whats your favorite dance song?
can I perform en pointe without shoes?
what is your favorite style of dance and why?
Can non-studio dance companies enter dance competitions?
Freak it by Lathun?
so how do i get to the next step?
is 15 too old to start irish dancing?
how to dance in a nightclub?
Ballet turnouts-HELP?
Cute slow songs for slow dancing from artists?
how to do the Thriller & Time Warp dances?
Homecoming dance!?!?!?
How does ballet class go? What is the routine?
I am teaching myself to belly dance with youtube videos and having trouble being graceful?
Did anyone go to beyond wonderland Bay Area on Saturday? Share your experience!?
Why does lapdancing have such negative connotations?
I cannot dance. What do i do?
what would be a good song to do a kick dance to?
do you think i can dance?
I suck at dancing at school dances. Whats the best way for a guy to "grind" on a girl without looking dumb?
first pointe shoes help?
What to do about a wrinkled ballet costume?
Ballet Help!!?
Could anyone explain the Chicken Noodle Soup Dance?
discuss the idea"instant grafication ."how does it affect the way we view things,particularly dance ?
song name?????????????????
Any other guys who like dance?
did i do the right thing? i recently received a dance scholarship which i had turned down?
How do u dance on bad girl ?
does anyone have any statistics on dancing?
How To Grind At A High School Dance?
is mikhail baryshnikov still alive?
Who did the most nice moonwalk Michael Jackson or Justin bieber?
What are good dances to do?
What is the Horton technique (dance)? Which modern dance technique is best?
is it too late to start learning ballet at 25?
what do you think of omarion cuting his hair ?
Any Ballet workout DVDs?
Dance tryouts tomorrow!!!!!?
songs for dance choreo?
Easy s! Dance teacher in junior high?
How to self-learn dancing like this [vids included]?
i really want to become flexible does anyone know how to help me.?
What are good FREE site to learn modern/post modern dance?
the belly dancing?
What kind of dancing is the begging part?
Who are the hollywood 10 and what did they do?
on youtube?
what are some good dance songs??
I often suffer from involuntary body movements when dancing...?
can anyone plzz temme when n wat time the indian idol auditions in mumbai will b held??
does anyone know of a dance club for 17 and under in michigan?
I need some Exercise and have some fun, where can one find some Square Dance lessons?
do you think that ball-room dancing is just for girls?
Nuter roles for intermediate level 16 year olds?
Do you remember this tune and what is it?? :--D?
How would I learn to body pop? ?
Anybody have ideas for a bollywood song to dance to?
What can I do to gain flexebility through my body?
If I took dance (ballet, lyrical jazz, and hiphop) for 4 years and did cheer for 2, but haven't in 2 years...?
what's wrong with the way she moves?
how can i learn to do the splits super fast left and right ones?? please help asap?
A ballet schhol in burbank, ca plzzzzzzzzzzz help?
How can you judge a classical dancer's performance?
Ballet & Contemporary Dance?
How to make tap class more for my students?
I'm 15 years old and looking to join a ballet school am i too old?
Is this an example of modern dance?
do u think ballroom dancing is fun?
Whats the genre of this song?
good mother son dance songs?
Breakdancing help?!?!?
Can i still be flexible?
"Bboying"/breakdancing: How to work my way up to do a flare?
what is a good father daughter country song that would be good for a tap dance routine? it needs to be kind?
Recommended for pre-point?
Has anybody heard of the Collenette school of dancing before?
Does anyone else feel social dancing is dying across America?
Which beats do you not transfer weight on in the box step in Rumba?
what are some good partner stretches to get my splits?
HIP-HOP PPL: Im 15 and i want to learn how to dance. i wanna be the main attraction at parties.imastraightguy?
what are the names of the songs when people leave sytycd?
dancers, how long did it take you to do a pirouette?
what are the best cheerleading shoes?
Does any one know were i can take belly-dance classes near my house in bronx?
how u be better in dancing?
dance song for a duet?
whats you hobbies?
Where Can I get Grade 4 ISTD Ballet Exam Music?
i need to learn how to do the line dance to sideways by dierks bentley?
How Can I Learn How To "Get Lite"?
best dance school for kathak/Bharata natyam/ odissi?
where can i find or buy a dance floor or like gym floor boards that i could use to practice breakdancing?
How do I make friends and get threw dance?
What is Swing Dancing?
Flexibility in Dance? Any suggestions?
Dances teens should know?
what kind of ballet slippers should i get? dancers only please.?
Am I a jerk...........?
Does anyone here take pointe?
Now wouldn't these dance shoes be useful lol?
Interview with dance wear shopkeeper?
Michael Jackson fans must dance?
Do you think it is skanky for a single mom to strip. (strip only)?
Ballroom dancing - where can I do it? in Cambridgeshire...?
do any of you dance just to cheer yourself up?
Good Spanish fan dance songs?
what are the benefits of a dancer ?
How Should My Soft Pointe Shoes Fit Me?
Where can i hire a ballet studio in sydney?
micheal jackson, justin timberlake?
trouble in DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!?
hip hop nickname dance team
Is this foot good for ballet ?
Do you have to know the Splits to do a Cartwheel?
What would be the best way to master fouette turns?
If I were to have a prom themed birthday party...?
What is the dance style Chris Brown uses in his "Gimme That" video? And where can I learn it to do it myself?
Where to get Chachi Gonzales sweatpants?
The country famous for Samba dance is?
How to dance at homecoming?
Does anyone Irish Step dance?
learn to Para Para dance?
Dancing Tips? Advice? Beginners?
how do i get rid of hiccups?
the beyonce single ladies dance and getting 'down'?
Why is dance important to you?
What song could I use for ballroom dancing?
How old were you when you started dancing? How good are you now?
what do i need to do, to make my feet look like that of a ballet dancer, but i av never done ballet before?
Dancers please help me!!! Modern and Jazz dance to get into college.?
Should I take ballet or hip-hop?
is doin the split easy or hard?
Which is harder to learn crickets or windmill?
What do you call male ballerinas?
Dancing in nightclubs..?
What kpop songs are easy yet challenging to dance to?
How can i learn to dance in like a month?! (waltz stuff and also tips for prom dancing)?
What should i do or learn to make varsity cheerleading at my high school?
Can I play DDR (dance dance revolution) with a sprained ankle?
how to get the right and left splits?
What are some early 80’s or 90’s dance moves?
a chance to learn Michael Jackson's Dance moves?
I teach Ballet and my youngest student is 4?
best dance songs ever:-)?
any full fledged western dance academy anywhere in the world?
how many dance classes should I take a week?
What do I wear 2 an 80's dance in jr. High?
Calypso leap/jump onto the ground?
How much achilles tendonitis are important in ballet?
What dance related gift should I get my boyfriend who's a ballet dancer?
History of Chinese Fan Dance?
How do you prevent yourself from hitting the ground when your flaring?
what is your favorite song?
Should I just wait until after summer to start ballet?
who knows what type of dance is good for loosing weight/exersize fun and easy?
Swimming in leotard?
Rooms for workout? dance?
How do you dance?
Good sites with Dance videos?
Any Irish step dancers?
Old presidents dancing and partying commercial 2012?
who is the best dancer in the world?
If I start ballet now at 15 years of age will I be stuck in a little kids class?
Bolshoi Ballet Performances on dvd?
Can Can anyone tell me how to do the lift in "Time of My Life" Dirty Dancing?
Help with essay...dancing!?
How experienced do you have to be to go on a dance course or go into show dancing?
I need dance photo ideas!!?
what color tights are mostly used in modern ballet?
Belly Dancing???
I need help on (mainly my right) split leaps!?
How do I become a ballet accompanist?
Why do I get soar after dancing for 6 hours a day for 3 days straight?
How do you rave?
balletbaby about 2007?
"Because Of You"- After School dance tutorial?
Would you rather do the macarina in front of everybody on a table or dress up as a chicken and dance ?
how do i get a girl to dance with me?
I don't know how to "chill". I tried reading magazines and eating potato chips, but that didn't work. . .
How many hours of dance should i be taking weekly?
Ideas for dance camp classes?
How can I get a higher arabesque?
Why do you have to be skinny to Dance??
Going Dancing at a night club.?
why is delaware the richest state but dont got a damn football team?
Topics of conversation at a high school dance?
Is 14 too late to start dancing?
Whats your favorite dance style? (:?
Who is your fave dancer and what does he/she dance..?
What to put in a dance school programme?
What can boy wear for ballet? Is it necessary to wear tights at first?
What are some dances that every one is doing?
What's another ghetto dance like Soulja Boy that I can learn?
I want to take ballet classes but im 22?
Contemporary dance songs about the mirror, eating disorders, etc.?
Is thirteen and a half too old too start a career in dance?
A poll for all the dancers out there! ?
Should I minor in dance?
what is the music track in this Video?
Does anyone know of a good ball room dancing instructor in Northwich Cheshire and what are they like?
Uum...any hip-hop dancers out there?
How do i get a complete left side and front split by the end of summer?
How do I stretch my feet?
Does anyone enjoy dancing even if others tell them they cant?
Dance tune..Module...? any help?
What does it feel like to wear spandex tights and a leotard?
Dancers- I'm working on leg extensions, but need to correct my hips and Work on my hip flexiblility.. Help?
Is breakdancing coming back in 2007?
how to dance with a girl?
Belly Dancing?
Future back-up dancer? lol?
Fun finale song for dance?
Where can I find semi/professional Salsa dancers?
Who here takes tap dance?
How to stay all the way up on my pointe box?
i need to find an on-line website to learn ballet (for free)?
Walmart hula hoops??? ?
I want to dance but I can't!!!!?
Is this dream possible?
what do you think of a time for dancing?
im having a house party pls suggest non-cheesy songs to get ppl dancing? thanks!!?
Its my party dance if i want to?
What would be appropriate to wear for a December school dance?
Dance class etc...HELP?
what should i wear to a jazz class?
how can i learn the soulja boy dance online?
How do you fast dance.?
what is the best dancing school?
What is your favourite indian dance?
Can anyone (expert) help me learn this choreography?
Which looks better? Tallest in the middle or shortest?
from all the dancers here, are u homo, bi, or straight?
Ballerinas: when you first started ballet...?
I'm 13 and want to be a cheerleader is it too late.?
Black Light Dance Party?
SO you think you can dance!!?
Contemporary dance companies?
do guys like dancers??? BOYS PLEASE ANSWER!!!! :)
Know any good dance schools or academies in Hong Kong?
What is commercial street jazz?
Do you need to bring a cd to Britian's Got Talent?
What are some good dance camps or summer programs for an aspiring professional dancer?
What different drugs do people do at raves?
Pointe Shoe stores in Utah?
Recommends for an 2O year old beginner ballerina?
Summer/Winter Dance Programs?
what are some good dance evolution songs?
can u send me address of remo d'souza dance classess in between bhayander to andheri?
I'm really sore from dance class help?
Dance choreography music?
me and my friends are coming up with a dancing group can anyone help wth a name its actually boys and girls?
For a bharatanatyam folk dance,we need a hindi song that is GOOD to dance to but NOT POPULAR!any ideas?THNX?
Is it too late? Dancing question?
can you help me in besines peies?
what should i do?
Cheer or Jazz?
what would you do if you were me?
what are the two major kinds of dancing? URGENT...?
what are the most popular dances in the U.S.?
help i have dry patches on my skin?
How to choreograph to Hip-Hop music?
how can i get a better pirouette?
I need help with my split!...?
activity about flexibility?
Good dancing songs for a choreographed dance?
bharat natyam...or kuchipudi...............................…
Could I become a good dancer?
how can i get over my fear of slowdancing?
What is a good name for a dance group trying to go viral?
Hair-dos for dance class?
Am i to tall to dance ballet?
What are some powerful song I can dance with?
what kinda dancing should i chose to start?
really good dance competition checklists?
In the movie "Center Stage" near the end of Jody Sawyer's dance, she performs a dance move....?
What are some good places to go for dance AND gymnastics in Westlake,Ohio?
Should I take a pole dancing class?
Quincenera dance HELP!?
Should I go to the farewell dance?
Is it too late for me to do ballet?
The royal school of ballet?
Who says ballerinas have ugly feet?
What to expect at level 5 gymnastics, what will I learn new?
en pointe pirouettes help?!?
GIRLS- i have just got my costumes for concert and both are low back, HOW WILL I WEAR A BRA!!?
Hip-Hop moves anyone got anye>?
Is height an issue to dance?
Britains got talent 09!?
What are some noted apprentice companies that strong ballet and modern dancer might be interested in joining?
cheerleaders do you wear?
iwant to join Salsa dance class, want toknow where is it in Bangalore near to jayanagar 4th block and J P Na?
Is it too late to start dance class?
hi, i am from hyd. Just wanted to know whether there are any dance classes teaching salsa?
grind dancing?
Got any good BBoying music?
Hi! I need some solo song help?
How dangerous is breakdancing?
How do you do the dances walk it out and chicken noodle soup.?
What is this dance move?
Just moved to Fairburn?
So You Think You Can Dance Songs? Alexis Mason dances for her life?
Country dance around Portmouth, Ohio?
Can you dance? What dance is your favourite?
ballet dancing help please!?
janelle keosian?
my friends are starting a step team we live in spokane wa is there step team sorority that will show us moves?
What Type of Dance Should I Pick?
Contemporary solo songs?
What song should I use for my lyrical dance routine?
what should i expect on point?
Want ballerina body!!!?
Dance classes for ballet at age 19 ?
Do you like flamenco?????
How do you clean pointe shoes?
Some websites for good worldwide dance schools/colleges/universities. Need good level and variaties WORLDWIDE.
Whats you favourite dance move(s)?
Am i at a good weight to dance?
How can i start a group or class for stretching & flexibility? for dance regulars!?
What do you think makes a good performer when you see then on stage?
How do I acieve better turnout?
How to do this dance?
Is hyperextension in the legs good for ballet?
Why don't Black Americans swing dance anymore?
how can i get my split better and my kicks in dance?
do i have a chance of being a company ballet member starting pointe at 14?
any tips for winter formal?
I can't dance but I love to.?
Restarting Ballet Class?
Where can i learn how to dance in a club for a guy?
How do you plan a party for a 20 year old sister?
Anyone have a cheapish , dancing , Sweet 16 Idea's ?
Poll-can you do disco dance the whole night :P?
why does people like to say word that are stupit out loud?
Why was I restricted to get in to: "clubgiggles.com" site?
Tips/stretches for arches?
Is it even possible to teach yourself to dance well without someone near by to help ?
Talent Show???
when do you normally get point shoes?
Do u have a passion for dance?
how much of a chance do I have of achieving a career in a ballet company?
embarrassed about asking for ballet lessons?
What is the best way to fix flat feet? My feet have no arch and I am a dancer! I need help!!?
Pointe dancers only!!?
good DANCE song?
I'm 15, am I too old to learn how to dance?
Practicing ballet at home?
How do people dance at homecoming?
Do I have a chance at becoming a dancer?
Which is your favorite dance crew from America's Best Dance Crew?
How can i work on my ballet turn out?
I need help with Dance team tryouts !?
What do you think of Psy as an artist ?
How to dance really really well?!?
What type of movements do level 2 dancers do?
I want to learn how to lap dance, what is the best way?
can i still breakdance at 14 years old?
How do you move around the room in the Samba?
So why an earth is the crank dat soulja boy dance so popular?
what does party mean for? dance or drink?
Grade One RAD Ballet Syllabus? xx?
what are the best back stretches?
how are people born i want to now?
How do you easily become more flexible?
Guys, Please Help?
Is this normal for a dance school?
Can you help me? booty popping, twerking?
i want to go to disco?
Where did Tango originate??
the number to the 418 dance barn in pelzer?
How to get a good deal at nightclubs?
My daughter is interested in taking either gymnastic or dance classes. Is one better than the other?
can you dance?
Hottest hip hop songs of 2010, need some Dance ideas, for music. Senior all class pep fest. A.S.A.P!!?
What are some good techno/trance/dance songs? 1O POINTS [:?
What is a good jazz duet song that isn't played on the radio?
i practiced street dance and feelin ridiculous?
Can I Join Ballet Dance Again?
Turnabout Dance?
Where can I learn this dance?
How do i let my son get into movies, who is only 4 years old and he he very intrested in dancing?
What shoes are better? Footundeez or pirouette modern shoes? PLEASE HELP!!!?
WHere can i learn Salsa in Chandigarh?
Is ballet really that hard?
what kind of dance is sistar-alone?
What's the difference between cheorgraphing/dancing and moving like a weirdo?
What is your favorite song to dance to?
What is the difference between a Choreographer and a Dance Director?
How do I make up a dance for ME&U Cassie song?
Whats your favorite dance style?
What is the role of the DJ in Club Dance Music?
where can i take ballet or hip hop dance classes in Egypt?
Can i get a whole list of songs or just songs that people can dance to in a party, or that sounds good?
How long does it take to complete the course?
Am I too short for ballet? I am 13?
how do you freak dance?
How can we publicize school dances?
Dance moves to footloose?
If you get a scholarship for dance can u leave the dance troop the next year but just start paying?
How do I become flexible?
What's your favorite form of dance?
Flexibility? Please read?
when do you normally get point shoes?
How much should I spend on character shoes for my daugher?
Can someone tell me how to make a full tutu ballet costume?
I've lost the drawstring in my ballet shoe?
Where can a fourteen year old volunteer?
have you??????
who saw So You Think You Can Dance tonight?
Yogurting Butterfly Dance?
what is that blinking light at nightclubs ? ........ my cousin said strobe light but i dont think thats it?
Is there a hip hop dance studio like Koncrete Studio, but closer too Belllevue?
Can someone tell me other dance?
Whats a good name for a hip hop high school dance team?
What is a rock 'n' roll song that is a samba?
Girls: Can you break dance?
Who dances off of Missy Elliot song? The girl plays off of Zack and Cody.?
What is this dance move called?
Ballet...perfect body shape?
Asking to do tumbling?
I'm 14. Is it too late to start taking dance?
What are the best dance workout dvds?
belly dancing lessons IL?
pulp fiction dance influenced by what other dance scene?
All ballet or any other dancers, please read!?
How to improve my fouetté turns en pointe ...?
whats a dope name for a break dancing crew?
Need to make a CD suitable for a ballroom dancing class. Any suggestions?
how to be rly seductive?
how much money are pics at homecoming that u pay for.?
Chographers, Dancers, and Dance Teachers( Im In Need of ur help)?
summer camp for my nine years old daughter, preferably in central Delhi?
Female musical theatre dance songs?
What do they judge for becoming a drill team officer?
Are Bloch Klassik Dance shoes uni-sex? if not.. male equivilant?
Does anyone know of any good Zumba shoes for men?
Is she a good ballroom dancer?
i'm 13 and i weigh 106lbs, can i become a ballerina now?
Is ballet boring? In your opinion.?
Songs to dance to, and video link?
What are some cool shufflinq names for me o; ?
What are good songs to dance to a surprise dance?
What are the best type of Tap (dancing) shoes?
How to get the last bit of the splits?
Who knows a good way to contact a dancing group that travels?
Any dancers have tips? I just got my pointe shoes and im starting pointe next week!!?
want to do something I never got the chance to finish....?
i want to be a stripper/dancer?
what do ballroom dancers wear?
what do they call a man ballerina?
Dancers...What is your favorite style of dance?
Where can I learn the Gangnam Style dance?
mintchips please answer?
how is "modern sequence dance" different to "modern dance"...?
Where can i find the choreography from Til the Dawn?
is dianes dance and la dance good dance studios in lindenhurst?
Trying to do a handstand?
How to join Hilary Duffs Fan club?
Do You Think Allison Holker and Travis Wall from "So You Think You Can Dance" are dating?
Do you think they'll let me dance en pointe eventually?
How Do I Dance?
Do people still do Tap Dancing?
Anything can be a dance move, right?
A couple of questions for current Arthur Murray Dance Instructors or people who know them...?
what do you do when ur boyfriend lies about smoking?
What's your favorite type of dance?
where do i take a local dance class?
I stay in lko I want to know the dance academy in lucknowo or delhi?
Dance Trouble?!?
Are gyms usually free?
Do you have to be flexible to do Lyrical dancing?
Fun games to play during ballet?
help with a dance move?
will i make the varsity cheerleading??
where can i take salsa lessons...for adults?
How do you ask him to slow dance? (no words)?
Breakdancing Classes in Middletown nj?
What are the names of the songs and artists that were sang on Dancing with The Stars this season?
Trying to learn some gymnastics?
If a woman ballet dancer is called a ballerina, what is a man ballet dancer called?
rodeo like dance?
How can I learn to do the splits?
Very nervous about starting ballet?
How can I remember combinations?
a girl asked me to slow dance with her and i said no cuz i cant dance.?
Dancing With the Stars enough with the gay professional dancers!?
is it too late to dance ?
What does TWERKING mean?
I need a really sad depressing song for my lyrical solo!?
Is it me, or are there girls that won't realize grinding is a sexual dance??
What are some tips for ballet class?
where does dimtry chaplin live or his fan mail address?
I'm a dancer and sometimes i fall out of my turns. Is there a way to improve my balance and ankle strength?
Dancers: Are your friends used to your constant stretching and dancing?
do you wear underwear with a leotard?
what hot clubs/night spots are there in London?
what song did the bhangra heads dance for in the got to dance semi finals?
dose anybody know the best dance place for classes?????
duet songs for a talent show (dance).?
DANCE. Identify a work and be guided with the following questions;?
what is the perfect song to give a lapdance to?
Who did you or would you vote for for Dancing With The Stars? Mario and Karina or Emmit and sharole?
who was the pioneer of lyrical dance?
Tips on how to be better at hip/belly dancing?
who can do the rave.?
what are the new hot themes of 2006 parties?
Dancehall/ hiphop for ladies classes in NYC?
HELP please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Do You Know Any Dance Moves from the 1960's?
is sex just a vent for political frustration?
How to get really flexible fast for dance?
What type of material should i look for in a leotard?
What was the song on america's best dance crew that fysh n chicks danced to after they danced to beyonce?
How has any style of dance shaped our culture?
Dance Hall Direct help ?
I need help with music for our first dance help?!?
Am I too old for Ballet?
how many people have majored or minored in dance and actually been very successful in that business?
what do u think of our outfits ?
How can I learn how to dance?( for blacks only to answer)?
Is there any website where i can find dance recitals or musical theater productions?
should the guy get an erection while grinding during a dance?
If you've seen it, what did you think of the Sydney Dance Company?
Can you do the Cha Cha Slide?
I just started ballet at 15...is it possible to get en pointe?
how would i be able to do a front split (both sides) in 3-4 weeks?
Double Pirouette help (Ballet)?
Ballet Shoe Question? Leather or Canvis?
Sliding both legs together?
is 26 to old to start tap dancing ?
Can I go on Pointe with no training?
wut kinda dancing u like?
Please help me with Homecoming!!!!!?
90's dance song/video - dancing andel/devil in sky ? ?
How to become a backing dancer?
I've been dancing for about 7 months should I try out for a competition team?
are you good in shaking your butts?
this year, should i do dance with the people i hate?
At what age should you stop going to nightclubs and why?
How to get box splits FAST?
girls, if a guy liked something different, lets say licking and kissing your shoes, would you let him do it to
How to get better at the Melbourne Shuffle?
im starting compition dance and i have to tryout . PLEASE HELP!!!!?
How do I get myself back into dance?
If you are a dance choreographer might you offer me your opinion on this ?
I really want to take ballet?
Why are the Radio City Rockettes famous?
Plz send me dance-music instrumental one in Chadni film??? ?
I am going to a junior high dance. Should I dance with boys? How do u dance at a junior high dance?
I'm 165 lbs... and I was thinking of maybe taking some ballet classes. Am I too heavy for ballet?
who is going to be on the next dancing with the stars?
I wuld like some help here...?
Can a person in their 20s learn to do splits?
Semi-formal dance attire?
is there a Dance contest coming up that I can be in?
Does anyone like to dance "punta" I am white,48,and love it.?
Prom corsage: need help!?
Are there any dance clubs for UNDER 18 IN CALI OR 626 AREA?
how do you dance to rap songs at a party?
Does anyone know where I can get steps for my new step team?
I'm 15 yrs old and i want to start ballet. can this be done?
Do i shake my butt well? please watch the video?(serious question!)?
How can do I start to dance at a ?
train bollywood dance at a gym?
Can you start Ballet from any Age?
Ballet Pointe Shoe Question?
do you think bush will destroy our country with the wrong decision makings?
(Guy) I dont know how to dance HELPPPP?
How do you fast dance?
How can I improve the elevation in jumps?
Strict ballet diet help?!?
Looking for a Ballet Dancer??? In Cowra NSW??
HELP, I need an answer to my homecoming idea ASAP!!!?
How do you learn to do a back handspring by yourself?
Help finding modern classical music...for neoclassical dance piece?
If i study dance in university how many hours a week is it?
Intermediate Foundation dance?
how do get back in shape for dance?
Dancing help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
dance studio near macomb MI....?
How do you dance at homecoming?!?!?
DANCE QUESTION: what should i do?
how many steps are in a basic essence?
what is ballet dance?
what is it like to dance the can can?
what is this music? and how would you dance to it?
when you finnaly get out of college for ballet what would my career be like?
Shuffle Pants, Phat Pants?
Is there anyone from the Giles County Va. area that does Zumba?
plz suggest me a dance song 4 marriage?
i wanna know if my girl is still a virgin..how could i do that without asking her???
Any colleges with tap dance?
Im only 15 and would love to do cheerleadin.does anybody know where i could do cheerleading classes in dublin?
My husband and his sister?
Is there any way to help loosen the muscles in my hips while stretching?
Can i be a flyer in cheerleading?
I still can't get my splits! Any help please?!?
Will I ever learn how to dance if started at age 17?
what are some good dance tutorials on youtube?
Can I dance on the stripper pole when I go to a strip club?
POLE, Do Eskimos go to watch pole dancers ?
I dance jazz and ballet,recently Ive been getting bad foot cramps,any excercise to stop this?
good pep rally mixes or songs, and senior night routine songs? anything helps?
I have been in ballet for 9 years... am I ready to start point?
HOW did disco originate ?
how to be successful man?
Funnest type of dance?
im looking for live jazz in baltimore?
Baggy Swear Pants For Hip Hop?
How many months should I train for dance team?
Song for a father daughter dance..any ideas?
I keep falling out of the fouette combo!?
am I too late to take gymnastics on a freerun level(front/back/side flips)? im 18 years old?
How do i do a split like Ciara did in her Get Up Video?!?!?!?
Is it too late to start taking dance classes?
How to get middle splits?
I really like to dance, but I'm too fat/big?
Re-post: How do i slow dance with a guy.?
How can I get my toe-touches to be perfect?
Where can I learn to belly dance online?
I want to take dance but which dance?
Help With A Dance Song?
does anyone know hip hop dancers?
How can i earn to breakdance??
What else should I put in my dance bag?
In need of experienced dancers' advice...?
HELP! I have been dancing for a few months now and i'm still getting really breathless?
help me out on my architectural thesis "contemporary dance center" in Chennai India?
Tap dance Shoes? HELP?
what are your favorite pointe shoes?
can i find a website to teach me some cool moves for hip hop dancing that are easy?
I want to take dance lessons. What style should I learn?
can i get back into ballet or is it too late?
what is a feature dancer?
What's the So you think you can dance tour like?
Why can't I get my middle splits?
IS your school going to have a grand ball dance new years eve ?
Anyone know how to do the fart wave?
what are the top new dance songs?
How do I dance here?
Are there any dance studios in Chicago that teach REAL hip hop?
What is the name of that dance genre that is very flowy?
Do you know how to dance, how did you learn?
DAnce Attire help.........thanks?
um i need to work on my turn out for ballet?
Have somebody gon to a dancing or acting audition?
What do girls want when they stand infront of a guy who dances well?
Is California Dance Arts a good dance studio?
Lynette Bailey?
ideas for cds to buy?
What do you prefer...dance?
want to be on the dance team?
What are some popular songs with dance choreography?
is chris brown fine or what?
decorations for garage dance party?
Private Dance Class Help !?
janelle keosian?
What does it take to be able to completely do the splits?
how do you get your leg higher in a develope?
how does Shakira shake her hips like that?!?
What's a good ballet app for iPod touch?
where will you find the biggest nightclub in the world? what is its name?
Emotional, Strong, Slow Songs for Contemporary Dance?
What exactly is fun about dancing?
What would be a good lyrical dance solo song?
Where can i find dance classes for the summer in Baton Rouge,Louisiana?
What is a good contemporary dance song to do for a duet?
What is the correct term for this type of swing dance dip?
Am I too old to start lessons?
How can i get better at jumps?
BoA- Eat you up Dance- where to learn?
Why cant i dance good ?
does anyone have ideas for party games for an 40 over the hill party?
Do I still have a chance in the Ballet world?
Do you like these dances? videos--?
Is it possible to learn to dance by playing Dance Dance Revolution??????
I want to get my splits in 2 weeks, I am so close!?
Are there any good websites that teach me hiphop dance routines?
Help with Split Leaps?
How do you break in tap shoes in less than a week?
Dance photos coming up need help with poses?
Where is the best place for ballet classes in london?
Does anyone sell a plastic tubbing ballet bar for less than $100.00?
Is any one here a bboy/bgirl?
Everytime Tha Beat Drops?
Have u seen Dirty Dancing in Toronto? What did you think?
What is you oppinion about the Romanian Break Dance and Hip Hop Championships?
What is a good song to do a Contemporary dance to?
shake it up make your mark ultimate dance off?
Am I a good pop locker?
Ballet or hip hop. which one should i take?
Help with my flares (Breakdancing move)?
Any one have good sites on c-walking?
What would i do for a semi-formal?
im 12 a boy and what to start ballet, am i gay?
.s for most unique answer!?
what do i need to airbrush?
What's some line dance names?
bollywood dancing and indian dancing in singapore?
Pointe- HELP!?
i'm a dancer and have a solo again this year. i found a costume i really want 2 use but........???
how can i learn tap dance?
i wanna join a dance class tel me abt one in raipur chattisgarh...........?
What is a good solo song?!?!?!?
What kind of dance should I do?
What's in your dance bag?
What is a good acoustic song for a duet?
Cool dance moves? HELP QUICK?
Hi im taking Dance in Highschool [its my first time ] ?
which festival song is best for solo dance for a 5 year kid?
HipHop dance song help?
Who did the majority of the ballet dancing in the "Black Swan" movie...Natalie Portman or ballerina Sarah Lane?
what is the connection of Choreography in latin and modern dances?
How to get to my personal best in ballet at 16?
how can you look sooooooooooooooooo pretty?
If you could pull of a dance move what would it be? Why?
Hip Hop Dance Studios? (denver area)?
what song inspires you the most?
Is Michael J. Fox all shook up about Saddams air dance?
Would 'Break Thru' Be a good street dance crews name?
how can i learn to belly dance free online?
I hate leotards. who else does? but i love dance?
estimate on how long it will take to get on pointe shoes?
How can I keep my pointe shoes on my feet?
What are good speeches to someone saying you inspired me to dance?
How can I be in a dance video in my home town and/or commercial?
Do you dance? To what?
how do you.....?
Lyrical steps HELP!?
Should I fully give up on dancing?
Does anyone know any street dancing classes in Livingston/edinburgh?
i have a crush but i dont know what to do?
Is this a good letter for a Cheerleading tryout?
After 12 years of ballet you'd think I'd remember in what order barre combinations go...?
pointe shoe padding?
I'm going to prom soon and am worried about dancing?
Do any of you know any belly dacing facilites for a 13 year old in corona or norco?
Is it more than just a dance?
BBO Grade 3 Ballet Syllabus?
My daughter wants to start competition dance...?
Dancers: are you a low-bun or a high-bun kind of person?
What are these Hip-Hop dance pants called?
in your opinion which one is best for a teen?
Jabbawockeez or Status Quo?
At what age did so you can think dance canada winner, Tara Jean begin dancing at? (Needs answer right away)?
Does anyone know where I can enroll in hiphop type dance classes in Geneve, Switzerland?
What can you tell me about the Auprès de ma blonde?
Where can I learn ballet online?
who casts the dancers for x factor?
can i dance good or no?
Philippine Folk Dances Originated in Leyte Province?
Can I have some help finding a bra for ballet?
Dance songs?
What are some good songs to dance the Samba to?
If wear leotard, dance belt and tights, should tights underneath the leotard or leotard underneath the tights?
GCSE dance solo ideas?
I'm 23 with no dancing experience at all, can I start now and learn tap dancing?
I need some advanced jazz moves to put into a routine...can anyone help?
To other ballet dancers out there?
Name of a Charity Teen Dance in May. Fun, Catchy,Can be used again.?
is there a belly dance magazine i can get , internet or shop?
Is it too late to learn ballet?
Pulled a muscle doing the splits?
Impressing a dance company?
Can you kindly help me wih techniques of learning a dance Choreography?
I'm 20 years old, want to go for a dance competition (like did) n i don't have any dancing experience can I do?
I feel so awkward when i dance on nights out, how do I learn to dance naturally?
How can I be more flexible?
Where does the "Guido" dance originate?
How do you download videos from the internet, then mirror/slow them (to learn choreo easier)?
Is it too late to begin taking formal dance classes (ballet, modern, hip-hop, etc.)?
Does anyone have tips on how to grind?
What to put in my dance locker?
Who here likes ballet?
Ballroom dancing shoes "Very Fine"?
Gaynor minden pointe shoe help!?
What do you call male ballerinas?
Hip hop people, breakers, pop lockers etc!!!?
four cornerstones of ballet?
What are good dancing graduduation songs like good feeling but are more modern for 2012?
Awesome songs To Dance to!!!!!!!!!!!?
when grinding with a girl is it ok to get a bonnnner?
Dancing gurus please help a rookie?
amelie soft pointe shoes?
Can i take pictures with a crew in World Of Dance?
Ballet classes for adult beginners?
High Energy Songs to Choreograph?
How and were can I get auditions?
what do you think of cheerleaders??? too preppy ,GODDESSES, or _________!!!?
Do you have to do pointe in ballet?
How long does it take to get good at tecktonik dancing?
burning/ on fire dance move?
How do you learn how to do a back handspring?
What to do for a pulled hamstring?
Great ballet companies in NC?
I don't like dancing and am kind of shy to dance, what should i do?
how to dance hip hop major problem help PLEASE!!?
What is ganster or getto dancing?
What kind of dance is this?
Do you ever kick off your shoes without thinking about it?
Do People Actually Listen To Hip Hop or Rap On Purpose?
i love ballet ive been dancing since i was 2 and i wanted to know whats a really good ballet?
Really old break dancing video?
Artifacts in dance??
can a 13 years old boy learn to belly dancing through the internet?
I'm 16, is it too late to become a jazz/contemporary dancer?
just dance or just dance 2 or dance on broadway? which is better?
how to pop out sunglass lenses? (like twitch's)?
I'm a dancer...I was curious...what move looks hardest to execute to you? and why?
i gotta grind wit my gf how steps plzzz?
How to stop moving forward on fouettes?
How do ya do a booty pop?
14, just got on pointe?
I need help with my pointe shoes?
stretching 4 splits?
What is your favourite dance form and why?
Highschool party/dance music?
Is being a Stripper a bad thing?
wuts ur fave show?
Did you know that you can take your stars back?
What Dances Do You Like 2 Do?
who can dance?
for figure skating what number dance is the ten fox?
Should you stretch your back or arms before doing an aerial?
Bra for a Large Chested Dancer...?
i need some songs that describe this?
sewing ballet skirts??
Who thinks cheerleading isn't tough and not a sport?
i want to be a ballerina, help?
Ballet tights that don't have and elastic band around the top?
Which ballet variation should I do for competition?
how to form a dance group at school?
What is a good song for a fun upbeat ballet solo?
Dance Tryout Help and Tips?
What is your Fav. dancer from (So you think you can dance?)?
I Miss dance SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!?
how many are there ballet schools in usa and canada and europe ?
Do you like the name Brittney?
hey iam a real freak @ dancing how can i learn to dance properly according to rhythm and not look an idiot? :O?
Can i become a professional ballet dancer?
Am I Too Old? Jazz/Tap?
where can i take a hip hop dance class in or around Stamford, CT?
anyone knows where to take flamenco dance classes in los angeles area or within a few miles?
What's in your dance bag?
How can I find a copy or reproduction of Maher Morcos's "The Belly Dancer"?
Why does my girlfriend dance like the girls in a rap video when she is drunk....but acts completely respectabl
what song should i do for a lyrical dance?
how long have you been dancing?
i say potato, you say...?
Kittens ate my grandmother and I ate the kittens. Will I die?
Can I go to a gym and they will just help me learn a back handspring, or do I need to take classes?
Is dancing an aphrodisiac?
Halo Help?!?!?!?! (Bboy)?
suggestion of songs for seducing a man?
What should I expect in a hip hop dance class?
tips on how to improve my DOUGIE?
What to Wear for School Dance?
is dance a sport or an art or both?
Cecchetti Ballet Grade 4 Assessment Trouble?
Ways too get dance auditions?
Any examples/ideas of dance styles/genres from different cultures?
What is the technical term for a male ballet dancer?
what's a better dance theme?
What would you name a jungle themed dance?
does any1 have any tips for gettin on pointe for ballet?
Where can I find a (good) break dancing/ hip-hop dance class in Chicago?
is recording of yourself dancing on video a different "view" rather than dancing in the mirror?
What do the each of the fairies bring in Cinderella (the Ballet)?
Do you think I'm to old to start ballet again?
Dance auditions!!! Jayvee Dance Center!?
what is the philippine dance pandanguiado boraweño?
ah, my first ballet lesson today, i'm nervous and i don't know what to wear ! , help?
Should I get my GF a corsage for our dance?
I'm a dancer and I have an injury from pointe. What is it?
is a mexican dance degree valid in the u.s?
Dance moms season 3 sign up?
Which sites show you how to dance, like micheal jackson and Stiffler in the American Pie Dance Off other than?
Solo dance with a latin twist?
if the step is beats 2&3,how do you count the cha-cha-cha chasse?
is this ty and chelsea from dancing with the stars?
what is shakira's type of dance called?
How to calm down before a recital?
I need an improv game involving dance that is good for large groups?
Do girls hate guys who cant dance for nuts?
Is there a difference between boys and girls tap shoes?
does anyone know the name of the song where they say" i love you baby" over and over again?
what was your best in bed experience?
how do i get faster in a dance?
I think i'm giving up on my dream...?
What is a good solo song for a 14 year old?
wanted adult ballet teacher in new jersey for lessons?
I just can't find any cheerleading/dance workout videos that I can download. Any website ideas?
What kind of dance do you do?
Which song is best for my tap solo?
Questions about everything ballet!?
HELP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Wha amount of teenage girls are into dancing and nightclubs?
Does anyone know of any good dance schools in the bangor , Maine area?
I'm a beginning belly dancer, I need some tips on the dance!?
Can I go on pointe now?
Dancing professionally and the Catholic faith?
swing dance - musicality?
gymnastics or dance?
does anyone know any good ballet dvd instructionals for beginners who learn fast?
Where can I take strip dance classes in dallas, TX?
Burning sensation in my foot, specifically the top area.?
wht to wear at 50's dance?
How do "real" dancers feel about "strippers"?
I am attending an argentine tango performance at Esplanade. What should I wear?
Does anyone know of a shop in london that sells pole fitness clothing?
Is there a name for the type of dance done with flow wands?
Which form of dance would give you the best overall workout?
Dancers, got any tips on double spotting?
How should jazz shoes fit?
Need help asking a boy to a dance!?
I'm 14 and starting ballet/tap/modern ...?
Help with A la Seconde Turns?
Over the summer i have a plan to get more flexible!! I NEED TIPS!! what stretches would you do??
Which is larger atlanta,gorgia or louisville,Kentucky?
Do you think im too old to start dancing?
Is Pointe (dance) really hard?
any dance classes in texas?
Any tips on dancing?
Are there any leader oriented social dance style?
what do you think is better ballet or modern dance? which one should i choose ballet or modern?
Hi I'm a senior in High school and taking ballet classes for the first time...Is it to late to go pro?
Full Body tights? Help!?
How easy or hard is it to learn Ballroom dancing?
Will there be a season 4 of Dance moms?
i have a big big toe will this effect my chances of going on point?
Are There any good Urban Dance Classes in Birmingham? (UK)?
Do boys play the Dance Dance Revolution machine?
where can i go and find the dance where Chelsea and Gev dance to this old song on So you think you can dance?
i need your help my daughter is in ballet school and i have to raise 3,000?
How to slow dance...?
Where Can I Learn Great Street Dance Steps?
Stretches for all three splits, stretches for pointe?
Are there any good dance studios?
Help!!! There's a middle school dance coming, and I really want a guy to dance with me.?
I was wondering on how to make my tap shoes glittery?
What Split stretches should I do?
moves for the dance move, shake, drop?
Im 13, is that to old to start ballet?
How can I get a head-start in ballet?
any good dance colleges in California?
Do you think dance is a sport?
I really need to know: Am I a Good Dancer?
Costume and choreography ideas for the song "Colorblind" by Natalie Walker?
make up chorey with no dance exp??? :(?
Intensive Dance Stretching Routine?
What do you think of being a cheerleader?
Looking for Bellydance courses in SE Michigan?
Do you Know any clappin songs? Like Teddy Bear Ect.?
H o w do you do this?
I can't do a back-bend kick-over. What do I do?
Any good salsa clubs in Orange County, CA?
What do you learn in hip-hop?
What does it take to dance?
how can I stop looking and thinking of my old boyfrien who just broke up?
Where is a good website to find a unique dress ofr the 8th grade dance?
Great dancing summer songs for 2012?
i need to learn how to dance?
does anyone know any line dance clases in & around Mill Park Victoria AU would love to fine one. thanks?
what are some sad songs I can dance to for dance class semester exam choreography?
Dance team name help!?
what type of dance/ style is this?
What are the best summer intensives?
What should I join.. gymnastics or dance?
I need the name of this dance?
BoA- Eat you up Dance- where to learn?
What music did george sampson use in the live finals?
i went to a ballet friday night?
i need Katthak Dance Video C.D. or D.V.D.?
I want my son to learn ballet !!!?
Can someone tell me some stuff i need to know about drill/dance teams?
im looking por a place to practice breakdance?
Aren't ballet schools with pianists more expensive? Why? ?
Should I try out for Pom in a year?
who knows how to dance reggeaton>???
How do I strengthen my ankles for pointe work in ballet?
i reallllly realllllly like this guy i know he dosent like me half as much ,i want to call him avery day ,?
Is there a website that teaches dance moves?
cheerleadingg songsss?
What is ur favorite color lOL?
I want to start dance but I'm 16 is that too old?
what do i wear to my homecoming dance?
Is there a way to shrink leather ballet shoes?
How to improve usage of physique within dance?
Is it too late for me to start dancing again?
How can I improve my turnout for dance?
How to dance in a short dress?
What song did tad dance to tonight on so i think i can dance?
5-6-7-8 dance studio?