can you tell me the names of all kinds of dances?
Do you have any good father-daughter music suggestions?
What is the best way to learn dancing like Michael Jackson ?
Dance class?
Some sort of hand trick, What's it called?
pointe ballet shoes for beginners?
What song did rick fox argentine tango to?
what are the dance moves to that and cyclone?
Where can I have a dance/drink party for up to 100 people in Toronto?
How do I build back up in my dancing ability?
can you lose to much weight dancing?
I dance anywhere and everywhere I can,even when Im on my own,Is any1 else dancing right now like me?
How do i learn the splits in a week?
What's the origin of "tango"?
What can I do for my ballet recital?
How do I find out how competitive college dance programs are inmodern dance?
How to do this for a dance recital ?
Need help asking a boy to a dance!?
What hip hop dance class can i take for serious dance in San Diego?
what are some beginner lyrical dance moves?
how do you hold a leg extension in dance without your hands?
everyone! please check this out! i need your opinion!?
Can I go on pointe next year?
are any dance stores in the boston area open on sundays?
What should I do?
How many times a day should you warm up on pointe?
Do girls like boys who can dance?
Do you think I can ever be a dancer?
What''s your favorite color?
Dance at 8 o'clock?
Why does my knee shake like crazy when im learning belly dance?
Good dance videos? 10 easy pts?
What does a canon show in dance?
who got voted off dancing with the stars on may 5, 2009?
Is starting Ballet at age 14 too old?
Is it wierd to be dancing alone in a club?
How can I do the dance this girl does at 03 secs of the video?
How can I do the splits?
can anybody here do a triple piroette?
Do you love me now that I can dance?
Bollywood Dancing?
Were it revived, would you dance in burlesque?
Will there be a Dance Moms season 3?
Dance songs for competition?
Dance, ballet, modern dance help please?
Lyrical dance? Advantages? Help...?
I need help with dance songs for recital!?
Is age 12 too old to start taking dance?
Dance team/ dance studio please help me?
Should i try out for cheer?
I need a song for a lyrical duet dance with another girl so no love songs.?
How do you slow dance?
Dance interview, "tell me about yourself"?
Dance schools in the USA for international students?
Which one do you think is better.. ballet or hip hop?
give me advice with dance teachers?
Any tips on pirouettes in ballet??PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
How to be open and not shy at a dance?
Dancers with scoliosis, how do you do your leaps?
What Should i Do or any tips?
How do I find out how competitive college dance programs are inmodern dance?
Which Class Should I Take? Figure Skating or Ballet?
What to Wear for School Dance?
hi ive never been clubbing im going to las vegas what is the dress code is the very upscale clubs?
Can a dancer please explain what a 'battement tendu a la seconde a terre en face' is?
I want to do ballet but Im not sure if my boobs are too big?
How do you do the cumbia and how do you 'walk it out'?
How do i run a dance competition?!?
what is the best dance studio in az?
What Inspires You To Dance?
What are some early 80’s or 90’s dance moves?
Am I too old for ballet?
Applying to The Hartt School's dance department?
Survey: What size and pointe shoe do you wear?
High quality dance studios in Dallas or Richardson??
dancers-what are the main duties of this career?
How do you do the black hustle dance that I see people doing in the clubs?
What dance studio in South Florida can I be in the nuter?
I want to know all about the School of American Ballet?
so i just made it into company yaa 10th grade bt i want to ceorograph a dance because its very nice song and i?
anyone do the. "i Have to Use The Bathroom" dance today?
do u dirty dance?
what are the types of move for tahitian dancing?
I need help choosing music for this choreography?
How can I become really flexible like a dancer?
does anyone know when kamloops pow wow is?
How to make a dance by these characteristics?
Is it to late for me to become a professional dancer?
where to find dancing class in penang?
Can you dance?
What Is The Best Hip Hip Class In Cork City?
if you live in auburn ny. what are some good ballet classes that are at a good price??
How does belly dancing help with pregnancy?
What is a dance with two people called?
is roxy a good place to learn how to dance and act?
What Dance Is it In Love Story By Taylor Swift Music Video?
i have new pointe shoes but lately one of them is squeaky what can i do to stop it??
Where can I buy ceroc shoes in the UK?
Stretch & Improvement?
homecoming homecoming homecoming?
i put hairspray on my ballet shoes?
what time is it there?
How can Iearn how to step(see more)?
What are good dance songs to dedicate to my uncle?
Im 14, am i too late to start ballet??
Stage fright?
Does anyone know any good hip-hop dance classes in CT?
Is there a place in secunderabad where they teach Salsa..Also a place where they teach horse riding?
I need Song(cheer&Dance) Advice. Help Please!?
How do you fold convertible tights?
VCE Dance music?
Which one shall I choose?
Should i choose OTHER dances?
How do i get tones of dance expierience?
Would country whites hurt a Black person who walks into their hick bars and starts line dancing with them?
What should I do go to my track meet or go to my cheerleading tryout practice!!!!?
Do you dance..?
Already bought split leather ballet slippers, how I can improve my arch?
Is this popping and locking? Thanks.?
Does anyone else think SYTYCD is rigged?
How many styles of classical dance are there in India?
how do you do the worm?
Is 14 too old to start Ballet again?
Who framed Rager Rabbit ?
does any one know where dancing auditions will be held within london or the uk for high shool musical 3?
wuts ur fave show?
how do I get my mom to sign me up for gymnastics?
Do you Sulu Dance?
what's the name of the song while the clogger was dancing on epiode 2 of "So you think you can dance?"
How to contact Christian Perry,professional dancer,Dancing with the Stars? Would like dance lessons with him.?
when ur tired of dancing? what do you do?
i`ve been dancing since I was a little girl, but never ballet, do you think its to late.?
does anyone know when so you think you can dance starts again?
What is jazz dancing?
Me and my best frien slow dance?
What is the difference between a hair net and a bun net?
Look beautiful for a dance?
anybody know any good "how to" videos for a dance? the kind of jazz/hip hop kind of dance.?
Can you give me some good songs to pole dance to...???
Costume ideas for school dance themed "school of rock"?
What is there to do down in Atlanta?
ever ordered off the menu and sorta from ur imagination?
How do you dance to reggaetone with a girl?
Anybody have any Drill Team Advice?
How easy or hard is it to learn Ballroom dancing?
What's the best way to learn how to belly dance?
Is my little sister too old to start ballet, as a serious career choice?
How does someone learn how to dance?
Ballet Questions for ballet dancers?
have you ever learned--or attempted to learn--how to hula?
Names for a 80's/90's highschool dance?
how do i ask a boy out ?????/?
What do you think of contortion?
What is a good lyrical dance song?
I want to see some great modern/contemporary dance companies.?
Are there any 14 year old B-boys in Calgary willing to make a deal?
Where can I by cheerleader equipment?
If you could dance with anyone in the history of the world, who would it be?
I need info on being an exotic dancer...?
I'm 15 years old, 5'3" and 148 lbs.. I dance but is this amount of weight normal or beautiful?
I can only do left fouette turns?
What are the costumes and jewellery for Odissi Dance?
So you think you can dance live tickets?
Different hip hop song for choreo.?
i was wanting to know if ne one knows ne of the basic tricks for baton!!!?
What is the best type of dance to start off learning?
Which Frequently Asked Questions in the Dancing category bug you the most?
How To perfect the back kick over?
When you were younger?, what dances did you dance to?.I loved smooch!...?
who else inhale's vaopr rub while rolling on "e"? i feel i get a better rush when doing so.?
Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Salsa Class in Penang, Malaysia??
How to do a tilt again?
Choosing the right Dance studio etc.?
Is there a place to dance Argentine Tango in JAX, FL?
I Need Help...Can Someone Please Help Me?
what should i prepare for Salsa course?
Pointe Shoe Padding?
What is the best work for out of work dancers?
I'm am 20, pretty flexible and strong.. i love to watch people break-dance.. is it too late for me to learn?
Who is Soulja Boy, and what the heck is that dance?
This friday, there's a dance at my school, I asked this girl to go with me, she said yes,what can't I do?
Answer Needed ASAP! Can any of the songs listed be used for a group waltz?
should i be a stripper?
what specific stretches should i do?
Any gift ideas for dancers?
Is there any good dance clubs in/around Manassas VA?
want an easy ten points!?
what types of healthy foods should i eat when dieting? & What exercises are most helpful to loose weight?
Does anyone know of a good dance company?
what are some fun jazz dance songs?
Whats your dance style?
Can't feel anything in butterfly stretch?
Have you ever told someone you didn't wanna be friends and that person got mad at you? If so, tell me about
Where and how do you get a fake id if you are underage?
Help with doing splits?
give me names of some good dance movies to watch?
okay... my sadie hawkins is coming up soon.?
Cheerleading DaNcE mUsIc I cAn DaNcE tOo pLeAsE!?
Where do tyron have a drift wave?
Dance Practice Bottoms?
'90's version of Baryshnikov's The Nuter?
i was wondering what type of dance team does central gwinnett high school have,what kind of dance do they do?
Am I too old to start dance?
Sadie Hawkins Shirt Ideas?
Is it too late for me to start dancing?
whats a video of this dance or something?
can deaf do the ballet classes?
Where did Dancing in general first start? Gimme Links?
fast acrobatic songs for a duet of 14 year old girls?
Need Recital Themes and Dance ideas?
where can i listen to i won't say im in love by the chettah girls but i wanna here the whole song?
Help with Homecoming date?
What to expect from an adult ballet class?
How do mirrored dance instruction videos work?
What kind of dance is used in 80's pop music?
Feel the beat, dance,steelband,limbo celabrate carnival,divali and hosay. The above statement best describes?
Grade 2 ISTD ballet?
for ballet could i get away with dance sneakers?
how is the dance program at point park university?
Do you think that sex may affect the way you dance?
What are some really good websites that i can get perfect dance costumes?
When do you stop dancing?
Am I too fat to do ballet?
tap lessons in Oxford for teenage beginners?
Who has the record for the longest time dancing?
any dance classes in monroe louisiana?
How can you grind on the floor with a guy at teen dance parties?
What ballroom dancing contests took weeks till they were finished?
DO you...???
Any ideas on names for my dance group?
How to do a center leap?
Do you get teased for being a cheerleader?
Are there any Bollywood or Bhangra dance classes in Pleasanton/Dublin CA?
need to learn hip hop?
What is the physics to the moonwalk (dance)?
Should I take a break? Or keep going?
Where can u find JABBAWOCKEEZ mask?
What is a sergeant for drill team? Dance team?
I Want to become a stripper (erotic dancer)?
dance tryouts :( !?!?
Do you have to be skinny to look good while you're dancing to reggeaton music?
Are there any samoan guys who are 14 or 15 in St.George?
Are split sole canvas ballet shoes supposed to feel weird at first?
do any1 knows about any dance classes(salsa)?
How to grind dance?
Need help with dance.?
ok so i need help my girl is going to a dance i need some answers plz?
How can I make a perfect ballet ponytail?
Should I learn hip hop or salsa?
How to slim down midsection for homecoming dance?
What do you love the most dancing or singing?
I want to learn ballet sooo bad, but theres no schools around that I know of?!?
Are you Good at Dancing?
What is love?
Looking for cast details in Joffrey Ballet video?
does orange glow in black light?

Different contemporary music?
wuts ur fave show?
How well do think think I dance in this video?
Is 45$ a good price for a lyrical/ballet class?
hip hop college?
Is it too late to start dance?
Is there anyone who can't dance but still love dancing....?
What's the best way to learn how to salsa dance?
where was belly dancing first started?
Has anyone ever waltzed before. I know it sounds?
Im a little overweight but I want to do ballet...?
beginner ballet classes in Anaheim Hills?
Is there a website where I could learn how to twirl a baton?
I need some good christian dance songs for a friend can you help?
Where and how did the tango start?
does any one know of any hip hop dance audition in georgia?
Should I try ballet again?
Exactly how does one boogie? Do they just dance?
What are good songs to do contortion too?
Dance advice help me please its urgent ?
I'm 15, is it too late to start dancing?
Do I have Talent If I sort Of Dance Like Michael Jackson?
Do you think I'd be good at dancing or should I take classes?
What's the best way to learn a back handspring?
how do i become a better dancer?
ballet dancers: I need help!!! fast!?
Belly Dancing lessons in FLORIDA???
How to be like Paige hyland off of Dance Moms?
Help with ballet arch? Mintchips49 please answer! ?
who thinks ballet rocks?
Does anyone have a good song to do a ballet OR jazz solo to?
help i can't dance? school event coming soon?
Homecoming dance is sooonnn?
How has oriental dance changed your life & why?
Are you a Robot?
How old is too old to strip?
is 14 too old to start ballet ?
want to know of dance classes in malad ( west ) mumbai. jive and salsa?
What is a good outfit for a dance/cheer tryout?
anonymous...click here...about that dancing movie....?
Is it possible to remove a plank for a pointe ballet shoe?
Is john barrowman making a return to Dancing on Ice?
How can you do a cartwheel?? What are the steps to a cartwheel????
Music used for GCSE dance?
For which kind of dancing do you normally take off your shoes?
what are the skills assessments for jazz dance?
what are some great middle school dance themes?
Are there any nightclubs in Seattle for ages 17+?
Is it possible to get into classes for cheerleading, ballet, sychronized swimming and gymnastics when your 18?
wherei s my love?
americas best dance crew?
Are you ambidextrous can you rub your belly and tap your head and visa versa?
is chris collins dance studio freee?
What are some good bonding games for dance and cheer?
Is anybody going to competition in Seattle?
what courses are available at pasadena city college?
Dancers...what do you wear with legwarmers? ?
what's it called when diff people know a dance routine to a song & come out of the nowhere to dance it?
Does anybody here do ballroom/latin dancing?
I have a project on Sousta dance in dance class?
San Fransico Ballet & Kirov.. Hard to Get Into ?
is dancing a sport?
Dancers Advice please!?
Where is there a Salsa class in east grinstead, or very near? I cant find any currently running??
Does anyone know of any country western bars in pennsylvania or upstate new York with a dance floor?
What should I do I dont think my crush likes me?
What are some great exercises to strengthen your calves and ankles for pointe hopefuls?
Why do you have to rehearse for a dance?
I want to do a dance routine at my school talent show but can't afford private lessons at my studio?
Ballet Bun For Short Hair?
Why can't I change my avatar when I click on the avatar?
Is it too late to start other styles of dance?
why are you gay?
Is 21 to old to learn to dance?
Can you name the most prominent female tango dancer of all time?
can the world stop hating one another long enough for peace to take hold and stop killing one another like its
Is 11 too late to start ballet if I want to become a professional ballerina?
which dance classes should I take?
is there a website for learning chinese folk dance? or can anyone tell me the basics?
how many hours of ballet per week,should be normal for a 14 year old girl ?
where can i buy a dancing pole for cheap?
Freak dancing...how do you do it? guys what do you like a girl to do? special technique?
Ballet Slippers?
How can I get rid of a muscle strain in 3 days?
How can I dance without looking awkward?
do you consider dance a sport?
What´s the recommended length for an exercise band?
Question about laguardia high school. Please answer best answer gets 10 POINTS!?
barathanatiyam (a dance) origined in which state of india?
How long will it take me to get en point?
Sambuca Imperiale?
how would you fines this senates?
So in Israel where can one go to swing dance or salsa. I am currently live in Rehovot and love dancing!?
My daughter (9) needs a lyrical song to dance to. No love songs - her friend is using Reflections, any ideas?
yo where can i go 4 dance classes? hip-hop,ballet ect...?
Can you make your own dance barre with pvc pipe? Are they sturdy enough, or will they fall over?
Questions about Dance?
What is the best way to spend 50 Rupees (INR)?
I want to learn Contemporary I'm 15. Please help me!?
Tips for Upper Body Strength?
is there any dance classes or dance academies in south Louisiana??
Is racis legal in this country and i am a black person if you wanted to know?
axels and kicks?
what is the "AND" for in dance?
What are the scope of dance?
Can i wear vans to a hip hop dance class?
How To Booty Pop In Jeans ?
dance problem??????????
what is the 5 meanings of dances?
Is there any chance of me making the freshman dance team with very little experiance?
Physics of dance/ballet?
I want to pole dance for fun but my boyfriend says no what do i do ?
How to create a dance group with great hip hop dancers? Help please!?
Lap-dancing - How exactly are the dancers paid?
Is the problem with my arches or with my pointe shoes?!?
Can animals dance?
How can i get to dance like a black girl?
My question is about ballet bodies?
has anyone done the summer ballet intensive at Colorado ballet?
I am a dance teacher. what do I gift 8-9yr old girls as a gift? they won 2 competitions.?
Which Adidas shoe should i get to break dance in?
Can I lie about my age?
Period and Ballet Question?
whats the difference between hip hop and breaking?
why do people spend so much time on this thing?
ILU meaning?
how to do a split(learning stretches first till can do split)?
how to dress up as something from the circus?
Was that really Mitt Romney dancing to Gangnam Style in that video???!!!!?
Middle School dance ticket!!!?
How to improve arches?
A mollie at a rave...?
ballet shoes question + what other class should i take?
Im a ballet dancer, but Im getting kind of bored of it...?
How to get more flexible?
Tap duet songs ideas?
is break dancing hard to learn?
Is there a better dancer than Michael Jackson in your opinion?
Is there a dance called "the Donald Crump"?
I want ppl to do a dance using glowsticks, maybe incorporate it 2 our 1st dance.. any suggestions?
wuts a hecka good hiphop song 2 dance 2?
Advice! Please Help!!!!!?
What do you think about tap dancing?
How do you feel about watching a bellydance performance?
What are some cute sayings to put on a dance team t-shirt?
What is the ideal weight for a ballet dancer?
Know of any good dance teachers in York?
Anyone know any retro dance moves?
What to use if you don't have a stripper pole?
Costume and choreography ideas for the song "Colorblind" by Natalie Walker?
In my pointe shoes it hurts so bad i can hardly stand up in them for 10 seconds is this normal?
What are some fun and cool cheerleading competition songs that my middle school squad could use?
Royal ballet summer school - help?
I got new pointe shoes but I'm insecure ?
How to dance as a team?
Famous Female Ballet Duets?
what is the best way that i can learn a dance?
Ballroom, Line Dancing, Square Dancing? Women answer please...?
Am i too old to take hip hop?
What do ants eat?
Dance/gymnastics tricks?
Hello(: I'm 14 and a dancer. I need a pretty, soft lyrical song. Preferablly a female. thanks!?
what do you think of dancing?
Songs for my Suprise Dance?
What is one important breakdance move i should learn?
do you know of any songs that are good to dance to? and by whom?
what are the names of some movements to create a dance?
Songs for pom team..what are good ones?
Important dance question PLEASE ANSWER :))?
Rave at 14 years old ?
Jazz Dance Routines For Kids?
Name & Origin of dance on this clip?
where can i get cheap dance shoes short notice?
Flexibility limitations?
Would you want to be a geisha?
When doing straddle splits, the inside of my knees feel strain?
what do you wear to a professional sports dance team audition?
Night storm dance, self conscious?
Josephine Baker dance videos?
What dance shoes do you reccomend?
Where is a good place to go for a dinner dance or disco?
I need to make some money!?
Best female choreographer... (watch this)?
Any dance teachers?
please provide me the address of any dance institution or classes in sarojini nagar or near by location.?
what is the best hairstyle for a dance competition?
Ballet Injuries :( icing heating and resting help?
what can i do to prepare my self for point ?
What is pointe shoes?
Will tectonic/shuffle/jumpstyle dancing burn fat?
He taught me how to dance.?
Cheerleading or dance team?
Who wants to travell and leave it all behind, and leave a new life?
What's a good year 12 research project idea relating to ballet?
Dancing help!!?
Tango, Salsa, etc.?
I jammed me thumb. :'/ guess how?
i am searching for any dance school in india which is trained by actor/dancer prabhu deva. pls help?
What do ballerinas eat ?
I want to tryout for the high school mascot?
What is International Ballroom dance?
What is the most motivational song?
Can you give me dance instructions for country music, 2-step?
What is the name of this dance move...?
I am trying out for dance..?
what is the best thing to do @ a Middle school dance?
Does anyone know any good lyrical or contemporary moves?
Names of old British/European dance songs like this one?
Is 15 too old to start learning to dance?
Long-lasting pain from severe ankle sprain? Normal?
Where can i find belly dance classes in Delhi with affordable fees?
I would like to be a dancer, but i'm big-sized??
Would you count ballet as a sport?
Does anyone know anything about Harid Conservatory?
Why Have I Stopped Dancing?
what is taekwondo?
how many metrs in 6'3?
can u be taught how to shimmy?
which name do girls prefer to be called by their boyfriend's?
Should I wear a dress to the winter wonderland dance?
BALLET DANCERS!HELP! Or some other people who might not do ballet?
Why do people like dancing so much?
Dance shoe width sizes?
Anyone use MMD (Miku Miku Dance)?
smooth away? really work for areas showing under a leo?
What are good songs to kick to for kickline try-outs?
is it easy or hard to learn how to dance bachata?
getting over mah shyness?
How are jazz shoes supposed to fit?
Can I represent myself at a competition even though I attend a studio?
Anyone with Sansha Charlotte Jazz Shoes?
How do you get a party started?
Where can I learn how to dance the Lindy hop in or near East Los Angeles?
Am I too old to learn ballet?
why are you confusing me?
Type of trousers dancers wearing?
what is the name of a famous ballet?
where can i find dance classes located in Pennslyvania? or ElmiraNew York?
During pole dancing classes, I am having a hard time spinning?
Who watches So You Think You Can Dance and who is your favorite dancer/couple?
Are there any good bars in Ottawa?
Would a little dance cheer you up if you're blue?
whats the easiest way to learn the crip walk?
do you think saman dance (from aceh, indonesia) is hard?
Gymnastics frustration...?
Worried about going into advanced acro?
If ballerinas are always standing on their toes, why don't they just hire taller ballerinas?
what is the song that goes now let me tell you of a fairytale...?
what type of dancing is your faorite?
what exercises can you do to help with pointe (ballet)?
how to get better turn out?
What is it about music that makes me want to cry sometimes?
What style of dance is your favorite?
Professional dance schools in Vancouver bc? ?
What do you get out of dancing?
picture of a chicken jump.?
Im the girl who asked 4 help about the grinding, but im only in eighth grade am i to young?
where can i find how much is on a blockbuster gift card if you know please write back.?
Am i to old to start a dance class? i also have some questions! plese help! ?
is it bad for your feet if you wear pointe shoes which are too small?
How do i do a gumboot dance?
How do I get over my fear of dancing with my girlfriend?
how to dance reggaeton?
In search of Salsa Lessons in Manila or Makati Philippines?
ballet, im a transexuel who would like to do ballet are there any ballet teachers in england i can learn from?
Sometimes when I dance en pointe it looks like i am not pointing when i do glissade but i am.?
How much would a seamstress charge to make dance leotards?
can you suggest a good ballet movie??
I need to get very flexible, very fast?
Looking for a Tahitian Dance group to dance for in San Diego even willing to drive to L.A.?
What is your favorite song that has just came out?
Who know this girl's name(may be a Japanese girl)? http://bbs.taoba.com/ShowPost.asp?ThreadID=1339?
How do I make my Arabesque better?
Is medieval dancing the same as early ballroom dancing?
starting ballet i need to now?
Music that i can use for a contemporary/modernish dance solo?
Which type of dance would best fit me?
i can't dance to techno?
Are there any hip hop dance studios in oceanside, ca?
do you love to dance and what kind of dancing?
How do I dance at a highschool homecoming dance?
Any one been to UDA dance camp this year? Cool Downs.?
I want to be a dance teacher?
i'm thinking of dancing again.?
How to land a cartwheel without falling?
if a group of people were dancing, which person gets the most attention?
institution of classic dance?
I want to be a breakdancer? Some moves to start out with?
NYCB Gift Pointe Shoes?!?
rihanna &ciara who is the better dancer ?
am i sussposed to wear this for ballet?
How do you do the dance move "Charlie Brown"?
What are some good songs to do sexy dances to?
How do you turn on a chick with out doing the nasty?
anyone know of dance whearhouses in the yorkshire area??
What are dance belts for?
Should I grind at the dance ?????????
Is kitchen dancing legal in California?
how would I dance to the song "swing" by savage!?
.So i'm getting reading for my 15 and for the surprise dance i want to make a mix.?
Need help being flexible!!!?
Should I dance at local dance studio or at school?
Can someone PLEASE tell me a GOOD NAME for a DANCE GROUP of 6 Girls?
do u know how to plan a anime quinceanera?
Are there any online dance communities or forums?
Ballet invitation?
Should I move up in dance or not?
Website that tells the story of ballets?
Do I have over-developped quads or am I on my way towards getting them?
What are good dance movies?
Whats better to practice before ballet? Yoga or Pilates? Please help me. Ty!?
Why not contact Ian Thorpe for the next dancing with the stars?
DANCE TEAM HELP ! AND Bonus Question .?
What do I wear for ballroom dance lessons?
should i give up dancing?
can i change alot in just 2 weeks?
anyone have some 'dance magazine' lying around..?
i'd like to contribute as a dance historian to history of kathak some corrections kindly let me know how to do
How to stop being stiff while dancing?????
Good oldies song that will make you dance?
Teen/Adult beginner ballet classes in Sugar Land, TX?
we have peewee cheerleaders 4-10 and need help for dance comp no idea what we're doing help please?
How do I dance like this?
Dance: good lyrical songs for a solo?
Do girls like boys who can dance?
Do you feel like dancing???
how much should i weigh if i am a dancer??
How to reject someone to dance?
What are some dances from other countries?
I just received my first pair of ballet pointe shoes but have some fitting problems...?
Irish dance shoes-Fays vs. Pacelli?
Do you think girls over 130 pounds can be dancers?
Does any body like to dance and if so what type?
Do girls that are ballet dancers wear panties under their leotard, tutus or whatever?
What does it take to be in dance?
how should I try and convince my principle to let the the grade 8's and 9's to have a dance?
Is 14 too late to start competitive ballet?
what is a boy called that's in ballet? ?
do u fell sexy(girls nd ladies )when u dance?
modern or contemporary dance?
what should i get my daughter's dance teacher for christmas?
Do you have to be skinny to be a good, successful dancer?
Any good songs for an acro solo please?
Can anyone help me with pages of latin dance pics with good quality, please?
ballet plz help?
Am I okay?????
Are company owners putting their pet names to the brand names ?
Check this guy out!!isn't he a hell of a dancer???
How do you do the 'Charlie Brown' dance move?
How many girls like a man that can dance?
Has anyone heard of the Indian solo dance, Mohiniyattam?
what website can i go to, to find a hip hop dance that i can learn?
need to find learn to hula dance dvds?
How do I clean the inside of my jazz shoes?
Are there any Lindy Hoppers out there?
Why Isadora Duncan hated Ballet?
the hype about pointe dancing?
whom do u think is d best choreographer???
when is it too late to do ballet?
I have no rhythm. What dance class should I take to lean the basics?
where can i learn the para para dance?
Help with dance-class...?
What style dance are dance paws for?
Need advice from ladies?
Advice for starting a community dance team?
What were the songs for the last dance in Step up 2?
Ballet on Carpet?
I need smart arguments as to why my school should allow dancing at our year 12 formal?
How do you dance really well?
colleges that offer a great dance program.?
What is a great dance crew name?
For all you dancers...?
wat da best dance evar???????/?
what are exotic dancers.?
need my splits fast help !!!?
How do you do the spongebob dance?
Who saw this?
can someoen help me pleazz!?
Has anyone used the "Footstretch" device for ballet?
What should i wear to hip hop class??? HELP ASAP PLZ?
What is the worst dance ever?
Can you reuse ballet ribbons?
I want to start ballet in the distant future. What should I do to prepare?
How can I prepare to take contemporary?
can any one of you tell me a telugu boy name starts with "GU"?
What kind of music do you like to dance to ?
what are the the types of ballet i know theres romantic ballet and ballet decor but i dont know the other ones?
Is ballet too mature for a 15 year old?
can u do the heizman?
How do I stop from having a stiff back when I dance?
Are there any 18 and under dance/ night clubs in Arizona?
what is contemporary dance?
Why does my achilles hurt so bad when I go up on to pointe?
Dances you can try ;D?
PPAS and Laguardia Performing arts school?! PLEASE help!?
Whats another dance like cupid shuffle and wobble stuff like that?
Any break dancers out there?
Me and my friends want to try pole dancing but we can't seem to find a studio in Northern Kentucky...Help!?
Are yoga shorts good for dance?
Where Can I Go To Find Out Where The Next Annual Dance Off 10' Will Be?
Men who can ballroom dance?
What's you favorite genre when it comes to dancing?
benefits of being a dance teacher?
Can anybody suggest me some flexibility exercises?
What different types of dances are there?
Where can i find dance studio?
What Should I Keep in my Ballet Bag?
Which dance are you best at doing?
How to land a cartwheel without falling?
what age can you start pointe?
i just got on pointe shoes for dance and they Kill my feet. what do i do about it???
How do I dance to rap?
repeating the same moves?
i need Dance team name ideas!!!!?
Is it possible to do the moonwalk in sandals?
What is the best song made in 2006 or 2007?
Would this song be good for a solo?
I'd like to learn dirty dancing so I can impress my girlfriend, are there any websites?
NO HATERS! Do you like Justin Bieber?
How to Para Para?
Why isn't dance a sport?!!!?
how can i teach myself to dance
New girlfriend likes to dance, I don't know how?
What to do when your choreography is stolen?
What dance lettkis is?
Should I audition for a dance company/competition team?
Is it ok to go to DAYGLOW alone?
Does anyone know where I can take Pole dancing lessons in Dallas TX?
Does anybody know how to dance hip-hop???
What will I learn with one year of ballet?
are blacks just better at dancing overall?
The song where Tony and Michelle are dancing in skins?
Professional Ballet dancer physical Requirements?
Who still jives to ABBA?
dance classes?
what is this leap called?
What are some good recent songs me and my friend can make a dance to?
How can i convince?
ballet dancers?
Please help! Can I master these skills in a month or less?
Dance moves!! Help Contemporary.?
my daughters will soon be entering a 6 week ballet and tap class. what do i need to buy them that's required?
how do u say damn in Spanish?
whats a good song for contempoary dancing?
What is this choreography, in technical dance vocabulary?
what dance is this and what is the name of the move?
Would you ever consider stripping for money?
for a dancer, am i fat?
Why does my dance teacher ignore me?
why do people hate on blood on the dance floor?
Does anyone know the name of the song that goes with the Fiesta Chacha Line dance?
Dance related questions?
how can i learn samba dance online?
Im 18 and I wanted to know if that was to old to learn how to play the violin?
What are some of the best dancing clubs in london?
Which song should I dance to?
how do I increase my flexibilty?
Beginner ballet, to pointe?
Great Dance Names For kids?
Easy fun dance to learn at wedding?
Would you rather quit ballet, lyrical, and jazz or go to public school?
does anyone know where i can torrent/download a video ttorial on melbourne shuffling? its a type of dance?
Do think the dance for Beyonce - Single Ladies is genous?
My senior prom is coming up and I'm not so into dancing and I'm shy. Does anyone have sugguestions...
will dancing help me keep my body fit?
Where can I take a hip hop dance class?
Can anyone help me make up a dance to "Show Me the Money" by Petey Pablo?
why did brad pitt break up with angellina jolie????
what are some good Russian ballet point shoes?
How to Dance Like This ?!?
do you need balance or buffness to like be flexable and do handstands?
How to get the last inch of the splits?
Salsa Dancing...how can I improve?
who is a nz dancer from new zealand dancer and when did they start dancing?
Tips on how to become more flexible?
what are the different terms for itik-itik dance?
Is it too late to get a dance career?
Toe Turns????
My brother is sleeping in the next room should i fart in his face?
ive been researching conservatories and colleges for the best ballet departments/programs.?
What songs are good to dance on for a wedding?
Starting at a new dance studio and I want to show the teachers I am dedicated to dance.?
what are all the songs from so you think you can dance 2010?
What do you wear to dance class, and what style of dance do you do?
no rompas mas / achy breaky heart?
Difference between Jazz dances?!?
Can I Dance? Please Watch and tell me what you think.?
Catherine Di Medici was important to the ballet world because she was a world famous ballet dancer. True/false?
How can I cushion my toes more on pointe?
What is the difference between Garba and Dandia?
Dancing on Pointe??
what's your favorite kind of dance?
Any dance shows in the Orange County area?
Do I have over-developped quads or am I on my way towards getting them?
At what age should you stop going to nightclubs and why?
Do you like old or new school hip hop and the dancing?Why.?
Help! wanting to start ballet at 15?
belly dancing in LA??
Are their any online Bellydancing instructions??? that includes downloadable video??
How the heck do i dance in a club? I'm a girl?
is it too late?
Ankle weights for dancers?
Probably the weirdest question you will see on here?
how can i improve my stamina?
do people grind and hook-up at lollapalooza?
What are some good songs from current/new-ish artists that can be used for swing dance?
what are good teen clubs in fresno?
Ballroom Dancing?
what do you think is the most elaborate dance sequence in bollywood?
when a song comes on do you have to turn it up.?
should i quit dance?
everyone says that the best haloween coustume at the dance was the girls in bunny costumes ive never seen ...?
belly dance customs in turcky?
I started at 13, is that too late for ballet?
Would you rather exercise to a dance workout dvd or pilate?
How long do you think it will take me to do the splits?
What are good dancers thinking as they dance?
any tips on how to create a short dance?
where would i find a place that offers free aerobic strip classes?
How to calm my stomach before my dance recital tonight?
Does anyone know where I can learn the Wu Tang ?
Do I have a good ballet body?
Does anyone know any good dance moves?
Where can I find some cute dance clothes?
What is the origin of the 'cha cha cha'?
What do you think about my dancing? [Vid]?
Pointe Shoe Recommendation?
What Jazz shoes should I get?
Anyone know a good place to buy ballet shoes?
where could i learn how to dance from internet websites?
Should I go to college first or dance ballet?
I need ideas for a 3-5 yr old dance mix class!?
how do pointe shoes help you dance on ur toes???
what do u think of the dance to "Chicken Noodle Soup"?
I have been dancing on pointe for half a year, but I am horrible. All my other classmates are better . help?!?
Does anyone know any famous breakdancers?
ballet question?
how do you know if you dance well?
How to ask a lifeguard to a dance?
Is there a website with Supadance Results on it?
What is being a dance minor like?
We want SALSA and other dances training cvd, dvd or vhs. kindly suggest some firm/shop in India.?
How to split?
Why do people dance?
Songs for a Barbie themed dance?
Do you think i should join dancing class?
Methods of strength and flexibilty in ballet/pre pointe ?
how do I get hold of tickets to this Saturday's Strictly Come Dancing?
shops in delhi where classical dance cassettes are available?
Do I have any Hope for Ballet?
how do you display old pointe shoes?
Do you have to be irish to be an Irish Dancer?
Ballet Terms? HELP ME!?
help on dance team names!?
Is this a good dance idea for a talent show?
I want to become a better dancer?
How do you dance to this song?
Can't get my scorpion/needle right,help ?
What do professional dancers out there think of Dance Dance Revolution?
What's the hip hop move where you do the splits than slide back up?
Can you take a outside girl to a dance?
Anyone auditioning to be the next Pu$sy Cat Doll?
Can anyone help me find a good dance class??
I am doing a piece on Martha Graham and I want to know what happened to her school when she died.?
HELP!!! I have absolutely NO idea how to dance. What can I do???
what is a good dress for a BIG school dance???PLEASE HELP!?
when drying your dance belt?
Help me...I can't fricken sleep?
Whats your favorite dance and why?
Which is you favorite dancing movie?
hardstyle-Running man form/beginner songs?
i need the steps for the heel toe?
Pursue jazz dance without ballet training?
Which dance dance revolution songs makes you want to sing it?
How to Improve on a Fish Roll/Flop?
What type of dance would blatantly show passion, other than Salsa?
is 16 too old to start dancing ballet?
River Dance routine that I can't remember?
Does anyone know anything about Dance Therapy?
Is it to late for me to become a professional dancer if im just starting dance at 13?
Exercises to get me on pointe?
is 7th grade too old to start taking dance?
Ballet steps and I need tons...?
who!!!!!!! loves rihanna?
How should I handle my girlfriend wanting to become a Stripper?
Song For Jazz dance suggestions.?
whats the name of the song kelli baker danced to on so you think you can dance season four last week?
exaclty wat is?
What type of dancing is this?
Describe dance in one word.?
I am intrested in starting ballet dancing, i am 13, do you think this is an acceptable age to start? HELP!?
please tell me what kinda of dance this is?
what is modern standard dance?
what is the purpose of art?
What classes should I take?
Am I too old for dance classes?
who do you think will win "So You Think You Can Dance"?
Theraband exercises ballet?
Can I dance to Amr Diab songs?
What is this popping move?
Chest Stands??? Help!?
i am a 14 yr old girl is it 2 late for ballet? what type of dance shud i try? into contemporary but NO trainin
anyone know any new hip hop dancing songs i could do 4 the talent show???
rave and dance music, raveing is it true?
i have a dance concert in one month.. what can i do now to prepare?
Is it possible for a 40 year old person to have the strenghth to dance like a 18 year old?
How do you spell...(al-ay say cawn)?
I am a dance instructor trying to find a way of increasing my pupils flexibility. Help!?
Do kids/teenagers ever quit school to pursue ballet?
suggestions for coreography and songs?
How can i learn to dance?
how do you pronounce capezio?
how do ballerinas spin?
What are some good songs with a BIG BOOM at the end?
Dance/future options?
do i have what it takes to be on my dance studio's competition/company?
i need lyrical tips URGENTLY!?
What are the dance instructions for any Irish dance I have listed below?
oh my gosh please help me!!?
has any1 ever played dance dance revolution? are u good? are u entering any tornaments?
What are lollies? Dance Team?
Ages at central Pennsylvania youth ballet?
Need Opinion: Should my friend and I try this stunt?
how do i ask my mom for dance classes?
why do strippers dance around a pole?
I'm looking for a song for my 5 year old daughter to do a solo dance to. Any ideas?
contemporary dance to angel by leona lewis.?
Dances people need to learn before they die?
Come on people what kinds of fun things are there to do at teenage co-ed parties? And keep them reasonable and
How do you feel about those 7yr olds dancing racy to Beyonce?
Does anyone have Jazz dancing advice?
iam a great so called dancer they say?
good songs for powder puff dance?
Do you have to be a good dancer to dance at a Club?
anyone into dancing ,and especially tap and ballroom dancing>?
Has anyone been to Dance Millennium, the dance SI in Madison, Wisconsin?
who do you think is going out from American idol?
Does motions dance and fitness shoppe sell salsa shoes?
I want to live my dream of dancing in music videos and if anyone has any advice for me it would be helpful.?
What game is better:just dance 4 or dance central 3?
Evergreen City Ballet summer intensive?
Can you dance?
Whats the best way to learn how to dance?
who thinks......?
what are some lap dance songs that are really naughty
Why do so many women like to dance? What is so fun about it?
Why do guys suck at dancing?lol?
Is 16 to old to?
Where do the discountdance.com Jazz come from?
does anyone in losangeles know of any hiphop clubs?
When should I get dance lessons?
Suggest Me Any Good Stage Names i dance krump and dubstep'?
What is the history of Philippine Folk Dances?
What size ballet shoes do I buy?
Do you need a physical for color guard?
How can I learn a front walkover and second turns?
can anyone else roll there belly like me?
Can you get skinnier legs if you dance?
Center for Kickboxing or HIp Hop Dancing?
What are the dance steps to bye bye bye by nsync???
i want to be a cheerleader but i don't know where to start. any suggestions?
When will I be ready for pointe?
should i wear shorts to my next dance class?
What is a good ballet workout?
what kind of dance start with the latter p ?
Is there a way to tighten my stomach during pirouettes without holding in my breath for a long period of time?
DANCE QUESTION: what should i do?
Whats the age limit to join a open team in allstar cheerleading?
my search results are where?
Should I quit ballet?
Learning a mirrored dance?
How do you stand on your head?
Places to learn how to hip hop dance?
what songs are emotional enough to do a comtempary dance to?
Am I doing the butterfly stretch wrong?
Songs like where have all the children gone and i can see the kite flying?
I want to be drum major next year. Can someone help me? Tips? Videos? Please?
Best music to dance to?
Where can I find a personal dance trainer?
Is dancing a sport? i dunno?
Dance potential question?
I'm entering a Dance Contest, Tips?
why cant santa dance?
hip hop dance lessons?
What is "booty clap" and how would a girl do it?
Have My Feet Got What It Takes To be A Dancer ;) haha?
How to warm up before dancing?
At an eighth grade dance, should girls dance with boys?
Good songs for shuffling and to keep people dancing?
Help With Pointe!!! D:?
How to become a better dancer?
how old should you be to start ballet?
What type of dance do you do and do you like it?
Are there any Dance schools or universities that offer international dance scholarships for men?
If I were to start dancing to The Macarena in the street, would you join me?
which is better...jazz or hip-hop?
How do you learn to salsa?
dancing with de stars?
Where can I find a belly dancing class in the Albuquerque Area?
Question about dancing/dancers ? .s?
ohho kutta gulo shob j koi gelo?
I was wondering if anyone here could help me? Or at least give me some advice?
How do on-going dance classes work?
I need an idol who is a ballet dancer (someone to aspire to)?
What do you think about this dance I'm in?
How to describe ballet in a other term.?
I Pulled My Hamstring?
IS this true?
Does anyone know where to buy cheap hip hop choreography tape within Sydney?
Anybody know any good lyrical songs that are about friendship?????
How to dance to 80's pop?????
Can i start in pointe for ballet?
do you dance alone often?
Does anyone know where i can get a private pole dance insturctor near Fort Hood?
how do you dance like cherish's do it to it video?
do any one out there have some cute cheersthat have the words Dennisesteam in it?
Do you no any ballet music?
what are some song usualy played at school dances that are fun to dance to besides the cupid shuffle?
Aincent greek dancing?
Im 17 and i want to go into contemporary dance for the summer?
What is the latest dance craze?
Is there such thing as an only dance choreography generator?
want to be an exotic dancer? need some info?
A question about dancing en pointe?
Christi from dance moms?
What kind of jeans look best on dancers?
natya shastra?
should i start doing ballet even though i'm sixteen?
people dont write to me?
Is there a good book or website that will teach me how to properly use stage makeup for a dance recital?
Does anyone know any CUMBIA songs?
first dance help!!!!!!!!!!! =)?