who sings the "get hyphy" song???!!!?
Is a 15 years old too late to start break dancing?
Should I join the Dance Team? Easy Points?
how to be professional dancer, honestly?:?
Never danced in my life help?
Can I teach myself gymnastics at home while taking a class also?
belly dancing?
What is the name of the song that was played in the T-Mobiel Flashmob dance?
who says that fat people who smoke cant dance?
where can i download the o2jam offline games chinese version??
Whats your favorite dance style?
How Old To Stop Bellydancing?
Full sole ballet shoes?
Do you allow your boyfriend/girlfriend go to the club without you, and dance with other people??
What are some really good ankle/pointe exercises...?
okay there was a winter dance for my skool.?
Dancers?! When did you start dancing? What lessons?
i can i become famous?
how much do swing dancing lessons typically cost?
can you please give me some yells for our cheerdance compitition? I need it asap. thanks?
How can I do a scorpian fast?!?
Michael jackson " beat it" dance help?
any good studios in melbourne, australia???
What do ballerinas do when they have their period and they need to perform?
How can i learn my splits?
are you a sandiego dance studio dancer?
Rave question?
What is the best type of dance?
How can i make my dance (street dance/hiphop/choreographs) moves sharper and more precise?
Are Freed Classic Pointe shoes good for wide, slightly tapered feet, a very high arch, and toes that knuckle?
When was ballet started?
How can I become a better tap dancer?
Will ballet make my calf more muscular?
Is it true that your toenail can fall out when you start pointe?
If I am doing a small group dance and our whole theme over the whole show what could my group do?
do you think ballroom dancing is going to be popular among all ages?
How can I get to learn the "push it" dance from glee?
What do you think about pole/lap dancing?
Who hear likes to dance ballet?
do you think I'm an ok dancer?
My first time dancing on stage!?
I'm 15, is it too late to start dancing? I have some dancing experience?
How to improve on dancing?
Your First Dance. How was that?
What are some modern songs that I can use for ballroom dances (foxtrot, cha cha, rumba, swing and tango)?
cute baby ballet recital music?
How do I learn to dance well?
Hip Hop classes that use Korean music?
what's ur favorite song to dance to?
Have you seen Daniil Simkin dance?
What kind of dance would be popular in 1905?
What do you think of my feet in these shoes?
any one know of some good line dancing classes for the over forties in Manchester?
can i print out some hot hip hop dance moves over the computer?
if you were to pick a part in a high school play which group would you be in ( chearleaders, jocks exc.)?
Do you tap dance?
all dance moms meet and greets in august?
True about toe nails?
Is it too late for my friend to start ballet?
How to be more creative in dancing?
I know this is gross but...?
when i dance around boys, they aren't interested.?
Can a person in their 20s learn to do splits?
Am I too old to be just starting ballet?
What is the best type of dancing that there is?
A funny idea for a group dance?!?
Good Dance Music!!??!!?
pants for hip hop dance class?
dancing party?
I am from A;bad and I want to learn Salsa dance, did you know exactly location in Ahmedabad?
does anyone know?
Where can I find swing dance lessons in northern Illinois?
What to wear to ballet class?
Does anyone hav any good prom themes??
who do u think is gonna win america's best dance crew?
are there any ballroom dances going on? such as the ones from back then only seen now in movies?
what is salsa dance?
how can i improve my axles? fan kicks? how do you do fouettes?
do you think that poppin hyun joon is getting rusty on his dancing ?
Which dance style is best for me!!?
I am making a cheerleading squad but what do I cheer for?
should i be barefoot in my ballet slippers?
How can i get my switch leaps better?
Breakdancing group move name?
How do i look and act seductive while dancing??
How do I give a good lapdance?
What is the best school in the country?
Becoming a professional Ukrainian dancer ...?
How can I become a Proficient Hip Hop Dancer?
Split stretches? help?
does anyone know of a place in tampa where one could take pole dancing/stripping lessons?
Salsa dancing in/near Baltimore, MD?
Musical Theatre Dance for 8 girls?
which song from Hairspray would be the best for a tap solo?
im 15 years old and i want to became a dancer when im older!?
which are dances your dance?
Does anyone have a good jazz/lyrical dance to As Long As You Love Me?
The feeling of dance? What should i do if there's nowhere to go?
What's a good acapella song for tap dance?
what important things in lavni dance style?
Help! wanting to start ballet at 15?
Dancing Hip Hop and Modern questions : Is she too late to start?
If you could dance...?
Male Contemporary dance clothes?
BALLET DANCERS please!! wich pointe shoes are the best?
I Have some Earings for a Girl that i bought and.... (help)?
I need good hindi party songs /dance numbers for 2009?
Whats the best type of dance to do?
dance help?
Standard or latin ballroom dancing?
Would you rather exercise to a dance workout dvd or pilate?
how do you grind? ( the dancing kind)?
Any opinions on this song?
Can you do this?
Ballet Tips ?
Whats a good dance film to watch?
how do u do the splits?
What is ur favorite color lOL?
Polynesian Dance Costume?
Does anyone here irish dance?
What are the main types of dance needed to compete?
Do you wear a bra with a leotard?
where can i go to learn how to whip it the dance?
Starting dance again, any tips. PLEASE HELP?
What If someone asked you out to dance?
My daughter has ballet danced for about 3 years (4th grade). She is very good. When she does recitals,?
Where can you get dancing sweats at?
How do you clean cloth doll bodies?
who put the bop in the bopshoowopshoowop?
Does anyone understand Paul Taylor's Esplanade Etude?
How am I supposed to give a guy a lap dance?
What does a professional ballerina eat on a typical day?
Am I really I?
Dance confidence problem?
I need help finding an east coast swing song?
What are some good websites to learn more about stepping?
How do I get to do jazz?
ballet help?
Best answer to first person that can name this song in the video(the one the b-bpys dance to not the turfers)?
Australian Dance Vision?
does anyone know a song that would be good to choreograph a dance too for kids ages 8-10?
how can we really help poor ppl?
Contemporary dance, can you help with some songs?
Is 13 too old to start hip hop dancing?
What type of dance should I try?
Do you like to dance?
Dance auditions in 7 days?!? Do I need to know "Dance Terms"?
Do guys feel rejected when a girl wants to stop dancing with them?
what year was the snowball dance invented?
Is 16 too old to begin ballet?
i would really love to do the splits but i cant i have a big dance coming up and i need to do the splits in ma
who likes dancers and cheerleaders??
Which form of dance would give you the best overall workout?
songs you just HAVE to dance to?
How to be a better dancer?
I need to know how to breakdance without taking a dance class for it?
When is too old to start ballet?
Erm - Hardcore dance?
Is swimming beneficial for dancing and muscles?
Do strippers get a break?
Is it ok to wear pointe shoes just for a day, if you're not going to dance in them?
Home coming is coming.?
How come black people look so much better when they dance than white people?
Should I go to the Homecoming Dance?
What does it mean to sign up for the VIP list at an (all ages) club?
Tap duet songs ideas?
I wanna learn how to dance so how do you dance?
how to learn dance online without cost ?
For women in Brighton only?
what's the chicken noodle soup all about?
How do you sign up for the abby lee millers dance company ?
Ballet song question?
What is a feel good dance scene on youtube?
where can i find Thai morlum songs that are good to dance!?
what do you think of ballet?
Is 13 a good age to teach dancing to 3-8 year olds?
can boys be on the nyu dance team?
I want to continue my ballet Training but i dont have enough money , should i teach myself at home?
How can you keep your shorts from riding up while dancing?
Do Head Spins make you Bald?
im 13 and i want a boyfrien so bad can you help me?
Got any song suggestions for a lyrical dance?
At what age did you start dancing?
I am 11 and i was just asking is it too late to start a ballet career ?
People said I was twerking/How do you twerk?
what makes girl happy and what can i do to make her love with me?
I can hardly walk with high heel pumps but I can dance slows more easily with them!?
Why do guys who come up to dance with girls in clubs think leg humping is a good idea?
How do I prevent myself from looking stupid?
How to be tight/clean in a cheer dance?
Strip or bellydance????????
does this look okay? [pics]?
Mintchips, please answer! Summer intensives?
I got this song stuck in my head!!?
Is it hard to learn tapdancing?
Ballroom dancing?
Dancers: daily life questions?
What should I do to gain proper voice control, pitch, and sound while dancing?
What can I do to catch up to the better dancers?
What are songs from the 80's that are remade now? Dance recital question!?
scholarship??? help!?
Ballet/Lyrical Audition?
Is 15 too old to begin dance?
this question is for mrs_ceebear! mrs_ceebear pls respond!?
costume for solo performance?
How do the breakdancers breakdance?
which country does the dance salsa come from?
When are the national dance championships?
Are the any websites where you can watch dance dvds for free?
is dancing a sport?
Who does Highlanding and what is your fav dance?
Cumbia and Salsa?
How to do a scale! ( cheer/dance move)?
Dancing Tango in India?
Please help me with the dance?
How did u Learn 2 DANCE?
I need a type of dance?
What is Good song to dance? ?
what do you do when out clubbing?
which are the best dance institutions around the world?
How should I ask my boyfriend to the Sadie Hawkins dance?
is it to late to do ballet ?
Where do I buy Rave light show lights?
My brother is sleeping in the next room should i fart in his face?
How to tell if your ankles are strong enough for pointe?
Does it matter how much you weigh?
Strictl Come Dancing Rules - what is a 'lift'?
how do i start a dance school?
what r some dance shows?
What do i have to do when i go to the strip club?
I need a sassy song to dance to for a pageant!?
How to dance to 'Shawty Get Loose' by Lil Mama?
why do ballet dancers have such a problem with real hip hop dancers?
How many plies a day?
School Dance Winter Formal?
How can I get a high toe touch?
How can you call a gal for dance party?
dubstep dancing legwork?
What are some good exercises/dance moves...?
dance team is in May, I need help with leaps/turns/battements?!?
Can some explane to me how to Two-step?
which folk dance form of India takes its name from the Sanskrit word for beauty?
does anyone no any famous disco music to dance too?
Help with ballet tights, Please!! ?
what does it mean if you do the crip walk and your not a crip?
What is the dance term jaleo?? and how do you do it?
How to synchronize while dancing?
which is better type of dance belly dance or hiphop???
what was the best thing you did for a bachelor party?
Do you suggest putting jet glue on pointe shoes before breaking them in and how?
What are good songs for dances at school?
We are having an eighth grade dance at our school May 19. The theme is Las Vegas. Any ideas on what to wear?
help with krump dance project?
what music should i play at the wedding?
Does anybody know any breakdancing schools for teen beginners in montreal or on the south shore?
dance studio?
Name for my dance class?
what is the best age to start using Pointe shoes?
how do you tuck your balls before getting a lap dance?
Do guys like it when girls wear cute dancewear?
What are some contortion stretches?
What is the most know crip dance?
Odissi Classes in Montreal?
Where can I find a 410 Dance Mask.?
how come black people know how to dance really good?
What is the name of the song that people dance to the wu tang?
Can anyone help me with grinding (dancing)??
How do I lose weight for ballet?
what are the dance steps in a carinosa philippine folk dances?
Breakdance clothing style?
I need to know if I should get into lyrical or not!?
Which team lost on dance wars lastnight? I missed it.?
Kathys Dream......line dance?
is it bad to be obsessed with dance?
Kpop Cover Dance Video?
How old is Benji on So you think you can Dance?
Jabbawockeez or Status Quo?
Should I take the offer and become a stripper?
Do you know any REALLY good salsa songs?
what should i do for a school talent show?
Dance Question! Thanks in Advance! :)?
Is it possible to grab your hands behind your back then get them to the front without letting go of your hands
What do you call male ballerinas?
Do foreigners feel alienated when they hit the dance floors in America?
How do I convince my husband to talk ballroom dancing lessons with me?
I'm not really sure what my contemporary solo song means. "Help I'm Alive" by Metric?
Am i just not cut out for dance?
Is azonto a devilish dance?
Going to a club on Sunday and I hear everyone's grinding, how do I grind?
Step up dance move : how did they do that?!?
When did Doris Humphrey create the Humphrey-Weidman Dance Company?
What do you think about dirty dancing?
We need to host a graduation dance for the 8th graders what should our theme be?
is Chopiana a contempoary ballet?
what things can mascots do at football games besides throwing things into the crowd and running into the ...?
How old do you have to be to go to a Ballet College?
What was the song on so you think you can dance; season 6:episode 2 of auditions?
i have a group-dance competition can anyone suggest some different theme for the dance like eg.blindfold dance
Can you take jazz without ballet?
how to do a toe rise in dance?
Can i start ballet even though im 13?
is dance a sport?
do you guys consider dance as a sport?
Is 13 too old to start dance class?
what is your favorite kind of dance?
What is the uniform for Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp??Dance?
Here's a challenge.... Can anybody give me a list of songs that go with every dance?....?
I need some info on a dance auditon. I am in my early teens and some points in the following are needed.?
What Is Some Disco Dancing History?
Dance bras and shorts?
How do you make a weighted hip belt for tahitian dancing?
DO you think a lot of men who is a dancer is gay?
Need songs for a high school semi-formal dance... Suggestions?
Do you know a really fun dance work-out video?? a good one?
Contemporary: Similar songs / dances? Or song suggestions please?
Does the secret of ballet lie in the shoes or do you have to make an effort to stand at the TIPS of your toes?
What are good songs for a pom dance ?
cheerleading, is it a sport?
Why Do Women Look More Attractive When They Wear High Heels?
is the song"do i love you" by Paul Anka suitable for a mother-son dance at a wedding?
Do real men dance?
I'm a girl break dancer and I have my period and the dance is tommorow! What do I do?
Where can I find free online dance lessons for social dance?
How can I get the guts to join back up in dance?
what are some songs that get stuck on your head?
Song ideas for contemporary dance?
what events or situations that are understood to have led to the beginning of ballet?
dances that look like the jerk?
Ru gonna dance this CHRISTMAS?
haw do i become famous?
Hey I want to learn how to hip roll. Does anyone have a tutorial or website or anything that could help?
What is a good competitive dance costume for my tap duet?
wats the name of the song in save the last dance when?
Where can I buy second hand pointe ballet shoes??
How do you learn to do the splits?
sexy dancing?
Help w/ the stripping please!?
Best Dance Institute in Faridabad, Is it ZAGA Kalakshetra?
science stuff?
Any alternatives to grinding/freak dancing?
How could we start a mexican traditional dance group at our school?
Musical accompaniment/ traditional intrusments and tempo for the waltz?
Flexible flat feet and ballet?
Why don't more guys dance? like ballet, ballroom.......?
A few dance questions...?
where can i ballroom dance in norwalk, ct?
How to gain confidence at dances?
Mean girl in my dance class? I want to focus on dance and have fun?
what can i do to improve my turnout?
Do you see any problem with a boy sleeping in a silky dance leotard?
I can't decide what song to chose for my dance?
anybody know any hardcore rave dj's?
were can i go in Hawaii if i know nothing about ballet?
what is the name of a famous ballet?
Do you think I'm to old to start ballet again?
What to do with my hair for a ballroom competition?
Good chants for cheerleading?
where is the best dance study in Souther California?
I'm in charge of my dance studio's team tryouts?
Please help. how can i dance ?
Zumba classes in New York City?
Can you dance?
what kind clothes do I did for street dancing?
Mexican circle dance?
What is a good song to do an emotional Contemporary/Lyrical dance to?
Can anyone think of a name for a dance piece about a swan?
Question on dancing at lughnasa by brian friel...?
Need help with finding out where I should go?
why do i look so silly when i dance?
When can i go En Pointe?
girls would you dance if i asked you to dance?
Ballerinas Please Help!!?
wat type of dance is better?
What CD should I use for my dancing performance?
who is judy boucher?
What's the complete outfit i need to wear in a rehearsal of contemporary / jazz dance?
what are some good stretches to get flexible?
What is this ballet move called?
is break dancing harder than ballet?
how would you dance to ...?
Some casting ..... In Sweden? Pls?
What is your dance schedule?
pole dancing questions....?
What should i do for the routine?
how do u do the worm?
Ballroom dancing classes in Chapel Hill, NC?
What's your ghost story?
How can I shrink my Foot Undeez without ruinging them?
i love dirty dancing and was wondering is there anywhere in wa that teaches that ?
how do you call tango shoes ? man and woman?
Hi, I was wondering for a dance i am taking my friend who made fun of me all of this year to homecoming...?
Sliding both legs together?
I am intrested in starting ballet dancing, i am 13, do you think this is an acceptable age to start? HELP!?
how do you do the hustle i need to know everything about the hustle (dance) plzzzzze?
Slow Dance with a Short Boy?
Are there any belly dancing classes in south west london?
can you show me some good dance videos on YOUTUBE ..?
are there any acting classes in sacramento area or elk grove area?
which are dances your dance?
What dance should I take? My mom said I could only take 1?
ok im starting 2 like boys and im in fifth grade but the boy i like my friend liked 1st cuz she started l?
I need some advice on how to get a guy to go the x-mas dance?
Can I start ballet at 16?
how do u dance news papper no club penguin?
Dance Studios in San Antonio, Texas?
♥What is the fastest way to learn how to do the splits♥?
I need to find a cute crop top for a dance team. Basketball jersey style?
How to do a back handspring at home ?
How do you grind dance?
Can you do the Cha Cha Slide?
PNB school year.......?
Where are good dance studios in arizona that will push you hard.?
How to ask a girl to a dance?
Can you polka?
What was the name of the song that Rachel and Vincent danced the waltz to on tonight's Strictly Come Dancing?
what do i have too look like to be a ballerina ?
Any song ideas for this dance?
Who says ballerinas have ugly feet?
Do i have the body to be a dancer?
Aerial help???? please!!!!?
Is ballet fun? Why?
Are you sick of the "I've never done Ballet before but its my passion and I want to be a ballerina" questions?
I need a new hobby....?
Any one know abt salsa classes in andheri mumbai?
how can i do the splits in 2 weeks at the moast?
I am trying out and need Advice!?
Ballet: I have a question about turn outs?
Should i do ballet or should i do lyrical?
Ability to do the split in your mid 20s.?
Dose anyone take dance lessons?
Ballet dancers: what's the best brand for leotards and flat ballet shoes?
i'm a shy dancer .... how do i get over it ?
Does anyone have some advice for creating your own dance routines?
Would i be good at circus?
what happen to the chat room?
Hip hop dance moves?
How can I get involved in dance if dance team is over?
what is the name of this dance/techno song "and thats wat takes me high..its your love that keeps me alive"?
Does anyone know where to buy soft toe pointe shoes in Minnesota?
What is the best tool to use to mix songs for cheerleading?
how can i learn modern dancing at home, via internet, for free ?
I would like to teach a dance class in Philadelphia PA (volunteer or not) but im only 15?
Can I start dancing at age 20?
what is the footwork for bronze bar modern foxtrot in ballroom dancing?
How old is Michael Wentink, the Latin Dancer? Also is he gay?
how do u make a strip ...?
What do you do if you don't really know how to dance?
Remembering dance moves how do you do it because I keep forgetting them!?
Im in high school and I want to try fire dancing for my school talent show, is it possible if i can do that?
what can u tell me about Alonzo King's LINES Ballet?
Beautiful and energetic dance wanted.?
Why doesn't anyone ever dance like the movies anymore?
Good new music to dance to in a dance competition?? Help Please!!!?
What to wear to a Jazz/Tap/Ballet class?
Bboy/breakdancing music?
What got invented first? C-walk or break dance.. Also Did break dance get its footwork basic from c-walk?
Dancing/cheering plz check this out i need help!!?
What are your opinions on dancing?
Good songs to dance to in talent show?? PLEASE help!!!?
My Birthday is tomorrow and I can't wait!?
I Need A Solo Song Please?
What should I know for a first ballet class?
Whats the best way to get some choreography help with a modern dance piece I am working on...drawing a blank .
How does a guy do 'good' when grinding with a girl?
Lyrical ballet songs?? Please help?
Help what is the name of this dance song?
Does en pointe make legs super muscular?
Ideas for a solo in dance?
does anyone know any good songs for contemporary dancing?
please help me!?
this guy is acting shady wat should i do?
what's the difference between hula dance and Tahitian dance?
New tips on dancing, please?
How to become a better dancer?
Does Anybody Know????
dances india?
How to make my ankles and feet stronger for pointe.?
How to get your splits in dance?
Should I do a Lyrical or Jazz solo?!?
Does anyone have opinions on the NYU dance majors program?
Three women went dancing; no men to dance with, so they all danced together. Then they were asked to leave.?
I want to dance.. Am I too old to learn?
Break dance classes in Jackonville Florida?
Can You Do A Moonwalk For MJ?
Where are all the stripper clubs?
Splits Help.?
dance chreography?
what kind of outfit do you prefer to see on women in a dance club?
Guys do you wear a dance belts? Girls how do you feel about them?
where can i find the school of go-go dance in Ireland,in Dublin?
I want to be a ballerina?!?
How to improve presentation in dance?
Am I a good dancer? Please watch.?
Creative movement/ballet/tap curriculum songs?
How do you hand jive?
Is 30a too big to be a professional ballet dancer?
what are some good dance songs?
How do dancers spin incessantly without growing dizzy or off-balance?
do you know the artist ?
Dance shoes for a certain dance class but which ones? ?
tell me about my first love?
Are you aloud to dance if your a muslim?
what are some sexy dance moves for when i go clubbing?
A kangaroo just stole my computer! WHAT DO I DO?
I'm 23, is it too late to start classical ballet again?? (I quited 5 years ago)..?
need some ideas on masquede ball?
Whats your favorite dance style?
How do people dance at a black tie event?
why isn't it very popular for people to watch a ballet?
How can I master a pirroutte????
just wandering!?
Need a specific dance song for age 14-15 solo! Please help!?
Do you have to be flexible for example having a high grand battement etc in order to do pointe?
Are there any websites that teach you how to dance Samba?
What is the clothing that the man wears in latin ballroom dancing?
Dance class studio ideas?
Should I go to the dance?
Should I do Cheerleading or Dance?
what is salsa what dose for you?
What are some good love songs to slow dance to?
advice with turing on pointe shoes?
How to grind? When dancing?
girls, do any of you love wearing shoes and sneakers without socks? or hate wearing socks in general?
dance songs.?
Soulja Boy Crank Em' Dance...WHO KNOWS HOW?!?
Slow dancing songs for teen party?
does anybody know where they teach pole dancing in California preferably Sacramento? or surrounding areas?
Dancing At Prom???? Help!?
What is this move called?
where can i get private ballet lessons in the uk?
What are the best hip hop dance instructional dvds ?
How can i learn to dance like shakira?
cheerleadingg songsss?
How to shuffle? I need help.(:?
Songs that have a special dance move?
i really want to start dancing?
Unique songs for a dance recital duet?
What is Ballet Folklorico and how did it begin?
What type of music do you prefer? Your favorite genera? Group? Artist? Song?
special way to ask a girl to a dance?
Help!? I want to create a hip-hop dance crew..how should i start?
rate how i dance from 1-10?
how do i get rid of hiccups?
I am looking for a new song for a dance routine I am choreographing; what do you think of this song?
how does my calypso look?
Who loves Ballet besides me?
What is a good name for my dance crew(s)?
is the 12 dancing princess a really ballet?
Am i to old to be a ballerina?
What can I do to learn a routine faster?
Can me and my sister dance together?
Is it possible to learn to dance ballet if you're old?
nuter ballet!?
Cheer group names? My groups name is The Dance Connection, so maybe have DC in the name? Help?!?
America's best dance crew?
When did the Humphrey-Weidman Company disband?
Is it too late to start taking ballet?
How to become flexible like a ballet dancer?
Have you seen that video where the break dancer...?
What are ways to get back in dancing shape for fall ballet placement class?
Is 14 too old to get Pointe Shoes?
Help! What is this called? (dance question)?
are there any local dance clubs around mansfield, ohio?
ballet......muscle strenghth and flexibility...?
Dance classes to prepare for pointe work?
DANCE question!!?
What is fun todo out norfolk, va?
Contemporary and Lyrical: What is The Difference?
for u girls out there that go to teen dances?
How long til I can be en pointe?
dancing at clubs?
Is it true that leather ballet shoes are sticky?
who's better dancers..hip hoppers or ravers??
Who is the famous male ballet dancer from Europe?? I'm having a brain fart and can't think of his name.
Should I shower first or tap dance?
How late is "too late" to begin serious dance lessons?
Wouldn't "Something 'Bout a Truck" be a cool song for a couple to do a quickstep to on Dancing With the Stars?
What are some practical cheerleading dances for 6 year olds?
Where is a good place to take hip-hop dance in Houston, Tx?
dancing with the stars??
Good song?
How do I learn to dance? How did you learn?
Good Ballet Schools in Chicago?
Age 2 Dance?
Whats the best way to start hiphop dancing?help plz.?
Where Can i Learn B-Boy & Break Dancing in Fresno For Free?
What should i put in my dance bag?
What's a good song about japan or a place in japan?
What Kind of dancing is this?
Dance strength for breakdancing?
Do u know of a Belly Dance Studio in NY?
Nightclubs" are girls now on average taller than the guys?
wat do u do if u are asked to dance?
Do you think this is a good class?
What should be my freshman dance theme?
How do I dance to RAVE MUSIC?
Do you know a website where there are dance moves/steps of the song "Everytime" by Frencheska Farr?
salsa classes in the whitsunday area?
Should I quit ballet or figure skating?
What are the dance steps to Winter Wonderland tap routine?
Custom Dance Costume designer desperately needed in Charlotte NC area?
where will i find ballet clothes in bangalore?
Beyonce choreography?
what techniques did alvin ailey uses in his dances ?
Please help! Studio advice needed?
I want to be a dance teacher?
When your mad at someone why don't you do a dance off like West Side Story?
How do I teach my little brother how to Walk it out?
Dancing Help!?
I'm 13, starting ballet, lyrical and acro this year?
is it too late to start dancing?
how to take my shyness away?
Is my body type okay for ballet?
How to explain tutting?
Easy Questions for all Ballet Dancers!!!?
What is this dance move? I always wanted to learn it so bad! :)?
What is the style of dance that les twins do called? 10 points :)?
please rate and comment my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxT47oDc4Js?
if i want to see so you think you can dance live do I have to go to california?
what are some great songs to praise dance to?
What stretches should I do before taking ballet?
can u teach ur self how to do the splits?
Im trying to get into choreography. Any tips ?
How much can i learn from a breakdancing session ?
ever been to a lap dancing club?
dance lessons?
Ballet, Ballroom Dance or Modern Dance?
Can you learn to be a good dancer even when you're aleady 23?
Good lyrical dance songs?
whats some names of hiphop dancing work out videos?
where do strippers keep their money while they are dancing?
OMG, OMG, my friend got in trouble, so what will the punishment be like????? Does she deserveit Girls only!!!?
I really want to get back into dancing.. any suggestions?
Am i taking on too much?
do you go clubbing to see friends and chat or just dance?
Cancan - dance exercises?
Does anyone know where i can find good dance mixes?
Will my friend have a hard time learning contemporary dance?
How can I do a passé without lifting my hip?
what is winin' - ie: a dance where you grind against a girl?
Leg extension help please! (and video)?
How to become more flexible?
How do I get flexible hips?
Are Adidas Taekwondo shoes good for Shuffling? (Melbourne Shuffle)?
Is pole dancing a skill?
I think I love to dance a bit to much....?
what dance lesson should I take if I just wanna slow dance with my g/f?
For any breakdancers out there please specify this move?
can anyone tell me when the so you think you can dance tour is coming to miami and the price of the tickets?
<:-) Questions?
plz suggest me a dance song 4 marriage?
Dance moms help please?
I'm new to dance and I need to know how much it's going to cost?
How to get more flexible?
Should I run in addition to dancing, or will my thighs bulk up?
looking for a belly dancing club in leeds?
i worry that people wont think i dance well even when ppl complimented me?
Which one: yoga or ballet?
how do you make yourself more flexible?
Where can I find affordable ballet classes in central london?
I need to find a cute crop top for a dance team. Basketball jersey style?
Smelly toe pads for Pointe?
dose anybody know the history of bollywood dancing? i have a presentation tomorrow.?
How can i get better at my dance leaps?only dancers!?
Computer says ____?
whats better...the hip hop dance moves here or the reggae ones in the caribbean?
How can I be a ballerina?
Can you believe Chaz Bono was not voted off Dancing with the Stars?
Exercises for pointe shoes/ballet?
Can a boy do the 'splits'?
I just started ballet, how long will it take to go on en pointe?
How can i completely master my splits ?
any good ideas for stretches/warm-ups?
Novel-related songs for a dance piece (tribal fusion)?
Whats a cool dance move to do to attract girls?
what body alignment is required when performing an accurate arabesque dance move?
I need a song 4 my tap dance solo?
So You Think You Can Dance Question!?
I'm 18 and want to learn ballet. Is there such thing as adult beginners classes or will I be with little kids?
Should I go to my school semi dance?
Beginners ballet for teens in Southern New Jersey?
What would be a good song for a lyrical dance?
Good pretty contemporary song to dance to?
So, I tried out for the school step/dance team and I did not get in because my moves weren't "precise" enough?
Does anyone know where I can download free video clips of Deena (Dina) the Egyptian belly dancer?
How to do that booty dance please help?
how to dance?????!!!!!!!?
Why do cheerleaders got to be all that-----Cheerleader's?
Can anybdy in delhi teach me how to dance?
Do I do too much/not enough classes of dancing?
how can i improve my fan kicks?
Am I too old too start ballet?
Does anyone know of any good dance academys in or near Wolverhampton?
Does anyone have any ideas for choreography?
what kind of dancer are you?
How do i get my middle splits?
Do you guys watch So You Think You Can Dance?
I need some advice. help?
Do Ballet studios look down on colored hair?
Types of dancing....?
How to improve hyperextension?
HELP!.s for best answer PLEASE HELP?
New style to wear to dance?
dancing is my passion , and i want to b a dancer but i have no confidence wot shall i do? please help x?
Name of bellydance move?
What to wear, I'm giving my boyfriend a lap dance?
methods of ballet dancing?
Where are some Irish dance schools in Toronto?
Music Videos Are In ?
Little Kid Dance Performance Prop Help!?
I'm 14 and want to go to dance school....is it too late to start???
Thin streamer pom poms fro Christmas parade?
What type of dance is Mirotic?
need to learn how to dance fast!?
Non ballet dancer buying pointe shoes?
How do I start kiss?
Mum says I'm rather fat.Can I still dance ballroom dance?
Is it too late or weird to start ballet at 13?
How to be stronger and sharper while dancing?
How do I get my chinchillas to tap dance?
what do you think is better dance or cheer?
Bloch Aspiration Pointe Shoe?
Where can I buy the dance leotards with the small japanese flag tag?
does this sound realistic? having a meltdown....next years school schedual?
if you want to become a dance teacher do you need to do a class in fitness and recreation?
Back up dancing...what are the steps to reaching this?
How to convince my mom to let me dance?
I'm 16 and i have had no dance training...is it to late for me to start or im i to old to start??
where can i buy old man?
i'm 13&wanna start ballet....HELP !(x?
How to do a backsplit on ground?
what should a female ballet dancers weight be at 13 years old?
how many of you like dance??
is belly dancing a good method to get into shape?
Dance moms fan question?
Is it possible to lose your technique in a year?
where can I find a good Hip Hop/ Break Dancing class for a 10 year old?
Foxtrot, foxtrot, foxtrot?
i am really serious about dancing, i dance 7 hours a day?
who is the beat LP or blue?
What is the name of the traditional Arabic dance with swords?
Dose anyone take dance lessons?
My hips pop when i do my turn out for ballet?
What is the Graham technique in dance?
what club to go to on a saturday night in miami?
Should I switch my dance school?
i dont want to get my hopes up?
what is the difference between point and ballet ?
Are you a hip-hop dancer?
Ballet technique excercises?
i need a name for my dance team?
What has been the best theme dance you have been to?what was it about?what did it look like?
What do I need to learn how to do to be a 8th grade cheer leader and do I have a chance?
whats your fav movie?
is it possible for a young teen (13-15) to teach themselves contemporary dance?
Want to be a dance choreographer?
i'm 14 & have danced ballet for 3 mo. is it too late for me to start training to be a pro dancer?
What can I wear with this dance leotard?
a dance studio in dallas where i can learn to dance like this[video]?
information of any dance classes in bahrain?
To dance or not? That is the question!?
Im 14 and Im doing a Tap solo Songs?
any tips for a girl trying out for her school's dance team ?
How can I improve the flexibility of my back?
Summer intensive tips?
do i suck at dancing?
cotton-eye joe?????????????????/?
How can i dance again after exident ?
Dancing classes..?
what is the best song to dance to???
Can you take ballet and gymnastics together? ?
What are appropriate jazz dancing clothes?
Dance Academy?!?!?!?!?
dancers:what do you think about this dance?(video)?
What type of dance should I do?
should my tap shoes taps be loose or tight, how are they supposed to sound?
Where can I meet people in Houston, Tx. I moved from Dallas and I don't know anybody?
What's the best style of dance for adult "beginners"?
Blur or Green Ballet Slippers?
if i'm wearing a mini belly dancing skirt do i have to wear white pants under?
how do you walk it out?
What kind of dance should I take?
How can i learn to dance like celebrities?
what kind of bra shound a dancer wear, so that it feels comfortable while jumping and other body movements?plz
i need info on the Jive?
How to stand out at a ballet audition ?
Do I have good arches for Ballet ? (:?
Does anyone know how I can get involved in a public dance like those at shopping centres, train stations etc?
what is the name of this dance song?
my friend just put up a bar. what are some nice recent songs to play for dancing/parties?
What dance studio should I choose?
Where can i find cheap dance classes in Los Angeles?
Preparing for pointe?
what do you call a man who does ballet?
Has dancing at Prom changed?
is it too late to start dancing?
define dance as an art?
who has seen footloose?
I want to be a proffesional dancer but I don't know where to start?
how to dance?
I need really large dance shoes-- Where do I look, or where can I buy them?
with 10+ dancers in prizewinner....?
How to get better extensions in ballet!!!!!!!?
wht songs wuld do well 4 a ballet dance? (any ideas)?
Do you ever think about how many adults stop taking lessons, stop going to classes and stop playing sports?
coaching for salsa dancen in ahmedabad?
How to do a turn in second? And a triple?
does anyone know of any clubs in new york city that play disco?
Do you like dancing??
Bollywood Dance Classes in Perth?
Jazz class or lyrical class?
ok im starting 2 like boys and im in fifth grade but the boy i like my friend liked 1st cuz she started l?
when r 10th board results coming. myself monika?
What makes someone a good dancer?
My knee doesn't straighten?
i need help getting all the way on pointe?
Can anyone really do the Humpty dance?
Nightclubs in Portland!!?
bboying(break dancing) help?
i danced with a boy at the school dance, does it mean he likes me because we were dirty dancing?
Where do we see break dancing today?
What is the best song to do a lyrical/ ballet duet to?
how to integrate dance?
How do i make a dance costume larger?
what is the best pointe shoe for boys?
what is the best way to enchance my ability in dancing...?
Dance class or Karate Class in NYC?Recommendation?
How can i get a Bolshoi ballet dancers body?
What is the best dance move ever?
How long does it take to learn a split?
Do ballerinas pass gas when they dance?
Dancers needed?
Any good middle eastern and north african dance styles?
which was the music in which raghav had dance in mega audition of dance india dance?
What exactly do you need to start a Party Crew, you no, such as flyer parties and such?
What is a good song that i can do a solo too?read details?
Does anyone know some good shuffling (dancing) music I should download?
is bellydancing easy?
Does weight and height affect my dancing?
Anybody got a good checklist for somebody going to a dance competition?
when does the next series of dancing on ice come to itv1?
ballet lovers??!?!?
criteria for judging in "katutubong sayaw"?
What is this variation called?
Where to buy ballet wear and shoes for my ballet class?
question about "JUST FOR KIX?" online?
how do the contestants get picked for dancing with the stars?
does anyone dance around in there room singing into a hair brush?
how to dance with power? not sexy kind of powerful, but rather impressive and fierce!?
Why is it morally right to help others ? arguments ?!?
Wha amount of teenage girls are into dancing and nightclubs?
Are these good audition songs for a ballet tryout?
I have a dance audition later this summer. What are the most important things ajudcators or judges look for?
What style of dance is this?
How to become a professional dancer in England?
I am looking for a cd with the song Me and My Teddy Bear on it - Can you help?
Jazz dancing...?
does any1 know the old scissor sisters site where you could input your own pic and dance to it?
how do I become a better dancer?
How do i become a dancer?
How to improve quickly in ballet?
What is the hip hop dance move called where you put one leg behind/under the other and spin down to the ground?
Ideas to ask a guy to a dance?
Junior varisty dance team?
How to better my dance turn out?
Dancers and gymnasts: how to be more flexible?
Who can dance like CIARA the singer?
"you make me feel like dancing!"?
a good hip hop dance routine? that i can learn step by step?
Thinking about becoming a stripper or exotic dancer...?
us guys doing dancing?
Do u think theres anything weird about a male ballet dancer?
With bra liners in dance garments are they integrated into the main garment or are they separate and have to b
Does this kid like me or nottt?!?
How many of you can do this body trick?
What kind of music do they play at school dances?
My dream has always been to be a back-up dancer...have i left it too late?
Can I Learn Ballet Online?
Is it right to learn classical dance like kuchipudi,bhartanatyam at 26?
My new pointe shoes are slipping off of my heels?
How to ask to teach another person's dance class?
how do you move your hips .. ?
Is 10 months prep enough for dance team tryouts?
I'm looking for the lastest dancehall riddims, what are some good websites?
Whos the drummer from blood on the dance floor?
What's an amazing creepy, scary, awkward song for a MODERN dance?!?
Doing a solo dance...SONG IDEAS!?!?!?!?
Me and my friends were thinking about doing a dance/flash mob at school and we need some music ideas?
What to wear to a dance party for high schoolers?
How to get fit for ballet?
What kind of dancing should I do?
what are the differemt dance classifications?
Break dancing in the Philippines?
What dance lessons do i take?
I need a lyrical dance song, please help!!?!!?
Can a mad man dance and make a person join him?
How to turn well on pointe?
Is it too late to learn to dance at 15?
Is there any way to get Chachimomma Fevers?
what is this dance called?
What type of dance lesson genre would this be?
Is dance a sport? i jw..?
why do my freinds and me get in so many fights or argues?
How can you dress like a nerd for a middle school dance?
When you grind, is it ok if....?
How to make a costume better?
Help with a proper dance for an old fashioned slow song for a wedding please?
What dance should I take for cheerleading?
Im going to winter formal with this girl and i just have no idea what im going to do on the dance floor!?
Dancers...do you like dance tights or hate them?
how to get my splits, extensions?
Where can I learn to dance to Hip Hop music?
where can i buy tap shoes here in quezon city?
How do you pick pointe shoes that actually fit?
Is it too late for me to start dance?
i need a dance partner really bad help!?
whats a good age to start dance classes for 3 year old girls?
is this dancer good? what could she improve on?
Should I learn salsa, tango, or swing?
How to dance at winter formal?
where can I find a boyfriend for my girlfriend?
What do you do wear to a semi-formal dance?
If I do ballet will I get very muscly legs?
i love a boy and i am too shy to talk to him or even say hi so what can i di?
dance lesson locations?
Are there any tips or tricks to help me get better at tahitian dancing?
joffrey ballet summer intensives which one?
where can i learn Ballroom dance in Damascus, Syria?
What are some creative or fun ideas on asking someone to sadies?
I want to dance recreationally?
How do i do these dance steps (All dancers wanted)??
Should I get a friend to push me into my splits?
(BREAK DANCING) windmill help?
my parents have a problem with me...(help)?
Should I put elastic on my pointe shoes?
Dance Help?:.....?
Doing the splits?
what is a spanish dance caled?
What song should I choreograph a 'thank you' piece to?
What are some of the best ballet studios in the los angeles area?
The Chicken Noodle Soup Dance Racist?
Ballet!! Split sole or full sole? Canvas , leather or satin?
Adult Hip Hop in SLC, UT??
What is the most graceful ballet position?
what is this dance called?
Has anyone heard about the tap dancing bunny lady?
what are some good things to wear to an informal middle school dance?
What should i do?
Capoeira Centre?
i need a simple dance routine for the song Mr blue Sky by ELO for a group of about 40 people with limited abil?
What are some stretches to help a VERY unbendy person become more flexible?
who dances better?black people or white?
can u use a cd player on an i dog?
About dancers?
What is a good dancing song for a talent show...?
I like to dance. Who like to dance with me.?
Clever ideas to ask a guy to a dance?
can any one tell me about PAIPA (pradeep adwani's institute for the performing arts) in delhi?
which is the most ancient dance form??
What do you think of Irish dancing?
dancing question?
How do u get your boyfriend 2 slow-dance with at a Homecoming Dance when he knows u cant dance very well??
Who did the majority of the ballet dancing in the "Black Swan" movie...Natalie Portman or ballerina Sarah Lane?
Ballet Schools in San Francisco ? Affordable ?
Best party dance moves?
When I point my toes really hard in dance I get a cramp, how can I change this?
Colleges for Dancers!!!?
Wut do u do if u hav less than 2 months to learn all the types of latin dances for a quinceneara?
What is the name of this dance move?
returning to pointe?
How do I get involved in a flash mob?
i love a boy and i am too shy to talk to him or even say hi so what can i di?
Are fliers from UK dance clubs valuable?
How can I learn Dubstep dance at home ?
hello every body, I'm 15 years old and i want to start dancing ballet, do you think there is a chance?
Suggestions for Mother & Son first dance wedding song (SPANISH!)?
How to improve feet for ballet?
how to pirouette?
What to expect at UCLA dance camp?
Back flexibility stretches?
autumn miller or maddie ziegler?
Anyone experienced in dance that could help!????
what is a lap dance? can you be giving one standing up?
Can pointe shoes and ballet damage your feet?
In high school whats better jr. varsity cheerleading or dance team ?
Need help naming our college dance team? :)?
Information about Burlesque dancing?
what is the funniest thing that ever happend 2 u ?
Belly Dancing Classes - Chesterfield or Sheffield?