Axis tmt bloch pointes for beginners?
Best partnering dance is walt steps?
All dancers please answer?
Who's a irish dancer,if you are provit. Im a priswinner and i due blackbird for terdishonal set.?
i like dance what are you like dance yes and not answer me?
Step up 3 & Dance...what is this called?
How is cheerleading dance different from professional dancers?
What exactly is lyrical dance?
I need a song for my dance solo!?
I made the decision to not go to the track meet but know i feel bad..how should i approach the track coach now
what is the name of the that Celestina dances by herself in DanceLife?
Where would be a good place to practice?
Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to check who has me in their contact list. thanks in advance?
Healthy eating for a fourteen year old dancer?
Question about ballet?
My knee locks when using the barre?
My girlfriend's mother is GAY but when her dyko buddy is gone she starts touching me alot.?
can you start ballet at 16 and become good in pointe ballet years later?
Is staying in dance the right decision?
when creating a dance how do you count the beats?
What to keep in my dance bag?
Please help!?
Ballet/Jazz combo class for preschoolers?
I am having a huge boy/girl party what are some newer slow dance songs?
What is the difference between clown walk and crip walk?
In dance , is street jazz and hip hip pretty much the same thing ?
Can i learn how to slow dance from the internet???
Is there any nightclubs in leominster?
I'm terrified of my dance teacher!! What would you do?? She's a really good techer but really mean. HELP!!
can some one teach me the dance moves to madonna Don't tell me? please?
couple of questions for ballet dancers?
Who do you think is getting out in next weeks episode on America's Best Dance Crew?
Are there times that you suddenly feel like dancing?
Choose a dance studio?
What would be a good song for a lyrical/contemporary duet?
What can i practice (dance-wise) when my calves are super sore?
Dance team award ideas?
Ballet Question. EPA ? i need help !?
name of a line dance?
What can I use as a substitute for ballet shoes?? And can i do ballet on carpet?
how do you make yourself more flexible?
Ballet information?
A question about tango?
Rond de jambe question?
does it look weird for tall people to dance?
Cute dance outfits?
I am 23 yrs female. I want to learn indian dances.Is there any VCD which will teach me dancing?
Joffrey Ballet Levels? Please Answer!?
How to improve dance kicks and leaps?
I'm interested in performing a strip tease dance for my girlfriend... any suggestions of a good song?
Elite Dancing Information?
What is the best way to find a dance partner?
Where can i join a Chinese Lion Dance troupe in San Francisco?
what are some good stretching/strengthening routines for ballet pre pointe? ?
What is your favorite type of dance?
girls only do you dance around your handbags?
What are some good Lyrical and Jazz songs?
Im doing my quince in May and making up my own waltz!!?
How do i do windmills?! And how am i gonna learn the art of breakdancing?
Does any one know if Diante do Trono will be haveing a concert in the U.S any time soon?
Need a good lyrical dance song for two girls?
Where can i take summer dance classes in jacksonville fl?
Can a guy become a good belly dancer?
what are some dance universities in U.K?
what is a lap dance??????
hii=] ma name iz liliana nd i am turning 13in dec20 i wana have a party with muzic n dancing but idk were help
What's a Disney song which is good for dancing to?
Where can I find info on uk halfa belly dances?
i want to find a review about attakkalari's new production purusharta?
Can you grind girls with a belt on?
what do i have to do in my audition?
Do you find split-sole ballet shoes to be more comfortale to dance with?
who sings the song that was on americas best dance crew?
ppl plz help!? i need to no the names of these songs!?
How to dance at a high school party?
is it true that thinner people are more flexible?
Anyone from NJ or NY who is really into dancing to dancehall and hip-hop music?
I love blood on the dance floor?
Do i have talent if I know how to dance sort- of - like Michael Jackson?
If you were to build a dance studio, what would you include in it?
Hip Hop dancing?
I got a date with a hot dancer and i want to impress her, but i cant dance. How not do dance like a robot?
Why does a sweaty girl on the dance floor make me so horny?
Tahitian Dancing?
Who is the mother of folk dance?
Pointe shoes?????PLZ HELP?
Ballet combinations...?
calling all ballet dancers! your best/worst dance step.?
How do I get my boyfriend to dance with me?
Who is a good photographer in london, specifically for a dancers portfolio?
Will a strong core help with dance kicks and/or flexibility?
What's wrong with my pointe shoes and what can I do about it?
I need some help and information about a girl?
may i ask that can i buy a pointe shoe with out dancing ballet?
Places where teens can get into a rave?
Do I have talent If i Sort Of dance Like Michael Jackson?
Should i do ballet or should i do lyrical?
Dance interview, "what area of dance would you like to learn more about"?
Can i still get flexible?
Where can I buy a copy of the 2003 Merrie Monarch Hula Festival DVD.?
i really need the answer,,, what's the history of boogie dance? when did it start?
Is it appropriate to name your lion in Lion Dance (wu shi)?
How come black and latina girls can dance so well???
how memorize choreography on the spot?
Is cheerleading a sport?
Where is the best place to learn or go to or attend ballet in Houston, Texas?
is dancing a good cardio workout?
if i wanted to take ballet class???? please answer....?
DO girls find street dancers sexy or attractive?
is dance a sport? lol?
The finalists on dancing with the stars are?
worn out ballet shoes! how do i make it look nice enough for a performance?
Teen Night clubs in DC and the surrounding area?
Do people dance like crazy, when no one is looking?
if my dance teacher told me that she loves my energy... what is she implying to?
How do I train my legs to do a split? I'm older now but I'm determined to do it?
Okay so my school is having a snow dance....?
Instrumental swing dance styled music similar to 'kid swing'?
breaking down dance steps??
Oh my God- which album is it.?
What Brand of pointe shoe Is good for really flexible feet?
What`type`of`MUSIC` makes`You` HIT`the`Dancefloor`?
Salsa dancerss....HELP!?
ARgghhh!!! Help!!?
Cheer leading outfits?
How (Steps?) Should I Decorate This Ballet Book of Memories?
pictures of superstar singers like AFI?
Is there Ceroc dancing on the Costa del Sol ?
any good music videos with amazing dance routines?
Alternative "Suicide Girls" type strip club in Houston?
how to twerk dance on a girl when she starts twerking on you?
Are there strippers in the north pole or even alaska? I mean wouldnt they get cold?
What should I keep in my dance bag for hip hop class?
Is Dance Worthwhile? I want answers from dancers and non-dancers please!?
Should I do this dance class?
where is murray disco dance in hackensack new jersey?
Help please this is different from dancing...?
Popular songs to dance to?
How hard is it to get on Virginia Techs dance team?
Fun Jazz Dance Routine for Teens?
Dancers, what do you do in this situation?
Is there a dance place near Denton Tx. area that has lessons for 13 year old begginners?
names of cuban salsa moves?
What can I put on my dance shoes to make them slippery?
Is there a way to get free dance classes without watching tapes or DVD's?
Tahitian dancing to Belly dancing, would this be an transaction?
Where Can i get break dancing lessons in HOUSTON?
Is Forrest Head really a genius?
studio dance team tryouts!?
Questionnaire for aspiring dancers...?
Do you know any breakdancing class in Shreveport,Louisiana ?
Any Dancers Read and Reply PLEASE!!♥?
Who won America's BEST DANCE CREW?
is it possiable for someone that dances very badly to learn how to belly-dance or just dance well?
What size dance shoes would I be?
How am I meant to dance 7 days a week?
whats the name of the songs the bongo warriors dance to??
are you happy its almost july 4?
How do i create a video like this?
What is a good dance routine for the song...?
What are some dance costumes for a jazz dance?
is dance a sport or an art?
can someone tell me how 2 do the soulja boy dance or tell me where i can get dictions 2 do it?
reaction about ballroom dancing?
How can i get my back more flexible?
Any tips/vids dancing reggae/ reggaeton/soca?
If dance isnt a sport then what is it?
To tease or not to tease?
Samba dance classes in Salvador de Bahia?
my splits!?
I want to know what this Dance move is called!?
How do i dance?
western dance classes in new delhi?
Pirate Costumes Ideas?
How To Prepare For Majorette Tryouts?
I am lookinf for intensive dance lesson next week in Wolverhampton (salsa or other kind of dance )?
How is my dance crew? check it out!?
how much dance is there in the wiz?
What is this dance move called?
images of the dance la jota cagayana in the phlippines?
Dance Team Name Ideas!!!!?
Do you think deaf can dance?
How to learn to do contortions?
How to dance like a...Black kid?
i want to hear arabic muzic?
Dose anyone take dance lessons?
How do you slow dance with a girl?
How much can I get for my wig, tiara, and wig box?
Hey ppl, I was wondering is there any free instrucial belly danceinf lesson online that are FREE?
Contemporary Dance? Suggestions?
breakdancing i think?
For ballet dancers....What does it mean when your foot looks crooked/sickled when on pointe?
Is there an upper age limit for going clubbing?
A new all girl's street dance crew name?
How else can I dance at a club?
Will heavy dangling earrings catch on someone when dancing in clubs?
Can dancing hip hop be a career?
what is the role of the boy in ballroom dancing?
Is dance a sport?
What are the origins of the Celtic style tap dance?
if i'm wearing a mini belly dancing skirt do i have to wear white pants under?
Is mountain biking bad for ballet?
Teaching ballet?
So you think you can dance?
Is it too late to learn ballet?
sites for tap dancing?
What should you do (other then stretching and dancing) to prepare to try out for the Rockette's?
address of Remo dsouza dance academy in MUMBAI.?
street dance gear?! please help.?
Great Beginner's Contemporary Dance Class in LA?
i am looking for dancing qeen?
How do you get a new ID Name?
Is She Too Old To Start Dance?
Whats the best song from these albums?
i whan to put my age as 19?
Has anyone heard of a song called TORN? by LETOYA?
dance duos of the past?
there is this boy. But when hes around his friends he wants 2 act FAKE around me.HELP?
I need some contact address of Mrs Chandralaka?
Aren't you so happy that BENJI SCHWIMMER won So you think you can dance???
Is There Anything Like This?
what do you think of male ballerina's?
Does anyone know the dancing background of Kenneth MacMillan?
lyrical ballet or jazz solo song for 7 year old?
SYTYCD Fans: Did you hear that Jessica is off the show due to an injury and Comfort is back in?
Can anyone explain the difference between house and dance?
Is this what most dance studio's do?
Dance coming up and the only thing keeping me from going is that i dont know how to dance. Idk what to do!?
How to dance and be sexy but still classy?
Beginning dance...flexibility, turnout, arch?
Is daddy yankee cute?
dance schools that do competions in the uk?
what is the best thing to do @ a Middle school dance?
Should I dance even though I am a little overweight?
I want to learn steppin dance like stomp the yard. Anyone know a school that teaches it in NY or JERESY area?
am I missing out???????????
would it be bad to take dance classes?
Can anyone teach me how to do the LA Walk?
dont know what to do ballet or gymnastics?
Does anyone know how to make a cute tutu for a little girl's dress up box?
Can you start doing gymnastics at age 13?
what islam say about dance and singingi a song?
voting tomorrow?
I want to be a dancer? How?
Any Good Human Videos?
why did i not make the dance team?
What do I wear to a 50's Sock Hop Dance?
Who are some famous American female ballet dancers or figure skaters from the 18th or early 19th century?
Songs for four year old child to dance to in ballet?
Who is a better Dancer? JT,Omarion or Usher?
What are the opinions on dudes who do dance like ballet?
Do you belly dance? Take this survey !?
whats kinds of food should i have at my dance/hangout party on wednesday?
Is it too late for me to start dancing?
Anyone know of any good groups?
were in skelmersdale can you fine pole dancing lessons?
Is dancing a sport? Is it officially a sport?
What to do with my dancing situation?
What is a good song to do a cheerleading dance to?
How do I get my friends to not judge me?
what's a fancy way to ask someone to a dance?
Whose body is tired and creaky from years of ballet and sudden quitting? Mine is?
What shall I wear when I'm going to my ballet class?
How to avoid repetitive moves in dancing?
Is it possible to dance with just using your face?
Dancers? What's it like when you dance?
dance lessons?
What is a new weird dance?
How to increase my point?
How to become flexible?(.s)?
9 Friends went to a dance together. if each person only dances with each of the friends 1 time,?
DANCERS!!! What is a good song to tap dance to?
How to leap in dance (right, left, and center)?
where can I take pole dancing classes in greensboro, nc?
Fun games to play during ballet?
A good song for a lyrical dance ages 5-6 ?
What am I supposed to do about my ballet training?
Could some body salsa to the song Song For the Deaf by Queens of the Stoneage?
If a female ballet dancer is a ballerina, then what about a male ballet dancer?
Do you have to be irish to be an Irish Dancer?
Nervous about performing! (dancer who can help?)?
where can i buy russian pointes? california pplll?
Should men dance? Or does it make them look too feminine?
How to do the splits?
i need a good song for my dance solo...?
What kind of eyes u like? meaning by shape and size and what color eyes, explain urself too?
REPOSED ( with little more info) : Need help choreographing a dance NEED HELP!?
What is a good Dance Company video?
Do you know what song this is?...Classical Style? HELP!?
ballroom dancing?
is the Kirov Academy of Ballet a boarding school type?
How can I show my mom that irish dancing is more than prancing with curly wigs and thick makeup?
what is royal court dancing?
How to dance proper?
Is 13 years old too late to start ballet dancing?
Please help........ work experiece.....?
I need some advice on ingrown toe nails. This is urgent!!?
Dancer help, how can I point my toes instead of curling them?
will she care if i cant dance?
Why Schhoolll??
The dance hall Lady's of the old western how did they clean there fancy dress?
Dancers, do you supplement your dancing with strength training? Why/why not?
How to get one footed pull backs - tap dancers only?
is there any songs to dance to with a bestfriend at a compertin?
Am i too old to start dancing?
what do i do if my date has two left feet?
How cold is it where you are?
can you tell me about Cheryl Burke of Dancing With the stars?
Help!! I need a good name for our dance company! Does anyone have any suggestions?
OK...I'm having a sweet 15 (debut) and i need some one to help me put the dance...please help...?
how to walk it out?
I'm going to start taking some sort of of dance class but i don't no what kind. what do you think?
Has anyone taken a beginners dance class in college?
What does it mean to give a lap dance?
should i quit this dance class?
How good am I on a scale of 1-10?
just curious....?
searching for the name & artist on Diego Sanchez june 12,2007 dance video the second song?
Does anybody know a good song you can dance contemporary to? ?
i got six weeks to get as flexible as possible!!!HELP?
All ballet or any other dancers, please read!?
whats agood nickname for a girl dancer who is REALLY flexible....?
What was your first pair of pointe shoes?
What is the easiest style of dance out of these choices?
African Dance Style?
Dance Competition Sponsors?
if a women ask's you to dance and you say no, because the music doesnt suit your mood?
Does anyone belly dance ?
How do I dance in club?
HOW MUCH?! does it cost to vote for dancing with the stars?
Dance Actions - The longest list gets 10 points!?
Hip Hop Dancing for beginners?
I have my full split, but not straight kicks, help?
High School musical 1,2 and 3?
What is a good emotional song for a trio dance?
How old were you when you when on en pointe?
Why do people say that dance is a sport but cheer leading isn't?
What kind of pointe shoes?
if i wanna learn how to break dance should i learn how to hip hop first ?
Why am I so scared of forgetting a dance solo?
Building a Tap Dance Floor?
Ballet question.............?
What style of dancing would be the best when starting out?
What is a dance with two people called?
what race is christina milian?
highschool dance, don't know what to do?
give me names of some good dance movies to watch?
Does anyone know any good sports acrobatics music that lasts 2 minutes?
are these shoes good for dancing? like sliding , gliding, moving, etc ?
How can I become a professional dancer?
How can I correct my incorrectly Pointed Foot?
Help with dancing!!!!!?
Grande Allegro combinations?
Do any of you Contra Dance? It looks like fun and I'm thinking of taking lessons.?
Do you like my cheer?
modern/slower techno songs for a dance?
What was the type of Ballroom Dance called where Jamie and Landon did in a Walk to Remember?
grinding high school help!?
Difference between Freestyle and Choreography?
I need to do the splits..but i can't! What can i Do?
what are some dance stunts/ tricks?
i want to start dancing?
How long did it take for you to learn the toe touch?
what is salsa dance?
If I want to do the splits, should I try stretching for a few days or just have my legs popped?
If you do ATS tribal bellydance will you suggest some great moves and maybe a youtube link to watch it done?
how do you do a high stab in a windmill?
how do you dance?
why it call ballet?
what are some great hip hop dance videos on youtube?
is a dare a breakdance old school hip hop song called is time?
what should you wear to back to school dance?
what is the man difference between Classic ballet and Modern ballet?
therev are information about comvux!??
How can I learn to dance in a week?
When doing drop spins for color guard how do you keep the silk from wrapping up around the flag?
Can you go on pointe in your first year of ballet?
Mintchips and/or zhops; would it be a good idea to audition for VBA in two years?
German breakdance group from the 90's?
i need help with these dances! and my hair,,?
Looking for music videos that use ballet or dance?
What song should I do a dance to? (dancers prefered)?
did you think yvan was desrving to be not a member of the top 6 and why???
Our team needs a name!!! Can you help???
anybody have a pattern for phat pants?
should I go to my school dance to meet new people?
What is the date of the 2007 All-Irelands Championships?
should i take ballet with my girlfriend?
dance or gymnastics please help?
Does anyone know where to find good ballet pumps?
Can i dance pleasw be honest?
Songs for father and daughter dance?
Should I start ballet?
Who thinks lil mama should be judging on Americas best dance crew??
Flamenco???Please help??? x?
does anyone know where i can get some of those dancing underwear ?
Upbeat dance type music for cool, fun pas de duex?
Can this arch band replace kinesio taping (KT tape ) ? I Do ballet,modern,horton etc.?
Street dance classes in London uk BUT which I can do a PERFORMANCE with the group?
classical ballet questions?
why is that after I dance (Irish) I always feel dizzy?
Are men good dancers?
My achilles tendon hurts when i go en pointe?
do you think ballet is a sport?
What should i do?? im very confused please help! Varsity danceline problems?
Iconic boys on America's Best Dance Crew?
What is a funny cute or silly pose for a school dance picture?
Excersizes for getting more pirouettes in jazz and ballet? ?
What is the most passionate dance? ;)?
How likes hip hop dancing?
do you like to dance?
New York City Night Life People only, 70's, 80's, 90's: Do you remember, were you there.......?
Am I too old to start dancing?
how can i prepare for point next year?
All Star Cheerleading Team?
What would be a good song for a pageant dance routine? ?
can u dance??
Dancing for Prom? Fast dance?
What is the best way to improve your splits?(Dance)?
can i have messenger?
What can I do besides dance?
Should I have fun, or should I take a challenge instead?
What's a good age to start dance lessons?
What DDR game has the best songs?
Who is a good private ballet teacher in the Houston, 77024 area?
How do i improve my dancing faster? I am not aiming to be a professional dancer, I just want to dance well!?
Where can I take breakdancing lessons or where is a good website to teach myself with?
how do u get on myspace at school?
What are some cool dance moves.?
What do the physical fitness portions of pageants usually test you on?
how do you grind with a girl?
will i be accepted into the ballet world?
Is ballet too psychically demanding for me?
Do you think I am too fat for ballet?
where is kerela?
Is there a good hip hop dance school in hong kong ?
new christmas dance hiphop songs ?
how do i learn how to take criticism well?
Does anybody have contemporary costume ideas?
How do i let my son get into movies, who is only 4 years old and he he very intrested in dancing?
am i ready for pointe?
Any tap dance moves you suggest?
Cheerleading Try-Out tips???
a professional ballerina?
Don't you wish that dance was a class in school?
Give me your best dance moves! I made it to level 4!!!?
what dance looks like a tree blowing in the wind?
The Schmirskehoven how is it preformed?
Ballet and Contemporany school in london? Please I can't find any?
I think I'm ready... But I don't know.?
Does anyone know about BACHATA festivals/workshops?
what are some gymnastic places for 15 year old beginners?
the year 1970?
salsa dancing?
i'm 14 & have danced ballet for 3 mo. is it too late for me to start training to be a pro dancer?
Have you ever physically hurt someone with your dance moves?
Is there a rehab for strippers?
inappropriate dance for high school?
My fiance dances salsa/cumbia with his female friend and i get jealous?
Ballet dance company?
Do you know a site where there are dancing classes to download? free, of course?
PLEASE help soon! before audition...question for dancers!?
so you think you can dance question?
What is the best place to go to dancing school in Metairie,La?
open set dance the story teller speed 70?
Is this outfit okay for my 3 y/o's first ballet lesson ? Or is it a little too much?
please help me!?
How do you freak dance? or grind?
I need help with my full split??????
Dance clubs with techno music and drinking?
can you wear underwear with leotard?
How do I look pretty when Greek dancing?
What is winter formal?
Needing help on good dancing music?
what is art?
Can I self teach myself to dance?
My gfs been dancing for 16 years and she just recently asked me to a dance. How can i learn how to Dance Quick
my friends want to take me danceing but idk how to dance?
i dance tango and salsa,cha cha vals do u think its cool?
I dance jazz and ballet,recently Ive been getting bad foot cramps,any excercise to stop this?
Best shoes to dance in? Burlesque?
how do you dance other than grinding without looking incredibly cheesy?
Hey right I just would like to learn how to booty shake?
How can I learn Choreo faster?
Are there any other teens that square dance?
gay places in chattanooga?
what type of dancing systems, dances, or dancing excercises are most suitable for the mind&brain?
I've never done ballet before?
Competiton music?!?
i have no future, should i become a lap dancer?
Funny puppet video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… BUT WHATS THE BALLET SONG HE DANCES TO IN THE MIDDLE?
whats this dance called?
What is a good lyrical song to dance to?
Should I do this dance for my school talent show?
How to flatten my stomach for dance?
I need to find out how to dance fast....?
dose any one know a dance site?
which song for my contemporary senior solo?
How do you know if you're meant to be a dancer?
I need to find the website for the Backwater Band out of Gutenburg Iowa?
solo dance song hindi?
Tap Dance Help....?
Best country songs to waltz to?
Who would you like to win So you think you can dance?
anyone has allison holker video in So u think u can dance?
who got out on the show "so u think u can dance?"?
how do i get a girl to dance with me?
can you gays help me in the drama progect!?
I'm 13 and i need a lyrical song for my solo. I want a song that has emotion. any ideas?
how can i learn to dance like the guys in p!nks "most girls" video clip?
What do you think of this dance video I made?
Do YOU DAnce!?
What's a good song for a jazzy/lyrically hip hop solo dance?
I am male and wanting to do street dance classes?
What can you do to not lose balance when spinning in dance or ice skating?
Does anyone know of any good swing dancing songs?
Good Names for a Dance Company?
Gymnastics question!?
How long does it take to do a back handspring? I'm a beginner?
Can pointe shoes and ballet damage your feet?
Easy s! Dance teacher in junior high?
Any cheap belly dance dresses' shop in NY?!?
Are Paulo and Samid weirdos ?
are you the first person on the dance floor?
Does any one have any ideas for a jr. high dance?
Dancers, is there any hope at being successful with ballet at my age?
what are some traditinal frech dances?
does this look like kirby dancing?
tell me are you love going to school and why ?
dancers?? help me please...?
dance studios near lake stevens....?
School Dance?
songs for a lyrical christmas or wintery dance.?
Why do so many girls n guys like too grind on each other?
what different dance techniques could you use in a trio?
Any good dance moves to "Stronger" by Kayne West?
Hi, I am cuban, an I am 16 years old, I study ballet and I wat get in a company, what I have to do?
Can you tell me about off beat cha cha, rhythm foxtrot & jive?
how to dance? like to normal hip hop songs .?
which dance costume? why? i have pics?
Where can I learn the polka in Cambridge?
Dancing on Pointe??
I go to this really good dance school and?
What are the requirements to become a Southern University Dancing Doll?
Who likes dancing?
top ten hip hop stars of all time ??
Where can I go to have dinner and also dance all in one place?
Is there a belly dance instructor in Hyderabad?
How do you wash a leotard and tights?
How Do You Tack a Tutu [swing tack]????
good dance schools in Canberra.?
does anyone do dance?
Does any one know any mother daughter songs to dance to at a sweet 15 ?
should i do a solo this is my 4th year of dance . what song should i do its ballet?
Does anyone know the music list or soundtrack for the Carolina Ballet's rendition of Don Quixote?
So You Think You Can Dance?
I want to be a cheerleader for my school but what do i need to know how to do to make the team?
tips on grinding with girls?
whats the so real cru's week 8?
What are names of B-Boy moves?
How many dancing TC's are there?
what are good songs to dance to for a sweet sixteen?
Is the Charleston and Lindy Hop a form a Jazz Dancing?
For dance auditions is it better to have the routine down or technique (click for more specifics)?
whats your fav movie?
A day in the life of a ballerina?
Getting ready for pointe (ballet)? HELP!?
What are you supposed to wear to a homecoming dance?
where can i learn ball room and jive dancing in gurgaon?
In your opinion which dance form is the most difficult to master?
were are there colleges specialising in dance near Middlesbrough?
good songs for a gym and dance show at school?
How do I become famous!?!?
what are some good things to wear to an informal middle school dance?
North Carolina Dance Theater Summer Intensive?
have anyone read the book " Dance bone"?
im having a quinceanera and i need to learn how to dance this song.?
do girls like guys who know how to dance?
In Montreal, where are some good dance clubs?
how do i get a dance team started?
can i make a career out of break dancing? 10 points for best answer :)?
how do i do perotte on en pointe?
How to get an overspilt leap?
whats your fav movie?
Anyone know where to find a reproduction of the infamous Marylin Monroe dress?
Do you know any dance places in Lawrenceville, Buford, or Suwanee GA?
what are sone good songs to use for a Tango?
Scorpion cheerleading/dance help?
Should I go to the dance? Urgent!?
Whats a good dance crew name?
How do you dance? (highschool dance)?
Songs for a dance with costumes?
what are good songs for tap dance?
Are there any amazing dancers or dance teachers?
Embarrassed to dance at gigs?
Anything about sattiya dance of Assam?
Male ballet workout what exercises should i do?
Have you ever stayed after the funeral and after all left, just so you could try out some new dance moves?
how much does it cost to hire a male stripper for a Bachelorette party?
How much do a stripper make a night?
Little Indian dancing kid on Google Video. What is he telling dad?
I have been..?
Backbend help?!?!?!?!?
what songs are easy to dance too ?
Stage Fright?
Dance help for beginners?
how can you shimmy your bum and shoulders without moving your head?
Who is the best dancer in the world?
What are some good songs for school Pep Rally?
plzz tell where i can learn dance steps online??
Should I do dance or gymnastics?
does anyone know any good dance music (not club music)?
Is it normal for 12 year old girls to change sports or interests?
How can I do the splits?
what is the most beautiful form of dance and why?
where can I get a shirt like benji schwimmer's?
Dance 1st period .....? It really sucks!?
Did Nonstop leave Remote Kontrol?
what are the lyrics to "seven years" by saosin?
are there any good salsa dance clubs that include mature people? like 40's and 50's?
Can i still dance? Or is it too late?
what is the use of learning Indian classical music?
Are most belly dance preformances improv or rehearsed?
why has life come to earth only and not other planets ?
How should I ask a guy to dance at the dance on Friday?
is there any dance club in san pablo california and thereabouts offering dance classes?
Tips on "grinding" (dance style)?
How do you do the poole palace dance?be specific cuz im a thick gurl?
i am a male 44 single and i have anxiety i want to venture out and take a dance class but i'm 6ft 6in tall
Do you like the dance flour?
What does it mean if a guy asks u if u shuffle? Or if u can shuffle? And not in the dance way?
Friend is mad at me because I didn't dance with her at homecoming?
My drawstring has gone inside my ballet shoe?
Dance classes in south jersey?
Anyone here knows what you call the dance steps of Missy Elliot?
Everytime I point my feet my arches cramp up?
Tips on returning to dance.?
how can i acieve ultimate flexibility?
Any good Waltz/Vals songs ?
Hula Dancing Anyone?
What good songs fit for audition dance troupe?
Can a beginner join a high school dance team?
Where are all the 17 and under clubs so that me and my friends can dance? Are there such things?
What do I do with my hands during the t-step?
Name 1 dance that you love to do the most?
poll: ballet or salsa?
What muscles are used when your doing a freeze in breakdancing?
Leotard help! Need answer ASAP!!!?
Does anyone know where i can learn hiphop line dances online?
Does anyone have any info on Ballet Long Island?
Am I a good dancer...I am a dancer of multiple genres?
what is proffesional dance gauze??
I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Where can I take a ballroom dancing class?
i want my splits help please?
i need help on some dance moves?!?!?!?!?!?
What to wear for contemporary dance class?
How long do you will i get on pointe?
How do you dance at formal.....?
Brit school dance workshop?
would you rather dance in the rain or feel no pain?
Where can i learn the nsync dances to bye bye bye and its gonna be me?
irish dancing while in college?
I need help finding a gift idea for my daughters dance teacher. Anyone have any ideas?
Dancers I need some advice!?
Do you think that the different audiences that view dance –theatre have an impact on how it is performed ?
Windmill help with the initial kick?
Please please help! Dance song!!(;?
What is your favorite type of dancing?
whos a famous dancer?
What are some teen clubs in san diego?
What's the best way to learn Hip hop?
I bought my first pair of pointe shoes, but now I feel like they don't fit...?
What are some happy and kind of dance songs from 90's up to now?
What is the worst pickup line you used on a girl that worked?
suggest me some dancing institute in jaipur (India). (with contact num)?
does any one know if there are beginner break dancing classes in co down or belfast?
should i quit dancing?
Can I catch up? Dance class?
Can anybody suggest a contemporary dance school in chennai for amateurs?
does anyone know of any hip hop or dubstep dance classes near or in Seoul, South Korea?
Who is voting for jerrry springer, on dancing with the stars?
does anyone know about a good dance studio that gives hip hop classes in the san fernando valley?
What do you think of this dance team?? i would like honest opinions [[ videos included ]]?
what songs about humans that can be interpreted through dance or drama?
Lyrical dance costume design to "Matilda"!?
Dance problem... What Do I Need For Ballet ?
Does anyone have a good song to do a ballet OR jazz solo to?
what dance form was used in the bollywood film DEVDAS?
define what is drama in art in india?
Need a cwalk/jerk/breakdance name?
Letter of Recommendation for Poms?
Is 16 too late to start ballet?
RAD grade 7 ballet? :)?
Making up and performing a dance in my class...?
wanted to know about the free downloads of bhangra dance videos?
Who were the three dance moms that took dance lessons?
What is this dance move ?
how african dancing transferred into other dances?
find the name for dance workshop relating to salsa and belly?
I need help Help me find a homecoming princess slogan for Jasmine?
To dance or not to dance?
Pointe Shoe Question?
Guard Girls and guys: Which winter guard should I try out for?
Club Xtreme in mentor Ohio?
I need a really sad depressing song for my lyrical solo!?
What type of class to take if I want to dance like this?
She said she doesn't like to slow dance.?
where can I find free swing dance lessons in Fort Wayne, IN?
dance survey for dancers.?
Ballet classes in Southbay area in San Diego?
Can you give me hip-hop/current dance tips?
how to be cool ?!!?
HELP!! I need ANYONE'S opinion for my drama class in HS for my drama final dance?
Can anyone tell me the email addy for lochlan denholm? Plse it's urgent!?
stretches for middle splits?
What kind of solo should I do? ?
which is better for my dancer?
Are there any hip hop classes in cincinnati?
Why do the gogo dancer wear them big shoes?
Do you know about Hip Hop Dancing?
Why dont you show me how to dance?
ReGgEatToN or hiP HoP !!!!???
Where can I get the music for the talisman ballet variation?
Which type of dance do you enjoy doing the most?
Question for any one who has attended both Kirov, and Walnut Hill?
What's the most popular dance in Asia?
Are you ever too old for ballet?
Is 13 to late to start dance?
when I'm I ready for pointe?
web pages of reynosa tamaulipas with pictures of the social nightlife?
How could i Download District 78 Music? Please Answer.?
Whats a good musical dance song?
who is rihanna's real boyfriend?
How to do a Coupe Turn in dance?
whta do you do when your bf is cheating on you and he don't now that I now he is cheating?
Which division of the nervous system controls the ability to dance?
what are some songs i can tuff dance to?
How can I find out where to take ballroom dance lessons?
Do you have flat feet or an arch?
i am not flexible at all and i need to be for a ballet class! How can i be more flexible?
how do i ask a sixth grader or a 7th grader out when i just met her?
Have you ever "danced the hora"?
do you know that?
The theme for an upcoming school dance is good vs. evil... any ideas?
Anyone know any good dance studios in Chattanooga, TN?
Ballerina's and boy cuts?
Dance lessons?
Does anone know of any baton twirling classes in london?
How to brake in pointe shoes faster?
how do I do the Lawnmower?
What kind of pointe show should I use?
Toe shoes or footundeez?
From whom hritik roshan has learnt dancing ?
All I wanna know is can a Brother get a Table Dance?
Dance Schools in Vancouver, BC?
Do you go to strip clubs on a regular basis?
are there any dance studios near by this areas? dallas tx desoto tx lancaster tx?
if i'm wearing a mini belly dancing skirt do i have to wear white pants under?
If your a Ballet dancer, how do you go a job doing dance???
What is your favourite style of dancing and why is it so?
What part of Paquita has a corps?
dirty dance?
i am a vegan and refuse to buy leather dance shoes does anyone know where i can find vegan ballet shoes?
Do you think belly dancing is sexy? And have you ever belly danced?
Does anyone have contemperary christian dancing at a church they attend?
do beginners at stretching hurt the next day?
why do YOU dance?
What are good ways to get back into shape for ballet?
oh my gosh please help me!!?
Am i too fat to wear a crop top? (pics)?
Why don't you dance?
what song is megan carter dancing to?
Where To Buy Ballet Shoes?
Which is better for me dance or gymnastics?
Jazz, Ballet, or Tap shoes for Irish dancing? ?
Can anyone suggest me some good songs to learn dancing?
Is it wrong if one of my purposes to join the ballroom dancing team is to meet girls?
Ballet/Pointe school requirements?
how do you teach yourself to do a split?
is this sundress appropriate for ballroom dance class? (I'm a teenage girl)?
is there a ballroom dance/social night evening any where in the south coast?
What are some good dance schools in Florida?
What should I wear for a lyrical dance?
What is the best song made in 2006 or 2007?
Why do all dance degree's include contemporary and ballet?-.-?
Do ballerinas ever get dizzy from pirouetting?
i want to dance...?
Who do u think should win America's Best Dance Crew?
You guys please help me? :/?
I am looking for Yuanji dance 元極舞music cds. Does anyone know where I can get them?
who are the top 20 dancers left for aus so you think you can dance?
bad situation?
Can someone plaese help?
can you learn how to do the splits at age 11?
What is the best way to get a dance partner without all the problems?
Broken shank , super glue ?
In modern dance, what would be the best music to go with triplets with spirals?
What would be a good pop/rock song that 5th graders could dance to at their school talent show?
How can I make my feet more bendy and flexible for pointe work and ballet ?
opinion about ballroom dancing?
How do I improve my cordination?
dance is a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where is the best place you have ever lunged?
I am visiting San Francisco and looking for night life in particular clubs? And suggestions? Dancing?
Dance or cheer????????????????
How can I get more flexible?
Competitive Dance Question?
NEED a list of EASY to learn HIP HOP moves For beginners(ish)?
Is learning Popping dance hard?
I trying out dance team what they looking for? Been in church dance team before? Experience enough get me in?
How can you do a full split in cheerleading?
dancing troubles! please help!?
How Do you no if you are a good enough dancer to make a career of dancing?
who u think is more talented or usher or chris brown????
Will parkour and tumbling help me with jazz and contemporary dance?
My dance team isn't ready for competition?
how long did it take you to become an intermediate yogi/yogini?
Any good websites for someone interested in Ballet?
what kinds of jumpy dancing is there? e.g tarentella, irish dancing etc.?
My daughter aged 14 is working to grade 6 ballet, but how does she make a career out of this?
where do people find pointe shoes dirt cheap?
what would you say if i was a stripper?
What does "lines" in ballet, contemporary dance mean?
How can I become a pole dancer? I heard they get paid 500 quid a night, thats 200 quid more than me benefits?
who likes dancing a lot?
for u girls out there that go to teen dances?
I really want to learn hip-hop dance, but i am afraid i am too old to learn and i don't have time?
where can I learn ballet?
I need advice on pointe ballet?
I am a terrible dancer. Is there any way for me to get more coordinated, and better at dancing?
What is ur favorite color lOL?
Are my feet too big to irish dance?
anyone know any good remix's for bellas lullaby ? not carter burwell's. i heard a diff. one it was rnb/asian?
I am trying to find pole dancing classes in or around the Penrith area, NSW Australia?
What kind of dance would you dance out of all of these?
What is this breakdancing move called?
planning for a dance concert?
I need a dance partner!!?
I'm an intended nursing major, but I'm so in love with dance, help?
I need to find "Devil Went Down to Georgia" Line Dance?
Where can you find the guidelines (giving by the state) for high school cheerleading squads in Southern IL?
How do I do a split at 13 if I've never done one before?
Whats Harder To Dance Melbourne Shuffle Or Tektonik?
I am looking for nightclubs that are for 18 years and older in Las Vegas, N.V.?
how do i become a principal dancer in a state that doesn't have any academies?
is it too late for me to start dance classes?? im turning 13?
Art Stone Costume Prices?
What do u think of Dance Moms?
So You Think You Can Dance?!?
what are the qualities of a good dancer?
tell me about bamboo dance?
Indian dancing??
when i practise tumbling...?
is evergirl ever going to open again !!!!!! ????????????????????
What is your favorite ballet CD?
B-boying lessons in Dubai?
Help!! I need a good name for our dance company! Does anyone have any suggestions?
Do you need some kind of degree to put your own business dancing studio?
Dance recital quick change tips?
My dog fell into a wood chipper from the balcony where will i find him?
Does anyone know any break dance class near Marietta, GA?
Is it difficult to learn ballroom dancing from an instructional DVD?
Music written before 1970? Preferably for dance GCSE?
BTDA dancers-have you been to Leiscter workshop in august?
What Michael Jackson song to dance to for a talent show?
I'm too much conscious. I don't know if I can really dance but I joined the group.?
who has heard of Jesco White? also known as the "dancing cowboy"?
Begginer at hip hop dancing? PLEASE READ AND HELP?
Where did hip-hop dance originate from?
What is a good way to tie pointe shoes?
Wats a good pick up line?
Where does nia Frazier get her leotards?
Coloring ballet slippers?
Teaching a Tap Class?
Am I too old for ballet? ?
Does anybody know anything about Pro-Arch?
papu cant dance salsa?
how to dance?
Can you / do you dance?
how can i find x pole?
The Norwegian Halling (hat-kicking dance)?
If I got skinnier/thinner, would I be more flexable?
does Zac Efron have a stardoll acount? If so what is it?
If someone asked you to dance in front of everyone what would you dance and why?
i am starting a band and could u all write me some nice sentences so i can join them and make a song?
Name some ballroom dances which became popular in the early 1700s and before?
How much should I practice for non-competitive dance?
good dance music for a dance party?
How to get higher high kicks?
How do you become a dancer, as a living (a sustainable living)?
i want to choreograph and hiphop dance to justin bieber's song "baby"?
Has anyone (girl) every try out for NFL Cheerleading?
Should i quit dance! HELP major problem!?
Ballet colleges??????
anyone know any suitable theme for high school farewell party?
Who is the best dancer in the world?
I need help with my double turns, any tips?
Can you train yourself to do ballet?
Rules of thumb for starting variations?
How to make ballet slippers more slippery?
Should I get full sole or split sole?
how to become a professional daner?
Sylvie Guillem or Darcey Bussell?
What songs were on dancing with the stars for latin week 2012?
How do you do these gymnastics tricks?
How to do a scorpion for dance?
What was the song Jeanine danced to for a solo in SYTYCD?
How many hours a week of dancing do you do?
What ballet studio sounds better? Mintchips49 please answer!?
Mom is making me do ballet but I don't want to. If I tell her I don't want to she will get really upset. What
I want to start a local hip-hop dance class what will I need?
Toe rise dance move? 10 points?
in my opinion this cult disco classic has inspired LADY GAGA ´s current dance songs?
Does anyone know the music list or soundtrack for the Carolina Ballet's rendition of Don Quixote?
If you could have one dance with anybody who would it be?
am I missing out???????????
If you could dance with anyone in the history of the world, who would it be?
How to do multiple pirouettes? Tips and tricks?
At what age can ballet dancers wear pointe shoes?
Who dance better Ciara, Shakira, or Aaliyah?
History of Irish Dance wigs?
Have You Seen the movie Take The Lead?
What should i do cheer or dance?
What kind of swing was featured in that Gap khaki's commercial from the late 90s?
ballet at age 13?
Do Any 1 Knows Any Jamican Dance Moves???
What Can I use for This Dance?
Is it slutty to grind?
How to do splits in under 3 weeks?
I need help on (mainly my right) split leaps!?
George Sampson: What exactly is wrong with is back?
Your favourite Dance type?
If I'm dancing everyday, how many tanks, shoes, dance belts, and t-shirts should I get for college?
Workout routine. Suggestions!!?
Group Dance videos. ASAP!?
Do ballet dancers wear a bra & underwear?
How do ballerinas get such muscular legs?
Contemporary/Modern dance audition songs?
can you help me about body & performance dance/contexts?
What style of dance should we do for our first dance?
how do you do a fuoette?
How Long does it take to learn to flare dance?
Levels of open classes at Steps on Broadway?
How Can You Become Flexible?
Is it too late to take modern dance lessons?
What shoud I do to get ready for my grade 2 Bharatanatyam dance test ?
What are some fun dance games to play during a 3-4 year olds dance class?
is 14 too old to start ballet?
Do you like these dance pics?
How To Be A Good Dancer?
Can my younger cousin do ballet?
What is the forward moonwalk?
Any experienced pointe dancers???
What's the best way to learn how to dance?
Have you ever been to other countries?
how i get tamasha(Maharashtra folk dance form) information for my project in marathi plzzz tell me?
What type of dance is needed...?
What makes a dance stand out? PLEASE answer!!!?
Why is my dance coach so mean?
What are the current standings in "Dancing With The Stars?"?
can you smoke while you jog?
What are good lyrical dance songs that are sung by black singers?
How can dance better?
When the aliens come will you be ready with the K-Y and Jello Pudding Pops?
What are good low dance sing for a dance?
Who was the last person you danced with?
Contemporary Songs?!!?
do male ballet dancers have to go on their tippy-toes as well?
RIGHT SPLITS????????????? i need them by the end of the month?????
Can I dance for a hobby without having a teacher?
I need I good thing to do for my school talent show?
What dance style would you call this?
Experienced studio dancers advice needed?
Second turns?? Please I'm just not getting them?:(?
How do I achieve a full body pop? (Dance)?
What is a good song that you can dance to for a school talent show that would be appropriate?
how to do a double/triple pirouette?
What is a professional ballet dress rehearsal like?
he touched my bum?
does anyone know a good hip-hop song for...?
Is Dance a Hobby or Sport?
Help me dance again!!!?
Do you know smileofmara in youtube .com?
Do you think dance is harder than foot-ball?
What is an inverted leap?
pointe . basics?
what was bob fosse parents names?
I need good song ideas for this dance routine?
Do you think people should make fun of ballet? ?
any good songs 2 dance lyrical?