Central school of ballet students?
Long and lean or short and small?
What are some websites that teach you how to dance?
Fire ant bites and how to deal with them at dance?
How can I break in my pointe shoes easily?
Is there a million wine bottles, for a chinese food candle?
where can i find on the internet dance moves teaching you them on the computer?
How can I learn to Dance, Dance?
Does anyone know how to do the move at timing 0.44-0.45in this video??
Is it possible to be naturally good at dancing?
Most comfortable stuff for ballet?
what is your most favorite dance or workout song?
Does anyone have an idea for a sassy jazz costume for dance?
What do you think of my dance?
how should i ask a girl to go to the dance with me in middle school?
girls, what do you do when u see a huge bug on the floor near you? and why do most girls scream?
how did sammy on dance academy die?
Do you dance barefoot?
what are the two major kinds of dancing? URGENT...?
Does anyone know of a good dance studio in makati philippines?
Any ideas for a dance theme?
good song for a lyrical/jazz dance?
What can I do to prevent my back from getting sore?
What are some famous dance venues?
How do i do a pirouette en pointe?
RAD Ballet Videos Online?
If She Can Do It, Why Can't I?
Wish me luck at my dance performance tonight?
Is ballet a sport???
what do i do to play online pink panther games?
Good K-Pop songs for Breakdancing?
Is this a good body for ballet?
what is a ballet "fronte" and how do you do them?
Leg Tilt Extension strength help?
Am I too old to start ballet?
BELLY dancers!!! I need some HELP!? Please... thank you!?
what do u think about the perfect pointe book?
what happend to this dance competition?
San Angelo,Tx?
Quit ballet because of teacher, now missing it!?:(?
ppl who do ballet...?
how do you do the "2 step"?
Question for people who go to dance classes!?
I want to take a dancing class, but I dont know which style to choose!?
where can I get best patriotic song for my dance performance in school on republic day?
what are dance teachers called?
Where can I freak dance or grind?
Questions about dance teachers ?
to dancers out there?
do you like dancing with the stars?
Wats a good pick up line?
Should I take Ballet and Jazz at the same time?
For anyone who likes dance?
My bf dances, like idk what its called, crumping? well i wanna learn to impress him?
is Dancing is a group moving like a bee a metaphor or a simile?
im almost 15?
Sprained ankle maybe? Please help?
Do you think my dancing is good?
Where can I buy Core Rhythms?
which song would be best for a tap solo?
are there any dance camps for summer of 2011?
I'm trying to find a specific song with a dance to it?
can pole dancing break the hymen?
how can i get my splits, grande jetes, center leaps, ect. in 2-3 months?
What is the hole on the toe of ballet tights for?
What are some good theme ideas for a lyrical/ contemporary dance piece? ?
How do i get my arch better?!? Really, my whole foot to be stronger and more flexible for ballet...?
In need of homecoming dance ideas?
Getting back into ballet?
What is a good song to dance to?
Are there any clubs that have teen raves planned around the Santa Maria or Lompoc CA area?
What is the name of the composition used in "Prelude to Action" by Martha Graham?
what kind of dancer are you?
do u like how black pips dance?
i have until saturday to get good/okay at dancing,please help?
there is this boy. But when hes around his friends he wants 2 act FAKE around me.HELP?
What type of dance to do?
how to make tickets for a happy hour evenbt?
how can i b a class clown in my eight grade class?
How many hours should a ballet dancer have to practise a day for her grade5 exam?
How can I perfect my splits in two or three weeks?
Is 13 too late to start dance?
Does anyone know of any dance studio that holds classes for adults?
were do i find chat dance emotions?
I am 23,always dreamt of dancing ballet,can i still start now? I want the truth please?
Adult beginning ballet class?
How cold is it where you are?
pointe shoe pic!?
Any street dancing tips?
Whats the name of that famous song used to line dance?
Where can I learn a tap dance for Cotton Eye Joe?
how many rounds did mayweather make it in dancing with the stars?
How can I have a fun, healthy summer?
i need clothes ideas for sadies this weekend! :o please help!?! whoever answers gets top answer!!?
Is 13 to old to start gymnastics/dance/all-star cheerleading?
Bollywood Solo Dance Songs?
How come maddie from Dance Moms only does "lyrical" numbers?
Is 15 too late to start ballet?
How do you dance at a school dance?
should i bring a purse to the first school dance?
Why are ballet dancers short?
"So You Think You Can Dance" Travis Wall?
what do I need when im starting ballet for the first time?
do you dance at straub dance center.... have you herd of it?
Poll:- True or False- You Can Dance?
Do all exotic dancers take there clothes off?
Dance Question(s)?
what are some cool middle school games for a dance?
I've been laid off...any Cha Cha guides can help with an invite?
ballet instructor said to take classes I would ave to take other classes before I start?
is chris brown b-day may 5 1989?
When can I go en point?
How to get over my nerves?
Micheal jackson Dance costumes?
how do you win in a wet t-shirt contest,any tricks?
I'd like some suggested play-lists for a dance party. I mostly want merengue and salsa?
Tumbling/Gymnastics question?
dance academys for 13 year olds?
kumi ori lyrics?
Is dance a sport or an art?
For Bboys/Bgirls: ABDC - Mainstream exposure to Bboying good or bad?
What do you think about this dancing video?
who was elimintated on last nite's Dancing with the stars?
Where to buy tan / beige or nude colored pointe shoes?
is dance a sport or not?
cool music and dance event names?
What type of skirt is better for belly dancing?
Funny dance style looks like a guy on an invisible horse...?
I'm trying out for the dance team at my high school.?
Can I dance ballet professionally?
What's your type of dancing?
Dance competitions in Mumbai?
I'm fourteen and wondering, can I still take ballet?
Ballet pointe shoes! Please help!!?
how an i make my schools pom squad?
Ballet summer intensive?
About dancers?
a dance school in chicago?
how long does it take to learn to do the splits? i am about 20 cm off the ground?
Do you like to dance? Why?
Is it too late for me to start dancing??
Who sings this new hip hop line dance?
Does anybody wanna know how to do the Moonwalk?
why is simeon so EVIL?
I want to start dance [ballet, pointe, ballroom, or latin] but i think i'm too old. I'm 15 with no experience.
How can I learn to dance?
I really want to get my scorpion, my needle, and my extensions higher than 120.?
Does anyone know about Chacott C.O.A.D. or Chacott Veronese 3? Chacott C.O.A.D. or the Chacott Veronese 3?
How to name a dance crew?
am i to old to start dancing?
what are some good ideas for a 8th grade dance?
Are there any adult beg. hip hop or African dance classes in Milwaukee Wi?
What should I do?
Can you plez tell me!!!!?
Which musical song would you recommend a 12 year old to do a dance to?
I need a good dance team name.?
Getting you Splits flat? HOW?
What's a good name for a high school dance club?
How old does the Paris Opera Ballet School go when accepting students?
Does anyone know if and where there are break-dancing classes/lessons around the greater London area?
Yoga, Pilates, and Dance classes don't give you bulky muscles do they?
can someone give me a dance song that ive haven't heard before?
How do you hide cuts at a dance?
Can somebody give me a list of professional female ballet dancers that started at age 14?
Do you know where i could find a dance studio near morristown or morristownship in new jersey?
can anyone give me some links to sites that have good dance parties for middle school teens?
What is this dance song?
Bhangra classes in Dallas or Houston ?
Follow me to dance floor?
what is the definition of jotabal dance?
belly dance costume...!!!?
Do any of you guys know where to find a practise partner in a Latin and ballroom dance in Australia?
if you are on a dance team................?
u like a girl and shes your friend just ask her what kind of boys she likes?
need instruction on breakdancing swipe.?
Breakdancing windmill?
How long till pointe ballet?
Whats your dance style?
what is best dance for my 5 year old to get tall and lean? jazz? ballet?
Names of old British/European dance songs like this one?
How do i dance?
How do you feel about watching a bellydance performance?
HELP!!!!! Does any one kno how to grind(dance)?
My boyfriend can't dance what do I do ?
GCSE dance help please?
Am i just not cut out for dance?
I love dancing with classical music..What is this dance's name and how can I improve it?
Can I still make it as a dancer/choreographer?
What is the name of the song people dance the wu tang to and who is it by?
can she still make it ?
Can I still be a professional ballerina?
Question about ballroom dancing in Charlotte?
are there many dance partys in germany how do i find them?
I want to find a studio that offers hip hop dance classes?
Questions about ballet. ?
what are the concept of dance?
When you go to a Celebration Party,what's your favorite dance?
are there any gyms in daytona beach that i could train at for cheerleading?
Can I teach dance after such a long break?
My Dance Team...?
Who watched You think you can dance last night?
How to improve feet for ballet?
what is the most easy for a girl to dance breaking?
BALLET QUESTIONS.............help!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I persuade my parents to let me do more dances ?
why do ppl say white girls cant dance?
i need ideas for a dance party?
What is the Charlie Brown in the Cha Cha Slide?
At 15 is it too late to start ballet classes? Or can you still do well?
Help! I can't dance, I am so stiff ,what to do, I am in my 30's?
Creative ways to ask someone to a dance?
If I turn on a wood floor, will it ruin my jazz shoes?
adult dance classes in torquay devon?
Dance is starting and I really want to dance, but my ankle hurts, HELP?
Asking out a girl at school tommarow?!?
please help me name my dance shchool. i need a hip hop/funky name! hoping all ya crew can help me?
Should I go to a full time ballet school?
Start a Hip/hop Team?
anyone serious about dancing?
What should i call my dance school?
In order to actually do ballet, do you have to start at an early age?
Does anybody know who Isadora Duncan is, and if so could you please give me some info on her???
The best way to teach dance?
Songs to dance to that are about losing a loved one?
Does anyone know any good songs?
Can You Do A Split?
Disney Music Ideas for primary school children? and music for the warm-up?
Dance performance?!? ?
do i quit football highschool?
i am 28 yrs ,passionate abt dancing , want to make a career in dance,how do i start? is it too late?
what dance did antonoi banderas and catherine zeta jones perform in the movie "The Mask of Zorro"?
Is it normal to get rejected on the dance floor A LOT?
What dance shall i do?
Ballet Tips ?
Any guys likes to dirty dance?
What kind of dance should be choreographed with this song?
When pole dancing how can you keep the pole from hurting your skin?
I'm starting ballet today.. I need to loose weight to be better at it....?
How to improve my ballet at home?
6th grade dance help?
What kind of music should you play for ballet? If you know them list them please?
How to make up a dance?
i dont knw how to dance???????
who's from norristown?
How can I break in my pointe shoes?
how do you make a tissue dance?
What are some ballet feeder schools in the New England area?
How do you do the "harlem shake" and "crip walk"?
Contemporary dance wear?
Am I too old learn to tap dance?
will the bratz make a new game on game boy?
HELP!!!!! Does any one kno how to grind(dance)?
what do you need to know in order to get into d.a for dance?
What do i do if i cant dance?
So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Rhys & Jemma Week 1?
Is 18 years old too old to learn how to dance?
what is your favorite ballet movie and why?
Ballet exercises/combinations?
Youtube video's on how to choregraph a contemporary dance?
Please help! Should I do this or not.?
I am looking for greek dancing Seminars I teach greek dancing and want to learn more?
when is the best time to ask your mom about having a boyfriend?
Do you sometimes just feel like dancing?
Homecoming? Grinding?
ballet at age 13?
Choreographing my own Pointe Solo... Please Help?
Intensive Dance Stretching Routine?
How can an (almost) 14 year old boy get fit and ready to start learning jazz or ballet?
How can I keep my feet looking nice during this dance season?
What are the requirements to open a dance studio?
HOMECOMING emergency! Help Please!?
i m looking 4 a gd dandiya song 4 dancing in my annual day?
stretching your back?
female dancer leotard?
I am trying out for 8th grade cheeleading . Any advice for tryouts?
For dance, what is a good song to do an acro solo to?
hip-hop dance classes?
How can I learn the name of the movements used in carmen electra's striptease?
Im having trouble with my aa la second turns?
can you tell me some good blogs of people who dance ?
how do you get inspired to dance?
What are some good songs to do a dance to for a "Dance Showcase"?
how to integrate dance?
where can i find the best hiphop dancing videos on net for free?
does tengo un amor mean i have 1 love or i have a love?
Old School Breakdancing versus Krumping?
Is it a good idea to start Ballet again?
how can I become popular in my 6th grade class???
Should I stretch before before or after having breakfast?
if i want to ldo dance gcse what standard do i have to be at?
What's wrong with my knee I can't do basic barre work without being in massive pain?
Which song... for my dance performance?
ballet or ballroom?
Laguardia High School Dance Audition?
Where in Singapore can I take street dance/ latin classes?
can u dance country?
What is this jump called? 10points best answer!?
ballet forte turns????
How to dance in a club? (girl!)?
Starting ballet in the fall..................?
Krank That Soldier Boy Remix?
Is it possible for me to become a good dancer?
I bought a hair net for ballet but it covered my whole head!Where can I buy one that just covers my bun?
can anybody tell me the best institute for aerobics and dance in north delhi?
How did dance evolve throughout American History?
What's your favorite dance move?
Ladies, how does your outfit or dress enhance your dance experience?
How to dance (alone) at clubs?
da ballet dances that want to get gigs and do preformances get agents?
Current recovering from anorexia, should i join dance?
how do I send my notes.?
Ballet- how do I get good ballet muscles before next month?
What is a good name for a christian hip hop dance team ?
how do you get dance scouts to come to my schools dance show?
please tell me a title for dance & music competetion?
What is your favorite type of dance?
Am I to old?
Cuban Salsa expression?
does bollywood suck ***?
Going to a dance but i dont know how to dance?
does anyone no a website that well show u how to dance to rock ur hips?
How many pirrouettes can you do?
how long should Grishko 2007's last?
do you have pictures of Benji and Donyelle, of the tv show, "So You Think You Can Dance"?
Where can I learn Lezginka or other Caucasian dances?
Ballet classes in Tokyo?
Is cheerleader a type of sport or dance?
where can i learn to hardcore dance(slam dance supposedly) in scotland???
Questions about dancewear?
Help finding music for classical variation.?
Dancing With the Stars?
my sweet 16 is in 3 weeks and i still havent picked out a song for my court to dance to does any ideas anyone?
Teaching ballet?
Should I continue dancing?
How soon after an ingrown toenail surgery can you dance again?
How do I get thinner legs?
What's your favorite Dance.?
learn dance from where in mumbai?
I'm 14 and I want to start dancing?
Is it too late for me to learn kathak?
Who's the best female dancer?
Need to do a quick change at dance show?
first tap exam hints and tips?
How many dances do you dance?
should i try out for the dance team?
What is the difference between a dancer,dance teacher, and a choreographer?
I need to know when www.puredance.org is having the n.y. ritual public? i know it's un july 2006, but what day
Question to anyone who knows anything about dance?
breakdancing in nyc? I need a place that teaches breakdancing thanks?
A friend told me that there is a place called Biac?
When you dance at Mexican parties what type of dance is it?
What are the most popular Latin American dances? What are the basic steps?
is 14 too late too start learning dance?
How do people dance in clubs? Gay clubs in particular?
I need dance music help!?
song choice help?
How to ask a girl to dance?
i can not dance before, but i want to start dance. Where can i start from? Any great Tutorial for me?
What song is this...?
DANCERS! What is ur fav dance move?
Is danceing my pasion?
how to do a split(learning stretches first till can do split)?
Easy ballet routines?
Do you know any praise dance sings?
I want to learn the tango. Is it difficult?
I want to be able to break dance and would like to know how to start off?
how cani do good jetes they dont seem to work for me my legs cant stay straight and bend at the back?
Does anyone know where I could take an acro class in the Manksto, Minnesota area?
can i buy a pointe shoes even if i dont dance?
If I start tumble classes how long will it take me to be able to be a cheerleader?
ballet question?
“What dance can you do in the Bathroom?
Indian Nightclubs in central london?
Tips on becoming a professional ballerina?
Is there anyone who teaches private same-sex ballroom dance lessons in Connecticut?
good songs for girls to dance to?
Do you dance around in your room on your own?
highly dancing songs with african rhytm¿?
Can you dance? A girl was trying to teach me last night, Do you think that she has done a good job?
Why is it that belly dancing classes are usually 16+?
Dancers: glasses or contacts?
what forms of modern dance do women find seductive?
Is there anywhere I can take swing dance lessons in the Norwalk/Sandusky Ohio area?
can any one tell me addresses of classical dance institutions in delhi??
Have you ever been to a school dance?
Which canvas ballet shoes would you recommend?
Dancing at two studios?
Senior Solo Dance Song Ideas?
does anyone go clubbing in VANCOUVER???
Should I Get a degree in dance, because I want to be choreographer?
How to perfect the back kick over?
I can't understand why argentine tango is so popular everywhere but not on Kauai?
What should I do for a foot injury right before a recital?
I Need Help Finding A Song About Animals?
what do i wear for a jungle themed dance?
How to Develop Information Technology?
What's the new dance moms about?
What music did Grant denyer dance the paso to in his dancing with the stars final?
I belly dance, should I pierce my belly button?
How Can I Do These Dances? Ten Points For Best Answer!!!?
I need IDEAS for my Saidi Hawkins Dance?
Are any of you dancers out there currently at a summer intensive program or will be?
Need some ideas of names to call my new dance school...?
After an Injury is it hard to get back into an intensive dance program?
i need list of dance cordinators in mumbai?
do u think parents will let a 15year old boy learn breakdance?
How can I get more flexible?
Am I being paranoid about wearing tights in ballet lessons ?
contemporary dance to angel by leona lewis.?
should I try out for cheerleading?
Where do you stand on Policemens Balls?
How can I make the bottom of my shoes able to turn better on a wooden stage?
Pointe ballet -- Arabesque?
How can I do a toe touch?
Are there any recorded interviews of George Balanchine?
En pointe and mild Cerebral Palsy?
how do i handle a marrige that about to end should i make up or brackup?
How excited r u for high school musical 2!?
Dancers: Do you count when you dance?
how to find break dance teachers?
Dancing is my life but . . .?
Good upbeat dancing songs?
Help with doing splits?
Do u know the name of this vampire romance book?
I feel like I don't have any friends at dance :( help?
What kind of dancing should i do?
do you know any hiphop dance classes in dubai?
Are you a bad irish dancer if....?
What are the easiest dances to learn for an uncoordinated fat guy and his wife?
bungee ballet?
How can I perfect my splits so that I can go all the way to the floor?
What would be a good song to do hip hop dancing? "just song titles" thx.?
POLE, Do Eskimos go to watch pole dancers ?
I'm looking for a place to practice my dancing in Myrtle Beach.?
All Ballerinas!?
18 and over nightlife??? LA and OC area.?
Is there a prerequisite to R.A.D syllabus intermediate exam?
What are those Capezio sock things?
how far in advance should you buy a prom dress?
Am I too old for ballet?
Help with dances( dougie, jerk, cat daddy, etc.)?
HELP urgently this is extremely important for my dancing?
how do you krump?
How can I do a split?
where can i view linedancing online need to teach a class of kids need visuals for me not just step sheet?
Where can a couple go to learn swing dancing and does not cost to much?
do you have to do a unit on dance in gym class?
Do people ever dance even if theres no music playing?
Is it okay for me to ballet??? x?
help!!! a male tango/dance partner needed!?
Auditioning for a Pro Football Cheer Team! Advice?
How to win a scholarship at a dance convention ?
I'm 17, i would love to start dancing. Would the Shepherdstown School of dance be a good choice?
What group dances are good to know for parties?
Ballet or Jazz pleaseeee?
does anyone know if there is an under 21 dance club in ocean city new jersey?
Dancers Please Help!!!!!?
Tap and modern: good for beginners?
is there any hip hop dancing classes in san jose, cali. ?
I need sum good songs for dancin.!!!?
How old do you have to be to start ballet?
Is it too late to start ballet?
do you need to do previous RAD exams to start ballet at intermediate?
Dance Moms ... What do you know?
what kind of decor could i use for a high school dance whose theme is "UNDER THE SEA" ?
what do the letters that come with the size of a pointe shoe mean?
How can I convince my friend to dance?
What is this bboy move called?
Why can't I dance?
How do I get back into dance after not doing it for 4 years?
Poll: How many of you would die without your ipod/mp3?
i am doing an acro dance any songs that would be good?
I don't know what to do with my arms when I'm dancing??
Tips on a better grand jete?
my girlfriend want to go to the dance. but i don't know how to dance.and its in a week what do i do?
Lea anderson?
Best songs to slow dance to?
how can i become the first to walk around the world?
For those of you who've done modern dance before, what is the best thing about it?
do you know any good rhythmic songs (modern ballet/dance) music?
I want to start ballet at 15?
How to dance/club?????????
who put the bop in the bopshoowopshoowop?
Auditioning for intensive program?
I have to make up a short lyrical solo to a Britney Spears song... any ideas?
Dance wear code dilemma?
What kind of Dances should I try & take lessons in.?
Street Dancing Classes?
How lond did it take you to get your splits? How long before you felt a breakthrough/ you were getting lower?
Learn Swing Dancing?
Help with finding the right pointe shoe?
I want to do ballet, but I'm not flexible AT ALL..?
Does anyone love ballet?
how to be a bot in dance audition?
How to improve your ballet arch really quickly?
I plan to take pointe classes?
What ballet variation is this?
Dance. Gonna be boring, help?
should i continue dancing? really...?
Is it too late for me to take ballet?
Is breakdancing and shuffling a good workout?
Do you know any good lyrical songs that you can dance to?
I am 14 and wanting to persue a dancing career.. i just started dance, am i to old?
I need help convincing my dad that belly dancing isn't bad.?
What is the song list for the uda dance camp 2011?
I was thinking of becoming a stripper...?
Dancing -Need advice?
What should I pack for a dance compition?
Spanish Dancers please help!?
What is ballroom & latin dance?
When does So you think you can dance air for 2011?
Are there any dance companies at Rutgers?
How can I make a good impression at my new dance classes tomorrow?
Any tap dancers out there...?
trapeze classes in montclair, ca?
People keep saying im an amazing dancer, should i try to get noticed??
Do you know any good Dance Movies?
How do I give all my energy when dancing?
Which one should I take, Yoga or Ballet?
Im 16 years old and male.Would i still be able to learn ballet now?
dance competition peoplessss?
If a female ballet dancer is a ballerina, what is a male ballet dancer called?
I want to learn to dance bit can't afford dance lessons?
Ballet jumps what is this move called?
Can you think of a Dance Stimulus?
Do bellydancers usually let you take pictures with them after a workshop?
How can I get into school of the arts for dancing and how many classes do u take?
Whats going to a rave like?
what was elvis presley dancing style-was it jazz or commerical dance or break dance or?
cleveland, dance team for teens?
What time does Dancing With The Stars start?
When I hear music?
I'm 13 years old and seriously stressed?
does any1 know about this dancing...?
Do you think the new dancing rules are too much?
anyone been to the cultural festival in montreal?
can i start dancing at 13?
Just for fun dance survey...!?
Help?!.. dance shows coming up! bellydancing....?
Are these tap shoes for adults or children?
Could I ever be a professional ballet dancer?
What are some ballet websites?
what grades do you need to get into julliard?
Need of a single dance move left?
Which dance class is more fun, Ballet or lyrical? Is it okay for me to start ballet if I've never been in it
Is 16 too old to try gymnasts?
What would be a good pointe solo song?
mona ghazi belly dance?
Miami Heat Dancer?
Why can't I dance?! help please?
Stretches to get my needle?
Am i too old to start dancing?
any one know any professional dance classes in rhyl?
Which Dance Studio Should I Go To?
when is it too late to do ballet?
How to increase flexibility?
Any rocking instrumental tune for tutting video's background !! ?
Why does my achilles hurt so bad when I go up on to pointe?
What age did u start dancing?
Does size matter?
Who's awake? Do not answer after 3:oo a.m. your time.?
My first ballet class?
crip walk???? please help?
i want to learn how to breakdance?
can anyone tell me the steps to the new styles of garba?
Gaynor minden shanks?
Should boys wear thongs for ballet? also should they wear them to the gym?
Song ideas for a tap duo?
Where can I sign up for dance classes in Charleston, SC?
What types of motions would you have to know to be a jazz dancer?
How can people claim that their country is the "best country" when they haven't lived anywhere else?
How to get the message across?
Opera de Paris Ballet School, Royal Ballet School or Vaganova Academy?
What type of song would you dance to for a talent show?
which is harder?
I got asked to a dance using almond joys what would be a good answer?
How to sew ribbons on ballet slippers?
I want to be a back up dancer for music videos, celebrities, etc.?
What was that jump kick in ballet?
What should I wear for...?
When will i start pointe?
where can I find a history of Dance?
im trying to find hiphop dance teachers in everett,wa?
do i have problems?
Where can i find the "run the show" by Kat DeLuna dance?
What is a good father/daughter dance song?
What kind of dance lessons are best for 2 yr boy in Baltimore, MD?
How can I get my right splits down fast?
Hey I need help finding a song for a circus dance?
what to get my dance teacher?
about dancers?
where can i read matilda online for free?
have you ever seriously injured yourself while playing Dance, Dance, Revolution?
Can I become a geisha if I am not japanese but learn how to speak japanese?
what is a website where i can Create chaRACTERS AND MAKE THEM DANCE THE WAY I WANT THEM TO?
What is your favorite color?
what do they usually teach in a Jazz 1 Dance Class?
Clogging experience necessary to learn Flatfoot?
Try outs? Auditions? Dance? What to look for? What to expect?
How to whine dance goooood ?? !?
Ballet lessons in Dublin?
dAnCeRs! HeLp!?
I need songs to mix together for an opening dance number for a male pagaent. It's kinda just a big joke.?
too old for ballet?
what do you use the point you earn for answers?
What's the easiet kind of dance to do for a 14 old girl?
i want to kiss a boy?
where online can i download free dancing courses?
Ballet dance classes in Arizona?
Starting lyrical what to expect?
I need to be down in the splits in a month!! HELP!!?
American Ballet Theatre Question?
Are most dancers tall?
Breaking in point shoes...?!?
what should i do? please help?
dance question! help!?
Is 15 too late to start dancing?
What If I Would Like To Be A Ballerina?
Keeping legs warm in cold gym.?
Carrer as dance therapist ?
Song for a Contemporary/Modern Dance?
How do you do a split?
i have a dance question?
how do i delete all things i have on my avatar?
Could I join ballet for posture and balance benefits?
Where does Ballet come from?
what is the basic source of dance?? and what is the most organic source of rhythm?
What are some good introduction songs to enter at your sweet 16?
graduation dresses for 5 grade?
any good ideas for science fair projects having to do with dancing or ballet?
how long dose it take to be a good dancer?
Are these great dance moves? or whatttttttt? First time video!?
What should I wear to a dance audition?
Is this a good song for a slow dance. ?
Is it too late to start dancing?
Dancing Questions????????
Am I too old and fat to learn ballet?
Can I apply for a dance scholarship with just hip hop?
Dance classes south of boston... for a 24 year old w/ dance experience?
Good songs to dance to?
I am looking to buy Ballet pointe shoes, are the sizes the same as regular shoes?
Anybody know any good dance music?
If you had a choice between ballet, jazz, or hip-hop which one would you do?
if you dance, what types of dance do you do?
Is it true only black people can stomp/step?
Does anyone here clog?
Music for GCSE dance?
Grinding ......…… tell me?
Is Ian Zeiring from Dancing w/ the stars, his ancestors either Scottish/English or??
any suggestion for a CHA-CHA song or music?
is grade 4 ballet good for a 14 year old?
what's your favorite kind of dance?
Monsters of Hiphop in Santa Clara, CA?
nightclubs in metro-denver or denver area for teens?
can I have a *HUG* and some good luck
What would you do if a crew that did this stuff was on americas best dance crew?
what is the important of art?
Who is the best dancer?
Dirty Dancing Tips?(Women Only)?
las vegas ballet academy/theater classes fee?
I don't have the strength to do an extension, how do I fix that?
Does anyone know of any Kpop dance cover teams in the DC Maryland area?
Dance move where you lower down in front of the guy?
wat are s0me good s0ngs 4 cheerleading???
what people, tv shows and movies have (the dance) salsa in them?
Can I start dance at age 14?
What is Street Latin?
Dance college help!!?
Is ballet good for a six year old?.?
What is your favorite crazy wedding dance, like the electric slide or the macarena??
Any belly dancers out there??
turning 13...?
Tap Dance Lessons. EXPERTS?
How do I "grind"?
i am a ballerina and i just got on pointe...?
how can i find open events for needed dance crews ?
dance steps of sakuting dance?
So, what is this category: DANCING all about?
Ballroom dancers- ladies, what's your heel/shoe preference?
Can you identify the aerial I just learned in (east coast) swing dancing?
where can you learn how to ukranian dance and where do they perdorm it?
Improving coordination?
Does Rossella Brescia from Italy has her own website?
Hey Im in charge of my school dance for a funraiser any ideas ?
teach me how to twerk?
where would you put your cell phone during semi formal?
Help! Dance dilemma :l?
Songs I could dance to about the death of an older brother?
i want to learn breakdancin so tell me names of places(mumbai) where i can learn it and the cost(if possible)?
what are some hip hop dance companies?
If you could pull of a dance move what would it be? Why?
How do u do the 2 step?
how u will react if a person cough when he speak?
does hannah montanna hang out with famous people?
to dancers, 10 easy points for finishing this sentence!?
are there any strippers here in alabama, preferably bi, who do private parties?
Is 15 too late to start dancing classes?
Should I try out for the dance team?
How to train my sister in dance?
Are dance classes normally once a week?
I need some instructional dance music?
should i go to my school dance?
What are some upbeat songs that are good for dancing, but not hip-hop?
Which are address of Dancing Classes In Mulund at Mumbai?
I need pointe shoe advice!!?
I am 16 and i REALLY want to start dancing should i do latin or ballroom? i have no previous experience!?
Does dance use classical conditioning?
How long would it take me to do a split ?
the splits?
Split Leaps??
Did Maddie Ziegler do a solo on dance moms, season one called Manhattan?
I'm looking for a dance video?
Who invented ballet shoes ?
Is this a good cheer?
Anyone Samba?
A good site for learning ballet online for free?
I want to learn to be more smooth and lose while dancing?
I need a song for a jazz piece for my dance class(in school)?
Ballet shoes?
Just a fun dance survey?! do it, you know you want to.. :)?
music videos with good grinding moves?
I need help with my Pirouettes?
what is salsa dance?
What was the song Kurt Warner danced to tonight on Dancing with the stars?
What would happen if two Christians who don't get along on Earth meet in Heaven?
Dance Songs?!?
For experienced dancers, how do you attempt a knee roll up?
What to carry in my dance bag?
What can I do to have my first and only crunkest sweet 16 ever?
New dance shoes, how to break them in?
I'm 16. I Want to Do Contemporary dance.but i think i might have to take ballet..is it to late for that???
Where can I find a good breakdance teacher in San Fernando Valley for my 5 year old boy?
Why are latinas much better at dancing?
middle school 8th grade finale songs?
Does anyone know where I can find?
Does anybody know how to dance hip-hop???
Justin Bieber Baby Dance?
please answer!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you do the tecktonik dance?
too old for ballet?
Am i too old to start dancing again?
Any tips for lapdancing?
Best cities to move to in the Southwest?
What are some good, swanky, Tango tunes???
Dance Studio's around me?
do you know any street dancing music or any street dancing moves?
where can i learn how to salsa dance in my area?
who is most compatibale to virgos and what do u like about them?
Has anyone tried Bloch's warm up boots?
How Old To Stop Bellydancing?
What is required for a restaurant to hire a belly dancer?
Want To take Dance Lessons?
Can a freshman take an 8th grader to the homecoming dance?
Cool Dance Themes? .s for most creative?
My birthday is coming up, and I want to do a dance for it, can't find one, HELP?!?
Dance Competitions?! Please help!?
college dance team tryout help?
what is a typical day like in the life of a contemporary dancer?
Looking for a song for a contemporary dance?
What are some good group costume ideas for a Welcome Back dance?
How does one dirty dance with a girl?
Why has not one asked me to the dance ? :(?
Clog Dancing?
how to not get dizzy when doing spins in dance?
What style of dance is the K-pop group SHINee's?
goin to the club?
I have always wanted to be a dancer? Do you think it is too late for me?
Is homecoming a grind fest at your school too?
is dance music gay?
Where Can I Find A Ballerina Outline?
How do you start a POLE DANCING class in MYRTLE BEACH, SC?
Im A girl who geos crazy about boys but would you make out with a boy or girl?
what does party mean for? dance or drink?
I'm turning 13 in February, i want to have a party everyone will remember, any suggestions?
Why do we swing our hands when we walk?
Do I have to get private lessons for my teacher to help me with turns?
Improving dance turn out?
Grishko 2007 Pro? Is it correctly fitted?
what is the name of the song in the good burger dancing scene?
What was that move male ballet dancers usually do?
Does anyone know where I can find music for grades?
What should i wear to my semi dance.?
Why dont boys do ballet?
Who likes dancing?
Why do boys think they can do everything?
Dance routine for up to date music on youtube...?
how can i learn to do flip?
ballet help?
A dance jungle song for a animalstic intent?
Toe shoe padding.. What kind do you think is best?
have you ever seriously injured yourself while playing Dance, Dance, Revolution?
where can i take affordable belly dance classes?
In ballet, we wear a leotard and tights, but we are not allowed to wear bras! what can i do to cover up my...?
y abhishek bachhan cant dance???????
newest dance craze?
I look goofy when I dance, Help Please?
It is really bad for you now?
what are the secrets of moon walking?
How do I train my legs to do a split? I'm older now but I'm determined to do it?
ice skating yes or no and why?
Dance shoe width sizes?
Is there anywhere in Jackson,MI good for singles dancing????
Modeling or dancing classes? HELPPPPPP?
have u learned how to dance on your own, YOR OWN. plz come in?
Any good hip pop songs :)?
How many of you think that cheerleading is a sport?
does anyone know where i can do aerial silk training in england? preferably in staffordshire.?
when you do a peaka(or however you spell that) turn do you stand on your toes?
Advice on doing right splits for beginners?
I want to start ballet! should i?
how do i speed up time so i can go on pointe? i only take classes once a week and i just started.how long?
How much does lion dance equipment cost?
Should I quit my job as a exotic dancer?
What are some cool dance moves.?
how long does it take to learn break dancing?
Dance science experiment ?
What is your favourite song to dance (fast) to?
any sites where I can learn ballroom dancing for free or any ebook related to it?
Point question?
Latino Student Union dance theme ideas?
Do you like a school?
What kind of pointe shoes should I get for my first pair?
Who invented the 5 positions of the feet?
How do you dance at a party?
Is it okay to miss one day of a summer intensive?
what Rpoints 4 on this program? Do you get something if U get so many points?
The Valentine School dance!!!!?
If I joined ballet, would i lose a lot of weight?
Is it true that your toenail can fall out when you start pointe?
kitri variation (don quixote) act 3 ?
Another pole dancing question?
dancing dilemmia?
im doing a dance to rockin' around the x-mas so what dance moves should i use?
how can i improve my arabesque?
What could happen if someone who has never danced ballet or has stopped for some years gets on pointe??
Whatttt can i dooooooo! IMPORTANT!?
What kind of partnered dancing can you do to hip hop music?
I have a Dr's Appt. on the 1st day of dance?
Do you like the dance flour?
How to act during a lap dance!?
do u become fat if u had been dancing for some time en u suddenly stop ?
what are the measurements for a 6 D in ballet pointe shoes?
A ballet dancer stretches her hands out for slowing down.Name the conservation obeyed?
What type of feathers are used for making Uli'Uli caps?
Can i go to a rave at age 15?
SpongeBob dance move?
Any good dance classes in Andheri?
how to become a cheer leader?
The song from maddie's solo on dance moms season 2 and it is called 'reflections'.?
Is 15 too old to start ballroom dance lessons? Where can I go to take lessons?
What is the best song to dance to?
Any website that can teach GOOD ballet?
What Decorations For Winter Dance?
What are some good songs for aerobics class?
Do girls like males who dance?
What is this move called?
where can i learn bollywood dances and salsa in pune Aundh area prferably?
How popular is electro dance as of January 2010?
Me and my friends were thinking about doing a dance/flash mob at school and we need some music ideas?
How old do you have to be to dance for a concert?
What style dance do you do??
This problem on the Lifetime website is stopping me from watching Dance Moms! What do I do?
How can I get my high kicks higher?
Can anyone tell me what dance move this is and where I can learn to do it?
70's partayyyyy?
Are there going to be any new girls on Dance Moms this season?
Is 13 too old to start dance?
Does Ballet make you grow tall?
Am i a dancer at all?
One to one Jazz/Modern dance in Colchester/Essex?
What type is the easiest? Please help me!?
how long did it take u to do the splits?
is there any job openings or audition for dancer out there?
Would belly-dancing give me a SMALLER WAIST?
have you ever pole danced?
what do you do when a girl want's you but she go out with your friend?
Square Dancing - What is a sashayed? or the Virginia Reel?
What was the battle between Supreme Soul & Jabbawockeez?
I wanna start bboying?
Suggest a dance for a teenage boy please?
My pet Baboon dresses up in my clothes and dances in front of ?
Dance choreography idea help please?
Is dance good for our age?
Where can I find a good salsa dance school?
How to convince my mom to let me quit dancing?
how do u get rid of stage fright?
What do YOU wear to ballet class?
sayings to put on a dance team FAN shirt?
Can i study and at the same time earn money for my studies in USA?
dance help?
dancehall strains my quadriceps!! help!?
Dear Canadians, tell me of any good New Years dance parties of Pakistanis or Indians in Vancouver.?
making quick money?
what is a name for a dance team?
Who do you consider to be the worlds best dancer and why ?
Advice for getting perfect needles and middle splits?
can i watch zumba online for free?
What is the company that makes foot undies?
Help my left leg is really inflexible and it's affecting my dancing! ?
who do you like best? neyo or chris brown?
Choreography question!!?
How long does it take to get realli good at hip hop.?
Does anyone know of a good adult dance studio in or around Pasadena?
whats the french word for a position based on curves?
My muscles are really sore, but is it still ok to stretch?
Am i Too Fat For Ballet ?
Should I shower first or tap dance?
Can a fifteen-year-old join ballet classes?
HOw can I become a pole dancer?
I will b dancin with this guy who told me i am gonna grind with him..But i dont know how to grind..HELP!?
am i too old to start ballet?
i want to learn dance along with my wife at place near inderapuram please suggest some?
when does season 3 of dance moms premiere in canada?
what is the proper title of a line dance called delicious hot sexy, etc. I love it need correct name & dance.?
What was Mia Michael's contemporary routine song name BEFORE live competition on So You Think You Can Dance?
how high shoudl i pull my tigths up for ballet?
pro ballerina's?
Are knock knees too harmful for ballet?
Can somebody please provide me a link to the...?
How to apply rosin to dance shoes?
What shoes are best for doing the melbourne shuffle?
What are the different ballet positions?
how do i take charge when the co captain tries over powering me?
Anyone get "dancers block" ?
bruised toe, will my nail fall off?
what to weat to abt orientation?
Why do girls like to dance?
does anyone know where i can find Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, and Ashley Tisdale baby pictures?
Can i start learning dance now?
How often do you go to a nightclub?
Who's the best female dancer out right now?(ciara in my opinion is)?
Good Dance moves needed!!!?
whats your opinions on pole dancers?
How can you audition to be a back up dancer for a performer?
Learning bhangra. HELP!!! 10 points?
Should I join dance???????
what does "dancing full out" mean ?
how can i ask a boy to a dance i need advice quick the dance is the 10th?
what is jessica simpsons phone number?
what are some good sites on nijinsky?
Does anyone know a good lyrical song for a solo???
So today in class i accedently pooped on my teachers foot!?
Which of these songs would be the best for a talent show?
How to make my dancing more fluid?
Toe Pain and Cracking?
How do you industrial dance?
should I stop dancing?
What is this dance move called?
should i be a vet or a Professional dancer?
To dance or not to dance?
I'm interested in becoming an exotic dancer?
Need dance outfit ideas for a chairty Zumba class?
who got eliminated on dancing with the stars tonight?
Baby powder vs talcum powder for my ballet shoes?
what should i do when im practicing ballet every day? strength training ect?
cant dance?
Okay so I am going to this 21& under club & it says Moshing or body surfing is NOT allowd what does that mean?
how do I get to attractive GAMES.com?
How can I get my middle splits in a week?
need to find a choreographer for my daughter who is in a beauty pageant?
Dancing: West Coast Swing -- question on clothes?
College ballet class advice?
Does Anybody know any good Dance Studios?
Dance moves?
What do you think this song in this film? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fdyy37898yE&feature=related?
So you think you can dance Seattle audition!?
Does anyone know how to hiphop dance ?
Pointe Ballet?
MikuMikuDance problems?
lately ive found a facination for ballet...does anyone here take ballet?
Is ballet or jazz better?
what do they call a man ballerina?
Dance Clubs?
What do you learn in beginners ballet?
any experienced tap dancers????
advice with turing on pointe shoes?
I'm 16 years old and I'm crazy about ballet. Would it be pointless for me to start dancing now?
What Dance Style Are You?
i wnat to learn salsa and western dance, i live in west delhi, plzz suggest me accademy fro that?
Competetition dance team?!?!?!?
i need to learn how to dance!!?
Do you like dancing, are you a good dancer?
does anyone know of any clubs for all ages?? to go have some fun..?
Where is free dance music online?
how do i tell my mum and dad that i want to do ballet?