Asking a redhead creatively to a dance?
do you like to dance?
Beginner dancer questions?
Three weeks at camp; All by myself!?
how to do a la seconde turns?
How much can i learn from a breakdancing session ?
Im 14 if I still wanted to could I be a ballet?
Can anyone of YOu tell me what is that dance called(the one that looks like robots)?
what are the best stretches i can do to make my bottom half more flexible faster ?
First pointe shoe help?
Where could i get a dance costume?
Can someone help me pick a dance style to take classes in?
Do you have flat feet or arches?
Will I ever be able to do ballet again?
Any opinions on Dancevisions in Greer, SC?
dance survey for dancers.?
In what year does Hip Hop was born and which where the motives for this dance-cultural movement?
How Old To Stop Bellydancing?
I have been on fire for 2 minutes, how do I survive and put it out?
Can some one explain to me how pro/am ballroom competitions work generally?
How do I learn to dance in 15 days?
Can anyone suggest a fun dance lesson video?
goin clubbin this weekend, have some qs.?
age for ballet?
Why do women like to dance?
help me with a dance routine!!!!!?
how to become a skinny dancer?
where are street dancing lessions in stourbridge?
How can some one young become a choreographer at the age 13?
What to wear for dance tryouts?
Dance potential question?
Trance Energy?
Should i stop dancing (ballet)?
Dance Audition Attire?
when do i need new pointe shoes?
I need to learn how to dance at the club!?
I know an Asian-American who can't find a girlfriend. Any advice?
What dance should i do?
Please give me some sources?
everytime i try to do some type of break danceing freez my wrist hurt am i doin it wrong?
Is it really bad for a married man to have a girl friend??
I see a little silhuetto of a man; Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?
Should I Take Dance Lessons?
why is it important to warm up before dancing?
Ballet summer intenvise question?
My mom thinks I am not "a ballet figure girl" and I'm going to regret about joining ballet? Argee or disagree?
what is the video on mtv dance featuring a large lady sitting on a washing machine?
Breaking in pointe shoes?
what is an original idea for a GCSE contemporary dance solo?
How do you ask someone to the dance without showing nervousness?
Im 15 year old boy, is it too late for me to learn ballet?
Can I take dance classes for fun? ...say um, hip-hop; ballet type?
I am a championship Irish dancer with many injuries. I need some advice and opinions on long-term injuries.?
What hip hop song do you think is absolutely the BEST? (to dance to)?
I'm trying out for the dance team?
Am I told old to start tap dancing?
Hey will you please help me make sur i have everything!?
My fiance and I are using "The Dance" by Garth Brooks for our first dance. What ballroom style should we use?
Why does it seem like I can only learn slightly hard Choreographs?
Can you dance?
Ballet question????
How can I improve my arches?
Dancing and Hooking up Issue?
I'm 16. Would it be too late to get into the whole dance class thing?
Is dancing a sport?!?
does anyone know what "vampire dancing" is??
Why are there so many tools at dance clubs trying to rub up on you all the time???
Can anyone recommend a good salsa club in boston, ma?
How to become Flexible? and all ballet positoins?
what does it take to be in a dance movie?
SYTYCD music question 9/23?
Dancing with the Stars?????
What do you wear to your ballet class?
Dancer's Opinion; For a lyrical/modern dance solo.........which song?
Will dancing the dance routines from the Shake It Up videos burn calories?
What kind of eyes u like? meaning by shape and size and what color eyes, explain urself too?
does anyone like the television show so you think you can dance other than me.?
dance classes you recomend?
What sort of dance class should I take...?
who likes to dance?i do!?
Ingrown toenails and pointe, help!?
List of B-Boys moves?
click here!?
What is a really good price for pointe shoes?
can anyone tel me some english songs for doing western dance in my school? i mean fast songs?
Are there any universities where you can major in fine arts and dance?
My girlfriend wants me to go to her ballet class with her, would that be too weird?
Twin Tolo costume ideas?
Ballet video auditions affecting acceptance?
whwt is the differences between the dances like salsa,mambo,tango,ballroom,foxtrot,jive and jazz?
is mario lopez with eva longoria?
Im about to start dance? ?
If your boy friend is walking and holding some one elyses hond?
how do ballet dancers shake their feet when they saute (jump)?
Do you know the lyrics of this music video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x9UPHdZO2Q or dance steps?
how to get a lap dance does the girl have to be in lvoe with you first?
Tips for my new dance class?
is there site where i can see So you think you can dance 10/7/09 in vegas?
on saturday im goin to a malvern dance...grinding??
dance song suggestions! ideas?!?
Dance class for a couple?
pulled a muscle, will i be able to dance again?
what is a good song to dance to?
Why are salsa and mambo not included among the pro Latin dance competition?
What are some good songs for a college dance that is the last big event before Summer Break?
Anyone know any good partner stretches?
How much force does a ballerina apply to the floor when doing a turn??
Need an outfit for the Sadie's Goes Safari dance?
when you're in a dance...what topics will u talk about and the intro stuff??
Some good dance moves..?
Should I start ballet?
Dance team or dream team?
Drum major routines?
I need good dance crew names ?!!?
i had more mony photos in my but all of them is deleted i wann abring them buch so how can i do that ?
why cant i keep a rhythm going when dancing?
are we human or are we dancer ?
What classic ballroom dance can be performed with Croatian Rhapsody song from Maksim Mrvica?
What is a good way to break in new pointe shoes quickly?
How to sew elastics on ballet slippers?
How would you dance at homecoming?
How Can I Dance To Dubstep?
Polish Dance Songs need help thinking of some?
Where can I get music like on Dance Moms? for flag/drill team?
What are the best pointe shoes for me?
i am a vegan and refuse to buy leather dance shoes does anyone know where i can find vegan ballet shoes?
anytings to help me dance better?
Need help with dance moves!?
Is it to late to stand a chance in dance? hehe, that rhyms?
Ideas for getting in shape for ballet?
School dance situation?
what is chris brown number if u dont get iy keep trying and trying.?
who was let go today 11-8-06 on dancing with stars?
last minute girl scout jazz dance class..?
Demi pointe with gaynor mindens?
what is the perfect song to give a lapdance to?
How do you mix songs together?
Is it me, or are there girls that won't realize grinding is a sexual dance??
how come pointe shoes don't come with the ribbons sewn on?
The Robot is my favorite type of dancing, is it yours??
What type of dancing would you prefer to do?
Point Shoes?
can i take the dance course?
where can i buy ballet shoes? someone told me payless shoes only sell ballet shoes for kids, but i am an adult
Why would teen girls dance like this?
I want to start dance but...?
is dancing a skill or a talent?
Do Portable dancing poles need screws?
How can I keep a bun in place?
why did kendall vertes go to candy apples?
New ish song for my solo?
Im just turning 18 & i want to strat GoGo dancing, what step do i take?
Is it possible to learn to do a toe touch in three days or less? if so, how?
Solve this Dilema.?
Native Indian Dancers???
What are good thera band exercises for ballet?
I'm writing a essay paper about modern dance i need some ideals!?
Youtube Hip Hop Choreo from well-known dancers?
I feel so insecure while dancing in my room?
I want to be a dancer is it too late for me?
Is it to late to dance at the age of 17?
Should I do gymnastics or ballet?
How to get stronger ankles?
Dance themes for my birthday party?
Best dance studios in Minnesota ?
Pointe shoe ribbons?
Whats the best dance to learn?
who invented pole dancing? (actual use of the pole)?
Good pop and lock teachers in San jose, CA?
Im an irish dancer, i have really long toes..does this effect me going up high on my toes?
how can i teach myself ballet?
why cant i stay flexible?
want a snap of bani to store on my id.Please send me?
Help For The School Dance! ?
how long does it take to learn the "crip walk"?
How long would it take for myself to get very good at break dancing?
Hey my friend needs help getting all of her cheer tapes onto her computer and then making a highlight reel.?
Are there any 21 and under clubs close to indianpolis, indiana ?? please help?
How can you get into the splits in one week?
for dancers who auditioned for the rock school?
i'd like to learn how to rave? ?
Kevin produced a report to show the food he ate over a week. he used a circle graph. What questions would you?
You are NEVER too old to start ballet, right?
I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Where can I take a ballroom dancing class?
Salsa Dance?
What is Joget dance and what is its origin?
Belly Dancing..Sounds fun is it hard?
Ballet Academy East vs Steps on Broadway for toddler?
i would like to know if there is a wellknown dancer near j.p.nagar in bangalore?
What is the technical term for a male ballerina?
Tricks and tosses in swing dancing?
Does anyone have any information on Ballet West's summer program?
Beginning ballet at 15, what grade?
Is kitchen dancing legal in California?
Songs that represent an event on the calender?
Are all strippers this unattractive and talentless?
Anyone know any good dance music or exercise music?
Will defective canvas ballet shoes stymie or cramp my technique?
does anyone know how to break dance?
How is it that bullet proof vests can stop a bullet?
do you all like rap?
Is 13 to old to start ballet if I've...?
Help remembering dance steps?
What are some suggestions for summer dance camps?
how to grind? I'm serious...?
how do i use my dance on meez?
What do you call the style of breakdancing where they dance at regular speed then go in slowmotion?
What Portable Dance/Stripper Poles are good? ?
Where can u find a dance teacher for a quinceanera?
Who is the best dancer you know?
If you could give one tip to someone on how to dance, what would it be? Only one tip!?
Slow dance?
when do i need new pointe shoes?
Who would you like to do the tango with?
Can you start pointe with double jointed ankles?
Looking for a Stripper!?!?
a video teaching how to dance Andie's audition in Step Up?
What are some names for a Hollywood-themed dance?
How comes michael jackson dance like that?
Do u guys know any good dark ballet songs?
Ladies do strippers cross their legs for the same reason other women do in strip clubs?
Beginning ballet... What do you think?
Is swimming good for ballet?
what kind of song would be good for a nice lap dance?
I need some good striptease music for this weekend :) Does anyone have any good suggestions? Nasty but Nice!!
I just came back from vacation in mexico and did this dance to a song. It went avant avant ariba ariba. Name??
help to impress my dance teacher?
Dancing !!:)))))))<33333?
where in chicago can i learn both hula hoop dancing and pole dancing?
hey guys and girls I know nothing about dance and theatre?
Hadrid Conservatory body type?
ballet pointe shoe help?!?
has anyone gone to Club DV8?
Competition dancers:?
Can anyone recommend a good place to take contemporary dance lessons in Northampton?
Whats the high school in Mexico where students can learn classic ballet, Mexican folklore and folkloric dance?
what are some things I need to know for ballet?
how come the website indyballet.org does not come up in a search of ballet companies etc?
How to tell if your ankles are strong enough for pointe?
what should i keep in my dance bag?
I really need a Salsa song!?
Dance festival?
Salsa Anyone?
strike a pose?
Information about kids dance class?
the Afrika Afrika Show at the O2 arena review?
Is playing the role of Odile in Swan Lake Hard?Please Answer?
Is this a good studio?
if i join dance will i lose weight?
Where can I take Irish folk dancing lessons?
How do I get a double pirouette?
A sad song for a contemporary dance?
I need a cool name for our newly formed bellydance troupe. Any suggestions?
What are some good stretches that make you really flezible?
Who is this group and whats that song PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT !?
Are there any DVDs out there that show you how to dance?
How do you grind at a dance?
I haven't worn a ballet leotard since I grew boobs. Do I need a sports bra...?
Dance Step, Jitterbug?
does anyone know any good dance and cheerleading songs?
what's your answer??????????
where are some teen dance clubs in los angeles?
will i go to dance class yes or no?
Is it inappropriate to slow dance with your sister?
my partner is a muslim and i m a marwadi girl so whai should i do. My parents will never accept?
what do they call the style of dancing that is performed on suspended ropes or sheets similar to pole dancing?
What is the twerk dance?
Name of Song, most likely 90's dance?
wat type of dance is better?
americas best dance crew???? illusion challenge?
Good Songs To Dance To?
Does anyone know the 2nd song?
Dance Help (style/genre)?
I need help with my x-mas dance!?
what are the best songs to breakdance?
do you consider dancing exercise?
What dress should I where for the 7th grade dance? Im going with my first date!?
i went too far with the splits?
I want to continue ballet, but money is a problem?
Help with a name for Christmas dance recital?
If You hear a tune that just makes You want to dance, do You; no matter where You are?
Sensual Dance: I am choreographing a sensual dance for my fiance?
Should i be turning more than 4 pirouettes ?
is starting ballet at 12 years old too late?
Is it wrong for me to demand my wife to learn to pole dance?
what dance was once popular but isn't anymore?
Can a Dancer who is NOT a "Competition Kid" make it Professionaly?
Is the shuffling dance dead?
Is getting en pointe really a fitness goal?
Is dance considered a sport?
recently my daughter had a dance recital. She has a caboodle filled with all of her competition jewelry etc,?
memorable dance fads?
what is this kind of acrobatics called and where do you get the cloth used in it?
What is "clown" or "Krum pin" dance?
Cheetos Dance commercial question?
What are some good song i can use for my 15?
Rangeela or Young Stars???
How to do a backbend?
How to get your dance teacher to give you a solo?
Information About Color Guard In High School?
what is real love and when its a true love????????
Improve turnouts & strengthen feet?
any cheerleading exercises?
know of really good online Dance stores?? 10 pnts
BEYONCÉ BOOTY SHAKE how do you do it?
Good back stretches for dance?
what are some dance steps to "love is a battlefield" by pat benatar?
i am 15 and want to do ballet. i have a fringe.......?
Ok, I want to learn how to dance...?
What is an RAD vocational exam?
Is 15 too old to start ballet in Australia?
what should i take?
What is this dance move called?
i love to dance but i never cheered before is it possible for me to be a cheerleader?
Please help getting over fear of handstands?
is it to late to start ballet ?
Ballet Pointe Shoes?
Daily routine for a dancer?
Do you think she actually got formal dance training?
What is a professional ballet dress rehearsal like?
Who likes dance? If so...What kind?
wut are nice quinceanera waltz songs?
can you tell me about any really good dance colleges i can go to in the uk?
How do you think Jakob Karr can extend his legs so high?
what should I do?????
Do People Actually Listen To Hip Hop or Rap On Purpose?
is there a clean version of these songs?
Cheers and Dances?
Tips on becoming really good at ballet?
People out there that LOVES to dance?
Dance Group Name Ideas for an all girls group? Please?
Tips on how to look good dancing?
is 15 to old to start ballet?
Who likes dance? If so...What kind?
i would really love to do the splits but i cant i have a big dance coming up and i need to do the splits in ma
Dance Move Help!! PLEASE?!?! I might rip out my hair...?
Are there any good western dance classes in Pune?
why LIKE High school musical? answer me. please!?
what are some examples of spanish dances?
Dancer needing toe touch tips!?
I need help convincing my dad that belly dancing isn't bad.?
Am I too late to start ballet?
Can everybody do a split or only certain people born with certain amounts of flexibility?
Do you think Krumping is a good dance?
Can a dance club only allow certain types of dancing?
SM dance trainee questions?
How the hell do you go about learning how to break dance?
how do you do the splits?
Where can i find a good hip hop studio in Mariettea?
Calling all dancers...?
Is the box-step enough?
Dance Show songs and costumes help?
how to prepare for dance tryouts?
Does anyone know where to buy So Danca leotards online?
What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage?
what is a good cumbia to dance too?
Should I take jazz dance?
New dance move help need help?
Ballroom songs for children?
Learning to dance at home?
Do you know how to dance???
Salsa Lovers Please Join?
Stubbed my toe again getting my pointe shoes tomorrow?
Am I too old to start dancing?
How Can I Improve My Dancing?
For those of you who've done modern dance before, what is the best thing about it?
Do girls wear underwear under their tights in ballet?
How does the ballet barre...?
Beginner's Modern Dance - 25 y/o and NOT flexible?
how do you grind?
Umm can someone help me?? ITS ABOUT DANCE?
what were some of the most influantial jazz artists?
Help me with my Cwalk name?
do you like to dance?
I'm really nervous about about my lyrical dance?
What's a good, slow song to dance with a girl to?
Should I give my three-year-old a snack before his ballet class? If so, what would be a good pre-class snack?
I am 6ft 2, stocky with size 15 feet. I cannot dance to save my life.Should I go to salsa classes with my g/f?
what are some good sites and vids that i can get that are like rap dancin and gangsta dancing like crip walk?
Dance and Drama Industry?
what dance crew danced to a remix of numb from jay-z/linkinpark?
Lyrical and Jazz songs for solo?
How can I do cartwheels with one arm shorter than the other?
wats a good nickname for a girl who likes to dance alot?
What to wear for barn dance?
Do you think we've over sexualized pole dancing?
How can I learn to dance?
Ballet dancers! How do I keep my undergarments form showing from underneath my leo?
Dance (high school girls only please?)?
Dancing isn't my thing.. But for some reason every school I go to PE Classes require a Dance project?
lap dance same thing?
I've to dance in a middle school dances competition?
How can i make my mom let me dance?
school dance theme hollywood stars?
Why is it so romantic to dance in the rain?
How long do you think it will take ME to get in to pointe?
guys pls give me at least 3 formations formed in cheer dance..?
What is a cute tap dance song?
To late to start dance (ballet?)?
Need help with a dance partner who wont commit!?
How can i learn to dance?
Exotic Dance in Columbia SC...?
If you were to suprise someone with a slow dance what song would you choose?
What song should the heel-toe be done to?
Is 13 to old to start dancing?
Does anyone know any good sites for dance?
Starting dance again?
Is jesse Mccartnet hot?
Any tips to improve partnering in ballet?
Break Dancing?
I want to become a dancer!?
If starting ballet at 26, will it be possible to ever go onto pointe?
Why do we need dance?
should I take ballet?
Where can I find reviews/ratings for dance shoes/sneakers?
I just got selected to audition for my dance team help!?
Dancer Injured From Hamstring?
Which is the easiest and the most difficult dance to learn?
does anyone know any good dance music (not club music)?
Good dance programs in the bronx?
I want to be a cheerleader....but?
what are some good dance studios for jazz and contemporary?
How to be a successful dancer?
Whats this dance move called?
what are the rest of the lyrics of this song: "my hat, it has 3 corners, 3 corners has my hat"?
First ecstacy experience tonight... Any good pointers/tips?
Can you help me become a good dancer?
Why isn't dancing under sports? i thought it was a sport.?
Do you think stripping is wrong?
Can you list the events in "The King of Mazy May?"?
How??? how?? How!!!!!?
for ballet could i get away with dance sneakers?
Meme ideas for asking a guy to a dance?
I need advice on dance?
Homecoming last night! ! !?
can i know any indian company in holland which can sponcer for traditional dancers?
Have worn a dance belt that is padded if yes are they comfortable?
How to achieve a scorpion? ?
i have to dance in annual function. The theme is family life vs corporate life. plz suggest me songs.?
Looking for belly dancing classes in Round Rock.?
Just dance 2 help please?
Step Dance...?
Will being a male pole/ lap dancer affect my career I am currently a self employed dance teacher?
How to become a professional ballet dancer in the UK?
Ballet ......?
How to be more flexible for ballet?
Is there an italia conti in plymouth, UK?
Help!!! I need to learn how to do better pirouettes/turns. Are there any tips/tricks/tools/etc that will help?
why does a black girl dance better than a white girl?
What is a good song to do a lyrical/ ballet duet to?
whats the name of that dance?
Anybody have any good dance songs for a lyrical or musical theater/jazz or tap piece for competition?
How long would it take for a girl to learn pole dancing like this?
I feel guilty after dancing salsa!?
Do you think the saying, "once a cheater always a cheater" is true?
What sort of music would be required for a modern ballroom dance?
what type of dancing do they do in the hsm movies and in camp rock?
are there ballroom/latin dance competitions for teens?
How do you slide across the floor, without pausing?
A jazz Dance For the theme goody two shoes?
I know nothing about dance and want to become a dancer should I learn all styles at once or one at a time?
Question About Teen Dance Clubs?
Over Summer stretching for dancers?
What are some good cheers for A Junior varsity team?
What do you find hotter - A girl doing Latin Ballroom (salsa) or a girl doing Break dancing?
why did i not make the dance team?
Where does Ballet come from?
what kind of dancing is it when you spin the girl around?
Does any one know where to take a hip hop dancing lesson?
What's a good gothic rumba song?
what is abstract interpretative movement? and Structured Movement?
Looking for Information on Dance Classes?
Which one should I take, Yoga or Ballet?
My 3.5 year old is about to start ballet class. Is RAD or ISTD better?
Good private ballet teacher for beginner?
what is a great band to dance my solo to in dance?
How to club dance with a guy??
I think I lock my knees when I practice ballet but I can't figure out if I rly do?
My husband wants to lose weight with me, but he won't commit, any advice?
I'm too shy to dance in front of others?
what are some cool dance quotes?
what would be a good song for a modern dance?!?
ideas for tumbling theme?
How to do those moves?
who is the famous dancer in Asia?
how to pick up dance moves quickly?
Can you get bentwood chairs that are built specifically for dancing on or do dancers use normal ones?
What is a ballroom show case? ?
How to do the splits!?
what would happen if i started using pointe shoes?
ell0....ppls...wannta do me a favour????hwz ur day?
IS IT too late to become a professional dancer ?
can italian people dance?
What to wear to ballet class?
Does anyone know a dance to STOP it raining. It has rained for a week in Ottawa, Canada.?
i like to dance but im shy?
Hey I am from Canada, I seem to have a problem I can't think of a dance crew name anyone have any suggestions?
I love to dance, but I'm 16?
Is it true ballerina's do not get regular periods & have premature bone disease?
do you think rhythm (like dancing) deterimines if your good in bed or not?
What does 'you are a better dancer than you take credit for' mean?
Is it worth learning any dance to help me loosen up and be more confident on the dance floor, if so what form?
What should i do or learn to make varsity cheer leading at my high school?
i cant really dance...?
Help... I need to learn how to grind dance real quick.?
SAB Summer Intensive?
Are box braids accepted in ballet?
What ballet colleges are there in Europe?
what is this move called? PLEASE HELP!?
Dance classes?
DO you know any good dance program in Italy?
what music video was i watching?
Dance vs Europe trip?
do you love to dance and what kind of dancing?
Does anyone know a dance routine to either Low (Flo Rida), Wall to Wall (Chris Brown), or Cyclone (Baby Bash)?
should i be a stripper?
Leg pain from dance class?
Do you believe dance is a sport?
Does anyone know how to do Snake Arms in the style of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance? Any tips would be great!?
I need help before my ballet audition! (EURGENT)?
I'm I to old!?!?!?!?
Ballet Dancers: Pirouettes ...?
Good song for a lyrical dance duet that is up-beat, but not old?
ah, my first ballet lesson today, i'm nervous and i don't know what to wear ! , help?
What styles do u do when u dance to dubstep?
Why most of the girls do prefer dancing as one of the hobbies?
What kind of dance jump is this?
Wacko Jako (M.J) king of pop, father of brake dance.?
Which dance classes should take?
I have to make a decision about what "sport" i want to play... how do i choose? Cheer or Dance?
Does anyone have a really scary song?
Do you know this song?
Plz plz plz plz help!!! I beg u too!!! Thanks:)?
Tap dancers...what's your favorite step.?
Ballet Point?
who sang "body language" popularized by pia moran by dancing?
How do I get the strength to walk on my hands?
does anyone know of any reggae night clubs in baltimore?
What does this dance move mean/called? (Tyler the creator does it?)?
I have my first salsa dance lesson coming up and I'm a bit nervous. Should I wear a helmet?
Anyone can suggest some good asian dancing schools/studios in Los Angeles?
Can anyone give me the instructions/ steps in dancing TANGO??
Does anybody have the steps to dance the sony by Aventura Un Beso?
different types of dances?
School dance tonight: Advice?!?
What will school dances be like for 6 to 8th graders?
Does Anyone Kno Where I Can Find Free Downloads For Line Dances?
How exactly do I make choreography?
How do u teach ureself how to do a split?
please answer!!!!!!!!!!?
Am I wrong for my decision?
What kind of dance do you like best?
do ya think dancing is hot?
Can anyone tell me the name of this dance?
whats you hobbies?
I'm looking for a hip hop dance instructor in Cleveland, Ohio anyone know any good ones?
sexy dancing?
did anyone learn any new dance moves.?
dil lagi kudi gujarat di download link?
does anyone else just want to dance when they hear the song footloose?
name of a dance begining with the letter p?
Can I still dance ballet and not be as skinny as the others?
dance choreography help?!?
I want to start dancing again, but I am scared. I have had a hard year.?
where can I find freed of london pointe shoes?
why is there a stereotype that black people dance better?
Dance? how to avoid it?
What do you think about cheerleaders?
Latin dance shoes - question about suede soles & street wear?
Sadie Hawkins Shirt Ideas?
dj unk is he steppin up his game in dance moves?
where can i take belly dancing classes in New Jersey?
What's the best way to pursue my dream? ?
Are there any cheerleaders on here?
Should I continue to dance?
how to describe a pole dance performance ?
Learning the splits in one day?
What size Ballet Pointe shoes should I buy?
Solo songs for a lyrical dance!?
What type of ballroom dance begins with the word "blue"?
I need advice for dancing. Anyone Help!!!?
Advanced Dancers: what is the name of THIS technical dance move?
whats the hardest kind of dance?
dance classes and how to begin?
Diiferent websites to see pictures of classical dances of india like Kathakali etc.?
How to improve my feet on pointe ? Ballet people please?
I need an excuse so that I don't have to go to a dance.?
Can anyone tell me why the Intermediate heavy jig is so hard? Concerning irish dance?
Does anyone know when the next DDR championchip is ?
whats the secret in doing a open side leap?? PLEASE HELP?
What Is A Good Name For A Dance Group?
What is a good song for a dance duet about friends?
summer dance camp help please ?
what do you think shakira sings good?
Earn easy 10 points. What surprises you on the dance floor?
i went too far with the splits?
Jazz or Tap dancing...?
i dont know how to dance...like dance in a club or dance witha guy..how do i?
what are the best cheerleading shoes?
What does it take to be a stripper?
anyone know where i can find capezio shirley style tap shoes?
About body control in dance and how to improve it?
I wanna do a split, help?!?!?!?!?
Does/would it suprise you when you get intimate and find out a guy is not circumcised?
Can white people dance?
What are the four elements of hip hop? What do they all mean?
How do you apply Jet Glue on pointe shoes?
what do i do?............help?
Ballet Audition Help!?
dress for 8th grade dance?
its just not fair..am i having a bad luck..?
HAs anyone ever got killied in a hardcore dance pit?
Does anyone know where I can learn how to breakdance like bboy junior?
dance class?
Ballet weight...........?
The dance called a "doe-see-doe"... How is it really spelled?
hi i have a dilemma kids at school love when i do dance tribute to MJ, should i stop or keep going?
Do all dance studios cover insurance on their dancers?
What should i wear to dance practice?
Dance help please!!!?
what is perfect sound?
my best friend is so cool and i love her to death im afaid as we grow up we won't be freinds any more HELP!!!!
I'm just about to start jazz classes?
In-home dance clinic?
What to do at prom this saturday?
about how much do capezios cost?
A streching question?
I saw you at the gallery in 94-96 I was stunned and bit my tongue. Where are you Deonne?
i was wondering some things about point.?
Who should I take with me to my first ever pointe shoe fitting?
how to get back flexible?
Ballroom Dance Competitons?
Do you think belly dancing would be something cool to do?
Is there another term for generic "slow dancing"?
What dance should we do?
what kind of costume should i wear for my lyrical dance solo ?
what things can help me improve in dance?
What is a theatrical dance?
iam looking for song but i dont know the name of it but i heared some thing like (in one time in one time)?
What size..?
What can I do to make the soles of character shoes less slippery?
What do you bring someone in a dance recital?
What makes a dance vulgar?
Dancing situation Helpppppppp?
i live in brampton and i want to take a beginner ballet class even though i'm 15 any suggestions where to go?
how should a 3 year old act in ballet dance class? is this normal?
My girlfriend will be wearing a black dress. I'll be wearing light colored kakais,WHAT COLOR SHIRT DO I WEAR?
Ballet exams- marking?
Am I too old to start ballet?
How do you rave with glowsticks?
does anyone know a song to dance to? quick!?
Allstar Dance Teams in Illinois?
where can i find dance classes in miami, florida?
Would You Belly Dance In A Mall For $ 7 ,000?
Does anyone else like line-dancing ? is it fun?
Pole dancing lessons PLEASE?
can i dance on the subway?
Clean ghetto songs ? help, school dance ?
want to learn dance by professionals?
Im a 17yo guy. Is it too late to start dancing now?
Zumba moves?!? s best answer, please help?
Have you ever worn/used dance sneakers?
I want to dance wheres the best place. (competitvley)?
dance helpp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can you dance? Do you like to dance?
what are some good songs to dance to?
Fire Dancing......?(: ?
Ballet clothes for beginner?
does chirs brown have a girfriend?
Complexions contemporary ballet intensive- attire and level distribution?
Is salsa, Tango, and all those other retarded latin dances really the same thing?
what is the fastest way to Become Flexible to Do the Splits?
How do people dance nowadays?
What is a good song for this?
Do u know any good dance schools in the north west ? Near Blackburn or preston ?
dance collages in N.C.?
I am looking for a book that that discusses the history and philosophy of dance. Where can I find this book?
Dance moves!?
What dance classes should I take?
How To dance with a Hot Girl?
is yeng deserving to be the pda grandstardreamer?why?
Are there any pole dancing classes in Glendora, CA?
Survey:What is the dance that you girls feel the most 'sexy?
How do people know what to dance in flashmobs?
How can i make the capezio tights waist band more flattering and comfortable?
How to shake your butt?
Should I do hip pop as well as ballet, modern and jazz? Mintchip?
I am 14 and i wish i can start ballet dancing?
is there any Dance clubs that can teach me balley and jazz?
Contemporary summer intensives for a beginner?
Who is the white guy in the beyonce dance for you video?
sexy woman?
Can anyone jump over their leg like the rap group Kid and Play?
Step up dance move : how did they do that?!?
Are there any leader oriented social dance style?
Latin Dance, which to choose?
how do dance teams preform in opening acts?
What exercises to do before getting on pointe ?
Heidi and Travis Park Bench Dance?
I want to be a cheerleader?
how do you make a bun for ballet class? (or any other dance?)?
I am missing 2 ballet classes......?
dance class question??
How much does a lap dancer charge?
is it too late to dance ?
nuter waltz of the snowflakes????
Do I have a ballet body?
What is the difference between a hair net and a bun net?
Where can I get some music for Limbo Dancing?
what dance should I take next year?
What dance is that from the music video "Snap Your Fingers" that dance loks hott?
What is a good Tinker Bell-ish song to dance to?
Do you dance barefoot in school?
Dancing question????????
What song always gets you dancing and singing???
How to improve turns for dance?
how do u pot pictures in ur backgrounds?
How do you do an A La Seconde with your down arms at your side?
Who else thinks that Latin ballroom dance is the sexiest kind of dance ever!?
how do you freak dance(guys)?
What is this move called in this video?
How do you do a flip and land on your feet?
Does anyone here pole dance?
I want to dance, but can my bust be a problem ?
What are some dance injuries that can end a dancer's career?
At an adult club do adults grind(dance)?
what is realy clogging-----dancing?
Where to find Capezio Jazz Boots?
How do I know my size in jazz/ character shoes?
What should I bring in my dance bag?
My Theraband Stinks! s within the hour!?
Who is the best Flamenco artist?
I have to give my pom/dance team inspirations or gifts for our upcoming national competition... any ideas?
My best friend has a dance audition coming up, can anyone think of a good dance song with a beat to it? ?
Open dance competitions in the UK?
Why do people hold their drink while dancing on the floor?
How to ask a GUY to a Formal/Dance? ?
Help with picking out a leotard/dance gear for ballet (beginning)?
Bra for dancing please!?
Any of you jumpstylers out there...?
Help! How to be a better tap dancer?
Can My Dancing Be a Public Disturbance?
What's your favorite type of dance?
Where can I learn to Tango? I live in Brixton and don't want to travel very far.?
How can I make my parents understand dance?
how do i make my legwarmers hold up?
What type of dance should I learn?
what great ballet companies have sprung or Harlequin sprung floors in the USA?
How long until I can do pointe?
Dance Class - how to shine?
Learn to Be a good hip hop dancer?
where can i take a spanish dance class?
Does anyone know the "one for the money" song from dance on sunset?
winter dance ideas! i really need help!?
I love to dance, and I choreograph my own dances, but I have stage fright!?
Is belly dance popular, or at least common, in India?
Missing out on a fun opportunity ?
how do you know if your ready for pointe ?
Why do New Zealand Highland outfits have hats?
Salsa in USA?
Have you ever danced using poi or other tools? With fire? What is it like?
POLL: What is your favorite color?
do u laugh at ppl who DON"T know how to dance?
What should I do about dance? I'm bored.?
I can't do a split...?
What are some forms of dance that have been influenced by america or are influencing american dance?
how to ask a girl to homecoming?
What is your favorite ballet move?
What is that dance called?
what about the The Hot Pink Dance Pole Kit?
Dancers! How can I loose 5 pounds? (soon)?
trying out for middle school dance team (:?
what are some god leg strenthening exercises?
Is it too late for a 11 year old to learn dance?
how can i get on broadway?
Is 16 too old to start ballet?
Dear dancers: What are your experiences with injuries and cortisone injections?
I am 12 and will be 13 soon and i really want to learn ballet?
cheerleading stunts?
Ballet steps and I need tons...?
helllo... can anybody give me any belly dancing tips? i know it's a weird thing to ask, but i have to knoiw...
How can I improve my dancing skills?
how to keep ballet shoes and stuff clean and pink?
What are some ways to be able to do a pump turn?
Where does beckanne from breaking pointe get her leotards?
What is a good theme for a dance?
does any one know the different dance steps/moves in jazz or ballet.?
Which type of dance do you like the most and why?
girls and guys i need your help!!!!?
Ballet east dance is known as?
Can i get into a highschool dance if i dont go to the highschool?
Middle School Slow Dance?
Help! What do I do about my uneven foot strength for Pointe?
i just started hip hop dance class and im really shy i wanna be comfident and good how can i improve myself pl
Dance interview, "tell me about yourself"?
What do you think of this video I found...older dancers especially?
how to get asked to prom?
I'm failing ballet, help me?
my daughter has to do graduation project..Her interest is dancing. Does anyone have any ideas of what to do?
So I'm Djing my school dance but I have no clue whaat songs to get!?
how do you get faster at doing the melbourne shuffle?
Dance Instructional Video?
Are there any teen beginner's ballet classes in akron ohio or near akron ohio?
Songs for contemporary duet for two girls?
how to dance?
Does Cornell University have a dance team?
how should i tell a guy that i like him?
dance academy??? help?
How do I start learning how to fouette?
when do you class yourself as a dancer??x?
My dance teacher has favorites?
I need advice on these difficult stretches in dance! Please help. Thank you!?
Every celebrity that hs been on dancing with the stars?
What is the difference...?
whats a good slow song to lyrical dance to? ?
How do i be a ganster.?
I recently started a latin dance class and I do not know what kind of shoes to get for the right support.?
Do I have a good body type for ballet?
How do you dance in clubs? Is there any way you could dance and not look silly?
My Daughter Wants to do Competitive Dance?
Does anyone have tips on belly-dancing better?
Where could I learn latin dance, closer to Claremont, NH?
Where to put hands when slow dancing?
Question about grinding?
Is it possible to get into the UCLA arts program with only high school training?
ballet/pilates to lengthen calves?
Should I start pre-pointe ballet even though I haven't done any ballet for a few years?
I need a type of dance?
What do you call this hiphop/action move?
I want to learn to belly dance . I am an absolute beginner can anyone reccomend a dvd to start?
what do you think of cheerleaders??? too preppy ,GODDESSES, or _________!!!?
What is the best dance school in Hamilton to go to for ballet and American jazz?
How can i get to my max flexibility?
Who is the guy in the diet coke commercial, that has the song I like the way that you move?
what color tights are mostly used in modern ballet?
Ballroom Dancing--ChaCha--Need online tutorials--?
What is a good hip hop song for a drill team?
Survey: What size and pointe shoe do you wear?
How to teach a dance class?
Im 15 and would like to start a weekly based dance classes.What do i need to do before ?
What Dancing style?!?
what should i do for the 8th grade dance?
What type of dance style/type is this video?
what are some good dance songs?
Pointe shoe brands?
Is it too late for me to start ballroom dancing?
how do you know what is the temperature of a planet or how far is it?
It's so hard to find good ballet class music for adults...?
Can tall women over 6 feet still make great ballet dancers?
competition music?
are you mad?
can a 23 year guy start learning break dance and be good at it?
How do I regain muscle for dance?
i have to dance at a wedding and i'm a horrible dancer! any tips?
School dance team and tryouts?
who knows how to belly-dance?
What age would kids be in a 2A ballet class?
Dancing Lessons?
ideas for bgirl names?
Should I take Ballet or Hip hop?
brooklyn, NY dance schools?
I just started ballet & I love it. and i just wanted to know some streches to help me with my flexibility.?
help about my dance teacher?
What websites can teach you to dance like Shakira and Beyonce?
what's the difference between DANCE and DANCING?
Help with ballet tights, Please!! ?
Can someone train me to dance Tango, Ballroom and Salsa on one to one please?
Is there a dance studio in the US that teaches disco dance? Not the seventies version.?
School dance tomorrow night?
what drink lends its name to a type of dance function?
Does everyone think ballerinas twirl in circles with their arms above their head?
What grade can you join dance?
how did you learn how to do the splits?
Where would I find a dance class for over 30 low cost?
How to Make a girl jealous at a dance?
Jailhouse Rock Elvis Dance?
my bf has been asking 4 a lapdance how could i learn 2 do that?
where can i learn to moonwalk?
do u think dat chris brown should go 2 jail 4 hitn rihanna yea or naw?
hi can anybody tell me a place(or more) where i can learn ballet?
Do you take hip-hop ? Is it fun?
i want to learn jive?
What are good songs for a pom dance ?
Hadrid Conservatory body type?
Is it illegal to touch a stripper?
What all do I need in my dance bag?
should i dance?
just some background..and excersizes for a higher arabesque? (:?
I want to major in dance in Australia?
North American Irish Dance Championships...anyone?
where can i find some new dance moves in new york?
how do you do the solider boy dance?????????
Belly Dancing in Santa Cruz County...?
Dances whom are VERY serious about dance tell me what you think?
Periods during ballet?
Is it normal to lose sense of what real flexibility is as a dancer?
This is about dancing...how do you pop and lock and how do you dance like a robot / the robot dance. Thank you
What Dance Move Is This Called....?
good mother son dance songs?
Where can I get the tank tops that those girls are wearing in hip hop class that are razorback and baggy?
Help with barrel rolls...?
what do you think of cheerleaders??? too preppy ,GODDESSES, or _________!!!?
I'm 17 and I'd like to start dance?
Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced ballet?
What are some good dance academies?
If you are a DANCER i have a question???!!!?
weher kan i find a puls ginarator to powr teh ark riaktor?
addresses for male lap dancing clubs in blackpool?
exotic dancing?
Does Cirque Du Soleil hire dancers?
Rhythmic gymnastics training?
where is a breakdance school in flushing or bayside queens?
dance time......?
i really want to audition for sm!?
How expensive are dance lessons?
where do I vote for dancing with the stars for emmitt smith?
what are some fast hip hop songs that are fun to dance to?
to dancers out there?
Is she ready for pointe shoes?
do you think fat people can be dance teachers?
Does it matter how much you weigh?
Between, hip hop, ballroom, and ballet which one and why?
Is there any opportunities for me to become a dancer as carrer in Singapore?
Is 11 years old too old to start taking jazz (dance) lessons?
What Are some songs for a Jazz Solo dance?
Can anyone tell me how to grind / dance at the club i need help with that?
what if i make a mistake at the dance?
how do ya krump?
how can i chat with cole sprouse?
Have any guys tried clogging? And is it fun?
Rap/Rock song with a hot beat?
i need some help (Break dancing experts needed)?
Does dancing help you lose weight?
what exactly does a table dancer do?
how did u become a great dance?
Why is it that belly dancing classes are usually 16+?
Hey Im in charge of my school dance for a funraiser any ideas ?
My sister is in the 8th grade, and wants to learn ballet?
A question for anyone who knows about ballet?
Anyone recommend a GOOD video/DVD for tribal bellydance?
What is a good song to do a circus themed dance to?
how do u put on ribbon on ballet shoes?
This lady I work with said she can tell I do ballet by the way I walk?
Wat are some genres of music(the person with the most gets the best answer)?
to make a drill team dancer do you have to do splits left and right? ?
I can't help it when I'm dancing...
name suggestions for team?
Why is my pointe shoe bending when I go en pointe?
what do the four basic elements of hip hop mean to u?
Should I dance on pointe?
is doing the backwards worm or the forwards worm easier?
am i bad at dancing check out my vid?
is it good for me to live from home whit my boyfriend at the age of 14 yes or no?
How much does a lap dance cost?
I wanna learn a split leap?
How much is it roughly to start a small dance studio?
Splits Question?
dancers...would u be mad??? i need help.?
top songs to dance hip hop?
How do you ask to dance with girl?
Is there a web site that I can learn to CRUMP AND BALLROOM DANCE?
Dancing question................................…
how dancing affects you?
Should I countinue with my dance season?
do you no how to dance?
ballet dancers please answer?
What do you have to do to become a dance teacher?
what is your favorite form of dancing?
I feel like an idot, what do i do???
About Street/Hip-Hop/Ballad Dancing?
Is it possible to teach yourself Jazz Dance?
Bloch Sonata question?
what is this pinching in hip? hope do i get rid of it?
I wish to breakdance!*?
Ballet barre?
how can i learn to dance more hip hop so..?
Exercises to make me more flexible?
does n e body kno n e sites 2 go 2 2 learn how 2 c walk?
i really like ballet?
What was Jessi Peralta's Audition Song She used for So you think you can Dance?
Can anyone give me any directions to achieving a straight scorpion?
My mom won't buy me more Pointe Shoes? 10 points?
What do you think about the Bunheads/Bloch pro pads?
so you think you can dance canada?
How to do the needle?
Pro/Am Ballroom Competition?
Should i do a dance solo?