Bow legged dancers????
"Cheer" dance classes?
To All Dancers!!!! Survey?
I would like to know about dance competitions for teens in Los Angeles CA?
what day and time is teen night?
What is the difference between classical dance and folk dance?
songs + dancing...lol♥♥♥?
20 yrs. old, how to dance?
Do you think dance is a sport?
can i get leather soles on chuck taylor's? how can i make the rubber sole slippery for dancing?
if someone was walking at the speed of light and ran into a man that was walking slower than standing still?
Should I go to boarding school if I want to be a professional dancer?
Where can I learn Timbrel Praise online?
how can make for my cat to be DANCE!!1!?
Breakdancing, Handstand? Experianced breakers only!?
Is there any Ballet Schools in Antioch, California ?
Hoow to dance help ?
Boys: What type of shoes do you like to see girls wear?
I really want to dance Ballet, can I start at 13?
I take dance lessons.Last year i took 4 dance classes.This year I take 1.How can I speed up my level?
What are some Thera band exercises for ballet ?
How to dance like this?
Who like LOVES dancing?
Is age 15 too late to start dancing?
Where online can I find a list and description of all ballet movements?
Wher is the best dance school in the los angeles area for modern and jazz for a high school student.?
How to dance in rave.?
What is your favourite dance and why?
Dance Schools?
I'm 13 and i'm kinda flexible. I do Jazz. And i want to join ballet, can i still catch up?
I LOVE to dance to rap songs or whatever by myself,but around my BF/other people I'm nervous, any advice?
be truthfully honest!...?
How to dress and act like a ture dancer?
does ne1 know a website that can teach me how to hip roll? or can ne1 tell me how to n there own words?
I need a jazz song for a dance competition?
What are the main things you need to start a dance group?
can anyone tell me some good and decent hindi songs to dance at school?
How do you slow dance at a school dance?? I'm in 9th grade...?
is it easy to learn tap dance?
Rave at 14 years old ?
where do u start if u wanna become a dancer?
Does anyone know a good musical theater song?
Stretches for the box splits?
Good Music for a Dance Competition?
When is the right age to start ballroom dancing?
Tap dancing lessons for adults in Oxford, England?
Are you a cheerleader?
When I try to do the splits, my knees pop. Is this normal?
Tall or short? Very easy question?
easiest way to dance?
How can you remember a combination for ballet?
Should I feel up to it...?
should i enter dancing or drama classes ?!!?
How to dance without making a fool of yourself?
How Do U.... HIPROLL! Help me out! It looks HARD!?
What are dance auditions?
Do you wear socks with tap shoes?
Dance studios in London?
Sweet 16 Entrance song and dance?
where can I find a good bellydancing costume?
Performing Arts school for dance?
were can i find african dance costumes?
This is for the guys. . .bellydancer or stripper?
how to know if your body its okay to be a profesional dancer?
A Question for Ballerinas?
what is brewery web site night club in troy ohio?
raise a bunny or ballet?
Question for girls about... Dancing/grinding?
How can I learn to dance?
Tips on how to do pick-ups in Tap Class?
GIRLS OPINION - What do you think about how I'm going to ask her to the dance?
How to get better at improve?
do you know anything websites or stuff about the dance of the robort?
ballroom dancing in egypt?
My Dance partner is 6'3 and im 5'1 and i weigh 120 pounds, my dance partner is pretty strong?
I am going on pointe soon and I was wondering which was better ...ouch pouch?? OR those gel toe-pad things?
Can I start ballet at age 13?
How do I become a dancer?
Can i get better at dancing?
Am i to old to be a ballerina?
What on Earth is a public domain work?
tell me about my first love?
What is a good solo song for a 14 year old?
We need a song to put a monologue over for a lyrical dance. All dancers, please help.?
going on pointe before ready?
why is it guys naturally just suck at dancing?
I just started ballet. I do gymnastics too. My teacher said i had really good feet when will i go en pointe?
I would like to start a move of krumping in indianapolis how can i do this.?
this is a silly question but i want to learn how to danc like michael jakson...?
A girl breaking dancing?
tips for a fat guy getting laid?
What is the history of Philippine Folk Dances?
Ballet question????
Can anyone identify the first two Indian songs in the video given below?
Was there a dancer by name Nandini who inspired Bharata Muni?
Any books about dance?
How to be clean and precise in dancing, and not being sloppy.?
is it to late to start ballet ?
how did you learn how to do the splits?
What is the best thing you bought for dance?
Is Grade 4 Ballet a good grade for a 14 year old (england)?
Should I quit my Contemporary dance class ?
The song off of so you think you can dance?Please Help!!?
what type of dance is in this video?
When is the best time of day to go for a pointe shoe fitting?
How to dance at a rave?
Dance Sexy?
Any opinions on Ballet Fantastique in Eugene, OR?
Do Males like "Twerking"?
Pep Rally Song Ideas for 2012?
What would you call this dance?
Help!!! There's a middle school dance coming, and I really want a guy to dance with me.?
any good tips or video suggestons to learn how to break dance?
pole dancing lessons?
Do u think Chris Brown will come to my sweet 16 B-Day?
Are there any youtube videos that show you how to dance hip hop?
What are really good songs to shake your hips too?
if u cant afford privat ballroom dance lessons twice can u do once private, once group?
dance choreography?
Thriller bad at Christian camp?
is it too late for me to become a dancer?
I can dance like the wind....should I tell my wife?
Are you suppose to look into a girls eyes when you slow dance?
(10 points) What should i do?
Fellow dancers are you more flexible or are you more strong?
whats a good up beat jazz song?
My Dance Routine help?
What is wrong with Tara's leg on Dance Academy?
Do any of you young girls dress up and dance around in your bedroom whilst looking in the mirror?
Salsa dance in Southern California?
Joining dance? Background experience?
Good songs for contemporary dance?
How to regain flexibility to be a contortionist?
what is a good type of dance to write a paper about?
What style of dance is best for a beginning 5 year old girl?
I'm 28 yrs old and VERY intimidated at taking a ballet class!! Should I still do it? ?
do you like dance?
What are some good songs for a cheer Competition?
i want 2 go in2 cheerleading but my step mom does'nt want me2, what must i do?
How long will it take me to get the front splits?
school dance (s for best answer)?
i just love dancing?
would u rather go to a school informal dance or a concert??
America's Best Dance Crew Tour 2009?
Nervous for new dance studio?
haw i get a new picture?
Really need help with pirouettes!?
How do I find organizations in Dallas Texas that are for people who like to dance, Tango, Ballroom, etc.?
Do you think belly dancing is sexy? And have you ever belly danced?
every time i click on my messenger it will come up then cllose by itself why is that?
Is it feminine to dance?
Can you think of a Dance Stimulus?
Learning dance should i learn: Kathak or Odissi?
How do you do a saut de basque?
Chinese ribbon dance history?
is street jazz dance style of britney spears and is it like pop dancing and disco dancing?
Should i go back 2 cheer leading or do horse back lessons ?
What is the worst dance ever?
Seeking the best Hip-Hop dance classes in Las Vegas for a 15 year old. What studio is the best for that?
where can i find latin ballroom dance wear in mumbai?
How do you choreograph a lyrical dance?
Why didn't I make the dance team?
what u need to be a nightlife promoter in los angeles?
What is this dance called?
Break dancing in the Philippines?
HELP!! fat ballet dancer...?
whats some good belly dancing music?
What should I do for my solo?
I was wondering if any knew where I could find Information on dance classes for little girls in shiwassee area
What does it mean when your pointe shoes are "dead"? ?
Does Ballet affect your growth?
Is it wrong for a guy to do ballet?
A good theme for my school's end of the year dance?
how can i download a club penguin trainer 5 without getting bandded or payying money?
Volunteer dance opportunities in Chicago?
Is it better to be a tall dancer or a short dancer?
Should I stick to dancing?
yes or no????????
HELPP! ballet in cuba?
does anyone know the name of the song that lil-c crumped to on so you think you can dance yeaterday?
how can i be rich?
do n e body know how to chicken noodle soup???
How can I have guys want to dance with me at homecoming (2 weeks)?
Tips for teaching 14-15 dance?
How young do girls usually start ballet?
School dance, ladies please help!?
As a 19 year old male, is it too late to learn ballet and reach the level of a professional?
Does anybody know the musical BABES IN ARMS??
can anybody suggest some games to play with customers in a nightclub?
Dancers? What's it like when you dance?
do ballet dancers need to do the handstand, front/back walkover, front/back flip etc.?
Where are the best adult hip hop dance classes in Las Vegas?
how old is to old to start ballet?
How do I dance with a girl when she asks me to dance but when I dance it looks really awkward??????????? Help?
Ways to get your stomach toned up?
What exactly is the difference between a club and a rave?
what i post to do if some girl walk to my face and hit me.?
Name of the song performed by Dharmesh at dance india dance auditions vadodra?
What kind of eyes u like? meaning by shape and size and what color eyes, explain urself too?
Any dancers know the Bubble Dance?
Is lyrical (dance) really hard?
Good classical ballet song?
Can you dance?
I want to go to college in Russia but I'm worried about communism and stuff like that. Should I go or not???
what kind of dance did nora clark dancing in movie step up?
where can i download Philippine Folk dance MUSIC?
Dancers can you help??Starting a semi pro dance team and need help!!?
Do u hav 2 be gay 2 like micheal jackson?
Clubbing with no i.d?
I need mucho help.?
What are good songs for a gymnastics/dance solo?
how do you get the lyrics to the songs on disney channels high school musical??? please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can i have some sites that catogorize ballroom from latin dances?
Time machine homecoming theme? Not sure what my date and i should go as?
Getting on box en pointe?
Dance practice in heavy shoes?
Are there any sites that show step-by-step hip-hop dance moves for beginners?
Am I too old to start dancing?
If an old friend asks you to go to a dance with them would you go?
What is your favorite dance from the 1950s ?
List of basic acro dance moves?
tap dance shoes?
Do you have to be really skinny to be a good dancer?
Best Help! Best Answer!?
Leg Lifts HELP!!!?
I look absolutely STUPID....?
BBO grade 4 ballet syllabus?
Should i dance in a show with other girls?
how much would it take me to moonwalk?
Best advice for anyone who has danced Hot Chocolate in George Balanchines Nuter?
Is there a male in Greater Vancouver (BC) area who would like to be my partner in Tango lessons?
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee answerrrr?
Is it too late for me to start dancing?
hey this is sherane again and it has been 3 weeks now since i have talked to my boyfriend?
My mother was a national champion competitor and instructor for ballroom dance?
how to say a girl tht i love her?
Who would you rather get a lap dance from, Obama or Romney?
In ballet, we wear a leotard and tights, but we are not allowed to wear bras! what can i do to cover up my...?
So I might want join poms next year...any tips?
what is modern?
What does it take to breakdance?
Comtemporary dance? Any studios in calgary?
Dance studios in philly?
could someone do the splits even if they arent flexible?
Does Anybody Know The Dance Movements to High School Musical?
does anyone have some tips/exercises to get a perfect pointe?
is dance a sport?
how to dance like the people in the everyday im shufflin?
when did ballet dancing originate & where?
Do you think that a girl who is overweight could possibly be a cheer leader next year?
Good hindi song to dance on, on my engagement?
Does anyone know any good Songs for dancing.?
Kuratsa: What is this dance all about?
Manhattan Youth Ballet?
When I try to jump in dance, my back leg always bends...?
Am i too old for Ballet?
Have you ever tried to belly dance?
Where can I get a dark green leotard?
How can you become a famous dancer? I am desperate!?
Do you think is it too late to start dancing jazz at the age of 18?
Pirouette.Please Help!?
I've never danced..ever, but I would love to try lyrical or ballet. Help!?
anyone know a source on how to dance to the colombian Bambuco?
Discos That Still Exist?
What song can you not resist dancing to?
Please i need name ideas for a dance team ?????
Can you dance?
2 Question about freak dancing from the front?
So You Think You Can Dance Tour?
Good house music to dance to?
Can I train myself to do pointe ballet?
Am I still considered a dancer?
what kind of dance is this?
dance as a career?
I need a simple, male, variation for this summer.?
Your favourite dance?
Is it possible to make a living bartending and go go dancing?
why do people have to "match" at dances?
How do you perfect your pirouette in dance?
1-10 how seductive do you find this dance video?
why can't geatto country gurl be in rap videos?
Hello, Does Anyone know if they have colored taps for tap shoes? If So where can I find them?
What kind of dancing is this?
i need to find tickets for dirty dancing in the aldwich theatre london?
need help....?
How many types of Indian Classical dances are known today and where did they originate?
what is Ajax ?
Instructions Please?
My daughters dance team said she had to wear thongs for an outift. It's revealing too. She's only 10. Why
is 18 too old to take up ballet?
Should i join my school's dance club?
Girls, if your boyfriend was learning to dance, or if you could choose to be w a boyfriend that could dance, ?
What is it called in gymnastic/dance....?
help with an estimate?
Ballet or acro? Which would I like better?
Great Song To Dance To?
cheerleading stunts?
is 13 too old to start ballet?
Is balance important?
Should I ask him to dance? Please help?
how do u say your bunz in spanish?
Learn How To Dance? :(?
what's sexier: salsa or cumbia...?
i want to find a web site that has actual cheers and chants to learn?
Help with dancing!!!!!!!!!!?
Who are the Kids competing in the Dancing With The Stars 2009 Tour- Kids Ballroom Challenge?
what do you call a man who does ballet?
Instructional Saidi Dance DVD?
Why do people in the 80's wrist clap when they dance?
how to dance? like to normal hip hop songs .?
Are there any dance bras in bigger sizes?
How To Start A Dance Team In Middle School? HELP!?
disney dance auditions?
I wanted to know information about Mexican dancing! It seems really fun..and i would like to look into it.?
IS there anyone teaching break dance in Charlotte NC for kids?
Nerves before dancing! Help!?
Is the Bolshoi Ballet the same or different than the Mariinsky/Kirov?
Allegro Dance Studio in Nashua NH area. Looking for the .com address.?
Trying To Get A Dance Play Part?
What are some online dance contests for kids?
What ballroom dance is reccommended for the Hawaiian Wedding Song?
how much do company & principle dancers earn at LA Ballet (los Angles ballet)?
ballet pointe?
Who Do You Think Can Dance?
Jazz dance help PLEASE PLEASE please!!!?
ok, im having my quinceanera in a year and i wanna do 2 surprise dances. any suggestions?
What is a good name for a dance group trying to go viral?
Best thing to tape toes for pointe?
whats a sexy song for guys to dance to?
dance schools in emerald or around emerald?
I want to learn dancing in delhi, tell me where I can learn various form of western dances in evening?
is it wrong to say "go golfing?" like "go dancing"?
Freed Pointe Shoes?
Why do female ballet dancers have no breasts?
What should be in my dance bag?
I need help convincing my dad that belly dancing isn't bad.?
why do people get the wrong idear about ballet?
who loves to dance?
Poll - Maryland dancer? Name your studio!?
what do i need to start a dance krew?
What was the dance they were doing in The Great Gatsby movie?
want to know how to get tickets to dancing with the stars?
Does anyone know any good lyrical songs that me and my best friend could do a duet to?
I'm in dance and were gana be doing kick in a week?
This is a question about building muscle in dance class...please help?
What are some of the most popular clubs in the U.S?
Should i do ballet or should i do lyrical?
how can a man be change from poverty?
do anyone know how to belly dance?
What should I wear to ballet class?
How to breakdance????????
How do I know if my foot is right for pointe?
jitterbug 1940s your opinion?
Ballet boarding school w/no experience?
What was the song that Diana Drexler danced to at the New Orleans "So you think you can dance" auditions?
Im 14, am i too late to start ballet??
How do I become a better dancer?
who will win dance india dance?
Ray Rose Latin dancing shoes - any good?
I wanna do dance or go on the dance team?
do you think a boy doing dance is brave and awsome?
what is the origin of Philippine polka?
Am i just not cut out for dance?
What is the hardest dance to learn in the world?
Where I can learn latin dances in San Diego, like the one on Dancing with the Stars?
My forearms hurt when I try to windmill?
Which videos are good to learn how to dance any type of music especially streetstyle?
who sings the cha cha slide?
they say dancing is good for you so would anyone tell me why so many people who dance reg are over weight?
What are all the songs on Just Dance 4?
What is the best thing to wear to a ballet dance audtion. The lady said you had to have black shorty pants....
Ballet Slippers....?
Do I need to know how to dance well if I want to go to...?
Is it too late to start dance , DANCERS ANSWER PLEASE :)?
Leotard question? Mine always falls down at the top/front!!?
Where can I buy cheap dance footunzees?
How difficult is tap dancing to learn?
How fast can I advance in ballet?
are there any live tv dance shows like shake it up in the uk?
Do YOU like to sing and dance?
What did people profit from dancing?
Can the cha cha be danced solo rather than in a couple?
is it bad 2 b really really quiet in school and only talk to u really close friends !!??~~?
what were the dance moves in the 80´s and 90´s?
who can dicuss??
belly dance schools abroad?
good song 4 a 10 year old 2 do a dance in front of girlscout troop?
America's Best Dance Crew tickets?
Starting dance?
How do i look and act seductive while dancing??
where can i get pop dance lessons?
need some help with dance?
in a disco, what is ur behavior?
I need help finding dance music?
how can u do the splits in like...a day or something ???
will I every become the person I want to be.?
Dance left hip is hurting what should I do?
How do u give something ur all?
Anyone know of a good city to live in?
christmas gift for male latin teacher?
Dance Competition In 2 Weeks?
what is a good song to do a dance to?
How much does it normally cost to take ball-room dancing?
How do you pop and lock dance?
Ballet Pointe!!!!!!!!!!?
How should I prepare for ballet class?
anywhere you can minor in tap?
Is it still possible?
what are some good interview questions to ask your drill team director?
my dance teacher...?
what should i buy my dance teacker for christmas that is related to dance but not too expensive?
Dancing as a single?
Homecoming i dont know what to do?
How do you keep a belly dance costume clean?
I have NO rhythm! I cannot dance..i want to though. any videos or anything?
calling all dancers! please answer.?
Where is the best place to have a dance team?
do you know any competition?
I Need Help Finding A Song About Animals?
Any ideas for a dance costume?
Are there bboy sessions in the washington DC area?
Hip hop dance teachers Knoxville TN?
What is Your Opinion on Grishko Elite Pointe Shoes?
How come when I'm doing the moonwalk...?
stay in shape for dance?
San Francisco Ballet Summer Dance Intensive?
im 16 years old and i want to take a beginners tap dancing class but idk where to go in nyc?
what are some good [afghan/farsi/pashto/dari/tajik/uzbek/hi… etc.] songs that are good to dance on?
when do they have middle school dance usually?
Dancers, how many classes do you take a week?
What should i do if im on a dance team and all my good friends are quitting..?
lyrical plus hip-hop dance costume?
how to start????????
I need help discovering new dance moves?
I have a couple of dancing questions?
Where to buy my ballet stuff?
Im in 6th grade, got any ideas for dances that I can put together??
If i want to be a dancer as a career in singapore, where can i go?
Dance duet ideas!!!!?
Should I ask my boss for time off so I can practice the Gangnam Style dancing?
What's a good brand of Exotic dancer boots that I don't have to worry about being slippery on stage?
Couples Dance (Help)?
If female dancers are called ballerina's then what are male dancers called?
why ballet companies like freeds?
Hurt Achilles tendon and ankle during dance?
Any tips on becoming more flexible?
Is this too slutty for a dance?
So You Think You Can Dance Elimination?
Any advice on getting over my fear of dancing?
Are there any belly dancing classes in london or St T(ont)?
any websites for online contemporary dance?
A Plunger dance.... ?
Help!! learning how to wuk up?? (carribean dance)?
How can I bellydance like Shakira?
What are the best pointe shoes to start with?
Is it too late?
What's this kind of dancing called!?
Does anyone out there Highland dance?
Is the Peekaboo Dancing pole worth it,or no?
How to jump down into a split?
What do they call male ballerinas???
Requirements to become a hs cheerleader?
Where are the best places to learn to swing dance in Omaha, NE?
doing a dance solo need a strong emotional powerful lyrical song?
having trouble with right splits :( help?
i just love dancing?
Does anyone know where i can find a list of university in Canada& usa with the MA in Dance/Movement Therapy?
I have to agree with you Gungnir. I can see you are not well.Tel me :How can i help you my friend?
Ballet flats/slippers... Canvas or Leather?
What kind of dances do you do at a prom?
what is your favorite kind of dance?
Lap dance! I'm a woman and I'd love to know what goes on in a Lap Dancing Club!?
I need to find a ballroom dance partner, but how and where?
What is the point to dance?And why?
I gotta feeling, dance move?
Are men good dancers?
How much should I be dancing per week?
does anyone know any dance hall school/classes in manchester?
I'm 16 year old guy and I want to do ballet. Is it late for me to learn how to do those jumps and pirouttes??
what is your favorite style of dance?
I feel like I can't do the most basic of dance steps how can I improve the way my body moves?
Ballet Question?
Anyone know any songs that are fast sassy and sexy at the same time?
is cheerleading a sport?
Can a 50 year old man learn to tap dance?
Does the average person know what "pointe" is?
how does dance affect the human body?
How to get a higher developpé?
Feedback on meh dancin? [[See Link ]]?
tap dance song ideas?
how can i make friend?
CAn you name me 5-10 types of dances?
Help with switch leap and switch center?
How to ask him to the dance?
how would dance describe someone's personality?
How to be able to do a bow and arrow stretch?
What do you have to do to join the Delta sorority in college?
Dance classes during the day for adults?
Why can't i do the splits?
who knows how to dance the funky worm?
Should I start cheer next year?
what is the meaning of dance?
breakdancing? Are there shows?
Is Shawn Johnson off Dancing with the stars?
Do girls hate it when the guy gets a bonar when they are grinding (freak dancing)???
my pointe shoes dont work!?
Help for starting gymnastics again!?
If a female ballet dancer is a ballerina, what is a male ballet dancer called?
Does somebody love ballet and dance?
Flexible body?
A good song to dance to?
What are your favorite types of dance?
How to get some rhythm in dancing and not be so stiff?
Is it true egpytian women are natural born bellydancers?
Should I Get a degree in dance, because I want to be choreographer?
Going to my first dance convention?
I did TERRIBLE at my dance class...?
Name Ideas??
i want to know all about pointe shoes?
should i learn belly dancing?
how to get a tomboy to ballerina fast?
Whats a good way to break in newish pointe shoes??
girls, do any of you love wearing shoes and sneakers without socks? or hate wearing socks in general?
Baton or dance costumes?
do you think dancing naked is better? why?
Splits Question??
What's the best way to learn how to dance hip hop.?
How to get higher grand battements?
Why isn't dancing under sports? i thought it was a sport.?
bad turnout for ballet, help?
What's a good song to mix with 'In the Dark' by Dev for a jazz dance?
Why are Male Dancers like in Ballet Muscular in TV?
Pole dancing classes?
when did dance evolve from a tradition to a entertainment thing?
How do I get my boyfriend to understand that I dont wanna dance with him at the quinceanera? s?
My girlfriend needs advice on how to become a professional dancer. Can anyone help me/her?
What is your favorite ballet?
What is wrong with me??? Dance turns!!! HELPP?
my splits!?
What are warm ups for ballet?
Does anyone have any good dance song ideas?
i want sikkim video dance can you please help me. I will pay for that?
Clubbing at a teen club on Sunday night, how do I grind and stuff? (Please read)?
How to make brutal discotheque to be a superb discotheque?
Dance Song about a Doll??? Neeed ASAP please!!!!?
NAME THAT LEAP!!!! please help?
how can i do a split in 5 days help!?
Jazz shoes, Should I buy leather or canvass?
Can you start ballet at age 14?
Where has Next Blue NightClub gone?!?
I need some help?
who can dance the best?
about my schools dance team?
Help with a chin stand in dance?
Why does the dancing suck now?
What do female dancers and esp. ballerinas or circus dancers do when they have their period??
How can I teach myself jazz dance?
Calling All Dancers!! Advice please!!!!?
Any professional dancers that can help me on this one!??
Songs for a tiny tot tap dance?
chosing wether to stay at dance college?
Dance For Gymnast??????
Who watched "Dancing With the Stars" last night? Did your favorite win?
what is cha cha cha dance all mean n where is its origin?
Why no girl wants to dance with me at the night club?
Dancing costumes but larger size?
does anyone know a song to dance to? quick!?
how do i shake my butt faster when im dancing?
I really want to start Ballet, but my Mum says I'm too old at 13...?
How can I learn how to dance and lose some weight?
Weird legs after stretching??? 10 Points?
What do I need to do to prepare for ballet? & How to strengthen my ankles?
do you think bush will destroy our country with the wrong decision makings?
dj classes in mum bai?
Does anyone know where the house of the British-Irish male band One Direction? If you know please let me write?
Should I try out for the dance team?
What are the names of these dance skills?
what a good slow dance song?
How much should a choreographer get paid to teach dances for 3 songs for a quinceanera?
who is your favourite dance from "so you think you can dance" ?
When is the audition for the patriots cheerleaders?
Other dance careers like this..?
Is this a ballet body ?
"American" style tap dance song?
Should I/Should I not tell my dance teacher?
what are the main things to do before you start dancing?
i want to be a pole dancer and i need more infomation. please help?
Does anyone know??
At a dance studio, can you enroll your child in the same class back to back?
Dance classes near san bruno,ca?
Is 16 too old to start ballet?
What do i need to do?
what sort of lass likes her hair pulled? are there any sunnyblondes who like their tresses pulled a little?
does any one have a good song to do a ballet or jazz solo to?
What can I do to regain flexablitity?
What is the modern name for break dancing?
how do i make my releve higher?
Do you have to pay to get into Hip Hop Internationl in Las Vegas if your just watching?
Do I do too much/not enough classes of dancing?
What can I give my Dance sisters?<3?
Just for fun - whats the most layers of clothes you've worn to dance class?
should i lose 6 pounds for ballet?
What sort of dance class should I take...?
What are some good magazines that focus on dance?
Dance like in step up movies?
Otoplasty?! i'm a dancer!?
Bharatanatyam classes in & around Warrington?
good ideas for a dance?
What is a safe and quick(er) way to achieve splits?
How old is too old to start dancing?
I keep getting tired easily!?
Girls who go to dance clubs answer this!?
Can't go to school dance?
Any opinions on All That Dance Incorporated in Danville, VA?
How am I meant to dance 7 days a week?
Pole dancing lessons for beginners? any age?
what is the style of dance in which dancers wear shoes with metal toe and heel caps?
Is this fair?
What makes a dancer a dancer?
Dance Schools. Ballet Training, Modern Dance Training etc?
How is my pointe work going? (Video included)?
I need a song for a lyrical dance 10 points to the best song?
Sprained wrist.........?
do u have to go up or down a size in pointe shoes?
What are some good colleges for dancing?
I wanna do a split, help?!?!?!?!?
Is it to late to start cheer leading or ballet at 17?
Do you know any good dance studios in Paris?
Ballet, Jazz, or Tap? HELP!?
where can I take line dance classes in CT ?
Do tilts require the ability to do middle split?
Would it be weird for a 26 year old to do college dance team?
Where can I learn line-dancing i the Rugeley area Staffordshire?
I need help with dance basics!??!?
Do you feel like dancing?
What is a Good Name for a Reggae/Dancehall Dance Group?
i need contemporary/lyrical music by michael jackson!?
Can I use regular white sewing elastic to attach to my ballet pointe shoes?
i want to be a stripper/dancer?
Which one of these dance classes should I take?
Do you like dancing? Do you train it? What kind of dancing do you like the most?
Dancing Information please?
How do you involve facial expressions when dancing?
What are some good songs to listen to before a dance competition?
he who is unable to dance says that the yard is stony?
How to dance with a partner?
Why do you have to be skinny to Dance??
Are there any Bollywood-style dance classes in Indianapolis for adults?
What's a fun game site that I can play online? (and not get bored easily)?
Would I be able to start ballet at 17 and ever go en pointe?
where can i find NYC Dance lessons?
Should I sign up for ballet or ballroom dancing?
What diffrent types of dances do you enjoy?
Could you wear Leg Warmers to dance class?
Which do you like better?
What's The Name Of This Dance Move Please? (VIDS)?
what are some popular dances in Ecuador?
What theme should we have for our school dance?
In need of TWO Jazz songs?
i am 13 and a beginner gymnast and i want to compete what should i do?
well what should i do?
what did you think of the black swan?
Dance with the Teletubbies?
any cool dance moves?
Is ballet or jazz better?
Can anyone tell me what the song on Kenny Wormalds Dancelife Youtube video is?
In your opinion, whats the hardest ballet move?
Have you heard of ToiletPhobia?
where can i find a nice site where i can download music for cheering competitions?
what do you do for your first lesson in ballet?
Starting ballet soon?
My feet are super sore after dancing?
I need any Good New Songs for a Teen Dance Party?
I want to learn how to do Chicago Steppin'!?
which costume do you like better?
What was your favourite style of dance when you were little?
America's Best Dance Crew?
Wanna dance???????????
Does the baltimore raven cheerleaders require high kicks and splits to make the squad?
Do I have good Arches ?
Balanchine method question?
What's your favorite style of dance?
2 ballet classes a week instead of 1? is this a good way to lose weight?
What kind of dancing moves do people dance in parties?
How can I be a better dancer?
what kind of ballet leotard is better tank short sleeve, or long sleeve?
Tap Dancing Costumes?
Im a ballet dancer, but Im getting kind of bored of it...?
Best Duos?
How can I improve on my posture/balance for dance?
is ballet considered nerdy?
A Question for Ballerinas?
lost one of my pirouettes suddenly?
What song should I dance to for my college dance company auditions?
I hurt my big toe during a ballet class, still hurts?
is there a website to make hardstyle music?
how do you wash leather ballet shoes?
What color rights to wear to ballet?
Does "So You Think You Can Dance" Vegas Week include live performances for the public?
Where The Hell Is Matt?
how much dance technique can i learn in 3 and a half years?
What type of dance is Mirotic?
How can I get start breakdancing and get good at it?
What nice name will i give to my dance group?
I'm just starting to jerk, the reject in particular. How can I jerk faster?
could I get into a good dance college (uk)?
which art is harder ballerina or breakdance?
Ballet Question-Need Advice!?
Choreographers for 15th (Quinceanera) dances?
Anyone still want to be dancing ballet at age 30?
am i a good dancer? people made fun of me because i choerographed this dance? is it bad? (video included)?
Which dance costume do you like the best?
Do u think that Bow Wow really go with Cassie?
Who is the best?
Should i wear it?
Lyrical! hellllllppppppppppp?
Dancing vs Horseback Riding?
Is it too late to go back to a dance studio?
SplitFlex CHaracter SHoes?
i need a dialogue between four people?
What is wrong with guys wanting learn Salsa dancing?
what type of costumes do african dancers wear?
I need a Broadway song for a dance recital.?
Grishko's new shoe?
Clare maguire- last dance?
HELP! The elastics in my ballet slippers came out. What can i do?
How to not be sore from dance?
Am I too old to start dancing in ballet?
What are some good dance camps in New England?
Help with straddle splits!?
What is a good but cheap dance bag?
How to do dance to country music?
Would it be copyright..?
How To Put More Energy Into Dancing?
ballet exercises for back?
Im making another dance/cheer team for my school but i can't think of any names, please help.?
Teenagers help me out!?
Does Irish dance stunt your growth?
Will you be going to Move It this year?
How do I practice pole dancing?
Any opinions on dance studios in Des Moines, IA?
I'm looking for a song. It's fairly upbeat, like an aerobics/dance song?
Pop Dancing, Is it fun?
What is naples dance studio?
how long does it usually take to get to en point?
can i still dance ballet while having my period?
How to "connect" a single fouette to the next and so on?
does anyone know the cheerleading requirements for the houston texans tryouts?
How can I learn to break dance without having to pay for it?
do any one know any info about dance theater, theater dancing? can any one give me some facts about it?
ia it possible to be a street dancer at the age of 19?
Can you give me a link to a video on a belly dance lesson?
Is my front tuck looking good? ps I am not in cheer nor gymnastics I taught myself.?
What will I learn in a beginner adult/teen ballet class?
i am a fun funny smart crazy girl. should i try out for the dance team?
I am starting a dance studio and i need some song websites for my studio?
what is cha cha cha dance all mean n where is its origin?
How can I be a better dancer?
why volcano in canmada?
I want to know how could i increase my confidance lable. How could i join Shimak's troup. please ans me.?
In dance, where did the 8 count originate?
Dancing... athletic or artistic?
Where can I find a ballet studio for adults in Albany NY?
Dance moms music season 1?
Someone please help, Dance tip?
what if you do not know how to dance?
is there a cheap store in Little rock Arkansas where you can buy a cheap prom dress from?
what do you call a man who does ballet???????
Anyone know of a website that sells fire spinning accessories?
where i can find webpage about history and custome of tira dance " please give me some webpages about the hist
First time teaching-Tap dancers please?
What dance class or studio would teach you how to breakdance?
What would you call this kind of dancing? Does anybody know?
I am looking for the new exercise video that is put out by dancers in the program, dancing with the stars.?
Anyone interested in joining a dance group?
Is ask Program good?
how can i make myself do the splits?
Dance Question(s)?
what about someone who is 5'5 and wieghs 123, is that to overwieght for a ballerina? i take dance... all kinds
How to sew elastics on my ballet slippers?
Will dancing kpop songs/dances lose alot of calories?
Who was the first artist to top the Billboard Dance/Disco chart in the United States?
Which pointe shoe brand??
So how do you do this hyphy movement that e-40 talkin about?
School dance October 12th and need advice?
Can somebody tell me a video i could watch so that i can learn the dance "get lite"?
How do I bend over backwards, you know what's the best way to do it without hurting yourself to much?
Is there any way I could become a professional dancer?
Do you really believe that if a man is...?
Does anyone know where I can find out ALL of the dance performances going on in AZ in the next few weeks?
I'm turning 13 in February, i want to have a party everyone will remember, any suggestions?
How to improve on my needle for dance?
Should I take ballet???
Ballet boy need help?
Whats the difference between jazz and hip hop dancing?
Dancing Quote or verse?
Should I ask mom to take ballet?
What should I wear to ballet?
too stiff for dancing?
Learning to dance for homecoming?
I had create a picture in my computer and i want to send to my mobile from internet how can i send it?
What is a Good Name for a Reggae/Dancehall Dance Group?
what is the first dance performs and where?
anyone know anything about bio centric exercises?
school dance in 30 mins and i cant dance!?
Does this actually work?
is tap dancing cool?
How do you keep a wig on while dancing?
Im doing dance class in PE. And I am really nervous! Should I be nervous?
Any tips on how to dance to dancehall?
why do people dance???????????????????????????????????…
what do u think of these two girls doing the dance of envy is it good or bad?
When can I go en point?
Where can I find dance auditions in Canada, Ontario?
Koncrete Studios: Good or Bad?
Is there a way to shrink leather ballet shoes?
what song should i dance to?
Do you need the states permission to dance in new york streets?
I need suggestions to name a DANCE GROUP of 5 Ladies?
What type of dance is this, paso doble?
mintchips49! Can I become A professional ballet dancer?
street dancing in south wales?
PLEASE ANSWER!(: Im starting dance tomorrow, will it make me more flexible?
Is 16 too old to begin ballet?
can i still become a professional dancer??
how much would it cost.....?
where are the dance tryout for ciara and what are the details?
How can I get better at my jumps?
i want to dance..?
Is it even passable 4 me to get in Royal ballet school?
Are there any Dance Classes in San Bernardino?
what do you do when ur boyfriend lies about smoking?
Why cant white people dance?
What a zombie song I can use for my dance solo? ?
Good modern/jazz type of songs for solo coming up (16 years old). Weird that I can rock out to. Help!?
What are 20 of the best (and popular!!!) songs to dance to?
how can i speake english
Any choreography ideas for this song?
What's the bes advice you've ever recieved, about dance?
when to start point shoes ?
whenevr i dance my farts?
was ganesh hegde hrithik roshan's dance teacher ?
Recommendations on dance shoes?
immortal technique- dance with the devil?
Going to a dance convention alone?
turning 13...?
Can i ask the same person my friend was planning on asking to a dance ?
How do I tell a guy no when they ask me to dance?
Will I be able to learn my back handspring in time?
i would like to know about new services and promotions thanks?
How do I dance at homecoming?
I am looking for a creative wording for my daughter's dance recital invitation. HELP!?
What's it called when you all form a train and dance?
Techniques to spin when dancing?
Dancing Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How Do You Slow Dance?
Why do people try to be something that they arn't?
Is there any point in starting dance class at 16?
master classes - LA area?
Rhythmic gymnastic & ballet stretches?
Dance at UCI help? (NOT THE MAJOR)?
Which song would you choose for a lyrical/modern dance?
Classical songs? Please Help!!?
Have you ever did this dance before?
Teen beginner ballet classes philly?
I need to learn how to break dance ?
how can u become a singer/ dancer/raper?
I need ideas for a 40th bday in the Birmingham area, Im looking for something different, fun,unforgetable,?
Irish dancing tune question...?
How do I prepare for my first ballet class? I'm 13 so I'm going into a teen ballet class for beginners?
Stretching questions for dance?
which is harder: soccer or ballet?
Would it be weird for a graduate student to do dance team in college?
What are some new breakdancing songs?
Should I start dancing again?
How can i learn to do the box splits in less than a month?
What are the steps to the dance known as "Malaguena?"?
Anyone know some Christmas music from around the world?
What do you think of my dance?
I'm almost nineteen years old. Is it too late to begin ballet?
What to eat for homecoming dinner?
How strict is American Ballet Theatre about body types?
Does anyone know where I can find StripeTease Aerobics or Pole Dancing Classes in or near Brandon, Florida?
If someone asked you to dance in front of everyone what would you dance and why?
there is a dance tonight and im not allowed to go ; should i keep asking or let it go?
I'm not used to dancing... lots of questions...?
Who is the better dancer? Prabhu Deva or Raghava Lawrence?
what dance do maria and tony do when they first meet in west side story?
I'm going to take a dance class! am i to overweight to do?
Is it too late to start taking ballet at the age of 14?
question about towson dance studio?
What move should I do for the beginning of this lyrical dance?
How to do a lap-dance?
What do you think of dancers?
Answer this its serious: Why do you love yourself?
leatn to salsa?
Dark Jazz Solo Song for Competitive Dance?
What is this dance move called?
If you dance ballet, Pointe shoes.?
I want to dance, is it too late, very serious?
dancing about the robort?
i really want to start ballet!!?
Dance Crew Auditions Tips?
Help! Please! Dance Fees!?
Name for a Dance Studio?
Cwalkk??? What you think of my cwalk vid ?
This is for all you dancers.?
What are ways to dance reggaeton?
Should I do tape or ballet? ?
Does anyone know anything about how to get certified in Dunham Technique?
How am I meant to dance 7 days a week?
HELP urgently this is extremely important for my dancing?
which is harder: soccer or ballet?
how can I improve my voice or my talent on SINGING?
This is a question for anyone who watches Dance Life on MTV.?
I went to vegas and seen this dance every one was doing it looks like the two step and the cha cha slide.?
Websites about folk dances in Philippines?
what is a good belly dance?
when is berwicksd homecoming ????????????????????????????????????????…
Why do women like dancing more than men?
Starting to Dance too late?
How to tell my dance instructor that I'm moving to a new school?
Where is the dancespace website that is similar to myspace? What is the URL?
Can any one tell me how to do the lindy hop?
Since I was 8 i've been dancing should i keep on doing it or not cause i think no ones gonna be there?
Have you ever had to transition out of a life-long career of dance and leave that world completely behind?
How to dance in a grndline?
When and where can you buy America's Best Dance Crew Tour 2009 tickets?
i need help figuring out my feet size for jazz shoes?
Please someone answer my question?
Do u guys know how to latino dance??
Can you tell me the exact differences among contemporary dance, jazz and modern dance?
what is the most beautiful form of dance and why?
Your dance team?
For a 20 year old with no dance experience would you recommend ballet or gymnastics?
how to get better at jazz and acro dance?!?
Dance tryouts tomorrow!!!!!?
Why are my boobs small???? guys/ girls plz answer?
i need workout songs? they told me not to put it in caps cause it's rude AM I GRABBING YOUR RUDE ATTENTION?
I need a name for my dance group!!!?
How do you win a breakdancing dance fight?
Slow Dance Songs !! for hs dance plz...?
i wanted to know what were some of the best places in or around los angeles,Ca to watch a ballet?
i take dance class but my technique isn't where i want it to be...is there anyway i could improve at home?
Discos That Still Exist?
Should i quit dance?
I love ballet, but i always feel i must be the best?
dance is it realy good 4 u?
What is an inverted leap?
during slow dances is that a good opportunity to give a girl a kiss?
We have competition in 6 days n our theme is Cinderella what should we wear?
does having good flexibility help ur turnout?
Ideas for recital gifts?
Interested in partaking in 'amateur ' stripping?
do you ever go in front of cars and dance crazy?
My first school dance ?!? Im nervous?
How do you get a boy alone to slow dance with you?
What are some good songs for a ballet duet?
Good dance colleges to major in?
Shouldn't it have been Kaba Modern and Jabbawokeez at the finale of america's best dance crew?
What do ballet dancers do at the end of classes?
Is there any street dancing studios in Syracuse New York?
Am I too old to start ballet?
Will placing tape under your shoe, help you shuffle better?
Should I tell someone off for intruding my space when I'm line dancing?
What type of dance should a beginner learn first?
i've been dancing for almost all of my life and dance about everyday but my weight....?
How do you do the splits?
Do you think I can start now?
Club dancing for a beginner!!?
What should i wear to my lyrical dance class?
Will god let me be a ballerina when I go to heaven?
need a name for a dance competition with a focus on change... something like dance2inspire which is taken?
Awesome songs to dance to?
can a single pair of pointe shoes cost 200 dollars?
A Non-lyrical Song For Contemporarty/Modern Dance?
Do you think I'm a good dancer?
What are some good dancing songs of the 80's or such...?
Yet another ballet related question?
how to find an easy dance routine on the internet?
I just received my first pair of ballet pointe shoes but have some fitting problems...?
What are the scope of dance?
guess my birth date closest gets 10 points!!!?
I need help with my heel stretch and splits. :) Cheerleading.?
help!!! going 2 ballet class with my period???
can you teach yourself to dance like ballet pointe, tap?