Are there any local Dancing schools/studios?
I've never heard of pointe dancing. what is it? just another word for ballet?
What is the best type of dance class to take to build stronger legs?
lyrical solo song?
how should i ask my parents to let me take ballet classes?
Are there free, on-line, written instructions to the cadillac ranch line dance?
Need help with teaching a dance!!!!?
How do I get flexible?
How do you get a party started?
do dance sneakers stretch?
how do u get flexible?
Why do people say that dance is a sport but cheer leading isn't?
Does anyone know a good website which sells cheap dancewear please?
Is 16 too old to start ballet?
Whats a good 18 & over club on thursday nights in L.A county/ O.C ?
What is your favorite kind of dance?
Question about slow dancing?
I can't dance in my homecoming dress!!?
for arabesqus and bringing your leg up forward, what muscles do those use?
How can I freshen up smelly old ballet slippers?
Videos to teach dance better?
Can i start ballet lessons at age 13, almost 14?
How do a start to devise a dance performance ?
who's the dancer in adele's rolling in the deep?
teen party...dance? HELP?
What kind of dance should a kid 10-15 do that is challenging.?
Explain how u do the heel-toe stomp?
Spies dancing through lasers?
can you realy dance?
Dance Class question?
Are there any guys who dance?
i need dance moves.all the people tht can dance good tell me what i need 2 do. plz i hav 1 on 2/21/07. thx?
Can you dance?
Starting dance at 14?
Is it good to get pointe shoes with no ballet trainig? but have been dancing 11years? ?
Exersizes for Pointe ballet? ?
How can I find my natural turnout?
help 2 questions?
is prom worth it? should i go?
Anyone have a Lil Minx Stripper pole?
Which type of dance do you like the most and why?
just wandering!?
Where are the answers to my question about the Shimmy dance video?
What should I wear to my first salsa dance class?
Is there a website where I can find dance moves to do at clubs/parties?! (or do you know any yourself!)?!?
what is included in a laguardia dance audition?
How much money did you spend on your dance lessons?
I am a really good dancer but i am scared of people watching me when i dance beside my friends what can i do?
How long does it usually take for a beginner to learn to body roll/ hip roll/ twerk?
Does this song want to make you dance?
Ok people need to learn to ballrom dance lol need title of a good book or dvd to help please !?
What kind of attitude do you think a dancer should have?
What is the best dance school in the monmouth county NJ area?
At what age did you start dancing?
Song Suggestions for a Lyrical/Contemporary Dance Solo?
Should I get back into dance? **Read**?
Is there any hip hop dance studios in Colorado that is recommended?
I need some help on how to do the breakdance move the windmill?
What do you call male ballerinas?
Why do People think strippers are horribal people?
cheerleadingg songsss?
Good lyrical solo songs?
Is 13 too old to start ballet or gymnastics?
How do you hip roll?!?
i am a vegan and refuse to buy leather dance shoes does anyone know where i can find vegan ballet shoes?
Is it too late to get into a dance class? Should I?
Does anyone know a place to take private Ballet lessons?
What kind of dance is this?
HELP!!!!! I need help deciding what type of dance should I start with!!!!?
Poll: can white people dance?
Guy problem alert!?
Is dance an official sport?
is there an easy way to do the windmill? (breakdancing)?
Does anyone else consider dancing exercise?
What are the basic steps to the dance Lambada? And, what kind of music can you use to dance with it?
How to make my school's pom team?
What is a good song to dance to at a wedding?.?
where can i buy dance shoes?
I need peoples opinions?
who sings and were dancing?
Hug Dancing at a Club?
Am I old enough to be on pointe?
What are some songs with VERY slow beats that can be used for tap?
does anyone know what the steps for the ukranium dance is?
Dance performance question?
Do girls like guys who take ballet?
I need help!!! I need a solo song to dance to!! STAT?
pole dancing?
Taking ballet class...?
does anyone kno how 2 dance the seawalk, snap ur fingers or lean wit it rock wit it?
Help getting my flexibility back?
music from before 1970's for GCSE dance composition.HELP!?
I'm doing a dance on Japanese warlords anyone know a gutsy song to fit?
How to do the jerk? (very confused)?
Can I still dance for a small ballet company if I start late?
Is there any place i can learn belly dancing in Pondicherry or Auroville?
Im A girl who geos crazy about boys but would you make out with a boy or girl?
best summer intensives in us?
Good lyrical songs? 2012?
what dance class should i take?
What kind of dancing should he do?
Dance Competition Help!?
Theres this boy who asked me to the dance but i said no.?
My grandparents have come up with an interesting new dance, would you dance like this at a club, pls watch vid?
What do I need to do so that I can get my own dance studio and teach others?
Where can I go in Southern California for serious modern dance training?
Cheerleaders~Questions about AllStar Cheerleading?
Hi this is my dream? any tips on how to pursue it?
Describe balamban dance?
any grade 9 dance (grind) tips (for a girl)?
been to olive nice place ,\mumbai?
can a 14 year old girl learn how to do a split.. this late.?
What experiance impacted your life the most?
Does anybody know how to jerk (Dance)?
I chopped my hand off?
I'm 14 yrs old. Can I start ballet now?
How Do I Prepare My Body for my First Ballet Lesson?
Do pointe shoes in ballet damage your feet?
a dancer please help?
Most embarrassing moment at ballet class?
Recommended ballet slippers?
does anyone else do a little dance when you are excited or happy or something similar? explain?
Why do you dance?
Winter formal dance ideas?
i need a song for 3rd graders to dance to.....?
Where Can You Find A Dancing Class dats less then 170 dollarz in Atlanta GA(Georgia)?
does any one kno these songs...?
dance lessons in chicago area?
What is the terminology associated with the system of classroom training in Kathakali.?
Do I go out or stay in?
what do you do if you're asked to dance but don't know how?
How do I become a B-boy?
ballet teacher training?
Is there a place in Cincinnati that teaches ballroom dancing to kids?
Adult Hip Hop classes in Antioch CA???
how do you dance?
Should I try Lyrical dance?
How to street dance, and some tutorial sites and other sites where I can learn how to do it.?
Where in the world is bellydance a traditional dance?
do dancers have high Sex appeal?
How do I stop my feet ing?
Can a person become good at dancing or is it only a natural talent?
Do you know how to do the Willy Bounce?
Do school cheerleaders only get picked because of what they look like?
Good stretches for back flexibility?
Can I start Contemporary Dance lessons aged 14?
kountry gentleman dance move?
What is the reason that you dance?
Need a few tips....?
why all video in uaap cheerdance 2006 are slow to load?
what are some good songs to dance to in a school talent show?
what to wear to dance class?
How to convince my parents to let me take ballet?
Wedding / Dance Class / Chicago (Please read more)?
competitive dance?
What to expect at Nuter Callbacks?
any good dance songs that make u dance?
Dance studios in/near Newmarket, Bury St, Edmonds, Ely, and/or Cambridge?
What is the best ballet show?
does anyone know the age of the oldest ballroom dancers?
Should I get foot undeez or dance paws?
How do i be successful in life & fulfill my dreams?
Is there a name for a dance distinguished by two people dancing close to each other -- but never touching?
Why are people under 40 so prejudiced against older people dancing ?
Advice/tips on how to dance?
can you give me an upbeat contemporary ballet song?
1st dance song... i want slow, he wants fast.... happy medium?
Do you think women are naturally more flexible than men?
good song for a lyrical/contemporary dance?
What are the best exercises to get my relevé in ballet really high?
I really like ballet. I saw a movie with alot of ballet in it and from that point on, I loved it!! I really-?
Ballet pointe shoes help?
What is the "cumbia" dance? I hope I spelled it right.?
Juilliard dance question?
Don't know how to dance.. help!?
Is 14 too old to start ballet and gymnastics?
i need somte tips how to dance?
is it going to be the dance mom seasons 3?
what do I wear for homecoming high school dance?
What are the best places to learn swing dancing in Springfield, Missouri.?
Will there be another Dance Moms season?
How can I become an amazing dancer?
name a dance that was once popular but isn't anymore?
What are good (upbeat) songs from musicals that I can dance to?
Could sombody give me a good example for a dance stimulus. ?
Are there any dance competitions or auditions in dec 2010 or jan 2011?
where can u take a hip hop class in Arlington, TX?
Any ballet studios for adult classes in Wisconsin?
Were can I learn to dance this move? !0 points for best answer!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you do the shag? (dance)?
I want to join boys ballet but..........................?
If i stretch 20-30 mins a day...?
Help with dance class?
What is the best age to start pointe?
Example of a Bloch and Capezio sizing equivalency?
What are some cool, but easy dance moves?
Help me make a dance for the edge of glory intro?
Where version of Dance Dance Revolution is this?
what do you think i should say to/do about my ballet teacher?
What are the best ballet companies in the U.S.?
How to dance well, any advice?
how do I prepare for Comp Dance tryouts?
Are leather or canvas ballet slippers better?
how thank ciara is hot?
Please answer this question it is EXTREMELY important!?
Is Pas De Ballet for Kinect a real application or just a pretty design project?
How to do a backover/walkover?
I need a fast answer--- and i mean fast?
I want to be a dance instructor ?
unstable on pointe shoes?
Need info on ballet websites of males on pointe?
Cute way to ask my boyfriend to Mario themed Sadie's dance?
i would like to ask a question that why it is been said that it is difficult for a dancer to do a breakdance.?
Long Lake Camp for the Arts?
What is the real secret to good turns in jazz dance, etc?
Where Do I Start To Become Better At Dancing?
how to improve flexibility?
i really really need good ballet song,i have to create a new PS for my ballet exam,please help me!!?
How long does it take to learn how to do the splits?
pls somone give me information abour mrs chandralakha barathanatyam dancer?
What does dance mean to you?
How Do You Learn How To Do The Splits?
am i too old to dance?
is it too old to start learning how to dance at the age of 13?
Do you think i am a good dancer ?
dance funk song?
are there any free videos/websites for exotic floor dancing?
What is the name of the traditional Hindi dance that...?
Dance story ideas for contemporary?
homecoming ideas?
classical Indian dance?
Where can I find a list of all the world championship Irish dancing winners?
how can i learn to breakdance?
Where can I find the tap dance routine for Winter Wonderland?
learn how to dance?
what are different types of hawaiian dances?
why do u have to grind on people to dance?
Where can I find a real tutu pattern?
If i stretch 20-30 mins a day...?
Does anyone have Jazz dancing advice?
starting tap dance and I was wondering...?
Homecoming is coming up and I would like to know...?
school dance... PLEASE HELP?
do you know a cool summer dance for me and my friend?
what are some really powerful modern/contemporary songs to dance to!?
Is there any good ballet schools around Alhambra, CA area offer Adult beginner class?
Ok Cheerleading tryouts are in a few weeks a i need to learn READ MORE!!!!!!!?
ANY BODY LIKE CHRIS BROWN?the song say good bye?
Ballet project ideas..?
Attention Ravers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How often should I be going to ballroom classes as a beginner?
I am doing starlight express at the Royal Albert hall and was wondering where i could get an outfit for it lik
do anyone know about reagge dancing?
do you ever dance in ur bathroom? ur house wen ur alone? bck of the car wen noones lookin?
what are some good songs to swing dance to?
i had dance the last 3 days in a row & i'm SO sore & tryouts are tomorow how do i help my sore muscles quick?!
Ballet Dancers: what do you think of this?
What is a definition of Contact Improvisation?
Breakdance class in Lakewood?
good, fun upbeat song to dance to?
how to go about making a career in dancing.plz copy paste this link .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYj8?
Can you use marley flooring taped to carpet for a temporary dance floor?
what is the cool party game 1kbwc?
what kind of outfit do you prefer to see on women in a dance club?
how to increase flexibility/do splits?
Name of this dance??
Do u think ill be able to go on pointe this year?
why would a mother send her son to ballet classes ?
Which dance belt to buy?
Cold bath after stretching? *EASY 10 POINTS*?
Do ballet dancers have pretty feet?
Best food for teenage dancers?
Is cheerleading a difficult sport?
What choreographer is better?
Ill be 18 the 26th and i need a local club to attend the 30th. Where can i get in and enjoy myself at?
Any opinions on Golden's School of Dance Company in Streamwood, IL?
Only my left foot points correctly for dance, how do I get the other foot to point correctly too?
witch dance place is the best?
A Brief history of the robot dance?
any one do ballet?
Can I learn pointe? Ballet?
Why is it that every time i get ahead,some obstacle jumps in my way?
how long have you been dancing?
experienced dancers please help!?
So You Think You Can Dance?
Is there a Male dance group with 50 or more men? (past or present)?
How to twirk????
school dance help!!!?
What enviormental factors could cause a studio to be shut down?
what exercises can I do to do a split? get more flexible?
Do you need permission to hold a flash mob?
Who knows how to dance?
Can someone give me some tips on my dancing [video]?
videos that have dance in them that you can copy for practice?
Benefits of a perfect turnout in ballet?
What type of dancing was Ziyi Zhang trained in?
Does anyone know any good hiphop dance classes in Maryland?
Good Emotional Song for Dance Solo?
A good hiphop dance song....?
What is this ballet/gymnastic equitment called? (video included)?
I need a good choreographer who can easily come up with dances!?
Can anyone tell me some salsa dance class in Ahmedabad (Satellite Area if possible)?
How to audition for N.Y.C.D.A?
where can i find someone doing the myspace dance?
where to learn to breakdance?
Side aerials?? Help.....?
For mintchips49 - My dance studio doesn't offer my preferred class genre. Which class should I take?
How do you get involved in dance?
how many dance classes should I take a week?
gel pads???
good songs for a tap trio?
I'm interested in GoGo dancing, any advice?!?
I need a modern/contemporary jazz song?
How do I convince my mom to let me do ballet?
Is it possible to use dance for evil ?
how to learn dance?
vanessa hudgens and zac efron?
is lyrical dance fun?
time of class on joann,s school of dance in elizabeth nj?
When could I get en pointe?
How do I become a kidzbop star?
HELP! Songs for a Dance Routine?!?!?
What drives a straight man to become a ballet dancer?
anyone do the. "i Have to Use The Bathroom" dance today?
How much is tuition at the ALDC?
Where can I get Flamenco Dance shoes?
What kind of dance they did in Step Up final dance performance?
Im a dancer and when i dance i get bad ankle pains, is it a sign i should quit?
i need a workout plan for cheering and ballet/tap dance!!?
What should I do?
Tips on choreographing my own solo?
im black adn cant dance like what is going on?
What do you feel like before and after ballet class?
DANCERS...what was the weirdest dance routine you were ever a part of?
Help! I'm thinking about going to our schoo's Winter Formal but...?
Does anyone know how much is the school fees for cheng ballet school?
were can i find the dance steps for 1 2 step please help me.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does anyone know the "Hooray, It's Friday!" dance?
I'm 14 years old, and I want to begin ballet... Is it to late?
Am I too old for ballet?? Any instructors or ballerinas that can answer me?? 14?
Does GCSE Dance equal the same as Grade 6 Ballet?
dance workshops! where can i find them? HELP!?
costumes PLEASE HELP?
How to build strength for pointe?
What should a ballet dancer eat for breakfast?
BEST dance group in East London?
Watch and comment on my Dance Team's Videos please?
How can I find some jobs on River Dancing?
Is there a competition?
Good hip hop dance songs?
How to get your leg extensions?
Break dancers! I need your help!?
what is teen-can-teen like?
Who do you think will win So You Think You Can Dance?
Do you guys think ballet is stupid?
Whats The 3 Things You Wish You Can Do?
Can I learn this much technique in seven months?
AAAHH!! Lyrical Song?
Do you call these dances cheating?? JUST WATCH IT!?
Does anybody know at least one of the contestants on "So You Think You Can Dance?" I Do!?
Dancing career? any advice?
which type os songs are good for dancing?
How many years of ballet training should I write on my forms?
how do you dance a mexican dance called El Zapateado?
In the final of Strictly come dancing this year, are all 3 couples dancing the freestyle?
am i a good enough dancer to be in a peforming company?
I'm 29 and I can't dance.?
does anybody wants to take a belly dancing class?
I don't know how to dance???
Who just answered the creepy "Am I ugly?" question asked by cheeseman?
Ballet for a karate guy?
What do you think of this dance?
For all you dancers out there, what is the best type of dance in your opinion? (i.e. jazz, ballet, hip hop etc
Dance videos???????!?
Should I be en pointe?
who won 'so you think you can dance?'?
dance moves?
is it a bad idea for a 15 year old girls to be an exotic dancer?
Does practising ballet barefoot make your feet stronger?
Do You Know Any Dance Moves from the 1960's?
I feel ignored in my dance class..!? :(?
Insitute of salsa dance in east delhi?
What do u call a male ballet dancer?
Dancing And My back?
What are some simple, yet cool looking dance moves I can learn in a day or two?
Ballet dancers en pointe: Where do you sow the elastic on the pointe shoe?
How to master the splits in a month?
In My Splits? Please Help?
How do you do wings and bunny hops in tap dancing?
Does anyone have tips on how to grind?
If women who love to dance stopped finding men who enjoy dancing, would we be left with non-dancing females?
Private Beginner Ballroom Dancing Lessons in KC?
Can a 29yrs old female learn to dance ballet? Please give the name of a cheap ballet school in Essex county.?
I need some tips on dancing. Prom is friday, and I'm not the smoothest of the bunch...?
Should I give my three-year-old a snack before his ballet class? If so, what would be a good pre-class snack?
Am I too old to start ballet?
Minimum for pointe shoes?
how to gain leg muscle for dance?
how do u dance to the song cyclone?
What are some fun songs to make up a dance too?
What's this hip hop move called?
Is there a reggeaton step?
Zumba is so lame and is not really dance?
How do I become better at ballet?
what to chose for a sport?
How can I get slimmer for dancing?
how do you do walkovers? front or back... but mostly front?
whats the name of the song in jeniffer lopez music video they were sort of in ballet class?
Dancers?! When did you start dancing? What lessons?
does anyone know any good dance movies?
Am I too tall for Hip-Hop dancing?
I need a song for student choreography(dance)?
How long does it take you to do a split?
Plz plz plz plz help!!! I beg u too!!! Thanks:)?
what type of dance is good for r&b music?
Do you like dance moms?
is this dance good enough for my local talent comp...?
Where Can I buy Last For One Crew T-shirt?
How can I contact Arlene Philips?
i tryed dance dance revultion and i cant pass the first one i think i need help?
my friend invited me to a Swing Dancing event! What should I wear?!?
Cheerleading or Dance Team?
how do you fast dance?
How to become a better dancer ?
How do i move my hips?
what are those nightclubs called, and are they still around?
Micheal Jackson Moonwalk?
Does anyone know if there is a website for OSTDA dance competitions?
What are the best songs for pole dancing !?
Any1 know where to get ballroom shoes at?
Who knows what kind of dance this is?
Do you guys like dancing or what??
Cecchetti test tomorrow!!! (OMG!!!) HELP?!?!?!?
What channel is Dancing With The Stars on for charter cable and what time?????
how do you do the poole palace?
Should I run or should I dance?
places in orange county to get classes for valet for little girls schools or places?
Best ways to ask a girl to a dance?
What do i need to know to be the best at (kick)Drill team tryouts?
Would this be okay for cheer tryouts?
Easy dance routine video?
Why is dancing a good hobby to pursue?
Quick Questions About Dance?
What type of dance is Mirotic?
Anyone want to give me dancing lessons?
where do i take a country line dance in CT?
How to do the dance routine in Gossip folks by Missy? Can you send me some kind of video or diagram for it?
How do I keep my leg turned out in a pirouette?
When is So You Think You Can Dance on?
I can't seem to be able to dance well.Can you give me some tips?
What are some good songs for a dance solo?
Hold skirt or hands on waist?
Is 17 too late to take up Ballet again?
where is good salsa dance learning center in Chennai?
how do I do a fouette turn?
Is it possible to become a better dancer?
do you have to be skinny to be in Dance?
Does anyone know of any good over 21 dance clubs in Indiana?
Intermediate lyrical? please read?
i have a dance coming up at my school and I'm shy anyone have any tips?
how do u butty dance?
where can i watch dance on sunset online?
I'm an aspiring dancer. If you had to choose only one system of conditioning: Pilates, Gyrokenesis, Yoga? Why?
Can anyone tell me how to do the Dutty Whine?
What is in your dance bag?
the school dance?
Adult Pointe in D.C.?
Help with my left splits!!?
bboy clockwise or counterclockwise?
Requirements for schools such as Manhattan Ballet(just an example)?
The BEST DVD for Bellydance?
What type of dancing is this called, and where can I learn it online?
Help with ballet dancing?
common combinations of dance
Too old to be a ballerina, right?
my 8th grade promotion and dance?
I need lots of help with getting my body flexible!!?
What is a great theme for a solo dance?
Just started street dancing, i find it hard remembering routines, does that mean i will always find it hard?
Romantic dancing class for wife's birthday?
I have a question about flexibility?
How would a boy dance to reggaeton?
Does anyone know anything about dance that tells stories?
Do alot of dancers smoke?
Pirouette help? (AGAIN..)?
How can i find Ciara dance moves online for free?
Help me please!?!? Dance?
What's this dancing game called?
Is Aidan Davis better than George Sampson at dancing?
I don't know what to do?
What are good dancers thinking as they dance?
Song choice for a waltz?
Whats the best song to dance to?
What should i do? I left dance practice early and my friend won't teach me the moves?
So, I like to move it move it. Do you?!?
I'm worried for dance tomorrow?!?
How to make friends in my dance class?
Does anyone know of or belong to a small dancing troupe in Delhi?
Need Anybody's Opinion!?
Dancing Class?
How do the ItaloBrothers dance?
improvement for jazz dance?
Can the way a person dances tell you about what kind of person they are in bed?
I want to be a cheerleader....but?
What genre is this dance?
Does anyone know the differences between Tribal belly dance and Arabic belly dance?
sm entertainment global audition?
Ballet Nuter Performance, do you have any tips??
when do you sing?
What does Bandz make her dance mean?
I want to start ballet again?
How Can I Do This Dance Move?
Recommendation for salsa dance shoes?
how much time off do the Royal Ballet dancers have?
for cwalkers, please answer?
why do people dance???????????????????????????????????…
Have you ever been to International Music Camp?
Any videos showing how to tear up a country music dance floor by yourself!?
should i take hiphop classes but i suck!!!! :(?
How can I make my dancing better & how can I make my body more flexible?
Do you think my brother would like to try on some of my dance leotards?
Gogo dancing? HELP IF YOU KNOW!?
how to contact sergei polunin?
quick i need help with this!?
were can i find a pic of baby off of dirty dancing- front view?
Dance equipment recommendations please?
Costume Idea for a Dance! Need help BAD!?
Does anyone else feel awkward when adjusting their leotard in dance class?
Does anyone have any good jazz dance summer intensives?
How many leotards do I need?
does anyone know a good song for a father daughter dance?
How to avoid bunching in front leg in over splits?
Is it to late for basic gymnastics?
I like to go to dances but...?
To Dance Ballet,Advice Needed?
If you live in Nor Cal...what are your favorite night clubs to go dancing at??!!?
did you put your child into dance classes?
im 14 and i want to be a stripper when i grow up?
Dance costume help? Please?
Contemporary Dance help?
Has anyone ever been to the Ballet Austin Summer Intensive workshop?????
What are the songs in the t mobile commerical when everyones dancing?
What should an older slightly chestier girl wear under her leotard for ballet so I don't have bra straps show?
I've been a cheerleader for 4 years. But now I want to get into Dance. (Like ballet and jazz). Is it too late?
Not putting hands down on aerials?
How do you normally go about breaking in your pointe shoes?
how can you get your splits?
i want to dance during college, what would you recomend?
how to get really good at the cha cha slide?
Ballet east dance is known as?
if i crip walk in school will i get thrown out?
I need to get better at freestyle [hiphopdance] HELP!?
Who are some professional ballerinas who started at a late age?
what would your PERFECT nightclub feel, look, sound like?
I'm afraid to take dance class?
Anyone else excited to put on their white tights and dance in a Nuter this year??
help! cheer is comming!?
I need to land my double pirouette, can anyone help me?
i like this really cute boy is he gonging 2 fall for me?
Should I list "belly dancing" among my hobbies when I apply for a university in the US? Or would it be...
Guy wearing rolldown dance pants? Dancer-girls please answer =)?
Back/extension problems in Ballet.. help please?
I did ballet and jazz dance for 4 years then stopped for 2. should I start again in beginner class?
Does anyone know the real name of this ballet & who is its composer?
i cant dance at a regular party, help!?
At what age should someone stop clubbing?
Should I do ballet for breakdancing/pop-lock?
Do I have the right Ballet dancing figure?
hey does any body know where i can watch a video (not youtube) of michael jacksons dance moves slowed down? ?
when your doing that stupid dance at someones wedding ....?
What are some steps in order to make a hip-hop dance team?
what is this dance move called?
How do you grind??
Lyrical songs for pointe?
I want to start learning tap dancing?
Dance schools in Pflugerville??
Can anyone please tell me which type of dance is the best in ther opinion and why please?
dance classes should i?
Can professional dancers have tattoos?
does anyone know when the m by misty copeland dancewear line is comming out ?
What are the types of dancing ?
House dance,where i can teach ?
Warm up / work out / aerobic music for cheerleading?
Help with a back handspring?!?!?
How many times does a white girl have to prove she can dance?
What can boy wear for ballet? Is it necessary to wear tights at first?
What is hand dancing??????????????
Dancing with emotion?
I am a photographer and need to get ahold of a book or poster of many different poses for jazz,tap,ballet.?
What Genre of Dance did Audrey Case and Tiffany Mayher do to "Sail" on SYTYCD?
Does anyone know good dance studios on Long Island? PLEASE HELP!?
are there any dance teachers here that can give me some advice about ballet?
If you are male & and Dancer are you GAY?
SONG: APOLOGIZE BY ONE REPUBLEC. dance question. for dancers?
what makes girl happy and what can i do to make her love with me?
my yearly dance is tomorow?
How can I get inspired?
Who do you think will win 2008's So you think you can dance?
I need help on Dance Recital theme names????
I want to lose weight and get in shape to start dancing again. What should my excercise regimen be?
dontcha wanna bump that rump and get crunk ?
I lost my ID and senior ball is in 2 days?
What should i wear to dance tomorrow?
Heavy in Your Arms by Florence and the Machine dance suggestions?
I am doing GCSE Dance and have to perform a solo choreography about war. I need help with the choice of MUSIC?
How can I increase my turnout?
how so u ask a guy you like to the school dance?
My dance teacher wants me to advance in Ballet but I don't feel like it's my forte. Should I do it?
good dance song for talent show?
Does Gymnastics Affect Ballet?
Why do all ballet-dancers dance on tiptoes? Can’t they just hire taller dancers?
Why can't I dance?? Please help!?
Is this dance team any good?
Carnival Dance.?
Any good songs for an acro solo please?
What do you wear to a Hip-Hop dance class?
Good Electronica/regeaton/hiphop song to dance to in cheerleading?
Why do I have a hard time performing my routine?
anyone knows a good ballet class for adults in Tehran,Iran?
Do you think stripping is wrong?
Do you know what song is playing in this video?
Should I Quit Dancing?
Who went home tonight on dancing with the stars?
What are good songs for a jazz duet?
what do i wear for a jungle themed dance?
why is dancing not in the sports section?
any easy ways to perfect salsa moves,?
Learning ballet for fun?
Can someone tell me the moves step by step to the first part of this like up until 'Lets Celebrate' s!
Acting Classes for a 17 year old?
I need a dance song (preferably non-filmy and cud be devotional) for a competition..?
Pirouettes and a la second turns?
Dance Costume help?!?
wat r the best b-day games?
Dance camp song help!!!?
Going to competition on Friday for Poms, need a few tips? Any help?
What's a good, long lasting brand of pointe shoes?
I want to learn to dance the dance on Dirty Dancing?
learn how to dance?
i cant dance at a regular party, help!?
Do you have arches or flat feet?
Is it possible to be friends with a guy, if you're a reasonably good looking female?
Should i do hiphop or ballet?
do any girls wear?
why do people always have sex in the middle of the street and then the cars are honking at them?
Can I do the "baby freeze" breakdance move? please help!!?
is 16 to old to learn ballet?
3)Have you ever bee in a performance situation, either as an audience member or a performer, where the audien
Anyone know any exercises that strengthen the core and improve balance for ballet?
I want to have a website in which i can learn the basic lessons of dance.?
Does anyone recommend the 'ballet foot stretch'?
What are the best jobs for dancers, like ballet and contemporary dancers?
My daughter wants to be in ballet, she is 9 years old. Is she too old to be a beginner?
Should I take Contemporary IV?
If you could dance...?
How do you dance with a chick to hip-hop/rap?
are you a sandiego dance studio dancer?
where do i find a hip-hop dance class in jersey city,nj?
Do you love me now that I can dance?
How can you make a girl dance with you at a club?
What's the difference between the Cha Cha and the Merengue dance?
How to improve turns for dance?
who tought u how to dance and who tought u and what,s the first dance u learned?
Flexibility problem? Please help!?
Is there a good book or website that will teach me how to properly use stage makeup for a dance recital?
how do I be a stripper?
Do you have to be skinny to do theater?
how do u learn to kiss>>>>>>>>????????
Nocturnal Wonderland 2009!!!?
Tap Solo Suggestion For 17 Year Old?
Freshman Homecoming mixer... (2 Questions, please answer!)?
Learning how to dance?
what is the person who creates dance moves?
Can I eat tap shoes?
Does anybody know what the song is that.......?
Please help me... in two weeks i have my first dance exam and im so nervous.....?
Which kinda dance should i do?
Back bend kickover tips?
HELP!!!!! Does any one kno how to grind(dance)?
Good costume for a dance?
What do you think of this awesome dance video?
how to become a choreographer?
I want to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?
What is your favorite form of dance?
what are some good B-girl hand signals?
How can you shake your booty/dip it low/drop it like its hot?
Ideas for Dance concert?
Why does todays generation hate Michael Jackson????
Whats a good dance song...?
Dance tutorials????????????? ?
Should I go to my Junior Prom?
whats a cool way to ask a guy to a sadie hawkin dance?
What do you think of fire breathing or spitting? Or fire dancing!?
Did people grind in the 90's?
Folk dances in Central Asia?
HipHop dance song help?
Should i take dance in high school ?
how do you do the A-TOWN STOMP?
What type of visa to apply to train in non-accredited pre-professional ballet school?
is this normal?????? (splits)?
Whats 30+20=? Helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp?
Ballet Performance Pieces Help?
How can I find good places to dance?
Can you dance?
how can i be famous for dancing?
Anyone know some good lyrical songs for a dance dedicated to our teachers?
How can I get the physique of a ballet dancer without the dancing? Are there any special exercises?
Should I become a stripper?
Hummaa.com, what does hummaa mean?
Is 16 too old to try?
Can someone explain Dance Moms to me?
Have you ever met a girlfriend at your ballet school?
does anyone know of any websites were i can learn to break dance?
Ill be 18 the 26th and i need a local club to attend the 30th. Where can i get in and enjoy myself at?
looking for video advertised TV Sun. 10/29 12 PM - 2:00 PM. was learn latin dances by 4 pros dancing w star?
Does anyone know who the last two people are on Dancing With the Stars?
Where does english Morris Dance have it's earliest origins?
what do you think about this pole.?
Is lyrical dance and contemporary dance almost the same?
which website give information abt hip hopstunts and freezes?
Wade, Zombie, nowhere....help!?
do you need the states permission to dance in new york streets?
What kind of dance should a kid 10-15 do that is challenging.?
My school is having a "lipsync" compitition. Song Ideas please?
What is there fun to do in cuba?
How can I get my assistant principals to do the Gangnam style dance at the pep rally?
Where can I get a giant hornpipe shaped like a horn of plenty to call everyone to Scandinavian clog dances?
What is there to do at prom, besides dance?
If you could dance the lead in any ballet, what would it be and why?
chum ham kay chu shil kayo, is what language and what does it mean?
do ya think dancing is hot?
Do you have flat feet or an arch?
how to strengthen legs for dancing?
where online can i buy a sexy tap dance costume ( for a teenage girl ) ?????????? i'll give points. ??????????
why do you dance?
anyone have a couple really good high kick dance songs that i can cut and mix please help!!!?
in ur opinion what is the most fun dance to do?
were can i find something about ballroom dancing for a 14 year old??
Song to do a contemporary solo to?
Could I be a dancer with 80% in my Grade 3 RAD ballet exam?
Where did tap dancing start?
Does dancing in traditional dresses still good.?
do u dance?
Question for women about men dancing?
Do you like dancing??
Are there any websites with basic Tahitian dance steps?
are the different forms or styles of ballroom dancing all european?
how do you dance to reggaeton?
I want to ask this guy to my schools swirl dance so I need a cute/ funny poem to use as my way of asking him?
Fun ways to ask a guy to our spree dance?
how does someone learn how to do a split?
we need a dance name?
Boston Ballet SDP??????????????????
i am a fun funny smart crazy girl. should i try out for the dance team?
Wats a good pick up line?
Where did yo learn how to dance?
I want to learn how to headspin, but I keep falling over when I headstand?
Technique for multiple pirouettes?
i am 15 years old,is it too late to start ballet?
what is your favorite dance and why?
how do i find step show competitions are coming?
How old were you when you first started taking dance seriously?
Songs for interpretative dance about poverty?
Three website sources for the history of dance? ?
How should I ask a girl to dance?
how do i get my mom to let me dance again??
I really want to do ballet! What is it like?
Where can I find mixed songs ? Me and my partner have to make a dance up for dance class?
summer dance camp, what should i expect?
What is a good father and daughter dance songs for a Quinceanera?please help!?
dance/exercise class name ideas?
cavollaro dance?
how do i answer to a dance?
Can You Dance Competitively Without A Studio?
I want to be a professional dancer. Good schools or tips?...?
Are these good beginners pointe shoes?
teen dance moves at parties?
any good slow songs for a jazz-lyrical dance?
Who are the two dancers in this ad?
what is the name of this Tahitian dance move?
I want to take salsa dancing lessens in Des Miones, IA?
How to be a great dancer!?!?
School Dance tonight !!!! help(:?
Who makes you feel like dancing?
I dont know how to dance? Please help!?
Can I minor in dance at a private college?
Other cities besides New York and LA to pursue a dancing career?
What can you do for blisters?
What is the name of the song that Lacy And Lance Did on dacing with the stars Like 1 week ago?
if a group of people were dancing, which person gets the most attention?
What is Alvin Ailey's, the famous dancer, middle name?
What is a good song for talent show ?
Question for Indians: what's your opinion about belly dance?
My first day of dance is today what to do?
Is it too late to enroll my daughter into dance?
What is the best type of foot shape for ballet?
how old were you when you started to dance?
Can you start ballet classes at 14 with no previous experience in ballet?
How do you do this "step step hop" dance?
I am shy to dance, mainly because I dont know any steps and Im terrible at it?
What can we do at my high school aside from Freak dancing?
what is a good dance college in Maine?
Toe touch help!?!?!?!?!?!?
Should I go for it and start ballet?
How to dance to dubstep!?
Can I dance?
What are good lyrical dance songs that are sung by black singers?
En Pointe?
why dont people like tap dancing?
Is Tom stewart fat?
how to do scissor kicks and.....?
Is ballet a sport???
High school cheerleaders, HELP!?
characteristics of choreography?
Why do I feel so happy everytime I dance?
what's the name of the song while the clogger was dancing on epiode 2 of "So you think you can dance?"
Do you like Abby Lee from dance moms?
What is the best work for out of work dancers?
If you didnt know how to dance but found the "right" person to dance with would you?
What can a dance major do after graduating?
gay bars in New Haqmshire?
Is 13 too late to start dance?
Any ideas for a lyrical solo?
Help!!! i really want to get started in dance again.... idk where to start though! studios?! how?!?
I'm doing a contemporary solo this year, and cant seem to find a song. Any help?
what do i do in a club if i don't know how to dance?
Grimey songs good for street dance?
what is known as a dance style?
How to learn to do a flip?
School dance...big deal...need ways to show off!?
Some good stretching/warm-up songs?
How does Indian Dance differ from the Western Ballet?
i need help with my quinceanera?
Crip walk/clowning/krumping?
is starting ballet at 15 too late to become a professional ballerina?
What (piano) songs are good for a dance performance?
Has anyone here ever tried belly dancing?
how can i dance good for school dances?
Does anyone know some kicks, twirling tips and tricks, anything.?
Are there bellydance classes in Bucks County, PA?
how do you do the electric slide? we have to learn it for the wedding dance! lol thanks!?
Breakdancing Breakdancing Breakdancing?
Can you pull a hyphy movement?
whats kinds of food should i have at my dance/hangout party on wednesday?
What are some Stretches to make my ankles stronger?
what do you think?
if you only have a little money.What do you give your mother for mother's day?
what are some good dancing songs?
What is a good name for a hip hop dance team?
what is the greatest hope in life?
Is it illegial to dance infront of the queen?
Birthday ideas...???
what are the best belly dancing costumes to wear?
How to learn ballet at home?
Any good contemporary/lyrical duet songs for a dance duet?
swing dancing, hip hop and balroom dancing partner!?
Dance/Gymnastics Question?
what are the qualities of a good dancer?
How can i lose weight by hip hop dancing through the net?
George Sampson Singin in the Rain full dance routine?
Is 13 too late to start ballet?
Best Dance/ Club songs???
I want to do Ballet again, I'm 15, is it too late for a serious career?
How Can i keep my hips straight on the cartwheel?
I need a song for a lyrical dance 10 points to the best song?
help with hiphop classes???
What can i do to get ready for dance?
What should I wear to company practice?
Would I look like a loser if I went to a club by myself?
Does anybody know where to find a copy of the Fred Astaire syllabus or anything that describes all of the step
Not Enjoying Dance Anymore... Why?
I SUCK AT DANCE?! (10 points)?
I am 13 years old and i want to lear ballet am i too late or is my age alright?
Would I be a good dancer?
I want to buy some toms, my regular size in shoes is 8 or 9, i just don't know what size to get my toms in?
Video on how to build a ballet barre?
Do you think I'm good at dancing and song covers?
Why are ballet dancers short?
what looks cool in a dance?
on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE last night (7/30/08), what was the name of that funky song ....
what is a good song to dance to with my grandpa at my sweet 16?
Why do I get goosebumps when I watch someone dance? ?
Dancing is fun do you like it?
Does anyone know of modern dance classes for kids in Inverness?
who really wants to leave anything to the imagination?
which sites should I go to to find foot patterns to teach my 6 year old granddaughter the walts etc,?
How do I get my splits fast?
How do I dance??
why are ballet dancers feet so mest up?
who got voted off dancing with the stars on may 5, 2009?
Classic song in so you think you can dance?
Is it too late to start dance at 16?
Where do I get to see dance video of "Karar oi Louho Kopat"-Nazrul song?
Does anyone have any ideas for choreography?
has anyone lost any weight playing DDR?
Where can i get strong base beats for popping dance?
who thinks ballet rocks?
how to do a split????/??
What song always makes you just want to get up and dance?
Should big girls dance?
Achilles pain from ballet?
how to dance?
First ballet class!! What should I wear?
Does anyone know where I could find a clip of Gelsey Kirkland dancing via the web?
Advice for starting a community dance team?
Is there any way I can find out how to pole dance (non-erotic)?
Is this the rumba? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SLWzZoDmhg?
dance muics (tell me why}?
What is the equivalent istd grade to the rad grade advanced foudation in ballet?
i had dance the last 3 days in a row & i'm SO sore & tryouts are tomorow how do i help my sore muscles quick?!
could Canadian audition for SYTYCD too?
Songs to go with a candy theme?
What do u feel if u auditioned and they didn't accept you?
Can I wear a sports bra under a leotard with a low back?
How young should you start your child in ballet?
I cant dance. All i do at school dances is headbang and start a mosh pit. What should i do?
any good dance songs??
What are the steps to booty call???(the dance)?
I'm sooo sore... what to do?
How can I get my daughter started with dance?
I can't do the splits, is it possible for me to do ballet?
Does anyone know of any non school related dances or proms?
what are top five ballet schools in the united states?
Help confusing dance teacher?
Is it worth it to start ballet at 17?
Did Rudolf Nureyev ever dance as a guest star with an American ballet company?
I would like to find some good disco and bars in stockholm. Is there anybody acompany with me? I appreciate?
What size jazz shoe do i get?
Which artist was the pioneer of the disco movement?
I need ballroom dance shoes with a narrower heel, any suggestions?
how old is tooo OLD to be a dancer?
fun dances i need to learn ex.(john wall, jerk, stanky leg)?
Who was the professional who won Dancing with the Stars 1 ?
Is it too late to start dancing?
What Dancing style?!?
Tell Me please?
does anybody know?
i love ballet..You know any song to dance now? Except my favorite ''swan lake''..?
No really, this is serious,can you help me?
How do I do the splits in one day?
Bag for Dancing shoes and stuff?
what to have a famous dancer autograph?
How do you dance the macarena??
i do dance and i need a unique tumblr url any ideas?
Please Help.? Start Dance Again.?
Self employed dance teacher need help with fees etc?
Do I have dancers potential?
how are you supposed to dance at...?
Am I too old to start dancing ballet?
whats a good dance routine tutorial on youtube?
How to stop yourself from bending your knee in the splits?
thinking of starting dancing again?
i hv a dance group and cant find a proper name! can anyone help pls...?
How to grind.........?
Can you give me some good song recommendations for a dance?
what dance exercise can you suggest for people who are in 50-60s?
Who is the best tap dancer?
How to become a stripper?
Do you think that a man dancing Ballet is less "masculine"? Why?
I can't get fully on my pointe shoe box...?
how long did it take u to do the splits?
Is the Flexistretcher a good stretching device for dancers?
cheerleading help!?
How do you do time steps?
I need a song for a high school varsity dance team?
Does anyone know this dance?
Hi, do you know this dance?
How do I become A Pole Dancer?
Can anyone give me information on freak dancing?
What Style of Dance would be helpful to me?
When you and your friends go out are you wallflowers, or do you shake til the moon becomes the sun?
Are there any good strip clubs in Spokane?
How can I learn to do a backhand spring?
How to start dance class as a beginner?
What can i achive from dance?
I love to dance, but...?
Who sings the song "black widow"?
Anyone hear of the new dance called "Caipirinha?"?
what's best - ballet or jazz?
Is it possible for a ballerina, with enough care and pedicures, to keep her feet pretty?
Where is the best place to find new belly dance music?
Would joining a dance class help me recover from anorexia?
what do you do if your having a party and you find out that there is a football game and a dance?
Am I too Old to Start Ballet Lessons?
Do you sometimes just feel like dancing?
Far away ballet studio vaganova? Help!?