Irish dance notes/notation resources?
PLEASE ANSWER.....10 pts to best!?
How long before I can dance again?
Why do guys push ur head down when dancing?
Can you guys help view, comment and rate my cwalk videos? Links included.?
Why do you wear neutral color leotards?
I would like to learn how to Belly Dance or Hula Dance in NJ.?
Alternatives to dance bags?
Who was your favorite crew on Americas Best Dance Crew???
Exercises to strengthen ankles and feet for ballet/lyrical?
Ballet and Jazz promotion to next level questions?
help in need a top and to go with these capris. Need many answers as possible ,?
I've never done ballet in my life yet do you think, with a lot of motivation, I could still make it though?
Good contemporary dance music?
Does anyone know some good grindin' songs?
what is the hustle dance move?
I Need a second part to a song for a dance solo age 17 Jazz.?
What are good street dance tracks?
Gym Goers Favorite Songs?
Can I lie about my age?
what's a creative way to ask someone to a dance, like morp?
who do u think is a better dancer? Ciara or Chris Brown?
How to make this look good?
I don't know how to dance help?
Trying to get some ideas for a CD?
what are the actual measurements of studio mirrors?
Could I possibly teach myself pointe?
Ballet Questions really curious please answer?
What Are Some Good Dance Songs?
how to get ready for pom tryouts?
I'm haveing a 15th b-day dance party but don't know what to do?
HELP!!!!! what should i wear to ballet?
Is 16 too old to start beggining dance classes?
Tips for landing a clean double turn?
what are some good songs for a lyrical solo dance?
Pole dance. I'm looking to get started on this and need some good Professional advice.?
Does ballet make my breasts small and feet ugly?
Is it possible to make it in a professional contemporary company if you started taking ballet classes at 20?
What would be best dance style for me if one of my legs is longer than the other and both of my feets too long?
rate my song♥?
Risks and benefits of acro dance?
How old do you have to be to get into Hard Bodies Strip Club?
What is your favorite crop top for dance?
What is the modern dance scene like in Chicago?
Is this possible/ reasonable?
Can I learn ballet at 17 years of age?
What are some good topics for an 8th grade science fair project?
What do dance girls wear?
Where can a get this type of caboodle (tackle box)?
Is it safe to pole dance while pregnant?
Dancing like Poreotics ? Help?
l reeeally wanna learn how to dance, but my mom and I are looking for dance schools? Suggestions?
when people are pregnant how many times do they pee a day?
What ballet slippers to get?
Juke ?'s...................?
*---school dance---*?
learn the highschool musical dance moves..how?
Why no boys in Bunheads?
Dance School/Lessons-Should I Join?
What parties, festivals, or celebrations do egyptians belly dance in?
What is a good dance to learn for fun?
Does anyone know the the special offer code for dancing with the stars tickets thru tickemaster in Milw. WI?
How do you combine toprock moves together to give the toprock its cool look?
How to do the splits if you are only 3 inches off the ground?
who performs and who is the show director at bullwinkles gay bar?
Question about homecoming?
I have never cheered in my life but i want to be on my high school team.What can i do to learn quickly?
Dance Survey because im Bored?
Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How much time on average do dancers put in?
Arabesque is *extremely* painful. What am I doing wrong?
Is this dance teacher to harsh?
Gambling Related Dances?
What is the full form of Dance?
dance to lose weight..?
God give me patience, I need a cigarettee?
Who all thinks Mario and Karina should of won Dancing with the Stars?
So i've decided when i turn 18 im gonna try out to be a gogo dancer, any tips?
I have a nephew who is a dance choreographer. Do you know of any job opening for him in New Jersey ?
Dance theme is GLOW!!?
Poll: Would YOU post a video of yourself dancing on Youtube?
Need a dance/music for talent show - 2 girls easy to learn and fun?
I want to dance, but I'm OLD for a dancer. Could I still do it at the age of 23?
How to make a costume better?
What do you think I should do?
i need a new dance club?
Please i need jete help!!!?
What are some good songs for a surprise dance?
Do pro dancers in a company make a good amount of cash?
I want to be a ballet dancer I just need help?!?
do you think i am a good dancer?
Is it alright to start Ballet at the age of 13?
i need someone to talk to?
HAs anyone ever got killied in a hardcore dance pit?
whos the best dancer ever?
Dance Classes-Manchester?
Can you teach yourself ballet and contemporary dance at home?
What is your secret to "dance like no one's watching"?
How can I increase the strength in my hip flexors for developpés and the like?
Are my pointe shoes too small?
How can i get better at my dance leaps?only dancers!?
Dance songs for an open duet?
I want to learn how to dance.?
What is a good song that i can do a duet too?read details?
where is there a decent dance school in medway?
Does anyone have tips on how to grind?
Why does everybody hate Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms?
Am I too old to start ballet?
Ghost dance?
I want to dance!! Help me?
I take hiphop, but I wanna join Jazz?
Ballet or Gymnastics--- which do you like?
what should my concentration be?
What is your Favorite Ballet?
where can i get to learn dancing at a low cost as im still a student(in singapore only)?
am i ready for pointe?
should i practice holding releve 4 as long as i can or should i just go straight to practicing double pirouete?
how do i put creative things ON my dance poem paper?
does anyone know how I can contact dance unlimited luling, la?
Why are my black capezio jazz shoes so sticky?
School Dance?
how do i get guys to dance with me / get their attention?!?!? please read...............?
What is your favourite dance form and why?
Is it true that Salsa started from Puerto Rico?
Belly Dance Classes For Teens?
Help me find the perfect twirling routine song for my sister?
Is 18 years old too late to start taking dance lessons?
what is this kind of dance called?
I want to learn Intermediate and Advanced Tap steps. Anyone know of a great web site or book I can check out?
I want to start taking ballet?
Can someone explain to me how ballet school works?
What kind of dance is right for me ?
Dance for guys?
How should I prepare for my conditioning class?
If you had?
I have a group with my cousins called diamond divas and we sing and dance?
Irish dance dress design help?
Any dancers out there?
Should i switch dance studios?
To give up dancing for school?
Lyrical Ballet Solo Songs!?
do u think parents will let a 15year old boy learn breakdance?
Where would I find a ballet class for a 16 year old beginner?
NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This is a dream!!?
Should I take ballet, Tap or Irish Step.?
How Much Does A Ballerina In A Company Make?
I want to BBoy.?
Linedance party dances? Does anyone know a good mixer dance for my party this week?
Does anyone like dancing to Madonna's music?
What are some good lyrical/contemporary songs to dance too?
Stretches to improve flexibilty?
do you like dancing with the stars?
Rude people on ! Answers such like "janine_rs"...please read to understand!?
dancing in the 20's?
What does it mean to have Alvin Ailey dance feet?
Question about Gaynor Minden pointe shoes?
Pls recommend any great danseurs to look out for?
Do all strip clubs offer lap dances?
what are some good hip hop clubs in san francisco?
Pictures of Sophie Grace Johnson?
Girly, Upbeat, Song for dance team?
What do you think of my ballet?
halloween dance high school?
where in new delhi may i learn russian ballet dance form?
What are some good youtube videos to learn break dancing?
I want to take pointe but i'm already in 11th grade?
What do you prefer: performing arts or sports?
where's the cheapest place to buy dance equipment like shoes and trousers?
I'm a guy - what is the best way for me to dance at a party or dance?
What are some good careers in dance?
will i get shot by a blood if i do the crip walk in public?
What do your girls like most about grinding/Booty dancing?
i am 13 and have been dancing since i was two should i continue?
Where are the best seats to watch nuter at NYC ballet?
What is a good locking song?
How to put a ballet contempory dance together?
What are some good contemporary dance schools?
is the DDR workout- mode accurate?
Can an 18 year old still achieve a 180 degree full turnout if she just started ballet now?
Help with switch leaps (scissor leaps)?
What is the best way to stop nerves?
How am I supposed to wear a ballet outfit??
where can I find Belly dancing classes in Calcutta?
How to use my hands/arms when dancing in a club?
when is the backstreet boys website going to be down?
What's a good song that girls and boys can dance to ?
dancing help!please help e urgent!?
What is this dance motion called?
where do i find a childrens ballet of red riding hood?
Difference Between Clown and Crip?
dance classes in north delhi?
You dancing?!?
Dance Course - help? :)?
Good miami dance studio for my daughter?
when breakdancing do u need lots of muscle to do the flare and windmill or is it technique?
whats yr favorite song u ever tap danced 2?
My school doesn't have cheer leading?
dance lessons?
Any good strip tease songs?
Good song to dance with girlfriend ? Please answer?
Where Can I Find Shirts Similar To Those At Lulu Lemon?
Will taking ballet increase my flexibility?
I am going to try ut for poms what kind of dance should i do before i try out?
How do u like to dance?
begining dance class?
When I was on pointe my ankles and achilles had sharp pain when i did fouettes on pointe?
good song for a lap dance?
What's so good about Indian bollywood dancing??
HOw can I become a better dancer?
How can i dance like Micheal Jackson? or James Brown?
We need new dance moves?
1950's dance steps!?
Jazz shoes???????????????????
Remembering dances?
What are these dance moves called?
Scared to dance in public!?
Too much money for me to do more dance styles? ideas to help fund my passion?
They say I'm not old enough to teach dance??
how to twerk step by step ?
is fighting the answer 2 everything?
n e 1 know srictly dance or dance unlimited?!?
should i do a solo or a duet?
Please answer!!!?
what's your favorite dance and why?
What are the teen clubs called in Savannah?
Looking for the right "I Go to Rio" Dance style?
Do strippers have to know how to pole dance?
Why do the dance "shuffling" look so stupid and goofy?
Where can I take hip-hop dance lessons in Houston, specifically Missouri City?
I am a terrible dancer...?
im having a house party pls suggest non-cheesy songs to get ppl dancing? thanks!!?
there is eliens discovered on planet earth?
Can You Do A Split?
girls, do any of you love wearing shoes and sneakers without socks? or hate wearing socks in general?
is it normal for dancers to not wear underwear for a performance?
is there any hip-hop dancing group in USC, Los angeles?
Lyrical/Modern/Jazz duet song?
what is that address for dance school sridevi nrithyalaya in chennai?
How do you learn to hiproll?
Good songs for a lyrical jazz routine?
How to improve turns for dance?
Where can i find dance teachers/instructors/choreographers.?
how much should i pay for ballet shoes and tap shoes?
what are the best kind of songs for a dance party plz help?
Ballet dancers?
What first aid items do you need for ballet?
Do you ever get 'happy feet' and just HAVE to dance...no matter where you are ?
how to teach yourself to do the split?
Exercises for Pom/Dance team?
I am interested in ballet....can u help?
best tap dance song 4 a solo????
Is the Harid Ballet summer intensive great?
I need a modern song to dance the Foxtrot to. This is a cancer survivor event. Any suggestions?
How to make a boy slow dance with u?
ballet at age 13?
Whose the best dancer-Chris Brown, Omarion or Usher?
random thought?
What's the first step of Bootscootin' Boogie?
Ballet ( En Pointe)?
How can I improve my jumps as a dancer?
Dirty Dancing Question For Girls Only?
Is 30 min of ballet classes enough for a child of 5, considering I want she become a profissional later?
where do you find nice girls in louisiana?
Dessicant bags in new clothes?
How to teach rhythm?
How long have you been at your dance studio?
New Jersey summer dance camps/lessons?
some please help me with my ballet homework :} ?
What is Lyrical Dance?
what is Salsa dance. Where i can learn this in bagalore city.?
am i sussposed to wear this for ballet?
are there any videos that show you how to get lite like instructional ?
hunger games dance question?
Do arabesques go past 90 degrees?
I am going to a ball/ prom-like event and I am on crutches! How should I handle this!?
Pointe Shoes?
What is a good website to teach someone how to generally dance?
Pursue jazz dance without ballet training?
How low can I stretch my splits in 3 weeks?
which woman singeres kill in 70 decades by her fans i want her name she was a rock and roll singers?
SYTYCD Fans: Did you hear that Jessica is off the show due to an injury and Comfort is back in?
i need to help my child with coordination and timing when she dances?
do you like dancing?
What Leg streches do I need to do to be able to do a full and half split.?
places to get INEXPENSIVE dance leotards in South Jersey?
where can i listen to tap tap revenege songs online?
What is the dance move where you spin on your head but not all the way?
I've to dance in a middle school dances competition?
Why does everyone think ballet is putting your pointer finger on your head and twirling around in circles?
How long til I can go full out at dance practice?
which is better dancers or cheerleaders?
Anybody excited for the Finale of So You Think You Can Dance?
What should I wear to my first ballet class?
How could I get to meet the performers of So You Think You Can Dance when they are in Toronto at the ACC?
Answer this its serious: Why do you love yourself?
How to gain a stronger wrist to break dance!?
How do I know what my full turnout is in ballet?
How to sew ballet shoes?
Anyone got any ideas for any 90's dance music?
How to overcome my doubt to join dance?
I need to get some good exercise this comming year so where can i find square dance lessons for singles?
Where can I find Custom made Orthotic Dance shoes for FLAT FEET?
Should I join this dance team?
Looking for a tango/hip-hop song for dance?
i have a question?
I am going to be 14 soon and I dont know what to do for my birthday, but I dont want like a dance party.?
Why do people hate on maddie ziegler on dance moms so much?
help!!! i need major help !!!!!?
Getting into "dubstep" dancing?
How long might it take to be this flexible?
How long have you been doing ballet, and how tall are you?
what is the name for a male ballet dancer?
Would you massage your friend's feet after dance class if she asked?
what type of dancing is your faorite?
What schools have the best jazz dance programs in college?
I need aCute dance bag? any suggestions?
I need some slow dance help .?
Does anyone know where i can do ballet in Anaheim?
How can I warm up quickly for Ballet?
This is bad, I've reached my limit for answering, Voting, and 3 more questions to go. . should I stop now?.
HELP!!!!!! BALLET!!! NEED HELP!!!!!Please.?
X-mas Dance help!!!!!?
how do i get plug ins out of safe mode on . dont download the new 8.0 it will mess yp your puter...
what is a cute tap song?
Is it too late for me to become a dancer at 26?
where can i buy a dancing pole for cheap?
Other bands that make good DANCE music like KASKADE?
Have you ever tried Pole Dancing? Do you think that you could make a living doing it?
I am looking for a Hip Hop or Urban adult dance class in Miami, FL, does anybody know what places i can look?
How can dance better?
Adult dance lessons around New Braunfels, TX?
Is anyone her straight edge because I'm a new one and like to learn more?
To gay male ballet dancers or to all ballet dancers?
The theme for my winter formal is techno tolo, any ideas?
i need help on hip hop dancing for an essay?
If you had a disagreement with your roommate & were invited to xmas dinner by her best friend , would you go?
Ahhhh dance help!! Sore muscles ?
i think i dont kno any thing in my whole life i want to learn more and more plz help me?
How do I get killer reflexes?
Is there any way I can learn how to do the splits?
Strip at home?
What are the hardest K-Pop dances to learn?
Does Ballet Keep You Fit ?
what should i say to someone who repeatedly keeps?
how do i fit legwarmers?
SPLITS!! help!!! how do you get them!!!?
Backwalkover help please?
what do you do when your friend tries to peer pressure you to go to a party but you can't ?
How long does it take to be able to do the splits?
Dancing - Who Else is a Dancer?
Check out this video and tell me if im a good dancer?
how to learn western dance in home?
What is your favourite indian dance?
Is there anywhere too learn dance moves too popular songs like single ladies...?
Where do you think the dancers from So You Think You Can Dance Tour 2008 Toronto will be signing autographs?
What is the best night club in Orlando on Fridays..?
Where could a group of women over 50 go to dance in a Saturday night?
What would be a good variation for me to compete?
Do you think reihanna or keyshia cole sing's better? me- keyshia cole. why?
Are there videos available featuring or including the dancer, Jorge Donne?
Anyone know the name of some of the dances in Hairspray?
What is the difference between Japanese Odori and Japanese Folk Dance?
I will be in Rome at the end of May. Any info about the best salsa clubs there?
what style of dance does BoA Kwon do?
from where should i learn only one dance step?
What is the best way to fix flat feet? My feet have no arch and I am a dancer! I need help!!?
You know you're a dancer when?
Fun music for slide, any genre, preferably instrumental...?»?
What city/state does DMX like to getaway to when he isn't in NYC?
What is a good outfit for a dance/cheer tryout?
iS MY BODY OK 4 BALLET? Am too fat or just right?
Is intermediate in RAD ballet equivalent to grade 6?
Which Dances Were Popular With The Elite In Imperial Russia?
What should I do to get prepared to become a cheerleader??
The grand finale for the DID Lil Masters is going to be held in Pune. Does anyone knows about the Venue?
How to hold a passé for at least 8 counts?
Song ideas for a lyrical dance with a mirror (any suggestions are welcome!)?
What are the best crumping videos available on ! music?
give me a list of kappa names?
What is a good dance song?
i started ballet this year and i was wondering how long does it take to get on pointe.?
what are the World Dance Styles?
where can i find local talent contest for my dance team?
Which is the easiest and the most difficult dance to learn?
how i can learn to dance very well.?
What made Isadora Duncan rebel against the traditional Ballet?
Any breakdancing or hardstyle teachers?
what are clubs for 18 year olds like?
Does anyone want to teach me to salsa? I live in Monmouth County NJ.?
Ballet bun for semi-short hair?
Is 30 min of ballet classes enough for a child of 5, considering I want she become a profissional later?
How can I keep smiling during my dance routine?
I am a DJ in Alaska, any good Hip Hop songs I DJ at a college dance?
DANCE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to get a Job as a Dancer!?
Ballet OR Not>advice soon please<3.?
how long has ballroom dancing been around?
what are the best excersises for.....?
what is the basic dance pattern for the tango?
Dance Moms Queries? Please help?
Songs ideas for a contemporary dance solo?
How can I get more confident when I dance?
kids dance class suggestions please?!?
Can I learn a round off back handspring into a split in 10 months ???!!!!?
I'm doing a contemporary dance solo this year, and need help finding a song!?
I am upset because my mom cant afford dance classes? How can i change her stupid mind?
Why does everybody say dance isn't a sport?
Good Ballet School in Indiana
How do you dance at a RAVE (GUY)?
ISTD vocational ballet?
Dance routinues???!!!?
I gave a lap dance to 13 year old boy?
Songs that make people cry?
any good songs 2 dance lyrical?
Describe your exprience with modern dance; how did it make you feel?
there is a guy i like but i can't find it in me to tell him my feelings,what should i do?
I want to learn how to hip hop dance can anyone help?
latin dance?
well i neeed help finding a school for salsa or tango?
What's a good song that girls and boys can dance to ?
" Don't Chaaaaa! ??" Just Love The Deep Wave (:?
Who framed Rager Rabbit ?
Ladies:You go to a dance,but the only shoes u can wear are high heels or bare feet,what do u choose?
i am trying to find the address of knocturnal a night club in miami or ft laudedale, florida?
Toetouch Question?
the dance of Haryana?
I just started Pointe(ballet) i need to strenghthen my feet what should i do?
How do you become an official or certified dance choreographer?
Song to dance to with 4 people?
How do these dance shoes work?!?
what is the size of ur brain?
where do i get good dance tutorials? (aside from youtube)?
are all professional dancers anorexic?
I didn't make the dance team, how do i cope?
Ok, is my strict dance teacher allowed to do this? This is really weird. Dancing girls, ballet girls only plez?
how can i learn to do a back hand spring?
Any body know where i can get the choreography for one of kaba moderns performances?
can i pole dance at a fire station?
ballet? worth the shot still?
DId you all know that jack sparrow's DAD is coming in the 3rd movie?
To: Dancers?
is this worth the money or not?
Does it damage your feet to dance on pointe?
May I have this dance?
dancers!- am i healthy???
School is starting in 4 weeks and I have Ballet, what can I do to "slim down"?
What should I do to ready myself for dance?
Ideas For A Dance Theme?
What should I expect from hip hop classes?
does anyone know how your arms are suppuse to be shaped like in 2nd postion in ballet please?
Do you like tap or jazz better?
Has anybody heard of the Collenette school of dancing before?
Where can i join a Chinese Lion Dance troupe in San Francisco?
Differences in ballet choreography?
What exactly is done when you get a lap dance from a female stripper? honest answers?
Where can I learn Jewish dancing?
do u no the muffin man?
A russian ballet dancer who defected to the west. Rudolf ?
where and how can download dance learning?
My son is 10 years old and wants to start in ballet, is this too late?
ballet in henderson?
Strong Dance College in New England?
Nipple shows through sports bra?
Are Irish step dancing dresses comfortable?
where can i buy children latin dance dress in singapore?
Ballet scholarship details.?
do you do the limbo?
can someone give me the different names of dancing. For instance there is the waltz, what are other dances?
Circus themed dance? HELP!?
Questions about CPYB year round course?
really easy answer? please help?
Does any one know how to Turf Dance?
Theme ideas for the Sadie Hawkins Dance!?
I have a question about dancewear?
calling all ballet dancers! your best/worst dance step.?
how to get flexible fast?
Hello, I Would Like To Know Do You People Have Any Cute Clown Costumes for a 14 year old Girl?
WHAT should i bring to my summer intensive dancers?
How to ask a guy to a dance?
Good song ideas for lyrical solo?
How do I keep balanced when turning?
What are soome dance themes?
How do you grind??? -please help?
time signature (rhythm) of Neo Tango or Nuevo Tango?
Good POINTE DANCING schools in coral springs?
Is it too late to????
explication between laser lights what is 4.5MW and what is 1W?
What is a good Hip Hop dance group?
How would you describe jazz, the form of dance?
can any one tell me about PAIPA (pradeep adwani's institute for the performing arts) in delhi?
HELP, I don't know what to do?
Best Dancer? Hip Hop, Dance?! HELP! ASAP Pleasee!?
What should I do go to my track meet or go to my cheerleading tryout practice!!!!?
What type of dance is the ol bamboo in chitty chitty bang bang?
Who is gonna win america's best dance crew!?!?
Do you think Chris Brown and Monique make a good couple?
I am debating whether or not of taking ballet. ?
Does belly dancing make calves bigger?
I have met someone that I like, but I do not know if he likes me, how do I find out?
Anybody wanna do the hokey pokey?
Im forming a dance group and i need flirty and sexy ideas for the name! any help?
Strippers HELP PLEASE?
Help! with the splits..?
How to improve my pointe work?
slow dance on the beach set up help <3?
Dancing styles for the movie Step up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(please answer)?
most embarassing/horrible thing happened to you onstage?
Is dance a sport?
Hey all you dance teachers and dancers out there, whats a good tap dance song???
Is it feminine to dance?
hi....are there any good dancing classes that teach tango in banglore?
What type of dance should I try?
Do ballerina's feet ever hurt from dancing?
What should I wear to the dance show?
What are soft toe pointe shoes?
Do you have to have your period before you go en pointe?
I can dance like the wind....should I tell my wife?
a dress for a lap dance!!!!?
What do you think of this dance team?? i would like honest opinions [[ videos included ]]?
Is there such a thing as a qualified lap dancer?
how to background of friendster?
At 14 am i too old to start ballet?
Are pole dancing classes offered to teens?
How many different kinds of dances do you know?
Dancing tips???
where can i find life partner .?
Do you agree that dancing is a Sport?
is there any easy kpop dance?
What's the dance move in this video?
Is it gay for a guy to want to learn how to river dance?
Do you think Abby Lee Miller (from dance moms) is to harsh on the girls?
How can I keep pointe shoes from slipping off of the heels?
how do you do the heel toe?
what should i do to be a stripper???
wat should i do?
How do you grind?
Can this girl dance or what?
how to do a front walkover?
Hip hop dance question?
How can I improve my strength in B-Boying?
If I ride a stationary bike will my thighs get bulky?
Alternative "Suicide Girls" type strip club in Houston?
Trying to teach myself to tap dance?
what type of pole was used for the 2010 international pole dance entries?
Are there any under 21 clubs in Indianapolis or surrounding areas?
basic hiphop/ breakdancing moves?
what is the meaning of dance?
what is a good pop song that makes you want to dance?
im starting a dance crew and we need i hot name . help??
What are the joggies maria wears in honey 2 in the dance scene with the 718 ??? ?
is 17years too old to start to dance? +selflearning, how to?
What is this dance move called?
Move up in dance classes. ?
i luv 2 dance and people think that i try 2 show off but i am just having fun. what should i do???????????????
Dancing problems? Teaching a white guy to dance?
What does use of centre mean in dance?
Is it too late to start taking dance lessons at 15?
Hey Im in charge of my school dance for a funraiser any ideas ?
Which Video should i use for my America's Got Talent audition?
anyone that lives in Seattle, WA. where's the parties at after summer jam?
Making a home dance studio?
Help I need some ideas?
are ballerinas usually tall or short?
For hip-hop class what shoes do you ware?
How can I dance/be sexy Like beyonce'?
ETT full form?
talladega nights was some lame trash. or was it just me??
What is this Samba Danceport song?
Where is a good place to go Salsa dancing in Seattle?
Pageant help??
how can I improve on my russian tilt?
What is better: to do Pilates before dance practice or after?
I am curious about a ballet i remember seeing on tv when i was really young, it had to be late 80's early 90's
Pole dancing classes in Newport?
im going the club i wanna be able to dance like everyone else (grind, shake etc) i need some advice! How2dance
do you think I'm an ok dancer?
How can you be a star?
what are the career options for those who take up arts from standard 11?
Should I go back into dance?
How many of you dance!!!!!!!!!!
question about headspins (BBOY)?
got anything on dancing?
when is khleo thomas cd coming out?
can anyone give me a site so i can learn how to stomp?
How far apart should me and my friend be when doing the nitori no uta dance. Info Below.?
krump killed breakdancer the breakdancers suppoesed to be so good why did they not win?
Dance song help please :]?
How to dance to Solja boy?
My pet monkey Hugo likes to do ballroom dancing with chickens, Is he gay?
Would you consider dance a sport?
Dance...weight issues.....help!?
Where to get Chachi Gonzales sweatpants?
Ever Danced in The rain?
were can i buy a removable strip pole for fitness?
Help with splits for dance?!?
Do you ever wave your hands in the air to show that you just don't care?
Is 22 years old..too old to start a ballet career?
Dance solo ideas for 8 year olds?
how much money does a choreographer/dancer makes?
What is the best school in US for ballet and pilates instructor that accept applicant above 30 years old?
what are some good songs for a girls hip hop/jazz class, ages 12-17?
Is it cool for a 18y.o. guy to want to become a salsa dancing instructor?
Why are Canadian men so reluctant to dance?
Can Anyone Suggest A Title For A Dance Involving An Author, An Old Crone And A Beautiful Princess? :D?
why are people distroying the world?
Who is you favorite choreographer?
What type of dancing should I take?
Are there any black owned dance schools in the West Palm Beach Area?
SYTYCD just isn't the same anymore?
Which of us is the better dancer?
My knees keep hyperextending when I try to dance using the cuban motion. Whenever I step to bend my knee and?
Is it too late for me to be a dancer?
A names for a dance group?
who is interested in dancing?
Is Irish Dancing Still Used Today?
estimate on how long it will take to get on pointe shoes?
i need hip hop music for a dance?
how to dance well please?
Ballet question????
Ideas for asking someone to Sadies Dance!?
Ballroom Dance Research help?
Over the summer i have a plan to get more flexible!! I NEED TIPS!! what stretches would you do??
Wat should I do 4 my birthday?
what are the requirements to join a high school pom squad?
what cartoon dance scene influenced pulp fiction dance?
Can a 14 year old learn ballet?
Du you agree with the way teenagers dance today??
Who do you want to win Americas Best Dance Crew?
Majorettes....what is a fancy strutt?
Good Songs To Dance To!?
Is 14 too old to start Ballet again?
hip hop dance classes in glasgow?
Does anyone know of a tap song that I could use for my tap trio?
where can I buy from a uk website a physical therapeutic training belt for dance?
What is the true definition of stunt dance?
How does dancing affect our lives?
Question for ladies??????????
When your at a club, how do you know if a girl wants to dance with you or not? Are there any signs ?
Am i to OLD to become a dancer?
Famous ballets by Peter Tchaikovsky?
If the history of the U.S. were interpreted by a dance, wouldn't it just be one big head stomp?
What type of shoes are used for Highland dance?
what are the names of some famous cha cha cha dancers?
What are you guys out there going to do 4 the weekend?
At what age do you apply for a pre-pro ballet school?
How does one become a good dancer?
What do you learn in level 1 gymnastics?
scope for classical dance?
Help with hip-hop?
what is abbervation of WIG?
I need song's about Paranoia or Schizophrenia?
What are some dance Studios in New York city; from breaking to house, to contemporary?
Questions about the splits?!?! (For Dance)?
Are there any good hip hop dance classes in Racine WI for ages 8-14?
Where can i find a dance class that teaches dance for club scene, young hip type stuff, in DC or VA?
how do you write a dance programme note?
Who is on Dancing with the Stars?
girls and guys i need your help!!!!?
Where can i find the Latin American Dancin classes in Ireland?
Aquarian, Gemini, Aries, Libra?
how you tackle the situation of the serious conditions.?
Does anyone have any tips on making my arms look more nicer/curvier (ballet) ?
I want to be a dancer..but will it still be possible if i am starting at 16 and have hardly any experience?
when is the right time to wear a tutu?
Where can I get Betamax videos transferred to DVD Disks and what would it cost?
Can I dance on a sprained foot if it's only one time for three sets of dances that are about two min's each?
I'm a sophomore in high school and i recently decided to be a cheerleader.?
any one no any proffesional dance classes in rhyl?
What is a good song for a groom and his mother to dance to?
What do you think about this sexy girl from Poland dancing dancehall?
Do these skills sound enough to be on a varsity drill team?
How do you view belly dancing--as an art form, or form of dirty dancing?
can anybody give me a link to a site that describes how to an ecuadorian dance?
hw help plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
i can't do the splits??!!?
Dance Song That Starts Off Quiet?
what is NLP about learning?
dance classes should i?
Loosening up for hip-hop dance?
does anyone know some site where u can learn to dance perfectly ?
I live on the south side of chicago is Harry Johnson on 8th and state a good intructor?
why do people think that dance is really easy when hello? u have to work ur butt off every day!!!?
GCSE Dance Group Choreography Music about alter egos?
What Are Demi Pointe Shoes?
breakdance step by step...how is that?whats your review?
Am i too old to start Ballet?
Ballet company audition?
Do you think i am a good dancer?
Should i take up dance?
Are there times that you suddenly feel like dancing?
How much does it cost to go to Cathedral academy in charleston sc?
Step it Up and Dance Song?
Am I too short for ballet? I am 13?
Where can a couple learn social dancing (swing, ballroom, two-step, etc) in nyc, preferably upper west side?
I need song ideas for my dance!?
What are different catagories of religious dance?
Soulja Boy Crank Em' Dance...WHO KNOWS HOW?!?
What are some moves for a Breakdance beginner?
i need problem fast now?
What do they call male ballerinas???
Questions about your ballet class!?
This question is for dancers please!?
How do i memorize my dance?
how old do you think a man has to be to be a man?
I need a ballet dance video?
ALL DANCERS: Will having extra belly fat decrease my ballet ability!?
are you dancing ?
I'm Mexican and I'm horrible at dancing :(?
Can we get some help with our 7th grade dance?
Mintchips 49: Please answer this question , ( I only want her to answer it but others are welcome)?
Am i too old to dance?
if you were to pick a part in a high school play which group would you be in ( chearleaders, jocks exc.)?
What's your favorite song(s) that you love to dance to?
How to get my centre splits?
how long will me and my boyfriend be together for?
Should I quit dancing?
What song would be best for a lyrical or jazz dance solo?
I'm shy to dance....and my friends tease me?
Today's dancing for guys?
Learn dance in Singapore??
Do you know where we can get any special nappytabs sweats ?
how do you do a wall flip?
what do flagline girls do?
how can i get flexible quickly?
what kind of strenches can i do before dancing merengue and regueton?
Simple street dance moves?
13: too late to start? (Dancing/ballet)?
For any dancers I just got toe shoes and was wondering if i sew the ribbons on the inside or the out?
Anyone know where i can take salsa lessons?Anyone talke salsa lessons thats a teen?
who likes the newest peter pan with jeremy sumpter?
Can i move his hands down when grinding...?
Is it too late to ask a girl to homecoming 3-4 days away from the dance?
What are some easy dance moves for a school dance?
Songs from Lady Ga Ga?
I havent been to ballet in a LONG time how can I prepare myself for next Thursday?
What would a good title be for a Marathon Dance raising money for Cancer?
Whats a good disney song for a Quinceanera?
What is the difference between shank sizes?
My best friend is fooling around with my wife. Should I mention it to them?
Dance audition management help...?
how can i acieve ultimate flexibility?
Trying to find a jazz solo song?
I would love to dance in the Edinburgh military tattoo next year - Does anyone know how to get involved?
I need a good dance song!?
What is the best instructional DVD for learning Ballet?
do singers get pay a lot of money?
what are some good step team sayings or mottos or something?
group pictures of So You Think You Can Dance top 10 ?
how do i know if my ex still likes me?
what kind of ballet leotard is better tank short sleeve, or long sleeve?
on which song did raghav (crocroaz) perform his slow motion dance during auditions?
How to be successful in life?
8th grade dance tonight?
songs you just HAVE to dance to?
What Should I Put In My Dance Bag?
whitch is the song that ya heard & after that ya felt like cryin???
Should I take jazz or tap dancing?
what is the name of the dance move?
is it okay for kids to pole dance, just for exercise?
Does anyone know where there are adult street dance classes in the Birmingham/Worcestershire area?
is anyone else devastated about SYTYCD tonight?
how does dance affect the human body?
Any ravers out there???
Need help with pirouettes?
What is the best ballet school in Asia - Australia?
I'm 13 years old and I wanna take dance lessons but I dont wanna get stuck dancing with a bunch of 6 yearsolds?
why do my feet hurt, on pointe?
dance school in bangalore?
Ballet for a little girl?
need a title for my dance!?
what is supplex and how does it make it different from other fabrics?
is Benjamin Millepied, Natalie Portman's fiance, bisexual?
Flamenco (dance) classes in Tennessee?
I want to find out about good Ballet Dance Classes in New Delhi,India?
Should I take ballet, Tap or Irish Step.?
Do point shoes give you bad blisters and bloody feet?
whats a good dance to choreograph a modern trio to?
theirs this guy i love so much but i dont know if he feels the same way about me.?
How is hip hop better than ballet?
What are some cool dance quotes?
Hip Hop dance world wide?
Do u guys know how to latino dance??
Every celebrity that hs been on dancing with the stars?
What R the steps to learn how to do the splits?
modern essentric songs?
What age do u hav to be to get pointe shoes.?
i REALY WANNAGO ON pointe! if i buy pointe shoes and my teacher hasnt told me im ready can i train by myself?
When should I start dancing en pointe?
Which is better? Ballet or Jazz?
Friend stealing the spotlight?
what are some sassy/attitude dance songs?
Are There Any Websites/Videos that teach how to do dancing like chris brown or something?
Does anyone like dance?
Did mellissa get voted off of Dancing With The Stars?
I need some help with my GCSE dance choreography Stimulius?
Can you "learn" basic gymnastic stunts for cheerleading tryouts as an adult & do WELL ??
NEED HELP!! Urgent!! (involves dance)?
Dance Choreograph Song?
any good name for an electro dance krew?
Overly emotional lyrical song that will bring the audience TO TEARS?
Suitable questions for a questionnaire about dance?
Highland Dancing?
whats free hmu ? please help?
Ballet dancers...what do you call....?
how do you make choreography?
becoming a professional dancer?
Is it ok to dance if you are a horrible dancer?
I want to hire a private dancer for a bachelor party who should I call?
Whats a good song to dance to?
Who is supposed to have been the first dancer of the "pyrrhic dance"?
does anyone know any good belly dance classes near south san francisco?
Where can I go to learn 1960s dances?
i am 25 i really would like to train to be a professional ballet dancer.am i too old?
Dance teacher here, Theme is "seasons". Song ideas please!?
Would you dance,if I asked you to dance ?
Age to start ballet?
Can you do the fandango. ?
How do you freak dance? or grind?
Why do I keep feeling sick at dance class?
I don't know what to do......can anyone help me?
My Picture?
can anyone please show me how to do the moonwalk?i know what im doing but it all seems wrong when i do it?
i will be joining ballet soon any tips on how i can get ready for my first day?... on like how to stretch.?
what are good songs to dance to?
a pointe/ballet question- how do i get over my box in open 4th position?
How do you become more flexible?
Dance Recital?
How do you dance to Britney's new song "Gimme More"?
what are websites that teach online dancing steps?
what is the title of the songs that says I've got the money you've got the party?
what should i get my daughter's dance teacher for christmas?
can you juke other peps if you got a boy friend and yall go to a party?
Do Korean Groups make up their own dance or do they have a dance teacher that teaches them how to dance?
Breakdance:I cant feel my legs while doing powermoves.HELP!?
bollywood dancing, where do u learn?
Some question about break dancing?
On-floor acts that cost partners?
what do you need to go into pointe?
I need help with music for dances?
Pray Madam, Wilt thou dance with me? I have the urge to flirt with thee.?
Gosh she's making me mad!?
Why Do You Dance?
Dancing with girls in the club?
Can I still start ballet at 15?
Ballet? Need Some Help?
what is the best kind of pointe shoe for a giselle foot?
anyone! going to starpower??
Is dancing a sport?!?
Now that...........?
hip hop dance. Creating your own moves?
Can i start ballet at age 14?
I want to do a suprise dance for my quince but i dont know what to do any ideas?
How to get a better straddle?
HELP!!!!!! Need some techniques for dancing at Snowcoming?
Comment my breakdancing! [Vid included]?
Girls, how do u give a good lapdance? Boys, what do you like in a lapdance?
How to avoid blisters from dance.?
does anybody know any cool dance songs for a surprise dance for a 15 party ?
Any break dancing schools/clubs around Glasgow?
Good dance songs by The Black Keys and The Beatles?
where can I take salsa dancing lessons in the Denver area?
What is wrong with guys wanting learn Salsa dancing?
I Want To Learn How To Do The Splits And Other Dance/ Gymnastic Type Stuff?
Can a boy wear a girls leotard for ballet?
I love to dance in the dark by myself alone... Do you?
What are some good clubs or dance places for kids that are good?
How come black girls can dance so good?
What grade for pointe?
what should i wear to contemporary dance class?
Songs for a dance partY?
What is the Origin of Kathakali ?
Dance team Boots/Shoes?
Can u do the macarena?
are there any places in Rhode island for teens to go out?
quinceanera performances?
What are some simple moves to start off with Bboying ?
How to improve ankle and foot strength, and balance for ballet?
Dance help....from true dancers?
How do you twerk ( a booty dance)?
What's the difference between Jazz and Tap ?
Dance Competitions!!!!! Witch one is your fave????
ice skating?
Is jesse Mccartnet hot?
Does is take a long time to learn how to do a split?
What song is this linedance to??
What can I do about breaking pointe shoes down too fast???
What do you think about Cali style shuffle?
Is it possible to learn the splits in a week and a couple of days?
What is a male ballet dancer called?
What are the different types of chinese dance??????????????
Would you rate this Salsa performance?
How??? how?? How!!!!!?
Why do the all-blacks dance the haka before their matches?
What is a good Belly Dancing Instructional DVD?
Is it wrong for a guy to do ballet?
Tap dance beginner? Please help me :S?
How is this woman tshirt called?
How to improve my pirouettes?
can u dance country?
is there any costumes rental for tango dance performance(male and female) within the budget $80 in singapore?
Song heard in express?
dance lessons!?
Curacao Salsa? How is it different from Cuban and other popular salsa dance?
Are you flat-footed? ?
I'm starting to feel a little intimidated?
Are there strippers in the north pole or even alaska? I mean wouldnt they get cold?
whats a good website to watch a free instructional video on how to dance to hip pop?
why is that female ballroom dancers shoes rarely match their costumes?
Can you tell me what you think??? Dancing.?
What is your favorite So You Think You Can Dance routine?
i need help to find an old flamenco song..?
Does anyone know of any places that offer cheap dance classes?
pointe shoes and blisters?
want to know the details of cosmic posture of lord shiva?
will i go to dance class yes or no?
Why can't I get my middle splits?
Where should I take contemporary dance in NYC?
Looking for beginner level salsa lessons in Central NJ, any ideas ?
Should I try out for cheerleading next year?
I Need to find a belly dancing teacher?
Where can I take a hip-hop dance class near Tiverton, RI?
Where can a couple go to learn swing dancing and does not cost to much?
what do they call a man ballerina?
Do you think its hard to start a dance team or step team at a school your new too?
I'm taking a pole dance class and my thighs are covered in bruises. Will I always bruise or will this go away?
I'm looking for a modern dance troupe sounds like Pellugala,maybe really cool costumes?
help i need tips for the dance ! all boys?
Am I too old to start Ballet?
I have a dance recital, concert. WHAT DO I BRING!?
Where in the Toronto GTA can I go for Salsa dance classes?
Anyone who is good at dancing?
What do girls think of strangers who slap there a*s on the dance floor?
Do I have talent If i Sort Of dance Like Michael Jackson?
does any one know when belly dancers began?
What can I do to learn how to dance?
Should I take up Lindy Hop?
Does anybody know any good break dancing schools in Florida?
Can I go en pointe in two years?
Can i start dance at age 13?
any tips please?
how tall do you have to be to be a disney dancer?
Belly Dancing - Possible to learn from a DVD...? Harmful/Dangerous?
How likely is this (details inside)?
How can i get over on the box (make the platform flush to the floor) of my pointe shoe?
jobs for a thirteen year old apart from paper round?
How do you grind?
What age should a child start point?
How Do You heel-toe??
will shoe cream destroy my ballet shoes?
why do ballerinas have to wear their hair in a bun?
pop dancing dvd's?
Beginners Ballet training/stretches?
Stereotype of male ballet dancers....why?
who thinks erin carter is hot?
do you think that ball-room dancing is just for girls?
Should I take singing lessons or dance lessons?
Which model of Russian Pointes do I have?
how can i dance cool ?
What does the Royal Ballet School look for in their students?
how do i get joined to orkut?
Who is your favorite dancer on "So You Think You Can Dance" (2008)?
Was this middle age woman wanting to dance with me?
what dance classes do you take?!?
I am trying to write a critical review for a dance perfomance?
Snapping muscle in my hamstring?
How can I make the Cheerleading team?
What is a good modern dance song for two girls?
I want to know all you know about Dance?!?
what do i wear to my homecoming dance?
What To Keep In My Ballet Bag For Class?
Are there any dance studios in Dusseldorf, Germany?
What are some good stretches for learning how to do the splits?
How long is The Nuter Ballet. I will be watching the ballet in Cincinnati, OH?
Who sings in the shower or dance in the bathroom?
where can i buy??
First HighSchool Dance?
Ballet Dance Audition in Months! , Health I need help now! (dieting help)?
How do you walk during the waltz?
what classical ballet variations do you think is best for me?
If you could kill someone and no one would ever find out it was you, would you do it?
what are foreign dances?
my bf polish and im african american how would his family act towards meeting me?
What are some dance moves from before the 2000's?