The best ballet dancer?
How is naples dance studio?
Where can i take Irish Dancing lessons? I live in the Bay Of Plenty, NZ?
what should i do to reduce the effects of pointe on me in my adult life?
do i call it tutting?
Ballet: Boring or Not Boring?
I can't Dance! School Dance is soon, and i need some serious help! Any tips and or suggestions would be great!
Drill team? Dance team dance classes question?
Disney Land/World Dance Auditions Requirements?
I need a dance song can anyone help?
WHat are the steps to this slide?!?
What are some really good techniques that will help me regain my flexability, turn out, turns, etc for dancin?
how does a white girl learn how to dance hip hop?
is there any thing such as a boggy man?
What type of schooling do I need to help assist me in becoming a professional dancer?
Anybody know any good lyrical songs that are about friendship?????
how many girls usualy try out for cheer leading in high school?
I really like dancing, but I suck at it?
How do I become flexible?
How do you turn on a chick with out doing the nasty?
What are some dances from musicals?
How do you do the splits?
How do I convince my mom to let me do a dance competition?
Best Friends Brother?
What are the best pointe shoes for studets?
would you dance a jig with a pig?
Can I get these skills in less than a month?
Ballet Bars?
does anyone know any good ballet dvd instructionals for beginners who learn fast?
DANCE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Should I stick with ballet? Or just quit?
Should I do something about it?
can i major in dance with this training?
How does techno music make you feel?
Starting Dance?
So, is it nerdy to ROBOT DANCE?????
dance poses?????????
Question for anyone else who also has some booty?
En pointe without the shoes?
How can I be a ballet dancer?
What is a good but cheap dance bag?
dancing for a career, teaching school dance teams?
Do you like to watch dance performances?
how much money did the dancers on dancing with the stars make?
Dancing difficulties ?!?
Can a Man strip seductively?
What do you think about strict instrustors?
Does any one....?
dancing is my LIFE!!!!?
how can i learn how to do soulja boy dance?
how do you the shuffle dance?
Dance bag?
Who is a part (or was) of the Dynamite Dance Crew?
witch color is a best color for dining room ?
During pole dancing classes, I am having a hard time spinning?
If a Eleven Year old wants to do to point but has little ballet experience is it safe to start when she is13?
what is this step called?
do girls pass gas?
which type os songs are good for dancing?
60's dance moves???
How to slow dance with a friend?
ballet dancers are always so thin, what do they eat? what's the secret?
Can you recommend indian classical fusion music?
Im a dancer and want to be more fexible?I havnt got much time on my hands ...how can i get flexible fast??????
Which type of dance do you enjoy doing the most?
Why do girls like dancing so much?
starting tap dance and I was wondering...?
Evidence that Dance is not a sport?
Can anyone tell me everything about contemporary dancing?
Can you start ballet at 14? I've done other styles like it but not ballet.?
Does anyone know where i can get the dance steps 2 the song gimme that by Chris brown?
Tips on My First Rave?
Tips on getting flexible fast?
I am a dancer and need to know something...?
Does The Classical Academy have any School dances?
some one please tell me some names of good songs as soon as possiable?
how gay is the average male dancer?
Who won dancing with the starts tonight?
Corrections in Ballet?
How to do fuetes (dance)?
i reallllly realllllly like this guy i know he dosent like me half as much ,i want to call him avery day ,?
How do you prep for a toe touch? i am having a lot of troubles. i am in dance...?
If you had?
Can Justin Timberlake dance? or does he just need to go to the bathroom?
Am I too big to take ballet classes?
how could i find my true love?
Where can I find instructions for clogging?
Can anybody suggest a contemporary dance school in chennai for amateurs?
i was told i dance like a white girl?
Is there anywhere in the GTA I can go to have a few private lap dance lessons as a surprise for my boyfriend?
Why do they say white people can't dance?
Which kind of dance should I learn?
What do you think of this dance?
Does anybody else like dancing to rap music with a bumpn beat!!?
Who Should I Dance With?
what leg comes to pose when you want to do an inside turn?
How to become a better dancer and pick up moves faster?
Will pointe always hurt this badly?
Do you have to attend all 5 weeks of PCYB intensive?
Is it too late to start dancing at 16?
does anyone watch "americas got talent" its my favorite show beside "so you think you can dance"
What is the best thing you bought for dance?
How many of you has seen Indian classical dances&are interested in it?
What is that dance move?
does any of you lyrical dansers know of any good lyrical songs?
why is it guys naturally just suck at dancing?
How ballet dancing movements are created?
What is this called? Dance?
would these songs be sad or smiling in a LYRICAL DANCE?
do you like ballet?
lyrical songs for a 16 year old's solo?
should I grind dance with taller girls?
What are the fastest ways to break in ballet shoes?
My dance teacher won't write me a recommendation, what should I do?
what kind of dance is sistar-alone?
does anyone know how to dance?
was dance in pulp fiction influenced by a flintstones dance?
Is it wrong for a guy to like ballet?
Who can dance better? Ciara or Beyonce?
How to make belly dance costumes?
How did Chris brown dance like that in the video With you?
where is the institute of shamak dawar for dance training in pune?
arthur murray Instructor?
Ballet Audition Tomorrow!!!?
Which State in India does Kathakali belong?
Does anyone know any good garba steps?
Dancers? What's it like when you dance?
Why is DANCE under the Arts and Humanities section and not Sports on here?
Ballet variations similar to Giselle?
Why don't guys like myself like to dance?
What is the coolest dance move?
I can't do the splits on hard floor?
what is the hand dance called people do at parties?
Just wondering how do you make yourself vomit?
What are some good songs for a lyrical solo?
When I do dance turns I get dizzy...?
What is a good ballet leotard that has padding?
Should the king wear the crown for the whole dance?
Help Dance India Dance !!! Salman (:?
is there any vacant job in teaching dance? im looking for a job as a ballet teacher or dance instructor.?
i'd LOVE to know...?
How do you create a "Balanchine bun"?
What are the best warm-up exercises to do before a dance class?
chris brown- is he a verson?
What are the six parts of ballet class?
Will I be okay in an intermediate/advanced jazz class?
Will I lose weight if I dance this much?
is what my ballet teacher did fair?
SERIOUS ANSWERS.......... How to grind???
How to dance at the 8th grade dance?
Help i need Juke music?
Is 21 to old to learn to dance?
Where were ballets performed in 1910?
Grind dancing?
What all gymnastic moves do i need to be a cheerleader?
Starting dance at 14?
Will the world end in 2012 december 24th?
ok... tel me love imp or family.... they both together but who is d best?
dancers height weight and age?
How many hours of dance do you do a week?
What is the best type of dance to become lean?
how to be a good hip hop dancer if you can't take classes?
Is it hard to start dancing after not being exposed to it?
help with my calypso, please (:?
do you think it is possible to start Ballet at a rather late age?
Sooo out of breath when dancing?
I have a pair of pink ballet pointe shoes and now I need them to be red, how can I dye them?
good stretches to do?
Am I too old to start Ballet?
who thinks we should get the inmtes over here in america dance like in philpines (sry spelling)?
telugu dance songs?
This is kinda Stupid,but when u slow dance where should u look?
When can a girl start pointe?
does anyone know what technique jack cole (father of jazz dance) uses?
i want to known India history?
For a toe touch, should my feet be flexed or pointed?
What is Jaden Smiths style of dance?
Im having trouble stretching out for dance..please read :/?
girls, do any of you love wearing shoes and sneakers without socks? or hate wearing socks in general?
whats the best type of Dancing?
what is the dance place called in millersburg OH?
any good dance moves for a video dance>?
High School Dance Team Audition Help? Ideas and Songs?
Where can i find breakdancing classes in NJ?
I just received my first pair of ballet pointe shoes but have some fitting problems...?
Where did yo learn how to dance?
Profession related to Dance?
When you're dancing and choreographing why do you need mirrors?
do you still do the macarena? what about the chicken dance?
Good country songs to dance to?
What should I wear to dance class?
How can you improve your feet when you point them?
what was sum vry populr dances in the 1950's?
What stretches should I do to increase my flexibility to make a split for dance?
Does any1 know of any sensual aerobics classes in harrisburg?
Are you a ballet dancer? How long have you danced? And what is your age?
I want to start dancing? Is it too late?
Nocturnal Wonderland 2009!!!?
good waltz?
How do u moonwalk?? and do the suspended puppet walk?
Not sure how to get started with dance classes?
Does anyone have any good homecoming/turnabout themes?
how to do a calypso for dance?
What to wear and how to do your hair for a H.S. dance tryout?
help me and do not say...?
Help With Proper Form: Arabesque?
MEAN ballet teacher. Help!!!?
Did anyone see Big Brother's 'stage dance' last night? I'd love to be able to get hold of the video footage
Someone please answer my question i really want to learn this dance?
Dance freestyle, need help.?
is starting ballet at 12 years old too late?
alright everyone has one thing that they are good at what is mine?
What do you think of my dancing?
How Do Yew Mak Yewr Booty Jump Like Ciaras In Her Music Vid "Ride" ?
What can help my sore thighs?
How can I convince my mom to let me go en pointe?
Does The Felxistretcher work?
advice for tying out for dance teams?
who can dance better?
Do you consider yourself a good dancer?
How to reject someone to dance?
What type of song would you dance to for a talent show?
Who has a lot of experience at break dancing and lives in Minnesota ? ?
Songs that have dances?
So im 13 yrs old, IS IT TOO LATE TO START DANCE?
Are there Zumba classes in NY City during the day?
How do you know when you are ready to go en pointe?
How 2 crank dat soulja boy?
On SYTYCD (and perhaps in all dancing), what do the girls do to keep their lips from flying out?
Is there a form of dance that focuses on flexibility?
what are some good dirty new dubstep songs?
How do I know if I'm good at dancing?
Convince parents to let me take ballet..........?
do you know the soulja boy dance???
how long would it take to learn how do the splits?
What do you do for a dance minor?
What are some good song suggestions?
Can a 29yrs old female learn to dance ballet? Please give the name of a cheap ballet school in Essex county.?
I want to compete in the ballroom dancing competitions.?
Can you explain to me step by step how to lap dance?
How can i dance like Micheal Jackson? or James Brown?
Pointe Exercises?
PLEASE! answer i need to know!!!!!?
How to get stronger on pointe?
Is this true?
tips on getting my right leg splits DOWN in 3-4 weeks?
Can you do the 'perculator'?
Ballet terminology help?
What are the differences between the dance styles contemporary, ballet, & Jazz?
What is a famous duo that my girlfriend and I could dress up as for our upcoming dance?
what style of dancing would you call this?
Dance Team Question....?
wholesome but COOL dances?
What are some good sad lyrical songs to do for a duo?
jhdsjdhsdhbsahdsahkdksahdisahdsajkhdksaj… i love yung jock?
What ere some good songs to dance to?
What's to expect of my first homecoming?
How do you prep for a toe touch? i am having a lot of troubles. i am in dance...?
if i am grade 6 ballet ISTD what would i be in RAD?
when unitards are worn are they worn over other clothing on their own or does it depend on the dancer?
should i try taking dance? I need advice!!! ANYONE WHOS TAKEN DANCE PLZ READ!!!!?
Friction with Dance???
How much do dancers get paid?
why do some people think they to cool to dance?
does any one know any temecula dance studios ?
what type of ballroom dance competitions are avaliable for young children to teenagers?
what do u think of salsa dancing?
how to win limbo dance game? any tricks?
Canada's National Ballet School?
How to dance......need help!?
what is the meaning of kamasutra?
Best night/dance clubs in milwaukee for ages 18 and up?
Why do male ballet dancers not go en block?
I'm 13 and hope to become a dance choreographer at 17 and i was wondering how much would my paycheck be?
I need help finding a dance studio that has ballet classes.?
I'm looking into buying a dancing pole and I was wondering if someone could give me some cheap suggestions??
I need help finding a solo song for a contemporary tap?
Im thinking about switching irish dance schools?
Dance recital make-up??
where are the steppin clubs?
What is a good song that i could use for an emotional/poweful contemporary or lyrical solo?
how to get into cool las vegas clubs?
Looking for Information on Dance Classes?
what is the line dance where you stomp?
In the Waltz, does the boy or girl lead?
How to improve back & hip/leg flexibility? ?
how to hip roll?
What is your favorite type dance to do or to watch?
who like chirs brown answer me back asap ilove him . he is so hot?
dancers, how long did it take you to do a pirouette?
Dance/Cheerleading Shows?
Whats this dance.........................?
Does anyonne have any advise for a dance tryout?
nuter ballet!?
How does belly dancing help with pregnancy?
Eligibility rules for "So You Think You Can Dance (U.S)"?
it normal to get hard while dancing?
What type of dancing does Maxxie from skins do?
Not sure if I should dance?!?
What kinds of clothes should I wear to demonstrate ballet to my Gym class my teacher told me to get a costume?
Poll About Dancing??
Allowing Pointe Work Sooner?
mississippi jet skiing?
I lost my beginners , HELP !!?
what contributions did lupe serrano bring to dance?
Melbourne shuffle help?
Point work classes???????
Has anyone got any stretches to improve flexibility?
I'm taking jazz for the 1st time this year, is it necessary to take ballet?
How to do this dance by MJ?
Do I have a ballet body, and will a ballet body be an advantage (to actual dancing, and not professionally)?
How do i do backbends, kickovers, and scorpions? more info inside?
Does anyone know if there any adult dance classes, mainly jive/rock and roll, in Mid Glam, South Wales?
Is it a big deal if I miss my first school dance?
Can I make varsity dance team next year?
Want to be a ballet dancer?
How do you do a cool down in aerobics dance?
Who are you danceing for?
is dancing an art?
Do you ever feel like you're just a white man living in a black man's world?
what do you do in a freak dance when the girl pops so hard the guy is pushed backwards and loses balance?
do you like to dance.?
What pointe shoes are similar to Sansha Futuras?
Can I use point shoes if I am not an advanced dancer?
i want to be a backing dancer...?
Question for pointe dancers!?
Do you usually change after ballet practice?
what are the main things to plan for company dinner & dance?
Does any1 know when the Wapakoneta,Ohio YMCA dance is?
is it common..................................…
Can anyone tell me about the quality of dance program at Florida State Univ or Indiana Univ's modern program?
how can i chat with my friends?
I am a dancer and i am having trouble finding some good music for a lyrical dance. Have any ideas?
What should I do so my teacher will put me on point?
can someone explain the differences between classical egyptian belly dance and the turkish oryantal belly danc
Does anyone know the name of this line dance?
Is there anywhere in the UK that stocks Russian Pointes?
how do u change a password on e-mail?
Anyone know anything about Tango? I need help!?
How much should I charge to belly dance at a restaurant?
The song YG- Go Dumb?
what race is christina milian?
Should ! Answers have a sub category for "Ballet?"?
i really want someone to judge me on my dancing?
with the exception of ballet buns what other ballet hairstyles?
does anybody know the song that says becuz theres something beautiful within my grasps..?
Do you dance in the rain?
Does anyone here know any Streetdance groups for beginners?
what song should we use for our musical theater dance duet?
Do you like the dance flour?
Lyrical music for 10 year-olds?
What is Body Popping?
Any free Bharathnattiyam dance videos in websites? wanna learn?
What is this dance called?
Will my weight affect my flexibility?
What is the best school dance school in Los Angeles,California?
Can I do ballet at 28?
Can I start pointe without having a ballet instructor?
Poll: How are you with : the old soft shoe or tap dancing or shuffle off to buffalo like Bob Hope did?
I really need a solo song?
will dancing improve my balance?
Is it better to go to dance CLASSES or dance DVDS?
Dance name for children rock n roll?
Do you get blisters from demi-pointe shoes?
what does a dance presenter do?
what is dance battling?
Dance schools in Besant nagar, Adyar and Kalakshetra colony?(chennai)?
dance or soccer?
What is the perfect length of hair for ballet?
dance choreography help pleasee?
Why do white people think that that its possible to dance to rock music?
Who won so you think you can dance?
Is this a good idea for a routine?
Why cant you wear trainers in nightclubs?
If you dance ballet, Pointe shoes.?
Need help asking a boy to a dance!?
what is this dance move or leg lift called (pic)?
Is this how you do a front handspring?
Who is the dance troupe in the hyundai santa fe commercial?
Just starting Pointe -please do not skip-?
Dance class question?
Learning to dance like a male exotic dancer?
am i too old to art Ballet lessons? Ballerinas answer? haha?
What is the Royal Academy of Dance exam uniform for grade 6?
Im a 15 year old boy, should I take ballet?
How can I have even fancier footwork?
What are some challenging stretches for flexibility?
Need help! Fast! What do you do in ballet teen!? !?
who saw So You Think You Can Dance tonight?
if your a teen and you like to party and your good with girls click here.?
How to grind at the club yet be different from the other girls grinding with a smoldering intensity?
Three women went dancing; no men to dance with, so they all danced together. Then they were asked to leave.?
Want your opinion on my FIRST CHOREOGRAPHY....?
Should I go to this dance studio..?
How can I look less "dorky" when I'm dancing?
Do you like the dance flour?
Jazz shoes on pointe?
I like this new kid but my friends make fun of him and dont think hes cute.what should i do???ask him out???
what is the history of malaysian dances?
does anyone know of any great universities that major in ballet besides julliard. thanks for the help of poss.
Good Summer Overnight Dance Camps?
should I return my tap shoes for a smaller size?
Is Bloch a good pointe shoe brand? What is your favorite?
wheres the best place to buy dance supplies?
Upbeat pop songs for jazz dance?
how do you find out National Ballet of Canada principal dancers' birthdays?
can i still learn to dance ballet if i'm already 15 yrs old?
What do you guys think about Gaff Lyrics?
Where can I learn to dance like poreotics and quest crew?
is there online dancing lessons for punta??
Dance helppppppppppppp?
Is there......?
I'm thinking about going to Pineapple Dance Studio to take up Salsa?
How to make my arches better in ballet?
How do you freak dance or grind?
words to describe a ballet dancer?
Can someone please point me in the direction of an online dance guide?
I'm terrible at freak dancing, what can I do?
why do people have to dance?
I need help with my pirouettes!?
do i suck at ballet?? please answer!?
whatt do i wear with pointe shoes?
Why do people love dancing so much?
Do you think my BABY can dance?
What are some good comtemporary dance songs??
What is the 2nd Korvai of Jathiswaram in Bharathanatyam?
Age 2 Dance?
Boob tape for large boobs?
All ballet or any other dancers, please read!?
Guys, I really need your help. Dancers only please!?
Is it too late to become a professional dancer?
What stretches/technique can I practice to get better leaps and kicks?
who won the america's best dance crew; jabawockees or status quo?
I'm 15 yrs old and i want to start ballet. can this be done?
where can I find salsa lessons in palm beach gardens?
what is , in your own opinion , the greatest style of dance?
Are there any sites that show step-by-step hip-hop dance moves for beginners?
I don't feel like I can....?
if you dance, what types of dance do you do?
How to Improve Pirouettes?
I like a guy but we do not act anything alike but we have known each other since we were baby's do I tell him?
Why do people think ballet is easy?
Is this a proper way to do a pirouette?
gcse dance help? making dance up?
Ballet and Scoliosis?
wats a good nickname for a girl who likes to dance alot?
Arabic Music to Dance to?
Which of these dance types should I take up?
Who would try this stunt?
What do I wear to a Sadie Hawkins dance at my high school?
Does anyone know any exercises for strengthening the arches of your feet?
Pointe shoes still hurt after months what to do?
Dance question!! help pleeeeease!!!!?
Are Nike Sweet Classic Highs good for dancing?
How do i do the Mexican Hat Dance??
what is the greatest hope in life?
Ballet for Adults Orange County?
Could i start ballet now?
What type of dance to do?
what is the compound name for CoS?
Dance mats????
Can I still dance ballet and not be as skinny as the others?
Can't dance for crap?
does anybody know how to dance?
High School Dance Team outfit ideas?
What are the requirements to be able to join poms?
What should i do if idk how to dance? ?
Heavy in Your Arms by Florence and the Machine dance suggestions?
basic moves for dancing please?
why do people always have sex in the middle of the street and then the cars are honking at them?
I am a 26 year old going to college for a dance degree, Iam to old for this and what can I do with the degree?
Can anyone give me tips on how to do the splits?
Is being able to point your feet a sign that you would be a good Ballet Dancer? Or mean anything in general?
should i give up my dream?
I'm the oldest in my dance class and I hate it!?
i want to learn break dancing?
what styles of dancing do u prefer??
Do English people like Tango? Why?
Which bollywood or hollywood actor or actress do you think has best dancing abilities?
Robot + Street Dance & RAP?
what is the best medicine to lower blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes?
what do you wear for ballet class? or have any cute ballet outfits youd like to share?
What dancing style is most popular?
What could my name be?
Does the hot pink dance pole spin?
Does any body like to dance and if so what type?
Dance studio in Florida for college kids?
Creative and cute ideas on how to ask a guy to a dance?
which is better john britto's or swingers dance academy?
Can she really go en pointe that fast!?
What song does ALDC use for this dance?
College dance team questions?
can anymore show me how to do the hill toe?
I am male and wanting to do street dance classes?
Dance classes in Houston,Tx?
can you do ballet even if you cant do the splitz?
Help! Ballet Exam! How do i do my hair?
What are performance credits?
Pointe shoe ribbon sewing question?
Will this give me a dancers body?
who is the no 1 break dance troupe in the world, from which country?
Stretches to help flexibility and arching your back, ect.?
Swing Dance Classes for Teens in Plano/Dallas?
Ghost dance - where can I get this on dvd?
What movies or music videos have Reggaeton dancing in them?
How should I prepare myself for trying out for the cheerleading squad?
What's your dance/drill team like?
How to loosen tight shoulders? Any techniques?
Is it possible for everyone to do the splits?
Do you think dance is a sport?
Whats your fave dance track past and present!!?
Dance Final Help... need (no lyrics) music?
Do TEENAGE BALLET DANCERS consider it bad if...?
does hannah montanna hang out with famous people?
How to dance like Turk?
what should u do to make ur body prepare for breakdancing?
what muscle's are used in ballet?
Juilliard alumni accomplishments?
if you are in the ages of 12 and 15 can you have a career in ballet?
What should you do (other then stretching and dancing) to prepare to try out for the Rockette's?
Dance Class, i dont want to go!!!?
Tribal Belly Dance trouble with my hip slides?
How much does Ballet Class cost for 3 year olds?
Are there free written instructions to the Electric slid line dance on line?
what should my dance crew's name be?
In my pointe shoes it hurts so bad i can hardly stand up in them for 10 seconds is this normal?
i dance hip-hop but i think i look stupid?? i need advice?
Im really self confident but I still LOVE dance?
Should you be dancing with girls at age 13?
how can dance help you learn about yourself?
How do i look and act seductive while dancing??
does anyone know where to find a rave?
Started dancing at 14. Is it possible for me to be a professional?
Hello does anyone know where I can get low priced dance lessons for pop?
What Are Some Good Dance Team Names?
How many styles of classical dance are there in India?
can you dance a waltz to shania twain's 'from this moment on'?
Is The Ellens Dance Dare still going on?
HELP! Colleges in U.S. that have both Ballet/Dance Programs and Nursing programs?
Does anyone have a detailed method for learning to do the splits in less than 3 weeks?
what are some popular dances in Ecuador?
HS dance team requirements?
Should I do tape or ballet? ?
Where can I get the dancing santa ecard where you post your face onto santas body and it sings and dances?
Does anyone know a website that tells about Allison Holker?
what are these poses in dance? (links)?
I often suffer from involuntary body movements when dancing...?
if i want to ldo dance gcse what standard do i have to be at?
Do I have a good contemporary dancer body?
What kind of dancing is this?
What is gogo dance?
How long does it take to fully master the art of belly dancing??
What are straight legs in dance?
what is your favorite type of dance?
what's a good rock song for a lyrical/modern dance?
Suede tips for pointe shoes?
Am i too fat for a dancer? please answer?
Is it too late to consider Ballet as a career?
How do you train to get your leg up?
What have I injured from dancing?
what is POINTE?
pls tell me address of any private pubs and clubs, for drink and dance in chennai. other than hotels?
what is the average height of ballerinas;can you be too tall?
Is ballet an unnatural form of dance?
Robert Frost: The Best?
Is this weird?
Is Shawn Johnson off Dancing with the stars?
Which tap shoes should I get?
what do you do when ur boyfriend lies about smoking?
Is 15 too old to start dance classes?
Party ideas?
Have you read any ballet books?
Is it true that dancers have ugly feet?
What are the stupidest dance moves ever?
i really want to be a dancer im already 15 but have had no experpience is it to late to start?
Does size matter?
What are the basics of ballet?
how does dance express your feelings?
I have difficulties doing a double turn. I need advise.?
Fill in the blank...Ballet is....?
Does your stretch if you're an active dancer?
Who are the winners of Dancing with the Stars seasons 1-13?
Drill team start up help?
Late bloomer in dance?
age for ballet?
Got any dance routine recommendations?
cheer battle and pep rqally???????? PLZ HELP EASY 10 PTS!!!!!!!!!?
i need addresses with contact no. of dance academies in delhi to organise a school function?
How to do some cool dancy songs.?
i got six weeks to get as flexible as possible!!!HELP?
Homecoming Dance?!?!? OH NOO!!!!?
What am I doing wrong in class?
I can do a strattle but can't do a split. Any stretching ideas???
Ballet Companies: which are the main worldwide?
WHat is your favorite dance move?
Neon Phenomenon Dance--dumb or fun? please help!?
Breakdance tips for baby freeze?
All the new or classic dance moves?
do you dance?
who got kicked off so you think you can dance tonight?
What's up with DWTS?
I want to start dance classes, what do you suggest?
good name for a christian dance team?
What are really good songs to shake your hips too?
What type of Dance does Heather Morris do....?
Any cloggers here??? (clogging is a type of dance)?
Should I try out for the dance team at school?
Shakira's and PCD's dancing?
Dance: Pointe shoes and such?
Is Belly Dancing Hard?
What is the point of a Padded Dance Belt?
What are the areas of street dance?
Winter semiformal?
who is 'harry potter'?
May I have some pirouette/ fouetté help?
I'm doing ballet next year and need tips to get back in shape?
dance routine!!??? PLEASE ANSWER!?
Is 14 too old to start ballet?
I want to become a better dancer. Any tips? ?
Need help with dancing...?
ballet or jazz dancing witch will help me in my goal to become a cheerleader someday??
where can i get dance wear in grand rapids mi.?
Does this kid like me or nottt?!?
summer intensives in toronto?
Help with dance career, I need professional opinions please?
how to do a double pirouette?
Overcoming self-conciousness while dancing?
What are some good Hip-hop Songs for popping, Waving and other street dance?
Belly Dancing?
What's this type of dancing called?
How long does it take to be on a competition dance team?
Is 16 too old to start training for a dance/ballet career?
Is it too late to start cheer leading?
websites for hip hop dance videos?
could i be a dancer?
What are some contemporary dance songs?
Do girls find B-boying(Breakdance) attractive?
Can I learn tango without learning any ballroom?
What should I do to get accepted into School of American ballet?
Are there any ballet lessons available for teenagers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia?
Switch Leaps for Dance?
What's this dance move called ?
improving turns!?
Wear can I buy ballet shoes, leotard, skirt, and some tights for under 80$.?
How do you dance at Highschool mixers?
How can i become a professional dancer/ is it too late?
how can i let other people see my talents?
Does dancing boost your self confidence?
i'm spose to do a dance for my class and im stuck with a girl how has absoltely no rythem whatsoever any idea
Me and my friends are either going to do a dance off or a dance routine for a school talent show...?
Musical accompaniment/ traditional intrusments and tempo for the waltz?
Don't feel like going to semi-formal?
dance acadamy?
A ballet schhol in burbank, ca plzzzzzzzzzzz help?
What are the dance companies abroad that accept slightly above average dancers for training/apprenticeship?
How can I train myself to be more flexible for an upcoming ballet beginners class?
how can i take private dance lessons if my parents won't let me?
Hello(: I'm 14 and a dancer. I need a pretty, soft lyrical song. Preferablly a female. thanks!?
Do you find that MORE people submit questions in the wrong catergory in the "dancing" category, than others?
Ballet or Jazz pleaseeee?
dance piece title (contemporary/modern) (dying till death)?
been on just dance 3 today and gained 3851 sweat points- what is this in calories?
Does anyone know of a place that has slow dancing? Not like ballroom but just modern slow music. ?
Do you ever think about how many adults stop taking lessons, stop going to classes and stop playing sports?
why are teachers so mean!!!?
Any Dance crew name ideas?
What's a good way to start ballet?
Where is a good place to learn Salsa or any latin dance in or near Baton rouge, La?
Good songs for a dance audition Jazz or contemporary?
what do you need to become a stripper?
learn the highschool musical dance moves..how?
give me a song to dance to for talent show please?
Advice! Dance problems?
Should i stop dancing (ballet)?
Have you ever did this dance before?
Dance song associated with a decade for 3-5 year olds?
What is the name of this song?
Is Ballet considered a sport?
Which do you prefer Bunny hop vs Chicken Noodle Soup Dance?
Strictly Come Dancing Fans!!?
How do you practice Irish dance?
How long till I get en pointe?
For dance fanatics, are you looking forward to Step Up revolution?
what was the name of the song from So you think you can dance?
Do I need to be skinny to dance?
what type of dance should i learn?
do you think dancing makes you feel better?
Where can I find premade dance routines?
How many calories do you burn when you dance to one kpop choreography?
could u please tell me the names of various dances around the world?
Where can I learn to salsa dance around Las Vegas?
Can a person in their 20s learn to do splits?
is there any dance aerobic classes conducted in gurgaon?
testing testing 1 2 3?
How low can you go?
wats a good breakdance site?
Dance competition makeup ideas?
favourite dance style ♥?
How do you make it snow? Or how do you do the snow dance?
How do I start dance classes as a beginner?
what's a good record that u could swing dance to?
Splits-Right, left, and middle (straddle, center, russian, etc.)?
i want to learn how to bellydance!?
Is there a good bharatnatyam dance school in hennur bangalore?
"Where can I get break dancing lessons in New Jersey?"?
who is the best bharata natyam dancer according to u?
What do you learn in Beginner Hip Hop?
I need a rave nickname forr my friend?
Break dancing?
Is age 14 too late to take up dance?
how do u crip walk?
do they forbid selling of game gold on world of warcraft?
Belly Dancing Bodies, Help Needed:)!?
Good Songs to dance too?
What kind of Stretches would you have to do to do a split?
How can I make my dance performance 'different'?
if a robot does "the robot" would it still be called "the robot" or just ... dancing ?
Ballet Audition Help!?
how do i know if i really love my parther?
Does anyone know of a good studio to take dance lessions in NYC?
What does 'sizzy' mean ?
Im a really bad dancer help!?
Quality Dance Shoes at Reasonable Price?
Does anybody have intrest in joinind a clogging team in Tennessee?
Is this good ballet solo music?
How does ballet class go? What is the routine?
How do I start dancing at 15 years old?
Where can I get a strip pole for under 100 bucks?
What is Blake McGrath doing Now?
is 16 to late to start hip hop dancing?
Is 13 to late to start ballet and want to be a professional ?
Has anybody auditioned for a part at a Disneyland parade before??
Does Ballet Hoo sell character skirts???!?
I need photos of arabesque penchee, styles from all ballet teaching methods. can anyone help?
can you choose only one of the following ?
i need help getting all the way on pointe?
I would like to learn modern dancing. Where could I find lessons in Memphis?
How to dance stomp the yard?
My gf is a dancer, and when she has to dance with other guys and i get really jealous and hurt. what do i do?
Best music for belly dancing?
is louis spence (pineapple dance) on facebook? if so is anybody friends with him?
What is the name of the French nightclub that originated in a windmill?
can women ever become superior to men?
Why is the Numa Numa songs so popular? it is just some guy dancing.www.newgrounds.com/?
Hey guys ! I'm auditioning for The Next Star in Vancouver in May, do you have any song suggestions?
Can you help me with dance moves for little kids? EXPERIENCED ONLY!?
Am I too late??
If a 25 years old boy likes to wear pantyhose, can he wear tights for beginning ballet lesson?
what are some good dance academies in chandler arizona for teens?
What type of moves do level 2 tap dancers do?
Whats some fun songs to dance to?
wich kind of dance is your favourite??
I can not country line dance can someone help me?
I wrote a meaningful song and need to know what dance moves I could use init it's for my dance class at skl?
where can i find the cheapest dance clothes for a little girl online?
What should a ballet dancer eat for breakfast?
Does your teacher ever dance in the middle of the room?
could you all please please give me some names that i can keep for our band because we cannot think of any?
there is a guy i like but i can't find it in me to tell him my feelings,what should i do?
i can i become famous?
Any YouTube Dance Channels?
Is this true????????????????? ?
what are good contemporary songs?
what is marketing?
Are Capezio Ballet shoes best for en pointe ?
interment's Or Dancing is more important?
Why cant white girls dance?
Where to advertise ballet training DVD ?
Does anyone know if there are any dance auditions in New York?
What is a 6 o clock dance move?
I want to learn how to step....?
What are the recommended songs for the ISTD Advanced 1 Modern examination?
Where can I get soca dance lessons?
What is ballet?
What happens at a dance exam?
Poll: What kind of animal do you become on the dance floor?
is a studio required for all dance competitions?
How do you dance at parties?
Performing arts high schools in Oregon?
how do you do the "2 step"?
How to add attitude to my Jazz dance?
A good website to buy ballet wear?
Is Santa Claus real?
How long will it take me to get on pointe?
Ballet Pointe?
Duo partner trouble, please help!?
what do i have to do for girlfriend and before after Homecoming dance!?
Which dance class should i take? Lyrical?
How can i learn break dancing?
I'm rejoining dance next week and I'm really nervous...help?
How do i tell my old dance studio im switching?
Quck Survey?
What level in ballet should I be at when I'm 16?
DANCING~need help urgent!?
can any one teach me dance?
What people wear when dancing?
how can i dance without being so sexy?
Can you tell me from where can I hire Bharatnatyam Costume (dress) in Kolkata?
I want to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?
Is pointe dance hard?
What are good modern love songs for ballroom dance?
from where can i download the song crazy frog plz tell me the site for free?
Pointe shoes are too tight?
Music for my dance??
What size Capezio Converitbile body tights should I get?
For Tremaine Dance competition do they seeperate the students by age?
Swing Dance Songs?
What songs can you suggest for a modern solo?
Really good videos demonstrating A la Seconde and Fouettes?
Is opening up a dance school really hard?
What is the music used for the Opening of Breaking Pointe (Ballet TV Show)?
Sweet 16 dance help????
am I too old to start ballet ?
Dancing question... please help!?
Grishkno Fouette Proflex?
i dance and my hips make a popping noise?
Grinding while Lowriding?
Can you see any improvement? Videos included.?
Help me dance at Homecoming without being ghetto?
Flexibility - hamstring problem, please help?
Gym routine for dancers?
Which is better for a beginner dancer?
Is dance a sport?
The ending song is Bend Yo Wrist by My T Woman. It and the Spandau Ballet is by PM Down, Set Adrift?
Song to do for my dance solo?
Is there anyway I can get better at ballet faster?
How late is "too late" to begin serious dance lessons?
Best way for beginning dancer to workout and practice?
How can I learn to breakdance?
dancing feeling the music?
Can I still dance with a broken toe?
im trying out for the pom squad...help!?
I am a fourteen year old dancer wanting to lose weight?
At what age did you start dancing?
What would be the best dance class to take?
i need a song for my dance solo?
May I have this dance?
where can i find dancing classes in dublin?
Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
this year, should i do dance with the people i hate?
CBS excercise dance, what was it called?
gosh why wont anybody answer this question?
Are there any ballet schools in weston-super-mare/south west that...?
What is Donald Fairweather's mom house phone number?
If you put your left foot in and take your right foot out...?
how to get a guy to go to a dance wth u as a couple?
Any hope of being a professional ballet dancer?
What are some good songs for and 80's dance?
is 13 too late to become a pro ballerina?
I want to be in dance, where do I begin?
I want to dance, but is it too late for me?
is walking in ballet shoes hard?
When the aliens come will you be ready with the K-Y and Jello Pudding Pops?
are my pointe shoes supposed o be this flexible?
What is this move called?
Can anybodi give me some kind of idea for my project for children dealing with rythm/drama/dance?
what is the siong in the cute girl has a catchy dance video?
Any recommendation what other dances I should learn?
The Hustle Line Dance, Looking for Printable Steps?
how do i sneak out of class?
what do u think of my pro breakdance moves? [Vid included]
Do I have talent If i Sort Of dance Like Michael Jackson?
where can I find the best dance classes in los angeles?
they alguen ai goes pro carnival of the bahia?
Size for ballet slippers?
when do you sing?
What are some old skool dance mixes?
SYTYCD just isn't the same anymore?
What dance style should I try?
Strong, fast contemporary songs?
I have a 7 yr old daughter who wants to take belly dancing lessons.?
What can I eat before my audition that will give me high energy!???? 10 POINTS!?
Ballet Bun??!?
Dirty Dancing At School?
How do I overcome my fear of dancing in public?
memorable dance fads?
How to stretch out dance boots?
Dance production ideas for Wizard Of Oz?
Ballet tips and questions?
ballet variation to pachelbel's canon??????
Are there any couples out there that took ballroom dancing lessons? Was it fun?
Ex ballet dancer returning to classes.How long before I get back into my splits?
How would FLAMINCO DANCING look on the deck of a wildly pitching boat in rough seas?
What is the national dance of Nepal?
normal size for a 16 year old female dancer ?
When should I get a thera band?
New York City Ballet vs. American Ballet Theater?
What are good things to do to get super flexible?
audition help.?
Im 14 and not very flexible?
Is it really possible to do the splits in about 2 months? And what streches should I do?
What are names of places where japanese dancers dance?
Anybody here take acro?I need help?
How to get a new dance partner?
Is this video of my friends jerking at school good?
a few dance questions?!?
Where Can I Go To Get Good, Inexpensive Break Dancing Lessons In Long Island, New York?
Can anyone tell me if the celebrities on dancing with the stars get paid?
What is a good song for a teenager to do a dance solo to?
What is a good lyrical dance song?
Help me, I need to know how t dougie?
i want to go dancing where can i go?
Question for pointe dancers: On a scale of 1 - 10 how bad is the pain on pointe?
Would i make a good friend? tell the truth?
What is the best type of dance to start off learning?
Why does my ankle crunch when I point it?
Is fifty dollars a day for dance lessons worth it?
cheerleaders in chester?
can anyone help?
Ballet Pointe?
Is swing dance ever used therapeutically?
r u or someone u know a cheerleader that can e-mail me and anwser some questions for me?
I need help looking for a good contemporary dance song?
I'd like to let people know our company Coming Attractions is presenting pole dance lessons in San Luis Obispo?
what grade do you learn 2 do more than 1 pirouette?
Dance company AUDTION?
How can i prepare my body for dance?
Dancers' armpit hair problem?
can you give me a good dance song like what teens listen to?
dancing? How to dance?
Help Please!?
how to dance. help please?
Street dancing in Rhondda Cynon Taff?
what song should i dance to if i'm going to put it up on youtube?
prices for dance classes?
Good gift for a dancer?
No undies at dance!! HELP!!!?
Can you name an african dance that requires a lot of hip and butt movements? urgent!?
Manga Theme, something original?
How to dance at parties and other places?
How to do the dougie moves? xD?
How do i get higher in ballet?
For talent show tap, contemporary, or tap and contemporary?
How much does an average ballroom instructor make per year.?
can you realy dance?
will I aM mE win abdc?
Im a dancer but i cant seem to make anything up?
Is anyone interested in auditioning for a dance company in VA?
Ok, but do you have a dance team?
I need help!!!?
Is this a good plan to switch studios?
pointe help (ballet)?
How long do I take ballet?
im still having problems making the decision....HELP!?
Lyrical solo song help?
plz watch this vid...do i dance good?
Flexibility stretches and Toes?
How do I slow dance with a girl at a middle school dance? What do i do? What does she do?
so are any of you a gogo fan ?
Is 21 yrs. old Too old to take up ballroom dancing for the 1st time?
How can I be flexy? :DDDD?
dance in raleigh?
How did dance evolve throughout American History?
what are the dance steps of the philippines folk dance carinosa?
What is some of the best salsa music? Artists? Song names? CDs? I need music to practice too!?
What is a good Belly Dancing Instructional DVD?
do you know how to dance?
Are my jazz trainers breaking?
N e1 no where I can find the so you think you can dance video of musa and melody dancing to cold hearted snake
Need dancing tips for high school dance?
Should I take ballet or jazz...?
for all the people who dance! I`m a dancer too!?
Hip Hop Dance Competitions?
How to pack for a dance bag?
I need help perfecting my splits, please!!!?
My ballet shoes...?
If you didnt know how to dance but found the "right" person to dance with would you?
What is it like taking class at Broadway Dance Center?
I want to do ballet? am i too old?
ballet supplies?
I am frustrated not beign able to do the splits.?
Need Adult dance lessons Norman ok?
How do start breakdancing?
Have anyone of u been to the St.Kitts music festival and do any of u know how to dutty wine ?
Two guys on so you think you can dance tonight?
what are some of the other songs that people "line" dance to other than cupid shuffle?
how do i meet them with out winning?
America's best dance crew?
Musics that you can dance to?
What about exotic dance classes?
Does anyone have experience being a dancer at Disneyland?
Where can I find 80's workout clothes? Such as the high rise leotard with a belt.?
any body no any good tap dance moves?
How to shake your bum and dance like a black girl help!!!!!!!?
What is an interesting Homecoming Theme?
I need more choreography in my gymnastics routine help!!?fourth time please anser?
What are some dance clubs in NJ besides Abyss and Bliss that have 18+ nights?
Do you think doing a dance routine I learned in cheer tryouts will help me make the mascots place?
what do you now of jabbawockeez like pictures, video, dance?