What songs are good to use for a lap dance?
dancing in general?
how do you know if your ready for sex?
Do you know of any free websites that teach you how to dance?
What do you enjoy most during Dance lesson's & How much do you like your dance lesson's rated from 5.?
When your mad at someone why don't you do a dance off like West Side Story?
any suggestions from my fellow music lovers?
Catch up on dance to dance professionally?
Needing Some Info for a novel.....?
How do I dance with nice girls?
do u think that love hurts have u ever been in love how old were you when u were on love and who why did u luv
Is it weird that I dance in the shower?
Learning dance?! Help for beginners?!?
Why are white people the best dancers?
Babysitting tips?
What is that song in Step it up 2 Where Andy and them dance too at the Street Competition?
ALL DANCERS: Will having extra belly fat decrease my ballet ability!?
Jingle dress and fancy shawl native american dancing?
how old are you supposed to be to enter aqua nightclub MN?
Where would one find a hip-hop dance class in San Jose?
How old do you have to be to work as a dancer in jaguars?
Were can I downlod music from L.I.V.E. for free?
pirouettes barefoot?!?
i'm writing an article on ballet dancers and eating disorders for school, and i need a title?
bone dance heeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…
DANCERS: Where do you feel most comfortable dancing?
Does anyone have any ideas for the name of a dance team?
Why do girls like to dance?
I want to dance?
What does you dance studio include?
Does anyone know the actual story of the ballet Rodeo by Aaron Copland?
Can't open my fan for traditional Japenese fan dance. HELP!?
Who said " if dance were any easier it would be called football"?
Is it easier for younger children to do middle splits instead of side ones?
How to make my own free spinning dance pole.?
Forget or learn from the past what is best?
Best way to get middle splits?
Will I get better if I keep practicing?
How can I begin dancing?
Does anyone know the url for the Compañía Nacional de Danza official website?
if you heart your foot doing round of back hand springs in dance what do you do?
is it possible to learn how to do a back handspring using a chair?
Learning Ballet at the age of fifteen?
Why is a tutu called a tutu?
adult irish dancing dresses?
can u tell me people "What is love?". I dont know about love.......?
What it mean relationship?
is it possible to learn how to do the dance that Vanessa Carlton does in the White Houses music video?
My husband and I are thinking of taking dance lessons, what kind of dancing should we try?
Cool hip hop feet tricks/moves?
When it comes to school dances, I just don't dance...?
How many of you have viewed the Evolution of Dance by Judson Laipply a while back ? Enjoy it ?
are there any ballet dancers that r VERY seriouse ballet?
what are some songs that have dances in them like cupid shuffle?
hey im starting ballet this year and am just wondering do you have to be skinny to go on pointe?
Can you believe that this guy is 15?
Cwalkk??? What you think of my cwalk vid ?
Will this help me get en pointe soon?
How do I go up to a girl in the club and dance?
Who is the best dancer?
Does anybody know an good websites for hairstyles for a Winter Dance?
if I had a special song i wrote would you listen?
I have a school dance soon, but there's a problem...?
what does the expression "2 left feet'' mean in dancing?
i am very shy but i have a passion for dancing. how do i?
How do i determine which ballet shoe goes on which foot. Does it matter?
How hard is it to learn bellydancing, i am 48, is it too late? is it good for firming and toning?
I need to find a good song to make a 45 second dance audition to. ASAP?
please help me about dance!!!!?
is it inappropriate for children(age 6) to learn a dance entitled "the stripper dance"?
Disneyland Character parade Auditions?
Where to Watch Season 1 - 3 of So You Think You Can Dance?
guyz i need your advise!?
Starting Bellydance Troupe Pros and Cons?
How do you do the Charlie Brown?
what level of hip hop dance is this?video link inside?
What are step dance tryouts like in high school?
Ballet and ballroom dancers - your honest opinion of figure skating?
can anyone help a starter at BALLET?
Can i breakdance if i have scoliosis?
To the gay guyz out there, is Travis Wall from SYTYCD gay??
How to treat a sprain or injury in dance?
Schools talent show?
dance team money HELLPPP?
Is 15 a good age to start ballroom dancing?
How can I stay motivated to become a breakdancer?
Juilliard dance question?
What is your favorite type dance to do or to watch?
Ballet hair bun help?
What basics should a college guy know for dancing?
I have a question about using the barre in ballet?
How to dance ................?
What are some good ballet schools in the western Chicago suburbs that offer variation and Pas de Deux classes?
Is it bad if your back leg is higher in a leap?
Did So Real Crew deserve to be on final top 2?
Do you have to take ballet before pointe or can you just go straight into pointe?
Pointe shoes.....................?
what does it mean to dance big?
I've got two left feet.. but I so love to learn how to dance..?
80s High School Dance?
help ive got to take a sh.it and i dont know what to do?
Instrumental swing dance styled music similar to 'sing sing sing'?
DANCING and some are just plain......ewwwwww.?
I'm 13 is it too late for me to learn ballet?
videos that have dance in them that you can copy for practice?
Dance & stretch & flexibility?
How do I make my arch better in my pointe shoes?
Ballet is really hard! Help!?
En Pointe shoes ( toe shoes ) for low arch?
Are ballet grades and levels the same thing?
What classes does SALA Classical Ballet & Preforming Arts Studio in Lndenhurst offer?
Everyone: please pray, wish me luck, and cross your fingers for my dance audition goes well and I succeed.????
edgy song to dance to?
What is my next step?
I'm nearing 30 and i wanna learn Salsa and Jive. Is it too late in life now?
i need to know the name of this line dance?
How to tell if I am grinding wrong.(Guy)?
scorpion and flexibility stretches (dancers, cheerleaders, yoga)?
B-Boy Question: Where should I go from here?
i turned 15 my party is this weekend its a kind of dance party...how do i keep the funn going?
Sent to ballet lessons by coach....?
Whats a good song to go with a dance academy power point presentation?
Which Ballet Outfit For Audition?
What website wherein I can find dance moves for a festival?
someone help with irish dance?
Is Cheer fun to do because i wanna start it?
How can i make my schools cheerleader tryouts?
Will I make it onto the pom squad?
Dance summer intensives 2011 Arizona?
Do you think Donald O'Connor was, as a dancer, just as good as Gene Kelly?
how do i become a professional pole dancer?
can i start ballet at 13 years old ??
need help finding dance costumes?
i need to download super bass clean version for free please help me cux no one in ma family has a credit card?
Did I pull something or overstrech my thigh? ?
Should i continue dance, or track?
What is the proper way to position your hands when waltzing?
what is your definition of dance?
Can you make your own Thera-Band?
Back Handspring help!?
If you are a competitive dancer what competitions do you go to or have been to?
Whats the average wage of a Spearmint Rino/Stringfellows Stripper/Lap Dancer?
Where can I learn popping or breaking or hip-hop jazz dancing in Surrey,BC or the areas nearby?
My Senior Concert is coming up ,can anyone suggest any 3 songs to mix ? so me and my group can dance to?
Thinking of quitting ballet, thoughts?
How do i learn how to dance?
hi i do lion dance, but do u know wat lion dance stands for?
dance team?
What dance class should i take?
Hey I am from Canada, I seem to have a problem I can't think of a dance crew name anyone have any suggestions?
What should I do to be a good dancer (grinding or "dirty dancing"). What can I do to stand out from the rest?
ive got big boobs, what can i wear clubbing?
18+ dance/night clubs in long island?
what is your favorite form of dance?
Gold Rush Round 2 challenge 3?
girls is it okay for a boy to take ballet, do iwear a girls attire andanyone fromminnesota that teaches ballet
Is it slutty to grind?
Does anyone know any good bump and grind videos like on youtube or somwhere else?
Do real men dance?
Some tips to learn basic dance moves?
Ballerina kids crafts?
Do you know the soulja boy dance?
I'm 16, and I want to start Latin dancing and eventually compete? What do I need to do?
What's the dance move where you do a V-step with both feet one way and the upper body stays put?
Is this good for competitive season this year? DANCE?
does any one know the soujia boy dance to crank that?
when does season 9 of dancign with the stars come out?
How much does Candy's Dance and Fitness Academy cost?
Do you know some good video of tap dance in the you tube?
some fun warmup games for dance?
Name that artist help?
whats ur fav song to dance to ? sing to ?
How do Kathak dancers or any Indian dancer move their eyebrows up and down individually?
is 16 years old too late for...?
What r some good party songs people can dance to?
What song did Obama and his wife dance to on their second inuagural ball?
Know of a rehearsal place in Lehigh Valley, PA?
Rude girl in my college dance class.?
ALL DANCERS: Will having extra belly fat decrease my ballet ability!?
Pageant Judges/Directors or those with pageant experience, please help?
I've been dancing en pointe for 3and a half years. Im now 14. Should i do a pointe solo in a festival??
How do i learn how to do a back handspring?
what dance classes should i take next year?
What would a good piece of music for a contemporary Ballet be?
best toddler dance routine songs?
How should i wash my ballet tights?
who did you think had the best...?
Should I quit ballet?
What's your favorite dance magazine?
How can I make my school dance more exciting?
Dance team name???????????!!!!!!!!! Quick!?
Where can I get special training for dancing?
How did BoA Kwon learn to dance so good?
Help with choreographing a dance to We No Speak Americano?
Do Kelle Childrens dance costumes come in adult sizes?
Can i start ballet or gymnastics im 13?
How do I write a withdrawal letter for a dance academy?
Pump turns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
How do you make your dance look clean?
how could i find my true love?
can you major in dance or go to a summer intensive being at a slightly above average weight?
does anyone know any good tutorial videos to further myself in my dancing interest?
gold rush round 11challenge 7,8,9,10?
Do you think dance is a sport? (opinion)?
Is Belly Dancing Considered MORE artistic or seductive?
why do i feel this way in dance class?
how many of you just like to DANCE?
How can I catch up in ballet?
How can I strengthen my ankles for dance?
What are the top 50 most competitive dance schools in North America?
How do you do a cartwheel?
When did Latin dance originate?
Help with elective dance class?
What can I do to help with my flexibility and strength to get back into dance?
what are some good salsa songs with a lot of hits to choreograph to?
Need Some INSTRUMENTAL Contemporary Songs?
Salsa or tango?plz read whole question.?
Belly Dance?
What is the "ABT national training" system?
My kids are going to an 80's dance this weekend - how should they dress ????
Cool & Creative Dance Crew Names?
Dance!! Song!! Contemporary!! ?
What are some famous dance/dance-able songs with lots of instrumentals?
What to do with this leotard?
I'm 14 and I want to start ballet again... is it a good idea?
How to get to my personal best in ballet at 16?
should i bring a purse to the first school dance?
whitch is the song that ya heard & after that ya felt like cryin???
Is there any good shows that teach you how to dance what are they what channel?
Do tango dancers fall in love with their partners?
Which one is comfier; grishko 2007, bloch balance european, or Gaynor Minden?
Whats the name of that one dance move?
What's your favorite dance move?
How do i get my mom more interested in ballet?
i need ballet proposals outside of michigan!!!?
Why do people think ballet is easy?
What should I keep in my dance bag?
How to call ceilidh dances? HELP!!?
Can someone help me choreograph a dance to skinny love?
What are the foot bands called that help arch your foot?
How to do an A LASECONDE TURN?
Why wouldn't we all go to dance tomorrow night?
How do u become a gogo dancer and how much can u make a night or week?
Should I do tap or the Jr. Dance Company?
am black and cant shake ma booty?
How do i dance @ a club???
What is the procedure to take part in Nachle with Saroj Khan ? I am also member of Kreeda.com?
How can I learn to Ballroom dance if the only ballroom class isn't that good?
Costume ideas for jazz duet?
do dancers have high Sex appeal?
How do you become a GoGo dancer???
does anyone know the age of the oldest ballroom dancers?
What exactly do Go-Go dancers do?
song ideas for dance audtions?
High school Dance Team!?
im in the dance clum and there is a contemporary piece that we are working on HELP!!!!!!!!?
Tall Dancers vs. Short Dancers?
why do they say"white people cant dance"?
Could anyone help me with my officer try-out dance?
which vera bradley bag should i use for ballet?
How to become a professional back-up dancer?
How long does it take?
What's the Mexican Hat Dance about?
I did the Pop-Lock-And-Drop-It 2 days ago...?
Help me find romantic music for lift dancing (show dance)?
How to teach a 3 year old ballet class?
is there any drink to increase our stamina???
Firsr school dance!?!?
Anyone happen to have a video of the ISTD intermediate set tap dances?
Is there any way to minor in dance in College?
i need songs for a competition any answer will be appreciated :)?
need a music playlist for 7 yearold dance party?
Does anyone know of any local (boston) ballet classes for adults that take place in the am?
what kind of dancing is this? (youtube video included)?
do you think it is good to incorporate the rhombe de jombe into a hip hop routine to create a modern feel?
leann underwood/abt?
What to do at prom this saturday?
Who are your favourite Kathak Dancers?
Has anyone ever Flash Danced in public areas?
How can I become flexible?
Old School Breakdancing versus Krumping?
Famous ballerinas that started late?
How do you sew the edges of a pointe shoe box?
How did 80s indie rockers dance? and would you be able to show me how?
how many numbers of dancers in a dance competition?
How do you dance at a quinceanera party?
Can a 14 year old girl start ballet?
How to get better ballet feet?
ladies when your dancing is it bettet to dance with shoes on your feet or just dance Bare foot?
what do you do to get a split? what kind stretch?
Who is the indian best dancer ?
What is the name of this ballet step?
How do I make a pokemon corsage? Ideas and Suggestions!?
What is classical training in dance?
I need a good dance school near my house.I live in Hampton, Middlesex, in London?
what dancemove/shake is this?
I Want To Be A Stripper?
where can i find dye to dye sneakers?
Where do i find hip hop/street dance groups to join in my area?
Dance audition management help...?
Is it possible to start ballet at 13 and still have a professional performing career?
Can I still go en pointe?
Any ideas on quinceanera songs? Ive got til august to make a dance. I need HELP. Thanks in advance (:?
What is the best type of dancing that there is?
Complexions contemporary ballet intensive- attire and level distribution?
what is a good dance audition song??
need help in break dance thingy?
what are the best websites??
Superlatives for my dance team?
Is there any websites or youtube videos that can teach you to dance contemporary, hiphop or jazz?
What do you think of my dance?
Is 'Swan Lake' a good Ballet?
Could you teach yourself ballet at home?
I have 2 certificates if authenticy for 2 plates. "Shall We Dance" and "America the Beautiful". Worth?
I quit Ballet and I am sort of depressed?
dance lifts?
How can I increase my tips as a Birkenstock-wearing gogo dancer?
Pointe shoes help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What brand/model of ballet shoe should I buy?
Could I go to college and be a nba dancer at the same time?
What type of hair do should I have for the tango?
what nightclubs in the destin florida area can you go to if your 18?
How to dance to pop music.?
Why do people dance? Is there any point to it? What is the point of dancing?
does anyone know what song the "macy's stars of dance" performed to on may 5, 2009?
What should I wear to my hip hop dance class?
You like to dance..........?
Help me choose a stimulus for my dance GCSE composition?
When will I be ready to do a tap solo?
How do you get more flexibal ?
Do point shoes give you bad blisters and bloody feet?
Dancers? Competition company question.?
Does anyone know of any "Dance Colleges"?????
How many hours a week do you dance?
Does anyone want to join a dance crew from Sac to S.F or neighboring cities?
I want to start competitive dancing!?
Song from Dancing with the Stars?
Is there anywhere online to help you learn how to dance?
What are some good songs to dance to? I have a short play list, and I'm in need of expanding.?
are you happy its almost july 4?
Kno any simple dance moves?
What is the Christmas Ballet called?
Souja Boy Dance?
Could you swing-dance to the tune "So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish" from the Hitchhiker's Guide?
Is it safe for me to do this?
where can I find the utube link for the bumblebee dance from so you think you can dance?
What song...?
how do i learn to do a back handspring by myself?
i have a dance competition in 1 week and im really nervous!?
what do you call this type of dance?
I"m 13, is it too late to start ballet.?
Where did you learn to dance?
Dancing questions?Any tips?
A call to all Jumpstylers...?
which are better ballet shoes, canvas or leather?
I want to learn how to do flips for dance...?
can you be a cheerleader?
If you ever....?
Who is the best dancer of bollywood (male)?
Where can you buy a metal DDR mat besides eBay?
How can i become a stripper and should i?
What are some strip clubs in detroit that you do not need a dance card for?
Clean ghetto songs ? help, school dance ?
I'm 15 and i'm going to do irish dancing?
What's the dance move where you bend your legs and turn them in and out really fast (not the Charleston)?
Why am I such a failure?
is americas best dance crew over?
Do I have good feet for ballet?[Pics included]?
Is it okay to learn multiple dance styles at once?
How to dance at homecoming if I can't dance?
Prom situation... Dancing, awkwardness, etc..?
What could my name be?
How do pole dancers climb the pole?
Dance moms questions?
Homecoming question; pathetic teen problems; embarrassed?
I need help with my x-mas dance!?
help me start a song...how do i started one love song?
Traditional Italian Dance.!?
Dance movement help! (need to know what move is)?
How do I choreograph my own Ballet pieces for The Nuter Ballet?
What are some good song suggestions?
hey guys i need some good latest songs to dance and for party? pls help me.?
I want to learn dancing in delhi, tell me where I can learn various form of western dances in evening?
\Would it be to late to audition for a summer intensive?
Have a Question for Ballet Dancers.?
Dancing and dating help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
What are some good lyrical/modern/contemporary songs for dance?
Where can I take stepping lessons in Baltimore?
How do I grind (dance)?
Is Voluptuous a good stage name?
How to learn to dance like Justin Timberlake.. help!?
What is this combo called in tap?
Do i need a harder shank on my pointe shoes?
Why are most rap and hip hop singer mostly black?
part time institutes of dance in delhi?
What's the name of the song in rush hour that they dance to ?
what is the song fallen star based on blood on the dance floor?
would you ever do morris dancing and why?
When I say shotgun you say wedding. Shotgun...?
I want to tryout for the dance team and i need to kno how to do...?
How do I tell my parents I want to quit dance?
Unique & Creative Boy/Girl Dance Crew Names?
Am I too old to start ballet?
Question for Dance Project?
do you often bust out in random dance moves?
Do you know any online site or video that teaches you how to be boy dance if there is no one to teach you?
Any suggestions on good songs to a dance?
Does dance use classical conditioning?
Dance academy for college?
Does any one know how to ....?
How to slow dance with someone who is shorter than you?
School dance troubles....?
Aoki/MSTRKRFT/Bloody Beetroots coming to TORONTO?
1)Do you think that keeping an open mind when viewing dance is important? why or why not ?Give examples to su
Can you tell me some English folk dances?
Dance Styles?
Do you do any type of dancing ?? ?
I need more flexibility in my ankles and feet. Any good tips?
what is your favorite kind of weather?
we need a dance name?
how useful would it be to study at the rambert school of dance?
My Bro..What Do You Think?
new dances?
Do i shake my butt well(new video)? please watch the video?(serious question!)?
Shall I start Ballet again?
Can I start ballet ?!?
Does anyone know how to dance cumbias?? please help me...?
Ok, so how do you actually "grind" when your at a club??
Girls, how do i dance?
why cant 14 year olds get free stuff off the enternet without having a credit card or a parent or guadian?
How to remember more than 1 dance routine?
What is a healthy dance?
tips for stripping on the 1st night ?
What are your favorite types of dance?
Do you dance like crazy when no one is looking?
how do you go about giving a lap dance?
does anyone on here do irish step dancing and how many years have you been???
is it true?
finish this. i am the _________ of the world <3?
Homecoming tonight and a little nervous?
Should i wear a bra under my leotard?
I am planning my school dance, what should I do to make it cool?
nola club zulu?
should i audition for Britain's got talent?? (video included)?
UDA Dance Camp advice?
what is the point of ballet?
Dance college tips and ideas?
Dancers who have done splits for years, can you now do the splits without feeling it?
how many languages can you speek,and what are they???
Why do girls like to dance so much?
Do you like it when other people sing around u even when they suck?
Do you guys think ballet is stupid?
need to find web sites with free written dance moves or choreography?
Should I try out for So You Think You Dan Dance?
Are any of you dancers singers as well and are you interested in musical theatre.?
Stripping in front of people hard to do? ?
How can i do up my hair if I start ballet?
Is she a good dancer or not?
how to be a star?
Triple threat dance convention!!!!?
How do you do a cartwheel?
How come dancing makes me tired so fast? HELP! im performing next week :S?
what is the song that monique(dancing with the stars) danced to the first time?
What are good songs for beginner Charleston dancers?
how to get on musicals etc?
is it good for me to live from home whit my boyfriend at the age of 14 yes or no?
One good song to dance hiphop to?
How come I can't dance like my sister? ):?
Learning to dance via DVD?
How do youdoa strip tease w/ out music or dancing?
what is wrong with me??!!?
What To Wear To A Dance Convention And How To Stand Out?
Am i any good at dancing?
Flexibility for back?
classification of dance?
Dancers out there: What would you suggest to someone wanting to get into a dance college?
What are good leotards for curvier/heavier girls?
How should i wash my ballet tights?
Any suggestions with...?
My Dance partner is 6'3 and im 5'1 and i weigh 120 pounds, my dance partner is pretty strong?
what should i wear to a school dance class?
Couples costumes for a Sadie hawkins dance?
can i go on pointe if i have been doing ballet for 3 years?
Highland Dancing Kilt Question?
when i can i start pointe?
Gender roles in tap dance history prior to the 1920's?
dramatic songs for a contemporary dance solo?
How do you dance with a guy?
Where should I store my toe spacers??? (ballet pointe) ?
Should I shave my chest hair if I'm wearing a unitard?
Am i really stiff?? How should i get rid of my stiffness?
What exercises can I do to build up strength for pole dancing?
I can't dance?
why do you love dancing?
Ballet & Dance questions ! Please help?
place in india wher one can stay and learn classical dance and meditation in guru shishya parampara?
Why doesn't my Just Dance 3 have E.T. and Teenage Dream?
cheerleading routine song?
How do you not get aroused when you're doing a sexy dance with someone lol?
does the knee drop dance hurt? please help!?
A day of a russian ballerina?
questiom 4 the ballet dancers?
Are there risks when dancing with pointe shoes?
good rock songs for a modern dance?
Lyrical/Contemporary Solo Song Ideas.?
OK am i losing it or is this hilarious i just watched this and i thought it was funny as hell?
what extras can u all take in jr high?
i really love dancing but am i any good?
I'm doing a acro solo I a Chinese song where do I find a costume?
Can you wear ballet slippers to a jazz class?
when did lyrical dance come to be and who invented it. i need 2 know ASAP!!?
what do u think of my dance?
how do you say breakdance in chinese? i need to know how to write it in chinese! can someone help me? xie xie?
How do I keep my technique up, when Im not dancing?
How is it all black girls can dance and grinde?
Whats the best song *THATS NOT MAINSTREAM* to dance hip hop to?
what is the history of the little dancer, aged fourteen?
Music for contemporary dance?
Does anyone know any good salsa teachers in cleveland, ohio?
ballet lessons in riyadh for teenagers?
i dont trust my pas de deux partner, what should i do besides get a new partner?
I'm 14 and want to do Irish dance?
Dance moms fan question?
Can any one here go dumb on the dancefloor?
Questions about my results from dance tryouts?
Do you know of any free websites that teach you how to dance?
I desperately want to do pointe!?
DANCERS: what is this skill called?
How to make foot undeez/footsies last longer?
What is the right age to start Baratham dance for a girl child?
Help me dance?
do I have to attend class to become a good pole dancer?
I am 13 can i still learn? is it too late?
White girl who has no moves?
How can I convince my mom to let me join the competion team?
why do so many women have such a problem with other women who make a living as strippers or exotic dancers?
Is it bad to start ballroom dancing when your 14?
Should I go to the dance?
Some demi-pointe shoe help?
Talent Show Dance???
Are there any dance studios near reading pa that offer private lessons?
How do you do a Nike (I'm not sure if I'm spelling it right but it's a break dancing move)?
How did the name Bhrathanatyam come?
People say i dance stiff?
Can I return my pointe shoes if I've already tied and cut the drawstrings?
I just started dancing. What are some tips you all have for me to not be so nervous when I'm at practice?
What is harder , dance or soccer? Easy answer !?
When do you think I could start pointe ballet?
Is it possible for a person to be uncoordinated enough to be bad at dancing!?
Is it too late to start ballet?
Who is the white guy in the beyonce dance for you video?
What are the dance moves needed to compete?
Am I ready for pointe?
short dances choreography?
Guy Dancing Problems?
need help with dancing please help?
How good can I get in ballet if i start in college?
what style of dance...?
What dance moves should I learn?
please whats this song its driving me mad!!!?
I really wanna move up! Please Help :(?
any good songs 2 dance lyrical?
Questions about ballet? 10 POINTS!?
Starting ballet at 15?
What would be a good christian??
Whats a lyrical song thats sad with a story behind it?
Should i dance in a show with other girls?
should i go?
what kind of dancing goes on?
I'm Scared...?
what do you do to balance yourself, so that you can breakdance?
why do people think turfing is cool?
is there a cure to being a dance-aholic?
are you mad?
Who knows any dance moves with umbrella that are easy?
I will be having a 15anera soon.?
What age is to late to start dancing??
How can I improve my ballet technique?
Any realictic hip hop dance games??
How would Israels past relate to their ballet?
Do you have a victory dance?
I need to learn a cheer/dance can someone help me??
I'm 29 and I can't dance.?
Cartwheel?!?(5 stars!)?
How can I get confidence for my dance GCSE?
I can go en pointe without lessons?
a site for dance?
I did TERRIBLE at my dance class...?
What's a good hip hop ballet song ?
what are some good breakdancing songs?
Any children's stories I could dance to?
Hows better Chris Brown or Jesse Mccartney?
How can i get a dancer's body without actually dancing?
I have just been banned from my local dance club. Is this fair?
Help with street dance move?
How can i convince my parents to let my brother go to the dance?
Does anyone know any exercises for strengthening the arches of your feet?
cheerleading stunts?
what is a good tap dancing song for kids 9-10?
What are good leotards for curvier/heavier girls?
What is a good song i can dance to?
What dance classes would you recommend?
are there any breakdance classes/lessons near the area of sacramento?
is it too late to start learning ballet at 25?
Is it possible to become an amazing dancer still?
My frend wants me to audition with her in the Cupertino High School Dance Team...........?
Dance Team Name Ideas!!!!?
Around what age do most people start on pointe in ballet?
How do I teach myself a dance in less than a week?
who likes me?
Any good intensive summer programs on streetdance/hiphop/jazz?
i am doing higher dance , and my theme is slavery , got any ideas of what song i could use?
If I want to do the splits, should I try stretching for a few days or just have my legs popped?
How do you lift up legs in any of the freezes for breakdancing?
What pointe shoes do you recomend?
Dance tips for absolute beginners?
Are there any salsa cavaliers in Kathmandu?
whats the best type of Dancing?
How can I learn how to twerk?
should i take ballet or hip hop?
are there any videos out there that feature teletubbies dancing to fire burning?
what is the song in step up two that they salsa dance to?
Whats a cute way to ask my boyfriend to our school dance?
Salsa Dancing Tips?
Who won in "So you think you can dance"?
dance bags. I am looking for a great dance bag. I want a duffel but i dont want it to big but not to small?
Does anyone dance competitively? If yes, what competitions do you go to? And what studio are you from?
what do i have to do in my audition?
There's this guy in the same grade as me, but I don't think he likes me. How do I get him to notice me?
HELP dance extended notes asap!!?
How can you tell someone is a good bellydancer?
Gimme some nice Arabic dance tracks...?
how can i get my legs stronger for ballet?
Are places like Lifetime Fitness actually good for taking Hip-Hop classes?
Do good dancers make good lovers?
What is this combo called in tap?
I need help trying to find a dance studio in Miami for my 13yr old daughter who loves hip hop style dance?
any females in nottingham require a ballroom dancing partner?
I feel like I can't dance!!! What's wrong aaaaah?
Do you like ballet?
I know nothing about dancing, can you tell me your opinion of the following?
Please I need help with cheerlesding!!!!?
What's a good song to do a lyrical dance too?
Where can I find an adult dance class in New Haven County, CT?
When you grind (dance) how hard do you grind on the boy??
Ok. I need help standing out on my team.. But its really tough in my situation.?
Need help with Windmills Clockwise or counter clockwise?
So You Think You Can Dance audition clip song?
Lyrical/contemporary senior solo dance song ideas? Helpp pleasee(:?
What are some good songs for the highschool dance ?
i want to learn to breathe fire in dallas tx?
Need help learning to dance (dancers and physical therapists needed)?
how can i teach myself to dance... like dancing in clubs?
How to get guys to grind on you?
Hip Hop Requirements!!!?
questions for a exotic dancer in training?
what are the steps for urkranian dance?
what is the good dance for children?
how do you read the emotions in dance?
Am I a good dancer!?!?!?
Music for my choreography! 10 points for best answer :)?
How to grind(dance), concerns about height?
Do You like Dance in the shower?
Is 15 too young to begin taking ballet to become a professional?
subtly hinting?
Should I get a date for the school dance?
Which do you like better on ballet dancers for both guys and girls: Tights with seams in back, or seamless.?
who thought the last girl to get kicked off was good enough to stay on "so you think you can dance?
Do any of you guys like to dance?
What do you do when....?
Dance moves? -HURRY!-?
I am 26 years old. I got drunk at the club andwas dancing so wil?
Help with my dance leap?
what are the benefits of fashion designing?
which c-walk move should i learn next?
Would you enter a dance competition marathon where you had to go barefoot to compete?
how long do you think the party should be?
Are they are any samba clubs around socal?
What can I expect as an exotic dancer for parties?
Are there bboy sessions in the washington DC area?
Labanotation software for Windows?
Bullied because i dance?
Good music to dance to?
Should I Quit Dancing?
what's the cost for Ballet school?
Best place to learn salsa, tango, latino in Bangalore?
Where can I buy dance pants for my son?He's a tap dancer.?
How do I find a latin/ballroom dance partner in Saint Louis area or Ohio?
What do I do cheer issue?
Calypso? Leap? I need help with dance?
who sings "toostie roll"?
Does anyone know where I can get a dancers portfolio done in the sheffield/leeds/manchester area?
If wear leotard, dance belt and tights, should tights underneath the leotard or leotard underneath the tights?
Can you think of any songs about graduating?
who con attacked a lion ?
is starting ballet at 12 years old too late?
what are the best dance centers in chicago and the chicago land area?
Any opinions on Now & Then Dance Studios in Falls Church, VA?
need a song for jazz dance?
Ballroom dancing shoes?
Is it too late to start gymnastics/ballet/jazz/hiphop?
what issss???
what is d best way to keep smiling ever,?
What is the name of the dance form shown at the beginning of this video clip?
i need a good song for a dance?
What did your highschool do to make the dance the best it could be?
Should I go to a ballet school or stay with the studio I'm at?
where can I rent a dance studio for a good price?
what are that worst type(brand) of pointe shoe?
do you think bush will destroy our country with the wrong decision makings?
Good songs to dance to..?? URGENT?
What is the secret to a decent cabriole?
How can I do arm waves?
i go to dance classes i said mom i wanna be a dancer she said i have a 1 in a million chance and ur to small?
How to get my splits down faster?
do you know any hiphop dancing sites where a can get picture instructions instead of having to buy a video?
Does anyone know any good songs to dance to at a Party?
Any good ballet schools in canada?
How to get my switch second leap?
What's a fun game site that I can play online? (and not get bored easily)?
How can I find the dance steps for the hand jive.?
Learning the splits at home?
What to do while social dancing with a stranger?
Is it realistic for a 15 year old with no experience to begin dancing?
do you like the way this chav dances?
any good songs 2 dance lyrical?
where can we get rockabilly lessons in sydney?
bourre en pointe question? (ballerina's help!!)?
How do you dance to reggaeton music?
What''s your favorite color?
I am interested in ballet and not sure if I should do it?
whats up with the tecktonik and industrial dance!?? they look very similar!? who copied out of who?
Where can I get a black leotard and shoes for a dot of a child (age size 2-3) for a reasonable price?
What are some good hip-hop songs to compete with??
Need a specific dance song for age 14-15 solo! Please help!?
Will you dance with me, please?
will she care if i cant dance?
How long is a peice of string ?
Ways to get your stomach toned up?
How can i learn to dance?
I can't Dance to save my life?
I don't like dancin' what things don't you like?
ballet tights question?
You dancin'?
hey club go outers what is there to do in jax on a thursday night that will compare to something in west palm?
How can I learn to dance?
Do dance teams really use a pyramid to rank their dancers like they do on dance moms?
How do I learn to do a back and front walk-over?
The best ballet dancer?
Excercises to get a higher front (devant) developpes in ballet?
Is it possible to gain flexibility at the age of 13 so i can start ballet ?
can i become a good dancer?
Is it a hate crime to attack someone because they are white?
Is it too late for me to get serious with belly dancing at my age? I'm 22.?
how do you breakdance on ps home?
How can I get out of this ballet concert?
does anyone you know tap dance?
Dance studio info, advice, help?
“What dance can you do in the Bathroom?
Should I bid for sex?
I want some details Dance & Music concert?
does god not care?..this is for dancers.?
should i grind at the dance?
How do you grind?
What is a good gift for a belly dancer?
Which is your favorite dance crew from America's Best Dance Crew?
There's this dance coming up, and I can't dance! Should I do it with my friends anyways?
Is it to late to start dance lessons at 13?
dancers....quick question..?
How to fix my plies for dance?
Why am i unable to do pirouettes?
Are there any pre ballet classes for 16 year olds ?
Where should I design my own dance teams uniform?
how to dance at high school dances? (guys)?
Bruce Springsteen Biography?
Summer Ballet Classes or Intensives?
Doesnt ABDC 4 suck this season?
Where is a local dance shoe store for kids ballet and jazz shoes. Near Atl, Coll Pk, or decatur?
What is the address and Phone number of Carol Young's School of Dance in Hamilton OH?
Are there free websites showing or teaching dance steps, eg salsa, tango, rock n roll?
What is a good diet for a 13 year old ballet dancer?? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
does anyone know if there are highland dancing classes in lochgilphead?
Was this appropiate for my dance teacher to say?
question for ballet dancers?
How to dance to rap music?
What would you picture in your head if i told you this:?
What's the best web source to learn break dancing?
Did older people grind at dances before the current generations?
Where can I buy cheap dance footunzees?
How to dance like Marquese "Nonstop" Scott?
I need good beginning twirling baton routine?
How do you spell foytay? as in foytay turns?
Should I quit dancing?
can guys wear ballet flats with shorts?
Can i become a cheerleader without skills ??
I have boys who go to tap dance classes. Where do I buy black jazz trousers for them under £10?
does indiana university have a dance team?
Where can I learn pole dancing in Surrey/Hampshire area? Heard is great to keep fit.?
Should I try to sneak in to my daughter's dance recital, or pay the two bucks and have it over with?
How to transfer from running man into shuffle and vice versa?
good ballet songs?
Dance club for minors?
Why Boys and Girls should dance together?
How to dance to pop music.?
How do I make it in to a world class Dci for colorguard?
The name of a certain type of dance?
Help from dancers and cheerleaders!?
is disco dance and american pop dancing really a dance form or its just some movies from street jazz?
can someone pleaz help me learn how to footwork, i mean chi town footworkin?
Hyper-extended knees and pronating feet?
New dance craze song?
I'm looking for an emotional song?
Hip rolling question help!?
hey! I'm in a talent show 3 weeks from now can someone tell me some sites with dancing.oh yea and its rapremix
Which style of dance is more seen on Broadway?
what is the most sensual type of dance? tango? salsa? rumba?
What styles/ genres of dance are incorporated into the dances at cabaret shows?
Do you know these Zumba songs?
can sumone teach me how to..?
Should I take regular dance 3 or dance 3 honor?
What are some really good dance clubs to go to in Cincinnati that play hip-hop/top 40?
Ballet ......?
Jazz dance chorepgraphy help?
Questions about working at a dance studio?
pirouette help?
Does anyone know a song that i can do jazz dance to and is very sassy?
How to stay in "ballet shape" after summer intensive ends?
How do you dance to Britney's new song "Gimme More"?
What's your foot arch type?
Lyrical songs for dances?
Where can I get a stripper pole?
I want to take salsa dancing lessens in Des Moines, IA?
What're some impressive dance moves to spice up my routines?
MAJOR PIROUETTW HELP!! experience dancers plz answer?
What is a good classical song for a contemporary/modern dance?
i need help with my ballet grade 4 tondus?
are ballet or dance leotards the same as gymnastics leotards?
what is this dance move called ?
help with my leap off balance?
Playing the keyboard Indian style?...Help!!!?
Are there any belly dancing vidoes that I can buy?
Is there a dance class/night that just kills you?
Are there choreography intensives?
Whats wrong with boys ballroom dancing?
who went on strictly come dancing?
Is thirteen and a half too old too start a career in dance?
Where are the dance moves too......?
Is it too late for me to start dancing?
getting back in to dance?
Is there a form of dance where the partners dance scant inches apart but never touch?
Song for lyrical/contemporary duet for two girls?
Practice songs for ballet?
In western dance competation what things should be considered for jugement?
I'm looking for belly dance wear in the Austin area...any ideas?
what is the video on mtv dance featuring a large lady sitting on a washing machine?
what would be some good songs to do for a dance crew nothing dirty because there's a 6 year old in the crew?
why can i dance in my room but not at parties?
What is a cute tap dance song?
does anyone know of a way to become a more versatile dancer?
what does it take to be a dancer?
really nice songs to dance to?
what is friendship day?
Will I ever learn how to dance?
r&b songs of 2010-2011 .?
Dancing tips for homecoming?
How to get guys to dance with me at a mixer?! *10 points best answer*?
What do you think about tap dancing?
I don't know if this dude likes me. Helppp!?
What is a hip-hop dance class like?
what is a good song to do a dance to?
what stretches help with pointe?
Some dance moves to do?
What is the DIFFERENCE between Jazz dance and Modern dance????
Does anyone have dance team tryout tips?
what is the biggest size for a ballet pointe shoe?
bulimic ballerina?
How Do You Do This Dance Transition?
really nice songs to dance to?
How can I do the Berber Walk without thumping my knees to death?
from where can i get indian folk dance videos?
My Ouch Pouches I bought for pointe are too big, I've been told to cut them but I don't know where to cut!?
Good song for a lyrical dance routine?
I'm too tall for hip hop?!?
What is this dance move called?
guys give a position where the dancer is in a medium level of the body. tnx?
Difference between moderate and ballet cut leg line in leotards?
salsa basic steps?
So why an earth is the crank dat soulja boy dance so popular?
how to get more height in an aerial?
Do strippers take breaks?
if you dont like pie than you are a patoody.?
Professional ballet final poses?
Any Fun Themes for Middle School Dances?
what kind of indian dance is jai ho?
Need dance studio suggestions?
Should I sign up for ballet or ballroom dancing?
Front Bender or Back Bender?
How can i ask a question?
What is this called in ballet?
"Belly Dancing Classes - Dallas, Texas"?
Taking dance for college, help?
What's wrong with filling up a kitty pool with baby oil and wrestling in the yard?
How do you cheer up a guy?
Is this a good dance idea for a talent show?
I'm just 15 and joining a new ballet class?
Dancing !!! please help!!?
where can i find a job as a professional dancer?
What are all the american urban dance / music movements?
Good striptease songs?
can you please tell me anything about the pasa doble dance and where it originated. in other words,its history
Should I go to my Junior Prom?
I need to buy masquerade masks @ wholesale price, any ideas?
What are some names of dances you would do to rap and hip hop songs?
Help me make a program for Dance Workshop?
how to get in a Dance Academy?
I found my love for dance late. How can I make up for all those lost years of training and be a professional?
am i too fat to dance jazz and ballet?
Do I have to have a lot of experience to major in dance?
where can I book a male revue event for a dance club?
What stretches do I have to do to do a split?
Am I too old to do ballet..?
Will drinking help me dance in a party?
Where can I find nylon-free tights?
What are sone cool saying shirts can say for cheerleaders for football season?
My daughter must see a dance performance/play in NYC for a school paper - what's the best show to attend???
I'd Love to get back into dance, but how?
pointe shoes?
to anyone who is a good dancer - how did you learn?
is the best?
What can I do with a dance minor?
Flying in Cheerleading?
Well homecoming is tonight?
Where can I take some Latin Dance Classes?
what is better to wear a leotard or unitard?
how does music help your performance?
I wanna learn break dancing.?
I keep breaking my frame with my dance partner due to poor lats...would exercise help with that or...?
I have a 2 year old and I want to get her in hip hop classes in Sacramento, CA. Any suggestions?
Where is the best place to take pole dancing classes in DFW?
Looking for singer of different version or Bippity Boppity Boo!?
I don't know if i want to go to a school dance?
how to dance at clubs?
Breakdance battle????
why does your eye tick sometimes?
in which culture is dancing most important?
Swing dancing?
cheerleaders do you wear?
Who are the West Coast swing champions?
Performing Arts school for dance?
What should I wear to a 50's 60's dance?
are there homecomings in public schools?
how do you learn how to break dance and when is it too late? i realli wanna learn and im 14 years old so how?
How did you learn how to dance?
Im Going to Homecoming!?
How many hours of dance do you do a week?
slow dancing... bat mitzvah... sweaty hands!!!!!!?
Beginning ballet at 14?Which of these places can i take classes?
What stretches would help me do a split fast,easy,and safe???
What is a Turning Pitch Jump?
i need help with toe touches!?
How do I convince my parents to let me take Breakdance classes?
Swimming in leotard?
Do you consider ballet a sport?
I have a question about the Royal Ballet Summer School.?
Beat songs with great dance beat?
ballet starting in late august?!?!?
i need to learn a dance routine to try out for a drill dance team any1 know i good site to do that?
Sexy music..?
advertising a medieval dance duo?
How do i master a ballet turn?
Timing in Ballet---Confused!!!??? Music included!!!?
Dance Classes?!?!?!? Please?
do you snore when you sleep???????
Bloch Sonata question?
What is the dance "J-5" as referenced in Run's House?
Ballet and jazz tech vs regular?
How should my parents be introduced and how should I be introduced at my sweet 16?
can you do the chicken noodle soup dance? it just came out from new orleans and kind of looks like a?
Would you say I'm a little late in thinking of trying ballet?
How can I catch up in ballet?
Would you be afraid to dance with a man with his pants below his waist?
i jumped into my splits and now im hurting please help me!!!?
iam looking 4 a dance school for my 2yr old,loves pop,music anyone know of any in the huyton area pls?
What are some good songs to dance to? That aren't well known?
How do you walk during the waltz?
Which dance class should I take.....?
i am man from ghana and need friends, just to talk about games. wllmsantwi@l.co.uk?
Help i need answers DO GYMNAST HAVE CAREERS?
I'm going to bee trying out for dance squad and wat hip hop dance should i do?