hey there ballet girls give me advice please?
Where did you have some of your high school dances?
learn to Para Para dance?
Is lyrical (dance) really hard?
dance layouts?
Watch this clip! Good or not?
am i too old to learn to dance?
Ballet Bun Help!!!!!
just a lil bored.. pointe shoes!?
Did Janet Jackson practiced Ballet or Gymnastics to build up her dancing? Which technique does she practiced?
any ballet schools in london run class throughout the summer?
What are your thoughts on the Southern Strutt bootcamp?
What song to choose?
Best belly dancing video?
Can You Teach me How To Dance?
(10 points) should i dance?
adult ballet class in Indianapolis?
Am in need of indian video song of a sword fight,yudh,fight.....dance?
Free danceing videos?
was there a music band called "jambawamba" in middle of 90's?
Do you dance like crazy, when no one is looking?
Is it too late to start dance classes?
Im starting ballet classes and I'm not sure what to wear.?
I need a really awesome lyrical song...?
Am I too old to start Ballet?
Where to buy flashing finger LED??
Is it possible to learn...?
How old must i be for lap band?
Does any one know any good hip-hop routines?(with 8 counts)?
I would like to learn Contemporary dance from India anybody any idea about this?
Good dancing music in 2008?
If you don't answer my question I might start crying!?
Cute craft or gift ideas for a group of dancers?
How can you become a famous dancer? I am desperate!?
Can anyone explain the passion of dancing?
free dance classes(New York City)?
can any one teach me salsa dance?
Hardest Girl Kpop dance?
Keeping my shoulders down... one higher than the other?!?
Do you know any songs for group dance?
what is the hawaiian victory dance?
what are your thoughts on teen night clubs?
what is modern and lyrical dance? Like what do you do? do you have to wear any uncomfortable clothes?
What the difference between dancing and studying ballet?
How many hours a day do you stretch?
what dance style should i start with ?
What is the name of the song that Lacy And Lance Did on dacing with the stars Like 1 week ago?
Intermediate Turn Section Dance ?
What form of dance should i do?
What are some creative ways to answer a boy to a dance? HELP!?
where to take salsa lessons in the Fayetteville springdale Arkansas Area?
What are good songs for a gymnastics/dance solo?
My Birthday is tomorrow and I can't wait!?
do u like it when you get broke off?
Ballet Question?
What are the different methods/techniques of ballet?
Should I go To the dance anyways?
Ways to get your stomach toned up?
why do people always think im stuck up when they dont even no me?
Which type of beginner class would be easiest?
Anyone know where I can get sweats like these for urban dance?
what do you do with a boy when you go to teen-can-teen with him?
Creepy dance costume help!!?
Old School Breakdancing versus Krumping?
I need a good Hindi traditional songs for group dance?
Why are the phrase patterns in dance music regular?
Freak Dancing?
Can anybody help me with some moves for a party?
what movies show dancing?
Who found out?
How does one lead a Grand March at a wedding in Texas? What order does the wedding party need to be in?
What's your favorite dancing songs?
dancers, whats your dance lifestyle?
Ballet invitation?
Can I become a good breakdancer in 1 year?
Cart wheel, toe touch & splits?
Who invented "the robot"?
I want to do hip hop dancing, but i'm scared?
to ballet dancers?
Dancing with no footwear?
Help Me PLZ!!?
what is a good compotition gift for my friends?
i started ballet at 3 and stopped at 13,in january ill resume how can i prepare im 16 now.i kept dancing...?
how do you dance the waltz?
i doubt any one can be of help but i need help finding a russian ballet dancer?
Michael Jackson dance lessons?
HELP! (Ballet solo) please help?
Who are Role Models in Kathak Dance?
Has anyone heard of the Pro-Arch ( http://www.discountdance.com/frame_set.php3?mf=/search.php ) ?
I am looking into doing ballroom dancing. Any good studios in Southern California near the Riverside area?
how to do the grind dance with a girl?
"open squad" cheerleading "virginia"?
Gaynor Minden, Need to know your opinion on them!?
Can anyone from pune tell me where in pune can I get good quality ghunghroos used in kathak dance?
How did the macarena dance come to be?
Do you know any tutu fun facts?
contemporary dance camps for the summer?
guys in ballet?
Find the directions in english for the swedish dance oxdans?
Pacific Northwest Ballet?
DANCE PROBLEMS ,please do help..?
how to dance with a guy at a school dance?
Which classical variations have Italian fouettes?
Difference between BATD vs RAD ballet?
how to do a needle for dance/cheer leading ?
Am I too old to go into dance?
What are your favorite songs to dance to?
I feel fat at ballet class?
How to major in ballet?
How can me and my friend enter an online dance contest without making it like every other video?
Where can I learn to start dancing?
line dance steps.....?
Boarding Ballet Schools?
How can i get better on my Pirouettes(turns)?
How/ Where can I learn some hip hop dance moves?
How do I help get rid of the natural turnout in my feet and legs?
Am I too heavy for ballet?
Do you like dancers or cheerleaders better?
Large mens salsa or dance shoes?
what is a natural dance?
Theres this song, thats similar to the cha cha slide and the electric slide, it has a certain dance to it.?
Is 14 too old to start ballet lessons?
i want to learn dance dhunki (mere brother ki dhulan)?
I really want to start Ballet?
how do you tell some one you love them?
does any one know any good songs?
anyone serious about dancing?
Your favorite...?
Dance classes for 14yr old?
How do break dancers get good at their craft without getting serious injuries along the way?
does a dance party involve cool jams or mellow beats?
what should i expect on point?
Can I wash and dry my tights in the washer and dryer machine?
anyone know where i can find a video choreographed dance of jessie j domino?
Are there any teen dance clubs in Los Angeles?? (16+)... If so, which, and where. any info is helpful. Thanks?
Who won Dancing with the Stars?
what do you thing the worst dance of all time is?
how can i ask my mom to take ballet classes?
what legacy did merce cunningham bring into the modern dance world?
Hmm , is Jerking dead? or alive?
Jabbawockeez or Status Quo (America's Best Dance Crew)?
Ballroom dancer help?
Salsa dancing in Chapel Hill, NC?
what kind of dance class should i take?
10 easy points if uv ever been to highskule?
what exercises for pointe shoes are their?
What is this tap dance movement?
How many sell does thriller 25 have?
Where in Connecticut can you buy high-hiled tan tap shoes?
I am looking for freestyle disco classes in Barnsley /Rotherham area (south yorkshire)?
what qualifications can you get in dance?
do you like to dance?
Is there any place in the Los Angeles area where I can take Jamaican Dancehall dance lessons?
Does anyone have any ideas for the name of a dance team?
Am I to old?
Name a dance that was once popular, but is not anymore.?
what movies show dancing?
what do i wear for a jungle themed dance?
Am I too old, too fat and lack so much time and talent to start dancing ballet for recreational purposes?
Begginer Ballroom dancing commpetions?
what are the best dance songs?
My feet are odd and don't match?
Is it possible to stand on your toes with out ballet slippers????
too old to start dancing?
What is the sadie hawkins dance?
comp dancers:whats ur best advice for rec dancers who want to get serious?
What are some dances?
Pros of taking recreational ballet?
Ballet Qustion's.?
how to start hip hop dancing?
Hhow can i be on dance moms ?
What are some good ballet summer intensives?
dance competition for my 4 yr old?
Do you enjoy clubbing?
Are fliers from UK dance clubs valuable?
rate my dancing...? (i've attatched a video)?
how do u freak dance........ besides the side step{like in Hitch}?
Homecoming dance with a broken foot?
Did i get my moneys worth on those dance lessons http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToHWphRRt5o&q#?
Do you like Ball Room dancing?
Do you consider ballet a sport?
Is dancing a sport???
what is the national dance of america?
dance shoe brands ?
How do I learn cool dancing at home?
Where is the best place to park on the U of L Campus if you are attending a Cultural Dance at Strickler Hall?
I can't walk in my pointe shoe...what should I do?
what does it take to be an acrobatic dancer? and am i too old for it?
What is Karina Smirnoff's age?
am i too old to start ballet?
Chinese ribbon dance history?
wich kind of dance is your favourite??
How to be not bad at dancing?
Is this dance good?!? *Video*?
Is it possible to learn the splits in a week and a couple of days?
Is it too late to take ballet for my age?
Does anyone have a good popular slow dance song?
Will i get better at hip hop?
I'm interested in taking dance classes. What is a good class that will give me general dance experience?
How do you become flexible fast?
Dancers? Have any of you woken up in the middle of the night and just wanted to dance?
I am looking for a rendition of " When Irish Eye are Smiling " .?
I am 14 and i am a boy who really wants to start ballet but?
Does anyone know of a tap song that I could use for my tap trio?
why do people have to dance?
Do Colombians dance the tango too?
can anyone juggle?
Were do I find the dance moms choreography?
Can you learn how to do the splits if you try hard enough?
What are some tv shows about dance (preferably ballet) ?
How do you learn to salsa?
are there any bollywood aerobic classes in andheri west area?
what song did the bhangra heads dance for in the got to dance semi finals?
Help, my pointe shoes are dirty!?
What size Yumiko should I get?
What is this move called?
I want to become a dancer. how would i go about it?
how many wrong things do you need to do to fail a dance exam?
showbiz kids dance studio?
Do you know some good dancing music?
Are there any dancers that have mastered Fouettes???
Ok theres a dance coming up.....?
Good places to start dance?
How often do you visit a dance club?
Why is it that White people cant Dance?
Looking for a video of this lift/aerial I did in my social dance class?
Can you give me a sentence for Picador?
How much are ballet lessons in China?
What type of dance to start my daughter on?
Does anyone know what the GCSE dance set study is called for 07/08?
DANCERS!! I need help with my ankles!?
What Genre of Dancing do the Pussy Cat Dolls do?
What can I use as a substitute for exercise bands for my ballet exercises?
music for a dance routine?
Any ideas for a hip-hop song for dance team?
What are some good stretches for bellydancers? I teach adults and I want to be sure no one pulls anything!?
Does anybody lion dance?
What's a great dance to do at a wedding?
Stitches and Ballet help?
am i too tall?
Why do people always dance when they're with their friends even if there is no music ?
in need of clean hip-hop song?
is "crank that" [[soulja boy]] and the dance still in where you live?
help on music?
Help me pick a name for a highschool dance!?
Where can I find dance classes in Singapore?
Party Themes-- something that mean sexy and sophisticated?
How do you tells someone that there bad at dance?
i need to find gold leafed branches for crafts?
where can i learn how to bboy here in winnipeg , canada?
Would like to learn dance. Can someone suggest what's appropriate for men - Salsa, Tango, Jazz etc.?
chubby girl pole dancing?!?!?
What should i wear to Jazz class...?
What do you feel like before and after ballet class?
Good dance songs for a party?
What is the song from Brooke of Dance Moms solo: garden of Eden?
How to get more flexible?
What to do for ballet appreciation at Bronze Duke of Edinburgh?
how good of a dancer am I?
What is the victory dance?
swing dancing questions
What are the expectations to be in dance?
what exercises can I do to do a split? get more flexible?
How do professional dancers find long term employment?
do you dance better when you are drunk or sober?
How can I work harder to get pointe shoes?
Dancing lessons Without a partner?
What is the Highlife dance Background?
In the movie Center Stage what music are Cooper and Kathleen dancing to in the first dance sequence?
would you rather do Dancing or Gymnastics?
Help! where is are they holding the dance auditions for laguardia high school, i dont know where to go?!?!?
Am I too old to start dance?
What dance did Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers do to Irving Berlin's "Cheek to Cheek" in the movie Top Hat.
Is it possible to teach my boyfriend how to dance/lead?
hi i need an intimate hall with room for dancing within the bronx or manhattan.?
Any tips for me about going on to Pointe (toe shoe)?
On America's Best Dance Crew, how did Gary from the Jabbawockees pass away? U can leave links on articles plz
I have the chance to be a subsitute hip hop dance teacher?
I'm 18 and I have never taken a formal dance class and I've always loved ballet....any advice?
What is the ideal body for a hip hop dancer?
Do you need to have taken ballet class to start rhythmic gymnastics?
which school should i go 4 dance school..all types of dance..?
How do you correctly spell the leg movement in ballet that is similar to a dégagé but the leg comes up higher?
Is 19 too old to start hip hop dancing/ breakdancing?
Is it possible to be a decent ballet dancer even if you start as an adult?
What if someone became your cat and then spied on you?
How should I get into breakdancing?
who loves dance?
What are some popular dance moves to learn? ?
Swing dance??????????????? ?
sassy jazz dance duet?
quince party??
Kickline routine help?
How to dance at a party?
Got registered for tumbling! i have a couple of questions.. Please help!?
How do you do the wobbly leg part of Gangnam Style?
Michael Jackson This Is It dance move?
i am 14 and will a girl still like me even though i dance ballet, is a nerd at school, and is a bookworm.?
bulimic ballerina?
Where can I learn to Breakdance?
dance schools?
Help with break dance????
I'm going to the American Dance Training Camp in Vermont and ....?
Dance routinues???!!!?
am i to old to join dance?
Any tips on starting a semi-professional football dance team? I've been asked to head one for the IFL in WI.?
best way to imporve balance?
quince surprise dance?
Do you think i have a chance of making the dance?
Would you go to monical's for homecoming?
Should a model know beginners ballet or musical theatre dance?
Tell me what you would be A Pimp or Santa with a flame thrower giving kids ice?
i need a so you think you can dance fan?
Dancing help my body?
Know any good bollywood girls dance songs for mothers birthday?
good raves(dance parties for goths) in gainesville florida?
how do you c walk , crip walk?
Good song to do a ballet duet?
Can you think of any stereotypes about ballet dancers?
Ballroom dance lessons in Atlanta???
My bboy name-B-boy uni or uno?
its abt salsa, help please?
How do I ask my parents to sign me up for ballet?
Full-sole or split-sole slippers?
I need more answers for thiss?
where can i take tap dancing lessons in malaysia (KL)?
who is a famous merengue dancer?
Will running affect my ballet?
Does anyone know the differences between Tribal belly dance and Arabic belly dance?
who do u think looks cuter Chris brown or bow wow?
how much are private breakdancing lessons?
Anyone know any good songs to dance to???
How could I dance like her?? (BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!)?
Who started mambo moves at Zouk, Singapore?
(I would appreciate if Mintchip49 answered) First ever pas-de-deux class tomorrow. What can I expect?
What is the best Dance?
2 step.. help?
Can anyone find a video or diagram of this smooth dance move?
HELP!!!! Hip hop dance?
What is the name of this kind of music, I can't dance and need to learn ASAP ?
Ballet and tap recital songs for preschoolers?
What popular dance songs are these?
My muscles hurt the day after i stretched?
What is the most beatiful and festive festival in the Philippines?
What is the dance move where you spin on your head but not all the way?
I'm fourteen am i too old to dance?
What actions could i use for my GCSE dance? My stimulus is trapped?
Need some clips on uprocking, slides, pretty much any breakdancing?
anyone serious about dancing?
What are the moves at 1:30 of this video called(bboying)?
Should I start dance?
Is this a reachable goal (ballet)???
For white people who hate techno... check this out?
Do you think Ryan Feng of Quest Crew is ugly?
Can anyone explain this move?
What are some sad songs that are good for lyrical dance?
i need help with my Pirouette people keep saying i need to pratice spotting i have no idea what is spotting?
Do you know how to dance?
Where on internet I can learn dancing for free?
I'm really bad at dance. I don't want to be professional or anything, but how far does motivation get you?
fire dancing. I need some fuel?
what should with my girl friend i like her but she has a boyfriend?
Please help me?!! Year 10 formal!?
Need to learn Dance steps for class [more details inside]?
do u know ?
Who are the dancers on the begining montage of "So You Think You Can Dance"?
Is the Flexistretcher a good stretching device?
Suggestions on Dance Studios In Portland, Oregon?
How to improve my fouettes?
Some time i feel like dancing alone. Does any feel the same?
can i hold a dance at my local community center?
Windmill tips ? Please (break dancing)?
Have you been charged duty/import fees to Canada when purchasing items from Dancewearsolutions.com in the USA?
Does the dance where your legs kinda cross in and out and twist a little have a name?
What song is this from dance moms!!??? ?
Bartholin Ballet Seminar?
Will you tell me what you think of my feet for ballet?
am i really a bad dancer?
Cheerleader that needs help?
Help im not good at grinding!?
Are pointe shoes any cheaper in the USA than Canada?
can you think of and describe any performances where music, dance and drama hav worked collaboratively and wi?
how do strippers learn thier moves?
Middle Splits Help Please!!!!!?
Dance classes?
How can a person sleep without having any respect?
Shoes too small, howd it happen?
Help!! Please!!?
How to do the Twist?
Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?
i wanna dance, i cant do a step, are there websites which can teach dance, for free?
How's my samba dancing?
Some clean songs to dance to?
Party songs?! Urgent!?
Do you think ballroom dancing is just beautiful or silly?
i want to start ballet (and jazz) but do the ballet shoes hurt your feet/toes?
who was voted off dancing with the stars last night?
Any safety guidlines for hula hooping?
what is vertical flex dance ?? (is it a pole dancing ?) should i take ballet instead ?
How/Where to start Acro in NJ/NY?
What do you learn in a tumbling class?
good footworking tutorials?
how do I find?
how can a girl with no booty learn to dance?
Any Dance Craft Ideas for a Dance Camp?
Im white and i cant dance...but i want to dance like a black person cuz they dance awsome!!?
How can I learn a little bit of tap quickly?
Should I take ballet even if I'm extremely late in starting?
Sassy Jazz Solo Songs For Dance?!?
What do you do for fun?
What is an art supplement in dance?
does anyone know a place in london that teaches flemenco dancing?
how can i improve my improvisation for grade 5 moden?
which is easier nike or invert?
Dance Moves.?
does anyone have tips for doing a piroette? (on flats)?
Sore hips from ballet class?
I like a grill but how do i ask her out?
How many people out there can step over their hands?
which is your favorite?
What is this dance move called?
dancers...what is this jump?
Could I be a professional ballet dancer?
should i join dance? im a gymnast ........?
Dancing w/ CP?
Am i to old to be a ballerina?
if u can make up a new dance what would it be called?
homecoming dancing tips?
What are you supposed to do with your arms when you do splits?
I need help on this dance!?
Am I too old to be a professional dancer?
Dance Dance revolution?
Chances of getting into an intensive program?
How to become more confident in dance?
does anyone know how to do the atl drop and if so where can I see someone doing it in a video or internet?
Can You Make a Floor Routine, For Me?
Could you do a lyrical dance to a panic at the disco song?
Pop n' Lock?
Can a girl learn classical dancing and martial arts together?
I would like to dance at UNC-Wilmington (for ballet) over the summer, but my parents won't let me go.?
How do you dance with a guy?
if you have bad knees, and interested in dance, not worth taking group classes?
Alot of my friends are cheerleaders i want to try out for the team?
What is this dance leap called?
justine tinverlake is gay?
Ballet Foot Stretch-who can use it? (mintchips49)?
I want to be a freestyle dancer?
Do you need to be flexible to do hiphop dance?
Who is the best?
What do you do in a middle school dance elective?
how so u ask a guy you like to the school dance?
What would be easier to do cheer or dance team?
What kinda strip dance music should i play? Serious helpful answers please!!?
Where is Cico from?
rate my dancing...? (i've attatched a video)?
What are some good songs for and 80's dance?
I am really nevous about my first ballet lesson! Help!?
DoEs PoiNtE hUrT!?
hip roll/belly dance songs?
hip hop ticking?
Is there such thing as New Zealand dancing?(Read inside)?
A couple dance questions?? (:?
pirouette help?
Is there any institute in Hyderabad which teaches ballet dance?
Does anyone know of any instructional videos on how to robot/liquid dance?
a song in 80's south american with people dirty dancing and a little girl and boy dancing in the video?
what type of bellydancing do you suggest to try out?
Does anyone know any dance audition websites?
How much does electric guitar with 3 guitar necks weigh?
Why are boys so good at turning?
Where can i learn the stuff that buster keaton and charlie chaplin do?
Can i join ballet with no experience?
What type of dancer are you?
Dancing Careers? 13 years old?
RAD ballet grading help :)?
Do I have what it takes to be a stripper?
What should I wear to each dance class?
Does anyone know where I can find pole dancing lessons?
How do i know what size extensions i need for my x pole?
Are all strippers this unattractive and talentless?
What can i do to become a better dancer?
Need a name for a high school dance team. Our mascot is the Indians, and colors are red white & black.Allgirls
Why is this happening???? This is really embarassing!?
can I perform en pointe without shoes?
No undies with tights?!?
Check out new ballet video (reposted) let me know what you think?
Why do ballerinas have to dance on the tips of their toes?
Can a boy do the 'splits'?
do you like your belly?
does any1 no wot website i look that give u dance moves for songs like hip-hop songs?
How to practice high jump at home? NEED HELP!!!?
How do I act at my new dance school? ?
how can u tell when a person is tellin u a lie?
how old is too old to do ballet?
define what is drama in art in india?
Are the 2012 Dance awards going to be aired on tv?
How do I improve my jete's (leaps)?
How to dance sexily? For boys/men?
Montgomery Hall Dance School at Florida State University?
Men's Fairy Halloween Costume?
First 9th grade highschool dance - What are they like?? ;) ?
What are some good dance studios in Phoenix?
Is 83 a good score for my Grade 6 RAD exam?
what are some stories to tell through a dance number?
want to know details of naga dance?
Is there any way I can learn how to do the splits?
Where can I get personal/private dance lessons in Sacramento, CA? (Preferrably Hip-Hop)?
Whats the most entertaining type of country/swing dancing?
Does anybody know the bboyer salah?
Who are some famous Hispanic ballet dancers?
For a better break dancing body, should I gain upper body strength first or lose weight first?
Which crew is on your TOP list on America's Best Dance Crew for season 3?
I'm going to a dance class tonight and I'm a bit nervous. Does anyone know how to "Five Knuckle Shuffle"
what to wear to dance rehearsals?
I'm trying to find a specific song with a dance to it?
Name of a hip hopsong. Beginning goes: "When I come through everything go stop" I think it's a new song
so you think u can dance?
what's the lovelyest place in the world?
What are some dance songs for a party?
What would be a good dance song for this group?
is a lolipop better or a laffy taffy?
Removeable pole?*pole dancing*?
What do women truly think of straight man who loves dancing? (as in ballet, modern and jazz).?
What is the difference between pointe shoes and russian ballet shoes?
Is mountain biking bad for ballet?
tips to make colonel on my dance team?
Who is the "Electric Slide" by?
i have this dance in 3 weeks for school and i dont have a date,but i wanted to takesomeone...?
What should a man wear to a ballet class?
My ballet shoes...?
Shirts from SYTYCD on 7/10?
How to get arched feet for dance?
any one knows a web site to download free russian mp3 songs?
Do you like to dance around in your room with the music blasting?
Does anybody know any interesting facts about the New York City Ballet company during the 40's?
do girls really care if u cant dance?
i love a girl but she does not love me...help?
I'm coming up with a two piece dance costume and i need help finding some of the pieces?!!! HELP?
What's the best web source to learn break dancing?
dance questions??????
2 questions in 1! Which dance is better, and which 5 artworks do you like best?
If I put up a pole would you dance for me?
Should I go back to dancing?
where are auditions for dancer ages 14+ in chicago?
How to get a better turnout in ballet?
The primary dynamic that ballet dancers must be able to perform is swing. True/false?
Too overweight to dance?
Where to buy the best dance uniform, not online?
Turned In Leg Splits in dance?
Is 18 years old too old to learn how to dance?
Turning in footundeez?
I want to start dance but idk how?? HELP??!?
Could you watch Shakira dance all day long?
dancers......quick question?
Beginner Kpop dances?
any body like the video/dance game in the groove 2? tell me!!?
does anybody know the name of this dance?
Are you a belly dancer? (please help)?
experienced dancers(honest opinion)?
i need a name for my dance team?
Going to dance today ?
Is 17 too late to be a professional ballerina?
Unchained melody-Righteous Bros. or Unbreak My Heart-Toni Braxton. What's more romantic/sexy to dance to?
i have been doing ballet?
This is for dancers?
I Don’t Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem) By Charlotte Mean???
Looking for summer dance camps in the USA?
What are some websites that teach you how to dance?
How to get my splits fast?
ok dancing???
What genre/s is the dancing in the movie "Step Up"?
Looking to learn some Irish dancing, based in Manchester City centre, know anywhere?
What is a good place to find a dance costume?
Can anyone recommend good tango dancer's that I can hire for a party in Miami, FL?
ballroom dancing music?
Where can I buy Sylvie Guillem's Cinderella ballet video?
Have you ever physically hurt someone with your dance moves?
Hi!I am neha, where I can learn dance in west delhi?
I have a boyfriend but i still have feelings for my ex and i know he has feelings for me, what should i do?
Does ne1 no which webcam is being used?
Is it too late to start taking dance lessons at 15?
What are you supposed to wear for a free trial ballet class?
law of attraction and dancing?
how can i be a better dancer?
Do you know any dances places in michgan?
Songs for Rumba?
Are you a better dancer than me?
ballet dancers=superhuman?
girls, do any of you love wearing shoes and sneakers without socks? or hate wearing socks in general?
I want to be treated like baby again!?
please help me!?
POLL:What's in your Dance Bag ??
Advice needed for teaching a dance class!?
Why was the twist such a controvertial dance during our mama and papa's teen years.?
Do I need to put weights in my 6' color/winterguard pole?
Do you know any ballroom classes that happen around 6pm in Hillingdon, Ickenham?
Working with a theraband for dance because I'm flat footed?
What is a good dancing song for a talent show...?
Stretches that will help me learn how to do the splits.?
Im trying to learn michael jackson dance moves help!!!?
how long does it take to wear in new ballet shoes?
How do you make sure that your canes doesn't slip in bellydance while you're twirling it ? (raks al assaya)?
Is there glory in pain?
Do you think these dance sneakers are unisex?
does anyone know who david melendez is from starlite dance studio!!??
when will I get my pointe shoes?
how to do multiple pirouettes?
what breakdance move is this?
Audacity music mixing help needed please!?
Where can i learn new dance moves?
most romatic dance between two people?
Asking a girl to homecoming using a Star Wars reference?
When was choreographer Jamie King born?
I need to know whether or not Antonio Machin used to were white shoes. Please help!?
Where are Grishko Ballet slippers made in?
Am I to old to start ballet?
Where can a guy take a lady dancing in Oklahoma City other than country?
Is lyrical dancing hard to learn?
Can I take ballet at this age and still get on pointe later?
dance technique question?
Where can I find a dance costume like this?
Guys: Do you think it's weird when a girls asks you to dance at homecoming?
am I crazy?
I need a stripper name.?
do you wear underwear with a leotard?
Dandiya Instruction?
Am I too old to start learning tap dance?
At what age do you think it's too old to get an aerial cartwheel?
What should I do when ppl tell me I suck at dancing?
Why is the theme of Mohini Attam Love and Devotion to God?
baggy off the shoulder dress? dance?
Rohini was a graceful dancer, use what and make it exclamatory?
how do i become a better dancer?
does anybody here knows what continental step is???
how do i sign up my daughter with cheer america in minnesota (cheerleading?
30 years after the sending of Voyager, who thinks we need to get it back and include...?
Jazz Dance Solo for Competition?
Who would you like to win So you think you can dance?
What is a scuffle in tap dance?
Is 13 too young for a girl to start Ballet?
Would luv 2 dance like they do in movie step up 1 & 2. Im from Co Clare, any1 know of any classes nearby?
Shoes for hip-hop dancing?
How to dance at a party?
what would you chose? jazz dance or hip hop and why?
is it true your leg can go numb if you hold your split for 30 min?
is this song a good song for a ballet routine?
how do i do that one move in ciara's video get up?
Good dance team names?
What do you think of Gaynor Minden pointe shoes?
How can I make 200$-325$ for a dance camp in two weeks?
i need harsh dance training?
How to teach a dance class?
In breakdancing, what is the difference between a flare and a windmill?
Fast-paced Songs?
Which type of dance do you enjoy doing the most?
Any dancers out there?
How do you grind?
Did Tim pocock from dance academy die?
How do you prevent your dance bag from smelling?
i need good belly dancing songs?
What type of thing should I do dance, sing, play a sport or something else?
My daughter has an 80's themed dance this weekend...?
I really want to learn Chinese Dance?
Would it be possible to become a contortionist later on in life?
music for a toy themed dance choreography?
What is a good song i can dance to?
How do you Dirty Dance?
My life depends on this.?
I don't want to dance?
Why is Singin' in the rain considered a historical dance work?
There's this guy in the same grade as me, but I don't think he likes me. How do I get him to notice me?
Where can I learn ballroom dance in the doncaster area?
looking for latin american dance classes and spanish classes in salisbury nc or a vicinity close by?
Where can I take a quality salsa class in St. Louis, MO?
Dance bag recommendations?
HOw do i grind a boy?
What age should a child start point?
Is 11 too late to start ballet if I want to become a professional ballerina?
First dance solo:). ?
any good dance studio to learn jazz/hip-hop dance? better around holborn/shephurds bush?
StarPower International Competition...?
Is the Flexistretcher a good stretching device?
how do i get costumes like the ones from dance moms?
10 things I should know before I start dance! ?
Dance/Movement Psychotherapy (Career Choice)?
How does one identify non-marking shoes? Are regular jogging shoes non-marking? Could anyone pls help?
I LUV dancing but..i can't dance in front of people! what should i 2 get out of my shell??
Do point shoes give you bad blisters and bloody feet?
Know of any good websites with cute salsa dance-wear??
Any good bisexual bars or dance clubs in NYC?
Professionally dance and go to college ?
Overcoming self-conciousness while dancing?
What is the perfect age to start pointe work?
Can a pre professional ballet school kick a student out for being too thin?
Kso, I'm having a house party on Friday, and I need some good dance music?
i hate my dance moves what should i do?
Anyone know about this studio, or go there?
My kickline team's theme is "poison ivy" and I was wondering if anyone knew some good songs to use?
Who loves dancing???
Can anyone help me...?
Help with Capezio pointe shoes?
Tap shoes for special feet?
A lyrical solo song about not feeling good enough?
Whats the song that they use as the dance off on the live addition?
What type of dance would blatantly show passion, other than Salsa?
Which celeb is the most annoying?
do you like music crazzy frog??????
cost of ballet?
We're going dancing, I'm a big chap and my wife likes to see me out in front?
what are typical songs that are played at high school dances?
Did the lindy hop dance take place during world war II ?
what can i do 2 learn how 2 do the splits?
I need help with learning the bones!!?
Is it possible to take dance lessons at 20 years old?
Does anyone know a good website that teaches dancing?
Name Ideas??
Im going to a wedding on saturday. I need to learn how to dance.?
I want to have a dance party for my 20th but I want to have a creative theme? And i cant think of anything?
Riverdance Steps (irish dance)?
Stepping sites?
Figureskating or dance ?
What Is The Best Ballet For Me?
Know where I can learn traditional Filipino dancing on the East Coast , especially CT?
what is the best thing to do @ a Middle school dance?
Who would you like to win So you think you can dance?
What's the best way to peruse my dream?
who is the best dancer on earth?
Too early to start pointe?
which is better: Cheerleading or Dance Team?
anyone done jazz dance before?
How is Indian culture related to Indian classical dance?what does the statue of Nataraja indicate?
am i too late to start taking ballet lessons?
How do I start to become comfortable dancing?
why do people think that dancing is a sin.?
is it too late to start ballet?? i'm 12 years old...?
ways to ask a girl to a school dance?
Lyrical song suggestions?
18+ nightclubs in Los Angeles and surrounding areas..?
Question on ballet.? I'll answer yours..?
Dance Terms ..... HELP!!?
how to dance. help please?
Dancing...love it and hate it help!?
What are the dance terms?
Summer dance intensive 2011 in new york for contemporary?
How far can you do the splits?
Do you think Bristol Palin should still be on Dancing with the Stars?
Good dance party songs?
Instrumental Music For GCSE Dance Piece, energetic, creepy - about person who hears voices.?
what's a good slow dance song?
Going clubbing tomorrow night, how do people dance at the clubs?
What's a good kind of dance for a beginner?
Dance Camps in England?
Whats the average age to start pointe, or how many years does it take?
Where can I find some dance club in myrtle beach?
Would it be okay to leave my home coming dance?
Do you think I'm to old to start ballet again?
great lyrical songs to dance to?
What's a good song to do a lyrical dance too?
Find the directions in english for the swedish dance oxdans?
Suggest some funny floor movements please?
Is there a contra or a English Country dance group that I can connect with in Hamden, CT?
Would you choose modern, irish, or ballet, and why?
Should my 11 year old daughter start doing dance? Is it too late?
where i can acquire videos of performances of gillian murphy ?
Helppp! i need good songs to dance to!!!?
Is it ok to go to DAYGLOW alone?
Do I get UCAS points for ballet?
how does dance affect the human body?
Looking for a Tahitian Dance group to dance for in San Diego even willing to drive to L.A.?
how much should a 14 year old ballet dancer weigh?
Can I become a cheerleader in high school?
How to deepen my butterfly stretch?
What is the name of that beautiful INDIAN folkloric dance?
how to practice pole dancing?
Are male ballet dancers supposed to be thin as their female counterparts?
Highschool dance team high kick and jazz funk songs.?
should i try out for color guard?
how to be confidence while performing dance in programs?
how do i become really flexible REALLY quickly?
Who is the best dancer in hip hop and rap?
list of dancers on o You Think You Can Dance 6-6-2012?
Why are pink tights used in ballet?
what websites can i go on 2 learn how to breakdance for free?
i want 2 be a belly dancer, but where do i start?
I need a U/14 Jazz Solo dance song?
Is it bad to dance to the national anthem?
I want to be a dancer,how to start?
no one will go to the dance with me!?
what is your favorite song? and who is the artist?
Dancing at homecoming!?
How do you set up your own dancing club?
I don't like my Dance school, Should I quit?
What type of things do you need to know to be a varsity cheerleader for St.Mary's Academy in New Orleans?
how can i learn to dance with out an instructor in person?
What does kicking your leg back and forth do?
How to give a good lap dance?
Help me know whats Right, Should i say something?
I need to do a dance routine-any good songs???????????????
Internet sites for learning Hip-Hop dance?
Where can I take dance lessons for teen beginner in the durham area?
does anyone know how learn dancing lessons like hip hop. for free online?
best bollywood film of the lifetime?
do you have old pointe shoes size 4-5? please read xx?
What do you pick from the menu?
Should I take Ballet?
any dancers on here? i mean dancers as in ballet and stuff, not strippers lol?
Dance production ideas?
I like to dance?
Are you a good dancer?Or do you THINK you're a good dancer?
What is it ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?
Please help - MARTHA GRAHAM?
Should I go to Altered State nightclub (Detroit) for my 18th birthday?
should i get a bloch alpha if im a beginner?
Do I have a chance of becoming a professional ballerina?
is anyone auditioning for so you think you can dance?
I have a question about dance costumes.....?
Which is better to put a two year old girl in: Gymnastics or Dance?
Is 13 too OLD for a girl to start Ballet
How good is the BYU Ballet summer intensive? ?
Do you think YOU can dance?
What do you think the sexiest forms of dancing are?
Is there any course for children in NSD?
How to do a back handspring?
What are the best modern/contemporary dance studios in nyc?
What is the differen between Salsa and Cha Cha ?
Laguardia high school dance auditions!!!!!!! Help! BEST ANSWER 10 PIONTS!!!?
is this a good video?
What type of thing should I do dance, sing, play a sport or something else?
I really need help dancing?
Do girls like dancers that dance good or look good.?
I have a ballet class and I need help with what to wear?
Does anyone know of a good cheer camp in Colorado?
I want to take dance but which dance?
where is a breakdance school in flushing or bayside queens?
House Dance in Silicon Valley?
What do you have to do to be a good pole dancer?
what is a discent boy?
Individual summer dance camps?
Where can I take adult beginner dance classes in NYC?
what kind of pointe shoes do you have?
What do you think of cimmy?
Starting a dance team. Any ideas for names??
how many hours a week do you dance ?
does anyone go to irish dancing?
What kind of natural, climate- related phenomenon has devasted agriculture in Africa's Sahel region?
no volume button on my my keyboard?
Do you know a good street dance class for beginners in London?
How can i incorporate dance in my life if im a dentist?
what do i take to my 1st ballet lesson |asap|/?
Can you buy pointe shoes even if you havent done much ballet?
Which is the Capital of Salsa and where is it?
Which is the best place for Couple Dance Party on 31st at Baroda ?
What is the Cumbia dance costume?
Where can I go to college/schools for dance/choreography around Pennsylvania?
How do you "flap" your butt?
Which dance is better? Salsa or bachata?
what kind of dance do you want my dog to learn?
what is your favourite type of dance and why?
what is this dance move called?
how do you do a headstand?
any tips for da walk it out??
Poll: What song would you most likely dance to?
gymnastics- is 12 years old to late to begin learning and train for competition?
Smooth-sole sneakers for breakdancing/popping/etc?
Do other dancers get annoyed when watching gymnastics in the Olympics?
Where can I find traditional Plena costumes online?
what is the factors affecting philippine folk dances?
Beginner bboy breakdancer, I need advice?
DANCERS! Songs for Technical Modern Dance (Graham, Horton, Limon, ect)?
Female group name ideas.? PLEASE ANSWER! DESPERATE /:?
Kickline quote for a shirt?
I need music ideas for my jazz comp team :)?
whats a Tumbler & stunter?
Best Ballroom Dance?
What is a good upbeat hiphop song to dance to?
What are good dancing graduduation songs like good feeling but are more modern for 2012?
is there anybody out there who honestly likes grace?
sweet 16 or no ?
a song in 80's south american with people dirty dancing and a little girl and boy dancing in the video?
Any dance classes in NYC on weekends (for adults)?
How much does this stuff cost?
My three-year-old is starting ballet class, should he have a "split-sole" shoe?
Is it weird that I know the whole thriller dance?
how is the fastest way 2 learn how 2 do a split???!!!?
What should I do for a foot injury right before a recital?
Dancing questions? ? ?
i need some real cute names that start with the letter B?
what age should I start my daughter in ballet?
a pirate dance recital theme?
How to improve arches?
robert roldan's solo song from last week on sytycd?
I am parylized from the neck down. my doctors say i can never dance again. how can I dance?
How to grind?(dance)?
what are some 50's dances?
Is 13 too old to start gymnastics????
I am a 450 pound man who's interested in ballet...what kind of advice could you give me to get started?
GUYS: what do you like to see a girl in at a dance?
who can tell me how to teach myself dance without go to class?
How do you get a coad for 'Dance Dance Monkey'?
well how old do u have to be to start ballroom dancing?
Pointe Shoes?!?
Im 14, not flexible, love to dance, but i'm not so good, would I be able to join a dance class?
im afraid to dance or admit i like music... help?
I'm I to old!?!?!?!?
an appropiate song to dance to?
How to get a really flexible back?
Is dance an art or sport?
Dance, Dance!?
is 7:00 AM too early for school? I sure think so!!?
What are different types of popular 21st centuary dance (2000-06)?
i'm really scared?
what are some goood party songs yhat you can dance to? HELP.?
Country Line Dancing?
Why did some one invent those pointe shoes with the taps on them?
I've lost my primary school social dance person, what do i do?
How to fix being an awkward dancer?
Can anyone give me tips on my fouette turns?
How do I know when I reach my full straddle split?
Should I do Cheerleading or Dance?!?
Should I take ballet or Street dance?
Do you do dance crazy when no one is looking?
Girls please help me!!!!Very important!?
Dance recital make-up??
I need help with my choice..?
does anyone know anything about dance during the Harlem Renaissance?
ballet apperal?
who is a artist, any person who is greater artist then god?
Summer Intensive Ballet Auditions?
Was it fair for Chavez to compare Bush to the Devil? what has the Devil done to deserve this?
First Cheer Tumbling class?
is dancing a gay sport if its even considerd one?
PLEASE HELP !!!!!! ballet question 10 POINTS?
What type of dance should I do?
For a latinos unidos club at my school, we host an annual dance called Noche de Carnaval. ay decorating ideas?
Are you supposed to wear underwear with a leotard and tights?
how can i get rid of my nerves for my dance competion this weekend?
we need a dance name?
Am I too old to start dance lessons?
South American dance in bolero rhythm (7)?
What Dance school/studio in East TN is best for me?
Monique last nite...on dancing with the stars?
Is there a country western of Dance Revolution?
Which cheerleading mix do u like better?!?
Kirov production of Don Quixote - Yulia Makhalina?
i want to learn how to do a front walkover and a back walkover!!!?
how meny petz dos paris jackson has? and y non of them wants to be a dancer?
Am I too fat to dance?
I'm starting a hip hop group with my friends . I need a good name or names....?
What should I do to prepare for Dance lessons (physically)?
I'm looking for a good song for a Competition Tap Trio (Age 12)?
Why are all the decent nightclubs so far away?
what kind of dancers are the pussycat dolls?
Cheer requirements for highschool?
Does anyone know of a good hip-hop studio to take dance lessions in NYC?
how to stretch out my left leg?
Okay, does anyone know any grooving dance moves?
I want to join Gymnastics and Dancing what should i pick?
Do you think you can dance ?
What are some really good jazz and musical theathre songs to dance to?
Can u dance?
how come there aren't that many male ballet dancers?
How hard is it to get into Point Park Summer Intensive?
Beginner ballet, to pointe?
how come ?
Does anyone know where I can take break dancing lessons in New York (Manhattan)?
How to get flexible fast?
How much does the average dance studio pay in utilities for a month?
where can i do gymnastics?
md council for dance festival -- scholarship audition?
How can I learn to do a perfect cartwheel in 1 DAY?
I need a dancers opinion.. ?
Are There Any Websites/Videos that teach how to do dancing like chris brown or something?
What are some good exercises and stretches for a beginning dancer?
How to handle a small colorguad?
how do you rave/shuffle step by step?
How do I train my legs to do a split? I'm older now but I'm determined to do it?
Tore my ligaments... what should I do?!?
whats the hardest kind of dance?
help me please?
what is western dance?
casually ask a guy to homecoming?
How can I learn the dance to the "Thriller" by Michael Jackson?
Nervous about my first school dance?
18 and wanting to join ballet?
Toe rise dance move? 10 points?
What should Me and my friends do tonight...no alchol involved please?
Can Justin Timberlake dance? or does he just need to go to the bathroom?
should i return my jazz pants?
Any how-to belly dancing websites?
What is this dance from so you think you can dance?
Is shiamak davar institute of dance good .... what are its advantages?