For all you dancers out there, watch this!?
What's a good ballet for my 3 yr old to get into?
Anyone know any good sites to get good at dancing?
will mayo kill head lice or will miracle whip because do not have no money to buy over the counter ride?
Dance classes...?
What is the best website to order dance wear from?
is it easy to learn tap dance?
What does stupid mean?
I really suck at dancing. Plz help?
How do break dancers get good at their craft without getting serious injuries along the way?
What's gwi dance at high school ?
I'm trying to obtain a copy of a video made in the 80's or 90's?
Where can I find a cheap studio mirror?
Is this common practice for ballet schools?
Do you think I messed up my back?
Am I flexible, people say I am?
Pole Dancing Lessons - Sheffield?
Arms for axle(or axel, whatever) turn?
How to make your hands not go down in an aerial ?
how do a back walk over?how do you do the splits standing up ?
how do i play Dance Dance Revolution?
Heeellllppp! Can you clean a jazz shoes?!?
what is the longest time you have worn a leoatrd for?
Foot hurts during split.?
Is there any hip-hop dancing classes in California?
I am at a tony B-school and have our 'prom' coming up in spring. I am terrified of dancing. Tips?
can you still be a stripper?
Where is the Cha Cha Cha From?
Anyone attend Sophisticated Productions Dance Competition? ?
I'm a dancer, help with leg height please?
what is the best way to learn how to dance?
How do I make a ballet bun stay in place?
How can I regain my flexibility?
Dance help???!!!!!!!?
What Do I Wear Under a Leotard?
Easy ways to do the splits?
What do you call a Goat by the sea?
What's your favorite dance?
I need intructions on how to dance "No Rompas Mi Corazon"?
is ballet considered nerdy?
can someone tell me what,s easier to learn iceskating or rollarskating,which is harder to pick up?
Music Ideas!?
My friend and i are doing a duet to lady gaga and need help finding costumes. Could you suggest any?
Who can dance to See You Again by Miley Cyrus?
German Expressionist Dance?
Would I Believe by Nikki Yanofsky be a good song to do a solo contemporary dance to?
Gosh she's making me mad!?
What are some good stretches for my back?
Costume ideas for Inside of me-Cheryline Lim?
Good sites to buy ballet stuff...?
Identify a music video with a man dancing without socks?
Are Night storm dance parties sketchy?
Does anyone have any ideas for a Drill Team (Dance Team) theme?
why do people have so many misconceptions about slam dancing?
Would it be appropriate to ask the director of my dance studio to...?
specify the first airmail service in India? When did it originate?Who started it and what were the effects?
Who will be the winner of Dancing With The Stars?
name for a dance studio?
Dance Question?
red carpet dance names?
why can't white people dance?
Hip Hop dance styles?
Going to see a ballet How dressed up am i supposed to get?
Ballet project ideas..?
like to dance?
Was it inappropriate to give my ballet teacher a Valentine's Day gift?
How to build more strength in your legs and core for dance?
How do you get a party started?
which songs are cute for a little girls talent show???
male and female help, what to wear for our show?
What A Levels should I take that would benefit me in becoming a Ballet teacher?
Why can't white people dance?
2 ballet classes a week instead of 1? is this a good way to lose weight?
Is it better to get thick soles or thin sole shoes for clogging?
does anyone know how to spin in lyrical dance?
Is 14 too late to re-start ballet if I want to become a professional ballerina?
how to grind dance with a guy?
I want to start ballet but I'm 13?
first ballet class tomorrow :S?
Questions for all my fellow BAD dancers?
Want to be a professional dancer, don't know how though?
interesting facts about lyrical dancing?
How do i do a pirouette en pointe?
Top ballet schools in the world?
Pretty Lyrical songs that will make you cry for a dance in competition?
is there a school in london,like an arts school,that you can get in by getting a dance scholarship?
Gaynor Minden Luxe Pointe shoes?
How old do you have to be to get into teen challenge nightclub?
how long would it take to learn to dance like mandy rain?
what do you tjink of madonna's imitation of Christ's crucifixion in her concert??? was it blaphemous???
Why would ballet shoes be in style at my friends high school?
Can you please help me with my areial?
What is the connection of execution in latin and modern dance?
should I pay for the class?
Any auditions in england for a Contemporary dance school?
Why do ballerinas have to dance on the tips of their toes?
Describe the last dance performance you witnessed.?
how many of you just like to DANCE?
When and where are different types of dance balls held at?
5-6-7-8 dance studio?
dancewear modeling???
Spot darning pointe shoes to help prevent sickling?
Pointe dancers?
Why am i afraid to do a back bend?
Do u know how to Jerk?
Will this effect my flexibility?!?!?!!?
Why does my hip hurt?
When grinding with a girl?
i have a crush but i dont know what to do?
What is the best way to go about learning how to Swing Dance?
I need locations in san antonio for all kind of dance classes?
I have to agree with you Gungnir. I can see you are not well.Tel me :How can i help you my friend?
Dance teacher for 4-5 high school girls?
any ballroom dancing institude near dwarka, new delhi?
Your favorite classic song? (i need a song to dance to)?
I look gay when I dance! ?
How do people become go-go dancers?
How do I convince my parents to let me dance ?
Where can I find Dance Outfits like these?
How/where can I teach how to dance?
YMCA Teen Night?
Should I take tap dancing lessons?
Does "Deulin' Banjos" make you tap your toes?
Vaganova Ballet Method Questions! :)?
Have My Feet Got What It Takes To be A Dancer ;) haha?
If i cant do a split, is it possible for me to reain myself to do a split or is it too late ?
Dancers- what ballet flats do you recommend?
i'm spose to do a dance for my class and im stuck with a girl how has absoltely no rythem whatsoever any idea
Can I be in the university of Wisconsin-Madison dance program without majoring or minoring in dance?
How to dance at homecoming?
What should I say?????????????
A good song for...?
I need help. Does anyone know the best and top vocal and belly dancing classes in chicago?
So today in class i accedently pooped on my teachers foot!?
Soda lake Dance video?
what is technique to make lots of girl friends?
We are having an eighth grade dance at our school May 19. The theme is Las Vegas. Any ideas on what to wear?
I was sitting quietly in my class and a guy just came running and start dancing like an ape in front of me.?
Does anyone know when & where there will be auditions for the next season of "So You Think You Can Dance"
How can I be a better al around dancer? ?
im 13 and i want a boyfrien so bad can you help me?
Where can I get Beta videos transferred to DVD disks and how much would it cost?
Tap songs needed for solo?
Why are my teachers more interested in football than dance?
Help me come up with a song for our contemporary dance?
Is 19 to old to start ballet?
Ballroom dancing?
Dances, Homecoming, and assembly ideas plz?
14 year old Birthday Party?
Suggestions for tap solos?
What do you think about tap dancing?
I have a dance compotition tomorrow, and I am so nervous. How do I control my nerves?
whats the best dance ??
Is hula dance/polynesian dance very similar to belly dance?
reliable and cheap dance wear websites to shop at?
Whats the meaning of Yiruma's song: River flows in you?
Inspiration To Keep Dancing?
whats the newest song out?
What was dancing like in the twenties?
Would being a dead ballerina be cool for halloween?
whats the difference between ballroom and latin dancing?
ware can i find out the dance moves to "just that girl" from another cinderella story?
teen beginner dance on long island?
what song is this called?
good recent tap dance songs?
Can nebody teach me how to dance discotheque style in hyderabad/secuderabad??
High schools in Melbourne that offer dance?
How long will it take to get good at bellydance?
Is this a good dance solo (contemporary style)?
dance definitions pls help?
where can i learn tutting?
will i be able to be on pointe (ballet) in the next few years?
Dance wear code dilemma?
How can i remember my hip hop choreography?
Ballet technique for a royale?
I wanna this guy to Sadie Hawkins Dance but I need ideas. ?
Are u a good dancer?? If so, at what?
ha does anyone know a good/fun/fast song to dance to?
Just for fun dance survey...!?
so you think i can DANCE ♥?
I literally don't know how to dance?
is that possible to love same one by his or her writing skills only.?
What are some good songs to belly dance to?
Easy Break Dancing Moves?
what is the movie related to dancing in the languages tamil ,telugu,and malayalam?
Is 14 too late to start acro?
who out there likes 2 dance?
Whats it called it ballet when they balance on their big toe only ?
How do you get a good girlfriend?
Whats is salsa dancing?
Is grinding in jeans uncomfortable?
Should I go to my 8th grade dance?
footUndeez for ballet shoes?
Why is it that most people who frequent ballroom dancing places are middle aged women?
Do you like to dance? I do and my favorite is hip hop, what is yours?
How do you get more flexible?
is there any ballroom dancing lessons in Cape Town, South Africa??
How do you Step dance?
how to improve dancing?
Some good advice about dancing?
Where can I learn belly dancing near Tiverton, Devon?
Please help: semi formal dance?
my best friend is so cool and i love her to death im afaid as we grow up we won't be friends any more HELP!!!!
salsa, mexican and spanish dance instructors required in new delhi, india. also for tango, waltz?
Tips on giving the best?
What are other words/names for stripper?
What is your favorite ballet move?
Could I make it as a dancer?
Where can I take ballet classes in Philadelphia?
Where can I take ballet classes in Atlanta, GA?
How do i get used to dance again?
I can't do a split.. (Dancers needed)?
How many of you are ballet dancers and do you have pointe shoes?
Are there any ballet programs in San Antonio that haven't started yet, or any good private instructors?
please give movies that are not documentary films that focuses on ballet or ice skating?
The Ballet Bible???????????
Does the song Don't stop the rock by freestyle good for popping??
where online can i buy belly dancing stuff?
Dansing makes me happy, but...?
How do you lead in a Swing Dance?
any cool dance moves?
What you recommend for a 14 year old to wear to a dance?
What is the rule of Execution in latin and modern dances?
could i be a dancer?
I'm going to prom and i don't know how to dance, what should i do?
Which of these three DANCE STEPS requires more Leg (Muscle) control?
well I'm looking for a job application from publix,winni-dixix, and any fast food plase how do I do that?
I cant dance help me!! I am a 28 yr male that likes to go to clubs but i cant dance, how do i dance?
I can't dance and Im in my early twenties!!! Is this bad?? How can I learn a home ,?( can't afford lessons)
what do you like and dislike about ballet?
how do you sing in front of 1000 people?
A brotha wants to be a Dancing actor?
How many hours&classes of ballet would be able to make me get up to stage of pointe?
Do You Have To Be Able To Do The Splits In Order To Ballet?
Who's going to win 2008's SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?
13 to old for pointe?
Help with my non existant triple pirouette?
what is a spanish dance caled?
Use of pointe ribbons?
I was about to have a solo?
Group Dance Auditions Tips?
How can someone get a better Tilt in Dance?
lyrical ballet or jazz solo song for 7 year old?
Irish Step Dancer?
I will be in Philadelphia for the weekend with my girlfriends. Are there any good dance clubs?
what are some good hiphop/rap or rock dance moves?
Do La Guardia High School Seniors perform The Nuter Ballet in 12th grade?
how do u do a perfect scissor kick and....?
people dont write to me?
i wanted to ask is it too late to start dancing ballet with 12 years?
How do you use Thera Bands to strengthen feet for ballet?
Is it too late to start dancing?
My 15 year old daughter has been dancing since she was 5yrs old. How do get her career started.?
Should I be nervous about the homecoming dance?
Anyone want to sing and dance in the rain with me?
Can you start dancing at 15?
Quick question about The Rock School for Dance Education?
How do you dance the Ocho-ocho?
is cathy stien vivi annes real mom from dance moms?
How to incorporate our three year old sister in our lyrical duet?
Stage Fright?
I need help to advance/improve my splits!?
What Should A Dancer Keep In A Dance Bag?
Emmit's last dance was to the tune of?
How much does baton twirling cost?
Can you do the soulja boy backwards?!?
I like a guy at school but I'm not sure if he likes me. I'm usaully shy around guys I like.What should I do?
Dance in Tel Aviv??
keep leg up in air in turns?
Where can i find a good free website for learning to dancing?
Is there anyone from alabama or georgia who wants to be on the next america's best dance crew?
How do you do the splits?
If the dancer is in a split position, what level is that?
When the aliens come will you be ready with the K-Y and Jello Pudding Pops?
Are there any RAD syllabus available for ballet?
This guy asked me to dance, but I didn't want to :( I feel bad?
dance song ? what is it?
Ballet Point?
I want to learn belly dance .?
What are some good songs to strip/dance to?
ideas for a poster for dance?
I dont know how to dance....I am too stiff.?
Dance Dance Revolution!!
What do you have to be like to learn ballet?
Why,like a perfect robot programmed for pure polyrythem,do I love to dance to electronic music???
i need some good hiphop songs?
Why do dancers and exercise instructors say, "Five, six, seven, eight, and..."?
Any tips for a first dance...?
I plan on opening up a dance studio. does anyone have any pointers?
Do guys like it when girls wear cute dancewear?
where to find Jobs in dancing?
i don't know who to dance is there is any why to teach me who to dance in the Internet?
ok i have these 2 friends were extremly mad at eachother rite now even her parents are mad and i poligized but
does any one know and completly wierd, unusual, random, music that i can do a contempary choreography to?
How to cwalk to a song?
What is a Party Bus like and how do people dance on them?
my daughter goes to dancing.ballet,tap and jazz.im finding that the?
Did blood on the dance floor come before or after black veil brides?
does any one know any ballet places around liverpool? I live in L4 so i don't want any too far away.?
do you ever dance in ur bathroom? ur house wen ur alone? bck of the car wen noones lookin?
why do my joints when dancing?
What are some cute dance themes?
Just throwing my backhand spring.. Problem?
Highschool dance!!!!!!?
Ballet classes in Queens NY?
What are some cool dance moves?
why do you like to dance, or love it?
Is 16 too old to start ballet?
how do i sign up for windows messannger?
may i ask that can i buy a pointe shoe with out dancing ballet?
URGENT! so close to my aerial but? :(?
i need help with my quice!!!!!!?
Do you think this looks good?
HELP! i need a theme for a little kids dance camp!?
What Do I Do?
How much longer will it take me to do the splits? (Both Ways)?
Could I still start ballet?
Does anyone know what this dance move is called?
Whats the name of this dance?
where can i find converse tap shoes?
question about dancing...any kind of dance?
Why is dancing so much fun?
how do dance with flowy hair?
Does anyone knows if there is any Tango classes in Mt. Pleasant, TX?
okay....here it goes my dad is GAY!?
I am 14 iand i need help with finding theams for my bedroom?
where's a good place to go dancing?
im 13 and starting lyrical dance this year, is this enough time for a dancing career?
How to improve on my pirouettes?
Contemporary dance song about growing up?
What's this kind of dancing called!?
Who do you think are the best dancers on Dance Moms?
What's the difference between ballet and modern ballet?
Pointe shoes help me please?!?
Does dancing make thighs bigger?
My feet hurt after dancing, what can i do?
What are some good dance poses for photos?
Is cheerleading or dance harder?
My neghibor is a stripper?
Hi please help me with my dance!?
dancing around the house?
I need some tips on dancing. Prom is friday, and I'm not the smoothest of the bunch...?
I want to be a dancer, but I don't have the ballet body!?
Why do girls like to watch Dancing with the Stars?
I'm selling PCs,I've one for 8 million$ on stock,cheapest is -10$?
On Superstars of Dance finale?
Does anybody knows who was th winner on "Dancing with the Stars" last night?
What is your favorite type of historical dance?
How many girls like a man that can dance?
what kind of dance ias associated with broadway?
How do you do the worm move dance?
i want to start dancing? what do I need to have?
I can't Dance! School Dance is soon, and i need some serious help! Any tips and or suggestions would be great!
Can anyone show me how to dance fandango?
i really want to drop GCSE dance?
Which Dance class should I take?
What is a good dancing song for a talent show...?
i'm 14 & have danced ballet for 3 mo. is it too late for me to start training to be a pro dancer?
how to twerk?? HELP !!!?
Do you think this dance team is good?
What do you guys think of my freezes (breakdancing) [PICs included]
Is ballet COOL??
is 19 2 old 2 start dancing??
Is it possible to gain flexibility at the age of 13 so i can start ballet ?
Dancing on Pointe?
Need Grade 5 ballet exam help!!?
What level comes straight after intermediate foundation ballet in the RAD syllabus?
what song would be good to do a dance to for a middle school talent show?
Need Dance Audition Tips...?
ballet supply shop in Toronto?
Are there any good, free rock and roll dance lessons online?
Hip Hop dancing?
Songs for a Dance Party?
Is there a website for selling irish dance shoe where you can only buy one shoe? ?
What would be a good pointe song?
Any dance school near New York City ?
Help! Ballet Exam! How do i do my hair?
Is grinding appropriate for a 9th grader...:/?
where can i get step by step dances..? that are fun and easy???
what do you think of this song playlist for a dance or prom?
Hip Hop Dance Costume Help!!?
should i wear underwear for ballet under my leo or uni, or will tigth be enough?
What does a blocsouth audition usually consist of?
What does sickle foot means and ballet ?
Dance Dance Revolution!?!??!?
I do a lot of dance but want to start ballroom?
First time tutu buyer?
In your opinion, which is better; Street Hustle or swing?
I'm a choreographer and i have big breast and when i dance my breast move alot, is there a bra that would help
I can't do a split and I feel like It will effect my dancing?
How to start to learn to dance/prepare for hiphop classes?
How to get a career in dance?
Good house music to dance to?
What are some of Disney/fantasy/fairy tale songs that 5 year old kids can dance to for a year end concert?
Knee pain help please?
what song would be better?
NCSA summer dance camp?
Do you like dancing? What dances do you prefer?
Is it too late to start ballet at 17?
How much is my Seth Thomas Clock worth?
How can I learn to do a handstand?
Can you dance? What dance is your favourite?
Dancing Problem!?
is Shakira virgin?
What do you think of my performance?
What's the latest dance craze?
Is 16 too late to start ballet?
so you think you can dance?
Prom DISASTER! Please Help!?
Where can I take Ballroom Dancing Lessons?
Where can i go to get break dancing lessons?
What are the different types of dance?
Dancers?! When did you start dancing? What lessons?
POLL: DO YOU LIKE TO DANCE (10 points )?
Where can I download (free) "Save the last dance for me" from Bruce Willis?
combining ballroom to hiphop will create a beautiful dance? why?
If you start dancing at a very young age is it a guarantee that you will turn out good? s/5stars!?
Dance company auditions soon?
yakshanga is a dance style of which state?
how do you get Pointe shoes?
Good sings to dance to in a talent show?
anyone know where i can find either hip hop or breakdance dance classes in israel?
Help PLEASE!!!!!!?
Anyone know how to get a hankerchief to dance?
Advice for starting a community dance team?
what is the party capital of the world?
What's a good name for the dance room we built in our bonus room?
I need a good song?
How many of you perform a foreign type of dance?
balle balle?
Question for GCSE dancers?
what website can i go 2 to find pics AND info for latin american theater and dance from 1700-1800?
Help with forte turns...?
What do you think of my contortion video?
Wanna go Dancing???
Plz send me dance-music instrumental one in Chadni film??? ?
Have you ever taken dance classes?
should i practice pointe at home?
Anyone know where can i find dancing or acting classes in LA?
Do you think im a good dancer???
Can anyone tell me what to expect from a "Jazz/Musical Theater" dance class?
DO you think a lot of men who is a dancer is gay?
Does any one know where i can see last years High School Dance team national winners on the internet?
Where do we see break dancing today?
what songs are emotional enough to do a comtempary dance to?
All you popper! I need some help!?
Which dress looks better for a 7th grade dance?
how to hold my devlopee? (dance)?
I really want to be able to do a split.?
Is 16 too old to be a ballet dancer?
Any bra that can PROTECT my breast from moving everytime im DANCING???
how can i find out when i am going to die?
how do you do a fouette?
What is the proper ballroom dance for the song "Nothing Matters When We're Dancing" by the Magnetic Fields?
How much does it cost for dance lessonsl?
How can i earn to breakdance??
when is the best time to ask your mom about having a boyfriend?
Ballet Position Help???
Flexibility Survey: How Flexible Are you?
Any tips on how to do dutty wine?
I need really unusual music(not lyrical) for a modern solo dance. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!?
Free download for dance routine music, Where can i find it?
is it possible to start learning ballet at age 17?
Best tap dancing classes / groups in or around Edinburgh for adults?
More than words by extreme?
CIRCUS PROBLEM help quick?
i need a partner in ballroom dancing?
How do you learn to slide like ciara did on her like a boy video?
design a warm up for dance and explain why im doing it?
What are some good moves I can put into my routine?
Are there instructions on the net how to teach yourself how to do the Thriller zombie dance?
Which is harder- ballet or cheerleading?
How do you dance at prom?
I'm 20 and i was wondering if i can start tap lessons for first timers?
Good pike stretches to do?
any tips on pointe dancing?
what kind are the dances use in hairspray?
Why are belly dancers fat?
which dance costume? why? i have pics?
What are the most popular Latin American dances? What are the basic steps?
random question about dancing...at school dances?
Whats the best way to dance to Dubstep, DNB, and IDM in your opinion?
what is the difference between ballet and modern dance?
Was my friend putting me in harm? BALLET question :)?
Contemporary: Similar songs / dances? Or song suggestions please?
do i have to be able to do en pointe to go to the royal ballet school?
What to do about cramping?
What's a good song to dance to for school?
Is it bad to think dancing is dumb?
Can I lie about my age to get into ballet?
what are some hip hop dance moves?
I need some advice on how to get a guy to go the x-mas dance?
how can i learn to dance more hip hop so..?
I need peoples opinions?
I have always wanted to do ballet, but i have some questions before i do...?
split or full sole ballet slippers???
Taking dance for college, help?
I'm going to take ballet lesson, but I need to start loosing some weight; what kind of diet do you recommend?
in the movie enchanted ,was the rainbow room was the ballroom dance?
What types of dancing are there for me?
presale codes for so you think you can dance 2010?
Tips into making color guard in High School?
what do you think of belly dancing?
what would make me more popular in high school..cheer or dance?
How can I impress the So You Think You Can Dance judges???? ?
Dance Routines For Gym Class?
What dance class should i take?
cheerleading for total beginners?
tap dance videos??
what is different beetwen west cost and east coast r n b dance?
i'm going to be 18 & my parents are renting out a dance hall, but i need a theme...any ideas would be great!
Anyone Know Any Good Stretches For The Splits?
How can we dance to any songs that are played?
when is dance moms season 3 coming to canada?
What are some impressive but easy to learn dance moves?
Can I dance?please answer?
Can you really (and accurately) judge a person’s sexual skills based on their dancing ability?
Can you think of any Movies which have a dance routine in them (doesn't have to be a dance film)?
Where can I purchase a mini trong com drums for a performance?
dancing nanner band?
how do you walk it out?
Who won dancing with the stars 2009?
I want to be apart of a ballroom vogueing house, how do i join?
Seriously...? Bullying.?
What should I wear to my first dance (formal)?
Dance etiquette. Am I doing something wrong?
How to tone muscles, so they aren't so big?
Alignment Belt- DANCE?
People who dance/gymnastics etc...?
I have to pee. What should I do!?!?! HELP!!!?
i need a really powerful, emotional song for my solo?
How am I supposed to grind on her?
What is the single most counted off item by Irish Dancing Judges at the Open/Prizewinner lever?
Where can I go to see Male Strippers in Lousiana? Please help me find a place for me and my friends?
Good popular hiphop and lyrical/contemporary songs for dance routine?
Starting lyrical at age 15?
What do i need to buy for high school dance team and how much will it cost? ?
do anyone know any site to know dance steps?
i LOVE dancing reggaeton.. and the music..?
r&b songs of 2010-2011 .?
am i too old to start ballet?
the 70's and 80's seemed to be so awesome do people still like to dress and dance like that in this present da?
Need a Song for A Very Sassy Jazz Solo?
Should I not major in dance?
Any dance moves for a party?
Ballet questions for ballet know it alls?
What Are The Qualifications For A Dance Competition Team?
I Used to be able to dance and want to be a choreographer HELP.?
tips for flexibility?
Wha amount of teenage girls are into dancing and nightclubs?
Short Hair And Buns? (picture included)?
is videophone a bad song?
Im 16 years old and male.Would i still be able to learn ballet now?
whats a good dance song to dance with pom poms?
What do calisthenics judges look for when judging?
I'm 13 grade 5 ballet RAD syllabus tips for port de bra to the bar?
nail pain while on pointe?
I'm a ballet dancer and i need some help dropping extra pounds.?
Do girls like boys who can dance?
help!! i need help finding a cool dance group name. got any ideas?
What are some things I could do to get my splits for dance tryouts in march?
im 14 trying out for...?
Where can I here the music from So You Think You Can Dance?
What should i go as for the sadie hawkins dance?
Extreme flexibility???;?
how do u "grind?"?
Why do younger generation not want to learn Sequence Dancing?
what do i do if my date has two left feet?
I want to learn new dance moves. all i know is the trian of people when i dance. i want it to be sexy dancing.
what is chris brown number if u dont get iy keep trying and trying.?
How long does it take to learn how to do a front/back handspring?
Where can I find breakdancing lessons at, in southern ohio, around portsmouth or chillicothe?
i am the shortest girl in school what should i do?
Can we dance? (honest opinions)?
Dancing on Ice or Strictly Come Dancing????
What song did Pamela Anderson dance to on the new dancing with the stars?
What's the name of this song from so you think you can dance?
what is this cheer song called?
What's the difference between regular Capezio FootUndeez and the Jelz FootUndeez?
Which lyrical dress do you like better? Why?
May I have some pirouette/ fouetté help?
Is 1 year enough to prepair myself for Cheer audition?
What is this called and how can I do it?
should i try out for the dance team?
Do I ask a girl at a club to dance? How do I grind dance?
Ballroom/latin dance shoes quality?
hi can talk anway from iraq?
Are there any teen nightclubs in Maine?
Does anyone know any up-beat, energetic music that can be used for a dance routine?
Do you guys know any good stretches to help my flexibility?
How Old To Stop Bellydancing?
Does anybody have any information on Merce Cunningham's rainforest (1968)?
contemporary ballet dance timeline project?
How to make pointe shoes last longer?
Can I use wood glue to harden my pointe shoes?
Chicken Noodle Soup Dance?
'Have been in car accident',' lost my body tone','Profissonal advice:on which ballroom dance class can I join'
Help me ? crisis?
Which Hannah Montana songs would be appropriatte to dance to?
Don't backup dancers just make you laugh!? They are hilarious!?
What type of dance class should I take?
Dance Question(s)?
Will Ballroom die?
can a 13 years old boy learn to belly dancing through the internet?
How do I dance at a highschool homecoming dance?
Anyone interested in learning to dance "Ndombolo" it's african, action packed, shake bum lots and really cool?
How to dance...Homecoming?
does anyone know?
Why do people love dancing so much?
where should i go to get my ten year old daughter ballet things?
my hair is in length and twisst techs?
do u dance when know 1s watching?
Where Can I Find Shirts Similar To Those At Lulu Lemon?
Is Pas De Ballet for Kinect a real application or just a pretty design project?
Kaba Modern?
How can I learn how to dance in a nightclub?
To do en pointe or not to do en pointe?
guess my birth date closest gets 10 points!!!?
How do you view belly dancing--as an art form, or form of dirty dancing?
Which title do you like? Ballerina, Dancing Ballerina, Music Box Ballet, Music Box Ballerina?
How do I become a stripper?
What should I know for a first ballet class?
line of dance?
what was the song the Gabby danced to on SYTYCD?
I need to learn how to dance, like at school dances and clubs?
costume ideas for a contemporary dance?
Does anyone know of any easy folk dances I could teach to an elementary class?
does anyone know of any good colleges in or near New York for dance or the performing arts?
What to wear to the homecoming dance?
I want to take dance but which dance?
how do you slow dance without it being too awkward!? (im only thirteen)?
i danced with a boy at the school dance we were grinding does he like me?
Anybody know where I can find picures of Ballet jumps or Ballet period?????
is this bad for dance?????
do you dance well with others or?
Who else loves Michael Walthius' brilliant song, "Neon Dance"?
Pointe help for a confused ballerina?
schools of dance?
How do you pick pointe shoes that actually fit?
Does anyone know where i can find a list of university in Canada& usa with the MA in Dance/Movement Therapy?
How to dance at a concert ?
Pointe shoes brand?
ballet lessons?
Leg pain when I do the straddle stretch?
Too Old to start taking dance classes?
How to Become more Flexible?
Is this a good studio?
Any good dance studios in brooklyn?
At what age should one start learning to dance?
Does anyone know any dance schools?
Is grinding relatively easy?
Tahitian dance steps/movements....?
How to stretch hips (hurts when stretching)?
Who sings Material Girl on Dancing With the Stars.?
Hip hop dancing?
What do ballet leg warmers improve in ballet?
what should i buy my dance teacker for christmas that is related to dance but not too expensive?
Has anyone here ever had aspirations to become a ballet dancer?
Does anyone dance?
Ladies do you like for your partner to be barefoot when u dance?
Does this make me good at grinding?
does anyone know what's the song that boxcuttuhz used for america best dance crew season3 ep1?
i'd love to be a dancer,but can i be one without going for classes?
i have a lot of interest in dancing.but now iam 22 years young man.but i did't attent any dance function.
songs for a guy and girl partner dance?
What are the most important rules in dancing ?
Am I too fat to dance Ballet?
My muscles hurt the day after i stretched?
What is the best song to dance to?
vanessa anne hutchinson?
do ballet people have wood in there shoes?
What songs could I use for my GCSE Group Choreography? (read details)?
wat r some good pick-up lines at a dance?
Where is a Good resource for help to coregraph a high school competition cheer routine?
My sister and I plan to take up ballroom dancing.Problem is that i'm taller(alot) than her.Can we still dance?
I want to start taking ballet and eventually dance en pointe.. what is it like?
Friends in Ballet?
How do I do the dance called the Footloose?
If you've taken ballet before, how do you feel about ballet?
What websites could I find the STEPS in Philippine Folk Dances?
did ballet come from the french people?
Does anyone know of a place in Orlando, Florida that I can take Hip Hop classes?
All my little girls want to do is dance. Should I force them to pursue other activities?
alexandre g.?
any one who knows about antics ??[10 points for the help]?
Dance poles: Lil Mynx or X-Pole? Which one is better?
how to dance at a club?
I like to go to dances but...?
Does anybody know of any cheap hiphop classes in brisbane? prefferably in Logan? but if not its okay!?
What is a good drill team gift?
What dance ANNOYS YOU THE MOST...???
How to get good at high kicks?
How can i learn to do a 4 girls group dance in 11 days?
Where could I get the SYTYCD version of 'Rama Lama (Bang Bang)'- Roisin Murphy?
I like to be a professional ballerina, but dance with bands, concerts, video-clips, etc. what i have to do?
Am I too old to start gymnastics or ballet?
Help! I need costumes for a hip hop routine, are yoga pants okay?
theres this guy that asked me out... wit shod i tell him ??
You Know Carlos “the Mona” Gimenez?
Good song for a contemporary dance?? Please help!!?
is it ok to get eroused when a girl grinds on you at a dance?
ok people what do you think about THiS!!!!...[[READ]]?
How do i become good at dancing ?
male lap dances?
how do I malaysian shuffle ?
am i dancing to much?? i dont think soo?
What are some good dance songs?
What music did diversity use on got to dance final?
does anyone dance?
is soon to be 14 too old to start jazz dancing?
how to get the right and left splits?
Am i a dancer at all?
BALLET! HELP!???????????????
Pointe Shoe Question?
does ny1 no of a dance classses n galway?
What should I name my first pair of pointe shoes?
What are some good songs for a Praise Team?
Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive?
Where can you get bellydancing lessons?
For you ballroom dancing buffs out there, which professional on "Dancing With the Stars" is the most talented?
is dancing for me?
The best dance to learn for nightclub dancing?
Are leather splitsoles supposed to be tight?
are you the first person on the dance floor?
I need to get cool hip-hop moves online! Plez no downloading things!?
Can you dance a foxtrot to Let's Stay Together by Al Green?
Do you remember playing with parachute silk on the kindergarten playground?
Is there a place in ashville nc, that teaches ballroom dancing?
ill be living here in yokosuka for 2-3 years and i was wondering if theres any hip hop dance classes for adult?
I got asked to a dance using almond joys what would be a good answer?
Where do I get lights for a rave?
Tips on getting into standing splits?
How do you grind (Dance)?
need make-up for 6-yr old for a ballet recital?
do ballet companies do 'open' auditions?
Dance teacher in the public schools?
is evergirl going to ever open?
I'm in training for ballet...I need tips?
Way to ask a girl to dance?
Who got eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night?
I need help learning to do a split?
how can i increase my balance for ballet turns?
Hey an opinion on my pointe solo?
are there any praise dance groups in phoenix arizona or vicinity?
What is a kind way to say no when someone you REALLY don't like asks you to dance.?
i need workout songs? they told me not to put it in caps cause it's rude AM I GRABBING YOUR RUDE ATTENTION?
i've jus decided to pick bachata. any romantic songs to recommend? thanks =)?
How can I prevent my coccxys hurting when I dance?
Getting kicks higher for drill team?
Who won so you think you can dance???
Ballet invitation?
Is Emily Osmet's brother in jail?
Need to create an electronic playlist for a school dance.?
Dancing at my first middle school dance!!?
im having a talent show and wanted to dance to a mix of songs. so i want to make a mix cd?
Does anybody know any good songs to crump to??
Pirouettes-how the hell?????
Loosen my body in dance cuz im stiff?
How do I turn down a dance nicely?
What does tap dancing and ballet teach you?
I can't dance....am I too inhibited or just rhythmically challenged?
What are some good surprise dances for a quinceañera?
dose any one?
Help, I really want to be able to do the splits?
I want to become a hip hop dancer?
Suggestions for moves & music for a lap dance?
Females: if you go out dancing, do you often take off your shoes and dance barefoot?
Does anyone know any good French songs to dance to?
Is it too late to start dancing?
is it just me or does miranda cosgroves dancing crazy sound alot like avril lavignes what the hell?
I need to learn a cool dance thats sexy and stylish that i can really impress people!!!?
In the 1983 Hit, Flashdance, who did the actual dancing for the Jennifer Beals scenes?
How to chose the right dance studio?
What is a good theme for a junior high dance?
Has anyone been to Burklyn Ballet's summer intensive?
How to last longer when shuffling (dance)?
What are some good begging break dance moves?
We are doing a dance competition and we need a theme i.e greed or ...?
Who's a good Kevlar WIck wholesaler?
Would 'Jazz A1 Teen' probably be a beginners teen jazz class?
im a ballet dancer and i cant go up fully on pointe should i quit now?
Hi, does anyone know any good competitive dance studios in PA?
how long should i practice for a performance coming up?
Need Help With Dance Team Start Up?
im at dance camp and im having a slight problem.... help?
How to Decorate a Dance Studio?
I can go en pointe without lessons?
Which one is the most sexy for men, lambada or tango?
How many pirrouettes can you do?
i need help from a girl?
how can you slow dance if your in a wheel chair?
Can you tell me or show me the dance steps to Miram Makema's song "patapata"?
meaningful songs ideas for senior dance solo?
What is a good Bollywood song for weddings for dance?
I'm 14. I want to do ballet. Is it to late for me to start?
How do you do the Dougie?.?
What should I name my Dance?
Where are the best seats for Houston ballet at the Wortham center?
am i able to start dancing pointe?
Should I take a pole dancing class?
i really need help please help me!!!!!!?
So you think you can dance choreography song? help plz!?
What are good songs to dance to for a dance contest xx?
Do I have a good chance of being Captain?
is it safe to dance with a twisted knee?
How can I get involved in dance if dance team is over?
Ballet summer intensives 2013?
Can any one tell me how to dance like guys in step up 3d I meant the choreography ?
Thinking of quitting ballet, thoughts?
Rude to change ballet studio?
What do you think about ballroom dancing?
I'm thinking of taking charleston dance lessons?
how should I try and convince my principle to let the the grade 8's and 9's to have a dance?
What type of dance should I do.?
whats's Grade 3 ballet dances? HELP?
dance studios in bristol tn!! plzzz help me?
When doing a la seconde turns, how can i not travel so much?
ballet tights question?
Is Follow Me by Uncle Kracker a good slow dance song?
Date for the Dance?
What were popular dances in the 50's?
How long does it take discountdance.com to restock?
Should I grind at the dance ?????????
Do you like to dance? Why?
Is Voluptuous a good stage name?
how many pirouettes can you do?
How to do a headstand?
First time Ballroom dance class- what kind of shoes should I wear?
Has anyone taken gcse dance? if so, was it fairly easy to get a good grade?
Does any one know if Dianes Dance center or LA dance studio are good?
Formal "Dinner/Dance" etiquette?
Whats a cute quote to place in an ad book for a dance recital, for a little 4 y/o girl?
Where can I take belly dancing classes in OK City?
What are good things to do to get super flexible?
Why do i like slow dancing with my sister?
is dance a sport? lol?
What are some good ballet/tap songs for 4-6 years.?
Are tap classes a good combination with ballet classes?
hockie pokie?
tips on doing walkovers?
What are some good songs that i can choreograph a stalker duet to?
What is the best sort of dance to start or join?
How to pee in tights at dance class without being caught?
Dance as a form of communication. What do you think about that?
which is better to use white footed tights or black?
Slow dancing help for guys!?
What's the difference between Argentine tango and American tango?
What´s the difference between contemporary ballet and classic ballet?
Is dance a good choice?
a famous ballet dancer from france?
SYTYCD Tour Season 6?
Has this song been played at your homecoming dance and if so, did you like it?
Is 18 too old to begin ballet or pointe?
Aerobic training for dancers? ?
is dancing a sport?
How to dance en pointe?
Winter formal help. I don't like dancing at all, what do I do?
prom and orange juice?
Liquid Dancing?
How long does it take to do an aerial?
IVe FilmeD mySELf danciNG, the ViDEo is ON The Web, WAt da Ya think of My cOOl DanCE?
what are good songs for debutante dance?
what is that song on americ's best dance crew on the broadway episode at the beginning?
What is the hardest ballet roles for men?
Different Lyrical Solo Ideas?
i am a vegan and refuse to buy leather dance shoes does anyone know where i can find vegan ballet shoes?
How do I know when I'm ready for Pointe?
which art is harder ballerina or breakdance?
shanay yvonne atwood?
about the footworkingz group dance style?
How do i reject a guy?
ballroom dance class address in Delhi?
How long do ballroom shoes last?
High School Cheerleading?! HELP!?
could the bird flu turn transfer between people? are we in trouble?
where can i find a job in chicago cause im 15?
What are other words/names for stripper?
I will be visiting Washington DC soon. Where should I go for a nice meal and good drink?
What is contemporary dance?
mintchips49 - Which winter intensive do you think would be best?
As such, please keep your postings to a question and answer format,?
How can I decorate my Rock Eisteddfod t-shirt?
Whenever I do a cartwheel my legs aren't straight and they aren't high in the air. any tips? thanks do much?
OMFG so i was bboyin today and i was trying to airchair?
What is your strongest and weakest style of dance?
how do u join the ucla bhangra team or the ucla hindi film dance team???
What's this type of dancing called?
Senior Lyrical Solo Ideas?
Could i buy Pointe ballet shoes for prom even if i dont do ballet?
Does anyone have tips on belly-dancing better?
when you go to a dance compition, how do you get the judges to like the performance beyond dancing? emotion?
how can i develop her feeling towards me?
Who was voted off dancing with the stars last Wednesday Nov.5,2008?
who was the first person voted off dancing with the stars season 1?
Basic hip hop moves used for freestyle?
Need Opinion: Should my friend and I try this stunt?
Do school cheerleaders only get picked because of what they look like?
How do you dance at the club?
I cant go to wal-mart .com why cant I ?
Break dancing? Question please answer?
Which is a better song for a hip hop routine?
How to dance at the 8th grade dance?
Dance costume colour?
Krumping ?
What would I do to become part of a Professional Dance Team?
Has anyone ever used B-you dance DVDs?
Why are choreography (dance) bits so short?
Is it okay to disagre with the President?
chicken noodle soup- walk it out- the bunny hop?
whast is lap-dancing?
Where can I learn Hip-Hop dancing online?
Is one ballet lesson a week enough?
Wut are some good tips for Grindin'?
Who loves dancing and why?
How Do iGet A Lap Dance From A Customer Even Thouqh They Said "No Thanks"?
can anyone give me a list o fthe best run dmc songs 2 break and/or pop to?
What are the most modern types of dance?
In the film Honey(2003) ,what was the DJ Scratch Mix that they dance to at the Centre? Wats it called?
How do I become a good dancer?
what is your favorite game ever?
can u be little to be on .?
I need to become a better jazz dancer?
Where can I watch entire Praise Dance Routines Online?
Do you know of any songs like "Dance" by David Crowder?
who do u love the most??
Can I do Pointe if my second toe is longer than my first?
Check this guy out!!isn't he a hell of a dancer???
What is a motif in dance?
What is a good song to both Pop and Break too?
what are some good ballet companys around the world?
What are different dance events in New York?
Where I can I take CHEAP hip hop dance classes in Orange County CA?
Why is the Jive considered a Latin American Dance?
I am upset because my mom cant afford dance classes? How can i change her stupid mind?
What are good songs for dances at school?
What is dance to you?
help! I need a competition jazz song for twelve year old advanced girls!?
I have a show on Wednesday!?
where's the cheapest place to buy dance equipment like shoes and trousers?
Girls who go to dance clubs answer this!?
How to build muscles for belly dancing?
which is better...jazz or hip-hop?
Are you more partial to bopping someone over the head or dancing the beebop?
Is it too late to take dance classes at age 16?
How to get right split FAST?
Whats your favourite dance genre and why ?
how do u 2 step?
Isn't DJ Unk's song "Two Step" one of his best song s that he's made so far?
Innovative ballerinas?
Should I just give up dance?
Are there any teen clubs in Indiana for dancing?
Kirsty McColl's song - "In these shoes".?
How do you do the poole palace dance?be specific cuz im a thick gurl?
Is it wrong for a guy to do ballet?
why r guys so complicated?
Contemporary Dance Class At LA?
does anybody just like to dance randomly wherever you are?
15 year old about start ballet? En pointe?
how can i make a salto jump?
How can I apply to dance at the Edinburgh Tattoo?
bollywood dance classes in mumbai, from someone reknown, pls send me the name n no n a short descrip if poss?
please answer this question !!! BALLET?
Is it possible to become a professional male ballet dancer if you only started at fourteen?
is it too late for me to start ballet?
trying out for a solo dance class (hip hop).Instead of showing us a routine or having us make one up...?
Help with partnering class?
Which is the sexist dance to do?
Which Class Should I Take? Figure Skating or Ballet?
If i want to dance with a girl at a rave,how do i ask?
Where can I find bellydancing lessons in Cleveland , Ohio area??
What influence African have on salsa?
Help with my lyrical dance!!?
What is a good dance to learn?
great lyrical songs to dance to?
Ballroom dancing lessons??
I need a cute dancing quote?
When is it a perfect night for a Moondance?
What is your favorite dance movie made before 1980?
What do you think of Gaynor Minden pointe shoes?
what is the best strip bar in Missouri?
Which style??
Hot nightclubs in New York City?
How can you download dance ejay on computer?
how to improve reverse leaps?
Is it possible to teach myself multiple pirouettes,a la seconds,and fouettes?
fall 2012 dates american ballet theater new york?
Why do my pointe shoes keep coming off my heel when i rise or releve?
rate my dance? please...?
should i still keep dancing?
what type of dance is better tap ballet jazz point or lyrical?
How to get flexible fast?