Help! Ballet slipper question?
question for the ballet dancers out there?
how to cript walk?
harry potter?
Stage Presence Question?
break it breakers?
Salsa dancing, swopping partners?
What should I wear to my dance audition?
What exactly IS a wall of death, because i THINK ive seen one but im not sure?!?
my school dance is in 3 weeks and my boyfriend has a walking boot?
can someone from brazil tell me about the dances in brazil?
I wanna start dancing,but where do i start?
how to dance at homecoming, etc?
LOVE by nat king cole dance moves?
Teaching method used at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy?
If I start ballet at 13 and i work hard would i be able to do a en pointe eventually?
Ballet ankle problems- HELP!?
Should I start ballet dancing even though I am overweight?
how do you get a account ?
Safety in dance- what to wear?
what is a good song for a dark dance solo?
how do you do the rain dance?
Do ballerina's feet ever hurt from dancing?
Dance studio slogan ideas?
any belly dancing classes in andheri, bandra????
Questions about Salsa Dancing?
Why do strippers shake their azz like that?
How to turn a belly dance song into solo?
How do you do the dance move top rock?
anyone know a good hip hop song for dance?
how do you coreograph?
How do I ask for a dance - ballroom?
I want Choreograph Dances, how do I start at my age/small city?
Which of the following is NOT one of the four types of lead in ballroom dance?
Sport/ dance in which girls toss and catch a ball while dancing?
i want to dance en pointe...?
May I have.. this dance?
Whats the base word for dance?
Ideas for Swing Dancing outfits??
I'm 15 is it too late to learn ballet?
how long does it takes to learn bhangra perfectly?
What do you think of our ballet?
Dance peformance? HELP!?
Father Daughter Dance Songs 2011?
Anybody wanna do the hokey pokey?
Bellydancing... cool or slutty?
is god real/?>???????????????
What's the dance to Dubstep?
Ballet Dancers: Is it easy to learn ballet?
Is there any dance instructor that can give me dance lessons?
I can't decide which class to take next year?
wanna learn some dance moves?
Dance Company Songs ? Title And Artists ?
How do i get my splits?
quick i need help with this!?
How do you prepare for Regional Chhattisgarhi Dance as a bride?
How to become a dancer?
Hair for Ballet & uniform (GIRLS ONLY)?
Describe your exprience with modern dance; how did it make you feel?
How do I make a ballet bun stay in place?
what do they call a man ballerina?
Ballet school for an 11 year old?
How to balance 7 dance classes with homework?
What do you think of boys tap dancing?
where is there a break dance shcool?
which are the 'very famous ' dances is spain? name 10?
Dancing question. How much space is needed for the X Pole? To do spins, moves, floor work etc?
(FIXED LINKS!) (EASIEST POINTS!!!) Who should have won?
I want to be a St Louis Rams Cheerleader, and I need help!!!?
What are some songs talking about the world?
On Dance Moms, Did Chloe get a scholarship to Joffery's Summer Intensive?
What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage?
How long does it take you to be good en pointe?
where can i find girst to dance in my club?
Please help me! I need extremely fast dance moves!?
mom making me start ballet classes with my sisters, teacher questions?
Looking for software for my dance competition?
Help perfecting right splits!?
Im 14, I want to dance contemporary by I need an alternative to classes??
who can dance better?
Is dancing a sport?
practicing an illusion & turning C leaps.. tips & feedback please? :)?
why sis bow wow and ciara brake up?
What are the common terms and steps in folk dance?
Is this a good dancer?
what comes first in cheering (choreography)? the routine or the music?
what is a good song for contemporary dance or wadeva the spelling is...?
what kind of dances do you enjoy??
Is dance a sport???
i cant get my single or pop toss down in colorguard.....any suggestions?
What are some GOOD recent samba songs to dance to?
Am I too old to take ballet lessons?
how to do pirouettes in shoes?
What are some good stretches to work on back flexibility?
Whats The 3 Things You Wish You Can Do?
ow do i gain more self confidence? is it ok to be embarrassed every once in a while?
pointe shoes?
Whats a dance to go with Cant touch this MC hammer For a dance off :)?
Asian dance classes?
i want to learn how to break dance.Any help plzz and i want a nickname to suit me as a break dancer?
How can I get my dancing noticed?
what should i keep in my dance bag?
Learning how to dance to dubstep?
i'm a bit shy to be a stripper, ladies i need ur help.?
What do you know about Ponung Dance?
I am going for a Scholarship Audition in May any good TAP songs to dance to?
Are there any websites that show you how to tango?
What do I need in a cv for dance?
I like to go to dances but...?
does anyone know the best cumbia/salsa/merengue mixes?
Dance studios in sgv california?
What's a good song to choreograph a modern dance to?
Who won in "So you think you can dance"?
why is it important to warm-up before dancing?
How can I do a needle?(in dance\cheerleading)?
Does anyone know ways to become more flexible without hurting yourself?
does anyone know how to do the tango with a mix of rap?
How do I know if I am talented at ballet or not?
Dance Project/Performing Arts?
Which is better for me dance or gymnastics?
who is Memo Negra?
Im 19 years old and want to be a pole/lap dancer?
What dance(s) of the 19th/early 20th century in Europe and/or America does this description apply to?
What were the scores for dancing with the stars(April 28 2008)?
I am in need of help!?
Whats a good song for this trio?
Do you consider Dance a sport?
Ballet Tips ?
ballet apperal?
Ballet dancers! Do you use tampons?
Hip hop or Ballet? :) suggestions?
Tap dance outfit idea?
Dance Duffle Bag Help?
Good father/daughter slow dancing songs for a sweet 16?
What is the best way get my body back in shape for Dance?
What are the Mario Vazquez Lyrics?
What should I name my new dance studio?
im in bandfront(colorgaurd) i was wondering what songs i should dance to?
Music video dance auditions?
What is your favorite dance?
Am i to old to start ballet?
if ur boy/girl friend cheated on u what will u do?
Does anyone know of any good dance nightclubs in Sydney?
to old to dance?--help?
Indian dance classes in NYC?
what kind of ballet leotard is better tank short sleeve, or long sleeve?
What helps to break in toe (or pointe) ballet shoes?
good dancer = good in bed?
What do you think of Psy as an artist ?
swing dancing questions
my 5 yr old wants to learn how to break dance?
Dance leotard question?
What kind of dancing is in K-Pop or J-Pop music videos?
like to dance?
how can i be more flexible?
How do i get my arch better?!? Really, my whole foot to be stronger and more flexible for ballet...?
Do you know the Cariñosa Dance steps?
whats "cocking" in a bboy battle?
Celtic Rock : Spirit Of The Dance?
How do you dance at a high school dance?
I am looking for my old friend his name is Mohand sharaf aldeed?
continued from bottom part..i still like him alot but we like haven't talked on the fone for 3 days..call him?
Help with Changements?
Help to choreograph this song?
what do guys like more a really outgoing girl that just goes out 2 have fun, or a girl that doesnt talk much?
Am I gonna do dancing in P.E.?
why do i feel this way in dance class?
What is you're fave kind of dance.?
is 26 to old to start tap dancing ?
How can I improve my pointe?
Which one of these songs should I choreograph a dance to?
I'm a stepmaster for unmotivated boys . How do I get them motivated?
What are sone cool saying shirts can say for cheerleaders for football season?
is there any way to get less injuries from floorwork in dance class?
Dance Team, Poms, Technicals question?
am i too old to start ballet?
Sharp toenails!!?
Where to find someone to teach me a unique Choreograph for a song?
How is the best way to ask a guy to a dance?
would anyone in here be willing to teach me how to perform "erotic dance"?
Good dance moves?
how to dance at parties?
I really want to be a cheerleader but I'm not that flexible..?
belly dancing?
What is the name of gym class heroes video where there dancing and theres lots of girls a?
Does anyone know a great website which explains, Jazz dance, "Big Apple" steps?
I really want to join a yoga class but I'm nervous?
I'm a choreographer and i have big breast and when i dance my breast move alot, is there a bra that would help
Should/Can I Do Ballet?
Have question on how to MOON WALK?....Want to learn... TELL ME HOW?
help with dancing?
What RAD grade would I most likely fit into?
What clothing do you need for ballet lessons?
how did u become a great dance?
New girlfriend likes to dance, I don't know how?
I'm looking for a pole dancing instructor in Nottinghamshire, does anybody know anyone, thanks x?
where can i take classes of ballet in nanjing, china?
Strip Clubs pricing?
how do you become flexible ?
My Daughter Wants to Dance?
Where can I find a very small but powerful light source for a disco ball?
can you lose to much weight dancing?
where can i get free downloads of irish dance music solos and set dances? please?
Sylvie Guillem . Can you name the performance ?
Falling out of turns. help please!?
What style was George Sampson dancing in and could girls dance like that?
Whats a gymnastics thats close to shellharbour?
Belly Dancing and Pharaohs?
Is it hard to take 2 dance classes at once?
How do I grind? I'm a girl by the way.?
In the cha cha slide how do you do the cha-cha slide, charlie brown and the go to work?
what are some really fun songs to dance to?
Contemporary Dance Song Help!?
Rock music to dance to?
I need sum good songs for dancin.!!!?
Am I too old to do ballet..?
Can Someone Please Come Up With A List Of Popular Dance Songs?
What should i wear to the dance!?
Who's a better dancer?
who can dance?
In YOUR opinion What are the TOP 5 or TOP 10 Dance Sdchools in your area.?
What are the best dance clubs and lounges in San Jose (California)?
nuter ballet!?
Is fourteen too old to start dancing?
is there any indian dance lesons in conneticut and i could have a address of it or number of it please?
Should I rejoin dance?
burlesque dance class los angeles area?
In Ballet (dance) levels, whats the difference between Grade 1 and Junior division 1 and which one is higher?
How do i do the moonwalk?
wat are good simple ideas for a costume dance?
Can you give me songs for a trio?
Any dance studios in Ontario, California that teach hip hop?
Are Bloch Pointe shoes and slippers the same size?
What kind of dance should a kid 10-15 do that is challenging.?
When do you have the father daughter dance at a sweet 16?
Is this good for a 13 year old dancer?
Ladies, how do you learn how to dance sexy in the clubs?
Are there any latin dances one could do alone?
What is the best way to start to learn to dance (ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, etc) in your teenage years?
what type of dance is it?
If i am 15 years old am i too old to start ballet?
What do ballerinas use abs for?
First day back??!!!!?
middle splits problems?
Are there any good places to attend with good hiphop dance training? In the midwest???
So you think you can dance (SYTYCD)?
What song....?
Is 13 too old to start ballet?
GIRLS: what do you think of male ballet dancers?
Why are my boobs small???? guys/ girls plz answer?
Lyrical prop song ideas?
Please suggess some song to dance after marriage in ladies sangeet.i am not perfect dancer.?
My dance team isn't ready for competition?
What are some elements of swing dancing?
What do you think of popping?
When should I stop visiting this place?
Talking My Mom into Letting Me Take Hip Hop?
Ballet! Is it safe to practice "pointe" with no shoes?
i want to do competition dance?
Where can I find a list of performing arts colleges?
Should I take Ballet and Jazz, or Jazz and Hip Hop?
My dance team needs so badass nicknames for us girls..?
Are there belly dance instructors in cebu?
How to do a toe rise?
I need moves for the song one step at a time?by Jordan sparks?
How far apart should me and my friend be when doing the nitori no uta dance. Info Below.?
Dance Help?!?!?!?!?!?
How does bellydancing help your figure?
What is the point of being a professional dancer?
TEENAGERS. im embarrased to dance at dances but i still want to. what should i do or how should i dance?
what is the system of documenting dance that is named after its inventors, Joan and Rudolph B?????
What to expect at a Rockette Master Class?
can someone help me learn how to rave? (glowsticking, liquid, etc.)?
what are the ballet shoes called with hard toe and ribbons?
How do you improve your salsa skills?
What dance classes should i take?
Belly Dancers!!?
how do u get a myspace page?
Meaning of hip hop ?
Good duranguence songs for a quinceanera vals?
How do i learn how to do hip hop style dance?
What are some good ballet intensives that dont require pointe?
Mohiniattam costme for a boy?
ISTD Modern Grade 5 Tendus and Isolations?
Is it too late to learn ballet?
can you get pregnant from 'dirty dancing'?
New to dace, what should i take?
Help getting over fear of falling in dance?
Why is Strictly Come Dancing So Called?
How many of you can do this body trick?
Where can I take breakdancing lessons in Tampa, FL?
Ballet magazine subscriptions?
What to wear to a 8th grade dance?
Good Striptease/ Lap Dance Music?
Do people ever dance even if theres no music playing?
Can you name me some good Cheerdancing songs? thanks?
How can i fix my arms in dance?
what are basic contemporary dance moves?
I need to get my splits !?
What is the sexiest form of dance?
Where in Birmingham can I get arts related work experience?
Age range for rockette summer intensive?
How to be like Brooke Hyland from Dance Moms?;)?
how to learn to count beats for drill team auditions in a month. help, any drill (dance)team advice?
Does anyone know of good dance songs?
Help w/ the stripping please!?
Ballet Question???????
How to raise leg height?
how can i get my splits? i a few months but i want to get them sooner.?
can anyone tell me names of modern dance teachers in pune city?
hip hop dance classes in toronto?
Do I practice to much?
How to dance at a semi?
Cirque du Soleil?????
Wedding first dance - What dance goes to Keb Mo - Shave Yo Legs?
When can you call yourself a dancer?
Your school's Drill/ Dance Team?
How can I touch my toes?
How much ballroom dancing experience do you need to compete well?
Would it be lame to make a tutorial vid if?
anybody out there who knows the emai address of "dude"?
I want to learn how to breakdance, what how-to dvd is the best for beginners?
Tap Dance Help?
How much junk do you need in da trunk, too feel da funk?
who else thinks that ballroom dancing and hip hop should be joined togther?
I'm 15 and I want to start taking dance classes?
Do You Have To Be Able To Do The Splits In Order To Ballet?
What stretches to do to become more flexible?
I want the list of western dance classes in kolkata?
What does dance mean to you?
Am I a "studio hopper"? ?
Can I eat tap shoes?
What should I wear tomorrow for dance?
Should I try out for this dance team?
Does any one know how to to the Cleveland Shuffle?
will I be able to learn, teach, and practice these dances by the end of june?
whats the hot dance in rap and r@b?
Can you give me some ideas on jobs around this subject?
Where is a good dance studio where she can learn to dance?
Name for my multicultural dance studio?
Ankle troubles - ballet?
How to memorize a ballet combination IN CLASS?
ok what beliefs and values does the dance cha cha have?
I WANNA DANCE!!! but should i?
Any body know where i can get the choreography for one of kaba moderns performances?
How long should a guy date a girl until he asks her to do a strip dance for him?
Awesome songs To Dance to!!!!!!!!!!!?
Would you grind with me?
im tryin to start a dance club at my skool dat has to with hip-hop. Does anyone know any good dance steps/move
Im 16 and i did ballet when i was 3 until i was 6. my friends think i should take it back p and id love to but?
does anyone know any celebrities who irish danced?
i have a question?
kitri variation (don quixote) act 3 ?
what year was Margaret Ruthven Lang born and what year did she die in?
I want to do ballet again and?
Balroom dancing tips PLEASE?
Cud anyone tell me some good sites for free dance learning?
Experienced dancers, how do you use foot-undeez?
what are some good salsa or cha cha cha songs?
How do I make my needle/scorpion better?
Can you use YMCA dance studio eventhough your not with the class?
Am I good enough to get into the royal ballet school?
How is left on ABC's Dancing with the Stars?
didn't make the dance team?
the best 3" character dance shoes?
Is there any way I can find out how to pole dance (non-erotic)?
Dance Schools in Delhi not classical but Salsa, bollywood, ball etc..?
Advice for a beginning exotic dancer?
what is salsa and where can i learn it in delhi?
exercises to do on pointe over christmas?
Should I try Freed's?
how many ballet classes should i be taking a week at age 15 if i want to become a prima ballerina?
Is 13 to late to start Ballet?
Will ballet turn my son gay?
Singing classes adress in pune?
At 14 am i too old to start ballet?
2010 dancing with the stars winner?
how many days of dance is too much??
what kinda dancing should i chose to start?
Who are some amazing, well known ballet dancers?
what is the best stripper pole to buy for your house?
where can i find an online video on "punta" dancing?
Dance exam and school problem !!!!?
takeing up ballet at 16??
"So You Think You Can Dance" Travis Wall?
I'm going to L.A. in 2 weeks and I wanted to know if anybody knew if there are any good night clubs in L.A.?
What do you think of this dance I'm choreographing?
Dance/drill team questions?
Opinions on men and tights?
I like to go dancing with the queen at (352) 8703130 dance?
what age do you have to be to get into nightclubs?
recently made dance team. tips to improve the following;?
does ANYONE know of a good dance school???
How do you three quarter your shank for pointe?
right leg cramps while doing my right split?
what is wrong with me??!!?
I want to get more flexible...?
Name the best 2nd and 3rd place male dancer of all time.... (John Travolta is number one hands down.)........?
DANCERS: what is this called?
What exercises should I do for breakdancing?
What is this dance? 10 Points.?
why isint Ballet listed as a sport?
what kind of a man should i date?
what is this Breakdancing move called?
BLOCH Prolite ll shoes for Beginner ballet?
who sings turnin out the the lights its a techno song?
When you are at a Homecoming Dance and your jeans rip while dancing, what do you do?
What's a fun song to dance to (easy 10 points)?
Taking ballet twice a week...?
What is the difference between these styles of dance?
Salsa or Merengue??????
Dance recital help?!?!?
how to teach yourself ballet?
does dying hurt? if u get run over by a truck, do u have time to feel any pain before u die?
having a dance sleepover?
Who is your favorite couple in Dancing with the Stars?
What are some good song ideas for a solo lyrical routine?
is there a website to make hardstyle music?
Knees hurting From Ballet..... Anyone Know Why?
MASQUERADE party EXPERTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why can't I do 2 things at 1 time? [dancing]?
is dancing a sport or does it just fall under entertainment or acivities?
Am I too old to start dance?
HELP ME PLEASE!! i keep traveling when i do fouettes!i don't know how to fix it?
Is Belly dancing ok for me?
What kinds of stretching would help to get a higher aerobesque?
should i join ballet?
How is the view from the third ring of NYC Ballet at Lincoln Center?
i have been doing ballet?
passed down pointe shoes?
Ideas for a Sadies Safari theme dance?
Are there any good dance studios in southeast louisiana???
Does being a weak ballerina make me a bad dancer?
Please explain clogging to me!!!?
Im 13 and i would like to learn ballet. i have no dance background but i do have a grade 8 music background.?
What is the most difficult thing about dancing ballet?
Looking for a song that one can dance to using the electric slide dance. It has been in many movies. Ideas?
Belly Dancing?
Why do you need music to dance?
what are the steps of the philippine folk dance named sampaguita?
Where and why did the " ladies go dancing...." ?
Do guys like it when girls wear cute dancewear?
Why can't I dance?
is it too late to start jazz/tap im 14? and acro?
Is hip-hop dancing hard or easy because i am taking classes soon?
I have terrible balance when it comes to ballet and yoga. How can I improve my balance?
Does anyone have the presale password for So You Think You Can Dance toronto show?
best country for living?
are there any ballet/dancing films??that are good?
What's this dance called?
When did going nude on stage became legal in America?
What are some kpop partner dances?
Themes and songs for dance recital?
is there a general dance class?
Does anyone know where I can find the New York Hustle?
how do u do the tango?
I need a jazz and a contemporary song for dancing?!?
Soulja Boy Dance?
Good Dance/hip hop classes in nyc?
What to expect at level 5 gymnastics, what will I learn new?
Dance studios? thank you!:)?
how can i remove a ping pong ball that got stuck in my ......?
What is the difference between these two ballet classes?
Why are Canadian men so reluctant to dance?
how to dance with my girlfriend at the club?
HELP! Got any advice on how to stop my school from suspending all dances?
Do you tap? If so how long?
What name do you like better? Kayla or Shelby?
What flooring should be used for ballet?
I need to find ballroom dance shoes to fit narrow feet and am having no luck, any suggestions on sizes?
cheerleading tryout tips and advice?
Poem or quote about body getting younger but mind getting older...?
Which is easier pointing in pre arched pointe shoes or non pre arched shoes?
I need help with my right leg and center split?
Any body know where i can get the choreography for one of kaba moderns performances?
Are high top Nike blazers good shoes to dance in?
What are some slow hindi songs for couples to dance to? Any ideas???
Ideas for a preschool tumbling dance?
I want to start dance classes, but I'm scared of what people will think.?
a few questions about dance clubs?
Ballet! why am i weak on pointe?
Can you get cysts on your feet from dance?
Can you dance well?
if ur boy/girl friend cheated on u what will u do?
How to find ballet models?
how do i download m messenger?
Dancing videos......?
Which leotard do you like the best??? *PICS INCLUDED*?
NEW hip-hop line dance please help me!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to dance to PORNSTEP?
Stretches and exercising for dancers?
dancers!! help with my scorpion!?
why are people distroying the world?
What is the most popular dance?
Where can i learn ballroom dancing in Pune?
can i know names of dance institutes in secunderabad?
too old for ballet??
What is the fastest a beginner in ballet can get to pointe?
where can i buy a cheap studio to dance?
is it to late?
I've been trying to learn to dance, But I just CAN'T?
What is the point of dancing? (I have my own opinion, this is somewhat of a survey question)?
learn how to dance? :(?
I need tips on dancing, please?
any good tips on how to land a jete?
I am looking for some instrumental music that represents war, can anyone help?
Hi I'm 15 i want to be a ballerina im kinda fat and dont want to be laughed at when i ask for lessons, help?
Aerobic Dance Routine Help?
Dance recital: not allowed to wear bra...how will I do it?
How long does it usually take for a beginner to learn to body roll/ hip roll/ twerk?
Dancing the foxtrot and the quickstep?
reasonable priced dance lessons / classes in queens new york?
Can I still do ballet?
I am doing a survey so can you please answer this question?
Lyrical Dancing? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
Is this dance teacher a lesbian?
my ballet teacher is playing favorites :(?
If i join dance again will i lose weight?
invited to gala, and unable to dance?
How can I get my old dance teacher to allow me to start back again at her school?
Does any one know the name of this club/ family reunion dance song ?!?!?
Tryouts for my high school dance team are in March, & I'm not flexible what so ever!?
Where can i learn to Dance ! Like John Travolter ?
where can i find some of the best leotards and who are the makers?
i need a popular song with a "cha cha cha" genre?
what is a good dance studio around me?
I wanna be a dancer ?
Can you tell me about some good dance school/studios for adults in South Bangalore?
Too late to dance??
I need to get more Flexible!?
How do you clean Latin Ballroom shoes?
i need a dance choreographer for my quince ASAP!!!!!!?
What were popular 50s/60s songs that were fun to dance to?
Are there ballroom dancing classes for the teenagers ?
Does being in ballet give you a flat ***?
how can i stengthen my feet for pointe?
Am I too fat to take ballet?
dance steps for 4yr olds?
What do you thinks about my dance?
Does anybody know where I can join a street dancing class for people over the age of 30.?
Where can I buy resaonable priced ballroom dancing shoes in Northern New Jersey?
Dance Studios in Atlanta or San Antonio?
What gift does the candide fairy bless baby aurora in the sleeping beauty ballet?
HELLLPPP!! 10 easy poiinntss! Need to know um like NOW!?
Don't you agree that these guys dancing in this video are better than the jabbawockeez?
There are eleven eleven people dancing how many are left?
Breakdance question help please?
Good gift idea for dance teacher?
What is the meaning of DIRECTION in dance terms?
How can I become a better dancer quickly?
How to do the splits?
Could you do a contemporary solo to Gravity by Sara Bareilles?
am i too old for feis?
what is the piece of music with car sounds in it?
Does anyone know ( or know of a website on ) what are the hot dance clubs in New York City?
What does cheese mean in hip hop?
backwalk over help?
Professional Pointe shoe question!!!?
Lyrical Dancing? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
What is a good dance studio name?
What are some good dance songs?
Does anyone here like Tecktonik/Electro Dance or Shuffling (dancing)?
Any good dance duet songs for 2 teenagers to show off personality?
is highly commended a good mark on a vaganova style ballet exam?
not really dance but, what is the best way to get ready/ prepare for cheerleading try-outs???
Who wants to collaborate whit me and make beats whit Fl Studio?
Close embrace in tango vs. slow dance?
Am I too old and fat to learn ballet?
dont know what to do ballet or gymnastics?
My dad hates dancing and I love it. How can I talk to my dad to let me take dance lessons?
Who was eliminated tonight from Dancing with The Stars?
Where can i buy grey dance pants (NOT ONLINE !!! )?
Would you dance like Demi in Striptease ?
What is the song from the just dance 3 commercial?
How do you know if your a true dancer?
what do u think of my pro breakdance moves? [Vid included]
How expensive are dance lessons?
songs for dance routine?
how can i get into dance therapy?
What is it like doing ballet?
How do I start a church drill team?
Does anyone think it's strange or unusual for a black girl to do ballet??
where in mumbai can i find ballet classes??
Does anyone think this is stupid?
were are the clubs in Egypt?
How noticeable is it when someone doesnt know how to dance?
I'm about to take dance class for the very first time, which style should I take?
i dont know what to call this question...?
what kind of dance is this, i want to learn how to dance like this.?
What is the song called where there is a funny dance to it?
Where can you buy High School Musical 3 cheerleading outfits?
What are some club moves/rolls i can do with scoliosis?
What are some good NEW dance songs?
I will have to audition for Modern Dance, what will the technique class consist of??
splits!!! need help fast desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can flexible dancers become unflexible?
Going to this dance with this girl and im very nervous and worried?
what part of the body do you need to dance?
What is a good weight for a dancer?
how to get my dance teacher/choreographer to give me a part?
looking for video advertised TV Sun. 10/29 12 PM - 2:00 PM. was learn latin dances by 4 pros dancing w star?
Can I paint ballet shoes?
If I'm 23, what can I do with ballet or jazz?
Dfw area gymnastics for beginner teens-between lake highlands dallas and irving?
Is this how you freestyle (read description?
How can I improve my flexibility?
Will my foot be the same ever again? (Ballet)?
How to become a better ballerina?
any reggaee/ hip hop clubs in orlando?
Do anyone think a 68yr old should go out to all the DANCE CLUBS ETC ETC?
Where can I find adaptive dance classes in the twin cities accomdating wheelchairs?
Something a little sexy?
this guy is acting shady wat should i do?
Need help picking out songs for a dance!?
What do YOU think about Belly dancing? A form of the sex trade?
Any shufflers in El Paso or Chaparral?
Answer if you like to dance ? (Like Meee)?
how long do you have to do ballet before pointe?
Who does that techno remix w/the clips from Friday the 13th?
To any exotic dancers out there, a question?
what are some rules for tango?????
Who is a good private ballet teacher in the Houston, 77024 area?
Which dance costume do you like the best?
How to make this look good?
What would be a good theme for an end-of-the-year, 8th grade dance?
How to Do More Turns?
Ballet moves?
Are there any professional ballet companies that are more flexible about the body types they accept?
is dance moms going to be on so you think you can dance?
What are the best hiphop dance clubs in orange county?
Bboy/Breakdancing Windmill Landing help?
How can i make money at the age of 14?
Should I do lyrical or jazz dance?
why am i dance, my friend says cuz im green inside?
what rhymes with person?
How does one spin very quickly?
how would one dance to la vie en rose?!?
Help with straightening legs en pointe?
Where can I learn to swing dance in Houston?
Dance dreams, college... or not?
How can I cut and paste songs into a medley?
how many years do you stay in a ballet company?
what is Mohiniyattam?
Dance - how to become a west end dancer?
Is dancing(like hiphop) a proffensional sport?
What kind of shoes I need to wear in Street Dancing?
Who sings that disco song: Star Love?
What are some reallllllly good songs to listen to when your sad?
what should i do if jayla dumps me?
it is my first school dance and i am so nervous any tips?
Whats the dance called where guys spin you around?
How can i learn break dancing?
Any korean dance hiphop classes near Corona/Riverside?
Attn. dancers - where can I find this type of sports bra? Or what is it called?
Dance Studios?
Could i buy Pointe ballet shoes for prom even if i dont do ballet?
Flexibility in Dance? Any suggestions?
Why do guys dance FOR a girl?
Should I do jazz, ballet and hip-hop?
Otaku dance group names?
Help with country line dance?
Do you dance all around the house when no one's home?
Where can I learn indian classical dance in chicago?
How to learn ballet at home?
Dance classes to transform into good dancer?
is it too late to dance ?
How do I remember my dance exercises?
Gymnastics class for a 13 year old?
i want to know famous dance gurus[classiacal dance]residing in hyderabad.?
How is my tut? need advice.....?
how can i dance like shakira ?
iwhere is there a east indian dance studio or teacher in florida?
Too late to start dance?
i need help with tap dancing?
Whats the average amount of pirouettes a 15 (almost 16) year old can do?
What do you wear to dance? *HELP THE NEW GIRL!*?
Do people still do Tap Dancing?
Hip Hop Dance Video..?
What do you think is harder?
where are music dance classes in north delhi?
What are the best dance schools around bergan couny in New Jersey that provides Jazz and hip-hop???
What do you have to wear for the first day of an actual La Guardia Dance class?
are there any ballet classes just for men in nyc?
What is this leg extension call link below?
Leg Kicks, devlopes, stuff like that...?
Opinion on ICONic Boyz?
does dance stunt your growth?
Should i take Belly dancing classes?
What is this song from malcolm in the middle?
What are Dance school audition like? (The Macdonald College-Sydney)?
do a funny dance?
what r some good ankle ecxricises?
What is your favourite dance and why?
Isn't dancing just for girls?
My ballet shoes...?
what are some tips to throw a great dance party for teens?
How can I improve my pirouette on pointe?
Ballet in Spain.......?
Which Should i start jazz or Ballet Dance Class?
Swing and Rumba music?
Crochet pattern for ballet slippers?
How do you do a backbend kickover?
Brian Puspos, Chachi Gonzalez, Ian Eastwood?
Ballroom dancing...cuban motion..help!?
make up chorey with no dance exp??? :(?
How do I motivate myself into choreographing?
What is this salsa turn? Not right or Left?
would you please tell me a bout your traditional dance ?
hip hop cheerleader songs?
i am a choreographer and need some songs with a good beat and speed , any help?
Trying to get back in to dance?
Winter Ball?
Are there any dance studios in the orange county area for people 18 and older?
Can u do the macarena?
How can I get stronger in turns?
Is doing pointe work at the bar dangerous with only a little bit of training?
where can me & my friends go dancing?
Any1 know any good songs for a group of four 12 year olds?
What are some nightclubs for 14 year olds and higher in philly?
Can you become flexable at 14?
what ballet shoes do you use for ballet 3 and pre-point?
how do u slow dance?
Too late to start dancing?
would anyone consider learning to ballroom dance for their wedding?
Can I have ideas that are cheesy and cute ways to ask my boyfriend to sadies hawkin dance?
is it ok to wear a thong under my tights for Ballet class?
Where can I find a list of all the world championship Irish dancing winners?
I am going into my senior year and i wanted to know if there are any goodbye songs i could do for my solo?
How to get a higher dance extension?
do you like dance?
I want to sign up for Dance...but how much is it?(:?
Why r there no Goofy things at Disney??
I have a dance recital coming up and Im nervous what do I do.?
I wanna do ballet but can i?
What type of tango is performed in the beginning of Shakira's Objection (tango) music video?
Should I not take dance classes every day?
Who else loves Danse Macabre?
dancer, where has more opportunities, New York or California?
How Does Your Dance Studio Work?
Ballet audition age requirement?
Any experienced ballet dancers out there?
How would you describe merengue music?
What is the name of the actual music used for "The Russian Dance?"?
What goes on first: the leotard or the tights?
Stunt dance classes in Orlando, Florida?
do dancers have to be bought a new outfit for every show, if not..where do they hire their costumes from......
what are some moves simliar to the c step? and what type of dance move is it?
Is it legal to do entertainment like dancing at a public place such as a park or boardwalk?
Why are some stretched to finish off the splits?
christian bboy crew (group) in/near the california bay area?
Under the sea dance theme?
Should I take singing lessons or dance lessons?
Where i find good western Dance Teacher in Delhi Pls provide me details?
What dance competition sites are there?
is belly dancing a good form of excercise and does it help slim your waist?
which are better ballet shoes, canvas or leather?
Who won so you think you can dance?
How many types of folk dances are there in India?
Is dancing with the stars considered ballroom dancing?
what is the job of a rehearsal director?
What is better? Hard Sole Taps or Flexible taps?
any tips for learning to do the splits?
does anyone know what a ukranium dance?
Smooth Jazz Solo Dance Songs.?
breakdance or hiphop?
how do you do the heal toe?
how can i get that "just a little more" out of my arch for ballet?
What ballet should I set on a group of about 14 dancers?
Dancing - What does it achieve?
A Dance Mission for a Kids Dance Teams?
can i get bharatnatyam costume for rent? i live in bay area, sanfrancisco?
grande jete?
what dance steps go with the song "crazy little thing called love"?
I have homecoming tonight and i was wondering...?
Does anyone else get agrivated by this?
how to dance. help please?
How do you let dancers breathe after a rigorous dance?
why do people like to dance?
What kind of dance would work better?
Will the soreness go away?
i'm nervous about going to dance class tomorrow?
How to gain energy for my dance competition help??!?
Ballet dance music w/ hip hop mixed in?
Are there classes that have ballet and hip hop dancing together?
Ballet dancers! 10 points! Mint chips please answer!?
Am I too old to go professional in ballet?
I need help with dancing...?
Jazz/hip hop songs for High School dance team?
When does a normal ballerina's career end?
If country Music is more popular than every why is the dancing dying?
Experienced ballet dancers, what are the skills required as you progress through different levels of ballet?
If i dont get my split down for dance will I get kicked off the team? ?
Dance Choreography theme/ideas for young children?
Does anyone know a circle/line dance that starts slow and gets faster?
I'd like to start ballet but I feel so ungraceful?
I was thinking of becoming a stripper...?
Can you name this dance move for me?
Help with learning dance?
what are different dance classes i can take?
Do you know a good song to choreograph a dance to?
Sansha/bloch pointe/demi pointe shoes?
What''s your favorite color?
How do you keep a wig on while dancing?
Whats that somewhat recent dance craze?
Hello, does anyone know of any good dance studios in Orlando Florida or maybe even close by?
wat is that dance that kids do in baltimore? it involves great footwork...it like a hip-hop dance?
does this link make you want to party?
dance party question?
i was thinking of starting dance class ( break dancing)?
Is it weird to front grind with a stranger?
Does every dance studio have a mean teacher?
Who do you think will go home in So You Think You Can Dance?
Slow Dance 7th grade?
wuts ur fave show?
How Can I Improve My Dancing?
How do I be Vanessa Anne Hudgens`s Freind?
Which musical song would you recommend a 12 year old to do a dance to?
What gift does the candide fairy bless baby aurora in the sleeping beauty ballet?
How to convince my mom to let me take ballet? 10 PTS BEST ANSWER!!!?
How much does en pointe hurt to start off with? What can reduce the pain?
How is it in ballet, they can easily position the feet in second position?
am i too skinny to bellydance?
do yall watch so u think u can dance?
Is it inappropriate for a 16yr old girl to learn hula dancing and belly dancing?
I am so bad at dancing?
scared to do a dance solo???
any1 can tell me abt a dance teacher in central delhi?
What is your fave. song on any dance dance revolution?
too late to start ballet?
uniform problems...performance tomorrow?
How long should it take me to learn how to do a back handspring?
are there ballet companies that don't dance on pointe?
What type of dance style/type is this video?
feeling really bad about this?
stretching 4 splits?
Which ballet should I buy tickets for?
where can find belly dancing classes in alexandria, virginia?
How to keep toes from jamming into shoes?
Help on holding my cheststand/chinstand!?
so i have an awful feeling im going to actually have to dance at a club this weekend,i have a few questions..?
What will my Girlfriend* think when I do this dance tommorow at her Party ;)?
Where can i learn to breakdance in Hong Kong?
Anybody can tell me how scoring goes at salsa congresses?
what are different dance classes i can take?
Any good Clubs in San Antonio, TX?
which dance is better? ?
What kind of clothes shoul I buy for dance?
I need to find the instructions for calling some English folk dances. No luck with efdss - any suggestions?
How to strip dance? ?
wheres the best place to find jazz shoes?
does anyone have any good music ideas for a jive?
How Should I Dance During The Pop Songs?
SO you think you can dance!!?
Whay are some good cheer streches for beginners?
What is the most sensual dance?
When does dance moms come back? 10 points?
I was wondering anyone that lives in Fort walton beach, when does Cotillion start?
how to attain a body like nicole scherzinger's? and how to dance as hot as her?
Is 14 to late to start dancing?
College dance teams...?
How do I persuade the principle to have a middle school dance for the students?
Is salsa (the dance) erotic?
I'm 18..too old to start ballet classes?
Does RAD Advanced 1 require Advanced Foundation?
HIGH bun or LOW bun???!! NEED ANSWER NOW?
Please Help?
how can i get a better pirouette?
I need help getting into the splits!!!!?
What should I do for my senior variation?
Salsa Congress - Etiquette?
What's contemporary/modern dance like?
PLEASE HELP! I'm taking my wife to the Justin Timberlake concert, need to learn to dance.?
Who thinks dancing (Ballet/Pointe) is just as hard, tiring, and physical as football, basketball, soccer etc?
Jazz dance........???
first day of lyrical dance class help?!?
Songs for a little kid tap dance?
Have you ever fallen in dance class?
How can i get myself to do the splits?
Do you need to be strong to do a leg mount or is it just flexibility?
I am doing a contemporary solo this year and need help finding a song?!?
can anyone find a GOOD picture of america's best dance crew? i need a good picture of like all the crews?
How Many rasas are there in Indian classical dance?
High School Dance Ideas and themes?
Does anyone have specific stretches or website for stretches for flexibility?
Did mellissa get voted off of Dancing With The Stars?
how can i get my jump kicks higher?!?
Cuban Salsa expression?
Help with Grishko Pro 2007 Pointe Shoes?
How to become a great dancer?
Is 15 too old to start ballet?
Buying Pointe Shoes?
How to learn about ballet?
Do Pointe Shoes Hurt? Where do you find them cheap?
I can dance, but I cant put my moves together?!?
i'm thinking about doing a dance to dont trust me by 3ho!3 with a friend for a music video for youtube...?
what is the history of the Japanese Parasol Dance? What is the costume?
Unique songs for dance class?
Why is it hard to find adult dance classes?
is this possible can anyone help?
How to be a good dance teachers assistant?
What style of dance would best fit with the song Rhythm Divine by Enrique?
how come south koreans are so good at break dance ,kpop ,street jazz and english songs?
anyone in houston tx wnt to learn to breakdance/housedance, or if u already know how wnt to start a dance crew
what is salsa dance?
Where are good overnight summer camps for ballroom dancing?
Someone please help me :((((?
What is the newest Jamaican Dancehall dance and how do you do it?
I have a full turnout already?
Stretching help for dance?
What should I wear to a pole dancing class? (men's apparel) 10 points v v?
Can i continue dancing?
Is there a form of dance where the partners dance scant inches apart but never touch?
How can I get my leaps higher?
what kind of dance is the best for developing grace, posture, and good form?
Ballet pointe shoes sizes - 9XX, 3W, 4B, 7C???? I'm lost! Can anyone tell me of a site that explains all this?
Are there other pairs of pointe shoes that have the cush in the bottom like Bloch Sonatas?
How do you become flexible?
Should I try out for So You Think You Dan Dance?
Does anyone know anything about how to get certified in Dunham Technique?
How do you do calyso's?
So you think you can dance show?
i saw a cool hip hop move but dont know what its called..?
How old is Camren Bicondova from the dance crew 8 flahvaz?
Why do you have to be skinny to Dance??
I want to start ballet and eventually to do pointe..?
is it mandatory that guys need to wear leotards for ballet class?
I'm am getting SICK of wearing killer heels for my job. what do i do?
Is 18 too old for a retired gymnast to become a ballet dancer?
Can you still be a middle/high school cheerleader if you have a pixie haircut?
I'm trying to locate a social club in Toronto Canada by the name of UK CONNECTIONS?
Do you need a permit to start a dance class in a public area?
What is a really nice song, thats soft to dance too?
Torn Between Dance Studios... HELP!?
what is a thinger dancer?
What mexican music do woman dance sexy to?
What does this dance move mean/called? (Tyler the creator does it?)?
If you are doing a pirouette BALLET, on wich legs do you prefer to spin?
what should i wear to my first ballet class?
Why does hip-hop dancers only dance to a specific part of a song?
Do u need a dance protfolio for Frank Sinatra and/or Laguardia?
ILU meaning?
School dance question help me anwser???????
Is there a step by step instruction video on stepping so I can learn the basics?
What is the name of this kind of music, I can't dance and need to learn ASAP ?
I have a 8 yr old daughter who has always been very physically active and has always been interested in?
Do you like this dance video?
urgent. need answers. please.?
Personalised pointe shoes?
should i do dance or cheer?
how long does it take for tap and ballet shoes to wear out?
Whats a good modern theme?
Does Mr. Darcy enjoy Russian ballet?
i luv 2 dance and people think that i try 2 show off but i am just having fun. what should i do???????????????
Anyone want to go to a clean and sober dance/new years eve?
What should I wear to homecoming dance?
Hey Can someone tell any good dance and acting studio for beginners in Queens or Manhattan for teens. Thank u!
Is it too late to start?
What should I wear to dance class?
dance music please!!!?
How many pirrouettes can you do?
how do i learn to tahitian dance?
I want to dance, is it too late, very serious?
How do you choreograph effectively?
Question for ballet dancers?
Hey does anyone have any tips on how to dance to techno at clubs, or know any websites I can check out?
dancing with the stars????????????????
Should I start ballet?
So, is it nerdy to ROBOT DANCE?????
People do u know any good bollywood dance schools in New York?
What are some funky dance moves?
How do you learn to dance?
My Kpop Dance Cover (constructive criticism)?
whats a good name for a hip hop dance crew?`?
wat to do wen your bored?
What Dance Could You Do?
Any fun things to do in rosebud Texas ?
How do I prepare myself for pointe shoes???
Is it possible to learn to do a toe touch in three days or less? if so, how?
Soo..You think you can dance?
How to do these dance moves?
What do girls find sexier, hip-hop or breakdancing?
I'm 16 and i have had no dance training...is it to late for me to start or im i to old to start??
How do you be hydrated and full of energy while dancing in a parade?
Instrumental contemporary dance songs?
How Do I Do The Splits?
Any good songs for a lyrical duet for two girls?
I really want to dance.?
Why don't more people skip to the loo?
What is a good song for our routine?