Pole dancing pro's and con's?
Dance or cheer?
How can I prepare for dance team tryouts?
How do you remove Ballroom dance shoes marks?
jazz shoes?
does anyone know how I can contact dance unlimited luling, la?
Dance costume for "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble?
Does anyone know any sites or movies of like how to dance like at a club dance?
Who is availble to practice Salsa dancing in Connecticut ?
Theres this song and its like a greek sounding song and normally people dance in circle?
plz suggest hindi song for dance on ladies sangeet in marriage. It should not be too fast.?
What do you call a jumping soutenou?
Dance question?
Belly Danceing classes in Ohio?
Is this solo song okay to do for a 13 year old? ?
What are some good songs for a dance party?
OMG! im freaking out! help!?! pleasseee answer?
What Do You Get If You Win The Shake It Up Dance Off?
I need to learn a simple Tudor dance. Any ideas?
how do i dance like on the music video side 2 side?
what song would u want to slow dance to?
what do you think of belly dancing?
jazz,ballet or tap?????
How do you slide across the floor, without pausing?
why is india so biased about non performing people?
DANCE SURVEY!!! Fun For ALL Dancers!?
do they belly dance in libya?
what`s your favorite dance and why?
is it me or does any feel safer and more conforable when wearing pointe shoes?
80's themed dance help?
If i wanted to dance ballet at 16?
i search for songs with an indian vibe...they will have great bite and rythm for dancie, any sauggestions?
Can i still learn how to dance?
who out there likes 2 dance?
What kind of pointe shoe do you wear?
do monkeys really pick their nose and eat it?
Is there any dance classes (hip hop) in Rialto CA for ages 4 & up? or forlorico?
Belly Dancing Reasons?
possible pinky toe injury from dancing en pointe?
What is the best thing to do when your going to a dance but you don't know how to dance?
Which is better: The Royal Ballet School or The Bolshoi Ballet School?
Question about Abby Lee Millers type of dance studio?
Where can you buy Gamba 93 pointe shoes?
songs for ballet solo?
what do i do if my date has two left feet?
Why are windmill so hard to do!??10 points!?
Why do my ribs hurt when I'm dancing?
where is a good place to country dance in Maryland or dc area?
Why do people like dancing so much?
when did??
can i start ballet at 14 with a little experience?
Am I too big for ballet?
Calling all ballet dancers, can you help with this?
i wanna learn how to breakdance, any tips?
What kind of music is typical for the Cha Cha?
Theraband ballet excersises for flexibility snd strength?
What is this "dance" style called?
Names for Turns?
i want to learn Latin dance any good dance studio on Eastern long island ? please let me know?
Does anyone think this is stupid?
Am I a good ballet dancer?
Jazz Dance Duet Songs?
i am very shy but i have a passion for dancing. how do i?
What do you do with your eyes in ballet?
I need some cute Broadway Tap song ideas?
colorguard clothing?
are you supposed to wear nothing?
Where can I buy a DVD or VHS recording of a live 'Beauty and the Beast' Ballet performance??
Looking for a super intense, emotional song for a contemporary dance?
My daughter is 10 and her ballet teacher says shes ready to go onto points, is this too young?
Please help :( will I ever be able to dance again?
Where in NYC can I buy ballet slippers?
How to learn to dance by myself?
Wat do i post to say when a boy come up and say dat he want to go with me?
What kind of dace moves can I do to entertain a crowd while mascoting?
How much does it cost to get a choreographer for a quinceanera waltz?
Is there any street dancing studios in Syracuse New York?
Dancers, when you spot, do you actually focus your eyes on something?
Attending a ballet recital....?
anyone seen riverdance live?
Are soft toe pointe shoes just as good as normal pointe shoes?
is it true that matthew k (a contemporary dancer on sytycd) started at age 16?
Popeye on Dancing with the Stars question?
Why do people hate guys that do ballet?
How did people dance in the 70's???
Does anyone know where i can find belly dance instructions on the internet?????? I've looked everywhere!!!!!!
Is it possible to learn how to dance hip hop in less than 3 weeks?
Im 15 year old girl, can I still enroll in a Dance Class/Academy ?
How do I not look awkward when dancing?
Where can you take belly dancing lessons in the Vancouver area in Canada?
How do you do an A La Seconde with your arms at your side?
Am I too young to want to be a stripper?
What careers are there in dance?
What shank hardness to get for your foot?
What Kind of dance?
I just came from a school dance, and now my feet hurt, what should I do?
who like to dance?
How many do dance company jackets/the costumes usually cost?
Do you think YOU can dance?
Do you know the name of this group on Got To Dance?
my daughters are fish in a ballet production of the little mermaid, i am having trouble finding costumes?
what kind of bra shound a dancer wear, so that it feels comfortable while jumping and other body movements?plz
What is real burlesque dancing like?
Is salsa dancing classes for beginners a good place to pick up girls?
How do you not get intimidated when joining a dance class (when you've never danced before)?
I need to know whether or not Antonio Machin used to were white shoes. Please help!?
Anybody Help me please?Q about dancing?
Do you have to be skinny to look good while you're dancing to reggeaton music?
how can we develop our rurul communities?
what's a dishwasher?
Are there poems about dance?
Can anyone tell me something about kathakali?
Wide shoulders and breakdancing?
Good stretches for Ballet?
Is age 12 too old to start taking dance?
Where to perfrom as a dance troup?
Help! Im the only one in my dance class who cant do a single turn!! ?
song about weather to dance to ROCK?
Boy Ballet?
Name of this dance move?
Dance moms episode 19-Did abby tell mckenzie she has to gain/lose weight?
Ballet bun when you have bangs?
Can I begin to take dance classes at 13?
is dance a sport or an art?
Too Old To Be Starting Pointe?
I want to learn to start dancing at clubs, can anyone link me some tutorials/good advice?
Modern dance videos?!?
Any Universities or community Colleges in the Bay Area teach House dance?
list out the countries with their cultural dances& which country have lot numer of c.dances?
How long till I can get into pointe shoes?
Ages at central Pennsylvania youth ballet?
any easy ways to perfect salsa moves,?
help i can't dance? school event coming soon?
Can someone type out the steps of a grapevine poda buray in dance?
Lyrical song for Dreyfoos Dance audition??
Girls: Would you date a man who was a dancer, or do you think it is way to feminine?
does bruno tonioli from dancing with the stars have a boyfriend?
tejano or mexican dance song? it has sharp horns and you can do the line dance or whatever to it.?
what are some cool, upbeat song I could dance to in a music video?
I need a song for my dance routine!?
losing flexibility??!!?
How to make sweat not show so much at practice?
whats the best Line dancing videos for beginners for Home excersize?
Any suggestions for a dance costume for I Believe-Yolanda Adams, from the movie honey.?
Suggest some funny floor movements please? ?
How to belly roll/dance?
tango clases in Miami??
What is the difference between Vaganova method and RAD?
Will I have to start all over (ballet question)?
ok... my first slow dance.....?
Does anybody know if there is a cheerleading club in ST. Louis Mo for girls 18 and up?
Where can I find a DVD for my 8 year old son to teach him the latest hip hop dance moves?
Sharp pain under my arch when i walk?
How much weight do you lose in ballet class?
Secret Rave Location?
I need help with my splits?
How long until I'll be able to go en pointe?
What fabrics could I use to create an Indian/Belly dance costume?
Could I become a belly dancer?
how can get better extentions in my dancing ?
I'm taking a pole dance class and my thighs are covered in bruises. Will I always bruise or will this go away?
Am I too old to dance? Is it ever too late to start?
What brands of pointe shoes does the store Beam and Barre in Greenwich carry?
Does this sound that bad?
What do you know about THAPATI/GADALI Dance?To which area does it belong to?
Ballet Terms? HELP ME!?
How can I get my arabesque higher?
Ballet questions from a beginner?
what type of dance would this be called? (hip hop, modern, etc.)?
Is it hard to dance like ciara in her music video ride it?
“What dance can you do in the Bathroom?
a song last night(8/07/08) in so you think you can dance!
I was wondering what group is better, any suggestions?
Best Phoenix dance studio?
Disney Daddy/Daughter and Surprise dance song to dance to?
Why is my mom so unsupportive of my dancing?
Ballet life..................?
Reggaeton OR Hip-Hop??
pointe shoe question???? ballet?? please answer?
my farther had no heart.?
What are some good old school hip hop/rap songs to dance to?
How do i become a dancer?
What do you prefer: performing arts or sports?
Where can I find custom-made dance shoes? I wear a Mens size 16 and I cannot find jazz sneakers anywhere.?
Is this dance costume appropriate for a 12 year pld?
where can i find a nice site where i can download music for cheering competitions?
Any good american bellydance songs?
Does Argentina have any other dances besides the tango and the malambo?
Which sport should i choose tumbling or dance?
How is hip hop better than ballet?
Know any good songs?
If your boy friend is walking and holding some one elyses hond?
Whats you favourite dance move(s)?
Am I too old to start ballet?
can most cheographers train you with dance moves before you perform on stage?
Is this a good letter for a Cheerleading tryout?
what kind of dance do high school students prefer?
Where can I dance in college that have just a hip hop and/or high kick dance team?
Does anyone know where I could find a clip of Gelsey Kirkland dancing via the web?
What kind of hip hop moves wow you?
How do you dance at a co-ed party...........?
what is your favorite kind of weather?
Is there such a thing as a qualified lap dancer?
Dancing but too Stiff?! Help?
Gymnastics pros and cons?
Grade 2 RAD ballet syllabus?
Do You Kno Any R&B Songs?
Can I teach Myself pointe?
Going to a new dance studio?
where can i buy bloch or grishko suede toe caps for pointe shoes in California?
How do you become more flexible?
Tips on how to do a side aerial?!?
What ballet step means to develop?
words to song?
A Fun riddle i want to ask you all for the answer.?
what is a summer intensive for dance?
A dancer that has a ?
Pointers for a young dancer?
Help!! My 5 year old just started ballet and tap lessons and I'm out of my element!?
How do I teach a guy how to dance?
How to compete in ballroom on the cheap?
Suddenly by Ashley Tisdale Dance Help!?
Should I do tap or the Jr. Dance Company?
Any good ideas for 8th grade dances?
Wutang dance help?
i am 28 yrs ,passionate abt dancing , want to make a career in dance,how do i start? is it too late?
non dancers only: is dance a sport?
is 13 to old to start ballet lessons?
I want to join a dance class but am I too fat?
I want to do ballet at Coca, but I'm scared to audition. Any tips to not be so scared?
im gay and i dont know what to do? HELP?
What are you supposed to wear to hip hop dance lessons?
does ballet tend to create a certain femininity in the males who practice it ?
I need Idea's for naming my Sorority Type Dance/Step Team...?
where does brayan adams come from?
Is it gay for a guy to want to learn how to ballroom dance?
Help fast!!!!!!?
Confidence in dance classes? Help!?
How do you dance cumbia?What are the steps?
Is it weird for me to not dance...? Read more...?
Someone please give me some info on how life is in any of the major cities in Brazil and good dance schools?
dancers are turning into gymnasts...all tricks and no feeling?
Can you dance? And by dance, i mean ACTUALLY dance and not on a pole like a slutty pineapple!?
Does anyone know how to make a cheerleading song mix?
Who here dances ballet as a hobby?
Is it too late for me to become a somewhat good dancer?
what summer camp is closes to decaur ga?
Who thinks dance is a sport?
Does CPYB also have an excellent year round program?
Ballet names?
Dance Classes Charges per person 2 hrs sessions?
Places that hold Ballroom & Latin Dances in Hong Kong?
Any one know which studio Emily Hogan(the dancer) went to? Does anybody also have her facebook?
Why do ballet dancers' chest bones come out more than others?
Do you wear socks when trying on ballet slippers to buy them?? Please Help!?
I want to start doing cheer I'm 16 am i too old? how can i start?
Dance shows in San Francisco?
What is the fastest way to learn how to salsa?
if i like a boy and i think he likes me because he plays with me sometiimes he is mean top me does it mean he?
How long does it take to become flexible?
Can you tell me what types of body that we tend to see a dancer have?
I quit Ballet and I am sort of depressed?
what is the best song to dance to???
Free Hip Hop Dance Lessons online?
do ballet dancers still go to the gym?
My socks get dirty?
do you know where you could get a copy of the RAD syllabus?
can you learn how to do the splits at age 11?
i need help on my left split ?
How was your hip hop dance experience?
i need help?
Can dancing en Pointe harm your feet?
How do i tell this girl that i like her?
pussycat doll workout?
How much to attactive female exotic dancer's make a night?
Can someone help me find dance classes within Makati/Mandaluong area in the Philippines?
how to make it on my high school hip hop dance team!?
How long have you been dancing ballet? and how long have you been en pointe for?
Is a ballet school tuition that costs $44.50 per month a good one?
What does "wala marra" mean?
pirouette tips/advice?
Is dere any shiamak davar dance classes in bangalore???
How can I become a ballerina and still go to college?
Question for Ballet people : (is it hard for a person to do a bun in their hair 4 a few months?)?
I can do my splits but i can't do my leaps?
I have to write a report on Salsa dancing?
60's Dance styles?
me and my cousin are doing a dance but i dont want to be in it she wants me 2 what do i do.?
every ones likes me at my school and she likes me but somtimes i thank she doesn't.?
Is there a place in ashville nc, that teaches ballroom dancing?
At what age should one start learning to dance?
As ballet dancers often have to be on tip-toe, Why don`t they just hire taller ones?
I need to know how to do a dance from Coyote Ugly! Check below to find out more!?
Does anyone know of any tutorials to follow for Adobe Auditions about mixing for dance routines?
what is kuratong dance?
rock and roll dance classes in the oxford area? (ENGLAND)?
help! i just started pointe!!?
Lyrical/Contemporary solo songs?
Any opinions on Ann Buice School of Dance in Hudson, FL?
When is "So You Think You Can Dance" gonna be back on?
splits - plleeeease help me?
What are good dance songs to dedicate to my uncle?
Couple questions about learning to dance?
Christmas Songs for my Dance Class?
is it ok to do high kicks when i have my period?
Do you girls sing? I need some hot girls for my rock band…?
Need some dancing tips?
how to invite a girl to a dance? how to flirt her when dancing?
Songs ( which ones are better to dance with?)?
I Wanna dance, BUT people will laugh........ :(?
Should I start being a dancer/striper even though I am worried?
Easy hip hop dance routine?
sign languagedance. HELP?
When is TBA day for the National Ballet of Canada in Spring 2007?
Best dance college for ballet and contemporary?
In high school can you make drill team with no experience?
what do you do when a guy has mixed feelings about you?
what do u think of salsa dancing?
is chris brown fine or what?
What is another name for a cello?
How can I be a Better Dancer? Besides Practice!?
whats this manga where the girl wants to become a singer and dancer. so like she go to this danceing t.v place?
what type of dance is for me?
What do you think about this SoReal Shirt I am About to buy?
what kind of pointe shoe would fit my feet? any suggestions?
How to dance at homecoming?
i am a dancer but have two tattoos?
bulimic ballerina?
How do you windmill for breakdancing (any links would be helpful too)?
What's the best DVD version of 'Coppelia'?
What are some popular songs to dance to?
how do you twerk?please help?
Does it cost money to get into Zero Gravity (dance club) in IL?
What do you think of my ballet?
What are some good dance songs?
What do you think of belly dancing?
Does anyone know of breakdancing or street dancing lessons/ classes in Cleveland, Ohio?
Any dancers out there?
Costume and choreography ideas for a lyrical routine with some acro?
Is it possible to get very flexible?
If you could have one dance with anybody who would it be?
Good DVD's to use for learning how to Pop/Street Dance?
Were John Cage and Merce Cunningham having a homosexual affair while Cage was married to his wife?
what is the hand dance called people do at parties?
Who's that breakdancer?
Best splits stretches?
Do you think I'm a good dancer?- VIDEO INCLUDED?
Looking for dance competition software?
poll: jazz shoes vs. foot undeez?
why am i dance, my friend says cuz im green inside?
Do you think Micheal Jackson lucky to be a raper?
do u have to go up or down a size in pointe shoes?
can somebody help make up a cheer with the words gwynn park and ballin and no curse words in it?
What is the dance Moose does in Step up 2?
what is this dance move called?
which are world wonders?
Does she want to go to the dance with me?
Dances to Good Time By owl city ?
Any tips or links you have that help with doing undulations in belly dancing?
Is it easy to balance on someone's shoulders'?
Anyone know any songs that i could use for a contemporary dance?
Leotard question? Mine always falls down at the top/front!!?
How do I shake my hips like this?
What are some hip hop duo ideas for two 14 year olds?
Are my arches good for ballet? (PICTURES)?
what kind of dance is the best for developing grace, posture, and good form?
What size pointe shoe would I be?
Handstands? How long did it take you? Practicing tips? Etc...?
Party Music Help!?
Box Splits Help Please !?!?
Ballet & Contemporary Dance?
Is there any dance classes in Rialto? for ages 4 & up?
what artist introduced dance to live performances?
Would ballet help to correct knock knees?
what is there to do in staten island for teens?
Is 15 too old to start dance?
Can i start dancing at 20?
any advice or tips on jr high!!!?
How to get where i want to be?
What would be a good theme for an end-of-the-year, 8th grade dance?
What was that dance called in So you think you can dance?
taping vs. gluing shank back down?
the Afrika Afrika Show at the O2 arena review?
Dancer Survey *FUN*!?
windmils. . .?
Any links for a DANCE to Rehab - Rihanna?
Which clothes can I wear in dancing the tango?
I live in lewisham where can i take my 6yr old for street dance classes?
Does anyone know of a good dance hall in Houston, TX to go country dancing?
Tap dance beginner? Help please..?
what are some examples of spanish dances?
It would be weird if I wore a leotard?
where can i find some white split sole clogging shoes that are size 7 and extremely comfortable?
I have been looking for a specific pair of ballet shoes.?
Can i start ballet at this age?
In the Waltz, does the boy or girl lead?
What kind of dance does Autumn Miller dance?
(10 points) i really want to.. can i?
Hokey Cokey Help!?
Where can I get jazz or ballet shoes in Libertyville, IL?
Will there be a third season of Dance Moms?
how can i be a good boyfriend?
Creative ideas on how to ask my boyfriend to the Sadie Hawkins dance?
I am 13 and 6 months, and jsut joined grade 5 ballet, am I too told?
Hurt upper arm during dance?
10 points for best answer! Irish dancing question...?
Is becoming a rockette easy?? I am thinking about becoming one.?
Dance Competition Team?
dances, walks.....?
What's in your Dance bag? x?
Ok , so I went to my first dance , had fun , then slow dances came and I danced , but it was SO akward?
Americas Best Dance Crew?
Songs for a dance solo?
Can I still try out for dance team?
What are some good songs to choreograph a contemporary or jazz solo?
New line dance..goes something like to the right...now walk it out! Can someone help me plz?
What is it that makes folk dances so special?
How can i do a Back handspring and a aerial?
so you think you can dance jeanines number?
Hip Hop dancing?
How do you shake your butt like those girls in the hip hop videos without your bum-bum getting tired?
is there any classical dance school for boys in pune?
I need some dance song ideas?
How to do 10 pirouettes?
OK peeps, I've got a serious problem... I've got a bruised toenail from dancing on pointe!!!!?
My Justin bieber "boyfriend" dance...?
Help DAncers!!!?
Beginners at contemporary dance?
Why does my dance studio favor their "competition dancers" over regular dancers?! s BEST ANSWER!!?
A cool place to go out at Dusseldorf on thursday nights?
Ice cream and cake dance?
Black spot on toenail from dancing on pointe?
Where did travis wall learn to dance?
Can somebody PLEASE write me 5 basic tap moves? (or 10 or one hundred if you want:))?
What is interpreted dance?
What is a good song to do a contemporary solo to?
what is this leap called?
Have you ever noticed that ballerinas and ballet dancers almost always never wear that much makeup and jewelry?
Kayla came in 4th place in sytycd, are u surprise at all?
all the other girls in my dance can kick really high, is there any way that I can get my kicks higher?
"so you think you can dance" presale information?
insecure about girl grinding on me Help? (prefer a female answer)?
What kind of dance is best for someone who just wants to have a bit of fun while learning something new?
Where can I donate used pointe shoes?
i am looking for some cool songs in tamil, telugu or malayalam for performimg western or hip hop dance?
How can dance better?
So you think you can dance Canada?
If my sister is 14 and she wants so take ballet, is it too late? or should she have started earlier?
Is it too late for me to get in a dance company? I need Opinions!?
A theme is "Sports"!! What should I wear for Sadie Hawkins dance?
what is the first thing you learn when you start yor first dance class..im 13?
whats ur favorite dance move!?
Would ballet help me in anything ?
What is the name of this dance move?
what is the role of the boy in ballroom dancing?
how can I get my body back for dance?
the worlds greatest engeneering marvel of 1889 created by alexandre g. this tower was named after him?
Can anyone tell me the composer of this music (video included)?
what are the phases of dance?
Dance camp "buddie" who we have to make little cute things for ex signs, notes etc. any ideas?
is it right for me to dance with my ex at the party?
How can I get into competitive dance?
how i can learn to dance very well.?
How do I condition myself between vacational ballet lessons?
Do you like the dance flour?
how much do pointe shoes cost? what are the best brands?
What type of dancing do the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders do?
College dance team tryouts?
Stretches for splits and ballet?
How do I get my school to do the "Move Your Body" dance by beyonce?
name of an old spain traditional music remixed to trance music?
Where can I find a list of universities with ballet companies?
Pole Dancer wanting new skills?
What is this dance move called?
What object would you compare a ballerina to?
Monique last nite...on dancing with the stars?
pls give me details about kathak classes located near chembur?
Say you go to adance and the boy you like doesnt ask you to dance. hat do you do ?
what is your favorite television show and why.?
I am training in ballet pointe shoes ! Can anyone help on how i can practice ? :/ <3?
How old were you when you went up on pointe and how long did you train for it?
I need ideas for an intermediate / advanced Acro solo...?
Is there a website that can teach me some christian dances?
Can you dance and how good are you?
booty dancing? like where your but shakes up and down?
i want to know many steps in salsa,samba, rock-n-roll etc.?
Can white people dance?
Asking a girl I barely know to Homecoming.?
What do you need to do for iceskating grade 1?
Do People Actually Listen To Hip Hop or Rap On Purpose?
how do you raise off the ground in your music video (push it)?
Dance boarding schools in the USA?
HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! this is urgent!?
How much do strippers get paid per night?
ballet or private lesson ?????
What is the sexiest form of dance?
Prevent bruising when doing right splits?
Is it too late or weird to start ballet at 13?
Is Utah the only place that is Big with Ballroom?
Will ballet help me in martial arts?
I am a guy and looking on improving my dancing skills. Can someone tell me how?
would you ever go square dancing?
I m opening a belly dance studio, I need a creative name, any ideas?
should i start doing ballet even though i'm sixteen?
Please answer! Question is dance! Thank you!?
can a 13 yr old girl start gymnastics without experience?
Any good popping songs for me and my girlfriend?
I need to know if a Dance group out of Chicago, Illinois call Final Phase has a web site?
What is your favourite move in TAP (people who take tap or watch tap only please)?
how do you put ribbons and elastic in to pointe shoes?
I shrunk my (ex) boyfriend?
Dance recital make-up??
Whats so good about grinding (dancing)?
Dance auditions!!! Jayvee Dance Center!?
What are some sites that can teach me how to grind?
dancing with the stars?
What dance seems like it would give you the best workout?
how do I dance and not be tesed?
How to dance to Crank that soulja boy?
Where can you buy low price tumbling mats?
What shoes should I wear to my jazz/hiphop class? PLEASE HELP!!!?
Do you have arches or flat feet?
how do u freak dance?!?
help with hiphop classes???
dances from the 40's.....please help me with this!?
how can i b a class clown in my eight grade class?
what is this kind of dance called?
Ballet technique excercises?
How do you cheer up a guy?
Anyone know were to get good dance lessons in houston, Texas?
Any Other Ballroom-ers Out There?
where can find a video or a guide thing to learn how to dance @ a party?
how to dance?
what are the different dance positions and where can i download some pictures of those dance positons executed
Learning to dance, taking dance lessons?
Where can I buy dance shoes?
How would you kick me in the balls?
About dancers?
dance assessment help!!!?
What are the basics of hip hop dance?
Does anyone know where to buy?
Hey, what are fun dancing songs I like queens of the stonage, the bronx, muse to dance to...idk any good ideas?
Best way to earn money as a stripper?
How to do the Splits?
How do the breakdancers breakdance?
Should i go to a good dance school or a dance school with all my friends?
What are your favourite dance styles-and why is it so?
Starting dance?
Can anyone teach me how to footwork?
Whats that one song sung by??? I see you baby?
How does belly dancing fit in with conservative Muslim culture?
NO 1 is helpin me..i kno wut grindin looks like but i dont know how to get started ?
Just started 1st real ballet class at 15… **Long question. Please read**?
What are some good songs to strip/dance to?
How to dance in a short dress?
Does aybody know where I can get this?
Dance team coaches- I'm a first time coach and need some advice!?
What age did u start dancing?
The Diffrence between Dance Instruction,Companies&&Clubs?
what was the result of dancing with the stars elimination april 27?
Wanted to learn the dance Steps from "Want you back" from michael jackson song ?
Does anyone one have the rachel brice yoga,isolations,and drills dvd?
im a.male who wants to do ballet but...?
What do ants eat?
What jewellery and costume would you choose for PORTRAYING A GOPIKA in anipuri Dance?
I'm a ballet dancer and I've been having knee pain?
Is thirteen too old to start ballet?
where can i listen to free dance music? i remember something beginning with euro from 2 years ago?
on so you think you can dance, one of the groups danced to a slow new age-y song...save me blah blah blah.help?
Is the Flexistretcher a good stretching device?
Is being able to point your feet a sign that you would be a good Ballet Dancer? Or mean anything in general?
To all pole dancers: Anyone recommend the platinum stages superpole?
Emotional songs about something going missing?
Who do you grind with at high school dances?
How to do a ballet bun?
Do you know where I can find cheap but qaulity salsa shoes? I want to get Dance Naturals but for a discount?
dance shorts brand?????????????????????????
are there any dance studios in quezon city, phils. that i can enroll myself with??preferably hiphop&street..?
should i even bother going to the homecoming dance if i don't know how to dance?
Any ideas on a theme for dance? Please help!!!?
for al ladies to answer?
Where can I take line dance lessons in the central florida area?
Starting ballet, am I too old?
Is this a good ballet turnout?
What Is the step done my michael jackson in smooth criminal, he keeps his legs up in air for 9 to 23 seconds?
Love dancing but not good?
Help with my needle (cheer) ?
Is it too late to become a professional dancer?
Could I grind (dance) in these heels?
Waltzing hints and tips?
i hate my pointe shoes!?
Name some ballet exercises I can do at home .?
Girls: Dancing question for you!?
Does anybody know a good Tahitian dance instructor who could teach me a solo Tahitian dance routine?
Am I too old to start Ballet?
Are Julie Kent and Allegra Kent related?
How do u dance with bologna in your hands?
Du you agree with the way teenagers dance today??
I just can't stand watching ballet?
why do ballerinas point their fingers when dancing?
what are the dimensions of a bellydancing veil?
What's your favourite song to DANCE to ?
Kindly give me ideas on how to prepare my daughter's 10th birthday party?
Tips for choreographing my own contemporary solo?
Buffalo belly dance stores?
some good,fast songs without any singing that i could dance a street dance to.?
What type of dance should I do?
Is 15 too old to start ballet in Australia?
What type of dance is similar to acro dance?
Is a persons body structure a factor in helping him/her dance better?
ballet billy elliot?
How 2 crank dat soulja boy?
From all of us in Polls and Surveys, Merry Christmas to all.?
How do you stand on your tippy toes?
How much should a ballet dancer weigh?
Does the guy have to be much bigger than the girl to do the lift in Dirty Dancing?
a million ways dance?
how do you dance to rap songs at a party?
I really wanna be a dancer, but I'm not very good?
do you like india dancing ?
Best Latin Ballroom Music?
are there homecomings at public schools?
Here's some Dance Moms Trivia Questions?
Do seagulls spit?
who likes me?
getting married?
How is the best way to ask a guy to a dance?
What do i need for dance?
To Many Dance Classes????
Several Dance Questions, Please Answer?
Asian mom/ career choice problems?
Dancing with diffrence in height?
GIRLS: Whats it like being on a High School dance team?
What are really good ways to make your back stronger for an arabesque?
Does anybody know of any canadian professional dancers? writers? poets? painters? sculpturers? its for school.
Dance Videos?
my boyfriend still talks 2 his ex what does that mean?
What should I try in the fall? Cheer, jazz, or ballet?
Ballet lessons or Competative Cheerleading?
how to lead when grinding?
What's harder, Cecchetti or RAD?
Dance songs for a modern dance festival?
should i join ballet or street/jazz dance?
what to do about my dancing skills :P?
can the world stop hating one another long enough for peace to take hold and stop killing one another like its
Am I too fat for ballet?
how do u learn to do the split?
I want to swing dance but i have no partner?
how do i convince my mom to let me quit!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!?
garage sale! just kidding but answer this?
I need dance theme ideas?
Where can I buy a ballet leotard online?
WHY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? INTERVIEW!?
Melbourne Shuffle Phatts?
Where can I buy a hula hoop for dancing?
Does anyone know a hula dance class I can take in San Francisco ?
Am i to young to start dance and gymnastics agian?
Do you think deaf can dance?
Where can I learn how to dance new school hip hop?
How young is too young too slow dance?
favourite type of dancing between ballet, jazz ,tap ,hip hop, contemporary?
do you know how to do a cartwheel?
How can we get ideas to dance.?
cheerleading flexibility!! help!!?
I want to continue ballet, but money is a problem?
what is body popping and where does it come from?
Does anyone know any good stretches for getting your splits?
what is better cheering or dancing?
Want to Play Truth are Dare? Have You Ever Cheated On Your Lover?
Ballet Terminology? Online Dictionaries?
Is it too late for me to start hip hop?
How to deal with this show off?
What's the best way to learn to dance?
hip hop dance studio in studio city?
some one please tell me some names of good songs as soon as possiable?
Leg lift turn??
dancing steps??
whats a famous dance?
I need help deciding what song to use for a dance competition?
Who's idea was pointe?
* Hi everybody, im 16 yrs old...Is it too late for me to go to a ballet dance class? :-s?
chubby girl pole dancing?!?!?
Ballet shoes???????????????????????????????????…
is ballet just for girls or for boys?
belly dancing classes in montreal?
Whats a good song that i could make a lyrical routine to?
i am thinking about trying out for the competitive team at my dance studio?
who dances better?black people or white?
how do i make my avaterbeautiful?
Is this amount of ballet enough to lose at least some weight?
Whats difference beetween freestyle dancing and breakdancing?
Theme ideas for a ballet act?
Why when i go en pointe do i roll over?
are poppers considered bgirls?
pro ballerina's?
Who watch's "dance mom" ?
Tell us your bboying (break dancing) and popping secrets....?
Am i capable of doing ballet?
how to do the splits i only one week?
Is The Cecchetti method good to take?
What or where i could find the written choreography of act 3 of swan lake the female variation? thank you?
I have been asked to play World of Warcraft?
How can i get better height so i can do better with switch leaps?
Pain on top of foot due to dancing?
clogging music?
Does anyone know how to do the move at timing 0.44-0.45in this video??
does anyone know of a nice and big ballroom or venue to have a quinceanera that is under $2000?
ballet teacher needs advice?
Gymnastic classes?
Is 70b bra size too big for professional ballet dancer?
Quick Question about Dancing.?
How to dirty dance/grind?
Has anybody ever practiced bringing their hands from behind them, to the front of them, without letting go?
good dance tutorials on youtube?
Music for my dance??
Where do i go to/ What do i do to learn to dance like this?
Any Good dance classes to take?
What kind of dance gives the best workout? (Something cool)?
I wanna take dance classes?
How to get the middle splits fast?
Which are the famous dances of america?
Songs for a dance class help?
What should I know for my ballet audition?
What is you're favorite type of dance?
where to dance in CT?
Should I join ballet again and how long will it take me to get pointe shoes?
Do you know any original dance songs with a good melody?
What is your favorit kind of dance.?
What are some exercises to improve turnout? please help?
I suck at dancing at school dances. Whats the best way for a guy to "grind" on a girl without looking dumb?
I want to transfer to a school with a great dance program to really broaden my training as well as experience.?
What's your favorite style of dance?
Indian culture and dance?
I don't want to move?????????????????
What is your favorite kind of dance?
Help for school play/dance?
is there any place in delhi to learn tap dancing ??
Any Hip-Hop Dancers?
i need a good hiphop like song to do choreography to...any suggestions?
I'm not a very good dancer but would love to be on the dance team what do i do?
What are some benefits of practicing ballet?
what is the PERFECT, soft, and pretty lyrical song that can be used for duet for dance?
What are some Ballet mangas???Or japanese comics?
What is the name of the closed tango position where the man leads with his hips?
who is your favorite professional dancer?
Which is better?
mintchips49! I was wondering if you could tell me what you think about this?
Can I do a Ballet solo for the choreography workshop class in La Guardia High School Dance?
What is the easiest style of dance out of these choices?
Is ballet hard to do?
a place on s high st to learn to dance?? I thinks it's called Medicor??
When is the next Dance Moms Meet and Greet?
I'm going to a dance with my best friend(girl) and I need some tips/help!?
Where can I learn how to pole dance?
Ballerinas and ballet dancers out there... please help.?
Anybody know any places where u can learn to pole dance??
How to Do These Moves?
What is the common age for Marie in the Nuter?
How can i do a split without my lower back hurting?
Dance as a form of communication. What do you think about that?
is it normal?
Where can i find dance team uniforms?
I want to start breakdancing again
how do you do the "walk it out" dance by unk?
How do you find a good talent agent?
What are some new songs that you can praise dance to?
the dominican reoublics national dance?
Esmeralda ballet tambourine dance music?
Need Name, Location and Contact for a good Western dancing School?
What is your favorite type of dance?
Is It Just Me?
what do you think about when you slow dance with a stranger ?
HELP me!!!!! School dance issues!!!!!!!!!!?
The rise of hip hop dance?
Ballet body???
KK. This is a vote! Do you like pointe, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, contemporary, or flat ballet more?
Step Up 4 Ryan and Emily beach practice?
Anyone know anything about Castillian[sp?] partys... its a age16 party?
are there any puerto rican people on this site? if so can u tell me how to make pique?
whats the best ballet school for me if i want to be a ballerina and live in london?
My sister and I plan to take up ballroom dancing.Problem is that i'm taller(alot) than her.Can we still dance?
What kind of pointe shoe to get?
i need a workout plan for cheering and ballet/tap dance!!?
what r ur favorite songs?> and bands?
Can anyone tell me what this crazy Brazilian dance called axé is all about?
What are the best dance schools in Australia?
What kind of dance lessons should I take?
does anyone know where to find a live salsa band in phoenix arizona? i really need to find a spot 4 live music
what are some good dance college's?
SOmeone help me find a undergarment bodysuit for ballet? 10 points !!!?
can you get pregnant from ballroom dancing?
can you give me an e-mail address ofr tim driscoll writer of guy dance?
who do you guys think is the best soccer player?
Is the running man, a 2 step or a single step at high speed?
survey for dancers =)?
How much weight should I lose for ballet?
What kind of socks do I wear with tap shoes?
what r ur favorite songs?> and bands?
the world has gone mad?
is it possble to learn street dance at the age of 19?
What are good songs...?
Whats your favortie style of Dance?
Which pointe shoe is the loudest in your opinion?
What age is too late to start ballet if you want to be really good?
Around how long would it take to learn the flare properly?
What are your favorite songs to dance to?
I really want to be a professional ballet dancer but from what i have heard are chances slim?
I want to dance but....?
a good song to gave a l@p dance to?
Give me a name for this dance?
Dances whom are VERY serious about dance tell me what you think?
Where can I obtain size AU10-5 - 11 Ballroom Dance shoes?
what do you need to have to go from rec to comp dance?
how to you krump?
good ideas for a dance?
Is anyone gunna bother with me?
Is a tattoo bad for a dance major?
Is there a club in Fort Lauderdale, FL that a 13 year old can attend?
I'm 26, going to start doing adult Ballet classes....?
How can I improve my hiphop dancing?
Recital Songs Suggestions?
What facial expressions do you show in Irish Dance?
Is there anyone here who Highland Dances?
Boys: What type of shoes do you like to see girls wear?
Best dancing school in Delhi for leaning odissi?
Songs for a meangingful contemporary dance?
Ballet barre?
Cecchetti method?
Tips on remembering a tap dance I learned in two weeks and have to perform it in another 2 weeks?
Will a girl still like me even though i do Ballet, and is a nerd at school?
Is starting ballet at 13 too late?
Ballet Summer Intensives?
tap pointe shoes?
Should i be a cheerleader? Any advice?
What are good songs for a dance team?
are there any pole dancing classes in santa barbara, ca?
why don't men dance on pointe?
How do you lift up legs in any of the freezes for breakdancing?
List of dance flips names?
State Dance... lots of questions....?
to all serious dancers?
Do pre pointe shoes really help?
I'm 16 year old guy and I want to do ballet. Is it late for me to learn how to do those jumps and pirouttes??
RAD and CSTD comparison?
Whats The Difference between Juke n Footwork?
I need to find the website for the Backwater Band out of Gutenburg Iowa?
Describe all the different dance forms in the world.?
Help with tap song ideas please!?
Good hindi songs to dance to for a diwali program?
Starting jazz as a 13 year old?
a dance studio in dallas where i can learn to dance like this[video]?
Does any body like to dance and if so what type?
Is it okay to get a ***** while dancing?
What is your favorite kind of dancing?
what are some good dance moves?
What is your favorite type dance to do or to watch?
Should I try hip hop?
Where can i learn to swing dance over the internet for free?
Are there any pole dancing fitness classes in Myrtle Beach, SC?
gosh..... pointe!!!!!!?
GUYS okay?????????
What is the difference between liturgical & religious dance?
Balletic techniques?
prom and orange juice?
Is 'Hey Jude' by The Beatles a nice Quinceanera waltz song?
What kind of music do you like to dance to ?
What are some DANCE companies?
Breakdance tips from pros needed?
Should I quit ballet?
Can you rank the hardest to easiest dances by SHINee?
any tips for strenghtening feet?
Were to find a book on dance terms?
Song suggestions for a dance solo?
Do anybody know a place I can take jazzasize lesson in Chicago???"?
How to win a scholarship at a dance convention?
Is Alicia Alonso still performing?
Can you be accepted into LaGuardia High School Dance without a callback audition?
ballet classes in nottingham?
Anyone from Sydney know if there are any good pole dancing studios?
Ballroom dancing question?
Does anyone have any ideas for the name of a dance team?
Dancing the "right turn" in salsa makes me dizzy. What would you recommend me to do?
I have some ballet problems....?
Is it too late to re join dance?
If a boy in ballet has long hair, what do they do with it?
I'm a ballerina who's working really hard but my teachers seem to not like my dancing. What do I do?
Do girls like guys in....?
Does anyone know of any CHEAP but new DANCE CLOTHES (especially ballet)?
How can i convince my mom to let me do competitive dance?
i need a jazz dance song for a solo dance competition!?
The Part of Swan Lake from the movie Billy Elliot?
It seems like every1 else can dance xcept me! I tried everything from asking friends 2 practicing alone. HELP
hey Can anybody suggest bhangra classes in Pune?
What is the best place online to buy a tassel belt for tribal belly dance?
did anyone do rock challenge 2006?
What is lyrical dance?
who is the singer of the song"it's a crazy crazy world i live" in 1980s?
How do i convince my parents to let me take multiple dance classes?
If you use a head-spin hat for head-spinning does it still cause hair loss?
What kind of dancing is this called?
When Ciara says "you can do the pop-lock, rag-top..." is rag-top a dance?
what are the best back stretches?
Who knows anything about breakdancing?
Why do my ribs hurt when I'm dancing?
Is it normal to be turned on by watching your auntie and brother pole dancing?
does anyone know how to get the dance step from mtv's dancelife?
Hip Hop for the Males?
how to dance in armenian?
Is it o.k. to put cotton balls in my pointe shoes?
What is the way to learn NYC Dance Lessons ?
Where is a better place to meet a chick: at a bar or a dance club?
Do I even have a chance?
who created gangnam style dance?
Is there going to be another season of Dance Moms?
Capoeira lessons?
BALLET AGE 14.. TOO OLD?!?!=c?
what song should we dance to?
About to start pointe class, help?
Where can I rent some lighting equipment for a small party? Plain and simple dance lights?
Is there anything to help avoid detection by sniffer dogs going into a club?
how do i get one of those girl on the side like u guys?
How to ask questions on answers?
How can perform a dance in any stage?. I don't know how to dance?
why can't i get flexible?
I want to cheerlead but parents only let me dance?
talent agency?
Check out this lovely, Russian, ballet dancer?
Where does Ballet come from?
Belly dancing bad for you?
how do i get 50 toes....I'm not crazy really I'm not TOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS?
In Act 3 of Swan Lake, when does Prince Siegfried first appear?
How should I ask a guy to dance at the dance on Friday?
online dance step by step tutorial videos links?
Which dance school is better in Parker,CO???? Parker dance or Colorado school of dane?
I want to start dancing, but I don't know where to begin?
Do I do too much/not enough classes of dancing?
I really wanna learn to soul dance.Any ideas?
We are having a school homecoming dance on a location?
What are your 3 favorite types of dance of these 7?
Party/Rave Ideas?
18th birthday?
Is there an on-line course to learn how to dance samba?
How Many People Love the Jabbawockeez?
What Type Of Dance Do You Like Most?
got a pointe???
How to stop picturing yourself not making a team?
Help!! in dancing! How do i make my self feel like I'm the actress dancing in the movies??
Good Stretches for flexibility?
Some easy questions about hip hop dancing?
What tiara would be good for an Aurora costume?
Straddle Stretch?
How do i get the music player to come on im looking for a sertin song and i have to lisen to see if its it?
Nuter Auditions?
How old is too old to go to a rave?
hunger games dance question?
Am i too old to start ballet dancing????
Best dance college to go to?
How do u Lap Dance?
i love to dancing?
Is cutting edge dance a good dance class to join?
what is a good dance audition song??
How many answers will this question get???
does anyone know any dance routines that are fun and have step by step directions and music for free?
save the last dance or step up
Kendall's song on Dance Moms?
what dio you know about georgian folk dances (i mean Georgia - country near to Russia)?
Info on ballet needed?
Could the pussycat dolls be anymore hot? they are on mtv right now... sweet sassy molassy... ::jaw drops::?
Belly dance stripper?
what do you think of omarion cuting his hair ?
How do I improve double turns?
Summer dance classes, what to wear?
How can I be less stiff as a dancer?
What's the best song for a Paso Doble dance?
Girls what do you think of white boys that can hip-hop dance?
do u like food or dancing?
How do I be the best dancer?
How to dance at parties?????????????
Eating/exercise plan for ballet dancers?
how to dance like jessica jerrel in almost in love?
What's the latest song you've heard that's REALLY great for dancing (hiphop, street...)?
,I love to dance Salsa seeking for a partner.To Practice?
What is a professional dancer called?
Hip hop dancing, is it gay?