Theme/story line for dance assesment? (style of dance?)?
Dance recital poster help plz?
Songs for a dance evening?
Keti Sharif Certification???
Is it possible to start learning Ballet dance from the at the age of 21?
Do you have to wear your pointe shoes on the same feet?
Cheerleaders..! Pleasee answer!!?
What is this move called?
Can someone train me to dance Tango, Ballroom and Salsa on one to one please?
How do i start my dream of being a back up, back up dancer?
Can Guys Dance With Each Other In Clubs?
How do I get better at dance? Help help help?
I was on holiday in Spain this summer and a Spanish dance song was played a lot any ideas what it is called?
Lyrical/Jazz/ contemporary dance songs?
How do you do the slide?
can i go back to ballet?
ballet girls? what's your best way to slim down?
What kind of dance classes should I look into taking?
how to come up with a good hip hop dance routine?
I want to have some pen friends ( real good ones), what should I do?
Does anyone know this tap combination...?
dance shoes?
Anybody else hates salsa music?
Which one's the best table dance on the planet?
were is a good dance class in houston, texas near me?
How can I improve my dancing?
What do you think of the dance crew name One timers?
Dancers? What's it like when you dance?
good dance classes in MD, Va, DC?
Sadie Hawkins Dance?!?
What does an audition for company generally consist of?
does anyone know a beginners tap class in central los angeles?
See through shorts for ballet?
Any websites that sell urban clothing?
Where are good overnight summer camps for ballroom dancing?
which part of the world does the samba and rumba come from?
How can I become a better dancer?
who likes dancing?
Why is it that...?
Simple question Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly , and why ???
how can i be the hiphop member?
Ballet dancing help please?
for people who like chris brown?
Is there any Breakdaning In St. Louis MO?
Who won dancing with the stars?
Where can I get salsa or tango dance lessons near Angel Tube Station in London?
why dose she think its just a phase?
is 19 too old to start dancing?
Is it too late to make my ballet good enough for a career?
Did anyone ever do CheerDance?....If so, what was it like, what did you do?
How can i raise money to have a chance of going to Interlochen for hs?
do ballet dancers have to be flexible by nature?
I need to learn to dance and other things?
So as a dancer they told me to not run because of I would develop the wrong muscles, but can I walk?
Audition for Lyrical Dance Class? What do I need to practice?
Who wants to travell and leave it all behind, and leave a new life?
Or snowball dance is coming up and i want to know a cute way to ask a guy on the soccer team...?
Cheap Ballet Lesson for 15 years old?
Is tip toe ballet dances a girls type of dancing?
what is some good dancing music for 15/16 yr olds?
do you like to dance ?
Anyone have the So You Think You Can Dance Tour 2007 presale password for Atlantic City?
Which pair of dancing shoes look better?
Do you know where I can get good jazz shoes?
Should I go to Karate or go salsa-ing tonight?
Should my new dance partner stay or go?
If you take ballet, what are your classes like?
do i have to pay for her if she invited me to a dance?
What should I buy???????
I want to start ballet?
i'm prepared to work hard ... should i go for it?
How do you dance at a high school dance?
what are the classification of dances?
dance DANCE dance?
I went to my first middle school dance and boys wur grinding this one girl .didn't have time. shoud i do it??
Is 119 pounds too heavy for pas de deux?
Anyone have a suggestion for jazz/modern/hip-hop dance classes in nyc?
Im scared to go to my homecoming dance?
Can you help me pick out a Bellydancer stage name?
I am 19 yrs old and have danced all my life but never seriously. Is it too late to take it up as a profession?
am i addicted to dancing or what?
. Why do we need to perfect the fundamental of dancing?
what are some other names and titles for "swing" dancing?
if you were to pick a part in a high school play which group would you be in ( chearleaders, jocks exc.)?
Local Las Vegas classes for dancing (either belly or style of Shakira)??
dance summer camps 2012?
Complexions contemporary ballet intensive- attire and level distribution?
b-boy- how to do halos?
I need ideas for a 40th bday in the Birmingham area, Im looking for something different, fun,unforgetable,?
Danceing or singing, witch do you prefer?
Okay, I admit it: I watched Dance Moms. Why did Abby call Chloe a snake?
how to strengthen my muscles for my lyrical dance class?
Can you learn pointe at home, without a formal class?
What's your favorite dancing songs?
Do you have suggestions of any fast songs I can dance to?
How can i dance like Micheal Jackson? or James Brown?
Can I start Ballet or it's too late?
How can I stay in shape?
I neep help fast? [Read On]?
help me out with tumbling pleaze!?
What's the latest dance craze?
my hip feels wierd when I do leg tilts?
What do you think of my dance?
What dance move do u know how 2 do?????
This is kinda Stupid,but when u slow dance where should u look?
Is there a Male Comparative to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?
what are the classification of folk dance?
What is the best home cooked dinner for prom night?
Tap solo songs!!!!!?
Should I go to SCGSAH?
Where can I get freebies online?
Why do people wear to a wedding high heeled shoes?
I really like pole dancing do you?
How can I get flexible really quickly?
What kind of dance lessons should a beginner adult couple take?
Music in Ballet Class?
What are some good dance songs?
How can I learn ballet?
Are the dance team and the pom squad at Pepperdine University the same thing?
how do u manually break in pointe shoes?
Performing arts/dance colleges in LA?
how to grind at a high school dance?!?
i'm bored give me a fun website to go on!!!?
Songs For A Lyrical Ballet Solo or a Lyrical, Lyrical Jazz Solo?
How do you do the TEXAS TWO STEP?
Are there any good beginner ballet classes for guys in LA?
Do they 'grind' at the clus in Portugal and if not how do they dance?
Do you know any tutorials to do this?
Should I participate in dance competition?
I can't remember my dance routine!!!?
what is the best lyrical song for a dance competion?
save the last dance 2 song??
does anyone like highland dancing?
Performance company question?
Is it wrong if I think it's lame to dance?
levels- acro dance ???????
How can I become an advanced dancer?
where can i do gymnastics?
is this enough money for a rave?
Who is going to win so you think you can dance?
What type of dancing did Heather Morris do?
how do people ''crump??'' trust me i have no clue how 2 do it i know what it is, just can`t do it!
What kind of dance should I take next year?
do you ware socks!?
My father thinks dancing is a sin because he says ?
a type opf dance, drive him crazy?
What is Dragon Dance?
I'm 16. I Want to Do Contemporary dance.but i think i might have to take ballet..is it to late for that???
Where would I have to go to take a RAD grade in London without being at their school?
Was that really Mitt Romney dancing to Gangnam Style in that video???!!!!?
Is there any movies were people do the crank that dance?
is there any thing such as a boggy man?
when auditioning for a ballet college what should i expect?
Quest crew Hip Hop Decathlon?
what does it feel like to wear a arch enhancer and how does it feel compared to not using one?
What will I be when I grow up?
Why does the back of my foot hurt? What did I do?
What are some good daily dance workouts?
What is the best thing you bought for dance?
i need a good way to reply to a school dance?
anyone on blackpool childrens ballet from 1949-1952?
what dress do women wear while dancing salsa? Is a 3/4th jean Tshirt ok for starters?
what is the secret to quick-changers?
is it too late to start ballet? i'm 12 years old...?
Cheerleading question?
What are good songs to play at a dance party?
what style of dancing do you find the easiest?
Does gymnastics impress a boy because they always look at me when I do it on the grass at school?
I totally messed up at dance team tryouts! please help me!?
What are fun activities a dance team can do all together?
What moves do you think a toally new bgirl can learn in one month?
Dance competition?What should I take ?
If i pretend i can belly dance could i hurt my spine?
at what age do professional dancers retire?
How do you get used to flying???
Is it to late to start ballet?
Should I do Hockey or dance?
Audition soon and really nervous!?
Ladies, I need help (unbelievable, right?)!?
How can I incorporate the "Groove Method" into my career? I need help!!!!?
Pointe shoe brands?
What are some tips for ballet class?
Do you feel like dancing?
Music video steps help??!!!?
does anyone take dance at banbury dance studio?
I am looking for folk dancing in Red Bank, NJ?
hey, everybody! what's the best way to ask someone to a homecoming dance for high school?
Help! I have to ask a guy to a dance...But I don't know how!!?
Lyrical song for a dance competition with the theme news?
why do people think ballet is a sissy sport?
Private vs Normal dance classes?
How do you do the soldier boy dance?
How can I protect my feet while wearing pointe shoes?
how to loosen up hips for dance?
whats the best breakdancing songs ever (full list)?
So You Think You Can Dance; the song Kupono danced to?
Wanting to start dance class, but don't want to wear the leotard! What can i do?
Has anyone seen a documentary called "The Wonder Kids"?
How to get better at being graceful (ballet)?
plz help i wanna learn how 2 krump(clown) or breakdance!?
where can i get ballet shoes?
Best Bboy name in your opinion?
Should I go to the dance?
Anyone know a simple gangnam style dance?
What are a few tamil song to dance to for a party?
Contemporary summer dance class in Hollywood Florida?
*dancers* why do you love to dance?
Do anybody know how to do the "Snap Ya Fingers" dance, song by Lil Jon?
what dance lessons are there in gravesend kent for kids?
i really want to be on my school dance team or cheer squad but i'm not flexible and?
do you dance after eating muffins?
what do i need to do to get into competition in dance?
How to prepare for cheerleading?
Why is the Bloch B-Morph pointe shoe considered to not be a beginner shoe?
I just got my aerial, still need help?
Does anyone know any information on Flamenco, the dance from Sapin?
Whats the best dance to do if a mascot try out?
DANCING! 2 questions...? Thanks x?
would u say thriller is a high level dance? or no?
My knee s for some reason.?
Pointe shoes and ballet?
What are some good songs that make you want to just get up and dance?
Types of Dancing?
Any professional dance choreographers or dance school owners have a few minutes to make someones day?
where is the best place to meet a guy in Cincinnati?
One handed handstand?
give me sme good name as i do dance?
What is the Saddest Story you can think of? (I need it for a dance)?
I'm looking for a hip hop dance class in Fort Lauderdale.?
Is there any raves in Tennessee?
Alberta Ballet Question?
How old do you have to be to go to a Ballet College?
I need a really creepy song!!(read description!!) ?
What Is a good dance college in Michigan?
who is the little white girl with yellow shirt and white skirt dance in wakka wakka shakira show ?
How to prepare myself for my first adult ballet lesson?
Is it too late for me to learn ballet?
help!!??!! with dance question!!?
Swing Dancing..?
Cheerleading DaNcE mUsIc I cAn DaNcE tOo pLeAsE!?
how did you learn to do a backhandspring?
What does a girl do for a guy at a dance?
Is it too late to start ballet?
Any Exercises To Get A Bridge Kickover?
Okay how long does it take to learn the splits?
learn carnatic music at Bangalore?
how can i get ballet dance lessons and tips online for free?
What's the difference between the teen level and the intermediate level in dance? ?
What dance song?
Can any 1 find some latest fast beat songs for stage performences ( in hindi ) ?
What stretches I can do for left splits?
where is kerela?
How to give expressions while dancing?
Are you taking or have you dance lessons? if so what kind?
Is it too late for me to start learning ballet?
salsa dancing learning classes in Thane?
What is Green Day's first CD, what is your favorite song by them?
What dance class should I take for broadway?
Are there any Boys Summer Ballet Intensives or classes in Utah?
ballet videos??????????????????????
What is the technical name for a dance instructor?
How much is to much protein?
You know you're a dancer when?
What is the correct term for this type of swing dance dip?
What should me and my friend do in the high school talent show?
what kind of theraband???
Split in a week? Please, both right split & left split, no stratles.?
is cheerleading a sport?
Do you have to be really skinny to be a good dancer?
Is it too late for me to have a career in dance?
am i too tall for ballet?
what are some happy/love lyrical dance songs?
Dancing Dylema ! PLEASE HELP!!?
where can i take a hip hop dance class in new york?
my best friend is so cool and i love her to death im afaid as we grow up we won't be friends any more HELP!!!!
Ballet Tips?
Iss this hopeless???????
ballroom dancing?
Should i take Dance Classes?
I want to start Ballet, but I can not find a web-site to help me.?
What do you think of my dancing compared to the other vid?
Who all are dancers?!?
how to do a split one month?
What are the names of some of the best mia michales dances?
Different Types of Clogging?
i need a father daughter dance song?
What should I do to get ready for cheerleading tryouts!??
Will the Melbourne Shuffle ever become popular in the US?
Looking for western dance schools in and around adayar. can some one pls provide me with the contact details .
Is there a song that would go great with a kick performance?
Tango Music Question?
what should i do 4 my mascot routine ..... i cant think of anything T.T i need help?
are there homecomings in public schools?
a perfect dance class?
How can I keep my pointe shoes on my feet?
Why are my Cheer Jumps bad?
What other type of dance should I take up along with jazz?
What is a good lyrical songto dance to for my school talent show?
Dance song choices: Jordan Pruitt, Jo Jo, or Tracy Chapman?
Which Tap dancer were you very impressed in last 20 years?
i have been doing ballet for…?
Ballroom dancing?
how do you do the "2 step"?
What is the name of the variation in this video?
Graduation Dance Tomorrow?
i need help getting all the way on pointe?
Am I too old for ballet?
Have you ever danced like nobody was watching?
I'm a professional bellydancer...is that a turn on?
How can I improve my pointe?
Where is a web site (or sites) I can download good dance videos from?
What is a contemporary song that makes you happy and want to dance?
which kind of dancing is the best?
I want pointe more then ANYTHING!!!?
is 13 too late to dance professionally?
What should I keep in my dance bag?
Question about Grishko Pointe Shoes?
can you were high heels when your a pointe dancer?
Areballet schools with no pianist good?
Hard pointe shoe shanks?
What u like ?
Ballet exercises! HELP!?
20 years. Do yo think it is too late to study dancing? honestly!?
How do you do a Jazz split?
Anyone know of a DVD that has traditional Quinceneara dances on it?
Is there anywhere in Rhode Island that teaches break dance lessons?
What is the best thing to do when your going to a dance but you don't know how to dance?
Where did salsa came from?
How does being "Nominated for Homecoming Court" work?
Starting ballet at age 13?
if were a dance step which would you be?
what song should we dance to?
What is an easy way to do a cartwheel for someone that hasn't done one yet?
Clogging steps help!?
What are your favorite songs to dance to?
I'd like to take up dancing?
At the Houston Ballet Academy do they welcome walk ins?
dose any one knows about a place where i can learn break dancing in alexandria-Egypt?
how do you breakdance?
Any good dance hall songs out there?
To all the dancers out there?
How to dance at homecoming?
What are some songs thast have fast beats to dance to?
Is it possible for me to become a good dancer?
Places to Breakdance in Alaska?
How old is mariah carey cause she looks 30?
do you or did u ever do th 2 step or sq. dance?
i am 22 years old where is a good place to take dance lessons in nyc for people around the same age?
By a chance, does anyone know the name of this song?
any free dance sites?
What age did you start dance classes?
where can i take a beginner hip hop class in houston?
How to become more flexible?
why do people always have sex in the middle of the street and then the cars are honking at them?
Is it ok if i dance with this condition?
Great companies close to NC?
When grinding, is a girl whose next move is predictable, a good dancer? Or is it the less predictable better?
It's my 6th year of dance and I can't do a certain turn. How do I do it?
How to get a Ballerina's body?
I am getting married in December and dont know what song to play for the mother/son dance. Any suggestions?
How can I improve my ballet skills quickly?
Belly Dancing?
where were the ballets performed in 1910?
Good dance tutorials?!?!?!?
ABDC: Elektrolytes or 8 Flavahz?
Should i go?
Cute ways of asking a guy to a Sadie Hawkins Dance?
wiston tsosie?
ballet what do i need to waer and more?
what do i do???
Is there any place i can learn belly dancing in Pondicherry or Auroville?
a women at a dance store told me.....?
whats this dance move called?
semi formal dance?
How do you do the soldier boy dance?
ballet poses, descriptions, and pictures?
Inspirational dance quotes for a tattoo?
Urban Hip Hop classes At Community College?
What age is too late to start ballet if you want to be really good?
Can't dance?
How do I rave dance?
What are some good songs for ballet warmups?
HELP!!!!! I have to dance the Merengue in gym class!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaa!?
why women are in so much stress.?
All I need to know about Ballet?
Can You Danse?
what is the mexican cumbia?
prom help?
How do you get your kicks up to your nose?
Biggggg Dance Competition today! Wish me luck? :)?
What is the standard of the DANCING at drama school auditions?
Plz can ny1 sugg. aname for a dance fest!!?
How do u dance Bachata?
Hey plz tell me the dance move name,, rolling back on knees on kneel downing and going back,,,?
Can you help me think of hip solo for my dance,pls?
should i dance?
who were the biggest dancers of the 1920's?
Bharata natyam DVD?
I want to do a ballet dance with rap?
Will floor pilates help give me a body more like a dancers?
What is the ballet process?
can u do a heel stretch without knowing how to do the splits?
Boarding dance school funds?
Where Can I take dance lessons in Egypt?
I am going to Georgia for my friends gymnastics practice...how can i make it about ballet?
What kind of toe pads should I use for pointe?
I love Ballet. But I Quit This 1st Semester Because I Was Under So Much Stress?
How old are you supposed to be when your going en pointe in ballet?
Length between Ballet and Pointe?
Do people wear heels to homecoming?
Do I have a ballet body?
What song is a better choice for a cheer routine?
when i go to a strip club, whats the general rule about touching during a lap dance?
Help! Ballet Exam! How do i do my hair?
why is it important to warm-up before dancing?
Is tango better then break dancing?
Does anyone have a good popular slow dance song?
Should I try ballet again?
is 13 to old to start ballet lessons?
High School dance problems?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?
What do girls think of guys joining dance classes?
Best dance school for kathak/Bharata natyam/ odissi?
The Diffrence between Dance Instruction,Companies&&Clubs?
Adult Ballet in Boston Area?
I want to be a choreographer/back up dancer when i get older, where do i start?
Can I call my new dance 'The Special Needs' or is that crossing a boundry (it's hard to tell nowadays)
good songs for a lyrical dance?
Northern ballet school in England?
Where is a dance studio Where can me and my friends go to practice?
girls doing those crotch dance moves?
what are some famous ballet dancers that got en pointe in one year wile they were a preteen/teen?
Are you very good at dancing? What is your favorite kind of dance move?
Good dance studio that teache's hip hop for teenager's?
where can I buy Madonna's Re-Invention Tour DVD ?? not Ebay !!?
what kind of dancing was in the music video "sway" by the pussycat dolls?
How can I increase my felxiblity and turn-out?
which one should i do, paintballin or breakdancing?
What are some good songs to do a lyrical dance routine to?
what if i dance..?
where can i find a dance remix of penut butter jelly time for a cheer squad?
Who saw Dancing with the Stars tour show in Seattle?
So what do people wear to homecoming dances, im going into 10th grade and want to know if i wear a suit or not
what is the traditional costume for the tarrantello dance?
What Is A Good Name For A Dance Crew/Group ?
Intermediete ballet help?
What are your favorite Ballroom and latin Dances?
i want to learn the finale dance from the movie"Honey". step by step that is. pls help me.?
As dancers would you prefer to marry someone who is also a dancer? Why or why not?
i want you?
dance videos that are easy to learn?
what is this dance called?
how to get a latin dance partner? [15 years old]?
why do people say they have 2 left feet when they can't dance? why not 2 right feet?
lyrical ballet or jazz solo song for 7 year old?
Song ideas for dance routine?
I wanna learn to dance like a jabbawockee ?
What is the best stretch to do a home in order to become more flexible?
Im so nervous to start a BK any suggestions?
Would you rather do the macarina in front of everybody on a table or dress up as a chicken and dance ?
how can I improve my dance skills before I start class?
why do you like to dance?
What does ballet mean to you?
Good lyrical costumes?
How are you supposed to "dance" ?
Solo songs for a lyrical dance!?
What are some good songs to dance to for the following Disney movies?
[this question is for females only]if i were in of the bottom your valley dress when reheasing,whatwillyoudo?
at scad in savannah georgia can you take contortion classes?
where can i find a belly dancing class?
What are hip-hop dance classes like?
please help! 10 stars for best answer!?
What is the best website of Argentina Tango?
I want to learn how to break dance, but I don't know where to start?
ice skating?
need some good choreography song(Popping,House,Hip hop, Dubstep, r&b, breaking,?
How can I dance at home?? help!?
Do ballet dancers wear a bra & underwear?
im looking for the name of the dance studio in east greenbush ny?
Do you like African dance?
Do toe raises and pointe strengthen the calves and thighs?
sorry i can not understand. what can i do.?
Do you love me now that I can dance?
Dance/gymnastics tricks?
Ballroom dancing...cuban motion..help!?
What is the style of dance in Justin Timberlake's 'Rock your Body'?
Does BYU like male Dancers?
please answer.?
what do you do when you smell really bad and have horrible dance moves at prom?
why is dance important?
Ballet or Pilates and why?
What can an average first year corps member afford for rent?
How to get down in the splits fast?
Do you wear Dance Paws for ballet?
what is the latin song in the abc commercial for dance war?
When a Bboy/Breakdancer comes to mind....?
why should sveta salvi loose in final of jhalak diklaja did you see any imperfection in her dance?
Starting dance?
what to pack for a ballet class?
Dance as an artform?
Who in the world came up with this grinding crap????
Dancing school for classical Dance?
what is a great song for a lyrical duet?
How to belly dance? for begginers (please answer)?
who was a first prime minster in america?
is the best?
Lyrical or contemporary dance solo songs?
Movies I could base some dances on ?
Thinking of pole dancing to pay for uni. Help?
what will you do? when you fell upset in the class.?
My dance teacher doesn't pay attention to me ?
where can you get dance outfits.?
Hi im a hip hop dance choreographer i want to go for sumthing big how can i move forward in India??
Hii Im Mallika intrested in learning malayalam plz let me know if any sites are available?
Describe balamban dance?
How can you get over on pointe better...?
What are some great 16th birthday party dance songs?!?
Should I do this hip hop competition or..?
where does Leonard Cohen come from?
Belly dancing?
I would like to learn British accent. could you suggest me some singers?
Video of a dance last year of high school?
Why is clubing so bad in a parents point of view?
Will I look stupid if I cheerlead?
Should I learn to dance even though I have clammy hands?
When is homecoming dance for freshmans?
How to get started on dancing?
anyone done jazz dance before?
what are good , casual dance party themes?
Anybody have tips on moshing?
I can't use my hamstrings in ballet no matter what I do!!! HELP!?
16 year old start dancing?
i'm staying in bagalore and i want to learn western dance so where can i find good dance classes here?
Why are white people the best dancers?
What is the difference between pointe and ballet?
Gymnastics Routine?
What do you wear to a Hip-Hop dance class?
boooyz what do you think if a girl asks you to dance? honestly.?
Help for a song for a dance?
who invented ballet?
Do you feel like dancing???
i need a song for 3rd graders to dance to.....?
Calypso jump/leaps in dance?
clueless about dance?
are hyperextended elbows good for ballet?
What is it called when a dance has a story?
50s dance theme?any ideas please?
SAB, SFB, or any other?
Whats harder - Tap or lyrical?
can you teach me belly dancing in london?
Tips for a back walkover?
Bollywood dancing?
What is this dance move?
first dance at a wedding?
I can only sign up for one dance class, what is the best kind if you're interested in performing in musicals?
..please help! ♥ im confused?
Where can I learn to breakdance in tampa FL?
What is a dance that shows cultural blending.?
Can you point your.....?
What should I wear to my dance class?
Survey for dancers and ex-dancers, please read?
NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This is a dream!!?
check out me dancing . Do i dance good?
who is the best dancer on earth?
What images come to mind when you think of the word "DISCO?"?
To all the ballerinas out there, which ballet companies should I audition for? Need lots of opinions!?
What kind of dance requires high heels, I want it?
I want to become a cheerleader in the 7th grade so can you help me be more flexible?
How much does it cost to start dancing? [ballet, hip hop, tap, Latin or ballroom..] any ideas?
i started ballet a year ago, will i be good to go into pointe next year?
What Should I do to help my battle with my weight in the dance industry?
Have you ever noticed that ballerinas and ballet dancers almost always never wear that much makeup and jewelry?
What dance class should i go to?
what style of dance do you prefer?
How do you grind?
What do you think about ballroom dancing?
Any dance or cheer places in Ohio?
Dance class, a little overweight...?
Questions Relating To Pole Dancing?
Exotic Dancers: Does dancing make you dislike men?
Michael Jackson-style silhouette/shadow dancing- how?
Whats your favourite type of dance to watch? and why?
Please help me with the splits.?
What is the sexiest form of dance?
Learn the splits fast?
a girl asked me to slow dance with her and i said no cuz i cant dance.?
Song for Dance Solo?
All ballet dancers....... HELP!!!!!10 points!?
i like this boy but i don't know if he like me well i think he do he is always looking at me do u think he li
How to get a ballet body healthily?
What do I need for jazz classes?
I'm the oldest in my dance class and I hate it!?
Why is dancing not considered a sport?
Does anyone in Canada know a ballet school in Vancouver?
Are there any teen techno clubs in the Miami area?
I want to become a good tumbler for college. How long will it take?
Is There A Belly Dancing Class With A Reasonable Price In McDonough? (More Than 1 Answer .s)?
What dance do you think would go well with this song?
Does anyone know a good website or video site that I can learn the dance moves to Presidential by youngbloodz?
How to dance (alone) at clubs?
do i have problems?
how to make a kool group dance to?
What is the difference between West and East Coast Swing?
Hip hop choreography DVD?
what is the best way to start conversation with some one you met for the first time in other word pick up line
Attending a ballet recital....?
am i too old to start ballet?
Traditional dance to learn?
Bloch Aspirations pointe shoe?
Dancing 4 boys? (is not GAY)?
will i ever become a singer?
How hard is the American ballet theatre?
7th and th grade dance themes, NEEDED!!!!?
Monster Massive 09 who's going by them self? i'm?
I'm In Louisiana.Where Can I Find Good Acting Classes For My 13 Year Old Daughter?
Jumping over hands?
what does this mean?
can we get the software to do the dance choreography?
we have peewee cheerleaders 4-10 and need help for dance comp no idea what we're doing help please?
How can I find local dance lessons?
Exotic dancers are hot,huh ?
who loves ballet?
a hip hop dance video?
What is the difference between all these styles?
What are some good Dance songs?
I'm 19 years old, how can I become a dancer or at least look like one?
Where can i find ribbons that shine with the dark?
hot girl names? (guys answer)?
what do I love to do?
How do I give my Boyfriend a Lap Dance?
lyrical dance song!!! plz help!!?
what is the Knocle on Poine shoes?
What dance classes should I take?
Dance wear shop in Newton-le-Willows?
what is the best dance class to go to?
throwing up?
Help i need Juke music?
Would this be okay clothing for my new dance studio?
is paquita a good ballet?
How to dance in school dances?
Which tap shoe should I wear for my audition?
Need Jazz Music for a Competitive 16 year old Female Dancer.
how old was martha graham when she started dancing?
spraying hairspray on pointe/demipointe shoes?
What is Dancing?
Whats a good dance store in Dallas?
When will Miami dance moms start again?
good stripper namess?
How to do the Irish Heel Click?
What are some ways to learn break dancing?
What do you think about ballroom dancing?
How to jump high enough in a Calypso jump?
On a dance team, is better to be in the front or the back?
how to land a front flip?
i want to become a varsity cheerleader in 4 months?
how to move up a level in ballet really fast?
Is anyone doing anything in Utah for National Dance Day?
need some great hardcore techno music! something that just makes you want to get up and dance!!?
What is the most embarrassing thing you can do in front of your "crush"?(nothing disgusting)?
My friends know but I don't how do you dougie.?
Anyone know any good songs for a lyrical/modern/jazz type solo?
what is a good dance piece to analyse?
Does anybody know Laura Naries??(dancer in SYTYCD)?
does anyone know how to dance?
Do you feel like dancing?
Diffrence between dance class and a workshop?
do you like avatars?
act model sing or dance?
Where can I find free dance magazines?
I have a question about dance...?
Belly Dancing Reasons?
where can i take a hip hop class?
Considering taking a jazz dance class?
would you teach me how to dance northern soul?
How can I get my splits? And how fast?
what are some good, upbeat songs to dance to?
where can i find mens folkorico shoes for a reasonable price?
dance classes near rowland heights?
Whats the name of this dance, and where did it come from?
NEW songs that would work for a pom squad..HELP!?
Does anyone know if it is possible to make convertible tights out of regular tights?
can i start ballet at 14 with a little experience?
i am the shortest girl in school what should i do?
How long does the Alvin Ailey dance show last?
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can you dance??
What kind of dance class should I take?
Baile Sorpresa; Bachata, Merengue & Cumbia songs!?
How to Choreograph a semi classical dance ?
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How to dance stomp the yard?
Dance Dance DANCE Dance Dance !!?
So you think YOU can dance? Yeeeah right!!!!!!!?
Should I submit an Art supplement for college?
If i do split stretches for 4 hours a day how long will it take me to do the splits?
What is the rule of choreography in latimand modern dances?
how do u say "u are mean" in spanish da dominican way?
What is the birthday present from discountdance.com?
what kind of a man should i date?
song list for just dance 4?
Please any Ballet tips?
What Are Some dancers?
I'm choreographing 'Sister's are doin' it for themselves'... please help?
What age becomes harder to become flexible?
Do you celebrate National Ben H. Cardin Day?
im starting point?
the dance in one republic's "all the right moves" video?
How do I start to become a dancer?
I want to learn Hip Hop dance but I'm White?
what is the difference between point and ballet ?
Need advice from ladies?
Who got elimanated on americas next best dance crew............2/21/08?
What's your favorite style of dance?
grind dancing for a guy?
what is the difference between a backbend kickover and a backbend walkover?
where can i find a pounding techno or trance scene in tampa florida??
did anybody have a horrible time at the dare dance last night or did you have a good time?
Who made the wood castanets with a Y brand on the bridge?
What kind of dancing is this girl dancing?
I really want to start dancing, but i don't know where to begin. Please Help!?
Where can I get the dance uniforms used in the show Dance Academy?
is it true that white ppl cant dance.?
We need a chant for our Dance Team!?
Why Do Girls always dance with each others in the Club?
I am looking for a teacher who can teach Indian classical dance in Singapore?
How to do more than 2 pirrouettes?
Whats the best thing you can do to nail your tripple turns?
Is it true that tall people cant dance???
Do girls like a guy who can dance tell me honestly?
Any one know how to do the "uh oh" dance (where Beyoncé shakes her booty) in her "Crazy In Love" video?
What is the name of this warm-up position?
America Best Dance Crew Season Finale?
Wouldn't "Something 'Bout a Truck" be a cool song for a couple to do a quickstep to on Dancing With the Stars?
whan people say i'd def tap that what does that mean??
Can anybody help me with lyrical music?
Would you let your 10 year old daughter do this many dancing lessons?
What do you think of my dance?
how to be a DCC,Dallas cowboys cheerleader connections?HELP!?
How can I improve my needle/scorpion?
Looking for a Modern/contemporary solo. Something not to overused for a solo song?
What was your prom theme?
Learning to break.....?
What is the literature of Oasioas, a Philippine Folk Dance?
whats your favourite style of dance?
Who thinks Donyelle is a wonderful dancer?
How to become a professional back-up dancer?
How to dance easy hip hop moves or i want to learn how to c walk?
Best DJ music.. need good music for playlist?
list of dance classes in bhopal?
Dance Styles?
whats your favorite girl or boys name?
Shuffling tips/websites anyone?
Does anyone else here do liturgical/praise dancing?
how long does it take to get to pointe?
Please help me!1?
is anyone interested in dancing ?
How to do a back and front handspring?
I really want to teach dance how can I get the job?
How do you normally go about breaking in your pointe shoes?
Does anyone know any good dancing (ie ballroom) lifts to do in partners?
What should I wear to this dance?
What is one thing you regret and don't regret about your dance life?
What is a really cute way to agirlfriendsk a girl to a dance?
do you have costume image for singkil?
Do u think ballet is a sport?
Can you identify this dancer?
Ballet and belly dance in san antonio ?
gentlemen's clubs in arlington texas?
pulp fiction dance influenced by what other dance scene?
Is it to late for me to join Ballet? At 13 y.o?
How much background in dance should you have before lyrical?
is there any Beatles songs that are a fox trot?
I am looking for a rendition of " When Irish Eye are Smiling " .?
I am 14 years old is it to late to start ballet?
What kind of dancing do you do in a club?
For dancers, how often do you dance each week?
should i wear a formal or non formal outfit to the 5th grade dance?
any tips about how to further myself in krumping, tutting, and raving (like with or without the finger lights)?
i heard that u can practice spinning' by your head using a helmet can i use an ordinary helmet......?
Do u guys think this website is cool...??
What is "the Russian bear dance" song?
which songs to use for hip hop dance...?
what dance move is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1qMKMeC3Ghk#t=60s go 2 0:59?
how to twerk?? HELP !!!?
why are most dance classes for toddlers jazz ballet, rather than ballet?
Which song... for my dance performance?
foot injury to a ballet dancer!?
What is the worst pickup line you used on a girl that worked?
whats a .............?
Is dance a sport?
Is there any dance studio which has lock dance class in Vancouver?
Do school cheerleaders only get picked because of what they look like?
is there any drink to increase our stamina???
What can u get from dance?
Where is there a dance club in Reno Nevada for teens 14-18?
who sings the song "we must be in love"?(some women sing it)?
Name for a middle and high school dance team!!?
Are there any good websites that teach me hiphop dance routines?
How do I learn to crip walk?
Do you find anything wrong with being a go go dancer or stripping?and dont go go dancers make just as much as ?
Are they...?
how did the krump movement start?
Criticism and improvement on my pointe? (Photos)?
Help find the name of this song!!?
How to make my blog popular?
Ballet question please read!!!?
I hate grinding so much?
About lyrical dance...?
Ballet help, pretty please!!!?
what song inspires you the most?
who is interested?
heyy! .. im a dancer.. anyone a dancer? what kinds of dance do you do?
how to get dancing with the stars tickets?
I need dance song Ideas! ?
do you have any ideas, which instrumental song to choose for a contemporary solo?
How can I over split my leaps?
The dance is tonight and I'm so scared I need help!!?
What's the difference between Argentine tango and American tango?
what's your perception of male ballet dancers?
What are the names of the two dances from the movie "Emma"?
What is a good song of Wisin Y Yandel that you can dance to?
I really need to learn how to dance!?
Me And My Friend Are Doing A Dance But What Song Should We Use ?
Would anyone be able to give me feedback on my dance please?, good or bad appriciated! Thanks :-)?
do ballet male dancers get boners?
I don't know how to dance, please help?
What are some contortion stretches?
My parents can't help me with ballet?? Help!?
will you teach me what is belly dance?
I think my boyfriend may be gay...?
Does somebody knows the song played in the "Hip hop dance Competition" video?
How can i get more flexible?
How did a man asked a woman to dance with him at a ball a hundred years ago?
How to get a lower grand plie to second?
Do you like the name Brittney?
this is a silly question but i want to learn how to danc like michael jakson...?
Is fifty dollars a day for dance lessons worth it?
What are the guidelines/rules fora professional dancer?
question about dancing...any kind of dance?
I have beeen asked to choreograph a dble quincenera, as simple as possible?
How do you know if you want to be something, like a dancer for example?
wat artists make wu-tanging song?
is it ok to get eroused when a girl grinds on you at a dance?
What, in your opinion, is the point/purpose of dance?
wat does Cuanto Tengo Que esperar what does that mean?
Can any guys help me with this grinding problem?
why do ppl say white girls cant dance?
my jazz shoes feel too tight?
Does anyone know who wonon the show Step it Up and Dance?
What is this leap called?
How do you take care of your pointe shoes and your feet?
What is the attraction to dance competitions?
SplitFlex CHaracter SHoes?
I'm 14 want do to contemporary dance?
does anyone like nelly's Furtado's new song?
who likes ballet and hip hop dance?
Is there any possible way for a dedicated 15 yr old with no experiance (yet) to become a ballerina?
Are there any boys ballet class in the Pennsylvania area?
Ballet Barre (Will Pick Best Answer)?
Does anybody know where contemporary/modern dance classes are in singapore?
I can't dance how can i learn?
Why do people think ballet is so easy?
Is there a DANCE CAMP for beginners?
waht is the different philippine nature folk dance?
Ballroom or ballet? (I need a new hobby)!!!?
can anyone give me a list o fthe best run dmc songs 2 break and/or pop to?
Would my belly button be a big deal to people?
Squared hips or turnout??
Which beats do you not transfer weight on in the box step in Rumba?
What is a trial dance class?
where can I find a belly dance teacher in rockland county, new york?
What do you think i should do?
Does anyone know any summer ballet classes in Oakland? Or berkley?
The traditional english-type dance party?
What could I use as influence for my dance?
Can I still become a professional dancer?
What dance would you love to try (if you haven't) ?
Belly dance classes in London?
Freshman Homecoming mixer... (2 Questions, please answer!)?
what is the best dance tune ov all time ????
i love india and i want to join any academy of katahk dance?
is pole dancing as an art a slutty thing to do for fun?
Did anyone hear about the greatest dance crew Jabbawockeez?
dance show for kids: 1920 to 1980 dance?
How to do fouettes?!?!?!?
What pointe shoes should i try on?
How can I do a needle?(in dance\cheerleading)?
Starting Dance! Questions!??
I want to know what this dance move is called!?
What can you do to keep the end of your pointe shoe ribbons from fraying?
my younger sister wants to start taking dance classes like jazz, hip hop etc?
Dancing With The Stars Question. Help?
How can you save a new dance studio?
school dance?
signs when a guy is flirting or likes you?
Are there any dvds that teach lyrical dance?
Going to a party tonight: How do I grind?
could you all please please give me some names that i can keep for our band because we cannot think of any?
How can I get slimmer for dancing?
Which dance is easier to learn later, like at age 14?
Is 14 too late to begin pointe?
Is Ballet a Sport???
What should I wear for dance?
Dance Jobs other than Actually Dancing?
My daughter loves to dance, but the costs are mounting, and with my husband just getting settled into a new?
How to spice up dance style for cheap?
what is your opinion on dancing????
What is the dance program like at Kenyon College?
Music for AS dance solo needed!?
i need clothes ideas for sadies this weekend! :o please help!?! whoever answers gets top answer!!?
What type of meals should a ballerina eat?
who's a famous Spaniard dancer that is dead?
Best belly dancing video?
What song plays while Khloe and Lamar dance their first dance on the wedding special?
Who likes to dance to some good music?
Where can I find belly dancing classes in or near Rahway New Jersey?
How to ask a girl to dance?
Are there body types for specific types of dance?
i am very shy but i have a passion for dancing. how do i?
Is there any Shiamak davar dance institute in toronto?
How do you improve flexibility?
What are some songs about bestfriends that you can dance modern or contemporary to it ?
Ballet Question??????
What should I keep in my dance bag?
I love to dance but i'm not flexible enough can u help me?
Can anyone send me birthday song - in mp3 format?
where's a good website to teach u step by step how to learn, well STEP?
ballet pointe question?
Where should I get my dance clothes?
How do I convince my mother to let me bellydance?
does anyone have a e-mailor tel # for daniel collins-photos-dance vancouver ca?
i like h-town but my mom saids that it stinks so my mom want to move 2 Florida but i don't what should i do??
Looking for a nice mother-daughter song to dance to for sweet 16.?
Is Irish dancing better or worse than tap dancing?
Does it matter which pointe shoes is left and which one is right?
kickline moves [poms]?
How do I become a GoGo dancer?
Does anyone know where I can find a cheap DJ for a high school dance?
Do i need new pointe shoes?
heyyall ane Dancerz out there??
Does anyone know how to Grind Dance? Please help!?
are there any belly dance classes in Tooele, Utah?
Will you be considered a beginner in baton twirling if you haven't done it in 6-7 years?
im almost 15?
Dancing with the Stars Cardio DVD? How is it?
Why can't I get over the box of my point shoe?
any dancers on here? i mean dancers as in ballet and stuff, not strippers lol?
I need to get back into my dancer body!?
What is that music video wherein the lady singer dances with her partner and they morph?
How can I tell if the guys I was freak dancing with got hard?
I need ideas for a dance costume!?
Can Guys Dance With Each Other In Clubs?
What is Round Dancing?
i am a really really good dancer in everything and i am christian i would like to know some more good artists?
How to turn my tap shoes into jazz shoes?
What are the requirements to open a dance studio?
What is a great cabaret song to choreograph a dance to?
feet strengthening exercises?
What should I keep in my dance bag?
Should big girls dance?
How many pointe shoes will I need for three performances?
What Is This Jump Called?
Does anyone know of anyplace that gives inexpensive country line dancing lessons ?Like a bar maybe?
Good exercises for pointe work?
What do regular ballet shoes feel like?
Can you make contemporary dances to classical music ?
What are some dances of the Restoration Time Period in England?1600's ... per se.?
How to dance at homecoming?
Who is the dance group Sweets Rains?
Where could I find a media guide for a dance team or a drill team?
i danced with a boy at the school dance, does it mean he likes me because we were dirty dancing?
How do I get my middle splits?
Back-handspring help?
Have you ever seen someone start dancing in front of a group of people and thought to yourself: "this is a
ok, I'm a 16 year old guy and started ballet classes. What are guys supposed to wear under their tights?
Wanna start ballet again??
What should I wear to a USO dance?
Why is punta dance form so popular these days?
Who can introduce any webside about traditional dance?
how tall is a prima ballerina?
Any Good Wed Sites With Dance Moves On It?
Please help me...dance emergency?
define what is drama in art in india?
What Style should i start out with?
i just though...?
Hmm... Ballet leotards?
Thoughts on dancing in public?
i really want to be a dancer im already 15 but have had no experpience is it to late to start?