Nuter Ballet Performances in Rockland and Westchester Counties, NY?
Oh my God- which album is it.?
How do I become more flexible and a better dancer all around?
Im a dancer do i quit?
What are some good quotes about dance?
how old hwere you when you had your first slow dance? what song?
Where can I take breakdancing lessons in NYC?
Do you think belly dancing is sexy? And have you ever belly danced?
How hard is it too learn a backhandspring...?
A good song for a contemporary dance?
Can you start Ballet at 13?
What are some good dance songs?
How can I get myself to be able to do pointe?
Does anybody know where I can take dance classes in N.J?
History of Pointe books?
What are some good sexy moves for a video?
Can I take up Ballet at age 15....?
Why do ballet dancers always dance on their toes? Wouldn't it be easier to just hire taller dancers?
what is the dance type of gangnam style?
How do I dance at my homecoming with a girl?
While slow dancing, what do you talk about?
i want to learn one classical dance form suggest ?
What kind of dancer would you be ?
Question about Sadies Dance?
How to belly roll/dance?
How Can I Work On My Flexibility For Dance?
Does Coppelia actually have a dancing part, or does she just sit there?
What are some neat movies about a ballerina or ballet?
I am looking for the contact number of The Ivy Meyer Dance Academy.?
Good praise dance songs for church.?
What do you call those dance moves??????????????
How good at dance can I get in 9 months?
Does anyone know how you make the sign in dance for "regret" or "patience"?
How do you create a music mix that everyone (male, female, old and young) can dance too?
Does anyone know any good websites to learn new swing dancing moves?
where do I find boogie woogie organizations, clubs, and dancing in the USA?
History of Pointe books?
What to include in a dance blog?I NEED YOUR HELP!!!?
Is eigth grade too late to start ballet?
What are good music theory books that relate the theory to dance(ballet)?
What do u call a male ballet dancer?
Why do people in the 80's wrist clap when they dance?
What dance should I do for my sweet 16?
What could I do to get ready to go back to dance? Please help(:?
where can i get great dance costumes for a solo called fever?
Do you know this accademy?
Dancing Lessons?
what's your answer??????????
Texas Dance Hall Help!?
If I am going to work as a stripper , what should I wear?
How can I stretch/strengthen my ankles and feet?
Which site teach hip-hop dance on free?
How would you start a dance competition for dance schools to attend?
Why doesn't anyone choose me as a best answer?
where can I find a good bellydancing costume?
What is your favorite kind of dance?
I just started pole dancing and need a little guidance?
Dance Question!?
Does anyone know any good songs i could make up a tap dance or disco dance too :)..please help!?
I don't understand competition dancing?
American merengue syllabus?
what is the prince maheshbabu mobile nomber & email id?
i need to find gold leafed branches for crafts?
should i in pointe shoes ?
Does anyone know any hip hop dances classes in Torrance or Long Beach?
Contemporary Lyrical Dance Song help?
Ballroom dancing apparel for beginners?
Can a Man strip seductively?
How to do a split?
A good piece of music for a modern/street dance audition?
What's a good song to strip tease too?
what do u think of our outfits ?
Need some verbs related to dance?
Is 15 too late to start dancing?
Who knows a good way to contact a dancing group that travels?
Do ballerinas have to do this?
How to lap dance? plz help k byee?
fun line dances for teen parties like the wobble, wop, and sticking and rolling?
San Francisco Gay Clubs anyone can suggest?
Could anyone describe how you'd do a crip walk?
Describe your first day of dance class.?
How do I become a kidzbop star?
What is this ballet/gymnastic equitment called? (video included)?
Can ya get apprentiships (howeva u spell it)?
Dance Question?
Good song to make a contemporary dance to?
ballet......muscle strenghth and flexibility...?
Does anyone have a source or any pictures of Kaba modern mtv dance crew ON STAGE or dancing???
does god not care?..this is for dancers.?
how much is it to get a passport if u r from Egypt?
What are your thoughts on dance studio "A Tucson Dance Company"?
Nervous for begining dance?
How do you get dance jobs in LA?
How should a girl dance at a club if she's not dancing with a guy?
I was wonering if someone could give me some tips for Arctic Antics please tell me?
Aerial Silks ... What to do to prepare?
hey,just wanna know the name of the dance move tht t pain does at the end of the "low" video:)?
Is weight loss possible through dancing?
What are some movie song ideas for a teacher dance?
my school is having a dance!?
Gymnastics or Dance Lessons ?
How do you do the splits?
What do you do to get warm when you are cold?
Need a Salsa Song?
I sore boys doing ballet in these briefs can you get them and your dance store and what are they called?
What do you think of this dance?
For all you dancers out there, what is the best type of dance in your opinion? (i.e. jazz, ballet, hip hop etc
Pole or exotic dance lessons chester county pa?
I think is coming a lot a lot of terrorism in USA Do you think so?
Ballet shoes help?
is 13 to late to start ballet?
What students done the lets dance for comic relief in waterloo?
HOMECOMING HELP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
can you realy dance?
what muscle should i workout for this types of breakdancing moves?
Will I get better if I keep practicing?
have you seen america's best dance crew live in CA?
What kinds of costs are involved in dance?
How do you get dirt off of pointe shoes?
How to advance in ballet?
Who is the most ellegant: BALLERINA or FIGURE SKATER? Why?
DVD/VIDEO AUDITIONS: at Royal ballet school?
why is ballet considered "feminine"?
Which is the song...?
Can I get back into ballet after months away from it?
How to become a go go dancer?
DO girls find street dancers sexy or attractive?
Pro/Am Ballroom Competition?
Why are my fingers turning bright red and dancing around?
10 best Israeli folk dances?
Who won each season of America's best dance crew?
How do i dance with my hips?
should i be a singer,act er or art est?
should i change from dance to gymnastics?ADVICE PLEASE!!?
Does Just Dance 3 make you lose weight?
How can I be really good at hip-hop dancing in a few months time?
Wouldn't it be great if the rave scene came back in full swing?
Ive been offered ajob in California with the company i work with. I live in Ireland. im 29 Y.O, should i go?
Do you agree that dancing is a Sport?
WHERE R THER SOME FREE GAMEs 4 kids age 5-8yrs?
What are some good dance tunes?
Kids dance classes in Barnsley ??
What studios in arizona teaches breakdance?
I want to learn Belly Dancing, and I can't find a place where they teach it, please help.?
Is it too late to start jerking(dance)?
Am i a good dancer? plz answer!?
How to become a better dance choreographer?
To major in dance?
where can i find a tutu like this but for really cheap?
Does anyone know of a shop in london that sells pole fitness clothing?
Which dance class is more fun, Ballet or lyrical? Is it okay for me to start ballet if I've never been in it
does anyone like hip hop?
does anyone here dnace ballet or jazz and have pointe shoes in ballet?
ime and my friend want to start a dance team not for my school but u kno ............Just a dance team period?
Looking for circus music for my dance choreography, Circus them!?
What dance can we do?
Am I too old to become more flexible and maybe learn a cartwheel and backhand spring?
Fun and easy ballet questions?
is the tango a hard dance?
How to look attractive, sexy and like a Pro?
What type of dance, is the hardest to learn?
Please help. Where can i buy..?
Is there anyone who can't dance but still love dancing....?
How do I get my mom to let me take lyrical next year?
Zacky Vengance or Synyster Gates?
where were the ballets performed in 1910?
Are there any nightclubs in Georgia that allow 15 year olds in?
Ballet for Adults Orange County?
Can you get cysts on your feet from dance?
Why does todays generation hate Michael Jackson????
Good daily exercise program for dancers?
What Classes will help with Ballet?
Any good dancing tips for pop music?
10 things I should know before I start dance classes?
What dances would be really seductive and sexy to this song?
has anyone ever been in a professional dance company,or is now?
I'm short. Can I still be a professional dancer?
What is Blake McGrath doing Now?
how to get into competitive dance?
what nightclubs in the destin florida area can you go to if your 18?
is it possible for me to dance with big artist like omarion and chris b when am in kenya?
help me!!!!!!?
Ballet pointe shoes help?
Belly dancing is it hard????????
Questions about a Break Dance class!?
Pointe Ballet Feet Question!?
Should dancing be considered a sport or art?
if you can dance?
Are new pointe shoes supposed to hurt this much?
explain simple steps to joint rolling?
Where can I find cheap dance classes if I am a beginner?
Suggestions on Dance Studios In Portland, Oregon?
people dont write to me?
Would you wear an orange tuxedo/dress to any special occasion?
My best friend is fooling around with my wife. Should I mention it to them?
Why do exotic dancers always smell like vanilla?
What music relieves stress? Dances?
techno! techno! techno! :D?
why is jazz improvisation important?
How to get in shape for ballet? 10 points to best answer!!?
Can we dance if we want to?
Isn't dancing just for girls?
Is there any institute of katthak in delhi which offers dance courses for students of age of 18?
Why do girls have to wait until Tolo to ask guys to dance???
what kind of dance class should i take?
What is a good way to ask a guy to slow dance in middle school?
is dancing a sport!?!?!?!?
what dance class should i take?
Dancer Survey *FUN*!?
inAppropriate dance for school?
do you get along with you cousins?
What type of dancer are you?
What is the difference between pointe and ballet?
Salsa dancing in phoenix?
Cheap Dance Costumes for Non-Studios?
What to wear for a 50's dance?
Can a ***** get a table dance?
How can I start a dance troop in the city that I live in on a very low to minimum budget?
What are ways to be able to do your right and left splits?
Is yoga an excellent companion to ballet?
If you are a DANCER i have a question???!!!?
Where can I learn about chinese folk dance and chinese culture?
do you think it is proper for a choreographer to be only given sheet music and not real music to choreograph?
Center Stage Dance Academy?
Getting en Pointe with Two years of experience?
What's a good name for a high school dance club?
help breaking in pointe shoes?
hey are there any neoclassical ballet companies?
How to get flexible in time for August?
Beginner dancer any tips?
How much do Professionals Dancers make?
Is it ok to wear pointe shoes just for a day, if you're not going to dance in them?
what to do for a dance?
Is 16 too old to dance professionally?
can you be a good ballet dancer if you have pronation?
How long do you need to do regular ballet before you can go en pointe?
so im taking this hip hop dance class?
What can I do to help coordinate my dance moves better?
50's style choreography dance?
Where can I find a website that'll teach me how to dance $lutty!?
Who is Birju Maharaj? is he related to bharatnatyam or Kathak?
I'm an dancer an How can I find more dancer's around me?
Do you guys and girls like to slow dance or fast dance?
Dance recital gift suggestions?
Is it easy making a dance team at a studio?
What routines of so you think you can dance has Mia Michaels cried after?
need some dance tips?
Same dance for talent show dance?
is mikhail baryshnikov still alive?
Who got knocked off on Dancing with the stars (11/1)?
Whats the best dance to learn?
Need a Salsa Song?
hey,im on britains got talent and dancing what do you think i should dance to?
what is that dance style called?
Are there any FREE dance classes or dance groups I can attend in San Francisco?
Will Dance Moms come back for season 3?
Does the secret of ballet lie in the shoes or do you have to make an effort to stand at the TIPS of your toes?
Looking for dance classes in middle Georgia.?
Am I too old, too fat and lack so much time and talent to start dancing ballet?
How can I improve my dancing?
Who won Strictly come Dancing this year?10 points!?
Whats Wrong With My Turns?!!?
Question about pirouetes...?
Dance uniforms?
Does anyone know of American Indian songs that are inspirational, and have a good steady beat for dance?
Slow dancing HELP URGENT?
What else should I put in my dance bag?
Hip Hop dance?
for a dancer, am i fat?
What type of dance??????????
Jump moves for swing dance?
whar is 8118 Hadley ave s. saint Paul MN 55101?
How do you learn a dance from a video?
What am I looking forward to in ballet?
girls, do any of you love wearing shoes and sneakers without socks? or hate wearing socks in general?
Im a sophomore and my homecoming dance is on saturday am kind of broke right now?
Names of Ballrooms in St. Louis in the fifties and sixties?
just beat it.. no one wants to be defeated?
What are good songs for an acro dance?
how do i learn how to do the splits?flexable?
Need help with dance costumes?
split or full sole ballet slippers???
Dance How-To: Help Please!?
What is the difference between the styles of Hip Hop and Pop?
(10 points) Any suggestions?
is skrillex bad to listen to?
Who won in "So you think you can dance"?
How do you do a messy bun?
im 13 and i want to start dancing again..?
i want to be in gymnastics and dance but i cant be in both which one is better?
Can you take private lessons when your a beginner in dance?
who can explain.?pls....?
what should I do if I lose my coked up sausage snail?
What's the best club in NYC?
What to bring to homecoming dance?
Did you Ever take dance lessons?
What is the best way that you have found to stop the odor when wearing leather ballroom latin dance shoes?
Dance recital songs, help!?
How would a dance teacher react to a student injuring herself?
Anybody know a good theme for a dance production?
i want to start step/stomp dancing, how can i start?
christmas gift ideas for a dance teacher??
do anyone know any hip hop dance idea's for "on to the next one" by jay-z?
I'm 13, is it too late to start competitivly dancing?
Where can I take a pole dancing class in Hamburg or Bremen?
Stupid Question: In ballet, do you wear the little tutu skirt things at all ages...?
what states on the quarters have came out?
How to get a walking hanstand?
Do Americans like Tango? Why?
Who is the best dancer of bollywood (male)?
what kind of decor could i use for a high school dance whose theme is "UNDER THE SEA" ?
Whats your favourite type of dance to watch? and why?
Hows better Chris Brown or Jesse Mccartney?
Do I have a good body type for ballet?
i need to break or badly sprain my ankle, please help!?
How many of you grind at raves?
Does anyone know the best and easiest way to learn the splits??
Soca dance steps on-line?
Ballet dancers! Do you use tampons?
Is it OK for boys to sleep in dance leotards?
what is footwurk?
Just started dance, Where can I buy..?
Club/Party/Hip Hop Dancing Help?
Does anyone take dance as a class in you highschool?
Should I go to Florida and miss dance?
what is your favourite slow dancing song? name that tune?
how do you breakdance while licking your elbow?
Are there any step-by-step instructional hip hop dances on the internet for free??
where can i find popping battles in my area?
can you study street or hip hop dance at college?
Anyone know the name of some of the dances in Hairspray?
Anyone know the name of this dance?
hey i want to learn some hip hop dance moves can u please help me????
I dont know how to dance but i love to?
Polynesian (hula) dance instructional dvd?
who came up with the texas two step?
dancing hip hop in heeels...?
How can I improve my leaps, splits, & leg lifts with stretching?
How to find/make a cancan skirt?
What type of dancing should i do? (from step up movie)?
Am I a jerk...........?
What to wear to teen jazz dance class?
this song has played in degrassi in drop the world pt2 when their at the spring dance.?
What is pre pro IV ballet? ?
The audition class for Pacific Northwest Ballet?
Starting dance at age 14?
do you dance better when you are drunk or sober?
I want to dance, i have a passion. Help!?
Ballet costume website for individual dancers?
does programmes like dancing on ice and pop idol and strictly come dancing get u going?
What is the "primary age" for dancing?
I want to ask this girl to the homecoming dance. I don't know how i want to approach her. Any ideals?
Ballet Terms?
help me please i want quiceanera help!?
what does one wear to ballet?
Can I re start dance?
Ballet "FireBird" theme? by Michel Fokine and Igor Stravinsky?
why do you think americans plance an emphasis on movement in dance thetre performances and?
I'm 14 is it too late to start irish dancing again?
What kind of dance would you dance out of all of these?
I need an amazing dance for a regional talent show?
what should i do at my school dance?
Dancers! How can I loose 5 pounds? (soon)?
Am I flexible, people say I am?
Royal ballet auditions and what i need to do next in ballet?
How do I improve my point?
Songs about appreciation?
thriller dance moves please help?
What are the measurements for the perfect ballet dancer?
I want to be a dancer, but I don't have the ballet body!?
Does anyone know of a dance school in Portsmouth UK that offers Belly Dancing to Adults??
Where can I take dance classes? I live in Escanaba Michigan!?
HELP! im having a dance and i need dance themes. i cant find any?
How do you do the splits?
can you be to fat to dance?
I would like to learn Contemporary dance can anyone give me suggestions which is the best place to learn it?
Do we have anyone giving Kama Sutra lessons in Australia? Please let me know?
Why do cheerleaders got to be all that-----Cheerleader's?
Does anyone know of any Hip-Hop classes around manhattan?
If I have no dancing experience and I'm going to learn how to dance...?
What are some good dance movies?
Has sabrina from the cheetah girls 2, been taking dance classes all her life?
I need help with an introduction to the history of dance. The information I have isn't enough.?
how do you do the boot scootin' boogie 2 the line dance?
How to become more flexible?
So I have a "Dance-A-Thon" soon and need a quick, cool, fun move...?
To which song do you prefer to dance...?
how far in advance should you buy a prom dress?
i am a dancer and i need help getting into my splits?
How can I make a perfect ballet ponytail?
how to dance in front of a guy you like(repost)?
pole dancing?
For all the ballet dancers out there. :)?
who won dancing with the stars tonight?
i just love dancing?
Do ballerinas pass gas when they dance?
i cant dance at a regular party, help!?
So you think you can dance show?
what did ballet dancers originally wear?
Smooth-sole sneakers for breakdancing/popping/etc?
Could I minor in dance?
I wAnnA dO tHe tAleNt sHow @ skool!!!??But what song should i dance 2 ??(there r 6 ppl)?
Hip Hop dancing?
How to enjoy dance class??
If you could have one dance with anybody who would it be?
how can i find out when i am going to die?
need some great hardcore techno music! something that just makes you want to get up and dance!!?
Dose anyone take dance lessons?
How to Para Para?
How long does it take to complete classical dance course?
Can u give me all of examples about modern dance?
what should i look for in a guy I'm 17?
Is there something similar to ballet?
What are some positions of ballet.?
me n my boyfriend has been goin out 4 5 months it will b goin on 6 may 24th?
im 13 in June..dnt no wat 2 do..sumfin fun..not 2 xpensive..any ideas?did nufin lst yr so cn b bit pricey. Ta?
do you like abba?????
What is the name of this sport/style of dance?
I Like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it. I Like to move it, move it. I like ta move IT?
my first concert is tonight (ballet and jazz) help!?
Beginning Ballet Dance Classes near 19456?
What kinds of moves can I put in my ballet dance?
Heather Mills and dancing?
what do you know about islam?
What is the name of this dance move?
What are some clubs to dance at or listen to jazz, blues,latin, or folk, that cater to middle aged people.?
Help!!!!! hip hop dance?
What shoes should I ware for hip-hop class?
what are some good songs to grind to?
can i still become a good dancer?
Is it too late for me to start learning ballet?
How should i gain my skill back?
What kind of dance is best for someone who just wants to have a bit of fun while learning something new?
Good songs to give lap dance to?
Question about dance classes..?
where can i get a mask like the jabberwocky dance crew?
Is there any website that gives ideas for dance moves?
will she care if i cant dance?
Who will be the winner of Dancing With The Stars?
who won on dancing on the stars today?
are there any belly dancing classes in or around pittsburg kansas?
what is technique to make lots of girl friends?
Should I have fun, or should I take a challenge instead?
is it possible to do windmills on grass?
What Theraband To Use??? 10 Points Best Answer?
How To Grind With A Girl?
Is there anything wrong with doing ballet barefoot?
Why do I dance bad?! Answer Please?
is there a rap dance?
How do you grind with a girl?
Are grishkos bad for wide feet?
How to dirty dance?grind?
Thoughts on this choreography?
what is a good store to get a mask for the dance at?
What's your favorite type of dance and why ?
Can I get good English songs of 2012 for dance?
Best songs for a tap or jazz dance?
Help with my double pirouettes?
where can i learn this dance moves from Ciara's get Up?
How can I dance well..?
Whats your dance style?
What do you think is the funnest dance class to take?
is break dancing just for boys?
Dancing and Kpop fans please help!?
im throwin a sweet 16 and am interested dj clue any body know how much he costs?
BEST hip hop songs you ever danced to?
most people?
Does anyone know any hip hop dance classes that are around the derby area?
Whats fee in your dance classes?
Which song Is best for a jazz[dance] solo?
anyone go to or went to brent street in sydney?
What is that dance where you have your arms crossed and you kick your legs and you move forward?
how long dose it take to be a good dancer?
I'm looking for a rave party to go to in the city of San Francisco?
how to apply for the show dance revolution?
Dance camp outside Denver. What to bring?
How can I live out my dream as a dancer?
Good, cute themed ALL GIRL DANCE TEAM party?
Can you dance like this???
i need some dance moves, please?
Any good lyrical dance songs?
residential summer camp?
Hey!!I am cristina and I have 15 years old!I am from Roumania:D and i would like to make street dance bacause?
a lyrical dance duet for two girls :)?
What is a good outfit for a dance/cheer tryout?
Should i dance in a show with other girls?
I want to start a dance school. i need an idea for the name. Help pls?
if u want to make a party what u start first?
is swing dancing still cool?
Does anyone enjoy dancing even if others tell them they cant?
where can i download dance lessons?
i luv singing and dancing.wut should i do?
Why can't I do a split anymore?
Is a 7:40pm to 8:40pm ballet class good for a child?
How can you lengthen the look of muscles for ballet?
I have dance camp tomorrow but don't have a leotard?! PLEASE ANSWER!?
What are some good hip-hop dance company's in Northern Virginia ?
Joining dance class, any tips?
I don't know what to do?
Couple questions about learning to dance?
Has anyone ever done capoeira before? Alguien hizo capoeira? Es divertido?
Why are russian ballerinas better than american ones?
does anyone know how to dance reggaeton?
Good dance / stripper DVD to buy?
Dance Exam Please Help, It's Urgent?!?!?!!?
I have Dance classes and i'm scared that?
where can I find belly dancing classes for my little girls in florida?
How to straighten my back leg?
So I stared pointe yesturday and it doesn't hurt to go on my toes but I'm getting totally blistered?
i really want to audition for sm!?
why do we have dancing,reading books e.t.c as our hobbies?
does belly dance(charqi) help losing weight?
What should a dancer keep in her makeup bag for class?
Ballet dancing help please?
Is 14 too late to start dance?
do u think a dancer really needs 2 look gud?
Latino dance attendants in Armenia?
Why can't I lay flat when sitting in side splits? What do I need to stretch?
I'm in dire need of a song for my Creative Praise and Worship Dance solo! Please have a look at the details :)?
I am thinking about joining an israeli dance class, is anyone here into israeli dance if so what is it like?
zumba instructor seminar?
is it normal to find panties on the ground after a school dance?
I have a dance question?
Combination Dance?
Does anyone have any ideas for the name of a dance team?
what is the person who creates dance moves?
Are There any Pole Dancers out there?
who knows how to dance?
Can I dance?
How can I prepare for high school cheer tryouts?
In the movie Center Stage what music are Cooper and Kathleen dancing to in the first dance sequence?
Do you think Bella and Zendaya can dance?
would you make friends with someone who you know was positive?
how do i get 20 pictureson myspace?
How to tap dance/clog louder?
please i want to die?
Are 1 on 1 ballet lessons helpful?
How to do the Hustle?
who wrote i see the kite flying?
What dances do people do to techno music?
People don't realize how hard dance is?
What do you think of belly dancing?
Where can I find a dance moms episode?
give me a list of songs that make you wanna Dance?
Was ballet originally started by men or women?
Why can't I get over the box of my left pointe shoe?
How can i have my friends send me letters while I'm at the rock school of dance education?
Kittens ate my grandmother and I ate the kittens. Will I die?
I need a sad/emotional song for a dance solo/duet/trio. It should be able to move the judges TO TEARS! thanks?
Dance convention!!!? Dance revolution?
A question for dance teachers?
anyone who knows Somizi Mhlongo's e-mail address?
Is 14 too old to start hip hop?
how do you dance?
grinding? can i be good at it if i am a bad dancer?
How can I improve my leaps and turns?
So you think you can dance?
can you be a pole dancer in the US is you are...?
Is there a way to learn historical ball room dances?
Are you a dancer?
What is the dance teens in brooklyn do?
What color tights and leotard do I wear to the La Guardia Dance audition?
nerd song, for dance :) ?
What should my date and I wear for a school dance?
does hannah montanna hang out with famous people?
Is there a difference between an exotic dancer and stripper?
how do u get a myspace pg. i already registered but i don't know how to get a pg?
Define Ukutas?
Will using Foot Undeez help with sliding when dancing contemporary?
where can I find free cheer routines online?
any irish dancers...?
What should i do with my dancing career?!?
What is healthy to eat in order to become a Hip-Hop street dancer?
how old is too old to join a ballet class?
Why is Strictly Come Dancing called ‘Strictly’? What is strict about it?
How do you,dance reggeaton???(tips)?
salsa dance classes in delhi.?
Hip-Hop Facials?
Who was your favorite in Week 1 Dancing with the Stars??
What should I wear to dance lessons?
What kind of dancing should i do?
What is the song on America's Best Dance Crew?
Contemporary dance solo songs?!?!?!?!?
History of El Bimbo Dance? How will executed?
why do we read left to right?
Has anyone ever tried Carmen Electra's pole dancing work out?
How do you do the TEXAS TWO STEP?
Dancing Help tips please?
Is this kind of dancing jewish? I call it star dancing....?
When should I start pointe?
DANCE QUESTION: what should i do?
wheres the best place to find jazz shoes?
What good kpop songs to dance lose weight?
What is your favorite type of dancing?
Fast, Upbeat, Club remixes for jazz group?
What are smoe good tips about putting on perfume?
WTF....So you think you can dance - Breast Cancer?
what is the proper way to get a girl to dance with you at a college dance?
What do you think about cheerleaders?
dancing with the stars?
Do you have an arch or are your feet flat?
Pointe shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
are you ppl watching the latin gramys?
Where to take dance lessons?
Studios that teaches breakdancing in mississauga???
Choreography help for school?
can i join a dance class at 21? i just feel so self conscious cos i think everyone will be better than me?
I'm still young(12 going on 13) and this guy that I like asked me out to dance. Should I say yes or no?
What type of dancing is this ?
can italian people dance?
My daughter is two Gymnastics or ballet?
What should I wear to my street dance class?
Could I go on pointe? **Experienced dancers**?
This lady I work with said she can tell I do ballet by the way I walk?
What is your opinion about pole-dancing?
Would Karate Help Improve My Skills In Street Dancing?
How do I return a lost $100 bill?
Where did travis wall learn to dance?
asap ballet question please help?
My friends and i have a new dance group!...any suggestions for a cool name?
Ankles hurting after first pair of pointe shoes?
When do girls at the Vaganova School go en pointe?
How to dance in a short dress?
what would be the best name for a group of dancers just starting out?
Career in K-Pop choreography dancing?
What are some good gymnastics/jazz flexibility things?? Please read description.?
What are some good songs to do a dance to for a "Dance Showcase"?
Who is a "Dancing With The Stars" fan?" Will Mario pull it off?
what time is th best time to start ballet?
2 hours of ballet /days a week. How long until pointe shoes?
why do u think aaliyah suck?
New ballet dancer help with tendu.10 points for best answer.?
Does anyone know of any good sites to help me dance the meringue?
Is it too late to start Irish dancing at 13?
Should I try ballet again?
Can Ballet (not pointe) damage your feet/body?
I'm 14 Male, and I like dance moms?
Will doing ballet make my chest and butt flat?
I'm extremely flexible on my right side but not at all on my left?
who wants to dance the macarana?!?!?!?
When are you too old to go out clubbing?
Is dance a sport?
Teaching Tap To 3 to 5 Year Olds?
Are you supossed to wear toe pads with demi pointe shoes?
I can't Dance! School Dance is soon, and i need some serious help! Any tips and or suggestions would be great!
where do u start if u wanna become a dancer?
Is it too late to start ballet at age fourteen?
what do you learn in jazz dance?
any one do Poi?
Kpop dance cover festival 2012?
What *types* of DANCING should I know for going to a CLUB?
Contemporary emotional songs?
Question about ballet?? Am I doing the right thing?
Do girls hate guys who cant dance for nuts?
blisters from first pointe class?
Ballet variations similar to Giselle?
streches for doing the splits?
a good name for a pair of rajasthani puppets ?
How do I tell my parents I want to dance ?
How do I become a professional dancer ?
is kinesiology:dance at csun a good course to take?
Freshman need to learn their place in this world :)?
Any guys likes to dirty dance?
can you teach yourself to dance?
How can I make my feet/ankles strong enough for pointe?
I take Ballet and do gym should i take protein shakes?
How can i get parents to let me take dance lessons?
Any dance schools in Orange County California?
Gymnastic classes for Beginners that's 15 years old.?
Anybody know where to take salsa lessons in south florida?
How to become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader?
can tattoos affect my dancing?
Tampa nightclubs: looking for your knowledgeable recommendation... where do we go for trance?
anyone ever considered being a rastafarien?
What types of dance should i take next September??? please help!?
Good Jazz Recital Songs?
from all the dancers here, are u homo, bi, or straight?
Trying To Get A Dance Play Part?
How/ Where can I learn some hip hop dance moves?
Help WIth RIght Splits?
what did emily armstrong dance to in step up revolution?
I need a really really good lyrical song that people don't really use?
Are flexible feet good for pointe?
What should I keep in my dance bag?
Learning Dance Moves?
What our some cheerleading good moves?
How to improve my dancing?
when does dance central 2 comes out?
Best way to regain stamina before dance resumes?
anyone know anything about bio centric exercises?
Is 14 too old to start ballet?
does having an agent help you in the dance world?
girls, how often do you wear your sneakers or boots without socks? and if you do why?
What are the missing lines from 'the okey kokey' and others?
Dance party help!?
Any good dance blogs?
micheal jackson, justin timberlake?
What r some good tips for the dance im going 2?
Did the movie Dirty Dancing change the way we dance or is it just me?
What is the best Ballet magazine?
Does anyone remember Vlad who answered in the dancing section?
Do you know a good song to choreograph a dance to?
Anybody know some unique jive turns or moves or somewhere where I can find them?
I want to try out for my high school pom team in a few weeks. No dance experience, jumps are low! Suggestions?
Wasn't it folly to leave them off?
do nightclubs card you?
Ballet: Pointe dancers is it normal to feel...?
bad situation?
How strong are therabands?
Does any1 have any ideas for upbeat motivational songs for teenagers?
Can you help me find coustumes and hair styles for a dance to the song Call Me Maybe?
Right Splits Perfectly?
What type of dance class should I take?
How do you tells someone that there bad at dance?
Is a girl who can't dance unattractive?
Please help! How can I get my pirouette on pointe?
Does people judge you....?
Great summer intensives in TX?
What films feature contemporary dance?
I really need a solo song?
Character shoes - heel height?
Does Sanjaya suck?
What is the address of SDIPA in Hyderabad and also classes timings and dates of commencing please give info?
Am I too old to start dance classes?
Who was the better dancer Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly? Why?
How Do I Get Better At Popping?
Should I stick with ballet? Or just quit?
Dance Step, Jitterbug?
How to get a perfect jete or split leap?
Is $40 a month unreasonable for Pre-ballet & Tumbling classes?
how do you find out what you want to do with your life????
Homecoming dance on Saturday and boyfriend has a walking boot?
Choreagraphy ideas for the song Inside Of Me- Cherylin Lim?
my ballet school doesn't teach modern ballet. so is there any other way to learn it?
list names of western dances?
A female ballet dancer is a ballerina, is there a word for a male ballet dancer?
How do you get into music videos or a backup dancer for a singer?
I want to be in the circus i am 17 is it possible to start training?
I want to Do Dance Team?
Im a Guy who needs help with the Homecoming Dance?
Have you ever been caught miming to a song your the bedroom mirror?
Does anyone know a good song to dance to for a solo dance competition?
How to do this? Lift leg over head?
Questions about dance try outs etc.?
i hafta learn to do switch leaps any tips on how to get started?
How long for a ballerina body?
Will the Bellydance Superstars be Holding Auditions for the Wide World of Bellydance Tour?
Information on Contemporary Dance?
do african americans and caucasians dance latin genres like salsa bachata merengue etc??
do you dance argentine tango? close embrace or open? do you find the dance to be a quasi-sexual experience?
What is Michael Jackson's dancing style called?
Help please, i cant freestyle or dance at school dances and parties!?!?
how long do you think the party should be?
should i take up ballet?
if your a teen and you like to party and your good with girls click here.?
I don't like dancin' what things don't you like?
At what grade in Ballet do you get point shoes?
janelle keosian?
What should I do I dont think my crush likes me?
Popular songs with choreography?
Changing for dances awkward?
Hello, do overweight ballerinas really exist?
I'm 4/5 way to the splits but cant seem to get any further, how do I get alll the way down?
what year was The Evolution of Dance? would it be easy to learn?
is 19 too old to start dancing?
Cheers and Dances?
DJ at a homecoming.. any suggestions?
do u write poems about music?
Please watch me dancing (shuffling) and tell me if its good enough?! 10 POINTS!!?
Is it ok for a boy to take ballet lessons?
wich college or uc is goo for majoring in dance?
How can i learn how to dance without being shy?
can someone please find me dance classes for my 8yr old daughter in north oakland county michigan thank you?
Where can u find show girl outfits for your avatar??
How good is the BYU Ballet summer intensive? ?
how to dance at a night club ?
What classes should I offer at my new dance studio?
Do I have a ballerina body?
Dance Costume for a lyrical Jem- 24?
Did you improve after attending Joffrey Ballet's summer intensive program in NYC?
How many answers will this question get???
How much is the five week CPYB summer intensive?
Dance classes for 14yr old?
How to improve foot flexibility and pointe range?
do you think fat people can be dance teachers?
Do you like the name Brittney?
why don't teeangers like to dance Ballroom Dancing?
Acro Dance...Help!!!!?
What are some more popular dances ?
Whats the best at home dance/exercise pole?
how many people think ddr is cool?!? do u even know what it means?
Is it hard to learn Belly Dancing?
i need info on the history of waltz?
How to rub the backs when dancing?
What is a good diet for a ballet dancer?
Favorite famous dancer?
My knees and ankles and it's distracting during ballet?
Similarities / Differences between Lyrical, Ballet and Jazz?
how to dance. help please?
Dance class and period?
What are some dance moves that i could use for colorguard?
Should I go to the Sadie Hawkins dance?
i am too scared to go on my own to ballet. could some one give me some advice please?especially ballet dancers
I wont to start dancing but were I live everbody wll make fun of me should i wait or do it any ways?
What dance classes do you think are best for me?
Dance High Schools?
Can you help me out.. please?
How to be more flexible for ballet?
how to dance in a nightclub?
I've been dancing en pointe for 3and a half years. Im now 14. Should i do a pointe solo in a festival??
when is the best time to start to train for ballet?
Does anyone know any really cool songs that are just really loud and fun?
How can I master a pirroutte????
how do u feel when you are freak dancing(like u do in clubs)?
How to choreograph a tap number?
What are some good outfit ideas for my Sadie Hawkins Dance?
New wave upbeat dance song name?
how do you dance?
Do you ever feel like your period affects your dancing?
Ideas for a group dance?
What should I do??!??????????? Ballet help?
How long is left to apply for Got To Dance series 4?
what are the new dance moves nowadays ? like the jerk ?
What type of dance, is the hardest to learn?
Did you ever notice the 50's dance called "The Stroll" & dancing the country line-dance, The Texas Two Step-
Good Slow Songs for High School Dance?
xo thermix?
what size are everyones pointe shoes? :)?
Greek Goddess/ Statue Songs?
ladies, do you like dudes that have muscles?
why didnt anyone ask me to dance at the club i went to?
Is it too late to start cheer?
where cold i learn to hiphop dance?
Dance team tryouts....?
is there a website that teaches the hula dance?
How old do you have to be to go to one class at pineapple?
Dance Competition help!(:?
What to wear to my ballet class?!?
So You Think You Can Dance Auditions in Australia?
Need help! Fast! What do you do in ballet teen!? !?
ballet or jazz dancing witch will help me in my goal to become a cheerleader someday??
Dance moves!!! any ideas?
Could someone offer some challenging pilates exercises?
Is dance a sport? Why/why not?
does anyone else?
Is it too late?
where can I find a good bellydancing costume?
Can I self teach myself to dance?
how comfortable are rompers or dance overalls to wear?
girls and grind dancinggg?
Dance classes for the obese?
My right leg is more turned out than my left leg, why is that?
Is it ever too late to begin ballet?
If a teenager danced one of Maddie Zielers solos...would she look weird doing it?
Summer overnight dance camps !?
I'm 20 years of age and I am looking for a dance partner to teach me hip hop. I'm very much a beginner?
Ideas for Biblical Dance Ministry Name?
where can i find myspace gay or bi pride graphics???
Rate my Cwalk/Jerk/Breakdance name?
I have trouble balancing in first position?
Information about the dance "Miserlou": where and when choreographed, meaning of Miserlou, is it Greek?
What is a good school dance team name?
is cheerleading a sport?
Should I do ballet or jazz?
How to get better jetes & grand jetes?
where is murray disco dance in hackensack new jersey?
My arm is sore and swollen from push ups ;[ wat should i do?
Need a Salsa Song?
trying to book country music ledgend johny rodiguiz for dance-fund raiser for june of 2007?
This lady I work with said she can tell I do ballet by the way I walk?
If you had seen the mini series of Pride and Prejiduce...How bad an error was it when?
anyone ever considered being a rastafarien?
I dont know how to dance except the basic stuff but i would like yall help to help get started and how to grin
What's up with DWTS?
Is it too late for me to start dance lessons?
i want to learn ballet i think its so beautiful if there is anyone who knows ballet ...any suggestions???
Should i do Dance or Gymnastics?
Which pole is better Lil mynx or x-pole?
How do you dance "The Stroll?"?
What is the name of the traditional Arabic dance with swords?
How can I get my side ariel?
Dance Moms Question!!!?
I think i'm a dancer?
this is for tha dancers...!?
what do you call a pig that do karata?
I hate my pointe shoes...?
what is the difference between balboa dance and east coast swing?
what are some alternatives to a school dance?
Where is a good place to learn how to belly dance in Los Angeles?
What is flamenco dancing?
Are there any shops in London that sell Belly Dancing costumes?
Besides ballroom what is your favorite type of dancing?
Help I need really good Dance group name!?
what are the possible criteria for interpretative dance, rap and modelling?
Are there any good CUBAN salsa classes and clubs in Southampton?
What dance ANNOYS YOU THE MOST...???
i like this guy yet he doesnt like me back.should iask him 2 dance?
Can you dance?
how do people dance to the average hipster music?
What do you call a male ballerina?
break dancing moves?
I want to be good; my partner sucks and doesn't care?
Any funny dance ideas?
When did rock begin ?
Flexible for Dance Team?
Dance songs relating to doctors, surgery, heartbeats, etc.?
Should I do GCSE dance?
help!!! going 2 ballet class with my period???
Problem with shoes?
Is there Any Where That Teaches Ballet For Adults In Birmingham?
I need help with dance technique??!! PLEASE HELP!?
Can anyone suggest ballet music for a competition?
Is 14 in a half too old to start dancing to hopefully become a professional later in life?
brooklyn, NY dance schools?
Dance Schools In Brooklyn?
How do I reinforce pointe shoe shanks?
Are there ballroom dancing lesons in PE, South Africa?
Which dance is the coolest..... malaysian shuffle,Break dance, Or dubstep ???? ;)?
Can anyone please tell me if there are any dance classes in ballroom or salsa in shrewsbury, shropshire?
i dont know what to write for a Dance Teacher job description?
What is the party boy dance?
School of American Ballet Levels?
How Do you count higher than 10 in spanish?
What is your favorite dance movie?
should i do dance or choir?
Prom DISASTER! Please Help!?
Should I drop out of my salsa group?
variety show for college? need a song to dance to?!?
Hello:(should i go to the dance?i'm lesbien.?
Techno Homecoming Dance?
what would i wear to street dance classes?
what is stage management?
What should I do to get prepared to become a cheerleader??
george sampson?
what should i where to a school dance?
ballroom dancing in barcelona, spain?
What's your favorite style of dance?
What is the best ballroom dance studio management software?
I am in need of help!?
i love...................................d… i?
Are all tutus tiered?
does any1 here kno about Shamuk Dawar?
After an Injury is it hard to get back into an intensive dance program?
What are dance marathons?
all the dancers out there?
Dancing thread? Name a dance?
How to remember difficult combinations in ballet?
who is hamid moradi?
Why do you want to go professional in dance?
What are some good songs for Jumpstyle.......?
Does anyone know any new york themed hip-hop songs?
8th grade dance dress help?
upbeat pointe (ballet) songs?
Should I get Pre-Arched point shoes?
Good dance competitions?
Bad idea to ask ballet teacher..?
Will girls dance with a fat guy at the club?
how do you learn to moonwalk?
hi i need help on my gcse dance choreography x?
Dance Costume Help ASAP!!?
Do you think it's a good idea to take dance lessons before our wedding?
Rascall Flatts song Take Me There, is it more a Waltz/Tango/Fox Trot/Free Style dance style? Need help!?
I need a anwser desperately pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
How to do the hip -roll dance and booty pop?
i need tips for ballet?
cheerleading, is it a sport?
Is it okay for a teenage boy to start learning how to dance at the age of 14?
can i start ballet at the age of 13 ?
What's a good costume design for a dance?
I need a good dance school near my house.I live in Hampton, Middlesex, in London?
tell me interesting things about ballet?
ok people what do you think about THiS!!!!...[[READ]]?
I'm 23 years old and interested in ballet, and I know that I'm old to want to start dancing now but?
am i poser?
I didn't make the dance team. What should I do?
Whats this dance called?
does anyone know of good dance classesin miami fl???
Good themed Dance names?
what is a good song for my cheerleading team to dance to?
i want to get motivated to dance like i used to do before. can someone say something nice..pliz?
you country line dance?
Cheerleaders?? Gymnasts??.. Teach me how to do a scorpion?
Why did Anna Pavlova become so famous?
Drill Team Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
we have to cherograph on national integrity inter school can u plz help us?
Would my doctor be able to tell me if my ankles are strong enough for pointe shoes?
RAD vocational ballet exams?