do you improve your turnout in ballet? 10 points!?
should i take ballet?
When did tap dancing legend Savion Glover appear in the Coca Cola commercial?
can you smoke while you jog?
Sick nick names for Girls?
Should I go back to dancing?
Which type of dancing?
Does anyone know any sites that show the steps to the dance, Payaso de rodeo by Caballo Dorado?
Middle school dance....?
What is a b-tec and when can i start doing it? At what age?
how can you learn to belly-dance?
What is a good song for a corky dance?
the perfect the smiths song to dance to at wedding?
Jive dance move, whats it called?!?
What are some exercises I can do with my competitive dance team?
What do you think of my performance?
Help Cheerleading question?
How can I be a choreogropher?
How can i achieve a dancer's body merging or melting into a metal pole for a dance video?
is this dance good enough for my local talent comp (video included)?
1st pointe class tips?
How do u grind good???????????
calling all of my fellow dancers!!?
How do you give a good lap dance?
What is ment by the term focus in dance?
what are great songs to dance to?
Can someone tell me what are average prices for Wear Moi Ballet supplies?
where is there a hip hop dance studio for 16 year olds in Los angeles?
I'm 14 years old and I was wondering if I can start ballet I'm not looking to have a carrer just a chance to b?
I need a good song for chinese dragon dance ?
If you are into musical theatre and singing, what style of dance would be most beneficial to learn? ?
What would be a good dance song for this group?
i live in richmon, where can i go to learn how to dance duranguense/banda?
throwing up?
Questions about ballet? 10 POINTS!?
What is the best way and place to learn basic social dance?
I have bad feet for ballet/point. i dont have flat feet but theyre still bad. any good ways to stretch my feet?
How to Dance??
Will Bands Make Her Dance ?
Ballroom Dancing in Detroit?
which dress to spring eighth grade dance?
what's a good dance to learn?
I'm in a super sexxy mood.what are some songs that i can dance to?ones that make ya feel sexy?
would i be far behind in dance class?
Need to improve my right leaps?
What is the importance of a warm up for the foot and ankle in dance?
What are the most overplayed songs right now for 2007?
Who can dance better??? Ciara or Chris Brown?
does anyone know the name of the song where they say" i love you baby" over and over again?
plz watch this vid...do i dance good?
Instructional Salsa DVD 1step needed for a beginner, any suggestions?
10 points best answer! where do babies come from?
what are the gaway gaway dance steps?
how to can salsa? do you know of any sites to look on?
how to twerk like the twerk team?
Toe touch and leg flexibility ?
Do you do belly dancing? And if so any tips?
wish me good luck???
dancers....is it worth it all?
Whats the best kind of toe pad to request for my first time en pointe?
good tap dance group song for 9 and 10 year olds?
What can I expect from an adult beginners modern dance class?
How can I make my twerk better?
Advice for a beginning exotic dancer?
Dance Craze?
High school girls: What do you wear to a Sadie Hawkins dance? ?
How do u dance with bologna in your hands?
social life at risk so i can follow my dream?? please help!!! i need help!!!?
too old to dance?
Do you think the show Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders helped people understand what dancers go through?
what does panic at the disco, song mean, its better if....?
Define Arasa?
Songs for Jazz Dance Solo?
do you smile while dancing on stage?
How to do a Coupe Turn in dance?
Ballroom/Latin dance help!?
What would happen if two Christians who don't get along on Earth meet in Heaven?
ice skating yes or no and why?
How to drum and bass (DnB) dance?
Does anyone know of any Dmitry Chaplin videos?
What songs are good for cheer-leading, name some if you have any.?
are Capezio "caramel" tights the same color as Bloch "light tan" tights?
i need a name for my indian dance group????
I'm going to start taking some sort of of dance class but i don't no what kind. what do you think?
what are some cool two person breakdance moves?
in ballet, what's the difference between pointe shoes and regular ballet shoes?'?
Stretches and exercising for dancers?
who is the guy who is in the commercial for diet coke , with the song i like the way you move?
How do you three quarter your shank for pointe?
What is the best ballet slipper?
A Ballet Dreamer........Opinions?
Is 17 to late to become a proffesional ballet dancer?
Dancing what is this called?
What are some subtitle for DANCE article?
Is it hard to learn to dance to reggae/salsa/rnb?
when i go to the club men look at me the whole night but alot of them dont dance with me.what are they thinkin
Adult beginners dance classes in Houston, Tx?
Hey can you guys help me with creative ideas in asking a girl to my winterformal.. something creative PLEASE!?
Is there a place where they teach robot dancing or popping in southern california?
b-boy- how to do halos?
I want to try out for Poms?
Do you know someone who does pole fitness?
How can I continuously stand up from my front limber into a front walkover?
Good dance songs for a fast or slow lyrical solo?
i want to e a vocalist? how do i practise?
can i go back to dance?
what is this kind of dance??
what is a good catchy song to dance to?
I'm just starting to jerk, the reject in particular. How can I jerk faster?
Dance costume help for GCSE's asap!?
how to create your own moves.....& wa best song?
Am I too old to start ballroom dancing at 16?
I have tried everything to do the splits, someone tell me what to do?
Should I take RAD Grade 8 or Intermediate Foundation?
Whats this dance called?
I'm 17, i would love to start dancing. Would the Shepherdstown School of dance be a good choice?
How do you have a Dance party... Without waking up mom?
Are there any daily dance classes in Reno, Nevada?
I am making a dance and i need help?
Pole Dancing Lessons?
what do you call a male ballet dancer?
do you guys think chris brown could be bigger than usher?
What is your favourite Michael Jackson dance move?
i want to learn how to step {detroit style} but i am in alabama can some one help me ?
need songs for a hip hop competition dance!!!!?
Any dance competiton suggestions?
Bboy dance training..?
Are my feet good for ballet? (PICTURES)?
wat are good hip hop songs to dance to?
Is thirteen and a half too old too start a career in dance?
Oii!!!!! anyone know any good exercise songs??
Popular Dances of the 70's?
What to expect and how to become a better dancer?
How do I talk to a crush?
My friend Elizabeth thinks dancing is a sport, but i defiantly don't. What do you think?
Does anyone know any fun work out videos online for free?
Dressing a boy in female bharathanatyam costume?
Persian/Iranian Dance??!?
What will ballet at a community college be like?
First Dance Song Ideas?
What is a good Senior Solo song for Dance?
Can anyone explain how to do a flare, windmill, 1990, or a challenging freeze?
What tampons should I use for Dance and a heavy flow?
what is polina semoniova's address where she lives or where she dances at?
Sharp toenails!!?
I need to know what these dance steps are?
How old do u have to be to dance n clubs??
How can i do up my hair if I start ballet?
Is there something I can do to my pointe shoes to make them arch better?
where's a good website to teach u step by step how to learn, well STEP?
Are uniforms ACTUALLY required for the 2 week BALLET Joffrey pre-professional program in New York city?