What are some places to take individual dance classes in NYC?
Breakdancing help!!!?
Best corny dances, help me compile them!?
so you think you can dance? contact?
Dance school name?
Do You Have A Girlfriend because you are handsome?
What are some famous tap dancers in 1950's?
What's a musical theatre body?
proper attire for jazz ballet performance?
Which dance form is most seductive?
what is the best free arabic mp3 download site?
Du you agree with the way teenagers dance today??
Do you think Jeanine deserved to win SYTYCD?
I wish/want to be a dancer & actor but I am a mom is it too late? Do I give up on my dreams?
Who got kicked off of dancing with the stars tonight 4/12?
Do you think i would be a good dancer? Check out the video?
What is Nihar?
any one hav dance india dance track?
When dancing how do you tell a guy no?
I am 14 iand i need help with finding theams for my bedroom?
how do i sew the ribbons on the point shoes (ballet)?which one has to be bigger?
What breakdance freeze is this called?
Improve turnouts & strengthen feet?
Is 18 years old too late to start taking dance lessons?
i am jamaican and trinidadian but i feel uncomfortable dancing at parties?
How to stop the pain in the ball of my foot?
How should I should I strengthen my legs and ankles and toes for en pointe?
Do you think stripping is ok?
Help please...Need a name for my dance girls!!?
How can i watch dance moms o my ipad?
Spanish dance help please!!!! Ayudame por favor!!!?
Swan Lake Program Ad Suggestions?
music for a dance based on stone balancing?
i need a list of easy dance competitions?
What should i wear for my Senior solo?
How does Point Park University Dance Program rank against Towson, CalArts, UArts, FSU, New School, New World?
What's a good song (and steps!) for this situation?
Wear can I find Steps to a jazz dance with video and/or illustrations?
How do I get my splits?
where can you learn authentic salsa lessons in austin,tx?
what time of day is best to practise ballet?
How can I improve my technique?
Type of dance?
What is the difference between a dance paw and foot undeez?
I need help choosing a team name for my dance classes.?
Dancing with the Stars Tour Music?
anyone know the 3 digit code for the dancing monkey?
Belly and Tap Dancing lessons?
What are some movies that have the theme of ballroom dancing.?
How can I learn classic or ball dance?
how duz someone beccome this?
Have you ever seen a fat kid dance half naked?
How to shake your as s/hips like Shakira...?
Why are my boobs small???? guys/ girls plz answer?
What are some gold oldies that were dance remixed?
Am i too skinny to dance?
If you pay 15 $ per month to play World of War craft and farm gold how much in real money can you make?
Tips on back kickover? PLEASE HELP?
Trying to contact Gary Cockrell who lived in London U.K. in the sixties and seventies. Any information thanks?
Why Is dance suddenly becoming so popular? ?
summer dance camp, what should i expect?
is going to be going to dance excellence in 2010?
Prepare me for a ballet Joffrey audition?
How many male strip clubs or lap dancing clubs are in th UK?
Which pointe shoes are the best for non-professional yet dancers?
Will you dance with me :D??
Does anyone love ballet?
Where can I buy legwarmers and other dance clothes like that?
how can i learn how to do soulja boy dance?
anyone know a source on how to dance to the colombian Bambuco?
What are some dances for Jerkin' ?
Looking for a dance club in Bensalem Pa called lunar's, or Llunars. Can anyone help?
How much should I pay for private dance lessons monthly?
Im really confused about how a boy is acting....?
How do I know what size to advance to when hoop dancing?
I think I broke my pointe shoes!?
Purple Pointe Shoes for Decoration?
What to wear for homecoming dance?
songs for a lyrical dance.?
Any ideas on a cool yet safe place to rent party space for 100 teenagers?
Is it true Billy Zane was originally going to be cast in the Patrick Swayze role in Dirty Dancing?
Where do i locate a strip dancing club in Germany?
Can you give me the list of good night clubs for dance in central london?
What is your favorite style of dance?
step by step on how to do barre excercise: rond de jame?
i have the same dream everynight that i am dancing with fred astaire and singing with bing crosby?
Ballet or Pointe, which one should I take first?
Does anybody Square Dance?
what happened to elvis??
Am I a good dancer? Watch Please.?
how do i get more people 2 check out my .page?
How long would it take for me to become a really good hiphop dancer?
hi...i wanted wear saree for lavani dance?
What is that song that sounds like the chipmunks but its not. Its like one of the dance/night club songs?
what is a good song for contemporary dancing?
What is a good age to take up Ballroom Dancing?
Do you need to be on point to be a professional dancer?
What should I begin with; jazz or ballet?
Does anyone know of any street dance clubs/classes in Reading, Berkshire?
im at dance camp and im having a slight problem.... help?
How do i make my husband do dance?
Would it look weird to wear my leotard to jazz, lyrical, and acro?
Can I start dance at 15?
Dancing and flexibility?
hi, i want to learan dance class plz suggest me which is the best dance clsass in banglaore?
What is the best dance dvd you have ever brought?
Dancing question!! Please help!!?
why do we have a limt to answer?
what ballet step is this?
who knows what music the neederlandeses dance???
what is the best song to do dance?
Dance school name?
does going up on pointe hurt?
What are some popular pop (dance) songs about being bullied/bullying?
x gymnast what should i do?
Im learning west coast swing dance. How is it different from easr coast?
Should I let my daughter choose to go to a Dance School?
Does anyone have ANY advice on splits?
Help needed - solo on dhoom 2 title track?
What dance do you prefer ?
I need help with my Pirouettes?
Michael Jackson Fans! Help with this dance tribute please?
Contemporary Dance Lessons for a beginner?
1. Study the Short Story Characteristics table below. 2. Choose 4 characteristics that you'd like to explain?
sweet 16 ideas. which do you like better?
To dance or not? That is the question!?
what should i do about this dance?
What is a good bboy name?
I need someone who knows alot about ballet!?
What Style Of Dancing Is This? Please Help! Video to watch!?
do girls like to dance anymore?
is it possible to become a good dancer in only 4 years?
tips on grinding with girls?
how can i reach the note of Leonardo cone son dance me to the end of love?
What type of dance should i take??!?
Sadie Hawkins Dance, asking the boy!?
What are some good, steady-beated songs to dance too?
Do Kelle Childrens dance costumes come in adult sizes?
How to sew ribbons on pointe shoes?
what you think could happen if brad pitt and britney spears get married?
On SYTYCD who do you predict will go home tonight?
dancing school in london?
Is my cheerleading coach too Strict???????
Can you dance?
How do i dance @ a club???
Lyrical solo dance songss?
How to coreograph a winning number?
Question about Scottsh Dancing?
What is this song, theres a dance that goes to it..?
PLEASE help soon! before audition...question for dancers!?
What style of dance should I do?
white split sole tap shoes?
Are latin and ballroom dance shoe sizes the same as street shoe sizes?
Where are good places to learn ballroom dancing in Dallas, Texas?
What is this pose called?
How do you become a suicide girl model?
Is there a free website where you can learn dance steps?
would you like to be my daily love-based issues guardian?
How can I learn to do the splits in a couple days?
i need a cool song to choreograph a dance to. something with a roisin murphy feel to it somethin kinda weird?
Is belly dancing a good way to lose weight?
Help! pointe shoe problem :S?
How to workout the body for breakdancing?
Am i OBSESSEd with dancing?
why is it called ballet?
Shakira & Beyonce????????
Can a dance teacher win and make professional dancers without being like Abby on Dance Moms?
Am I too old to start dancing?
Do you think a good dancer would make a good martial artist too?
Do you wear underwear under a leo for gymnastics?
where actually is the mermaid who escaped from rhode island?
i live in houston texas and i wanna sing how can i get into a talent show cause i can't find one?
I'm sick and i want to know if i should go dance class to see my boyfriend?
Can you help me improve my dancing ability? (in everything)?
In music can you dance to the beat?? Can you pick up the rhythm?
i need help getting my splits down!?
How do you dance and grind at a party?
does god not care?..this is for dancers.?
What is the dance that was kind of with the dougie?
Celtic Rock : Spirit Of The Dance?
What typ of surface are you supposed to dance on?
My school is having a dance...?
Should I ask him to dance?
I want to be more flexible! Should I take gymnastics!?
Whatever happened to U.S. social dance culture?
Ankle Strengthings for Pointe?
How do you slow dance?
how has colorguard evolved over the years?
What I should wear at hip hop dance class?
need a christian song, good for a lyrical dance !?
Kent State University, Dance Education major Audition; difficult?
How are you supposed to dress for salsa dance lessons?
I need help with my dancing?
What is some good hip-hop music that I cance dance to?
How long do I take ballet?
How do i convince my parents to let me take multiple dance classes?
Why are some peoples avatars coming up blank with a red cross?
How much does it cost for dance lessonsl?
What can I have at a college dance to make it interesting?
Does anyone know some really good belly dance music?
bboy windmills help!!!?
What is HxC dancing???
Hip Hop Dance Question?
What are the best tap shoes for toe raises?
Song ideas for abuse contemporary dance piece?
Is 16 too old to be a ballet dancer?
a lyrical dance duet for two girls :)?
Is the twist a white person dance?
Is the dance krumping part of hiphop?
Favourite dance ????????????????????????????
What to practice for a competitive dance audition?
Which song... for my dance performance?
Who like LOVES dancing?
At what age can ballet dancers wear pointe shoes?
tell me what is belly dancing?
where can i search all of the reef competitions and find videos of them?
do you know any high schools that you can get in with a dance scolarship??/?
contemporary solo! song and story line?
what are the "five points of contact" in the Viennese waltz?
Have you ever seen a dance-a-thon? what`s the longest time you known a couple to stand dancing without sleep?
How to get a higher arabesque?
what is the song to the ballet Cinderella for the ball scene ?
Could you please explain to me the steps of this YouTube video?
make my own amandaplease website?
Am I too old to start dancing?
Do u know any sites that can help me learn how to dance hip hop fast?
Where can I buy a GOGO Dancer outfit?
I would like to know more about witchcraft?
What are some good dance schools in the valley?
are you allowed to audition for companies like sm with someone else's dance moves?
what ever happened to brittany hine?
What is exactly the tekstyle dance?
Can Guys Dance With Each Other In Clubs?
Which recital should I do?
what is the lap dance?
What should my name be for my dance company! please no dumb or cruel comments!:)?
can you find the appropriate website for the "day of dance" held in sheffield?
dance class for beginners?
Where are some great places to take hip hop for all ages in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia?
Why do we use Aerobic exercise before dance?
what is street jazz dance is it like-commerical dance like britney spears does it is a pop disco style?
Shuffle dancing :P has anyone got any vids for lessons?
i want to be a dancer but the problem is........?
Egyptian or Middle Eastern songs that are good to belly dance to?
How do u walk it out? i forgot how and i need to know b4 the dance tomorrow?
Pphilippines VS Indonesia? who will win in the Miss Universe 2006? is it Philippines? or Indonesia?
how do you do the "2 step"?
How do you do the Line Step Hustle?
Anyone willing to help me with a dancing problem? :(?
How often should you clean your leotard?
How can I not be nervous to perform?
I need advice...what one should I do?
Stretches to improve flexibility?
Questing about Zumba/Dancing?
I need help with my full split??????
admission for saroj khan dance classes?
lyrical song!!!!?
what dance does the jaywalk go with??
Dancing professionally and the Catholic faith?
How to become a Cheerleader?
Can bow legged dancers become professional?
Have you ever danced like nobody was watching?
what is the meaning of life?
what is the meaning of life?
how much money does a stripper?
can anyone give an idea for a kids dance concert in school. it has to be different and easy for grade 1 kids.?
P.E Dancing~?
How do I tone my legs for dance?
Dance show in the 80's?
where can i find a really nice swing dancing place?
should i keep trying?
Embarresssd to dance when I'm home ALONE?
How do I get a boy to go to the dance with me?
americas best dance crew...Shane Sparks???
what is your opinion on husbands going to strip clubs? and what really happens in those places?
can i still do ballet even though im already 13 years old?
What are great party songs that you can dance to?
Whats your favorite style of dance?
does anybody can tell me were can i find dance lessons in ny?
does anyone remember a club in bristol called "lakota", and is it still going?
Do you like to dance ?
why why why?
What do you do in Cheerleading tryouts?
Ballroom dancing class tommarow very nervous!!?
I need a music for belly dancing?Can I listen to it on-line?
Can you Breakdance?
How do i reject a guy?
For Every Majorette/Baton-Twirler/PreviousMajorett…
How is it to do dance?
a theme for a clique a solo With the song Garden by mirah?
Is it rude to have a "hard on" when dancing with someone at a club??
any cool contemporary/ballet moves?
Where is the Canadian Barn Dance from?
does anyone know how to get the song heaven by cascada...?.....i think it is called heaven...?
What are "hot pants"?
I need to learn to dance, bad.?
What to wear to college dance classes?
I am having a huge boy/girl party what are some newer slow dance songs?
what is a good song to dance to?
Can anyone please tell me what to expect at a university Dance Improvisation class? My first dance class.?
Does anybody know of any break dancing class?
anyone know how to shake that booty?
Help? I need to know what Lyrical dance is!!?
dose any one here take ballet?
Sooo... Dubstep dancing?
Choreography question for you...?
New contemperary songs for dance!?!?
Can I teach myself ballet up until pointe?
i want to research about MODERN DANCE and also BALLROOM can to tell me the information about this?
want to learn ballroom dancing in delhi, where do i go for it??
simi valley ca. is dance creations or gotta dance academy better (dance studio) ?
First dance songs......?
how old do you have to be to become a stripper?
Should I go to SCGSAH?
Ballet Question-Need Advice!?
i need to help my child with coordination and timing when she dances?
what kind of dancer are you?
Who do think has lost the most amount of weight in nach baliye:?
What's this show called?
I need breakdance songs?
why do people wear baggy sweats when hip hop dancing?
What exercises and stretches help you get a better pitch kick?
The shank came off my pointe shoes?
College dance team tryouts?
smplyme sounds like shes got problems also she sounds like she is 40 plus plus daarling i guess weve all done?
will god came when we prey?
What to wear to the dance without bein a slut? :)?
Help my big toe on pointe!?
What do I wear under a leotard?
How do I know when my son is ready to start ballet leasons?
What are the steps for the Apple Blossom Waltz?
1950's dance?
Why is my dancing choppy?
ugghh!! wat izz there too doo?
First Homecoming Dance: What to do?!?
Dance Career Help Please ?
Can you start ballet at 15?
Can anyone help me with this please? I am dying to learn.?
To christians, how do you feel about dancing hiphop???
Can a slim 30yrs man, wear a ballet leotard and tutu to a ballet class?
I need costume ideas for Sadie Hawkins Dance?
wholesome but COOL dances?
What are some good love songs to dance too?
i need to find cheap dance shoe?
Does anyone have music suggestions for a dance duet?
Where can I find pole dancing classes?
When does the show "Breaking Pointe" come back on?
how do you treat people who are friendly in front of you and talk rubbish about you behind your backs
Is the millstone step by step a good dance studio?
Need help on starting a dance team!?
How can I convince my mom to let me quit dance?
where can i find a picture of the matrix ballroom in coventry?
is anyone reading NYC Ballet workout?
where are some dance eisteddfods in nsw that are on in the next two terms!?
Which dance crew do you like??
Which ballet shoe is better? ?
Am I too old to start dancing?
Should i dance again?
Any one can help me learn how to dance in 8 days?
are there nightclubs for teens around the age of 13? or a little older?
Please help! Letting me continue dance?
What songs and dance should we do?
What is your favorite song to dance to? Ok to list more than one.?
Can anyone think of a fun and unique name for a dance duo?
Why in the world did Rory Emerald dance away from us, just like Fred Astaire did in The Gay Divorcee?
How tight should the toes in a pointe shoe be?
What song is this? (traince/dance/girl singing)?
How to ask boyfriend to a dance?
how do you lean wit it rock wit it??
Has anyone seen that MTV show: "Dance Life"?
what is the difference between jazz boot and jazz sneaker?
wat are some good breakdance crew names?
for arabesqus and bringing your leg up forward, what muscles do those use?
what would be a cool name?
why do people always think im stuck up when they dont even no me?
Flat chested ballerinas?
I don't know how to dance!?
Name some acro tricks:?
Does any body here in like to dance.?
A Music or song ; makes you always ; want to dance ?
Should I go for it and do a chest stand?
leotard question : what style should I wear?
He saved the last dance for me?Help please!!!?
I need the Best Dance Songs 4 a grad. party(read description)?
Is 4 pirouettes at the age of 12 good enough to be a professional ballerina?
Do all dance studios cover insurance on their dancers?
Are pointe shoes supposed to hurt a lot?
he who is unable to dance says that the yard is stony?
Are there any SMALL ballet schools in Santa Clara, Ca?
Easy way to teach yourself a flick-up? (breakdance)?
ive almost got the flares how do i keep my legs from dragging on the floor on the back part of the circle?
Do they teach square dancing at all the schools in the U.S.?
How Do You Do A Back Walkover?
Where can I dance on Hong Kong Island besides Studiodanz?
I have a 9 yr old daughter that wants to be a singer/dancer... how can i help her?
What dances should I know for school dance?
Haven't you people ever heard of closing the G*d damned door?
good dance stretches? how to do splits?
Could I be a professional dancer(video)?
my parents want me to dance but i REALLY do want to but i feel like i dance awful...?
Help with switch leaps (scissor leaps)?
Will taking ballet improve my flexibility?
I've heard that dancing is a good way to lose weight?
Porselli Dancewear Help!?!?
How do you teach someone to Salsa dance?
What do professional dancers eat in a day?
tips on how to do a handstand?
Why do all ballet-dancers dance on tiptoes? Can’t they just hire taller dancers?
my date for homecoming...?
How badly do pointe shoes hurt your feet?
im 20 years old and i want to dance!!?
Name three moves from the 1950's!!!?
How do you dance to a medium speed song ?
What was the address of the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles CA in the 1950's? What's there now?
how i can interd the chat rooms in messenger with bt?
Where did cheerleading originate?
what should i do if i forgot my password and dont know my account information?
would this work with jazz pants or no?
dance themes?
Why do they call buttock dance a belly dance? The dance shakes her bottom and not belly.?
Is 14 too old to start ballet?
how to do skipping for beginners?
Hip Hop Dancing?
What kind of dance is your favorite?
how long do you have to wait until you get your RAD ballet exam grade 4 results back?
ballet - help from rhythmic gymnastics?
NightClubs Open today?
can you help me with my swing lifts .?
What are some good songs to warm up to for my dance class?
Does anyone on here cossack dance?
Has anyone ever been to Orlando Ballet's SI?
can i start ballet at 14 with a little experience?
How do lap dances work?
Feedback on dancing/popping "link included" :)?
Where can i take Irish Dancing lessons? I live in the Bay Of Plenty, NZ?
Ballet intensives that teach beginner pointe?
hi i am 15 boy and want to start dancing is it too late?
are mens leotards worn the same way as womens?
Clicking, joint pain?
I suck at dance?!!?!?
Pointe shoes question ?
Whats the most entertaining type of country/swing dancing?
How do I do this dance (video)?
Where i can find poems ?
How long does it take to do an aerial?
Can I find the talented dancer in me?
alignment principles of dance?
how to slow dance?
Where can I find dance instructions to learn to dance to cumbias?
What song did Matt Baker + Aliona Vilani dance to last night (06/11/2010) on Strictly Come Dancing?
Russian Choreographic Academy Acceptance?
what is cotillion dance?
Which Kardashian lasted longer on dancing with the stars?
Ballet Test Help?!?!?
What's this dance called?
when wearing a dance belt during a performance is it still uncomfortable to wear or do you forget about it?
What are some good songs to strip to??
what kind of training do you have to do in order to do a backhandsrping?
Help Please... About $$$?
hip hop dancing - belfast?
new 2011 dance, house, party songs?
does anyone like the television show so you think you can dance other than me.?
Does anyone know a filipino folk song for a fan dance?
could i start a lucritive career as a pole dancer if i'm a middle-aged, overweight man?
ballet pointe question?
Kuratsa: What is this dance all about?
Is fourteen too old to start dancing?
does anyone know the song nick lazzarini danced to in his first audition?
where do i find songs for my dvd?
What are some kick sequences?
Did big bands hire dancers?
Why don't SAB full-time students go to the summer intensive?
DAnce Attire help.........thanks?
What is to be expected at a high school dance tryout.?
What dance moves are good for creating 1) an up beat dance and 2) a lyrical dance?
how can u become a singer/ dancer/raper?
How to dance during clubbing??
What do you think of pushy parents that force their children to dance at a young age ?
What is a good song for slow dancing to by a lake in the fall?
im male where can i learn to dance sexy and win strip contest or dance contest?
Popping and Waving WHere to learn?
can italian people dance?
Should I Ask my Ballet Teacher About Pointe?
What should i do or learn to make varsity at my high school?
about dancers?
Can i start practicing ballet at age of 21? or is it too late?
HELP!!!! Please....I have NO clue what to wear!!!!?
Which dance studios teach hip hop better?
What's a good song to line dance to?
what do you think of this 'ballerina' look?
Not Sure????
i really want to become a proffesional hip hop dancer?
i caust bf chating wont atmight and so i give another chance other boy who i like likes me and is nicer pick w
As a male is it alright to take dancing lessons for dances like mambo and salsa to help me dance at clubs?
What are some songs for kids to dance ballet folklorico to ages 3 to 14?
Dancers: are you a low-bun or a high-bun kind of person?
Moving to Los Angeles after college to become a professional/backup dancer!?
can a 16 yr old teach ballet? another question...?
i dance hip-hop but i think i look stupid?? i need advice?
American Street Dance/Hip Hop vs Modern?
Is it too late to begin to learn tap?
Where can I find semi/professional Salsa dancers?
Should I be a model? or a Ballet dancer? Photos!?
What level Gymnastics am I on?
Do they wear soft blocks for pointe shoes ads?
What are some funny dance moves?
Sadie Hawkins Dance Situation?
What does Vaganova mean when she says low arch is better for pointe work?
I want to start dance but I'm 16 is that too old?
Flamenco in Melbourne?
what are some great middle school dance themes?
Do I really need to take ballet?
What are you supposed to wear to a homecoming dance?
what do you think of dirty dancing?
when does america's best dance crew come on?
what is the dance style: pom?
If u suck at dance but...?
HURRY!How to do a russian?
How to excell at dancing?
How to dance casually at high school dances?
Have you got flat feet or arches?
girls, do any of you love wearing shoes and sneakers without socks? or hate wearing socks in general?
Good sings to dance to in a talent show?
what's with dancer's and leg warmers??
Do you have to go through a studio to participate in dance competitions?
I need help with the splits?
veena & keyboard class in chennai near kodambakkam?
exotic dancer/stripper?
what happens when you have a crush on your cousin!?
Is dance considered a sport?
I'm worried about when i turn 18?
I have good rhythm but just don't know what to do when I dance?
What should I wear to a poms tryout?
I'm composing a dance track and I need your help!?!?!?!?
Dancing in the Orange Bowl?
how long does it take to do a split?
are dancers alowed tattoos?
How can I improve my tap dancing?
Help on toe touch jump?(:?
i am building a dance floor downstairs in my basement at home, what kind of floor should i use?
What are some good hip hop dances I can do like the wobble or wop?????!!!! ?
What is your favorite dance track?
{{{{{{{{{{{am i too old to start dance lessons?}}}}}}}?
im in a practice lock down at school?
Am I ready for back handsprings?
what girl group in the 1960s sang (dance to the 81)?
How do I know if I'm meant to be a dancer ?
People who do Scottish country dancing, which is your favourite dance?
Would you pay good money for a good D.J. or as cheap as you can go for a guy who thinks he knows what hes doin
How do I catch up in dance?
Jazz definitions and how to perform them?
I used to belly dance for 30 minutes and get tired, now 2 hours?
Sadies dance carnival theme Ideas!?(:?
What are the Dos and Don'ts of Break dancing?
Dance problem ?? Please ?
am i 2 old to learn ballet?
what class helped you improve the most as a dancer?
How do you get rid of nervousness?
America's best dance crew!!??!?
were can i learn the scottish sward dance?
how do you grind at dances?
where is the best place to go clubbing in leeds on a thursday night?
Ballet Help!!?
Where can i get colored taps?
I want to start my own school of dance....?
How can i become a stripper?
Too old to breakdance?
does anybody know any good choreography?
what do u think is a nice name for a dance crew with an initial of GL?
Which is the best dance portal on the net ?
How old is to old to get into dancing school?
Hey.. I am 19 year old girl.. Pls help?
If I got skinnier/thinner, would I be more flexable?
Who is Nick Belerey?
Boston Ballet School?
Where can I find a leotard that goes size 7x-8x?
How do you become a Vaganova Ballet teacher?
whats should i do. plz help??
dont know what to do ballet or gymnastics?
im a horrible dancer....(understatement)?
Do you think that i can get the steppings in a dance w/ in 3 days?
Who is the best dancer in hip hop and rap?
good MODERN acro dance songs?:)?
Are there any books or DVDs to help me learn tap dancing?
how could i make my own website page like i want to have a site of a band?
How to dance at an LDS stake cannery dance?
What are good dance night Clubs in New Jersey?
What should i wear to my middle school dance?
Does anyone think it's strange or unusual for a black girl to do ballet??
(girls) ballet and periods?
Website on beginer Ballet ?
Any Body Kno a Website?
What are some good songs that a culture club can dance to at the end of a show?
dance moves?
Want to start dancing in August, where do I start?
in need of a contemporary dance song?
I want to know the dancing steps of the cheetah girls's "the party's just begun"?
Solo jazz songs, duets songs, and hip hop group songs HELP!!?
What is the best website to get cheap dance paws?
what is some good imagery to help my young dance students get the most out of stretching and other exercises?
Jazz apparel question?
Good song to do a dance routine to?
want to find websites/teaching qualifications/and info on setting up classes/insurance. wanting to hiphop?
How can i get along with my ballet teacher next year?
How can I remember coreography better?
Dancing question, advice please!?
America's Best Dance Crew?
breakdancing classes!!!!!!?
any irish dancers online???
Does anyone think this even hip hop?
What are some good swing songs to dance to, like Zoot Suit Riot?
can you do the "down the way" dance?
How to make a ballet barre?
Should I try to sneak in to my daughter's dance recital, or pay the two bucks and have it over with?
How does belly dancing fit in with conservative Muslim culture?
Anyone from the Carolinas still shagin' to that good Carolina Beach music?
Can you suggest some songs for group dancing?
Creepy song for a hip hop dance?
HOw do i grind a boy?
How do i become flexible?
crossword clue: bowled over with questions and dance routines?
Lyrical&Jazz Dance Costumes Ideas!!??
Why do I hate dancing so much?? Could I have a phobia?
is ballet hard to learn?
Beginner ballet summer workshops/intensives in Southern California?
does shane sparks or any famous choreograper have hip hop tapes?
what dance class should i take?
I need info on being an exotic dancer...?
freak dancing ladies?
Starting and Preparing for a Dancing Career?
Boys at a middle school dance?
HELP:): What type of dance should I take up? Read details(:?
What type of dancing was in 1736-1765? or around that time?
What do you think of The GROOVE Method? Would it be useful therapeutically? PLEASE ANSWER!!?
dancing at proms and formals?
I'm 15, and I want to start ballet again. Is it possible that I could be on pointe in two years?
what type of dance should i do?
how many people like to hip hop dancing?
does anyone know of a lighter, that doesnt make noise when you use it, also that has a good flame for ?
what is our fave dance?jazz,tap,ballet,ect.?
What dance classes should I take?
Where can i buy an X-Pole (Dance pole) in Toronto area (not online)?
Is there any possible way to start ballet at 15 ?
What should my group dress up as for my high school dance?
If you could dance...?
Help! Need motivation, I'm in a dance rut?
I am choreographing a dance for pom and i cant come up with formations. i have 9 girls any ideas?
What do you call this dance?
What are the first three things/ images you think of when you see a ballet dancer?
Grinding at school dances?
Any bra that can PROTECT my breast from moving everytime im DANCING???
What are your thoughts on dance central 3?
is the best?
What Is the best way for me to practise for an audition singing/dancing?
chesney hawkes, how would you punish him for being chesney hawkes?
A Duet Song For Me and My Best Friend?
What should I wear to a dance audition?
how can i meet beyonce?
Is there a good dance studio at a good price?
guess my birth date closest gets 10 points!!!?
I just attended Jump dance convention and learned a lyrical combo by mandy moore. I have no idea what the song
I don't know what dance studio to pick!?
Is It Natural To Have TurnOut of 180 Degrees In Ballet Without any traning?
Sore stomach and ankle pain after dancing?
How can I get out of social dance?
I dance jazz and ballet,recently Ive been getting bad foot cramps,any excercise to stop this?
what are good lyrical songs under 3 minutes?
Ballet strengthening tips...?
Where can i find a dance move video sort of like the movie step up, I want to learn moves like that.?
What is a good jazz dance song?
when is dance moms coming to illinois?
Do you still know how to do the "Hokey Pokey" dance!?
Starting ballet, have questions?
Preparing for a ballet summer intensive?
Should I get a crowded bus or train and dance the Gangnam Style while playing the music on my phone?
have u seen the video hips dont lie?
have to take quince classes?
is it wrong to get an erection while "grinding" at a school dance?
how succesful are teens who begin ballet dancing?
Is swing dancing a good idea?
Can you help me think of a dance recital theam having to do with CANDY?
is this a good dance?
what's tango?
What are the dangers of ballet dancing?
What's the name of this dance-hall song - let me put it in?
What do I do when my love for dance is gone?
Dancwear online, website help?
How do you give a lap dance to your boyfriend?
does any one know a good band that i could dance to in a 6th grade talent show with afew friends?
What moves would be helpful to know when signing up for jazz dance?
What is the best dance training?
How long did it take you to be as good a dancer as you are now?
should i audition for baton ballet summer intensive of north carolina dance theatre?
How can I learn how to shuffle ?
Dance tomorrow night, Clue theme?
Sac-Anime Summer '09?
Do You Have A Girlfriend because you are handsome?
do we have any pole dancing classes in kolkata india ?
pirouette help?
What kind of dances does a Deb dance?
What music could I use for a china doll ballet dance?
how can i learn how to shuffle (dance)?
any good dance places on Oahu(Hawaii)?
What to dance for a Korean Audition?
Bellydancing... cool or slutty?
could I become a professional ballerina?
how do you do the booty shake?
What should an older slightly chestier girl wear under her leotard for ballet so I don't have bra straps show?
what is that you can dance if you want to song?
Does ballet strengthen and form your ankles?
Need help with a dance routine?
Is there any Alabama dance competitions?
Famous Rudolf Laban quotes for a BA dance presentation?
Are you ever too old to learn to dance?
pointe shoes?
How do i look and act seductive while dancing??
I am doing a cheer for my talent show and I cant add offensive things. I don't know what to add to it becuz...
how can i shake my butt like this ANSWERS PLEASE?
I want to learn ballet. ?
name for garba night?
questoin about point dance...?
Can someone explain to me how to do a grande jete?
Which is better? Dance Dimension in New Milford, NJ or Progressive Dance Studio in Englewood, NJ?
Who is the most ellegant: BALLERINA or FIGURE SKATER? Why?
Grade 5 tap amalgamations?!?
Does anyone know of any good sites to help me dance the meringue?
Who Are some Famous ballet Dancers?
If a person wants to dance should they dance no matter the consequences?
i need your help my daughter is in ballet school and i have to raise 3,000?
Dancing Choreography I'm clueless about is what goes first?
Ballet Turns - Are right or left handed? Which side do you turn?
Breakdancing/B-Boy exercises?
who went out of strictly come dancing last nite?
batista witi HHH 3 wm21 baek lasi HELL IN CELL?
how to do a backmount in dance class?
What are some good dance bags?
miss scarletttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt in the ballroom with the candlestick?
Ballet Leotards for Men?
is grinding consittered?
What is a good pilates/workout DVD for ballet?
What time should i.....?
Do 6th grade have a shcool dance?
Unsure about taking Ballet Technique 1-A?
What dance type should I take?
I need to learn how to do these ballet moves?
i need tips on how to get ready for cheerleader tryouts next year?
Can anyone tell me what dance move this is and where I can learn to do it?
Dance styles?
what do you think of belly dancing?
Some Ballet Questions?
Do any of you people like Danity Kane?
does anyone take ballet,or any kind of dance?
Anyone know anywhere for thirteen year olds?
Do they teach square dancing at all the schools in the U.S.?
Who do you think should win So You think you can dance?
i want to know famous dance gurus[classiacal dance]residing in hyderabad.?
What are some good dance studios in dallas fort worth area?
Difference between dance movement and dance choreography?
To dance or not to dance?
Does anyone know where i can take dancing lessons close to Goshen, IN?
joining dance class: nervous! any suggestions?
Do you have to do bridges in dance?
If I put up a pole would you dance for me?
I am looking for some good contemporary songs for ballroom dancing.?
Is there any way to extend a dead pointe shoes life?
I want to know where I can find a website where i can chat about line-dancing?
do u know a good dance school?
What is a good Indian dance team name?
How many styles of classical dance are there in India?
Any good salsa/latin dance clubs in Chicago?
Help with turtle freeze in breakdancing????
I Need Some Dance music(Party Music)?
Is this normal for a lap dance session?
What are my chances of becoming a competitive dancer?
Great Jazz Summer Intensives?
anyone no any good lyrical songs for a solo?
Why autotune and backing tape are so popular for Pop Dance Electro Artists?
Is any one into hip hop and what can u do?
do u have information about african dances?
Touching boobs when dancing?
What Are Some Rave Events Near Queens, NY That Are 16+?
How do I improve my spotting?
Can I start ballet at 14 and then after awhile start en pointe?
I Need to get the Splits by July 4th!!!?
which makes more money go go dancer or bartender?
what's your favourite dance?why?
quick ballet question?
How thick do your ankles have to be to go on pointe??
How do I get over my fear of dancing with my girlfriend?
Can someone give me a cool nickname?
I'm a Sports Guy who knows nothing about arts and dancing.?
I want to learn how to do the splits how many days will it take me to learn?
Who watches So You Think You Can Dance and who is your favorite dancer/couple?
i love ballet but many things keep coming in the way?
I really want to learn how to do the heel toe. Can anyone help me? Im a super beginner. Thanks!?
My first time at a hip hop dance studio ..?
how can you get flexible?
What's a good advanced irish dance set for a dancer with good rhthym?
should i let my 11 year old daughter go to dances with BOYS her friendsdo?
What are the best dance schools in Australia?
How will you use dance knowledge to maximize your learning in college?
what do you wear for ballet class? or have any cute ballet outfits youd like to share?
How can i improve my turn out in ballet?!?
how can u get a 11 or 10yr old boy to like you even tho u like him?
Hebrew dance song??? slow, fast, fast slow....?
What are some contemporary dance songs I can use?
What should i do for my 18th birthday?any ideas?
Good songs, that are not well known? ?
why is the hokey pokey what its all about hmm? WHY!!!???
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal lean ?
I need info on how to start dancing?
answer this if you dance?
How many chapters are in 5 people you meet in heaven?
Ballroom/Latin dance music??(Samba, chacha, rumba, paso doble, jive)?
How can I do the Berber Walk without thumping my knees to death?
For those of you who like Ballet, How often do you watch Ballet at a theatre?
:: Have you really asked "" I Love You "" to anyone" :::?
Cheerleaders, dancers, and iceskaters? Help please??
What type of music should I use in modern dance?
Good Pop Songs To Dance To?
Hi I got in to both manhattan youth ballet as well as ballet academy east, what is a better ballet school?
College Dance Teammm?
Performing Arts school for dance?
Who is the boy in the yellow shirt in Michael Jackson's Hold my Hand video?
Indian dance hair jewelry/crowns?
I want to join boys ballet but..........................?
What is the term used to refer to an actor/dancer in the Sukla Yajur Veda?
how can i acieve ultimate flexibility?
I need songs. Can you help?
Im a freshman && i need help with dancing -guys?
Who dances in Miss Lily's Dancing class?
How often should i practice breakdancing?
I want to practice my dancing...?
what is better cheering or dancing?
How do i know if dancing is right for me?
which action shot should i use for my profile picture? dancers opinions...?
Who here dances in front of their mirror?
Is it ok to dance Ballet and be flat footed?
Hip Roll HELP?????
Question about dancing?
Why Do Girls always dance with each others in the Club?
How many of you have fond memories of the 70's Discos?
Balletic techniques?
Is there any Adult dance classes in Clarksville, Tn?
Under the Sea Themed Songs?
Am I being paranoid about wearing tights in ballet lessons ?
How can you dance like a gogo dancer?
Tips for joining dance class?
In MMD how do you make 2 models dance to the same Motion Data?
Really could do with someone who's good with ballet moves and terms?
Whats the best way/technique I can learn to do a split?
Ballet body???
What are some good lyrical songs?
P.E Dancing~?
looking for bally dancing school in Connecticut?
Is ballet really hard to learn?
Advice on opening a dance studio? See below...?
Dancing on concrete question?
Are there any belly dancing vidoes that I can buy?
Dance moves??
What kind of dance is right for me ?
convince my parents to let me take privates?
I need suggestions for a dance solo?
What song did the DreamBears dance to?
in 'so you think you can dance' season 3 for which couple and which dance did judge nigel pass the comment ?
Where is a good place to learn Salsa or any latin dance in or near Baton rouge, La?
What ballet grade to start at?
Are there any ballet summer intensives for late beginners?
How Not to Feel Shy About Performing in Dance?
Dance dubstep and break dance?
How can i learn the to dance like the girl scouts on Fergalicious Video???
if i wanted to take ballet class???? please answer....?
how do i stop my mom from dancing???
Is dancing a sport?
Good songs to dance to?
Does anyone dance at The Northwest Florida Ballet?
My mom won't let me dance anymore?
I'm Not Sure About My GCSE Composition Idea, Advise?
Do you think that anyone could do dance?
is there any dance dance revolution contests or tournements near midwest city,oklahoma?
What to have in my dance bag?
i am rubbish at drawing?
why do belly dancers wont feel dizzy while dancing?
My big toe hurts in pointe shoes!!?
what has merce cunningham done ?
Is it too late to go professional?
what can you say on straight male ballet dancers?
Im 13 and im a begginer in dance!?
A sad song for a contemporary dance?
Any good videos for frolicing? The dance?
what do i do to do split?!!!?
Should I dance????Ballet/Modern?
Manhattan Youth Ballet SI and Joffrey NYC YDSI?
Tips for getting good middle splits?
What styles of dance should I do?
Tips for Upper Body Strength?
any tips on how to do fouette turns without hopping?
does anyone know any dance classes i could go to on staten island?
hi,is there any good center for learning japanese language?
What should I do for my production number this year?
What is a Ballet Summer intensive?
A few dance questions?...?
How Do You Do The Hustle Dance To Montell Jordan's "How We Do It"?
Where can I find dance instructions to learn to dance to cumbias?
HOw do i grind a boy?
Who is the best dancer you know?
Do you think I can do ballet?
i have an african dancing group and i need a name with twerk in it but i can't find a name can you help m?
Where can i sell dance clothings at?
i want to take belly dance and ballet classes at the same time, can i do that?
do you know where I can find a pair of dance sweatpants? description below. VVV?
Are there Kpop songs we could dance swing to?
Walnut hill ballet.....?
I'm doing a dance for Christmas I like hip hop so what hip hop Christmas song should I do it off.?
What's the difference between modern and contemporary dance?
if i use a song in a ballet performance would i have to pay a royalty?
indian classical dance classes in london?
What place can I go to start dance again?
Is Dance to Rite of Spring Difficult?
Medium difficulty dance moves?
Is the tango a good dance for a beginner to learn?
Would you watch your mum pole dancing in a club topless?
Dance fever? (actual dancers please)?
Should I wear my bangs up for dance class?
what color eyeliner should i do?
do you think that if do the dancing with the stars cardio dance video everyday , would i lose weight?
Where can I take african dance classes in Marin County?
What is the Dance move called?
why do we feel the urge to dance when listening to gd musique?
i have a cold and my dance is tomorrow?
beginning pointe student tips?
What are some ballet classes for teen beginners in the Kennesaw, GA area?
What is your Fav. dancer from (So you think you can dance?)?
Are there any Bollywood or Bhangra dance classes in Pleasanton/Dublin CA?
Has anyone ever tried the Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease?
What song should I use for my senior solo for dance!?!?
RAD Grade 6 Ballet Exam!?
how to get into a street dance group?
Names for dance crews?
Should I try to sneak in to my daughter's dance recital, or pay the two bucks and have it over with?
Dancing songs for Home?
solo dance numbers????
Ballet- am I too old if I've never danced before? 14 and needs help.?
How to learn yosakoi??
Where can I buy leotards?
I need a step by step dance routine to low by Flo Rida (T-Pain)?
What is a good Jerkin crew name?
I'm a dancer, and i want to know how i can get into better shape and become more flexible. any ideas?
Ballet Terms? HELP ME!?
"Smooth"- Escape The Fate, what dance goes with this?
im dancing tomorrow and im so nervous!! help!?
What to wear to Ballet?
wat are good hip hop songs to dance to?
What college is well known for their dance program? (besides Julliard)?
If it was available, would you take exotic dance lessons?
Is it too late to start ballet and be a prima ballerina?
Flexabitity :{ i got it...but y is it so much better?!?!?
How to do the Cupid shuffle?
Will I be a good dancer next year?
what happened in anceint africa?
what are some good duet ideas?
Any dancers out there with Meniscis injuries? I need advice!!?
anyone know where i can find either hip hop or breakdance dance classes in israel?
Pointe Question...?
Do you wear underwear under a leo for gymnastics?
Need help with choreography?
Is it a smart idea to transition from gymnastics to dance?
I need some help with these dance moves?
are there any auditions that is still going on for the dancers in disneyland hong kong?
I'm looking for a ballet school for children here in Deira, Dubai... anyone might know one? Thanks!?
Ballet Companies for Shorter Girls?
When did going nude on stage became legal in America?
When do you think I could start pointe ballet?
How much does wiseman dance studio in columbus ohio cost?
My ex baby daddy want me to give him a 3same and lap dance ?
What are some similarities and differences between the tango and flamenco?
need help with bboying?
i need to ask my parents if i can open a dance club and if they will pay for it because im only 15?
How do I convince my mother to let me bellydance?
"English songs words"?
How do you dance at a party?
how can i acieve ultimate flexibility?
how to kill your pointe shoes?
I need a song for my trio! Either lyrical, modern, or ballet.?
what should i do for a tap dance as a costume for the song working day and night by michael jackson?
ballet girls? what's your best way to slim down?
Hiya ... I live in essex but wont to know where any dance Competitions and Festivals are.?
philippines' folk dances?
Females: if you go out dancing, do you often take off your shoes and dance barefoot?
Dancing and dating help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Ballet/Jazz dance tips for a 13-year-old?
How can I touch my toes?
Does anyone know where i can download free Hip Hop Harry music?