How to gain back flexibility?
My school is having a "lipsync" compitition. Song Ideas please?
Help! I'm really confused!?
what type of dance is better tap ballet jazz point or lyrical?
What is pointe?
What is the difference between Street Jazz dance and Commercial Jazz dance?
where can i find a reasonable prom dress in houston tx@ a retail shop or boutique?
I'm doing a contemporary dance solo this year and need help finding a song?!?
i love to dancing?
Is sixteen too old to start dancing?
What does wearning the masks means?
at your 8th grade dance...?
how to do the splits in 3-4 weeks?
I want to learn Hip Hop dance but I'm White?
Do you like dancing on dates?
Dance Questions??? Please Help! Easy Points!?
how to bronx whine? (steps please)?
lyrical song for dance solo please!?
need a song to dance for my school students, age 5-6yr.song could be in english or hindi.just no unappropriate?
Does anyone know how much it costs to rent a removable dance floor??
Grindin' Tips?
this is a question for the viewers of so you think you can dance?
What if the sight has been blocked, why can't we see our new myspace messages through checking our email.?
why are people distroying the world?
Creepy Music For Solo?
What do you call a person who does gymnastics and dance on a trampoline?
Can I make custom tap shoes?
Tryout for College Dance Team?
Ethiopian Dance Classes or Instructional Videos?
I need ballet partnering help?
rhythmic gymnastics in broward county?
Why doesn't my dance teacher like me?
What's the best DVD version of 'Coppelia'?
What do I wear to salsa dancing class?
how can i tell my dad?????????
What are the components of dance? Pls. answer! Thank you!?
how long does it take an un flexible person to be able to do a dancers pose?
Rap Moves?
what is tecktonik killer?
Is salsa dancing classes for beginners a good place to pick up girls?
Is jesse Mccartnet hot?
what do you now of jabbawockeez like pictures, video, dance?
How to get a better cambres or aka back port de corps?
dance grades in ballet?
I want a main part in the ballet desperately?
Could you please stop dancing and singing?
Can anyone suggest good kathak teacher/institution in Gurgaon....Pls help?
cheerleading or backstreet dance?
How do you dance!?!HELP!!!?
Who here likes the Rock Band "The Eagles"?
do you guys know any ecuadorian dishes?!?
W want to learn to dance and have two left feet, how do I get one of them to be a right?
Is dance a sport?
Are there any 18+ line dancing places or events in Orange County?
um how do u breakdance perfectly?
Does someone know what this move is called?
what are some dances from the 1750's?
What are good dancing song to make a dance too!!?
are there colleges for latin dance?
For a 20 year old with no dance experience would you recommend ballet or gymnastics?
Can you do the two step and pop, lock and drop it .?
Am i any good at dancing?
Ukrainian dance instructor?
Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) Summer intensive question? please answer if you're positive or have been there!?
when was your first time?
whats an awesome way to ask someone to tolo (sadie hawkins dance)?
In ballet what do these terms mean? and how do you do them? susus, bourree?
19 yo old dude, love music, but can't dance...?
Poll do you can dance?
what song did william levy dance samba to?
What I should wear at hip hop dance class?
I am a ballet composer and I would like to offer my services to any ballet company that would like new music.?
What weight is good for bboying?
Does anyone know a good lyrical song for a solo???
help! i need a big list of songs to lap dance to!!!! none of that slow crap tho?
why don't men dance on pointe?
what is the perfect song to give a lapdance to?
What is the philosophy behind dancing?
Cheerleading pleasee help?
learn to dance videos? like popping your butt, rolling. sexy woman dancing?
what is the name of that kind of dance ?
What can I mix with beach sand to turn it to a paste, mold it & let it dry & keep its form?
You said your a dance major and you teach it, i am 19 and my dream is to dance.?
Can anyone tell me the number to call to vote for Clarice&Jess on So You Think You Can Dance?
Is fifteen too old to start Dance lessons?
Are there any 18+ clubs in AZ?
my mom owns a dance studio and is having trouble with some stage moms. Help?
High School Grinding Question...?
Any advice on dancing?
what song did niecy nash dance to last night on DWTS?
does anyone know of any african dance classes in ft. lauderdale, fl ?
are there any pole dancing classes in boise idaho?
How do you properly fit pointe shoes?
How do I get started with learning Modern Dance techniques/dances?
is chicken noodle soup still a hot dance?
What to ask a Dance Practicioner?
Is it lame not to grind at a middle sku dance??
How do you do a front limber (tumbling)?
Is it necessary to have a ballet foundation to do well in jazz?
How much do you practice?
What are the arm movements called in a Pas de Deux?
What's the difference between 'whirling' and 'twirling'?
how do you ..?
What are some good belly dance videos?
Are foot stretchers safe?
Does anyone know of any ballet, modern or gymnastics classes for teenagers in or around derby?
strip tease pole 12' long where can I buy one?
Chicago: Foreign girl - Ah ah? ( Cell Block Tango )?
How Can i join SM entertainment agency of South Korea?
Need UPBEAT Contemporary dance song!?
will I every become the person I want to be.?
Questions about tap and starting tap?
I look absolutely STUPID....?
What should I do now, is it too late?
Can I start Ballet or it's too late?
Belly Dancing?
is it bad to grind with a buncha girls ata club??
What is the best thing to wear to belly dancing classes?
Scary Duet Dance Song!?
Who are the top ten for So You Think You Can Dance season 3?
How to get down in splits fast?
What is a good name for a kid dance group?
Making a pancake tutu?
What would be a cheap thing to give away at a Superhero homecoming dance?
what does the expression "2 left feet'' mean in dancing?
What is your preferred style of dancing?
when breakdancing do u need lots of muscle to do the flare and windmill or is it technique?
where can i download the o2jam offline games chinese version??
what are some good dancing schools in California?
help on this dance.. i need opinions and additions!?
Can anyone learn to dance or is it something you are just good at?
Give Me Some Dancing Songs?
point shoe help..........?
Breakdancing - how hard?!?
Dance/Cheerleading Shows?
What are some formal partner dances?
calling all ballet dancers:what is this ballet move called? thank you?
I'm supposed to come up with a dance, how do I do that?
When do you start pointe shoes in ballet?
what movies show dancing?
How the hell do I learn how to do this?!?
How do you wake a deep sleeper?
How do I teach myself how to do a double pirouette in one week?
Just Some Questions About Ballet?
Cool but easy dance moves! HELP!:O?
Help Turns in Second?
Do you have a stock market hedging strategy?
Should I wear this for a blacklight dance? (new)?
Please Help!! Color Guard!??!? !?
Any body know where i can get the choreography for kaba modern performances?
question for girls on grinding or grind dancing?
What is the best equipment to work out with for a ballet dancer?
How do you slide across the floor, without pausing?
Am I good for my first year of dance?
what makes socks easy to sock skate with?
Am I overweight for ballet?
i need a friend that likes to talk about dancing what should i do?
Why do girls like dancing so much?
Where in Suffolk can I learn ballroom dancing?
Dance songs.?
i need song and dance move ideas for my lyrical dance piece for a competition.?
I need a cute idea to ask my boyfriend to the sadies dance?!?
what types of things do dancers wear?
Does any one know whre i can find the full wersion of I've got nerve by miley cyrus?
do boys really care about how you feel inside?
which one should i do?
I have a dance convention this weekend. What should I do to stretch and warm up at home?
What is the minimum period required for a five year old to master the Baratanatyam dance?
what site can i find chinese folk dance with chinese words?
Famous street dancers...?
song suggestions for a solo !?
What does charie brown mean when doing the cha cha slide?
How do people learn to break dance? Are there classes you can take for that sort of thing?
Too late to start dance?
Good Hip Hop Solo Themes/Music Recommendations?
Who performed on the dancing with the stars this past monday 9/27/10?
GCSE Dance Music Ideas?
Which kind of dance should I learn?
RAD Grade 6 Ballet Exam!?
What to call my dance channel?
Would you 'Belly Dance' if you could?
Can you suggest a name for our street dance competion?
I am getting married in December and dont know what song to play for the mother/son dance. Any suggestions?
Good Contortion Songs?
what is the hukilau dance and its history?
DANCERS: Is there somewhere I can apply for a dance scholarship?
Mario Lopez Cologne on Regis & Kelly?
i watched strictly come dancing this weekend?
do you ever dance in ur bathroom? ur house wen ur alone? bck of the car wen noones lookin?
My daughter is two Gymnastics or ballet?
what dance job should i pick please help me i need help?
I am an arco dancer and my back is hurting?
How do girls want guys to slow dance with them? and how do u slow dance?
Regine's Dance Studio --- any good/bad feedback?
Need Lyrical dance songs?
Are there any good songs about magic for a modern dance?
n-e one interested in joing a free krump-hip-hop style dance group?
Where can I find a good dance choreographer?
I am 15 years old and I love dancing with a passion. I have never took a class. I want to become professional.?
What song is it that Maddie dances to in the Solo Fever episode of Dance Moms?
Is there any dance clubs in park city ut?
Can anyone help me out with dancing tips?
What does "Habibi Alli" mean in Arabic? Where can I find an English translation to this song by Miami?
What's that dance move where you let the girl fall back and then you bring here back up again?
Am I pointing right (ballet/point)?
Do you like going to your High school dances like the really big ones like Prom ?
What dance theme would go with super bass?
how do you dance at your 1st school dance?
whats your favorite color?
hip hop auditions in hong kong?
School Dance Ideas?!?? When the stars go blue?
Latin Classes - Please help!!!?
Do you like to dance Slowly?
How do you??
How young is too young to be taking a bellydancing class?
What are some very cute simple hairstyles for a school dance?
how can i learn to dance?
a girl is having a party and she didn't envite me so should i not envit her to my party.?
any ideas for modern dance songs?
When is the best time of day to go for a pointe shoe fitting?
what kind of dance is this?
professional dance after 40?
How can I train to be a dance teacher?
Any body go to City-Limits Dance School In Hillsborough?
Is it ok to wear pointe shoes just for a day, if you're not going to dance in them?
irish dance solo dress?
is the ritz ballroom in brighouse still open please?
Pom-Pon Squad Audition Requirements?
What do you think of Gaynor Minden pointe shoes?
Is anyone going to ABT Alabama this summer?
How to get splits for dance in a week?
Look awkward when dancing...?
How to get a ballet dancers body?
Things to put on a shirt about dance?
Are you a dancer/dance already?
i take dance class but my technique isn't where i want it to be...is there anyway i could improve at home?
Dance Song about a Doll??? Neeed ASAP please!!!!?
Oii!!!!! anyone know any good exercise songs??
pointe shoes..?
How to get a better back bend and stretching tips?
what is the perfect song to give a lapdance to?
I want to belly dance BUT...?
How can I combine basic pole dancing moves to create a routine?
What jazz songs would be good for a sister duet?
Well I got my period today and I have an important dance class I have to go to on Friday ?
What should I wear if i'm going to do a merengue suprise dance?
What should I bring in my dance bag?
For which kind of dancing do you normally take off your shoes?
Should a dancer be able to tumble?
Do you think dancing is a sport?
Are the Royal Ballet on tour at the moment?
Splits help?
Is there any possible way to clean pointe shoes?
Is it possible to still live my dream?
some belly dancing sites. plz?
belly dance help?
christmas gift ideas for a dance teacher??
what are some hip hop crew names?
Dance Teacher?
Ballet or Pointe, which one should I take first?
how to impress a girl and /or how to dance?
Is Salsa Dancing from Brazil?
Should I just move like a jelllyfish if I don't know how to dance?
Question about Toe and Pointe Shoes?
Im getting fat?
I want to know about the Jaipur foot that of Shudha Chandran.?
plz help!!! i need 2 kno of ne websites dat....... plus u can get 10 points so yea plz open?
tejano or mexican dance song? it has sharp horns and you can do the line dance or whatever to it.?
Could this be really bad???
I Wear A Size 3 My Waist Is A 26 What Size Would I Be In Mens?
got a pointe???
How Tall Was Ballet Dancer Evelyn Hart?
Why do you take ballet? And what do you enjoy about it?
ballet question!?
whats that dance move called?
Dancing !! help ?:))))))))))?
Which dance do you think is harder?
where can I find belly dancing classes for little girls in Florida?
How should I dance?
Milonga de amor Buen Ayre?
Country Dance called Progressive - Need Songs For That Dance?
HELP me!!!!! School dance issues!!!!!!!!!!?
Need help getting my splits down asap!?
Am I too old to start dancing? Dance classes around Boca Raton, Fl?
hi i'm 15 and want to learn ballet is it too late?
What's the musical difference between Rumba and Samba?
Do u like these disco dancing costumes?
Over the leg jazz dance jump?
where do strippers learn to strip?
How do I do the splits in one day?
does any one know any dance studios in la?
Am I ready for pointe?
Role of a prima ballerina? Do companies still have them?
Just a few belly dance questions.?
Will dancing en pointe ruin my feet?
Jazz sneakers very slippery?
what should i do for the 8th grade dance?
what do u think about the perfect pointe book?
I need to find three songs!!?
Pole Dancing Lessons?
What were some popular dances in the 1950's?
Ballet injury question?
how do the abs help a piroutette! in detail please!! PE COURSEWORK!!?
Will placing tape under your shoe, help you shuffle better?
How can I dance better?
help me!! i love my girl so much and she loves me like i do but i think she may do something behind my back ??
Pointe Shoe trouble???????
Should I wear socks with my jazz shoes?
What is the cause of bad dancing in humans?
Has anybody tried the latin dance in Bally Total Fitness?
tell me some good dance songs like dangerous etc plz?
Anyone else excited to put on their white tights and dance in a Nuter this year??
am i too old to start ballet?
What's the best way to get a split in the shortest amount of time possible?
Slow songs about dancing?
What do you call it ? Is this pole dancing or striping?
How do i get my tilt in dance!! PLEASE!!!?
Can't Remember a Dance Routine For My Life?
if y'am 21 weeks pragnenet then how many mounths y have?
how do you dirty dance?
anyone know any good breakdancing moves for partners?
How can I create a middle school flash mob?
How to have / can I have bangs for dance?
Would this be a good song to dance to?
school dance coming in feb. only for bcms students?
Where can I get cheap ballet supplies?
what is a good way to build confidence when it comes to dancing??
How do you that dance move at 2:04?
what is the title of the song with these lyrics "you're the one i love, you're the one i need"?
formal dance. i dont know how to dance?
What is Ballet Folklorico?
Intermediate Ballet Help?
Where can I find information on ballet?
How do you dance? Please help?
How to dance with Reggaeton music?
What do you think of c-walk(Clown Walk)?
for al ladies to answer?
Name of a Jamaican dance move starting with S?
what are some examples of spanish dances?
Recommendations for dance classes?
Help, My friend wants to become a dance teacher in the community what basic qualifications will she need?
HOw to be more flexible?!!!!?
What's your favourite Michael Jackson song?
What is a good competitive dance costume for my tap duet?
should I start going yoga classes..??
Masquerade Dance songs?
Belly dance videos? Specific Steps and angles only. Please help?
who invented dance and why?
Who is the best tap dancer?
What was the name of the amateur dancing programme?
Does anyone dance?
Ballet....read more.?
youtube tutting video?
where can you learn how to breakdance?
how do u get the information about all type of twisted poem?
Do u hav 2 be gay 2 like micheal jackson?
where can i buy ballroom and latin dance dresses?
Whats the new dance gonna be? jerk fest is now over. whats next?
what are some songs about cancer that I could do a contemporary dance to?
I really would love to do Street Dance...?
Do you think cheerleaders are athletes?
guys who do ballet???
i need party themes but good ones im going to throw a party in one of the best clubs in town and i need themes
Anaheim Ballet Summer Intensive?
how can i become the first to walk around the world?
most romatic dance between two people?
Could my boyfriend want a child?
How do I stop being shy about dancing?
Will this help my dancing?
do u like dancing ?why do u think some people like it?
If a girl in ballet is a ballerina, what is a boy in ballet called?
URGENT!!! How do you grind solo?
Who was your favorite crew on Americas Best Dance Crew???
is there any breakers bboys bgurlz in the 505 in farmington nm in tht area-peace?
is the best?
Which superheros would be good to dress up as for a superhero theme girls choice dance?
Is a persons body structure a factor in helping him/her dance better?
good contemporary dance songs?
how do i ask a girl to dance?
Again, how should I go about taking ballet lessons after asking my mom for two months?
Any good songs to swing dance to??
Songs that make people cry?
Can U Dance???
Hip Hop Tutorial Video?
what are the five basic steps of swing?
Does anyone like dance?
In cheer or dance the songs you dance to have an extra type of beat to it if you know what I mean?
Is it safe to try doing the splits after...?
Do you know any more recent hip-hop dance moves you can explain instead watching on you tube?
Any song ideas for a modern dance?
How to I get a flexible back? For dancing?
what club to go to on a saturday night in miami?
Contemporary Dance Solo Songs?
Tips for first homecoming?
Arm Wave Help Please.
ballet question arch?
if u could do any dance with anyone!?
what is it called in dance?
I am interested in finding a dance/cheer team for my Tot thats around the Jackson,Ms metro area, Suggestions?
Is it too late for me to start cheerleading at 14?
i cant dance to save my life and i only have a week to learn?
there is this guy that i am in love with but my parents forbid it what shoul i do?
When freak dancing, how much touching is too much touching?
I lost my beginners , HELP !!?
should I take belly dancing....... I am 53?
Is it to late for me to take ballet?
Fourteen too old forTap dance?
where can I learn dancing in Vancouver(jazz,hip hop...)?
What is the difference between hip-hop and street dancing?
What is a suitable name for a highschool winter dance?
Has anyone heard of the 60's dance style the shake?
How Do You Booty Dance?
Is it Too late?
who created rap and hip hop?
do you get along with you cousins?
what other math other than geometry does ballet relate to?
Greek Sorority or Cheerleading ?
Dance for a Senior Piece?
why dance is said to be an art and a form of recreation?
what are some simple exercises that i can do to strengthen my feet and ankles that requires no equipment?
DANCERS: a simple stupid question?
For girls that freak dance?
What's a good ballet app for iPod touch?
what are good songs to play at a dancing party?
Teen nightclubs in new york state?
What style of dance did Rekha do in Umrao Jaan?
How to dance?!?!?!?!?
Have you ever noticed that ballerinas and ballet dancers almost always never wear that much makeup and jewelry?
Need breakdancing cd (music) for my son-need suggestions.?
How can I get rid of all the baseball bats in the world?
Doe sanyone know any good dance places located in Buford,Suwanee, or Lawrenceville GA?
What is the difference between a 'Dance' and 'Dance Studies' degree course?
14th birthday party.?
Can you start pointe with double jointed feet?
How to break in Pointe shoes?
Is there a special trick to stop your leotard from falling down?
Is it too late to start dancing?
What is the name of the basic step in Salsa Cubana?
What kpop dance should i cover?
make the computer do aneting?
How to "throw it" while dancing?
Where can I find a Dance Partner?
How should I make myself more flexible for a dance?
Who do you think will leave Dancing with the Stars?
Who is a better dancer? Nia or Paige(Dance Moms)?
Male dancing....?
How to get fit for ballet?
What ballet variations can I do?
Can you give me some good songs to pole dance to...???
Which song best suits for head banging on the dance floor?
how can i learn tango dancing on my own?
I need help choosing music for this choreography, please!!!?
Where in Houston can I take a Praise Dancing class?
Does anyone know of any good dance studios around Detroit, MI?
what are some good songs for a jazz duo?
For white people who hate techno... check this out?
Does Ariel need to be able to dance in footloose?
Question about the splits?
spanish dance crazes?
competition dancers! read this?
in movie step up 2 in the last dance where they had song bounce?
Anyone know about bharathnatyam?
help! does any one kno the answer to this? ASAP?
In the world of BELLY DANCING, Who's better... Girls or Boys?
Do you think that Mario Lopez and Emmit Smith deserve to be competing for the Dancing with the Stars Trophy?
Are there any dance studios in Norfolk Virginia or Virginia Beach?
How can I model and dance at a LINGERIE SHOW????
What is a good dance performance song?
how can i learn to do a split?
Can I enter a dance competition without belonging to a studio?
My daughter is 3 and will start dance in a few weeks...
What are some older songs that would be good for a tap dance?
High quality dance studios in Dallas or Richardson??
can you helps me find a semi slow contemporary dance song with no words?
Best dance workout for a teen girl?
Can you / do you dance?
Does michael Flatley still dance?
how to make my hands look more graceful when im dancing?
contemporary dance studio?
whats the difference between body poping and break dancing?
What kind of artistic expressions do you appreciate the most?
Where can I learn to belly dance???
What are some good excercises to strenghten your ankles?
how do you do the moonwalk?
what are some good breakdancing songs?
What should I wear to my summer dance class on tuesday?
What Jazz Dance song should i do for a solo?
what kind of..............?
Am I too fat to take ballet?
Can someone explain a hoedown to me?
Is it too late to start dancing?
Wha do ballet examiners in RAD grade 6 exams? Do you have any advice for my exam tomorrow? :)?
what types of things do dancers wear?
pole dancing aerobics?
irish dancers! email me! i'm 13 michaelflatley_jr@.com?
Can anyone tell me where I can find somewhere that teaches bellydance lessons at the weekend?
Friends in Ballet?
Dance Recital. Help! Quick Change!?
why dose pie eat its eye?
The Curly Shuffle Vs The Truffle Shuffle?
why shouldnt you leave a dance ending to the end?
hey i need help on my essay.. what are some famous ballets.. or ballet dancers?
im aspiring to work for a professional dance company... is it possible when i started dancing at 23?
Who makes you feel like dancing?
What other dances like these are there?
I need a good country song to dance to for my solo in dance class...any ideas? ?
has anyone done dance aeorobics before ?
Using bunhead hair pins?
Do you like to dance?
how to do the splits quickly?
Problem grinding at dances?
Ballet shoe care?????
what are the steps of the carinosa?
How can I decorate a bedroom?
Im 16, do you think i could still learn how to bellydance?
do you like to dance?
where can i find a free download of a song that i really need without having to join any program?
World Of Dance Performers?
where to take bachata dance lessons in north carolina?
Do i have any chance of someday having decent technique?
Can you dance? Do you like to dance?
Too late to start ballet?
Am I too old to do dance?
Clever names for high school dance team?
What helps get really good turnout in ballet to the front and side in develloppe?
Ballet Trouble, Flexibility Problems?! Please help me!!?
My daughter has taken ballet for the last 4 years and now she is not interested anymore, shld i let her quit?
Modern/lyrical dance questions?
Where are the best dance classes in York (England)?
How is george woshington rememberd?
Am I dancing enough hours?
Whats that type of dance called where everybody on the dance floor.....(read more)?
im looking for dancers in Amityville NewYork who ike t dance urbn , but dont know where i can find them?
what will you do if you have an extreemly psycology problem that make you can't do anything?
Is dance considered a sport?
Why do people hate guys that do ballet?
I'd like to take up Ballroom dancing at 36, I used to be a dancer when I was young- does anyone have any tips?
What do you call the dance move that Chris Brown did in the episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody?
What is your stripper name?
Are there any break dance classes in LA?
New Pointe Shoes+ Whats your fav?
Starting dance at 14?
Good ballet performances in San Francisco Bay Area?
Any ideas for a dance i have to do?!!??
So you think you can dance .?
Do you think "Shawty like mine" by Chris Brown and Bow wow is tight!!!!?
Should I quit ballet?
sweet 16 or no ?
does any 1 now a dance skool nomed Starlite dance school!!!??
What kind of artistic expressions do you appreciate the most?
How can I tell if my daughter will enjoy dancing?
Techniques to spin when dancing?
How to have better ballet posture?
What's your opinion in a 13 year old just starting ballet ?
Ballet dancers: mintchips49 please answer too!?
Dance help? Middle school!?
help me!!!!!!!!!!?
Where class can I learn Salsa from in Mumbai?
is it hard to learn how to do a backflip? does it take long?
Does anyone know where I can listen to Nuter Ballet music on the internet without buying anything?
The Spilts!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
might be an ignorant question, but a man taking ballet?
ballet "couple dancing" synonyme ?
My Super Sweet 13?
from which site can i download dance clips for a project?
I want to free download learning break dance moves?
The history of ballet?
what are some excercises to help you do the splits?
Irish Dance?
How long have you danced?!?
please suggest some good dance instructors/schools for salsa in new delhi..?
can breakdance cause any disease in the future?
What is a good tap warm up song for teens?
I have done ballet since i was 5, and now i wanna quit.my mom says no.how do i quit for real?
Having seen Gore dance in 2000, what kind of dance would you like to see from nominees?
What's your ghost story?
Guys, I really need your help. Dancers only please!?
i'm 13 is that too late to start ballet?
Practice songs for ballet?
What is freak dancing?
i am trying out for the pom squad what are the top things to know to get on the JV pom squad?
What materials are pointe shoes made out of?
Are private lessons for ballet worth it?
I need an Indian/Hindi dance group name..?
How many rounds can you spin around before you fall down ?
does anybody know about the tap shoes that are sneakers???
Do you feel bad for the Numa Numa guy? (Gary Brolsma)?
Dance moves help.............?
What role does the mouse king have in the nuter?
Is 14 too old to start dance?
Good moves for Something to Dance for by Zendaya?
Am i just not cut out for dance?
I am keen to start Ballet, am i too old?
How to grind at home coming dance?
What type of dancing should i do?
i have 3 girls that dance, does anyone know of a hip hop dance class in or around forked river n.j. area?
How do I get over my inability to Dance?
What kind of dance should I try?
I need tips on dancing, please?
best dance remixes?
What are the steps for ukranium dance?
Ballet or Jazz? PLEASE HELP!?
Dancing Collages in California?
Most emberassing thing to happen to you at dance.?
What are the effects of Judo Chop?
University for singing/dancing/acting?
How to do middle splits?
chinese ballet !!!!!!! plz help !!!!!?
What to dance to "She Blinded Me With Science"?
I want a dance outfit that looks like this? Website to get one?
American Ballroom Challenge Feb 7th on PBS! What songs did Tony Dovolani and Elena Grinenko dance to ?
Does Cirque Du Soleil hire dancers?
what are the classification of philippine folk music and their meanings?
Why do men hate dancing tango?
please i want to die?
ballet beginner first lesson?
who can dance?
is there a dance tutorial to emily sassons dance ice cream paint job?
Halloween costume ideas for dance?
Sequence Dance - Tayside Tango?
What is your favorite dance movie?
Am I too old to start ballet?
Bellydance costumes in Toronto anywhere?
High School Dance Ideas and themes?
Should I take ballet or yoga?
What is the name of this dance move?
Please help me make a list of the 'must' know dances and moves that one who goes clubbing should know..
Is dancing good excersise?
Do u no how to dance???
Belly dancing groups around leander texas?
Should I bring a dance bag to my first ballet class?
Wuts a cool dance crew name (orignal)?
2 questions, 1 ballet video?
Is California Dance Arts a good dance studio?
How do I return a lost $100 bill?
how to do a split in one week?
Has anyone (probably from the south) heard of a dance called the Alligator Crawl? (not the watermelon crawl)?
Singer Stevie Wonder wants to dance on the next 'Dancing with the Stars'...are there any good blind dancers?
how can i improve my stamina?
How am I meant to dance 7 days a week?
I can 2000 now but i only get 2 spins?
Is Ballet important?
Which Cultural dance can we do?
What are some rules for dance and dance diet?
Modern or tap? Quick answers please...?
What is the purpose of dance?
Should I try out for the dance team at school?
Any opinions on Oldies Night Dance Party in Cherry Hill, NJ?
How often should i practice breakdancing?
Ballet Grade 5 - help with my Adage Study?
What are the names of some dance schools in New Jersey?
Who does dance??
Problem with pirouettes in ballet.?
How can I impress the So You Think You Can Dance judges???? ?
Is 23 too late for dancing professionally?
I want to take a dance class?
Do people tell you that you don't know how to dance, but you feel like a great dancer anyway?
What is dance?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO?
Does anybody know Victor Fung -- the ballroom dancer?
What do you think of dancing with the stars this season?
How can i improve my feet/ ankle stregnth?
What do you keep in your dance bag?
Whats the best salsa music song to dance to?
What is it called when your partner's back faces you in salsa?
Quick dance team question?
where are some good jazz shoe shops in perth?
Iam opening a kathak dance studio, suggest me a good Sanskrit name. ?
i'm afraid to do a cartwheel, plus- how to further increase back flexibility?
Why do men like strip clubs?
Gliding in Hip-hop Dance?
How do you ask a guy to a school dance?
Who won on dance moms tonight?
Pulled hamstring- dance?
your favorite dance?
Do you feel like dancing?
please suggest songs and steps or ways to dance solo in ..?
Ya'll got any tips on how to do a turn in second/a pirouette?
What do you like to do when you dance?
do dancers make better lovers and support your answer!!!?
I am interested in taking a modern dance/movement class but I have a problem...?
lyrical solo in a week. costume help?!?
Where in Internet I can learn the hand jive? I know only few moves...?
Where can i buy all the ballet things?
what is contemporary dance?
So You Think You Can Dance: What's the type of dance that the majority of the contestants perform on the show?
Ballet scholarship information?
am i to old to start dancing?
What is the best Dance?
What is maypole dancing?
will i be happy for ever.?
Black Kids: I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance lyics?
What move does she do from 00:56 to 01:01?
Do you think this poms routine is good.?? Clips included.?
I want to dance professionally but...please help!?
bharathanatyam dance dress?
What's the best DVD version of 'Coppelia'?
Physical Therapy?
How do I do a back walkover?
Do you take off your shoes to dance?
what is a good song to dance to that is like one of these but shorter?
Cheap dance classes in Baltimore,MD?
What was the name of that dance in Vampire Diaries that Elana and Damon danced in the episode "Mystic Falls"?
Good ballet practice routine?
does anyone know how to dance, such as too salsa dancing? anyone heard the movie dirty dancing- havana nights?
What is best pointe shoe for begginers?
How long from pre pointe to pointe?
Dancing help!! Also trying to get out of the "friendzone"?
Cute dance costumes for the song check it out?
How long will it take for a 12 year old girl to go on En Pointe?
I am pushy to want to host an 80s themed dance at school?
Elements of a great solo en pointe?
dances studios in baltimore, MD?
What is the name of the type of dance its not hula tho? IM STUCK! plz help?
what kind of dancing queen dance is good for dancing queen?
who can dance?
Is 13 to late to start dance?
Where in South Kolkata can I learn Western dance forms?
I need a sad song for a dance?
Dancing Tips, Please answer!!!?
What dance lessons do i take?
How late is "too late" to begin serious dance lessons?
I'd like to know how to booty dance... I've try to find something about it, but I've found nothing... :(
How do you become a RAVE dancer?
Do the kids on dance moms miami go to school?
what do you thing about male ballerinas?
Blood On The Dance Floor's All The Rage!! font?
Square Dancing Call?
What age should I start my daughter in Ballet classes?
Are there any GOOD adult hip hop classes in georgia? Any legit place that isn't a rip-off?
Does anybody know a website were i can burn CDs?
Mirror Dance or Regular?
which is better type of dance belly dance or hiphop???
Ballet and Jazz promotion to next level questions?
Is Eyes Open By Taylor Swift A Good Song for A 14 Year Old Girl's Dance Solo?
what should i wear to my first ballet class?
Do you think there would be any way for me to be professional in any other classes, such as modern or jazz?
what are the benefits of a dancer ?
What should I wear to my first Ballet lesson?HELP?
Does anyone know any dance steps 2 any of the Pussycat doll songs?
i don't know who to dance is there is any way to teach me how to dance in the Internet?
How can I loosen up my arms when dancing?
What is the song that Nicole Scherzinger and her partner danced to on Dancing with the Stars for their 50's?
Are there and Dance angets out there?
I am too old to start dancing?
Should I let my 11 year old do hip hop?
where can i learn dance in visakhapatnam?
Is it alright to start Ballet at the age of 13?
Am I too late to go pro?
What were popular dance moves prior to the 20s ?
Dance routines? Please help?
when was your first time?
When should I start pointe?
Whats The NAme OF The Song That Lots OF PPl Dnce To Wen PPl Dance IN these Directions(Up,Down,left.right.turn)?
How do i dance to Stairway To Heaven at a school dance?
Do you know any good songs about getting over someone?
Where can I learn how to dance in Zimbabwe, Harare? Any professional schools you might know of???
Help, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
♥What is the fastest way to learn how to do the splits♥?
What kind of dance move is this called?
When did you get your pointe shoes?
A list of dance moves that John Travolta used in that dance scene in Pulp Fiction with Uma Thurman?
Where can I buy second hand pointe ballet shoes??
Where can I find a sponsor for a high school pom pom team?
I need help finding a unique name for a dance team!( Our mascot is a TIGER, and school colors are BLACK/GOLD)?
What do you think of the So You Think You Can Dance results?
girls, do any of you love wearing shoes and sneakers without socks? or hate wearing socks in general?
why am i so stiff and shy when i dance?
If you like Dance videos Check this out!! ?
Who is your favorite dancer?
Based on this picture, how good of a dancer do you think I am?
How to do a triple pirouette?
Am i OBSESSEd with dancing?
help . i have winter ball tomorrow . what is a nice way to ask a girl to danc e?
HIPSTERS/RAGERS/ FESTIVAL GOERS: why don't more GIRLS do "poi" and "gloving"?
Should I keep dancing even if I'm not the best?
What should I keep in my dance bag?
is there any web sites which teach dancing ? all kinda dance such as techno & ...ofcourse in free !?
i pooped the bed yesterday?
How to improve in ballet?
Tips for landing a clean double turn?
What song should I use?
good website with ballet drawings/sketches/paintings ...art etc.?
Are there any teen night clubs or dance clubs in Philadelphia?
who do u love the most??
What to do in preparation for restarting Ballet?
Ballet dancers: should I start wearing tampons?
im starting intro ballet...will my boobs get smaller?
How to lift foot over head?
What are the rules of kitchen dancing?
Whats the best dance move you have seen?
I'm 35 years old and love ballet, do you think I'm too old to take ballet lessons?
Are there any black owned dance schools in the West Palm Beach Area?
What's that dance move where you let the girl fall back and then you bring here back up again?
all ages DANCE clubs in toronto ?( missisauga preferably) but w.e?
Pole dance class?
what is everyones favourite style of dance?? ♥?
Anyone know the name of a contemporary/lyrical dance song?
Beginner Ballet: Full Sole or Split Sole Shoes?
I want to dance?
Cartwheel on a mattress?
Has anyone been to Princeton Ballet School, Kaatsbaan, or Pacific Northwest Ballet's summer programs?
where can i get my westren dance class in india?
Which dance class is the best for me and my girlfriend to join?
what are some cool dance club names?
Is modern dance hard?
Where can I go for beginnner hip hop dance lessons in palm beach county florida?
Am I too old to start lessons?
What do you think of Krump Dance?
ballet dancers out there!!?
Dance Remix songs for robotics/popping/bboy?
Whats your favorite dance style?
Pointe Shoes...Help!?
if i streatch everyday, how soon will I be able to do the splits?
how do u body wave?
How is a waltz different than other music.?
my 5 yr old wants to learn how to break dance?
Are there any good breakdancing clubs in Boston MA ?(21+)?
Musical Theatre Songs For A Large Group ?
Is it weird to go to a homecoming dance with your friends?
some people effected by kuja & nagadoshams its real or not?
How can i learn to dance at the club?
Should I get a friend to push me into my splits?
How to break in pointe shoes?
How to prepare for a company audition in less then 1 week! nervous as it is...?
Is there a good catchy song that you just cant help dancing too or you feel it running through your body?
what is the time limit on a pom routine?
Are there any dancing classes that I can take????
when auditioning for a ballet college what should i expect?
What are some really good techno/trance bands?
who dance's?(any style)?
Have you ever tried Pole Dancing? Do you think that you could make a living doing it?
I need some contact address of Mrs Chandralaka?
Chyna Smith So You Think You Can Dance?
Where can you find CHEAP dance classes in Singapore? in?
I want to become an urban dancer. What should I do?
Do you think I should quit Dance?
Cheetah Girls 2 Question????
Who is going to win so you think you can dance?
How can I dye my Pointe shoes?
wuts a hecka good hiphop song 2 dance 2?
What are some really good songs to dance to for a 15? Also what are some really good spanish or bachata songs?
i had dance the last 3 days in a row & i'm SO sore & tryouts are tomorow how do i help my sore muscles quick?!
How long do you will i get on pointe?
What are your favorite songs to dance to?
What should I wear to my lyrical class?
I need a Ballet song idea for a Hollywood theme?
whos in luv?
Please help? How do i ask to dance? Easy! Help?
What part of the foot do I cut dance tights for Modern?
Can people please answer!? girls and guys. What to say to a girl when dancing? / When to come closer?
Is this dance from 1992 Tecktonik?
How do you dance? ( girl )?
Best dancing video on youtube?
i can i become famous?
what do you think of a guy who does ballet?
Who is your favorite kid on Dance Moms?
College dance team tryouts?
Do you think I have what it takes to be a cheerleader?
Where can you get a ballroom dress?
Is Dancing a sport or recreation?
Is it too late...?
Is it too late to learn ballet?
does any one know what this means???
HELP??How can i get a ballet body?
Tips for starting ballet?
what to do when dancing?
evolution of dance?
What is a good emotional song for a lyrical dance routine?
Is it hard to burn the ribbons on pointe shoes?
What dance should I learn? (Ladies)?
Does anybody know any Latin dance clubs in the Inland Empire?
A really fun cute and fast song for a 10 year old dance competition solo!?!?
Does anyone have any ideas for the name of a dance team?
will sakura go evil?
How long will it take me to get en pointe?
how would our uniforms look?
What can I do to become a better dancer/get a lead in West Side Story?
iS baLLet a sp0rt?
Whats a good name for dance party? And what else should i do during the party other than dancing?
Songs to get ready for prom to?
How does Indian Dance differ from the Western Ballet?
grande jete?
ballet @ 15?
What are some good reasons to let us 7 and 8's have a dance?
need a metaphor for Pink Panther?
ballet tights question?
what is the dance steps in the music video "LOSE CONTROL" by Jasmine Trias?
Swing Dance of the 1950s; How may I get a DVD or VHS Tape to teach me swing dancing?
how can i choreograph 40th symphony mozart ballet give me some steps (ex:pirroutte)?
What can I do to train until I am back at CPYB?
What is the best Dance?
im looking for dance school in limburg - holland?
Tell me what u think of this Cwalk video.?
does anyone know a good song for a father daughter dance?
Best party songs to dance for teenagers?
can anyone tell me what kind of dance japanese bands like tohoshinki and KAT-TUN dance onstage?
when doing turns in lyrical dancing how do dancer go fast?
I'm not flexible, but can still take ballet?
Has anyone seen that MTV show: "Dance Life"?
Hiphop Dancing (choreography) and help?
hello all??
what's this dance move called?
Yesterday's SYTYCD episode?
How do I get flexible for a sport?
In your opinion, whats the hardest ballet move?
How long will it take me to get my straight scorpian? How can I get my straight scorpian?
has anyone done dance aeorobics before ?
Pointe shoes - best type? HELP!?
How old is too old to start ballet?
tips for a fat guy getting laid?
Dance Question.?
Does any one know gerard way in my chemical romance?
Do you want to live?
who do you think were some of the most influential artists os the modern dance world ?why ?d?
How to Dance??
A question for girls (girls ONLY) - Do u like boys who dances hip hop?
i need a one but not one dont work i need volume contorl but i cant find the one that works for me for my mic?
Is it okay that I get a Bone R while dancing at clubs?
Can anyone explain the passion of dancing?
How do I get my students to be enthusiastic about dance and to pay attention?
How old should you be to be an intermediate in pre-professional ballet?
Fast and fun upbeat songs that I could dance en pointe?
What song/remix would you do a hiphop dance to?
I cant bounce my hips like my friend does in dance. Why is that?
where can i find a rave in texas?
What are some popular Spanish Dances???
where can i get good dance lessons?
i need some dance moves, please?
Dance dreams, college... or not?
where did samba and hip-hop originate from?
Teach yourself to jump split?
Good pointe shoe brands?
what is the history of malaysian dances?
Any dancing classes in Subang/ Shah Alam?
What would be a good store to get pocket chains and hip hop breakdancing and robot dancing clothes?
what is a good dance crew name ?
How would you word a flyer for anyone interested in a dance class?
Can you dance?
how can i easily learn to dance for prom?
I need some dance steps for a Quinceanera!!!!!!!?
How old do you have to be to be on so you think u can dance?
what are some cool, upbeat song I could dance to in a music video?
What are some good exercises to do to become a better dancer?
are basketball shoes good for breakdancing?
does anybody know.......?
Help on dance class project?
Help please! Stretches/Exercises for dancing?
Are there any classes I can take to just focus on contortion?
what kind of people is good?
why dont people dance in front others freely?
Party songs?
Anyone know where to take hula classes in or very close to Fairfield, CA?
whos a famous dancer?
Is Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark a good song for a Lyrical Solo?
Ballet alternatives for bad ankles?
What is a good dance to this song?
How to develop a solid core for turning in dance?
i need jazz or contemporary/modern music!!! any suggestions?
Electronic Dance Lovers (EDM) - Frankie Bones?
Any good rescources online for Urban dancing?
Dance help - whats the difference?
How can i get a gOOd split and straddle?
where can we find mt, everset?
Can anyone tell me about Canada's National Ballet School?
How do you dance to techno music?
i love ballet but many things keep coming in the way?
Why Cant..???
Should i wear it?
I'm looking for a song for my 5 year old daughter to do a solo dance to. Any ideas?
I have tried everything to do the splits, someone tell me what to do?
Ballet pointe shoe questions.?
How to get better at a pirouette turn?
Was this wrong of how this teacher reacted?
For ladies only please....?
How can i learn to?
How to do a split quickly?
Isnt Mintchips49 the best?!?
Help!! I need a good name for our dance company! Does anyone have any suggestions?
Do you like my bellydance costume?
I have bad feet for ballet/point. i dont have flat feet but theyre still bad. any good ways to stretch my feet?
what happened to the king of pop michaeljackson why he did'nt release the new albumwhy he did'nt perform dance?
Can I be a professional ballet dancer at 66 years of age? I have never had a ballet class in my life.?
Help with my ballet arches?
Can someone tell me about dance majoring?
how do you get noticed when you are dancing on stage?
Some cool songs, which would be good for dancing?(school assignment)?
I'm an older guy who got invited to a "Rave." If I go, do I have to join one of those "mash pots"
Which mobile is SHAHID KAPOOR using currently?