how would bollywood dance classes be sturctured?
Why is ukrainian dance so popular compared to other slavic folk dances?
Requirements for making JV/Varsity dance team?
ok i have no clue how to dance?
How is my pointe work? (VIDEO INCLUDED)?
What is this dance move ?
what is the easiest type of dance to learn technique and help with flexibility?
ballet help needed!?
to dancers out there?
If I was to consider professional dancing what age do you need to start?
Dark, instumental, contemporary/modern dance songs for a solo?
what are all the different kinds of ukranian dance!?
Where's the best place to learn Salsa in Mumbai City?
I am a big fan of Justin Bieber, and i know it will cost a lot and there is a big chance i wont be having havi?
Is it had to get slecte in Varsity cheerleading sqaud ?? ?
Looking for kathak dance classes near sakinaka area, Mumbai, a less expensive one.?
Dance class please help!!!?
Is it wierd to WANT to be a stripper?
Do you know some good dancing music?
What do you think of my arches?
is there such think as majorin in modern dance?
How can I learn how to swing in the shortest amount of time (like 1 month)?
I need help with my dance?
which wii dance is cool for kids/teens?
Learning dance should i learn: Kathak or Odissi?
how many ballet classes should i be taking a week at age 15 if i want to become a prima ballerina?
Should i switch back into the lower hiphop class?
Best belly dancing video?
what does the queen do all day?
What are some good older songs?
What song/remix would you do a hiphop dance to?
Good lyrical solo songs?
What is your favorite type of dance?
(EMERGENCY) Good Music for Beginning Dancers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is my dream unrealistic?
Ideas for Dance Team Themes and/or Songs?
My dad hates dancing and I love it. How can I talk to my dad to let me take dance lessons?
why do people think its low to be a hooker/exotic dancer ?
Is it to late for me to learn to dance?
have u seen the video hips dont lie?
Good Party Dance Songs!!!!!! Need Suggestions!!!!?
What is tap dance where is it famous?
What is a way to improve on hip hop skills?
So you think you can dance????
How do you do the westside walk it out?
Can I get certified as a dance teacher before I turn 18?
who knows some cool dancing moves or dances!!??? :D?
What do I wear and what do I bring at ballet lessons?
What does it mean to be escorted to a dance?
Any good songs to swing dance to??
How do I prevent a period leak? ?
Should i do cheerleading or dance team?
Can anyone teach me to do the 'Hustle'?
i need lyrical tips URGENTLY!?
How to stretch a leotard?
Tutorial for Chloe's dancing off of Dance Moms?
What do you call male ballerinas?
where can i buy a dancing pole in san jose?
Dance Classes in Melbourne?
How is it that i practice and practice and practice my doubles and i still can't get them :/?
Belly Dancing?
I'm 21 yeaRS old. I'm planning on taking a ballet class. My family is discouraging me because I'm "too old...
How do you dance post punk and newwave music?
Is it too late to start dance school at 18?
my front aerial is crooked?
What do I need to do? Dance/ Ballet/ Flexibility?
Starting acro dance at 14?
How do you do a split and come back up with no hands??
should i take ballroom dancing classes?
Why are some girls able to learn dances quicker than others?
Kittens ate my grandmother and I ate the kittens. Will I die?
Music for a dance final PLEASE hurry?
Brookville Park`s wonderful DANCE RECITAL - I need the address of the school (to mail my pictures too) Help?
Is taking a Pole dance class a bad thing to do?
Lacking inspiration for violin?
how do you dance??
What is a good lyrical songto dance to for my school talent show?
Where I can sell my nude photo and video?I'm 18 years old , but look like 12.?
What is the difference between ballet "slippers" and ballet "shoes"?
dancing on pointe for ballet?
If you do hip-hop dance, can you give me a cool simple routine?
How do I get good at shuffling without a multitude of twisted ankles?
Which type of dance is this?
Questions about dance?
my school isn't allowing us into the dance!! :(?
How to do the Gangnam Style Dance?
Who like LOVES dancing?
What do you think of the tango?
i am trying to learn how to do the windmill in breakdance does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to do it?
SOmeone help me find a undergarment bodysuit for ballet? 10 points !!!?
My brother "Buster" just shot me with his semi-automatic rifle "Superdart."?
Whats a good dance film to watch?
What is the process to invite an cultural group from west Africa to Croatia to perform for a week?
What do I need to know before my first pointe class?
How do you do the "Thriller" dance?
What is the best yoga exercise video/dvd for beginners?
Starting ballet at 16, need advice.?
im very cool at my school but i might need some advice please its important?
audition dancing game?
I really want to take ballet more than anything but im moving and i have to wait.Should I start or wait?
What is the colorof the German Flag?
Where can i get bhangra suits from?
What are good dancing graduduation songs like good feeling but are more modern for 2012?
how do i become a better dancer (in clubs-so i can impress girls...)?
i need a lyrical contemporary song THAT HAS NOT BEEN HEARD over like 5 times at competition?
bad situation?
Do girls find it disgusting when you get a ***** while grinding at dances/raves?
does anybody know any good websites where it gives me the basics of belly dancing moves?
How do you open a Cheerleading Camp?
What's the difference between popping, locking , boogaloo dance?
Breakdancing help with windmills?
What kind of dance is this supposed to be (girls)?
can anyone tell me where I can get the Manchester Rap tune from?
Dancing Schools in australia?
What does sickling mean in ballet? How do you correct it?
I tried to burn a copy of an audiobook. Toward the end of my copy it skips. What am I doing wrong?
Is weight loss possible through dancing?
What sweatpants is justin bieber wearing in his 'Believe dance rehearsel" vid?
Some good hindi bollywood songs to dance?
How Much Would a Full Ballet Suit Cost?
I want to get into a dance academy, help...?
Should i move dance school ?
what is zamba dance ??
Why did Abby Miller choreograph a dance for Vivi in dance moms?
What is the best Philippine folk dance to perform in a competition?
im a guy and i want to learn to dance, does any1 have any good sites or videos?
how to not get hot at a dance?
How long does it take to do a split ?
How to dance at parties? ... help!?
what kind of dancing should i do?
is it ok to go to jazz 2 when you know nothing about jazz?
What should i put in my dance bag?
what's going on with all the drama on this ? and answer thing?
Pointe Shoe For Dancer with Wide foot no Arch?
if you are in a dance company, what is ur company name?
What can I dance to with my chambelanes?
What good music can i dance to?
are ballet or dance leotards the same as gymnastics leotards?
What cd is this song on?
what do you think of this 'ballerina' look?
How Old To Stop Bellydancing?
Pacific Northwest Ballet?
Who here likes ballet?
What backround story should I have?
Best way to do a bun for *fine* hair?
are there HipHop dance classes in Dumaguete?
is there a video i can buy to learn the moves to thriller?
dance colleges in New England. Cheap!?
How come when I dance at a club the guys always try to feel me up?
Where can I learn how to dance at clubs?
Can I stretch over splits if I'm not all the way down on my splits?
Just learned a new ballet step in a begininning class. is there a more typical way of doing this?
IDTA? Anyone know where i can get the ballet syllabus?
Am I too old?
Buying Pointe Shoes?
What are some good songs to choreograph a contemporary or jazz solo?
what are the pros and cons of the Joffrey NYC summer intensive?
who was kicked off so you think you can dance on 06/29/06?
Is there a way I can strengthen my ankles?
I have a boyfriend but i still have feelings for my ex and i know he has feelings for me, what should i do?
What are the dancing clubs found in Lebanon?
Hey krumpers im a krumper but i would like to know how to get better on my buckness and tricks?
takeing up ballet at 16??
What kind of excercises can I do to make my dance moves sharper?
daily routine for a dancer?
whats that one poppin song about a backstroke?
Anybody like mushrooms?
what Michael Jackson song to you think is better to dance to?
need to hear the songs of world cup 2006, where can i find them?
ballet pointe question?
Can someone tell me how to re-teach myself how to pointe in ballet.?
How do I act like a funny mouse in a Nuter audition?
Bellydancing! Lessons or at home DVD?
where and when are the dance india dance junior auditions going to be held?
I need ideas for a Hip Hop/Contemporary concert?
Baton Twirling Lessons?
so you think you can dance.help?
What were some popular dances in the 1950's?
Why do you dance ? ................ What is your favorite form ?
I am an ice skater (and 15 years old), I want to start taking a dance class, which one would help my skating?
How can I prepare for high school cheer tryouts?
How do I keep my dance teacher from resenting me?
what style of dancing do you find the easiest?
do anyone kno where to take a cambodian dance class in washington?
How do you bump and grind?
Do girls like wearing leotards for gymnastics and ballet?
I am a dancer but i am sort of heavy footed.?
does anyone know any information about the dance soko from guinea in africa?
How to dance with girls in a nightclub?
Dance Or Cheerleading?
I want to put in a Cd and start Dancing but does form matter?
Are there are any songs that are about winning {dance competition}?
Who is the better belly dancer.....?
What to wear to go to a dance with mexican live music?
What is a kind way to say no when someone you REALLY don't like asks you to dance.?
What are some good dance party songs?
While grinding with a girl at a school dance what can guys do to keep her interested and be a good dancer?
What are some comedic dance moves besides the ones I have listed?
Is there any type of cool modern dancing for couples? Want to take lessons?
why is it important to warm-up before dancing?
How did a man asked a woman to dance with him at a ball a hundred years ago?
how do you dirty dance?
Samba gymnastics music??!!?
How can I learn to dance reggaeton?
Hip problems after doing a bow-and-arrow?
what is a quicker way to get onto pointe shoes?
I need stretches for the splits?
ballet shops in Madrid?
Ballet Warm Up Music?
should I stop dancing?
good dancing songs????????????????
what do you do when you have your period at ballet?
i want to become a dancer when im older and.....?
Looking for agents who can offer contract for bellydancer?
Where can I take some Hip-hop dance classes?
what kindof dance class should i take if i want to get more tecnique?
am i too old to start dance lessons, anyone -ten points best answer?
Good songs for parties? DANCING parties!?
ballet shoes?
Places where i can learn jazz and salsa in mumbai?
What words do you use to describe Ballet?
what would you decribe this as?
does anyone know where or what web sight has a free video and dance steps for boot scoot boogie?
What would you name a dance group specializing in african/carribean/hiphop dances?
Where can a couple who are in their 40s go to dance without a bar?
Drill team/Dance team?
Can I start dancing again at a dance studio at age 15?
Has anyone tried Sheila's S Factor Strip Tease and Pole Classes? Are they worth the Money?
who got kicked off dancing with the stars tonight?
i want to make a party dance mix...?
when dancing balrrom why does a dancer need to master the different dance positions?
basic ballet steps or moves?
are short people better dancers?
did anyone know how to dance like pussycat dolls?
How do you learn to do the splits?
why do ballerinas point their fingers when dancing?
Does playing just dance 3 make you lose weight?
whats the history behind the chicken noodle soup dance?
Should I switch studios in order to become a better ballet dancer?
I went dancing and did some light grinding with clothes on and now freaking OUT about ?
Where are good tumbling classes at in the Stone Mountain-Lithonia part of Georgia?
Who do you think is going to win So You Think You Can Dance?
if u go clubbing what ur fav dance?
what should i take?
what is the five top groups from the year 1999 to now 2006?
Bausch: artistic and stylistic parameters?
who thinks dance is a sport?
Will ballet give me lean, long legs or muscular bulky ones?
Salsa clubs in NYC?
project help!!!!!!!!!?
Tips for getting over nervousness about dancing?
cool songs for cha cha cha and jive ?
What type of soft ballet shoe is best?
I am overweight and am going to Las Vegas tomorrow. Will be a sore thumb in the clubs?
Who got voted off dancing with the syars tonight?
Dance....a sport?
What are good dance songs from each decade starting in the 50s?
How can I make friends in my dance team?
I need a wierd/strange/eerie intrumental for my contemporary g.c.s.e dance, any help! Thank Youuu :) x?
what are some basic techniques of dance; ballet, and technique i could really use some help?
How do i stop my nerves before a competiton ?
Dance or Gymnastics?
What do you keep in your dance bag?
Dancing - Who Else is a Dancer?
Pre-breakdance footwork?
do u prefer american pole dancing strippers or english ones?
does anyone ever get an urge when alone at home to dance around naked, with a nasty butt?
Whats your best ballet slipper shoes?Show me with a link and prove me the reason!:)?
Dancing with the Stars?
ballet info?
is ballet fun?
are you scared of death.?
how do i take care of newly bought jazz shoes?
Am I too old to begin ballet?
What is the story with dance gavin dance?
what are the best dance moves for a girl that are easy?
I Have some Earings for a Girl that i bought and.... (help)?
What are some stretches i can do to learn how to do the splits?
Does anyone know where Chris Brown recently lives?
How do you the cook dance?
Do you know of any Indian dance school or Indian dance team in or near seattle washington?
Are flamenco and tap some how related?
i want to know dance class of shaimak davar for my two and a half year old son some where from malad - jogesh.
Are there more gay male dancers than straight male dancers??
How can I start dance?
What is this dance called?
Ballet classes cost to much but i would really like to become one is there anyway that i could train to be one?
is dancing reggaeton wrong?
Does anyone know where I can download the DVDs of Tap Dance Made Easy?
what do I need when im starting ballet for the first time?
What is a good,cheap irish dancing in buffalo?
Do you just scream out random things?
what is your dance style?
how do you know god really excists?
How to dance at a high school dance WITHOUT grinding/freaking?
How to tell my mum i want to be a classical ballet dancer?
What to wear on HIphop summer workshop?
is 14 to old to learn a different type of dance?
How do i make my husband do dance?
I Want To Learn And I'm 13?
dancing ques?
Hands during grinding(dance)?
Hiya ... I live in essex but wont to know where any dance Competitions and Festivals are.?
who here is a kid?
um help how do I slow dance with a really tall guy?
who do you dance more like?
Hips in splits are not square...?
How do i dance with my crush at the school dance?
Private Dance Lesson in Brooklyn or Manhattan?
I knew this guy for 6months?
Girls(mostly) please tell me why....?
Do you think doing a dance routine I learned in cheer tryouts will help me make the mascots place?
i need to teach a guy how to dance!! what do i show him??????
How do you make up a dance?
Thriller or beat It.... which Michael Jackson song makes you want to get up and dance when you hear it.?
Question about starting pointe?
In Ballet ,what are the different types of leaps?
Will dancing African music + belly dancing help tone my abs?
How old were you when you did your first perfect double pirouette?
Eagles ballroom/rave in Milwaukee WI?
Anybody have tips to get on a high school dance team?
Where to buy ladies' cheap tap dance shoes Buckhead area?
how to grind/booty dance?
What is it to do in westmoreland county Va?
are front or back aerials easier?
Is there anything I have to know before I start going to a dance academy?
good dance stretches? how to do splits?
what's your favorite booty dancing song right now?
How to get flexible fast?
What stretches can I do to get ready for dance?
I have a pair of pink ballet pointe shoes and now I need them to be red, how can I dye them?
I need a song for a lyrical dance 10 points to the best song?
how do you get a job around your nigehberhood?
does anyone know the names of some club dances other than cha cha slide, electric slide and bunny hop?
Is stripping hard? What are the pros and cons of stripping?
I need a link (please) that gives me a video on the overture dance from BIG RIVER.?
Studios that teaches breakdancing in mississauga???
How do you dance at a quinceanera party?
I've never danced..ever, but I would love to try lyrical or ballet. Help!?
Toes are killing me after pointe class! Help!!?
How can I get a tighter fifth position in ballet?
Thigh help for a dancer?
Ballet Poll\Questionare.?
audition dancing game?
I'm 13 and have just started ballet, how long will it be before I can dance en pointe?
How to get a back handspring on the floor?
upcoming break-dancing competitions in San Diego?
pointe shoe fitting?
How did u Learn 2 DANCE?
Boy and Girl Dance Together?
which do you prefer the most Ballet or Modern Dance?
Do all dance teachers have favourites?
Help!! Dance emergency!?
Where can I find the larger tassels for majorette boots?
Why are Asian people so good at dance dance revolution?
what did you think of the black swan?
What are the different types of dance?
do i have to take ballet lessons to do pointe?
Do I go out or stay in?
dancers are turning into gymnasts...all tricks and no feeling?
Should age hold you back?
Is it too late to start to pursue a career of a dance teacher?
should I try out for cheerleading?
Does anyone else agree with me?
americas best dance crew???
When is a child old enough to start taking dance classes?
How do you help your daughter choose the right kind of dance class for her?
How do I not look awkward when dancing?
Pole dancing ........?
Dancers: What dance style is this?
Why do dancers and exercise instructors say, "Five, six, seven, eight, and..."?
Is it too late for me to dance professionally?
Any tips for bgirls?
tips on arials?
Easy way to do the splits?
Is Dancing Like Michael Jackson Cardio?
What do you think of pole dancing?
How to dance at parties? ... help!?
How do I know which ballet school is a good one?
Who Knows how to dance cumbias?
Do You Know Any Good Dance Camps In Canada . . .?
do boys like dancing?
10 POINTS!!!!! how to warm up?
Am I too old to start learning ballet? 10 points best ans!?
Vaganova Ballet Academy questions...?
What dances should I know for the sweetheart dance?
Ballet dancers: do you use pads or tampons?
Are there any break dance practice sessions mid week in London?
Does anyone know the dance for that song "achy-Breaky-Heart"?
Cheerleaders! Please help me fundraise?
Name a couple dance crews that get paid for what they do.?
is the tango a hard dance?
Pointe Shoes?
D0 you wear thin cloths when going dancing on purpose?
Is zumba really considered dance?
what kind of dance do you like?
Good dancing books which teach you lots of different styles of dance?
where can i fine hip hop lessons at the age 11 year old and the cost of it is $100 a month?
Is this a ballerina body ?
Forming hip hop crew?
San Francisco city ballet?
what are some good things to wear to an informal middle school dance?
what should i name my dance crew based on what we do?
How to get into Dance Academy ?? x?
Is "Dancing with the Stars'" voting system not based around logic, but popularity/favortism?
tips on go go dancing?
Ask Prashant: Choosing the best School?
what have you seen at school dances?
How to do Pirouettes?
Names for a dance show?
Should I just go to a gymnastics place to help with my tumbling?
How do you dance on someone?
Releve/Eleve ballet problem? Please help!?
Is there anywhere I can learn to dance like they did in 19th century England?
If White Girls could dance what kind of music would they dance to?
how do u find out somebodys mobile number , if u dont know tht person.. plz tel me ..its important?
What size tap shoe do i need?
Summer camps of dance for kids who haven't had lessons.?
what will be the impact and consequences of the estroid coming to hit our planet in 2036?
What can boy wear for ballet? Is it necessary to wear tights at first?
I can't jump high in dance...?
Good songs to shuffle to for beginners?
How To I Stretch My Hamstrings & Hip Flexors?
what age should a person be when they have thier first slow dance?
does anybody no of any dance classes in Northern Ireland near cookstown co tyrone mainly r&b thanks j?
dancers..... i need help !!!?
Pageant help??
Can you believe that this guy is 15?
How do i dance like thisss?!?
Making too much noise dancing upstairs?
whats dance class would you recommend? Jazz or Modern?
plz watch this vid...do i dance good?
ballet in henderson?
Middle splits question?
Dance competitions that take independents? any that have a improv category? please names them/their websites.?
Am I overly obsessed with dance?
How can i dance like aiden davis with the song low?
What dance seems like it would give you the best workout?
What do I wear to rumba dance class?
who wrote jungle book?
What is the history of the Philippine folk dance, "Cariñosa"?
Spring Break why there is alot of people that have one night stands? Do the female think this is natural?
What is good strong music for Calisthenics or Dancing?
Practice picking up choreography?
CLUBBING HELP! How do you do this move and what's it called?
I think my boyfriend may be gay...?
Should I continue heavily on pointe if I'm flat footed and I'm not looking to be a professional ballerina?
Girls: Isn't chris brown cute!
Is it too late for me to start dancing?
Am I the only person in the world who can't wear Freeds?!?
I wanted to know information about Mexican dancing! It seems really fun..and i would like to look into it.?
What do u girls like most about grinding/dancing?
Dance Chorerography Help?
who is the dancer who dances the numa numa dance en pointe?
Hip hop class question?
if you cannot move your body to the music at all..I mean you're completely clueless?
Tell me what ???
Lyrical dance song please!!!?
What are some funny dance moves?
the relationship between jazz dance and music?
What is the best way to.....?
dance duos of the past?
What's the best dance movie you've seen?
what stretches should i do if i want to learn the splits? how long will it take to learn? help me out dancers?
How can I calm my nerves before going on stage at my dance recital?
Why am I so nervous about taking dance?
I need some song suggestions.. for a lyrical/contemporary solo?
Modern up tempo country dance songs?
Non-dancer purchasing pointe shoes?
Nervous about my dance class?
are their any club/ dance parties in clearwater area that a 17 year old can get in?
DANCE! questions? :)?
what do they call a man ballerina?
Any tips for helping me with turns?
My dancing skills are weak, HELP!?
what is the newest dance?
How can i become more flexible fast?
How do you do the Cleveland shuffle?
Should boys wear thongs for ballet? also should they wear them to the gym?
what are good songs to make a dance to ?
The song YG- Go Dumb?
I want to take ballet but I fear that I am too old to even get started....?
Can a 14 year old learn ballet?
Who's going to win 2008's SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?
How to make a solo modern dance?
How do people dance at a black tie event?
I want to become a ballet dancer (a ballerina) what pointe shoes do I start off with?
What type of dancing do the Cheetah Girls do?
Hip Hop Dancing Question?
does anyone know what ukranium dance?
In ballet, do I NEED to have a bun...?
i really want to take ballet but i don't know anything about it?
Native american music?
how do i get to my asked questions?
Have you seen this? It is amazing. It will put Vot to shame. What do you think?
Are there any adult irish dancing classes in London?
Recommendations for a good place to learn salsa in central London?
How old is Irina Kazakova (contortionist)?
Cool ways to reuse dead pointe shoes?
who reigns at the big spring dance?
what exactly is an arts school?
Tahitian dancing to Belly dancing, would this be an transaction?
Have you ever been to a school dance?
What is the name of the tap dancer, who has dreads?
Can anybody give me instructions on making your booty clap?
Are there any free online games that have to do with ballet?
please answer my ballet question?
learning how to hardstyle and jumpstyle so uhh?
Mom and Daughter hip hop classes?
Can you buy regular ballet flats with the ankle ties at the Bloch shop?
Why do all ballet-dancers dance on tiptoes? Can’t they just hire taller dancers?
I want to learn some dance moves.... (School Dance)?
Lista de músicas CD super pop volume 3?
Ballroom dancing in dublin?
I want to ask this guy to my schools swirl dance so I need a cute/ funny poem to use as my way of asking him?
alright everyone has one thing that they are good at what is mine?
Can you tell who is dancer based on their body type?
Are there any good dance studios?
What are your opinions on pole dancers?
Is it too late for me to re-join dance and gymnastics?
I have some dancing skills but i want to become a better hip hop dancer? any tips?
Have My Feet Got What It Takes To be A Dancer ;) haha?
best country for living?
How to set up a dance mat EASY 10 POINT?
Sometimes i like to dance when no one is home...is that weird?
Too Old to Dance at 16?
How do I get over the shyness of dancing? :(?
The best ballet school in Singapore?
I want to ask this girl to the homecoming dance. I don't know how i want to approach her. Any ideals?
How to get my splits fast??!?
Dancing for fun?
How to keep dance shoes from stinking?
How Do you count higher than 10 in spanish?
where do i can learn Salsa in Ahmedabad?
where can I indian instructors?
how to make a simple dance routine look good?
Steap Team?
is dancing a sport?
Tomorrow is my first ballet class. What do I wear?
What are levies? And how do you do leg rotations to increase flexibility?
Is it to late to start ballet or dancing?
which one is better cheerleading or musical threatre ?
do you like ballet?
what is the significance behind belly dancing?
Are there any school for tap dancing?
how do i see what they route to me?
what do you were to a dance party ?
what is the national dance of america?
Dancing difficulties ?!?
How can you keep your ballet toe spacers clean?
im looking for dance warm up suits?
What is modern dance?
Songs similar to Lightweight by Demi Lovato?
Planning to start dance class, help please?
Do you like dancing? what do you dance?
How can I get my splits and improve my high kicks?
What is the best way to learn hip hop dancing?
dance problem??????????
where can I find under the table lyrical songs for my dance team?
Can anyone tell me the email addy for Lochlan Denholm? He's the guy in Billy Elliot?
Me and my friends need to wear something funny to this highschool dance. Any ideas ?
Who is the best dancer in hip hop and rap?
How do I get more dance hours?
Who is the best?
Will my figure stop me from being a good ballet dancer?
What do you think about this SoReal Shirt I am About to buy?
Teach me how to dougie?!?!?
I'm going to a beginner adult ballet class for the first time tonight. What should I expect? How should I prep
What's a cute screen name I could use i need a different one??
How to tell which genre of dance for a song?
How do i stretch my foot to get points for ballet?
Where are zydeco dance classes in los Angeles area?
how do i put style and different moves in my clown walk?
Comment my breakdancing! [Vid included]?
I m actually quite a good dancer but I need to learn?
Am I being paranoid about wearing tights in ballet lessons ?
where do i buy pointe shoes?
Have you ever or would you ever have sex with a prostitute (male/female)? No I haven't if you are curious.ewww
how can i get a huge ghetto booty?
What song makes you want to get up and dance?
I wanna be a Bgirl. How?
How can i get discovered as a dancer?
Canvas or Leather Ballet shoes?
is it good exercise to dance?
can anyone suggest me some good dance music videos?
what song should i dance to a my school dance?
GUYS: Do yous like a girl that can belly dance?
Is dancing for 12 hours a week too much for a 12 year old?
Are there any women out there who dance tango, and hate wearing high heels?
Females: if you go out dancing, do you often take off your shoes and dance barefoot?
Have you ever seen someone start dancing in front of a group of people and thought to yourself: "this is a
Dancing on CONCRETE is bad, so what should i do?
Dirty Dancing?
How do I do a fan dance?
american dad breakdance style?
Finding a dance class?
How do you climb a pole as in pole dancing? How do you come down upside down?
How to ball room dance?
Anyone else think the So you think you can dance tour wasn't worth the money?
who knows some cool dancing moves or dances!!??? :D?
dance moms season one?
How do you dance really well?
what's a good song for a jazz solo ?
Am I too old to start ballet at 14?
in kairali TV, Dubai Shopping festival, what song did Team D dance? was it meri majunubi ?
what is the name of this dance move where you shake your hips?
im doing a speech about dance but im not sure what to say about it?
can any body tell nearest dance school/coaching centre for 8 year old girl residing at vasundhra ghaziabad?
oes this break dancer have the skills to be the next web celeb?
What is the promotional code for American The Ballet Theater Opening Night Gala?
which are the top dance schools for contemporary dancers ?
Strip at home?
Ladies - would you go to a Dance for Fitness & Fun eve?
Is 13 years old too old to begin ballet classes?
What type of dance for one person is the best?
Does The Felxistretcher work?
What happened to Tara's leg on the show Dance Academy?
Am I too old learn to tap dance?
Names of "dance songs" they would play at a dance?
Far away ballet studio vaganova? Help!?
where can I find good and popular exotic dance clubs in different caribbean countries?
girls do you think its a tran on when a guy is a good dancer?
Disco was fun, why did it die?
does anyone know?
What are some good jazz solo songs?
are dance slippers basically the same thing as ballet shoes? or are they just to wear to the studio and then?
I am 21 and have never danced before but it has always been a dream of mine. Is it too late to start?
What is a unique contemporary dance concept?
What are my chances of becoming a good contemporary dancer?(video included)?
I will havea dance competion and want to know what are way that I will be noticed???
How can I remember combinations?
What do ballet leg warmers improve in ballet?
Help! I can't find this dance!?
Good Dance Techno Music?
What kind of dancing goes on at a school prom?
where would i find online downloadable instructional video for the country dance 2step ?
why is my video not showing up on shake it up dance dance competition website?
where to start in hip hop choreo?
What types of Technique should i put in my lyrical solo?
Pina Bausch ? title of performance piece?
Do I have the right Ballet dancing figure?
what is the name of the song "stitch" dances to on So You Think You Can Dance?
How did Michael Jackson do that lean move?
Adult Dance Classes?
Dancers, take this survey!?
Fell in ballet today now disappointed?
What is your favorite dance movie made before 1980?
How do I stop people at school bullying me because I do ballet?
Do u know how to Jerk?
When you have a cold isw it better to go to a dance club and sweat it out or stay in and be all gross?
How do you pronounce POINTE? and What does it mean?
50's dance moves with one person?
Front walkover problem!?
I went to a dance last night...?
how do mens leotards differ from womens?
Should i go?
How do you learn alot of country line dances?
What kind of dance should i do?
Street Dance/ Club mix??
what is the homonym for a diffucult dance step well executed?
VOTE!!!! Which song should I do for my tap solo?
For the Africans that love to dance, what do you call this type of dance in minute 4:08 of this video....?
Is it OK to fall in love with your dance partner?
Any help with freestyle?
would anyone know where I can get a few dancing lessons from?
What are some newer version hand clap games I can do with my second grade daughter?
what is your opinion on husbands going to strip clubs? and what really happens in those places?
Good lyrical acro songs?
Ballet dancers! Do you use tampons?
My toes hurt so bad from pointe?
Am I ready for pointe?
good song for an acro duet dance?
Any good strip tease songs?
Can someone help me find this dance video?
Stretching - splits (both ways), jumps and kicks!!!?
how to become a better street dancer?
Does anyone know of a good dancewear online retailer?
Best leotard for large chests?
Isnt this the coolest folk dance ever?
What kind of exercises can I do?
How many push ups should a breakdancer girl be able to do?
ballet question!?
What are the best nightclubs in Tucson for Electronica/House/Techno?
Is this true????????????????? ?
im 13 in June..dnt no wat 2 do..sumfin fun..not 2 xpensive..any ideas?did nufin lst yr so cn b bit pricey. Ta?
Talent show , babehh <3?
Should I still join my choir group this year?
Is it possible to still live my dream?
chandralaka bharathanatym dancer from south India?
Who is the more handsome Jesse McCartney or Zac Efron?
When was Maya Plisetskaya born?
am i too old to dance?
If britney spears dances really well again could she become a #1 icon again because she is begging to dance ?
Freak Dancing has been banned at my high school. What else could we do?
Taking dance in college?
Would luv 2 dance like they do in movie step up 1 & 2. Im from Co Clare, any1 know of any classes nearby?
ballet..... turnout...help!!?
Pointe shoe fit help?
How many of you dancers find yourself...?
Where can I find a good, detailed review on Peter Wright's The Nuter?
There are eleven eleven people dancing how many are left?
what are you made out of?
High School Dance Try-Outs?
What was Michael Jacksons Dance Style?
What are some of the best places to go to dance?
names anyone???!!!?
Dancers: daily life questions?
How do I get my boyfriend to understand that I dont wanna dance with him at the quinceanera?
Hi. I am in the need to learn how to dance. There is a dance coming up and I need to learn to dance, FAST!!!!
Lyrical dance question.....?
does anyone Tango? i am a beginner wanting to pursue a dream! I live in L.A. , Ca.?
which brand is better for a ballet skirt?
Can u dance?
medical insurance for dancers?
Where do i find this in my area?
How do you grind?
Which is better???
I want to join the dance team in my school, but im way too shy..?
is break dancing considered a talent?
Does it help for a 4 year old girl to dance at two different rather than one?
Where is the best place to Learn ballet in Virginia ?
Tips on dancing? Like, at a nightclub?
what dance class should i take?
Girls, what do you think of guys who breakdance?
why is dancing very helpful attribute to young man or woman starting a career?
what is the "new yorker" dance move? Anyone know a website i can watch it on?
when people are pregnant how many times do they pee a day?
Do you like to dance around in your room with the music blasting?
how good is the UW milwaukee dance program?
What are the best songs to belly dance to in your opinion?
I have dance auditions tommorow and i just got my first period today!?
why was i bleeding after a month of my missed period?
my daughters 9 yrs old can she start pointe yet?shes had 8 yrs of dance including ballet is she ready?
Highschool dance!!!!!!?
What is a cute way to ask a guy to a santa switch dance?
Pointe shoe question (HELP)?
whats that dance move aidan davis can do?
Looking for belly dancing classes in Round Rock.?
Ballet question about technique?
Y does my dance teacher make us do jumping jack if we come in late?
How to jump and land on my knees?
Is dance considered a sport?
Should I Run Track And Dance Or Just Dance??
What do you think of my dance?
I have been a dancer now for a while.......?
who is the better dancer bussell or cojocaru?
what are floor batments?
Dance and technology ?? Help!?
How can you do a full split in cheerleading?
What can I do to regain flexablitity?
Are there any teen beginner ballet classes in Northwest Indiana?
Is there a fatal dance injury that can keep you from ever dancing again?
will god came when we prey?
Questions about dance?
how do i shake my butt faster when im dancing?
Im 21 and learning ballet, am i too old ?
BRITTNEY SPEARS, is there a good website that i can learn her "toxic" dance from?
I want to learn how to bounce my hips like a dancer, but i CANT do it.?
Belly Dancing as a Career?
Is it illegal to touch a stripper?
Good music to hardcore dance too?
is it hard to make the redskins cheerleading team?
What are some good rap/hip-hop sings to dance to?
how should i react when my footy mates ask me about me doing ballet?
how can i become a professional ballerina ie: in the Australian Ballet?
some cool guitar moves?
What can I mix with beach sand to turn it to a paste, mold it & let it dry & keep its form?
how do u say b**** didn't come? in spanish?
I need a song for a lyrical dance.?
How tall is Charo?
about the show you think you can dance?
Do you take hip-hop ? Is it fun?
How can I teach myself how to do the splits? How long will it take?
Should I excersize and do warm-ups before my first class of ballet?
Romantic/Pretty Ballets...?
what schools in the lower mainland can help me develope a career with my passion for dancing??
What is dance college like?
What are the Dance moves to Soulja Boy's song crank dat soulja boy?
dance advice needed ! :)?
What are some tips dancing on pointe?
What are some websites to learn to dance hip-hop?
Can you rate each K-pop dance that's easiest to learn from a scale from 1-10, 1=easiest, 10=hardest?
do you like ballet?
How can i learn to dance?
Best dance studio in San Francisco I can go to pursue my career as a professional dancer ?
Now wouldn't these dance shoes be useful lol?
Please help! Trying out for lyrical and contemporary :((?
One good song to dance hiphop to?
Is there any ballet school in Abu Dhabi, UAE?
What is a good instrumental song, that represents swinging, for a dance compostiton!?
Do you think cheerleaders are athletes?
where can i take belly dance class, hit hop and salsa?
how come i can't check my friend request?
Question for ballet dancers?
Is 14 too old to start ballet lessons?
How long do you have to take ballet lessons before you get into "real" dancing, like leaping, twirling, etc?
Who do you nominate to win (so you think you can dance 5)?
Breakdance moves help please (it's easy for breakdancers to answer)?
who can dance the best?
Cheer america - Does anyone have the link for the Cheer America in Minnesota?
Why do guys need to drink before they will dance?
how should i dance to the song long live by taylor swift?
I need to find the right songs for praise dances for 1 person (female) for a friday night church service?
all dancers please answer this. !?
Does anyone know how to do the bop-n-top or any other hiphop,or r&b dances that I can learn?
Too old for dance??
What are some foot stretches for ballet?
middle splits problems?
beginning ballet in florida?
im a contortionist need help?
Ballet or Gymnastics--- which do you like?
Am I too old to start Ballet?
when does season 3 of dance moms premiere in canada?
How can I become a better tap dancer?
Competitive Dance? What do you think?
Who will be a good match for Ciara: LL Cool J,50 cent ,or Nelly?
Cheerleading question: Flyers: Tips on keeping your core tight in the air? To stay stable/tight?
calling all cheerleaders! i have a question!?
I'm starting ballet at 15? how long will it take to be good?
How long until I can do pointe?
is 16 too old to start dancing ballet?
Could i be a professional dancer?
Tips on how to be a male stripper....?
El bimbo dance?
So how do I dance at a club / bar?
JEAN GEORGE NOVVERE from classical ballet?
So You Think You Can Dance 2010 Tour?
Ballet: brise/brize help?
What is the oldeset age that a girl should start ballet? and get somewhere?
I am looking for a dance class in Boston...?
How to do quick and clear spins in hip hop dance?
Does Georgia State University have any flag girls??
What is the Vietnamese new year fan dance song?
Creepy Name for a Dance?
URGENT! I need a good dance song, some thing disco/club style with A fairly fast beat???
Should I get a date for the school dance?
what are good hindi songs to dance to?
I need to get more Flexible!?
Is 13 too old to start ballet?
Breakdancing site?
Can a guy become a good belly dancer?
-Your Opinion - Is Dance a Sport or an Art?
How to get into ballroom dancing in Norfolk, UK?
What should i say at a school dance?
Is ballet fun? Why?
what should i put in my Color guard bag????!???!?
Does it damage your feet to dance on pointe?
Do you think that dancers have 2 be skinny? and im not talking about ballet and pointe dancers?
Club dancing. Please HELP!! i'm aweful :P?
Help: Should my girlfriend and I try this stunt?
Splits Question?
Tabletop turns?
is it bad to go clubbin on good friday?
How likes hip hop dancing?
does any on have an idea for a 12 birthday?
Help choreographing dance?
pointe shoe questions?
good dance song for talent show?
I want to push the envelope...I need a cool idea?
Dance query help plz!!!?
Teaching my myself dance is it a good idea??
wut do i do wit my hands wen i booty bounce.?
Why do I get soar after dancing for 6 hours a day for 3 days straight?
Homecoming dance..help!?
What kind of dance do you like best?
why people dance?
Spy Themed Hip Hop Dance - Song Suggestions?
I luv dance n she is trying to take it away from me.PLZ help
can anyone give me a christian song? the one we can dance along with-with modern dance?
What dance style Marie Pandora Medina in step up 3d?
do you like dancing?
Do you wear a bra with a ballet leotard?
What type of dances should I try?
I got asked to homecoming and I don't know how it works?
are there any video clips online that teach how to dance in a club?
Hip Hop Dance Wear: Studio One's Summerlin Dance Academy?
Am I too old/obese to become a dancer?
What should you wear for foot wear while learning a 3 rotation Pirouette?
Split problems.....????
i really need help please help me!!!!!!?
Looking for adult beginner ballet classes in Bergen County, New Jersey?
Girls, if your abusive EX suddenly shrank down to the size of a bug; What would you SAY and DO to him!?
dance dresse suggestions??????
Idta ballet exams: What age?
G a R l A n D s ! ! !?
Help with ballet terminology.?
Where can i find a good Japanese social dancing?
What is the muscle used for winging of the feet?
I want to learn how to learn to dance to bollywood songs.?
i need a children/ teen dance class?
How long will it take for me to get my Pointe shoes?
Would it be weird to tryout for dance team as a graduate student?
what are good dance schools in california?
What kind of music do you dance to??
Does Anyone On Here Do Freestyle Disco Dancing ?
How is the prom dance different than the homecoming dance? (Specifics)?
Does anyone go to dancing classes? If so, what type of dancing?
What do you do in beginner's ballet class?
What is Good song to dance? ?
Latin Dance, which to choose?
which one of these would help with my tap dancing?
Please help! i need a good website where i can order a majorette costume! know any?
I ran out of a strip club and didn't pay for private dance, They have my ID, am I SCREWED?
dancing hip hop in heeels...?
Stretch routine to improve flexibility for a dancer?
global dance festival in red rocks?
can you start dancing at 13??
how can two 11 year olds make money?
What is your favourite dance style and why?
Which song makes you just want to get up and dance?
Am I too old to start ballet?
What do you call it ? Is this pole dancing or striping?
i want to dance i am a stripper, but my husband dont want me to what dou think of that?!?
What could me and my friend wear as a competion costume for street dance ?
What is the history of the Philippine folk dance, "Cariñosa"?
I need help with my gran jete's?
how do you get involved with dancing in time square?
Competition Sayings for Dance Team?
What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage?
does anybod else kno who lumarie the professional dancer is?
can you find ciara dance studio?
How can you get into the splits in one week?
are short people better dancers?
would you work at strip club?
Which song should I do for my tap solo?
how to do a back walkover?
Urgent!! Teen Halloween Dance Party!?
I need someone to give me a idea about dancing pleasee but it can not have drinking in it?
Do you know anything about dance competitions?
Help on talent show tap dance?
Can I lie about my age?
i want to be a contortionist how do i start?
Best Dance Colleges For Me?
Is anybody interested it in sponsering a non-profit dance group in El Paso Texas?
what are some stretches to do before a dance competition?
What should I wear to my grade 7 winter dance?
i did a justin bieber dance ...?
Could I ever be a good dancer?
Karina and Slavik- Innovation?
how to wine your waist?
Hi, I have recently been interested in doing hip hop dancing. But Im trying to look for more affordable prices?
ballerinas or ballet dancers questions?
How can I get better at dancing?
poll how would you describe your self when you dance?
any falmenco fans out there/?
Hi. I'm a competitive dancer. I need a 'sexy' song, but I'm only 14. suggestions?? thanks(:?
Por favor, i need a dance.?
what was mr.holland's opus? how is that tern used in the title to this film?
what are Alice Reyes and Twyla Tharp's career path?...?
Normal amount of dance?
How to convince my DAD to let me DANCE?
Lyrical Dance Solo Help?!?
How do I prepare to start ballet classes in the fall?
I'm so unevenly flexible?
what are some good songs to dance to in a school talent show?
Music Mixes?!?!?!!?
break dancers in NJ?
Hi guys i'm Sidney im 14 years old and i will like to know if i am too old to start ballet lessons?
Where can I take my toddlor daughter for dance lesson ?
Have you ever danced on top of a bar in a bar when you got lit?
what is jazz dancing??
I need to get very flexible, very fast?T6MrqAA40228110507002"> front freak dancing?
What's the genre of dancing in another cinderella story?
Good songs please?
I Need Some Foreign Dance Music?
i need to find cheap dance shoe?
Any recommendation for learning belly dance in Middle East Area?
How can I turn my garage into a dance studio?
Bausch: artistic and stylistic parameters?
what is a good pointe shoes for beginners?
BALLET AGE 14.. TOO OLD?!?!=c?
Should I use ballet or pointe shoes?
Contemporary Dance Concert Title ideas?
I dance Jazz-ballet/hip hop sort of thing, im 13 and wanna start ballet is this to old?
How to dougie. I really want to learn how ?
Dance Terminology Question?
i had my christmas dance last night and i was so nervis. were you nervis at your first christmas dance?
Waltz... Is it a Guyanese Tradition?
what is milaly dance?
AM I too late????
do you know any medley of social dances?
where are there some venues for ballroom dancing in the Danbury area?
who sings oh no shes at the bottom of the bottle?
Queefing problem- Dancing...?
Who thinks ballet is dumb and easy?