Music for a Ballet Troupe of about 12...suggestions please...about four minutes long?
What pointe shoes should I get?
is there any old skool ravers on line today if so i'm fishing?
Who are some famous American female ballet dancers or figure skaters from the 18th or early 19th century?
have you ever seriously injured yourself while playing Dance, Dance, Revolution?
Has there Been any knew dances moves created in the last ten years?
Dance: Is the hip-hop making influence in the ballet lessons?
every time i click on my messenger it will come up then cllose by itself why is that?
who exactly invented ballet shoes?
All ballet or any other dancers, please read!?
How to train my foot to point in air?
Which Should i start jazz or Ballet Dance Class?
i am looking for the best dance school. please help?
Starting ballet, am I too old?
who is the father of Shajahan?
Would anybody know where to find a Pole Dancing class in NJ?
Doing a dance on my own in class?
I have a dance tommrow.. need opinions! Pic included.?
Where did Michael Jackson learn his dances moves from ?
I need Information on the studio All Star Studio in Forest Hills but i cant find any?
I want to start taking ballet at age 25. Is it too late to develop turnout?
Can U Dance???
Song help!!!!!!!!!!!?
hiii everyone i just need a dance theme with some nice music for my college cultural plzz help me.............?
Is dancing barefoot bad for your feet?
What are some good hip hop dance duet songs for 7 year olds? (no love songs)?
Anyone know any good websites to learn how to shuffle (melbourne dance style)?
What is your favorite dance style?
Where can I get this years ABDC TOUR Tickets ?
Who is a Square Dancer? What is your favorite call?
How does belly dancing fit in with conservative Muslim culture?
I am going to a junior high dance. Should I dance with boys? How do u dance at a junior high dance?
i need a song for my solo!?
So, I like to move it move it. Do you?!?
Is there any website that I can learn a Bollywood dance routine online for free?
What is Shakira Belly Dance style, specially the one in "La Tortura"?
I'm 15 and I was planning on starting ballet, but my friend told me Im too old?
I need to get better at freestyle [hiphopdance] HELP!?
What type of dance is brain banging most similar to?
london salsa lessons?
Does anyone here know Afrikaans Volkspele?
What is the twerk dance?
I need some help on how to do the breakdance move the windmill?
Dancing with the stars week 9 elimination results?
what are great songs to dance to?
Dance choreography song. I just need a theme ?
How do I uncrinkle my cheer pom poms?
I use to take ballet when I was little. Does any one have any ballet websites I can use to help me!?
about how much does a principal dancer with a.b.t. earn annually?
Is 30a too big for professional ballet?
Michael Jackson Fans! Help with this dance tribute please?
Belly Dancing Choreography?
What is the fastest, easiest way to get my splits for dance class?
Am I too fat and old to start ballet?
On So You Think You Can Dance. Why is Jessica off the show.?
I need acrobatics help?
I have to write a 1000 word essay on how dance is a sport. What can I write?
how to dance with a guy?
Am I too old to be a ballerina?
new country songs to tap dance to?
In Montreal, where are some good dance clubs?
What's your favorite Ballet?
OMG.. I need to learn to dance.. FAST!!?
Who agrees with me that LL Cool J body looks better than 50 cent?
Writing a thank you note to my dance teacher?
Is It Too Late For Me To Do Ballet?
do you know arash? boro boro?
My 12 year old son is suppose to wear my best friends daughters tutu(see pic) because of a dumb wager he made?
If i belly dance everyday for a month for 15 minutes will i see results?
Are Julie Kent and Allegra Kent related?
when creating a dance how do you count the beats?
What is the easiest way to break in your pointe shoes?
whining and grinding dance?
Does the average person know what "pointe" is?
Did shuffling became a hiphop dance now?
State 3 differences between a rumba and a beguine?
any good songs to dance too that i can download??
do girls wear bras under their ballet leotards?
i want to be a dance teacher but my mum thinks dancing is a waste of time?
Should I Get Back Into Dance?
Is it stupid to want to dance on pointe as an adult if you never had training?
I want to become an urban dancer. What should I do?
Has any one ever done this?
Mark Ramprekash's dance partner?
Is 16 too old to learn ballet ?
is dance a sport?
female dancers, would you accept a foot rub after dancing if your feet were sweaty/smelly?
Good modern dance troop name?
Any opinions on All That Dance Incorporated in Danville, VA?
did the teachers make you square dance in elementary or even jr high? did you enjoy that or hated every minute
is swing dancing still cool?
Does anyone know some songs the rockettes danced to?
What are some good dance group names?
i really dont know how to continue my windmill, i need help?
Has anyone tried Sheila's S Factor Strip Tease and Pole Classes? Are they worth the Money?
Is it too late to become a dancer ...?
Attention all Steppers! Other than Chicago, in what states and cities do people Step?
how do i be more organized?
Dance Title Page for art?
i am looking for flamenco dance classes in the southern california area. any idea???
how to dance at a night club ?
for a 5"3 female dancer is it okay to weigh 92 lbs?
Quotes from people Anna Pavlova inspired?
What are some tap dancing moves orginated by Sammy Davis Jr.?
suggestions pleasee?
ok i need good break dancing videos?
I need help with my needle (straight scorpion/spike)?
i wanna be a step team?
Do people have sex in the middle of the dance floor at homecoming?!?
How to ask him to the dance?
We're gonna lose? Please hellppp me?
Does anyone know anything about the Dance program at Bsfa?
What Is The Name Of This Dance Craze?
My middle school dance is soon help!!!?
What is the tap dancing step called the "military rool" how do you do it/?
Dancing Help!?
What is an easy and effective way to teach someone to do undulations?
Toe Pain and Cracking?
Is 24 too late to start ballet???
What are some good dance songs (ages approx. 5-10)?
which do you prefer the most Ballet or Modern Dance?
Mcdonalds vs Office Depot , Whats a better job i need to make a living and wanna be happy?
What's the hardest thing to learn in ballet?
Ways to gain flexibilty and strength?
What to wear to the dance<guy>?
HELP! I need the major turning points in American dance from 1770-1919.?
Can anybody give me some grinding do's and dont's?
Any one know of any dance classes such as hip hop/ street dancing like modern style in Norwich, Norfolk, UK?
What's another ghetto dance like Soulja Boy that I can learn?
i am an amateur choreographer?
I have a dream . . . . .?
what are some cool two person breakdance moves?
im scared to break in pointe shoes?
Do you think most men would feel uncomfortable watching a male belly dancer dance in a restaurant?
Would I be ready in 20 months for dance team tryouts?
Which form of Indian classical dance is indigenous to the State of Andhra Pradesh?
What all do you need for ballet?
i need lyrical tips URGENTLY!?
Ballroom dancing for kids?
what to do at school dances?
In that grade do people get to go to school dances?
Slow dancing at my cousins wedding?
Do I need to be CERTIFIED to be a Dance Fitness Instructor?
what website teaches you the step up dance from the final showcase?
auditions for competitive dance ?
I need a remix song that I can choreograph, along with a few of my friends? :)?
Do you know how to do the Crank That Soulja Boy dance?
Are there any hip hop dance classes in Newport News, Virginia for ages 21 and up?
what is aerial dance;please explain?
which are the best r n b nightclubs in leeds west yorkshire?
Can you do the Moonwalk?
Is 16 too old to start ballet?
how many pirouettes/turns etc. can you do?
How can i get better at my dance leaps?only dancers!?
Big prom dilemma, idk what to do and ticket sales end next wednesday! need help!?
Any cool easy nice dance moves?
Which bellydancing costume should I buy?!?
How to become flexible ?
Does anyone have cool dance ideas?
who do you like better, cheerleaders or dancers?
Can you tease some one?
What is the title of the song that Travis danced on his solo?
Tahitian and Polynesian dancing?
Is 18 too late to become a dancer?
Is there Ballet available to learn in Cape Coral Florida?
How can I get my dance teacher to put me in "invitation only" classes?
I need a way to make it snow! like a snow dance?
does anyone know how to ribbon dance?
Beginner to pointe?!?
How can I start break dancing?
Any examples/ideas of dance styles/genres from different cultures?
Am I too old for ballet?
So You Think You Can Dance?
When was your last dance?
New Parties?
Whats some fun songs to dance to?
whats a good michael jackson song to dance to?
What kinds of dance classes should I take to improve in colorguard?
Has anybody ever practiced bringing their hands from behind them, to the front of them, without letting go?
Opinion on the types of pointe shoes!!!!?
What group/artist covered a dance version of Titoli in late 90's?
Could I make my high school cheerleading squad even though I have dark hair and dark brown eyes?
What do you call this turn in ballet?
WhO KnOwS HoW To DaNcE?
Should I do ballet, jazz, or acro?
Pole Dancing classes in Oceanside?
what does one get if he gets into shiamaks dance company?
Soulja Boy?
I need a good lyrical song for a 10 year old girl?
Mintchips49; What is the oldest the School of American Ballet will accept male students?
does anyone know where i can pole dancing classes in huntsville, AL?
how many pirouettes can you do?
What is the difference between a Regular Schedule and a Dance Schedule?!?
Debbie Allen's type of choreography?
what are some VERY unique poses for a high school homecoming dance?
Is it hard to learn how to tap dance?
would you ever do morris dancing and why?
how to get people to dance with you when you're a nerd?
What type of dance??????????
Please2 help...songs that can be used for solo modern bellydance?
Who was eliminated on dancing with the stars last nite?
how can you learn to belly-dance?
what is the meaning of this word (soledad) westlife song ?
Why do we have to do square dancing in gym class?
How low can you go?
I want to take balle but dnt hav enough $ so wat are some good excersices to get ready for a real ballet clas?
Why don't my heel touch in first position?
Combinations for Choreography?
If a female ballet dancer is a ballerina, what is a male ballet dancer called?
Five reasons to dance?
What was the song that was played in the second couple's dance, in Dancing with the star's?
Grease or Dirty Dancing?
Does anybody know how to dance hip-hop???
Dance story ideas for contemporary?
help! my life is well and truly over!!!!!!?
Anyone into ballroom dancing?
Do you think i would be a good dancer? Check out the videos?
What Passion should I choose? Dance or Gaming?
any dance moves for the song run the show by kat deluna?
what are some other names for stripper?? funny ones please?
how to learn western dance in home?
How can I get my right/left splits fast? HELP?
How much would these Tap Shoes cost?
How do you keep a wig on while dancing?
Cute ideas to ask someone to tolo?
What song should we dance to?
Pole dancing......?
Saturday Night Dance by Whigfield?
Are dance leotards and tights really that much fun to wear?
Dance or Ballet Classes in grand rapids?
How to get moved up in a dance class?
Can I start ballet at 13?
need something to dance on?
Good 1980's songs??!!???!!!???!!! lol thanks!?
Could a Ballet Company raise money by putting "itself" on the stockmarket?
Iv'e danced a LOT this summer!?
I would like to learn freestyle dancing?? where do I start??
Is it too late to start dancing?
Clog Dancing?
I'm fifteen and I feel like its too late to start dance..?
are babies killed in japan?
Perfect ballerina body?
What are greek step shows all about?
I have a show on Wednesday!?
I need song suggestions for a quirky jazz dance?
What is the name of this ballet step?
Cramb dancing?
What is this dance roll/jump called?
where in Washington state, is a good place to own a dance studio?
What to wear to dance class?
Two dance things I do not understand?
Are you satisfied with the top four dancers of So You Think You Can Dance?
How can you become more flexible?
What is ceroc dancing?
Am i to tall to dance ballet?
What do you find hotter - A girl doing Latin Ballroom (salsa) or a girl doing Break dancing?
Why do people say that ballerinas walk funny later on in life? Is this true? Is it because of hip issues?
is Shakira virgin?
Good Dancing Clubs In Perth, western Australia?
Dancing Competitions?
Can you dance to Red Nex' "Cotton Eye Joe" for an hour straight?
A Plunger dance.... ?
Honolulu Hawaii Ballet Studios!!!?
Which dance 'genre' would I be most suited to learn?
Is 16 too old to dance professionally?
How do you ask a guy to a dance?
what's a good cheer dance song?
polaroid shakers(name of a musician artist).?
Do you think I should join dance?
What to buy with my pointe shoes?
Funny question! Please, honest answers only!?
one of my teachers know im pretty good at turn and im in a lot of good parts,....?
my 4 y. o. little girl wants to enter ballet, and has asked me to dance with her?
How to get moved up dance classes?
When Ciara says "you can do the pop-lock, rag-top..." is rag-top a dance?
are suavemente and tu sonrisa by elvis crespo salsa or merengue?
Good songs for dance solos?
Does anyone know where "so you think you can dance auditions 2007 are? or the official website?
Which ballet should I buy tickets for?
I have a dance recital coming up and Im nervous what do I do.?
Do you like to move it, move it?
should i aspire to be a pro dancer?
Henry G Ballroom Dance Shoes- good?
Please help for the dance!?
Dance class!?
I want to be a dance teacher when I'm older?
what class would I take in ballet if I start at 14?
as long as i chose a suitible style and colour could i get away with wearing a womens leotard?
What is a good site to learn how to step?
What songs are good to play at a dance?
what attire should I wear for Modern Dance? a leotard? what else? thansk!?
Info about Lap dancing in manchester UK - Q and A?
I'm going to a Dance Moms meet and greet, but I don't know what to bring... HELP?! PLEASE!?
So what makes a dance floor perfect for teens and what type of lighting is the best? For a teen center?
anybody from new orleans can tell me how to bounce dance?
What type of dance class should I take?
Breakdancing Drills for Windmill?
Who's your favorite dance//techno/trance artist?
Line Dancing? Cool...?
Songs for a ballet dance for kids?!?
tail bone?
Are u from Dhaka?
What happens at SYTYCD tour?
Booty shorts & shaving / Brazilian wax down there for dance, help needed!?
I know how to spin but can't spin multiple times. How long am I suppose to practice?
Women: What shoes do you like to wear dancing?
I'm still young(12 going on 13) and this guy that I like asked me out to dance. Should I say yes or no?
How long will it take me to get on pointe in ballet?
how can i learn tango dancing on my own?
I'm interested in GoGo dancing, any advice?!?
whats a good song for....?
America's Best Dance Crew Season 2 Ep.2?
should i sing up for the talent show?????????????????????
What sweatpants is justin bieber wearing in his 'Believe dance rehearsel" vid?
What are some stretches that will help me with high kicks?
Please help, I am so bad at dancing?
Serious dance?
What and where do i get the mime dancer face paint?
What is the character of Hungarian Dance No. 5?
i got an orgasm while dancing with my son(17). Is it normal?
Anyone still shuffle or jumpstyle? :O?
How to join Hilary Duffs Fan club?
i want to dance i am a stripper, but my husband dont want me to what dou think of that?!?
How should I make friends in my dance class?
What's your favorite type of dance and why ?
Give me dance crew names?
Ok I'm really concerned about good hold, precise, very strong, potent and balance moves??
I'm terrified of my dance teacher!! What would you do?? She's a really good techer but really mean. HELP!!
Any opinions on Matiff Dance and Entertainment Company in St Louis, MO?
I want to hear someone say (BAM and its gone)?
girls, do any of you love wearing shoes and sneakers without socks? or hate wearing socks in general?
just wondering, what style of ballet do you prefer? and why?
Watch this clip! Good or not?
im doing an assignment on contemporary dance.?
what is the most papular searched word, on the internet???
does anyone know where t dance?
Wouldn't "Something 'Bout a Truck" be a cool song for a couple to do a quickstep to on Dancing With the Stars?
What type of dance do you need to know for high school drumline?
Is there a dance for "Baby, It's Cold Outside?"?
good dance songs (hip hop)?
What if the poky-poky really was what its all about?
anyone know any good lyrical songs to dance to?
what type of dancing do they do in dirty dancing?
can any one help me?
How do people dance at a black tie event?
What type of dance should i take?
line and square dance Ideas.?
How is my shuffling (dance)?
I want to start ballet but am I to old and I heard that you can't do pointe until years of experience.?
I'm 17, i would love to start dancing. Would the Shepherdstown School of dance be a good choice?
How do I teach 10 year-olds how to do a second-position leap/straddle leap?
the worlds greatest engeneering marvel of 1889?
In ballet how can you tell what class you should be in if you are a beginner?
Is dancing really nasty with some girl considered a no no if you in relationship?
please give me good football cheers for my squad?
Any members of the dance.net website here?
Ways to get a perfect fouette?
Can dancing make you smarter?
Should I do dance still?
Do you need to do ballet to do Jazz dancing?
Tango classes for a teen?
Would you be embarrassed if your mom started pole dancing?
what songs make you want to dance?
Looking for a pole dance class.?
Back kick over/ walkover tips?
windmill help?-dancing?
Adult Irish Step in Boston?
Question Question Question?
i need to learn how to breakdnace?
i have celluite!!??
What is that dance in which hands are moved as to do a whisking motion?to ask?
was is the best way to get into shape to learn how to break dance?
Am i too old to take hip hop?
How long do you think I need to prepare for dance team tryouts?
Is this a good studio for me?
Do you know the name of this group on Got To Dance?
I need some songs to do a colorguard dance solo?
Should I feel up to it...?
HOW DO I LEARN SOULJA BOY???????? OMG I NEED TO LEARN IT!!!!!!! Please Help Me!?
Who do you think will win...?
Making yet again another t shirt!?
I shy when I want to dance.so I stop dancing.How can I overcome my fear?
Beginning color guard, need tips?
What is the difference between L.A. Salsa, N.Y. Salsa and Cuban Salsa?
what is a good website for me to learn dancing for free?
I need some help with dancing!?
What do you do when you and a boy have broken up and he still want to get back with you?
How do I break into the dance world?
What type of dance for one person is the best?
Help! What shall i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Looking for good filipino dance song for kids?
im about to perform in 6 hours?!?
How can I become an advanced dancer?
Do you have a good dance for three people dancing to boulevard og broken dreams?
how to tie a ballet shoes??
Should I take ballet or jazz...?
What is the "driveshaft" maneuver in the lindy hop? Is it an aerial move and how is it done?
Some dance questions! need help really soon not sure what to do!?
do women break dance?
How can I get to my GW?
How do you not get intimidated when joining a dance class (when you've never danced before)?
ballet en pointe?
school dance help for my nephew!?
URGENT! I need a good dance song, some thing disco/club style with A fairly fast beat???
What stretches shall I do for flexibility?
Can I start dance or gymnastics at age 16?
Something a little sexy?
Is joining my dance studios compitition team worth it for a softmore in high school?
My arm is sore and swollen from push ups ;[ wat should i do?
Whats the name of this dance move?
Dancing question...please help!!! 10 points!?
Good song for a lyrical dance?
How can I get my center split faster?
Why do I dance bad?! Answer Please?
Where can I find dance lessons in Utah (Salt Lake City area)?
differen types of dances?
How to dance in clubs? (male)?
Does anyone know a site to watch the Grade 4 RAD Port De Bras exercize?
a dancer's problem?
How to learn how to do a split? The safe yet easy way?
What is Intermediate Ballet skill?
I need help with music for dances?
when was ghost dance choreographed?
My pet Baboon dresses up in my clothes and dances in front of ?
Dance Moves??
Did anyone go to UCA cheer camp this year?
What age do you have to be to audition for So you think you can dance?
Injured Achilles from pointe?
who got kicked off of dance moms miami?
how can i be accepted into Pom Squad?
Can anyone give me links to sites that teach you how to dance?
I need a all girls dance group name fast?
Who was eliminated on Dancing with the stars week or last night 11/8?
Do ballet shoes stretch overtime?
What kind of dances do you know how to do?
I'm starting balle? Again? Help. ?
break-dance classes in Maryland?
Im gonna have a sweet 16 & i need to know how to dance to house music?
What is a good song for a brother and sister dance at a Quincenera?
Flexibility: do you think?
What's a good song to do a clogging show dance to?
Hi!Does anyone know of a Spanish poem about Slow Tango?
I volunteer teaching hiphop to 11-13yo girls in NJ who want a venue to perform @. How do I find a good 1? THX!
i need some really good songs to dance with and workout with any suggestions?
does anyone know any up beat acro solo music? it is allowed to have words. or no words. no course language, :)?
intermediate ballet steps?
does anyone know some good dance schools for hip hop in/or near Elizabeth, New Jersey?
what is the video called where a ballerina rolls her head around on her arms?
whats your favorite?
All my little girls want to do is dance. Should I force them to pursue other activities?
Ballet or Pointe, which one should I take first?
Why do we need dance?
I am a new tap dancer and need to know what kind of shoes to get?
what are good songs for a ballet/lyrical dance?
How do you learn to do a split?
I want to learn ballet. ?
Which dance is better? Salsa or bachata?
What is a senior company?
Dance Is A Sport, Right?
I'm nervous to start dance class.?
If I take dance lessons, what type should I start with?
Dance Team Gift Ideas?
Dance: How can I improve my concentration to learn hip-hop choreography?
How can I learn yo do backflips?
what is world calture?
does programmes like dancing on ice and pop idol and strictly come dancing get u going?
How old do you have to be to HIRE stripper?
How do people know how to do the c-walk?
does anyone like nelly's Furtado's new song?
My school is doing a flash mob at parent teacher conferences we need song and dance ideas?
How do I come up with a dance?
what are the best cheerleading shoes?
Names of songs that could relate to the theme of an "evil witch" dance choreography?
Help for dance homework...ASAP?
How can I get a split for Dance?
How to ask my mom if i can join poms?
Is it okay to disagre with the President?
what is solderboy real name?
How many people would be in a ballet lesson?
Anybody know of any good tap/Irish dance shows?
school dance... PLEASE HELP?
Private tumbling classes?
Has anyone been able to watch "So You Think You Can Dance?" In my opinion, last season was the best.
Should the king wear the crown for the whole dance?
How can I get my hips down and squared (ballet)?
dance highschool????
Can you wear dangling earrings to nightclubs or will they be annoying and distracting when you are dancing?
Who is one of the most top chorehgerpher for dance in the u.s?
Back-2-School dance ideas?
Which Dance Class To Take! Need Help! Experience Needed!?
Is it to late for dance?
Watch this clip! Good or not?
where to go dine and dance formal dress up with my Prince ?
Ballet audition for a new school tomorrow?
Am I overweight for my age?
Is the a good outfit to wear to a convention/workshop? (Tips are welcome)?
How do you know if your a true dancer?
What's your favorite style of dance?
What year did Aerosmith play at the Roseland Ballroom in Taunton, MA?
Dance routines on youtube?
where to dance in melbourne australia for over 30s?
Going to a party but don't know how to dance?
What kind of dance??
Hard Core Dancing/Mosh Pit Question - Please no sarcastic answers?
Dance Central 2 HELP!!!!?
How can I make an elastic belt for my tights?
Ballerinas Please Help!!?
Different types of dance?
Why is pole dancing bad?
Can you think of a name for a Dance Studio?
Which tap shoe should I wear for my audition?
if u have a wish ,what will u wish for??????????????
Ballet movies????
how can i make my college's dance team?
Is there any good girl band names?
Honestly, if I want to progess as a ballet dancer, do I need to lose weight? (pics)?
Dance lift for four people?
What is the diference between Pointe and Pre-Pointe Ballet?
Is Eyes Open By Taylor Swift A Good Song for A 14 Year Old Girl's Dance Solo?
Is Zero Gravity (in naperville il) any good?
Could i buy Pointe ballet shoes for prom even if i dont do ballet?
Any hip hop classes for girls in lynnwood/bellevue WA area?
can anyone tell me some very basic ballet moves, and their proper names please?
Where did the origins of pole dancing come from?
Too Old to Dance at 16?
What is the hardest dance to learn in the world?
How can I get abs like Edyta Sliwinska from dancing with the stars?
Bboy windmill muscle memory help?
Any perceptions of foreign students dancing the Philippine folkdances?
Anybody know any places where u can learn to pole dance??
What is the name of the person who danced to MOVES LIKE JAGGER on So You Think You Can Dance ?
Some Dance Move Help Please?
I want to change dance studios, but there are a few problems?
is 5'1" to short for ballet?
Need new activity. Suggestions?
Music for my dance??
I want to dance, help!?
Glowstringing supplies?
Are there any other options for having gymnastics classes?
Whats a good club outfit?
What is a double boggy in golf?
How should ask my dance teacher?
Can this arch band replace kinesio taping (KT tape ) ? I Do ballet,modern,horton etc.?
What are some good dance songs?
what are the characteristics of vocal jazz?
Where are some good ballet classes in riverside?
Poi Lessons in Akron?
Song suggestions for freestyle dance?(popping,armwave and hip hop)?
Cute dance costumes for the song check it out?
Is just dance 4 available at Walmart...?
What's the dance leap where the front leg is straight and the back leg is bent up?
Dancers en pointe, toe pads?
Where can I take summer dance classes?
help with pointe shoes?
Help with my ballet technique?
How do you get ready for a dance in 10-15 minutes?
Are there any colleges out there that have a decent ballroom program?
Where is a good tutorial on how to do the all summer long line dance?
How do you prepare your pointe shoes?
Does anybody know any good Latin dance clubs in the I.E? ?
How can i become a stripper?
What size of Sansha ballet slippers should I get?
who thinks dance is a sport?
grandfather-grandaughter dance songs?
Are you a breakdancer?:)?
how can i be on tv with out paying a penny or in music videos or kids shows?
Questions about ballroom shoes for women?
Ballet, toe fracture:(?
I'm an adult in need of QUALITY dance training, please help.?
Attitude devant: sloppy turnout?
Is it possible to resign up?
High school hip hop themes?
Describe your first day of dance class.?
is it really working?
where to learn dance moves for zouk mambo?
What is the name of this sport/style of dance?
What time is it right now?
What is the purpose of The Waltz?
Nightclubs that aren't strict with IDs in san jose?
What is the full name of this dancer?
what are some good teenage dance movies?
I have aol instant messenger can I instant message someone with ?
I really wanna know this dance but no one is helping me !?!?
Is going from left to middle to right splits while staying in splits possible?
are mens leotards worn the same way as womens?
Who thinks dance is a sport?
Dance... Sport or not a sport?
Does anbody know any good hiphop instrumental dance beats?
How high can you go on your toes when you're in bare feet?
Who do you think will win So You Think You Can Dance?
for color guard, should i take jazz or ballet or what? and do you think i have a shot at this?
Good Songs to Dance to?
choreographing help!?
What are some good dances slow & fast fro a middle school dance?
Do you thimk that the art of belly dancing can spice a relationship?
What lyrical songs would be good for a duet?
cool hip hop dance crew names?
What bboy moves should I learn?
Dance team auditions!?
Am looking for ways to create greek dance shoes for my child?
SALSA!!!! Any tips for a newbie male salsa student?
Have you ever won any awards for dancing? for which dance?
ballet question?
Well tribal fusion belly dance?
Is it bad for a male to belly dance?
What to wear for the dance?
Do people love to dance?
When is the next 'Make Your Mark' Contest?
who are the two finalists on dancing with the stars?
Are there any good hip hop dance classes in Washinton?
specifically to ballet dancers?
Why do you have to rehearse for a dance?
do i have a chance to get into the song squad(dance)?
Where do I look when Im slow dancing with a guy?
Can you hire a stripper for a 15 year old ?
where to learn how to break?
What are some really good father-daughter songs?
does the RAD ballet grade syllabus change every year?
How to be able to get in the splits fast?
Why do women like dancing more than men?
How much weight am I losing doing this dance?
Sould I do this routine at the high school pep rally?
Usually how many years must one be taking ballet in order to take pointe?
What r some good dance moves and when i say that i mean moves not what not to do?
i want to a protable stripping pole need asap wondering does any one in the ny area know of any stores?
what is the difference between jazz boot and jazz sneaker?
Does the average person know what "pointe" is?
in dance, what dos this mean?
Important Ballet Question for Girls?
What backround story should I have?
What kind of underwear should I wear under my dance leotard?
what is solo?
What can I do to gain flexibility?
Ballet Leotard?
What were popular 50s/60s songs that were fun to dance to?
why am i so flexible?
I am required to do some dance things in my dance audition. My bf said you don't need music but is that true?
I recently graduated and...?
How to improve my split?
what do i do?
Whats the name of the dance from riverdance?
What is the connection of tempo in latin and modern dances?
I'm looking for a hip hop dance instructor in Cleveland, Ohio anyone know any good ones?
Which muscles do plies stretch in ballet?
Ballet solo choreography?
Dance Choreography theme/ideas for young children?
Do you know how to dance???
how do i get to my asked questions?
what is speed in dance?
how do i get rid of a blister fast!?
Is anyone in skewl ryte now?!?!?!?
Im thinking about switching irish dance schools?
How do i get a complete left side and front split by the end of summer?
Pole fitness/dance classes in Charleston WV?
what is your fave kind of dance(moves)?
what do you do when ur boyfriend lies about smoking?
does anyone now of any good break dancing websites?
A girl from Norway want to be actor and dancer in Korea!!?
Can you do the two step and pop, lock and drop it .?
if i wanted to take ballet class???? please answer....?
Dance tips.. Help guys?
What do you know about the hiffy movement in da bay?
how do i get come dancing tickets?
What dance style should i start?
Where can I take singing lesson in High Point, North Carolina?
Best party songs to dance for teenagers?
how do i know if my ex still likes me?
Help! I feel self conscious with my body and my dancing.?
What is a good song to tap dance to?? That has a good beat..?
how to dance wellll without being a slutt?
Girls, how do i dance?
who is the best ballerina in the world at the moment?
what are good songs to make a dance to ?
how to get middle splits?
Who knows of a good dance site?
Ballet Help?
How much is Kirov's SI?
how to learn how to dance good with out classes?
What level of tap does the movement Time step refer to?
What is a good peppy solo song for an eight grade dancer?
pirouette tips please?
Should I become a stripper now?
Cute name for dance squad with letter A?
Is 15 Years Old Too Late to Start Dancing?
Ballet Bun??!?
Why are people against dancing in churches today?"?
About dance capabilities in the movie "Save the Last Dance." About Julliard?
Thinking of quitting dance...?
I have to pee. What should I do!?!?! HELP!!!?
Can you get cysts on your feet from dance?
What are the people like in ballet classes?
Will doing the butterfly sit help me do the splits.?
Can I still dance on pointe??
Does Any1 know a break dance school in Bayside or Fulshiung Newyork?(11354-11360)Age group of 15 and under?
Who went Home on Dancing with the Stars May 11, 2009?
OK peeps, I've got a serious problem... I've got a bruised toenail from dancing on pointe!!!!?
What does intermediate foundation ballet involve?
Where can i find good quality but inexpensive dance wear?
ladies when your dancing is it bettet to dance with shoes on your feet or just dance Bare foot?
girls, should i ask a girll to dance or just start dancing with her?
Is breakdancing bad for girls?
Is USA SM weekly audition still going on?
Is it too late to return to dance classes?
Can someone tell me how to make your own foot stretcher?
i'm going to be going up for the first time. what is a good shoe?
What do you wear ON THE WAY to ballet class?
Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive Program?
i am 20 yrs old and i have not taken a ballet class in 16 yrs. am i crazy to want to take them again?
What to wear to homecoming?
Bhangra dance instruments?
Is my bboy name good?
iv just started taken street dance classes and i need help?
What dance ANNOYS YOU THE MOST...???
Good jazz dance trio songs?!?
if you have seen examples of both classical ballet and contemporay ballet,which do you enjoy watching most?why
what are some stores to buy dance equipment?
Is it true ballet teachers are mean?
I'm writing a book based on dance and i need all the info i can get on dance styles...ballet,ballroom.help?
What dance should I take? My mom said I could only take 1?
Is there any requirments for soultrain?
Do you like to dance around in your room with the music blasting?
If I learn to do middle splits will I be able to do side splits?
What type of dancing you do?
Joffrey Ballet Levels? Please Answer!?
I was wondering what do you think is the best type of dance.?
Where can i find Freestyle dancing lessons in Michigan?
upbeat pointe ballet song!!???:)?
What will ballet at a community college be like?
Do i want to quit cheer leading? HELP?
Breakdancing hats and songs!?
How do I not look awkward when dancing?
Dance Memorization Problems? Help?
Where can I get tickets for SYTYCD Canada?
What Do I Need To Get Into A Good School?
any fast tamil songs for girls group dance?
What can I expect as an exotic dancer for parties?
how to get more flexible.....................?
how to improve turn out and pointe ?
what would be a good surprise dance for a quinceañera; ?
Were is a Irish Step Dance Team near WV?
What happens in a ballet audition... help?!?
What happened to britney spears' dancing?
ballet question plz plz pleease help !?!?
Learning to dance..?
Do you need to be skinny to be a ballet dancer?
What do you think is better: Jazz or Ballet?
I have dance tryouts in less than a week. I need help on working towards making the team. Suggestions?
if a guy joins ballet does that make them gay?
Pom Pom team names?Helpppp?
Wedding Song where every body goes to dance floor and dances?
Does Miss Persis Dance Studio offer hip hop?
Is dance still fun even if your not on a competition team?
I am in the highest class of ballet in my studio?
I have a school dance soon, but there's a problem...?
If I dance around in the nude what Will happen to me and those who watch me?
i need some tips for my back tuck and my full for tumbling?
would you dance with someone if they asked you?
How do I get the kids to behave while I spot during my tumbling class?
How to make homemade ribbon for ribbon danceing?
Best song for a youth christian modern dance?
should I try out for cheerleading?
Pointe dancers only!!?
I have a school dance soon, but there's a problem...?
Suggestions for fun quince fun dance?
How do I count this music, for choreography?
lyrical choreography?
dance presentation?
Hi if you are 10 11 12 all of them ages in ballet do you have to go in the 5 year old bit?
Song for a strip tease?
When is dance academy season 3 going to come out? Any specific dates?
How Many rasas are there in Indian classical dance?
middle splits!?!?!?!?!?!?
What are the ages in dance?
any suggestions for me :)?
What songs can you suggest for dancing Cha Cha and Waltz?
is it too late to become a dancer if i'm 14?
If female dancers are called ballerina's then what are male dancers called?
How to grind i need to know soon!?
Acro classes in south florida?
Can anyone name the artist and title of an instrumental dance track that was around in 2004?
I need help finding a gift idea for my daughters dance teacher. Anyone have any ideas?
What is locking?
ballet at age 13?
i want to do ballet and hip-hop?
How many types of bellydancing is there?
where is there a decent dance school in medway?
Winter guard tryouts. how to make the team?
What to pack in a dance bag?
what does 2007 hold for you?
What's the best thing to do with a strained Achilles if you're a full time dancer?
wats the best way to manage my time between dance & skool to get my mom off my back?
what are some really good jazz dance websites?
PLEASE HELP !!!!!! ballet question 10 POINTS?
Why do all ballet-dancers dance on tiptoes? Can’t they just hire taller dancers?
I want to be more flexible! I'm 14? (dancers cheerleader, tumblers or anyone help!)?
What is this dance called?
how can I get bursary or free education from dance schools in USA?
Can you help me find a dance costume?
I can't dance anymore. I need serious help from my fellow dancers of the world?
what would be the best name for a dance studio?
Anyone know of any dance schools for adults in North London which are cheaper than places like Pineapple?
where can i find the music for this SYTYCD routine?
Who else thinks that Latin ballroom dance is the sexiest kind of dance ever!?
Does anyone here where I could find Shane Sparks remix of sexylove by Ne-Yo?
ABT New York Summer Intensive 2010 ?
Need to lose weight so I can be a better dancer?
Good dance songs?????
Do more singles or couples take up dance classes at dance studios?
what sound do you make?
What routines of so you think you can dance has Mia Michaels cried after?
What R Some Cool sons to dance to?
Where to learn Zumba dance at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam?
I'm going to the ballet what should I wear?
Is jumping in water the next level of Jumpstyle and Hardjump?
What is the cost to rent or buy space for a dance studio, in DFW?
Where can i learn how to shuffle?!?!?
Is it possible for me to do ballet?
Whats this dance called?
What Dance Shoes Should I Buy?
where are music dance classes in north delhi?
Do pointe shoes hurt?
Will I win my competition??
Where can I find a list of dance performances in IL?
How did you learn to do dance like the dougie?
Should they not extend the weekend clubs for the holidays?
how popular is dance aerobic at your studio?
Where can I buy leotards?
What are differnt type of dance that people did in the Middle Ages?
should i get on the superman at six flags because I'm scared but its the best ride ever ya feel me?
Where can my sister and I take bellydancing lessons in NJ?
Who is your favorite dancer?
Royal Opera House -ballet seats?
Where can I find the song and lyrics to the song, "Antonietta"? It is a popular spanish dance song.?
Can someone teach me how to dance?
on which song shall i dance on Diwali?
I psychologically need to make this dance team?
I am considering the possibility to start ballet, but I have many questions so... Please Help!?
What movies are there about ballet?
what is a good pop song that makes you want to dance?
How do I prove to my ballet teacher that I'm good?
Should I get Ouch Pouches or Lambs wool for my new Pointe shoes?
looking to free style dance?
What are more songs like El Tango de Roxanne from Moulin Rouge?!?!?
Do you do belly dancing? And if so any tips?
Gaynor Mindens ??????????
For ladies only please....?
can you start dancing at 13??
Is this a good idea if I want to become a ballerina?
How do I get back into dance after not doing it for 4 years?
How can I find the confidence to dance?
How can I gain core strength for dance?
How do I learn to dance? How did you learn?
Do you feel better when you dance?
How can I become a better dancer?
Dance Competition Teams?
where are the latina clubs located in Elgin, Illinois?
How long do you will i get on pointe?
What are stretches you can do with the flexistretcher?
Ballroom dance competition?
testing testing 1 2 3?
Does anyone know the patycake polka?
Dancing with a lady who's taller than me?
Dance Levels (difficulties) ?
Hello(: I'm 14 and a dancer. I need a pretty, soft lyrical song. Preferablly a female. thanks!?
Do i really like dance?
Can everybody do a split or only certain people born with certain amounts of flexibility?
my 5 yr old wants to learn how to break dance?
Can anyone name this dance move?
How to do a side aerial?
What are some moves I should know going into my first contemporary class?
Could I make the cheerleading squad next year?
How does it feel like when you are dancing?
Is it feasible to take a ballroom dance class if you have no partner?
Pole dancing classes in London?
witch dance video is better?
Does anyone know of a ballet folklorico competition in San Diego?
Does anyone know a french music video with a blonde singer? She enters in a car and dances in a dance studio?
What gives people the urge to dance?
should i dance the red shoes(original)?
"Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake - original dance version?
how can i express myself and do what i want to do in fashion and dance?
I can't follow dance choreography in high school dance class?
Things to take to a dance class?
what do you think of male ballerina's?
hip-hop dancing..any good online video tutorials to learn how?
is country western dancing still in?
what time is it there?
who likes dancing a lot?
Houston Ballet Academy or the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School?
My current ballet teacher is getting old and i need too move on.?
i need to improve my arches?
what dance studio's are in Matthews,North Carolina,USA?
Who are some famous ballerinas?
How do i show passion when i dance?
do they have dawn of the dance monster high at shopko?
Should I just move like a jelllyfish if I don't know how to dance?
What are some tips on partner dancing?
Sassy jazz solo songs?
What are the Best ballet practice shoes?
Advice for dancing? I suck...?
I like to stab pencils into my eyeball?
How to be a good hip hop dancer?
Anyone here who does lyrical dance lessons? If so, what are they like? Same with modern?
Questionnaire for aspiring dancers...?
im far,far away from the floor when i do my splits.any idea what i should do to improve it??
What about exotic dance classes?
What are some older songs that would be good for a tap dance?
Was Sadie Hawkins a very good dancer?
Help with straight legged scorpion?
Are there any videos out there to learn to belly dance?
When did rock begin ?
Anyone know of any great pre-professional youth hip hop dance teams?
I don't know how to dance! Where can I learn?
Why do people dislike males who can dance better gurls in all aspects:cheer, marjorette and etc...?
Can i start ballet at age 14?
What are the BEST places to take Drop-in Dance Classes in the Toronto area?
what is the history of the jitterbug dance?
dancing question.help!?
Dance shops in bishops stortford ?
Why are dance classes so expensive?
ladies only about freak dancing?
Where / how can I find A DIAGRAM to learn Line Dancing?
im flexable and want to learn to do splits?
A wedding dance called "The Flying Dutchman"?
Is it gay for boys to do dancing?
why do ballet dancers shave their underarms?
how gay is the average male dancer?
What are some good songs for the highschool dance ?
Help with barrel rolls...?
What is ur fav kind of dance out of tap-ballet-jazz-or hip hop and why?
how to dance. help please?
How is the ABT summer collegiate different from the ABT summer intensive?
My left leg is not flexible, and I feel like it affects my dance. Help?
What is Hentai?
Do you know any good Dance Movies?
Im 25 and single mother,is it too late to go to dance college?
Attention all Dancers!!!! Major Problem!!!?
medicine and ballet question?
Dance camp "buddie" who we have to make little cute things for ex signs, notes etc. any ideas?
ballet dancers?
i like dance what are you like dance yes and not answer me?
Is it too late for me to start ballet?
Im jelous!! help!?
Dance Companies in Europe with Apprenticeship Programs?
Where can I get salsa or tango dance lessons near Angel Tube Station in London?
Hi, I need some suggestions to improve my back and leg flexibility?
breakdancing nickname ideas?
Back HandSpring Question :) ?
new to ballet and my shoes HURT?
Don't know what to wear for my new dance classes?
Is the Harid Ballet summer intensive great?
Could I take dance At my age?
What are good animals to interprupt in a dance?
new ballet teacher old dream?
Do ballerinas pass gas when they dance?
Are there any dance therapists in the house? If so...I'm 18 is it too late?
Can anyone tell me something about Vaganova ballet program?
what song should i dance to a my school dance?
How did people dance in 1990s clubs?
Where are the best adult hip hop dance classes in Las Vegas?
where can i find a good choreographer to organize a quinceanera dance?
Why do MY BUTTOCKS HURT when I dance HIP HOP?
How can I retrain myself into splits?
stronger and more flexible?
Can you clean Thera-bands?
anyone know where i can learn to dance hip hop online?
How do you do a downward belly role in belly dance?
Looking for agents who can offer contract for bellydancer?
Music for a dance at school....?
Ballet Audition Photo-- Which one?
good talent show dance songs?
Need help with break dancing?
Who here watched Dancing With Stars?
high school dance team?
Information on applying to dance/ performing arts colleges?
Anyone from Bhilwara, Rajasthan? When are 10th boaard results coming?
Thinking of quitting dance...?
What should we do with our tap shoes?
I can't Dance and I have to do it tomorrow?
Pas de trois from Swanlake?
Lyrical song for a solo?
What does Rhythm mean in the context of dancing?
slimmer legs?
What are some different types of Greek dancing costumes.?
what are other types of dancing like ..?
whats your favourite dance style,either to watch or to dance?
Art classes?
I want to learn to dance hip hop and R&B, But I'm 14 and I never ever danced before! Can I start now!?