IS Gangman style a dance?
How to pop my booty up and down, individually? Be able to pop one cheek on it's own and also the other?
Ballet Summer Intensive?
What exactly is bellydancing?
What type of dance is the Tango?
What's this dance move called?
Scaramouch scaramouch can you do the fandango?
What would you expect for a first time cheerleading tryout?
what's the difference between a back walkover and a backbend kickover?
What are some good songs to do a great solo dance to?
best dance remixes?
how to tell what arch my foot is?
how do i learn my ballet theory?
Does people judge you....?
Does anyone know of any ballet, modern or gymnastics classes for teenagers in or around derby?
Good music for a striptease?
I am conflicted about whether to quit dance and really need some advice!?
how do we record the dancing moves?
Being a tight bugga like i am... would pole dancers accept 5 pence pieces stuffed down their knickers ...?
How old should you be when you start hip hop dance classes?
Whats going on with me??
Can i start ballet point?
Is cheerleading worth the time?
Dancers Answer Here.?
Why do people dance? Is there any point to it? What is the point of dancing?
I want to get serious about ballet...am I too old?
Some dance moves to do?
where in kolkata is salsa taught?
Is It Natural To Have TurnOut of 180 Degrees In Ballet Without any traning?
What are some basic ballet skills/exercises i can do at home? Videos?
what was the song played in step up 2 when they formed their street group? they were dancing with the couples.
I have five months till auditions for the summer intensive. I need some advice.?
What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?
dance song question!?
Is dancing a good way to lose weight?
What type....?
If I got skinnier/thinner, would I be more flexable?
A good song for a dance like this? (specific, sorry)?
i need a so you think you can dance fan?
questiom 4 the ballet dancers?
What is the most romantic type of dance?
My Birthday is tomorrow and I can't wait!?
Does anyone know any famous breakdancers?
who are good dance agents in canada?
Is it that females do NOT know how to dance?
Questions about dance and pointe?
Need a salsa partner from chennai, India. Am just a beginer to salsa..Anybody interested???
I want to learn how to do a back handspring but i'm to afraid that I will hurt myself! Help?
im dancer and i have growth plate questions?
Convertible ballet tights or not converitble?
Heavy in Your Arms by Florence and the Machine dance suggestions?
Does anyone know a place where I could learn ballet in Lincoln at all?
What is "Lyrical" dance?
Should you sweat when doing shuffling?
can anyone plz give me the lyrics of lets make love by deepside ft. r. kelly.?
pointe shoes?
how do you grind at dances?
Do you have any pep-rally ideas for a dance (choreography)?
do you know any competition?
how can i learn to stomp like people off stomp the yard?
Does anyone know what kind of marker Joy Ransley is? (RAD ballet examiner)?
Can you explain good moves/ give me good tips on how to dance in clubs espcially on hiphop music ?
fast beat pop or dance music?
Teen beginner hip hop dance classes?
Question about pre ballet??
What kind of dance is cha ch cha?
how to get higher arches in ballet? (video)?
girls, how often do you wear your sneakers or boots without socks? and if you do why?
What is the name of this dance move?
Is Dominic Sandoval from Quest Crew part Honduran?
What kind of dancing do you like?
Am I able to take Ballet?
Good private ballet teacher for beginner?
Do dancers come in all shapes and forms? and is it too late to start ballet?
Can I still be a professional dancer?
Need to learn to dance like cinderella in less than a week what do I do?
to old to start dancing???
What is the song in the 2009 remake of fame for dance auditions?
Should i take dance class? Read?
What Dance Shoes Should i Get?
ANY ONE into BALLROOM dance? guys? girls??
♥ List of Acro Tricks from easiest to hardest!?
pointe dancers how old were you when you strted pointe?
what is the adress for ciara's dance agency in atlanta ga.?
Where can i get into HipHop dance class in Colorado?
Where do ballet dancers get hair nets that cover their buns and not their heads?
where can buy i a mask? ..for a masquerade dance.?
What types of dance should i take next September??? please help!?
The difference between Swing Dancing and Ballet? Similarities also please...?
Too Old for Dance Classes?
can you give me the photo of the dance of balse quirino in the philippines....?
how many years do u have to be in ballet for you to go into pointe?
Which is the sexist dance to do?
What happened to the Legat Russian Ballet School near Crowborough which I went to when I was 11?
Can anyone explain the passion of dancing?
Are companies/colleges okay with nose piercings?
Anyone know a website with rave pics on them?
do you like dancing?
Am I too old to start dance lessons?
Dance Recital?
HOW do you dance at HOMECOMING?!? (slow dancing--how close?? And what types of dances?) PLEASE HELP!?
Know any Fast paced Irish river dancing music?
Where can I see THIS ballet?
Should I not dance because I am too high and my feet are "not good"?
Help on starting dancing?
do u ballerinas get told off for this?
What is your fave dance move?
What genre of dance would this be considered?
Which Dance University is best?
What energy do i need for a dance class and a piano class HUH!!!!!?
Tell me why you love dancing :)?
How can an (almost) 14 year old boy get fit and ready to start learning jazz or ballet?
How do I improve my toe touches?
what age did you begin irish dancing?
where can I find sailor moon episode the end of the nightmare?
Is it possible that I'm 15 and start playing ballet?
POLL:What's in your Dance Bag ??
What is involved in being a private dance teacher either with itsd or rad?
Contemporary Capoeira Songs ?!!?
PLEASE HELP!!! I Need help thinking of a way to ask a guy to homecoming dance!!?
My knees keep hyperextending when I try to dance using the cuban motion. Whenever I step to bend my knee and?
What should I wear to a Bon Voyage dance?
is Staci from dancelife the dancer in Vanessa Carlton's white houses video?
I want to dance to "you look wonderful tonight" as out first wedding song. What step should I try and learn?
Where is the best place online to find dancewear?
When I dance I look weird?
Tips on hip hop and breakdancing for beginners?
How do you dance Marinera?
Where can I find dance instructions to learn to dance to cumbias?
Whats is salsa dancing?
DANCE HELP (: hahaha?
Dance class for 14 teen year old with no experience?
my girlfriend loves me so much but how i know if she doing wrong things behind me help me??
I'm going clubbing for the first time but i can't dance?
so who thinks i should strip for floyd?
Help!! Eisteddfod coming up....Any tips?
Where to get videos to learn to exotic/erotic dance for free?
readingg music?
What is a good surprise dance song for my quinceanera ?
What styles of dance do you see in this video?
I LOVE to dance to rap songs or whatever by myself,but around my BF/other people I'm nervous, any advice?
Is beginning ballet too late for me?
How to be a better dancer?
Is it late to start learning to dance at the age of 23? not as a profession but as a hobby?
lyrical solo songs?
How to turn on a guy while dancing?
When is the america's best dance crew tour is starting>?
Zumba dance?
How to stop headspin pain?
Should I start ballet?
How much money do the contestants on "Dancing with the Stars" receive?
I can't find this new dance show?
what`s your favorite dance and why?
What is the best dance bra/undergarment for small boobs?
What kind of ballroom dancing is cheek to cheek?
How Many People Love the Jabbawockeez?
Why is my needle not perfectly straight?!?! (in dance)?
Learning how to dance(clubs etc)?
What is the dance movement used in video games?
why is delaware the richest state but dont got a damn football team?
Can you Dance at an Airport?
20 points!! help please!!! how does dance help our economy?
Edinburgh ? And dance classes ?
pole dancing in swansea?
Is too late or not possible to start cheerleading?
Modern or Lyrical, Help!?
how many MAILS DO you get in a day?
I need music ideas for a beginning hiphop dance I am making.?
can fat people do Capoeira, too?
How many people dance regatoon or hip hop?
why tough men shoudn,t dance?
Whats the most dance classes you've ever taken?
Hip hop- intro level to master class- in two years?
Do I have a ballet body?
I'm interested in ballet?
Im doing a contemporary solo this year and cant seem to find any songs. Any suggestions?
Good dance movies?
Dance recital advice?
How can i improve my piroette turns?
I may take latin ballroom dance classes, and I wasn't sure what kind of shoes would be best and where to find?
Two fears I need to fight. Can u help me?
Am I a good pop locker?
Does this method for straddle splits work?
Can I wear a bra for ballet practice?
i want to take my dancing further but i'm not sure how?
What are some good poms facial expressions?
To All Dancers!!!! Survey?
how do you dance at a house party?
if im asian and nice what type of boy would like me?
Can you teach a horse to dance?
How can i do a pirouette foutté?
Songs for a contemporary acro dance?
My parents made me quit dance...?
who loves the tourettes cat video on ebaums?
What do you do when your byfriend lie's to you alot?
what's the nickname for tango?
Learn Hip Hop moves?
First dance solo:). ?
Dance workshop? Help?
Does allison from breaking pointe have broad shoulders?
Do you have arches or flat feet?
Back handspring PLEASE HELP!?
What is your favorite dance style?
who thinks erin carter is hot?
Help! Ankle Strengthening Exercises?? For ballet?
Deal ? or no deal ?
Do you like to dance ?
does anybody know of any websites were i can learn how 2 break dance for free?
Which Danskin tights are great for ballet? I need ones that are really stretchy!!!?
How to create a dance move?
How can I get into nightclub when underage?
I'm looking for a ballroom dance partner!?
Anyone know were i can find hip hop remix list please im beggin?
how long have you been dancing?
What song shall we dance to tonight?
What were the dancers of the 1920's called??
Am I too old to start dancing?
Dance Studio in Basement?
good single/partner dance moves??
I need help with Airchar!!!!!!!-Bboy?
what is going on with my life?
What do you call that jump with a spin and kick?
are pre-arched pointe shoes bad?
Ballet turnout issues?
Ideas for dance moves for the song 'Champion' by Chipmunk ft. Chris Brown?
Can I Re-Join Ballet?
difference between russian and french ballet?
What are some cute homecoming dance ideas?
I search a song that is fast and slow parts?
What has been the best theme dance you have been to?what was it about?what did it look like?
Dance competitions in Long Island?
Songs with Hustle beat, and songs with Waltz tempo?
A question for all the dancers?
Should I dance again?
Any1 know any good songs for a group of four 12 year olds?
is it wrong to ask ur boyfriend to a dance?
Dance class? For beginners?
what are the ten greatest dance moves of all time?
Having street dancing lessons and I feel weird?
does doing it for the first time hurt or is it just in your head???
what music to download for a teen freak party?
what are the age ranges for RAD ballet levels?
What season of Americas Best Dance Crew was better?
Help on my switch 2nd leap please! Its a switch leap but instead of into a grand jete you open into a 2nd leap?
Ballet perfection on turn out?
My first pointe shoes?
Pirouettes and a la second turns?
What is a great song for a striptease?
I'm not very flexible, don't dance much, and want to join JV cheer when i enter my freshmen year next fall..?
Im frustrated with a dance move and Im nervous to ask a teacher.?
what can a person do career wise with a major in dance?
If Laplanders lap dance and poles pole dance what do other nationalities do?
Is it normal to get rejected on the dance floor A LOT?
Should I get contacts?
Spiritual Dancing?
what do i need to know about being a cheerleader?
Orthopedist or rheumatologist for hypermobility?
How to get back into dance? - I feel like I wouldn't be 'good enough'?
Trying to get some ideas for a CD?
What happened to all the disco clubs?
Dancers: Is 16 too old to start taking dance lessons?
Ballet or hip-hop?
Tri-state area adult male hip hop dance classes?
I whant to know that grand thife auto that is game.?
Is it okay to shake my money maker at work?
How to get girls to grind with you?
What should I do in order to strengthen my core for bboying?
Should I just move like a jelllyfish if I don't know how to dance?
Ballet dance company?
What do people wear under a leotard?
Who here is a dancer?
How to have a really good dance audition?
where can a 13 year old get her juke on ?at and not at a skatingrink?
Questions about ballroom shoes for women?
Best tap dancing classes / groups in or around Edinburgh for adults?
ballet shoes?
How to become a professional hip-hop dancer? Like in music videos & such.?
I was moved up to a Pointe class and...?
Where can you buy chachayote seeds to make ankle bands?
how do i convince my mom to let me quit!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!?
I need help unscrambling the following types of dance?
Cheerleaders, dancers, and iceskaters? Help please??
pointe ballet?
Do you think it is skanky for a single mom to strip. (strip only)?
anyone a dancer?
Good party/dance music?
I want to BBoy.?
What is a kind way to say no when someone you REALLY don't like asks you to dance.?
you tube videos?
First Dance Class Nerves?
I want to join dance but...?
What are some creepy dance songs?
How to know where to go when dancing?
i want to learn dance iam afresher means i dont know how to dance first time?
Were you a horrible dancer.. that REALLY improved?
i'm 13&wanna start ballet....HELP !(x?
Wat r some good bands?
where i can learn belly dance for free?
Why Do You Dance?
If I joined the dance studio, which class would I be in?
Should I get pointe shoes or not?
People out there that LOVES to dance?
can i teach myself dancing from dance videos?
Costume related to dance?
Which is better? Ballet or Jazz?
how to convince parents on ballet?
I need a sad lyrical song?
question for the ladies?
Why most of the girls do prefer dancing as one of the hobbies?
how to ask a guy out for the dance?
Majors Intermediate Ballet question etc... ?
what do you do in ?why is it called ?
where is a shop called dance in hitchin?
Does someone know what this move is called?
What would be a good lyrical dance solo song?
Does anyone know of a song that would be good for background music for a dance that I speak over?
I need your guy's opinion!?
i need dance moves.all the people tht can dance good tell me what i need 2 do. plz i hav 1 on 2/21/07. thx?
Is abt a good ballet shoe brand?
Where in ohio can i find aerial silk classes, I live in newark but am willing to drive?...?
How Do I Dance?
Ballet slipper question!!!!?
Jazz/Hip Hop Costume?
Can you wear your high school cheer uniform to a cheer competition?
Stage presence question?
do i wear a bra under my leotard in ballet class?
Do you think I would be able to make it into Cleveland school of dance..?
Why there are always limited audience for a classical dance form?
Can you give me a modern song that can be danced in chacha or swing ?
Is It Natural To Have TurnOut of 180 Degrees In Ballet Without any traning?
How many types of bellydancing is there?and what type of belly dancing is it?
What new bboy moves should i learn?
How can I do body Isolations?
What should I wear to dance lessons?
So You Think You Can Dance 2010 Tour?
why are stags not allowed to dance on the dance floor? ;)?
plz help it's a majorette problem?
I want to get back into dancing ?
Who knows the name of the artistic director and co-founder of the Long Beach Ballet Art Center?
i'm a shy dancer .... how do i get over it ?
How do I get better at dance? Tips on turns and leaps?
What kinds of dancing would not violate these rules of the school dance thats coming up?
Should i do Ballet or Clogging?
What do you think of old ladies who dance (watch the video)?
where is the hoop (portland, or)?
ballet shoes?
What are some positions of ballet.?
does anyone know????
are there any teen nigth clubs in southern califonia?
Is there......?
Is it too late for me to start dance?
Where can I buy Templates of feet to put on the floor to teach people how to dance?
How can I improve my needle/scorpion?
How to Dance? Lessons?
What is THIS called and how can i learn to do it?
help with my higher dance choreography!!?
Do toe shoes (pointe shoes) have a left ad right shoe?
the gold jackets at garland high school?
learn the highschool musical dance moves..how?
Any guys doing ballet?
Men and ballet?????
how to look graceful on stage?
Unique & cute dance team names?
Can I start ballet at 15?
Can a 12 yr old go on pointe if she has had only 1or 2classes a week and has been doing ballet less than 2 yr?
Do you think Chris Brown and Monique make a good couple?
how can I dance like a slut?
What is the name of the dance move in this movie scene?
Just Dance 2 Sweat Points into calories?
Is it ok For a Muslim girl to do Cheerleading?
For a latinos unidos club at my school, we host an annual dance called Noche de Carnaval. ay decorating ideas?
What song/remix would you do a hiphop dance to?
Can anyone answer to questions I have about stepping / breakdancing?
Ideas for a recital theme or story?
Is Dance Dance Revolution the new Walking?
in your opinion which one is best for a teen?
What do you find hotter - A girl doing Latin Ballroom (salsa) or a girl doing Break dancing?
Do you know any dance moves ? And could you make me a dance routine ?
Im forming a dance group and i need flirty and sexy ideas for the name! any help?
where can i breakdance in santa rosa california?
how do you do a back walkover. Please give me step by step anserws. Thatnk you:)?
Alternative/Punk/Indie songs to do a contemporary/lyrical dance to?
beginner ballet classes for teens?
when you do the splits in second on the floor does it hurt your butt bones?
Is it right for me to make myself do something I don't want to do?
what does Cambre mean in ballet term?
Is ice ice baby by vanilla ice a good song to house dance too?
Where can a couple who are in their 40s go to dance without a bar?
Boston Dance Academy?
What are some musicals that were heavily influenced on tap dancing??!???!?!?!?!?
Dance help needed :)?
Does anyone know of a ballet studio or ballet classes near the East Los Angeles area? ?
Schools of Dance in USA?
Ballet for men???
a song on dancing with the stars?
my sons 11 and he smokes what should i do?
Can you be 17 and get fincal aid for a dance camp?
what are some good songs to break dance 2?
at 16 how long does it take to become flexable in ballet?
what do i do?
What are some good male dance belts for break dancing and street moves?
Is ballet boring? In your opinion.?
What equipment would I need?
Does pilates make you more flexible? I do dance and would like to be more flexible. Will pilates help??
Is it okay to dye your hair rainbow if you do ballet?
should i grind at the dance?
why do boys like girls that belly dance?
What songs make you hit the dancefloor???
Where can I find video footage of dancing monkeys?
Do you think Bristol Palin should still be on Dancing with the Stars?
Who knows how to do the Chicken Noodle Soup Dance?
where can i take a dance class in Malaysia?
am i dancing too much?
how would our uniforms look?
Is it too late to start ballet at the age of 12?
good lyrical/contemporary songs!!!?
dance lessons at age 16?
This is my personal statement for applying to college/work do you think its a load of rubbish or good?
dancing trouble.?
What is a good plie song?
How do you teach yourself to do the splits?
any tips on how to dance at winter formal?
How many of you dancers find yourself...?
should i wear shorts to my next dance class?
wonder what do ce do means in dancing?
how to do the russian military dance?
Does anyone know if there are any dance auditions in London or Bristol?
do u like a boy but u think he dosnt like just ask him what kind of girls he likes?
Tips and advice on how to dance to DnB?
How do you square dance?
do you have to be fit to do ballet?
I wanna be a stripper?
What's the best style of dance for adult "beginners"?
Ballet story (beethoven symphony no.5)?
how is 'tumhi ho bandhu' for girl solo dance?
How to choreograph a dance?
Any Orchestral Music I can Do a Contemporary Dance To?
Could someone offer some challenging pilates exercises?
question about college admissons for dance?
So you think you can dance choreography song? help plz!?
Is kitchen dancing legal in California?
How can I find more fans of Cabaret Voltaire!!!!!!! it is a stupid question but at this hour I don't know I w
Which is better? Cheer or dance?
Do you think the song set the fire to the third bar by snow patrol would be a good lyrical dance?
Where can I get a variety of dance shoes in Connecticut?
How to dance ?
how do u dance news papper no club penguin?
age limit for going to The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia?
A level dance just for girls?
Are there any pole dancing classes in the SF bay area for boys?
Any Good Dance Schools?
How to have fun at homecoming?? PLEASE HELP..?
Does anyone know anything about the dance of the Horah?
How can I get the confidence to give my hubby a lap dance? Help please!?
Dance Company Question?
How can I learn 2 dances by thur??
Why are Kiwis good at dancing?
To Ballet Dancers?
Does anyone know of a ball in the US that you can get all dressed up to go to mainly around the Austin region?
Why is dance important to you?
If you are dancing and get dizzy what do you do?
Can you go swimming in a dance leotard?
Can you do RAD ballet as well as ISTD ballet class?
People don't think I can dance ? But I can ?
i download messanger but it doesn`t go on?
Is it possible to enter Latin competitions when I just imper-vise Latin dancing?
How does a guy grind at a party? Help?
What kind of pants do I wear?
I want to be in dance, where do I begin?
Professional Dancers?
does chirs brown have a girfriend?
what is the best thing to do @ a Middle school dance?
Who dance better Ciara, Shakira, or Aaliyah?
i had more mony photos in my but all of them is deleted i wann abring them buch so how can i do that ?
want to be an exotic dancer? need some info?
what should i do? please help?
depressed after dance?
Any good clubs where I can practice strip dancing?
What size to get in Capezio Unisex Half Sole Sandal for a size 9.5 to 10 sized feet?
Workouts, muscle build, etc. for Dance?
How to prepare for pointe shoes.?
Is the Metropolitan Ballet Academy in Philadelphia a good school?
guys do you like cheerleaders?
Private ballet lessons in Melbourne, Australia?
what is a dance intensive?
Does any one know any dance schools in north carolina not in charlotte but the other parts?
Lil Mynx, X-pole, or other?
Whats the best of dance to show feeling?
A name for this dance team?
What to wear under my ballet costume?
why do i lose my balance everytime i attempt a pirouette?
Contemporary Dance Song?
how can you tell the dancer from the dance.?
Any good hiphop classes in michigan?
Should I go to my school dance?
The best way to teach dance?
Were can I watch Dance moms?????online?
What is the best idea to improve everybody's hate on everyone???? get it? Learn to accept, and what you are...
headshots for san fransisco ballet auditions?
Do you like to dance barefoot or shoes more?
Does anyone have a good popular slow dance song?
I'm the least likely ballet dancer EVER - should I still try it?
how long does it take to start dancing bboy properly?
What College Is The Best For Becoming A Dance Teacher?
How do you do a switch leap?
Is it to late to dance at the age of 15?
is shiamak davar's dance institute or ashley lobo's dance institute better?
How can I improve extension for ballet?
who loves to sing and/or dance?
Tips on on how to do splits and cartwheels?
How to clean off or cover blood on the outside of pointe shoes?
Song ideas for drama/dance?
Jelousy, Do you have it?
If you hate cheerleader please tell me why...or if you love em COME JOIN THE PARTY!?
How would someone describe the English style of Ballet?
Can anyone suggest how to slow dance with a man who is over 6 feet tall?
Dance pop/K-pop/ Hip hop classes center school studio academy NYC?
Ballerina For Day?
Asa mag palit ug Ballet Shoes dinhi Cagayan De Oro??? PLEASE ANSWER!!?
Please help me with Homecoming!!!!!?
Am I ready for pointe?
....Are you a ballet dancer?
How hard is it to learn how to bellydance?
Who got voted off Dancing with the stars on Wenesday Nov 8th?
How to strengthen your hamstrings?
Age to be stripper in Ontario?
whats the polka??
who dances?
How do I ask someone to a dance?
What size of ballet shoe should I try first when getting my first ballet shoe?
Ballet or Ballroom dancing ?
what kind of dancing is this, whats the name?
What kind of dance i can do when i score a touch down?
am i a freek...?
Any good custom dance leotard sites?
Is this a good dance idea for a talent show?
What's a very quick Italian Dance, that starts with a "T"?
Do you usually change after ballet practice?
Is it possible to do the splits in one day?
Something that links with music and dance?
Is social dance useful?
Is it to late for me to learn to dance?
How to invite a girl out to dance?
What do you carry in your dance bag? (dancers only)?
can you help me?
what is better cheering or dancing?
Can you start dancing at 15?
what are the best high-paying dance companies in America?
dancing on ice?
What's the difference between rockabilly, rock'n'roll and jive dancing?
Is there a translastion on this dance move?
do you like to dance.?
Does size matter?
What is this dance move called?
KK. This is a vote! Do you like pointe, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, contemporary, or flat ballet more?
Is it possible for me to learn to dance well enough this way?
how do you do the "2 step"?
Am I too old to start taking ballet classes? ?
What is a site or a youtube user where i can learn COOL dance routines to top songs right now?
How do you regain flexibility for dancers?
I need help about a ballet class in 7 months!?
Am I too fat to be a Ballerina?
When you first started to dance were you bad at it?
what r ur favorite songs?> and bands?
tap dance classes in india mumbai?
Tips on contemporary floor work?
Which dance class should I stop doing?
Good weight for a ballerina?
My friends want to start a dance crew, what could our name be?
What is the best way to emprases the guys for cheerleading ??
Where can you date a formal date to dance?
how do you take control of your self when dancing on stage?
How long does it take to get the splits?
URGENT!! Please help?
I want to learn to do flips, cartwheels and backbends but I am scared that i'm going to hurt myself.?
irish dance.....................?
How do you know when you are ready to go en pointe?
Would this be a good contemporary solo song?
how u will react if a person cough when he speak?
what is this salsa then? where is it coming from.?
I need to find dj scratching instrumentals?
this guy is acting shady wat should i do?
What is the easiest way to learn how to dance?
When does the Shake It Up Dance Off end?
What are some songs i can use for my dance music?
Is 12 really *that* old to start dancing?
Do you like my Dancing?
Who is Georgia Oliveira?
Juilliard dancer question?
how late is it to start dancing?
Can anyone tell me the name of a 90's dance song where the girl says ``River River``?
Does anyone know if u have to take classes to be.........?
How do improve grand jetes/extension for my variation?
How do i do the father daughter dance at a quinceanera if im in a wheelchair?
question about dancing with the stars?
I can't do a backbend plz help?
how does beyonce get those big pretty legs?
I am looking for a w.site pronounced b po which opens up the invitation for family/friends to catch up?
dancing on ice final 2008 music?
Good Songs to dance too?
how many ballet classes should I take?
What should I wear to my hip hop dance class?
Know any dance web sites?
Temecula Dance Company Auditions!!?
Anyone have any good ideas for a modern dance solo audition?
why wont guys let girls run away from them?
Can any body suggest me a good hindi dance number for girls group dance?
Warner Kern and Diamant ballroom dance shoes?
What dance theme would go with super bass?
How do you dance at a night club?
Can I find "Nike Energy Cheer"Sneakers at Save On Sneaks?
where can i take a hustle dance class in new york city?
Need ideas for my dance diet?
How to get over this? ?
i have a question for all you good dancers OUT THERE>>>!!!!?
Can someone please show me a picture of a la croise?
I'm going to be a aid in dance help i don't no how to be a teacher?
Do you think it's possible?
does anyone know when the so you think you can dance auditions for season 3 are?
Does Anyone know where I can get another Spring for my Pro-Arch?
how do i get good daning tips and moves whith out haveing to pay for them?
choreographing help!?
Anybody know any good lyrical songs that are about friendship?????
which would be more useful for a ballet dancer: DANCE magazine, or DanceSpirit magazine?
Is it too late to start ballet at 21?
What is the weight of a ballerina?
Can anyone help me with this gymnastics/cheerleading move?
Does anyone know if Sydney Dance Company does work experience for Year 10 students?
do you ware socks!?
i need a stage name for dance, something unique help me please???
ballet dictionary?
Do my jazz shoes fit?
Where can I get cheap dance lessons?
Am i any good at dancing?
i want to cange my avatar appearens?what can i do?
gcse dance possession song?
newest dance hits?...s?
How can men learn partner dances? Read the rest...?
For summer intensives?
Do a barrell roll?
How can i prepare to tryout for the dance team?
Is this a good dance solo (contemporary style)?
What is the hardest ballet step?
Okay so I am going to this 21& under club & it says Moshing or body surfing is NOT allowd what does that mean?
i want to start a dance-off place of my own!?
what age should you be starting ballet?
Dancing opportunities in NYC for a teenage girl?
Does anyone know where a good ballet summer intensive is in Sacramento. CA is?
Starting Dancing again?
what if i make a mistake at the dance?
How long should it take me to get en pointe?
whats the song in dance moms that maddie does her Helen Keller routine to?
What is a good performing art school in Paris, France?
does anyone know of any 18 and under dance clubs?
Why do pointe shoes still hurt?
Iam in love but she do not like me i already make friends ship but still broken she is not indian what can ido
Do you think i should become a cheerleader???
Looking for music for dance show ala Buddha Bars...?
hip hop tips for beginners?
I have a few questions on dancing. Can you please come here and answer them?
where can i take hip hop dance classes in Adelaide?
Are there any Blood On The Dance Floor concerts in the bay area in California?
What happened to those dancing flowers?
Weird seizure dance looks like a seizure?
Where can I learn salsa in Mumbai? Preferably between Andheri-Borivili area?
honestly here, do i have a chance in ballet?
Does ballet makes thighs big?
Dance 1st period .....? It really sucks!?
Do u think that dancing helps get rid of anger?
Whats is cheerleading like?
My girlfriend wants to strip for money, she has never danced before, will amateur night be fun 4 her?
Please can someone describe in detail what happens in one of Bob Fosse's most famous dances?
Advice on a company audition?
What should I wear to dance when it happens *Girls only please*?
What's that really famous piece of music from Quadrophenia?
Does anyone know of any fire dance/poi/twirling classes in Newcastle, UK?
Am i any good at dancing?
Where should I get my dance clothes?
How to get a band to play at my 15 birthday party (quinceanera)?
Where can you go to dance in Antwerp?
I want to take up dancing but hesitant?
i want to take dance clases...?
good new bollywood dance song?
what r some good songs to dance to in walmart?
two questions on grinding (when dancing)?
ppl i need some help ? can anybody tell me to which song these ppl are dancing for ?
The origins of tap dance can be traced to:?
What are all the songs on Just Dance 4?
Does anybody here know good names for a Yoga studio?
Does anyone know of any good Hip Hop classes in the Bronx or Manhattan?
why are dancer's breasts usually smaller than non dancers?
Its 9/16/12 can me and my friend still enter in Make your Mark?
please help me?
Dance action shot ideas?
what age do you have to be to get into nightclubs?
Changing dance studios or going to two?
What are the best street dance competitions in the UK to perform in?
What does extensions in dance, ballet mean?
Dance class experince level help?
where is some good HIP HOP classes?
What are the names of the songs people dance to at parties? ?
I need help my with my split.?
blisters from first pointe class?
Song for a tap dance @ recital?
Best place to salsa in Vegas?
I want to know d dance classes,sketching,drawing,etc available to be taught by professionals in Bangalore?
Please help define this ballet term?
What should i aim for now to become a better dancer?
How can i achieve a dancer's body merging or melting into a metal pole for a dance video?
Pole Dancing- where can I learn how to?
Did big bands hire dancers?
Anyone know a Dance studio in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area for hip-hop classes?
How can I learn to dance?
salsa dance originates from which country ?
how did u become a great dance?
I want to dance, but I'm fat... ?
Is Impact Performing Arts in Maryland a good place to dance?
How do you dance, like at partys?
How do you dance at a school dance?
A song/dance i don't know the name to?
I want to get back into dance, is it too late?
How to do a pirouette? please help!?
I want to do dance please helP me!!!!?
Help: Should my girlfriend and I try this stunt?
suggest a good dance class in andheri west for filmy or bollywood dancing?
how can i improve my arabesque?
how do u learn to do the split?
Is there a good book or website that will teach me how to properly use stage makeup for a dance recital?
I want to start dancing, but I have no idea how to even start! Please help?
I need a contemporary/modern dance song...?
Who am I today?
my mail inbox mails all transfer in outlookexpress now i return back?
how to dance 2 step by unk?
who knows tarkan from turkey?
is 15 too old to start dancing again?
Dance tryouts are today, any last minute advice?
i need to find a good song for a dance warm up.?
i have a big big toe will this effect my chances of going on point?
Need a good dance.?
is it to late to start ballet at the age 13 ? best answer will be chosen?
Dance Moms S3 Ep11 The Recital to End All Recitals?
help with a solo question pleeeeeease?
what are they doing after that last set of turns?(video included)?
Are there any square dancing clubs in Singapore I could visit while on holiday there?
What is a good dance sport for a tall teenage girl ?
Are dance competitions/shows for serious dancers only?
so i need to know how to dance WITH other people?
I need help from girl dancers only please?
How to slow dance with this guy?
What country did Sansha Pointe Shoes originate from?
how can u do the splits in like...a day or something ???
Does any one have information about naples dance studio?
Please Help! Summer Intensive similar to Walnut Hill?
How does cool white guy break into Rap/Hip-Hop success?
Starting ballet, do I wear pointe shoes?
How do I let my little sister know she's not gonna be a ballerina?
how do you dance??
Haven't you people ever heard of closing the G*d damned door?
What are ALL the requirements to become a tap dancing teacher?
What is DanceFusion?
Underground strip clubs melbourne?
Dance Class for 5-Year-Old Boy?
what are some good ways to atrengthen your ankles for ballet and pointe?
Starting ballet at 18?
What is your favorite ballet move?
ballet pointes help?
Who says ballerinas have ugly feet?
i want to get motivated to dance like i used to do before. can someone say something nice..pliz?
im 13 and really want to start dance?
What Is This Dance Move Called.?
how do i listen to music on ?
What direction should your toes point when you do splits and straddles?
Is thirteen to old for Ballet ?
What ballet shoe size should I get?
How do you learn to do multiple pirouettes?
Hairstyle for dance?
dance academy song that ben dances to for sammy's death in the episode red shoes?
Good ideas for dance exercises and games ?
Are the any dance competitions in Chicago 2012 were solo hip hop dancers an compete?
plzzzzz can any one tell me from where can i learn dance online....i mean online tutorials,downloadable clips,
Is it too late to start learning hip-hop, stree dance in age of 15?
How long does it take to get ballet-fit after a pregnancy? Anyone with experience of this?
What kind of music do you like to dance to ?
What song is this that Maddie danced to on dance moms?
Can anyone list down all or most of the contemporary dance leaps and rolls and moves?
Can I become a go go dancer?
Is it too late to become a professional dancer or choreographer?
What happens at the So You Think You Can Dance Tour?
dance project: good animal dance ideas?
What song/video originated the "Harlem Shake"?
What kind of dances do you do at the homecoming dance?
Do you jerk or cwalk?
opinions on these dance songs?
Good Tap Dancing Songs? 10 points to the person of whose song I choose!?
Where can I find a cheap studio mirror?
What's your favorite Dance.?
How do you start a dance company?
I want to be a dancer or a pianist , but I have no legs and no arms.Any suggestions?
what the final dance song in step up 2 the streets?
is 17 years old i too old for ballroom dancing?
What's the meaning of "Twork it out"?
Does anyone have backstage info. on the So You think You can Dance dancers?
Is it hard to learn Belly Dancing?
iam looking for belly dancer in bangalore?
How do i do this dance?
i didnt make my hs dance team?
Male Stripper?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
SAB auditions???
what are the values of philippine folk dancing?
How can I turn more than one pirouette?
Dose the term "Flamingo " dance is Arabic or Grecian?
is chris brown a virgin?
costume for ballet dance?
who knows how 2 walk it out?
Which classical Indian dance is traditionally performed by men?
What is a good modern song to tap to?
What do you think of my feet in these shoes?
Can you name this famous African-American ballerina?
how many ears average of ballet does it take to go on pointe?
Which dance style do you think is appropriate for me?
am i too old to start ballet?
What did you learn from Babar?
Themes for Homcoming?
how do i learn how to do the splits?flexable?
Are there any singing competitions that occur yearly in the Bay Area?
Do I have a good ballet body?
Is there an actual dance for the safety dance song?
i luvv cj dippaaa <3?
MAJOR breakdancing questions...?
Whats your favorite dance style?
How to ask a girl to slow dance? Best answer 10 points?
i want to know the traditional dress for lavani dance?
are there ballroom/latin dance competitions for teens?
How do I learn to break dance, pop and lock, in Dallas, TX?
is it possible to make a dance studio at age 16?
How to get down the VERY last bit in splits?
with a pineapple membership, do we still pay for the classes?
I want to start a dance crew ?!?
How to set up the inflatable air dancer?
How to dance with my dad at my grade 8 grad? (It's tonight!!!)?
where do i find the latin dances?
what was martha graham's first dance?
What should we name our dance group?(s)?
What Dances Do You Like 2 Do?
Whats your dance style?
Is 18 to old to start dance??
What are some good names for a hip hop crew?
does anyone know where is the nearest dancing class in seksyen 15,petaling jaya?
Beginners ballet classes for teenagers?
are there homecomings in public schools?
what should i wear to a disco dance?
How to dance like a...Black kid?
Where is the best place to learn how to pop-lock, brake, tut, slide. etc.?
what style of dancing do you find the easiest?
How do you get a guy to fall in love with you?
Where's the best place to buy dancewear online?
Does anyone know how to do this??? A little help here!?
wat r the standars 4 ballroom dance shoes? r tango shoe st andards different? wat about other dances?
Can you have a dance party at your house?
how do can you learn to do the splits?
how to do a roundoff?
Learning how to dance at age 14...?
Ribs hurting after practicing a fish dive?
Salsa Congress - Etiquette?
Can anyone tell me where a free hip hop dance place is for 11-12 year olds?
sexy dancing?
Where can i watch dance moms season 1 episode 12?
Should she dance? What kind? What to wear?
Looking at getting 6 year old daughter involved in dance school..?
Can a 13 year old start ballet?
Website for Buying Tutus?
Slow dancing question - please help?
Modern Movies?! with country dancing?! just a little bit of it?! help!!?
Whats harder - Tap or lyrical?
Is there an Irish dance directory?
how to found cheaper depot ??
Where and how to hold dance crew auditions?
horrible at dancing but good at stepping???
where can i learn the thriller dance, online?
Anyone know any good songs for a lyrical/modern/jazz type solo?
What types of foods should dancers eat?
Are there any good exercise classes in Chiswick?
How to dance at a party/club/concert?
Where can I learn to pole dance in Salt Lake City, Utah?
Am i too old to start Ballet?
Should I get a friend to push me into my splits?
"Modern" ballet?
How not to be shy when dancing?
We need a dance team chant! Help?
How to pop and lock with abs (dancing move)?
What's a motivational dance?
what's a good cha-cha-cha song?
I need help for my dance performance(group), I want to make it funny and i want to win at the same time?
I feel very embarrassed .....?
if a student would tell you that she is going to start dancing ehat type of dance style do you suggest?
Where Can I Get Dance Related Help?
Who do some ballet studios require black leotards and others don't?
new haircut... did i look better before or after?? (PICS included)!?
How to learn reagotten dance?
What kind of leather that is used for making ballet slippers?
Things to remember while dancing Jazz?
What level ballet am I in?
Do you my Godmother will let me dance in the spring Concert Since Im missing 2 weeks of her Jazz tap class?
Should i exchange my pointe shoes??? PLEASE HELP!!?
why volcano in cannada?
Choosing between 4 dance classes?
Can someone give the the lyrics for...?
High School Party Playlist?
What is the name of the song or dance at quinceaneras?
where can I find the making of the dance of justin timberlake's video "My Love"?
There is a popular mortgage add which shows a person dancing?
semi formal dance?
Dancing for exercise?
Should i be a cheerleader? Any advice?
Funny way to ask a guy to a dance?
Is it normal for one split to be better than the other?
help with turn kick sequence?
Dance is a sport, Right?
HELP! How to make up a ballet dance!? 10 points!?
ballet lessons, what to buy?
Is boogey ( ballroom dancing ) the same as boogie-woogie? If so, what is the description?
Does anyone line dance?Where did you learn?
which action shot should i use for my profile picture? dancers opinions...?
What hardness should i buy for my first pair of pointe shoes?
Dance studio?
want to dancing but don't know where to start?
Iam opening a kathak dance studio, suggest me a good Sanskrit name. ?
How did Baryshnikov change ballet/what was his unique talents or abilities?
how can i learn bellydancing from my house? and quickly?
dance costumes for burlesque song?
do you like to dance??
where do i go to find dance/gymnastics classes?
cheer dance and band?
contemporary and jazz dancers what do you think of this choreo?
HIGH bun or LOW bun???!! NEED ANSWER NOW?
why should i not wear to hip hop dance class?
High School Grinding Question...?
Who got kicked off Dancing with the Stars 10/20/08?
Why do people think that dancing is fun?
What are some really fun and energetic songs to dance to at a party?
Need a krew name for a gloving group?
does anyone know the name of the song melissa and tony danced to last night on dancing with the stars?
how to dance at a school dance?
"OMG" dance! Need help on the routine?
How long do you have to do ballet before you go on pointe?
Good K-pop dances to learn?
how many people know how to krump dance ?
Who's Popular, Dances, and CheerLeads? Like Me!?
Can some 1 give me the dance steps to Souja Boi?
what sneakers are best for hip-hop dancing?
How much will I have to dance to be able to do masterclasses comfortably?
who is the coolest american idol?
Pointe Shoe help!!!!!!?
Would I have a chance of getting into PNB?
hippies congregating nearby my house, why oh why!?
Is 19 to old to start ballet?
Poll:- True or False- You Can Dance?
What is a "Dance act"?
How can I train to become a member of the school dance team (pon pommer). HELP ME I want to make the team!?
How can i describe someone dancing like this women on video?
should i stay in beginning or go to advanced?
How do i make a leotard?
Breakdance Move Question?
Is it too late to start ballet? I'm 12 years old...?
heyy! .. im a dancer.. anyone a dancer? what kinds of dance do you do?
Best place to learn salsa, tango, latino in Bangalore?
what type of pointe shoes did maya plisetskaya wear???
Does anyone know any good hip-hop dance classes in CT?
do choreographers do every type of dance?
what do i do when my dance team is on a losing streak?
Summer! ballet programs!?
how do u do a split?
Is there a break dancing instruction dvd that's not going to be way over my head?
How to get a solo in dance?
how to get a solo in ballet?
Any Hip Hop Dancers out there that can answer this?
Dance Songs for a Hip Hop Dance??
Grinding at school dances?
Would you dance with a shorter guy?
What are a list of songs that i could use for an elementry school dance?
when is Sergei Polunin's (former Royal Ballet principal) date of birth?
High school cheerleading help!!?
any full fledged western dance academy anywhere in the world?
What sort of jobs can one have with a major in dance?
what is a good collage to go to to major in dance?
i need help with my 90s?
What are some good appropriate songs for a 6th grade school dance?
who is the best dancer on earth?
Do crews like the ones in step up really exist?