hip hop help por favor?
NEED HELP! I want to ask my boyfriend to the beau dance in a cute way ! Need ideas please?
Solo dance song help?
Luna Dance????
Does anybody know any songs for a Destination Dance Recital?
Dancers: Foot Undeez or Foot Mittens?
What do you think about Step Up ?
Which title do you like best? Dancing Ballerina, Music Box Ballerina, Musical Ballerina, The Shy Ballerina?
What is the name of this dance move?
Im in need a dance crew name please help!!?
What do u think of my DANCE VIDEO?
Do guys like it more if a girl can sing or dance?
my school have stopped doing GCSE dance and im fuming, help!?
does anyone want 2 know how 2 dance?
Dance help please!!!?
Learning ballet for the first time?
?????dancing shoes??
Trying out for poms?
Why doesn't anybody think dancing is a sport?
advice on leotards and unitards?
Can anyone please tell me which type of dance is the best in ther opinion and why please?
how can i dance perfectly!?
I feel like I'm terrible at ballet?
A school dance is coming up and I want to dance/grind with this older girl I like. Help?
How can I go about learning the tango and then finding a female dance partner who loves to do it?
POLL: How much of an arch do you have on your feet?
Im 13 and i would like to learn ballet. i have no dance background but i do have a grade 8 music background.?
if you have to dance in a talent show @ beaut pageants do you have to have a theme?
Help me wth my splits!!?
How many push ups should a breakdancer girl be able to do?
Does my daughter have a chance?
can i still become a dancer and where is the best possible place for me to start?
Who else likes the movie 'Step Up'?
Is it too late to start ballet at age fourteen?
Can I put rosin on the floor in my house and can I practice ballet in my kitchen?
Is Zero Gravity (in naperville il) any good?
Is too late to start dancing Ballet?
Did anyone ever do CheerDance?....If so, what was it like, what did you do?
Where can I find a simple Dance Routine for a Quinceanera?
who thinks ballet rocks?
Look the question is inside....>>>>?
GUYS: grinding at a high school dance (read description)?
Dancing with the Stars Oct 14 all male dancing group who are they?
At the school dance what kind of pants and top would you wear cuz mine is called Hip hop holiday?
for salsa dancing what does it mean on 1 on 2?
What Has This World Gone To.....?
Chrome vs Titanium Gold? Pole Dancing?
johnson city, tennessee?
hi i'm 15 and want to learn ballet is it too late?
Can i become a hip hop dancer?
How to do get a girl to dance/grind with you?
Will dancing make me come out of my shell?
how would you tryout for pom cheer?
How does one drop it like its hot?
Do you need to be in shape in order to do a fare aka windmill?
is 14 to late to start /get good at dance?
I teach at a mid-sized high school. Why is dance dying among teens?
do people who dance wrk out?
What would be a good name for a fall dance?
How to do the dance lil wayne does in the lollipop video where he rotates his arms over his head like a robot?
Am i to late for ballet? for pointe shoes?
Need Help With my Side Aerial?
does anyone know how to dance like you do with hip-hop and rap????
How do I become a bellydancer?
Could I start ballet at my age?
where are some hip hop classes in chalres county waldorf?
i'm preparing a dance routine 4 nxt year's talent show.?
How can I learn classical indian dance?
How can I learn to dance without going to a studio?
Don't you think the gangnam style dance is the greatest funky dance ever?
My boyfriend can't dance what do I do ?
should i quit dancing?
i am a dancer but i hate classes what should i do?
I can't decide if I should quit dance or not?? Help?
Are there any good art schools in the southern part of the US?
@@@should i tell my girlfriend???
hi does anyone know if the ballet bible is worth buying im not sure if i should buy it im not sure if itsascam?
are these two the same????
You know that classic techno strip beat ( "Nst nst nst")? Does anyone know what it's called?
Does anyone have tips on how to grind?
What is the party boy dance?
What clothes would be good for a Burlesque class?
Hello, hip hop dancers or not, do you know any hip hop tutor video websites, thankyou, hip hop or any is good.
what are some examples of spanish dances?
how do i be a good dancer ????
how do i get rid of hiccups?
HIGH bun or LOW bun???!! NEED ANSWER NOW?
What Was the music in step up 4 when they were dancing in the meeting?
which scottish university has a course on dance/choreography/dance science/contempary dance/perfoming arts/etc?
What song should I use for a contemporary dance solo?
I want to get more flexible?
Is it hard to learn the Shuffle dance 10 points BA ( :?
I want to take part in my school talent show so can anybody recommend any youtube easy dance videos?
I would like to know if it s to late for me to be a professional dancer?
What does it mean to ask someone to a dance?
video !!!!!check it out .....any irish dancers out there !!!!!?
Any dance teachers?
I want to find instructions on how to dance in the spirit?
Can someone to choreograph a dance for me to the song after tonight by justin nozuka.you can put it on youtube
i am a trained dancer and i would love to get into music videos any1 know how i do this x
how long will it take for me to go en pointe for ballet?
What do they call male ballerinas???
Should I stay with dance or do cheer how to do it All?
How can I help the little kids in my dance class?
Music Video.....please help me find it?
what are the different methods of modern dance?
What's the difference between jazz/hip hop and hip hop?
Anyone know where I can order a used, Mylar (?) portable tap dance floor?
Is 13 late to get en pointe?
i need to get over people judging me?
Would dance slim me down a bit?
Would you wear a black leotard with nothing else for a costume?
My friends passion is to dance...but there's three serious problems.?
how do u do a flip, and does anyone know any cheer routine sites?
how to choreograph a dance to a story?
Dancers, Why do you dance?
Is dance a sport??
What should I do about dance/sports?
if u cant dance how can u become a good dancer like Chris Brown?
How to learn a dance fast?
how 2 dance good (hot)?
how do i make myself more flexible when dancing?
i am loking for bharat natyam dance teacher?
I Need Some Good Dance Music!?
My knee is injured from dance and i dont know what to do HELP?
What''s your favorite color?
Any professional Korean dance schools in L.A?
Help with Pointe please?
can i start ballet classes now?iam 15!!?
My aunt is starting a new career as a stripper and we are trying think of a name for.Her name is Monica Marie?
Would this be a good song to dance to?
Why is it that in the studio we do the dance perfectly but on stage it's a mess?
I need a new dance bag... or way to organize the current one Sugestions?
Can anybody give me instructions on making your booty clap?
Do dance companies hire nutritionists for their dancers?
Too late to start Ballet?
What do I do at this dance?
Is it possible for a 40 year old person to have the strenghth to dance like a 18 year old?
Who knows how to square dance?
what are the most populor salsa dance tunes in the salsa dance clubs?
Did you Ever take dance lessons?
I need a dance group name for kids 8-18 that centers around life change and God?
Where can I get Belly Dance costumes at a moderate price?
How can I learn how to be a cheerleader without being on a cheer team?
Songs for a moment in time?
I really love dancing but I need help?
HELPP?! i want to learn ballet?
What is a good gift to get a dancer for special occasions?
Should I try out for cheerleading next year?
HELP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
What do you think about the game dance dance revolution ( DDR ) ?
Help with Gaynor Mindens?!?
Do i have good feet (ballet)?
cotton-eye joe?????????????????/?
Hip Hop dancing advice please?
i had more mony photos in my but all of them is deleted i wann abring them buch so how can i do that ?
where can i get floor for my dance room?
haw do i become famous?
so u think u can dance???
Where can I learn salsa in Mumbai? Preferably between Andheri-Borivili area?
What are some classic dancing songs?
do you like dancing?
how can i call from my messenger to anybodys mobile?
are some body to see some one better than some body but to love*ing him?
RIGHT SPLITS????????????? i need them by the end of the month?????
What is the difference in swing?
is the DDR workout- mode accurate?
(dance moves)any one know any websites that give you dance moves?
How to stretch/strengthen leg muscles for five ballet positions?
Am I too old to start learning ballet?
Break Dance move name?
temecula dance company?
How do you grind(dance)?? idk how..how to grind with a guys?!?
guys doesn't look weird when dancing,agree?
where in limerick can i learn to dance?
Dance competition ???????????
what is a ckichen?
What is modern dance like?
Good summer workouts for toning muscles, flexibility, and getting in shape?
School Dance? What should I do?
Are there any pro cheer teams that don't wear skimpy outfits?
how do i take online dance classes?
what do i need to do, to make my feet look like that of a ballet dancer, but i av never done ballet before?
Who are the top ten swing dancers of all time?
I want to learn how to dance to bashment?
wats the best song to wu-tang to?
ARE latin/ballroom dress same thing? BEST ANSWER 10 PTS!?
PLEASE ANSWER PLEASE! am i too late for ballet or pointe shoes???? PLEASE ANSWER!?
How long is a pole vaulting pole?
Being 100% on honest....?
Jazz or Ballet Classes!?
free website to download salsa video clips?
I love Ballet but is it to late?
semi formal dance?
What is your favourite dance TV show and film?
My knee s for some reason.?
Need Dance Competition Help!!!?
What are some url ideas for a dance blog?
What would you name a jungle themed dance?
Anyone know of line dancing club/classes in South Wales?
What does it take to become a cheerleader? An all star one that is?
Pirouette turns help?
WHAT helio won dancing with the stars!?
Pirouettes help please?!?!?!?
What are pre pointe shoes and am I ready?
Want some information about Jive,Merengue and Bachata Dance?
How can I prepare for pointe work?
What are some good songs to use for a break dance?
What type of dance would work with the song from 'The Little Mermaid;' Kiss the Girl?
Good Colleges With Dance MINORS?
Women: What kind of shoes do you dance in?
Recommendation for ballroom dance song showcase? (me and my partner)?
To Ballet Dancers?
are there ballroom/latin dance competitions for teens?
Does anyone know of a ballet studio or ballet classes near the East Los Angeles area? ?
Whats the best way too learn the splits?
what french 4 cities hosted the olympics?
give me names of some good dance movies to watch?
What Are Good Dance Foundations That Will Help You Get In A Dance Education Program At A College?
im doing a solo dance at my competition and have no clue what snog to dance to help?
Do you personally wear tights to dance?
what makes a dance routine look good?
In the hokey pokey, after you put your left foot in, what comes next?
how to do that dance step?
does any one know of an 18 and under dance clubs in portland oregon???
What are some good ballet-based colleges/schools for me?
Why do my calves hurt after only 15 minutes of hard dancing?
what is misshapes?
Help me with stretching!?
Disco dances classes in Sydney?
What is your favoutite type of dance?
Is it bad if you have flat feet and dance ballet?
How do I become flexible?
Would it be weird to tryout for dance team as a graduate student?
Dear internet, how do I twerk?
anyone know if les twins willl be at world of dance in canada?
Are bun covers or bun nets better for ballet?
HELP learning gymnastics for cheerleading!!!~~?
what are the best dance schools in england?
Dirty dancing/grinding songs?
I need a theme for a mature party.This party will be very formal.?
Is Mike Song of Kaba Modern Korean?
double pirouette omg help!?
Is it too late to start dancing?
i need friends from and i need help were can i get them and if u have an answer tell me please thank you
Any pointe/ballet poems?
I love Ballet but is it to late?
History day with dance?
First Semi Formal Dance!?
I am 13 can i still learn? is it too late?
Can anybody tell me about good dance institute in hyderabd India.I had been searching on net?
Poll about dancing - first person to answer = best answer!?
Can I watch the SYTYCD auditions without trying out?
former chippendale dancer?
how to improve developpes and balance?
types of western dance?
Does Anybody Have Any good dance schools for people to become professional?
What is the name of the song on the video "simply the best robot dance"?
Teach Me How To Gig?
pirouette help?
wyh cannt get any message/?
I dont know who to slow dance with?
Any Experienced Zouk/LambaZouk dancers?
can you teach me how to walk it out?
i want to get motivated to dance like i used to do before. can someone say something nice..pliz?
What should Me and my friends do tonight...no alchol involved please?
how long will it take to learn ballet/ jazz turns and jumps?
Is it hard to learn how to do cartwheels and other similiar "moves"?
A problem with my ballroom partner.?
Flexibility help? ?
were can i get ballet lessons in fayetteville nc for a good price?
What is the significance of Ballroom Dancing as opposed to any other form of dance?
How do I over come my regret of starting dance late?
heyy!question for men!?
Tips for an Intermediate Belly Dance Student trying to layer moves?
How do you dance clean and precise?
Can i know if we have JIVE classes in Borivali / Kandivali, Mumbai?
Ballet skirt or shorts?
Isnt Poppin n' Lockun Still HOT!?
Dance-off: Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly?
**Rhythmic gymnastics**?
What can I do to improve my flexibility?
does anyone know a good hip-hop song for...?
Starting dance question.....?
Who is the better belly dancer.....?
whats a good up beat song to dance to and a good artist that has good dance songs?
My side hurts when I dance?
I have four days to get my splits flat? Help please! Ten points at the end of today or beginning of tomorrow!?
What are some famous dance venues?
School Dance? What should I do?
how do you movee to the beatt when you dance?
which is better...jazz or hip-hop?
Is this ballet blog reliable?
How do i dance at and 18th?
Jazz/lyrical dance song for student cheography. 10 points?
How to practice break dance? how long?
How do I keep my dance teacher from resenting me?
How normal it is to fall while learning to dance?
Break dancing, windmill help, using right hand!!?
Will this leak? Period and dance comp tomorrow?
"jumpstyle" dance - has anyone heard of this?
What to expect and how to become a better dancer?
Whats the easiest way to learn how to do the splits?? FAST!!!?
Too old to take ballet?
What should you do when your ballet teacher says...?
can you give me an e-mail address for tim driscoll writer of guy dance?
Where can I learn to tango in texas? Clubs? Classes?
want to no which class is best to learn salsa?
Question about joining ballet?
Help with my ballet technique and how to become a better dancer?
Who going be on dancing with stars for 15 season ?
How to choreograph a dance?
paying for summer intensive?
Is there really any point in taking one dance class a week?
"ca mans home riot" is an anagram of which dance?
What is the importance of a warm up for dance?
how can i teach myself to dance
How Old Is Joe Tremaine?
How can I keep pointe shoes from slipping off of the heels?
Those who are old enough to have survived the Disco Era, do you still believe dancing is absurd?
Do you think I could make varsity poms?
How to dance to dubstep!?
At what age did you start dancing?
What do I do if My boyfriend asks me to the dance and I don't know how to dance?
if u have a wish ,what will u wish for??????????????
How do you grind like the dance?
How to get my splits fast?
Why do I look akward when dancing?!?
Where can I find information on dancing professionally and starting out in high school?
are guys supposed to get hard when grinding with a girl at a school dance?
How to make my leaps bigger?
Where can I attend dance classes in Central London? Salsa ChaCha Mambo?
do you think he learned this by himself or has formal training?
What pointe shoes should I get?
What online dance tutorial can I learn to dance like these girls?
Does anyone know where to find this music (Cha-Cha-Cha)?
Is jump roping bad for dancers?
where do i find the latin dances?
Good summer intensives for me?
Difference between ankle flexibility and instep flexibility?
Which is better to be, a dance teacher at a high school or a studio?
Do I have low arches?
Anyone know what site is best for downloading musics for free ?
Aerial help???? please!!!!?
How do i tie Irish Dance shoes properly?
School Dance?
who is a artist, any person who is greater artist then god?
Does anybody know any jamaican websites that shows the latest songs & riddims?
a question about dancing?
What is prepointe?
Belly Dancing..Sounds fun is it hard?
who is djaligator?
Can I be a street dancer and a girly girl?
what is the point of dance tights?
What is the most sensual dance?
what song would be good to do a dance to for a middle school talent show?
Dance themed room ideas?
Does it matter what kind of Tap shoe you use if your a begginer?
what is...?
I want to be on my high schools dance team but i will be very disappointed if i don't make it should i try?
Contemporary dance songs?
My Brother Bert, by Ted Hughes please write down that poem i cant find it anywhere!!!?
Is 11 years old too old to start taking jazz (dance) lessons?
How do i find ballet music like this?
Is pinapple dance studios on Sky1 real?
Please suggest me some good hindi bollywood songs for dance?
How can I get to Pointe faster?
have you ever tried...?
What are some good triple emphasis dance colleges in the US?
How do you dance to Reggaeton ?
Which is harder, dance or gymnastics?
Is robert frost a famous name?
is there any dancing schools in or around coventry as i want to be a dancer but need to be in a school now?
Many would say this is a silly question, but what are your thoughts about ballet?
Ballet or Gymnastics and why?
What is a balancé in ballet?
Am I too old to begin taking ballet lessons?
What to wear for a dancing exam?
Ballet steps and I need tons...?
I'm applying for a BA in Music Theatre, but I can't dance! Help?
Anybody know any good music from 08 that I can have played at my party?
Can you join Dance when your 13??(:?
What do you think of Irish dancing?
How do I find a dance partner?
help me count a dance!?
who do you think is going to win on "So you think you can dance"?
I need some great chirpy monsoon songs to dance on.?
Has anyone got any brilliant information on Japenese Geisha?
philippines' folk dances?
Do you like this for my jazz class?
so now ..all dancers started teenagers ?
can you give 15-20 modern songs that can be danced as ballroom?
How to do a fouette turn?
What is a good age to put your child in dance?
How do I act like a funny mouse in a Nuter audition?
I saw this person dancing or something?
dancing to down by jay sean help!?
Who is the guy in the diet coke commercial, that has the song I like the way that you move in it?
Have you ever fallen in dance class?
Should I push myself harder or should I stay back?
Cross training while dancing?
what are turnouts?
Is 15 too old to start dance?
How do I become a stripper?
I need to be flexible! Please help!?
Which European country has the most Salsa dancing going on?
Where can I black leotard for ballet?
Performing arts high schools in british columbia, canada?
Do you think girls over 130 pounds can be dancers?
Dance Problems...some girl help would be nice....?
What would be a good contemporary dance duet for teenage girls?
need help on a question of dance!! :]?
Why do people dance with their friends at a nightclub?
can a very light skinned, very dark haired, toothpick thin 19 year old girl still be pretty?
Why cant i do the Splits,?
Get my ballet back on track?
How to get a SAFE arch?
Where is the clostest dance studio to flat rock,Michigan?
What kind of dancing should i do?
Where on the internet can I find video clips of male belly dancing?
Whats the best lyrical dance song?
Can you give me the background and origin of dance?
Where in Chicago is there a salsa club that ALSO has free lessons before the dancing hours begin?
How do u learn how to do the splits?
Does anyone know where I can get private dance lessons?
All dancers please answer?
Latin Ballroom Nationals in Connecticut?
where can i watch this?
Is there any style of dance that a girl can start at 16?
Will dancing work or fail?
where could i find lessons for jump style in london?
Im going to a dance in 25 minutes...?
What are a few tamil song to dance to for a party?
Did Dennis Hastert touch John Yoo's butt on "so you can dance"?
Should I take dance in college?
Question for guys: slow dancing?:)?
i want my 4 yr old daughter to try ballet in stockbridge Ga area, any one knows of a good ballet school?
Can't afford for dance lessons?
Which form of Indian classical dance is traditionally enacted outdoors and goes on all night?
America's Best Dance Crew Tour 2009?
Encourage Me!?!?
Help!!!!!! Wiff Dancing Classes look up!!!?
School Dance?
Is it just me or is zumba kinda lame?
Is there anyone in the Sheffield who could recommend a Line Dancing Club for beginners?
good dedication songs for a lyrical solo?
ballet shoes?
step up 3D and street dance 3D are two different films?
Question about pointe work?
extremely discounted cheer camp talent show uniforms?
How do you grind with a guy?
High School Dance teams?
How long did it take you to be as good a dancer as you are now?
Does your ballet effect your tap dance?
Prices of Ballet Shoes?
what should i do if i want to become a choreographer?
broadway bound...perhaps?
how many people take jazz?
Should I or shouldn't I?
what level ballet should I try?
Can I learn to twerk? ?
what do i wear for a jungle themed dance?
School Dance Team Tips?
How much longer should the outside ribbon be than the inside one on pointe shoes?
dance choreographer's?
how to make my high school pom team?
What this song and baby i just wana dance hit me on the floor tonightttt?
Is ballet too girly for guys? What is wrong with me?
ok i'm 21 and i want to know can?
What dance class should I take?
Where could a dance teacher teach besides a studio?
Trouble with dance..?
Is thirteen too late to start dancing?
As ballet dancers often have to be on tip-toe, Why don`t they just hire taller ones?
Anyone interested in Highland Dance in WV?
Can Boys Wear Other Color Leotards?
Location for great Hip Hop Dancing Lessons?
I'm interested in becoming an exotic dancer?
Any easy 50's like dances a school class can learn?
Going on pointe... Any suggestions?
Firsr school dance!?!?
if any one can help me on the contacts for any dance classes running in delhi?
Best toe pads for pointe shoes?
Does anyone know of some good Dance Colleges In NYC?
How come I can do belly dance moves that no one else I know can do it and I did it without being taught?
how do you move only your hips?
What is a good song to use for colorguard tryouts?
What are the best ballroom dance songs?
How should i learn to dance?
how to make your knees flexible ?
BALLET OR GYMNASTICS...sport that guys don't want to do?
Where can i find videos on how to dance slutty?
Why do we use static exercise in dance?
Does anyone know what DVD's are out there teaching Jewish dancing? Are there classes somewhere?
Is it safe to pole dance while pregnant?
My life depends on this.?
I've been told many things, but if you know, what type of dance is this?
Loosen up the hips...?
How do you or acctually what is the lock in popping and locking?
Why do ballet dancers always dance on their toes? Wouldn't it be easier to just hire taller dancers?
what do u think of salsa dancing?
I want to dance! Somebody know where I can learn?
How long will this take me?
How does dance help with school education and learning?
Does anyone love ballet?
Is it just me or are male ballet dancers breathtaking?
where can i take a beginner dance class in houston?
Which song can i use for a contempary dance?
How to know if you can dance ?
tap dance song for a talent show?
What are some dance songs like "Dynamite"?
What is the lifespan of a ballet pointe shoe?
College dance team tryouts?
Cheerleading or Gymnastics?
tango and excitement
is ballet bad for the feet if you never do point?
What are the best clogging taps?
A Dance to Save the Earth From Global Warming?
Ballet: I did hip stretches like butterfly and frog, and now my right hip hurts a little when I move it...?
does any one know ..............?
Am I to old to start dance classes?
Help with a ballet move PLEASE?
What is a good Bollywood dance instructional DVD?
Which lyrical dress do you like better? Why?
At what age will you stop partying and clubbing?
i want to become flexible!!!?
what do u think?
Contemporary dance lessons for 15 yr old beginner?
Shuld I go back to dance?
Any tips on starting a semi-professional football dance team? I've been asked to head one for the IFL in WI.?
Doing the Russian???
who else thinks that Men play a big role in Ballet?
Can I still start ballet classes at 14?
Should I quit my dance?
I want to start dance?
how do you do 6th position in ballet?
How to do this specific dance move.?
I need a better body for dance! Help?
Do you like to dance?
hip hop and Jazz Dance teams in VA?
Should I stop doing dance?
Worst type of dance and why?
How to be a cheerleader?
i'm 19 and i wanna get back into dance, am i too old?
Are front or back walkover is easier ?
for a 5"3 female dancer is it okay to weigh 92 lbs?
What is the proper way to do a pirouette?
How can I learn to dance by Friday and if so, how do you dance?
why do cheerleaders hate the dance team?
Dance leaps and jumps?
Which of the two songs should I do for my dance senior solo?
Does anyone have the complete track list of the new RAD intermediate Ballet syllabus?
This U.S. dancer pioneered in modern, spontaneous dance.?
2007-2008 dance songs?
dance ???!!!?
I just started dancing. What are some tips you all have for me to not be so nervous when I'm at practice?
How do you get your girlfriend to give you a lap dance?
What's your favorite style of dance and why?
Ok Ok....now someone flashed $5000 smackers to...?
Suggestions for songs for my solo?
dance camps?
any dance studios for performing in dallas area and around dallas?
What is nearer to belly dancing-ballroom dancing or western dancing?
I want to belly dance BUT...?
Would it be hard to grind in this dress?
history and origins of tap dance?
Can i be a professorial ballerina if i start ballet on my 13th birthday?
what do i need to know how to do to become a great cheerleader?
What is the typical pay for a corps de ballet member in Pittsburg ballet theatre?
do they teach dance lessons?
If u like to dance with someone who u prefered and for which song u like to dance with him ?
ok, I'm a 16 year old guy and started ballet classes. What are guys supposed to wear under their tights?
Audition question....?
What's a dance routine for 5 girls that is really EASY to learn, fun, and has upbeat music?
Does anyone know anything about Broadway Dance Center Professional Program?
Shall we dance?
Who won Dancing with the Stars last night? Emmett or Mario?
I'm trying yo learn the splits so i've been stretching a lot. The inside of my upper thighs are sore good/bad?
Are you aloud to dance if your a muslim?
Soulja Boy Crank Em' Dance...WHO KNOWS HOW?!?
School of american ballet in new york?
what is it like to dance the can can?
This year me and my squad are going to comp. i need to make a cd for our dance, but i can't find a website?!?
I'm doing a dance for Christmas I like hip hop so what hip hop Christmas song should I do it off.?
Boxers or briefs? school dance?
Dance solo song for 13 year old girl?
Would it be weird for me to start dancing again?
I'm a slightly out of touch stay at home mom with a 1-year old...What is this kind of dancing???
How do I get a better arch for pointe?
dead pointe shoes?
how do you slow dance with your boyfriend???
Is this a good dance idea for a talent show?
I am in love for the first time with my friends boyfriend i just wish he felt the same. And i want reveange.?
What to wear for a lyrical class?
can you do ballet even if you cant do the splitz?
Salsa and Tango?
El Paso area-I Need Help With Ballroom/Dancehall type places! Please!?
Easy way to do the splits?
50's costumes!!!!!?
What is the desired ballerina foot?
why do strippers charge too much for a lap dance?
Is it normal for your feet to hurt when dancing ballroom?
Lyrical steps!! help!!?
help me plz...all i want to do is dance??
BALANCING TIME???????????????????????????
How can I contact so you think you can dance finalist Benjie schwimmer?
I need a way to learn the six flags theme song dance moves.Mr six does it i need a graph anything asap please!
Is the info on the Carmagnole dance, "death dance" from the Tale of Two Cities or any from French Revolution?
What are ballet auditions like at SUNY Geneseo?
Dance studio in Brooklyn?
Belly dance Items VIRGINIA?
What exactly are you doing if you take a hip-hop dance class, and what about jazz?
What are some good hip-hop songs to compete with??
Good stretches for the splits?
How much would it cost to post a dancing costume to Germany?
I'm very flexible but I don't have upper body strength. What dance style should I do?
about breakdancing?
IS Amnesia Club in IBIZA 18+?
Cheer dance for tryouts?
any good private drill teams or dance studios in pearland tx?
I want to dance but my dad dosent think so...?
help me!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the best dance club in Seattle?
Pphilippines VS Indonesia? who will win in the Miss Universe 2006? is it Philippines? or Indonesia?
Are there any good places to attend with good hiphop dance training? In the midwest???
Should I drop out of my salsa group?
How can I improve my needle?
How to strengthen your ankles?
I'm doing a dance research project and does anyone know about paso doble dance?
What's that line dance?
please tell me the steps in japanese parasol dance!!!?
how do you do the walk it out dance?
Dance Choreography software?
Can anyone name some dance like those dances with partner, like those dances which you dance at dinner or.. ?
I would like to learn western dance and am 36 years old who does not move easily to music. Where can I go?
do you dance after eating muffins?
How is my shuffling (dance)?
What to you wear to your school's homecoming dance?
Salsa dancing in Chapel Hill, NC?
First Rave, What To Expect?
what does this dance called?10 points?
Can I teach myself dance!?
Looking for professional ARAB belly dancers who teach this art to students in or around Fremont CA?
Describe how latin and modern dances theyperform?
how many MAILS DO you get in a day?
Any tips for me (I learn dances from YouTube)?
gcse dance...?
Is sodanca good?
I would like to dance at UNC-Wilmington (for ballet) over the summer, but my parents won't let me go.?
Good modern dance troop name?
Which Film had the song "I could have danced all night and still have begged for more ..."?
the age for clubing?
what music used in this trailer when chase is dancing?
Need english translations for french ballet terms!!!!!!?
tap dance shoes?
Should I do this summer dance class?
Does anyone else here take the dance clogging?
where do strippers learn to strip?
what is your opinion on dancing????
ballet bun?
What is your favorite style of dance?
Can I call my new dance 'The Special Needs' or is that crossing a boundry (it's hard to tell nowadays)
What is a magority of the dance moves that they use in a dance routine for modern dance?
My best friend is fooling around with my wife. Should I mention it to them?
A man at dance class has asked me to join a group of them out one eve Could he want more?
How do you Grind?
how do you get ture loue to loue you?
where can i dowload hips dont lie without the words? like with the beat alone you kno?
Do you like to dance?
Whats the oldest you can be to join a ballet company?
How can I prove to my ballet teacher that I am a good dancer?
What are some tips for ballet class?
Breakdancing: Windmills/Power Mills help?
How to shuffle(dance)??
do yall watch so u think u can dance?
What's a good name for Elmore City's 30th Anniversary of the 1st Prom?
I wrote on the bottom of my pointe shoes....?
Where can I learn contemporary dance?
Instrumentals For Dance?
How can I inexpensively become a better ballroom dancer?
What are the Disadvantages of becoming a ballet dancer?
sexy dances?
Who were some of the famous, groundbreaking, popular choreographers of the 80s?
i'm 15. i was wondering if its too late for me to start ballet lessons?
What style dance do you do??
Where can i find the video of the girl who moves her legs around her head and body?
Do you know of any dance comp. in Colorado???
Tips for an ariel(Dance Arco Move)?
Pointe Ballet?
Can you give me some websites for Dancing with the Stars?
Do you have to learn to dance if you want to be in like Broadway Musicals?
Who Sighs Rout 66 back in time i was born?
handglide and windmill?
Cleaning leather ballet flats?
did ppl really think the world was going to end in 6/6/06?
What is a paddle in tap dance?
Do you think that love is very important to your life?Why?
how do you do the A-TOWN STOMP?
What is maypole dancing?
Did if you think you can dance air? ?
Whats a good first job?
how do you do an aerial?
Who do you think will win So You Think You Can Dance?
How much does it cost to get a choreographer for a quinceanera waltz?
is der any good djs out?
Is 17 too old to start ballet?
Question for female adult entertainers (or anyone who knows anything about the industry)?
How long will it take me to get on pointe?
What type danceing do they do at retro disco dances?
Why is lambada called the forbidden dance?
is it foolish if you love someone who doesnt love you?
How many pirrouettes can you do?
Favorite songs to dance to?
ladies, is it a bad thing to get hard while grinding??
What is the difference between Hula Dancing and belly dancing??
hey can some one send me a video or website or tell me how to dance boot scootin boogie?
Should i listen to peoples opinion or do what i feel?
tips for dancing infront of an audience?? confidence?
what is planet tea?
I'm 13 and a dancer. I would like to be a professional! What should I be doing now as a dancer?
where can i find a free download of a song that i really need without having to join any program?
Should I move up in dance class?
How to invite a girl out to dance?
No Males in Praise Dancing?
did you go to your homecoming dance?
whats your favorite?
Should I do a ballet solo?
should i still try?
whats a famous dance?
should i continue dancing? really...?
What is step team?
Which of these countries are most peace full?
Dancers: Self taught dance for theater?
What type ballet shoes should I buy?
Very Important in dancing?
What is the best brand of ballet shoes?
What should I wear to a pole dancing class? (men's apparel) 10 points v v?
how can i get my double or triple pirouette?
Favorite kind of dance?
Jumping onto knees dance move?
What to expect first day of dance class?
Has anyone got any ideas for a stimulus for my dance? (music included in question)?
First day of dance outfit?
Who is a better dancer? Nia or Paige (Dance Moms)?
I need ideas for Quince songs.?
Did Bristol plain win on dancing with the stars?
Who is an excellent example of the Vaganova method?
Majorette info????????????????????????????????????…
should i go to bed?
How do you know Galagalashit?
Crip Walk?
where can I find the best hip hop class in houston tx for intermediate dancers?
Learning simple ballet at home?
im 13 and really want to start dance?
Dancing in a christian Quinceanera?
A serious question on dance history....?
hey im 13 and im cool n all but i like cant dance do u guys no any site for like dancing llike club dancing???
Asking a guy to a dance?
Is 20 too late to start dancing?
Help on how to lose fat and gain a toned dancer's body?
I'd like to start ballet, but I have little experience and I'm 14?
Funny/patriotic quote for a 4th of July dance team t-shirt?
How can I challenge myself in ballet?
I need to cut 30/60 seconds out of 6 tracks then merge them together for a dance routine...does anyone know ho?
How much does an Arthur Murray Dance Instructor Get paid?
Would you 'Belly Dance' if you could?
Wold you like to change your name to Bill Ding?
What is good song to dance to at a Christmas eve service? Ballet/modern style?
When was the last time you danced?
Where can I buy on-line some ballroom dance-floor friction reducing powder?
Social/Latin/Ballroom Dance NIGHT !!! (Singapore)?
Can you learn pointe at home, without a formal class?
How do you like hip roll?
what dance was once popular but isn't anymore?
how can i train for ballet at home?
Is Grinding the only dance around these days?
Anyone know about busy strip clubs in europe with very good salary?
is acro dance only for teens and kids?
Dancers..How do you get over nerves!?
What type of dance do you think is the best for a girl to learn?
I don't like my Dance school, Should I quit?
What are good chacha, salsa and rhumba songs i could dance to?
who won so you think you can dance 2008
How to work on my turn out in ballet?
does anyone know where there are cheap dance lessons?
meaning shir?
is it to late to start ballet ?
can a 13 years old boy learn to belly dancing through the internet?
what should a ballerina eat to stay healthy?
Dance strengthening exercises?
My son is 10 years old and wants to start in ballet, is this too late?
Hand/arm square thingy breakdancers do??(not ninja glare...)?
How can I relax while I dance next to a girl I like?
Starting dance at 14? Too late?
dance i want to learn to dance?
What type of dance could you do to the song Ella Ella by Don Omar ft. Zion Y Lennox?
Wear can I buy ballet shoes, leotard, skirt, and some tights for under 80$.?
Where Can I Get Nas "Dance" Instrumental from his God's Son Cd??? i tried limewire and other sites already
is ballet appropriate for a 6-year old?
Ballet dancers: what brand of tampons do you use?
How should I ask to cheer ball?
have u ever seen a person dancing at a club looking funny!?
How should you dance at a party?
Pointe risks and consequences?
Swing dancing in Minneapolis?
how to do the dance gackt does in ghost?
What type of dance would go with this song??
Help Dances for Cheerleaders?
does anyone know the lyrics to the cheetah girls new song:the party's just begun?
Sprained ankle maybe? Please help?
Breaking in pointe shoes...?
How to dance like zendeya?
can sumone teach me how to..?
what is the difference between European and American ballroom dancing?
Exercises to strengthen my feet for pointe?
what are the basic movements skills?
Can anyone explain what is the meaning of Repatee? tks?
ten points best answer, two points all answers. NEED HELP WITH CECCETTI II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i need help picking a song for contemporary dance?
where can i get hip hop clothes from?
Starting pointe work need advice?
Is the CHEETAH girl in the Dancing with the Stars show PREGNANT?
How do I become a stripper?
Opinion about my dancing?
Are you a good dancer, and willing to teach?
Just Dance 2 won't let me play firework by Katy Perry?
Being better at hip hop?
How to grind? (for a guy)?
Searching for masked BOTY crew video?
REALLY REALLY important question about DANCE!!?
Dance Mom Fans- I have a question?
can anyone name famous people that made/create popular dances in the 1980's ?
High School Comp. Dance team tryouts. HELP!?
I enroll for a dance production?
what do i do?
anyone know places to learn how to bellydance in the denver area??
solo dance song hindi?
Left leaps??? Pom squad?
Tips on becoming MORE flexible...?
What kind of eyes u like? meaning by shape and size and what color eyes, explain urself too?
Any good dance schools in Wisconson?
I want to start dance but I'm 16 is that too old?
i dont knw how to dance???????
Kathak classes with addresses and phone number of lucknow?
Is it ok for your girlfriend to dance with other dudes?
exist good ballerina with flexible?
To .com when I use my E-Mail Id to send any one it give result in fail?
What can I start doing right now to help prepare me for dance?
where can i rent an inexpensive hall in chicago for party ( no catering)?
Im a 14 year old girl and I want to start dancing, is it too late?
Need a creative dancers help?
Too big and too late to even hope?
I want to change dance studios but my parents wont let me!?
what should i wear for dance camp?
What should be in my dance bag?
Should I go to prom?
Is it hard to learn how to do cartwheels and other similiar "moves"?
can i ever major in ballet if i only do graded ballet?
how can danceing help a child with ADHD?
do you think 38 yrs old is too old to be goin out to clubs dancing and having a good tym?
Where can I find pole dancing lessons in harrisburg?
What is lyrical dance (anyone's opinion)?
please answer!!!!!!!!!!?
How many people hated Pirates or the Carribean 2?
Should I do this hip hop competition or..?
how do i find a guy who is not just looking for a hook up?
50's dance moves with one person?
When BREAK DANCING do you rather get down on card board or linoleum?
How do you get a guy to fall in love with you?
How can I get the songs from the video evolution dance ?
what stretchs will help me do the splits?
How great is the training at Manhattan Youth Ballet?
I need help finding a black dress for contemporary dance?
how can I get my splits easier?
Two Months To Get Leg Hold, and Needle?
Cool Name for a Group of 3 girls?
How do you turn on a chick with out doing the nasty?
Is it easy for you guys to freestyle breakdance?
Where should I go from here?
Can I be a ballet dancer?
In your opinion, whats the hardest ballet move?
Does anyone have any good dance choreography/ movements for a lyrical piece?
What's the new dance moms about?
Where can i find a good free website for learning to dancing?
Is it appropriate for a 16 year old to take up belly dancing?
Does Anyone Know Of Any Dance Auditions in the UK??
excuse me , can you give me the song words of "I hate myself for loving you"?
Why do people think ballet is easy?
how much money are pics at homecoming that u pay for.?
who thinks ballet is a sport? did u know that ballet takes more physical and mental srength than football! lol
Trying out for college dance team?!?
Is Steve O out of Dancing with the starts?
What is your favorite style of dance?
Will Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater return to England for the 2006-2007 year? When?
how do u make people feel the music when dancing?
Dancers! Please help! 10 points!?
whats the name of the new dance. its like 4 diffrent steps,?
What kind of shoes wear for shuffling?
What are good leotards for curvier/heavier girls?
How can I convince my mom to let me take ballet classes?
any tips for strenghtening feet?
I love Break Dance,it's a dance so cool so if you like it too just say what you like about it clothes etc.....
How can I not be awkward at homecoming?
Bored student?
Cartwheel Help Please?
Music mix for hip hop dance performance..please help!?
How can i become a DANCING BEAR ?
A Stretching Routine?
Good 1980's songs??!!???!!!???!!! lol thanks!?
any good songs songs for a winter ball?
who sings two wrongs?
Any Movies About Street or Break Dance?
Is it still possible for an 18 year old to get a full 180degree ballet turnout?
Dance clubs with techno music and drinking?
Where can I find Samba classes in Houston?
Good songs to do a strip tease to?
I'm really excited but nervous for my semi-formal tomorrow night?
I can't stand it anymore:( please help me!?
Is it to late for dance?
Homecoming dance.. Help?
Who do u think should win America's Best Dance Crew?
Is there dancing classes in Houston for teenagers?
Where can I find a good Ballroom dance lesson in Marina Del Ray, CA. area?
clsses of salsa?
how do you get a picture of cheetah girls?
do you know of songs that has a nice theme which can be used for dance? sumthing like "I believe" from Honey?
Does anyone know of any nice African/ Reggae clubs in Houston?
What type is the easiest? Please help me!?
Pointe shoes still hurt after months what to do?
Kind of a dumb question...college dance auditions?
How do I stretch my feet?
I am 27 years old , Is there any chance for me to be a proffessional ballet dancer ?
What do I wear under a leotard?
How long does it generally take to begin dancing on pointe?
does ant one no where i can get a grant or donations for dance uniforms?
dance survey for dancers.?
Need name, location, ph no of a good school for learning bharat natyam in south Mumbai, near cuffe parade?
Why cant dance/party halls stay open past midnight?
how do u join hip hop classes in moose jaw,sk.????
how is jazz important in our culture today?
What do you call an introduction that uses only brass and woodwind instruments?? Reply fast! ASAP!?
I need help with Airchar!!!!!!!-Bboy?
what can i do for my projecton dance?
what color tights are mostly used in modern ballet?
How to do the splits?
My 12 year old son is suppose to wear my best friends daughters tutu(see pic) because of a dumb wager he made?
What is your favorite song to dance to?
What is the most easiest way to beat a pro at dance dance revolution?
Is it possible to get up on pointe in a year or less?
Im making up a solo for lyrical jazz! CHOREOGRPAHERS I NEED HELP?
Did Cascada write "Evacuate the Dance Floor"?
will stretching help the height of my leaps and kicks.??
where can i get instrumentals a/o dance mixes ?
Do you know of any Samba classes?
Whats The 3 Things You Wish You Can Do?
I have a dance tommorrow and i wanna go looking really cute so what do u think i should wear ?
My New Dancers Need a Name...?
What to expect at dance ensemble auditions?
How do u do a back bend?!?!?!?
can i be cool?
Are you really standing on your tips of your toenails when you're dancing on pointe in ballet?
what is the artist of the old dance track that goes "you've got to move like me to get close to my body" ?
need help. please. it has to do with dancing. [jocking]?
So You Think You Can Dance? What are they doing when they put four fingers pointing down on their shoulders?
Any cool dance moves?
which dance do u like better?
Ballet studios in Atlanta Georgia?
Can you think of any good crew names?
How did Jennifer Lopez first dance into our lives?
does anybody of flamenco dance classes in delhi?
rad exam criteria...is this allowed?
how to become better at dance?
I can't keep up with my hip hop dance class!?
Would you dance with a shorter guy?
Is 15 to late to start going en pointe?
I need GOOD party/dance music!!?
Dance- Split Questions!?
Have any of you experienced any kind of harrassment, stalking, or bullying?
Choreographing a dance to Pop genre?
Is this a dumb idea to ask my bf to a school dance?
HOW do you grind?
Where can I find Green/Lime Green Demi Pointe dance shoes?
how tall r u, and how much do you weigh?
Does anyone know any upcoming step competitions in Gorgia and who to contact to be in the competition?
Tips for choreographing my own contemporary solo?
can she still make it ?
what this name of exams?
ladies, do you like dudes that have muscles?
baton twirling classes in california?