Right foot lets stomp, Left foot lets stomp, FREEZE, everybody clap your hands?
Student Cheography.. I need help..FAST!?
why is no one answering my questions!??
what are some good dance studios for jazz and contemporary?
When is the homecoming dance at Timber Creek high school, FL in 2011?
What do I need in my dance bag?
Ballet excersises that help build leg strength and flexibility?
Hip Hop/Dance Studios near Parker, Colorado?
funny drunken stories?
yes nrgounder, 'bhramak vastushastra' is what that tells how vastu is false and stupid?
8th grade dance dress help?
tips on dancing at a party?
How to strengthen my ankles for pointe?
I don't know what to do?
My mom wants me2 dance with someone i hate and break up with my boyfriend what do i do?
Good Lyrical/modern song for two friends ?
Did Natalie Portman really do 90% of the dancing on the Black Swan?
What to wear under a dance leotard?
whats the dance where the men would fling the women and danced crazed?
Dancing professionally and the Catholic faith?
would a foreskinless man applying for exotic dancing get a job?
In what country does belly dancing really originates?
i love breakdancing/hip-hop dancing where is a great school that i can attend for a low price?
Who is your favorite Dance Mom?
Why all the dancing in the N.F.L.?
Please I need help with "dancing"?
Anyone know any retro dance moves?
How can I get flexible really quickly?
Is It Natural To Have TurnOut of 180 Degrees In Ballet Without any traning?
Sadies dance Help please!!! i need ideas thanks(:?
Why Do People Think Dancing Isnt Really Really Hard.?
How do you improve your turnout in ballet? 10 points!?
what kind of dance style is this?
quick i need help with this!?
I want to to learn kathak. so pls tell me kathak classes at lucknow?
How To Walk Onto/Off Stage At Hip Hop Dance Competition?
where can i rent a boxing ring jumper?
Whats the best lyrical dance song?
Dance Studio Help! :)?
Help with a ballet move PLEASE?
im doing an assignment on contemporary dance.?
I would like to try dance?
How long should songs be?
How do I get members?
What are some cool easy dance lifts?
dancers are turning into gymnasts...all tricks and no feeling?
the cwalk and 2 stepping are some hip hop dance moves what are other ones?
i am going to audition for a hip hop team at my school. any advice or cool dance videos to show me?
What is teen ballet like?
How do you get your feet ready ready for pointe?
arcade games considered dance?
What is my next step?
How can you accomplish all splits while laying in bed watching television?
Belly Dancers! Random question for you?
Shufflers ! How long did it take you to learn how to shuffle ?
Is it too late to start Ballet?
Art Of Pole Dancing, The - Vol.1 - Beginners To Intermediate?
How many classes a week do you take (dancers)?
Should i do gymnastics or dancing?
dance help!!!!!!!!?
where is a good belly dancing studio in the dallas area?
I'm 16 and want to go back into Ballet, can I?
How many of you have done the time warp?
Cheerleading names starting with 'D'?
stuntin question?
What can I do to improve my dance technique very fast?
Does anyone know if there are any Salsa dance clubs in NH?
What is the best work for out of work dancers?
What should me and my dancers wear in my dance?!?!?
can't do the splits, dancing for 11 years?
Breakdance moves help please (it's easy for breakdancers to answer)?
What do you like dancing to?I like hip hop?
Does anyone knw the name of that dance in Get Your Walk On : Xzibit ?
What are the best ballet companies in the U.S.?
all those who know about dancing?
Does anyone go to dancing classes? If so, what type of dancing?
i want to learn to dance like tap or jazz dancing. like in step up and step up 2 the streets...how?
10 easy points if u have evr been to high skool?
Would it be possible for me to get into a professional ballet school?
do you know any anna sokolow websites?
arabian belly dancing costumes??
How do i get backstage passes to a dancing with the stars event?
When are the So You Think You Can Dance auditions for season 5 (2009)?
How do you do the economy dance?
Need help coming up with dance team awards for end of the year banquet(:?
i need some help w/dancing?
Is dance a sport?
When moose is dancing at the start of step up 2 final dance scene what is the song called?
How to do the splits?
Have you heard of the Collenette School of Dancing?
should i become a stripper??
Is this making good progress?
I can crip walk, blood walk, clown walk, heel-toe, and harlem shake, but what other cool dances can I learn?
what can i do when 2 boys like me so much and thay want 2 go out with me?
Skanking and grooving.?
Are there any cool dance moves?
can overweight people learn to cwalk or melborne shuffle?
I need to know how to ask for a certain part in my ballet companys show.?
are blacks just better at dancing overall?
Poll: Do you like to dance.? If so, what type.? ?
how do u dance???
when does step up 2 come out to buy?
When is a good age to start my daughter at ballet?
HELP! Auditioning for RWB soon!?
Which song should i do my dance solo to this year?
Has anyone ever heard of World- dance- New- York?
How do i learn gemnastic at home?
I want to make my school dance team?
Anyone know the name of some of the dances in Hairspray?
I need a song!!! help?
I'm looking for a really good Dance College?
how do you "grind"?
Bloch-TMT Pointe shoes?
Goth Night?
What is the best way to learn dancing like Michael Jackson ?
what type of dance is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuIsBH13O50&feature=related?
were can i find free fun dance routines??,,plz help?
I am 15 and 5'4 but I am scared that i have stopped growing?
Dance Conditioning/ Prep?
Reading Dance Moves?
Irish Step Dancer?
what other things can i do to make it rain other than a rain dance?
Where can I find a website that will learn me do great pom pom dances and get my rythm right... and let me be?
does any one cheerlead??
Flexibility question :o?
High quality dance studios in Dallas or Richardson??
Breaking in pointe shoes...?
Salsa classes in new york city on thursday nights?
Where can one go for a night of ballroom dancing in Toronto?
College dance team members/coaches...?
does any know of any good...dance, workout, or inspirational songs?
What are some good dance songs that are good for teaching kids to dance too?
Tips for landing a clean double turn?
Whats a good pop song to do a tap dance to? My m8s want to do a tap dance to a cool song, but cant think of 1?
what is the name of music that is kinda specially made to dance ballet?
Need help finding entertainment.?
what is the dancing where the guys drop down really low like crouching and start kicking ahead of them?
What do you do when nobody asks you to dance!!!??? I am 13?
What are some slow dance songs from any year between 2000-2011...PLEASE HELPP!!!?
looking for places to Bellydance in greenville sc paid gigs only?
step by step hip hop choreography?
Where could I find a video showing me to dance intimately?
Dancing with a girl help?
What steps do I need to take to learn how to do the splits?
Is 13 late to get en pointe?
Good song for dance concert? Theme is "Mirror, Mirror"?
Recommendations please for Video/DVD/Online tuition in the dance of Guinea, Senegal and Mali?
All Ballerinas!?
Anybody here take hip hop?
i feel fat when i dance. i am 120 and 5'6 look at my ! 360 and you will see?
Is Boston Ballet's "The nuter" worth the money?
Butterfly/frog stretch problems?
Dance team or ballet?
Do you know about naples dance studio?
i cant dance?
do you think im good enough to do pointe?!! plz answer?
how to grind?
what Michael Jackson song to you think is better to dance to?
How can i prevent getting dizzy after turns in ballet?
Can i start ballet at age 14?
Nuter play costumes?
which is your favorite?
Do you think hip hop is overrated?
Am i good enough to get into The Royal Ballet School?
Where can I dance on Hong Kong Island besides Studiodanz?
What you would Do with 7000$ ?
I enjoy dancing in my house naked do you?
How do I keep my boobs out of the way while dancing?
What kind of pointe shoes to get?
Am I to old to start dancing?
There are gigantic, dancing fruit in my household. Should I kick them out or let them stay?
DO you think a lot of men who is a dancer is gay?
Around how long would it take to learn the flare properly?
Is this common practice for ballet schools?
Can A Quinceanera have to bachata songs to dance to in surprise dance ?
any stretches to make you more flexible for dancing?
What are some good dance classes to take during the school year?
dance moves when walking forward?
How can I keep smiling during my dance routine?
Is it okay to wear knee high boots with 2 to 3 inch heels for ballroom dancing?
When will I be able to dance on pointe?
college dance team tryout help?
do you think...?
Which dance style do you think is appropriate for me?
what style of latin dance is this?
La bayadere duet help please?
Are you a fan of Dance Moms?
my ankle hurts SO much?
i need some good hiphop songs?
Ballet question.. =] ??
How to get my straddle?
What's a good song to do a modern solo to?
What to wear to dance?
Do all black people have rhythm?
does any one know the song that femme 5 did in america's best dance crew(the preimere)?
What store can I buy cute crop tops/sports bras for dance?
7th and th grade dance themes, NEEDED!!!!?
How can I be a character or show more emotion in lyrical dancing?
Dance? Help..............?
Tutorials for learning to dance?
question about ballet slippers?
What to keep in my dance bag?
some one please tell me some names of good songs as soon as possiable?
Do you........?
what do u think of eastern dancing?
What are these dances called?
Calling all ballet dancers, can you help with this?
Convince parents t do acro dance?
What's this dance term??? Its acro dance by the way lol?
How many pirrouettes can you do?
So i wanna know how to shake my butt like her and the dance she does...?
Dance Exam?
how do i improve my dancing?(ballet)pleez help?
Winter Formal Theme Ideas???
About how long will it take to get en pointe?
Whats the best way for me to improve my triple piruette? (sorry im bad at spelling!)?
How do i ask my dance studio for private lessons? 10 points?
what are exotic dancers.?
[UK] Can I get a discount for salsa dance lessons if I'm on Income-Based Jobseeker's Allowance?
how to do an aerial ?
Exercises to get strong enough for pointe?
Why do you have to be skinny to Dance??
HellO! Does anyone know Christopher Michael Jones ("You got served") D'y know where is he dancing now (team)??
I am a beginner-intermediat breakdancer. I was wondering if anyone could give me any moves that army too ha?
What's the song from this part of "So you think you can dance" ?
I am looking for Kathak dance teachers in Bangalore. Can anyone give me contact details of good teachers?
What is a "Dance act"?
do any one know how to dutty wine???
so anyone ever heard of halloffamedancechallenge.com?
What is your favorite dance?
I have a question about flexibility?
Help where to buy crazy dance spankies/shorts?
i need help quitting colorguard?
I am thinking about joining Hip-hop, i need to kno if its worth it.?
What should I wear with Jazz shoes since I need suppport for my foot? ?
Help on proper ballet attire?
Ok...so Im kind of overweight, but Im extreemly flrexible?
What consists of a professional dancers diet?
Where do I start breakdancing or bboying?
Dance class, a little overweight...?
Dancing question!?
Any websites with free dance routines?
what are the characteristics of vocal jazz?
Anyone know of a place that teaches adult ballet near Seattle?
Do you think its cute when people ballroom dance at school dances?
Ab exercises for better turns?
How old were you when you when on en pointe?
Are there any pole dancing classes in Glendora, CA?
Where can I get Green Shoes that i can dance in (For the play the Wiz)?
i need sum moves that will make all the other girls at the party look crazy...and will make ma man go crazy?
can i be a ballet dancer at 15 year old ?
What types of dance should I do?
Should I go en pointe now or wait?
i need to find a medieval dance called Washerwomens Branle?
How are ballroom dance shoes different from other dress shoes?
How can i get to dance like a black girl?
Ballet at sixteen? Help please?
do i have to take ballet lessons to do pointe?
Is doing ballet barefoot bad?
I'm worried that I might never go to a high school dance?
dance costume hire shop/website?
Intermmediate Foundation Ballet Exam Questions?
Dance composition song help?
who is the best dancer in the world?
brazilian dance?
Is the song "Dance With Me Tonight" good for a jazz dance?
Dance moms - kendall's song?
what is your favorite form of dance?
sytycd music finale help?
what are the best night clubs in buenos aires, argentina?
Is ballet COOL??
Which level should I be in?
A Ballet question! (Tell me what I'm doing wrong)?
Ballet classes for a guy?
What is a good song for a lyrical dance solo?
What are your thoughts on dance central 3?
SHINee Dance Video Help?
how can i find clubs in downtown buffalo, ny that are 18 and up?
GIRLS: what do you think of male ballet dancers?
Has anyone ever been to the voodoo club in northbridge, could you tell me about what the women are like?
Am i too old to compete at dance competitions?
Where can i learn break dancing in Singapore?
What can i do to become a gogo dancer.?
should i go to bed?
Static Quality in Ballet?
How to get a career in dance?
DFK with Stripper - Question?
if you are in a dance company, what is ur company name?
what do you think about strippers?
Someone help with leotard sizing!!!?
can dancing cause problems?
whats that dance where you move ur hips in and then jump in a circle and they say "hunga hunga hunga"
Since when did crumpin become anything other then a flailer on ???
what is a good suprise dance song for a quince?
Should we dance together?
dancng in leciester on friday night.... any ideas?
Thos fall im going to utd, I want to dance kpop.?
Good songs for a duo? Me and my friend are doing a duo this year for some dance competitions?
How long should ballerina do the warm up before starting to dance?
I need names of really cool yet easy dance moves?
Hurt upper arm during dance?
Ankle not very flexible, healthy tips?
What do you prefer cheer or dance?
What are some good songs to warm-up or dance to in a dance class?
Where can i find dancing classes in nyc for beginners?
Should I go to prom?
Should i take tumbling or jazz?
CAn fat people break dance ?
what do malaysian dancer wear?
Where can I buy Dirty Dancing posters?
How do i do a flip for a dance?
Jazz Dance Music?? Group..?
At what age should one start learning to dance?
how to write about a dancer?
Does dance and sports use the same part of the brain?
Slow dancing.....??!?!?!?
girls, what shoes make your feet the most sweaty and smelly, and does it bother you?
Any girls in mi want to start a kpop dance cover group?
i need simple dance advice?! urgent.. :)?
im looking for live jazz in baltimore?
i want to impress a girl who got brokeup just now.give me some useful ideas.i'm mad at her?
Ballet shoes question! Please help!?
what kind of dancing do u like?
Need to learn some cool dance moves fast?
Landing pirouettes en pointe?
Pom tryouts help!?!?!?!?!?
dance programs?
Is 20 months enough to learn everything I need for dance team?
Chan Mau Chan malaysian dance?
what do you think of the ggpr?
What is Madonna's middle name?
What was that dance called in So you think you can dance?
how does the role of choreography relate to other roles in the theatre?
is the pep squad the same thing as cheer leaders??!?
What style of dance is easiest to get into and learn quickly?
Where can you find dance steps of kisaeng sword dance?
any information about the west midlands youth ballet?
how do you dance skanky with a guy?
Does someone know a song that has city-like noises in the background for a dance i am choreographing?
loves to dance but doesn't know what to do for living?
What Style should i start out with?
Radha's Dance?
Is twerking an art form?
Dance names!?!?!?!?!?!?
Do you think i could do intermediate jazz dance class even though I'm a beginner?
Are there any summer colleges or schools of tango in Argentina, Buenos Aires?
has anyone watched striptease before?
what are the rules of the cha cha?
What is a good lyrical dance song with a female voice?
where can i found these dances' info [history, etc.], basic steps, music, etc..?
How to improve...?
Who was the first ballerina ever?
What is difference between British and American Tap Dancing?
5th grade dance?
Does it damage your feet to dance on pointe?
dance (hip-hop and ballet) or cheerleading (competition team)?
ballet tips?
Is there a list of national square dance conventions held since their inception?
how would you describe tap dance to a person who has never seen it before ?
haw do i become famous?
could i be a ballerina?
leather step line dance?
My back leg in leaps are lower then my front leg?
what other type of dance should i do?
Recovery dance songs?
What dance ANNOYS YOU THE MOST...???
At age 17, am I too old to go en pointe?
Learning to dance..?
M'y school is having a dance show and i need theme ideas?
what things can help me improve in dance?
Ballroom dancing?
How do you stand on your toes when doing the moonwalk?
How to do a split?
How do I ask my parents to put me into dance classes?
Do you like the dance flour?
Easy 10 points!!! Help with dance!?
Line dancers or figure skating fans..which are more violently defensive about their pursuit?
What to wear to dance clinic for highschool dance team?
Dance Team?
How to grind (dirty dance)?
do you think rhythm (like dancing) deterimines if your good in bed or not?
For latinas that love to dance?
what would you say if i was a stripper?
help please?
so you think you can dance?
question about pointe shoes?
How to loosen up/not be stiff while dancing?
Help with second turns?
how come there is less sound in a dance studio?
what are some good hindi,malayalam or tamil songs to dance to?
Emo cartoons?
Does anyone know how to do the Melbourne Shuffle?
How do I caramalise carrots if I only have coal tar and 3 pounds of parsnips to cook?
Should I quit ballet???
Am looking for a partner to learn Salsa in Hyderabad!! Any lady ready to pair up with me?
Brand NEw Dance Song!!!!!?
Does modern day music lack emotion?
what type of pointe shoes does svetlana zakharova use?
what do guys like more a really outgoing girl that just goes out 2 have fun, or a girl that doesnt talk much?
Should I take acro dance or ballet?
Is there a name for this kind of grinding?
Tap Duet songs for two teen girls?!?!?
Hairstyles that wont fall out during dance classes!?
where can u find show girl outfits for your avatar?? because i look everywhere and can not find it?
ABT SI................................?
I'm Starting Hip Hop?
for dance tryouts do you have to make up your own dance, or can you learn one from like a music video?
Songs with a good beat and easy to dance to??
what are some good jazz songs for dance?
can i have dancing as my major and medical for minor?
Urgent! What is this dance move called?
Name the best 2nd and 3rd place male dancer of all time.... (John Travolta is number one hands down.)........?
Dancers: Please help me with Ballet. This is serious?
Where are any good places to go dancing in utah for 30-somethings?
Cheer Stretches/Stunts?
who is the girl dancing in 659 gif?
what do you think is better dance or cheer?
Pointe Shoes??
i have my 1st ballet class tonite! im scared! help!?!?
Beginning Dancing Camp?
Who knows the name of the song that Maddie on Dance Moms danced her first solo dance to?
...hula hooping! tips please ? ..?
PLEASE HELP!!! Where can I find videos online of advanced center work for ballet?
Is Grade Five Tap hard?
Book on Ballet definitions?
How can I memorize dances easier?
Is it too late for me to start dancing?
How to tie elastic criss-cross pieces on ballet slippers?
Do you like Ballet? How long have you been training?
is it to late to start ballet at the age 13 ? best answer will be chosen?
Do u learn or teach dance?What form of dance?Which is ur favorite form?
does anybody know any good song suggestion websites for a sweet 16? or at least any suggestions of your own?
Do you like to dance?
how to grind..??
My bf moved and he never calls me wat do i do?
How to dance to spanish music ?
Is mountain biking bad for ballet?
Adult Dance Classes in Bergen County?
I'm 13 and i have a formal dance coming up soon. Does someone have a checklist for me?
Can you tell me about the moves in rock and roll dance class?
Does anyone know of a good site besides goggle, , etc.to find info on ballet and ballerinas?
can you really dance to any kind of music or if the music is really rubbish, is there no point dancing?
is 7:00 AM too early for school? I sure think so!!?
High school cheerleaders, HELP!?
DANCER PROBLEMS!!!! Please help!?
Is dance a sport?
who's better in ameicas best dance crew?
I'm trying out for varsity cheerleading this year and I'm really nervous! Any tips? ?
How many hours of ballet per week should I take?
Looking for Ballet show?
Can I dance NEED feedback!?
Good songs to dance street jazz to?
Where can I learn to break dance?
im doing a burlesque dance this year. im going ALL out. what full costume ideas/ needs do you need?
I DONT want to dance at prom.?
october 23rd is the homecoming dance at my school, what dresses are in?
What exercises can I do at home to improve my ballet?
What are the best Talent Agencies in Los Angeles (for Dancing and Acting)?
Where can i find korean pop dance class in Malaysia ?
i am a freshmen and i like a junior and i wanna know how to ask him to the homecoming dance any ideas?
What should I learn next?
Dance team name ideas??
Military routine tips?
Too old to dance?
How can I do a perfect switch leap!?
What was your first pair of pointe shoes?
I need some help with advanced clogging steps?
Dancing when going out?
tips for left pique turn???? PLEASE?
contact of western dance classes available in north delhi?
who wants to dance with me right now?
Why do male ballet dancers pad their pants?
are there any universities in Lugansk, Ukraine that have courses in dance or choreography in their curriculum?
Wanna dance?
Flexibility Survey: How Flexible Are you?
What can I do or use to strengthen my legs and ankles for ballet.?
where can i buy hiphop dancing clothes?
I need help about school dances.?
What can you expect from your first ballet class?
How can I get a Bigger Butt Easy and Fast..?
How does the ballet barre...?
i can not go trough my e-mail adress and i don't know my personal information what can i do?
ballet classes?
what do you need to become a stripper?
I'm looking for a good custom shoe maker?
i need help on my breakdancing?
Why aren't tap shoes selling as well as ballet shoes?
are there any sites where u can import your own pics onto some1 else's body and make a funny dance out of it?
How old were the cast of dirty dancing when filmed?
club dance at arena.?
What are creative ways to reveal the Homecoming Court?
what day and time is teen night?
how can i learn dancing via net for free??????
Themes for Homcoming?
What ribbon can I use for pointe shoes?
Is 22 years old..too old to start a ballet career?
who thinks dance is a sport?
Looking for a pole dancing costume?
Ballet slippers?
What grade for pointe?
Which types of Dance should I take?
how do you make dance covers look attractive so that people will watch it?
What's some good new kid's music? ages 5&6?
46 year old... is it too old to learn to pole dance?
What is lyrical dancing?
is it normal for 2 girls to grind dance on with eachother?
Where can I take salsa lessons in Monmouth County New Jersey?
Are there any teen (18 & under) dance clubs near me?
How do I remember a street dance routine?
how do i add a background on meez for media box?
salsa dancing?
what's a fancy way to ask someone to a dance?
Do you think women are naturally more flexible than men?
Im forming a dance group and i need flirty and sexy ideas for the name! any help?
why do my feet hurt, on pointe?
How can I convince my mom to let me take ballet classes?
What are the 24 Sire Thridee Kreeve Pethangals?
Cool Songs to Irish Dance too?
who likes dancing a lot?
I don't know what to do......can anyone help me?
Dose any one go to California Ballroom Co.?
How hard is it too learn a backhandspring...?
Where can I get MMD (Miku Miku Dance) for free?
Would dance (ballet) help or hurt?
Hip hop dance class for a 15 year old in tulsa?
How to learn to dance in 2-3 weeks?
Are there any dance events that my crew can perform in, in 2013?
What age would you allow you child to slow dance?
should i even bother going to the homecoming dance if i don't know how to dance?
Does any body like to dance and if so what type?
What's the best way to memorize a dance routine?
Is this okay to wear under my leotard?
Ideas for a Ballet Variation?
Where can I find good step by step dance routines?
What do i wear to a dance?
Ballet class for 14 year old beginner in London?
I love ballroom dancing I need a partner. Are you a good ballroom dancer would you be my partnerlive in ct.us
brief history of the new york city ballet?
Where can I find some videos or dvds to learn Lindy Hop?
Is 16 years old too late to start contemporary dancing?
Would this be a good song to do a color guard solo to?
Where can a couple learn ballroom dancing in or around middletown, NY?
Do you know about Arthur Murray Dance studios Montclair?
I like little things do you ?
Hip Hop Classes in New Jersey?
i wannt pictures of final phaze dance troupe in the 2006 bud billiken parade?
dance instructors?
is doing the bone dance on a cd?
Does anyone know where i can find more clips on David Bernal aka Dave Elsewhere the robotic dancer?
What are some songs to choreograph to?
songs you just HAVE to dance to?
Am I to old to start ballet?
Who can do the poole palace?
Belly dancing?
What are some of your favorite types of dances????
What is your favorite style of dance?
Pointe shoes questionn?
I need certain songs for my dance solo!?
i have to write a play about a romantic ballet. but the thing is there can't be any talking... HELP !?
I can't do the splits, is it possible for me to do ballet?
Is a dance party in my basement with my bf a good idea? HELP!?
if i am a beginner in ballet at the age of 13, what age group will i be put into 2?
when to start point shoes ?
Any alternatives to dance belts?
I wish to learn salsa from a pro in Chennai, not Jeffery Wardon, he sucks...any suggestions?
tap dancers HELP!?
When do you think is too old to start dance?
Summer intensive tips?
What do you keep in your dance bag?
So You Think You Can DANCE, winners/ standouts...
Getting rid of leotard lines?
What is a good song for a "first dance" at a wedding?
Which dance styles ?
how to become a skinny dancer?
Dance lessons in college?
How to do a Calypso Jump & Turning Jete? & More. <3 I need tips.?
front to front grinding?
Does anyone think this is stupid?
Simple question. how do you think i dance? video link included. ?
what activities should i do?
I want to start taking dance, am I too old and if not which class?
I want to become a professional dancer?
How much does Irish dance cost per year?
Competitive Dance Teams in Utah?
what is the title for a male ballerina?
Is it too late for a male to start ballet at 16?
I'm 15 and I want to join a dance studio?
I wanna study dancing but hip-hop or street dancing what name i look but in SA-Cape town.?
What is Bella Thornes email?
Does anyone know where I can find pole dancing lessons?
Does anyone know the name of the lead girl in Omarions "Touch" video?
does anyone know any good hiphop dance classes in connecticut?
i can't dance. at. all... any advices?
How do you "pop, lock and drop it"?
I have 2 certificates if authenticy for 2 plates. "Shall We Dance" and "America the Beautiful". Worth?
what website teaches you the step up dance from the final showcase?
how to i dance like im in a nightclub?
wat is the difference between tango now and tango before?
What are some songs that make you go wow that i could dance to?
what kind of exercise does foxtrot give you?
What kind of dance would you recomend for a Disney Channel audition?
How many people are in the Alvin Ailey Pre Professional program year round?
what is the ballet 'move' called?
I asked a guy to the Tolo dance, but I'm not sure if Tolo is a dance where you need corsages?
What are some good songs for a jazz solo?
Have you ever tried on toe shoes?
What is a petite dance company?
any free dance sites?
do you think that the different audiences that view dance theatre have an impact on how it is performed ?
If you can master any kind of dance what would it be?
country dance clubs in the sacromento california area?
Is it hard for boys to get in SAB?
I quit Ballet and I am sort of depressed?
Ballet HELP- please?
when at my high school dance?
Exercise poles?? (pole dancing)?
Where can I find the dance to the song ''Low'' that the judge to So Do You Think You Can Dance? made up?
Could U be a Coyote Ugly girl ?
is it true that GEORGE SAMPSON isnt alowed to dance again because he has damaged his back....?
Nervous about performing! (dancer who can help?)?
Can a 15 year old start ballet?
Ballet for Beginner Teens?
how to be creative in cheorographing dance steps/movements?
Who is the dance troupe in the hyundai santa fe commercial?
Can I enroll into a hip hop dance class without previous dance experience?
who thinks ballet is a sport? did u know that ballet takes more physical and mental srength than football! lol
How can i become flexible?
How hard is it to learn bellydancing, i am 48, is it too late? is it good for firming and toning?
are there any places near bolingbrook,il that teach hip hop and latin dances like salsa,kumbia,bachata...?
en pointe grand plehe......ballet?
Anything I need to know for ballet/?
Dance Music Please Help Anyone?
I would like to be in a music video as a dancer. I am 13 but look like I'm 10. Any pointers?
Hip Hop, Dance... HELPPP?
How do you get you arch to look better in flat ballet shoes?
How can I increase my tips as a Birkenstock-wearing gogo dancer?
How can I learn a ballet variation this summer?
Couple questions about learning to dance?
What's a good song to do a lyrical dance too?
Never taken dance lessons..But I think im a good dancer..?
How do I convince my uncle to dance naked for me?
Brother & Sister Sweet 16 Song to Dance to?
what is your dance style?
anyone know of a good breakdanceing site that is free to use?
What's the difference between a sissone and arabesque a l'air (or sauté)?
What do you find hotter - A girl doing Latin Ballroom (salsa) or a girl doing Break dancing?
help me with dancing?
what should i do when im practicing ballet every day? strength training ect?
What are some good dance music?
What are my feet like?perfect pointe shoes (you can include split soles im curios about those)?
Dancers, How do you stay in shape?
how can i convince my mom to let me go on pointe?
What Do You Know About Lambada Dance? Why is it forbbiden? And Where Did People Danced For the first time!?
anyone know any free salsa lessons being offered in toronto, ontario?
How can I get in shape for ballet?
I'm 13, Is It to Late to Start Dancing?
does anyone know any songs that i could use for gcse dance?
How many years of ballet training should I write on my forms (MINTCHIPS and others)?
2 questions about sweetheart dance?
What is your favorite dance competition?
dancing as a job for when i am older?
Issues faced during dance classes?
Joffrey Ballet Levels? Please Answer!?
Is there a type of dance like lyrical dancing?
calves hurt after 1st dancing class, should i dance tommorrow?
do you like to dance?
is 16 to late to start hip hop dancing?
What should be included in a bellydance warm up? What songs go well with it?
Cool songs to do fast contemporary dance to?
Is it too late to begin learn ballet once your in or over your teens?
Is my daugher too young for Ballet classes?
Desperate and really want to be a good dancer?
How many dancers are in Michael Flately's Lord of the Dance?
i want to do the splits
What are some good, quick ways to get back in shape for dance classes?
what is the source and the name of the dance performed before a hawaiin massage?
Ways to improve/exercises for beginning pointe students?
where do i find ideas to dance for him?
This is for dancers?
do you wanna join dance team?
who do u think is a better dancer? Ciara or Chris Brown?
Can somebody please tell me of dance/cheerleading classes i can around Edinburgh, Dalgety Bay, Dunfermline?
Grade 4/5 ballet basics?
Where do I go to vote for contestant on Dancing with the Stars?
audition for fierce dance company?
Help with how to do a ground leap?
What is the actual Monster Mash dance?
What is the ideal weight for a ballet dancer?
How do I convince my mom to let me take dance classes?
I want to push the envelope...I need a cool idea?
which type of dance do you like and why?
Whats a teen dance club in Riverside area or San Bernadino?
Dance exercises/ stretches?
When buying ballet shoes should you buy a different size from your normal footwear?
what should i wear to the dance?pic?
I was wondering where my 14 year old son could get hip hop dance lessons?
I want to learn to dance but is it too late?
How to dance/learn to dance?
I am trying to make up a dance and i cant think of any more moves can anyone help me?
I would really like to be a cheerleader,i have since i was little what should i do. Any websitesthat will help
how do i get too Gragon Slayer the game? or is there one at all?
What are morph suits for?
Do you think that black people dance better than white people?
how do i learn to do the splits?
Sytycd: Lauren froderman question?
What should I put in my dance bag for ballet?
how would you describe Ukrainian dancing?
I want to belly dance ..Any teachers in the Lower mainland area(Vancouver,surrey b.c.)?
How do you get into Julliard?
Learning Salsa Danceing?
How many months should I dance before doing competition?
Any hot music hookups for dancing? (breakdancing, hip hop, popping, locking, etc)?
Which dance class should I take?
can anyone give info on either beginning filipino or african dance classes in the oceanside, ca area?
I can shoulda lean, but I don't know how to dance though. What should I do?
should i try irish dancing again?
Dancers: I can't get my aerial!!!!?
man becoming a showgirl?
do we have a ballet school here in the philppines?
where can you get dance outfits.?
Can any of you do this?
Any slow dancing tips?
Leg Muscles hurts during one dance practice?
Where do i get russian balle dance dress in chennai?
looking for 18+ dance clubs in syracuse?
Please tell me where i can find a Kathak dance teacher in Los Angeles county for a school project?
Is there a dance school In Canberra that run adult classes?
Dancing Help urgent please!?
What is a good song for a Quince Waltz?
Do you find anything wrong with being a go go dancer or stripping?and dont go go dancers make just as much as ?
What kinda dance do you do?
Where can I take a belly dancing class in Atlanta, GA?
What are the best freak dancing songs ?
why are girl discriminated so much still?
Does anyone know the differences between Tribal belly dance and Arabic belly dance?
Changing Tap shoes- help please?
my bf doesn't think i should become a ballroom dancer,?
What are some good jazz songs for a solo?
Are there any Irish Dance schools in Singapore at all?
Need help knowing a breakdance move?
Men who can ballroom dance?
Dance Moms ... What do you know?
Where can you buy those really little glowsticks that are small enough to fit in your mouth?
for the ppl that dance, do you have good posture?
Is being a good dancer a talent?
what song did they play in so you think you can dance in Joy and Demetri's samba dance?
i am 30, and want to join dance classes, have never done any form of dancing.is it a talent or can be learned.
I was wondering whether its okay to start ballet when you're sixteen almost turning seventeen? :/?
Some impressive dance leg holds/jumps/leaps?
I love dancing, but I don’t take dance lessons, so what are some good practice I can do at home?
What is the proper way to slow dance for a wedding?
how could i join Shaimak's troup?
Where could I find a media guide for a dance team or a drill team?
where can i finde?
Popular music from movies for a ballet solo?
pirouettes and leaps?
help! how do you lap dance?
Do you view Greek Dancing as a " good, wholesome, family activity"?
I'm looking for information on choreography any one who can help please do thanks?
College dance team questions?
What kind of dance do you do?
First Dance Audition in 4 days?
how can i teach an eleven years-old girl street dancing at 1 month?
just a little question before my performance tommorow.?
why wont guys let girls run away from them?
Salsa Dance?
does any one know where i can take a pole dancing class for cheap?
All girls dance party?
Second turns? Also known as fouttes?? Please help!!?
Is dance an art or a sport??
Should I stick to dancing?
Can I start dance at age 14?
what is a debutante ball and how old do you have to be to have one?
I'm going up on pointe for the first time in ballet?
Sreesanth funny dancing after hitting A.Nel for a six must watch click here comments?
fire dancing?
i m 18 years old, i m 4'8 so me use this injection or not?
I need a story for my contemporary solo to "Married Life" from the movie UP!?
What are good dance collages?
Please i need jete help!!!?
What was first - irish step dance or afro-american step dance?
do you now how to dance?
i need advice!?
what are some good songs?
how to stop getting blisters!!!!!!?
Whats a good first job?
What are different types of dances for the 1920s?
DANCE!! Are you a C walker? Then write here right now!!?
what skills are developed in dancing?
Anyone know of any good places for dancing around youngstown, ohio area?
k-pop dance that could look cool with only 2 people dancing?
Help dance question. Dunham technique.?
How do you exactly grind without looking awkward and making sure it's good?
What are pointe shoe covers for?
what do you think of when you hear or see Dance?
What are the phases of dance?
Do strippers take breaks?
how do I be a stripper?
IWho loves to go country line dancing?
Are you a cheerleader?
does anyone dance?
Can someone PLEASE tell me a GOOD NAME for a DANCE GROUP of 6 Girls?
talent show?
Different types/ways of travelling in dance?
can you give a song for a cheering competition?
Ballroom dancing classes in Nottinghamshire?
The free guide to sewing an irish dance dress?
Super good dance songs?
I want to start dance [ballet, pointe, ballroom, or latin] but i think i'm too old. I'm 15 with no experience.
What are some hot dance moves I should learn?
How do i dance, Indian style?
I want to dance but I can't help?
Are the dance team and the pom squad at Pepperdine University the same thing?
What is the best way to dance to Kisschasy's "Dinosaur"?
How Old To Stop Bellydancing?
how do you feel when you dance?
Help with dance stuff? (splits, scorpions and straight leg scorpions)?
What are some good tumblr blogs all about dancing ?
Too Late tto start dancing?
What is contemporary dance?
how can I start my own dance company?
How come white people can't dance?
Do you enjoy clubbing?
can i get strippers?
Need dance studio suggestions?
Good dance movies?
What's a dorito scorpion?
i really want to be a dancer im already 15 but have had no experpience is it to late to start?
Is it weird for a 27 year old to be in a college dance team?
Any dancers out there?
first dance solo tips?
Ballet in Spain?
childrens dancing classes in peterlee?
Are there any sites out there that are free that show you how to dance (Like how to dance at a school dance)?
does anyone like nelly's Furtado's new song?
Is it possible to learn how to dance Hip Hop without going to classes?
the dance movies in this music video...what is it called?
Who is your favorite dance crew on America's best dance crew?
What are some stretchs to help turn out my hips?
Has anyone heard about the tap dancing bunny lady?
To help find www.sm.com company to become a Korea translate?
hurt by christina aguilera, could i do a modern solo to it???
I'm terrified of my dance teacher!! What would you do?? She's a really good techer but really mean. HELP!!
dancing?![ help me{s.o.s}]?
I was grinding on two different girls during my homecoming dance. Both of them could feel my 8.5 in junk?
irish dancing?
Would this variation from La Bayadere be acceptable for the YAGP competition?
What exactly is lyrical dancing?
Do you think an African-American ballerina is able to have a successful proffessional career?
Gymnastics Classes & Modeling Angencies ?
whats the best dance class to take as a couple??
I want to become a dance choreographer but i dont know where to get started.....?
What do you call male ballerinas?
How do you get into the dancing industry?
why is dance dance revolution slowly diying in america?
Anybody like the BET hip hop awards last night??
Who's better at dancing, Usher or Michael Jackson?
Tips before i go clubbing?
How long should you stretch and how many times a day? And is there a 'right' way to stretch?
I wanna become a dancer when I'm older. Help!?????
How can I make a dance group without being dumped by my dancers(does not accept)?
Who was eliminiated from Dancing with the Stars tonight, Nov. 1<?
Who is the dancer in Adele's Rolling In The Deep video?
hey guys n gals i wanna perform a dance with a girl (only two of us )?
GCSE Dance choreography problems...?
how do i qualify as a ballroom dance teacher?
Anyone auditioning to be the next Pu$sy Cat Doll?
Any good high level ballet class DVDs?
Do you all remember this song from 1980 and did you tear up the dance floor to it like i did?
crip walk???? please help?
How to Slow Dance for Prom?
Should I take Ballet?
What are some good jungle songs ?
Help with my splits and leg lifts!?
Beginner trying to choreograph hiphop. Having some troubles. Helps and Tips pls.?
i cant tell? will this girl ask me to dance with her?
How to dance proper?
should I take belly dancing....... I am 53?
There is a dance this friday and i can't go, help?
what do i do?
Should I stick to dancing?
should i try out for color guard?
Is boogey ( ballroom dancing ) the same as boogie-woogie? If so, what is the description?
Which dance is better for a girl?
will my leg bones become abnormal if i start ballet?
do u love god?Ur opinion?
for all the tecktonik/electro ppl etc.. heres a question. is is better to have long arms or short to dance?
Poms tryouts..help.. I'm going to be a freshmen and trying out for poms in like two weeks, i am inexperianced?
What do you all think..?
My school is looking for some themes for homecoming.....?
What's this song on Dance Moms?
How to choreograph this song for school? 5 STARS?
what are some good funk songs that sound sort of like let it whip by dazz band?
am i fat...?
Cute Crazy Rave Names?
What is the history of ballet dancing?
Do you have to be born talented to dance?
Where can I take a hip hop dance class in Philadelphia?
why do the "best" dance moves look like a cross between an epileptic seizure and tourette syndrome?
can anyone suggest a c-walk name for me ?
Could I start pointe next year?
In a beauty pageant, would it be acceptable to dance to "hips dont lie" by Shakira?
Tips on how to get better at dance improv?
Any exercises for flat feet in pointe shoes?
anyone have any seriously embarassing stories?
Please what are some songs my friend and I could dance to?
who knows how to dance regaton?
why are teachers so mean!!!?
Am I too old to start ballet at 14?
10cm from the splits?
Who got elimanated on So you think you can dance tonight?
what age did irish dancer Anthony Street start dancing?
I hurt my knee in dance class?
20 POINTS BEST ANSWER!!! How do I meet girls in a dance class? Best way to approach?!? HEOLP!!!!?
do competition dancers ever get a break?
Am I too tall to eventually become a professional Ballerina?
Can i start ballet at 15 and when my height is 1.74m (5 feet 8 inches)?
Could I be a go-go dancer?
The Pulse dance tour?
Anyone knows the title of dance in the late 90s that goes, "Kiss me Baby Kiss Me Baby Kiss me baby kiss me bab?
Dance at 8 o'clock?
If you don't answer my question I might start crying!?
Can anyone tell me where i can find a good modern dancing class in SE London?
What is your favorite dance competition & dance move?
hi ppl can u give some gud name for my salsa class?
How do you dance without looking awkward?
When doing dance leaps....?
handstands+breakdance? vids?
I need help name this dance i seen it on TV or somewhere but i know its common and its like a joke dance?
I cant dance at all!!! But i have to in front of a bunch of kids from school..HELP!?
I'm looking for a good dance class in Barnet for adults?
I have always wanted to be a dancer? Do you think it is too late for me?
explain !! what is a Theater du Grand Guignol ??
Dance Team dances help?
ballroom and college...?
How to clean my feet?
what are exotic dancers.?
Does anyone known a good dance boarding school that has tap, jazz, ballet, and pointe? ?
What do you do about blisters from pointe?
How can I do that fancy hand clapping stuff?
What will I learn in lyrical?!?!?!?
Do you have to be skinny/slender to Belly Dance?
Am i too old to start Ballet?
I need help with the splits?
How can I start a competitive dance team?
(10 points) can anyone please help me find a game like this?
when will summer funk 2008 be held?
dancers are turning into gymnasts...all tricks and no feeling?
I am getting ready to sell dancing ads? What should I say in my letter?
is 16 too old to start dance?
are there any pole dancing classes in boise idaho?
DANCE at arena?!?! how old do you have to be to get in?
There is this extremely rude girl in my dance class. How should I deal with her?
How can i convince my parents to put me in ballet classes?
what do i do if my date has two left feet?
What Song Could I Choose For My School Dance Test?
How to breakdance(begginers)?
Any idea if there are any Salsa Cha Cha or Rumba dance classes in Noida?
Good name for dance troupe?
I've always wanted to take a dance class. Which type should i chose?
how can you learn to belly-dance?
What online store can I buy CHEAP Pointe Shoes from? NEED ANSWER PLEASE?
What is a tip in irish dance?
Learn how to dance fast?
What are the best and the worst popular makes of ballet pointe shoes?
I over stretched my hips!?
So... you think YOU can dance?!?
Do women dance better because they have to dance in heels?
Does anyone know any good rumba songs from a broadway play/musical?
i need a poem about dance. can u give me one.?
what would be an amazing song to dance to? It has to be wicked!?
does anyone do dance?
jobs for a thirteen year old apart from paper round?
Do you think I could get into the Boston Ballet Summer Intensive?
ballet tips and trick plus bunions questions?
What time is it right now?
Help PLEASE!!!!!!?
Is it too late to re-start Irish Dancing?
Different swing dancing styles?
who are pitbulls dancers? I want their names plz?
Any opinions on Civic Dance Center in Bakersfield, CA?
do i have to pay for her if she invited me to a dance?
All Ballet Dancers?!?!?!?
Anyone know any good songs for a lyrical/modern/jazz type solo?
What is good conditioning for ballet?
Good Summer dance intensives in Florida?
where can I find free striptease instruction on the internet?
What places in Houston offer good hip hop dance classes?