i love to dance in the moonlight..?
what are the top ballet centers in the world?
How much body contact is there in Argentine Tango?
dance praise?
How can I get people to come to a college dance?
Who like LOVES dancing?
What do you think is the most seductive style of dance?
What year in specific was Isadora Duncan most famous?
Am I too fat to be in ballet?
I'm 22 years old. Is it too late for me to learn ballet en pointe?
how long will me and my boyfriend be together for?
Any good dancing classes in Lansing?
I'd like to know if there is a dance class anywhere near Bandar Suway ,or pj. -Malaysia?
Dance help....from true dancers?
on the soundtrack to lord of the dance,d song planet ireland is not on it. does anyone know where i can get it
Am I a natural dancer?
What is a good song that i can do a solo too?read details?
Should I get pointe shoes or not?
yo I had this crazy dream tell me what u think?
How long does it take to get flexible ?
how many hours a week do you dance ?
chances of getting into the alvin Ailey Pre-professional division?
dance exam?
Dance teachers training?
Is this the most amazing dancing ever?
I need some slow dance help .?
Help!?!?!? I need help with my dance class?
any tips or advice?
what exactly is jazz-ballet?? is it like jazz or ballet? i dont understand someone please help me!!?
where can i find a place that offer any kind of free dance classes?
What should I wear to a hip hop dance class?
i cant do a backbend?
Help finding music for ballet variations!
How long does it take your video to post on the Disney channel shake it up make your mark dance contest? ?
How can I get back into "dance" shape?
Who do you think should win Americas Best Dance Crew?JabbawockeeZ or Status Quo?
I would like to know if it s to late for me to be a professional dancer?
do you like watching girls dance when they imagine themselves taking a soapy shower hahahaha?
Should I try out for color guard?
I don't know anyone at homecoming!?
im a dancer, i dance hip-hop & jazz?
Would anyone like to watch this dance..............I think you will enjoy it?
Why is ballet not in the Olympics?
Audrey Hepburn Dance?
is it wrong to wear flip flops to a formal school dance?
Is it a foxtrot or a tango? and what's the music called?
Question about shuffling (dance)?
Where can I find instruction for advanced steps of tango?
which pointe shoes is suitable for beginner?
Leg tilt extensions;DANCERS?
What to expect at cheerleading or poms tryouts?
Dance songs to blow someones mind?
do you know how to dance?
Where can I find out all the moves in the Justin Timberlake ft. T.I. video?
Anyone in Dal TX interested in Scottish Highland Dance?
How do I tell a stripper I don't want her dance?
who's the best dancer that you know? *popular people only?
Help with Tap and concentrating?!?
are there any open call dance auditions for high school teens in California?
Which dance sneaker is better? Bloch's Unisex "Boost" or Capezio's Unisex Canvas sneaker?
How can you learn to do the splits in under 4 months?
Do you like to dance?
Pointe Shoe troubles!?
Dancers only please. I have a problem, I have to only do 3 activities a week?
Will I ever be able to be a ballerina? :,(?
cheerleading, is it a sport?
Who here is a dancer?
When Im grinding with a girl?
Questions for an upcoming school dance...?
What ballet class should I be in?
Whats a front bodice lining in a leotard???? HELP PLEASE?
ya know that looong leaning move that michael jackson does in his smooth criminal performances--did he...?
where did the nutbush originate from?
song allison from so you think you can dance modern danced to?
Improving turns/leaps after a sprained ankle?
i wanna know if my girl is still a virgin..how could i do that without asking her???
How do I relax whilst dancing?
I need a U/14 Jazz Solo dance song?
Why are you even bothered to look at these questions?
Is Dance a Hobby or Sport?
Has anyone ever been to the Ballet Austin Summer Intensive workshop?????
What is the difference between contemporary dance, modern, and lyrical?
I have to dance in front of my class?
if you could live in any country, where should you choose?
kathakalidance classes in bangalore, koramangala.?
HOUSE DANCING. sorry about the caps. yes its rude i know.?
Have You ever Dance in the Bathroom??
DANCERS ONLY PLEASE???? would this be an extremely bad decision. please answer this?
what is this naughty bone dance ive heard so much about?
what is your fave kind of dance(moves)?
can anyone recommend a belly dance instructor in the san diego area for a teenage beginner?
How to do the splits?
What would be a good name for my dance studio?
does dancing make you taller and maybe even skinnier?
Booty shaking question?
Hip-Hop dance duets on YouTube?
How to improve turnout?
I need help from any dancer! I have a performance at my high school tomorrow and i have too do a calypso..HELP?
Joffrey Summer Intensive?
I need help choreographing a dance?
How would you jump off a building and land straight into a garbage can without gettin hurt.?
pussycat dolls workout?
How long does it takw for ballerinas to be able to put their leg up to the head?
Are you a good dancer? What kind of dancing do you know how to do?
Can a 24 year old guy REALLY learn to dance well?
does anyone know where I can buy dance shoes online with cash?
are there belly dancing classes in savannah ga?
can anyone give info on either beginning filipino or african dance classes in the oceanside, ca area?
i cant really dance...?
Cute, funny ways to ask a guy to morp?
What is Bella Thornes email?
What is a good tumblr username that involves dancing?
poll: what would be a inventive name for a dance competition?
Do men like dancing? or they more looking "into the future" of the evening?
in need of clean hip-hop song?
Who wants to learn Hip hop , Rap ,Cwalk ... Dancing in Cairo,Egypt ?
DOes anynody like to dance?
Help peoples!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i become known as a dance choreograher?
plz help me :(?
what colour ballet shoes do boys wear to ballet ?
What's the best place to have contemporary dance classes in London?
Can anybody recommend me a good dance center?
How can I become a pointe dancer?
what is your favorite latin rock songs?
What name of k-pop song (girl's dance song) with most of the lyric is 'sha la la la la la la la'?
ballet dance rsg? video included. give me tips plzz!?
Is there anywhere in or near Estes Park CO where I can find country western dancing?
What do u feel if u auditioned and they didn't accept you?
What is the Mambo? Is it a form of salsa or a different style? Can one salsa to the music of Perez Prado?
Any advice for a full split?
What sort of dance would someone have to learn to become a cheerleader for the NRL?
What is this move called? HELP?
who is going with me to hollywood????
how to let go of all my regrets? (ballet)?
What dance type clubs are available for teens in Colorado? (preferably in downtown denver or near by)?
Looking for a song for a dance?
Is 15 too late to start dancing classes?
Why are you at your PC on a Saturday night? Why aren't you out dancing/partying?
Free ballet lessons in Fredericksburg va?
is dancing a sport?
How to get better leaps in second?
Where The Hell Is Matt?
Wanna dance???????????
Why are Irish dancing dresses so expensive?
do ballet people have wood in there shoes?
no street shoes for dance class?
What dance would you love to try (if you haven't) ?
What's a good ballet app for iPod touch?
Can someone help me with my leg?
I need help in Ballet?
i got a answer from someone but how do i see my answer this is katzy coma at ya.?
what do you think of my DANCE?
If three llamas ate four hardened capuchinos, would a balloon finally eat liquid baseballs???
what is your favorite television show and why.?
i need a 30 count dance?
How do you do the booty call line dance?
what you think could happen if brad pitt and britney spears get married?
how many languages can you speek,and what are they???
Jazz Shoes/Dance wear Question....?
What songs should i dance on?
how much should i weigh if i am a dancer??
Children's Spiritual Movement(dance)???
Sexy jazz dance solo song?
3 months to get these techniques for drill tryouts. help?
Any recommendations for instructional belly dancing DVDs?
will god came when we prey?
squire strip club in revere mass?
What are some colleges that i can double major in dance(hip hop?) and animal science (vet)?
how can you tell if a girl want to dance with you?
Are there any salsa cavaliers in Kathmandu?
how high shoudl i pull my tigths up for ballet?
Does anyone know when J.Lo's Dance Life show on MTV re-air?
WALKOVERS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
which country does the dance salsa come from?
Good jazz song for a dance?
cheer chants with a known tune HELP?
Learn how to do the splits in a week and two days?
Where can I find great hip-hop dance summer camps?
Just started Shuffling about 1week ago. Loving it not very good xD. Can't get the kicks down any tips?
i am a dancer and i need help getting into my splits?
Can you dance at a competition as part of a competition team and as an independent dancer?
Indian classical dance teacher in Singapore?
Music for contemporary piece?
how much does marilyns dance academy cost?
Something to do after a dance? ANY ideas?
America's best dance crew?
Does anyone know any good ballet studios in Indianapolis, IN?
What Pointe shoe padding is best?
Hip Hop Shoes. Sansha Blitz-3?
What would you want to listen to when you go to a high school dance..?
what is the weight of ballet dancers!?
Too old to start dancing?
Broadway songs for dance duet?
Is there any bboying/breakdancing classes in Detroit Area?
whos the best dancer ever?
I can dance like the wind....should I tell my wife?
My partner and I are looking for dancing lessons within the Shrewsbury area, are there any places 4 beginners?
Im not sure, Cheer or ballet?
tap dance song for a talent show?
How do I please my partner during dancing without anyone seeing?
How did Jennifer Lopez first dance into our lives?
Help, I really want to be able to do the splits?
Which dance style should I take?
When you fart, what happens to your mother?
How can I make my high school drill team?
how to do the dance "1, 2 step?"by ciera?
Is it possible to get a split in a week?
Buying Pointe Shoes?
How do I stop feeling like less of a dancer because I don't compete?
How can i combine dance, missions, and nursing into a career?
What is the best instructional DVD for learning Ballet?
Male dancing....?
how we get confident all time which things inspire us for enthu?
Stripper Classes?
HELP, I don't know what to do?
Should I drop this dance class? ?
What's up with So You Think You Can Dance eliminations this year?
please help i need a jazz dance duet song?
if a guy is truly aalways staring at me then what should i do??people?!!!?
what race do you can dance sexer and can't dance at all?
Do women think male ballet dancers in tights are hot?
can somebody help me?
Where can I download (free) "Save the last dance for me" from Bruce Willis?
What kind of dancing do the scott brothers do?
Do you think I could become a dance teacher?
School Dance~~~~~?
I want to surprise my man with lap dance?
CAN ANYONE TELL ME SOME FUNKY songs that just make u dance.?
Jukin parties?
What song do you do the heel toe to?
im going to take dance classes for Two years?
Any Ideas for a costume for a pointe solo to Numa Numa?
I really want these dance shoes, but I don't think I can fill them?
Why do you rave?.?.?.?.?
How long will it take for you to take Tango?
Top dance companies??
Do you enjoy watching a girl dancing belly dances?
What kind of dances usually win at competitions?
Ballet ( En Pointe)?
How to improve my arches with a therband?
What is your favorite style of dance?
The most graceful classical dance form?
Where can i see ivan from so you think you can dance, dance his solo to let me love you by mario?
Is this normal for a dancer?
why do people think ballet is a sissy sport?
Does anyone know of any ankle strengthening exercises to do before you go en pointe?
Tall Dancers vs. Short Dancers?
Has anyone been to Burklyn Ballet's summer intensive?
b-more bounce????
Are Dancing with the stars Mario and his partner together off of the show? Are they a couple?
Dance song ideas from actual dancers/dance instructors?
What song out of these should i make up a dance routine for?
Funny dance ideas for "Call me maybe"?
Is this a proper dance song? (Beautiful Lady -Demarco)??
where are my dance shoes?
is it going to be the dance mom seasons 3?
How to smile on stage with out looking creepy?
How can I become flexible enough to do the splits?
Am I too heavy to start dance lessons?
Any difference from wearing ballet tights or leggings for ballet class?
I'm going to the dance with my bf how do I be sexy???????????????????
can anyone tell me to learn zardosi work on net?
Ballet invitation?
who is joan stonecipher?
does anybody know where i can find sisiley from the search for the next pussy cat doll?
i want to learn modern dancing.can u suggest some gud institues in delhi?
To Dancers: Why Do You Dance?
Men in Tutu?
What song could me and my friend do a dance to for youtube?!?!
Any advice on becoming a Latin ballroom dancer?
Hip problems with ballet?
smooth away? really work for areas showing under a leo?
Is it possible to learn to dance by playing Dance Dance Revolution??????
Does anyone have any tips for there first time dancing with a date?
Dance class, a little overweight...?
What are some recent Hindi, Tamil, and/or Malayalam dance songs?
Thigh help for a dancer?
How do you do the stanky leg?
The Joffery Ballet's summer intensive, Chicago ?
how do u grind with a girl?
Dancing with the Stars who was booted 4/28/09?
Any Houston people aware of locations for Salsa, Merenge, & hip hop dance lessons around the north side of hou
Dance outfits for tap?
Break Dancing in Charlottesivlle, Va?
Is Disco an era of the past?
How to make grand jetes prettier?
Is learning the Jive hard?
How can i improve my splits and heel stretch?
Can I Dance and go clubbing.?
How much time does it take to learn mohiniattam?
does anyone else think the jerk dance is the dumbest dance ever created?
I've been a cheerleader for 4 years. But now I want to get into Dance. (Like ballet and jazz). Is it too late?
Can somebody suggest classical song/music that can be used for beginner bharatnatayam performance?
What is a good jazz dance song?
nca tryout dance help pwease!!!!!?
ruffled rumba shirts for men, what is the name of the shirt and where can I get one?
how can a dancer attain good posture while dancing?
My Mom wont let me learn How to Breakdance?
My muscles are really sore, but is it still ok to stretch?
How can I do a scorpian fast?!?
Stimulus ideas for dance assessment!?
How can i become a professional dancer!!?
Got a Bboy Team, Not got a Name!?
World Champion irish dancers?
how would you rate this dougie from 1 to 10?
How can I achieve this?
I can't really dance, and the homecoming dance is coming up. I have a date. What should I do? Any easy dances?
Is it too late for me 2 be a Ballet Dancer?
What is the best way to stregthen your feet for dance purposes?
Since the Pope Wears Red Shoes, Do You Think He is a Good Dancer?
What's some line dance names?
How long will it take for me to get good at break dancing?
Why is constructive criticism important in the discipline of dance?
TEEN Nightclubs in NEW YORK? AGES 14-19?
Dance clothes what is good?
How to belly dance? for begginers (please answer)?
Help picking up choreography.?
how can i strengthen my ankles and feet?
Spunky jazz duet songs (dance)?
What style of dancing is Ashley Tisdale dancing in the Crank It Up music video?
Is it okay to go to dance practice if you are on your period and use pads?
I can't do the splits, is it possible for me to do ballet?
Amateur dance competitions/contests in New York?
I saw a youtube Video Of A dance.What Is glee?
where can i find dancing videos?
pole dancing?
What was the most famous step of the 1940's??
How to give a Lap Dance?
how many ballet classes should I take?
girls be honest, what do you think about lap dancers?
Why are Irish dancing dresses so expensive?
Whats the best option for grinding?
Questions about jazz dance classes?
whats a good age to put your kid in dance?
At what age can you wear split sole ballet shoes?
ok so I made a major fool of myself I need to learn to dance!?
can i become a famous dancer?
Calling all ballet dancers, can you help with this?
Making friends and remembering combos at dance?
How long till I get en pointe?
Where can i learn to Tango in Polk County FL?
Should I take up ballet?
the splits?
Nervous About Dance Classes?
How do you do a bell roll?
Am I too Tall to be a Ballet Dancer?
what are some easy dance moves for a talent show?
Where can I find Hip hop/Jazz/Street Dance classes in Singapore?
I need a good kick song for dance team ! PLEASE ANSWER?
Why do you need music to dance?
can i know abt the shedule of Shaimak's classes for this month?
How to get over being homesick at a 5 week ballet intensive?
do you think it is too late to start dancing, if you are17? please tell me?
At parties how do you not look like a loser when everyone is slow dancing and you are not?
TEENAGERS. im embarrased to dance at dances but i still want to. what should i do or how should i dance?
Help!! I need a song for a lyric dance - the theme of the recital is the 4 seasons.... thanks!?
Is this dance costume appropriate for a 12 year pld?
How do I achieve a full body pop? (Dance)?
What is J-setting and where did it come from?
How can u tell wen ur pointe shoe is broken??
i live in santa monica CA is there any good hip hop dance studio nearby?
Going to a school dance help!!?
What are the best dance colleges (jazz, tap, ballet & pointe) around the southeast part of the United States?
Any ideas for a hip-hop song for dance team?
did willow smith break her neck during the whip your back and forth dance?
What's a good song to dance with for Christmas?
Are zills and sagat the same thing?
Is this a good ballet/ pointe song?
What places in Houston offer good hip hop dance classes?
I need suggestions fast?
What are some good slow songs for a dance?
Dancers- what ballet flats do you recommend?
Ballerinas and ballet dancers out there... please help.?
Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how to do a flare properly? Breakdancing?
Do girls like being grinded at dances? if so, how should I grind her?
How much is to pay to go into YMCA for a day?
How to strengthen and improve inner thigh muscles for ballet batteries?
If you're a dancer please answer this question!?
Im doing my quince in May and making up my own waltz!!?
What do you think....?
How long is a peice of string ?
Turtle Freeze tips? Too tall to balance well, and somewhat weak.?
i am 13 and would really like to do ballet- should i have started sooner or is 13 okay???
Do you ever feel like running outside and screaming for no reason?
I am 12 years old learning ballet for 5 years. I am ready for pointe.will pointe shoes hurt.?
song ideas?
What is your favorite kind of dance?
can you tell me a site where they show you step by step instruction (hip hop, pop)?
Songs for dance solo? I need a lot!?
where can I get a list of inmates in Ohio prison system?
Please tell me according to my chart can i take up performing arts especially dance as my career and will?
Is cheerleading a sport?
Should I switch dance studios?
Do you feel more graceful when you go barefooted?
do u become fat if u had been dancing for some time en u suddenly stop ?
remixes of evolution of dance?
What should I wear to ballet class?
What type is the easiest? Please help me!?
Which club can I take my Italian cousin(he is visiting me)in NYC and make sure he find some hot chicks .?
Color Related Song! Help Please!!?
slow dance songs for couple?
Help With Ballerina arms!?
Tell me about ballet please?
What is your favorite kind of dance?
How do I "grind"?
How do I go about teaching myself tap dancing? Advice and online sources greatly appreciated!?
How to not be nervous while dancing with guys at my school dance?
Is ballet good for a 13 year old?
Why do you dance...?
I need some songs for a school dance!?
Where can I find Line dancing on VHS or DVD that is NOT INSTRUCTIONAL?
youo swing me i swing you we drive on down the avenue after so many years they wore out the floor put in?
How to get a confident handstand?
If She Can Do It, Why Can't I?
How to ask my mom for a dance solo?
Good slow dance for learning?
What do you think about Irish Dancing???
Anybody have any Drill Team Advice?
Am I too old to start taking ballet classes? ?
When can I find comitted hip hop dancers?
Sydney City Youth Ballet??
Trivia/Jeopardy questions for dance class...?
How to loosen hips ligaments?
How do I clean my ballet tutu?
How many years of dancing have you been taking?
who will win dance india dance?
Dance team high kicks?!?
Is it rude to dance with another guy at a dance when you came with someone else?
i want to go out on dance auditions but how do i find out about them?
What jobs can I have....?
I want to start taking dance I have some questions?
Tips on how to do a Roundoff?
What kind of shoes do you wear and if a guy on the street offered you $100 to let him lick them, would you?
Good belly dancing routine? Give steps and how to perform them?
Will I be able to handle all the dancing?
I'm going to my 1st dance.....What should I do?!?
looking for a choreographer in the glasgow area to teach myself and a few friends the thriller dance?
grande jete?
Dance Ballet is this safe?
What is maypole dancing?
do you think?
Hurt Ankle from dance?
Boston ballet?
when shoukd i settled in tollywood industry?
What to wear for "Fire And Ice" Dance?
How to practice freak dancing at home.?
Middle school dance help!?
tips for a fat guy getting laid?
Those who are old enough to have survived the Disco Era, do you still believe dancing is absurd?
What Is A Good Song To Do A Short Dance Routine To?
when can i go en pointe?
Any ideas for a dance crew name of 6 girls ?!?
is it possible that i would be able to go on pointe?
Would it be weird for a graduate student to do dance team in college?
What is dance team really about?
I don't know how to grind. how?
does anyone know where I can download the caramel dance?
How to prepare your body for ballet?
Should i take a ballet class? Pleasee.?
Are you a breakdancer?:)?
asking my boyfriend to sadie hawkins dance! help?
do i wear a bra under my leotard in ballet class?
why do professional ballroom dancers make faces when dancing?
Any good work out routine for a 14 year old girl?
Where are some good ballroom dances in southeastern MI?
The name of the first song?
Songs For A 10 Year Old To Dance To In Jazz ( Must fast sassy and well awesome)?
the nutcrakcer?
Do u like this song?
Are belly dancers hot?
Where can I go to learn how to do the steps and slides.?
what size are everyones pointe shoes? :)?
Which ribbons go good with bloch pump split sole ballet slipper?
People keep saying im an amazing dancer, should i try to get noticed??
dont know what to wear for the 70s dance!?
Can I learn ballet at 17 years of age?
I need dance moves!!?
does dancing helps you ?
Ballet- Tips for fouette pirouettes?
does anyone do ballet in this world it is so hard to find a coach any suggestions?
is 36 to old to go to nightclubs?
How do i ask my parents to let me do ballet?
Help With Right Split!!!!!?
Any body here from Mississippi and if u are what part?
What are other words/names for stripper?
Does anyone know how much point shoes are because i might need to get some soon for my dancing???
Is dance Mom's Miami over?
Is dance a sport?
Does any one have any ideas for a mall/shopping dance recital theme like props, songs, scenary, etc.?
What are some helpful tips for Pointe shoes?
What is Pointe? In ballet?
Wats like a good dancing song ? for this age help me?
Middle Split / Straddle?`?
Wheres a good place to buy good quality clogging shoes?
i dont know the name of a string(thickish) attached to a stick i think but used for swirling it around help D:?
my left leg wont stay Straight during right splits?
Can I become a dance teacher?
is 7th grade too old to start taking dance?
Does anyone now a dance studio in northern new jersey who lets you start in January?????????/?
what do i do dancing or gymnastics??
Where can I get some dancing lessons?
where is the best place to go out for the night to meet hot babes in south wales.?
How can i learn dance?
How to get a triple pirouette?
any tips for pointe ballet?
what is a jew suit?
i need a surprise dance for my quinceanera what do you suggest?
Cute name for dance squad with letter A?
Dancer who get soo nervous?
Has anyone taken dance lessons with the Fred Astaire dance studio? Is it good for intermediate level dancers?
What does it mean when someone says a ballet dancer has good feet or bad feet?
Songs for bachata dancing?
80's party?
Learning the splits in one day?
ballet feet arch enhancer?
how to do the spongebob dance?
street dance gear?! please help.?
ANY 1 Who Can freestyle *DANCE*?
Hip Hop Dance Moves Tutorial?
interesting question...?
What do I wear to a swing dance?
Are wall splits harder than normal splits?
Being thin for Ballet?
What do you do when your byfriend lie's to you alot?
Tahitian Dance INFO?
What are good songs to dance to?
Does anyone know any versions of pop/new songs that are slower or accoustic?
shiv tandav dance?
Why is there so many people who think all white girls can't dance?
what are the values of dancing?
whats barbs center for dance pricing like????...many nore q's 2?
how can i get a really cute myspace layout?
What do you think of fire breathing or spitting? Or fire dancing!?
Does anyone know where i can buy a pair of second hand Irish dancing heavy/hard shoes in the Birmingham area??
Am I too old for ballet?
why do ballet dancers shave their underarms?
is anyone forming a polynesian dance group in the orange county area of california?
I need a way to make it snow! like a snow dance?
What dances were originated in the 90's?
What is the difference between western dance and modern dance?
What style of dance would be most useful to learn for confidence and clubs?
Is there any way to get Chachimomma Fevers?
dancing with the stars?
I want to become a dancer. how would i go about it?
How do you dance when you go to a club?
Who like Dancing? and why u like it?
What are the top ten things I should master for College Dance Auditions?
Tap Songs? 14,14,13&13 HELP!?
my friend and i are both 18 and we'd like to start dancing ballet can we?
does a dance party involve cool jams or mellow beats?
What are Acro Classes?
is 13 too old to start ballet?
What is easier cheer or dance team?
Does anybody know the dance routines to the second cheetah girls movie? An I so do you have a video tutorial?
Does DANCING WITH THE STARS rock or what??
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actual dance not just music?
what type o dance shoe?
Ballroom dancing...cuban motion..help!?
What new year's events are going on in the north bay area?
Do you know of some ways to improve turnout?
Can you wear tan jazz shoes for a contemporary dance?
Is mountain biking bad for ballet?
What is the avg years of ballet to do point?
what exercises can I do to do a split? get more flexible?
rave and dance music, raveing is it true?
what is a good dance group name?
What do you call male ballerinas?
Whats the hardest tap dancing move??
Does the ISTD modern dance dvd have all the steps you need to learn for your grade? is it worth getting?
Do I really have to go commando for ballet?
college dance team tryouts?
how many calories does an hour of hiphop dancing burn?
How to become more flexible?
Are male ballet dancers destined to become gay?
Survey:What is the dance that you girls feel the most 'sexy?
What do you think of this present for my girl cousins (at least college age) and aunts: Please see link:?
is it possible that i would be able to go on pointe?
do you know the late shirley hall bask she use to dance ballay.?
where and when did the sun dance originate?
How old is to old to become a professional ballet dancer?
Can a person in their 20s learn to do splits?
What do you think of my ballet?
Hi! I was wondering how far (deep) can you point your toes with your legs on the ground.?
Whats the best lyrical dance song?
Dancers, Why do you dance?
i m a computer engineer but as everybody says do for what u are passionate about i m a very talented dancer?
im 18 and want to dance ?
Does anybody know which Girl on Dancing with the stars wore a Long white dress that was JUST strips of fabric?
Is this warm-up freestyle dance ok?
how do you swing dance?
Hip Hop / Street Dancing ???
can you become a ballet dancer at age 14?
At your dance classes do you drink..?
What MUST you have for dance, be it recital or class or warm up?
Should I get a friend to push me into my splits?
Ballet or slow move ment if you now how and what is it tell me websit or a or a link ???????????
Am I Too Old To Restart Ballet?
DANCERS: Whick dance class should I take?
GCSE Dance title on typewriters?
How do I dance with a girl at a club?
How come some of my good questions get deleted?
how to dirty dance? grinding. school dance in 2 days!!! ?
Getting Prepped for Ballet?
I'm french: can you give me good sites on web for watching indian dance, or bollywood dances? thanks?
how to gain leg muscle for dance?
why do ballerinas point their fingers when dancing?
how can i get over the fear of some tumbling passes?
what is the difference between stage dancing (bikini) and stage dancing (topless)?
tahitian dance lessons?
SERIOUS QUESTION:Have you ever made fun of the mentally challenged people?
Songs for a dance class help?
Best dance bras for ballet class?
What are appropriate jazz dancing clothes?
Where do you prefer to party: In a fancy martini bar, or out in the boondocks cranking up the country radio?
I'm teaching a hip hop dance class this week for the first time. Any tips of fun things that I could do?
A dance stretching routine?
what are the top new dance songs?
Are there ANY line dancing clubs or line dancing bars in the state of Montana??
What exactly is fun about dancing?
Ever heard of this ballet?
how long till i should get new ones?
what are some really amazing jazz songs to dance to?!?!?
can anybody tell me the best institute for aerobics and dance in north delhi?
Can anyone help me find a college that offers a great dance program that doesnt just focus on modern or ballet?
Ballet classes for adults in Houston, Tx?
I'm trying to teach myself some of the more difficult (intermediate) steps of ballet. Thoughts?
Salsa classes?
How to get my foot to bend more in ballet.?
Hiphop classes in San diego?
Where can I find ballroom dancing in Minneapolis, MN?
why are girl discriminated so much still?
how to dance?
Step by step how do I stand on the tips of my toes?
How much are bellydancing lessons?
Can any one help me by telling me how to do a split?
What do you call male ballerinas?
break it breakers?
Am I too old to learn ballet?
Dance Question, Acro Dance(:?
do you like abba?????
Ballet...I need some tips and advice, please help?
Step Up 2: The Streets Song !!?
do u like breakdance?
Do you think it is skanky for a single mom to strip. (strip only)?
Is tumbling important to becoming a professional dancer?
What dance is it where there is a girl playing the flute at the start? Michael Flatley predominant.?
Dancing at homecoming?
In a guys opinion is dance a sport?
Whats a good song for my quincenera dance?
what was the name of the famous fan dancer from the 40s and 50s?
guys, do u think field hockey track or dance is a hotter sport for a girl to play?
What is the best dance studio in Wisconsin?
How do I order ballet slippers that will fit my daughter well?
Im 19 years old and want to become a dancer but i have no qualifications does this mean im doomed?
What are some neat movies about a ballerina or ballet?
I really want to know how to dance e.g hip-hop and breakdance moves please help me?
Stretches for ballerinas?
How can I get the physique of a ballet dancer without the dancing? Are there any special exercises?
what is this music? and how would you dance to it?
which muscles do I need to engage?
im making a dance for my dance team. i need a new/not overplayed hiphop song. please help! thank you =)?
should you roll up through the feet when you pirouette en pointe or jump up from fourth into releve?
Splits but not heel stretch?
What's harder dancing or cheerleading?
What Are The Dance Moves Or Types From The 80's?
If the theme of the dance is retro, what should the dancers wear as the costumes for the dance?
Serious dancer questions. Considering quiting...?
im about to be 18. and really like dancing.. is it too late?
What are some good summer dance music for ages 7 to 12?
GCSE dance choreography. Help pleaaase? :)?
Flexibility for dance...?
Im not toning, ballet issue?
was george hamilton ever on dancing with the stars?
are my pointe shoes broken?!?!?!?
anyone know where i can find a video choreographed dance of jessie j domino?
Have you ever stayed up all night practicing your dance routine?
1)Do you think that keeping an open mind when viewing dance is important? why or why not ?
Fun Under-Age Dance Clubs in CT Area, any location or club that has a under-age night.? Do you know any?
Any tips on dancing?
I need advice for my dance tryout that is in 1 month. HELP!!!!?
Have you had any embarassing dancing experiences?
me and my friend want to take up another sport but we both do dancing we want to do something else....?
Too old to start pointe?
Am I a terrible Dancer ?
What should I get for my girl friend for the Winter Formal dance?
What is this called(Video included)?
Help with Halloween Thriller?
Can you do the Bend and Snap?
Tell me about your first real rave experience?
do you think this is right?
when did??
Teach Me How To Dance?o: (Read Below Please)?
anybody please know any good makes you wanna dance songs like what is love and jerk it out?
I need ways to get more flexible and steps to build up to doing front or back flips in the air?
Do you think I can become a professional dancer?
Im 19 years old and want to be a pole/lap dancer?
Why are the dancers' pivots so flat-footed compared to those performed by ballerinas & rhythmic gymnasts?
What website should I enter to Know how to become a pro dancer when I am older?
Can tall women over 6 feet still make great ballet dancers?
What does "creating a role" mean in classical ballet?
iam i too old to start rhytmic gymnastics?
who is a better dancer between usher and michael jackson ?
Can you get blisters from regular ballet shoes?
I'm 19 and i love dance and i'd like to start is it too late?
Did sean puffy comb back up dance for heavy d?
Are these shoes okay to wear to hip hop dance class?
I am Babette in Beauty and the Beast Jr. and in the song, Human Again, I have to learn a specific dance move.?
what are your personal views on salsa?
Is this hip roll/ grindin good ( Female opinion's )?
too old to start dancing?
Teen summer ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia?
I started dance on the dance team and I dont have time for my other friends?
encoded in the form, technique and structure of every dance are?
Lyrical or contemporary song for a dance!!!?
what is a good way to tell your mom that you don't want to go to dance?
Do u have a passion for dance?
Looking for dance video?
So You Think You Can Dance?!?
I have a dance and i got a few questions?
What is this dance move called?
where can I find latin dance school in orlando?
I'm 14, am i too old to start dancing?
whats a good group name for some teenager boys that do sexy dances and strip?
I'm Anastasia in a dance piece (Once Upon a December) and must find my own costume(s) ?
how old is bruce forsyth and d.o.b?
Mental block on choreography, any ideas?
How can I do a split?
Is there a soundtrack recording for "NY Export: Opus Jazz"?
I wanna give my bf a lap dance but I dont know how to start it Please give me ideas :)?
How to NOT instinctively put your hands down when learning an aerial?
do u like dance or gymnastics better?
Can i do what i love to do, even if people disagree with me?
I need help with getting Pointe Ballet Slippers?
do you go to high school dances?
Is their an ettiquette for eating th elast slice of pizza?
Dance moves ?!?! Help please!!?
Competitive cheerleaders - don't you think competitive cheerleading is more of a sport than boxing?
I get dizzy while I'm spotting..?
What are the popular brazilian dance songs they play for dances?
Professional Dance School?
how old is too old to get into ballet?
any information and history on the Russian ballet group Todes????? PLEAASEEE? Doesnt have to be Todes...?
Where are some Irish dance schools in Toronto?
Improving back flexibility?
I really need easy hip-hop moves!?
Acro dance tricks? Help?
What are some ways in which I could get my cheerleading split in time for tryouts next week, like streching!!!
good or new merengue songs?
i want to learn salsa class in bombay.?
Can someone explain the difference between American, Russian, and Cuban ballet technique?
Why do we use high energy warm up/ exercise before dance?
I have a question for the ladies, If a man gets aroused while dancing with a girl, is it uncomfortable for her
I need some help with choosing a good dance team name...?
For those of you who like Ballet, How often do you watch Ballet at a theatre?
How to dance in music videos ? HELP.?
Ballet classes early in the morning?
Does anyone know a good dance song for a hip hop class??
I want to be a contemporary dancer?
I need dance college help!?
does anyone take ballet,or any kind of dance?
How do when I'm ready for pionte shoes?
wat hola mean?
What do you think about the way I dance?
how long has lap dancing been around?
Dance instructor won't let me dance, help!?
What dance form has stood the test of time?
When clubbing (dancing), what's the best place to keep my purse?
does any 1 have any background information about this.?
i'm playing dancing,i'm play computer i'm vollyball?
Which is the best ballet method: Cecchetti, French, Vaganova or Cuban?
Should I ask to dance with the boy i have a crush on Friday?
help about dance?
I need hairstyles for a dance performance?
are there any pole dancing classes conducted in new delhi?
How do dancers not forget the choreography/combo?
Are there any dance studios in Sugar Land ,TX that isn't expensive, but still good?
What is the difference between what is understood as contemporary dance in europe and that of the US?
What are some good songs to do a lyrical dance to?
who is 'harry potter'?
baton twirling.?
Need help for dance bun?
How can i get better on my Pirouettes(turns)?
what kind of dance is tought at corona del sol high school?
Where can I find a cheap Dance Instructor who can teach Country Dancing at my New Year's Party?
I am 17 and want to start ballet am I too fat and can yous give me any tips?
Shuffle dance vs dembow dance?
HoW cAn I lEaRn To Do ThE sPLITS??
How do you do a cartwheel with one hand staying on the ground?
Does anyone else face this at their studio?
Did Tim pocock from dance academy die?
I have to do a essay for dance team?
Why are russians such good ballerinas?
Is it too late to start ballet?
Why are people against dancing in churches today?"?
Im a dancer and not getting any better. Advice?
how do you FREAK DANCE?
who got voted off dancing with the stars last night ? ( april 5th 2010 )?
how to dress like a dancer?
Is it appropriate to talk to a teacher about my future in ballet?
Did I start pointe work too early and am I suffering from the consequences?
where can i find a list of simple jazz steps?
Can I start a career in ballroom dance at 24 as a male?
Where in London can you learn to dance Samba?
what are some cool, upbeat song I could dance to in a music video?
how do i learn how to do the splits?flexable?
Higher education dance???
Can anyone help me on how to get on a breakdancing team here in North carolina?
Musical dance help!?
how to be a better dancer?
I Want To Learn How To Do The Splits And Other Dance/ Gymnastic Type Stuff?
broadway bound...perhaps?
ladies choice dance name?
I want to know about the Jaipur foot that of Shudha Chandran.?
What dance will give you the best dancer's body?
am i too old to learn how to dance?
Can anyone give some insightful tips on how to learn to dance Bachata?
r there ny famous professional ballerinas who r over 5ft 10" if so wot r they called?
where in chicago can i learn both hula hoop dancing and pole dancing?
Pointe shoes for birthday present?
girls, what shoes make your feet the most sweaty and smelly, and does it bother you?
Is thirteen and a half too old too start a career in dance?
I'm looking for an emotional song?
Where 2 learn salsa/jive in West Delhi?
What style of dance is this?
How to stretch for ballet?
good bra for dancing?
why do people think ballet is a sissy sport?
How long will it take to learn how to read music?
Can someone please provide me with further information about Princeton Dance?
My sister wants to be a professional freestyle dancer?
I like dancing, but I'm not flexible enough.?
Is pole dancing hard 2 learn?
Where is the Canadian Barn Dance from?
Teen hip-hop/break dancing classes in NYC?
Does the song "Dance to the Music" Have any sexual inuendos?
Dance injury... Please read?
If your a hip hop dancer, what do u keep in your backpack?
Does anybody know the name of this song? (dancers please)?
what do you think is the BEST dance song ever?
how far in advance should you buy a prom dress?
Question for dancers!!! PLEASE HELP?
is it too young to grind at 12?
What are some colleges/universities with strong ballet programs?
My dog fell into a wood chipper from the balcony where will i find him?
Dance dreams, college... or not?
What dances should I go in next year?
How do they pick which celebrity's dance with the professionals on "Dancing with the Stars"?
how do you do the running man?
Not allowed to take dancing classes?
Quick stretches to increase hip flexibility?
How hard can it actually be to dance like this?
Should I do competition dance?
How to dance.. (prom is in a few weeks)?
Is 16 a little late for Ballet?
How to make my schools Dance Team?
CPYB summer intensive questions?
How to do the windmill break dance movie ?
Should I take Tap or Ballet?
Hottest hip hop songs of 2010, need some Dance ideas, for music. Senior all class pep fest. A.S.A.P!!?
Ballet & Pointe Question?
Is there any bboy routine that I could follow?
Is there any geisha fan dancing lessons in San Diego?
What are some good exercises (with a thera-band) for stronger more flexable arches and ankles?
Whats the difference between gr. 5 Ballet, and Teen Ballet?
what is a spanish dance caled?
Does any body know how to dance without moving any part of your body?????
Upbeat lyrical dance solo songs sung by women that aren't about love?
I need info on being an exotic dancer...?
I want to go out every nite, i want to dance, under the discolights?
Anyone Know Any Good Competition Dance Studios In North Babylon, West Islip, or Commack?
leg warmers and ballet?
Homecoming Dance drama need help!?
dance school?
How to do a shuffle/treble correctly in Irish Dance?
My aunt is starting a new career as a stripper and we are trying think of a name for.Her name is Monica Marie?
Does anyone know any famous black dancers?
can anyone give me a job description on a dance historian?
How can I learn to dance?
Intermediate foundation ballet?
How young do girls usually start ballet?
What are good exercises to do if ur going to go into to Contemporary dance??
Is the moonwalk still cool, even after 20 years?
i need more opinions will you answer my question?
Angelina Ballerina videos?
Can i teach myself to twirl baton?
Any good trance songs?
About how long does it take to improve flexibility in ballet?
best dance songs ever:-)?
Bboys please help me windmills are killing me!!!?
do monkeys really pick their nose and eat it?
What are the lyrics to letoya Luckett new song She Dont?
Can I wear black lipstick and artsy eyeliner for my classical ballet solo?
How do you get more flexible?
okay whats a good nickname?
free choli sewing patterns?
would i look funny in a ballet class?
List of websites about the history of dance?
Vegan friendly ballet slippers?
I really want to do pointe but...?
Dose anyone know if ccbc has a dance class and waht's the website?
Help!, how to do a Backflip the real easy way?
Why do guys not like to do ballet?
for all ballet dancers...?
Does any one really like riverdance?
Is the 7th Paquita variation hard?
Best dance studio in Toronto?
how come alot of guys dont like to dance?
I can't stand up from my bridge?
does anyone know how i can become an actress?
Can you become a dancer at a late age?
Is freaking, and grinding slutty for a 13 year old?
How many likes can do you have to get in order to get a thumbs up Make your mark shake it up?
how to dress up as something from the circus?
What are some good dance intensives?
What noises do you make while dancing?.....?
whenevr i dance my farts?
Should I just move like a jelllyfish if I don't know how to dance?
What are the turns called where you keep going?On Dance Moms alot.?
How can I stretch more for ballet?
Is there anything to help avoid detection by sniffer dogs going into a club?
help me confused girl here!?
what to include in a modern dance audition?
i'm a bit shy to be a stripper, ladies i need ur help.?
who thought you the martial arts?
do you think Jlo is a good singer?
What is the fastest way to learn how to salsa?
Anybody knows how to break dance ?
What do you prefer?
please someone help me my boyfriend is here to pick me up to go to his house what do I do now im already ready
gosh..... pointe!!!!!!?
hip hop dance classes?
Can anyone recommend a good Salsa club in the Kansas City area?
Pointe shoe question...?
what style of dance do you prefer?
can u dance? i love to do a latin dance for my mum how do i do thaat.?
i don't have pointy feet but i really want a high arch, is there anything i can do?
Souja Boy Dance?
Is Dance Dance Revolution the new Walking?
20 years. Do yo think it is too late to study dancing? honestly!?
Whats your favorite type of dance?
Cheerleaders, does it upset you that the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are called professional cheerleaders?
Dancers: I need advice?
Central school of ballet students?
what is the best way to learn how to dance?
Is stripping a good idea?
does "belly dancing" make your hips get wider?
how does it feel to get a lap dance?
Dance enthusiasts: What makes a piece of choreography interesting to you?
how can i get clibs of belly dancing video on internet?
I want to try out for cheerleading next year?
Do u know to dance???
Help on cartwheels for dance?
Dance team auditions????????
What is your favorite kind of dance?
what should I name my dance if I am doing it to the song "Woman's Work" by Maxwell?
'Dance Moms' on Lifetime TV...who is Abby Lee Miller?
Is it normal to be depressed after a dance recital?
what insurance do i need for my own dance school?
Does anyone know the dance moves to that Danity Kane "Show Stoppers" song?
What is your favourite style of dance?
help about dance class?
Drop in dance class in Chicago?
what can i do so the guy i love , love me?
Best dance college for ballet and contemporary?
i want to start dancebut how do i know what kinda of dance to do?
help with dancing? dancers advise?
How to learn about ballet?
Name the best 2nd and 3rd place male dancer of all time.... (John Travolta is number one hands down.)........?
A good hiphop dance song....?
How long would it take for me to get en pointe?
girls 16 in road island can dance nude in clubs what do you think about it?
Who are Canada's main ballet companies that I will be able to audition for? I am 21?
What tap shoes should I buy?
Please help! What sort of pointe shoes should I try?
What is your favorite dance?
Help me with dancing at the club?
Are there any Ballet's in San Francisco in summer of 2012?
Should I bring this to my team's attention?
What is the best thing to wear to a ballet dance audtion. The lady said you had to have black shorty pants....
is it bad to call myself a dancer?