what dances are icluded in ballroom?
Does Premiere Academy of Performing Arts School of Dance have a website?
How do you do the Scooby Doo dance?
Dance Studio's around me?
Missing out on a fun opportunity ?
What is the original shuffle dance?
Would you wear an orange tuxedo/dress to any special occasion?
Who performed on the dancing with the stars this past monday 9/27/10?
Where to buy a salsa dance dress?
Can someone give me ideas for our Homecoming dance?
Where in London can I go for a free salsa dancing class, followed by a good salsa evening? All in same venue?
What kind of dance move is this called?
bad situation?
should my dd do dance?what kind? what to wear?
Where I can download Let's Dance! Learn to Dance Like the Stars?
Cheer ideas for school competion?
have you ever seriously injured yourself while playing Dance, Dance, Revolution?
what kind of dancing is this?
Where can i find dance worship dresses online?
Ballet? Am I too old?
What do you call male ballerinas?
how do i get rid of hiccups?
why is it so important to know different shapes and stage areas when creating a dance?
How to do the killer?
Convincing parents to let me Audition for VCASS?
Is it normal to get rejected on the dance floor A LOT?
The Princess Diaries ?
where can I take salsa dance lessons in san antonio on the weekends?
I'm not the best at dance. But should i go for it in college anyways?
What do you think of a dance production of hansel and gretel?
i really want to learn how to fancy shaw! HELP!?
what are some good songs for a father daughter dance?
how so you sign up for America's Most Talented Kid?
How do I get my leg higher when I spin in dance?
Trying to become a good hiphop dancer/bboy (or bgirl rather)?
Beginning Jazz/Tap Dance Class?
Need Opinion: Should my friend and I try this stunt?
Am I too old to begin taking ballet lessons?
is 16 too old to start dance?
Need help choreographing a dance/sword fight to Skulls and Crossbones from POTC. Ideas or suggestions??!!?
is there a difference between the internet and chicken soup?
I want so badly to dance barefoot in the dirt in my front yard.should I?
Can a 16 year old start taking dance classes although she has no previous dance experience?
I want to be a stripper and am 17?
How do you choose a ballroom dance studio?
Ideas for an audition piece?
Overcoming self-consciousness in partner dancing?
Jazz or Ballet Classes!?
How do I dance if I'm at a party without emabarrassing myself?
Dancing with the Stars: selebrities or dancers?
how much years of schooling do you need to become a model?
where can i find a premade ballet solo tutorial?
Who has learned belly dancing and lost weight doing it?
what's your favorite kind of the danceing?
Is ballet good for a 13 year old?
is the nuter ballet pointe?
Where can I get tuxedos in Chillicothe Ohio 45601 for around $100.00?
how do you dance?????????/?
Name for my multicultural dance studio?
how to have a famous band of reggae?
do any one know if their's any hip hop dance classes in chicago?
Can I train myself to do pointe ballet?
where i can learn yoga dance in india?
i am having a quinceanera and i am having 4special dances do they sound good? please help?
whats the name of the new dance. its like 4 diffrent steps,?
is just dance 3 cardio exercise and is it good?
Can a 14 (almost 14) year old boy join dance class?
What is this jive dance move called?
What are some dancing-cardio things to do?
is 13 years old too late to become a competitive dancer?
What is your favorite So You Think You Can Dance routine?
what are the five phases of a dance program?
Questions about Dance?
Super cool ways to ask a boy to sadie hawkins dance?
belly dancing classes in auburndale or winter haven florida?
who like S.E.X. not the action the song?
What is a great song to make up a dance to!?
is it hard to dance reggaeton (for the girl with the quys)and do the quys qet turned on?
What Brand of pointe shoe Is good for really flexible feet?
How many of you think that cheerleading is a sport?
2)What are some of the popular dances done today? What issues to date have had an impact on these dances?
Flexibility and Extentions Training - Any tips, or resources?
How can i learn dance ?
do you like dancing?
im in cheer and i need to do better toe Touches how do I do it?
Why am I so nervous in dance class?
I'm on a dance team and I cant seem to remember dances very easy... HELP!!!?
does anyone know where i can learn choreography?
How Long Does It Take To Get A Back-Handspring?
Beginner Dances? What too look forward to?
What type of dance do you prefer?
Can I do lyrical dance class?
All ballet or any other dancers, please read!?
Can you dance?
How can I get started as a Go Go Dancer?
What's the best ballet school in chicago?
How does one become a ballet dance critic?
A good dance song themed on "change"?
I'm still young(12 going on 13) and this guy that I like asked me out to dance. Should I say yes or no?
Was Bruce Springsteen just a doped up communist or what?
who knows knows what is the best cirque du soleil show?
How can I get my splits in the shortest amount of time? When can I stretch my over splits?
how do body wraps and dance underwear help dancers also what does it feel like to wear them?
A Musical Theatre Dance Solo Song?
What's the easiest way to organise dance costumes?
What does dancing do for you?
My 8th grade son is suppose to wear my best friends daughters tutu(see pic) because of a dumb wager he made?
What are some very difficult dance moves?
how can i get dance shoes ?
i want to download the dance of desire . is anyone know a site that can help me ?
how do i ask a boy out ?????/?
do i call it tutting?
What are some dance warm ups and tips on tap dancing???
Help! My parents are lap dancing in my room!?
How can I improve my fouettes en pointe?
What is maypole dancing?
how much wood"?
can you be a good ballet dancer if you have pronation?
is 14 to late to take ballet?
How to slow dance....?
What kind of dance do you do?
What are your favorite songs to dance to?
what kind of dance lessons should i take?
How do you do a one handed walkover?
Where can i learn dances appropriate for Christian worships?
Is there a breakdancing team at north carolina univerity?
dance schools in warringtonarea?
Can you dance and how good are you?
I need help deciding a costume for the solo Im choreographing!?
am i addicted to dancing or what?
What should I do now, when I get my middle toe hurt?
If your ballet teacher did this would you be mad?
Dance questions... and parent issues..?
I'm trying out for cheer and want to work on my memory besides practicing got any ideas?
What are some good 40-count songs for a free-style dance routine?
what company is ballet maribor under?
Pole dancing lessons for fitness?
Why isn't there a ballet outfit for avatars?
What are some good stretches for gymnasts?
Who is the worst dancer that you know? Why?
Good dancers ... got the "moves" in bed?
what do u need to become a good dancer?
What do u think of this? (Pic)?
professional ballet dancer?
Ouch Pouch Carousel toe padding?
How to Ring Leap?
do you think dancing is harder than football?
Why are some girls able to learn dances quicker than others?
My 8 year old would like to start competing in dance competitions?
is learning keyboard or piano at age of 22 tough or impossible and also break dance at 22.?
should i go to prom? why?
Hip hop or Krumping ?????????????
are their any Katherine Dunham technique dancers or students out there?
Need exotic dancers/strippers in Baltimore area for graduation party in May?
whats your favorite color?
Breakdancers! The ultimate question: Toprocking or powermoves?
Good energy foods for dancers?
how does joffrey summer jazz and contemperary intensive track their levels in summer 2012?
which dance school is better for western dance? ashley lobo, SDIPA or PAIPA??plz help..im really confused?
Please Help me with Hips?
How long would it take me to become strong and flexible from ballet?
Are there any songs against dance?
How old were you when you first started to dance on pointe?
Wanting to start dance class, but don't want to wear the leotard! What can i do?
Rhythmic Gymnastics ...help???
How do I get a split?
Professional Salsa Academy?
UK ONLY - Where can I buy a scaffolding pole to use as a pole dancing pole in my home, along with fittings?
What are some dancing competitions that a 14 year old can enter?
I am Obsessed with Dance Moms/ Dance Moms Miami?
how to get more flexible?
Is championship cheer leading dangerous?
What are some good songs to do a lyrical dance to?
Guys: What is the Sexiest Dance move a girl can do?
Type of dance?
How to register someone to the Lloyd C. Bird high school homecoming dance? im a freshman and need to know. thx?
What Pointe Shoe should I get?
How old is too old to start having dance lessons?
anyone knows 'un amor' lyrics?
new cheerleading show?
Is their an ettiquette for eating th elast slice of pizza?
My cheerleading team is going to dance to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Any outfit suggestions?
Bellydancing advice?
i can i become famous?
Egyptian Arabic or Turkish songs I could belly dance on?
Yeah right?
Why do you like freaking or grinding?
It's hard to get into Laban trinity? (contemporary dance)?
How can a Film Editor contribute to – or detract from – the success of a dance sequence?
What dances did evelyn cisneros create?
Do you think that iam too old to start ballet and hip-hop?
What's the right way to initiate grinding with a girl at a dance?
any kind of dance.. i want to explore, but i like so much is jazz!!?
where are good places for teens to go on a saturday?
Should I start going to clubs? 27. And where can I learn how to dance?
Any studios around Mcdonough Ga? Also should i take a class?
Do girls have to be skinny to swing dance? That is all i see on videos. It kinda crushes my dream cuz i'm 150
Where can I take ballroom dance classes near me?
In Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights what part of the Odyssey does Katy read in class?
I have always dreamed of dancing professionally. What does it take being a dancer at Juilliard?
Tips for Lyrical??
Ballet-Teacher says I'm not covering the whole top of the pointe shoe, anyone know how to fix this?
I really want to be flexible! Please help!!?
pointe dance?
How do you grind ?
Is 11 years old too old to start taking jazz (dance) lessons?
your favorite dance?
Looking at getting 6 year old daughter involved in dance school..?
Chrome vs Titanium Gold? Pole Dancing?
Is dance a sport????
Does anyone here know how to get in touch with...?
What are some good songs to dance to?
I'm a dancer and im looking for good salsa songs or any tango songs. Does anybody know any?
what kind of shoes are best for tango?
How nice are Svetlana Zakharova's feet?
someone help with my ballet question please :} ?
windmils. . .?
In your opinion is dance a sport?
Anyone gone to Orlando Ballet Summer Intensive?
how can i increase my balance for ballet turns?
How long would it take me to be in pointe?
You know your a dancer when........?
PLEASE help me!! Dancers only....plz?
How Much Money Do professional Irish Dancers Make?
Good things about being En Pointe?
What should wear to a promotion dance?
PLEASE HELP! passionate songs for a pageant dance solo...?
is it wrong to slow dance with your sister?
Why does everyone think bboys are better then bgirls?
My daughter is going dancing tonight?
I began ballet, but the class seems a little too easy?
What are some good classical ballet variations?
what is the name of that dance?
What are some really good dance conservatories in the USA that are not a college program?
Should I get a new pair of soft ballet shoes?
this is a silly question but i want to learn how to danc like michael jakson...?
What Colleges have great dance programs?
what is some good music to glow stick to?
help with pointe shoes?
Why am I dancing so much lately?
i need ways to take dance pictures!!?
Pole dancing classes near new malden?
how good of a dancer do you think i am?
What is the most easiest way to beat a pro at dance dance revolution?
Do you enjoy watching a girl dancing belly dances?
How do I turn down a dance nicely?
How can I get funding for my dance education?
Can anyone tell me where most of stars videoclips are filmed?
Where can I find dance moves online?
can anybody give me any dance studios near Jackson state University?
girls 16 in road island can dance nude in clubs what do you think about it?
Is it possible to get flexible in ONE MONTH for ballet?
Arch pain related to ballet?
Why do women like to dance?
When will the Knick City Dancer auditions be held for 2009-2010 season?
Do you take off your shoes to dance?
Info about modern dance?
There's this white kid that has a flash mob with his iPod dancing to music. Anyone know of his site?
line dance to a country song...help please!?
What to wear to jazz dance class?
Would you Recommend Dance Paws, Foot Thongs, or FootUndeez for Wider Feet? XD ?
Who is your bet(COUNTRY) in Miss Universe 2006?
hi i want to know the free download site for metallica songs?
how can i dance the robot?!?
How can I teach myself to dance?
who likes dancing a lot?
Pointe shoes and ballet?
How can I become a better dancer?
is it wrong to wear flip flops to a formal school dance?
Do any of you people like Danity Kane?
Should I be an exotic dancer?
Where can I get private hip hop or breakdancing lessons from payson to orem, UT?
How much for a dance coach?
Is Grade Five Tap hard?
Wanna tango? Matress Mambo is my favorite dance?
A dress for Spring Fling dance?
Dancing with the stars season 8? ?
Do you dance like crazy, when no one is looking?
Should I join the dance team?
i Need to Learn Dancing Hiphop or Ballet online?
REPOST: can I get my scorpion for dance in a month?
Should I take tap or contemporary?
do you like to dance?
Question: Tap Camp?
Dance in the Future Help?
do you like dancing?
When someone says they are a ballet dancer, what comes to your mind/ what do you think of them?
I'm going to be a sophomore next year and I've never cheered before, is it to late to start and then try out?
Is it possible to enjoy pole dancing without being a slag?
Ballet Slippers?
where can i download Cambodian coconut dance music for free?
Ballet body???
Can I wash and dry my tights in the washer and dryer machine?
hair thikness is not good?
How to land a double pirouette?
Help choreographing!???!!!?
How do you become a pole dancer?
College Dance Video!!! HELP PLEASE :)?
what are good dance universities?
Is 13 too late to start dance?
i lost my pirouette! will it return?
im trying to come up with a unique dance crew name?
Are there any shows like "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making The Team", but with another dance team?
can anybody out there do a backhandspring and if u can how long did it take u 2 learn?
I'm 14 yrs old. Can I start ballet now?
what kind of things do they teach in jazz dance classes?
Is there a correlation between good feet and turnout?
Who is the best dancer in Romania now?
to all dancers, please look at this! ?
i am 19 and want to start dancing?
Best songs for a tap or jazz dance?
How much does it cost to be on drill team?
If you were me and you tryout for cheerleading?
What would the 10 best ballet companies in the world be?
what are some famous ballet dancers that got en pointe in one year wile they were a preteen/teen?
Some cool songs, which would be good for dancing?(school assignment)?
Is ballet good for a six year old?.?
where can we find mt, everset?
Dance is an art is it also a sport?
my performance art school has a company and i really want to be in it. how do I prove that I should be in it??
Is it too late to learn ballet?
what does the chat abbreviation BAMF and INK mean?
i want to learn best bollywood dance in dubai, which school is good?
What is: Ballet, Gymnastics, and Sports for?
Helppp! i need good songs to dance to!!!?
I need information on ballroom dancing?
Dancing again after 9 years off, any tips?
How to open a dance studio?
Old presidents dancing and partying commercial 2012?
Heel on my ballet shoe is too pointy?
How do i remember all the steps when learning dancing?
Which leading Hollywood man did Jennifer Lopez cut a rug with in her flick Shall We Dance?
would u say thriller is a high level dance? or no?
Did the salsa come from mexico?
you like to dance reggaeton?
do you like to danceing alot?Why?
Monique last nite...on dancing with the stars?
Have many of yall ever liked a boy or girl and told him or her but got blowed off.?
How to get on pointe?
Should my daughter dance? What kind and what to wear?
So You Think You Can Dance question?
How do girls actully move/pop there butt?I can shake it but not pop it! Thanks?
how do you know your pointe shoe is dead ?
Do you feel like dancing?
Is this safe for ballet dancers? Mintchip49 please help!!?
is it normal?
A russian ballet dancer who defected to the west. Rudolf ?
Does anyone use "Dance Paws"? Are they any good.?
What do u call a male ballet dancer?
Poll:- If someone started to Dance in The Street,would you Clap?
anyone interested to dance? Want a partner for dancing. What site to post for a partner?
What is a good song for my senior solo?
help! should i take this class?
Is 15 too old to start dance?
So im 13 and im looking for a dance studio that teaches break dancing near bayridge,brooklyn anything please?
If I coloured my pointe shoes bright pink with a highlighter..?
Would I be able to do Pointe ballet? HELP?
What colour flower in the hair for Salsa?
i can never do the splits?
How is the rock school west in west chester, pa?
increase strength in ballet? for mintchips49.?
Rap Moves?
I am trying out for a college level precision dance team in April... I need help with the following moves?
jazz turn- one with legs crossed?
LADIES! Can you Twerk it?
Taking Back Sunday famous mic swing?!?!?
How can I dance easily with a broken toe?
Where can I find Bollywood/Indian dancing lessons in Web?
Does anyone know where I can learn how to belly dance, from maybe a video or something?
what kind of things can 14 year old kids do for cheap around lyons new york 14489?
Feel like an idiot in my dance class?
what year was The Evolution of Dance? would it be easy to learn?
where can i find any go-go dance school in Dublin,in Ireland?
Dance Stretches/Exercises?
Dance mix song that says all day and all of the night...then it say get get get get freaky?
What dance studio should I go to?
Hip hop not real dancing?
Am I too old to start ballet?
What are the best girl sung songs to dance?
So im starting to dubstep dance...?
all the dancers out there?
does anyone know the last name or city of "jaimie" the 24 year old choregrapher from the tv show "unan1mous"?
Moves for cheerleading?
how to front grind and butt grind?
Bellydance, i want to get good?
Is age 15 too late to start dancing?
downtown orlando clubs that are ladies free?
whats your favourite dance style,either to watch or to dance?
dance style?
WHAT DO you think of a man who dance ballet?
what are some easy dance moves for a talent show?
dance class in glendale california?
To make it big in the dance world, which is better?
What is the most expensive brand of Jazz shoes on the market? Bloch?
Begginer at hip hop dancing? PLEASE READ AND HELP?
As a 19 year old male, is it too late to learn ballet and reach the level of a professional?
what r some good dance colleges?!?!?!?!?
During the Dancing with the Stars 2008 tour, what was the song they danced to during the Pase Double? ?
How do I rule Earth?
What is a cool dance to do for a talent show?
my straight leaps and turning 'c' jumps?
So You Think You Can Dance?
Song ideas for a ballroom Caberet routine? something with a nice build?
Good shuffling and dougie songs ?
What is involved in Jazz dance?
Footundeez are worn out? ?
for the talent show at my school, should i stick with the group or a solo?
What is better, Modern Jazz or Ballet?
Does anyone know where I can take Mariachi lessons in San Fernando, Ca?
dancers:how long did it take you to get the following skills CONTROLLED AND READY AND CLEAN?
All dancers please answer?
when people are pregnant how many times do they pee a day?
im going to a sweet 16 next week and?
is it too late to start ballet?
What is the music in West Side Story when they are fighting and also in Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa?
Im a 13, european descent girl. Would it be strange if i took belly dancing classes? Be honest.?
im trying out for cheers/poms!?
How old is to old to start training to be a dancer (for men)?
Have you ever seen someone start dancing in front of a group of people and thought to yourself: "this is a
What ballet does grown up Billy perform in at the end of "Billy Elliot"?
I need to views regarding freestyle dancing...?
Is there an e-mail list/twitter list that aggregates dance workshops and performances in the US ?
Americas Best Dance Crew Season 1?
What would be a clever way of asking a boy to the dance?
Where can I hire/buy Ballet costumes?
What is this song called?
Ballet Outfit?
how is "New Adventures" Production Company (Matthew Bourne) funded?
What do you do with your eyes in ballet?
who else hates dancing at parties and feels stiff and shy around guys?
how much do u pay for ur dance classes?
What are good songs for a gymnastics/dance solo?
Costumes for dance and jumprope event?
How do you make sure that your canes doesn't slip in bellydance while you're twirling it ? (raks al assaya)?
How do I dance with my girlfriend ?
Is it too late?
Does anyone teach baton lessons in Bloomington, IN?
should i do DIY pointe?
dancing disco?
The finalists on dancing with the stars are?
papu cant dance salsa1?
Is 1 year enough to prepair myself for Cheer audition?
How long untill pointe?
What are some hip-hop dances type of songs?
what are the gender differences in dance?
Do I go out or stay in?
Trouble getting on pointe. Help?
Safety tips for going to a rave alone?
Where is the best place to get glow in the dark and neon thing for a dance?
How to teach myself pointe work?
Who makes you feel like dancing?
appropriate dances for school?
If I do only one year ballet,will I be able to dance easier kinds of dance like hip hop and rnb after that?
What is best pointe shoe for begginers?
Music for a "spooky" dance show, what are some good, not cliche music ideas?
I want to dance so badly but too expensive? ?
What is a good dancing song for a talent show...?
in regards to making your booty clap, how do you move one cheek at a time?
Carolina Shag or Westcoast Swing??
I want to know about naples dance studio?
why do people always think im stuck up when they dont even no me?
muscle training help?
why do people go by looks instead of personality?
random question about dancing...at school dances?
How do i look and act seductive while dancing??
What is a good slow-possibly sad, song to do a lyrical dance to? (s.)?
did i break my shank? (pointes)?
Larkin Dance Studio (mn) has anyone been to..?
who learn in america play violine?
How do i learn to strip/pole dance?
What istd tap grade would i be in?
Can i start ballet lessons at age 13, almost 14?
There's a Mexican dance to a that goes "Be be da be" with YMCA type movement. What's the song called?
Strictly come dancing?
is capezio a good brand for tap shoes?
Any opinions on ballroom dancing in Columbus, OH?
i am finally on pointe shoes......any tips?
Does anyone know where you can ballroom dance in Las Vegas on or near the strip?
Sadie Hawkins costumes... HELP D:?
stronger arch??
i want to try out for cheerleading. i can do everything but dance. any suggestions?
what skills are required?
Ballet tips please!!?
How do you get your toetouch higher?
Any good ballet schools in Singapore?
What does it mean when guys make a tight circle around you on the dance floor?
When is so you think you can dance comming back on?
I'm really nervous! Help!?
i'm 20 and I want to learn how to dance, is it possible?
Need a little help with melbourne shuffling?
When is it too late to start dancing?
Team bonding ideas anyone?
Dance Question(s)?
I am going to see the manager for stripping/extotic dancer?
average life span of a ballerina? and how many years to get good?
No undies at dance!! HELP!!!?
I am really nevous about my first ballet lesson! Help!?
Do you think cheerleading is a sport?
any dance studio directory websites?
Is there anywhere on the Gold Coast that does free dance lessons?
what are good songs for debutante dance?
What type of dance, is the hardest to learn?
Are u a diffrent person on the dance floor.?
i'm looking for a web that has instructions of spanish dancing...?
Dance Move Question????Please answer!?
Excercises for dancers besides dancing?
where can i learn to dance?
Is this outfit okay for my 3 y/o's first ballet lesson ? Or is it a little too much?
Dance Problems, I need help with Extensions?
How could I make a career in modern/ and or contemporary dance?
Techno Dance for my sweet 15?
How does cheerleading and dance differ?
Help with P.E dancing... 10 Points?
Are you Good at Dancing?
girls who practice dance...help!?
My school is having a dance...?
Where can I find video examples of the jazz walk?
What's the genre of dancing in another cinderella story?
I love ballet but is it worth it?
Aquarian, Gemini, Aries, Libra?
Dancing advice please?
which are the best dance institutions around the world?
if i want to dance just like all the k-pop groups, what dance class should i take?
question for exotic dancers/strippers?
Soldier boy dance?
I live in New Brunswick NJ so im looking for something fun to do like belly dancing or salsa ETC.. some one?
how to they begin making jack in the box?
What can i do to impress my dance teachers?
I really like Jazz dancing so where can I learn it?
I have to do a baton routine but it has to be a theme.?
Knuckling over en pointe?
where can i get my westren dance class in india?
Would I possibly be good for being Clara in the Nuter?
so you think you can dance!?
What the difference between western classical dance and indian classical dance?
are you the first person on the dance floor?
how to break dance? or how dance? ?
Any good dance schools near Toa Payoh Central?
where can i go in perth wa to get more flexible for dancing?
what is the best pointe shoe for boys?
Are you very good at dancing? What is your favorite kind of dance move?
What do you think I'm in ?
Good websites for dancing basics and fundamentals?
Is dancing talent or something anyone can learn by non-stop practicing?
How can I learn to do the splits?
prom help?
Dancing at Snowball?Please help me?!?
What 2 dances r not " freezes"?
how long should i wait to dance competitively?
Am I too old to start ballet?
Do you remember the HUCKLEBUCK? It was a dance.?
Is it cool for a 18y.o. guy to want to become a salsa dancing instructor?
Why do people die laughing and make fun of me when I dance?
Who here is any good at dance dance revolution?
Is there written history to dance in general..Like when it was 1st done..and why?
Has anyone heard of a song called TORN? by LETOYA?
Can u get in a dance without a ticket? Opinon question!?
Is it safe to dance with jazz shoes on carpet?
What music do people in their 20s and 30s typically listen and dance to?
How do you get better at pirrouettes? (on pointe and flat)?
I want to make my schools dance team so bad!! Any tips?
I don't like the song(folk song) I'm dancing to, but I any suggestions that will motivate me to dance better?
Am i too old to take ballet classes?
A dance studio in arlington,tx?
About A Dance Company?
Can you Dance?
What are the names of the two dances from the movie "Emma"?
why does my girlfriend want to learn to pole dance?
I am 11 and i was just asking is it too late to start a ballet career ?
HELLLLLP - I'm going to a dance...?
How do you dance, like at partys?
Need dance moves for this song?
should i do dance or figure skating?
tips for flexibility?
Should I take ballet???
Does anybody like the cheetah girls?
what dance are you more likely to do...... pole dance?
Am i OBSESSEd with dancing?
What kind of flooring should I put in my garage to dance on?
Do you think dance is a sport?
Pphilippines VS Indonesia? who will win in the Miss Universe 2006? is it Philippines? or Indonesia?
Good songs for a dance?
How do you dance clean and precise?
I'm not becoming flexible?
Can you teach dance at age 15?
Can you help me with cloths for a blacklight dance?
How do I make my moves more sharp and clean?
Ballroom dancing?
Your last dance ? When ? Where ?
is there a name for this dance move ?
How do I dance the rumba?
can someone who has experienced exotic dancing for a while tell me the pro's and con's of the job?
What's a good fast paced irish song to dance to?
scared to do a dance solo???
how to have a fun sweet 16 without loud music and dancing?
who loves ballet?
What are those big carpet like things that have designs and you hang on the wall called?
How can i become more dance "stretchy?"?
Can someone help me choreograph a dance to skinny love?
can you begin with cheerleading when youre almost 18 ? or is it too late ?
slow dance with a guy??
where can I find out about strippers?
How can I learn how to dance (well) with a woman in a typical club situation?
Ballet skirt or shorts?
what are some lap dance songs that are really naughty
I am finding a site like nidokidos in whch I get a membership of my own?
how to start a talent show?
is dance nd cheering a sport?
is it true?
am i too old to dance?
Will I ever be able to be a ballerina? :,(?
What are the pros and cons of being a professional ballroom dancer?
is it ok to be gay??
Help with dancing! 10 Points!?
oredering footundeez online?
How to do piqué turns correctly?
does anyone know good contemporary dance solo songs?
What is some good dance music which is similar to the following artists?
Why does lapdancing have such negative connotations?
where is a good place to buy professional level portable ballet barres?
Do you think girls over 130 pounds can be dancers?
In what country does belly dancing really originates?
Female Break Dancers?
can i teach myself ballet?
How do I perform an OVERSPLIT leap / russian?
how to do a back handspring?
Just started ballet and REALLY bad at it! Help?
Good songs for a dance?
where i can find information regarding INDIAN culture+dance+festivals..state specific.plzzzzz its URGENT !!!?
What is the origin of the Dithyramb in the ancient greek world?
Do you think you can Dance? Be honest with yourself?
What is the pointe of Demi pointe?
What dance studio in New Jersey majors in hip hop?
List of dance sports?
web pages of reynosa tamaulipas with pictures of the social nightlife?
i dance tango and salsa,cha cha vals do u think its cool?
where can i attend a hip-hop classes?
What is "krump?"?
Whenever I go onto releve or point my toes, on my left foot my achilles aches?
Why are people against dancing in churches today?"?
Diffrence between baby and turtle freeze?
is dance associated with music?
do you have any cheerleading?
I need good songs for an "Office" themed dance?
Best music for breakdancing?
how to become more flexible?
I need a dance for mascot tryouts!?!?!?
Are ballet schools with no pianist good?
Items for kids for dancing and singing?
Can anyone suggest how to slow dance with a man who is over 6 feet tall?
Minimalist Music for Dance?
Baton Twirlers? Please answer?
I'm looking to attend pole dancing classes and wondered if any are available in Oshawa or Whitby, Canada?
how do i find the confidence to dance in public?
what year was The Evolution of Dance? would it be easy to learn?
Out of Spandex, Supplex, Nylon, Cotton, which one do you like to wear the most? And why?
How can I convince my parents to go to a year round professional ballet school?
BALLET AGE 14.. TOO OLD?!?!=c?
does anyone know about any dance studios?
want an easy ten points!?
Should I do Cheerleading or Dance?
does anyone else do a little dance when you are excited or happy or something similar? explain?
how can I stiffen an old ballet tutu made from tulle?
What do you eat in ballet if you do not gain any weight when you eat?
do male ballet dancers wear footed tights or generally what do they wear?
Video of a dance last year of high school?
At 15 can I start ballet/modern and actually become good at it?
What are some fun dance classes?
Can anyone tell me some Latin dance songs?
Im going to a dance in 25 minutes...?
What to have in your bag for a first dance recital?Help?!?
Does anyone know where there is a good dance class ?
what to do with your hands while dancing dnb?
Know of any salsa classes in kolkata??
any belly dancing classes in worcester UK?
where are dance clubs for teens at?
anyone know of some good exercises for splits? almost there (pics included)?
Am I too old to become a ballet dancer?
what were the most popular dance styles in the 1950s?
What toe pads (for pointe shoes) would you recommend?
Sequence Dance - Tayside Tango?
I'm new to dance. Why does everyone seem to do this in class?
Is go-go dancing choreographed?
How do the jabbawockeez dance?
Any1 no any kathak dance classes in Manchester UK?
Does anyone know of a good hula halau in the San Diego or La Jolla areas? Future UCSD student looking.?
what do i have to do in my audition?
Can anyone tell me the movements for the hand jive,shake your tail feathers or crocodile rock?
Do you think ballet is a sport??? ?
Acro dance ...help please?
where can I find the remix of the song Magic performed on dancing with the stars results show 11/5/08?
Does anyone know of any dance shows set to take place in England this year?
Help on a Jazz Hip Hop Dance?
anyone got any ideas for gcse dance lifts?
are there any dancers out there?
Where can i find dance moves to any hip-hop with a bhangra mix?
What is a good song for a musical theatre dance duet?
What do you do you do if your a loner at a dance class?
What would be the perfect 30 seconds to 1 minute dance!?
who is your favoirte singer?
Is dance a sport?????
lyrical costume ideasss :)?
starting ballet?
How do I know when my son is ready to start ballet leasons?
if ive learned ballet what do i do to learn lyrical.?
how can i teach myself to dance.... like in clubs?
which is better...jazz or hip-hop?
I want to learn to do flips, cartwheels and backbends but I am scared that i'm going to hurt myself.?
What type of song would you dance to for a talent show?
why woman are more crazy about dance?
can you guys go see and comment on my kid? He's at youtube under Hip Hop Hashim?
I need a fast answer--- and i mean fast?
why do ballerinas have to have flexible ankles?
does anyone know what the song is called that plays when the girls get booted off?
Can you do contact improvisation comfortably with a stranger?
Can You Danse?
WhO KnOwS HoW To DaNcE?
Music for a 10 year-old's jazz solo?
Any inspiring Nia Technique stories?
Getting ready for winter cheerleading at school?
don't know the name, but the dancer goes left and right 4 times each then heel /toe down down dooby down?
Looking for an amateur dance partner.?
How can I become a better tap dancer?
where can I learn balllroom dancing in Malaysia?
hip hop dance/ club outfit ? ?
Is it a good idea to teach myself ballet[Read below before you answer]?
parkour dangers???
HELP!!! i need to know what does a dance merchandiser do?? please?
How do you know if your a natural dancer?
Where can I find costumes for a dance recital?
Is 13 to late for ballet? Help?
I really want to start Ballet?
Should I choose dance or a higher education?
Help! which dance style do you think is better???
Looking for dirty dancing Choreographer?
Is there a place online that can teach me how to dance?
can anyone tell me about a club night in Stirling on a wednesday night called the BEAT?
How long have you been dancing and what kind of dance?
How to get over my fear?
which would be more useful for a ballet dancer: DANCE magazine, or DanceSpirit magazine?
How do you belly dance and move your hips?
dance studios near or in Louisville Kentucky?
Why can't white people dance?
How To Do A Calyspo Leap ?
Alternative "Suicide Girls" type strip club in Houston?
Why is jewelerry band in the dance studio?
Dance classes for 14yr old?
why do people think its low to be a hooker/exotic dancer ?
i am choreographing a lyrical dance for my sister. she is graduating high school. any good songs?
How do you slow dance with a girl at a school dance?
What is that music video wherein the lady singer dances with her partner and they morph?
im a little overweight and going to an arts school for ballet???
How do I make my leather ballet shoes fit?
how do you get strong calves for ballet?
Am I an okay size to take ballet?
What do you think the sexiest forms of dancing are?
are guys supposed to get hard when grinding with a girl at a school dance?
Any private ballet lessons in Michigan?
girls only do you dance around your handbags?
what should i expect on my first day of dance class?
when was your first time?
DANCE!? HIP_HOP!!!....?
Can anyone give me info on becoming a dance physiotherapist?
What should I wear to my hip hop dance class?
What to wear to my ballet class?!?
grade 3 ballet what age?
Bone in Booty sore from splits??10 PTS!!?
how can i do the spilts?
descarga pump it music feature:audio?
How and where can i get my certification for ballroom dancing?
How is a waltz different than other music.?
Dance classes in Cary, NC?
Help with a Dance Costume?
How old does the Paris Opera Ballet School go when accepting new students?
Is she the right size?
Tips for a 17 year old novice irish dancer?
Why can't I dance?
help me!!!!?
weight training for dancers (ballet) ?
does anyone knows how to clean ballet point shoes? ASAP?
Where did chachi from america's best dance crew get her parachute pants?
pointe shoes, please help!!!!!!!?
Everyone: please pray, wish me luck, and cross your fingers for my dance audition goes well and I succeed.????
I am looking for a Hawaiian dance teacher in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?
Latin dancing: Do I have to look be slim and tall to learn this sport?
How do you dance to Britney's new song "Gimme More"?
what are some indian dance teams in new york? or dance schools?
I am 13 years old and I was wondering if ballet is worth trying?
She didnt accept my christmass gift.?
How can I sustain my leg very high up?
I need to learn to dance and other things?
where should i go if i want to becme a backup dance for a celbrity?
Im too shy to dance ? =/?
tremaine dance convention individual sign up (yes i have google this myself however ive had no success)?
I need to know about the advanced level in dance?
I have to bring a review of a dance company I have seen to my auditions, how do I set it out ?
which came first the chiken or the egg?
How do you dance at school dances? HELP PLEASE?
was there a music band called "jambawamba" in middle of 90's?
Where's a good yet reasonably priced place to learn belly dancing in San Franciso?
How can i meet in real Mikhail Baryshnikov?
Shyness + pulic dancing :$?
Any good beginner-ish pointe variations?
Does anyone have tips on belly-dancing better?
Why does Madonna do the same dance in all of her videos?
What kind of dancing do yall like to do?
what kind of dance is dancing with tears in my eyes ?
Jazz Dance Song!! Help!!!!!?
Can anyone tell me some Latin dance songs?
how do i do that one move in ciara's video get up?
Do you have the names of some cool dance colleges?
How does this lyrical dance look?
Learning to Dance!!?
Does dancing improve sexual prowess?
Are there any videos of people stripping to "The Stripper" by David Rose?
I'm putting together a lyrical duet for our upcoming dance recital , any ideas for a theme?
am i too old to practice ballet?
How long will it take to get my back handspring?
Regine's Dance Studio --- any good/bad feedback?
What are demi pointe shoes for?
Benefits of joining Dance?
How can I become a star dancer?
Can i still do dance covers/breakdance?
Hey i need help learning how to dance lik LMFAO and break dance and stuff?
Do you agree that dancing is a Sport?
Is ballroom dancing difficult to learn?
What should I keep in my dance bag?
How old do you have to be to be on "So you think you can Dance"?
Amazing Homecoming Dance Themes That Will Attract More People?
Pointe Shoes I need help!?
What is this dance move called?
What would be easier to do cheer or dance team?
does anyone take ballet,or any kind of dance?
What would be a good song to dance to?
are there any fun dances in italy?
What are some cute hairstyles for ballet dancers to wear?
POLL: Ballet Lovers- when you watch a ballet performance...?
how do you do a front walkover?
Hiphop dance classes?
Does anyone know of any studios that teach lyrical for adults in the Antelope Ca area? ?
Do you love me.....?
what was the former name of stepping? (step dancing)?
How old is Cathy from Dance Moms?
Concerned about a dance student?
dance help?
Can u do the macarena?
NYU Tisch vs.Urdang Academy?
High School Musical Dance Steps?
how do you perfect a fouette or turn in second?
What is the quality of Balera and SoDanca leotards?
Can you do this?
I am having trouble with pointing my feet in my gym routines?
You have dance twice a week and you want to spend more time with your old friends??
which is harder dance or cheerleading?
What do you think of pole dancers/pole dancing as a profession?
what is the national dance of america?
I am looking for belly dancing classes for the beginner in London. WImbledon area?
Long Lake Camp for the Arts?
How is the rock school west in west chester, pa?
What are great party songs that you can dance to?
Indie Dance Club(s) in Los Angeles?
What is your favorite kind of dancing?
what is jessica simpsons phone number?
What should I do about my period and ballet!?
Advice on dance issues?
What song makes you want to get up and dance?
Irish VS Tap???
how to get my aerial ?
any one who has lap band advice, open this ?
Slow Dancing Help! Please Help!?
Which dancing styles that I can dance on house music?
where do i buy pointe shoes?
Windmill (Bboy) help?
what are some good dance songs? like dancing like strepup?
i want to be a coach for middle/high school dance teams when im older?
would freak dancing permissible at a ball hosted by an elite college?
Is it ok to work out in gym.......?
Anybody been a dancer for the Step Up movies?
who's the best dancer that you know? *popular people only?
How does Indian Dance differ from the Western Ballet?
Really Easy And Quick To Learn Break dancing Moves?
Static Quality in Ballet?
what professional portable dance poles are the best?
How can I cut and paste songs into a medley?
Im 13, slightly overweight. Can i learn ballet?
My homecoming dance is in 6 days and I have acne!!! Help!?
I would like to know more about witchcraft?
Tips on strip dancing?
Interlochen dance program?
What is a good song that i can do a solo too?read details?
I'm looking for a hip hop dance class in Fort Lauderdale.?
how do i dance?
How to learn to dance like MC Hammer in 6 days?
Is it hard to find a dance school that offers unlimited classes for a flat rate?
my socks walk about on their own?
Am I too old for ballet?? Any instructors or ballerinas that can answer me?? 14?
an article about gangs?
does anybody know where i can get information on the history of the line dance, "steppin out"?
would like info on any bellydancing classes/ workshops in the NEPA area.?
Can anyone explain this move?
Perfect 10s lap dancing club in preston?
How many of ya have a dance when ya mobile is ringing, b4 ya answer it xx?
How Can I Learn How To Get Better At Stretching? And Learning How To do The Split?
Emotional, Strong, Slow Songs for Contemporary Dance?
do u dance?
What is this dance move called?
what is a good country western dance?
Some sexy songs to dance to?
When will i reach my dream?
My First Pointe Shoes?
what does the cha cha dance represent?
what are the best kinds of lyrical dance shoes for beginners?
could i ever get en pointe?
why do ballerinas have to have flexible ankles?
how do you "pancake" ballet point shoes??
A story line for a lyrical dance?
Cleaning leather ballet flats?
how can i speake english
Should I quit ballet?
Help: Should my girlfriend and I try this stunt?
How do you do the snow dance?
so u think u can dance???
Dress question in SYTYCD?
Lyfe Jenning S-E-X video?
Any ravers out there???
Where can I find a studio where they teach Acrobat Breakdancing, in NYC?
Im 19 years old and want to become a dancer but i have no qualifications does this mean im doomed?
Does anyone know where i can find belly dance instructions on the internet?????? I've looked everywhere!!!!!!
Where is a good place in Northern Virginia to practice dancing?
are there any sites that teach R&B dances?
Fire Knife Dancers, Polynesian Dancers, Hula Girls?
I miss dancing but.....?
Dance moves?!?
Dance songs with props?
If you want to learn how to dance and have never taken a lesson, where is a good place to start?
Are ballet dancer considered geeks in the real world?
School Dance- Neon Themed!?
Pointe shoe brands?
what do you do in a ballet assessment?
What should I do tomorrow?
Where can I buy a cheap Theraband?
having trouble with right splits :( help?
i want to learn how to dance?
What's this dance show called?
Where can I find a hip-hop/jazz dance class near Flint, MI?
What is some good cheerleading songs that you can buy on itunes?
Are they too old?
What pointe accessories do you suggest for beginners pointe?
what is the email address of Britney Spears?
dance feet?!?!?!?
What song makes you want to get up and dance?
Ballet or tumbling help me read all ?
When will the new episode of "Dance Moms" be on itunes? (please answer!) 10 points?
Which stripper/dancing pole is inexpensive and portable?
I need dance music help!?
Breaking, tutting, popping?
is kinesiology:dance at csun a good course to take?
What are some good (clean) ideas for a dance?
Do you ever dance in front of your mirror?
Do think the dance for Beyonce - Single Ladies is genous?
Are there any ballet teachers here?
What are the best ballet companies in the U.S.?
im going to take adult ballet lessons,i start in a few weeks,is there anything i should know or do before then?
What are some really fun songs to dance too?
HELP. bigginer dance solo crises.?
Should I Go camping and miss dance or go to dance?
how do i get more flexible for dance?
Anywhere where I can get cheap pointe shoes?
Acro dance ...help please?
Can any good dancer become a choreographer?
what do i wear to a ballet class?
Is any one suprised that Joshua won So You Think You Can Dance?
What do you wear to ballet class?
OMG!! take a look at this!!?
Are there any good songs to dance to?
How do I give a good lap dance?
How to be really flexible?
Hip hop dance routine please help.?
Who sings the song I Stay On My Grind that was used as a master remix on America's best Dance Crew?
Which type of dance should I take, HELP!?
How to slow dance (middle school)?
Is it too late for me?
I have 6 toes on each foot and was interested in finding out if ballet was still an option to me?
I've been dancing for about 1 1/2 years. About how much longer should I dance before I go on pointe?
Where can I buy bun nets not hair nets at for ballet?
where can i find dance dance revlution for tv?
What are some good jungle songs ?
I need some school dance routine hip hop music suggestions. I would prefer a fast beat and clean lyrics.?
is being a high school drill team director stressful sometimes?
How to become a better dancer?