what shoes do you wear in a modern dance class?
Whats the favorite dance of the Aborigenies the natives to Australia?
can you do a coin drop with no dancing experience?
Dance schools\classes?
Does jazz dance have anything to do with jazz music?
Pointe Shoes for people with high arches?
Your fav. thing in ballet?
How to dance like kpop groups?
what dance class should i take?
How to prepare for a long day of dancing?
how do i know if my ex still likes me?
The best ballet dancer?
My feet are odd and don't match?
What is this acrobatics dance called ?
What songs should I use for a preschool dance class?
I'm a ballerina and a jazz dancer, I want to improve my turnout and be able to kick my legs higher.?
Looking for a dance school in VA/D.C. area.. Michael Jackson style dancing?
is there a style of dance that means the same thing as faster lyrical?
how do i make french toast?
Anybody know how to make a tassel to be used on a tribal belly dance belt?
Is 16 to old to start ballet?
Does anyone know of a website that has irish dances on it.?
Where to learn KPOP dance in singapore?
Does anyone know how to get all the way down into the splitz.?
iwant to join Salsa dance class, want toknow where is it in Bangalore near to jayanagar 4th block and J P Na?
If it was available, would you take exotic dance lessons?
too old to go back to ballet?
I need musical theater or jazz dance songs PLEASE HELP!!!?
Good dance studio in the Bay Area?
Where can I learn indian classical dance in chicago?
What is the best ballet school in northern va?
How do you find a dance instructor?
im looking for a really good lyrical song for an advanced 13 year old dancer?
do you have to be good at dancing to enjoy it?
does stretching guarantee more flexibility and better dance moves?
Tips on starting a dance camp?
it increased the suspision btn the middle east countries?
I need help on right splits!?
Is ballet good for a six year old?.?
Is it okay to wear knee high boots with 2 to 3 inch heels for ballroom dancing?
Is Disney leaks a real agency ?
Does anyone have any tips for beginners in Modern Warfare 2?
In swing dance, what is most important strictly adhering to "the style" or adapting the dance to the music
what is art?
What Should I Name My Dance Studio?
help with splits?????
trying to find a french dance song?
Who like LOVES dancing?
What are some really good dance songs and indie songs?
i want to now if these enery games on here fo kids?
who is the first man go to the moon?
Does anyone have any dancing tips?
songs about a month?
honkey kat?
Where can I buy Dirty Dancing posters?
Tips for getting a back handspring by myself without a spot or trampoline? And tips for scorpion?
what part would you have if you had an animal part?
should i lose weight before i go en pointe.? and how do i.?
Starting ballet at age 17/18?
How to twerk !!!???!!?
Am I too old for ballet?? Any instructors or ballerinas that can answer me?? 14?
What's popular for girls to wear at nightclubs in Chicago?
Solo Portuguese Dances for a Girl?
How to dance at skrillex concert?
High schools in Melbourne that offer dance?
How is george woshington rememberd?
when you go to a dance compition, how do you get the judges to like the performance beyond dancing? emotion?
who is your favorite professional dancer?
What is the best club for going dancing in San Francisco??
how do you do the pool palace?
Could anyone suggest a few advanced stretches to help further my flexibility?
Are harem style sweatpants only for girls?
How do you shuffle dance?? Melbourne or Hardstyle?
Will girls dance with a fat guy at the club?
Tap steps HELP!!?
Body type for ballerinas????
I want to be a dancer does anyone know any good schools?
Do you know the words to the Cha Cha slide .. WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP??
Where can I find Videos of Eastern Island dances? good quality please!?
Is 15 too old to begin dance?
Need help on what to dance?
How many months will it take to get a back handspring and a back tuck?
Sissones and Glissades?
How can i dance in pointe shoes without PAIN? but wait!!.?
Professional school for aspiring contemporary dancer? ?
Ballet Duo (15 and 16 year old sisters)?
Name of a folk song help?
Clog Dancing?
What's so special about homecoming?
Hip hop not real dancing?
Dance: Hips won't switch/rotate from split to split.?
what shoul i do?
i was wonder what is a snowball dance?
do ballet people have wood in there shoes?
Songs for interpretative dance about poverty?
how cam Melonie,Jaidah,Jasmin,Ebonie,Cassie,and Brianna become famous?
Why is the cancan dance actually called the cancan?
Dance studio names? Creative?
Can you shake it like a salt shaker?
Can anyone give me a song suggestion?
Is the a good outfit to wear to a convention/workshop? (Tips are welcome)?
all the other girls in my dance can kick really high, is there any way that I can get my kicks higher?
id list fiend messenger?
Quick question about professional ballet?
Hey folks; Can anyone tell me where I can down load the "Chicken dance polka" for free?
how do u learn to kiss>>>>>>>>????????
What are the dance steps for the Lindy?
Do you think belly dancing is sexy? And have you ever belly danced?
Would this be appropriate for a student run dance company audition?
What are some good dance groups names that are for an all girls dance group?
what type of dance do you appreciate? and why?
Would/should I be put in beginner or intermediate ballet classes?
180 degree flat turnout?
music for dancing, help please!!?
TIPS:how do you decorate a formal dance for school?
Can I buy Demi pointe shoes?
Should I be dancing with a torn knee ligament?
Good kpop songs to dance to?
Does dance or yoga give you a nicer butt ?
Should I go back to dancing?
which type of dance do you like and why?
Is this too many dance classes?
Do you dance..?
I'm 14 and I am about to start ballet class for the first time in my life soon.I am 5'5".?
What are other dancers' views on Breakdancing?
Could you please stop dancing and singing?
Competitive Dance or Competitive Gymnastics?
Is line dance easy to learn? I am not a good dancer?
songs for a party dance... remixed ones?
i need list of dance cordinators in mumbai?
This is bad, I've reached my limit for answering, Voting, and 3 more questions to go. . should I stop now?.
Could sombody give me a good example for a dance stimulus. ?
How to be able to do the splits in a week ?
Would you like to learn how to Ballroom Dance....be honest!?
i want to learn how to pole dance?
what r the best discos in pune?best in the sense both price n safety....having both dine n dance facilities...
what songs that ashley banjo played in mob dance?
how come us black people have such a good feel of rhythm?
What is a good solo song for a 14 year old?
Is there a stretch that uses the same muscles as the Butterfly Stretch?
I'm 21 yeaRS old. I'm planning on taking a ballet class. My family is discouraging me because I'm "too old...
i really want to become dancer?
How do i learn to do the splits in a short amount of time?
How to do the dance to ?
how can i learn how to shuffle (dance)?
How do I change my avatar?
Freak dancing...?
Helllppppp? Grinding details?
majorette tryouts....songs?
are these shoe worth the price? Is it a good deal?
Do women sometimes dance naked for their friends who are guys?
I'm a dancer and I have an injury from pointe. What is it?
What is your dance schedule?
what class helped you improve the most as a dancer?
Can I ever go pro in ballet?
Double majoring with dance?
Dancing Moves?
this is for tha dancers...!?
Are there any gymnastics classes in upstate New York?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO?
Who loves to dance?? ..What clubs are there in hollywood that are free on weekends?
Will stretching extensively make my legs look longer and leaner?
Where can i start my career in dancing?
SYTYCD Song Help Please?
I want to take some dance classes by myself?
How can I learn to swing dance for free?
i love ballet but many things keep coming in the way?
MY EXTREMLY FLAT FEET! i love ballet..will i EVER go on pointe?
do you know any good breakdancing music that I can download?
hey, how do you dance da electirc slide????
how long does it take to learn tap dancing???
Why do ballerinas have to dance on the tips of their toes?
How to become a professional dancer?
what are good dance moves?
How can I get more flexibility in my back?
Is it too late to start?And help please!!?
What is it that makes folk dances so special?
I can't dance?
can you study street or hip hop dance at college?
which pointe shoes is suitable for beginner?
Inspiration To Keep Dancing?
What makes someone a good dancer?
what do you think of this type of dance?
Please help for dance class!?
Question about studio dance team and school dance team?
how to dance?
is it true that GEORGE SAMPSON isnt alowed to dance again because he has damaged his back....?
Does anyone know of a good dance/ballet school near Darien, Illinois?
what is your favorite game ever?
I want to start dancing contemporary but...?
Are ballet schools with no pianist good?
Music to represent Insomnia?
Will ballet turn my son gay?
What is the colorof the German Flag?
How can dance better?
i want to try out for dance next year but i don't know how to dance?
are there any good dance classes in gurgaon(haryana)?
What is the average annual cost of competitive dance?
does anyone know a GOOD dance school?
Is it possible for me to get a split?
What do I need to bring in my dance bag?
Can you please help me? I really need to know what is going on with my foot!!!?
What are some step by step stunts,tumbles, and flips for cheerleading?
Do they make dvds to learn to dance?
How can isaybid sell quality jewelry so cheap?
How to calm nerves before a dance recital? ?
What is the most offensive thing to say to a girl?
Do I have a "ballet body" (I want to become pro)?
Learn hip hop online free?!?
How can I tell my mom I want to dance?
Who won America's best Dance Crew?
Does anyone know ways to become more flexible without hurting yourself?
In A level Dance how many days a week do you go to collage&How many hours a day?
Ballet or Gymnastics?
What's the best way to learn how to salsa dance?
Where can I find pictures of dancing people?
how would you mane a dance school??
Improve my Ballet extension?
Where are some good swing dancing (Lindy Hop) clubs in London?
harlem shake?? dance?
Will the ballet teacher/instructer give you a list of what to buy?
has anyone heard of a ballet dancer from the sixties called goya madero?
what should i wear. pole dance comp?
Why do men think it's okay to come up and dance with a girl at a club without asking?
Where can I find any Latin Ballroom Dancers for private coaching in Milan,Italy?
Majorette batons?...?
I wanna go out dancing !!!!!?
Is ballet ok for me? ?
this question is for mrs_ceebear! mrs_ceebear pls respond!?
Need Opinion: Should my friend and I try this stunt?
Nice song for dance solo next year?
how can i apply for YG dancer ?
atssample resumes for actors/ dancers/?
Do you like this techno beat??????
what are the shoe requirements for tango/latin/ballroom shoes (females)?
Horrible pain in my hip when I try to do the splits?
Are men still a minority in the dance or ballet world?
Do u know any squaredance/ballroom dance songs?
How do I know if I'm a good dancer?
How Not to Feel Shy About Performing in Dance?
does anyone know a good dance tip site?
So today in class i accedently pooped on my teachers foot!?
Is my Moonwalk accurate?
Through The Decades?
Do you know of some really good Tango or West Coast Swing dance instruction videos?
Who is your favorite dancer on "So You Think You Can Dance" (2008)?
How old do you have to be to for competition dance ?
What are some good dance studios in Pennsylvania?
what are some great middle school dance themes?
My 10 year old son wants to go to ballet classes?
Can ballet stunt your growth?
What's the last thing you did your happy dance for?
Dance hiatus?
help with my heel stretch?
What's the song used for the faster version of the Electric Slide?
High School Poms Team Tryouts?
I have very high arches, weak feet, and I can't find the right pointe shoe?
does anyone like hip hop?
can u hula???
ok. in our town its mainly african american people (not offending anyone) how do i dance without looking like?
Do you think that the different audiences that view dance –theatre have an impact on how it is performed ?
What Is DanceBrazil and Where Can I watch it?
Has there ever been Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders that have very little dance experience and training?
Auditioning for ABT Summer Intensive?
What type of sneakers should I wear while dancing hip hop?
i want semi-classical tamil patriotic songs for group dance?
Does a dance with attitude or a dance with emotion win a overall at a dance competition?
can you be a cheerleader?
do you people think dancing is hard?
In Tap dancing what tap steps fit each note value?
what's your favourite line dance?
dance teachers/anyone who knows anything about dance, help?
How can I improve my fan kicks?
I'm 15. Is it too late to try hip-hop dancing?
Ouch Pouch (for pointe shoes) help!!?
will you teach me what is belly dance?
black pointe shoes?!?!?!?
Gcse Dance Solo Performance Piece. Please Help!!!?
how old is too old to join a ballet class?
Do tap beginners really need tap shoes with the taps on the front and heel?
Has anyone ever grown up walking on their tip toes and later in life tried ballet?
How do you go on pointe?
Does ballet only make your feet ugly if you do pointe?
What are some songs about bestfriends that you can dance modern or contemporary to it ?
After asking a girl to a dance?
how can i give a girl a lapdance?
What sweatpants is justin bieber wearing in his 'Believe dance rehearsel" vid?
Can I still do ballet if I have scoliosis?
Is this ok to wear to jazz class?
Why don't you dance?
Does My Brother dance Good????
Do you like to dance?
Help! Ballet, Jazz, or Modern?!?
Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What do you bring someone in a dance recital?
Irsh step dansing courses in Manchester?
how do i ask my mom for dance lessions?
i also need help on this?
What is the "driveshaft" maneuver in the lindy hop? Is it an aerial move and how is it done?
Dancers, How do you stay in shape?
Dark/angry lyrical solo songs? please?
What is the song used for the Dance Moms routine "The Huntress"?
Can anyone help me? im going to homecoming .and I dont know how to dance and i dont want to embarrass myself?
Should I take Ballet or Jazz? Advanced dancers help!?
When will partners be announced for all-star season of dancing with the stars?
china dance?
anyone please i need great good clean music to dance to before october first for my sweet sixteen?
does anybody know where i can get...?
So what do people wear to homecoming dances, im going into 10th grade and want to know if i wear a suit or not
A Dance Mission for a Kids Dance Teams?
information on Carolyn Johnsons: Watson Johnson Dance Studio.?
What you learn in tumbling classes?
What is a good name for a dance with theme of city lights?
What kind of music do you like to dance to ?
Help! Cantdecide which dance class?!?,?
dance partner help please?
I want bollywood dude dance songs?
any female looking for dance partner in nottingham?
Does anyone know?
So You Think You Can Dance dilemma....help? I'm desperate!!!!?
Any available dance studios in Memphis, TN?
Bands a make her dance. What makes you dance, Christians?
How do I do my splits?
What is the schedule of the auditions to be a member of UST salinggawi dance troupe?
What does it mean to have "dancer's legs"?
Do you love to dance as much as I do?
As I am applying to post secondary institutions/colleges I am looking into universities or ballet schools?
Whats the best kind of toe pad to request for my first time en pointe?
Ballet?Modern dance?
I want help making junior varsity next year ?
i just popped like 10 hits of x and now i feel dancing with my grandma. what should i do?
Can someone please tell me what this is called?
dance choreography help?!?
Anyone who is knows ballet/dance?
Does anyone know which site has the line dance step sheet 'A White Sports Coat'?
Swing dance move?
How would I prepare to travel to California by myself to follow my dreams of dancing?
can anyone give me sample music of ballet?... and so with some STEPS or videos..?
What do you think of this dance??
Dance peom, and who wrote it?
Help!!!!! hip hop dance?
what kind of dancing is this?
What's your opinion of the dancing dogs? crop the vid more? Creative? Dumb?
Hairstyles for hip hop dance team?
I want to learn how to c-walk. :]?
your favorite hip-hop/jazz song???
Does anyone have ideas for a dance intent?
I am 16 years old, is it to late to be a professional dancer?
slow dancing... bat mitzvah... sweaty hands!!!!!!?
I need your opinion on this...?
Dance help?
What color dress costume for my dance?
how to be a better dancer ???
All about dance?
How fast can I advance in ballet?
i need my double pirouette????!!!!?
This is for dancers?
What song makes you wanna get up and dance to?
How to dance at homecoming?
Why do dancers where sweatpants with one side rolled up?
help I really want to do this but how?
What bboy moves should I learn?
what is the basic steps of kızomba?
Is it too late for me to become a dancer at 26?
what is a dance called the heisman trophy?
Any ideas for a team cheer?
Splits Injury (Hurts a lot)?
How did Street Dance start?
How can I dance like her?
DANCERS: Where do you feel most comfortable dancing?
Can a Ballerina have a tattoo??
who in the world likes to do the cha cha with a speedo on their head?
I have details about my question below.?
Can you dance?
help with backward rolls?
How do you warm up before dance?
Tips for pirouettes en pointe?
Has anyone seen "Dirty Dancing"? Opinions?
Music for fifth grade dance?
How long do you have to do ballet to start using pointe shoes?
Question about female stripping ?
Lyrical song for a solo?
What skills are you expected to do at a dance tryout?
Gymnastics VS Dancing?
I'm not sure what to do?
Where can I find club-dancing lessons near me?
Help with my scorpion!? (dance)?
Can anyone tell me what the dance move is called where both legs are extended into attitude position?
will i look like a fool on stage?
the relationship between jazz dance and music?
Is sixteen too old to start dancing?
which dance costume? why? i have pics?
Is is better to practice en pointe without padding?
what are some really good and different songs to dance to?
Dying my plus i don kno how to do the first dance at a weddig help!!!!!!!!!!?
Song for a lyrical solo?
do any one know where to buy cheap leotards in Singapore? (Urgent) plz give some sugesstion?
What is an appropriate height for a 12 year old serious ballet dancer?
Who do think can dance Ciara or Beyonce?
Am I Too Big To Be A Professional Ballet Dancer?
What are the Indigenous art in Muslim Mindanao?
is there any websites you can upload a video of you dancing where like professions look.?
What do you guys think of my freezes (breakdancing) [PICs included]
homecoming is in 2 weeks ad i can't dance at all what should i do?
Dancing .. sad face :(?
What is the difference between Cuban and American Rumba?
What does Bandz make her dance mean?
Need your advice about this event...?
How much do bellydancer's/bellydance teacher's make?
Im doing a dance exam and looking for ideas as what to use as a prop it has to be different like not a chair ?
Only for ballet dancers?
Does anyone have a video of the Sauk Rapids Jazz Dance Team from this years State Competition?
When is the next season of Dance Moms coming back??? (please answer)?
who are you? i don't know. first time i ready for chatting
any body know how to two step and/or square dance?
How do you do the WALK IT OUT?
What is your favorite kind of dancing?
what are extensions in dance?
How can to pay for dance school?
Ballet shoes???????????????????????????????????…
Praise Songs to dance to? ( 16 count 4 dance)?
what do i have to do to get into Pom Pons?
What is a musical with alot of dancing, and is a good paper to write about?
In which episodes of Dance Moms does Maddie perform Cry?
What is a good jazz dance song?
how do you move only your hips?
Properly dressed for adult Ballet class?
which is harder: soccer or ballet?
Hey ho you all. I am new to Auckland looking where is the real street dancing happening on the streeets.?
What dance stuff is on your Christmas list?
Should I join a dance class?
I'm looking for a good song for a Competition Tap Trio (Age 12)?
ballet kit for kids?
What are some hot dance moves I should learn?
pole dancing?
What's the advantages of taking ballet?
Where can I find this song?
Who does mainstream Square Dancing?
Where can I take contemporary or ballet classes?
am i the only chick who thinks its lame to dance?
What is "Modern" dance?
What's a good belly dancing/work out video or dvd?
Should my 11 year old daughter start doing dance? Is it too late?
Morris Dance Words--- First line only- more info includeed ?
Can I start ballet and tap at 13?
Anyone know what the new Dancing the The Stars Video Game is like?
what is your hip-hop song and dance .?
What happens when you have ballet during your period?
Formal Dance~How to dance with girls?
I am too old to start dancing?
Senior lyrical/contemporary solo song for my mom?
Ballet and Contemporary Dance Companies?
Do you know any good upbeat songs?
im want to sing to songs, does anyone know a site were there r songs but the singer doesnt sing?
i bought my first pair of pointe shoes but have i been ill fitted?
When to go en pointe?
Okay so I need help with a song for a dance...?
Which song should I use for my dance solo?
How can i find kids dance auditions in michigan?
How to get my split leaps??? 10 points for best answer!?
Slow songs for a dance routine?
How Skinny Do You Have To Be To Be A Ballerina?
What can i do to become a gogo dancer.?
any one interested in salsa dancng , i really want to learn it , wanted to knw is it easy to learn salsa .....
what if i make a mistake at the dance?
How do you slow dance with a guy?
i need my static data.where can i find it?
Im 15 and want to start ballet class, am I too old?
how can i work on my splits at home for dance?
List of dance flips names?
do any girls wear?
My daughter wants to do dance. What kind should she do and what do u wear?
what is the customes of maglalatik?
how do u get flexible?
Does anyone know of a website that offers free hip hop dance instructions?
How do I let it all go and live in the moment?
Can I start dance!!?????????
grand prix italia...?
any tips on...?
how can you get good frinds that ae not jack ***?
How do you slow dance with a guy?
do i have problems?
To Dancers: Why Do You Dance?
DANCERS only!!!!!What songs are good for lyrical solos? ?
when doing pointe work do dancers wear socks and convertible tights or what do they do?
Can anyone explain to me how to "heal-toe"?
dancing with the stars results!! the winner is!!!?
how do i let loose of my upper body while dancing?
who wrote the brodwat musical Fosse?
chris brown or usher!!!!?
Is there a youtube channel that dedicates itself to dance and choreography?
how do i choreograph a lyrical dance that looks AMAZING !?
i want to know the contact name and number of salsa and jive dance classes in chennai near airport side? rt?
Any bra that can PROTECT my breast from moving everytime im DANCING???
do janetjackson married?
Where can I get some mixes!?
Do mostly girls join step team?
What should my date and I wear for a school dance?
What are some songs for a hip hop cheer dance routine?
Applying for Dance Colleges in the UK?
I know this might sound stupid but how do you do a summer sault?
what is a full-scale dance concert?
Does ballet help you dance better?
At what age did you start salsa dancing and why/how did you get started?
Ballet question.. =] ??
can some one give me the lyrics to private by-one chance?
Im almost 14, and about to start taking dance lessons, how could i prep myself before the season?
How do you dance at a party?
on average how long dose it take to get point in ballet?
I need help with ballet balances??????????
How to work on balance in a scorpion (dance)?
egyptian party?
What parties, festivals, or celebrations do egyptians belly dance in?
Dance classes in Stockholm?
I want to start hip-hop, but I think i'm gonna embarrass myself..?
Issues with this guy and an upcoming dance...HELP?!?
What are the popular dances out?
I am a huge fan of Allison Holker, Does anybody know her fan mail address?
Nervous for dance class in school?
How do you quickly but properly strengthen your ankles?
Does anyone know where i can order an Ivory colored top hat and cane?
where can i found website about trance dance?(about how to dance)?
Does anyone own the MaDonna Grimes Dance Street Workout Collection?
Is 14 too late to start ballet?
How many of you watching "So you think you can dance" on fox?
Dance in Step Up 2?
how do i get ready for a rave?
Have you ever danced in public?
Does any one know if Diante do Trono will be haveing a concert in the U.S any time soon?
Where do you prefer to party: In a fancy martini bar, or out in the boondocks cranking up the country radio?
how do i get rid of hiccups?
What Should I Get For My Teammates For A Picnic? Please Help!!!!!!! :)?
Belly Dancing, what is it, and why is it name Belly Dancing?
How can I learn to dance like this?
prepps....can not take it?
do some dance academies teach disco club dancing and american pop dancing and retro?
Too late to start dancing [seriously]?
What should I work on to get on pointe?
Where in Ames, IA can I learn pointe if I'm in college and have only had one year of ballet?
Can I still get professional at dancing if I start at age 15 or 16?
Should I quit?
I get cramps at the bottom of my foot a lot when I point my foot in ballet. Why does this happen?
HELP ! need a few Bollywood all time hit & Lively songs for dance on teacher's day..?
How do I join Mauritian sega dancing at Nottingham carnival?
what is choreography?
Okay everybody - let's ALL Sulu Dance together!?
what are some good songs for a girls hip hop/jazz class, ages 12-17?
Do u have to have been a proffesional ballet dancer to be a ballet teacher?
what can i do, im really bored and dont want to play games or anything boring like that?
shirt for 8th grade moving up dance!!!?
i want to sign up for ballet but im not very flexible and i cant do the splits,is there any point in signing?
please answer!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some colleges that i can double major in dance(hip hop?) and animal science (vet)?
Best padding for Pointe?
Any New Krump Beats?
How much does pointe work hurt ?
can you be to old to start ballet and the n go to pointe?
For a middle school dance would this be okay to wear?
Has Anyone Ever heard of Bob Fosse??i need 2 kno 4 dance?
How did you first start getting into dance?
I cant cassual dance, can anyone help?
Do you guys know any good stretches to help my flexibility?
I CAN'T DANCE and I like this guy! HELP! :-(?
How do you get rid of shin splints?
is this true?
can any one tell me how to dance in the clubs?
Do you know any site where can i get contacts and information from academies or colleges of ballet in europe?
im really flexible and i would like to no if any of you out there no the names of tricks brooke on dance moms?
I am looking for Brisbane Ballet lessons?
Stepping classes in the Southeast Michigan area?
How hard are aerial walkovers?
Any good ballet movies?
Too old for Dance?
does any one know a website were to learn anime drawings?
do you think this is right?
A day of a russian ballerina?
Does anyone know of a trendy club in SF- Castro District?
does diabetes affect your period?
Do you have an arch or are your feet flat?
Where can I learn how to dance...?
HOw can I become a pole dancer?
Desperate Housewives, does anyone know the catchy song at the end credits, that is like Dance with me, upbeat?
Dancing Problems. HELP!?
Mean girls in Ballet??
What is the name of this dance move?
What do you think of being a cheerleader?
Dancing tips/hints/do's/dont?
What is more fun, Jazz, HipHop, or contemporary dance?
Is a guy dancing "gay" or "weird"?
I have a little sister for my dance team and I need gift ideas?
Does any one know any good old & new fast hindi songs for dancing?
What is a good competitive ballroom dancing program?
Ideas for dinner & dance?
how do you audition for dance companies?
Grind Dancing....please help!?
how can i get out of dance class?
Dance Moms Season Finale?
Questions about making my High schools dance team?
places for teens to go dance in indiana?
how do you belly/hip roll?
Booty clapping; tips or how to's?
Does a good dancer need rhythm or even music?
Oh my God- which album is it.?
I am saving money for dance summer intensive?
I really want to learn hip-hop dance, but i am afraid i am too old to learn and i don't have time?
why us teens can't go to the cahtroom?
In old movies how did one get on someone's dance card?
Do you dance with people you aren't attracted to at clubs?
tips on go go dancing?
does interview needed for the company for selecting students if so y?-?
where i can learn irish tap dancing?
how can i ask my mom to take ballet classes?
I want to be Jennifer Grey in dirty dancing. Where can I find a wig?
Have u got any information about the program DANCELINES this years at ROH2 ?
I am scared! I really want to learn ballet but what if i......?
Dance major in trouble?
how long dose it take to be a good dancer?
How many pirrouettes can you do?
PCO meaning?
Poll: How many of you would die without your ipod/mp3?
Where can I find indian dance classes in montreal?
Which is your favorite pace of music?
When will the Knick City Dancer auditions be held for 2009-2010 season?
Any one who knows the lyric of the song of David Bowie and queen called "Pressure"? ty!?
what are the best things to do at teenage birthday parties?
Questions about the Rockette Summer Intensive Program?
Contortion/Acrobatic Dance Advice? Easy Ten Points!?
which type of dance do you like and why?
Songs for my Suprise Dance?
Soes anyone know of any good dance schools in the Little Falls New Jersey area?
My bf dances, like idk what its called, crumping? well i wanna learn to impress him?
is it a good thing to have a really big natural arch?
any place near HILTON, N.Y. Where you can learn to dance Quickly?
I feel like dancing in the rain, can I have a volunteer?
I have a 2 year old and I want to get her in hip hop classes in Sacramento, CA. Any suggestions?
rate my song♥?
I love Ballet. But I Quit This 1st Semester Because I Was Under So Much Stress?
what do you think about the first kiss?
What is this dance move?
do chris brown want a dancer?
what is a good heel height for character shoes?
What are some good shoes for dancing?
Simple, yet cool hip hop/break dance moves?
What is the single most counted off item by Irish Dancing Judges at the Open/Prizewinner lever?
Quest Crew information?
What is your favorite dance competition?
Should I join an Online Booty Shaking Contest?
why are people so wierded out by people bellydancing?
I cant shuffle, Im too stiff?
How can I improve my arabesque quickly?
What songs would be good for my dance teams guy/girl dance?
Jazz or Tap?
Where do you sew on the ribbons for your pointe shoes?
DANCE; How to do a high/great leap?
christian dance music?
Tips for getting a back handspring by myself without a spot or trampoline? And tips for scorpion?
Do people ever dance even if theres no music playing?
what do i need to build a dance studio?
Should dance be considered a sport?
Does somebody love ballet and dance?
How to be a faster tap dancer and pick up step quickly?
What's your favorite type of dance?
How can i do a flip on the ground? forward and back?
Is 16 too old to begin ballet?
wats the point of romantic dancing?
What should I wear to a rockette show?
i suck at dance because i am not flexible. any tips on how to achieve high flexibility?
what are some cool dance quotes?
Jazz or Ballet ????!?!!!!!!?
What to wear to Australian Ballet Matinee performance?
Learning a mirrored dance?
where or how can i find a good HIP HOP COLLEGE???
Dan cing school in Europe?
Who's this dancer's name?
what do u think of our outfits ?
where are some dances for high school kids in delaware except for the PAL?
What are some good pop dance songs for a group dance?
Dance schools & studios in Michigan?
How to dance with a guy?
what's your favorite kind of the danceing?
How to get a higher arabesque?
Can I do cheer and dance?
which performance do you like better?
What are you supposed to wear under a leotard in ballet?
How to get better dancing skills?
I want to be a ballerina again?
Help with improving my splits?
cool dance songs from 80's or 90's like the song "this is your night" by "amber"?
anyone else struggling with invert moves in pole dancing?
hire a clown for kids birthdays in o'fallon illinois?
Good Bboy Name Please?
This lady I work with said she can tell I do ballet by the way I walk?
Can you think of a poem(that you made by yourself) on DANCING?
Good egytian, oriental, or indian music to dance to?
i want to do ballet. but im a guy?
How do you spell the dance (ballet) moves that are pronounced like this?
how much time it takes to learn ballet dance?
Share your experience with ballet?
Whats the best recent dance (cha cha slide, electric slide) . Any dances from the 70's and before? What are yo
Need help finding music?
im going on my first date..?
Where can i find this video?
how to pop dance like phillip chbeeb?
where are some good cwalk tutorials?
how do i learn to belly dance?
At what age should you start dancing to become a professional backup dancer? At what age is it to late?
where can i find pole dacining lessons in raleigh, north carolina?
places in New Jersey where cuban music is performed?
How to get flexible ?
if i crip walk in school will i get thrown out?
Does anyone know any good japanese dances and dance songs?
I need to know of good songs for lyrical dancing?
Will it be hard to get back to dance?
Dancers, what's your biggest pet peeve?
What should I keep in my dance bag?
My Bro..What Do You Think?
Is 13 too old to start gymnastics????
Am i Too Fat For Ballet ?
Michael or Janet: Who has (or had) the better dance Moves?
Can someone help me find the history of dance in the philippine setting?
Baby Face: by Little Richard?
Salsa dancing in Chapel Hill, NC?
What are good songs for a love duet to dance to for a boy and girl?
I'm 18. Is it too late to begin being a great ballet dancer?
I want to take ballet classes in Ruston, Louisiana....?
How to improve my fouettes?
anybody love dj aligator?
Just how hard is basic dancing?
How to learn the "meet me at the altar in your white dress" dance?
B-Boying | Help | Tips?
Am I too tall to be a cheerleader?
plz help me i want to learn how to krump(clown) or breakdance dance?
does anyone know ballroom dance training centres in Dubai?
How big is the cast of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet?
Am I still considered a dancer?
How much does wiseman dance studio in columbus ohio cost?
About how much does a corsage run?
can i start ballet at 16?
Going to a party, involves being sneaky and lying to parents?
i need something to show my friends?
what type of ballet shoes are these?
I want to join a hip hop group, not take classes in NYC. Any suggestions?
Does anyone know the dance Dutty Wine?
who loves do dancing?
Toe Pain and Cracking?
How did the macarena dance come to be?
What are some good dance party songs?
How can I improve y strength for ballet?
Have you ever just broke out into a dance while......?
which is your favorite Latin Dance? which is more fun?
Russian Pointes?
I have to make a decision about what "sport" i want to play... how do i choose? Cheer or Dance?
belly dancing classes in palm beach florida?
Has anyone bought a SoReal Cru shirt?
is there any websites you can upload a video of you dancing where like professions look.?
Dance song help please? Jazz and Tap?
What are some awesome dancing quotes?
what to wear to first ballet class?
im trying out for the pom squad...help!?
salsa dancing, how easy 2 learn?
What dance school do you go to?
what is the word called when a german word and a english word are spelled the same?
Where can I get a good latin or tap dance class in Chicago?
How high arches should be for ballet ?
What genre of music is modern dance performed to?
Is Jerking a Dance or a Move?
Where did belly dancing originate?
How are the swing and the jive related?
Good tap songs - up beat?
What kind of dance do you think is better for female?
Can you recommend a good belly dance video for beginners?
is there any way to get less injuries from floorwork in dance class?
Should I try out for dance team?
what size are everyones pointe shoes? :)?
so for dance team we do fouettes....HELLP?
Is it possible to have a Chinese Auction as a fundraiser for an individual?
how to get back to my flexibility!?
dance song??(lyrical)?
im trying to make a mixed old school rap cd what are some good songs?
Debbie Allen's type of choreography?
who is interested in dancing?
How do you make Dance Moms fancards online?
can you tell me all the dance competitions you know that tour the us?
ballet or ballroom?
Emotional and intense lyrical song?
Lyrical Dance Solo? Help!?
How to be good at aerobics?
Is it cool to start ballet or jazz at 16 and that im a boy?
Can u name an indian dancer who is really good in shaking her hips?
who's the best dancer that you know? *popular people only?
Homecoming? (guys help please??)?
anyone got any ideas for biscuit themed burlesque names?
issues faced while dancing?
hey, I'm a Hip Hop dancer so what Hip Hop songs do u recommend that will get me going?
i need someone to talk to?
I want to know the legal formalities to start dance studio in India. Guide me.?
Who will be the winner of Dancing With The Stars?
places where i can learn dance in delhi, india?
Do you like to dance at clubs or do you just watch ?
What is this dance roll/jump called?
I need help on how to gangnam style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
on what television can you watch ballroom dancing if in the uk with skyTV?
what is a good arch in ballet?
What is one important breakdance move i should learn?
Is there a website that can show me the dance steps and moves to various singers and bands?
where can i take hip pop class?
do ballerinas wreck there toes?
lately ive found a facination for ballet...does anyone here take ballet?
need help with mardi gras party?
Whats the song in Step up 3d?
How do you help your daughter choose the right kind of dance class for her?
Anyone seen "Swan Lake on ice" in the UK? How is it? I am thinking to see it in Singapore or Japan...
What are some good (clean) songs to dance to?
Who won Dancing with the Starts?
Help on a Sadie's theme?
Dancing on Ice or Strictly Come Dancing????
i want to go on pointe in ballet?
Is it possible to train your feet to point to the ground?
how can i not be shy in hip hop class??
How many types of Rasa in Bharata Natyam?
any good music videos with amazing dance routines?
Question to anyone who knows anything about dance?
how do you do the h-town stomp?
Would doing plies and releve while holding dumbbell's strengthen my legs?
Does any one hear dance baile folklorico?
Who wants to travell and leave it all behind, and leave a new life?
dancing classes?
what are some good ways to get flexible esspesially for ballet?
What are the two main principles of tap dancing?
What is Mayumana?
how to dance?
What do you call male ballerinas?
Is 25 too old to take dance lessons? i want some strip tease or hip hop, am i too old?
how do you grind dance??
What does dancing do for you?
Cheer group names? My groups name is The Dance Connection, so maybe have DC in the name? Help?!?
Who is the famous male ballet dancer from Europe?? I'm having a brain fart and can't think of his name.
Molly at raves? experiences?
How tight should the toes in a pointe shoe be?
who is better harry or isaac?
Whats a good name for my dance group?
Mosh Pit Grinding Question?
What are some creative gifts for my dance team?
what should i ware im going dancing?
What shoes should I wear to my jazz/hiphop class? PLEASE HELP!!!?
I heard a song at a dance that a bunch of people knew the dance to and I LOVED it but I cant find it anywhere?
If your a dancer... Why do you dance? answer this from the heart.?
Good pole dancing pole?
I'm doing a contemporary solo this year, and cant seem to find a song. Any help?
Where can I find ideas for krump dancing face painting for on the internet?
What age should a child start point?
any one know how to bellydance?
Trying to learn the splits, any advice?
Can anyone tell me ....?
Ballet with 15 years?
how do you move your head for side to side?
Are there any dancers in arizona?????????????
Any sites that are good for learning dance moves?
Anybody have any good solo songs, for 13 year olds?
dance class?
which is harder dance or cheerleading?
what were the most popular dance styles in the 1950s?
Im starting ballet classes and I'm not sure what to wear.?
ballet advice please?
Have you read any ballet books?
What would you want to listen to when you go to a high school dance..?
Good ballet classes in Singapore.?
west coast swing teachers?
dance routines?
How can I explain to this guy that a lap dance I gave was part of an act?
BALLET!! Leotards; With or Without undergarments?
Are there any good grinding tunes?
Sir Frederick Ashton's La Fille mal gardee ballet?
Why do I feel like I am locking my knees?
Is the tecktonic dance style still "in"?
What is a good underage or under 21 dance club in the los angeles or hollywood area?
Summer intensive questions?
What can make me a better ballerina?
Which is better to learn - jazz or hip hop dance?
if I'm 12 and I just started ballet (grade 2), can I still become ballerina?
Blue Lake Q's...????
n e one know n e good vocal trance?
do you think bush will destroy our country with the wrong decision makings?
Is there a good ballet dance studio in Jackson?
what to do?
black dress and red ballet flats?
what dance?
Pulled hamstring and dance tryouts?
Cheerdancing Problems?
Will I lose weight now that I'm dancing more?
Please give me some sources?
How long will it take me to be on compitition?
Do you think dance is a sport?
any special tips on how to do a gymnastics walkover?
How to dance in a leotard whilst on period?
i want to learn disco club dance and pop dancing like britney and all do they teach these kind of dances?
Is it easier for guys to make the cheer team?
I'm 18..too old to start ballet classes?
America's Best Dance Crew?
What type of dance class to take for learning how to dance in clubs?
Dancing etiquette: Do you think it is OK for Latin Americans to dance to romantic salsa with family members?
Whats included in a Beginner dance course in High school?
im 14 soon to be 15 in september, do you think im to old to join ballet??
can u tell me people "What is love?". I dont know about love.......?
Dancers with scoliosis, how do you do your leaps?
How I do the become flexible for the splits?
Help! What is this called? (dance question)?
Is it gay for a guy to want to learn how to ballroom dance?
Do you need to be on point to be a professional dancer?
guys doesn't look weird when dancing,agree?
If a robot does "the robot", would it still be considered "the robot" or just dancing?
Lyrical Song Ideas!!!?
will dancing on ice still be shown now?
Dance classes in Houston for teens?
does anyone know a good sexual song that you can dance to!!!!?
How to do the splits?
Do you think I should do ballet?
I have really flexible feet,what types of pointe shoes would be best for me?
How do I improve my straddle for dance?
question for dancers?
How can I learn to dance in a week?
Dance - how to become a west end dancer?
Dance team or dream team?
Is it too late to start dancing at age 16?
is it me or my pointe shoe's fault, and how do i stop it?
what is this dance move called?
a different kind of breakdancing?
Ranchy, sexy songs to dance to...?
I will be visiting Washington DC soon. Where should I go for a nice meal and good drink?
Is Dancing Like Michael Jackson Cool?
How do you clean your ballet slippers/shoes?
CPYB Summer Intensive?
what is the dance style known as clogging?
How do I juggle school and dance?
can you tell me some good songs like this?
How to make my ankles and feet stronger for pointe.?
Best dansleekers for ballet class?
do you think belly dancing is gross?
I'm confused! 10 points!?
dance survey for dancers.?
what stretches do i need to do to get my right, left & middle splits down?
can anyone give me a link that shows some good modern/lyrical jumps plz?
anyone involved in daycare dance program for their kids?
how can i be famous for dancing?
Where's the best night club around virginia beach?
Whats your dance style?
Is it really possible to do the splits in like 2 months or less? If so, how?
I need ways to answer someone to a dance?
Should I dance at local dance studio or at school?
Can I become a cheerleader in high school?
Who did the most nice moonwalk Michael Jackson or Justin bieber?
Help with jetes, pirouettes, and attitude turns?
When did Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) first release?
is dance a sport? what is your opinion?
what are some of the pros and cons of working as a DANCER on a cruise ship. ONLY DANCERS REPLY..?
Is it normal for a man to get.....?
is it possible to be barefoot on pointe?
What grade for ballet should I join ? (I'm 15)?
Does anyone know any websites or videos that show u how to do the pool palace?
Contemporary Dance for Adults near Mankato, MN?
I would like to know the history of Hip-Hop dancing?
Is it to late to learn to dance?
It makes me mad that my little sister wants to be a dancer?
which type of dance do you think is better hiphop or bellydance?
I'm 18 and want to learn ballet. Is there such thing as adult beginners classes or will I be with little kids?
Contemporary music- to dance to?
Should i take modeling classes for fun? If so where could i take the classes?
Do you think I'll make the competition team for dance?
Pointe shoes questions ?!?
What is this type of dance called?
can someone tell me some typical steps of indian classical/folk/patriotic dance?
i need a good dance, majorette, or even skating costume know any professional sites?
is it really possible to get all the way down in ur splits in a few days?
Do you think dancing is a sin?
Watch America's Best Dance Crew online in Canada?
what are the dance you like??
what 999,0000000000x9999,00000000000000000000…
Anyone know a Ballroom Dancing class for teens in Edmond, Oklahoma?
Please answer!!!?
What is the thing people store dance costumes in?
What is the bouncy thing called when you do your charleston!!?
which song?
i have a few questions to ask about grinding??>>???
how is chocolate good for your heart?
can you be a pole dancer in the US is you are...?
need songs for lyrical/contemperary dance?! solos!!!?
how can you get your splits?
Favorite style of dancing?
Are you allowed to bring cameras into the so you think you can dance concert?
Is it hard to make the miami heat dance team?
How to become a better ballet dancer?
Would anyone like to be my dance partner at Club Arjohns...???
Guy problem alert!?