youtube tutting video?
What is it people enjoy about dancing?
So do you can dance help!?
plaese explain?
What are the 5 Values of Dancing? Enumerate and discuss the phases of dance.?
song about weather to dance to ROCK?
What are the nine 'rasa's in Bharatnatyam?
How do I become a stripper?
Hip Hop Dance Lessons? (Any places in Minnesota?)?
is it foolish if you love someone who doesnt love you?
Why do you dance????
Is anyone interested in teaching a 15 year old grade 6 ballet privately?
dance solo. opinions?
Which dance degree is best?
what is this dance souljaboy and some other guy does ?
what is dance-pop??????????????????????
Where can I go for Bollywood dance classes in Bangalore?
web page for Santa Cruz Raves?
what to know for Highschool dance team tryouts?
is anyone on the TDC company teams in temecula, CA?
Where did you learn to dance?
can i start ballet at age 15?
Do you like dancers or cheerleaders better?
Which is good dance school which teaches salsa dance in mumbai?
If I cant afford dance lessons, what is the best way to learn how?
Videos on how to dance?
where in Santa Ana can i find belly dancer clothes?
can i be a dancer when im 20 years old?
Why do we use the phrase Bring It On all we do is bring animosity and ego?
what songs makes you dance like crazy?
I need a floor cheer for cheerleading and all of my teamates cheers sound the same i want mine to be different?
When someone says ballet,what do you think of?
I'm 22 years old. Is it too late for me to learn ballet en pointe?
Dance Jobs other than Actually Dancing?
When did crunk dancing begin?
dance help?
I a Dancer which dances like Michael Jackson but I need advise?
what song shoul I dance 4 the talent show?
who can dance?
what do you think of male ballerina's?
is there anywhere i can learn parkour in atlanta, GA?
Ballet!!!!??? Shoes?!!?
Modern Dance Piece...help me remember the name!!!?
Help Forward walkovers?
Help! Ballet, Jazz, or Modern?!?
my tap shoes are all scratched up?
Where can I find dance competitions in Oklahoma, USA?
How do I clean my ballet tutu?
How can I get a Bigger Butt Easy and Fast..?
why do people always think im stuck up when they dont even no me?
dancing problem !! help ?!!?
10 points! Good song to dance to for hiphop solo?! I want something similar to the beginning of run it by?
can dance choreographers still dance ?
Do you think your a good dancer when in the clubs?
Do you think that women can dance as good as men? I think not.?
does any one here love dancing all the time?
Which is the best dance in the world ?
Need hip hop dance moves?
Why do dancers wear leg warmers?
I'm about four, five inches from getting my splits. What stretch should I do to get me lower? What else helps?
Learning dance .................? PLEASE HELP!?
what is a typical salsa shoe?
How to do the Molly Ringwald Dance from The Breakfast Club?
Should I wear leotards and tights without bra and underwear?
How to eat healthily for ballet?
What is a good contemporary song?
What should I get my girlfriend for her dance recital?
what is the name of nine traditional dances, i.e. waltz?
10 easy points... How can I make myself look like a better dancer?
Dance shows in San Francisco?
Need Help With Dance Show Themes?
Can i find madame alexader.com?
Nineteenth century dances?
I love bellydance. What is your favourite track that you bellydance to?
Which one is better?
ballet dancers... do you wear underwear under your leotard?
long legs and dancing?
Can anyone dance or do you have to have "the gift"?
Who made the song "welcome to the hotel in California"?
Can you say annoying? ( read info)?
How to dance to dubstep!?
Should I take Ballet or Jazz dance?
Is the tango a good dance for a beginner to learn?
How to clean pointe shoes?
Dance Problems, help with fan kicks?
what is the age limit to perform in a dance company?
what does transition in dance?
Hi, I'm going to a sweet 16, and I don't know how to dance does anyone have any tips?
i want to dance!!!! help please?
Have you ever danced in the rain? Do you like dancing in the rain?
Themes for a 'stomp' competition?
Can I major in dance if im not on the team ?
What can I do to make pointe shoes last longer?
Help with Costumes!?! ?
When i met this guy we were friends and i had this huge crush on him i still do but he has broken my heart?
HELP IN pe WE ARE DOING DANCES AND i need a name for a group of 10 people????
What is the difference between a ballet leotard and a gymnastics leotard?
How do you dance? Please help!!?
how can i dance without being so sexy?
where can i search all of the reef competitions and find videos of them?
what Michael Jackson song to you think is better to dance to?
how can i get dont sweat that song it dope?
FREE Dance game for PC similar to Stepmania or DDR?
I need help (Breakdance)?
who is the worlds greatest dancer?
How does my forearm freeze look? [PIC] (bboy move)?
I need really good cheesey boyband dance moves!?
<:-) Questions?
HELP! Injury...still dance?
CAN ANYONE TELL ME SOME FUNKY songs that just make u dance.?
Ballet stretches for turnout?
do u like to dance?
Is Ballet French??????????????????
what was the actual count between 1sst and 2nd place dancing with the stars in series2009?
What should I do to be a good dancer (grinding or "dirty dancing"). What can I do to stand out from the rest?
If I Have a Small Crotch, Do I Really Need a Dance Belt?
fly khicks -- americas best dance crew?? o.0?
what is choreography?
Does anyone know how much point shoes are because i might need to get some soon for my dancing???
Should I take the part even if it involvesty?
How to get past body Insecurities while dancing?
My ballet teacher told me to DUCT TAPE MY BOOBS!?
Walk it out!!!?
how to dance at homecoming, etc?
To late to start dancing?
Dance/gymnastics tricks?
Dancing help ! Stiffness and following the beat?
Do you think cheerleading is a sport?
PLEASE dont judge but im desperate for advice?
Hi, I'm 29. Can I start ballet and eventually get on pointe?
Does anyone know a good belly dancing class?
history of mopdern dance?
What do u call a male ballet dancer?
what dance are you more likely to do...... pole dance?
Dance fever? (actual dancers please)?
Can you really (and accurately) judge a person’s sexual skills based on their dancing ability?
what do i do???
Anyone know a great dance studio in San Antonio, TX?
i want to dance..?
how do you learn to moonwalk?
HOW do you DANCE?
Dance studio's in Chicago? Best answer will be chosen!?
whats a good age to put your kid in dance?
I want to learn salsa dance.Is there any school or home tution for salsa dance in lucknow(U.P)?
Is 13 too old to start dance?
Good Dance Techno Music?
how can we live happily without money?
where can i find a hip-hop dance class?
I need info on being an exotic dancer...?
Need help with my daughter first dance recital ad in the program!!?
I need grinding [dancing] advice! [I'm a girl btw]?
What exactly is fun about dancing?
Moscow Ballet question!?
How can I do a turn in dance?
Any ideas for names for a dance studio?
what you think a bout teach dance to kids in a group?
I am freaking out!? I can't dance for my life!?
who knows if there is any childrens dance classes in south milford near leeds LS25 5NN?
Do you know Who does this dance? ?
Does anyone know anyond good dance companies or instuctors that teach any Latin dance here in DETROIT, MI?
Ballet Songs...?
ballet question: can you wear shorts over your leotard?
I want to audition for dance at OCHSA. I don't tap. Should I still audition?
How do I go about teaching myself ballet dancing? Advice and online sources greatly appreciated!?
Is this a reachable goal (ballet)???
please, please HELP ME!!!?
how do i become a better dancer?
What should I do to prepare for intermediate ballet?
Dancing with the stars, starts at?
Im doing a dance exam and looking for ideas as what to use as a prop it has to be different like not a chair ?
good dance studios in Naperville IL?
What is the folk dance of kashmir called?
Why would any one want to...???
Which makeup look is more appropriate for a dance company audition?
what is a good thing to wear to a beginner's dance class? i'm assuming flat shoes are better?
Do I have a good weight for dance?
Anyone professional dancers there that could help!?
Any breakdancing/bboying tips x___x ?
Hi dancers! Do you know me?
can you do ballet even if you cant do the splitz?
What should I get my girlfriend for her dance recital?
ballet choreography--need French spelling tips, help!?
How should I deal with my daughters Cheer Leading (dance division POM) coach.?
I'm 16 is it to late for me to start ballet?
how to do a split?
Need to find a song for jazz dance?
Can a "bad" dance class ruin my ability as a dancer?
what type of injuries happen to ballet and contemporary dancers?
Is chris brown sexy or what I mean dang he has the hole look and everthing.?
On DWTS what song did Shawn Johnson dance to?
Starting to dance Ballet at 20 years old, is it possible? And how long would it take to pointe?
What are the 9 movements of Dance technique?
how should I go about buying a scimitar sword for bellydancing?
how do I make my jetes better?
What should I keep in my dance bag?
How do you get dirt off of pointe shoes?
females only Have you ever had a lap dance? How was it?
how badly do pointe shoes hurt?
do i need insurance to perform belly dance?
I have a dance to go to today and Im nervous. I need help. Any advice on how to walk in heels?
which gender do u think could learn dance steps the fastest?
Can i appy for the single classes at broadway dance center any time?
what are some good songs to do a comical dance to.?
Has anyone been to Tia Juanas in Irvine on Thursdays, any good?
become a dancer?
name all of the famous people named stephanie !!!?
Why do ballerinas wear leg warmers?
will I aM mE win abdc?
HELP! Auditioning for RWB soon!?
can anybody here do a triple piroette?
HELP ME!!! EASY 12 POiNTS!!!!?
what colors does the term hazel apply to, when discribing human eyes?
Do you think dance is a sport?
what is the difference between folk dance from tribal dance?
Does anyone know any good ballroom dance classes on the wirral for a beginner on her own?
What is your favoutite type of dance?
I ahd to get new Harder tap shoes, and they give me blisters like crazy! I cannot even dance!?
Should I dance even though I am a little overweight?
What is the purpose of wearing tights in ballet?
I want to do Ballet again, I'm 15, is it too late for a serious career?
What are some dancing competitions that a 14 year old can enter?
does hannah montanna hang out with famous people?
who can i ask to be a singer ?
Dreaming to be a ballet teacher... but reality gets in the way!! HELP!!?
Where is a dancing school in Boston and thats not a lot of money?
what is contemporary dance?
How to do the soulja boy dance?
Dance classes and/or dance camps near or in Oklahoma.?
Injury Recovery: Getting back to ballet?
How did dancers frm the 1920's-1930's inspire dancers today?
can anyone name some famous japanese ballerinas?
what does grinding (dance) usually lead to?
Starting dance at 13?
Pole dancing in Kansas City(classes)?
What should i do, at a dance?
is it possible......???
How to express the theme of waiting through dance?
Help Me!!!?
Splits, can you do them?
What is a good song for girls ages 10-12 to do a dance to?
I am a 14 year old male dancer getting bullied?!?
talk about how you like to dance.?
Help with school dance? Hair?
What's the song called when sean finds Emily dancing in the room ? ?
Perri Luc Kiely ? HELP?!?
on which song shall i dance on Diwali?
which country belly dance comes from? where is it popular?
Whats your favorite type of dance?
How come black people look so much better when they dance than white people?
DANCERS!!!! how do i clean my old toe-shoes???
Summer Ballet Questions?
Bboys and Bgirls...what are some good house songs?
Where is Social Dance Performed?
calling all non-competition dancer's?
do guys bellydance?
do you think i can dance???/?
how do you stand up out of a backbend?
whch is the sexiest part of woman?
What is the best way to get into a ballet company?
my right splits and center splits are flat. how do i get my left splits which is aprox. 4 inches off ground?
Tarantella dance?
What kind of dance should we have at our high school?
Tips on strip dancing?
Can you start pointe with double jointed feet?
dancing help?breaking?
how i can learn to dance very well.?
Didn't make the dance team?
What song in step up 2 the streets do they dance to in the last two dance scences?
Any dance tonight at SAC Park Shrewsbury, MA?
Why is ukrainian dance so popular compared to other slavic folk dances?
what are the best dancing schools near san bruno, ca?
how can i dance bare footed without hurting my feet?
do you get along with you cousins?
What should I do to prepare for beginner's pointe?
is dancing an inborn talent? are the dancers we see on mtv born with more 'dancable' bones than the rest?
How to Grind(Dirty Dance)?
Would i be okay to start break/street dance?
En pointe without the shoes?
what do you think of this song playlist for a dance or prom?
dancers......quick question?
What styles of dance did Michael Jackson do?
I am 13 and am a little overweight. Can I still do ballet?
how do you dance "la Tortura"?
how to invite a girl to a dance? how to flirt her when dancing?
Where can I get a big fund to buy a dance group's two outfits?
When I try to go down in a straddle split, something hurts...?
what do you think about this..?
I want to be a hip hop dancer?!?
Royal Caribbean Cruise dance audition?
How many of you dancers find yourself...?
I am a 20 year old college student looking for scholarships available to me through dance or choreography?
Easy songs to dance to?
I'm a 13 year old girl and I want to learn to belly dance?
I've been dancing for about 1 1/2 years. About how much longer should I dance before I go on pointe?
How can we dance when our earth is turning?
How do I becom a better dancer? Or make a impreson?
Dance Club Etiquette - What to do when people hurt you?
how can i prevent foot problems related to Ballet?
How to keep a dance notebook?
What exactly is Gloving e.e?
if u do a presentation for hte 4-H on mad hot ballroom one year and then the next on how to to the tango?
Is 19 to old to start ballet?
How do I make my left arm/hand cooperate better?
what is the paraoh holding?
I am going to have a Quinceanera Part and I need music to dance to like i mean current hit music....?
How to get better at freestyle/hip hop?
Dancing after high school?
if a robot does "the robot" would it still be called "the robot" or just ... dancing ?
Dance Moms, I love Paige!?
how to say a girl tht i love her?
Best songs to slow dance to?
When doing an arabesque, why do i keep turning my body towards my supporting leg?
How sexy is this?
choreographing help!?
what channel is Dancing With The Stars on for charter cable?
how do you do the boot scootin' boogie 2 the line dance?
Is the club Ice for teens?
What should i wear to a dance?
What are good music mixer for just a dance with you and your friend?
how come us black people have such a good feel of rhythm?
Does anyone know where I can find a a really good list of Dance MFA programs?
would it be bad to take dance classes?
How to dance these moves?
do pointe shoes hurt?
who do u think looks cuter Chris brown or bow wow?
How should I learn to dance?
I Like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it. I Like to move it, move it. I like ta move IT?
Forming hip hop crew?
any body that knows about Spanish Culture?
Belly Dancing?
How come when girls dance it HAS to be sexual?
when to start point shoes ?
A girl from Norway want to be actor and dancer in Korea!!?
What are the most important things to know when competing in StarPower?
Is it true that it's bad to learn both ballet and tap?
do u have to go up or down a size in pointe shoes?
Am I too old to keep dancing?
when i practise tumbling...?
competition dancers! read this?
Any good songs to dance to?
I need help with my class rally the theme is alternative for my class and I don't know any ideas help?
How do you do an aerial?
ideas for a poster for dance?
Why do people in the 80's wrist clap when they dance?
How is dance beneficial to a person and how is it use as therapy?
Pictures, Pictures!?
How to get more flexible hips an hip flexers?
What are some lyrical songs havin to do wit revenge that a little girl could dance ballet to?
cheer mixes!!!!?
What do i need to know to learn how to dance to dubstep? Please help?!?!?!?!?
1950's dance?
Tryouts for Drill team?
What size to get in Capezio Unisex Half Sole Sandal for a size 9.5 to 10 sized feet?
Good Cheerleading dance songs??
where can i learn tutting?
What do i need to mix dance music on my computer?
Have you ever danced in public?
can u learn to do a split??
Ballet Questions for ballet dancers?
What are the most common mistakes Begining jazz dance students make?
What is a good jazz/hip hop solo for me?
Is this a ballerina body ?
Dancers, Why do you dance?
any ideas for a lyrical dancce?
I Need a Mirror for Dancing?
Helpp! How do you dance at a highschool dance?
Oii!!!!! anyone know any good exercise songs??
I Like rice but becoz of that I am fatty pls tell me the substitute of that?
how can i save money? cause i spend money like a crazy... please help?
I really like pole dancing do you?
I'm an older guy who got invited to a "Rave." If I go, do I have to join one of those "mash pots"
So You Think You Can Dance Canada?
does anyone know any FREE dance classes i can take in queens new york?
How do you do a Jazz split?
Are there real nightclubs in Cuba like those in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights?
Does dancing provide a workout to the body?
is this a good idea for homecoming?
Dancers: daily life questions?
Somebody help me..!!! Give me dancing websites In Sheffield!!?
What type of dance would blatantly show passion, other than Salsa?
How to excell at dancing?
Why is dancing your favorite hobby?
How to dance like Shakira?
where can i found a learning school or coach in manila... iwant to learn front and backhandspring
you help make ! Answers a great community?
What books should I read on Middle Eastern Dance?
where can i search all of the reef competitions and find videos of them?
I hate cheerleading!?
Kind of new to dancing...?
Dance lessons: dance like Michael Jackson?
I want to join tumble club, and I need to know how to do a few things?
Dance studio's ......?
when is the best time to start to train for ballet?
Where I can take strip aerobic classes in the Philly suburb area?
La Fille Mal Gardee music free download?
Why am I such a failure?
How to stretch the top of my foot?
Help with "freestyle" dancing in contemporary class ?
Irish Dancers Only?
What's a good name for a dance group?
DBSK mirotic dance steps?
Pointe question...?
I need some help for the big talent show!?
Who's one direction??!?!!?!?!?!?
Do girls hate guys who cant dance for nuts?
any dance classes/schools for hip hop,breakdancing*kpop in georgia?
what do you wear in dance?
how high shoudl i pull my tigths up for ballet?
could i be a ballerina?
if you have bad knees, and interested in dance, not worth taking group classes?
How can i get better on my Pirouettes(turns)?
good salsa songs and artists?
Are there any Kpop dance classes in the United States, preferably in Washington DC?
Your opinion please !?
how many 8 counts does "pocketful of sunshine" have?
Can you start Ballet from any age?
Dance song suggestions?
Is 14 too late to start ballet?
Am I one the right track for dancing?
who is america president?
Can we spell bboy as bboi? Some dope tried to correct my engligh -_-"?
can you learn ballet at 16 even if you have no dance experience?
Does dance help you slim down?
How do you slow dance with a guy?
I'm 26 and I want to start dance classes, is it too late?
How can i Dance to the music rhythm?
bolling in tacoma wa?
who should when the Dancing With The Stars spot as of now? I like Mario and Karina?
On little boys dancing attire, a dancer belt is the same that a dancer brief? Are they equivalent to a sport?
Is there a prerequisite to R.A.D syllabus intermediate exam?
Ladiess! If i were ask you to dance in a book store randomly?
what is national dance?
What should i wear to my dance audition next week?
what is your reason for loving dance?
whats the best way to improve my dance skills?
Okay everybody - let's ALL Sulu Dance together!?
I'am intrested about jazz.What scholls in Larnaca of Cyprus are teaching jazz?
Flexibility? How to put my legs behind my head?
why are girl discriminated so much still?
does anyone know what is my diorella?
How can I get a pair of wingtip tap shoes?
What does it take to be a jv cheerleader?
What is love?
i am 28 yrs ,passionate abt dancing , want to make a career in dance,how do i start? is it too late?
Does anyone know of anything like this?
Just curious.. How much do you pay for your dance classes?
Who is the Dancer For the song firework by katy perry in just dance 2?
Will walking 5 miles a day bulk my thighs up too much?
what 999,0000000000x9999,00000000000000000000…
is there a school dance in middle school?
Name the classical dance forms.?
Can anyone teach me how to dance?
Help/Tips for Choreographing an Open Dance?
Can anyone be my dance partner on brits got talent?
dance competitions? help?!?
Homecoming dance help?
how do you learn to pop and glide dance?
There's a dance studio with some amazing dancers which include Melissa R and her Boyfriend.?
where can i find a dedicated dance coach for my dance team in Casa Grande AZ?
2 Step ~ Unk?
Can tall women dance? (10 points!!)?
What are all the competitions dance teams in California?
I wanted to answer a question that has been removed the one tha supposidly Cindy Crawford asked. How ?
where can i get a book to make a tutu?
some important musical genres of the medieval and renaissance periods?
Bitmap images size 24 x 24 pixels?
Where is the best place to take salsa lessons in chicago?
What is the dance in the Sonos comercial called?
In Ballet schools, what happens when there are more girl dancers than boys?
Does anyone know anything about dance central 3?
How do you think it is possible for the human body to experience states similar to a drug high by simpl dance?
I search a song that is fast and slow parts?
Why do we swing our arms when we walk?
How can I get my back handspring and tuck by August?
How to practice high jump at home? NEED HELP!!!?
who is interested in dancing?
i want to learn how to break dance. Can you Please give me some sites to look at?
what is the difference with the Bloch sonata and the Bloch Sonata MKII pointe shoe?
Need help with pole dancing!!?
Anyone know a good Duet for the first dance at a wedding?
Help me pick a name for a highschool dance!?
wats a good nickname for a girl who likes to dance alot?
En dehors, en dedans?!?
How do i stretch my pointe for ballet.?
How often should I be going to ballroom classes as a beginner?
Merengue Christiano?
Sadie Hawkens Dance! HELP!?
Kung Fu and Breakdancing?
how can we live happily without money?
Im 13 and love dance what is the best studio in Modesto or Manteca Ca that has good advanced compation dance c?
Who are the best Indian teachers / guru of Bharatanatyam (Bharata natyam Bharatnatyam Bharathanatyam)?
With the co-dancers...?
How do I Do the Russian Leg Dance?
Does any one know the name of this club/ family reunion dance song ?!?!?
dance moves?
winter dance problem! need help :(?
how do you learn how to jit (dance)?
i want to start ballroom dancing.?
First Rave? HELP!! D:?
where can I find a listof the most popular urban and african dances, they can be new or recent?
in the world of country dancing, would the propper dance be a waltz or two-step for.....I Loved her First?
I'm restarting Ballet?..?
Abby's ultimate dance competition...?
what careers are there in (non-contemporary/non ballet) dance or body movement?
i have no future, should i become a lap dancer?
Which song is better?
Dance class, a little overweight...?
Can you guys help me out find a video for a specific dance move?
Should I tryout for danceteam?
where can i learn the dance from Pixie Lotts 'Boys & Girls' Video?
who takes dance?
How do I do the cha cha?
why do we need a dance academy?
what do you think about abby miller's choreography?
Jazz song for 14 year old solo?!?!?
Professional Dancing? HELP!!!!!!!!?
What are some good songs for a ballet audition on pointe?
how do I convince my mom to let me get back into dance?
How to do a triple pirouette?
I am interested in ballet....can u help?
looking for ballroom dance competition in LA area this weekend. dennis?
how many times have you heard this?
What dance moves would go to the song "Telephone" by Lady Gaga?
Does anyone else get agrivated by this?
What puts you in the mood for dancing?
dance dance revoultion!!??
how can i learn to street dance ?
What size taps do I need?
Me and my friends are either going to do a dance off or a dance routine for a school talent show...?
Curiosity question about dancing En Pointe?
Movies I could base some dances on ?
I want to portray a character through my solo?
Forgive my ignorance but are womens leotards put on the same way as mens.?
ThE BeSts TrAnCe And DaNce Songs....=)?
How to c-walk?
What are some good body stretching techniques before dancing?
I'm 35 years old and love ballet, do you think I'm too old to take ballet lessons?
Ballroom Lessons?
People can you give me a music must be a robot music. Because I need robot music To Dance robot.?
Why don't more guys dance? like ballet, ballroom.......?
what is the best form of dance?
why are dancer's breasts usually smaller than non dancers?
Does a girl like a guy who can sing and dance?
I have a formal dance this saturday?
dancing website kinda like tutorials?
Are cowboys boots with rubber soles really THAT BAD for country dancing?
i want to do ballet but i'm not flexible?
need help on a question of dance!! :]?
Do you think I should take ballet?
is it too late to take up ballet?
how do you do the splits :)?
What are the basics you need to know?
fast movements in ballet?
Learning the splits in 30 days ?
Why do people think that ballet is so gay?
Im a dancer and not getting any better. Advice?
How long should it take to learn the split?
what dance class should i take?
Dance lessons online?
Hi! I'm trying to find an song from 80's.The song going on like ,,never ever,never ever gonna let me down
i tryed out for cheerleading last year and i didnt make it now i want to try out again this year?
im having a house party pls suggest non-cheesy songs to get ppl dancing? thanks!!?
What do you this dance?
College Dance Programs?
will you teach me what is belly dance?
Where is the Hot Topic location where the Blood On The Dance Floor signing is taking place?
How can I learn to dance?
i need help?
i want to become an exotic dancer, but i don't know where to start.?
What song should 5 ;13 year olds dance to ?
Who Do You Think Can Dance?
Questions About Hip Hop?
Is it OK if a man, in a relationship or married, goes ballroom (Salsa, Tango, Swing) dancing by herself?
Am I too old to start dancing (well)?
choreographing a dance, need help choosing a song...?
Solo song for dance? help?
Ballet Help?
Whats Wrong With My Turns?!!?
what age do you have to be to get into nightclubs?
Do any hard dance raves exist in NYC?
How to be able to get in the splits fast?
am i too chubby to be a dancer?
Contemporary dance solo song?
do u think "david and delaney" sounds good?
is it toooooo hard to join kpop?
Good songs for a dance performance?
Can you tell who is dancer based on their body type?
I am a 37 year-old guy who has suffered a great deal with women in the past because I do not know how to dance
Here is a great How to dance Hip Hop Site: http://howtodancehiphop.tumblr.com Has anyone any of these Videos?
Please help! Toe touch!?
Between, hip hop, ballroom, and ballet which one and why?
Is there a name for a dance distinguished by two people dancing close to each other -- but never touching?
How can i get better?
How do some girls move their hips like that when they dance?
Can anyone help me with this please? I am dying to learn.?
how can i get super flexible?
what girls look in guys to be their boyfriend?
How do you count on music (piano) and dancing.? HELP! plz ;/?
Where are good dance classes in South Delhi for 40+ people?
What kind of pointe shoes should I get?
what are some good 90s songs to dance to with a parthener?
how can i dance cool ?
where can i find the ballet shoes soundtrack?
How to get my dance teacher to notice me more?
If your boy friend is walking and holding some one elyses hond?
any one know???
are there any underage teen nightclubs in NYC?
double stags?
does anyone know any hip hop dance classes in sc?
How do I overcome my fear of dancing in public?
HELP! i need HipHop/Ballet Dancing PROFESSIONAL Teacher EgyptCairo?
im 14 and have just started ballet how long will it take before i can go on pointe??
Is there any ballroom dances` competition in london in january?
Cheerleading How can I perfect my jumps in 9 days?
whats kinds of food should i have at my dance/hangout party on wednesday?
How do you attach the Cavas "Juliet" Split-Sole Ballet Slipper to your feet?
Help naming a dance move?
Is 13 too old to start dance?
should i take hiphop classes but i suck!!!! :(?
Where can l learn hip hop dancing?
Define Charis?
Can someone please give me a good bboy list of music, and where i can download them. thanks?
Should I quit dancing?
Slightly formal middle school dance dress?
Middle school dance help!?
Can I make varsity dance team next year?
How can I dance for hours with heels on without getting tired?
Good striptease songs?
When do you think the human race will evolve beyound the need for sleep?
does performing bharatnatyam stop or slower our growth height wise?
what kind of shoes do i wear to acro?
Is dance a sport? Why/why not?
What types of dance should i take next September??? please help!?
Should I quit ballet?
what do colleges call the girls that dance for the band? like in the movie drumline?
how can i be a champion of irish dancing?
so yu think you can dance tour, atlantic city?
is she a slut?
tips on being a better dancer?
What is your preferred style of dancing?
cheerleading, is it a sport?
Slogan ideas for new Dance Studio "Epic Steps"?
Help, can anyone give me some artist who play jazzy, latin, upbeat tempo, music for ice dancing?
Does anyone have any advice on returning to dance after many years?
Can i dance??????????????
Dance at UCI help? (NOT THE MAJOR)?
I'm watching Dancing with the Stars and....?
What should I do to prepare for Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading auditions?
Who do you want to win America's Best Dance Crew? Status Quo or Jabbawockeez?
Why do people say that ballerinas walk funny later on in life? Is this true? Is it because of hip issues?
Does any one now Bob Bryar from MCR !!!!?
My son is looking for a good tune for his tap solo, any ideas?
Split/Strattle help? Dance/Cheer.?
Ballet, my curved back?
what should you where to a dancing with the stars school dance?
what is the meaning of primus inter pares?
why is it that when you are married you then attract other people or even past lovers?
What are good songs to dance to?
Does anyone know any dance moms quotes?
I am looking for adult ballet classes near Glendale, CA or the Los Angeles area.?
Am I too old to be doing ballet?
How do "real" dancers feel about "strippers"?
What is ur favorite color lOL?
What ballet grade to start at?I am 15?
1'm 14 and would like to be in ballet ....?
Do you think it's ok that I quit?
i am a dancer and i need help getting into my splits?
i need to do a heel stretch, a scorpion, and a toe touch within a few weeks! any help?
Do you have to be trained in ballet to do lyrical dance????
Should I become a cheerleader?
What are your thoughts on conditioning spray for an irish dance wig? Does it help with the frizz?
who wants to be a singer for R&b?
Funny or cute homecoming/prom ideas?
Good Contemporary/Jazz solo songs for dance?
ballet barres??
Do you shake when you hear ALAWATABANA LA BANAMADANA?
if there is any producer out there looking for a dancer?
stuff to put in a speech proving dance is a sport?
where can i find latin american dance choreography?
Girls what do you think about a new male student?
Does anyone know the hip hop/r &b song that has the words montauk and bangkok in it?
What if the girl I like isin't in my class?
dance competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone who loves to dance come over here!?
Should I hip hop dance?
There's this girl on my team that keeps skipping practice?
Figure 8 fan steps?
who is the finder of Kathak?
is it bad to learn to many dance basics in one day?
Where can I get jazz or ballet shoes in Libertyville, IL?
Good summer intensives?
I like taking dance class, but i cant stand leotards. Does anyone else hate leotards?
10 easy points if u have evr been to high skool?
How to Irish dance (Beginner)! ?
Can anybody give me instructions for the RAD grade 5 ballet syllabus?
What level ballet should I be in?
What is the name of the song Emily and Sean dance to when they first meet in step up 4?
Can i take this jazz/tap class?
Anyone has any good ballet teacher to recommend ?
is there a bus that people can take to see the taping of Dancing with the stars?
How to be a cheerleader?
if i start ballet now, then when will i get pointe?
Can someone help me find a hellogoodbye myspace layout...PLEEZ!!!?
What is your favorite dance movie?
i am 13 and would really like to do ballet- should i have started sooner or is 13 okay???
Any tap dancers out there...?
I cant dance, how can I learn some basic moves?
What activities should I have at my dance party?
Heather Mills and dancing?
In a ballet recital...do you have a say in what you absolutly will not do?
The King is Dead, long live Kurt Cobain?
How many of you guys would tale ballroom dancing lessons?
What's the best dance move to do on the dance floor?
Is it true that your toenail can fall out when you start pointe?
Where can I find a river dancing class in Oklahoma?
Why are people under 40 so prejudiced against older people dancing ?
Good song for an interpretive dance?
Can you rate each K-pop dance that's easiest to learn from a scale from 1-10, 1=easiest, 10=hardest?
How many hours of dance do you do a week?
How hard is it to get joffrey jazz&contemp scholarships?
A question about RAD ballet levels?
Is it too late for my 13 year old to start ballet?
How to choreograph a tap number?
I want to open my own dance studio?
A Fun riddle i want to ask you all for the answer.?
Where can I buy pointe shoes in different colors, like red, blue, and purple?
good dance movies?
In dance to get a solo do you have to be asked?
Flash Mob Tips...Please Help?
How to dance at homecoming?
Are there any B-Boys in Logan Utah?
Would Gary Allen's song "tough little boys", make a good mother-son wedding dance song?
What do you think of this type of dance?
Dance lessons in Northumberland (England) and dance styles...?
has anyone done a dance on alcohol abuse?
Working on my ballet arch?
I suck at dancing. Any tips?
taylors dance studio in scarborough?
How to do Da Entourage's "Bunny Hop" dance?
what are some good things to have at dance competitions??
If I am doing a small group dance and our whole theme over the whole show what could my group do?
Cumbias dancing Lessons?
answer this if you dance?
can you guys tell me videos which have awesome dance in it?
Why do cheerleaders think cheerleading is sport?
Why does my girlfriend dance like the girls in a rap video when she is drunk....but acts completely respectabl
Dance costumes!!! PLEASE!! I really need help!!! PLEASE?
what's this dance move called?
my friend and i need a song for our deut?
Do you think it will stay?
Can you learn to dance by yourself?
Does anybody have any dance decoration themes/ideas????
What type of dancing do boys do?
mom putting me in ballet lesson with my sisters!!!?
good name for a christian dance team?
summer intensives Near Tampa FL?
What was the song that Dimitry Danced to on So you think you can dance for his solo?
Can I lie about my age?
Is my little girl too old to take up ballet ?
What do you wear to your dance classes?
Whoever is obsessed with the show ''Dance Moms'' on Lifetime tv network add me on my email?
Do they teach square dancing at all the schools in the U.S.?
need help in asking her for the college dance?
humorous skit that may have singing and/or dancing? -comedy act-?
Song suggestions to go with ballet costumes?
How to do more than one pirouette?
how to not get down by other people dancing harder and complicated dance moves?
Do I look fat for a ballet dancer?
can you become a ballet dancer at age 14?
What style of dancing looks the best in nightclubs?
Opinion on Arthur Murray dance studios?
Going to first dance need advice?
Is there hope for someone who has no rhythm?
If you know what pointe shoes are please answer this question?
What is the oldeset age that a girl should start ballet? and get somewhere?
Am I too old to start ballroom dancing at 16?
What is the character of Hungarian Dance No. 5?
When and where are try outs for so you think you can dance tv show.?
If you know what a good dance and song for 12 year olds to dance in a compition read this plz!!!!!?
I'm a male taking a partnering ballet class?
How are people suppose to chat on answers?
What would be a good 80s song for a lyrical routine?
ballet shoes?
can i still become a professional dancer??
For ballet should i wear leggings under or over my leotard?Help please!?
what nightclubs in the destin florida area can you go to if your 18?
what style of dance incorporates firebird leaps, calypso jumps, illusion turns, the likes?
What are the steps to the mexican hat dance?
Alberta Ballet Question?
which dance studuio is better?
I go to this really good dance school and?
What are some fun things to do at teenage co-ed parties where there are parents that dont allow drinking?
Will gymnastics help with ballet?
Does anyone no any good dance classes for teens in Devon?
What do I need to know to join Cheer.?
What is your favorite type of dance?
How do I do a double spin for ballet?!?
Recital Songs Suggestions?
what is 10 1/2 inches width in pointe shoes width size?
Can a person in their 20s learn to do splits?
What are the pros and cons of being a professional ballroom dancer?
whats wrong with me?
Girlfriend wants me to join her Ballet class; help?
Where do you get tickets to see ALDC perform at a dance competition?
Ballet question??????
What is an example of a hip-hop dance that is easy to teach?
i love a boy and i am too shy to talk to him or even say hi so what can i di?
Who do u think should win America's Best Dance Crew?
How high can you go on your toes when you're in bare feet?
Should I go to the dance?
tap dance song for a talent show?
science of dance: Help me!!?
Am I wasting my time?
Do you think the new dancing rules are too much?
Is ballet really hard to learn?
What kind of dance is this?
freak dancing....question?
What can I do or use to strengthen my legs and ankles for ballet.?
Doing a speech on dancing...?
give me a song to dance to for talent show please?
I need help finding a UNPOPULAR song to do a jazz dance routine to!?
I need some gd songs/music for Tecktonic dance..??
How old does the Paris Opera Ballet School go when accepting students?
What is a good christian dance song using flags?
tango/ dance pleces in nisky/ schenectady??
Competitve dance?
who dances?
Does anyone else find the hustle absolutely impossible?
Daft Bodies Dance Help??????????
Are there any teen dance clubs in Orlando, FL?
Zoo Theme (Dance) Ideas?
How do I become a dancer?
What type of dancing to do at high school dance?
i want to know abt shamiak davar's classes in and near kalyan?
I'm scared to go to dance class?
Jazz Dance Steps??? Thanks!!!?
More songs for playlist- teen dance class (to play for stretches, warm ups, routines)?
I am 18 years old and I dont know how to dance. why should I do?
Rude to change ballet studio?
Learning to bboy! Crowd pleasing moves?
Is the Boxman's Girlfriend Dance Illegal in some Countries?? :O?
Could I go on pointe? **Experienced dancers**?
Sailor moon episode.The end of the nightmare?
Does anyone love ballet? If so, why? Is it your passion? What do you love about it that makes you happy?
All of you strippers/exotic dancers out there?
im 18 can i be a ballerina?
Is there a web site where I can learn how to belly dance?
Who is your favorite dancer?
Does your dance teacher have the right to yell at you over your personal life?
What does being the manager of a high school dance team entail?
Name of a Samba step?
What are the best brands for leotards and tights?
Is it rude to have a "hard on" when dancing with someone at a club??
How do I start a dance class at 14 without being with a bunch of five year olds?
dance technique question?
Which dance crew do you like??
What can I do to make pointe shoes last longer?
Is there any way to get Chachimomma Fevers?
are there any belly dance classes in Tooele, Utah?
ballet questions ~^.^~?
How do I frolic like this guy?
I need dancing help, anyone.?
Cwalk shoes??????????
How to get to know a girl from breakdancing classes in my age (15)?
acro tricks immediately!?
shanay yvonne atwood?
What could I use for a modern dance solo for a 15 year old...?
Dancing! I have a serious problem focusing and remembering all the steps. How can I improve?
what is the difference between an artistic director and a choreographer in a dance company?
How fast could dance help me lose weight?
What are these dances called?
Is the waltz the best dance for Dean Martin's 'That's Amore'?
Is 15 to old to start dance competition for a studio?
Should i join dance again?
What are some dance themes?
the best dance studios in Europe?
CPDRC Inmates?
cheap tickets for Rockettes Christmas Spectacular?
Competitive Dance Teams in Utah?
best websites for hip hop dance?
Is dance a sport?
are there any good stretches that will help me get en pointe sooner?
How to be a cheerleader?
Would anybody be interested in joining a break beat/pop locking/ break dancing crew in Costa Mesa, CA???
What's it like in the highschool steppers?
Who says ballerinas have ugly feet?
how to become a better ballerina?
should i let my 11 year old daughter go to dances with BOYS her friendsdo?
acting classes for a 13-year-old in spokane valley?
Do you like this dance ??????
Would you grind with me?
What stretches would help me to get the splits down?
My cheerleading teacher pushes me too hard?
Should I Do Ballet , Hip Hop , or bellydancing?
i wanna know if my girl is still a virgin..how could i do that without asking her???
How can i shake my butt like this?
college dance team tryout help?
Body-popping or Breakdancing?
Describe all the different dance forms in the world.?
Is there like a summer dance academy i can go to?
What kind of dancing do you do and how long have been doing it?
Are there any 18 and older, under 21 admittance, dance/nightclubs in north central and/or central Indiana?
Dance team talent show help!?
What is this dance turn called?
Dance songs for a high school party?
(I'm almost 15, not skinny and inflexible) can i start ballet?
How to talk to my dance teacher?
How do you do the melbourne shuffle?
Whats this type of dance called?
Asking to a dance help please?
pointe advice please?
anyone know what a prominant big toe is....?
how do you walk it out?
is spectrum by florence and the machine a good contemporary solo song?
What is a good dance to learn?
What is the music for the grade 5 (ballet) free movement study called?
How do you dance at parties?
What do you need to know to be to be on a High School Dance team?
suggestions on a song for a ballet solo?
How do I overcome my fear of dancing in public?
Teaching myself how to dance hip hop?
Please2 help...songs that can be used for solo modern bellydance?
Double pirouette help? (En pointe, and off)?
what are the best brand and style of tap shoes for doing toe stands???
girls and guys i need your help!!!!?
Any Good contemparay/ lyrical dance songs?
ok i dont have any real money to speak of but i do good at my job and very happy with my life.?
Devil went down to Georgia step sheet?
Idta ballet exams: What age?
What is the deifference between a gymnastics leotard and a dance leotard?
What is this acrobatic dance move thing called? Neil Haskell did it a lot in SYTYCD- and so did Joshua?
Can flexible dancers become unflexible?
What kind of exercise is Just Dance wii?
Should my Niece be wearing panties and a bra under her leotard and tights?
How did Swan Lake get the name. Would you make a good Ballet Dancer?
Should I take modern or ballet?
BELLY DANCER WANTED. Id like to find someone who could teach me how to belly dance.?
Tips for beginner jumpstyle?
i just got on pointe shoes for dance and they Kill my feet. what do i do about it???
ballet lesson's for my young daughter?
if a guy ask me to the dance or prom and i don't wanna go with him what do i say so i won't hurt his feelings?
Is it too late for me to get accepted into a pre-professional program at my studio?
what do you think????
Can I still Jazz after stopping ballet after nine years?
how long did it take you to learn to do splits?
What are your favorite ballet combinations?
Mintchips49 or anyone with good experience please help! Joffrey Auduitons?!?
What's your favorite style of dance?
should i be nervous about my dance tryouts today?
Is the shuffling dance still popular?
Need help, with dance moves!!!##@?
Is there a dance studio I can rent near New York City?
Which Class Should I Take? Figure Skating or Ballet?
What are good Merengue Songs for a Quince??
what do i do dancing or gymnastics??
how do ballet dancers stand on tip toes?
good songs to do a lyrical dance to?
Pole dancing......?
Would dance class help me with horseback riding?
Joints at the hips?
Where can I find a book pertaining to the history and philosophy of dance?
Any cool jazz tricks?
dose any1 no the dance moves 2 the song candy by cameo?
Can Geisha entertain women as well as men?
my boyfriend still talks 2 his ex what does that mean?
is it true your leg can go numb if you hold your split for 30 min?
Pleaseee answer my question well i irish dance and i was dancing and out of no were my foot made a loud pop?
Help my baby sister has just left university to do pole dancing in the london clubs!how will i stop her?
can you gays help me in the drama progect!?
What is your favoutite type of dance?
What are good songs to dance to?
a question about krumping?
what are some dance steps to "love is a battlefield" by pat benatar?
Can I take dance classes for fun? ...say um, hip-hop; ballet type?
I need help I am taking ballroom I want to compete in a dance competition how can I do that?
what is dancing hustle?
would like to find a line dancing association in Sendai, Japan I'm going there for 5 weeks. thanks you andree
Good popular song to dance to for a pagent?
The shank came off my pointe shoes?
What do you think of this cheer. and do you have any cute ideas for motions?
Is it too late for me to start ballet?
My parents can't help me with ballet?? Help!?
is it too late to start ballet? i'm 12 years old...?
Why do people skip to the loo?
how many coins do you need to become level 2?
Belly Dance Classes For Teens?
i luv singing and dancing.wut should i do?
What are some dances Lois Fuller coreographed?
Are there any teen (18 & under) dance clubs near me?
can u pls give me a link?
are mi toes too short for ballet ?? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…